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DiRT Daily Live - #MK2Monday, 2016-10-10
4490 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Wales] Pant Mawr (S) (Night, Rain)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 ramPage Ford Escort Mk II02:42.310+00:00.000Steam
2 Porkhammer Ford Escort Mk II02:43.776+00:01.466Steam
3 [PG]th0usu Ford Escort Mk II02:51.193+00:08.883Steam
4 stkoozaFord Escort Mk II02:51.476+00:09.166Steam
5 SPK_93Ford Escort Mk II02:53.593+00:11.283PS4
6 Ipa1Ford Escort Mk II02:53.893+00:11.583PS4
7 lindell68Ford Escort Mk II02:54.726+00:12.416PS4
8 [JfP] batatas_fritasFord Escort Mk II02:54.959+00:12.649Steam
9 max Ford Escort Mk II02:55.426+00:13.116Steam
10 privat8037senFord Escort Mk II02:55.509+00:13.199PS4
11 I-K-R MavTheCrow Ford Escort Mk II02:55.559+00:13.249Steam
12 Mclur Ford Escort Mk II02:55.909+00:13.599Steam
13 God Jup4 Ford Escort Mk II02:55.959+00:13.649Steam
14 DONESFord Escort Mk II02:56.026+00:13.716Xbox
15 lucasljungbackFord Escort Mk II02:57.059+00:14.749Xbox
16 [HTB²] XiriBox Ford Escort Mk II02:57.292+00:14.982Steam
17 csortos.laca Ford Escort Mk II02:57.342+00:15.320Steam
18 axeflex23 Ford Escort Mk II02:57.526+00:15.216Steam
19 Xeyph Ford Escort Mk II02:57.792+00:15.482Steam
20 Frantte Ford Escort Mk II02:58.242+00:15.932Steam
21 Groove14 Ford Escort Mk II02:59.009+00:16.699Steam
22 Jose Lima Ford Escort Mk II02:59.142+00:16.832Steam
23 AndyvanFord Escort Mk II02:59.259+00:16.949Steam
24 Göran NilsonFord Escort Mk II02:59.342+00:17.320Steam
25 InksaFord Escort Mk II02:59.842+00:17.532Steam
26 nweaverFord Escort Mk II03:00.292+00:17.982Xbox
27 boarparnFord Escort Mk II03:00.459+00:18.149Xbox
28 j120678Ford Escort Mk II03:00.476+00:18.166PS4
29 STiiGGYFord Escort Mk II03:00.659+00:18.349Xbox
30 TheWelshMcraeFord Escort Mk II03:00.726+00:18.416Xbox
31 Ville Ford Escort Mk II03:00.976+00:18.666Steam
32 balsy1995Ford Escort Mk II03:00.992+00:18.682PS4
33 Sahisss Ford Escort Mk II03:01.159+00:18.849Steam
34 Procver Ford Escort Mk II03:01.342+00:19.320Steam
35 str0nkberG' Ford Escort Mk II03:01.392+00:19.820Steam
36 marisritins Ford Escort Mk II03:01.459+00:19.149Steam
37 mike Ford Escort Mk II03:02.326+00:20.160Steam
38 svilen.dimitrov Ford Escort Mk II03:02.359+00:20.490Steam
39 Weddedboban 78 ;) Ford Escort Mk II03:02.392+00:20.820Steam
40 Wolfsmind Ford Escort Mk II03:02.426+00:20.116Steam
41 atypusFord Escort Mk II03:02.592+00:20.282PS4
42 kalsarikännitFord Escort Mk II03:02.759+00:20.449Steam
43 varjolenkkari Ford Escort Mk II03:02.992+00:20.682Steam
44 Revelation Ford Escort Mk II03:03.059+00:20.749Steam
45 cole.trickle.jr Ford Escort Mk II03:03.076+00:20.766Steam
46 fabmullFord Escort Mk II03:03.142+00:20.832Steam
47 TheKid Ford Escort Mk II03:03.192+00:20.882Steam
48 G² Ford Escort Mk II03:03.292+00:20.982Steam
49 vauhtiripaFord Escort Mk II03:03.292+00:20.982PS4
50 Pasi PFord Escort Mk II03:03.375+00:21.650Steam
51 benjamin.obeinFord Escort Mk II03:03.392+00:21.820Steam
52 RiCsEsZ|RSFord Escort Mk II03:03.592+00:21.282Steam
53 antriebFord Escort Mk II03:03.759+00:21.449Steam
54 rodivionFord Escort Mk II03:03.875+00:21.565PS4
55 Mark2EscortFord Escort Mk II03:04.075+00:21.765Steam
56 magnusporschke Ford Escort Mk II03:04.125+00:21.815Steam
57 Je55eJame5 Ford Escort Mk II03:04.175+00:21.865Steam
58 N1NjAp0r0Ford Escort Mk II03:04.175+00:21.865PS4
59 loydFord Escort Mk II03:04.275+00:21.965Steam
60 THE_CLANSMAN_1Ford Escort Mk II03:04.459+00:22.149PS4
61 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:04.492+00:22.182Xbox
62 Coldplayer42 Ford Escort Mk II03:04.659+00:22.349Steam
63 petrhlavac Ford Escort Mk II03:04.842+00:22.532Steam
64 karantanas47Ford Escort Mk II03:04.975+00:22.665Steam
65 SnueFord Escort Mk II03:05.092+00:22.782Steam
66 eivers Ford Escort Mk II03:05.125+00:22.815Steam
67 wil_badger Ford Escort Mk II03:05.175+00:22.865Steam
68 PPRTVen Ford Escort Mk II03:05.209+00:22.899Steam
69 Sneaky Snek^ Ford Escort Mk II03:05.359+00:23.490Steam
70 Cam-CasterFord Escort Mk II03:05.375+00:23.650PS4
71 Ferranis Ford Escort Mk II03:05.392+00:23.820Steam
72 Lightbuggy188Ford Escort Mk II03:05.525+00:23.215PS4
73 Jalle Kularbo Ford Escort Mk II03:05.659+00:23.349Steam
74 Mix-L38 Ford Escort Mk II03:05.692+00:23.382Steam
75 lucag120 Ford Escort Mk II03:05.875+00:23.565Steam
76 82elfos (CZ) Ford Escort Mk II03:05.909+00:23.599Steam
77 paulicek1Ford Escort Mk II03:06.009+00:23.699Steam
78 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:06.059+00:23.749Xbox
79 skistad Ford Escort Mk II03:06.125+00:23.815Steam
80 rob_every05 Ford Escort Mk II03:06.425+00:24.115Steam
81 MoeZarella Ford Escort Mk II03:06.559+00:24.249Steam
82 FOG-SMoss Ford Escort Mk II03:06.625+00:24.315Steam
83 magicwise Ford Escort Mk II03:06.692+00:24.382Steam
84 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:06.725+00:24.415Xbox
85 Etirion Ford Escort Mk II03:06.909+00:24.599Steam
86 iSpade69 Ford Escort Mk II03:06.925+00:24.615Steam
87 Budda Ford Escort Mk II03:07.092+00:24.782Steam
88 Fudge Dragon Ford Escort Mk II03:07.275+00:24.965Steam
89 arno_fFord Escort Mk II03:07.275+00:24.965Steam
90 Gorgar66 Ford Escort Mk II03:07.325+00:25.150Steam
91 anto-vr6Ford Escort Mk II03:07.425+00:25.115PS4
92 RSI_86Ford Escort Mk II03:07.975+00:25.665PS4
93 lll Ford Escort Mk II03:08.009+00:25.699Steam
94 hullampallaFord Escort Mk II03:08.075+00:25.765PS4
95 Matty Ford Escort Mk II03:08.175+00:25.865Steam
96 Hampus Wallin Ford Escort Mk II03:08.192+00:25.882Steam
97 zatemzFord Escort Mk II03:08.342+00:26.320PS4
98 n1paFord Escort Mk II03:08.409+00:26.990PS4
99 [-XV-].AngeOliveur. Ford Escort Mk II03:08.475+00:26.165Steam
100 YANAGIBASHI_Ford Escort Mk II03:08.625+00:26.315PS4
101 drifterdave Ford Escort Mk II03:08.725+00:26.415Steam
102 Alexandr-BorisovFord Escort Mk II03:08.725+00:26.415PS4
103 kildog Ford Escort Mk II03:08.792+00:26.482Steam
104 Neverlift Ford Escort Mk II03:08.825+00:26.515Steam
105 Go Home YankeesFord Escort Mk II03:08.842+00:26.532Steam
106 FinlandSnakeFord Escort Mk II03:08.859+00:26.549Xbox
107 Cata Ford Escort Mk II03:08.892+00:26.582Steam
108 Booger Ford Escort Mk II03:08.992+00:26.682Steam
109 Mopedisti Ford Escort Mk II03:09.059+00:26.749Steam
110 fhoutrisFord Escort Mk II03:09.092+00:26.782PS4
111 XxorykFord Escort Mk II03:09.175+00:26.865Steam
112 Pompel Ford Escort Mk II03:09.192+00:26.882Steam
113 shinchan Ford Escort Mk II03:09.342+00:27.320Steam
114 tenukeppi Ford Escort Mk II03:09.542+00:27.232Steam
115 casperee1 Ford Escort Mk II03:09.575+00:27.265Steam
116 NoisyTribe Ford Escort Mk II03:09.609+00:27.299Steam
117 EinsZweiFord Escort Mk II03:09.625+00:27.315Steam
118 ivancagiao Ford Escort Mk II03:09.642+00:27.332Steam
119 mozza Ford Escort Mk II03:09.675+00:27.365Steam
120 Fabian_Bonora Ford Escort Mk II03:09.825+00:27.515Steam
121 Bob Batard Ford Escort Mk II03:09.825+00:27.515Steam
122 jrdcompeticionFord Escort Mk II03:09.842+00:27.532PS4
123 ice7racingFord Escort Mk II03:09.859+00:27.549PS4
124 johnno89auFord Escort Mk II03:09.909+00:27.599Steam
125 tseloktin Ford Escort Mk II03:09.925+00:27.615Steam
126 Dat ?Calais? Ford Escort Mk II03:09.975+00:27.665Steam
127 Superd00ps Ford Escort Mk II03:10.009+00:27.699Steam
128 xixi Ford Escort Mk II03:10.142+00:27.832Steam
129 hos Ford Escort Mk II03:10.192+00:27.882Steam
130 ComorFord Escort Mk II03:10.275+00:27.965Xbox
131 zTR Ford Escort Mk II03:10.359+00:28.490Steam
132 s_norm25 Ford Escort Mk II03:10.475+00:28.165Steam
133 Fede Maisonnave Ford Escort Mk II03:10.525+00:28.215Steam
134 VLC Player Ford Escort Mk II03:10.642+00:28.332Steam
135 maesterberg Ford Escort Mk II03:10.692+00:28.382Steam
136 tseloktinFord Escort Mk II03:10.725+00:28.415PS4
137 fiston38Ford Escort Mk II03:10.875+00:28.565Steam
138 Volkein Ford Escort Mk II03:10.992+00:28.682Steam
139 turkstockfotograf Ford Escort Mk II03:11.009+00:28.699Steam
140 Sepponaattori666Ford Escort Mk II03:11.059+00:28.749PS4
141 Driven2 Ford Escort Mk II03:11.225+00:28.915Steam
142 llDavodkallFord Escort Mk II03:11.275+00:28.965Xbox
143 hanse.hans Ford Escort Mk II03:11.342+00:29.320Steam
144 MrHelL606 Ford Escort Mk II03:11.442+00:29.132Steam
145 pygethepunisherFord Escort Mk II03:11.625+00:29.315PS4
146 [LSF] AlexP408 Ford Escort Mk II03:11.775+00:29.465Steam
147 KeryXFord Escort Mk II03:11.792+00:29.482Steam
148 kaiware119 Ford Escort Mk II03:11.825+00:29.515Steam
149 rajcoreFord Escort Mk II03:11.858+00:29.548PS4
150 CboosaFord Escort Mk II03:11.925+00:29.615Steam
151 Robcik Ford Escort Mk II03:11.975+00:29.665Steam
152 franzbauerfranz Ford Escort Mk II03:12.025+00:29.715Steam
153 bareforgoyFord Escort Mk II03:12.025+00:29.715PS4
154 stenca99 Ford Escort Mk II03:12.042+00:29.732Steam
155 Fat_WilliFord Escort Mk II03:12.042+00:29.732PS4
156 $iMoney Ford Escort Mk II03:12.075+00:29.765Steam
157 Rastalert Ford Escort Mk II03:12.192+00:29.882Steam
158 pudukuFord Escort Mk II03:12.258+00:29.948Steam
159 ladose.lebelge Ford Escort Mk II03:12.258+00:29.948Steam
160 La_PeGre_crouillFord Escort Mk II03:12.325+00:30.150PS4
161 Madvinz Ford Escort Mk II03:12.392+00:30.820Steam
162 ze_antero Ford Escort Mk II03:12.408+00:30.980Steam
163 matt43 Ford Escort Mk II03:12.425+00:30.115Steam
164 raceman567Ford Escort Mk II03:12.425+00:30.115PS4
165 Karppa Ford Escort Mk II03:12.458+00:30.148Steam
166 ari.salokivi Ford Escort Mk II03:12.508+00:30.198Steam
167 philmax2 Ford Escort Mk II03:12.558+00:30.248Steam
168 Franchu_00Ford Escort Mk II03:12.625+00:30.315PS4
169 veltsu73Ford Escort Mk II03:12.858+00:30.548PS4
170 Sik Bsting Ford Escort Mk II03:12.875+00:30.565Steam
171 alexandre8763Ford Escort Mk II03:12.908+00:30.598Steam
172 adamhenson Ford Escort Mk II03:12.958+00:30.648Steam
173 beauregardcoteFord Escort Mk II03:12.958+00:30.648Steam
174 illicit777 Ford Escort Mk II03:13.058+00:30.748Steam
175 wadlbeissaFord Escort Mk II03:13.075+00:30.765Steam
176 marzluff Ford Escort Mk II03:13.108+00:30.798Steam
177 GTiFord Escort Mk II03:13.125+00:30.815Steam
178 Davy Ford Escort Mk II03:13.125+00:30.815Steam
179 DreamSonic Ford Escort Mk II03:13.125+00:30.815Steam
180 HiihtoliittoFord Escort Mk II03:13.125+00:30.815Steam
181 tehpajka Ford Escort Mk II03:13.175+00:30.865Steam
182 BranFord Escort Mk II03:13.258+00:30.948Steam
183 healeybab4213Ford Escort Mk II03:13.308+00:30.998PS4
184 FR34KsP4IN_BRooSFord Escort Mk II03:13.325+00:31.150PS4
185 DerBeNdeR Ford Escort Mk II03:13.358+00:31.480Steam
186 speeDy Ford Escort Mk II03:13.375+00:31.650Steam
187 Dukk_neste_gang Ford Escort Mk II03:13.408+00:31.980Steam
188 Lurken Ford Escort Mk II03:13.425+00:31.115Steam
189 TotyusHUN Ford Escort Mk II03:13.508+00:31.198Steam
190 weedfree ® dropa fdp ga benFord Escort Mk II03:13.642+00:31.332Steam
191 HühnerRudiFord Escort Mk II03:13.708+00:31.398Xbox
192 RallyeFan82Ford Escort Mk II03:13.708+00:31.398Xbox
193 Lucca_Esteves_Ford Escort Mk II03:13.775+00:31.465PS4
194 wouldpkr Ford Escort Mk II03:13.792+00:31.482Steam
195 Motorsport46fanFord Escort Mk II03:13.792+00:31.482PS4
196 EpilepticToastFord Escort Mk II03:13.858+00:31.548Xbox
197 swafelg Ford Escort Mk II03:13.875+00:31.565Steam
198 Markasimo72Ford Escort Mk II03:13.908+00:31.598PS4
199 HellofurendFord Escort Mk II03:13.908+00:31.598PS4
200 MikaanEiRiita Ford Escort Mk II03:13.925+00:31.615Steam
201 zarkkis Ford Escort Mk II03:13.958+00:31.648Steam
202 VocSwe Ford Escort Mk II03:13.992+00:31.682Steam
203 FlopzFord Escort Mk II03:14.042+00:31.732Steam
204 P3trKrFord Escort Mk II03:14.142+00:31.832PS4
205 bomelsFord Escort Mk II03:14.175+00:31.865Steam
206 ={GIS}=Balou Ford Escort Mk II03:14.225+00:31.915Steam
207 aidanpeterson Ford Escort Mk II03:14.308+00:31.998Steam
208 InglesPedroFord Escort Mk II03:14.325+00:32.150PS4
209 aleksi.hyyrylainen Ford Escort Mk II03:14.342+00:32.320Steam
210 dom61zavaFord Escort Mk II03:14.392+00:32.820PS4
211 suutari_Ford Escort Mk II03:14.408+00:32.980PS4
212 timmes fm2669 Ford Escort Mk II03:14.458+00:32.148Steam
213 Loomi47Ford Escort Mk II03:14.475+00:32.165PS4
214 Corsair Ford Escort Mk II03:14.558+00:32.248Steam
215 motorotolocoFord Escort Mk II03:14.658+00:32.348PS4
216 CordosylFord Escort Mk II03:14.775+00:32.465Steam
217 max.limogesFord Escort Mk II03:14.875+00:32.565Steam
218 Tommy-M-HFord Escort Mk II03:14.875+00:32.565PS4
219 WonderBunsFord Escort Mk II03:14.925+00:32.615Steam
220 conbonjoviFord Escort Mk II03:14.992+00:32.682PS4
221 eski655Ford Escort Mk II03:15.075+00:32.765PS4
222 McRae9507Ford Escort Mk II03:15.109+00:32.799PS4
223 Raccoon Ford Escort Mk II03:15.142+00:32.832Steam
224 Horseloverfats [Gin]Ford Escort Mk II03:15.158+00:32.848Steam
225 jeppuraFord Escort Mk II03:15.158+00:32.848PS4
226 Jan #NoControl Ford Escort Mk II03:15.175+00:32.865Steam
227 ClownClown Ford Escort Mk II03:15.192+00:32.882Steam
228 towndt Ford Escort Mk II03:15.275+00:32.965Steam
229 Verkehrt Ford Escort Mk II03:15.375+00:33.650Steam
230 DanielSSFFSFord Escort Mk II03:15.375+00:33.650PS4
231 vaiski500Ford Escort Mk II03:15.425+00:33.115PS4
232 gentax Ford Escort Mk II03:15.442+00:33.132Steam
233 mr.star Ford Escort Mk II03:15.525+00:33.215Steam
234 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:15.542+00:33.232Xbox
235 frodegillFord Escort Mk II03:15.725+00:33.415PS4
236 NavitoriFord Escort Mk II03:15.758+00:33.448Steam
237 UncrownedLordFord Escort Mk II03:15.775+00:33.465PS4
238 Nuna Ford Escort Mk II03:15.792+00:33.482Steam
239 EIkumina Ford Escort Mk II03:15.792+00:33.482Steam
240 DR!P Ford Escort Mk II03:15.808+00:33.498Steam
241 hemirpu Ford Escort Mk II03:15.842+00:33.532Steam
242 alexvtec71Ford Escort Mk II03:15.842+00:33.532PS4
243 NpMedeirosFord Escort Mk II03:15.858+00:33.548PS4
244 noutinenFord Escort Mk II03:15.892+00:33.582PS4
245 chumley001 Ford Escort Mk II03:15.958+00:33.648Steam
246 Veleris Ford Escort Mk II03:16.025+00:33.715Steam
247 MNevis Ford Escort Mk II03:16.042+00:33.732Steam
248 Ferri_BlascikFord Escort Mk II03:16.075+00:33.765PS4
249 TeoRaffaFord Escort Mk II03:16.208+00:33.898PS4
250 tuokarinen Ford Escort Mk II03:16.542+00:34.232Steam
251 patatak Ford Escort Mk II03:16.542+00:34.232Steam
252 Magnus BlodstrupmoenFord Escort Mk II03:16.575+00:34.265Steam
253 Xalara5618 Ford Escort Mk II03:16.592+00:34.282Steam
254 johnjo190Ford Escort Mk II03:16.608+00:34.298PS4
255 scasper85Ford Escort Mk II03:16.675+00:34.365Steam
256 MyKr0b Ford Escort Mk II03:16.675+00:34.365Steam
257 DCB5004Ford Escort Mk II03:16.675+00:34.365PS4
258 AndrewF977Ford Escort Mk II03:16.725+00:34.415PS4
259 Crazy00FarmerFord Escort Mk II03:16.775+00:34.465Steam
260 touchy71 Ford Escort Mk II03:16.792+00:34.482Steam
261 [ADS] ?HOM-TANKS? Ford Escort Mk II03:16.792+00:34.482Steam
262 Letitmax96Ford Escort Mk II03:16.825+00:34.515PS4
263 Fullspin Ford Escort Mk II03:16.858+00:34.548Steam
264 KamperAssassinFord Escort Mk II03:16.875+00:34.565PS4
265 Nakci Ford Escort Mk II03:16.892+00:34.582Steam
266 MrRamboiaFord Escort Mk II03:16.925+00:34.615PS4
267 LordJalapeno Ford Escort Mk II03:17.008+00:34.698Steam
268 finerbigfireFord Escort Mk II03:17.008+00:34.698Xbox
269 NeighborlyJimFord Escort Mk II03:17.025+00:34.715Steam
270 Awfulwaffle Ford Escort Mk II03:17.058+00:34.748Steam
271 JontheEhnFord Escort Mk II03:17.075+00:34.765Xbox
272 ExMrAngryFord Escort Mk II03:17.175+00:34.865PS4
273 LeiToFord Escort Mk II03:17.192+00:34.882Steam
274 AntonioGmpc Ford Escort Mk II03:17.242+00:34.932Steam
275 yz76680Ford Escort Mk II03:17.258+00:34.948PS4
276 toxaqFord Escort Mk II03:17.275+00:34.965Steam
277 AlexYar73Ford Escort Mk II03:17.292+00:34.982PS4
278 hhmmm69Ford Escort Mk II03:17.358+00:35.480PS4
279 RajtenFord Escort Mk II03:17.358+00:35.480PS4
280 HanoiheadFord Escort Mk II03:17.508+00:35.198PS4
281 GaXieRFord Escort Mk II03:17.525+00:35.215Xbox
282 gman197002Ford Escort Mk II03:17.592+00:35.282Steam
283 II Lagavulin II Ford Escort Mk II03:17.608+00:35.298Steam
284 Renaud_J_ColesFord Escort Mk II03:17.675+00:35.365PS4
285 Crag Ford Escort Mk II03:17.725+00:35.415Steam
286 BrAinOfJFord Escort Mk II03:17.808+00:35.498Steam
287 ciokyciokFord Escort Mk II03:17.892+00:35.582PS4
288 jackal21666 Ford Escort Mk II03:18.075+00:35.765Steam
289 atrvo Ford Escort Mk II03:18.192+00:35.882Steam
290 Intelnside Ford Escort Mk II03:18.208+00:35.898Steam
291 TheReneFord Escort Mk II03:18.242+00:35.932PS4
292 |DkS| GasBaix Ford Escort Mk II03:18.275+00:35.965Steam
293 Hammar96Ford Escort Mk II03:18.325+00:36.150Xbox
294 Dr.Shnuggelz Ford Escort Mk II03:18.358+00:36.480Steam
295 Marc230285Ford Escort Mk II03:18.375+00:36.650PS4
296 Lachyr23Ford Escort Mk II03:18.375+00:36.650Xbox
297 FaoloFord Escort Mk II03:18.408+00:36.980Xbox
298 N10BURFord Escort Mk II03:18.458+00:36.148PS4
299 Macfly Ford Escort Mk II03:18.575+00:36.265Steam
300 Monki Ford Escort Mk II03:18.592+00:36.282Steam
301 kudasoffff Ford Escort Mk II03:18.608+00:36.298Steam
302 Konstantinos WagenVolks Ford Escort Mk II03:18.625+00:36.315Steam
303 Zuta222Ford Escort Mk II03:18.625+00:36.315Steam
304 Damyen73Ford Escort Mk II03:18.625+00:36.315Xbox
305 SimSonFord Escort Mk II03:18.658+00:36.348Steam
306 FremminMuadDib Ford Escort Mk II03:18.692+00:36.382Steam
307 kkabaltltFord Escort Mk II03:18.708+00:36.398PS4
308 Cpt.Obvious Ford Escort Mk II03:18.742+00:36.432Steam
309 fube5bFord Escort Mk II03:18.825+00:36.515PS4
310 ON Ford Escort Mk II03:18.875+00:36.565Steam
311 Guybrush Ford Escort Mk II03:18.925+00:36.615Steam
312 Space MonstersFord Escort Mk II03:18.925+00:36.615Steam
313 ViperEvoFord Escort Mk II03:18.942+00:36.632Steam
314 karza100Ford Escort Mk II03:18.942+00:36.632PS4
315 ppumppuFord Escort Mk II03:18.958+00:36.648Steam
316 Alf Ford Escort Mk II03:19.008+00:36.698Steam
317 SGT_alex115Ford Escort Mk II03:19.009+00:36.699PS4
318 joaosousaenf Ford Escort Mk II03:19.025+00:36.715Steam
319 dadawinouteFord Escort Mk II03:19.125+00:36.815PS4
320 ferrarispain1982Ford Escort Mk II03:19.158+00:36.848PS4
321 LUKEY1993Ford Escort Mk II03:19.175+00:36.865PS4
322 BraxenFord Escort Mk II03:19.225+00:36.915Steam
323 METAREDFord Escort Mk II03:19.242+00:36.932Steam
324 canarionasos_040Ford Escort Mk II03:19.275+00:36.965PS4
325 Hando711Ford Escort Mk II03:19.275+00:36.965PS4
326 WRCRally15 Ford Escort Mk II03:19.308+00:36.998Steam
327 diego37croSSFord Escort Mk II03:19.325+00:37.150PS4
328 Phoenixx236Ford Escort Mk II03:19.358+00:37.480Steam
329 BritSplashFord Escort Mk II03:19.408+00:37.980Xbox
330 ary_ferraryFord Escort Mk II03:19.492+00:37.182PS4
331 skookbot88Ford Escort Mk II03:19.492+00:37.182PS4
332 EMxRings(G) Ford Escort Mk II03:19.575+00:37.265Steam
333 rebo2002Ford Escort Mk II03:19.608+00:37.298Steam
334 AxkouelFord Escort Mk II03:19.708+00:37.398PS4
335 MoH Ford Escort Mk II03:19.742+00:37.432Steam
336 B.NEVEU Ford Escort Mk II03:19.842+00:37.532Steam
337 novintage326Ford Escort Mk II03:19.975+00:37.665PS4
338 Andi Ford Escort Mk II03:19.992+00:37.682Steam
339 jamsta001Ford Escort Mk II03:20.008+00:37.698Xbox
340 fragles70Ford Escort Mk II03:20.058+00:37.748Steam
341 WaldnaabFord Escort Mk II03:20.091+00:37.781Steam
342 TurboPig78Ford Escort Mk II03:20.091+00:37.781Steam
343 BlueTheTurbo Ford Escort Mk II03:20.125+00:37.815Steam
344 Darkside Ford Escort Mk II03:20.158+00:37.848Steam
345 PompelupFord Escort Mk II03:20.158+00:37.848Steam
346 NeverEnough93 Ford Escort Mk II03:20.158+00:37.848Steam
347 franquisFord Escort Mk II03:20.175+00:37.865Steam
348 LanMiCervFord Escort Mk II03:20.175+00:37.865PS4
349 imthedoodman Ford Escort Mk II03:20.241+00:37.931Steam
350 casipeya_Ford Escort Mk II03:20.258+00:37.948PS4
351 Auski16 Ford Escort Mk II03:20.275+00:37.965Steam
352 the.fade Ford Escort Mk II03:20.291+00:37.981Steam
353 AMERICAN WINNING MACHINE Ford Escort Mk II03:20.358+00:38.480Steam
354 ktmmikFord Escort Mk II03:20.391+00:38.810PS4
355 PatrikMotorsportFord Escort Mk II03:20.425+00:38.115PS4
356 re89Ford Escort Mk II03:20.458+00:38.148PS4
357 ynkelit Ford Escort Mk II03:20.475+00:38.165Steam
358 Macke21 Ford Escort Mk II03:20.541+00:38.231Steam
359 Weedy BongzalesFord Escort Mk II03:20.625+00:38.315Steam
360 adg2x Ford Escort Mk II03:20.625+00:38.315Steam
361 Anrijs Ford Escort Mk II03:20.641+00:38.331Steam
362 waltcyntFord Escort Mk II03:20.658+00:38.348Xbox
363 n3EoFord Escort Mk II03:20.691+00:38.381Steam
364 Totte Ford Escort Mk II03:20.708+00:38.398Steam
365 HoeTopFord Escort Mk II03:20.708+00:38.398PS4
366 IamSho846Ford Escort Mk II03:20.775+00:38.465PS4
367 Escobarr24Ford Escort Mk II03:20.791+00:38.481PS4
368 denim Ford Escort Mk II03:20.825+00:38.515Steam
369 baqueiromotorsport Ford Escort Mk II03:20.841+00:38.531Steam
370 waznakFord Escort Mk II03:20.908+00:38.598PS4
371 digital_desifinado Ford Escort Mk II03:20.925+00:38.615Steam
372 DIEGOFord Escort Mk II03:20.925+00:38.615Steam
373 CP9A 4G63T Ford Escort Mk II03:20.975+00:38.665Steam
374 RamFord Escort Mk II03:21.008+00:38.698Steam
375 darkangel_jimmyFord Escort Mk II03:21.008+00:38.698Steam
376 C. Germain Ford Escort Mk II03:21.091+00:38.781Steam
377 ATIDIA Ford Escort Mk II03:21.125+00:38.815Steam
378 Max-du48Ford Escort Mk II03:21.125+00:38.815PS4
379 Zsolt HortobágyiFord Escort Mk II03:21.141+00:38.831Steam
380 VisitanteDoCeuFord Escort Mk II03:21.175+00:38.865PS4
381 cococheol Ford Escort Mk II03:21.208+00:38.898Steam
382 Dani_CorsaFord Escort Mk II03:21.208+00:38.898PS4
383 ypsilon1Ford Escort Mk II03:21.225+00:38.915Steam
384 Gazon15Ford Escort Mk II03:21.225+00:38.915PS4
385 ArchosauriaFord Escort Mk II03:21.258+00:38.948Steam
386 skined77Ford Escort Mk II03:21.308+00:38.998PS4
387 DirtsharkkFord Escort Mk II03:21.341+00:39.310PS4
388 MaDsCoUsE1878Ford Escort Mk II03:21.375+00:39.650PS4
389 branko888 Ford Escort Mk II03:21.391+00:39.810Steam
390 LinkinWarFord Escort Mk II03:21.425+00:39.115Steam
391 HoccyFord Escort Mk II03:21.491+00:39.181Xbox
392 Lerone450 Ford Escort Mk II03:21.525+00:39.215Steam
393 pikap_nanaFord Escort Mk II03:21.541+00:39.231Steam
394 diablo evil Ford Escort Mk II03:21.558+00:39.248Steam
395 cjlloyd Ford Escort Mk II03:21.675+00:39.365Steam
396 FIFA_Hayden_Ford Escort Mk II03:21.758+00:39.448PS4
397 henrionparas Ford Escort Mk II03:21.759+00:39.449Steam
398 Gr4ffeFord Escort Mk II03:21.808+00:39.498Steam
399 NikonlainenFord Escort Mk II03:21.808+00:39.498PS4
400 tom_walsterFord Escort Mk II03:21.825+00:39.515PS4
401 P@CO Ford Escort Mk II03:21.875+00:39.565Steam
402 guzag20Ford Escort Mk II03:21.875+00:39.565PS4
403 AlanksmithFord Escort Mk II03:21.875+00:39.565Xbox
404 [UN] ELABORARE Ford Escort Mk II03:21.891+00:39.581Steam
405 GMS299Ford Escort Mk II03:21.908+00:39.598Steam
406 sancha1985 Ford Escort Mk II03:21.941+00:39.631Steam
407 [ T.F ] Patriarche Ford Escort Mk II03:21.941+00:39.631Steam
408 IwantcableFord Escort Mk II03:21.958+00:39.648Steam
409 HIDE0040Ford Escort Mk II03:21.958+00:39.648PS4
410 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:21.975+00:39.665Xbox
411 ny262Ford Escort Mk II03:21.991+00:39.681PS4
412 B-Boy-1999-Ford Escort Mk II03:22.041+00:39.731PS4
413 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:22.108+00:39.798Xbox
414 XposeFord Escort Mk II03:22.225+00:39.915Xbox
415 t.nakazawa Ford Escort Mk II03:22.258+00:39.948Steam
416 Gurken Koenig Ford Escort Mk II03:22.291+00:39.981Steam
417 PGuilhermee30Ford Escort Mk II03:22.291+00:39.981PS4
418 troopersingerFord Escort Mk II03:22.341+00:40.310Steam
419 modestriveraFord Escort Mk II03:22.375+00:40.650PS4
420 LinusSääwFord Escort Mk II03:22.375+00:40.650Xbox
421 Alejo_FL96Ford Escort Mk II03:22.575+00:40.265PS4
422 DoDgErSwE Ford Escort Mk II03:22.591+00:40.281Steam
423 pipik74584Ford Escort Mk II03:22.608+00:40.298PS4
424 McPeePants206Ford Escort Mk II03:22.608+00:40.298PS4
425 pmac22Ford Escort Mk II03:22.625+00:40.315Steam
426 piotr.j.majewskiFord Escort Mk II03:22.641+00:40.331Steam
427 leksarus Ford Escort Mk II03:22.658+00:40.348Steam
428 ^PB^Ford Escort Mk II03:22.691+00:40.381Steam
429 smythxFord Escort Mk II03:22.708+00:40.398Steam
430 Earlycore Ford Escort Mk II03:22.758+00:40.448Steam
431 ? Ford Escort Mk II03:22.841+00:40.531Steam
432 Fleba86Ford Escort Mk II03:22.841+00:40.531PS4
433 STALKERsj89 Ford Escort Mk II03:22.858+00:40.548Steam
434 Corvettefan4everFord Escort Mk II03:22.875+00:40.565PS4
435 Dr_Nick86Ford Escort Mk II03:22.875+00:40.565PS4
436 bombi4baliFord Escort Mk II03:22.941+00:40.631PS4
437 johndl Ford Escort Mk II03:22.975+00:40.665Steam
438 TimelessRacingFord Escort Mk II03:23.025+00:40.715PS4
439 Dekez Ford Escort Mk II03:23.075+00:40.765Steam
440 Tikan PoikaFord Escort Mk II03:23.108+00:40.798Steam
441 LordWilliam1234Ford Escort Mk II03:23.108+00:40.798Steam
442 bostero_lujaneFord Escort Mk II03:23.125+00:40.815PS4
443 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:23.141+00:40.831Xbox
444 AlexFord Escort Mk II03:23.158+00:40.848Steam
445 many_speedsFord Escort Mk II03:23.208+00:40.898PS4
446 dxb51111Ford Escort Mk II03:23.208+00:40.898PS4
447 WietWietFord Escort Mk II03:23.225+00:40.915Steam
448 Arbu95Ford Escort Mk II03:23.225+00:40.915PS4
449 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:23.291+00:40.981Xbox
450 LaPero26Ford Escort Mk II03:23.358+00:41.480PS4
451 boubou74Ford Escort Mk II03:23.408+00:41.980Xbox
452 Beignet Ford Escort Mk II03:23.441+00:41.131Steam
453 njagnj6Ford Escort Mk II03:23.441+00:41.131PS4
454 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:23.441+00:41.131Xbox
455 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:23.441+00:41.131Xbox
456 susustyleFord Escort Mk II03:23.491+00:41.181PS4
457 KoAStR Ford Escort Mk II03:23.525+00:41.215Steam
458 Dani de Juià Ford Escort Mk II03:23.541+00:41.231Steam
459 ladjiFord Escort Mk II03:23.541+00:41.231Steam
460 Rally Ford Escort Mk II03:23.591+00:41.281Steam
461 Kyuss Ford Escort Mk II03:23.675+00:41.365Steam
462 DE xPille Ford Escort Mk II03:23.675+00:41.365Steam
463 ShwingadingFord Escort Mk II03:23.708+00:41.398Xbox
464 Jayse_Ryu Ford Escort Mk II03:23.741+00:41.431Steam
465 neo9800Ford Escort Mk II03:23.758+00:41.448PS4
466 mellonFord Escort Mk II03:23.791+00:41.481Steam
467 info Ford Escort Mk II03:23.808+00:41.498Steam
468 DAMNITIDIEDFord Escort Mk II03:23.808+00:41.498PS4
469 LegendFord Escort Mk II03:23.825+00:41.515Steam
470 m260602Ford Escort Mk II03:23.858+00:41.548PS4
471 Babbelbox77 Ford Escort Mk II03:23.875+00:41.565Steam
472 AlfaLTUFord Escort Mk II03:23.875+00:41.565PS4
473 Molock Le LapinFord Escort Mk II03:23.925+00:41.615Steam
474 Robert Hagberg Ford Escort Mk II03:23.958+00:41.648Steam
475 CheekyOneSmackFord Escort Mk II03:23.991+00:41.681PS4
476 canyon111Ford Escort Mk II03:24.025+00:41.715Xbox
477 Joker-GER Ford Escort Mk II03:24.041+00:41.731Steam
478 CIANTA__BELINFord Escort Mk II03:24.041+00:41.731PS4
479 AmpOverloadFord Escort Mk II03:24.058+00:41.748Steam
480 mobileoptimusgamingFord Escort Mk II03:24.108+00:41.798Steam
481 Koala Senpai ??Ford Escort Mk II03:24.125+00:41.815Steam
482 sgarners Ford Escort Mk II03:24.125+00:41.815Steam
483 JTurunen90Ford Escort Mk II03:24.141+00:41.831PS4
484 ChTiot_GameurFord Escort Mk II03:24.158+00:41.848PS4
485 oma1951Ford Escort Mk II03:24.225+00:41.915PS4
486 destructro-botFord Escort Mk II03:24.258+00:41.948PS4
487 XaticFord Escort Mk II03:24.291+00:41.981Xbox
488 silvio84 Ford Escort Mk II03:24.358+00:42.480Steam
489 GazoQFord Escort Mk II03:24.358+00:42.480PS4
490 JJVenekuski Ford Escort Mk II03:24.375+00:42.650Steam
491 Gerry33 Ford Escort Mk II03:24.408+00:42.980Steam
492 Ciccio e Tatino Ford Escort Mk II03:24.458+00:42.148Steam
493 Super Packman Ford Escort Mk II03:24.475+00:42.165Steam
494 novanut1234Ford Escort Mk II03:24.475+00:42.165PS4
495 ctiv-gpf1psFord Escort Mk II03:24.591+00:42.281PS4
496 tinke76 Ford Escort Mk II03:24.592+00:42.282Steam
497 elio75 Ford Escort Mk II03:24.625+00:42.315Steam
498 mickysweat101Ford Escort Mk II03:24.625+00:42.315PS4
499 DimSum Ford Escort Mk II03:24.641+00:42.331Steam
500 GravitySTORE Ford Escort Mk II03:24.658+00:42.348Steam
501 clamssnowzFord Escort Mk II03:24.691+00:42.381PS4
502 Bigg.IFord Escort Mk II03:24.741+00:42.431Steam
503 alan4810Ford Escort Mk II03:24.791+00:42.481PS4
504 LE_MASTRE_13Ford Escort Mk II03:24.825+00:42.515PS4
505 R1CHOFord Escort Mk II03:24.841+00:42.531Steam
506 NANO Ford Escort Mk II03:24.858+00:42.548Steam
507 PhilldoBagginsFord Escort Mk II03:24.875+00:42.565Xbox
508 M0nsteh Ford Escort Mk II03:24.908+00:42.598Steam
509 kilfoofanFord Escort Mk II03:24.925+00:42.615Steam
510 TchoponT Ford Escort Mk II03:24.941+00:42.631Steam
511 gianodriver1Ford Escort Mk II03:24.958+00:42.648Steam
512 ValOuuuuu62Ford Escort Mk II03:24.991+00:42.681PS4
513 DaNFord Escort Mk II03:25.008+00:42.698Steam
514 SevenFord Escort Mk II03:25.025+00:42.715Steam
515 TwE_SkiLIZzFord Escort Mk II03:25.025+00:42.715PS4
516 dc132blackout Ford Escort Mk II03:25.075+00:42.765Steam
517 mr_bucz Ford Escort Mk II03:25.091+00:42.781Steam
518 SlamwiserFord Escort Mk II03:25.125+00:42.815PS4
519 moto79Ford Escort Mk II03:25.141+00:42.831Xbox
520 Aguantalo-GuilleFord Escort Mk II03:25.158+00:42.848PS4
521 Sainless89Ford Escort Mk II03:25.191+00:42.881PS4
522 StannyMenzaFord Escort Mk II03:25.208+00:42.898PS4
523 arttu4Ford Escort Mk II03:25.208+00:42.898PS4
524 EastwoodFord Escort Mk II03:25.241+00:42.931Steam
525 xFunzelxFord Escort Mk II03:25.241+00:42.931Xbox
526 DiamantTofFord Escort Mk II03:25.258+00:42.948Xbox
527 R1-PapucheFord Escort Mk II03:25.291+00:42.981PS4
528 nicodlcFord Escort Mk II03:25.291+00:42.981PS4
529 EPIKRISFord Escort Mk II03:25.291+00:42.981PS4
530 HakanSweJkpgFord Escort Mk II03:25.291+00:42.981PS4
531 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:25.291+00:42.981Xbox
532 ericortiz106Ford Escort Mk II03:25.325+00:43.150PS4
533 mojmanFord Escort Mk II03:25.375+00:43.650Steam
534 ebinKissa420Ford Escort Mk II03:25.375+00:43.650PS4
535 ErazerHeadFord Escort Mk II03:25.391+00:43.810Xbox
536 Langerz16vFord Escort Mk II03:25.408+00:43.980Xbox
537 MYK4R Ford Escort Mk II03:25.475+00:43.165Steam
538 navydams645Ford Escort Mk II03:25.508+00:43.198Steam
539 SchmieglsFord Escort Mk II03:25.625+00:43.315Xbox
540 EetuPFord Escort Mk II03:25.625+00:43.315Xbox
541 MaleschenbrownFord Escort Mk II03:25.691+00:43.381PS4
542 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:25.725+00:43.415Xbox
543 unoFord Escort Mk II03:25.791+00:43.481Steam
544 mihxserFord Escort Mk II03:25.791+00:43.481Steam
545 DriftmesterFord Escort Mk II03:25.825+00:43.515Steam
546 RGNR Ford Escort Mk II03:25.841+00:43.531Steam
547 helene.soren Ford Escort Mk II03:25.858+00:43.548Steam
548 Villikka1Ford Escort Mk II03:25.908+00:43.598PS4
549 FIREMAN_988Ford Escort Mk II03:25.925+00:43.615PS4
550 jindra247 Ford Escort Mk II03:25.941+00:43.631Steam
551 janijaakkola81Ford Escort Mk II03:26.008+00:43.698PS4
552 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:26.008+00:43.698Xbox
553 stefanroess Ford Escort Mk II03:26.108+00:43.798Steam
554 rob270181Ford Escort Mk II03:26.108+00:43.798PS4
555 I Am The Stig's Fat Cousin Ford Escort Mk II03:26.175+00:43.865Steam
556 fabiofcpFord Escort Mk II03:26.208+00:43.898PS4
557 sylmaker Ford Escort Mk II03:26.225+00:43.915Steam
558 DeathTime Ford Escort Mk II03:26.275+00:43.965Steam
559 brethart91Ford Escort Mk II03:26.275+00:43.965PS4
560 doperst Ford Escort Mk II03:26.308+00:43.998Steam
561 bruchpilot69Ford Escort Mk II03:26.308+00:43.998Steam
562 Darzon Ford Escort Mk II03:26.341+00:44.310Steam
563 V1nokoneFord Escort Mk II03:26.341+00:44.310PS4
564 SilkePFord Escort Mk II03:26.358+00:44.480PS4
565 lukeg120Ford Escort Mk II03:26.358+00:44.480Xbox
566 aapoFord Escort Mk II03:26.391+00:44.810Steam
567 RHETENOR-97-3Ford Escort Mk II03:26.408+00:44.980PS4
568 SOC CoolhandFord Escort Mk II03:26.425+00:44.115Steam
569 Crazyrems Ford Escort Mk II03:26.441+00:44.131Steam
570 SolomonWRCFord Escort Mk II03:26.441+00:44.131PS4
571 ZhayzFord Escort Mk II03:26.441+00:44.131Xbox
572 A.One Ford Escort Mk II03:26.491+00:44.181Steam
573 RUBEN13SASTREFord Escort Mk II03:26.525+00:44.215PS4
574 william.whiteFord Escort Mk II03:26.641+00:44.331Steam
575 js3335Ford Escort Mk II03:26.641+00:44.331PS4
576 WazeNzFord Escort Mk II03:26.641+00:44.331PS4
577 yowi87Ford Escort Mk II03:26.708+00:44.398Steam
578 Toikkari_37Ford Escort Mk II03:26.741+00:44.431PS4
579 zdzich1988Ford Escort Mk II03:26.758+00:44.448PS4
580 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:26.858+00:44.548Xbox
581 unbroken 6.0 Ford Escort Mk II03:26.875+00:44.565Steam
582 DistelDorff_XFord Escort Mk II03:26.875+00:44.565PS4
583 xenonspot93Ford Escort Mk II03:26.891+00:44.581PS4
584 JokeromeFord Escort Mk II03:26.908+00:44.598Steam
585 Mr MarkbusaFord Escort Mk II03:26.941+00:44.631Steam
586 pex2205 Ford Escort Mk II03:26.958+00:44.648Steam
587 nanete98 Ford Escort Mk II03:26.958+00:44.648Steam
588 DeathBlooms28Ford Escort Mk II03:26.958+00:44.648PS4
589 Mendini (PT)Ford Escort Mk II03:26.975+00:44.665Steam
590 border2001ukFord Escort Mk II03:27.025+00:44.715Steam
591 ReM Ford Escort Mk II03:27.025+00:44.715Steam
592 ENT3R Ford Escort Mk II03:27.025+00:44.715Steam
593 SkullzX ? ? ?_? ??Ford Escort Mk II03:27.025+00:44.715Steam
594 Arctic_AvengerFord Escort Mk II03:27.075+00:44.765Steam
595 ZnoRRFiFord Escort Mk II03:27.125+00:44.815Steam
596 wknd1989Ford Escort Mk II03:27.125+00:44.815PS4
597 Dr. HeisenbergFord Escort Mk II03:27.175+00:44.865Steam
598 NeoFord Escort Mk II03:27.208+00:44.898Steam
599 ThéophaneFord Escort Mk II03:27.208+00:44.898Xbox
600 Nick Wilde From Zootropolis Ford Escort Mk II03:27.225+00:44.915Steam
601 SgtFancypants98Ford Escort Mk II03:27.275+00:44.965Xbox
602 DurodoFord Escort Mk II03:27.308+00:44.998Steam
603 neirapowerFord Escort Mk II03:27.391+00:45.810PS4
604 Nosferatu Ford Escort Mk II03:27.408+00:45.980Steam
605 madwak55Ford Escort Mk II03:27.425+00:45.115PS4
606 MedvemaciFord Escort Mk II03:27.441+00:45.131PS4
607 RobukracingFord Escort Mk II03:27.441+00:45.131PS4
608 zacik16Ford Escort Mk II03:27.475+00:45.165Steam
609 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:27.475+00:45.165Xbox
610 MikkoVFord Escort Mk II03:27.491+00:45.181Xbox
611 oskarinio Ford Escort Mk II03:27.508+00:45.198Steam
612 Thrill_Of_SpeedFord Escort Mk II03:27.541+00:45.231PS4
613 rHu Ford Escort Mk II03:27.558+00:45.248Steam
614 Chris41061Ford Escort Mk II03:27.608+00:45.298PS4
615 xJACKtheRIPPAAxFord Escort Mk II03:27.608+00:45.298Xbox
616 jwpaleFord Escort Mk II03:27.625+00:45.315PS4
617 SimRally Ford Escort Mk II03:27.641+00:45.331Steam
618 starz34070Ford Escort Mk II03:27.641+00:45.331PS4
619 slim one Ford Escort Mk II03:27.658+00:45.348Steam
620 b0ssnessM0nster5Ford Escort Mk II03:27.658+00:45.348PS4
621 kipitok91Ford Escort Mk II03:27.741+00:45.431PS4
622 mravlinc Ford Escort Mk II03:27.758+00:45.448Steam
623 cesFord Escort Mk II03:27.791+00:45.481Steam
624 tbvlemgo123Ford Escort Mk II03:27.825+00:45.515PS4
625 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:27.825+00:45.515Xbox
626 Asielu Ford Escort Mk II03:27.841+00:45.531Steam
627 balrock Ford Escort Mk II03:27.858+00:45.548Steam
628 aetsche Ford Escort Mk II03:28.025+00:45.715Steam
629 fortypenguin686Ford Escort Mk II03:28.058+00:45.748Xbox
630 venez_77Ford Escort Mk II03:28.075+00:45.765PS4
631 Bartolini Ford Escort Mk II03:28.091+00:45.781Steam
632 ANGRA__KIKOFord Escort Mk II03:28.125+00:45.815PS4
633 Yeshterior Ford Escort Mk II03:28.141+00:45.831Steam
634 Raiden Ford Escort Mk II03:28.158+00:45.848Steam
635 orangefancypantsFord Escort Mk II03:28.158+00:45.848Steam
636 Shishioh Ford Escort Mk II03:28.175+00:45.865Steam
637 xdrivarFord Escort Mk II03:28.175+00:45.865Xbox
638 FredsterQCFord Escort Mk II03:28.191+00:45.881Xbox
639 reg_ajax Ford Escort Mk II03:28.208+00:45.898Steam
640 [MiS] lionel51frFord Escort Mk II03:28.241+00:45.931Steam
641 ljj4378 Ford Escort Mk II03:28.241+00:45.931Steam
642 bill Ford Escort Mk II03:28.258+00:45.948Steam
643 LempidoFord Escort Mk II03:28.341+00:46.310Steam
644 pipengteFord Escort Mk II03:28.341+00:46.310PS4
645 flomarseillai13Ford Escort Mk II03:28.341+00:46.310PS4
646 ThEBeAsTCoReYFord Escort Mk II03:28.341+00:46.310PS4
647 DBRFord Escort Mk II03:28.358+00:46.480Steam
648 WRC1982JESFord Escort Mk II03:28.358+00:46.480PS4
649 Stinkbomb BobFord Escort Mk II03:28.424+00:46.114Steam
650 KingOfTarmacFord Escort Mk II03:28.458+00:46.148PS4
651 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:28.458+00:46.148Xbox
652 DukeHariVIIFord Escort Mk II03:28.474+00:46.164Steam
653 benoit700Ford Escort Mk II03:28.474+00:46.164PS4
654 wAw _vost Ford Escort Mk II03:28.491+00:46.181Steam
655 Sepe ! Ford Escort Mk II03:28.491+00:46.181Steam
656 SlowpokeFord Escort Mk II03:28.508+00:46.198Steam
657 lakosiaFord Escort Mk II03:28.508+00:46.198Steam
658 n.holder Ford Escort Mk II03:28.508+00:46.198Steam
659 paeonFord Escort Mk II03:28.508+00:46.198PS4
660 Martin-Number-10Ford Escort Mk II03:28.541+00:46.231PS4
661 x42 Ford Escort Mk II03:28.558+00:46.248Steam
662 The Fuckening Ford Escort Mk II03:28.574+00:46.264Steam
663 maliDjuroFord Escort Mk II03:28.624+00:46.314PS4
664 Nicoo27Ford Escort Mk II03:28.658+00:46.348Xbox
665 schiefinspector2Ford Escort Mk II03:28.674+00:46.364PS4
666 Reaper190Ford Escort Mk II03:28.691+00:46.381PS4
667 RICO217Ford Escort Mk II03:28.691+00:46.381Xbox
668 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:28.708+00:46.398Xbox
669 tekkenwydFord Escort Mk II03:28.724+00:46.414PS4
670 manolillolo69Ford Escort Mk II03:28.758+00:46.448PS4
671 Dudeinabox Ford Escort Mk II03:28.774+00:46.464Steam
672 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:28.774+00:46.464Xbox
673 gabo4830 Ford Escort Mk II03:28.791+00:46.481Steam
674 dazling0_00Ford Escort Mk II03:28.791+00:46.481PS4
675 soul-tjeFord Escort Mk II03:28.891+00:46.581PS4
676 T3cH_MPKFord Escort Mk II03:28.891+00:46.581PS4
677 g_sick_90Ford Escort Mk II03:28.908+00:46.598PS4
678 whose_to_sayFord Escort Mk II03:28.924+00:46.614PS4
679 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:28.941+00:46.631Xbox
680 Telly Ford Escort Mk II03:28.974+00:46.664Steam
681 IMW_7Ford Escort Mk II03:28.991+00:46.681PS4
682 SlayerGTFord Escort Mk II03:29.108+00:46.798PS4
683 djohac Ford Escort Mk II03:29.124+00:46.814Steam
684 ApocalYpseFord Escort Mk II03:29.174+00:46.864Steam
685 tokiv7Ford Escort Mk II03:29.174+00:46.864Steam
686 Sikor_Wawa_PLFord Escort Mk II03:29.174+00:46.864PS4
687 hoolimanFord Escort Mk II03:29.208+00:46.898Steam
688 marcchep Ford Escort Mk II03:29.208+00:46.898Steam
689 Wolfie Ford Escort Mk II03:29.241+00:46.931Steam
690 WRCmad250Ford Escort Mk II03:29.291+00:46.981PS4
691 Alkash2109Ford Escort Mk II03:29.308+00:46.998Steam
692 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:29.341+00:47.310Xbox
693 ^7Roso^1makFord Escort Mk II03:29.374+00:47.640Steam
694 Milack Ford Escort Mk II03:29.424+00:47.114Steam
695 Davasc0Ford Escort Mk II03:29.424+00:47.114Xbox
696 jones.phildo Ford Escort Mk II03:29.441+00:47.131Steam
697 Lion-FaceFord Escort Mk II03:29.441+00:47.131PS4
698 KoTL Ford Escort Mk II03:29.474+00:47.164Steam
699 WiinDSk8terFord Escort Mk II03:29.474+00:47.164PS4
700 KedukettuFord Escort Mk II03:29.491+00:47.181Steam
701 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:29.508+00:47.198Xbox
702 Jocke Ford Escort Mk II03:29.524+00:47.214Steam
703 JLakeyFord Escort Mk II03:29.542+00:47.232Steam
704 panosdour92Ford Escort Mk II03:29.558+00:47.248Steam
705 I S R A X2S Ford Escort Mk II03:29.558+00:47.248Steam
706 timmi-mullenFord Escort Mk II03:29.558+00:47.248PS4
707 AndrisFord Escort Mk II03:29.574+00:47.264Steam
708 joosep97Ford Escort Mk II03:29.591+00:47.281PS4
709 ACT-RammsteinFord Escort Mk II03:29.624+00:47.314PS4
710 Jackson_PainterFord Escort Mk II03:29.624+00:47.314PS4
711 StorHerr Ford Escort Mk II03:29.658+00:47.348Steam
712 executor_ns Ford Escort Mk II03:29.658+00:47.348Steam
713 Met Ford Escort Mk II03:29.658+00:47.348Steam
714 barkin66Ford Escort Mk II03:29.724+00:47.414PS4
715 LightningSportFord Escort Mk II03:29.741+00:47.431PS4
716 MattoniFord Escort Mk II03:29.758+00:47.448Steam
717 MarcelieFord Escort Mk II03:29.758+00:47.448Steam
718 20cent Ford Escort Mk II03:29.758+00:47.448Steam
719 nick_svt Ford Escort Mk II03:29.774+00:47.464Steam
720 MedievalFord Escort Mk II03:29.774+00:47.464Steam
721 jandar2Ford Escort Mk II03:29.808+00:47.498Steam
722 y654rtyhgfdFord Escort Mk II03:29.841+00:47.531PS4
723 wrxsti6starsFord Escort Mk II03:29.841+00:47.531PS4
724 Black_Cat_7Ford Escort Mk II03:29.858+00:47.548PS4
725 AgentSmith19Ford Escort Mk II03:29.874+00:47.564PS4
726 Infected by speed Ford Escort Mk II03:29.908+00:47.598Steam
727 renaat13Ford Escort Mk II03:29.941+00:47.631PS4
728 AdamRA Ford Escort Mk II03:29.958+00:47.648Steam
729 guizrFord Escort Mk II03:30.024+00:47.714PS4
730 TokyoGwB Ford Escort Mk II03:30.058+00:47.748Steam
731 DDGRIPFord Escort Mk II03:30.091+00:47.781PS4
732 david02laonFord Escort Mk II03:30.108+00:47.798PS4
733 aporellos82Ford Escort Mk II03:30.124+00:47.814PS4
734 Mouldy Sandwich™ Ford Escort Mk II03:30.158+00:47.848Steam
735 tueur0507Ford Escort Mk II03:30.158+00:47.848PS4
736 Ramsay Bolton Ford Escort Mk II03:30.174+00:47.864Steam
737 Naprostyhovado Ford Escort Mk II03:30.191+00:47.881Steam
738 mat Ford Escort Mk II03:30.224+00:47.914Steam
739 Rodolfo Hitlero Ford Escort Mk II03:30.225+00:47.915Steam
740 ChyrionFord Escort Mk II03:30.241+00:47.931Steam
741 nbates66Ford Escort Mk II03:30.274+00:47.964Steam
742 madbull-34-Ford Escort Mk II03:30.274+00:47.964PS4
743 tdarrie Ford Escort Mk II03:30.324+00:48.140Steam
744 sydostA Ford Escort Mk II03:30.358+00:48.480Steam
745 Schm?rfFord Escort Mk II03:30.374+00:48.640Steam
746 ickwartFord Escort Mk II03:30.374+00:48.640Xbox
747 Kondorag Ford Escort Mk II03:30.391+00:48.810Steam
748 druFord Escort Mk II03:30.408+00:48.980Steam
749 jonnyroma81Ford Escort Mk II03:30.458+00:48.148PS4
750 ORNDefenderFord Escort Mk II03:30.474+00:48.164Xbox
751 De_RiehmeFord Escort Mk II03:30.491+00:48.181PS4
752 EbinAimoFord Escort Mk II03:30.491+00:48.181PS4
753 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:30.508+00:48.198Xbox
754 Cyril-70Ford Escort Mk II03:30.524+00:48.214PS4
755 Admiral_ChodFord Escort Mk II03:30.524+00:48.214PS4
756 NEILwrcFord Escort Mk II03:30.524+00:48.214PS4
757 bobelaiiii57Ford Escort Mk II03:30.574+00:48.264PS4
758 schwarzer-edaFord Escort Mk II03:30.591+00:48.281Steam
759 edulisarwen Ford Escort Mk II03:30.674+00:48.364Steam
760 dagead Ford Escort Mk II03:30.708+00:48.398Steam
761 YobOufmanFord Escort Mk II03:30.708+00:48.398PS4
762 TonyDelk53Ford Escort Mk II03:30.724+00:48.414PS4
763 wolzem Ford Escort Mk II03:30.758+00:48.448Steam
764 willcf15Ford Escort Mk II03:30.774+00:48.464Steam
765 King420MangledFord Escort Mk II03:30.791+00:48.481PS4
766 FAYNAXFord Escort Mk II03:30.808+00:48.498Steam
767 furz Ford Escort Mk II03:30.824+00:48.514Steam
768 mrefu007Ford Escort Mk II03:30.841+00:48.531PS4
769 alexheisch007Ford Escort Mk II03:30.858+00:48.548PS4
770 kaaay77 Ford Escort Mk II03:30.874+00:48.564Steam
771 -TAGS-Ba77Man- Ford Escort Mk II03:30.925+00:48.615Steam
772 alewrcFord Escort Mk II03:30.958+00:48.648PS4
773 siba018 Ford Escort Mk II03:30.991+00:48.681Steam
774 welshboyuk76Ford Escort Mk II03:31.024+00:48.714PS4
775 nottinghammedical Ford Escort Mk II03:31.058+00:48.748Steam
776 Alan Ford Ford Escort Mk II03:31.074+00:48.764Steam
777 wolve3591Ford Escort Mk II03:31.124+00:48.814PS4
778 EVERSMAN9Ford Escort Mk II03:31.124+00:48.814PS4
779 Time ?...420 Ford Escort Mk II03:31.141+00:48.831Steam
780 frakilla1Ford Escort Mk II03:31.141+00:48.831PS4
781 Syndroid Ford Escort Mk II03:31.224+00:48.914Steam
782 NicoloadFord Escort Mk II03:31.224+00:48.914Steam
783 VawdersFord Escort Mk II03:31.224+00:48.914PS4
784 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:31.224+00:48.914Xbox
785 RunwayMadness55Ford Escort Mk II03:31.291+00:48.981Steam
786 t.biehatsch Ford Escort Mk II03:31.341+00:49.310Steam
787 StehlampeFord Escort Mk II03:31.374+00:49.640Steam
788 Guy0033Ford Escort Mk II03:31.374+00:49.640Xbox
789 Edu22mgFord Escort Mk II03:31.408+00:49.980PS4
790 The_Kay961Ford Escort Mk II03:31.441+00:49.131PS4
791 DMaGGaaaarFord Escort Mk II03:31.441+00:49.131PS4
792 Nackter Arsch Ford Escort Mk II03:31.458+00:49.148Steam
793 PMP_ViOLeNcE Ford Escort Mk II03:31.458+00:49.148Steam
794 VincentMMS31Ford Escort Mk II03:31.458+00:49.148PS4
795 TofhinoFord Escort Mk II03:31.491+00:49.181PS4
796 d_MufasaFord Escort Mk II03:31.491+00:49.181PS4
797 . -joolz.a Ford Escort Mk II03:31.508+00:49.198Steam
798 tatcatFord Escort Mk II03:31.524+00:49.214Steam
799 Raven Ford Escort Mk II03:31.558+00:49.248Steam
800 bebuchFord Escort Mk II03:31.574+00:49.264Steam
801 Silent Arc Ford Escort Mk II03:31.591+00:49.281Steam
802 legostrike Ford Escort Mk II03:31.608+00:49.298Steam
803 rc13millesFord Escort Mk II03:31.608+00:49.298PS4
804 ARW Ranger Ford Escort Mk II03:31.624+00:49.314Steam
805 iLLmatic Ford Escort Mk II03:31.624+00:49.314Steam
806 Sumulikoski16 Ford Escort Mk II03:31.641+00:49.331Steam
807 markus96FPFord Escort Mk II03:31.641+00:49.331PS4
808 mel Ford Escort Mk II03:31.658+00:49.348Steam
809 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:31.674+00:49.364Xbox
810 bruno.patty12 Ford Escort Mk II03:31.691+00:49.381Steam
811 ghostnono89140Ford Escort Mk II03:31.741+00:49.431PS4
812 bistooflyFord Escort Mk II03:31.791+00:49.481PS4
813 rock out with ya glock outFord Escort Mk II03:31.824+00:49.514Steam
814 BashFord Escort Mk II03:31.858+00:49.548Steam
815 sptachoir Ford Escort Mk II03:31.858+00:49.548Steam
816 cornish85Ford Escort Mk II03:31.858+00:49.548PS4
817 SuperStinkyTofuFord Escort Mk II03:31.891+00:49.581Steam
818 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:31.908+00:49.598Xbox
819 egredarmyFord Escort Mk II03:31.941+00:49.631PS4
820 baud34Ford Escort Mk II03:31.941+00:49.631PS4
821 Figo_24Ford Escort Mk II03:31.958+00:49.648PS4
822 starty-GT_expertFord Escort Mk II03:31.958+00:49.648PS4
823 constantinos96Ford Escort Mk II03:31.974+00:49.664PS4
824 PerseusFord Escort Mk II03:31.991+00:49.681Steam
825 GnorrfFord Escort Mk II03:32.008+00:49.698PS4
826 Vivin074Ford Escort Mk II03:32.024+00:49.714PS4
827 ItsDonDomingoFord Escort Mk II03:32.058+00:49.748PS4
828 AKA10PlayerFord Escort Mk II03:32.074+00:49.764PS4
829 lecarolo040290Ford Escort Mk II03:32.091+00:49.781PS4
830 Luke904Ford Escort Mk II03:32.091+00:49.781PS4
831 CrispinCrackleigh Ford Escort Mk II03:32.108+00:49.798Steam
832 scottjr123Ford Escort Mk II03:32.108+00:49.798PS4
833 ZeNiUs7434Ford Escort Mk II03:32.108+00:49.798PS4
834 DEATHVIPER73Ford Escort Mk II03:32.108+00:49.798Xbox
835 K´town Ford Escort Mk II03:32.141+00:49.831Steam
836 Granite Octopus Ford Escort Mk II03:32.158+00:49.848Steam
837 valseka_yoni Ford Escort Mk II03:32.208+00:49.898Steam
838 rents Ford Escort Mk II03:32.208+00:49.898Steam
839 PHARAON Ford Escort Mk II03:32.208+00:49.898Steam
840 HALLUCINOGENE54Ford Escort Mk II03:32.208+00:49.898PS4
841 Admiral Awesome Ford Escort Mk II03:32.241+00:49.931Steam
842 xX_KAZKAMi-06_XxFord Escort Mk II03:32.241+00:49.931PS4
843 bovanovicsFord Escort Mk II03:32.258+00:49.948Steam
844 wytiaFord Escort Mk II03:32.274+00:49.964PS4
845 xX-Espi-XxFord Escort Mk II03:32.324+00:50.140PS4
846 hansi0406Ford Escort Mk II03:32.341+00:50.310PS4
847 flip horizontal Ford Escort Mk II03:32.441+00:50.131Steam
848 DaveLikeABossFord Escort Mk II03:32.442+00:50.132PS4
849 I am Machine ??? Ford Escort Mk II03:32.508+00:50.198Steam
850 joselancerevo9Ford Escort Mk II03:32.524+00:50.214PS4
851 travellog07Ford Escort Mk II03:32.541+00:50.231Steam
852 zauna1Ford Escort Mk II03:32.574+00:50.264PS4
853 TooF30Ford Escort Mk II03:32.574+00:50.264PS4
854 MRpitekFord Escort Mk II03:32.574+00:50.264Xbox
855 Ikev Ford Escort Mk II03:32.624+00:50.314Steam
856 Seven of Nine Ford Escort Mk II03:32.624+00:50.314Steam
857 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:32.641+00:50.331Xbox
858 lolo451275Ford Escort Mk II03:32.658+00:50.348Steam
859 reeseFord Escort Mk II03:32.658+00:50.348Steam
860 libero93150Ford Escort Mk II03:32.691+00:50.381PS4
861 suhut06Ford Escort Mk II03:32.724+00:50.414PS4
862 Igor FFord Escort Mk II03:32.741+00:50.431Steam
863 bungar Ford Escort Mk II03:32.741+00:50.431Steam
864 Kingr2_Ford Escort Mk II03:32.758+00:50.448PS4
865 T0mmy_PF84Ford Escort Mk II03:32.774+00:50.464PS4
866 SKT_Customer Ford Escort Mk II03:32.791+00:50.481Steam
867 robohwheelybinFord Escort Mk II03:32.791+00:50.481PS4
868 GeneralmoronFord Escort Mk II03:32.824+00:50.514PS4
869 Mr Wing Ford Escort Mk II03:32.858+00:50.548Steam
870 steve-ita76Ford Escort Mk II03:32.908+00:50.598PS4
871 Mr_HackiFord Escort Mk II03:32.908+00:50.598PS4
872 VicrsVF1Ford Escort Mk II03:32.908+00:50.598PS4
873 [ST-LH] BlitzCraig Ford Escort Mk II03:32.974+00:50.664Steam
874 gacha5858Ford Escort Mk II03:32.974+00:50.664PS4
875 FuriousFuture Ford Escort Mk II03:32.991+00:50.681Steam
876 valldacz Ford Escort Mk II03:32.991+00:50.681Steam
877 evilsmurf1976Ford Escort Mk II03:32.992+00:50.682PS4
878 merseyxshoreFord Escort Mk II03:33.008+00:50.698Xbox
879 psychoblondie67 Ford Escort Mk II03:33.024+00:50.714Steam
880 Lusziboy™Ford Escort Mk II03:33.024+00:50.714Steam
881 schlenkerEFord Escort Mk II03:33.024+00:50.714PS4
882 JARNE_DUDEFord Escort Mk II03:33.074+00:50.764PS4
883 ?ArcHa_DeXx?Ford Escort Mk II03:33.091+00:50.781Steam
884 bemark79Ford Escort Mk II03:33.108+00:50.798PS4
885 Yes_AyeeeFord Escort Mk II03:33.124+00:50.814PS4
886 FenderAxeMan Ford Escort Mk II03:33.141+00:50.831Steam
887 AleBrus Ford Escort Mk II03:33.141+00:50.831Steam
888 HipposTasteGoodFord Escort Mk II03:33.158+00:50.848PS4
889 afonso11198Ford Escort Mk II03:33.174+00:50.864PS4
890 petr076Ford Escort Mk II03:33.174+00:50.864Xbox
891 DJRoachFord Escort Mk II03:33.191+00:50.881Xbox
892 BABASS2BFord Escort Mk II03:33.274+00:50.964Xbox
893 Wisey Ford Escort Mk II03:33.324+00:51.140Steam
894 SpazAttack Ford Escort Mk II03:33.341+00:51.310Steam
895 FroloffNikolayFord Escort Mk II03:33.358+00:51.480Xbox
896 MaxVector Ford Escort Mk II03:33.441+00:51.131Steam
897 Fuck humanityFord Escort Mk II03:33.474+00:51.164Steam
898 ORAORA Ford Escort Mk II03:33.475+00:51.165Steam
899 barrydoran76Ford Escort Mk II03:33.508+00:51.198Xbox
900 enginebuildFord Escort Mk II03:33.541+00:51.231Xbox
901 =StickySokZ= Hüttemeier (Amdi) Ford Escort Mk II03:33.558+00:51.248Steam
902 oleggtrwrxgtriFord Escort Mk II03:33.574+00:51.264PS4
903 MrCallahan Ford Escort Mk II03:33.608+00:51.298Steam
904 TurkiSharKFord Escort Mk II03:33.608+00:51.298Steam
905 Lukiwuki Ford Escort Mk II03:33.641+00:51.331Steam
906 burnsFord Escort Mk II03:33.674+00:51.364Steam
907 Karanosh Ford Escort Mk II03:33.708+00:51.398Steam
908 Reisbrenner_S15Ford Escort Mk II03:33.758+00:51.448PS4
909 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:33.791+00:51.481Xbox
910 Shiva_POLFord Escort Mk II03:33.808+00:51.498PS4
911 al74 Ford Escort Mk II03:33.824+00:51.514Steam
912 rostzo7Ford Escort Mk II03:33.824+00:51.514PS4
913 FrenchiscoFord Escort Mk II03:33.824+00:51.514PS4
914 caioliimaFord Escort Mk II03:33.841+00:51.531Xbox
915 vgikas1Ford Escort Mk II03:33.858+00:51.548PS4
916 ginner235Ford Escort Mk II03:33.874+00:51.564PS4
917 donrekemonFord Escort Mk II03:33.974+00:51.664PS4
918 A Jas SoufritoFord Escort Mk II03:33.991+00:51.681Steam
919 BNR87Ford Escort Mk II03:34.024+00:51.714Xbox
920 *****Ford Escort Mk II03:34.041+00:51.731Steam
921 Yann Klein Ford Escort Mk II03:34.041+00:51.731Steam
922 [CPC]croustibatte Ford Escort Mk II03:34.108+00:51.798Steam
923 krashokkFord Escort Mk II03:34.108+00:51.798Steam
924 SteadySB99Ford Escort Mk II03:34.108+00:51.798PS4
925 -[CoDy]-SmokeR. Ford Escort Mk II03:34.141+00:51.831Steam
926 aehh503Ford Escort Mk II03:34.191+00:51.881PS4
927 MikeyCr84Ford Escort Mk II03:34.191+00:51.881PS4
928 Texo-23Ford Escort Mk II03:34.191+00:51.881PS4
929 Makkke Ford Escort Mk II03:34.208+00:51.898Steam
930 martin.holland1980 Ford Escort Mk II03:34.241+00:51.931Steam
931 Mario Ford Escort Mk II03:34.241+00:51.931Steam
932 Lukas17podolskiFord Escort Mk II03:34.241+00:51.931PS4
933 lukemlbarryFord Escort Mk II03:34.241+00:51.931PS4
934 Janne_RFord Escort Mk II03:34.258+00:51.948PS4
935 NosovClub-SashaFord Escort Mk II03:34.258+00:51.948PS4
936 interceptor2009Ford Escort Mk II03:34.274+00:51.964PS4
937 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:34.274+00:51.964Xbox
938 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:34.291+00:51.981Xbox
939 Isthal Ford Escort Mk II03:34.308+00:51.998Steam
940 tyler_sg Ford Escort Mk II03:34.308+00:51.998Steam
941 sparkdogFord Escort Mk II03:34.308+00:51.998Xbox
942 juggleFord Escort Mk II03:34.324+00:52.140Steam
943 jimeledoitFord Escort Mk II03:34.324+00:52.140PS4
944 RaideryFord Escort Mk II03:34.358+00:52.480PS4
945 God Ford Escort Mk II03:34.374+00:52.640Steam
946 deal96Ford Escort Mk II03:34.424+00:52.114PS4
947 joh Ford Escort Mk II03:34.491+00:52.181Steam
948 JereN097Ford Escort Mk II03:34.508+00:52.198PS4
949 Reg_DiaFord Escort Mk II03:34.541+00:52.231Steam
950 Hendrix27xFord Escort Mk II03:34.574+00:52.264PS4
951 SathurRocksFord Escort Mk II03:34.574+00:52.264PS4
952 masav4 Ford Escort Mk II03:34.608+00:52.298Steam
953 MosPosFord Escort Mk II03:34.658+00:52.348Xbox
954 One man ArmY Ford Escort Mk II03:34.691+00:52.381Steam
955 MetroidMan64Ford Escort Mk II03:34.724+00:52.414Steam
956 d6D6K6kFord Escort Mk II03:34.758+00:52.448PS4
957 quintairosoFord Escort Mk II03:34.758+00:52.448Xbox
958 bobidul Ford Escort Mk II03:34.808+00:52.498Steam
959 Mirkone557Ford Escort Mk II03:34.824+00:52.514PS4
960 sensi-49Ford Escort Mk II03:34.824+00:52.514PS4
961 F.Daniel.G.PereiraFord Escort Mk II03:34.841+00:52.531Steam
962 Wildpanther74Ford Escort Mk II03:34.858+00:52.548PS4
963 oJJoJoe Ford Escort Mk II03:34.874+00:52.564Steam
964 Megadeth-WarriorFord Escort Mk II03:34.908+00:52.598PS4
965 samford14500Ford Escort Mk II03:34.924+00:52.614PS4
966 Mr. Pink Ford Escort Mk II03:34.941+00:52.631Steam
967 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:34.958+00:52.648Xbox
968 Pepone127Ford Escort Mk II03:34.974+00:52.664PS4
969 bimbom34 Ford Escort Mk II03:34.991+00:52.681Steam
970 I-IoBBYM3][zG3RFord Escort Mk II03:34.991+00:52.681Steam
971 Utrygve Ford Escort Mk II03:34.991+00:52.681Steam
972 Lucas-CastilleroFord Escort Mk II03:34.991+00:52.681PS4
973 JBrOFord Escort Mk II03:35.008+00:52.698Steam
974 markbass Ford Escort Mk II03:35.008+00:52.698Steam
975 JAMESON62Ford Escort Mk II03:35.008+00:52.698Steam
976 Masansa10Ford Escort Mk II03:35.008+00:52.698PS4
977 elerniusFord Escort Mk II03:35.008+00:52.698PS4
978 liagoutas Ford Escort Mk II03:35.124+00:52.814Steam
979 sgt-barnes73Ford Escort Mk II03:35.124+00:52.814PS4
980 squad:) Ford Escort Mk II03:35.158+00:52.848Steam
981 timmie_toothFord Escort Mk II03:35.174+00:52.864PS4
982 Speedy-PerkinsFord Escort Mk II03:35.191+00:52.881PS4
983 playsenfoxFord Escort Mk II03:35.191+00:52.881PS4
984 Bsureda16vFord Escort Mk II03:35.274+00:52.964PS4
985 Scirocco_59227Ford Escort Mk II03:35.291+00:52.981PS4
986 PowlFord Escort Mk II03:35.324+00:53.140Steam
987 GIXERDFord Escort Mk II03:35.324+00:53.140PS4
988 midnightremix90Ford Escort Mk II03:35.358+00:53.480PS4
989 aidyh1 Ford Escort Mk II03:35.374+00:53.640Steam
990 FernandiiiFord Escort Mk II03:35.374+00:53.640PS4
991 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:35.374+00:53.640Xbox
992 Sexy MrBritannia Ford Escort Mk II03:35.424+00:53.114Steam
993 florent.moulinFord Escort Mk II03:35.424+00:53.114Steam
994 blueberry191Ford Escort Mk II03:35.424+00:53.114PS4
995 Roadrat86Ford Escort Mk II03:35.508+00:53.198Xbox
996 taige_001 Ford Escort Mk II03:35.524+00:53.214Steam
997 ivarryhkaFord Escort Mk II03:35.524+00:53.214PS4
998 minidash30200Ford Escort Mk II03:35.558+00:53.248PS4
999 excalibur77Ford Escort Mk II03:35.591+00:53.281PS4
1000 TrickyR83Ford Escort Mk II03:35.608+00:53.298PS4
1001 sin1964 Ford Escort Mk II03:35.624+00:53.314Steam
1002 bogus1983 Ford Escort Mk II03:35.624+00:53.314Steam
1003 ZenoFord Escort Mk II03:35.624+00:53.314Steam
1004 What The Fup Ford Escort Mk II03:35.658+00:53.348Steam
1005 STD-RS_Frank_FRAFord Escort Mk II03:35.658+00:53.348PS4
1006 markrenton85Ford Escort Mk II03:35.691+00:53.381PS4
1007 coutim Ford Escort Mk II03:35.708+00:53.398Steam
1008 oesketigerFord Escort Mk II03:35.708+00:53.398PS4
1009 yoannkraussFord Escort Mk II03:35.708+00:53.398PS4
1010 ZXX1000Ford Escort Mk II03:35.708+00:53.398PS4
1011 NecroticaaFord Escort Mk II03:35.741+00:53.431Steam
1012 ale81udineFord Escort Mk II03:35.758+00:53.448PS4
1013 [OFc] LK3 Ford Escort Mk II03:35.774+00:53.464Steam
1014 GTRP_KhaN Ford Escort Mk II03:35.791+00:53.481Steam
1015 JKbaseballFord Escort Mk II03:35.808+00:53.498Steam
1016 SexyDino Ford Escort Mk II03:35.841+00:53.531Steam
1017 broeksie90Ford Escort Mk II03:35.874+00:53.564PS4
1018 WakeRanger66Ford Escort Mk II03:35.874+00:53.564Xbox
1019 RaFfleStokie Ford Escort Mk II03:35.908+00:53.598Steam
1020 dogriverrunner Ford Escort Mk II03:35.941+00:53.631Steam
1021 giesiekFord Escort Mk II03:35.958+00:53.648PS4
1022 FedEFord Escort Mk II03:36.008+00:53.698Steam
1023 PräzziFord Escort Mk II03:36.008+00:53.698Steam
1024 minpucherFord Escort Mk II03:36.008+00:53.698PS4
1025 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:36.024+00:53.714Xbox
1026 Adiiic88Ford Escort Mk II03:36.024+00:53.714Xbox
1027 AjHooniganFord Escort Mk II03:36.041+00:53.731Xbox
1028 Maus Ford Escort Mk II03:36.074+00:53.764Steam
1029 KimDrifT1999Ford Escort Mk II03:36.108+00:53.798PS4
1030 jetprosperFord Escort Mk II03:36.141+00:53.831PS4
1031 MasherFord Escort Mk II03:36.158+00:53.848Steam
1032 The_OracLFord Escort Mk II03:36.158+00:53.848PS4
1033 Drissdu12Ford Escort Mk II03:36.158+00:53.848PS4
1034 ToxicLogix Ford Escort Mk II03:36.174+00:53.864Steam
1035 ThyrooFord Escort Mk II03:36.174+00:53.864Steam
1036 The Best Games Ford Escort Mk II03:36.191+00:53.881Steam
1037 dylan42091Ford Escort Mk II03:36.191+00:53.881PS4
1038 RoadRunner999234Ford Escort Mk II03:36.224+00:53.914PS4
1039 taaciste18Ford Escort Mk II03:36.241+00:53.931PS4
1040 pitivier42Ford Escort Mk II03:36.241+00:53.931PS4
1041 MICH4EL-ANGE54Ford Escort Mk II03:36.241+00:53.931PS4
1042 THOMPSON22 [DPT]Ford Escort Mk II03:36.258+00:53.948Steam
1043 boomdoorFord Escort Mk II03:36.258+00:53.948PS4
1044 jon_i634 Ford Escort Mk II03:36.274+00:53.964Steam
1045 terceraunratoFord Escort Mk II03:36.291+00:53.981PS4
1046 supaleet Ford Escort Mk II03:36.308+00:53.998Steam
1047 mankan.carlsson Ford Escort Mk II03:36.324+00:54.140Steam
1048 divoy458Ford Escort Mk II03:36.324+00:54.140PS4
1049 tama_costaricaFord Escort Mk II03:36.324+00:54.140PS4
1050 manufrancoise84 Ford Escort Mk II03:36.341+00:54.310Steam
1051 berni-00Ford Escort Mk II03:36.341+00:54.310PS4
1052 LewSi_xFord Escort Mk II03:36.358+00:54.480Steam
1053 tazzeyboo12Ford Escort Mk II03:36.374+00:54.640PS4
1054 Auqualen Ford Escort Mk II03:36.391+00:54.810Steam
1055 JoshHMM Ford Escort Mk II03:36.408+00:54.980Steam
1056 Smrtihlav Ford Escort Mk II03:36.408+00:54.980Steam
1057 basstoss357Ford Escort Mk II03:36.424+00:54.114Xbox
1058 turbiloneFord Escort Mk II03:36.441+00:54.131PS4
1059 Escalator Ford Escort Mk II03:36.458+00:54.148Steam
1060 [NRT] Cubitus1957 Ford Escort Mk II03:36.458+00:54.148Steam
1061 Lazzi Ford Escort Mk II03:36.458+00:54.148Steam
1062 miiitch_07Ford Escort Mk II03:36.458+00:54.148PS4
1063 freshyyyFord Escort Mk II03:36.458+00:54.148Xbox
1064 RAMBOPEACHFord Escort Mk II03:36.491+00:54.181PS4
1065 MilkyOneWay Ford Escort Mk II03:36.508+00:54.198Steam
1066 NOISEYDOGS3Ford Escort Mk II03:36.508+00:54.198PS4
1067 Ramz820Ford Escort Mk II03:36.524+00:54.214PS4
1068 SNipeRFord Escort Mk II03:36.541+00:54.231Steam
1069 Suoukko Ford Escort Mk II03:36.574+00:54.264Steam
1070 maik.reich Ford Escort Mk II03:36.574+00:54.264Steam
1071 gloug25Ford Escort Mk II03:36.574+00:54.264PS4
1072 RallyFandu61Ford Escort Mk II03:36.591+00:54.281Xbox
1073 ortan75Ford Escort Mk II03:36.624+00:54.314PS4
1074 Bur Duke Ford Escort Mk II03:36.658+00:54.348Steam
1075 FredoGT_66Ford Escort Mk II03:36.691+00:54.381PS4
1076 howryagettinonFord Escort Mk II03:36.724+00:54.414Xbox
1077 Ghost606Ford Escort Mk II03:36.724+00:54.414Xbox
1078 DeathMetalRacerFord Escort Mk II03:36.757+00:54.447Xbox
1079 xPhotekFord Escort Mk II03:36.791+00:54.481PS4
1080 toutouwaiFord Escort Mk II03:36.807+00:54.497PS4
1081 NobitaSwagFord Escort Mk II03:36.874+00:54.564Steam
1082 retroriderukFord Escort Mk II03:36.874+00:54.564PS4
1083 NinjaK306Ford Escort Mk II03:36.891+00:54.581PS4
1084 SMBros73Ford Escort Mk II03:36.924+00:54.614Steam
1085 hyvn >> erdmFord Escort Mk II03:36.957+00:54.647Steam
1086 salxs13Ford Escort Mk II03:36.974+00:54.664Steam
1087 Kippari_95Ford Escort Mk II03:36.974+00:54.664PS4
1088 nc369 Ford Escort Mk II03:36.991+00:54.681Steam
1089 manus91Ford Escort Mk II03:37.074+00:54.764Steam
1090 Quent_85aFord Escort Mk II03:37.074+00:54.764PS4
1091 baloo1266Ford Escort Mk II03:37.091+00:54.781PS4
1092 Be-CoOL93Ford Escort Mk II03:37.191+00:54.881PS4
1093 Lynx Ford Escort Mk II03:37.207+00:54.897Steam
1094 BertGrills & DD_US Ford Escort Mk II03:37.207+00:54.897Steam
1095 kapodes Ford Escort Mk II03:37.207+00:54.897Steam
1096 SrAleXxCODFord Escort Mk II03:37.224+00:54.914PS4
1097 elikriFord Escort Mk II03:37.224+00:54.914PS4
1098 EcentialFord Escort Mk II03:37.224+00:54.914PS4
1099 groeger.andrasFord Escort Mk II03:37.241+00:54.931Steam
1100 chipmunkmk20Ford Escort Mk II03:37.241+00:54.931PS4
1101 MercallifabioFord Escort Mk II03:37.291+00:54.981PS4
1102 Kalten80Ford Escort Mk II03:37.307+00:54.997PS4
1103 Fantakey28Ford Escort Mk II03:37.307+00:54.997PS4
1104 BOTkeevFord Escort Mk II03:37.308+00:54.998Steam
1105 nero76 Ford Escort Mk II03:37.324+00:55.140Steam
1106 gvarlet20Ford Escort Mk II03:37.324+00:55.140Xbox
1107 ranpoFord Escort Mk II03:37.341+00:55.310Steam
1108 PitaWFord Escort Mk II03:37.357+00:55.470PS4
1109 historymaFord Escort Mk II03:37.357+00:55.470PS4
1110 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:37.357+00:55.470Xbox
1111 max33jahFord Escort Mk II03:37.374+00:55.640PS4
1112 Kerjos[M&Co] Ford Escort Mk II03:37.407+00:55.970Steam
1113 SonnyNyzeYMFord Escort Mk II03:37.407+00:55.970PS4
1114 uNkPokerFord Escort Mk II03:37.407+00:55.970PS4
1115 chodnik Ford Escort Mk II03:37.457+00:55.147Steam
1116 JekaFord Escort Mk II03:37.457+00:55.147Steam
1117 oxracingFord Escort Mk II03:37.491+00:55.181PS4
1118 ra67seFord Escort Mk II03:37.491+00:55.181PS4
1119 bruffy79Ford Escort Mk II03:37.507+00:55.197PS4
1120 antho813Ford Escort Mk II03:37.507+00:55.197Xbox
1121 teemup Ford Escort Mk II03:37.524+00:55.214Steam
1122 olishort1Ford Escort Mk II03:37.524+00:55.214PS4
1123 guillejungleFord Escort Mk II03:37.524+00:55.214PS4
1124 manchkinFord Escort Mk II03:37.557+00:55.247Steam
1125 JuvanJyvaJemmariFord Escort Mk II03:37.557+00:55.247PS4
1126 e.60 Ford Escort Mk II03:37.591+00:55.281Steam
1127 AcidFord Escort Mk II03:37.607+00:55.297Steam
1128 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:37.624+00:55.314Xbox
1129 leteutFord Escort Mk II03:37.624+00:55.314Xbox
1130 xantos6 Ford Escort Mk II03:37.641+00:55.331Steam
1131 Roberto-GalardoFord Escort Mk II03:37.641+00:55.331PS4
1132 butch394Ford Escort Mk II03:37.657+00:55.347PS4
1133 [WoD] Lee Wolf Ford Escort Mk II03:37.691+00:55.381Steam
1134 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:37.707+00:55.397Xbox
1135 tom001907Ford Escort Mk II03:37.757+00:55.447PS4
1136 looksharpFord Escort Mk II03:37.757+00:55.447PS4
1137 guenther Ford Escort Mk II03:37.807+00:55.497Steam
1138 Par4goN4evaFord Escort Mk II03:37.824+00:55.514PS4
1139 FatfergusFord Escort Mk II03:37.841+00:55.531Steam
1140 Bleifussler Ford Escort Mk II03:37.841+00:55.531Steam
1141 pow76erFord Escort Mk II03:37.841+00:55.531PS4
1142 mars0815-4711Ford Escort Mk II03:37.857+00:55.547PS4
1143 [LSF] Pierre-Yves Ford Escort Mk II03:37.874+00:55.564Steam
1144 planzz4 Ford Escort Mk II03:37.907+00:55.597Steam
1145 lorenzo_paFord Escort Mk II03:37.941+00:55.631PS4
1146 Maracer83Ford Escort Mk II03:37.957+00:55.647PS4
1147 Pinzón_azulFord Escort Mk II03:37.958+00:55.648Steam
1148 Suspicious DetectiveFord Escort Mk II03:37.974+00:55.664Steam
1149 masuatFord Escort Mk II03:37.991+00:55.681Steam
1150 julienc3Ford Escort Mk II03:38.007+00:55.697PS4
1151 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:38.024+00:55.714Xbox
1152 Raven_sweFord Escort Mk II03:38.041+00:55.731PS4
1153 wordwalldevFord Escort Mk II03:38.041+00:55.731PS4
1154 generaleeFord Escort Mk II03:38.057+00:55.747Xbox
1155 Chezion Ford Escort Mk II03:38.074+00:55.764Steam
1156 ViperXIIFord Escort Mk II03:38.107+00:55.797Steam
1157 miguelmazda3Ford Escort Mk II03:38.107+00:55.797PS4
1158 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:38.107+00:55.797Xbox
1159 piza_euskFord Escort Mk II03:38.157+00:55.847PS4
1160 sciesnyFord Escort Mk II03:38.157+00:55.847PS4
1161 h5t5r43ewwder456Ford Escort Mk II03:38.191+00:55.881PS4
1162 BakkokkaB667Ford Escort Mk II03:38.191+00:55.881Xbox
1163 haLLunKen erw1n Ford Escort Mk II03:38.207+00:55.897Steam
1164 sirarturFord Escort Mk II03:38.207+00:55.897Xbox
1165 LennoHapsFord Escort Mk II03:38.224+00:55.914PS4
1166 Helpless_SoldierFord Escort Mk II03:38.241+00:55.931Steam
1167 Pupkin Ford Escort Mk II03:38.257+00:55.947Steam
1168 jimmymc7Ford Escort Mk II03:38.307+00:55.997PS4
1169 TiuristridinFord Escort Mk II03:38.307+00:55.997PS4
1170 loloboss10dhFord Escort Mk II03:38.324+00:56.140PS4
1171 that_guy Ford Escort Mk II03:38.325+00:56.150Steam
1172 huey1982Ford Escort Mk II03:38.341+00:56.310PS4
1173 RAL-AUDIFord Escort Mk II03:38.391+00:56.810PS4
1174 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:38.407+00:56.970Xbox
1175 danielebergoFord Escort Mk II03:38.424+00:56.114PS4
1176 XRobDisco82XFord Escort Mk II03:38.457+00:56.147PS4
1177 bonzo_62Ford Escort Mk II03:38.457+00:56.147PS4
1178 jwgi286Ford Escort Mk II03:38.474+00:56.164PS4
1179 kojeto Ford Escort Mk II03:38.524+00:56.214Steam
1180 RICRACFord Escort Mk II03:38.524+00:56.214PS4
1181 kostasrallyman1Ford Escort Mk II03:38.525+00:56.215PS4
1182 Haniwa326Ford Escort Mk II03:38.557+00:56.247Steam
1183 kristof_baestaensFord Escort Mk II03:38.557+00:56.247Steam
1184 RedAvenger278Ford Escort Mk II03:38.557+00:56.247PS4
1185 Speedy25 Ford Escort Mk II03:38.574+00:56.264Steam
1186 TJ-ArchinoFord Escort Mk II03:38.591+00:56.281PS4
1187 BathiutFord Escort Mk II03:38.591+00:56.281PS4
1188 maraboisFord Escort Mk II03:38.607+00:56.297Steam
1189 endingisnearFord Escort Mk II03:38.607+00:56.297Steam
1190 jvm5comin4uFord Escort Mk II03:38.607+00:56.297PS4
1191 mlaybourne Ford Escort Mk II03:38.608+00:56.298Steam
1192 PDOEXT Ford Escort Mk II03:38.641+00:56.331Steam
1193 BigBuff_07Ford Escort Mk II03:38.641+00:56.331PS4
1194 TeeKoo80Ford Escort Mk II03:38.641+00:56.331PS4
1195 free_styler786Ford Escort Mk II03:38.657+00:56.347PS4
1196 jarotanFord Escort Mk II03:38.674+00:56.364PS4
1197 medicTMfckFord Escort Mk II03:38.707+00:56.397PS4
1198 gtrp_frankodiabolo Ford Escort Mk II03:38.724+00:56.414Steam
1199 K1I9N7G7Ford Escort Mk II03:38.724+00:56.414PS4
1200 TETSURYO-12Ford Escort Mk II03:38.724+00:56.414PS4
1201 -=Shortass=-Ford Escort Mk II03:38.741+00:56.431Steam
1202 Raffi Ford Escort Mk II03:38.774+00:56.464Steam
1203 OdinlotFord Escort Mk II03:38.791+00:56.481Xbox
1204 janska74Ford Escort Mk II03:38.857+00:56.547PS4
1205 TukkerT3rr0r70Ford Escort Mk II03:38.907+00:56.597PS4
1206 loucas-stiFord Escort Mk II03:38.924+00:56.614PS4
1207 MedvedFord Escort Mk II03:38.957+00:56.647Steam
1208 yt543Ford Escort Mk II03:38.957+00:56.647PS4
1209 antwerp141074Ford Escort Mk II03:38.957+00:56.647PS4
1210 JuhaFord Escort Mk II03:38.974+00:56.664Steam
1211 Tanne42Ford Escort Mk II03:38.974+00:56.664Xbox
1212 psmilanpinterFord Escort Mk II03:39.024+00:56.714PS4
1213 saltybeckFord Escort Mk II03:39.041+00:56.731PS4
1214 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:39.057+00:56.747Xbox
1215 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:39.057+00:56.747Xbox
1216 DARK666_ Ford Escort Mk II03:39.074+00:56.764Steam
1217 QorioxFord Escort Mk II03:39.091+00:56.781PS4
1218 pcjunkeeFord Escort Mk II03:39.107+00:56.797PS4
1219 Oliver-Sadaba89Ford Escort Mk II03:39.107+00:56.797PS4
1220 nikos17320Ford Escort Mk II03:39.124+00:56.814PS4
1221 actr0s Ford Escort Mk II03:39.191+00:56.881Steam
1222 yidupnorthFord Escort Mk II03:39.191+00:56.881PS4
1223 p1ste_Ford Escort Mk II03:39.191+00:56.881PS4
1224 ilubcheeseFord Escort Mk II03:39.241+00:56.931PS4
1225 richard-kok Ford Escort Mk II03:39.274+00:56.964Steam
1226 BOT1ovo Ford Escort Mk II03:39.274+00:56.964Steam
1227 LeurKi91Ford Escort Mk II03:39.291+00:56.981PS4
1228 Jonny-Barber92Ford Escort Mk II03:39.307+00:56.997PS4
1229 Navman1984Ford Escort Mk II03:39.307+00:56.997PS4
1230 NONOlyoncharboFord Escort Mk II03:39.307+00:56.997Xbox
1231 MAXTHRAX1Ford Escort Mk II03:39.324+00:57.140Steam
1232 Deathpod4Ford Escort Mk II03:39.341+00:57.310PS4
1233 blomfeltFord Escort Mk II03:39.357+00:57.470Steam
1234 gersch4 Ford Escort Mk II03:39.357+00:57.470Steam
1235 ErnastyonoFord Escort Mk II03:39.374+00:57.640PS4
1236 adru89Ford Escort Mk II03:39.374+00:57.640PS4
1237 Ev3rlong7Ford Escort Mk II03:39.391+00:57.810PS4
1238 Xose1969Ford Escort Mk II03:39.407+00:57.970PS4
1239 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:39.407+00:57.970Xbox
1240 Isle of Barra Ford Escort Mk II03:39.408+00:57.980Steam
1241 [R22R]AdjC-George_Brassard Ford Escort Mk II03:39.424+00:57.114Steam
1242 chrisbauer123 Ford Escort Mk II03:39.474+00:57.164Steam
1243 SudumusaFord Escort Mk II03:39.491+00:57.181Steam
1244 mpou-chrisFord Escort Mk II03:39.508+00:57.198PS4
1245 O_S_G_Ford Escort Mk II03:39.524+00:57.214PS4
1246 MotocheloFord Escort Mk II03:39.557+00:57.247PS4
1247 NAGORE24Ford Escort Mk II03:39.591+00:57.281PS4
1248 maikG13Ford Escort Mk II03:39.591+00:57.281Xbox
1249 RS_WilliamsFord Escort Mk II03:39.624+00:57.314PS4
1250 Makinen01Ford Escort Mk II03:39.624+00:57.314PS4
1251 DACK-6_Ford Escort Mk II03:39.624+00:57.314PS4
1252 Lankyness Ford Escort Mk II03:39.657+00:57.347Steam
1253 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:39.657+00:57.347Xbox
1254 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:39.707+00:57.397Xbox
1255 RST Ford Escort Mk II03:39.741+00:57.431Steam
1256 666DevilPLFord Escort Mk II03:39.757+00:57.447Steam
1257 Zambian-ManFord Escort Mk II03:39.791+00:57.481PS4
1258 the_very_oneFord Escort Mk II03:39.807+00:57.497PS4
1259 jaquenhgharFord Escort Mk II03:39.874+00:57.564Xbox
1260 KitzuneFord Escort Mk II03:39.891+00:57.581Steam
1261 xforcegamer88 Ford Escort Mk II03:39.907+00:57.597Steam
1262 VaanFaneelFord Escort Mk II03:39.924+00:57.614Steam
1263 Tmor13Ford Escort Mk II03:39.925+00:57.615PS4
1264 Sindaco106Ford Escort Mk II03:39.941+00:57.631Steam
1265 Zanni58Ford Escort Mk II03:39.957+00:57.647PS4
1266 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:39.957+00:57.647Xbox
1267 Lestat290Ford Escort Mk II03:39.974+00:57.664Steam
1268 C120ABFord Escort Mk II03:39.974+00:57.664PS4
1269 WayFastWhitey26Ford Escort Mk II03:39.974+00:57.664PS4
1270 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:39.974+00:57.664Xbox
1271 treeSlapperFord Escort Mk II03:39.974+00:57.664Xbox
1272 grieros Ford Escort Mk II03:40.007+00:57.697Steam
1273 anttikoivisto81Ford Escort Mk II03:40.024+00:57.714PS4
1274 michaspieleFord Escort Mk II03:40.057+00:57.747Steam
1275 RekludzFord Escort Mk II03:40.157+00:57.847Steam
1276 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:40.174+00:57.864Xbox
1277 DanlemansFord Escort Mk II03:40.191+00:57.881Xbox
1278 Wayneo117Ford Escort Mk II03:40.208+00:57.898Xbox
1279 meazipFord Escort Mk II03:40.241+00:57.931PS4
1280 EllienCynFord Escort Mk II03:40.257+00:57.947PS4
1281 BankzeRFord Escort Mk II03:40.274+00:57.964PS4
1282 strings6sticks2Ford Escort Mk II03:40.274+00:57.964PS4
1283 BryanekFord Escort Mk II03:40.291+00:57.981PS4
1284 LaiNoXx-34 Ford Escort Mk II03:40.307+00:57.997Steam
1285 Vostaros Ford Escort Mk II03:40.341+00:58.310Steam
1286 bigwinner09Ford Escort Mk II03:40.341+00:58.310PS4
1287 JackattackFord Escort Mk II03:40.357+00:58.470Steam
1288 3aPa3a Ford Escort Mk II03:40.357+00:58.470Steam
1289 TukkaN-Ford Escort Mk II03:40.358+00:58.480PS4
1290 KatoSanGTFord Escort Mk II03:40.374+00:58.640PS4
1291 Faruk33355Ford Escort Mk II03:40.407+00:58.970Steam
1292 wynnston23Ford Escort Mk II03:40.407+00:58.970PS4
1293 tdyrxFord Escort Mk II03:40.424+00:58.114PS4
1294 aundre-3000Ford Escort Mk II03:40.457+00:58.147PS4
1295 vaughan98765Ford Escort Mk II03:40.474+00:58.164PS4
1296 sunphillipsFord Escort Mk II03:40.474+00:58.164PS4
1297 metalmoparFord Escort Mk II03:40.474+00:58.164Xbox
1298 oliv822Ford Escort Mk II03:40.507+00:58.197PS4
1299 hillda02Ford Escort Mk II03:40.524+00:58.214PS4
1300 p-mitchell Ford Escort Mk II03:40.541+00:58.231Steam
1301 NikSutcliffeFord Escort Mk II03:40.557+00:58.247PS4
1302 RSRacerFord Escort Mk II03:40.624+00:58.314PS4
1303 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:40.624+00:58.314Xbox
1304 Anti-RobFord Escort Mk II03:40.641+00:58.331PS4
1305 Lacs 1954 Ford Escort Mk II03:40.691+00:58.381Steam
1306 mr-mouche79Ford Escort Mk II03:40.691+00:58.381PS4
1307 Pfaffo!Ford Escort Mk II03:40.724+00:58.414Steam
1308 ERock Ford Escort Mk II03:40.741+00:58.431Steam
1309 Sid111Ford Escort Mk II03:40.741+00:58.431Steam
1310 filip.ljubenkoFord Escort Mk II03:40.741+00:58.431Steam
1311 [Chartreuse]thegasgas1300 Ford Escort Mk II03:40.757+00:58.447Steam
1312 JeddrFord Escort Mk II03:40.774+00:58.464Steam
1313 simenodegaarden (NOR) Ford Escort Mk II03:40.774+00:58.464Steam
1314 Gareth8118Ford Escort Mk II03:40.791+00:58.481PS4
1315 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:40.807+00:58.497Xbox
1316 zawFord Escort Mk II03:40.824+00:58.514Steam
1317 liamjumbaliaFord Escort Mk II03:40.874+00:58.564PS4
1318 volpeeexFord Escort Mk II03:40.875+00:58.565PS4
1319 paulnbgFord Escort Mk II03:40.891+00:58.581PS4
1320 Xixao Ford Escort Mk II03:40.907+00:58.597Steam
1321 pardise Ford Escort Mk II03:40.907+00:58.597Steam
1322 Asterixi82Ford Escort Mk II03:40.957+00:58.647Steam
1323 Weka81Ford Escort Mk II03:40.957+00:58.647PS4
1324 RayNOS Ford Escort Mk II03:40.958+00:58.648Steam
1325 CDE1981Ford Escort Mk II03:40.974+00:58.664PS4
1326 daLoser Ford Escort Mk II03:41.024+00:58.714Steam
1327 Sick_TaxidriverFord Escort Mk II03:41.025+00:58.715PS4
1328 WWWowan1968Rus59 Ford Escort Mk II03:41.041+00:58.731Steam
1329 begabuga Ford Escort Mk II03:41.057+00:58.747Steam
1330 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:41.057+00:58.747Xbox
1331 alwynbbmFord Escort Mk II03:41.075+00:58.765PS4
1332 Prana61 (VRM) Ford Escort Mk II03:41.091+00:58.781Steam
1333 Titi39110Ford Escort Mk II03:41.091+00:58.781PS4
1334 RRRFord Escort Mk II03:41.125+00:58.815Steam
1335 TiPeWaBloBanFord Escort Mk II03:41.174+00:58.864Steam
1336 vinFord Escort Mk II03:41.224+00:58.914Steam
1337 LepaxFord Escort Mk II03:41.224+00:58.914PS4
1338 HARRY_KgFord Escort Mk II03:41.224+00:58.914PS4
1339 sedahell Ford Escort Mk II03:41.307+00:58.997Steam
1340 Mjsmanu16Ford Escort Mk II03:41.308+00:58.998PS4
1341 Mora_65 Ford Escort Mk II03:41.357+00:59.470Steam
1342 SauweliosFord Escort Mk II03:41.374+00:59.640PS4
1343 Pilote2courseFord Escort Mk II03:41.407+00:59.970PS4
1344 Maistro4Ford Escort Mk II03:41.441+00:59.131PS4
1345 DarrenTurnerFord Escort Mk II03:41.441+00:59.131Xbox
1346 fdivoyFord Escort Mk II03:41.457+00:59.147PS4
1347 Burner74Ford Escort Mk II03:41.474+00:59.164PS4
1348 Jan_3702 Ford Escort Mk II03:41.524+00:59.214Steam
1349 Siankarlo78Ford Escort Mk II03:41.524+00:59.214PS4
1350 BeNSaNTuCCiFord Escort Mk II03:41.557+00:59.247Xbox
1351 Toom43 Ford Escort Mk II03:41.558+00:59.248Steam
1352 AktrasFord Escort Mk II03:41.591+00:59.281Steam
1353 shirde356Ford Escort Mk II03:41.624+00:59.314PS4
1354 duffmeister347Ford Escort Mk II03:41.624+00:59.314Xbox
1355 B Ferreira Ford Escort Mk II03:41.674+00:59.364Steam
1356 mongi93Ford Escort Mk II03:41.674+00:59.364Xbox
1357 RaymannFord Escort Mk II03:41.675+00:59.365Steam
1358 TRF2014Ford Escort Mk II03:41.691+00:59.381PS4
1359 AeroSaab9-5Ford Escort Mk II03:41.741+00:59.431PS4
1360 Starthief Ford Escort Mk II03:41.757+00:59.447Steam
1361 CaRbUrAToR Ford Escort Mk II03:41.757+00:59.447Steam
1362 FinaxisFord Escort Mk II03:41.774+00:59.464PS4
1363 SBRallyeFord Escort Mk II03:41.774+00:59.464Xbox
1364 olivierragnottiFord Escort Mk II03:41.791+00:59.481Xbox
1365 Alicethebeast18Ford Escort Mk II03:41.807+00:59.497PS4
1366 Beatles26120Ford Escort Mk II03:41.824+00:59.514PS4
1367 RzwoDzwo78Ford Escort Mk II03:41.841+00:59.531PS4
1368 entenpost1 Ford Escort Mk II03:41.858+00:59.548Steam
1369 skummiz Ford Escort Mk II03:41.874+00:59.564Steam
1370 crowepc Ford Escort Mk II03:41.891+00:59.581Steam
1371 cyberinsekt943Ford Escort Mk II03:41.891+00:59.581PS4
1372 vickolfc Ford Escort Mk II03:41.924+00:59.614Steam
1373 sharper1711Ford Escort Mk II03:41.941+00:59.631PS4
1374 PAULINCHEN380Ford Escort Mk II03:41.974+00:59.664PS4
1375 rujicksFord Escort Mk II03:41.975+00:59.665PS4
1376 oldethumperFord Escort Mk II03:41.991+00:59.681Steam
1377 SerlavisFord Escort Mk II03:41.991+00:59.681Steam
1378 luigibilly90Ford Escort Mk II03:42.024+00:59.714PS4
1379 petmar1011Ford Escort Mk II03:42.024+00:59.714PS4
1380 DANIELKTM7-2Ford Escort Mk II03:42.024+00:59.714PS4
1381 Max Power [DPT] Ford Escort Mk II03:42.057+00:59.747Steam
1382 tazionovulariFord Escort Mk II03:42.057+00:59.747PS4
1383 MadonmaksaFord Escort Mk II03:42.091+00:59.781Xbox
1384 R.S.Ford Escort Mk II03:42.107+00:59.797Steam
1385 -=W!ckedS!ck=-Ford Escort Mk II03:42.107+00:59.797Steam
1386 soboog Ford Escort Mk II03:42.158+00:59.848Steam
1387 M.i.k.k.o.Ford Escort Mk II03:42.191+00:59.881Steam
1388 Nimbus1138 Ford Escort Mk II03:42.191+00:59.881Steam
1389 HÄNG MIG I TAKETFord Escort Mk II03:42.208+00:59.898Steam
1390 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:42.224+00:59.914Xbox
1391 LexLathorFord Escort Mk II03:42.241+00:59.931PS4
1392 mad_duck83Ford Escort Mk II03:42.257+00:59.947PS4
1393 tagrallyFord Escort Mk II03:42.274+00:59.964PS4
1394 LionelFord Escort Mk II03:42.291+00:59.981Steam
1395 dwajtpgjujhFord Escort Mk II03:42.307+00:59.997PS4
1396 DJ_747-KKC-(AUS)Ford Escort Mk II03:42.324+1:00.140Steam
1397 Holzfaeller1952Ford Escort Mk II03:42.341+1:00.310PS4
1398 OlexFord Escort Mk II03:42.374+1:00.640Xbox
1399 dvduquesne Ford Escort Mk II03:42.391+1:00.810Steam
1400 Platoon Ford Escort Mk II03:42.391+1:00.810Steam
1401 cragster101Ford Escort Mk II03:42.391+1:00.810PS4
1402 oneatbFord Escort Mk II03:42.391+1:00.810PS4
1403 cchris25Ford Escort Mk II03:42.407+1:00.970PS4
1404 AJCC_1Ford Escort Mk II03:42.425+1:00.115PS4
1405 ByzmonstaFord Escort Mk II03:42.474+1:00.164Steam
1406 fuco1975Ford Escort Mk II03:42.474+1:00.164PS4
1407 ChuckFord Escort Mk II03:42.524+1:00.214Steam
1408 makuwojcikFord Escort Mk II03:42.524+1:00.214PS4
1409 platzangst88Ford Escort Mk II03:42.524+1:00.214PS4
1410 alvaroportuga Ford Escort Mk II03:42.541+1:00.231Steam
1411 AZALOOPINGFord Escort Mk II03:42.574+1:00.264PS4
1412 kris10an94Ford Escort Mk II03:42.574+1:00.264Xbox
1413 bluricane Ford Escort Mk II03:42.591+1:00.281Steam
1414 ManofStil Ford Escort Mk II03:42.591+1:00.281Steam
1415 Buck Ford Escort Mk II03:42.624+1:00.314Steam
1416 kratos47trFord Escort Mk II03:42.657+1:00.347PS4
1417 MarSeyes_87Ford Escort Mk II03:42.657+1:00.347PS4
1418 LukeWarm40 Ford Escort Mk II03:42.674+1:00.364Steam
1419 BagheraFord Escort Mk II03:42.674+1:00.364Xbox
1420 Hz141281Ford Escort Mk II03:42.691+1:00.381PS4
1421 KratinaFord Escort Mk II03:42.707+1:00.397Xbox
1422 LeFouDu31Ford Escort Mk II03:42.741+1:00.431PS4
1423 RoadRacer1999Ford Escort Mk II03:42.757+1:00.447PS4
1424 matthew11Ford Escort Mk II03:42.757+1:00.447Xbox
1425 joogie88Ford Escort Mk II03:42.774+1:00.464Steam
1426 mitchellandFord Escort Mk II03:42.791+1:00.481PS4
1427 dju55Ford Escort Mk II03:42.807+1:00.497PS4
1428 cricroufouxFord Escort Mk II03:42.807+1:00.497Xbox
1429 zebedeenettleFord Escort Mk II03:42.841+1:00.531Xbox
1430 osadqueFord Escort Mk II03:42.907+1:00.597PS4
1431 doublelou Ford Escort Mk II03:42.941+1:00.631Steam
1432 tintin315Ford Escort Mk II03:42.941+1:00.631PS4
1433 snoordan Ford Escort Mk II03:42.958+1:00.648Steam
1434 Marcus Ratz Ford Escort Mk II03:42.991+1:00.681Steam
1435 juniorjdiFord Escort Mk II03:43.007+1:00.697PS4
1436 Xuekillo_Mind_95Ford Escort Mk II03:43.007+1:00.697PS4
1437 Mosfos Ford Escort Mk II03:43.008+1:00.698Steam
1438 ??peed ??Ford Escort Mk II03:43.024+1:00.714Steam
1439 SparkleenFord Escort Mk II03:43.024+1:00.714PS4
1440 PILOTI54Ford Escort Mk II03:43.074+1:00.764Steam
1441 CiceroJhonnyFord Escort Mk II03:43.091+1:00.781PS4
1442 hun_csaba88Ford Escort Mk II03:43.107+1:00.797PS4
1443 c4mpb311t03 Ford Escort Mk II03:43.141+1:00.831Steam
1444 AceTag14Ford Escort Mk II03:43.141+1:00.831Xbox
1445 MakelkesFord Escort Mk II03:43.157+1:00.847Xbox
1446 JLVE Ford Escort Mk II03:43.174+1:00.864Steam
1447 BabyOnBoard Ford Escort Mk II03:43.174+1:00.864Steam
1448 Ninja-FCP88Ford Escort Mk II03:43.191+1:00.881PS4
1449 -=lockie965=-Ford Escort Mk II03:43.207+1:00.897Steam
1450 rolwoldFord Escort Mk II03:43.207+1:00.897PS4
1451 RWJ77Ford Escort Mk II03:43.224+1:00.914PS4
1452 Canarod58Ford Escort Mk II03:43.241+1:00.931PS4
1453 Capricorn_78_ItaFord Escort Mk II03:43.241+1:00.931PS4
1454 matti.immonenFord Escort Mk II03:43.274+1:00.964Steam
1455 slayer3347Ford Escort Mk II03:43.274+1:00.964PS4
1456 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:43.274+1:00.964Xbox
1457 DANY_EXODUSFord Escort Mk II03:43.307+1:00.997PS4
1458 andodoneFord Escort Mk II03:43.324+1:01.140Steam
1459 VirgateRubensFord Escort Mk II03:43.341+1:01.310PS4
1460 tuatarakiwi Ford Escort Mk II03:43.357+1:01.470Steam
1461 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:43.357+1:01.470Xbox
1462 Yatzeck Ford Escort Mk II03:43.374+1:01.640Steam
1463 Pycckuü Ford Escort Mk II03:43.374+1:01.640Steam
1464 metal spider Ford Escort Mk II03:43.391+1:01.810Steam
1465 a.bouche30Ford Escort Mk II03:43.391+1:01.810Steam
1466 Ingrid_y_DavidFord Escort Mk II03:43.407+1:01.970PS4
1467 Sorok Ford Escort Mk II03:43.424+1:01.114Steam
1468 danvac__94Ford Escort Mk II03:43.441+1:01.131PS4
1469 chamb79Ford Escort Mk II03:43.507+1:01.197PS4
1470 Mr.Ducky Ford Escort Mk II03:43.524+1:01.214Steam
1471 oscariog77777PLFord Escort Mk II03:43.524+1:01.214PS4
1472 Striker Ford Escort Mk II03:43.557+1:01.247Steam
1473 jannelaukFord Escort Mk II03:43.591+1:01.281PS4
1474 EasyLover347Ford Escort Mk II03:43.624+1:01.314Steam
1475 Shorty Ford Escort Mk II03:43.624+1:01.314Steam
1476 Se7en-38Ford Escort Mk II03:43.624+1:01.314PS4
1477 Rilos04Ford Escort Mk II03:43.674+1:01.364PS4
1478 GTMonkey73Ford Escort Mk II03:43.691+1:01.381PS4
1479 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:43.708+1:01.398Xbox
1480 WELLUMAXFord Escort Mk II03:43.724+1:01.414PS4
1481 PuqqcFord Escort Mk II03:43.724+1:01.414PS4
1482 Frankoxxl Ford Escort Mk II03:43.741+1:01.431Steam
1483 ZampanFord Escort Mk II03:43.741+1:01.431PS4
1484 meisterp1977Ford Escort Mk II03:43.757+1:01.447PS4
1485 Jemery Mailman Ford Escort Mk II03:43.774+1:01.464Steam
1486 Rising Sun Ford Escort Mk II03:43.774+1:01.464Steam
1487 eldopistoleroFord Escort Mk II03:43.774+1:01.464PS4
1488 Le-spidey06Ford Escort Mk II03:43.774+1:01.464PS4
1489 Wolfman Ford Escort Mk II03:43.791+1:01.481Steam
1490 mario.belic Ford Escort Mk II03:43.791+1:01.481Steam
1491 chevek88420Ford Escort Mk II03:43.791+1:01.481PS4
1492 RöbtonFord Escort Mk II03:43.824+1:01.514Steam
1493 blitzkriegbonzoFord Escort Mk II03:43.841+1:01.531PS4
1494 Cyclone62Ford Escort Mk II03:43.841+1:01.531Xbox
1495 BrooksTVFord Escort Mk II03:43.874+1:01.564PS4
1496 JCINDIGOFord Escort Mk II03:43.874+1:01.564PS4
1497 Bubi Ford Escort Mk II03:43.891+1:01.581Steam
1498 jeanpierreblaiseFord Escort Mk II03:43.891+1:01.581PS4
1499 XanogamaFord Escort Mk II03:43.907+1:01.597PS4
1500 kevfulloFord Escort Mk II03:43.957+1:01.647PS4
1501 SUPERFORZA81Ford Escort Mk II03:44.007+1:01.697PS4
1502 jaji51tzekFord Escort Mk II03:44.024+1:01.714PS4
1503 SwampdogjakeFord Escort Mk II03:44.024+1:01.714PS4
1504 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:44.024+1:01.714Xbox
1505 EVMJ_GFTFord Escort Mk II03:44.057+1:01.747PS4
1506 RaineVelttiFord Escort Mk II03:44.074+1:01.764PS4
1507 PASTISCOCAFord Escort Mk II03:44.191+1:01.881PS4
1508 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:44.241+1:01.931Xbox
1509 PsymønFord Escort Mk II03:44.307+1:01.997Steam
1510 iago2n Ford Escort Mk II03:44.324+1:02.140Steam
1511 Trueman1990Ford Escort Mk II03:44.357+1:02.470PS4
1512 Diablozx200016vFord Escort Mk II03:44.357+1:02.470PS4
1513 MiikFord Escort Mk II03:44.374+1:02.640Steam
1514 WalrusFord Escort Mk II03:44.407+1:02.970Steam
1515 cr0sshair Ford Escort Mk II03:44.408+1:02.980Steam
1516 J3rmuuFord Escort Mk II03:44.441+1:02.131Steam
1517 tonycanijoFord Escort Mk II03:44.441+1:02.131PS4
1518 julien919Ford Escort Mk II03:44.457+1:02.147Xbox
1519 d2552552550Ford Escort Mk II03:44.491+1:02.181PS4
1520 19Bozzy92Ford Escort Mk II03:44.507+1:02.197Steam
1521 littlebertFord Escort Mk II03:44.507+1:02.197PS4
1522 yito199702Ford Escort Mk II03:44.508+1:02.198Steam
1523 stsrace Ford Escort Mk II03:44.524+1:02.214Steam
1524 Szájmon Ford Escort Mk II03:44.524+1:02.214Steam
1525 Michael M. Ford Escort Mk II03:44.574+1:02.264Steam
1526 JoReBuHFord Escort Mk II03:44.574+1:02.264PS4
1527 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:44.574+1:02.264Xbox
1528 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:44.574+1:02.264Xbox
1529 jetman78 Ford Escort Mk II03:44.591+1:02.281Steam
1530 archi840801Ford Escort Mk II03:44.624+1:02.314PS4
1531 Murkku77Ford Escort Mk II03:44.641+1:02.331PS4
1532 buddel_flink Ford Escort Mk II03:44.691+1:02.381Steam
1533 oyvind andersen Ford Escort Mk II03:44.691+1:02.381Steam
1534 ZedEyeSeeFord Escort Mk II03:44.707+1:02.397PS4
1535 CHRISSYDFord Escort Mk II03:44.707+1:02.397Xbox
1536 FreekillFord Escort Mk II03:44.741+1:02.431Steam
1537 POOTOOTOOFord Escort Mk II03:44.741+1:02.431Steam
1538 SveltorFord Escort Mk II03:44.774+1:02.464Steam
1539 Goose Ford Escort Mk II03:44.791+1:02.481Steam
1540 alessandrorxFord Escort Mk II03:44.791+1:02.481PS4
1541 pixy14Ford Escort Mk II03:44.824+1:02.514PS4
1542 [RoST]Tomaten MArk Ford Escort Mk II03:44.841+1:02.531Steam
1543 matmu59Ford Escort Mk II03:44.857+1:02.547PS4
1544 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:44.874+1:02.564Xbox
1545 BlandvarkFord Escort Mk II03:44.924+1:02.614PS4
1546 mfu98Ford Escort Mk II03:44.941+1:02.631Steam
1547 ste6r4 Ford Escort Mk II03:44.941+1:02.631Steam
1548 HolmizGROGG Ford Escort Mk II03:44.941+1:02.631Steam
1549 RwLuckFord Escort Mk II03:44.941+1:02.631PS4
1550 CeceCece79Ford Escort Mk II03:44.941+1:02.631PS4
1551 bastik87Ford Escort Mk II03:44.941+1:02.631PS4
1552 ddidavFord Escort Mk II03:44.957+1:02.647PS4
1553 TORTYmeLIASFord Escort Mk II03:44.957+1:02.647Xbox
1554 drakar Ford Escort Mk II03:44.974+1:02.664Steam
1555 loris_BB95Ford Escort Mk II03:44.991+1:02.681PS4
1556 russdogg-tFord Escort Mk II03:45.007+1:02.697PS4
1557 Terry26TrueBlueFord Escort Mk II03:45.057+1:02.747PS4
1558 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:45.090+1:02.780Xbox
1559 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:45.107+1:02.797Xbox
1560 fehomeFord Escort Mk II03:45.140+1:02.830PS4
1561 rallifanFord Escort Mk II03:45.140+1:02.830PS4
1562 robin8Ford Escort Mk II03:45.140+1:02.830Xbox
1563 Lucky_LoukFord Escort Mk II03:45.174+1:02.864Steam
1564 bongorongoFord Escort Mk II03:45.174+1:02.864PS4
1565 Josolive Ford Escort Mk II03:45.224+1:02.914Steam
1566 mor997Ford Escort Mk II03:45.224+1:02.914PS4
1567 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:45.224+1:02.914Xbox
1568 Flo9009ZFord Escort Mk II03:45.257+1:02.947PS4
1569 beezbykiller Ford Escort Mk II03:45.274+1:02.964Steam
1570 ?Jam™? Ford Escort Mk II03:45.274+1:02.964Steam
1571 SJM2007Ford Escort Mk II03:45.274+1:02.964PS4
1572 Az1Alpha1Ford Escort Mk II03:45.290+1:02.980PS4
1573 Kyrbi Ford Escort Mk II03:45.324+1:03.140Steam
1574 Foobs_76Ford Escort Mk II03:45.340+1:03.300PS4
1575 AZRCDFord Escort Mk II03:45.374+1:03.640Steam
1576 hizzihFord Escort Mk II03:45.374+1:03.640PS4
1577 tylerhouse97Ford Escort Mk II03:45.390+1:03.800PS4
1578 DJPERCHIFord Escort Mk II03:45.390+1:03.800PS4
1579 xOverdrive99xFord Escort Mk II03:45.391+1:03.810Xbox
1580 RushdownFord Escort Mk II03:45.424+1:03.114PS4
1581 la hyene Ford Escort Mk II03:45.440+1:03.130Steam
1582 bastosiFord Escort Mk II03:45.440+1:03.130PS4
1583 gipern Ford Escort Mk II03:45.457+1:03.147Steam
1584 olive-62Ford Escort Mk II03:45.474+1:03.164PS4
1585 Janppa93Ford Escort Mk II03:45.474+1:03.164PS4
1586 MattFord Escort Mk II03:45.490+1:03.180Steam
1587 trikkmasterFord Escort Mk II03:45.507+1:03.197Steam
1588 Wisey Ford Escort Mk II03:45.508+1:03.198Steam
1589 YELLING MADMANFord Escort Mk II03:45.524+1:03.214Steam
1590 JuggleThezeFord Escort Mk II03:45.557+1:03.247PS4
1591 mitchonetwo Ford Escort Mk II03:45.574+1:03.264Steam
1592 Mewdex Ford Escort Mk II03:45.624+1:03.314Steam
1593 Hessebub Ford Escort Mk II03:45.624+1:03.314Steam
1594 veikkaappaFord Escort Mk II03:45.640+1:03.330Steam
1595 kostik870Ford Escort Mk II03:45.690+1:03.380Steam
1596 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:45.690+1:03.380Xbox
1597 bk1581Ford Escort Mk II03:45.707+1:03.397PS4
1598 arnau_r3Ford Escort Mk II03:45.740+1:03.430PS4
1599 Killer7du59Ford Escort Mk II03:45.741+1:03.431PS4
1600 manfredhajek Ford Escort Mk II03:45.757+1:03.447Steam
1601 nedschiFord Escort Mk II03:45.757+1:03.447PS4
1602 Clordstar Ford Escort Mk II03:45.774+1:03.464Steam
1603 PROF.XFord Escort Mk II03:45.790+1:03.480Steam
1604 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:45.790+1:03.480Xbox
1605 Th3HolyMoose Ford Escort Mk II03:45.791+1:03.481Steam
1606 beno4646Ford Escort Mk II03:45.807+1:03.497PS4
1607 beekay240Ford Escort Mk II03:45.841+1:03.531PS4
1608 MeTrek8000Ford Escort Mk II03:45.874+1:03.564PS4
1609 pincopallino3110Ford Escort Mk II03:45.874+1:03.564PS4
1610 sameoldstuff Ford Escort Mk II03:45.890+1:03.580Steam
1611 Reigo Nela Ford Escort Mk II03:45.907+1:03.597Steam
1612 lehmusFord Escort Mk II03:45.924+1:03.614Steam
1613 sergibFord Escort Mk II03:45.924+1:03.614Steam
1614 r4l8yingFord Escort Mk II03:45.924+1:03.614PS4
1615 GeorgeBlackBellFord Escort Mk II03:45.940+1:03.630PS4
1616 Sqnner Ford Escort Mk II03:45.974+1:03.664Steam
1617 Rocketman2112Ford Escort Mk II03:45.990+1:03.680Xbox
1618 flambyforeverFord Escort Mk II03:46.024+1:03.714PS4
1619 bug_bunny1978Ford Escort Mk II03:46.057+1:03.747PS4
1620 f.polido Ford Escort Mk II03:46.074+1:03.764Steam
1621 toutenkamionFord Escort Mk II03:46.074+1:03.764PS4
1622 Nytefyre Ford Escort Mk II03:46.107+1:03.797Steam
1623 thecharsFord Escort Mk II03:46.140+1:03.830Steam
1624 M3rallyman01Ford Escort Mk II03:46.140+1:03.830Xbox
1625 tpeticolas Ford Escort Mk II03:46.157+1:03.847Steam
1626 STAN156 Ford Escort Mk II03:46.174+1:03.864Steam
1627 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:46.190+1:03.880Xbox
1628 Desmo Ford Escort Mk II03:46.207+1:03.897Steam
1629 MrChainsaw88Ford Escort Mk II03:46.257+1:03.947Xbox
1630 svinballFord Escort Mk II03:46.274+1:03.964Xbox
1631 Cosmo Cream Ford Escort Mk II03:46.290+1:03.980Steam
1632 daniel.viramontes.n Ford Escort Mk II03:46.324+1:04.140Steam
1633 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:46.324+1:04.140Xbox
1634 black-_-wolf21Ford Escort Mk II03:46.390+1:04.800PS4
1635 team-racingFord Escort Mk II03:46.390+1:04.800PS4
1636 MacTools71 Ford Escort Mk II03:46.407+1:04.970Steam
1637 stridsberg.andersFord Escort Mk II03:46.424+1:04.114Steam
1638 qpSHiNqpFord Escort Mk II03:46.424+1:04.114Steam
1639 flASHassFord Escort Mk II03:46.457+1:04.147PS4
1640 sabre8698 Ford Escort Mk II03:46.474+1:04.164Steam
1641 gecko05000Ford Escort Mk II03:46.474+1:04.164PS4
1642 NPQBFord Escort Mk II03:46.490+1:04.180PS4
1643 roberthawe Ford Escort Mk II03:46.557+1:04.247Steam
1644 On_L4sErFord Escort Mk II03:46.574+1:04.264PS4
1645 Slink Ford Escort Mk II03:46.590+1:04.280Steam
1646 RaoulfrFord Escort Mk II03:46.590+1:04.280PS4
1647 tayko31Ford Escort Mk II03:46.591+1:04.281PS4
1648 corleone_91-80Ford Escort Mk II03:46.607+1:04.297PS4
1649 Hans 857 Ford Escort Mk II03:46.624+1:04.314Steam
1650 dmg234Ford Escort Mk II03:46.624+1:04.314Xbox
1651 Kasius_KleinFord Escort Mk II03:46.641+1:04.331Steam
1652 Ultra_JHFord Escort Mk II03:46.674+1:04.364PS4
1653 BrookstheDog1Ford Escort Mk II03:46.690+1:04.380PS4
1654 sakat6topeFord Escort Mk II03:46.707+1:04.397PS4
1655 josucu981Ford Escort Mk II03:46.740+1:04.430PS4
1656 KozakowskiFord Escort Mk II03:46.740+1:04.430PS4
1657 fatdrunknmessFord Escort Mk II03:46.774+1:04.464PS4
1658 Chocapix Ford Escort Mk II03:46.857+1:04.547Steam
1659 NowthenfellaFord Escort Mk II03:46.874+1:04.564PS4
1660 VozhzhoVFord Escort Mk II03:46.874+1:04.564PS4
1661 f3carrillo661Ford Escort Mk II03:46.890+1:04.580PS4
1662 TRBRc_PITER_FRAFord Escort Mk II03:46.907+1:04.597PS4
1663 Marcus-mxFord Escort Mk II03:46.924+1:04.614PS4
1664 tymumbles77Ford Escort Mk II03:46.940+1:04.630PS4
1665 Reini Graf von SpeedFord Escort Mk II03:46.957+1:04.647Steam
1666 Cyberzero Ford Escort Mk II03:46.958+1:04.648Steam
1667 guinounoursFord Escort Mk II03:46.974+1:04.664PS4
1668 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:47.040+1:04.730Xbox
1669 Francescox1995xFord Escort Mk II03:47.074+1:04.764PS4
1670 iAndreZFord Escort Mk II03:47.090+1:04.780Steam
1671 BlazeFord Escort Mk II03:47.090+1:04.780Steam
1672 ResationFord Escort Mk II03:47.091+1:04.781PS4
1673 skooternerdFord Escort Mk II03:47.124+1:04.814PS4
1674 choubon27Ford Escort Mk II03:47.158+1:04.848Steam
1675 Lucas_KrijanderFord Escort Mk II03:47.207+1:04.897PS4
1676 goldengamer1973Ford Escort Mk II03:47.207+1:04.897Xbox
1677 DavidePeugeotFord Escort Mk II03:47.224+1:04.914PS4
1678 OttoFord Escort Mk II03:47.257+1:04.947Steam
1679 MiinimalstyleFord Escort Mk II03:47.257+1:04.947PS4
1680 TheLeeWoodsFord Escort Mk II03:47.257+1:04.947Xbox
1681 ? ????? ?Ford Escort Mk II03:47.274+1:04.964Steam
1682 pasto66Ford Escort Mk II03:47.274+1:04.964PS4
1683 abu-el-mot Ford Escort Mk II03:47.290+1:04.980Steam
1684 NewcantralianFord Escort Mk II03:47.290+1:04.980PS4
1685 john_moo Ford Escort Mk II03:47.307+1:04.997Steam
1686 PavelR30Ford Escort Mk II03:47.307+1:04.997Steam
1687 adj-cptFord Escort Mk II03:47.340+1:05.300Steam
1688 guillaume_devosFord Escort Mk II03:47.374+1:05.640PS4
1689 sajuba76Ford Escort Mk II03:47.374+1:05.640PS4
1690 dyhonFord Escort Mk II03:47.390+1:05.800Steam
1691 Winnetou16664Ford Escort Mk II03:47.390+1:05.800PS4
1692 NightWolf_2505Ford Escort Mk II03:47.408+1:05.980PS4
1693 Grayfox19Ford Escort Mk II03:47.424+1:05.114PS4
1694 Chewbitch Ford Escort Mk II03:47.441+1:05.131Steam
1695 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:47.441+1:05.131Xbox
1696 ERQUAYFord Escort Mk II03:47.457+1:05.147PS4
1697 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:47.524+1:05.214Xbox
1698 Rater£uryFord Escort Mk II03:47.558+1:05.248Steam
1699 HoNey_RebellsFord Escort Mk II03:47.558+1:05.248PS4
1700 rus33rusikFord Escort Mk II03:47.574+1:05.264PS4
1701 Neophyte140Ford Escort Mk II03:47.590+1:05.280PS4
1702 XxFearNoEvilxXFord Escort Mk II03:47.590+1:05.280PS4
1703 PereCat Ford Escort Mk II03:47.624+1:05.314Steam
1704 Mr.DarkTown [DPT] Ford Escort Mk II03:47.624+1:05.314Steam
1705 Qu4ke Ford Escort Mk II03:47.657+1:05.347Steam
1706 Qu4ke Ford Escort Mk II03:47.657+1:05.347Steam
1707 Bob Saget Ford Escort Mk II03:47.657+1:05.347Steam
1708 zhangshaoaFord Escort Mk II03:47.657+1:05.347Steam
1709 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:47.657+1:05.347Xbox
1710 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:47.657+1:05.347Xbox
1711 jwjewanderFord Escort Mk II03:47.657+1:05.347Xbox
1712 Filthy_PredatorFord Escort Mk II03:47.674+1:05.364Steam
1713 christianloebnerFord Escort Mk II03:47.724+1:05.414PS4
1714 mzracer89Ford Escort Mk II03:47.757+1:05.447PS4
1715 Crash_3_2Ford Escort Mk II03:47.774+1:05.464PS4
1716 madmiaoFord Escort Mk II03:47.857+1:05.547Steam
1717 stonesourpokerFord Escort Mk II03:47.890+1:05.580Steam
1718 Stanley.33-443Ford Escort Mk II03:47.891+1:05.581Steam
1719 YatuxprodFord Escort Mk II03:47.907+1:05.597PS4
1720 albertofreiremarFord Escort Mk II03:47.924+1:05.614PS4
1721 handyj443 Ford Escort Mk II03:47.940+1:05.630Steam
1722 -=Sylvain83=- Ford Escort Mk II03:47.941+1:05.631Steam
1723 K4mik4ze2305Ford Escort Mk II03:47.957+1:05.647PS4
1724 Kruza923Ford Escort Mk II03:47.957+1:05.647Xbox
1725 papp.ati1980 Ford Escort Mk II03:47.958+1:05.648Steam
1726 cheyenneds3 Ford Escort Mk II03:47.974+1:05.664Steam
1727 miksa70Ford Escort Mk II03:47.974+1:05.664PS4
1728 KyoshiFord Escort Mk II03:47.990+1:05.680Steam
1729 Cookie7213Ford Escort Mk II03:48.057+1:05.747PS4
1730 Storm KickerFord Escort Mk II03:48.107+1:05.797Steam
1731 DavidFoletFord Escort Mk II03:48.124+1:05.814PS4
1732 Pollux95Ford Escort Mk II03:48.124+1:05.814Xbox
1733 dee69jayFord Escort Mk II03:48.140+1:05.830PS4
1734 vitorbracalFord Escort Mk II03:48.140+1:05.830PS4
1735 Maverick-IagoFord Escort Mk II03:48.224+1:05.914PS4
1736 stephanemoretFord Escort Mk II03:48.240+1:05.930PS4
1737 Taj873Ford Escort Mk II03:48.257+1:05.947Xbox
1738 Zatoichi91Ford Escort Mk II03:48.258+1:05.948PS4
1739 VaanBalthazarFord Escort Mk II03:48.290+1:05.980PS4
1740 GunnyLingussFord Escort Mk II03:48.340+1:06.300PS4
1741 Bart Ford Escort Mk II03:48.390+1:06.800Steam
1742 xX_MiToMaNe_XxFord Escort Mk II03:48.424+1:06.114PS4
1743 RockefelluhFord Escort Mk II03:48.424+1:06.114Xbox
1744 Calvinwong38Ford Escort Mk II03:48.441+1:06.131PS4
1745 AngryCocoQcFord Escort Mk II03:48.441+1:06.131Xbox
1746 JantteriFord Escort Mk II03:48.458+1:06.148PS4
1747 lunacy666Ford Escort Mk II03:48.474+1:06.164Xbox
1748 xXalexclimbXxFord Escort Mk II03:48.524+1:06.214PS4
1749 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:48.524+1:06.214Xbox
1750 kitty Ford Escort Mk II03:48.540+1:06.230Steam
1751 frayman707Ford Escort Mk II03:48.540+1:06.230PS4
1752 LTU_peciulaitisFord Escort Mk II03:48.540+1:06.230PS4
1753 cicco-91Ford Escort Mk II03:48.540+1:06.230PS4
1754 StreetGlow89Ford Escort Mk II03:48.540+1:06.230PS4
1755 Brze3sz3kiewicz Ford Escort Mk II03:48.574+1:06.264Steam
1756 geosim10Ford Escort Mk II03:48.574+1:06.264PS4
1757 fernachuFord Escort Mk II03:48.590+1:06.280Xbox
1758 zLOY747 Ford Escort Mk II03:48.607+1:06.297Steam
1759 DirtRacerXFord Escort Mk II03:48.607+1:06.297Steam
1760 jypelFord Escort Mk II03:48.607+1:06.297Xbox
1761 aceCaptainSlow Ford Escort Mk II03:48.624+1:06.314Steam
1762 TinMachine-Ford Escort Mk II03:48.640+1:06.330PS4
1763 soupcoolerFord Escort Mk II03:48.657+1:06.347PS4
1764 tom.hattFord Escort Mk II03:48.674+1:06.364Steam
1765 mattia430Ford Escort Mk II03:48.708+1:06.398PS4
1766 vivapriliaFord Escort Mk II03:48.791+1:06.481Xbox
1767 felipeshark808Ford Escort Mk II03:48.824+1:06.514PS4
1768 chopsyFord Escort Mk II03:48.857+1:06.547Xbox
1769 Paldak81Ford Escort Mk II03:48.858+1:06.548Xbox
1770 BoGAhuDa-88Ford Escort Mk II03:48.890+1:06.580PS4
1771 Quattro928Ford Escort Mk II03:48.907+1:06.597PS4
1772 ???? ??????????Ford Escort Mk II03:48.924+1:06.614Steam
1773 juniorchamp20Ford Escort Mk II03:48.940+1:06.630PS4
1774 IncubusDragon Ford Escort Mk II03:48.974+1:06.664Steam
1775 TuningWorld96Ford Escort Mk II03:48.990+1:06.680Steam
1776 mik1190Ford Escort Mk II03:49.024+1:06.714Steam
1777 xeG_SnIpEzFord Escort Mk II03:49.024+1:06.714PS4
1778 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:49.040+1:06.730Xbox
1779 alemobri6Ford Escort Mk II03:49.074+1:06.764PS4
1780 Rebel2TheSystemFord Escort Mk II03:49.090+1:06.780Xbox
1781 anthonyFord Escort Mk II03:49.124+1:06.814Steam
1782 cannonchowFord Escort Mk II03:49.124+1:06.814Steam
1783 CodeMachine Ford Escort Mk II03:49.140+1:06.830Steam
1784 jrpelkeyFord Escort Mk II03:49.140+1:06.830PS4
1785 polyperchon394Ford Escort Mk II03:49.141+1:06.831Steam
1786 sc750 Ford Escort Mk II03:49.191+1:06.881Steam
1787 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:49.191+1:06.881Xbox
1788 souljaFord Escort Mk II03:49.224+1:06.914Steam
1789 b2ol712lecreusotFord Escort Mk II03:49.240+1:06.930PS4
1790 ArkoniFord Escort Mk II03:49.257+1:06.947Steam
1791 archaeopteryx_6Ford Escort Mk II03:49.257+1:06.947PS4
1792 MB9milliFord Escort Mk II03:49.257+1:06.947PS4
1793 1BYTE [TH]Ford Escort Mk II03:49.290+1:06.980Steam
1794 RalekFord Escort Mk II03:49.307+1:06.997Steam
1795 Colin Awesome Ford Escort Mk II03:49.324+1:07.140Steam
1796 AVulgarPicture Ford Escort Mk II03:49.324+1:07.140Steam
1797 dam46100Ford Escort Mk II03:49.324+1:07.140Steam
1798 FranciRusFord Escort Mk II03:49.324+1:07.140PS4
1799 Rask Ford Escort Mk II03:49.357+1:07.470Steam
1800 Tanefar Ford Escort Mk II03:49.357+1:07.470Steam
1801 evotronmix Ford Escort Mk II03:49.390+1:07.800Steam
1802 aron Ford Escort Mk II03:49.391+1:07.810Steam
1803 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:49.391+1:07.810Xbox
1804 louloumimi-07Ford Escort Mk II03:49.407+1:07.970PS4
1805 JUSATRUCKFord Escort Mk II03:49.457+1:07.147PS4
1806 Buraque Ford Escort Mk II03:49.474+1:07.164Steam
1807 Burnss Ford Escort Mk II03:49.491+1:07.181Steam
1808 RedDevil199Ford Escort Mk II03:49.507+1:07.197Steam
1809 Don Schlonzo Ford Escort Mk II03:49.524+1:07.214Steam
1810 Mach82 Ford Escort Mk II03:49.541+1:07.231Steam
1811 FittipaldiFord Escort Mk II03:49.574+1:07.264Steam
1812 sinigrally30Ford Escort Mk II03:49.607+1:07.297Xbox
1813 Shmiffeh Ford Escort Mk II03:49.640+1:07.330Steam
1814 topykkaFord Escort Mk II03:49.640+1:07.330PS4
1815 Samiainen373Ford Escort Mk II03:49.641+1:07.331PS4
1816 P14PPNFord Escort Mk II03:49.641+1:07.331PS4
1817 deightFord Escort Mk II03:49.657+1:07.347Steam
1818 NightMarkFord Escort Mk II03:49.740+1:07.430Steam
1819 Elbundos93Ford Escort Mk II03:49.741+1:07.431PS4
1820 ^8I'm DjoardSFord Escort Mk II03:49.757+1:07.447Steam
1821 Upsylon Ford Escort Mk II03:49.807+1:07.497Steam
1822 [LSC] TKzFord Escort Mk II03:49.841+1:07.531Steam
1823 den_den-83 Ford Escort Mk II03:49.841+1:07.531Steam
1824 Dazzler1231Ford Escort Mk II03:49.857+1:07.547PS4
1825 swampdogbluesFord Escort Mk II03:49.857+1:07.547Xbox
1826 breakingpsycho0Ford Escort Mk II03:49.874+1:07.564PS4
1827 shaunmurphy78Ford Escort Mk II03:49.907+1:07.597PS4
1828 amo3003Ford Escort Mk II03:49.940+1:07.630PS4
1829 GIO_m78Ford Escort Mk II03:49.957+1:07.647PS4
1830 Dinka Ford Escort Mk II03:49.974+1:07.664Steam
1831 M_Power_131TCHFord Escort Mk II03:49.990+1:07.680PS4
1832 KIM21011983fariaFord Escort Mk II03:49.991+1:07.681PS4
1833 kirk1507Ford Escort Mk II03:50.007+1:07.697Steam
1834 jaki77Ford Escort Mk II03:50.008+1:07.698PS4
1835 Drop_StonesFord Escort Mk II03:50.024+1:07.714PS4
1836 McBaldLovinFord Escort Mk II03:50.040+1:07.730Steam
1837 Duke Ford Escort Mk II03:50.140+1:07.830Steam
1838 ja166mesFord Escort Mk II03:50.157+1:07.847PS4
1839 miklais82Ford Escort Mk II03:50.157+1:07.847PS4
1840 kinteeFord Escort Mk II03:50.224+1:07.914PS4
1841 VandeverreFord Escort Mk II03:50.240+1:07.930Steam
1842 Dreadmed Ford Escort Mk II03:50.241+1:07.931Steam
1843 TerraNova Ford Escort Mk II03:50.274+1:07.964Steam
1844 KillianC092Ford Escort Mk II03:50.307+1:07.997PS4
1845 BauMolAinFord Escort Mk II03:50.307+1:07.997PS4
1846 T3ZZA13Ford Escort Mk II03:50.324+1:08.140Steam
1847 tauni80Ford Escort Mk II03:50.357+1:08.470PS4
1848 akulaclassFord Escort Mk II03:50.490+1:08.180PS4
1849 Marwan Green CritterFord Escort Mk II03:50.507+1:08.197Steam
1850 octopiggyFord Escort Mk II03:50.524+1:08.214Steam
1851 Ballas888 Ford Escort Mk II03:50.524+1:08.214Steam
1852 AhabFord Escort Mk II03:50.540+1:08.230Steam
1853 Morti Ford Escort Mk II03:50.557+1:08.247Steam
1854 wings of justiceFord Escort Mk II03:50.557+1:08.247Steam
1855 Parkerface Ford Escort Mk II03:50.574+1:08.264Steam
1856 tikarnedaFord Escort Mk II03:50.590+1:08.280PS4
1857 Benwood08Ford Escort Mk II03:50.624+1:08.314PS4
1858 Antho15Ford Escort Mk II03:50.624+1:08.314Xbox
1859 youssoupov12Ford Escort Mk II03:50.657+1:08.347PS4
1860 OliviaMSTFord Escort Mk II03:50.657+1:08.347PS4
1861 plnkryderFord Escort Mk II03:50.724+1:08.414PS4
1862 family91239Ford Escort Mk II03:50.757+1:08.447PS4
1863 brudata1Ford Escort Mk II03:50.790+1:08.480Steam
1864 contraprogramateFord Escort Mk II03:50.790+1:08.480PS4
1865 marcin Ford Escort Mk II03:50.807+1:08.497Steam
1866 yeebz1Ford Escort Mk II03:50.807+1:08.497Xbox
1867 marco__canarioFord Escort Mk II03:50.824+1:08.514PS4
1868 Xylo-keinFord Escort Mk II03:50.824+1:08.514PS4
1869 dpb1975Ford Escort Mk II03:50.824+1:08.514Xbox
1870 scort1Ford Escort Mk II03:50.890+1:08.580PS4
1871 CleanOne111Ford Escort Mk II03:50.890+1:08.580PS4
1872 Weasel1969Ford Escort Mk II03:50.890+1:08.580PS4
1873 steve 1947 Ford Escort Mk II03:50.924+1:08.614Steam
1874 qwodracerFord Escort Mk II03:50.941+1:08.631Xbox
1875 Karjala Forever (KF) Ford Escort Mk II03:50.957+1:08.647Steam
1876 vREAPERx2406Ford Escort Mk II03:50.957+1:08.647PS4
1877 sika_85Ford Escort Mk II03:50.974+1:08.664PS4
1878 feuer033stuhlFord Escort Mk II03:50.990+1:08.680PS4
1879 redanimalwarFord Escort Mk II03:50.991+1:08.681Xbox
1880 3D NubsFord Escort Mk II03:51.007+1:08.697Steam
1881 ra220mb0Ford Escort Mk II03:51.007+1:08.697PS4
1882 PsioNFord Escort Mk II03:51.024+1:08.714Steam
1883 K_O_H_C_T_P_Y_K_T_O_P Ford Escort Mk II03:51.057+1:08.747Steam
1884 cococb73Ford Escort Mk II03:51.057+1:08.747PS4
1885 They call me NOOBFord Escort Mk II03:51.090+1:08.780Steam
1886 Artman Ford Escort Mk II03:51.124+1:08.814Steam
1887 SpiritProphet Ford Escort Mk II03:51.140+1:08.830Steam
1888 Frostwa Ford Escort Mk II03:51.141+1:08.831Steam
1889 Old FoxFord Escort Mk II03:51.157+1:08.847Steam
1890 NIALLERMANBUZFord Escort Mk II03:51.174+1:08.864PS4
1891 philtronmx5Ford Escort Mk II03:51.174+1:08.864PS4
1892 clemenzacorleoneFord Escort Mk II03:51.190+1:08.880PS4
1893 Tesla0815Ford Escort Mk II03:51.207+1:08.897PS4
1894 scudskurrilFord Escort Mk II03:51.240+1:08.930PS4
1895 SoZornig Ford Escort Mk II03:51.257+1:08.947Steam
1896 matrixx99Ford Escort Mk II03:51.307+1:08.997Xbox
1897 ronkevschFord Escort Mk II03:51.324+1:09.140Steam
1898 ripar31Ford Escort Mk II03:51.407+1:09.970PS4
1899 GROLAPOWER77Ford Escort Mk II03:51.440+1:09.130PS4
1900 jucie2008Ford Escort Mk II03:51.474+1:09.164PS4
1901 OppertijgerFord Escort Mk II03:51.490+1:09.180PS4
1902 Labskaus271Ford Escort Mk II03:51.490+1:09.180PS4
1903 nellythepenguinFord Escort Mk II03:51.490+1:09.180PS4
1904 baudeFord Escort Mk II03:51.574+1:09.264Xbox
1905 sollienFord Escort Mk II03:51.607+1:09.297Steam
1906 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:51.624+1:09.314Xbox
1907 USACSPRINTFord Escort Mk II03:51.674+1:09.364PS4
1908 BEACHYY1Ford Escort Mk II03:51.691+1:09.381PS4
1909 -=BFU=- Arctic Ford Escort Mk II03:51.724+1:09.414Steam
1910 ThaagioFord Escort Mk II03:51.724+1:09.414PS4
1911 migr69Ford Escort Mk II03:51.741+1:09.431PS4
1912 geweihtraegerFord Escort Mk II03:51.774+1:09.464Steam
1913 pitpumpeFord Escort Mk II03:51.774+1:09.464PS4
1914 zaphod Ford Escort Mk II03:51.824+1:09.514Steam
1915 Bang_GousFord Escort Mk II03:51.824+1:09.514PS4
1916 NovuxFord Escort Mk II03:51.857+1:09.547Xbox
1917 EmFord Escort Mk II03:51.874+1:09.564Steam
1918 zars33Ford Escort Mk II03:51.874+1:09.564PS4
1919 Inkfreak666Ford Escort Mk II03:51.890+1:09.580PS4
1920 bzolaszFord Escort Mk II03:51.941+1:09.631Steam
1921 monothiestFord Escort Mk II03:51.974+1:09.664PS4
1922 TepsuFord Escort Mk II03:51.974+1:09.664PS4
1923 EndZeitGeistFord Escort Mk II03:51.974+1:09.664PS4
1924 MAPED14Ford Escort Mk II03:51.974+1:09.664PS4
1925 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:51.990+1:09.680Xbox
1926 SlowMo??Phlegmatix Ford Escort Mk II03:52.024+1:09.714Steam
1927 bigshotmarko88Ford Escort Mk II03:52.074+1:09.764PS4
1928 TheBigMFord Escort Mk II03:52.074+1:09.764PS4
1929 kaga6paFord Escort Mk II03:52.074+1:09.764PS4
1930 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:52.074+1:09.764Xbox
1931 baron_08Ford Escort Mk II03:52.107+1:09.797PS4
1932 ExcellentSpeed1Ford Escort Mk II03:52.107+1:09.797Xbox
1933 Equ Ford Escort Mk II03:52.207+1:09.897Steam
1934 RallyKalle73Ford Escort Mk II03:52.274+1:09.964Xbox
1935 SolventAbuseInc Ford Escort Mk II03:52.307+1:09.997Steam
1936 systematicsteveFord Escort Mk II03:52.307+1:09.997PS4
1937 DAVIDSEALFord Escort Mk II03:52.324+1:10.140PS4
1938 Adrian_01983Ford Escort Mk II03:52.374+1:10.640PS4
1939 Rangar08Ford Escort Mk II03:52.390+1:10.800Steam
1940 Still RiverFord Escort Mk II03:52.407+1:10.970Steam
1941 philr26Ford Escort Mk II03:52.407+1:10.970Xbox
1942 Markinos Ford Escort Mk II03:52.424+1:10.114Steam
1943 kokos_plFord Escort Mk II03:52.424+1:10.114PS4
1944 Jacques-CluesoFord Escort Mk II03:52.440+1:10.130PS4
1945 richardkoitzFord Escort Mk II03:52.440+1:10.130PS4
1946 RottenGraveFord Escort Mk II03:52.440+1:10.130PS4
1947 GrayRoark Ford Escort Mk II03:52.457+1:10.147Steam
1948 RimevanFord Escort Mk II03:52.474+1:10.164Steam
1949 SaleccoFord Escort Mk II03:52.474+1:10.164PS4
1950 ATZEATUMFord Escort Mk II03:52.490+1:10.180PS4
1951 manzyuFord Escort Mk II03:52.524+1:10.214Steam
1952 toba1976 Ford Escort Mk II03:52.524+1:10.214Steam
1953 crazysteve0101Ford Escort Mk II03:52.524+1:10.214PS4
1954 elmosson Ford Escort Mk II03:52.574+1:10.264Steam
1955 BlackCorbakFord Escort Mk II03:52.607+1:10.297Steam
1956 SHIRYU-CRTDFord Escort Mk II03:52.674+1:10.364PS4
1957 Garix69_SVGFord Escort Mk II03:52.674+1:10.364PS4
1958 c_ardina_lFord Escort Mk II03:52.690+1:10.380Steam
1959 DeOurewaelle Ford Escort Mk II03:52.741+1:10.431Steam
1960 Quique_AstFord Escort Mk II03:52.774+1:10.464PS4
1961 Krijger Ford Escort Mk II03:52.807+1:10.497Steam
1962 inet.email (DE-NRW-LIP)Ford Escort Mk II03:52.874+1:10.564Steam
1963 AssieMetPassieFord Escort Mk II03:52.874+1:10.564Steam
1964 zadnik11Ford Escort Mk II03:52.874+1:10.564Xbox
1965 sailor-killerFord Escort Mk II03:52.890+1:10.580PS4
1966 jokke886677Ford Escort Mk II03:52.974+1:10.664PS4
1967 Galuppo42Ford Escort Mk II03:53.007+1:10.697PS4
1968 Underkex Ford Escort Mk II03:53.024+1:10.714Steam
1969 Marek1Ford Escort Mk II03:53.024+1:10.714Steam
1970 SanjuroLight Ford Escort Mk II03:53.024+1:10.714Steam
1971 marathon-samFord Escort Mk II03:53.040+1:10.730Steam
1972 papoose_naciremaFord Escort Mk II03:53.040+1:10.730PS4
1973 dglsllwllnFord Escort Mk II03:53.057+1:10.747Steam
1974 CyaanGhoost (FR)Ford Escort Mk II03:53.057+1:10.747Steam
1975 fasthammer Ford Escort Mk II03:53.074+1:10.764Steam
1976 rorschachFord Escort Mk II03:53.090+1:10.780Steam
1977 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:53.207+1:10.897Xbox
1978 markus Ford Escort Mk II03:53.240+1:10.930Steam
1979 SonicAndSmoke Ford Escort Mk II03:53.324+1:11.140Steam
1980 brian_qFord Escort Mk II03:53.340+1:11.300PS4
1981 Calculated Ford Escort Mk II03:53.407+1:11.970Steam
1982 ricey2112Ford Escort Mk II03:53.407+1:11.970PS4
1983 INTER1965ENZOFord Escort Mk II03:53.440+1:11.130PS4
1984 3 im Wäggla ™ Ford Escort Mk II03:53.441+1:11.131Steam
1985 Like-a-bird555Ford Escort Mk II03:53.457+1:11.147PS4
1986 manuelflrFord Escort Mk II03:53.473+1:11.163Steam
1987 HurpalesFord Escort Mk II03:53.490+1:11.180PS4
1988 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:53.507+1:11.197Xbox
1989 paolo_245Ford Escort Mk II03:53.557+1:11.247PS4
1990 domineaux57Ford Escort Mk II03:53.573+1:11.263PS4
1991 pucci Ford Escort Mk II03:53.607+1:11.297Steam
1992 Luis SousaFord Escort Mk II03:53.623+1:11.313Steam
1993 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:53.657+1:11.347Xbox
1994 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:53.657+1:11.347Xbox
1995 danny_brookes1Ford Escort Mk II03:53.673+1:11.363PS4
1996 marie2624Ford Escort Mk II03:53.723+1:11.413PS4
1997 knoxy995Ford Escort Mk II03:53.740+1:11.430Xbox
1998 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:53.773+1:11.463Xbox
1999 sillycapriciousFord Escort Mk II03:53.774+1:11.464PS4
2000 suptwitFord Escort Mk II03:53.823+1:11.513Steam
2001 jak2755 Ford Escort Mk II03:53.841+1:11.531Steam
2002 Ysu Ford Escort Mk II03:53.857+1:11.547Steam
2003 GUTTER-BOYFord Escort Mk II03:53.857+1:11.547PS4
2004 nito2411Ford Escort Mk II03:53.873+1:11.563Xbox
2005 RidgeFord Escort Mk II03:53.874+1:11.564Steam
2006 Axram Ford Escort Mk II03:53.890+1:11.580Steam
2007 laner25ukFord Escort Mk II03:53.974+1:11.664PS4
2008 viltaniotisFord Escort Mk II03:53.990+1:11.680PS4
2009 Kostoprav1990Ford Escort Mk II03:53.990+1:11.680PS4
2010 evodream93Ford Escort Mk II03:53.991+1:11.681Xbox
2011 ItalianStallionFord Escort Mk II03:54.023+1:11.713Steam
2012 UltraArgon Ford Escort Mk II03:54.041+1:11.731Steam
2013 FOXRALLYEFord Escort Mk II03:54.107+1:11.797Xbox
2014 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:54.140+1:11.830Xbox
2015 Leberkleister Ford Escort Mk II03:54.157+1:11.847Steam
2016 Olegovi4Ford Escort Mk II03:54.173+1:11.863PS4
2017 ismabg_39Ford Escort Mk II03:54.207+1:11.897PS4
2018 TurriconFord Escort Mk II03:54.257+1:11.947Steam
2019 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:54.257+1:11.947Xbox
2020 wanted mexican Ford Escort Mk II03:54.291+1:11.981Steam
2021 thesubbenFord Escort Mk II03:54.340+1:12.300PS4
2022 CelloFord Escort Mk II03:54.373+1:12.630Steam
2023 pastykazeFord Escort Mk II03:54.373+1:12.630PS4
2024 GeyserFord Escort Mk II03:54.407+1:12.970Steam
2025 levieuxdu54620Ford Escort Mk II03:54.457+1:12.147PS4
2026 TOG|DextrousWeevilFord Escort Mk II03:54.490+1:12.180Steam
2027 theshrew2000Ford Escort Mk II03:54.491+1:12.181Steam
2028 marcomateFord Escort Mk II03:54.523+1:12.213PS4
2029 gafra41Ford Escort Mk II03:54.523+1:12.213PS4
2030 DeathMetalFreak Ford Escort Mk II03:54.541+1:12.231Steam
2031 cearnFord Escort Mk II03:54.557+1:12.247Steam
2032 phitsch89Ford Escort Mk II03:54.557+1:12.247PS4
2033 nayse12Ford Escort Mk II03:54.573+1:12.263PS4
2034 ZygmantovichFord Escort Mk II03:54.574+1:12.264PS4
2035 doublenerdFord Escort Mk II03:54.590+1:12.280Steam
2036 Shark21Ford Escort Mk II03:54.623+1:12.313Steam
2037 luskyagullaFord Escort Mk II03:54.673+1:12.363PS4
2038 _stickykitty_ Ford Escort Mk II03:54.723+1:12.413Steam
2039 ????Ford Escort Mk II03:54.823+1:12.513Steam
2040 fraz143450Ford Escort Mk II03:54.907+1:12.597PS4
2041 ScAm_TeMpErZzZFord Escort Mk II03:54.924+1:12.614PS4
2042 TwinnukeFord Escort Mk II03:54.991+1:12.681Xbox
2043 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:55.007+1:12.697Xbox
2044 Macko-0007Ford Escort Mk II03:55.040+1:12.730PS4
2045 grenertFord Escort Mk II03:55.057+1:12.747PS4
2046 CORROCHANOFord Escort Mk II03:55.090+1:12.780PS4
2047 Vctr ?Ford Escort Mk II03:55.091+1:12.781Steam
2048 FourvelFord Escort Mk II03:55.091+1:12.781Steam
2049 sakiracingFord Escort Mk II03:55.123+1:12.813PS4
2050 TisbaneFord Escort Mk II03:55.124+1:12.814PS4
2051 haLLunKen henki Ford Escort Mk II03:55.141+1:12.831Steam
2052 danny19941 Ford Escort Mk II03:55.141+1:12.831Steam
2053 zapeli82Ford Escort Mk II03:55.157+1:12.847PS4
2054 B4L33 Ford Escort Mk II03:55.273+1:12.963Steam
2055 DEF316Ford Escort Mk II03:55.274+1:12.964PS4
2056 komiki1Ford Escort Mk II03:55.323+1:13.130Steam
2057 SirDaveFord Escort Mk II03:55.340+1:13.300Steam
2058 racer1176Ford Escort Mk II03:55.373+1:13.630PS4
2059 smokeyshooterFord Escort Mk II03:55.374+1:13.640Xbox
2060 onasutFord Escort Mk II03:55.390+1:13.800Steam
2061 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:55.423+1:13.113Xbox
2062 heihachi78hunFord Escort Mk II03:55.440+1:13.130PS4
2063 ernouche666Ford Escort Mk II03:55.457+1:13.147PS4
2064 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:55.473+1:13.163Xbox
2065 MatteFord Escort Mk II03:55.491+1:13.181Steam
2066 orse Ford Escort Mk II03:55.573+1:13.263Steam
2067 hrung Ford Escort Mk II03:55.641+1:13.331Steam
2068 DazRalphs Ford Escort Mk II03:55.723+1:13.413Steam
2069 jim78millsFord Escort Mk II03:55.723+1:13.413PS4
2070 Mr-COMTE014Ford Escort Mk II03:55.773+1:13.463PS4
2071 TooLs Ford Escort Mk II03:55.791+1:13.481Steam
2072 Njones2222 Ford Escort Mk II03:55.807+1:13.497Steam
2073 Damian74200Ford Escort Mk II03:55.823+1:13.513PS4
2074 Killer1979againFord Escort Mk II03:55.873+1:13.563PS4
2075 kobraFord Escort Mk II03:55.891+1:13.581Steam
2076 lacusXXFord Escort Mk II03:55.940+1:13.630PS4
2077 Dima ONE Ford Escort Mk II03:55.990+1:13.680Steam
2078 LosMuertos2010Ford Escort Mk II03:56.007+1:13.697PS4
2079 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:56.007+1:13.697Xbox
2080 volksbobFord Escort Mk II03:56.023+1:13.713PS4
2081 Becks_Hunter Ford Escort Mk II03:56.057+1:13.747Steam
2082 arno Ford Escort Mk II03:56.140+1:13.830Steam
2083 Smithers-1968_Ford Escort Mk II03:56.173+1:13.863PS4
2084 Rosseland97Ford Escort Mk II03:56.173+1:13.863Xbox
2085 benarn2Ford Escort Mk II03:56.174+1:13.864PS4
2086 Eg11Ford Escort Mk II03:56.174+1:13.864Xbox
2087 Ramabuntzi Ford Escort Mk II03:56.190+1:13.880Steam
2088 showbouillan06Ford Escort Mk II03:56.207+1:13.897PS4
2089 magnus.jalmbrant Ford Escort Mk II03:56.224+1:13.914Steam
2090 Ironfist235Ford Escort Mk II03:56.257+1:13.947PS4
2091 ? Dobakk ? Ford Escort Mk II03:56.273+1:13.963Steam
2092 JollySU ==={---------- Ford Escort Mk II03:56.323+1:14.130Steam
2093 GurkiFord Escort Mk II03:56.340+1:14.300Steam
2094 rafi540Ford Escort Mk II03:56.390+1:14.800PS4
2095 pukekokiwiFord Escort Mk II03:56.407+1:14.970Steam
2096 killer Ford Escort Mk II03:56.424+1:14.114Steam
2097 nao_renka Ford Escort Mk II03:56.440+1:14.130Steam
2098 MindlessJoker98Ford Escort Mk II03:56.440+1:14.130PS4
2099 massa2806Ford Escort Mk II03:56.457+1:14.147PS4
2100 Soulc1N -M- Ford Escort Mk II03:56.490+1:14.180Steam
2101 bert_thys Ford Escort Mk II03:56.507+1:14.197Steam
2102 insanebelloFord Escort Mk II03:56.574+1:14.264PS4
2103 murdch1O1Ford Escort Mk II03:56.624+1:14.314PS4
2104 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:56.657+1:14.347Xbox
2105 DJTweakzFord Escort Mk II03:56.724+1:14.414Xbox
2106 the_ruthless Ford Escort Mk II03:56.791+1:14.481Steam
2107 emilandnilFord Escort Mk II03:56.791+1:14.481PS4
2108 DuduCuryFord Escort Mk II03:56.823+1:14.513Xbox
2109 AdalmpliFord Escort Mk II03:56.824+1:14.514PS4
2110 Cerebus_VFord Escort Mk II03:56.840+1:14.530PS4
2111 bertosollerFord Escort Mk II03:56.841+1:14.531PS4
2112 pokerprince12Ford Escort Mk II03:56.873+1:14.563PS4
2113 JEREMJU62Ford Escort Mk II03:56.890+1:14.580PS4
2114 interferensFord Escort Mk II03:56.923+1:14.613Steam
2115 bidjim14Ford Escort Mk II03:56.957+1:14.647PS4
2116 XxLHL_OwNs_UxFord Escort Mk II03:57.007+1:14.697PS4
2117 wired_winryFord Escort Mk II03:57.007+1:14.697PS4
2118 dentusFord Escort Mk II03:57.041+1:14.731Xbox
2119 GutsherrKaktusFord Escort Mk II03:57.107+1:14.797PS4
2120 kuru.122 Ford Escort Mk II03:57.123+1:14.813Steam
2121 Silver_Rain Ford Escort Mk II03:57.140+1:14.830Steam
2122 Agustin83PSFord Escort Mk II03:57.174+1:14.864PS4
2123 mr_mo_2012Ford Escort Mk II03:57.190+1:14.880PS4
2124 ardorin81Ford Escort Mk II03:57.190+1:14.880PS4
2125 dumpy388Ford Escort Mk II03:57.240+1:14.930PS4
2126 Crackchaser300Ford Escort Mk II03:57.273+1:14.963PS4
2127 babastvr6Ford Escort Mk II03:57.290+1:14.980PS4
2128 CanJianFord Escort Mk II03:57.307+1:14.997Steam
2129 SOPOPITCHOFord Escort Mk II03:57.340+1:15.300PS4
2130 JTortoFord Escort Mk II03:57.373+1:15.630Xbox
2131 technics1911Ford Escort Mk II03:57.407+1:15.970Steam
2132 E7RORFord Escort Mk II03:57.407+1:15.970PS4
2133 o0_Twa_0oFord Escort Mk II03:57.440+1:15.130PS4
2134 natmer76Ford Escort Mk II03:57.473+1:15.163Steam
2135 Pazmen69Ford Escort Mk II03:57.474+1:15.164PS4
2136 Imperio1443Ford Escort Mk II03:57.507+1:15.197PS4
2137 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:57.507+1:15.197Xbox
2138 P-VEXFord Escort Mk II03:57.523+1:15.213PS4
2139 con_oriordanFord Escort Mk II03:57.557+1:15.247PS4
2140 sadsac1972Ford Escort Mk II03:57.573+1:15.263PS4
2141 Cpt. Crazy ©™ Ford Escort Mk II03:57.574+1:15.264Steam
2142 KrassadFord Escort Mk II03:57.574+1:15.264Steam
2143 Hens81Ford Escort Mk II03:57.590+1:15.280Steam
2144 Attila--BeFord Escort Mk II03:57.607+1:15.297PS4
2145 cu46Ford Escort Mk II03:57.623+1:15.313PS4
2146 wrcmad81Ford Escort Mk II03:57.640+1:15.330PS4
2147 HedzoorFord Escort Mk II03:57.657+1:15.347Steam
2148 Impulse Gundam Ford Escort Mk II03:57.657+1:15.347Steam
2149 rayzorxgFord Escort Mk II03:57.673+1:15.363Steam
2150 jvh22Ford Escort Mk II03:57.674+1:15.364Steam
2151 JEGGLEPERFFord Escort Mk II03:57.690+1:15.380Steam
2152 BorschtschFord Escort Mk II03:57.740+1:15.430Xbox
2153 ImerDieserChrisFord Escort Mk II03:57.757+1:15.447Xbox
2154 Rick ScottFord Escort Mk II03:57.773+1:15.463Steam
2155 xXTh3_MaRiUsXxFord Escort Mk II03:57.790+1:15.480PS4
2156 DonZenko_537Ford Escort Mk II03:57.791+1:15.481PS4
2157 jhnnnsFord Escort Mk II03:57.840+1:15.530PS4
2158 ConeLeader045Ford Escort Mk II03:57.890+1:15.580Xbox
2159 JVSportFord Escort Mk II03:57.907+1:15.597Steam
2160 PengWin Ford Escort Mk II03:57.940+1:15.630Steam
2161 LX29DAFT1Ford Escort Mk II03:57.974+1:15.664PS4
2162 pedjen Ford Escort Mk II03:57.990+1:15.680Steam
2163 I´m triggeredFord Escort Mk II03:58.023+1:15.713Steam
2164 GOKU_SAITAMAFord Escort Mk II03:58.023+1:15.713PS4
2165 larripaFord Escort Mk II03:58.040+1:15.730PS4
2166 maku78 Ford Escort Mk II03:58.057+1:15.747Steam
2167 muggle07Ford Escort Mk II03:58.074+1:15.764PS4
2168 accent Ford Escort Mk II03:58.174+1:15.864Steam
2169 VicBloom15Ford Escort Mk II03:58.340+1:16.300PS4
2170 gaspa1990599Ford Escort Mk II03:58.340+1:16.300PS4
2171 piwakawakaFord Escort Mk II03:58.407+1:16.970PS4
2172 samsara79Ford Escort Mk II03:58.407+1:16.970PS4
2173 clzFord Escort Mk II03:58.423+1:16.113Steam
2174 Shamos98Ford Escort Mk II03:58.423+1:16.113PS4
2175 betuqueFord Escort Mk II03:58.490+1:16.180PS4
2176 [LSC] équiFord Escort Mk II03:58.540+1:16.230Steam
2177 Q-TIP707Ford Escort Mk II03:58.540+1:16.230PS4
2178 Hektor Ford Escort Mk II03:58.557+1:16.247Steam
2179 MADKILLER-69Ford Escort Mk II03:58.574+1:16.264PS4
2180 merryposer Ford Escort Mk II03:58.590+1:16.280Steam
2181 Ch4ky67Ford Escort Mk II03:58.624+1:16.314PS4
2182 mach_1893Ford Escort Mk II03:58.640+1:16.330PS4
2183 MC WRT Ford Escort Mk II03:58.657+1:16.347Steam
2184 Dustrusty Ford Escort Mk II03:58.690+1:16.380Steam
2185 Prexor Ford Escort Mk II03:58.707+1:16.397Steam
2186 baychan-ada Ford Escort Mk II03:58.707+1:16.397Steam
2187 bayard.julien42 Ford Escort Mk II03:58.741+1:16.431Steam
2188 ERKILLO_98Ford Escort Mk II03:58.757+1:16.447PS4
2189 E³ (aka Eiii) Ford Escort Mk II03:58.774+1:16.464Steam
2190 Aaron_IcemanFord Escort Mk II03:58.774+1:16.464PS4
2191 t:omicFord Escort Mk II03:58.807+1:16.497Steam
2192 rohmer295Ford Escort Mk II03:58.840+1:16.530PS4
2193 BTxX_Ford Escort Mk II03:58.840+1:16.530PS4
2194 MaxSterling13Ford Escort Mk II03:58.841+1:16.531Xbox
2195 Beefeater63Ford Escort Mk II03:58.857+1:16.547PS4
2196 TomB_1903Ford Escort Mk II03:58.857+1:16.547PS4
2197 djohnzenFord Escort Mk II03:58.873+1:16.563Xbox
2198 jbprallyFord Escort Mk II03:58.890+1:16.580Steam
2199 tireurelite5960Ford Escort Mk II03:58.890+1:16.580Xbox
2200 dr_alban72Ford Escort Mk II03:58.907+1:16.597PS4
2201 craig26283Ford Escort Mk II03:58.923+1:16.613Steam
2202 RealTrollisFord Escort Mk II03:58.974+1:16.664PS4
2203 jelledecnodderFord Escort Mk II03:58.990+1:16.680Steam
2204 etniespsFord Escort Mk II03:58.990+1:16.680PS4
2205 jorn19892007Ford Escort Mk II03:58.991+1:16.681PS4
2206 fabiano-57Ford Escort Mk II03:59.007+1:16.697PS4
2207 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:59.057+1:16.747Xbox
2208 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:59.057+1:16.747Xbox
2209 Zwanziger Ford Escort Mk II03:59.090+1:16.780Steam
2210 MCFoCKERFord Escort Mk II03:59.124+1:16.814PS4
2211 LevUPFord Escort Mk II03:59.173+1:16.863Steam
2212 Lordbordem Ford Escort Mk II03:59.190+1:16.880Steam
2213 justinfinlandFord Escort Mk II03:59.240+1:16.930PS4
2214 IntrinsicFord Escort Mk II03:59.257+1:16.947Steam
2215 dr3dw4rd95Ford Escort Mk II03:59.257+1:16.947PS4
2216 AccontoFord Escort Mk II03:59.323+1:17.130PS4
2217 kagewafamFord Escort Mk II03:59.390+1:17.800PS4
2218 Matas199Ford Escort Mk II03:59.390+1:17.800Xbox
2219 CURJAMFord Escort Mk II03:59.407+1:17.970PS4
2220 GrekofreeFord Escort Mk II03:59.407+1:17.970PS4
2221 rapoomsFord Escort Mk II03:59.407+1:17.970Xbox
2222 Ronny2000rasFord Escort Mk II03:59.440+1:17.130PS4
2223 benji16Ford Escort Mk II03:59.457+1:17.147Xbox
2224 fitruFord Escort Mk II03:59.473+1:17.163PS4
2225 eeero990Ford Escort Mk II03:59.523+1:17.213PS4
2226 Alex_MGBRFord Escort Mk II03:59.590+1:17.280PS4
2227 Belchior10 (HUN)Ford Escort Mk II03:59.607+1:17.297Steam
2228 Fertix Ford Escort Mk II03:59.690+1:17.380Steam
2229 montisory Ford Escort Mk II03:59.690+1:17.380Steam
2230 KevSkullDarkFord Escort Mk II03:59.690+1:17.380Xbox
2231 SnufflyFord Escort Mk II03:59.690+1:17.380Xbox
2232 FallouFord Escort Mk II03:59.707+1:17.397Steam
2233 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:59.707+1:17.397Xbox
2234 miclem Ford Escort Mk II03:59.724+1:17.414Steam
2235 shibuindieFord Escort Mk II03:59.740+1:17.430Steam
2236 bicio47Ford Escort Mk II03:59.757+1:17.447PS4
2237 Grandma Soy Sauce Ford Escort Mk II03:59.807+1:17.497Steam
2238 jeje04111994Ford Escort Mk II03:59.808+1:17.498PS4
2239 DeathproofFord Escort Mk II03:59.823+1:17.513Steam
2240 jdktooFord Escort Mk II03:59.857+1:17.547Steam
2241 TOPSTR1K3RFord Escort Mk II03:59.873+1:17.563Xbox
2242 WIMBIFord Escort Mk II03:59.890+1:17.580PS4
2243 starcloud60 Ford Escort Mk II03:59.990+1:17.680Steam
2244 bomblebee316Ford Escort Mk II03:59.990+1:17.680PS4
2245 Ralphy Ford Escort Mk II04:00.007+1:17.697Steam
2246 herrakuhisFord Escort Mk II04:00.023+1:17.713Steam
2247 NostromoFord Escort Mk II04:00.023+1:17.713Steam
2248 jambriiFord Escort Mk II04:00.024+1:17.714PS4
2249 nikearoraFord Escort Mk II04:00.040+1:17.730Xbox
2250 zed88360Ford Escort Mk II04:00.090+1:17.780PS4
2251 anucha1Ford Escort Mk II04:00.090+1:17.780PS4
2252 KyMFord Escort Mk II04:00.124+1:17.814Steam
2253 bugs2002Ford Escort Mk II04:00.157+1:17.847Steam
2254 duckovdethFord Escort Mk II04:00.173+1:17.863Steam
2255 Babb--14Ford Escort Mk II04:00.173+1:17.863PS4
2256 dimfalkFord Escort Mk II04:00.224+1:17.914Steam
2257 WEBEVERFord Escort Mk II04:00.290+1:17.980PS4
2258 maksim.ju10 Ford Escort Mk II04:00.373+1:18.630Steam
2259 Xeferus Ford Escort Mk II04:00.373+1:18.630Steam
2260 Zysi87Ford Escort Mk II04:00.390+1:18.800PS4
2261 ausuivantFord Escort Mk II04:00.440+1:18.130PS4
2262 Discente Ford Escort Mk II04:00.524+1:18.214Steam
2263 autocrossdrive98Ford Escort Mk II04:00.540+1:18.230PS4
2264 badcompny44Ford Escort Mk II04:00.574+1:18.264Xbox
2265 hugoboss_71Ford Escort Mk II04:00.674+1:18.364PS4
2266 DiogoIDFord Escort Mk II04:00.690+1:18.380PS4
2267 325nei Ford Escort Mk II04:00.707+1:18.397Steam
2268 ss7sa1075SsFord Escort Mk II04:00.757+1:18.447PS4
2269 dramaticiFord Escort Mk II04:00.823+1:18.513PS4
2270 derek66110Ford Escort Mk II04:00.824+1:18.514PS4
2271 kris240782Ford Escort Mk II04:00.840+1:18.530Xbox
2272 boro008Ford Escort Mk II04:00.890+1:18.580Xbox
2273 nuno_0123Ford Escort Mk II04:00.923+1:18.613PS4
2274 jmfalfonsoFord Escort Mk II04:01.007+1:18.697Steam
2275 philandre_77Ford Escort Mk II04:01.223+1:18.913Steam
2276 Bonito Ford Escort Mk II04:01.240+1:18.930Steam
2277 lem1210Ford Escort Mk II04:01.240+1:18.930PS4
2278 SoullessFord Escort Mk II04:01.257+1:18.947Steam
2279 d4z_gFord Escort Mk II04:01.273+1:18.963Steam
2280 sebastien.vermechFord Escort Mk II04:01.274+1:18.964Steam
2281 Ereja1Ford Escort Mk II04:01.290+1:18.980PS4
2282 Drosera88Ford Escort Mk II04:01.390+1:19.800PS4
2283 Candevil_24Ford Escort Mk II04:01.407+1:19.970PS4
2284 Dreadhead Ford Escort Mk II04:01.457+1:19.147Steam
2285 AbaddonFord Escort Mk II04:01.457+1:19.147Steam
2286 DRpoitosFord Escort Mk II04:01.507+1:19.197PS4
2287 LoneDaimyoFord Escort Mk II04:01.523+1:19.213Steam
2288 BroMagnonFord Escort Mk II04:01.540+1:19.230Xbox
2289 JermysFord Escort Mk II04:01.557+1:19.247Steam
2290 Ninja RX | kickback.com Ford Escort Mk II04:01.590+1:19.280Steam
2291 NIROC [FR]Ford Escort Mk II04:01.590+1:19.280Steam
2292 bsheepie Ford Escort Mk II04:01.607+1:19.297Steam
2293 euphonista Ford Escort Mk II04:01.623+1:19.313Steam
2294 Leleq Ford Escort Mk II04:01.623+1:19.313Steam
2295 BMDKFord Escort Mk II04:01.657+1:19.347Steam
2296 juiced Ford Escort Mk II04:01.657+1:19.347Steam
2297 KAUSS33Ford Escort Mk II04:01.657+1:19.347Xbox
2298 WepheechFord Escort Mk II04:01.673+1:19.363PS4
2299 Sphynxaria Ford Escort Mk II04:01.674+1:19.364Steam
2300 donkadlecinoFord Escort Mk II04:01.706+1:19.396Steam
2301 WITT0014Ford Escort Mk II04:01.706+1:19.396Xbox
2302 FifixbrlFord Escort Mk II04:01.806+1:19.496PS4
2303 DotzaFord Escort Mk II04:01.840+1:19.530Steam
2304 ToesmokinFord Escort Mk II04:01.857+1:19.547Steam
2305 hil953045Ford Escort Mk II04:01.906+1:19.596PS4
2306 dohuh?Ford Escort Mk II04:01.907+1:19.597Steam
2307 fermi330cdFord Escort Mk II04:01.907+1:19.597PS4
2308 cDc1979Ford Escort Mk II04:01.924+1:19.614Steam
2309 FCBJesn1983Ford Escort Mk II04:01.924+1:19.614Xbox
2310 Xavierluc Ford Escort Mk II04:01.940+1:19.630Steam
2311 ford2310Ford Escort Mk II04:01.940+1:19.630PS4
2312 DelusionalBurdoFord Escort Mk II04:01.940+1:19.630Xbox
2313 Kothra Ford Escort Mk II04:01.973+1:19.663Steam
2314 bracame974Ford Escort Mk II04:02.006+1:19.696PS4
2315 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:02.007+1:19.697Xbox
2316 NeilMukerjiFord Escort Mk II04:02.123+1:19.813PS4
2317 spartagnoFord Escort Mk II04:02.140+1:19.830PS4
2318 Toru Ford Escort Mk II04:02.157+1:19.847Steam
2319 Fitter22M4Ford Escort Mk II04:02.190+1:19.880Steam
2320 FoBoSFord Escort Mk II04:02.206+1:19.896Steam
2321 juju888888888888 Ford Escort Mk II04:02.257+1:19.947Steam
2322 JogiBärFord Escort Mk II04:02.273+1:19.963Steam
2323 joekierceFord Escort Mk II04:02.274+1:19.964PS4
2324 Skrub--Ford Escort Mk II04:02.323+1:20.130PS4
2325 PR.[KIA] rPoXoTauJIoFord Escort Mk II04:02.324+1:20.140Steam
2326 AlLdAyKiLlAzFord Escort Mk II04:02.356+1:20.460PS4
2327 aguspicco420Ford Escort Mk II04:02.357+1:20.470PS4
2328 Sgt BlackieChan Ford Escort Mk II04:02.374+1:20.640Steam
2329 cruze87 Ford Escort Mk II04:02.440+1:20.130Steam
2330 tero kartmanFord Escort Mk II04:02.457+1:20.147Steam
2331 chickenFord Escort Mk II04:02.457+1:20.147Steam
2332 patliddyFord Escort Mk II04:02.473+1:20.163Steam
2333 dimonRus750Ford Escort Mk II04:02.540+1:20.230PS4
2334 I am Darth MaulFord Escort Mk II04:02.606+1:20.296Steam
2335 SnurferQcFord Escort Mk II04:02.724+1:20.414PS4
2336 ANGEL-1388Ford Escort Mk II04:02.740+1:20.430PS4
2337 fgilFord Escort Mk II04:02.773+1:20.463Steam
2338 BusterFord Escort Mk II04:02.857+1:20.547Steam
2339 sixtioneFord Escort Mk II04:02.906+1:20.596PS4
2340 JJ-booming Ford Escort Mk II04:02.907+1:20.597Steam
2341 hawkeyepirceFord Escort Mk II04:02.940+1:20.630PS4
2342 Denis1802Ford Escort Mk II04:02.973+1:20.663Xbox
2343 LPMPlaysGamesFord Escort Mk II04:03.007+1:20.697Steam
2344 ANDREYS1989Ford Escort Mk II04:03.040+1:20.730PS4
2345 ddvFord Escort Mk II04:03.090+1:20.780Steam
2346 aeroad71Ford Escort Mk II04:03.106+1:20.796PS4
2347 KubosseK (PL)Ford Escort Mk II04:03.156+1:20.846Steam
2348 Far_IFord Escort Mk II04:03.206+1:20.896PS4
2349 Doc.R\o/ss ® Ford Escort Mk II04:03.256+1:20.946Steam
2350 wally23666Ford Escort Mk II04:03.324+1:21.140PS4
2351 krmobilFord Escort Mk II04:03.373+1:21.630Xbox
2352 SpeeDManiac Ford Escort Mk II04:03.374+1:21.640Steam
2353 QUALITY_WOOD Ford Escort Mk II04:03.423+1:21.113Steam
2354 Jumo:: !G Ford Escort Mk II04:03.424+1:21.114Steam
2355 kane7142Ford Escort Mk II04:03.440+1:21.130PS4
2356 GyrosaurusFord Escort Mk II04:03.456+1:21.146Steam
2357 mckay771318Ford Escort Mk II04:03.473+1:21.163PS4
2358 Gsh95110Ford Escort Mk II04:03.490+1:21.180PS4
2359 Fou--LuFord Escort Mk II04:03.506+1:21.196PS4
2360 milord37Ford Escort Mk II04:03.507+1:21.197Steam
2361 SteelyjaceFord Escort Mk II04:03.540+1:21.230Steam
2362 drizz786 Ford Escort Mk II04:03.556+1:21.246Steam
2363 speedking13eFord Escort Mk II04:03.557+1:21.247PS4
2364 fredotahitiFord Escort Mk II04:03.590+1:21.280PS4
2365 elcicutarFord Escort Mk II04:03.623+1:21.313PS4
2366 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:03.623+1:21.313Xbox
2367 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:03.640+1:21.330Xbox
2368 proikeastormFord Escort Mk II04:03.673+1:21.363Steam
2369 thorstenlenz10Ford Escort Mk II04:03.706+1:21.396PS4
2370 HumboldtstormFord Escort Mk II04:03.707+1:21.397PS4
2371 LiquidKameleon Ford Escort Mk II04:03.740+1:21.430Steam
2372 achaozzc Ford Escort Mk II04:03.756+1:21.446Steam
2373 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:03.756+1:21.446Xbox
2374 jackpenleyFord Escort Mk II04:03.840+1:21.530PS4
2375 chef974Ford Escort Mk II04:03.873+1:21.563Xbox
2376 Misc Ford Escort Mk II04:03.890+1:21.580Steam
2377 Chark_x49Ford Escort Mk II04:03.890+1:21.580PS4
2378 AndryALK Ford Escort Mk II04:03.923+1:21.613Steam
2379 Fabiofa80Ford Escort Mk II04:04.006+1:21.696PS4
2380 Captain LuluFord Escort Mk II04:04.123+1:21.813Steam
2381 allroadb8Ford Escort Mk II04:04.140+1:21.830PS4
2382 Peri Ford Escort Mk II04:04.156+1:21.846Steam
2383 ayrtontrencFord Escort Mk II04:04.156+1:21.846Xbox
2384 yangzeFord Escort Mk II04:04.207+1:21.897PS4
2385 K33PUP0161Ford Escort Mk II04:04.223+1:21.913PS4
2386 TheJanx17Ford Escort Mk II04:04.223+1:21.913Xbox
2387 AlphatierFord Escort Mk II04:04.257+1:21.947Steam
2388 bmxninjaFord Escort Mk II04:04.257+1:21.947PS4
2389 A.C.A.B.Ford Escort Mk II04:04.374+1:22.640Steam
2390 bip_b2Ford Escort Mk II04:04.390+1:22.800PS4
2391 MopMan_PL Ford Escort Mk II04:04.440+1:22.130Steam
2392 JohnJohnPRthreeFord Escort Mk II04:04.440+1:22.130PS4
2393 Gabriele610Ford Escort Mk II04:04.473+1:22.163PS4
2394 Incy Wincy Spider Ford Escort Mk II04:04.490+1:22.180Steam
2395 ZABELFord Escort Mk II04:04.490+1:22.180Steam
2396 Zadregnig73Ford Escort Mk II04:04.540+1:22.230PS4
2397 kumikapulaFord Escort Mk II04:04.574+1:22.264PS4
2398 KarsFord Escort Mk II04:04.656+1:22.346Steam
2399 JankyLVFord Escort Mk II04:04.674+1:22.364Steam
2400 bpnes15Ford Escort Mk II04:04.690+1:22.380PS4
2401 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:04.690+1:22.380Xbox
2402 xulinx Ford Escort Mk II04:04.740+1:22.430Steam
2403 Redufo Ford Escort Mk II04:04.756+1:22.446Steam
2404 DJ-C-2010Ford Escort Mk II04:04.774+1:22.464PS4
2405 loffe72Ford Escort Mk II04:04.806+1:22.496PS4
2406 AGGRO_BERL1NFord Escort Mk II04:04.807+1:22.497PS4
2407 Empire183Ford Escort Mk II04:04.840+1:22.530PS4
2408 Jo-Mtb Ford Escort Mk II04:04.890+1:22.580Steam
2409 Drop1975Ford Escort Mk II04:04.906+1:22.596PS4
2410 GhostOfHyenFord Escort Mk II04:04.907+1:22.597PS4
2411 PumpedGaboFord Escort Mk II04:04.990+1:22.680Xbox
2412 c3woFord Escort Mk II04:04.990+1:22.680Xbox
2413 jani770210Ford Escort Mk II04:05.006+1:22.696PS4
2414 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:05.006+1:22.696Xbox
2415 yo76340Ford Escort Mk II04:05.023+1:22.713PS4
2416 SLiiKOtLFord Escort Mk II04:05.023+1:22.713PS4
2417 sidewAEzFord Escort Mk II04:05.040+1:22.730PS4
2418 GANIBALLFord Escort Mk II04:05.041+1:22.731PS4
2419 MuelizFord Escort Mk II04:05.073+1:22.763Steam
2420 HeiheinFord Escort Mk II04:05.140+1:22.830PS4
2421 vfloberidinFord Escort Mk II04:05.140+1:22.830Xbox
2422 xr400stuFord Escort Mk II04:05.173+1:22.863PS4
2423 skutt79Ford Escort Mk II04:05.190+1:22.880Steam
2424 BBIAJFord Escort Mk II04:05.206+1:22.896Xbox
2425 MeisterODFord Escort Mk II04:05.207+1:22.897Steam
2426 indydriverFord Escort Mk II04:05.223+1:22.913PS4
2427 WraithvladFord Escort Mk II04:05.256+1:22.946Steam
2428 asasuzuFord Escort Mk II04:05.273+1:22.963Steam
2429 mojones30Ford Escort Mk II04:05.290+1:22.980PS4
2430 taubicgtrFord Escort Mk II04:05.323+1:23.130PS4
2431 esca0606Ford Escort Mk II04:05.340+1:23.300PS4
2432 Kiek in de Köken Ford Escort Mk II04:05.374+1:23.640Steam
2433 777nnnFord Escort Mk II04:05.506+1:23.196Xbox
2434 TiboFord Escort Mk II04:05.524+1:23.214Steam
2435 jrebel38Ford Escort Mk II04:05.556+1:23.246PS4
2436 LowriderTattooFord Escort Mk II04:05.557+1:23.247Xbox
2437 aza0340Ford Escort Mk II04:05.607+1:23.297Xbox
2438 Louliv04Ford Escort Mk II04:05.623+1:23.313PS4
2439 peke080Ford Escort Mk II04:05.623+1:23.313PS4
2440 Nico Yazawa Ford Escort Mk II04:05.640+1:23.330Steam
2441 Square WheelFord Escort Mk II04:05.707+1:23.397Steam
2442 Fonsc16Ford Escort Mk II04:05.723+1:23.413PS4
2443 mamamaw_miloFord Escort Mk II04:05.723+1:23.413PS4
2444 snakydarkyFord Escort Mk II04:05.724+1:23.414PS4
2445 kevkpl768Ford Escort Mk II04:05.756+1:23.446PS4
2446 taxavelarFord Escort Mk II04:05.856+1:23.546Steam
2447 darrenstrFord Escort Mk II04:05.873+1:23.563PS4
2448 llienzo Ford Escort Mk II04:05.990+1:23.680Steam
2449 DoMoVoYFord Escort Mk II04:06.023+1:23.713Steam
2450 bryansix Ford Escort Mk II04:06.090+1:23.780Steam
2451 eyechrisFord Escort Mk II04:06.124+1:23.814PS4
2452 Blunted12Ford Escort Mk II04:06.156+1:23.846Steam
2453 PdaDJ70Ford Escort Mk II04:06.157+1:23.847PS4
2454 CREST Tester Ford Escort Mk II04:06.174+1:23.864Steam
2455 p-b_80Ford Escort Mk II04:06.223+1:23.913PS4
2456 Mustard_85Ford Escort Mk II04:06.240+1:23.930PS4
2457 mrjamie99Ford Escort Mk II04:06.290+1:23.980PS4
2458 SOD_PROSPECTFord Escort Mk II04:06.306+1:23.996PS4
2459 Roxx1522Ford Escort Mk II04:06.323+1:24.130PS4
2460 Konori Ford Escort Mk II04:06.356+1:24.460Steam
2461 siraltair22Ford Escort Mk II04:06.357+1:24.470PS4
2462 TaylorM Ford Escort Mk II04:06.457+1:24.147Steam
2463 ludovar_trochicFord Escort Mk II04:06.474+1:24.164PS4
2464 wade_mFord Escort Mk II04:06.490+1:24.180PS4
2465 Flantus87Ford Escort Mk II04:06.590+1:24.280PS4
2466 DiggaFord Escort Mk II04:06.607+1:24.297Steam
2467 Thomas Brandsvoll Ford Escort Mk II04:06.623+1:24.313Steam
2468 MarcelkohricFord Escort Mk II04:06.623+1:24.313Xbox
2469 Paulsen_Ford Escort Mk II04:06.656+1:24.346PS4
2470 kleinschmutzig92Ford Escort Mk II04:06.690+1:24.380PS4
2471 renjiFord Escort Mk II04:06.723+1:24.413Steam
2472 natxoskaFord Escort Mk II04:06.724+1:24.414PS4
2473 sidy06Ford Escort Mk II04:06.757+1:24.447Xbox
2474 heavybootsFord Escort Mk II04:06.857+1:24.547Steam
2475 madmaxmacFord Escort Mk II04:06.873+1:24.563PS4
2476 leefryett28Ford Escort Mk II04:06.874+1:24.564PS4
2477 Benni231990Ford Escort Mk II04:06.923+1:24.613PS4
2478 kyram69Ford Escort Mk II04:06.923+1:24.613PS4
2479 mb1978Ford Escort Mk II04:06.923+1:24.613Xbox
2480 zasr.nejFord Escort Mk II04:06.940+1:24.630Steam
2481 dskpnk`` Ford Escort Mk II04:06.940+1:24.630Steam
2482 NeonFord Escort Mk II04:06.957+1:24.647Steam
2483 \m/ (-_-) \m/ Ford Escort Mk II04:07.023+1:24.713Steam
2484 ctklasFord Escort Mk II04:07.023+1:24.713PS4
2485 Mechmonkey Ford Escort Mk II04:07.040+1:24.730Steam
2486 DaveHill4Ford Escort Mk II04:07.073+1:24.763PS4
2487 mcg124Ford Escort Mk II04:07.073+1:24.763Xbox
2488 cacoteinaFord Escort Mk II04:07.107+1:24.797PS4
2489 Colin McRaeFord Escort Mk II04:07.140+1:24.830Steam
2490 Sotha__SilFord Escort Mk II04:07.173+1:24.863PS4
2491 greedeemeeFord Escort Mk II04:07.190+1:24.880Xbox
2492 mattgaze95Ford Escort Mk II04:07.206+1:24.896PS4
2493 Thingol_Ford Escort Mk II04:07.206+1:24.896PS4
2494 ProcedFord Escort Mk II04:07.207+1:24.897Steam
2495 Gollumm03Ford Escort Mk II04:07.223+1:24.913PS4
2496 kidao2000Ford Escort Mk II04:07.273+1:24.963Xbox
2497 thexhitcherFord Escort Mk II04:07.290+1:24.980PS4
2498 Luis2482Ford Escort Mk II04:07.323+1:25.130PS4
2499 jimyrzasFord Escort Mk II04:07.323+1:25.130PS4
2500 blindman37Ford Escort Mk II04:07.356+1:25.460PS4
2501 rutgerwerminkFord Escort Mk II04:07.473+1:25.163Xbox
2502 panos359Ford Escort Mk II04:07.507+1:25.197PS4
2503 xyon11 Ford Escort Mk II04:07.523+1:25.213Steam
2504 Salmis5000Ford Escort Mk II04:07.523+1:25.213PS4
2505 HeideJaevenitzFord Escort Mk II04:07.524+1:25.214PS4
2506 NavesivFord Escort Mk II04:07.540+1:25.230Steam
2507 Kidd-007_PFord Escort Mk II04:07.540+1:25.230PS4
2508 twill-22Ford Escort Mk II04:07.540+1:25.230PS4
2509 canutinhunfriFord Escort Mk II04:07.556+1:25.246PS4
2510 jacobdubord368Ford Escort Mk II04:07.557+1:25.247Steam
2511 mr_poleyFord Escort Mk II04:07.590+1:25.280PS4
2512 Baffo1983Ford Escort Mk II04:07.607+1:25.297PS4
2513 Fuchur76Ford Escort Mk II04:07.623+1:25.313PS4
2514 ?Zhue?Ford Escort Mk II04:07.673+1:25.363Steam
2515 DevansrallyingFord Escort Mk II04:07.690+1:25.380Xbox
2516 Gazelle1983Ford Escort Mk II04:07.790+1:25.480Xbox
2517 Ndrake83Ford Escort Mk II04:07.823+1:25.513PS4
2518 aliendead55Ford Escort Mk II04:07.873+1:25.563PS4
2519 AiabFord Escort Mk II04:07.890+1:25.580PS4
2520 m109dirtrally03Ford Escort Mk II04:07.890+1:25.580PS4
2521 J. L. LoughnerFord Escort Mk II04:07.906+1:25.596Steam
2522 EtheFord Escort Mk II04:07.906+1:25.596Steam
2523 dellerwareFord Escort Mk II04:07.956+1:25.646PS4
2524 wiredevilseahawkFord Escort Mk II04:07.956+1:25.646PS4
2525 Dreamin1Ford Escort Mk II04:08.040+1:25.730PS4
2526 MakaleloFord Escort Mk II04:08.073+1:25.763Steam
2527 ? 555Ford Escort Mk II04:08.074+1:25.764Steam
2528 geordie_cheeseFord Escort Mk II04:08.106+1:25.796Steam
2529 rlaskeyFord Escort Mk II04:08.107+1:25.797Steam
2530 W35 Ford Escort Mk II04:08.140+1:25.830Steam
2531 RTArkal Ford Escort Mk II04:08.190+1:25.880Steam
2532 apileofkyleFord Escort Mk II04:08.190+1:25.880PS4
2533 ehebosFord Escort Mk II04:08.190+1:25.880PS4
2534 raildriverFord Escort Mk II04:08.240+1:25.930Steam
2535 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:08.240+1:25.930Xbox
2536 Sumith Ford Escort Mk II04:08.256+1:25.946Steam
2537 jesu1988Ford Escort Mk II04:08.291+1:25.981Xbox
2538 IGROK5211 Ford Escort Mk II04:08.307+1:25.997Steam
2539 YOUNG_JOCKY-77Ford Escort Mk II04:08.307+1:25.997PS4
2540 JustyFSFord Escort Mk II04:08.340+1:26.300PS4
2541 BankuchenasFord Escort Mk II04:08.423+1:26.113Steam
2542 ShikixxFord Escort Mk II04:08.423+1:26.113PS4
2543 krm57Ford Escort Mk II04:08.540+1:26.230Steam
2544 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:08.556+1:26.246Xbox
2545 TomiSVK123Ford Escort Mk II04:08.573+1:26.263PS4
2546 lork3magFord Escort Mk II04:08.607+1:26.297PS4
2547 SeriousSam Ford Escort Mk II04:08.656+1:26.346Steam
2548 lonesomeorganistFord Escort Mk II04:08.723+1:26.413PS4
2549 Patatman4Ford Escort Mk II04:08.790+1:26.480Steam
2550 deadly_sk8erboyFord Escort Mk II04:08.873+1:26.563PS4
2551 IvanFord Escort Mk II04:08.923+1:26.613Steam
2552 ForestFreshFord Escort Mk II04:08.940+1:26.630PS4
2553 brother neroFord Escort Mk II04:08.957+1:26.647Steam
2554 HillmanImpsterFord Escort Mk II04:09.073+1:26.763Xbox
2555 romejo168Ford Escort Mk II04:09.090+1:26.780PS4
2556 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:09.123+1:26.813Xbox
2557 monkeymanFord Escort Mk II04:09.156+1:26.846Steam
2558 ToBsTaRR1 Ford Escort Mk II04:09.173+1:26.863Steam
2559 hio_91Ford Escort Mk II04:09.257+1:26.947PS4
2560 Hans_RikardFord Escort Mk II04:09.306+1:26.996PS4
2561 madmat66Ford Escort Mk II04:09.307+1:26.997Xbox
2562 roadrunner_47Ford Escort Mk II04:09.323+1:27.130PS4
2563 Kettu Ford Escort Mk II04:09.357+1:27.470Steam
2564 Purple[haze] Ford Escort Mk II04:09.373+1:27.630Steam
2565 FriskimeFord Escort Mk II04:09.390+1:27.800Xbox
2566 Niko38160Ford Escort Mk II04:09.423+1:27.113PS4
2567 valuedpianoFord Escort Mk II04:09.440+1:27.130PS4
2568 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:09.490+1:27.180Xbox
2569 <`´L!L^G@E`´> Ford Escort Mk II04:09.507+1:27.197Steam
2570 tchikanos45Ford Escort Mk II04:09.540+1:27.230PS4
2571 thomasscholleFord Escort Mk II04:09.590+1:27.280Steam
2572 davcaFord Escort Mk II04:09.590+1:27.280PS4
2573 MyFootFingerFord Escort Mk II04:09.640+1:27.330Xbox
2574 LH190Ford Escort Mk II04:09.656+1:27.346Steam
2575 staatskanzlaFord Escort Mk II04:09.690+1:27.380PS4
2576 JIRKA_czeFord Escort Mk II04:09.756+1:27.446PS4
2577 CallemannFord Escort Mk II04:09.756+1:27.446Xbox
2578 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:09.757+1:27.447Xbox
2579 kimmo88_ Ford Escort Mk II04:09.790+1:27.480Steam
2580 CyMickyFord Escort Mk II04:09.806+1:27.496Xbox
2581 HeavyThraexFord Escort Mk II04:09.907+1:27.597PS4
2582 Ferrarivettel200Ford Escort Mk II04:09.923+1:27.613PS4
2583 moonsrockFord Escort Mk II04:09.923+1:27.613PS4
2584 dinamita-26Ford Escort Mk II04:09.940+1:27.630PS4
2585 rove43_Ford Escort Mk II04:10.023+1:27.713PS4
2586 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:10.057+1:27.747Xbox
2587 Ulme57 Ford Escort Mk II04:10.089+1:27.779Steam
2588 yandexxFord Escort Mk II04:10.089+1:27.779Steam
2589 blueberrywitchFord Escort Mk II04:10.189+1:27.879PS4
2590 Bo Soba Ford Escort Mk II04:10.239+1:27.929Steam
2591 lord_pethorFord Escort Mk II04:10.273+1:27.963PS4
2592 GeniusB8SFord Escort Mk II04:10.306+1:27.996PS4
2593 Lenzo34000Ford Escort Mk II04:10.340+1:28.300PS4
2594 Jomo1805Ford Escort Mk II04:10.357+1:28.470PS4
2595 fw4everFord Escort Mk II04:10.373+1:28.630Steam
2596 flake_lorenzoFord Escort Mk II04:10.390+1:28.800PS4
2597 Ash77PLFord Escort Mk II04:10.407+1:28.970PS4
2598 Syrkyn89Ford Escort Mk II04:10.439+1:28.129PS4
2599 DerAtze_09Ford Escort Mk II04:10.473+1:28.163PS4
2600 abunchofsheepsFord Escort Mk II04:10.523+1:28.213PS4
2601 Rentus Ford Escort Mk II04:10.607+1:28.297Steam
2602 Jbeliveau320Ford Escort Mk II04:10.623+1:28.313Xbox
2603 rozas988Ford Escort Mk II04:10.639+1:28.329Xbox
2604 T271Ford Escort Mk II04:10.656+1:28.346Steam
2605 SpeschelFord Escort Mk II04:10.723+1:28.413PS4
2606 PhoenixWing13Ford Escort Mk II04:10.790+1:28.480PS4
2607 Andrey124russFord Escort Mk II04:10.840+1:28.530Xbox
2608 Apo-TTCC Ford Escort Mk II04:10.856+1:28.546Steam
2609 DipperFord Escort Mk II04:10.890+1:28.580Steam
2610 RICH_CRAFTFord Escort Mk II04:10.906+1:28.596PS4
2611 motero-kiteroFord Escort Mk II04:10.907+1:28.597PS4
2612 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:10.907+1:28.597Xbox
2613 Wacki1711Ford Escort Mk II04:10.923+1:28.613Xbox
2614 RooBubba Ford Escort Mk II04:10.973+1:28.663Steam
2615 GreatStillnessFord Escort Mk II04:11.023+1:28.713PS4
2616 pott-sauFord Escort Mk II04:11.039+1:28.729PS4
2617 LarryQuattros8Ford Escort Mk II04:11.039+1:28.729PS4
2618 SmetesFord Escort Mk II04:11.073+1:28.763PS4
2619 SchicksalsbergFord Escort Mk II04:11.139+1:28.829Steam
2620 starhopper777Ford Escort Mk II04:11.223+1:28.913Steam
2621 temarioFord Escort Mk II04:11.307+1:28.997Xbox
2622 L183OMBFord Escort Mk II04:11.373+1:29.630PS4
2623 Raul_Zamora_110Ford Escort Mk II04:11.406+1:29.960PS4
2624 Sedge Ford Escort Mk II04:11.423+1:29.113Steam
2625 Maria LealFord Escort Mk II04:11.440+1:29.130Steam
2626 kyle89Ford Escort Mk II04:11.440+1:29.130Xbox
2627 Jo1681Ford Escort Mk II04:11.623+1:29.313PS4
2628 M-Power290692Ford Escort Mk II04:11.656+1:29.346PS4
2629 ferdji88Ford Escort Mk II04:11.723+1:29.413Steam
2630 Seby01101973Ford Escort Mk II04:11.756+1:29.446PS4
2631 J-Ratte ?Ford Escort Mk II04:11.790+1:29.480Steam
2632 SpatialDragon Ford Escort Mk II04:11.806+1:29.496Steam
2633 RolfolusFord Escort Mk II04:11.806+1:29.496PS4
2634 PicksN1Ford Escort Mk II04:11.823+1:29.513PS4
2635 alexrotagraziosiFord Escort Mk II04:11.840+1:29.530Steam
2636 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:11.840+1:29.530Xbox
2637 May2501Ford Escort Mk II04:11.857+1:29.547PS4
2638 fabien.ferryFord Escort Mk II04:11.889+1:29.579Steam
2639 HonkQuackBangFord Escort Mk II04:11.906+1:29.596PS4
2640 Clockwork114Ford Escort Mk II04:11.956+1:29.646PS4
2641 Am 885Ford Escort Mk II04:11.989+1:29.679Steam
2642 =C.D.T= KompressorFord Escort Mk II04:11.990+1:29.680Steam
2643 MagggusHROFord Escort Mk II04:12.039+1:29.729PS4
2644 Nounours250466Ford Escort Mk II04:12.040+1:29.730PS4
2645 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:12.089+1:29.779Xbox
2646 lemonhart.0414 Ford Escort Mk II04:12.107+1:29.797Steam
2647 mason_g_taylorFord Escort Mk II04:12.123+1:29.813PS4
2648 BURKEL69Ford Escort Mk II04:12.123+1:29.813PS4
2649 lenny-eireFord Escort Mk II04:12.123+1:29.813PS4
2650 joheliasFord Escort Mk II04:12.140+1:29.830Steam
2651 forzanapoli77Ford Escort Mk II04:12.189+1:29.879PS4
2652 Blob Ford Escort Mk II04:12.190+1:29.880Steam
2653 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:12.273+1:29.963Xbox
2654 HerseradishFord Escort Mk II04:12.306+1:29.996Steam
2655 Steven-Walking21Ford Escort Mk II04:12.324+1:30.140PS4
2656 daz_mann_1991Ford Escort Mk II04:12.356+1:30.460PS4
2657 Matty1983BsFord Escort Mk II04:12.389+1:30.790Xbox
2658 141bennyFord Escort Mk II04:12.423+1:30.113Xbox
2659 TTotalSSchadenFord Escort Mk II04:12.473+1:30.163Steam
2660 hudsarusoFord Escort Mk II04:12.489+1:30.179PS4
2661 crosby13245Ford Escort Mk II04:12.556+1:30.246PS4
2662 birkkristiansen0Ford Escort Mk II04:12.606+1:30.296PS4
2663 Capt PoPaT Ford Escort Mk II04:12.623+1:30.313Steam
2664 mojje76Ford Escort Mk II04:12.689+1:30.379PS4
2665 ArtemyiFord Escort Mk II04:12.723+1:30.413Steam
2666 F1AlexvsFord Escort Mk II04:12.723+1:30.413Xbox
2667 chr2d2 Ford Escort Mk II04:12.774+1:30.464Steam
2668 Gans1956Ford Escort Mk II04:12.789+1:30.479PS4
2669 raedFord Escort Mk II04:12.823+1:30.513Steam
2670 RandaleRickFord Escort Mk II04:12.840+1:30.530Xbox
2671 Eshelon_UA Ford Escort Mk II04:12.873+1:30.563Steam
2672 joke39400Ford Escort Mk II04:12.873+1:30.563PS4
2673 Henry Ford Escort Mk II04:12.906+1:30.596Steam
2674 spurs78Ford Escort Mk II04:12.923+1:30.613PS4
2675 romarco400Ford Escort Mk II04:12.956+1:30.646PS4
2676 Grizzly Ford Escort Mk II04:12.990+1:30.680Steam
2677 xes-kapoFord Escort Mk II04:13.006+1:30.696PS4
2678 bussardono1Ford Escort Mk II04:13.006+1:30.696PS4
2679 SlipStrokeFord Escort Mk II04:13.007+1:30.697Steam
2680 gesso1014Ford Escort Mk II04:13.023+1:30.713PS4
2681 TargetB0y Ford Escort Mk II04:13.074+1:30.764Steam
2682 tugRiderFord Escort Mk II04:13.107+1:30.797PS4
2683 schwung-headFord Escort Mk II04:13.273+1:30.963PS4
2684 zorba13Ford Escort Mk II04:13.289+1:30.979PS4
2685 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:13.340+1:31.300Xbox
2686 De_Witte66Ford Escort Mk II04:13.389+1:31.790PS4
2687 NA441125 Ford Escort Mk II04:13.390+1:31.800Steam
2688 hancur_h02Ford Escort Mk II04:13.406+1:31.960Steam
2689 Ossi von ostsmörgåsFord Escort Mk II04:13.457+1:31.147Steam
2690 AuToMaNyAkO_akh7Ford Escort Mk II04:13.473+1:31.163PS4
2691 brohedeFord Escort Mk II04:13.473+1:31.163PS4
2692 Ralemann30Ford Escort Mk II04:13.489+1:31.179PS4
2693 WulfFord Escort Mk II04:13.557+1:31.247Steam
2694 XitobulaFord Escort Mk II04:13.557+1:31.247PS4
2695 StoinFord Escort Mk II04:13.573+1:31.263Steam
2696 Piero_Luca_IviFord Escort Mk II04:13.589+1:31.279PS4
2697 MautioFord Escort Mk II04:13.623+1:31.313PS4
2698 ziKKKEYFord Escort Mk II04:13.639+1:31.329Steam
2699 Matze512 Ford Escort Mk II04:13.656+1:31.346Steam
2700 ((-=Zwaffie=-))Ford Escort Mk II04:13.656+1:31.346Steam
2701 Papilio75Ford Escort Mk II04:13.690+1:31.380PS4
2702 Cova86Ford Escort Mk II04:13.740+1:31.430PS4
2703 SilentFord Escort Mk II04:13.840+1:31.530Steam
2704 julenpFord Escort Mk II04:13.856+1:31.546Steam
2705 M4N!4CFord Escort Mk II04:13.873+1:31.563Steam
2706 madyulinFord Escort Mk II04:13.906+1:31.596PS4
2707 kevr1978Ford Escort Mk II04:13.923+1:31.613PS4
2708 CrAshBaNgWhLoopFord Escort Mk II04:14.023+1:31.713PS4
2709 Jehova25Ford Escort Mk II04:14.057+1:31.747PS4
2710 MOMOWRC59Ford Escort Mk II04:14.190+1:31.880PS4
2711 Flens07 Ford Escort Mk II04:14.223+1:31.913Steam
2712 JABMAN007Ford Escort Mk II04:14.240+1:31.930PS4
2713 Furti3Ford Escort Mk II04:14.307+1:31.997PS4
2714 lenni512 Ford Escort Mk II04:14.357+1:32.470Steam
2715 XXralleFord Escort Mk II04:14.439+1:32.129Steam
2716 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:14.539+1:32.229Xbox
2717 EmpiHUNFord Escort Mk II04:14.556+1:32.246PS4
2718 plh1978Ford Escort Mk II04:14.607+1:32.297PS4
2719 sportybFord Escort Mk II04:14.607+1:32.297Xbox
2720 TN Ford Escort Mk II04:14.639+1:32.329Steam
2721 ltkellysniperFord Escort Mk II04:14.707+1:32.397Xbox
2722 13kraneosFord Escort Mk II04:14.723+1:32.413Xbox
2723 ericbcolomaFord Escort Mk II04:14.940+1:32.630Xbox
2724 epik5Ford Escort Mk II04:15.039+1:32.729Steam
2725 chi-royalFord Escort Mk II04:15.040+1:32.730PS4
2726 S-TroubleGATFord Escort Mk II04:15.073+1:32.763PS4
2727 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.073+1:32.763Xbox
2728 MariguanaBRFord Escort Mk II04:15.107+1:32.797PS4
2729 fleterkeFord Escort Mk II04:15.273+1:32.963PS4
2730 dlopes87Ford Escort Mk II04:15.274+1:32.964PS4
2731 stilo74Ford Escort Mk II04:15.306+1:32.996PS4
2732 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.306+1:32.996Xbox
2733 g4evodaveFord Escort Mk II04:15.440+1:33.130PS4
2734 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.440+1:33.130Xbox
2735 Multy_KFord Escort Mk II04:15.506+1:33.196PS4
2736 Maexo Ford Escort Mk II04:15.523+1:33.213Steam
2737 nivelgameargFord Escort Mk II04:15.540+1:33.230PS4
2738 v00bFord Escort Mk II04:15.573+1:33.263Steam
2739 Headshots for HarambeFord Escort Mk II04:15.589+1:33.279Steam
2740 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.606+1:33.296Xbox
2741 Sherminator01928Ford Escort Mk II04:15.623+1:33.313PS4
2742 enignoc Ford Escort Mk II04:15.657+1:33.347Steam
2743 tpaullinFord Escort Mk II04:15.673+1:33.363PS4
2744 PP Ford Escort Mk II04:15.706+1:33.396Steam
2745 danielhoglan Ford Escort Mk II04:15.706+1:33.396Steam
2746 JMTenaciousFord Escort Mk II04:15.706+1:33.396PS4
2747 felix.ga1 Ford Escort Mk II04:15.756+1:33.446Steam
2748 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.773+1:33.463Xbox
2749 timo906s15Ford Escort Mk II04:15.806+1:33.496PS4
2750 jayottselFord Escort Mk II04:15.823+1:33.513PS4
2751 1000needles Ford Escort Mk II04:15.839+1:33.529Steam
2752 JUL52190Ford Escort Mk II04:15.840+1:33.530PS4
2753 CHEMARIFord Escort Mk II04:15.923+1:33.613Xbox
2754 lardtreeFord Escort Mk II04:15.973+1:33.663Xbox
2755 CursedJackFord Escort Mk II04:15.989+1:33.679Steam
2756 Roadrunner7007Ford Escort Mk II04:16.023+1:33.713PS4
2757 BRZNSKFord Escort Mk II04:16.056+1:33.746Xbox
2758 avu_arcadeFord Escort Mk II04:16.124+1:33.814PS4
2759 orzonFord Escort Mk II04:16.240+1:33.930Steam
2760 LoricFord Escort Mk II04:16.490+1:34.180Steam
2761 tigerkrosFord Escort Mk II04:16.506+1:34.196PS4
2762 sylovesylFord Escort Mk II04:16.607+1:34.297PS4
2763 SoMeGuY Ford Escort Mk II04:16.640+1:34.330Steam
2764 MMI_MaVeRiCk Ford Escort Mk II04:16.640+1:34.330Steam
2765 whozak Ford Escort Mk II04:16.657+1:34.347Steam
2766 ANDRE-MG19Ford Escort Mk II04:16.706+1:34.396PS4
2767 SpinolaFord Escort Mk II04:16.740+1:34.430Steam
2768 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:16.807+1:34.497Xbox
2769 impadmiralFord Escort Mk II04:16.840+1:34.530PS4
2770 hellpaso7Ford Escort Mk II04:16.840+1:34.530PS4
2771 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:16.840+1:34.530Xbox
2772 mitz77Ford Escort Mk II04:16.873+1:34.563PS4
2773 jaguar-ryuFord Escort Mk II04:16.906+1:34.596PS4
2774 SashaFord Escort Mk II04:16.939+1:34.629Steam
2775 ruiner02970Ford Escort Mk II04:16.956+1:34.646Xbox
2776 LeNUTRIE MetanoloFord Escort Mk II04:16.973+1:34.663Steam
2777 KFC_Racing_Team_Ford Escort Mk II04:17.006+1:34.696PS4
2778 DJ_Agent11Ford Escort Mk II04:17.006+1:34.696PS4
2779 Manu998877Ford Escort Mk II04:17.023+1:34.713PS4
2780 REDpearceFord Escort Mk II04:17.074+1:34.764Xbox
2781 mw.dunning Ford Escort Mk II04:17.173+1:34.863Steam
2782 rademenes23Ford Escort Mk II04:17.173+1:34.863PS4
2783 eyyy420m8Ford Escort Mk II04:17.223+1:34.913PS4
2784 iamkoksoslolFord Escort Mk II04:17.223+1:34.913PS4
2785 mickeyrutsFord Escort Mk II04:17.290+1:34.980PS4
2786 BurnmotoFord Escort Mk II04:17.340+1:35.300Xbox
2787 rajlak Ford Escort Mk II04:17.356+1:35.460Steam
2788 Rockford007Ford Escort Mk II04:17.356+1:35.460PS4
2789 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:17.423+1:35.113Xbox
2790 schmidtl1992Ford Escort Mk II04:17.439+1:35.129PS4
2791 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:17.440+1:35.130Xbox
2792 txavi_7Ford Escort Mk II04:17.473+1:35.163PS4
2793 MrNapaFord Escort Mk II04:17.473+1:35.163PS4
2794 ESonsn Ford Escort Mk II04:17.590+1:35.280Steam
2795 BroneViK)))Ford Escort Mk II04:17.639+1:35.329Steam
2796 Aleexis_FuryFord Escort Mk II04:17.656+1:35.346PS4
2797 plahiFord Escort Mk II04:17.689+1:35.379Steam
2798 NiribuFord Escort Mk II04:17.689+1:35.379Steam
2799 munru1032Ford Escort Mk II04:17.689+1:35.379PS4
2800 woo-hoooFord Escort Mk II04:17.690+1:35.380PS4
2801 SASsentinelFord Escort Mk II04:17.740+1:35.430PS4
2802 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:17.756+1:35.446Xbox
2803 mrksaksi Ford Escort Mk II04:17.773+1:35.463Steam
2804 DiMa_1_Ford Escort Mk II04:17.906+1:35.596PS4
2805 Flyboy888Ford Escort Mk II04:17.923+1:35.613Xbox
2806 TdcossieblokeFord Escort Mk II04:17.956+1:35.646PS4
2807 taz13E-S Ford Escort Mk II04:18.056+1:35.746Steam
2808 Malabil Ford Escort Mk II04:18.156+1:35.846Steam
2809 VebzuFord Escort Mk II04:18.157+1:35.847PS4
2810 markineenFord Escort Mk II04:18.240+1:35.930Xbox
2811 [HS]SpecializedDEMO8Ford Escort Mk II04:18.356+1:36.460Steam
2812 ggBlackPearlggFord Escort Mk II04:18.389+1:36.790PS4
2813 jppalFord Escort Mk II04:18.406+1:36.960Steam
2814 paul_onesix Ford Escort Mk II04:18.457+1:36.147Steam
2815 bad onionFord Escort Mk II04:18.489+1:36.179Steam
2816 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:18.539+1:36.229Xbox
2817 marcheoucreve88Ford Escort Mk II04:18.590+1:36.280PS4
2818 Stefan99837Ford Escort Mk II04:18.672+1:36.362PS4
2819 PaudanjunFord Escort Mk II04:18.689+1:36.379PS4
2820 MOISTERBLEACHFord Escort Mk II04:18.689+1:36.379PS4
2821 w3rfc Ford Escort Mk II04:18.756+1:36.446Steam
2822 Edje623Ford Escort Mk II04:18.890+1:36.580PS4
2823 sinkopesFord Escort Mk II04:18.923+1:36.613PS4
2824 VicSS79Ford Escort Mk II04:18.956+1:36.646PS4
2825 kubaautystaFord Escort Mk II04:19.006+1:36.696PS4
2826 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:19.023+1:36.713Xbox
2827 LeTrembleurFord Escort Mk II04:19.056+1:36.746PS4
2828 charutocubanoFord Escort Mk II04:19.106+1:36.796Steam
2829 albertohz86Ford Escort Mk II04:19.189+1:36.879PS4
2830 adriliyo91Ford Escort Mk II04:19.206+1:36.896PS4
2831 OdoLivesFord Escort Mk II04:19.306+1:36.996PS4
2832 bene64 Ford Escort Mk II04:19.340+1:37.300Steam
2833 mormo95Ford Escort Mk II04:19.356+1:37.460PS4
2834 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:19.440+1:37.130Xbox
2835 BoomBasti16Ford Escort Mk II04:19.539+1:37.229PS4
2836 GTI-54Ford Escort Mk II04:19.607+1:37.297PS4
2837 RoboDestructorFord Escort Mk II04:19.706+1:37.396Steam
2838 SeweriFord Escort Mk II04:19.806+1:37.496Steam
2839 mousenanoFord Escort Mk II04:19.840+1:37.530Steam
2840 Kane Ford Escort Mk II04:19.906+1:37.596Steam
2841 ReaalzFord Escort Mk II04:19.906+1:37.596Xbox
2842 droidizer Ford Escort Mk II04:19.923+1:37.613Steam
2843 yahoo.7.tot.ne.jp Ford Escort Mk II04:19.956+1:37.646Steam
2844 olegkleyFord Escort Mk II04:19.972+1:37.662PS4
2845 ladpleFord Escort Mk II04:19.972+1:37.662PS4
2846 Tony MellaFord Escort Mk II04:20.106+1:37.796Steam
2847 babelskyFord Escort Mk II04:20.206+1:37.896Steam
2848 cyanideblyat980Ford Escort Mk II04:20.223+1:37.913PS4
2849 Nmest878Ford Escort Mk II04:20.323+1:38.130PS4
2850 ZEDsFord Escort Mk II04:20.356+1:38.460Steam
2851 JanjanBZH22 Ford Escort Mk II04:20.390+1:38.800Steam
2852 kaktys Ford Escort Mk II04:20.422+1:38.112Steam
2853 LeftbehindFord Escort Mk II04:20.423+1:38.113Steam
2854 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:20.457+1:38.147Xbox
2855 EmiltheshrimpFord Escort Mk II04:20.506+1:38.196PS4
2856 poloshop43Ford Escort Mk II04:20.556+1:38.246Xbox
2857 ptitdjo74Ford Escort Mk II04:20.573+1:38.263PS4
2858 iScope | Freiherr von KieselFord Escort Mk II04:20.623+1:38.313Steam
2859 ChechillnFord Escort Mk II04:20.740+1:38.430Steam
2860 8elph3g0reFord Escort Mk II04:20.756+1:38.446Steam
2861 DimzoOFord Escort Mk II04:20.773+1:38.463PS4
2862 acelgosoFord Escort Mk II04:20.774+1:38.464Steam
2863 eplusm-racingpixFord Escort Mk II04:20.839+1:38.529PS4
2864 Hawleyw00d_Ford Escort Mk II04:20.840+1:38.530PS4
2865 PeterSnakeFord Escort Mk II04:20.873+1:38.563Steam
2866 chrispalkoFord Escort Mk II04:20.939+1:38.629Xbox
2867 Schumi2006Ford Escort Mk II04:20.956+1:38.646Xbox
2868 admrozFord Escort Mk II04:21.006+1:38.696PS4
2869 Megasaxon Ford Escort Mk II04:21.106+1:38.796Steam
2870 stevedkiwiFord Escort Mk II04:21.190+1:38.880Steam
2871 ^0s^4P^0ezia^4LL^0e ^4FSR Ford Escort Mk II04:21.290+1:38.980Steam
2872 DON_DANIELLOFord Escort Mk II04:21.290+1:38.980PS4
2873 lewismortimer196Ford Escort Mk II04:21.406+1:39.960PS4
2874 prjFord Escort Mk II04:21.457+1:39.147PS4
2875 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:21.639+1:39.329Xbox
2876 tomcivicFord Escort Mk II04:21.640+1:39.330PS4
2877 cyconicoFord Escort Mk II04:21.656+1:39.346Steam
2878 isabelijosepFord Escort Mk II04:21.756+1:39.446PS4
2879 ?|f(x)-g(x)|dx Ford Escort Mk II04:21.873+1:39.563Steam
2880 DANZ1974Ford Escort Mk II04:22.006+1:39.696PS4
2881 End731tFord Escort Mk II04:22.023+1:39.713PS4
2882 lxlMille23lxlFord Escort Mk II04:22.040+1:39.730Xbox
2883 mesepappaFord Escort Mk II04:22.073+1:39.763PS4
2884 MojaPanaFord Escort Mk II04:22.172+1:39.862Steam
2885 kdrsmzFord Escort Mk II04:22.240+1:39.930Steam
2886 RAYNESTORM1157Ford Escort Mk II04:22.322+1:40.120PS4
2887 fredthekingFord Escort Mk II04:22.473+1:40.163Steam
2888 jef-59118Ford Escort Mk II04:22.506+1:40.196PS4
2889 mikidafiFord Escort Mk II04:22.507+1:40.197Steam
2890 CrimsonBludlettrFord Escort Mk II04:22.523+1:40.213PS4
2891 bks362013Ford Escort Mk II04:22.623+1:40.313PS4
2892 D'Alex96Ford Escort Mk II04:22.706+1:40.396Steam
2893 DarknessKillerXFord Escort Mk II04:22.756+1:40.446PS4
2894 Alfio_92Ford Escort Mk II04:22.756+1:40.446PS4
2895 lavoie.pierre Ford Escort Mk II04:22.789+1:40.479Steam
2896 deadkens Ford Escort Mk II04:22.790+1:40.480Steam
2897 YannickFerrardFord Escort Mk II04:22.856+1:40.546Xbox
2898 ????Ford Escort Mk II04:22.989+1:40.679Steam
2899 LuckyB Ford Escort Mk II04:23.006+1:40.696Steam
2900 FlorisPauwelsFord Escort Mk II04:23.022+1:40.712Steam
2901 palefaceFord Escort Mk II04:23.023+1:40.713Steam
2902 eggbertherbertFord Escort Mk II04:23.072+1:40.762PS4
2903 polo971 Ford Escort Mk II04:23.090+1:40.780Steam
2904 MkSongFord Escort Mk II04:23.106+1:40.796PS4
2905 yz351Ford Escort Mk II04:23.140+1:40.830PS4
2906 XdogbreathXFord Escort Mk II04:23.173+1:40.863Xbox
2907 RsFriciFord Escort Mk II04:23.189+1:40.879PS4
2908 ReepinKiller2Ford Escort Mk II04:23.323+1:41.130Steam
2909 Teschio81KillFord Escort Mk II04:23.323+1:41.130PS4
2910 garimonkichi575Ford Escort Mk II04:23.422+1:41.112PS4
2911 IntimfurunkelFord Escort Mk II04:23.440+1:41.130PS4
2912 TEAM-RCAFord Escort Mk II04:23.472+1:41.162PS4
2913 taytothiefFord Escort Mk II04:23.522+1:41.212Steam
2914 Stepan StepanowitchFord Escort Mk II04:23.557+1:41.247Steam
2915 akebaerFord Escort Mk II04:23.590+1:41.280PS4
2916 Dell Boy 321 Ford Escort Mk II04:23.756+1:41.446Steam
2917 rickyvg1975Ford Escort Mk II04:23.773+1:41.463PS4
2918 Stino005Ford Escort Mk II04:23.823+1:41.513PS4
2919 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:23.873+1:41.563Xbox
2920 RENO1977Ford Escort Mk II04:23.956+1:41.646Xbox
2921 madjock11Ford Escort Mk II04:23.957+1:41.647PS4
2922 maxlo1984Ford Escort Mk II04:24.089+1:41.779PS4
2923 ebenenritter211Ford Escort Mk II04:24.106+1:41.796Xbox
2924 LasivillaFord Escort Mk II04:24.107+1:41.797PS4
2925 NONOBILOUTEFord Escort Mk II04:24.123+1:41.813PS4
2926 tubsymalloneFord Escort Mk II04:24.173+1:41.863Xbox
2927 alv77blzFord Escort Mk II04:24.190+1:41.880PS4
2928 raceri79Ford Escort Mk II04:24.256+1:41.946PS4
2929 drouinchristophe Ford Escort Mk II04:24.373+1:42.630Steam
2930 FREASH556Ford Escort Mk II04:24.440+1:42.130PS4
2931 duetoniFord Escort Mk II04:24.523+1:42.213PS4
2932 predatormax777Ford Escort Mk II04:24.540+1:42.230PS4
2933 TwD SteelFord Escort Mk II04:24.623+1:42.313Steam
2934 xTOXICzWASTExFord Escort Mk II04:24.639+1:42.329Xbox
2935 garyzhao2016Ford Escort Mk II04:24.656+1:42.346PS4
2936 Rolf265Ford Escort Mk II04:24.956+1:42.646PS4
2937 mr_fishy_faceFord Escort Mk II04:25.056+1:42.746PS4
2938 SaiyanPeppy_ Ford Escort Mk II04:25.073+1:42.763Steam
2939 brallyingFord Escort Mk II04:25.140+1:42.830PS4
2940 titirsn2003Ford Escort Mk II04:25.141+1:42.831PS4
2941 kl_bulldogFord Escort Mk II04:25.207+1:42.897PS4
2942 BA | LoserFord Escort Mk II04:25.223+1:42.913Steam
2943 j66gah Ford Escort Mk II04:25.239+1:42.929Steam
2944 ZioWa12WoLfFord Escort Mk II04:25.256+1:42.946PS4
2945 astarrothFord Escort Mk II04:25.289+1:42.979PS4
2946 409080808Ford Escort Mk II04:25.322+1:43.120Steam
2947 RThoreFord Escort Mk II04:25.373+1:43.630PS4
2948 May roseFord Escort Mk II04:25.456+1:43.146Steam
2949 RashanFord Escort Mk II04:25.472+1:43.162Steam
2950 TerrorError93Ford Escort Mk II04:25.556+1:43.246PS4
2951 DugWholeFord Escort Mk II04:25.556+1:43.246Xbox
2952 edtekFord Escort Mk II04:25.722+1:43.412Steam
2953 3a?Pa3??pFord Escort Mk II04:25.822+1:43.512Steam
2954 The FearFord Escort Mk II04:25.990+1:43.680Steam
2955 remy424242Ford Escort Mk II04:25.990+1:43.680PS4
2956 motocrazy03Ford Escort Mk II04:25.990+1:43.680Xbox
2957 Lukafa_SVKFord Escort Mk II04:26.023+1:43.713PS4
2958 borrege10Ford Escort Mk II04:26.107+1:43.797PS4
2959 ditan511Ford Escort Mk II04:26.206+1:43.896PS4
2960 Reis2626Ford Escort Mk II04:26.223+1:43.913PS4
2961 juchoandkurtFord Escort Mk II04:26.272+1:43.962PS4
2962 Sbulien16Ford Escort Mk II04:26.289+1:43.979PS4
2963 GrownMattie123Ford Escort Mk II04:26.339+1:44.290Xbox
2964 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:26.357+1:44.470Xbox
2965 remigiuszujmaFord Escort Mk II04:26.422+1:44.112Steam
2966 jojo_wFord Escort Mk II04:26.457+1:44.147PS4
2967 V8AVALANCHE45Ford Escort Mk II04:26.539+1:44.229PS4
2968 joostje-013Ford Escort Mk II04:26.623+1:44.313PS4
2969 Heath_74 Ford Escort Mk II04:26.639+1:44.329Steam
2970 Thunderclap786Ford Escort Mk II04:26.673+1:44.363PS4
2971 ID_LambdaFord Escort Mk II04:26.705+1:44.395PS4
2972 papi Bernard Ford Escort Mk II04:26.739+1:44.429Steam
2973 TrippinballzFord Escort Mk II04:26.741+1:44.431Steam
2974 bibendum187Ford Escort Mk II04:26.806+1:44.496PS4
2975 hitchy420Ford Escort Mk II04:26.872+1:44.562PS4
2976 DimitriyrallyartFord Escort Mk II04:26.889+1:44.579PS4
2977 GunDead Ford Escort Mk II04:26.905+1:44.595Steam
2978 orb1talFord Escort Mk II04:26.955+1:44.645Xbox
2979 sharky1985stFord Escort Mk II04:27.105+1:44.795PS4
2980 lightbulb_howellFord Escort Mk II04:27.106+1:44.796PS4
2981 TATA2007Ford Escort Mk II04:27.155+1:44.845PS4
2982 stevemcc1873Ford Escort Mk II04:27.156+1:44.846PS4
2983 taiina20Ford Escort Mk II04:27.172+1:44.862PS4
2984 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:27.173+1:44.863Xbox
2985 BleMFord Escort Mk II04:27.173+1:44.863Xbox
2986 jdmzzvtecFord Escort Mk II04:27.189+1:44.879Xbox
2987 AsusMastermindFord Escort Mk II04:27.255+1:44.945Steam
2988 Famous-TTCCFord Escort Mk II04:27.256+1:44.946Steam
2989 Kackzwerg001Ford Escort Mk II04:27.423+1:45.113PS4
2990 grillopeppe79Ford Escort Mk II04:27.472+1:45.162PS4
2991 rubberjohnny Ford Escort Mk II04:27.473+1:45.163Steam
2992 ArtycokaFord Escort Mk II04:27.490+1:45.180Steam
2993 cernunnos7Ford Escort Mk II04:27.490+1:45.180PS4
2994 BuggyMan75Ford Escort Mk II04:27.505+1:45.195PS4
2995 duvidayFord Escort Mk II04:27.606+1:45.296Steam
2996 McBengFord Escort Mk II04:27.673+1:45.363Steam
2997 Notminor Ford Escort Mk II04:27.689+1:45.379Steam
2998 rickyelwizardFord Escort Mk II04:27.889+1:45.579PS4
2999 remy.cholet Ford Escort Mk II04:27.906+1:45.596Steam
3000 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:27.973+1:45.663Xbox
3001 thomas79nFord Escort Mk II04:28.056+1:45.746Xbox
3002 Dirtman68985Ford Escort Mk II04:28.256+1:45.946PS4
3003 MicheIIFord Escort Mk II04:28.256+1:45.946PS4
3004 BSTR00Ford Escort Mk II04:28.406+1:46.960PS4
3005 PassagierFord Escort Mk II04:28.456+1:46.146Xbox
3006 Silleman85Ford Escort Mk II04:28.539+1:46.229Xbox
3007 Warren5150Ford Escort Mk II04:28.706+1:46.396PS4
3008 MarKukku Ford Escort Mk II04:28.739+1:46.429Steam
3009 MrOsirisFord Escort Mk II04:28.772+1:46.462Steam
3010 pelican2aFord Escort Mk II04:28.772+1:46.462Steam
3011 LanamiFord Escort Mk II04:28.789+1:46.479Steam
3012 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:28.789+1:46.479Xbox
3013 gabigamermcbeastFord Escort Mk II04:28.872+1:46.562PS4
3014 IGNIFord Escort Mk II04:28.973+1:46.663Steam
3015 cyril.b16Ford Escort Mk II04:29.022+1:46.712Steam
3016 TheDude2596Ford Escort Mk II04:29.023+1:46.713PS4
3017 essenerjung291Ford Escort Mk II04:29.023+1:46.713Xbox
3018 Josh_Crockett_JCFord Escort Mk II04:29.039+1:46.729PS4
3019 Westcoast07Ford Escort Mk II04:29.056+1:46.746Xbox
3020 RickyTheTrippyFord Escort Mk II04:29.073+1:46.763PS4
3021 smiechujFord Escort Mk II04:29.089+1:46.779PS4
3022 fabiano_007Ford Escort Mk II04:29.205+1:46.895PS4
3023 mrcsrt3Ford Escort Mk II04:29.290+1:46.980PS4
3024 JandreolettiFord Escort Mk II04:29.355+1:47.450PS4
3025 Volkkanen Ford Escort Mk II04:29.389+1:47.790Steam
3026 NickolaFord Escort Mk II04:29.422+1:47.112Steam
3027 Kurt_DMFord Escort Mk II04:29.423+1:47.113PS4
3028 Thodoris KapourniotisFord Escort Mk II04:29.439+1:47.129Steam
3029 aderaxfiFord Escort Mk II04:29.439+1:47.129PS4
3030 CattatoniFord Escort Mk II04:29.606+1:47.296PS4
3031 AJF9206Ford Escort Mk II04:29.640+1:47.330PS4
3032 Snipe_A_RavenFord Escort Mk II04:29.723+1:47.413PS4
3033 rdNomadFord Escort Mk II04:29.856+1:47.546PS4
3034 JoKeRaRCHiViLLaNFord Escort Mk II04:29.923+1:47.613PS4
3035 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:29.972+1:47.662Xbox
3036 austenlaingFord Escort Mk II04:30.006+1:47.696Steam
3037 ceasyriderFord Escort Mk II04:30.022+1:47.712Xbox
3038 cicciogrilloFord Escort Mk II04:30.039+1:47.729PS4
3039 |OCD|SkinkelynetFord Escort Mk II04:30.090+1:47.780Steam
3040 slipperywinkleFord Escort Mk II04:30.206+1:47.896PS4
3041 Manolis Ford Escort Mk II04:30.223+1:47.913Steam
3042 Cengiz Han Ford Escort Mk II04:30.239+1:47.929Steam
3043 Psycho__Cake__Ford Escort Mk II04:30.239+1:47.929PS4
3044 pixi5645Ford Escort Mk II04:30.356+1:48.460PS4
3045 SweetKiller1986Ford Escort Mk II04:30.356+1:48.460PS4
3046 FlutskaFord Escort Mk II04:30.473+1:48.163Steam
3047 manujc12Ford Escort Mk II04:30.639+1:48.329PS4
3048 daviddebxFord Escort Mk II04:30.639+1:48.329PS4
3049 Soum MorganFord Escort Mk II04:30.656+1:48.346Steam
3050 Andeegt4Ford Escort Mk II04:30.690+1:48.380PS4
3051 fgfpvf6Ford Escort Mk II04:30.789+1:48.479PS4
3052 HYDROMEL-58Ford Escort Mk II04:30.806+1:48.496PS4
3053 ExuberanceFord Escort Mk II04:30.822+1:48.512PS4
3054 ZoubADTFord Escort Mk II04:30.990+1:48.680Xbox
3055 FloHPunktFord Escort Mk II04:31.023+1:48.713PS4
3056 p.kopp2210Ford Escort Mk II04:31.122+1:48.812Steam
3057 jack_is_back07Ford Escort Mk II04:31.123+1:48.813PS4
3058 he73saFord Escort Mk II04:31.139+1:48.829PS4
3059 EverythingZZFord Escort Mk II04:31.189+1:48.879PS4
3060 Chikago3000Ford Escort Mk II04:31.240+1:48.930PS4
3061 MaraquanezFord Escort Mk II04:31.272+1:48.962PS4
3062 Dudley SockPuppet Ford Escort Mk II04:31.305+1:48.995Steam
3063 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:31.389+1:49.790Xbox
3064 craigworld Ford Escort Mk II04:31.422+1:49.112Steam
3065 AndrackFord Escort Mk II04:31.573+1:49.263Steam
3066 UndertalkerFord Escort Mk II04:31.639+1:49.329PS4
3067 VIOR1312Ford Escort Mk II04:31.672+1:49.362PS4
3068 aagmat67Ford Escort Mk II04:31.705+1:49.395PS4
3069 OodabadmanFord Escort Mk II04:31.706+1:49.396PS4
3070 ceny17Ford Escort Mk II04:31.789+1:49.479PS4
3071 Rss_nabooFord Escort Mk II04:31.822+1:49.512PS4
3072 rafaelsazulmcFord Escort Mk II04:31.956+1:49.646PS4
3073 soilentdFord Escort Mk II04:32.022+1:49.712PS4
3074 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:32.122+1:49.812Xbox
3075 rockaholic2323Ford Escort Mk II04:32.206+1:49.896Steam
3076 cr94benze7Ford Escort Mk II04:32.206+1:49.896PS4
3077 ChessGeekCFord Escort Mk II04:32.272+1:49.962Steam
3078 JinkJok Ford Escort Mk II04:32.340+1:50.300Steam
3079 edgarpoeFord Escort Mk II04:32.355+1:50.450Xbox
3080 zenstrider123Ford Escort Mk II04:32.422+1:50.112PS4
3081 ArjanFord Escort Mk II04:32.456+1:50.146Steam
3082 watan12Ford Escort Mk II04:32.456+1:50.146PS4
3083 LuisTyphoonFord Escort Mk II04:32.606+1:50.296Xbox
3084 Šmïffy Ford Escort Mk II04:32.640+1:50.330Steam
3085 Bigbamboo76atFord Escort Mk II04:32.656+1:50.346PS4
3086 matt15fan Ford Escort Mk II04:32.657+1:50.347Steam
3087 fangiio06400Ford Escort Mk II04:32.706+1:50.396PS4
3088 Jenda Ford Escort Mk II04:32.789+1:50.479Steam
3089 DonQuixote87Ford Escort Mk II04:32.805+1:50.495PS4
3090 keenblitzFord Escort Mk II04:32.806+1:50.496Steam
3091 stefan051004Ford Escort Mk II04:32.989+1:50.679Steam
3092 dexiumFord Escort Mk II04:32.989+1:50.679PS4
3093 Aleksey PermyakovFord Escort Mk II04:33.006+1:50.696Steam
3094 MilosFord Escort Mk II04:33.039+1:50.729Steam
3095 300 Ford Escort Mk II04:33.090+1:50.780Steam
3096 hapychapFord Escort Mk II04:33.273+1:50.963PS4
3097 JackG123557Ford Escort Mk II04:33.289+1:50.979PS4
3098 ???????Ford Escort Mk II04:33.489+1:51.179Steam
3099 sx225Ford Escort Mk II04:33.489+1:51.179Xbox
3100 EHelVIVFord Escort Mk II04:33.506+1:51.196PS4
3101 bou2103Ford Escort Mk II04:33.556+1:51.246Xbox
3102 CaliVinzFord Escort Mk II04:33.589+1:51.279PS4
3103 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:33.606+1:51.296Xbox
3104 DoGG Ford Escort Mk II04:33.673+1:51.363Steam
3105 jktlaFord Escort Mk II04:33.723+1:51.413Steam
3106 jmoreno_86Ford Escort Mk II04:33.790+1:51.480PS4
3107 still-youngFord Escort Mk II04:33.872+1:51.562PS4
3108 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:34.072+1:51.762Xbox
3109 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:34.139+1:51.829Xbox
3110 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:34.206+1:51.896Xbox
3111 juancarlostotoFord Escort Mk II04:34.222+1:51.912Steam
3112 catalystFord Escort Mk II04:34.256+1:51.946Steam
3113 Dan_Gurney_HBFord Escort Mk II04:34.422+1:52.112Steam
3114 Crafty KoboldFord Escort Mk II04:34.640+1:52.330Steam
3115 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:34.739+1:52.429Xbox
3116 TeddyEndFord Escort Mk II04:34.789+1:52.479PS4
3117 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:34.839+1:52.529Xbox
3118 fandeFord Escort Mk II04:34.872+1:52.562PS4
3119 SavaloyFord Escort Mk II04:35.022+1:52.712PS4
3120 Chip1lartaFord Escort Mk II04:35.023+1:52.713PS4
3121 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:35.055+1:52.745Xbox
3122 mcframFord Escort Mk II04:35.172+1:52.862PS4
3123 TugboatTonyFord Escort Mk II04:35.340+1:53.300Xbox
3124 paguy Ford Escort Mk II04:35.472+1:53.162Steam
3125 mukyu26-30Ford Escort Mk II04:35.472+1:53.162PS4
3126 -PmaC- Ford Escort Mk II04:35.490+1:53.180Steam
3127 arvin2121Ford Escort Mk II04:35.639+1:53.329PS4
3128 LFchinatown Ford Escort Mk II04:35.807+1:53.497Steam
3129 Alee_28Ford Escort Mk II04:35.872+1:53.562Steam
3130 TahoeBum420Ford Escort Mk II04:35.889+1:53.579PS4
3131 nkb200014Ford Escort Mk II04:35.906+1:53.596PS4
3132 botonesamos ( masaru ) Ford Escort Mk II04:35.922+1:53.612Steam
3133 devillersvideoFord Escort Mk II04:36.072+1:53.762Steam
3134 Phil_the_SlugFord Escort Mk II04:36.139+1:53.829PS4
3135 TKSkydiveFord Escort Mk II04:36.156+1:53.846PS4
3136 TimoJr_17Ford Escort Mk II04:36.240+1:53.930PS4
3137 Lorde MagnoFord Escort Mk II04:36.373+1:54.630Steam
3138 mickmacFord Escort Mk II04:36.406+1:54.960Steam
3139 carofmadness Ford Escort Mk II04:36.422+1:54.112Steam
3140 SidearmorFord Escort Mk II04:36.506+1:54.196Steam
3141 Zalikcharles182Ford Escort Mk II04:36.572+1:54.262PS4
3142 Binou291Ford Escort Mk II04:36.656+1:54.346PS4
3143 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:36.689+1:54.379Xbox
3144 GizmoFord Escort Mk II04:36.706+1:54.396Steam
3145 swemyssFord Escort Mk II04:36.772+1:54.462PS4
3146 jeeves_-0917Ford Escort Mk II04:36.773+1:54.463PS4
3147 jusia123Ford Escort Mk II04:36.839+1:54.529PS4
3148 CRoy>QC<Ford Escort Mk II04:36.872+1:54.562Steam
3149 JoselomurciaFord Escort Mk II04:36.872+1:54.562Xbox
3150 stump71Ford Escort Mk II04:36.905+1:54.595Steam
3151 JohnyMontana84plFord Escort Mk II04:37.006+1:54.696PS4
3152 kf18Ford Escort Mk II04:37.006+1:54.696PS4
3153 ukiuki_kumaFord Escort Mk II04:37.139+1:54.829PS4
3154 Sinisa CrnojevicFord Escort Mk II04:37.156+1:54.846Steam
3155 RyanTankFord Escort Mk II04:37.206+1:54.896Xbox
3156 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:37.256+1:54.946Xbox
3157 mixplumberFord Escort Mk II04:37.489+1:55.179PS4
3158 grne-31bn-dcx2Ford Escort Mk II04:37.556+1:55.246PS4
3159 FactorfishFord Escort Mk II04:37.839+1:55.529Steam
3160 dawn7748Ford Escort Mk II04:37.855+1:55.545PS4
3161 GiZm0_71210Ford Escort Mk II04:38.006+1:55.696PS4
3162 chrispofFord Escort Mk II04:38.039+1:55.729PS4
3163 A Polar Bear Ford Escort Mk II04:38.056+1:55.746Steam
3164 angelaressFord Escort Mk II04:38.206+1:55.896PS4
3165 MannbaeraffeFord Escort Mk II04:38.306+1:55.996Xbox
3166 gedazz Ford Escort Mk II04:38.389+1:56.790Steam
3167 GUNdalF a.K.a SounDzFord Escort Mk II04:38.473+1:56.163Steam
3168 Altavo Pse Ford Escort Mk II04:38.589+1:56.279Steam
3169 kb0327Ford Escort Mk II04:38.605+1:56.295PS4
3170 redsuns20Ford Escort Mk II04:38.656+1:56.346PS4
3171 DERRICKBLACK10Ford Escort Mk II04:38.756+1:56.446Xbox
3172 ST_Fan87Ford Escort Mk II04:38.822+1:56.512PS4
3173 BADCHEF851Ford Escort Mk II04:38.940+1:56.630PS4
3174 Jord358Ford Escort Mk II04:38.956+1:56.646Xbox
3175 SOARESBOYZFord Escort Mk II04:39.122+1:56.812Xbox
3176 Mimmix45Ford Escort Mk II04:39.123+1:56.813PS4
3177 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:39.155+1:56.845Xbox
3178 Oliveira Ford Escort Mk II04:39.238+1:56.928Steam
3179 UOW0130Ford Escort Mk II04:39.272+1:56.962PS4
3180 firatecemFord Escort Mk II04:39.305+1:56.995PS4
3181 JJCarlos00Ford Escort Mk II04:39.322+1:57.120PS4
3182 Jumpcut81Ford Escort Mk II04:39.389+1:57.790PS4
3183 sebisorglosFord Escort Mk II04:39.489+1:57.179PS4
3184 KamodarfFord Escort Mk II04:39.573+1:57.263PS4
3185 gofrank Ford Escort Mk II04:39.638+1:57.328Steam
3186 mikel_789Ford Escort Mk II04:39.689+1:57.379PS4
3187 darkmetalmike Ford Escort Mk II04:39.722+1:57.412Steam
3188 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:39.722+1:57.412Xbox
3189 valjeanFord Escort Mk II04:39.806+1:57.496Steam
3190 p8ll8Ford Escort Mk II04:39.839+1:57.529PS4
3191 colyonelFord Escort Mk II04:39.889+1:57.579PS4
3192 sanoroFord Escort Mk II04:40.039+1:57.729PS4
3193 J-B-T-1Ford Escort Mk II04:40.055+1:57.745PS4
3194 DerTankwart ? Ford Escort Mk II04:40.139+1:57.829Steam
3195 shpawenFord Escort Mk II04:40.156+1:57.846PS4
3196 RadomirSVK Ford Escort Mk II04:40.172+1:57.862Steam
3197 unclej84Ford Escort Mk II04:40.189+1:57.879Steam
3198 DrSlowlap Ford Escort Mk II04:40.222+1:57.912Steam
3199 TomasCivicEGFord Escort Mk II04:40.255+1:57.945PS4
3200 btdhull Ford Escort Mk II04:40.272+1:57.962Steam
3201 Csabika0403Ford Escort Mk II04:40.272+1:57.962PS4
3202 tono090Ford Escort Mk II04:40.388+1:58.780PS4
3203 shadowfm1Ford Escort Mk II04:40.389+1:58.790PS4
3204 matapuposFord Escort Mk II04:40.555+1:58.245Xbox
3205 noheart_low[PIZDEC]Ford Escort Mk II04:40.589+1:58.279Steam
3206 crunchyfrogFord Escort Mk II04:40.622+1:58.312Steam
3207 Geisterfahrer82 Ford Escort Mk II04:40.623+1:58.313Steam
3208 fede2375Ford Escort Mk II04:40.688+1:58.378Steam
3209 pichanso Ford Escort Mk II04:40.889+1:58.579Steam
3210 AlvaroNNFord Escort Mk II04:41.039+1:58.729Steam
3211 aleonv3Ford Escort Mk II04:41.055+1:58.745PS4
3212 Mario199500Ford Escort Mk II04:41.073+1:58.763PS4
3213 Ari CostanenFord Escort Mk II04:41.088+1:58.778Steam
3214 begood53100Ford Escort Mk II04:41.205+1:58.895PS4
3215 Lifeless-666-[AUT]Ford Escort Mk II04:41.340+1:59.300Steam
3216 bigangryrobFord Escort Mk II04:41.405+1:59.950PS4
3217 LegacyToLegendFord Escort Mk II04:41.489+1:59.179PS4
3218 molti23Ford Escort Mk II04:41.640+1:59.330PS4
3219 FlaKFord Escort Mk II04:41.673+1:59.363Steam
3220 ole.johanssonFord Escort Mk II04:41.705+1:59.395Steam
3221 MAKAlisiousFord Escort Mk II04:41.755+1:59.445PS4
3222 BeberinhoTheKidFord Escort Mk II04:42.140+1:59.830PS4
3223 BathWing14 Ford Escort Mk II04:42.305+1:59.995Steam
3224 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:42.488+2:00.178Xbox
3225 darknenexFord Escort Mk II04:42.589+2:00.279Xbox
3226 SA9083FelixFord Escort Mk II04:42.672+2:00.362PS4
3227 liderdamafiaFord Escort Mk II04:42.688+2:00.378PS4
3228 Fuck this moose! Ford Escort Mk II04:42.689+2:00.379Steam
3229 e447Ford Escort Mk II04:42.755+2:00.445Steam
3230 DRThomas3012Ford Escort Mk II04:42.789+2:00.479PS4
3231 kosei23Ford Escort Mk II04:42.839+2:00.529Xbox
3232 ASD9096Ford Escort Mk II04:43.005+2:00.695PS4
3233 aquaticomaluco Ford Escort Mk II04:43.138+2:00.828Steam
3234 Mendo1hitters707Ford Escort Mk II04:43.239+2:00.929PS4
3235 ?_?Ford Escort Mk II04:43.471+2:01.161Steam
3236 SHOEI--3Ford Escort Mk II04:43.472+2:01.162PS4
3237 BiffFord Escort Mk II04:43.489+2:01.179Steam
3238 The MoonFord Escort Mk II04:43.489+2:01.179Steam
3239 King_of_561Ford Escort Mk II04:43.490+2:01.180PS4
3240 parsv8Ford Escort Mk II04:43.572+2:01.262PS4
3241 190087804Ford Escort Mk II04:43.588+2:01.278Steam
3242 toopsmaFord Escort Mk II04:43.588+2:01.278PS4
3243 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:43.656+2:01.346Xbox
3244 Chief_Game_A_LotFord Escort Mk II04:43.789+2:01.479PS4
3245 OlympikussFord Escort Mk II04:43.822+2:01.512PS4
3246 kroonbox Ford Escort Mk II04:43.939+2:01.629Steam
3247 DafzOwensFord Escort Mk II04:44.056+2:01.746PS4
3248 soulbreakidFord Escort Mk II04:44.121+2:01.811PS4
3249 rypurl01Ford Escort Mk II04:44.122+2:01.812PS4
3250 SalziAUT1Ford Escort Mk II04:44.255+2:01.945PS4
3251 xX-l3ossFord Escort Mk II04:44.273+2:01.963PS4
3252 francois_ckFord Escort Mk II04:44.489+2:02.179PS4
3253 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:44.540+2:02.230Xbox
3254 cenkhanci1Ford Escort Mk II04:44.622+2:02.312PS4
3255 kno03Ford Escort Mk II04:44.705+2:02.395PS4
3256 ATIWRCFord Escort Mk II04:44.705+2:02.395Xbox
3257 dampyankeeFord Escort Mk II04:44.755+2:02.445Xbox
3258 Rawkzilla Ford Escort Mk II04:44.889+2:02.579Steam
3259 [TransIbérica] Ninoski [ESP] Ford Escort Mk II04:44.922+2:02.612Steam
3260 Lorenzo_TheFuryFord Escort Mk II04:44.955+2:02.645PS4
3261 GARCI1981Ford Escort Mk II04:44.989+2:02.679Xbox
3262 kÖrvFord Escort Mk II04:45.172+2:02.862Steam
3263 pkwu1Ford Escort Mk II04:45.172+2:02.862PS4
3264 MCF3-29Ford Escort Mk II04:45.188+2:02.878PS4
3265 fanfan85300Ford Escort Mk II04:45.406+2:03.960PS4
3266 Karneol981Ford Escort Mk II04:45.438+2:03.128PS4
3267 Apollo Ford Escort Mk II04:45.488+2:03.178Steam
3268 redg149Ford Escort Mk II04:45.489+2:03.179PS4
3269 MbarePeppe4Ford Escort Mk II04:45.656+2:03.346PS4
3270 GT511Ford Escort Mk II04:45.755+2:03.445Steam
3271 D29_Ford Escort Mk II04:45.956+2:03.646PS4
3272 PopaEduardCristiFord Escort Mk II04:46.122+2:03.812PS4
3273 TorelieFord Escort Mk II04:46.155+2:03.845PS4
3274 kILLADELPH237Ford Escort Mk II04:46.239+2:03.929PS4
3275 ju1970Ford Escort Mk II04:46.239+2:03.929PS4
3276 RallytanzFord Escort Mk II04:46.455+2:04.145PS4
3277 silverstone0349Ford Escort Mk II04:46.588+2:04.278PS4
3278 ema5moreiraFord Escort Mk II04:46.589+2:04.279PS4
3279 HimemiaFord Escort Mk II04:46.606+2:04.296PS4
3280 sltcmicFord Escort Mk II04:46.622+2:04.312PS4
3281 croakFord Escort Mk II04:46.623+2:04.313Steam
3282 plutoooo75Ford Escort Mk II04:46.672+2:04.362PS4
3283 Andrea96Ford Escort Mk II04:46.689+2:04.379Steam
3284 LeGaLiZeDaMeRcH_Ford Escort Mk II04:47.106+2:04.796PS4
3285 D_M_S-88Ford Escort Mk II04:47.322+2:05.120PS4
3286 Incredulous Games Ford Escort Mk II04:47.339+2:05.290Steam
3287 Master KushFord Escort Mk II04:47.473+2:05.163Steam
3288 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:47.639+2:05.329Xbox
3289 AlecFord Escort Mk II04:47.672+2:05.362Steam
3290 ho3doriFord Escort Mk II04:47.855+2:05.545PS4
3291 FeoFord Escort Mk II04:47.972+2:05.662Steam
3292 manueche_g87Ford Escort Mk II04:47.989+2:05.679PS4
3293 gebbana_uggoFord Escort Mk II04:48.038+2:05.728PS4
3294 DuckTheSeraphFord Escort Mk II04:48.122+2:05.812PS4
3295 Sheldon13Ford Escort Mk II04:48.139+2:05.829Steam
3296 sam1360 Ford Escort Mk II04:48.155+2:05.845Steam
3297 rhesus32Ford Escort Mk II04:48.155+2:05.845PS4
3298 BREIZH-29Ford Escort Mk II04:48.272+2:05.962PS4
3299 Johnny59NoXXFord Escort Mk II04:48.323+2:06.130PS4
3300 wspeedyFord Escort Mk II04:48.355+2:06.450Xbox
3301 andrywarrior93Ford Escort Mk II04:48.522+2:06.212PS4
3302 Woody2224Ford Escort Mk II04:48.539+2:06.229PS4
3303 mainjetFord Escort Mk II04:48.605+2:06.295PS4
3304 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:48.639+2:06.329Xbox
3305 OnPurpose Ford Escort Mk II04:48.822+2:06.512Steam
3306 barcelocosta1Ford Escort Mk II04:48.855+2:06.545PS4
3307 warmaniacFord Escort Mk II04:49.156+2:06.846Steam
3308 clarion7Ford Escort Mk II04:49.338+2:07.280PS4
3309 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:49.422+2:07.112Xbox
3310 Matthew? Ford Escort Mk II04:49.890+2:07.580Steam
3311 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:49.939+2:07.629Xbox
3312 Romaiin36140Ford Escort Mk II04:50.039+2:07.729PS4
3313 CFAZ77Ford Escort Mk II04:50.089+2:07.779Steam
3314 asolochekFord Escort Mk II04:50.155+2:07.845PS4
3315 corpscop43Ford Escort Mk II04:50.188+2:07.878PS4
3316 Darkf88Ford Escort Mk II04:50.223+2:07.913Steam
3317 JeanGuyStyleFord Escort Mk II04:50.238+2:07.928Xbox
3318 bonde934Ford Escort Mk II04:50.588+2:08.278PS4
3319 ButterschnitteFord Escort Mk II04:50.672+2:08.362Steam
3320 KawekFord Escort Mk II04:50.689+2:08.379Steam
3321 Human SequencerFord Escort Mk II04:50.689+2:08.379Steam
3322 PfercegentaklFord Escort Mk II04:51.022+2:08.712PS4
3323 spence667Ford Escort Mk II04:51.022+2:08.712Xbox
3324 chaline1404Ford Escort Mk II04:51.039+2:08.729PS4
3325 GGEZUSFord Escort Mk II04:51.122+2:08.812PS4
3326 OlimailFord Escort Mk II04:51.155+2:08.845Steam
3327 JohnRayFord Escort Mk II04:51.156+2:08.846Steam
3328 T246808Ford Escort Mk II04:51.189+2:08.879PS4
3329 dshrek19Ford Escort Mk II04:51.772+2:09.462Xbox
3330 Bloodniko91Ford Escort Mk II04:51.838+2:09.528PS4
3331 d_o_n_i_Ford Escort Mk II04:51.971+2:09.661PS4
3332 javi2156Ford Escort Mk II04:52.022+2:09.712PS4
3333 oknastroyFord Escort Mk II04:52.155+2:09.845PS4
3334 da12iusFord Escort Mk II04:52.522+2:10.212Steam
3335 Wobbelgott3000 Ford Escort Mk II04:52.855+2:10.545Steam
3336 MinoSK94Ford Escort Mk II04:52.872+2:10.562PS4
3337 crazymike_22Ford Escort Mk II04:52.988+2:10.678PS4
3338 Rally Ford Escort Mk II04:53.005+2:10.695Steam
3339 TCLEMASFord Escort Mk II04:53.073+2:10.763PS4
3340 KuSh_DeetuFord Escort Mk II04:53.172+2:10.862PS4
3341 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:53.306+2:10.996Xbox
3342 ahpyxaFord Escort Mk II04:53.372+2:11.620Steam
3343 Blanchard_91 Ford Escort Mk II04:53.404+2:11.940Steam
3344 Mr_Evo34Ford Escort Mk II04:53.489+2:11.179PS4
3345 Gert Pettersson Ford Escort Mk II04:53.555+2:11.245Steam
3346 matthieu.tison Ford Escort Mk II04:53.805+2:11.495Steam
3347 mochamonFord Escort Mk II04:53.839+2:11.529Xbox
3348 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:54.056+2:11.746Xbox
3349 jack_cranberryFord Escort Mk II04:54.072+2:11.762PS4
3350 eEtFuKFord Escort Mk II04:54.239+2:11.929Steam
3351 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:54.322+2:12.120Xbox
3352 Mondstille Ford Escort Mk II04:54.338+2:12.280Steam
3353 Je@nPh1Ford Escort Mk II04:54.389+2:12.790Steam
3354 dock43Ford Escort Mk II04:54.672+2:12.362PS4
3355 I_aint_easyFord Escort Mk II04:54.872+2:12.562PS4
3356 LitteljoFord Escort Mk II04:54.988+2:12.678PS4
3357 Dont let people use your acc Ford Escort Mk II04:55.071+2:12.761Steam
3358 TrollerdoFord Escort Mk II04:55.389+2:13.790PS4
3359 AxmelFord Escort Mk II04:55.505+2:13.195Steam
3360 \/@rc0 Ford Escort Mk II04:55.605+2:13.295Steam
3361 evonosuke_rFord Escort Mk II04:55.840+2:13.530Steam
3362 =1Para=apache Ford Escort Mk II04:55.938+2:13.628Steam
3363 FFFkeputihFord Escort Mk II04:56.139+2:13.829PS4
3364 Smuttypotty2-0Ford Escort Mk II04:56.273+2:13.963PS4
3365 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:56.439+2:14.129Xbox
3366 machinist81Ford Escort Mk II04:56.539+2:14.229PS4
3367 waffledogFord Escort Mk II04:56.722+2:14.412Steam
3368 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:56.989+2:14.679Xbox
3369 Hernanes2aFord Escort Mk II04:57.056+2:14.746PS4
3370 OceloteFord Escort Mk II04:57.172+2:14.862Steam
3371 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:57.222+2:14.912Xbox
3372 Captincanada3Ford Escort Mk II04:57.472+2:15.162Steam
3373 CaledFord Escort Mk II04:57.504+2:15.194Steam
3374 thibot5-9shegueyFord Escort Mk II04:57.538+2:15.228PS4
3375 epoole Ford Escort Mk II04:57.622+2:15.312Steam
3376 gatorsky78Ford Escort Mk II04:58.073+2:15.763PS4
3377 kankkunen1986Ford Escort Mk II04:58.172+2:15.862Xbox
3378 black.soxFord Escort Mk II04:58.322+2:16.120Steam
3379 lucasjuegos12 Ford Escort Mk II04:58.471+2:16.161Steam
3380 podabrilleFord Escort Mk II04:58.522+2:16.212PS4
3381 madmachinegunFord Escort Mk II04:58.555+2:16.245Steam
3382 schmaik81Ford Escort Mk II04:58.571+2:16.261Steam
3383 ZaczarowanyCzarodziejFord Escort Mk II04:58.589+2:16.279Steam
3384 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:58.589+2:16.279Xbox
3385 modernoartbrFord Escort Mk II04:58.604+2:16.294PS4
3386 przemyslaw115Ford Escort Mk II04:58.755+2:16.445PS4
3387 KINGoftheTRILL Ford Escort Mk II04:58.789+2:16.479Steam
3388 sickboy81Ford Escort Mk II04:58.939+2:16.629PS4
3389 Horschd Ford Escort Mk II04:58.989+2:16.679Steam
3390 mrozon91Ford Escort Mk II04:59.039+2:16.729Steam
3391 SkyjadeFord Escort Mk II04:59.172+2:16.862PS4
3392 squires0087Ford Escort Mk II04:59.222+2:16.912Xbox
3393 Salty_BallsFord Escort Mk II04:59.238+2:16.928Steam
3394 smoked_gerFord Escort Mk II04:59.372+2:17.620PS4
3395 bartek13subaruFord Escort Mk II04:59.455+2:17.145PS4
3396 bidule29 Ford Escort Mk II04:59.508+2:17.198Steam
3397 buggstarFord Escort Mk II04:59.555+2:17.245Xbox
3398 Albrto Ford Escort Mk II04:59.622+2:17.312Steam
3399 kabelshikFord Escort Mk II05:00.006+2:17.696PS4
3400 ozzykorvenFord Escort Mk II05:00.138+2:17.828PS4
3401 DeadClownBozoFord Escort Mk II05:00.188+2:17.878Steam
3402 Ronna666Ford Escort Mk II05:00.189+2:17.879Xbox
3403 Rave2du94Ford Escort Mk II05:00.555+2:18.245PS4
3404 ArkeroflechasFord Escort Mk II05:00.639+2:18.329PS4
3405 musicologyFord Escort Mk II05:00.671+2:18.361Xbox
3406 JohnRap1999Ford Escort Mk II05:00.906+2:18.596PS4
3407 D046702479Ford Escort Mk II05:00.921+2:18.611PS4
3408 NeVa_LOsS_619Ford Escort Mk II05:00.955+2:18.645PS4
3409 Svart Ford Escort Mk II05:00.989+2:18.679Steam
3410 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:01.055+2:18.745Xbox
3411 mallard4828Ford Escort Mk II05:01.171+2:18.861PS4
3412 ProdigyVodkaFord Escort Mk II05:01.471+2:19.161PS4
3413 ZirZoppFord Escort Mk II05:01.622+2:19.312PS4
3414 brera248Ford Escort Mk II05:01.705+2:19.395PS4
3415 ball mouse Ford Escort Mk II05:01.921+2:19.611Steam
3416 maurox93Ford Escort Mk II05:02.372+2:20.620PS4
3417 bigeddy12Ford Escort Mk II05:02.539+2:20.229PS4
3418 schmit18Ford Escort Mk II05:02.572+2:20.262PS4
3419 myblackcat2Ford Escort Mk II05:02.705+2:20.395PS4
3420 topy-oneFord Escort Mk II05:02.721+2:20.411PS4
3421 salidux-uyFord Escort Mk II05:02.805+2:20.495PS4
3422 dtoxx6Ford Escort Mk II05:02.838+2:20.528PS4
3423 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:03.055+2:20.745Xbox
3424 Cheeseburger™Ford Escort Mk II05:03.273+2:20.963Steam
3425 SUNB34M1977Ford Escort Mk II05:03.356+2:21.460PS4
3426 FearsFord Escort Mk II05:03.421+2:21.111Steam
3427 lyd0nFord Escort Mk II05:03.538+2:21.228Steam
3428 RicDoucherFord Escort Mk II05:03.605+2:21.295PS4
3429 XCIIjuju77Ford Escort Mk II05:03.654+2:21.344Xbox
3430 revolution241Ford Escort Mk II05:03.688+2:21.378PS4
3431 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:04.054+2:21.744Xbox
3432 Charlie GullFord Escort Mk II05:04.139+2:21.829Steam
3433 matthi5683Ford Escort Mk II05:04.205+2:21.895Xbox
3434 heavydudeb3Ford Escort Mk II05:04.272+2:21.962PS4
3435 qwerFord Escort Mk II05:04.406+2:22.960Steam
3436 Bender_39Ford Escort Mk II05:05.088+2:22.778PS4
3437 walentyna88Ford Escort Mk II05:05.138+2:22.828PS4
3438 chad-ly73Ford Escort Mk II05:06.122+2:23.812PS4
3439 CHUCKIGORFord Escort Mk II05:06.638+2:24.328PS4
3440 teixeira8970Ford Escort Mk II05:06.654+2:24.344Steam
3441 micaFord Escort Mk II05:07.006+2:24.696Steam
3442 Realista74Ford Escort Mk II05:07.191+2:24.881Steam
3443 ROSSI_FUMIFord Escort Mk II05:07.204+2:24.894PS4
3444 choco65Ford Escort Mk II05:07.705+2:25.395PS4
3445 V.PtolemyFord Escort Mk II05:07.755+2:25.445Steam
3446 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:08.072+2:25.762Xbox
3447 guynumber7Ford Escort Mk II05:08.105+2:25.795Xbox
3448 ichittlFord Escort Mk II05:08.188+2:25.878PS4
3449 kmj3014Ford Escort Mk II05:08.239+2:25.929PS4
3450 BosdriverFord Escort Mk II05:08.304+2:25.994Xbox
3451 RatkoFord Escort Mk II05:08.556+2:26.246Steam
3452 kaybehFord Escort Mk II05:08.588+2:26.278PS4
3453 cedricada55Ford Escort Mk II05:08.687+2:26.377PS4
3454 Heuge Mono Ford Escort Mk II05:08.804+2:26.494Steam
3455 keskinkilic1_34Ford Escort Mk II05:09.088+2:26.778PS4
3456 FiffFord Escort Mk II05:09.138+2:26.828Xbox
3457 sebapr0107Ford Escort Mk II05:09.288+2:26.978PS4
3458 quot69Ford Escort Mk II05:09.539+2:27.229PS4
3459 sebastien Ford Escort Mk II05:09.672+2:27.362Steam
3460 J-WFord Escort Mk II05:09.839+2:27.529Steam
3461 ZEDbugN3TFord Escort Mk II05:09.955+2:27.645PS4
3462 santacruzsteveFord Escort Mk II05:09.988+2:27.678Xbox
3463 blhj099Ford Escort Mk II05:10.004+2:27.694PS4
3464 oxyman320Ford Escort Mk II05:10.437+2:28.127PS4
3465 Fernando AS Ford Escort Mk II05:10.855+2:28.545Steam
3466 EscaliburBrownFord Escort Mk II05:10.921+2:28.611PS4
3467 jm_dainesFord Escort Mk II05:11.139+2:28.829PS4
3468 TseikkiFINFord Escort Mk II05:11.189+2:28.879Xbox
3469 JinX-1984-Ford Escort Mk II05:11.204+2:28.894PS4
3470 Mini_Dan_199Ford Escort Mk II05:11.421+2:29.111PS4
3471 NelsonMedwayFord Escort Mk II05:11.921+2:29.611PS4
3472 Nick06031Ford Escort Mk II05:11.938+2:29.628PS4
3473 Serpico Ford Escort Mk II05:12.138+2:29.828Steam
3474 Panic Ford Escort Mk II05:12.156+2:29.846Steam
3475 Tele_MeteloFord Escort Mk II05:12.538+2:30.228PS4
3476 ip_Sanches2Ford Escort Mk II05:12.622+2:30.312PS4
3477 WilsonFord Escort Mk II05:12.639+2:30.329Steam
3478 noidarkanoidFord Escort Mk II05:12.921+2:30.611PS4
3479 pd9xlFord Escort Mk II05:12.954+2:30.644PS4
3480 mixedboi_23Ford Escort Mk II05:13.154+2:30.844PS4
3481 el_royal_mast_34Ford Escort Mk II05:13.355+2:31.450PS4
3482 Phiip_KrauseFord Escort Mk II05:13.505+2:31.195Steam
3483 Urwald Ford Escort Mk II05:13.606+2:31.296Steam
3484 stuied148Ford Escort Mk II05:13.889+2:31.579Steam
3485 vincent_06Ford Escort Mk II05:14.005+2:31.695PS4
3486 Solan_2006Ford Escort Mk II05:14.371+2:32.610PS4
3487 ? VAC BLONDEFord Escort Mk II05:14.488+2:32.178Steam
3488 Del_FalcoFord Escort Mk II05:14.638+2:32.328PS4
3489 MegamansloFord Escort Mk II05:14.638+2:32.328Xbox
3490 R3D B3R3TFord Escort Mk II05:14.755+2:32.445Steam
3491 l_ivan79Ford Escort Mk II05:14.871+2:32.561PS4
3492 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:14.904+2:32.594Xbox
3493 Ruy_BeltrandFord Escort Mk II05:15.221+2:32.911PS4
3494 BDJFord Escort Mk II05:15.322+2:33.120Steam
3495 Klaritoppen Ford Escort Mk II05:15.521+2:33.211Steam
3496 sniperroboFord Escort Mk II05:15.571+2:33.261PS4
3497 sven.huegel Ford Escort Mk II05:15.605+2:33.295Steam
3498 PaviPrimusPilusFord Escort Mk II05:15.855+2:33.545Xbox
3499 nzr_1905Ford Escort Mk II05:15.888+2:33.578PS4
3500 punkdawgFord Escort Mk II05:16.022+2:33.712PS4
3501 PoetanenFord Escort Mk II05:16.171+2:33.861Steam
3502 roterhahnFord Escort Mk II05:16.255+2:33.945PS4
3503 jumpyghostface99Ford Escort Mk II05:16.321+2:34.110PS4
3504 benb2306Ford Escort Mk II05:16.338+2:34.280PS4
3505 NickyVeeFord Escort Mk II05:16.354+2:34.440Xbox
3506 kyydetskiFord Escort Mk II05:16.455+2:34.145PS4
3507 Magically LewdFord Escort Mk II05:16.622+2:34.312Steam
3508 luftschiffeFord Escort Mk II05:16.805+2:34.495Steam
3509 SerGo79Ford Escort Mk II05:16.922+2:34.612PS4
3510 DMH Ford Escort Mk II05:17.071+2:34.761Steam
3511 X-LeadFord Escort Mk II05:17.121+2:34.811PS4
3512 thomas.kropfreiter97 Ford Escort Mk II05:17.305+2:34.995Steam
3513 pglnoobFord Escort Mk II05:17.839+2:35.529PS4
3514 Midnight Ford Escort Mk II05:18.205+2:35.895Steam
3515 (CMD) Soulmate Ford Escort Mk II05:18.253+2:35.943Steam
3516 C-art-toon Ford Escort Mk II05:18.688+2:36.378Steam
3517 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:18.853+2:36.543Xbox
3518 StereoDanyFord Escort Mk II05:19.771+2:37.461PS4
3519 robertoantolinFord Escort Mk II05:19.838+2:37.528Steam
3520 pierre1979Ford Escort Mk II05:19.854+2:37.544Xbox
3521 MwS_Moss0367Ford Escort Mk II05:19.872+2:37.562PS4
3522 xh0sTeelxFord Escort Mk II05:20.221+2:37.911PS4
3523 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:20.722+2:38.412Xbox
3524 SebFord Escort Mk II05:21.055+2:38.745Steam
3525 Urian1977Ford Escort Mk II05:21.089+2:38.779PS4
3526 canhofstraFord Escort Mk II05:21.171+2:38.861PS4
3527 blackfireultimatFord Escort Mk II05:21.388+2:39.780PS4
3528 monoFord Escort Mk II05:21.570+2:39.260Steam
3529 im_POP-CORNFord Escort Mk II05:21.838+2:39.528PS4
3530 Biene MajaFord Escort Mk II05:21.971+2:39.661Steam
3531 thumperrcFord Escort Mk II05:22.172+2:39.862Xbox
3532 Horgmo106Ford Escort Mk II05:22.922+2:40.612PS4
3533 BesperEFord Escort Mk II05:23.089+2:40.779PS4
3534 zro043Ford Escort Mk II05:23.271+2:40.961PS4
3535 kart602Ford Escort Mk II05:23.755+2:41.445Xbox
3536 ??M????? Ford Escort Mk II05:23.988+2:41.678Steam
3537 M4NTI5-77Ford Escort Mk II05:25.238+2:42.928PS4
3538 Massacrepope666Ford Escort Mk II05:25.272+2:42.962PS4
3539 KamikazeSanchoFord Escort Mk II05:25.487+2:43.177Steam
3540 Mikle397Ford Escort Mk II05:25.788+2:43.478PS4
3541 KnooolkFord Escort Mk II05:26.455+2:44.145PS4
3542 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:26.571+2:44.261Xbox
3543 fatiasboss Ford Escort Mk II05:26.921+2:44.611Steam
3544 dorgeodavFord Escort Mk II05:27.721+2:45.411PS4
3545 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:27.888+2:45.578Xbox
3546 fishmittens81Ford Escort Mk II05:27.905+2:45.595PS4
3547 Jonassmguld2012Ford Escort Mk II05:28.388+2:46.780PS4
3548 Lixo-1966Ford Escort Mk II05:28.587+2:46.277PS4
3549 DavidLamelaFord Escort Mk II05:29.038+2:46.728PS4
3550 joaquim32Ford Escort Mk II05:29.038+2:46.728PS4
3551 Oxman0404Ford Escort Mk II05:29.071+2:46.761PS4
3552 BliNd_TIR1Ford Escort Mk II05:29.287+2:46.977PS4
3553 Private BrowsingFord Escort Mk II05:29.888+2:47.578Steam
3554 justice Ford Escort Mk II05:30.253+2:47.943Steam
3555 francescoc933 Ford Escort Mk II05:30.303+2:47.993Steam
3556 fredlandFord Escort Mk II05:30.321+2:48.110Xbox
3557 trappy93Ford Escort Mk II05:30.521+2:48.211PS4
3558 nacheeee1993Ford Escort Mk II05:30.638+2:48.328PS4
3559 jackbellFord Escort Mk II05:30.670+2:48.360Oculus
3560 kar_1895_246Ford Escort Mk II05:31.622+2:49.312PS4
3561 A-C-E-6-9-HISKEFord Escort Mk II05:31.703+2:49.393PS4
3562 RoastPorkFord Escort Mk II05:31.803+2:49.493Steam
3563 a1oceanFord Escort Mk II05:33.470+2:51.160Steam
3564 zequielbFord Escort Mk II05:34.455+2:52.145PS4
3565 samfisher6517Ford Escort Mk II05:34.956+2:52.646PS4
3566 cecolinaFord Escort Mk II05:35.687+2:53.377Steam
3567 blFord Escort Mk II05:35.820+2:53.510Steam
3568 TMO Ford Escort Mk II05:36.088+2:53.778Steam
3569 DscruFord Escort Mk II05:36.140+2:53.830Xbox
3570 Rektugees69Ford Escort Mk II05:37.537+2:55.227Steam
3571 Jie34Ford Escort Mk II05:37.970+2:55.660Xbox
3572 homeofquattro Ford Escort Mk II05:38.122+2:55.812Steam
3573 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:38.320+2:56.100Xbox
3574 igor196809Ford Escort Mk II05:38.387+2:56.770PS4
3575 BroanFord Escort Mk II05:38.837+2:56.527Steam
3576 Bambo Ford Escort Mk II05:39.540+2:57.230Steam
3577 Stones_DailyFord Escort Mk II05:40.271+2:57.961PS4
3578 Ruffball94Ford Escort Mk II05:40.390+2:58.800Xbox
3579 Dragon-Ball83Ford Escort Mk II05:40.740+2:58.430Steam
3580 PexlexFord Escort Mk II05:40.807+2:58.497Steam
3581 DonPromilloFord Escort Mk II05:41.004+2:58.694Steam
3582 carlospeque1Ford Escort Mk II05:41.071+2:58.761PS4
3583 eveycarlosFord Escort Mk II05:41.621+2:59.311PS4
3584 ankrsakFord Escort Mk II05:42.006+2:59.696Steam
3585 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:42.120+2:59.810Xbox
3586 toa™Ford Escort Mk II05:42.206+2:59.896Steam
3587 Morrisa66Ford Escort Mk II05:42.338+3:00.280PS4
3588 Kalle Kaviarnikov :DFord Escort Mk II05:42.389+3:00.790Steam
3589 stelaras1953Ford Escort Mk II05:42.687+3:00.377PS4
3590 DodchaFord Escort Mk II05:43.304+3:00.994Steam
3591 SpectreFord Escort Mk II05:43.304+3:00.994Steam
3592 jeff57000 (Fr)Ford Escort Mk II05:43.824+3:01.514Steam
3593 Jack_GrimaldiFord Escort Mk II05:44.923+3:02.613PS4
3594 nosedripperFord Escort Mk II05:45.504+3:03.194PS4
3595 zerius94Ford Escort Mk II05:45.621+3:03.311PS4
3596 GeanSadFord Escort Mk II05:46.554+3:04.244Steam
3597 Heizer08Ford Escort Mk II05:46.590+3:04.280Steam
3598 ZeDvovaFord Escort Mk II05:47.819+3:05.509Steam
3599 MsrButterflyFord Escort Mk II05:47.923+3:05.613Steam
3600 Sensemann Ford Escort Mk II05:48.038+3:05.728Steam
3601 DjMatrix99Ford Escort Mk II05:48.320+3:06.100Steam
3602 Naaaaaaa Ford Escort Mk II05:48.390+3:06.800Steam
3603 BorelloMarcoFord Escort Mk II05:48.523+3:06.213Xbox
3604 Gro0kieFord Escort Mk II05:48.837+3:06.527Xbox
3605 HainicherFord Escort Mk II05:50.072+3:07.762PS4
3606 StarliteFord Escort Mk II05:50.086+3:07.776Steam
3607 Orozco-30800Ford Escort Mk II05:50.453+3:08.143PS4
3608 Tomas Reinicke Ford Escort Mk II05:50.540+3:08.230Steam
3609 SERAPHIM190Ford Escort Mk II05:50.872+3:08.562PS4
3610 Zobe Ford Escort Mk II05:51.290+3:08.980Steam
3611 WLF__46Ford Escort Mk II05:51.503+3:09.193PS4
3612 simouraii_76Ford Escort Mk II05:51.571+3:09.261PS4
3613 PredatorBillyFord Escort Mk II05:51.823+3:09.513PS4
3614 mjacovetti3 Ford Escort Mk II05:52.106+3:09.796Steam
3615 toto30150Ford Escort Mk II05:52.471+3:10.161PS4
3616 wheeliehamsterFord Escort Mk II05:54.370+3:12.600Xbox
3617 NickZvegFord Escort Mk II05:55.623+3:13.313PS4
3618 Snowflake_HunterFord Escort Mk II05:56.154+3:13.844PS4
3619 VacationFord Escort Mk II05:57.472+3:15.162Steam
3620 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:57.937+3:15.627Xbox
3621 warlordess Ford Escort Mk II05:58.253+3:15.943Steam
3622 gregoryredwoodFord Escort Mk II05:58.422+3:16.112PS4
3623 PopaEduardCri132Ford Escort Mk II05:58.438+3:16.128PS4
3624 nextgrFord Escort Mk II05:58.887+3:16.577PS4
3625 oshikia Ford Escort Mk II05:59.054+3:16.744Steam
3626 Wasabi Wei Ford Escort Mk II05:59.739+3:17.429Steam
3627 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:00.123+3:17.813Xbox
3628 SEI3I3E-1I3Ford Escort Mk II06:00.587+3:18.277PS4
3629 PRO-DIRT-02-WillFord Escort Mk II06:01.438+3:19.128PS4
3630 treplayFord Escort Mk II06:03.371+3:21.610PS4
3631 Skilzed-Ford Escort Mk II06:03.871+3:21.561PS4
3632 GatefolddFord Escort Mk II06:03.923+3:21.613PS4
3633 Blue Li ?Ford Escort Mk II06:05.521+3:23.211Steam
3634 o9494anFord Escort Mk II06:06.920+3:24.610PS4
3635 BigOne_DadyFord Escort Mk II06:07.103+3:24.793PS4
3636 FAKE_TOZADOFord Escort Mk II06:07.239+3:24.929PS4
3637 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:07.604+3:25.294Xbox
3638 bobmatuFord Escort Mk II06:07.936+3:25.626PS4
3639 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:08.887+3:26.577Xbox
3640 MagnusAvis Ford Escort Mk II06:08.902+3:26.592Steam
3641 U2bernieFord Escort Mk II06:09.073+3:26.763Steam
3642 Anna Nimfomanova(Luxury)Ford Escort Mk II06:09.268+3:26.958Steam
3643 Takeooq33Ford Escort Mk II06:09.339+3:27.290PS4
3644 Volpp93Ford Escort Mk II06:10.087+3:27.777PS4
3645 Dr JediFord Escort Mk II06:10.353+3:28.430Steam
3646 antin29Ford Escort Mk II06:12.206+3:29.896Steam
3647 Egotrap963Ford Escort Mk II06:13.337+3:31.270Xbox
3648 darinfFord Escort Mk II06:13.389+3:31.790Xbox
3649 MaxFord Escort Mk II06:13.804+3:31.494Steam
3650 Cpt_PommesFord Escort Mk II06:14.139+3:31.829Steam
3651 richp317Ford Escort Mk II06:15.420+3:33.110PS4
3652 arrambasFord Escort Mk II06:15.773+3:33.463PS4
3653 rocknrollafmxFord Escort Mk II06:16.206+3:33.896PS4
3654 markoBicepsFord Escort Mk II06:17.237+3:34.927Steam
3655 RangedSkillsFord Escort Mk II06:17.970+3:35.660PS4
3656 EternalDriter784Ford Escort Mk II06:18.020+3:35.710PS4
3657 tirakyali Ford Escort Mk II06:19.086+3:36.776Steam
3658 bigwaltinoFord Escort Mk II06:20.639+3:38.329PS4
3659 SamSwaggah71Ford Escort Mk II06:21.970+3:39.660Xbox
3660 GuillaumeP73Ford Escort Mk II06:23.305+3:40.995PS4
3661 Chalk0718Ford Escort Mk II06:23.420+3:41.110PS4
3662 uwe1managerFord Escort Mk II06:23.452+3:41.142PS4
3663 RekutiFord Escort Mk II06:25.339+3:43.290Steam
3664 DEUTSCH_KRIEGER_Ford Escort Mk II06:25.572+3:43.262PS4
3665 XxnoobxX313Ford Escort Mk II06:26.021+3:43.711Xbox
3666 sordo1469Ford Escort Mk II06:26.138+3:43.828PS4
3667 hwweidenhauptFord Escort Mk II06:26.268+3:43.958PS4
3668 blackbobbt Ford Escort Mk II06:26.617+3:44.307Steam
3669 AxenteraFord Escort Mk II06:27.804+3:45.494PS4
3670 Yung RapscallionFord Escort Mk II06:28.406+3:46.960Steam
3671 Pezze98Ford Escort Mk II06:29.020+3:46.710PS4
3672 bobas639Ford Escort Mk II06:29.502+3:47.192PS4
3673 inacio7 Ford Escort Mk II06:30.335+3:48.250Steam
3674 LSUTigersFan69Ford Escort Mk II06:30.888+3:48.578PS4
3675 loebi84Ford Escort Mk II06:31.687+3:49.377PS4
3676 Z320MotoFord Escort Mk II06:32.020+3:49.710PS4
3677 MATT-35000Ford Escort Mk II06:32.253+3:49.943PS4
3678 karlbaron1Ford Escort Mk II06:32.853+3:50.543PS4
3679 tonitopFord Escort Mk II06:32.855+3:50.545Xbox
3680 FebreptFord Escort Mk II06:36.489+3:54.179PS4
3681 NoravAlisFord Escort Mk II06:37.754+3:55.444Steam
3682 BaptisteFuron50Ford Escort Mk II06:39.735+3:57.425PS4
3683 nosihctuhjFord Escort Mk II06:39.786+3:57.476PS4
3684 MOWEY01Ford Escort Mk II06:40.169+3:57.859PS4
3685 ranzino71Ford Escort Mk II06:40.422+3:58.112PS4
3686 agf.xviFord Escort Mk II06:42.522+4:00.212Steam
3687 boo262004Ford Escort Mk II06:42.636+4:00.326PS4
3688 rafamm7Ford Escort Mk II06:44.720+4:02.410PS4
3689 StojanFord Escort Mk II06:44.889+4:02.579Steam
3690 papaouT85Ford Escort Mk II06:46.235+4:03.925PS4
3691 DRAGONFIREDUBFord Escort Mk II06:46.869+4:04.559PS4
3692 NADO_55_Ford Escort Mk II06:47.922+4:05.612PS4
3693 wujiangshaFord Escort Mk II06:48.370+4:06.600PS4
3694 predator455432Ford Escort Mk II06:48.404+4:06.940PS4
3695 W@RRIORFord Escort Mk II06:48.569+4:06.259Steam
3696 Mateo258Ford Escort Mk II06:48.822+4:06.512Steam
3697 thereisnospork Ford Escort Mk II06:49.021+4:06.711Steam
3698 TaraxgaruutFord Escort Mk II06:49.517+4:07.207Steam
3699 WieseLPFord Escort Mk II06:50.434+4:08.124PS4
3700 kluse89Ford Escort Mk II06:50.670+4:08.360PS4
3701 FuZZionS_WhiTeFord Escort Mk II06:51.556+4:09.246PS4
3702 ruslik1Ford Escort Mk II06:52.070+4:09.760Steam
3703 jelokdFord Escort Mk II06:52.785+4:10.475PS4
3704 Jaybobz77Ford Escort Mk II06:54.236+4:11.926PS4
3705 Mike3l1992Ford Escort Mk II06:55.552+4:13.242PS4
3706 4K-PunisheR-Ford Escort Mk II06:55.850+4:13.540Steam
3707 pelcu188Ford Escort Mk II06:56.669+4:14.359Steam
3708 schtifiesli Ford Escort Mk II06:57.321+4:15.110Steam
3709 alykat425Ford Escort Mk II07:00.703+4:18.393PS4
3710 MerkuriNickFord Escort Mk II07:01.105+4:18.795PS4
3711 SirtiZ87Ford Escort Mk II07:03.170+4:20.860PS4
3712 icy_gerFord Escort Mk II07:05.355+4:23.450Steam
3713 ^2Dik Cheese Ford Escort Mk II07:05.771+4:23.461Steam
3714 touquet.julienFord Escort Mk II07:06.838+4:24.528Steam
3715 fab7030Ford Escort Mk II07:07.350+4:25.400PS4
3716 Albinp21Ford Escort Mk II07:08.088+4:25.778PS4
3717 Macklinmore66Ford Escort Mk II07:10.104+4:27.794PS4
3718 OBTSCOTFord Escort Mk II07:16.650+4:34.340PS4
3719 dandifFord Escort Mk II07:17.671+4:35.361Steam
3720 stjano96Ford Escort Mk II07:19.620+4:37.310PS4
3721 girgal86Ford Escort Mk II07:19.970+4:37.660PS4
3722 mibarnoaFord Escort Mk II07:25.020+4:42.710PS4
3723 federicomasiero0Ford Escort Mk II07:27.701+4:45.391PS4
3724 meatz-PFord Escort Mk II07:29.837+4:47.527PS4
3725 Dmitry150479Ford Escort Mk II07:34.368+4:52.580PS4
3726 ComPIexionFord Escort Mk II07:34.415+4:52.105Xbox
3727 [-PAC-]BenginaFord Escort Mk II07:34.972+4:52.662Steam
3728 SunderingOsirisFord Escort Mk II07:37.071+4:54.761Steam
3729 Magrus95Ford Escort Mk II07:41.037+4:58.727Steam
3730 f3anjqna6g7qFord Escort Mk II07:43.102+5:00.792PS4
3731 killbill902Ford Escort Mk II07:44.503+5:02.193PS4
3732 dennismeirelesFord Escort Mk II07:47.152+5:04.842PS4
3733 HoraclesFord Escort Mk II07:48.517+5:06.207Steam
3734 Tokis VarxFord Escort Mk II07:50.037+5:07.727Steam
3735 SunnyFord Escort Mk II07:54.799+5:12.489Steam
3736 sijFord Escort Mk II07:58.834+5:16.524Steam
3737 kolinmcrainFord Escort Mk II08:09.949+5:27.639Steam
3738 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:13.134+5:30.824Xbox
3739 KardinoleFord Escort Mk II08:24.286+5:41.976PS4
3740 Jason ChanFord Escort Mk II08:36.433+5:54.123Steam
3741 MiniveggenFord Escort Mk II08:42.518+6:00.208PS4
3742 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:50.502+6:08.192Xbox
3743 MGSTID Ford Escort Mk II08:52.784+6:10.474Steam
3744 pkjeldsenFord Escort Mk II08:56.816+6:14.506Xbox
3745 SuperJiaoFord Escort Mk II09:01.615+6:19.305Steam
3746 JahAlex_86Ford Escort Mk II09:17.834+6:35.524PS4
3747 plonker2008Ford Escort Mk II09:18.067+6:35.757PS4
3748 EvidenceFord Escort Mk II09:21.501+6:39.191Steam
3749 paspiregamerFord Escort Mk II09:21.684+6:39.374PS4
3750 Xarly_d-_-b_Ford Escort Mk II09:23.916+6:41.606PS4
3751 kant-07Ford Escort Mk II09:44.635+7:02.325Steam
3752 dreamcatcher_bgdFord Escort Mk II09:47.048+7:04.738PS4
3753 caricos_kidsFord Escort Mk II10:07.497+7:25.187PS4
3754 FirdawsbenaFord Escort Mk II10:11.229+7:28.919PS4
3755 monstaFord Escort Mk II10:12.319+7:30.900Steam
3756 rico_tankockFord Escort Mk II10:17.028+7:34.718PS4
3757 ToretoNFS30Ford Escort Mk II10:24.658+7:42.348PS4
3758 davidpacificiFord Escort Mk II10:28.100+7:45.790PS4
3759 KartelKillahFord Escort Mk II10:28.782+7:46.472PS4
3760 Marcio561Ford Escort Mk II11:29.445+8:47.135PS4
3761 MediaMarkt_KrienFord Escort Mk II11:57.659+9:15.349PS4
3762 ahmadshahidhabibFord Escort Mk II12:07.094+9:24.784PS4
3763 RacerOle123Ford Escort Mk II12:26.526+9:44.216PS4
3764 malhafakFord Escort Mk II12:28.660+9:46.350PS4
3765 jimmy68380sFord Escort Mk II12:45.681+10:03.371PS4
3766 predatorv292001Ford Escort Mk II13:07.942+10:25.632PS4
3767 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II14:47.474+12:05.164Xbox
3768 [NWS] stobartFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3769 M4dAlexFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3770 shivan Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3771 Aurora Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3772 Krikkit Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3773 PickletitsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3774 Sir Ian McBallin' Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3775 B230REDBLoK Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3776 jadix88Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3777 PiJoGiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3778 ShesAMoistOneFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3779 Delbert Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3780 fran_c2 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3781 diCato Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3782 eero.sipponen6Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3783 murat.skhabo.79(93RUS)Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3784 TAISUKE Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3785 arif.at.iutFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3786 The nanardFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3787 Twitch on / bobinou68 [PLF]Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3788 EliorFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3789 Nagel Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3790 GunShip 88Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3791 MisterGreen Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3792 guy13116 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3793 DinoMFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3794 SlasherFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3795 JujuwebFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3796 Witesprite Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3797 slpereraFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3798 gaetandu07 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3799 OceanboundFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3800 RainerWahnsinn Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3801 The Rainy Desert (Jesus) Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3802 jargonfi Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3803 PISIKAFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3804 juliantalbot82Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3805 Damnader Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3806 fr4z13r Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3807 frostFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3808 aannddyy65 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3809 ColdcrasherFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3810 piyerbezuhovFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3811 chris_mcadamFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3812 Microsoft PowerPointFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3813 asuro97Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3814 Streamer[ACN]Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3815 Mars And BeyondFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3816 zip.plummer Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3817 Ikhwan Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3818 BikeMad Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3819 Moist Towelette Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3820 Darkstar Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3821 Grageer Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3822 francesco.krebs Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3823 KiiNFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3824 Raddoo Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3825 artremartFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3826 ayef17 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3827 Spectre Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3828 Yavalanche Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3829 _Sensi_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3830 AccelMEISTERFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3831 LilynaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3832 Mau Max Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3833 k41s0r Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3834 JarredSpec Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3835 Geeb_ Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3836 Carmad Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3837 TX3 FifouFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3838 OdnarFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3839 RumpleStinkyPantsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3840 61. Linus Norén Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3841 timblankenburgFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3842 KapsuleFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3843 jimmy albinFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3844 ZaDfaRFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3845 simon_lofstrom Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3846 StimpyBoy Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3847 rangiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3848 Barzoull [CH]Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3849 Irish gamingFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3850 omega16tFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3851 nicolaus.rieblFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3852 niccolocinquiniFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3853 CaneFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3854 ArchibaldFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3855 bjkFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3856 Fried_Egg Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3857 Jake329Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3858 SchplaatterFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3859 kullanmuru Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3860 Evil AbedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3861 exctakk Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3862 pitthekid44 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3863 BONCEL PLFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3864 ???Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3865 Ice® [GER]Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3866 TruthMessenger Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3867 subay_ Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3868 [HK]SKAWilliamFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3869 Mathiashaak Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3870 TexLiv Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3871 Seal006-SEE-Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3872 zaratoustra.78Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3873 Flofloaud1034 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3874 jj90_ Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3875 [DKZC]Wambo Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3876 ChinEZdotaTi6Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3877 ThE MeTaLFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3878 TUSwoj Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3879 rayshack40 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3880 Andrew Hankin Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3881 fabiars130Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3882 [GWJ] colonize [ES] Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3883 bigredissocoolFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3884 gt5net_tommyssimo Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3885 CheloC_?®? Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3886 Roxana.LFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3887 TeSL9 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3888 Duru_stakta Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3889 pigloaf Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3890 gunslinger3 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3891 vash_oneFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3892 Zimian Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3893 brady3 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3894 DruologyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3895 Shiva Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3896 ZeDFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3897 EsberomFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3898 ilchiodi Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3899 SpideyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3900 CSN5567Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3901 NordicTimeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3902 Lare Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3903 Fingers_Outta_the_PieFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3904 Red_Fang_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3905 daneeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3906 giuseppe76.lisaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3907 Sachser Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3908 wooooteFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3909 touringjorge Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3910 AdriMSiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3911 DarthStiggius Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3912 Clinsparks Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3913 Boxer762Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3914 MaSelf Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3915 skybrown23 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3916 edusantallaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3917 Rallye-Sport62Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3918 Eagle EyesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3919 ltd.m50 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3920 mr5_germanyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3921 Sanic the EggnogFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3922 ALAIN PROST™Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3923 JC-Maverick Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3924 HelgeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3925 Drake Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3926 HoleriFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3927 TheMunSession mimun reyesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3928 Smoky Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3929 ReichmeisterFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3930 Tobilanski Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3931 Lord Flashhart Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3932 LvL0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3933 Lagiman Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3934 AlexT781Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3935 J.skaarup.58Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3936 Colorblind Ninja Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3937 ExGenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3938 WaldorfhysteriaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3939 OppaiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3940 Chasing Clouds Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3941 roccon-mFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3942 KFly* Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3943 Misfitss Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3944 chris_grekoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3945 oscaroberto0510Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3946 slimjimFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3947 nettosankaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3948 anorakFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3949 clemens.znamenacekFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3950 d0lle Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3951 reuner Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3952 ?Rks Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3953 sikora3Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3954 XJ220 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3955 jufi74Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3956 Motörhead 2112Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3957 misanthor Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3958 foxlkc Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3959 -Majk- Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3960 Arete Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3961 FinalXXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3962 MotoSapiensFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3963 Parmen22Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3964 BoyRacer Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3965 Chefao BRFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3966 Salmi Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3967 ?CLIT_COMMANDER?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3968 Sportgoofy Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3969 BattleLocoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3970 Gamez2muchFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3971 Damian47 aka QCUFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3972 AbrahamHiguera16Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3973 Aleksey1601Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3974 migvamun Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3975 The Coach!Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3976 donjaro Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3977 xChickenKawaii™Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3978 zelinka31 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3979 Apache ProFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3980 fichte Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3981 Andrus121Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3982 costegh Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3983 ChristianFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3984 Vermin SupremeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3985 mondudoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3986 Rockeiro Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3987 Hellforce67 (CZ) Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3988 BadBoyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3989 jgbwrc Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3990 o.chapronFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3991 Jambo Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3992 Neverr3st Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3993 MoyashiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3994 Rayfloyd Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3995 DaSwede Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3996 ? MRSKI ?? Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3997 catty7073 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3998 Headquake137 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
3999 PsychicParrot Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4000 huginen Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4001 TimooWilliamsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4002 behoimiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4003 KalabraFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4004 benoit.depince35Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4005 pihsniwFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4006 viperoffFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4007 DavidgtFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4008 CGP.Darky Sexbang Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4009 Talentfrei[ger]Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4010 capthandheldFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4011 Drag#! Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4012 katonarichardFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4013 AndFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4014 sulomies Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4015 RZA Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4016 andrzej.szczepaniak Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4017 radekendrst127Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4018 semaine001Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4019 schlauchheidl Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4020 JurowFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4021 tögge Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4022 Punisher Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4023 Rabbit Runner ( HOJUNi ) Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4024 hcp.spaan Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4025 janne.mattinen Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4026 SKYNETFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4027 Jepp_sagtFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4028 pudgurskyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4029 CLONEX ?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4030 UltezzyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4031 Jone of ArkFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4032 mister_jardinFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4033 Linfalive Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4034 Viper Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4035 cmck141 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4036 ClupFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4037 -Zephyr-Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4038 Boots In Puss Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4039 mulmingerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4040 TermsOfService Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4041 Lukas M.Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4042 reinders.bartFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4043 trex Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4044 andras.pFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4045 gustelgüntherFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4046 marda Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4047 Mysil Bergsprekken Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4048 Rustious MaximusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4049 JetNg Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4050 Redphoenix Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4051 max.david Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4052 EvoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4053 lawave12Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4054 Pants Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4055 madgiqueFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4056 jairomaniacoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4057 [LCDL] ClemDom6Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4058 ]Klaus^5mann^1^7^1 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4059 Raffty Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4060 HateCrew Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4061 titietste Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4062 ?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4063 chibbambuliFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4064 ata Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4065 Dr Jan Itor Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4066 ????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4067 DANIEL HEISEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4068 Gadjuka Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4069 eriksantiago2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4070 wiskas paté pour chat Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Steam
4071 ALEX-SOLARIFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4072 kekko16liFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4073 GuardiansAngel70Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4074 blink66140Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4075 CON-SISTANTFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4076 DWilliams1994036Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4077 jukkahoo74Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4078 Alex17GDFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4079 rumple47600Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4080 RAKING99Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4081 mdrakos01Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4082 Jc_HoopFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4083 AlandnbPLFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4084 Cr1nky117Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4085 TheshintyboyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4086 r1shotFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4087 Kevin7_hrFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4088 sat666sat666Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4089 PapiBerto82Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4090 didovi04Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4091 Anth41205Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4092 Kupitz55Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4093 KoerperKlausi75Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4094 r600666Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4095 papychacoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4096 actrosfan95Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4097 Matteo8327Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4098 rikomansFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4099 gAZ_Man_3oFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4100 Amstaff3789Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4101 lhacen42Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4102 benzemadepradesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4103 Sko23vFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4104 Chris83700Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4105 leo___morelliFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4106 neilbymouthFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4107 kimifan601Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4108 herbywildFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4109 clem19240Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4110 Charlou-oizFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4111 CB-106S16-N2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4112 depaxxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4113 paolonaguitFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4114 JackjackB2007Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4115 Psiquist101Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4116 tialveFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4117 BEAST_Xxgamer929Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4118 jonnyu420Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4119 rocivan2404Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4120 Shread7_CompleteFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4121 Mirabeau23Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4122 Heinsemberg111Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4123 vivi_904Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4124 LAMARTHEFISHFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4125 mieloskaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4126 arno13200Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4127 TheMecsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4128 RaykkonenWRCFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4129 dazzlar37Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4130 dub-benFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4131 donaldnicolson94Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4132 Flying-finnsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4133 Foxx_du_78Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4134 bice44Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4135 msoldierxxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4136 M547u5da224thhy7Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4137 McfatyuvalFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4138 pokemom3Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4139 martin-viennaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4140 Capn_Kush420Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4141 Anisrekik94Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4142 BughouseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4143 GottaEvilFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4144 stf33290Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4145 ARM_des_GESETZESFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4146 kawasakiGPZFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4147 Dilouu06Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4148 Giggs-030-Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4149 stretch_71Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4150 chucky--254Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4151 StigL1978Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4152 Barbarianking628Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4153 carrion_mx_72Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4154 alen1k___Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4155 CasezulaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4156 adambrewster1802Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4157 kalayakFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4158 RKmm1112Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4159 Eox-bEatsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4160 SCHTUKERFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4161 hugosalesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4162 alves170Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4163 AntonioTsiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4164 steven281266Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4165 Magicjav6Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4166 yamarider91Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4167 puddle73Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4168 fa939bi0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4169 iNeedChemicalXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4170 Mat_ps_4Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4171 B4SS992Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4172 Matt_BarxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4173 subarulivFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4174 Drifter_2012Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4175 KeepYourHeadUbFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4176 PhilDel001Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4177 christheman700Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4178 jjotarFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4179 la15pauFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4180 walterjunior_wjrFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4181 mortium117Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4182 gasgeilFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4183 REaLiTy010Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4184 Y_O_S_H_I_83Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4185 MARKIEBOISO19Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4186 hooddaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4187 jmartinenfFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4188 MoutaneFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4189 b55baronFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4190 cervi000Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4191 CiTyGuNsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4192 TheSevenOFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4193 diquy02Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4194 chamo73460Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4195 jeremuratuFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4196 kwstas-31Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4197 jjmallorcFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4198 valdabosssFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4199 zvolcaneFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4200 pipo1_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4201 tomaz1977Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4202 Cymru_am-BYTH999Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4203 wwwtitou33Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4204 giorgio682002Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4205 koko_espiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4206 Antxola2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4207 daddysosa213Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4208 australia64Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4209 xavirinFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4210 IceManPL900Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4211 heltskelt7Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4212 dreambody20Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4213 M1mic47Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4214 bruvecchio87Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4215 jaci_arras1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4216 DynaMoe92Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4217 gavin13whiteFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4218 serolo9508Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4219 zornostiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4220 hekkinen2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4221 xkira_320Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4222 wolfman529Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4223 SURKOVEV3Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4224 SAFARISAM_YTBFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4225 gazwilson8383Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4226 Melea_27Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4227 Scarface_hawkFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4228 bjw918Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4229 wenjoylifeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4230 Spanky0881Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4231 sxyrxy555Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4232 Zimmer77Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4233 twopack2008Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4234 Tibert-05Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4235 tinoun45Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4236 chrisbarbu34Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4237 Northern-BistidFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4238 babao05Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4239 trekbiker70Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4240 FriskySausageXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4241 jorjiikoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4242 bacho123Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4243 Arisg1978Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4244 Danylh7Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4245 cif_gimFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4246 Paulo_Fonseca93Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4247 scotiayabasFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4248 bobogolf_88Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4249 christianmk2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4250 Mary-didouFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4251 bleachbridgetFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4252 BozPo85Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4253 TergieFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4254 rubenperez00305Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4255 Dejon619Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4256 deltalsd5602Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4257 nicocremeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4258 STI_gamer_43Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4259 alejo217Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4260 RooBoysFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4261 Riopate94Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4262 fsasguyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4263 Sasq229uatchFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4264 JuhiziTFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4265 TIMMY-996Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4266 Nikozagahaa2aFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4267 grease-monkey17Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4268 Moca-32Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4269 balls_timeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4270 jopcrx1980Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4271 SteklounFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4272 COUNT_LLAMAKUFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4273 RodrigoJRPFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4274 SnitramIdeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4275 ACondis33Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4276 t-rex1971Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4277 alexmuziFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4278 cleberfornerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4279 Loma_VFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4280 natoxcorrere65Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4281 Jac1tsuFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4282 nass-209Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4283 vdreamer15988Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4284 miwel678Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4285 BATISTA92000Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4286 tidam69680Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4287 WhitasideFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4288 bruninskyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4289 dustinboostFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4290 Elkjop_MoaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4291 MhdismFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4292 E7197A2C7234Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4293 armands1987Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4294 hammers73lwFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4295 matias_correaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4296 harix9Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4297 CiupaS90Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4298 xXManovelXxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4299 wil02800Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4300 dascereFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4301 xChallengerXxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4302 DCLXIVFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4303 tasos-fFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4304 STIHLMEN13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4305 Janos577Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4306 mikakarvajalkaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4307 xMoonbeamx77Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4308 MarvelousWorkFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4309 FafouaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4310 xX_Bjorn_72_XxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4311 MICHAEL_MADDOCKFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4312 frenalkorkonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4313 arbanebeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4314 iwan209Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4315 mkas13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4316 RedFalcon-72-ItaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4317 Green36MachineFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4318 Sumppi_kooFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4319 m2012394616Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4320 mick-300Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4321 Flo-the-thugFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4322 chave2baseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4323 der_wilde24Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4324 jerome0726Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4325 iked384Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4326 anthonyturner211Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4327 saintgenest42Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4328 I_RED_RICK_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4329 aleXD4545Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4330 chinoi026Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4331 nimrods86Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4332 XxECKSxX69Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4333 bttxiuletFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4334 n115w1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4335 RentypeRFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4336 jbrederFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4337 shower_prowler34Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4338 alexw1nFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4339 Birdy-BirdsenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4340 SickinchickinFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4341 shadyman32Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4342 miguelito2015984Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4343 thewhip45Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4344 Ivo_thebossFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4345 aod-fredFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4346 javivi822Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4347 fff_87000Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4348 BackwashFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4349 pacmancrazy40Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4350 soundy59Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4351 Showbiz72Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4352 NZWarPlane12Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4353 N10D90Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4354 g1105053Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4355 mauraogaiudoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4356 s-mikolajczakFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4357 Morris11xFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4358 Benny_86_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4359 SamxungaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4360 IsarraiderFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4361 un-malouinFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4362 loy59Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4363 samibigoodFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4364 xGHOST-BOSS-Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4365 violencyaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4366 BigIn3737Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4367 Shii_BoyyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4368 rtm0907Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4369 plissken1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4370 Nonkiti-ks573Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4371 NostaIjiaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4372 kjm247Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4373 Jurek_KBC_PLFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4374 mattiamigliorinoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4375 garethuggy1974Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4376 wullok94Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4377 jhtl85Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4378 ArdaTurin76Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4379 pfhuiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4380 Crossrider12Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4381 AnthO97476Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4382 bozlessmanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4383 OnePercenter_10Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4384 drnkmnkiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4385 jerem172900Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4386 MICK_G_1888Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4387 dlireFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4388 Colimore65Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4389 tttttttttreewqbbFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4390 dmassey8679Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4391 chalsetsoundFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4392 tjetfiatFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4393 DaggerMurderProFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4394 adrian_o_sFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4395 wallamazooFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4396 TuPZu8785Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4397 danny8oyr6Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4398 Tviper-19Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4399 Djo6640Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690PS4
4400 ToentorpFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4401 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4402 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4403 G76VipFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4404 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4405 MatusACRTFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4406 bigotinesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4407 rallyvr4Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4408 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4409 christoffer709Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4410 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4411 IdIoT1995Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4412 SuperTummenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4413 Notman01Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4414 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4415 HeineRudiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4416 STILLPHY5COFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4417 deltaHFFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4418 johnwaddingtonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4419 geefunkuk1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4420 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4421 HillomaisteriFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4422 mattingly1967Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4423 husky2202Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4424 ryanl133Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4425 Magnum50Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4426 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4427 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4428 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4429 russpFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4430 vinzdu91Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4431 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4432 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4433 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4434 TheSloth48Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4435 PeteR84Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4436 KDOGG1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4437 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4438 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4439 jaouFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4440 FfalatoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4441 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4442 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4443 Droopaloop5006Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4444 admgoodrideFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4445 jrocchettoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4446 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4447 Doorl3ssDukeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4448 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4449 RockYamFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4450 bennett123Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4451 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4452 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4453 PRYSKHYFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4454 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4455 RumpySteveFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4456 MPerlegFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4457 diplomativixFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4458 RallyeforeverFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4459 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4460 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4461 blue0790Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4462 solberg23Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4463 mcsebriFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4464 Kaos1337erFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4465 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4466 KeskorrFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4467 timalxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4468 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4469 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4470 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4471 hogzyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4472 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4473 DiivansFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4474 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4475 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4476 BigE1205Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4477 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4478 GAIZKABELOKIFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4479 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4480 BaaaradFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4481 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4482 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4483 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4484 dede2bFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4485 CrazyhorseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4486 silv3rshoot3rFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4487 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4488 jere81Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4489 GeckobrotherFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox
4490 aure0308Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:17.690Xbox