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DiRT Daily Live, 2016-12-10
6060 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Sweden] Norraskoga (L) (Midday, Sunny)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 Porkhammer Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:52.869+00:00.000Steam
2 Joona PanskuFord Fiesta RS Rally05:55.719+00:02.850Steam
3 jhtl85Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:56.135+00:03.266PS4
4 stkoozaFord Fiesta RS Rally05:57.919+00:05.500Steam
5 SPK_93Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:58.002+00:05.133PS4
6 ariwalk Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:02.168+00:09.299Steam
7 StreetTroll24Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:03.835+00:10.966PS4
8 16. T. NordinsFord Fiesta RS Rally06:04.235+00:11.366Steam
9 catty7073 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:04.252+00:11.383Steam
10 AndyvanFord Fiesta RS Rally06:04.368+00:11.499Steam
11 MongoJon [Oculus] Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:05.385+00:12.516Steam
12 Göran NilsonFord Fiesta RS Rally06:05.918+00:13.490Steam
13 G² Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:11.085+00:18.216Steam
14 jkmak1351 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:13.235+00:20.366Steam
15 CSN5567Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:13.685+00:20.816Steam
16 Linfalive Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:13.785+00:20.916Steam
17 fiston38Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:14.085+00:21.216Steam
18 Th3HolyMoose Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:15.218+00:22.349Steam
19 Sludgefeast420Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:15.801+00:22.932PS4
20 julek.winiarek Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:16.301+00:23.432Steam
21 Ezequiel Morel(ARG) Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:16.451+00:23.582Steam
22 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:16.601+00:23.732Xbox
23 Je55eJame5 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:16.618+00:23.749Steam
24 RealTrollisFord Fiesta RS Rally06:17.118+00:24.249PS4
25 EpilepticToastFord Fiesta RS Rally06:17.384+00:24.515Xbox
26 aqvig Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:17.618+00:24.749Steam
27 Ciortellora_ITFord Fiesta RS Rally06:17.968+00:25.990Steam
28 J-M-J-75Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:18.184+00:25.315PS4
29 MI_KE Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:20.218+00:27.349Steam
30 ynkelit Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:20.734+00:27.865Steam
31 maesterberg Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:20.751+00:27.882Steam
32 Potato Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:20.868+00:27.999Steam
33 max Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:21.484+00:28.615Steam
34 [JfP] batatas_fritasFord Fiesta RS Rally06:22.451+00:29.582Steam
35 mollaaa23Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:22.484+00:29.615PS4
36 N1KKEFord Fiesta RS Rally06:22.518+00:29.649PS4
37 Eric der HeizerFord Fiesta RS Rally06:22.584+00:29.715Steam
38 BetterOfTwoEvils Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:22.684+00:29.815Steam
39 InksaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:23.118+00:30.249Steam
40 RiCsEsZ|RSFord Fiesta RS Rally06:23.184+00:30.315Steam
41 RapSuFord Fiesta RS Rally06:23.218+00:30.349Steam
42 lucasljungbackFord Fiesta RS Rally06:23.451+00:30.582Xbox
43 Grumpy Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:24.117+00:31.248Steam
44 pertti1969Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:24.684+00:31.815PS4
45 Magnus BlodstrupmoenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:24.917+00:32.480Steam
46 Juggab1977 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:25.001+00:32.132Steam
47 privat8037senFord Fiesta RS Rally06:25.134+00:32.265PS4
48 youtube.com/vajbTV Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:25.151+00:32.282Steam
49 revoasd Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:25.301+00:32.432Steam
50 srtstig Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:25.367+00:32.498Steam
51 JorgenEriksen94Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:25.634+00:32.765PS4
52 NickJackPT Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:25.734+00:32.865Steam
53 Ferranis Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:26.234+00:33.365Steam
54 migotti Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:26.317+00:33.448Steam
55 suXin Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:26.351+00:33.482Steam
56 Evomills13Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:26.551+00:33.682Xbox
57 tilithomFord Fiesta RS Rally06:26.751+00:33.882Xbox
58 Ice® [GER]Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:27.951+00:35.820Steam
59 XxorykFord Fiesta RS Rally06:28.151+00:35.282Steam
60 tony206 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:28.301+00:35.432Steam
61 Superd00ps Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:28.517+00:35.648Steam
62 Snowsilent Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:28.517+00:35.648Steam
63 Major Payne Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:28.717+00:35.848Steam
64 fifomaniakFord Fiesta RS Rally06:28.851+00:35.982Xbox
65 KaasujalkaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:29.084+00:36.215Steam
66 ?RaGeRiDe™ Jirister!#Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:29.167+00:36.298Steam
67 Xanzah Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:29.284+00:36.415Steam
68 anrie90Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:29.284+00:36.415PS4
69 armesto Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:29.351+00:36.482Steam
70 ExMrAngryFord Fiesta RS Rally06:29.384+00:36.515PS4
71 -=Sylvain83=- Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:29.584+00:36.715Steam
72 kildog Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:29.734+00:36.865Steam
73 ppumppuFord Fiesta RS Rally06:29.817+00:36.948Steam
74 HonkQuackBangFord Fiesta RS Rally06:29.984+00:37.115PS4
75 Taifuuni Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:30.134+00:37.265Steam
76 BraxenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:30.134+00:37.265Steam
77 CholericCreep Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:30.184+00:37.315Steam
78 NoisyTribe Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:30.467+00:37.598Steam
79 dafoartFord Fiesta RS Rally06:30.534+00:37.665PS4
80 MatteFord Fiesta RS Rally06:30.684+00:37.815Steam
81 Jorma KovanenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:30.701+00:37.832Steam
82 avk179 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:30.917+00:38.480Steam
83 Mareczek83Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:31.217+00:38.348PS4
84 roccon-mFord Fiesta RS Rally06:31.351+00:38.482Steam
85 thaSup3rN0vaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:31.467+00:38.598Xbox
86 pekka.virkamaki Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:31.734+00:38.865Steam
87 J. TörngrenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:32.100+00:39.231Steam
88 mutley Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:32.150+00:39.281Steam
89 jp9250 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:32.234+00:39.365Steam
90 måni in pantisFord Fiesta RS Rally06:32.484+00:39.615Steam
91 TAUPIN Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:32.784+00:39.915Steam
92 FloodanFord Fiesta RS Rally06:32.984+00:40.115Steam
93 Groove14 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:33.034+00:40.165Steam
94 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:33.100+00:40.231Xbox
95 Norbi Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:33.150+00:40.281Steam
96 salvo4689 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:33.167+00:40.298Steam
97 Cat Lives MatterFord Fiesta RS Rally06:33.300+00:40.431Steam
98 ilya KochneV Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:33.400+00:40.531Steam
99 Marek1Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:33.800+00:40.931Steam
100 Gustav AndelFord Fiesta RS Rally06:33.817+00:40.948Steam
101 balsy1995Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:33.950+00:41.810PS4
102 82mai82 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:34.000+00:41.131Steam
103 SWINFord Fiesta RS Rally06:34.167+00:41.298Steam
104 GreyVarg93Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:34.200+00:41.331Xbox
105 artos55 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:34.267+00:41.398Steam
106 FariFord Fiesta RS Rally06:34.484+00:41.615Steam
107 EinsZweiFord Fiesta RS Rally06:34.700+00:41.831Steam
108 jaylikeswaffels Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:34.717+00:41.848Steam
109 fabmullFord Fiesta RS Rally06:34.750+00:41.881Steam
110 Chillenwithtym Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:34.917+00:42.480Steam
111 marisritins Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:35.017+00:42.148Steam
112 harri.lattuFord Fiesta RS Rally06:35.100+00:42.231Steam
113 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:35.150+00:42.281Xbox
114 DayVmFord Fiesta RS Rally06:35.150+00:42.281Xbox
115 evilsmurf1976Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:35.417+00:42.548PS4
116 RTT-COMPETITIONFord Fiesta RS Rally06:35.484+00:42.615PS4
117 Schoch aus de Kelloggspackung Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:35.600+00:42.731Steam
118 DrivenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:35.784+00:42.915Steam
119 MarcelieFord Fiesta RS Rally06:35.867+00:42.998Steam
120 kalsarikännitFord Fiesta RS Rally06:35.934+00:43.650Steam
121 meamFord Fiesta RS Rally06:35.934+00:43.650Steam
122 MTM3199Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:36.100+00:43.231PS4
123 Luís Figueiredo Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:36.300+00:43.431Steam
124 Mikeaerox91 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:36.317+00:43.448Steam
125 Banz Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:36.550+00:43.681Steam
126 Hotshot Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:36.950+00:44.810Steam
127 thoniozFord Fiesta RS Rally06:37.050+00:44.181PS4
128 wintherrally Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:37.084+00:44.215Steam
129 Ferri_BlascikFord Fiesta RS Rally06:37.150+00:44.281PS4
130 loy59Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:37.217+00:44.348PS4
131 PW?XFord Fiesta RS Rally06:37.384+00:44.515Steam
132 4554551N Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:37.450+00:44.581Steam
133 sebbtab Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:37.467+00:44.598Steam
134 iSpade69 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:37.484+00:44.615Steam
135 Nisselua på Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:37.684+00:44.815Steam
136 johnno89auFord Fiesta RS Rally06:37.717+00:44.848Steam
137 Alex Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:37.784+00:44.915Steam
138 Sladdikurvinen ™ Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:37.850+00:44.981Steam
139 SoN!CFord Fiesta RS Rally06:38.034+00:45.165Steam
140 KLRicoFord Fiesta RS Rally06:38.050+00:45.181Steam
141 elio75 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.150+00:45.281Steam
142 Isle of Barra Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.184+00:45.315Steam
143 CalimirFord Fiesta RS Rally06:38.217+00:45.348Steam
144 Mikl Tomas Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.267+00:45.398Steam
145 cypou15Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.384+00:45.515PS4
146 that_guy Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.434+00:45.565Steam
147 ari.salokivi Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.434+00:45.565Steam
148 lewisp1982Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.434+00:45.565PS4
149 pat1970Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.450+00:45.581PS4
150 Lightbuggy188Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.650+00:45.781PS4
151 3del! Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.734+00:45.865Steam
152 Aqila?Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.750+00:45.881Steam
153 VocSwe Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.767+00:45.898Steam
154 thorsten.pietryga Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.817+00:45.948Steam
155 magicwise Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.850+00:45.981Steam
156 pikap_nanaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:38.884+00:46.150Steam
157 YoppaRaizoFord Fiesta RS Rally06:38.900+00:46.310Steam
158 MoeZarella Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:38.917+00:46.480Steam
159 crazymotors Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.067+00:46.198Steam
160 kowalssky Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.117+00:46.248Steam
161 DiRT-81787Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.150+00:46.281PS4
162 drakar Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.167+00:46.298Steam
163 daniel19920427Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.200+00:46.331PS4
164 Hubas Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.234+00:46.365Steam
165 kimifan601Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.234+00:46.365PS4
166 illicit777 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.284+00:46.415Steam
167 Karppa Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.384+00:46.515Steam
168 ostmossaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:39.384+00:46.515PS4
169 TiironesSFord Fiesta RS Rally06:39.450+00:46.581PS4
170 [ T.F ] Patriarche Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.600+00:46.731Steam
171 JokeromeFord Fiesta RS Rally06:39.667+00:46.798Steam
172 Alf Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.767+00:46.898Steam
173 BlueTheTurbo Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.784+00:46.915Steam
174 markrenton85Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:39.967+00:47.980PS4
175 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:39.967+00:47.980Xbox
176 EWO-9Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:40.017+00:47.148PS4
177 vposunaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:40.017+00:47.148Xbox
178 karlosjerez Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:40.083+00:47.214Steam
179 RC-Storm Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:40.133+00:47.264Steam
180 pmac22Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:40.367+00:47.498Steam
181 sp4cemanFord Fiesta RS Rally06:40.450+00:47.581Xbox
182 Koli_czFord Fiesta RS Rally06:40.517+00:47.648PS4
183 colton229Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:40.600+00:47.731PS4
184 Schickes Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:40.683+00:47.814Steam
185 Hugo Vieira Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:40.683+00:47.814Steam
186 TeamCrevette Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:40.750+00:47.881Steam
187 ConieorFord Fiesta RS Rally06:40.767+00:47.898PS4
188 Jan #NoControl Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:40.933+00:48.640Steam
189 J_Mullens Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:41.117+00:48.248Steam
190 mk1griffFord Fiesta RS Rally06:41.150+00:48.281PS4
191 JuergenBeastModeFord Fiesta RS Rally06:41.300+00:48.431PS4
192 Rulo_GomzFord Fiesta RS Rally06:41.317+00:48.448PS4
193 oscarostlund42Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:41.383+00:48.514Xbox
194 fragles70Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:41.533+00:48.664Steam
195 AdsFord Fiesta RS Rally06:41.550+00:48.681Steam
196 Weke123321Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:41.550+00:48.681PS4
197 Veleris Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:41.583+00:48.714Steam
198 konhiroomi Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:41.600+00:48.731Steam
199 mouldymadgit68Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:41.667+00:48.798PS4
200 RallyManic1964Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:41.683+00:48.814Steam
201 pudukuFord Fiesta RS Rally06:41.700+00:48.831Steam
202 misanthor Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:41.717+00:48.848Steam
203 Tommy-M-HFord Fiesta RS Rally06:41.733+00:48.864PS4
204 RaceRaptor Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:41.817+00:48.948Steam
205 II Lagavulin II Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:41.900+00:49.310Steam
206 McNootFord Fiesta RS Rally06:41.900+00:49.310Steam
207 pepichzoliFord Fiesta RS Rally06:41.933+00:49.640Steam
208 c-b-b-cFord Fiesta RS Rally06:42.017+00:49.148Steam
209 Aurora Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:42.067+00:49.198Steam
210 kemuksigakFord Fiesta RS Rally06:42.100+00:49.231Steam
211 M41k_R Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:42.200+00:49.331Steam
212 AEXXI Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:42.233+00:49.364Steam
213 tppFord Fiesta RS Rally06:42.433+00:49.564Xbox
214 Barian Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:42.450+00:49.581Steam
215 carbon Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:42.500+00:49.631Steam
216 [-XV-].AngeOliveur. Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:42.517+00:49.648Steam
217 danny4949Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:42.567+00:49.698PS4
218 lurmory Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:42.600+00:49.731Steam
219 RotebassenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:42.600+00:49.731PS4
220 B!CN!C Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:42.667+00:49.798Steam
221 SusoNoviC ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:42.717+00:49.848Steam
222 marsalas87Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:42.750+00:49.881PS4
223 Antonio BarbosaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:42.817+00:49.948Steam
224 EllienCynFord Fiesta RS Rally06:42.933+00:50.640PS4
225 AngryCocoQcFord Fiesta RS Rally06:42.933+00:50.640Xbox
226 tero kartmanFord Fiesta RS Rally06:42.950+00:50.810Steam
227 hese ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:43.150+00:50.281Steam
228 82elfos (CZ) Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:43.200+00:50.331Steam
229 kurre042Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:43.217+00:50.348PS4
230 mankan.carlsson Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:43.333+00:50.464Steam
231 CarloFord Fiesta RS Rally06:43.333+00:50.464Steam
232 Lord H òó TFord Fiesta RS Rally06:43.467+00:50.598Steam
233 M.C. RideFord Fiesta RS Rally06:43.517+00:50.648Steam
234 aapoFord Fiesta RS Rally06:43.533+00:50.664Steam
235 Daniel JohanssonFord Fiesta RS Rally06:43.633+00:50.764Steam
236 Steven007Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:43.750+00:50.881Steam
237 derblinFord Fiesta RS Rally06:43.750+00:50.881PS4
238 A.One Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:43.833+00:50.964Steam
239 The StokeFord Fiesta RS Rally06:43.850+00:50.981Steam
240 Molock Le LapinFord Fiesta RS Rally06:43.933+00:51.640Steam
241 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:43.967+00:51.980Xbox
242 travellog07Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:44.017+00:51.148Steam
243 kacper145Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:44.017+00:51.148PS4
244 Vargmane24Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:44.083+00:51.214Xbox
245 Tin Man Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:44.150+00:51.281Steam
246 Alexandr-BorisovFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.217+00:51.348PS4
247 DoncedevFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.317+00:51.448PS4
248 BranFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.400+00:51.531Steam
249 arttu4Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:44.400+00:51.531PS4
250 Kiki von KikiFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.433+00:51.564Steam
251 RolandAndersonFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.500+00:51.631Xbox
252 Krisz_Vegh Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:44.533+00:51.664Steam
253 gumbosoniFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.533+00:51.664PS4
254 peteturtle Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:44.567+00:51.698Steam
255 ShutterFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.600+00:51.731Steam
256 Thomas Kahle Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:44.617+00:51.748Steam
257 s.boykinyaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.717+00:51.848Steam
258 kilfoofanFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.750+00:51.881Steam
259 Fatlacer CZFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.767+00:51.898Steam
260 Karmazynowy mscicielFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.800+00:51.931Steam
261 ZawGaR2Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:44.800+00:51.931PS4
262 Diogo Souto Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:44.850+00:51.981Steam
263 P-S-3_P-I-TFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.867+00:51.998PS4
264 Red Rhino Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:44.883+00:52.140Steam
265 bareforgoyFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.883+00:52.140PS4
266 RaineVelttiFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.983+00:52.114PS4
267 Dex_ Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.000+00:52.131Steam
268 Booger Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.017+00:52.148Steam
269 ATIDIA Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.017+00:52.148Steam
270 JDSjoel Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.033+00:52.164Steam
271 waltcyntFord Fiesta RS Rally06:45.050+00:52.181Xbox
272 captainslowFord Fiesta RS Rally06:45.117+00:52.248Steam
273 McRae_555_Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.133+00:52.264PS4
274 agemage Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.233+00:52.364Steam
275 SaitalFord Fiesta RS Rally06:45.283+00:52.414Steam
276 Re_RacerFord Fiesta RS Rally06:45.283+00:52.414PS4
277 MUGEN WTF Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.383+00:52.514Steam
278 gamgam6822Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.400+00:52.531PS4
279 kevin-e-96Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.433+00:52.564PS4
280 FaustballFord Fiesta RS Rally06:45.467+00:52.598PS4
281 Panzercorps_Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.517+00:52.648PS4
282 diego_sennaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:45.533+00:52.664Steam
283 Tannekr Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.533+00:52.664Steam
284 Zdeno361Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.533+00:52.664PS4
285 iwoeFord Fiesta RS Rally06:45.567+00:52.698Steam
286 Raccoon Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.683+00:52.814Steam
287 hessionsheavenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:45.767+00:52.898PS4
288 VLC Player Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.783+00:52.914Steam
289 sulomies Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.800+00:52.931Steam
290 kumikapulaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:45.850+00:52.981PS4
291 RajtenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:45.950+00:53.810PS4
292 Daemonis1Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.967+00:53.980PS4
293 TractorFace Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.983+00:53.114Steam
294 Kärbä Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:45.983+00:53.114Steam
295 johann.fenn Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.017+00:53.148Steam
296 ladose.lebelge Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.117+00:53.248Steam
297 touchy71 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.150+00:53.281Steam
298 TheEqFord Fiesta RS Rally06:46.250+00:53.381Steam
299 Juiklo Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.267+00:53.398Steam
300 cgustavosantosFord Fiesta RS Rally06:46.300+00:53.431Steam
301 madbull-34-Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.350+00:53.481PS4
302 DEBEUFord Fiesta RS Rally06:46.417+00:53.548Steam
303 Rocky7513 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.483+00:53.614Steam
304 Beefeater63Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.483+00:53.614PS4
305 El CZE (THC) Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.550+00:53.681Steam
306 JehutyFord Fiesta RS Rally06:46.617+00:53.748Steam
307 Prana Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.633+00:53.764Steam
308 Pedro Casal Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.683+00:53.814Steam
309 brioche Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.733+00:53.864Steam
310 siedler7 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.767+00:53.898Steam
311 Gandalf Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.850+00:53.981Steam
312 DeathBoy11Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.850+00:53.981Steam
313 heavybootsFord Fiesta RS Rally06:46.850+00:53.981Steam
314 Me Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:46.967+00:54.980Steam
315 looperiFord Fiesta RS Rally06:46.983+00:54.114Steam
316 Diego CatalánFord Fiesta RS Rally06:47.017+00:54.148Steam
317 I LIKE BIG DIKSFord Fiesta RS Rally06:47.033+00:54.164Steam
318 schlenkerEFord Fiesta RS Rally06:47.133+00:54.264PS4
319 Maestro-Ponchik Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:47.167+00:54.298Steam
320 LCDKMaxFord Fiesta RS Rally06:47.317+00:54.448Xbox
321 cortFord Fiesta RS Rally06:47.367+00:54.498Steam
322 NeilFord Fiesta RS Rally06:47.550+00:54.681Steam
323 RhysTattersonFord Fiesta RS Rally06:47.550+00:54.681Xbox
324 Keenius Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:47.617+00:54.748Steam
325 atrvo Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:47.633+00:54.764Steam
326 klemen.mozina1Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:47.683+00:54.814Steam
327 GunShip 88Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:47.700+00:54.831Steam
328 troopersingerFord Fiesta RS Rally06:47.767+00:54.898Steam
329 ElvisrallyFord Fiesta RS Rally06:47.783+00:54.914PS4
330 bagiaaaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:47.800+00:54.931PS4
331 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:47.800+00:54.931Xbox
332 Daedalus311Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:47.867+00:54.998Steam
333 Grombidal Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:47.950+00:55.810Steam
334 Totte Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.017+00:55.148Steam
335 EVMJ_GFTFord Fiesta RS Rally06:48.083+00:55.214PS4
336 eski655Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.100+00:55.231PS4
337 alexandre_prohetFord Fiesta RS Rally06:48.117+00:55.248Steam
338 wings of justiceFord Fiesta RS Rally06:48.117+00:55.248Steam
339 fgfpvf6Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.117+00:55.248PS4
340 LinkinWarFord Fiesta RS Rally06:48.133+00:55.264Steam
341 Teks Willer Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.150+00:55.281Steam
342 PingouinFord Fiesta RS Rally06:48.167+00:55.298Steam
343 SnoppskuFord Fiesta RS Rally06:48.283+00:55.414Steam
344 NpMedeirosFord Fiesta RS Rally06:48.300+00:55.431PS4
345 darkangel_jimmyFord Fiesta RS Rally06:48.383+00:55.514Steam
346 Dieghito68200Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.416+00:55.547PS4
347 bartekb47Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.483+00:55.614Steam
348 Diogopt17Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.500+00:55.631Xbox
349 Nick_Mendez | GER Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.533+00:55.664Steam
350 choubon27Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.616+00:55.747Steam
351 Tommy1188Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.750+00:55.881Steam
352 fhoutrisFord Fiesta RS Rally06:48.750+00:55.881PS4
353 juracingFord Fiesta RS Rally06:48.750+00:55.881Xbox
354 DirtRally9Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.866+00:55.997PS4
355 nano_gabanoFord Fiesta RS Rally06:48.866+00:55.997PS4
356 j.elten9Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.916+00:56.470Steam
357 ?nuklear Sloth?Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.916+00:56.470Steam
358 pablovargas84Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.916+00:56.470PS4
359 DeathMetalFreak Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:48.933+00:56.640Steam
360 StagManSteveFord Fiesta RS Rally06:49.016+00:56.147PS4
361 n1paFord Fiesta RS Rally06:49.034+00:56.165PS4
362 Konstantinos WagenVolks Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.050+00:56.181Steam
363 FermikanteFord Fiesta RS Rally06:49.166+00:56.297Steam
364 tom_wills226Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.166+00:56.297PS4
365 MarTincanFord Fiesta RS Rally06:49.266+00:56.397Steam
366 Realista74Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.283+00:56.414Steam
367 Eg11Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.283+00:56.414Xbox
368 Obe-WanFord Fiesta RS Rally06:49.300+00:56.431PS4
369 Shini Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.400+00:56.531Steam
370 D1MOne Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.516+00:56.647Steam
371 Touched Coast 707 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.533+00:56.664Steam
372 HoksuFord Fiesta RS Rally06:49.616+00:56.747Steam
373 E³ (aka Eiii) Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.633+00:56.764Steam
374 Nectaria Coutayar Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.633+00:56.764Steam
375 dani89sFord Fiesta RS Rally06:49.666+00:56.797PS4
376 AlexYar73Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.700+00:56.831PS4
377 IzumiFord Fiesta RS Rally06:49.816+00:56.947Steam
378 SeriousSergioFord Fiesta RS Rally06:49.866+00:56.997Steam
379 ivanf1973Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.900+00:57.310PS4
380 baumelGT3Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:49.983+00:57.114PS4
381 rustyshakelferFord Fiesta RS Rally06:49.983+00:57.114Xbox
382 Erik8993Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.016+00:57.147Steam
383 n115w1Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.033+00:57.164PS4
384 ata Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.066+00:57.197Steam
385 yopuigFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.066+00:57.197PS4
386 RubenG Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.083+00:57.214Steam
387 miskapaajanenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.150+00:57.281Steam
388 jantopFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.150+00:57.281PS4
389 border2001ukFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.167+00:57.298Steam
390 Diabolus Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.183+00:57.314Steam
391 cyäeghaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.266+00:57.397Steam
392 spericolatoFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.283+00:57.414PS4
393 C3RT1F13DN1NJAFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.316+00:57.447PS4
394 Molnár Dániel Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.366+00:57.497Steam
395 rajcoreFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.366+00:57.497PS4
396 PerseusFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.550+00:57.681Steam
397 punkUser Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.566+00:57.697Steam
398 B.NEVEU Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.600+00:57.731Steam
399 ????Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.633+00:57.764Steam
400 chambrinFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.633+00:57.764Xbox
401 HiteFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.683+00:57.814Steam
402 tanne42Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.683+00:57.814PS4
403 NAERNONFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.700+00:57.831Steam
404 Granite Octopus Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.766+00:57.897Steam
405 welshyAKAbadboyFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.766+00:57.897PS4
406 motoristi555Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.850+00:57.981PS4
407 Vemppu_lutkuFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.883+00:58.140PS4
408 ogalevin2Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.916+00:58.470PS4
409 soboog Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.950+00:58.810Steam
410 Valletta Meme MasterFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.950+00:58.810Steam
411 toedeloeFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.950+00:58.810PS4
412 JupeQ_Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:50.966+00:58.970PS4
413 AkaMirteFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.983+00:58.114PS4
414 Vejgaard Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:51.016+00:58.147Steam
415 SamWho_15Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:51.016+00:58.147PS4
416 NikonlainenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.100+00:58.231PS4
417 psych13aFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.216+00:58.347PS4
418 jimeledoitFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.216+00:58.347PS4
419 PentsiFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.233+00:58.364Steam
420 loukimi Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:51.300+00:58.431Steam
421 miiitch_07Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:51.333+00:58.464PS4
422 CRM140488Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:51.333+00:58.464Xbox
423 samii1990Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:51.350+00:58.481PS4
424 SevenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.400+00:58.531Steam
425 dontcut119 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:51.416+00:58.547Steam
426 DanielRojselFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.466+00:58.597Steam
427 karlisk4 #MicJustBroke Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:51.516+00:58.647Steam
428 ctiv-gpf1psFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.516+00:58.647PS4
429 Yes_AyeeeFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.516+00:58.647PS4
430 Rapskallion Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:51.600+00:58.731Steam
431 psychoblondie67 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:51.666+00:58.797Steam
432 ArchosauriaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.766+00:58.897Steam
433 jdmFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.816+00:58.947Steam
434 yendreckFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.850+00:58.981Steam
435 ScheisenbergFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.850+00:58.981Steam
436 svinballFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.850+00:58.981Xbox
437 kimi40 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:51.883+00:59.140Steam
438 TRZTORQUEFord Fiesta RS Rally06:51.966+00:59.970Steam
439 mike Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.000+00:59.131Steam
440 AngorhFord Fiesta RS Rally06:52.033+00:59.164Steam
441 misch0301Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.116+00:59.247Xbox
442 sl0rvpeisFord Fiesta RS Rally06:52.183+00:59.314PS4
443 jorkkako Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.200+00:59.331Steam
444 [GER] Flatman Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.200+00:59.331Steam
445 Unlimit_RemanFord Fiesta RS Rally06:52.200+00:59.331PS4
446 nugget32590Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.200+00:59.331PS4
447 matthew11Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.200+00:59.331Xbox
448 Revelation Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.216+00:59.347Steam
449 weedfree ® vOdKaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:52.216+00:59.347Steam
450 bervalixFord Fiesta RS Rally06:52.250+00:59.381Steam
451 nicola.cazzaro92Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.250+00:59.381Steam
452 Cramou1967Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.250+00:59.381PS4
453 Lt.ChacoFord Fiesta RS Rally06:52.283+00:59.414Steam
454 BillieJoe97gFord Fiesta RS Rally06:52.283+00:59.414PS4
455 MinSlinger333Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.283+00:59.414PS4
456 oddo1234Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.350+00:59.481PS4
457 I am Machine ??? Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.383+00:59.514Steam
458 tseloktin Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.483+00:59.614Steam
459 ajr83xFord Fiesta RS Rally06:52.600+00:59.731PS4
460 alexandre8763Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.733+00:59.864Steam
461 BoostkingFord Fiesta RS Rally06:52.783+00:59.914Steam
462 craigspiff68Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.816+00:59.947PS4
463 lll Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.850+00:59.981Steam
464 Cracle Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.950+1:00.810Steam
465 [ADS] ?Jää-Kylmää? Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.950+1:00.810Steam
466 Nort_44Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:52.983+1:00.114PS4
467 Manu Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.083+1:00.214Steam
468 matt43 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.283+1:00.414Steam
469 conbonjoviFord Fiesta RS Rally06:53.283+1:00.414PS4
470 Hipopaul Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.316+1:00.447Steam
471 Carrasco Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.350+1:00.481Steam
472 Calvinwong38Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.400+1:00.531PS4
473 Lumoz Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.433+1:00.564Steam
474 volfid Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.466+1:00.597Steam
475 SlimShady* Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.533+1:00.664Steam
476 David_VillalongaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:53.533+1:00.664PS4
477 Herr_BillyboyFord Fiesta RS Rally06:53.600+1:00.731Steam
478 Pompel Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.633+1:00.764Steam
479 GaXieRFord Fiesta RS Rally06:53.700+1:00.831Xbox
480 finagle69Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.733+1:00.864Steam
481 doperst Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.766+1:00.897Steam
482 adammdudeeFord Fiesta RS Rally06:53.766+1:00.897Xbox
483 PopoidAndroid Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.783+1:00.914Steam
484 RaFfleStokie Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.783+1:00.914Steam
485 AlexFord Fiesta RS Rally06:53.850+1:00.981Steam
486 pfrancisquettiFord Fiesta RS Rally06:53.883+1:01.140Steam
487 **BuFFaLo133**Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.883+1:01.140Steam
488 Heino Hinterseer Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.900+1:01.310Steam
489 [OFc] LK3 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.916+1:01.470Steam
490 Seilori_JormaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:53.916+1:01.470PS4
491 TizZarTFord Fiesta RS Rally06:53.933+1:01.640Steam
492 Cruzor2708Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:53.950+1:01.810Steam
493 MMM0n3y[JP] Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.050+1:01.181Steam
494 Corvettefan4everFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.050+1:01.181PS4
495 LeGoreFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.083+1:01.214Steam
496 KackbudenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.116+1:01.247PS4
497 stridsberg.andersFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.133+1:01.264Steam
498 ThomasoliverfoxFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.133+1:01.264Xbox
499 SomebodySmokeMe Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.150+1:01.281Steam
500 WeMe Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.200+1:01.331Steam
501 GABZ17Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.216+1:01.347PS4
502 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.300+1:01.431Xbox
503 matti.immonenFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.366+1:01.497Steam
504 wrxsti6starsFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.366+1:01.497PS4
505 CherryPhosphate Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.400+1:01.531Steam
506 Underdown-TranceFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.433+1:01.564PS4
507 Chipster Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.450+1:01.581Steam
508 BeggarSifon (KuCoH)Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.466+1:01.597Steam
509 LUKEY1993Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.616+1:01.747PS4
510 Flying_Finn_76Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.616+1:01.747PS4
511 NEILwrcFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.616+1:01.747PS4
512 Wolfie Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.783+1:01.914Steam
513 michaspieleFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.800+1:01.931Steam
514 Urinat0r Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.800+1:01.931Steam
515 OttoFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.816+1:01.947Steam
516 Dominguez Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.816+1:01.947Steam
517 TepsuFord Fiesta RS Rally06:54.833+1:01.964PS4
518 Marvin Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:54.900+1:02.310Steam
519 p.2501 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.000+1:02.131Steam
520 niketteFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.000+1:02.131PS4
521 KeijoA Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.016+1:02.147Steam
522 DDGRIPFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.016+1:02.147PS4
523 battfinkzFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.083+1:02.214Xbox
524 CyborgFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.100+1:02.231Steam
525 lvl5000Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.133+1:02.264PS4
526 xCroco52 [FR] Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.166+1:02.297Steam
527 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.166+1:02.297Xbox
528 Mosfos Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.183+1:02.314Steam
529 kipitok91Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.183+1:02.314PS4
530 SODAWITHYODA3Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.183+1:02.314PS4
531 Erik Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.383+1:02.514Steam
532 elchukyninjaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.383+1:02.514PS4
533 Mr.Ducky Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.400+1:02.531Steam
534 RGNR Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.433+1:02.564Steam
535 pigloaf Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.483+1:02.614Steam
536 corpscop43Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.516+1:02.647PS4
537 hammy4Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.516+1:02.647PS4
538 Jemery Mailman Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.550+1:02.681Steam
539 Krazs Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.550+1:02.681Steam
540 Ville Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.566+1:02.697Steam
541 BeberinhoTheKidFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.566+1:02.697PS4
542 [LCC]Sakm38 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.583+1:02.714Steam
543 griffeFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.583+1:02.714Xbox
544 tuokarinen Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.633+1:02.764Steam
545 Madviking Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.666+1:02.797Steam
546 HelgeFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.683+1:02.814Steam
547 WINDYLICKER69Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.733+1:02.864PS4
548 jmfjcas Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.750+1:02.881Steam
549 RisusilppuriFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.800+1:02.931Steam
550 HawkeyeTheNoo22Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.800+1:02.931PS4
551 ETJ 1.0Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.883+1:03.140Steam
552 moto79Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.883+1:03.140Xbox
553 tialveFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.933+1:03.640PS4
554 vokeloFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.933+1:03.640Xbox
555 benjamin.obeinFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.950+1:03.810Steam
556 Sepe27zFord Fiesta RS Rally06:55.983+1:03.114Steam
557 tenukeppi Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:55.983+1:03.114Steam
558 UB3R-BR3NDAGEFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.000+1:03.131PS4
559 SimSonFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.033+1:03.164Steam
560 DoctorEvolFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.066+1:03.197Steam
561 Ategon_n Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.100+1:03.231Steam
562 llienzo Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.116+1:03.247Steam
563 emanuel.sauer Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.116+1:03.247Steam
564 gentax Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.133+1:03.264Steam
565 Rokelas46Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.150+1:03.281PS4
566 banou68Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.200+1:03.331PS4
567 UniqueKaterFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.200+1:03.331Xbox
568 eldr4goFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.233+1:03.364Steam
569 zertiiFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.250+1:03.381PS4
570 Jenko_WrcFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.266+1:03.397PS4
571 manolillolo69Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.266+1:03.397PS4
572 IHLEplunzPROFIFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.300+1:03.431PS4
573 GTiFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.367+1:03.498Steam
574 Met Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.383+1:03.514Steam
575 gigeoudu34Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.383+1:03.514PS4
576 <0815> Chomper666 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.433+1:03.564Steam
577 kudasoffff Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.483+1:03.614Steam
578 LosChiconeSspFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.516+1:03.647Steam
579 cruze87 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.533+1:03.664Steam
580 rHu Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.550+1:03.681Steam
581 paulhockings08Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.616+1:03.747Steam
582 SemiE69Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.616+1:03.747Steam
583 moine12Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.650+1:03.781Steam
584 Ass-Eared Foxhole Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.766+1:03.897Steam
585 oleevier Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.766+1:03.897Steam
586 kingkonrad Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:56.799+1:03.930Steam
587 Crim-ZFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.866+1:03.997PS4
588 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:56.916+1:04.470Xbox
589 Weka81Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.049+1:04.180PS4
590 Zwie1881 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.116+1:04.247Steam
591 tjetfiatFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.133+1:04.264PS4
592 Osamu Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.183+1:04.314Steam
593 86themadhatter Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.199+1:04.330Steam
594 enzo83omFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.233+1:04.364Xbox
595 pitthekid44 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.249+1:04.380Steam
596 osdafrichFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.317+1:04.448Steam
597 Jony-Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.333+1:04.464Steam
598 JustDiego98Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.333+1:04.464PS4
599 onasutFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.349+1:04.480Steam
600 agusmorenoiaccFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.366+1:04.497PS4
601 teamjwcompetFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.433+1:04.564Xbox
602 DirtsharkkFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.483+1:04.614PS4
603 DtonJ Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.516+1:04.647Steam
604 RZA Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.516+1:04.647Steam
605 SvoggaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.533+1:04.664Oculus
606 turboch4rgedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.566+1:04.697Steam
607 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.583+1:04.714Xbox
608 DweltMoss1Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.599+1:04.730PS4
609 silverleon2010Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.616+1:04.747PS4
610 tchonain473 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.633+1:04.764Steam
611 ozzzzzzzcar5Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.649+1:04.780PS4
612 ricercatoFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.666+1:04.797PS4
613 hameen1Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.666+1:04.797PS4
614 AgentSmith19Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.666+1:04.797PS4
615 Drifting Ricci Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.699+1:04.830Steam
616 bartuz27Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.766+1:04.897PS4
617 JuhiziTFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.766+1:04.897PS4
618 gf Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.783+1:04.914Steam
619 ReM Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.833+1:04.964Steam
620 Kp_109 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.833+1:04.964Steam
621 SmegmonFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.866+1:04.997Steam
622 starcloud60 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.883+1:05.140Steam
623 PTÁCEKFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.916+1:05.470Steam
624 Rising Sun Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:57.933+1:05.640Steam
625 oldethumperFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.983+1:05.114Steam
626 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:57.983+1:05.114Xbox
627 mojicupra2Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.033+1:05.164PS4
628 anunakizFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.033+1:05.164Xbox
629 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.066+1:05.197Xbox
630 RenegadeXtremeFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.099+1:05.230PS4
631 Smoky Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.133+1:05.264Steam
632 Sheik Yerbouti Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.133+1:05.264Steam
633 calamardo guapoFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.133+1:05.264Steam
634 Thrill_Of_SpeedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.133+1:05.264PS4
635 hugh mongous Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.216+1:05.347Steam
636 kolonne97 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.233+1:05.364Steam
637 O9KRattleheadFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.283+1:05.414PS4
638 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.283+1:05.414Xbox
639 doublenerdFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.366+1:05.497Steam
640 WARningHUNFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.366+1:05.497Xbox
641 GnaeX Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.383+1:05.514Steam
642 tahmacFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.399+1:05.530Steam
643 kristofnFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.399+1:05.530Steam
644 Ke'adukFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.416+1:05.547Steam
645 gregbourginFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.433+1:05.564PS4
646 WateredDownUhuFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.449+1:05.580PS4
647 djmacross Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.499+1:05.630Steam
648 shadow118 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.499+1:05.630Steam
649 zom-bi Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.549+1:05.680Steam
650 versys73Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.549+1:05.680PS4
651 Cymru_am-BYTH999Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.566+1:05.697PS4
652 kulligulli Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.583+1:05.714Steam
653 ian lemessurier Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.583+1:05.714Steam
654 vichyyferFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.583+1:05.714PS4
655 jypelFord Fiesta RS Rally06:58.649+1:05.780Xbox
656 baqueiromotorsport Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.666+1:05.797Steam
657 Z_70M11Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.666+1:05.797PS4
658 CaNaX Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.716+1:05.847Steam
659 McC455Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.783+1:05.914PS4
660 HeteroMeteorologi Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.866+1:05.997Steam
661 Pti'Nico [BF] Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.883+1:06.140Steam
662 rammsteindu71Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:58.983+1:06.114PS4
663 domino-90Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.033+1:06.164Steam
664 lurchiFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.033+1:06.164Steam
665 geefunkuk1Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.066+1:06.197Xbox
666 Babbelbox77 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.099+1:06.230Steam
667 TUHO Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.117+1:06.248Steam
668 Jefferson SteelflexFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.133+1:06.264Steam
669 gschultz4807Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.149+1:06.280Steam
670 II_PaiiinlesS_IIFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.149+1:06.280PS4
671 DoDgErSwE Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.316+1:06.447Steam
672 anto_01 Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.316+1:06.447Steam
673 Ghost_PABLO Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.349+1:06.480Steam
674 GG HadidFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.383+1:06.514Steam
675 guaschnoiaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.416+1:06.547PS4
676 Xleo Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.449+1:06.580Steam
677 mikakarvajalkaFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.449+1:06.580PS4
678 matt17guy918Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.466+1:06.597PS4
679 jmfalfonsoFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.616+1:06.747Steam
680 redanimalwarFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.683+1:06.814Xbox
681 freddan911Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.716+1:06.847PS4
682 20cent Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.783+1:06.914Steam
683 HardCoreChair Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.799+1:06.930Steam
684 kikicoreFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.833+1:06.964PS4
685 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.849+1:06.980Xbox
686 jyrtsi82Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.866+1:06.997PS4
687 CIANTA__BELINFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.899+1:07.300PS4
688 WiseThoth Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.916+1:07.470Steam
689 Copilot Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.916+1:07.470Steam
690 bonzo_62Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.916+1:07.470PS4
691 MILINKO81Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:59.949+1:07.800Xbox
692 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:59.966+1:07.970Xbox
693 razor6795Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.066+1:07.197Steam
694 SondreShsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.083+1:07.214PS4
695 vmax1000sxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.083+1:07.214Xbox
696 LAMARTHEFISHFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.099+1:07.230PS4
697 LewisKubicaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.116+1:07.247Xbox
698 FSARacingFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.199+1:07.330Xbox
699 litwarskiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.216+1:07.347Steam
700 kroksanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.216+1:07.347Xbox
701 lairdy1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.249+1:07.380Xbox
702 Nheymz Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.283+1:07.414Steam
703 Nimbus1138 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.316+1:07.447Steam
704 tam_bam Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.333+1:07.464Steam
705 libero93150Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.349+1:07.480PS4
706 KDOGG1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.366+1:07.497Xbox
707 seb12bhFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.399+1:07.530PS4
708 NewQxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.399+1:07.530Xbox
709 twitch.tv/SuperStinkyTofuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.416+1:07.547Steam
710 ninjacheetoesFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.433+1:07.564PS4
711 robnitro Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.449+1:07.580Steam
712 Don Schlonzo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.483+1:07.614Steam
713 DACK-6_Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.483+1:07.614PS4
714 HenrysnepsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.616+1:07.747Steam
715 abeskamikazeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.616+1:07.747PS4
716 2 StoNe 2 PlaY!Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.666+1:07.797Steam
717 AndrewF977Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.699+1:07.830PS4
718 HoNey_RebellsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.733+1:07.864PS4
719 hagloshmeisterFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.733+1:07.864Xbox
720 BK_1975Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.749+1:07.880PS4
721 ch4ndl3r23czFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.883+1:08.140Steam
722 nervenkillerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.916+1:08.470Steam
723 davidrafaj Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.916+1:08.470Steam
724 METAL666nz Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.916+1:08.470Steam
725 yidupnorthFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.933+1:08.640PS4
726 xFunzelxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:00.966+1:08.970Xbox
727 Ukki61 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.983+1:08.114Steam
728 Zebrabumerang Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.983+1:08.114Steam
729 SexyDino Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.983+1:08.114Steam
730 [FiN]JustU Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.983+1:08.114Steam
731 Raven Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.983+1:08.114Steam
732 Time ?...420 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:00.999+1:08.130Steam
733 F157er Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.016+1:08.147Steam
734 drYnduSFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.033+1:08.164Steam
735 SpazAttack Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.033+1:08.164Steam
736 TalibanaanaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.049+1:08.180PS4
737 PunisherYeah94Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.049+1:08.180PS4
738 P@CO Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.183+1:08.314Steam
739 v0R_ Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.199+1:08.330Steam
740 Willoughby419Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.216+1:08.347PS4
741 pumpkincivicFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.233+1:08.364PS4
742 SubJ67K Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.249+1:08.380Steam
743 NSLSFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.249+1:08.380Steam
744 FisherdanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.266+1:08.397PS4
745 dragosbold Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.283+1:08.414Steam
746 rally-jefFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.283+1:08.414PS4
747 pygethepunisherFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.383+1:08.514PS4
748 JointheRebelsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.433+1:08.564Xbox
749 MOT085Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.449+1:08.580Steam
750 TheSkyline35 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.483+1:08.614Steam
751 dMARObFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.599+1:08.730Xbox
752 Spanner Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.616+1:08.747Steam
753 folhaxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.633+1:08.764Steam
754 AndrisFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.633+1:08.764Steam
755 mikalandFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.649+1:08.780Xbox
756 carn666nage Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.733+1:08.864Steam
757 IDriveNäkêdFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.733+1:08.864Xbox
758 Stranger_IVANFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.766+1:08.897PS4
759 Shurik Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.783+1:08.914Steam
760 ViiKinki Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.799+1:08.930Steam
761 cjlloyd Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.799+1:08.930Steam
762 egredarmyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.799+1:08.930PS4
763 MoonpigDan Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.816+1:08.947Steam
764 fsfransousaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.816+1:08.947PS4
765 Il_vv_OFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.816+1:08.947PS4
766 Drifty_Shifty [AUT] Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.849+1:08.980Steam
767 franukuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.849+1:08.980Xbox
768 Billy the CuckFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.866+1:08.997Steam
769 tpeticolas Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.883+1:09.140Steam
770 89cmartiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.916+1:09.470Xbox
771 GoodVillainFord Fiesta RS Rally07:01.933+1:09.640Steam
772 pasticcio31Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.983+1:09.114Steam
773 Gaz Mc Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:01.999+1:09.130Steam
774 RNash97Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.016+1:09.147PS4
775 r.phoebeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.049+1:09.180Steam
776 calzafoucesFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.049+1:09.180PS4
777 Rory9740Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.066+1:09.197PS4
778 nylkky96Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.183+1:09.314PS4
779 danErayFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.199+1:09.330PS4
780 BevsomeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.233+1:09.364PS4
781 GumBFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.283+1:09.414Steam
782 stigbredeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.299+1:09.430PS4
783 Finnfabou Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.333+1:09.464Steam
784 draculitoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.333+1:09.464Steam
785 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.383+1:09.514Xbox
786 WasistlosKarlitaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.399+1:09.530PS4
787 FifouFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.416+1:09.547Steam
788 HappYPeppiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.433+1:09.564Steam
789 iudicyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.433+1:09.564Steam
790 BeastyMcBeast Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.449+1:09.580Steam
791 The_Kay961Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.449+1:09.580PS4
792 Tilbs_11Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.449+1:09.580PS4
793 excalibur77Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.499+1:09.630PS4
794 Papa ChainFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.516+1:09.647Steam
795 Luk-T-ObkFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.516+1:09.647PS4
796 EriishFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.566+1:09.697Steam
797 buteop Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.599+1:09.730Steam
798 lemonhart.0414 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.633+1:09.764Steam
799 Krsta Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.633+1:09.764Steam
800 BEACHYY1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.633+1:09.764PS4
801 JorsneFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.699+1:09.830PS4
802 model_janFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.716+1:09.847Steam
803 johndl Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.716+1:09.847Steam
804 Chip1lartaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.716+1:09.847PS4
805 MaDsCoUsE1878Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.749+1:09.880PS4
806 jpzin13Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.749+1:09.880Xbox
807 mmm pancakesFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.766+1:09.897Steam
808 09.simon Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.783+1:09.914Steam
809 RuSpirFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.849+1:09.980Steam
810 DaN [F1Bros]Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.849+1:09.980Steam
811 cschuby Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.849+1:09.980Steam
812 Arrczii_PLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.883+1:10.140PS4
813 The_nasty_one Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.933+1:10.640Steam
814 RCxTr3mFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.933+1:10.640Xbox
815 Twenty70Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.949+1:10.800PS4
816 Zombito92Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:02.949+1:10.800PS4
817 vinvinlhFord Fiesta RS Rally07:02.983+1:10.114PS4
818 Smed Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.033+1:10.164Steam
819 OsloRotte87Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.033+1:10.164PS4
820 dab-cFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.083+1:10.214Steam
821 KFly* Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.116+1:10.247Steam
822 karantanas47Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.133+1:10.264Steam
823 I_Apocalyptica_IFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.149+1:10.280PS4
824 mitchellandFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.166+1:10.297PS4
825 Bigg.IFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.183+1:10.314Steam
826 suptwitFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.183+1:10.314Steam
827 ThibFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.199+1:10.330Steam
828 Platoon Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.199+1:10.330Steam
829 RalleFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.216+1:10.347PS4
830 Top-Spin92Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.266+1:10.397PS4
831 Béda Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.316+1:10.447Steam
832 kukuna777Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.383+1:10.514PS4
833 RecalledBinkie3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.383+1:10.514Xbox
834 Hotel12Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.383+1:10.514Xbox
835 Xmen le noobFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.399+1:10.530Steam
836 Rally Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.399+1:10.530Steam
837 RockyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.433+1:10.564Steam
838 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.433+1:10.564Xbox
839 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.433+1:10.564Xbox
840 tessert Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.449+1:10.580Steam
841 daatorariiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.449+1:10.580PS4
842 gokartniklasFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.466+1:10.597PS4
843 klempirstvi.oulehla Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.549+1:10.680Steam
844 Evilsmurf Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.583+1:10.714Steam
845 cartman29Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.616+1:10.747Steam
846 FideonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.633+1:10.764Steam
847 Km132QRS8562APFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.633+1:10.764PS4
848 piotto76Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.683+1:10.814PS4
849 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.733+1:10.864Xbox
850 SimpsonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.766+1:10.897Steam
851 jujuampoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.783+1:10.914PS4
852 papyjoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.799+1:10.930PS4
853 R@@P Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.849+1:10.980Steam
854 A KarlssonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.883+1:11.140Steam
855 Tigalate6Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.883+1:11.140PS4
856 BaLLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.899+1:11.300Steam
857 ktmmikFord Fiesta RS Rally07:03.916+1:11.470PS4
858 Vezki Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:03.999+1:11.130Steam
859 Miszelek Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.016+1:11.147Steam
860 Sörsselsön :3 ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.033+1:11.164Steam
861 jak2755 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.049+1:11.180Steam
862 markbass Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.099+1:11.230Steam
863 kkillersplashFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.133+1:11.264Steam
864 counterpuncherFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.133+1:11.264Steam
865 zeimus ? Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.199+1:11.330Steam
866 Ryan.BFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.216+1:11.347Steam
867 GrougnafFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.233+1:11.364Steam
868 viper030676Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.266+1:11.397PS4
869 ThrottleFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.333+1:11.464Steam
870 Titi39110Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.349+1:11.480PS4
871 DutchGameRacersFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.349+1:11.480PS4
872 lumi63Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.349+1:11.480Xbox
873 xXLEO_ITAXxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.366+1:11.497PS4
874 FerMaiquesFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.366+1:11.497Xbox
875 kev_in1987Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.383+1:11.514PS4
876 Nexus Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.433+1:11.564Steam
877 scottjr123Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.433+1:11.564PS4
878 Gom Jabbar Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.449+1:11.580Steam
879 RHETENOR-97-3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.449+1:11.580PS4
880 jlrmaxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.449+1:11.580PS4
881 hirschgweiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.499+1:11.630Steam
882 =1Para=apache Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.533+1:11.664Steam
883 SpeckJoeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.533+1:11.664PS4
884 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.533+1:11.664Xbox
885 AlreimFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.583+1:11.714PS4
886 Bomber16a Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.599+1:11.730Steam
887 nero76 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.599+1:11.730Steam
888 OyabinGRFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.649+1:11.780Steam
889 oskarinio Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.716+1:11.847Steam
890 BLOOD of a MADMAN Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.733+1:11.864Steam
891 Bosnian Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.733+1:11.864Steam
892 corad96Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.766+1:11.897Steam
893 mihxserFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.799+1:11.930Steam
894 DMaGGaaaarFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.833+1:11.964PS4
895 finitocampestreFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.849+1:11.980PS4
896 RoadRunner11 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.866+1:11.997Steam
897 puff102 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.899+1:12.300Steam
898 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.949+1:12.800Xbox
899 RichardMoffat98Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:04.966+1:12.970Xbox
900 keenblitzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:04.999+1:12.130Steam
901 jandar2Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.032+1:12.163Steam
902 Stanley.33-443Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.066+1:12.197Steam
903 Sqnner Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.066+1:12.197Steam
904 coyeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.082+1:12.213Steam
905 Ivau912Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.082+1:12.213Steam
906 twitch.tv/superkillerstar goproFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.099+1:12.230Steam
907 evolution.wing Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.099+1:12.230Steam
908 Kyrbi Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.116+1:12.247Steam
909 Jason-Blaz17Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.149+1:12.280PS4
910 nito2411Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.149+1:12.280Xbox
911 amuro_raii Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.166+1:12.297Steam
912 coo3 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.200+1:12.331Steam
913 razze ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.216+1:12.347Steam
914 rico.molaroFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.216+1:12.347Steam
915 Andreas L Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.232+1:12.363Steam
916 Chris SaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.266+1:12.397Steam
917 CydonianPaulFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.266+1:12.397Xbox
918 KyoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.299+1:12.430Steam
919 gacha5858Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.299+1:12.430PS4
920 69acmed Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.316+1:12.447Steam
921 leinhartskFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.332+1:12.463PS4
922 rallywillFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.332+1:12.463Xbox
923 StragglyRodneyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.349+1:12.480Steam
924 Kevdol1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.349+1:12.480PS4
925 wojtgawFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.350+1:12.481Steam
926 KH250B1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.466+1:12.597PS4
927 James Waller Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.532+1:12.663Steam
928 nationalwheel Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.532+1:12.663Steam
929 ale81udineFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.532+1:12.663PS4
930 AcidFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.549+1:12.680Steam
931 Police CarFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.549+1:12.680Steam
932 mils2804Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.582+1:12.713Xbox
933 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.632+1:12.763Xbox
934 EcudefreineFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.632+1:12.763Xbox
935 weedville420Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.649+1:12.780Xbox
936 pseudonymousFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.699+1:12.830Xbox
937 Akal1k0 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.749+1:12.880Steam
938 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.749+1:12.880Xbox
939 XorvenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:05.799+1:12.930Steam
940 LukeWarm40 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.799+1:12.930Steam
941 Holo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.849+1:12.980Steam
942 Yell0w Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.916+1:13.470Steam
943 matthieu.tison Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:05.932+1:13.630Steam
944 *Master* Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.016+1:13.147Steam
945 KavinskyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.049+1:13.180Steam
946 xdragosanix Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.066+1:13.197Steam
947 old Nobbi Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.083+1:13.214Steam
948 Pao44445Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.099+1:13.230Steam
949 System3.142Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.099+1:13.230Steam
950 krmobilFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.099+1:13.230Xbox
951 swe1man Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.116+1:13.247Steam
952 furz Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.132+1:13.263Steam
953 MH34mikaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.149+1:13.280PS4
954 Player 1 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.166+1:13.297Steam
955 aNoodleyApndageFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.182+1:13.313Steam
956 zacik16Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.199+1:13.330Steam
957 NONOlyoncharboFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.199+1:13.330Xbox
958 ioritzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.249+1:13.380Steam
959 kappeteradiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.249+1:13.380Steam
960 hhmmm69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.333+1:13.464PS4
961 julienh302Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.349+1:13.480PS4
962 fingerblasterdFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.349+1:13.480PS4
963 tarsaltag874Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.366+1:13.497PS4
964 FabledFupaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.416+1:13.547Steam
965 OMG_Its_Ollie_SFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.432+1:13.563PS4
966 hizzihFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.449+1:13.580PS4
967 Tipsy Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.466+1:13.597Steam
968 veetekk Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.482+1:13.613Steam
969 Major_GrooveFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.482+1:13.613Steam
970 mickeyrutsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.532+1:13.663PS4
971 I SMOKE SHORT EVERYDAYFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.549+1:13.680Steam
972 therealdeadoneFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.566+1:13.697PS4
973 nick_svt Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.616+1:13.747Steam
974 VibroxideFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.632+1:13.763Steam
975 millstersFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.649+1:13.780PS4
976 CrazyKev420_Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.699+1:13.830PS4
977 LeSpank Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.749+1:13.880Steam
978 dc132blackout Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.766+1:13.897Steam
979 Keiichi Tsuchiya ?? ??Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.816+1:13.947Steam
980 ZxT_TabbzzzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.899+1:14.300PS4
981 Tigerkart_22Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.899+1:14.300PS4
982 omelotteFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.899+1:14.300Xbox
983 LexFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.932+1:14.630Steam
984 nowbadiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.932+1:14.630PS4
985 MrTibekeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.949+1:14.800PS4
986 toni_berger Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.982+1:14.113Steam
987 CanadianLynxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.999+1:14.130Steam
988 makuwojcikFord Fiesta RS Rally07:06.999+1:14.130PS4
989 Ironfist235Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.049+1:14.180PS4
990 salaquachFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.049+1:14.180PS4
991 kieken999Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.066+1:14.197Xbox
992 MrRamboiaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.116+1:14.247PS4
993 skavee8Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.166+1:14.297PS4
994 mrred16PLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.182+1:14.313PS4
995 f.polido Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.199+1:14.330Steam
996 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.199+1:14.330Xbox
997 Narcos85Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.249+1:14.380Xbox
998 tbtstt82Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.299+1:14.430PS4
999 Rossi571Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.382+1:14.513PS4
1000 puppukupuu(jp) Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.383+1:14.514Steam
1001 KingOfTarmacFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.399+1:14.530PS4
1002 e2d06 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.416+1:14.547Steam
1003 Hoofy Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.432+1:14.563Steam
1004 MC WRT Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.432+1:14.563Steam
1005 mellonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.432+1:14.563Steam
1006 volotskovFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.482+1:14.613Steam
1007 aaron8831Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.482+1:14.613PS4
1008 cesardmcFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.482+1:14.613PS4
1009 octane Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.499+1:14.630Steam
1010 BTRDA2016Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.499+1:14.630Xbox
1011 Yamalar Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.532+1:14.663Steam
1012 meat Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.549+1:14.680Steam
1013 kevin128bossFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.566+1:14.697PS4
1014 CofferFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.582+1:14.713Steam
1015 AzoreaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.599+1:14.730Steam
1016 OppaiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.616+1:14.747Steam
1017 [eFz]GrumpyOldManFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.632+1:14.763Steam
1018 MIKER XXL Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.632+1:14.763Steam
1019 V-monFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.666+1:14.797Steam
1020 ReturnoftheDodoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.666+1:14.797PS4
1021 P-A Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.682+1:14.813Steam
1022 ivanovjcFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.682+1:14.813Xbox
1023 wremeschFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.699+1:14.830PS4
1024 strings6sticks2Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.699+1:14.830PS4
1025 RoofTurkey Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.716+1:14.847Steam
1026 [ST-LH] BlitzCraig Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.732+1:14.863Steam
1027 krokillerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.749+1:14.880PS4
1028 eclip2 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.766+1:14.897Steam
1029 Junker1123 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.816+1:14.947Steam
1030 Milan StylarekFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.849+1:14.980Steam
1031 RacerapjFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.916+1:15.470PS4
1032 japi445Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.932+1:15.630Steam
1033 Uqualm_46Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.932+1:15.630PS4
1034 lolo451275Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.966+1:15.970Steam
1035 triplej Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.966+1:15.970Steam
1036 diebelsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.982+1:15.113Steam
1037 Mika-T420Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.982+1:15.113PS4
1038 Leopold0---86Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.982+1:15.113PS4
1039 -Energyzer-Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:07.999+1:15.130Steam
1040 Squall5701Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.016+1:15.147PS4
1041 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.016+1:15.147Xbox
1042 PawnBoyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.050+1:15.181Steam
1043 IvanShelFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.149+1:15.280PS4
1044 DeRBeNdeR Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.166+1:15.297Steam
1045 BABASS2BFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.182+1:15.313Xbox
1046 jwgi286Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.183+1:15.314PS4
1047 Informis Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.199+1:15.330Steam
1048 Shark21Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.199+1:15.330Steam
1049 PauliDavisFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.199+1:15.330PS4
1050 Brood420Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.199+1:15.330Xbox
1051 elfomonsterFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.249+1:15.380PS4
1052 Maxence Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.266+1:15.397Steam
1053 m^soFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.316+1:15.447Steam
1054 im_a_squareFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.332+1:15.463PS4
1055 trekbiker70Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.349+1:15.480PS4
1056 jetman78 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.382+1:15.513Steam
1057 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.382+1:15.513Xbox
1058 inet.email (DE-NRW-LIP)Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.416+1:15.547Steam
1059 LookbeerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.416+1:15.547Xbox
1060 NowthenfellaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.449+1:15.580PS4
1061 MacTools71 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.482+1:15.613Steam
1062 PräzziFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.482+1:15.613Steam
1063 markb23Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.482+1:15.613Xbox
1064 djohac Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.499+1:15.630Steam
1065 [LP] iTs Ecci Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.499+1:15.630Steam
1066 markusgolf1978Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.499+1:15.630PS4
1067 oka Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.549+1:15.680Steam
1068 mickmacFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.566+1:15.697Steam
1069 KickDrummerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.582+1:15.713Steam
1070 yz351Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.582+1:15.713PS4
1071 Neverlift Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.616+1:15.747Steam
1072 minpucherFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.682+1:15.813PS4
1073 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.682+1:15.813Xbox
1074 Andeegt4Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.699+1:15.830PS4
1075 alewrcFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.716+1:15.847PS4
1076 jzdoctorFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.716+1:15.847PS4
1077 Vince Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.782+1:15.913Steam
1078 SlowMo??Phlegmatix Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.799+1:15.930Steam
1079 onlyacabFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.799+1:15.930PS4
1080 tropelioFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.816+1:15.947PS4
1081 NickolaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.832+1:15.963Steam
1082 GAsi23Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.832+1:15.963PS4
1083 supanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.849+1:15.980Steam
1084 pela_19Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.866+1:15.997PS4
1085 florent.moulinFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.899+1:16.300Steam
1086 black_knight_3030Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.899+1:16.300Steam
1087 Ömmes ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.916+1:16.470Steam
1088 hansi0406Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.966+1:16.970PS4
1089 Zsolyomi88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.982+1:16.113PS4
1090 TuurtlemanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.982+1:16.113PS4
1091 SNipeRFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.999+1:16.130Steam
1092 TBG240Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:08.999+1:16.130PS4
1093 uzimachinegunFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.999+1:16.130PS4
1094 MikkoVFord Fiesta RS Rally07:08.999+1:16.130Xbox
1095 VicBloom15Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.032+1:16.163PS4
1096 rally59270Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.049+1:16.180PS4
1097 A Jas SoufritoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.082+1:16.213Steam
1098 ChocaGeaxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.099+1:16.230PS4
1099 Bernd0462Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.099+1:16.230PS4
1100 eskargotrockFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.116+1:16.247PS4
1101 filip.ljubenkoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.149+1:16.280Steam
1102 HarryMLMkII Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.166+1:16.297Steam
1103 Lucas_KrijanderFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.216+1:16.347PS4
1104 KIWIPRORACERFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.216+1:16.347Xbox
1105 IAMJOEFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.249+1:16.380Steam
1106 sc_commodeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.282+1:16.413PS4
1107 Tusknia Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.299+1:16.430Steam
1108 gezz12 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.299+1:16.430Steam
1109 baggariddims Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.299+1:16.430Steam
1110 Cromey Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.299+1:16.430Steam
1111 meazipFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.332+1:16.463PS4
1112 ColCob Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.349+1:16.480Steam
1113 J0o_EUFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.349+1:16.480PS4
1114 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.349+1:16.480Xbox
1115 Cyus[Monster™] Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.382+1:16.513Steam
1116 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.382+1:16.513Xbox
1117 grasadreamFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.499+1:16.630Steam
1118 roidlafaisse106Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.532+1:16.663PS4
1119 RamFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.632+1:16.763Steam
1120 ?Jam™? Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.666+1:16.797Steam
1121 d880428Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.666+1:16.797PS4
1122 Mechmonkey Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.732+1:16.863Steam
1123 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.749+1:16.880Xbox
1124 Yeshterior Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.782+1:16.913Steam
1125 blswagger87Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.782+1:16.913PS4
1126 Trenchy196Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.799+1:16.930Xbox
1127 (=VvV=)BLAST Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.816+1:16.947Steam
1128 MCFoCKERFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.882+1:17.130PS4
1129 h2sbass Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.899+1:17.300Steam
1130 peete_czechFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.949+1:17.800PS4
1131 speedy2295Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:09.966+1:17.970PS4
1132 agentsilverfoxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:09.966+1:17.970PS4
1133 Prephyl Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.016+1:17.147Steam
1134 Slink Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.032+1:17.163Steam
1135 Stepan StepanowitchFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.032+1:17.163Steam
1136 abdhel chameauFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.049+1:17.180Steam
1137 MaleschenbrownFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.066+1:17.197PS4
1138 K_O_H_C_T_P_Y_K_T_O_P Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.099+1:17.230Steam
1139 samcro13-27Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.116+1:17.247PS4
1140 smokeyshooterFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.116+1:17.247Xbox
1141 actr0s Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.132+1:17.263Steam
1142 TRF2014Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.132+1:17.263PS4
1143 MictheslikFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.149+1:17.280Xbox
1144 endingisnearFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.166+1:17.297Steam
1145 dave Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.183+1:17.314Steam
1146 bsattfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.216+1:17.347Steam
1147 HeraphFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.216+1:17.347Steam
1148 tehpajka Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.266+1:17.397Steam
1149 madattak Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.266+1:17.397Steam
1150 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.282+1:17.413Xbox
1151 jwpaleFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.299+1:17.430PS4
1152 transamw1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.299+1:17.430PS4
1153 LanMiCervFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.332+1:17.463PS4
1154 [MLG]VAAL Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.349+1:17.480Steam
1155 Jennifer2403Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.349+1:17.480PS4
1156 FroloffNikolayFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.349+1:17.480Xbox
1157 GiSSelo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.366+1:17.497Steam
1158 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.382+1:17.513Xbox
1159 mark.burnistonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.399+1:17.530Steam
1160 hadleyh2Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.432+1:17.563Steam
1161 bdereu Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.432+1:17.563Steam
1162 stephane.galut Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.466+1:17.597Steam
1163 tilmotorsportFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.466+1:17.597Xbox
1164 KrustenKäse26 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.482+1:17.613Steam
1165 nao_renka Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.482+1:17.613Steam
1166 RaffocuxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.516+1:17.647PS4
1167 giesiekFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.516+1:17.647PS4
1168 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.516+1:17.647Xbox
1169 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.532+1:17.663Xbox
1170 foncifonsio810Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.549+1:17.680PS4
1171 Reg_DiaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.566+1:17.697Steam
1172 petmar1011Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.599+1:17.730PS4
1173 OlivierJannardFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.599+1:17.730Xbox
1174 ZenoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.632+1:17.763Steam
1175 KingPlay1000Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.632+1:17.763PS4
1176 thepuck70Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.633+1:17.764Steam
1177 bruno.patty12 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.699+1:17.830Steam
1178 kostasrallyman1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.716+1:17.847PS4
1179 Mar8860Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.732+1:17.863Steam
1180 Mikester Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.782+1:17.913Steam
1181 FernandiiiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.782+1:17.913PS4
1182 epasoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.799+1:17.930PS4
1183 zdobyliFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.816+1:17.947Steam
1184 MyKr0b Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.832+1:17.963Steam
1185 dom61zavaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.866+1:17.997PS4
1186 kerney_Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.882+1:18.130PS4
1187 michoupFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.882+1:18.130Xbox
1188 NamiloordiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.932+1:18.630Steam
1189 Eh_CodesFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.932+1:18.630Steam
1190 KO_ChampFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.932+1:18.630PS4
1191 re89Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.932+1:18.630PS4
1192 ShRooRFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.932+1:18.630PS4
1193 Xx_SharkNando_XxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.949+1:18.800PS4
1194 BrightPrMMFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.966+1:18.970PS4
1195 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:10.966+1:18.970Xbox
1196 Silent Arc Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:10.982+1:18.113Steam
1197 chewcrout Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.000+1:18.131Steam
1198 SOPOPITCHOFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.016+1:18.147PS4
1199 xXMaxitXxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.049+1:18.180PS4
1200 dr_alban72Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.049+1:18.180PS4
1201 [RoST]Tomaten MArk Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.066+1:18.197Steam
1202 is_ackFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.066+1:18.197PS4
1203 ZsigiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.082+1:18.213Steam
1204 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.082+1:18.213Xbox
1205 Ramsay Bolton Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.099+1:18.230Steam
1206 Canarod58Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.099+1:18.230PS4
1207 guzag20Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.116+1:18.247PS4
1208 polo971 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.132+1:18.263Steam
1209 Junago Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.132+1:18.263Steam
1210 Jeep1580Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.132+1:18.263PS4
1211 zdzich1988Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.149+1:18.280PS4
1212 deal96Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.166+1:18.297PS4
1213 robohwheelybinFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.166+1:18.297PS4
1214 KozakowskiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.199+1:18.330PS4
1215 jimalexvamFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.216+1:18.347PS4
1216 Lauris_AFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.232+1:18.363PS4
1217 welshboyuk76Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.266+1:18.397PS4
1218 ShuppatsuShinkoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.299+1:18.430Xbox
1219 Nosferatu Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.332+1:18.463Steam
1220 sugasuga7Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.349+1:18.480Steam
1221 harrirantalaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.366+1:18.497PS4
1222 Pupkin Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.382+1:18.513Steam
1223 ToastFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.399+1:18.530Steam
1224 dazp95Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.400+1:18.531Xbox
1225 OneTwoSecondFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.432+1:18.563Steam
1226 robbie.v Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.482+1:18.613Steam
1227 david02laonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.482+1:18.613PS4
1228 MajorThoooomFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.532+1:18.663PS4
1229 p1LL Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.549+1:18.680Steam
1230 Dornier17Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.549+1:18.680PS4
1231 Shaunstar9Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.566+1:18.697PS4
1232 joetje5577Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.582+1:18.713PS4
1233 gafra41Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.582+1:18.713PS4
1234 GeyserFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.599+1:18.730Steam
1235 Gethema Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.599+1:18.730Steam
1236 football2882Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.632+1:18.763PS4
1237 Sid111Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.699+1:18.830Steam
1238 wurstsemml Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.716+1:18.847Steam
1239 NottsNoonyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.716+1:18.847Xbox
1240 maliDjuroFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.732+1:18.863PS4
1241 lmstreetracer9Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.732+1:18.863PS4
1242 ColonelGaduffy Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.749+1:18.880Steam
1243 Schuutje96Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.749+1:18.880Xbox
1244 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.749+1:18.880Xbox
1245 SnarfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.766+1:18.897Steam
1246 tekkenwydFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.766+1:18.897PS4
1247 max33jahFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.782+1:18.913PS4
1248 baloo1266Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.832+1:18.963PS4
1249 marcosmacbFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.832+1:18.963PS4
1250 menno_waij Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.849+1:18.980Steam
1251 Sweaty Tryhard™Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.849+1:18.980Steam
1252 AdeeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.899+1:19.300Xbox
1253 merseyxshoreFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.899+1:19.300Xbox
1254 SockgapFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.916+1:19.470Steam
1255 RikkeiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.916+1:19.470PS4
1256 deltalsd5602Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.932+1:19.630PS4
1257 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.932+1:19.630Xbox
1258 joni Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.949+1:19.800Steam
1259 TexLiv Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.966+1:19.970Steam
1260 PrecellFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.966+1:19.970PS4
1261 Sym310ZFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.982+1:19.113PS4
1262 gregooze06240Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:11.999+1:19.130PS4
1263 LoubiankaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.999+1:19.130Xbox
1264 NinjaK306Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.016+1:19.147PS4
1265 onvivleFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.049+1:19.180Steam
1266 LunaticLevi1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.049+1:19.180Xbox
1267 Xr0nnyhXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.066+1:19.197PS4
1268 Jackson_PainterFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.066+1:19.197PS4
1269 gomawoCat Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.083+1:19.214Steam
1270 Grip-or-Slip Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.116+1:19.247Steam
1271 ger-boxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.132+1:19.263PS4
1272 Theo79Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.149+1:19.280Steam
1273 ysnr510Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.166+1:19.297Steam
1274 NeilMukerjiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.166+1:19.297PS4
1275 rob9112Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.182+1:19.313Xbox
1276 kentRAB24Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.199+1:19.330PS4
1277 epiharmosFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.199+1:19.330PS4
1278 marcussi Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.249+1:19.380Steam
1279 Slayer Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.266+1:19.397Steam
1280 erynadanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.266+1:19.397PS4
1281 turkstockfotograf Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.283+1:19.414Steam
1282 maxmad5758Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.332+1:19.463PS4
1283 Benjaminbrat Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.349+1:19.480Steam
1284 Rocketman2112Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.349+1:19.480Xbox
1285 emacyclistFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.349+1:19.480Xbox
1286 ZoubiboFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.382+1:19.513PS4
1287 Pr_ckle128Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.382+1:19.513PS4
1288 koenofbodom4Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.416+1:19.547PS4
1289 wrc83f183Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.432+1:19.563PS4
1290 saxerr Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.449+1:19.580Steam
1291 Nr-1VERWURSTERFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.449+1:19.580PS4
1292 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.449+1:19.580Xbox
1293 AbyssusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.466+1:19.597Steam
1294 francoispiedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.466+1:19.597Xbox
1295 epoxi Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.482+1:19.613Steam
1296 Defender1984Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.483+1:19.614Xbox
1297 AshiaaaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.499+1:19.630Steam
1298 Jambo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.549+1:19.680Steam
1299 rockydaveyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.616+1:19.747PS4
1300 modestriveraFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.616+1:19.747PS4
1301 cha0snyperFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.632+1:19.763PS4
1302 gec_pichFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.682+1:19.813PS4
1303 Baksteenleven ? Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.716+1:19.847Steam
1304 I-IoBBYM3][zG3RFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.732+1:19.863Steam
1305 TuxPTFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.732+1:19.863Xbox
1306 derey123Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.749+1:19.880PS4
1307 fabiofcpFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.782+1:19.913PS4
1308 Piero_Luca_IviFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.832+1:19.963PS4
1309 Lucas-CastilleroFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.882+1:20.130PS4
1310 anttikoivisto81Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.899+1:20.300PS4
1311 TheWolfJr93Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.916+1:20.470PS4
1312 DiamantTofFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.932+1:20.630Xbox
1313 Manolis Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:12.966+1:20.970Steam
1314 xMr__FabulousxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.032+1:20.163PS4
1315 apo-001budapestFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.032+1:20.163PS4
1316 Vengador3769Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.066+1:20.197PS4
1317 machinist100Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.066+1:20.197PS4
1318 benoit700Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.099+1:20.230PS4
1319 danielgpetterssoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.099+1:20.230PS4
1320 bimbom34 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.116+1:20.247Steam
1321 R74NN Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.249+1:20.380Steam
1322 sg-langelezFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.266+1:20.397PS4
1323 DayGlow Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.282+1:20.413Steam
1324 julenpFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.282+1:20.413Steam
1325 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.282+1:20.413Xbox
1326 twitchiE {kickback.com} Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.299+1:20.430Steam
1327 rodall3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.299+1:20.430PS4
1328 connormc99Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.316+1:20.447PS4
1329 Flens07 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.349+1:20.480Steam
1330 xLeper_MessiahFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.349+1:20.480PS4
1331 AbaddonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.365+1:20.496Steam
1332 Harambe-ESTFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.382+1:20.513Steam
1333 PoloTBFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.432+1:20.563Steam
1334 KoAStR Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.449+1:20.580Steam
1335 HeideJaevenitzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.449+1:20.580PS4
1336 TrallatFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.449+1:20.580PS4
1337 Speedy25 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.466+1:20.597Steam
1338 AL_PACINO_91Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.482+1:20.613PS4
1339 erzzo83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.499+1:20.630PS4
1340 cooki815Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.499+1:20.630PS4
1341 ?? ?? ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.532+1:20.663Steam
1342 Arpy81Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.532+1:20.663PS4
1343 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.532+1:20.663Xbox
1344 raceman567Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.549+1:20.680PS4
1345 LHFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.565+1:20.696Steam
1346 kekito0087Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.582+1:20.713PS4
1347 CasaBleuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.599+1:20.730PS4
1348 Maxou-6262Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.599+1:20.730PS4
1349 generaleeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.599+1:20.730Xbox
1350 AC_TEMPLEFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.682+1:20.813PS4
1351 cornishcream79Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.699+1:20.830PS4
1352 SiberiaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.749+1:20.880Steam
1353 HGCMF321Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.749+1:20.880PS4
1354 WakeRanger66Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.749+1:20.880Xbox
1355 BravoJGR Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.782+1:20.913Steam
1356 nem_danFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.849+1:20.980PS4
1357 geweihtraegerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.882+1:21.130Steam
1358 jere_548Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.915+1:21.460PS4
1359 chr2d2 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.949+1:21.800Steam
1360 anjuna65Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:13.949+1:21.800PS4
1361 chbenostFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.965+1:21.960Steam
1362 LowolfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.965+1:21.960Steam
1363 matthewcobainFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.999+1:21.130Steam
1364 toba1976 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.015+1:21.146Steam
1365 s-line_marcoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.032+1:21.163PS4
1366 Timinator821Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.065+1:21.196Xbox
1367 VTECHEADFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.099+1:21.230Steam
1368 zOmByFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.115+1:21.246Steam
1369 PereCat Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.149+1:21.280Steam
1370 KitzuneFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.165+1:21.296Steam
1371 MakxisFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.165+1:21.296Steam
1372 MouX Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.182+1:21.313Steam
1373 motayba Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.199+1:21.330Steam
1374 benstoh Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.215+1:21.346Steam
1375 KeryXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.232+1:21.363Steam
1376 ny262Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.249+1:21.380PS4
1377 Ruv3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.249+1:21.380Xbox
1378 barkin66Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.282+1:21.413PS4
1379 EndafellFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.332+1:21.463PS4
1380 JPB-PTFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.349+1:21.480PS4
1381 psykofarmakajesus CSGOReaper.comFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.382+1:21.513Steam
1382 bungar Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.399+1:21.530Steam
1383 geo0904Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.399+1:21.530PS4
1384 gunslinger3 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.415+1:21.546Steam
1385 Vel_RybaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.415+1:21.546PS4
1386 joogie88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.432+1:21.563Steam
1387 metal spider Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.432+1:21.563Steam
1388 le-parisien51Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.449+1:21.580PS4
1389 archi840801Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.449+1:21.580PS4
1390 TheSMasaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.465+1:21.596PS4
1391 rostzo7Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.465+1:21.596PS4
1392 solosalitaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.499+1:21.630PS4
1393 geisrainFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.499+1:21.630PS4
1394 hullcityno1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.515+1:21.646PS4
1395 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.515+1:21.646Xbox
1396 Dan_Gurney_HBFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.549+1:21.680Steam
1397 DonBazylFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.599+1:21.730PS4
1398 paulnbgFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.599+1:21.730PS4
1399 jonnyroma81Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.599+1:21.730PS4
1400 Mekej88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.615+1:21.746PS4
1401 KawekFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.666+1:21.797Steam
1402 RaventrothFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.682+1:21.813Steam
1403 bryansix Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.682+1:21.813Steam
1404 KennY_DurdenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.682+1:21.813PS4
1405 JackY Zimmer Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.715+1:21.846Steam
1406 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.715+1:21.846Xbox
1407 Private Parts Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.732+1:21.863Steam
1408 wolzem Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.749+1:21.880Steam
1409 rietewegFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.749+1:21.880PS4
1410 ROW2001Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.749+1:21.880PS4
1411 madwak55Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.765+1:21.896PS4
1412 kuhajuhaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.765+1:21.896Xbox
1413 ArmouredHawkFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.782+1:21.913Xbox
1414 Squ1dzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.815+1:21.946Steam
1415 K1I9N7G7Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.849+1:21.980PS4
1416 pqceecfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.899+1:22.300PS4
1417 Krillmeister Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.915+1:22.460Steam
1418 TheKingcognitoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.915+1:22.460PS4
1419 ilflackoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.915+1:22.460Xbox
1420 hf35Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.932+1:22.630Steam
1421 gojo1989 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:14.932+1:22.630Steam
1422 The RektFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.949+1:22.800Steam
1423 MolcozFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.982+1:22.113PS4
1424 kukrapokFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.015+1:22.146Steam
1425 vrpressFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.032+1:22.163PS4
1426 bidule29 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.049+1:22.180Steam
1427 vinzdu91Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.065+1:22.196Xbox
1428 AstrafreakFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.082+1:22.213Steam
1429 SoullessFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.099+1:22.230Steam
1430 gaming-warriorFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.099+1:22.230Steam
1431 m3ntal34_ukFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.099+1:22.230PS4
1432 salsaboy Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.115+1:22.246Steam
1433 josmaloparFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.132+1:22.263Steam
1434 bhead1980 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.199+1:22.330Steam
1435 s_krolyaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.216+1:22.347PS4
1436 PoosT28Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.249+1:22.380PS4
1437 FRM_25Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.249+1:22.380PS4
1438 600dpiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.299+1:22.430Steam
1439 SterkPeder Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.332+1:22.463Steam
1440 Stormz Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.349+1:22.480Steam
1441 MEAT GRINDERFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.382+1:22.513Steam
1442 Andrenal1nFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.415+1:22.546PS4
1443 emericumFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.432+1:22.563PS4
1444 SolomonWRCFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.432+1:22.563PS4
1445 Trashmast3rFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.482+1:22.613Steam
1446 ZeNiUs7434Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.482+1:22.613PS4
1447 Nothing Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.499+1:22.630Steam
1448 Alex_MGBRFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.499+1:22.630PS4
1449 vin100-cFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.515+1:22.646PS4
1450 gardner1212Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.549+1:22.680Xbox
1451 garimonkichi575Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.599+1:22.730PS4
1452 Xtreme {NDH}Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.615+1:22.746Steam
1453 sacre.fabienFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.632+1:22.763Steam
1454 ManiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.632+1:22.763Steam
1455 VAL-lefif-38Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.632+1:22.763PS4
1456 EastmanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.649+1:22.780Steam
1457 KoenigLustig88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.665+1:22.796PS4
1458 bozlessmanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.665+1:22.796PS4
1459 PanekFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.683+1:22.814Steam
1460 fgilFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.699+1:22.830Steam
1461 Udin078Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.715+1:22.846PS4
1462 titietste Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.732+1:22.863Steam
1463 AjHooniganFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.732+1:22.863Xbox
1464 chipmunkmk20Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.749+1:22.880PS4
1465 pex2205 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.765+1:22.896Steam
1466 zimmie10Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.765+1:22.896Steam
1467 mudhut4Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.766+1:22.897PS4
1468 onlyifihave2Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.799+1:22.930PS4
1469 Moonface Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.815+1:22.946Steam
1470 Pi2fFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.849+1:22.980Xbox
1471 HelltitiosFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.865+1:22.996PS4
1472 eNeRGizerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.882+1:23.130Steam
1473 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.882+1:23.130Xbox
1474 VoyoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:15.916+1:23.470Steam
1475 sgarners Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.932+1:23.630Steam
1476 Xelabo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:15.982+1:23.113Steam
1477 clayyalcFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.049+1:23.180Steam
1478 Asielu Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.049+1:23.180Steam
1479 RobinThornberg98Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.049+1:23.180PS4
1480 d2roll4atlFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.049+1:23.180Xbox
1481 b1gfootFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.082+1:23.213Steam
1482 RWJ77Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.082+1:23.213PS4
1483 DeathHaze420Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.115+1:23.246PS4
1484 Caruncho Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.132+1:23.263Steam
1485 xavier_07-tiagoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.149+1:23.280PS4
1486 FinekPLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.149+1:23.280PS4
1487 danielofifiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.215+1:23.346PS4
1488 dark warrior Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.232+1:23.363Steam
1489 Andreas Trütner Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.232+1:23.363Steam
1490 ElectronicJelloFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.249+1:23.380PS4
1491 Landron Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.282+1:23.413Steam
1492 krashokkFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.299+1:23.430Steam
1493 gtrp_frankodiabolo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.315+1:23.446Steam
1494 jonesy65582Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.315+1:23.446PS4
1495 PriusRepellentFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.332+1:23.463Xbox
1496 severeyns RX BEL Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.349+1:23.480Steam
1497 CommanderDetlefFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.349+1:23.480Steam
1498 nikos17320Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.399+1:23.530PS4
1499 SebFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.416+1:23.547Steam
1500 Dragon-Ball83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.433+1:23.564Steam
1501 IronMic Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.449+1:23.580Steam
1502 GurkiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.482+1:23.613Steam
1503 hrung Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.515+1:23.646Steam
1504 repsol82Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.532+1:23.663Xbox
1505 Jayce22Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.582+1:23.713Steam
1506 fozzy300Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.583+1:23.714Steam
1507 planetelexFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.599+1:23.730Steam
1508 evotronmix Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.632+1:23.763Steam
1509 nottinghammedical Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.665+1:23.796Steam
1510 Mr.FuckerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.665+1:23.796Steam
1511 SCampbell102Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.665+1:23.796PS4
1512 renjiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.682+1:23.813Steam
1513 Roberth90Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.682+1:23.813PS4
1514 scal2805Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.682+1:23.813Xbox
1515 DocMortFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.683+1:23.814Steam
1516 Jack_GrimaldiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.749+1:23.880PS4
1517 JorDanCoDeSFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.782+1:23.913PS4
1518 django1997Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.782+1:23.913PS4
1519 gbsparkFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.782+1:23.913PS4
1520 Duke Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.815+1:23.946Steam
1521 FintoBomberFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.815+1:23.946PS4
1522 tigercub58 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.832+1:23.963Steam
1523 LoZoRoXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.849+1:23.980Steam
1524 PMelia88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.849+1:23.980Xbox
1525 felelepFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.915+1:24.460PS4
1526 H4RM_0CID3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.915+1:24.460PS4
1527 xXpAOpAXxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.915+1:24.460PS4
1528 r27albundyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.932+1:24.630PS4
1529 Smok1ng Man Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.949+1:24.800Steam
1530 EaglemasFord Fiesta RS Rally07:16.999+1:24.130Steam
1531 1985rvh Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:16.999+1:24.130Steam
1532 DJTweakzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.049+1:24.180Xbox
1533 Big_V000Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.099+1:24.230PS4
1534 Gauner Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.115+1:24.246Steam
1535 orka!! Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.182+1:24.313Steam
1536 mars0815-4711Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.182+1:24.313PS4
1537 MultimasteR87Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.199+1:24.330Steam
1538 P3rrJ Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.199+1:24.330Steam
1539 MONKEY-MAN237Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.215+1:24.346PS4
1540 Delcorona Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.232+1:24.363Steam
1541 iba_86_Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.315+1:24.446PS4
1542 ?*Damn-Archa*?csgobig.comFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.332+1:24.463Steam
1543 natmer76Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.349+1:24.480Steam
1544 I Am The Stig's Fat Cousin Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.349+1:24.480Steam
1545 BattleGear Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.399+1:24.530Steam
1546 PajerokingFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.399+1:24.530Steam
1547 Forty--FourFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.415+1:24.546PS4
1548 xX-Espi-XxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.432+1:24.563PS4
1549 TheHondaTunerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.449+1:24.580Steam
1550 madars46Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.449+1:24.580PS4
1551 Brask-NilsenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.449+1:24.580PS4
1552 freddiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.465+1:24.596Steam
1553 bkl.caterhamFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.482+1:24.613Steam
1554 zeronimoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.532+1:24.663Steam
1555 joaok7Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.532+1:24.663PS4
1556 Benji3001Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.532+1:24.663PS4
1557 shafoin16Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.532+1:24.663PS4
1558 butch394Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.532+1:24.663PS4
1559 cruz_inminenteFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.565+1:24.696PS4
1560 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.565+1:24.696Xbox
1561 agus79Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.582+1:24.713PS4
1562 FPDCheeseFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.582+1:24.713PS4
1563 benjiwallaceFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.632+1:24.763PS4
1564 Pyker Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.649+1:24.780Steam
1565 anfanfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.649+1:24.780PS4
1566 barragan1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.666+1:24.797Xbox
1567 [ConSecGroup] RONKO[BE]Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.682+1:24.813Steam
1568 Veko777Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.699+1:24.830PS4
1569 RidgeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.732+1:24.863Steam
1570 MG_Power67Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.732+1:24.863PS4
1571 AmpOverloadFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.733+1:24.864Steam
1572 yellesgardenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.749+1:24.880PS4
1573 SkoukermanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.765+1:24.896Steam
1574 WesleySmalls Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.799+1:24.930Steam
1575 Escobarr24Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.865+1:24.996PS4
1576 ThegooglyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.865+1:24.996Xbox
1577 bullred36Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.882+1:25.130PS4
1578 hillysFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.899+1:25.300PS4
1579 AKSuperRush3RFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.899+1:25.300PS4
1580 LvL0Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.915+1:25.460Steam
1581 adj-cptFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.932+1:25.630Steam
1582 ruiguineves Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.932+1:25.630Steam
1583 black_ram_BEFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.932+1:25.630PS4
1584 Sumppi_kooFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.932+1:25.630PS4
1585 poju0Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.965+1:25.960Steam
1586 cornish85Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:17.999+1:25.130PS4
1587 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.999+1:25.130Xbox
1588 Helpless_SoldierFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.015+1:25.146Steam
1589 kanoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.033+1:25.164Steam
1590 jani.bFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.065+1:25.196Steam
1591 punkday Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.065+1:25.196Steam
1592 OppertijgerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.065+1:25.196PS4
1593 arodir Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.082+1:25.213Steam
1594 phonymalony92Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.082+1:25.213PS4
1595 Be-1TURBOFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.099+1:25.230PS4
1596 May2501Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.132+1:25.263PS4
1597 MikeyH93Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.132+1:25.263Xbox
1598 KoKiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.149+1:25.280Steam
1599 Lifeless-666-[AUT]Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.182+1:25.313Steam
1600 GnorrfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.182+1:25.313PS4
1601 prevotFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.199+1:25.330Xbox
1602 Edje623Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.249+1:25.380PS4
1603 fdivoyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.282+1:25.413PS4
1604 mongafifi Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.299+1:25.430Steam
1605 19Bozzy92Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.332+1:25.463Steam
1606 Luc Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.332+1:25.463Steam
1607 biw_town_onkelFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.332+1:25.463PS4
1608 JohannFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.349+1:25.480Steam
1609 SGN3370Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.349+1:25.480PS4
1610 WRaynox54--Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.415+1:25.546PS4
1611 Yann Klein Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.432+1:25.563Steam
1612 slinkie47Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.449+1:25.580PS4
1613 gvarlet20Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.449+1:25.580Xbox
1614 philr26Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.499+1:25.630Xbox
1615 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.499+1:25.630Xbox
1616 ukmod123Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.515+1:25.646PS4
1617 Alexis48200Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.515+1:25.646Xbox
1618 mussieFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.532+1:25.663PS4
1619 VECLAXXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.549+1:25.680Steam
1620 davidquinten.dq Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.565+1:25.696Steam
1621 Royalbear Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.582+1:25.713Steam
1622 tumbesteriFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.599+1:25.730Xbox
1623 Aleksey PermyakovFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.615+1:25.746Steam
1624 fk Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.615+1:25.746Steam
1625 soilentdFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.615+1:25.746PS4
1626 MaxSterling13Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.615+1:25.746Xbox
1627 Vladimir_ISFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.632+1:25.763Steam
1628 zloikexxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.649+1:25.780Steam
1629 scumbag_steve95 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.665+1:25.796Steam
1630 DieterGsiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.682+1:25.813PS4
1631 missing wun tapesFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.699+1:25.830Steam
1632 WELLUMAXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.699+1:25.830PS4
1633 Don LuchardoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.782+1:25.913Steam
1634 wreckithard211Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.799+1:25.930PS4
1635 Turco Loco Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.832+1:25.963Steam
1636 xarly_astrita27Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:18.865+1:25.996PS4
1637 ChristianFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.932+1:26.630Steam
1638 yorchVEFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.999+1:26.130PS4
1639 pitpumpeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:18.999+1:26.130PS4
1640 LlamaLawsonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.015+1:26.146Steam
1641 cupra16v Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.065+1:26.196Steam
1642 Oeil de Lynx Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.133+1:26.264Steam
1643 HenryFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.182+1:26.313Steam
1644 eDaTe Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.182+1:26.313Steam
1645 orse Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.182+1:26.313Steam
1646 Gunz Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.199+1:26.330Steam
1647 fehomeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.215+1:26.346PS4
1648 Reini Graf von SpeedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.249+1:26.380Steam
1649 Emily Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.249+1:26.380Steam
1650 PengWin Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.265+1:26.396Steam
1651 robert.jedigFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.265+1:26.396Steam
1652 vickolfc Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.282+1:26.413Steam
1653 gazannowenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.282+1:26.413PS4
1654 RainerZufall71Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.282+1:26.413Xbox
1655 T_SHIVE_2CLUTCHFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.299+1:26.430PS4
1656 thraSK Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.315+1:26.446Steam
1657 tikarnedaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.315+1:26.446PS4
1658 Boink!Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.365+1:26.496Steam
1659 SackLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.399+1:26.530Xbox
1660 zamer21Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.432+1:26.563PS4
1661 gaizkals999Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.432+1:26.563PS4
1662 cescoenicoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.449+1:26.580PS4
1663 FINJeppeFINFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.449+1:26.580Xbox
1664 ceasyriderFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.449+1:26.580Xbox
1665 xaver25 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.465+1:26.596Steam
1666 diogosousalima Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.465+1:26.596Steam
1667 Thrust Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.466+1:26.597Steam
1668 manzyuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.482+1:26.613Steam
1669 SauweliosFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.482+1:26.613PS4
1670 mulatronicFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.582+1:26.713Xbox
1671 aeldreFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.582+1:26.713Xbox
1672 Wielki_OdyniecFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.615+1:26.746PS4
1673 Marcus-mxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.615+1:26.746PS4
1674 GougoulemeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.616+1:26.747PS4
1675 MorkvaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.632+1:26.763Steam
1676 |PLAY5.Bro| PhetyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.665+1:26.796Steam
1677 Mihkel JacksoffFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.665+1:26.796Steam
1678 seanbeag519Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.682+1:26.813PS4
1679 Ezee_00Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.682+1:26.813PS4
1680 Mersumies! Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.715+1:26.846Steam
1681 Brotux Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.732+1:26.863Steam
1682 MetroidMan64Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.749+1:26.880Steam
1683 crazy-717-Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.765+1:26.896PS4
1684 REMFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.799+1:26.930Steam
1685 DoublePRX#08Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.815+1:26.946Steam
1686 MaDaRaK47Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:19.865+1:26.996PS4
1687 Co1d ki11aFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.882+1:27.130Steam
1688 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.999+1:27.130Xbox
1689 DanielAbrahamFord Fiesta RS Rally07:19.999+1:27.130Xbox
1690 astarrothFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.015+1:27.146PS4
1691 Noveo ?=???=? Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.032+1:27.163Steam
1692 Yukiho-ALRIGHTFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.032+1:27.163PS4
1693 iamdoc Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.049+1:27.180Steam
1694 300 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.065+1:27.196Steam
1695 Nory Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.082+1:27.213Steam
1696 Tanefar Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.115+1:27.246Steam
1697 DirtyHarry Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.115+1:27.246Steam
1698 viper94gtFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.115+1:27.246PS4
1699 College077Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.115+1:27.246PS4
1700 MacFAZERFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.149+1:27.280PS4
1701 Stas_K Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.165+1:27.296Steam
1702 Agony Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.199+1:27.330Steam
1703 cincho Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.199+1:27.330Steam
1704 alber_cupraFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.199+1:27.330PS4
1705 Billy_Biig_BallsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.199+1:27.330PS4
1706 shombcsjFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.215+1:27.346PS4
1707 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.249+1:27.380Xbox
1708 Patzi1989Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.282+1:27.413Xbox
1709 TheZotacFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.299+1:27.430Steam
1710 R.MARK Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.315+1:27.446Steam
1711 Herbie250471Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.315+1:27.446PS4
1712 Naprostyhovado Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.332+1:27.463Steam
1713 WedgeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.349+1:27.480Steam
1714 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.349+1:27.480Xbox
1715 alberto Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.365+1:27.496Steam
1716 gabrielee11103Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.365+1:27.496PS4
1717 dylan211294Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.415+1:27.546Xbox
1718 redbul325Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.432+1:27.563PS4
1719 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.432+1:27.563Xbox
1720 ElcobasFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.449+1:27.580PS4
1721 m_nickelson Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.465+1:27.596Steam
1722 fastbink Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.482+1:27.613Steam
1723 d4z_gFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.482+1:27.613Steam
1724 Alessandro Medeotti Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.499+1:27.630Steam
1725 wantoNFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.532+1:27.663Steam
1726 GWhittakFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.532+1:27.663PS4
1727 fsbhjulFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.532+1:27.663PS4
1728 alfa1561786Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.599+1:27.730PS4
1729 amonamarth2501Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.615+1:27.746Steam
1730 N1CK-CR33DFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.615+1:27.746PS4
1731 Septiikz02Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.615+1:27.746PS4
1732 taytothiefFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.632+1:27.763Steam
1733 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.632+1:27.763Xbox
1734 nicofayabradFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.665+1:27.796PS4
1735 P-VEXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.699+1:27.830PS4
1736 ElioCavalloFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.732+1:27.863PS4
1737 benjalopez_9Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.765+1:27.896PS4
1738 aieaieddFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.782+1:27.913PS4
1739 GoldyTeamFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.799+1:27.930Steam
1740 Roody Men TairFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.815+1:27.946Steam
1741 Gallego_53Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.815+1:27.946PS4
1742 TJ2 slow Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.832+1:27.963Steam
1743 Mikeh-981Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.832+1:27.963PS4
1744 Shion_Replica Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.865+1:27.996Steam
1745 alf11973Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.882+1:28.130PS4
1746 mrlaheyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.882+1:28.130Xbox
1747 Yoko Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.899+1:28.300Steam
1748 stixy317Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.899+1:28.300PS4
1749 Jarl2reFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.915+1:28.460Steam
1750 vazari87Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.915+1:28.460PS4
1751 MariovidovicFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.932+1:28.630Xbox
1752 Pappiskallinen Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.949+1:28.800Steam
1753 Otherworld Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.965+1:28.960Steam
1754 Colin McRaeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.982+1:28.113Steam
1755 DiGiSPiN Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.982+1:28.113Steam
1756 Slc_384Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:20.982+1:28.113PS4
1757 chiarababboFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.999+1:28.130PS4
1758 RockrShockrFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.015+1:28.146Steam
1759 De_Witte66Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.015+1:28.146PS4
1760 Tlolis32Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.032+1:28.163PS4
1761 kimmo88_ Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.049+1:28.180Steam
1762 TheAdrianoo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.049+1:28.180Steam
1763 tunnetunneFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.049+1:28.180PS4
1764 FatfergusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.065+1:28.196Steam
1765 guarger Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.099+1:28.230Steam
1766 MonolithFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.115+1:28.246Steam
1767 C_BaldaiaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.165+1:28.296PS4
1768 Max Power [DPT] Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.199+1:28.330Steam
1769 RunGo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.215+1:28.346Steam
1770 OhMySkillFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.232+1:28.363Steam
1771 10XBetterFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.249+1:28.380Steam
1772 chickanoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.366+1:28.497PS4
1773 buzz89140Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.432+1:28.563PS4
1774 Paddy Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.465+1:28.596Steam
1775 Mr. BoeseFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.465+1:28.596Steam
1776 mateogirault45Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.465+1:28.596PS4
1777 ARNOO42Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.515+1:28.646Xbox
1778 superstempFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.515+1:28.646Xbox
1779 Sandro Pinho Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.549+1:28.680Steam
1780 Deathpod4Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.549+1:28.680PS4
1781 TurriconFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.582+1:28.713Steam
1782 rampukkaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.582+1:28.713PS4
1783 TristoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.632+1:28.763Steam
1784 Gurken Koenig Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.649+1:28.780Steam
1785 matthewjones25 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.649+1:28.780Steam
1786 Jakiepoo17Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.649+1:28.780PS4
1787 bogget13Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.649+1:28.780PS4
1788 [QNT] Valentin77 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.665+1:28.796Steam
1789 Dr. Djones Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.665+1:28.796Steam
1790 ItsDonDomingoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.665+1:28.796PS4
1791 3aPa3a Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.698+1:28.829Steam
1792 HALLUCINOGENE54Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.715+1:28.846PS4
1793 dlac1985Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.715+1:28.846Xbox
1794 WietWietFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.732+1:28.863Steam
1795 tonycanijoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.732+1:28.863PS4
1796 kris-5454Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.732+1:28.863PS4
1797 McDuff79Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.732+1:28.863Xbox
1798 pglnoobFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.749+1:28.880PS4
1799 RUBEN13SASTREFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.765+1:28.896PS4
1800 FananekFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.798+1:28.929Steam
1801 Ursus Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.865+1:28.996Steam
1802 hemirpu Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.899+1:29.300Steam
1803 TonieVFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.932+1:29.630Xbox
1804 xgabrielex95Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.948+1:29.790Steam
1805 dwajtpgjujhFord Fiesta RS Rally07:21.965+1:29.960PS4
1806 rn19c Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.982+1:29.113Steam
1807 matias2021Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.982+1:29.113PS4
1808 cozy350Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:21.999+1:29.130PS4
1809 StrongMaker Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.015+1:29.146Steam
1810 JujuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.032+1:29.163Steam
1811 coastalFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.082+1:29.213Steam
1812 DirtMan_F2SFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.082+1:29.213PS4
1813 valkenplusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.115+1:29.246PS4
1814 jeffmarcheFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.148+1:29.279PS4
1815 accatyycFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.165+1:29.296Xbox
1816 minatoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.182+1:29.313Steam
1817 VWJORGEFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.182+1:29.313PS4
1818 jmsportFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.215+1:29.346PS4
1819 thibulusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.215+1:29.346PS4
1820 rafa_safaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.232+1:29.363PS4
1821 MightyMicroFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.248+1:29.379Steam
1822 sergiofinuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.248+1:29.379PS4
1823 ^2Do ^7PT93 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.298+1:29.429Steam
1824 LuqerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.298+1:29.429Steam
1825 felipeshark808Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.298+1:29.429PS4
1826 Tcho075110340Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.315+1:29.446PS4
1827 Kolari90Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.332+1:29.463PS4
1828 McPeePants206Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.332+1:29.463PS4
1829 XxAbridirtxXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.332+1:29.463PS4
1830 whose_to_sayFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.365+1:29.496PS4
1831 Madvinz Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.366+1:29.497Steam
1832 Hackeberry Finn Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.398+1:29.529Steam
1833 omglolwtfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.415+1:29.546PS4
1834 Vortex--168Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.415+1:29.546PS4
1835 FRzombiePKMFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.415+1:29.546Xbox
1836 EN-GHIFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.448+1:29.579PS4
1837 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.448+1:29.579Xbox
1838 John_Rambo_en_YFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.465+1:29.596PS4
1839 ljsf_19Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.465+1:29.596PS4
1840 ExOotiiCzzzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.466+1:29.597PS4
1841 wuja-yuuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.482+1:29.613PS4
1842 IronSight_88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.482+1:29.613PS4
1843 Peter C. Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.498+1:29.629Steam
1844 rollie_wedge1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.498+1:29.629PS4
1845 SMBJENSENFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.498+1:29.629PS4
1846 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.498+1:29.629Xbox
1847 o0isa0oFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.532+1:29.663PS4
1848 ZaibatsuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.548+1:29.679Steam
1849 britishchampionFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.549+1:29.680Xbox
1850 doug_e_fresh3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.565+1:29.696PS4
1851 willy-caterhamFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.565+1:29.696PS4
1852 iggywicksFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.566+1:29.697Xbox
1853 la hyene Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.582+1:29.713Steam
1854 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.582+1:29.713Xbox
1855 YuumeiNekoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.598+1:29.729PS4
1856 paddingtonfenixFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.615+1:29.746PS4
1857 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.615+1:29.746Xbox
1858 k0daaNFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.632+1:29.763PS4
1859 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.632+1:29.763Xbox
1860 Karanosh Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.649+1:29.780Steam
1861 Fenix131313Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.699+1:29.830PS4
1862 clatorFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.715+1:29.846PS4
1863 BeemerbabyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.732+1:29.863PS4
1864 BiffFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.765+1:29.896Steam
1865 MaMaTLePiRaTeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.765+1:29.896PS4
1866 Red15-28Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.765+1:29.896PS4
1867 Johnny The Fox Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.798+1:29.929Steam
1868 WWWowan1968Rus59 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.848+1:29.979Steam
1869 sarnoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.848+1:29.979Xbox
1870 MatysCZekFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.865+1:29.996PS4
1871 patrok1207³Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.882+1:30.130Steam
1872 LetzLetztenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.882+1:30.130PS4
1873 BAKS-116Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.882+1:30.130PS4
1874 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.898+1:30.290Xbox
1875 yellowdrinkFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.915+1:30.460PS4
1876 Robro Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:22.932+1:30.630Steam
1877 KatoSanGTFord Fiesta RS Rally07:22.965+1:30.960PS4
1878 AnaerobFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.032+1:30.163Steam
1879 jbrederFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.032+1:30.163PS4
1880 somekindofmarvFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.048+1:30.179Steam
1881 PonaTreFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.082+1:30.213PS4
1882 Discente Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.098+1:30.229Steam
1883 Jojek77Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.098+1:30.229PS4
1884 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.115+1:30.246Xbox
1885 Jupezki13Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.148+1:30.279PS4
1886 dewos91Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.198+1:30.329Steam
1887 Damian74200Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.215+1:30.346PS4
1888 Jo1681Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.232+1:30.363PS4
1889 GiorgosGT7Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.232+1:30.363PS4
1890 FastNikoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.232+1:30.363PS4
1891 Lee Wolf Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.248+1:30.379Steam
1892 MW64-Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.249+1:30.380PS4
1893 JorgenaattoriFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.282+1:30.413PS4
1894 DejotaDFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.282+1:30.413Xbox
1895 Top-SukkaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.332+1:30.463PS4
1896 Puffpastry01Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.398+1:30.529Steam
1897 thornado Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.398+1:30.529Steam
1898 C1 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.448+1:30.579Steam
1899 Tinardirith Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.465+1:30.596Steam
1900 systematicsteveFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.498+1:30.629PS4
1901 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.515+1:30.646Xbox
1902 BJJ_HUNTER187 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.566+1:30.697Steam
1903 ander639Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.582+1:30.713PS4
1904 danivanzumberFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.598+1:30.729PS4
1905 GGZeusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.615+1:30.746Xbox
1906 Lagiman Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.632+1:30.763Steam
1907 redastrochanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.632+1:30.763PS4
1908 rockemartinezFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.632+1:30.763PS4
1909 Frasca124Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.632+1:30.763PS4
1910 djidane25Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.648+1:30.779Steam
1911 timmi-mullenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.648+1:30.779PS4
1912 Heuge Mono Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.665+1:30.796Steam
1913 komiki1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.698+1:30.829Steam
1914 Bubbo16® [from Italy]Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.732+1:30.863Steam
1915 Prophedis Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.748+1:30.879Steam
1916 N-troFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.748+1:30.879PS4
1917 O0HugginsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.765+1:30.896PS4
1918 RALLYEFOCUSFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.765+1:30.896Xbox
1919 BeamToOPFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.798+1:30.929PS4
1920 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.798+1:30.929Xbox
1921 Bikeman [JPN] Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.815+1:30.946Steam
1922 MiisTerJujuuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.815+1:30.946Xbox
1923 ((-=Zwaffie=-))Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.832+1:30.963Steam
1924 OOOLEGABFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.865+1:30.996PS4
1925 Vill_79Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.915+1:31.460PS4
1926 StubbornyHeadFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.932+1:31.630Steam
1927 NLL320Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.932+1:31.630PS4
1928 asdfr456yhjklFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.965+1:31.960PS4
1929 mig64 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:23.998+1:31.129Steam
1930 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:23.999+1:31.130Xbox
1931 DreamyElfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.015+1:31.146PS4
1932 Ade Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.032+1:31.163Steam
1933 Pilote2courseFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.032+1:31.163PS4
1934 mauretan11 - The SuccubusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.048+1:31.179Steam
1935 kacper555Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.048+1:31.179PS4
1936 KiroFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.082+1:31.213Steam
1937 jdktooFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.082+1:31.213Steam
1938 kirk1507Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.098+1:31.229Steam
1939 FETZTEUFEL Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.098+1:31.229Steam
1940 burnsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.099+1:31.230Steam
1941 beniamean8Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.116+1:31.247PS4
1942 doubleg213Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.148+1:31.279PS4
1943 E1446880CFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.148+1:31.279PS4
1944 TitoMakY Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.165+1:31.296Steam
1945 ExtemFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.165+1:31.296Steam
1946 UNLEASHED256Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.198+1:31.329PS4
1947 M-Power290692Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.198+1:31.329PS4
1948 ditchburn93Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.198+1:31.329PS4
1949 okakug0Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.199+1:31.330Steam
1950 ElRube88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.232+1:31.363Xbox
1951 KuHle49Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.248+1:31.379PS4
1952 guaouardFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.249+1:31.380PS4
1953 Hitch Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.265+1:31.396Steam
1954 Logical_Phallus Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.298+1:31.429Steam
1955 tonygeo17402Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.315+1:31.446PS4
1956 dejvidson66Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.316+1:31.447Steam
1957 petecool Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.332+1:31.463Steam
1958 Renchix69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.332+1:31.463PS4
1959 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.332+1:31.463Xbox
1960 Capricorn_78_ItaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.365+1:31.496PS4
1961 saulcatalaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.382+1:31.513Xbox
1962 josouaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.398+1:31.529PS4
1963 climbingcricketFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.398+1:31.529Xbox
1964 DarrenTurnerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.398+1:31.529Xbox
1965 Tordenflesk Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.415+1:31.546Steam
1966 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.415+1:31.546Xbox
1967 skainetFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.432+1:31.563Xbox
1968 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.432+1:31.563Xbox
1969 Boris007Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.465+1:31.596Steam
1970 ConorJSFFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.482+1:31.613Steam
1971 SYMBIOTICJUSTINFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.482+1:31.613PS4
1972 ZEROTWOEIGHTSIXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.482+1:31.613PS4
1973 ismabfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.582+1:31.713PS4
1974 HoldenTaj Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.598+1:31.729Steam
1975 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.598+1:31.729Xbox
1976 nicob08Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.632+1:31.763Steam
1977 drgreenthumb119Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.698+1:31.829Xbox
1978 joeri454Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.698+1:31.829Xbox
1979 rickyvg1975Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.715+1:31.846PS4
1980 bruffy79Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.716+1:31.847PS4
1981 magnusporschke Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.732+1:31.863Steam
1982 N_neo_CFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.732+1:31.863PS4
1983 SBRallyeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.748+1:31.879Xbox
1984 Braby Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.765+1:31.896Steam
1985 ZebizzerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.782+1:31.913PS4
1986 christiandero284Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.815+1:31.946PS4
1987 balrock Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.832+1:31.963Steam
1988 cyberinsekt943Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.848+1:31.979PS4
1989 flutecFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.882+1:32.130PS4
1990 joseba_01Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:24.882+1:32.130PS4
1991 interferensFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.898+1:32.290Steam
1992 StxncecustomzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:24.965+1:32.960Xbox
1993 SpeeDManiac Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.032+1:32.163Steam
1994 Eddy-74150Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.032+1:32.163PS4
1995 T.KittoiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.048+1:32.179Steam
1996 bellazapFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.065+1:32.196PS4
1997 piranhafish Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.082+1:32.213Steam
1998 Garix69_SVGFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.082+1:32.213PS4
1999 gersch4 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.115+1:32.246Steam
2000 lulan95Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.115+1:32.246Steam
2001 DavoAsturFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.132+1:32.263Steam
2002 svt4cam Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.165+1:32.296Steam
2003 TheCr34tive111Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.165+1:32.296PS4
2004 Die Geburt der Tragödie Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.265+1:32.396Steam
2005 artur197410 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.365+1:32.496Steam
2006 DarknessKillerXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.365+1:32.496PS4
2007 mobius1_30Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.415+1:32.546PS4
2008 C_Sim327Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.432+1:32.563PS4
2009 lxlMille23lxlFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.432+1:32.563Xbox
2010 SoMeGuY Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.448+1:32.579Steam
2011 LTU_peciulaitisFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.448+1:32.579PS4
2012 gingerkole058Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.465+1:32.596PS4
2013 wally23666Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.516+1:32.647PS4
2014 LapieuvreFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.548+1:32.679Steam
2015 rintintindelapanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.582+1:32.713PS4
2016 WIMBIFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.615+1:32.746PS4
2017 bpmotardFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.632+1:32.763PS4
2018 Buju17Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.648+1:32.779PS4
2019 kojeto Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.665+1:32.796Steam
2020 NoiKerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.698+1:32.829Steam
2021 ?Zhue?Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.732+1:32.863Steam
2022 beno4646Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.732+1:32.863PS4
2023 zomaarchFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.782+1:32.913Xbox
2024 DeathMetalRacerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.798+1:32.929Xbox
2025 Blackers722Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.798+1:32.929Xbox
2026 AsdNikeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.816+1:32.947PS4
2027 graphicsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.832+1:32.963Steam
2028 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.832+1:32.963Xbox
2029 MR mustafa Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:25.865+1:32.996Steam
2030 demonicsplashFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.915+1:33.460Xbox
2031 Famous-TTCCFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.965+1:33.960Steam
2032 le4iemereichFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.965+1:33.960PS4
2033 AggelosFord Fiesta RS Rally07:25.982+1:33.113Steam
2034 unFlushableTurd Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.048+1:33.179Steam
2035 Makinen01Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.082+1:33.213PS4
2036 ASEL Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.115+1:33.246Steam
2037 ^General Ripper^ Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.115+1:33.246Steam
2038 xcyclo1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.115+1:33.246PS4
2039 MuriloMottaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.132+1:33.263PS4
2040 Fitter22M4Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.148+1:33.279Steam
2041 Renxo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.148+1:33.279Steam
2042 KDF190EVOLUTIONFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.148+1:33.279PS4
2043 petekivinen2Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.148+1:33.279PS4
2044 jesu1988Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.148+1:33.279Xbox
2045 chriscaylor Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.165+1:33.296Steam
2046 Dalí mankiavelo! Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.215+1:33.346Steam
2047 Ado Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.232+1:33.363Steam
2048 stv500 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.232+1:33.363Steam
2049 FR-Jafou-65Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.232+1:33.363PS4
2050 RyanTankFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.315+1:33.446Xbox
2051 DieSchelleFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.315+1:33.446Xbox
2052 Michi-707Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.348+1:33.479PS4
2053 ? Hellhound *Window Guy*Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.382+1:33.513Steam
2054 HiPPeRFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.398+1:33.529Steam
2055 kojaewooFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.415+1:33.546PS4
2056 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.448+1:33.579Xbox
2057 wj01Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.465+1:33.596PS4
2058 Fox_McCloud_88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.465+1:33.596PS4
2059 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.482+1:33.613Xbox
2060 mezonfiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.548+1:33.679Steam
2061 Adrian_01983Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.565+1:33.696PS4
2062 Nagel Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.582+1:33.713Steam
2063 fuco1975Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.582+1:33.713PS4
2064 nisseq01Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.598+1:33.729PS4
2065 bookie_brandrisFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.615+1:33.746PS4
2066 [BiA]aeolian Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.632+1:33.763Steam
2067 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.698+1:33.829Xbox
2068 MrPoopyButtholeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.715+1:33.846Steam
2069 bogus1983 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.765+1:33.896Steam
2070 scott_carruthersFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.765+1:33.896PS4
2071 free_styler786Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.782+1:33.913PS4
2072 Play5_angusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.815+1:33.946Steam
2073 XxAmNeSiA22xXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.865+1:33.996PS4
2074 X_Giovy96_XFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.882+1:34.130PS4
2075 KIILLERFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.932+1:34.630Xbox
2076 the_very_oneFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.948+1:34.790PS4
2077 MadMike35Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.948+1:34.790Xbox
2078 leovinsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.965+1:34.960PS4
2079 goldenretreverFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.965+1:34.960PS4
2080 RAMBO1964Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:26.965+1:34.960Xbox
2081 HoundFord Fiesta RS Rally07:26.998+1:34.129Steam
2082 OrangeFunRaceFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.015+1:34.146Steam
2083 BeNSaNTuCCiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.015+1:34.146Xbox
2084 ShadowSniperS11Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.115+1:34.246PS4
2085 Lontra AvuadoraFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.132+1:34.263Steam
2086 jukkajaa Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.165+1:34.296Steam
2087 aurelie07Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.165+1:34.296PS4
2088 2Steps Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.182+1:34.313Steam
2089 MICH4EL-ANGE54Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.182+1:34.313PS4
2090 Meme Theatre Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.198+1:34.329Steam
2091 sebafc88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.198+1:34.329PS4
2092 Sam Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.215+1:34.346Steam
2093 Phil_the_SlugFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.215+1:34.346PS4
2094 Harpun84plFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.232+1:34.363PS4
2095 Kmanmcewan79Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.232+1:34.363PS4
2096 schneemaa500Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.232+1:34.363PS4
2097 flufflfcFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.315+1:34.446PS4
2098 TEXNicoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.332+1:34.463PS4
2099 TheMarksman200Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.332+1:34.463PS4
2100 Naaaaaaa Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.432+1:34.563Steam
2101 TheOrphanOneFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.432+1:34.563PS4
2102 GORGULLO-SFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.498+1:34.629PS4
2103 makfimilianFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.532+1:34.663PS4
2104 Cenab0991Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.565+1:34.696PS4
2105 norman014Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.565+1:34.696Xbox
2106 whiterhinooo420Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.582+1:34.713PS4
2107 Starthief Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.615+1:34.746Steam
2108 hapychapFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.615+1:34.746PS4
2109 hexmaniaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.615+1:34.746Xbox
2110 SLAYER_FINFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.632+1:34.763PS4
2111 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.632+1:34.763Xbox
2112 crossimichelFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.648+1:34.779PS4
2113 BambecFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.698+1:34.829PS4
2114 DenizRacingTeamFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.699+1:34.830PS4
2115 Enleyetenment Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.715+1:34.846Steam
2116 NPQBFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.715+1:34.846PS4
2117 ChrryssFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.715+1:34.846PS4
2118 marathon-samFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.732+1:34.863Steam
2119 tiberius_savuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.748+1:34.879Steam
2120 ManoxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.765+1:34.896Steam
2121 LeylandMiniPhilFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.765+1:34.896Xbox
2122 Tenori TaigaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.782+1:34.913Steam
2123 ELMateusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.898+1:35.290Steam
2124 ngartzke11Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.898+1:35.290PS4
2125 BradFlinFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.932+1:35.630Xbox
2126 makela.jarnoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.965+1:35.960Steam
2127 DP2308Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.965+1:35.960PS4
2128 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:27.965+1:35.960Xbox
2129 Cortex Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:27.999+1:35.130Steam
2130 manueligno85Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.015+1:35.146PS4
2131 Bishops Toenail Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.032+1:35.163Steam
2132 Sinoan85Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.048+1:35.179PS4
2133 usorcupianul Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.065+1:35.196Steam
2134 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.065+1:35.196Xbox
2135 luisparenteFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.082+1:35.213PS4
2136 Grobatar Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.115+1:35.246Steam
2137 VStarFCFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.115+1:35.246Xbox
2138 Sir FartingtonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.132+1:35.263Steam
2139 Knoxville Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.148+1:35.279Steam
2140 slyderpep63Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.165+1:35.296PS4
2141 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.165+1:35.296Xbox
2142 martin_robbFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.198+1:35.329Steam
2143 McHubiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.215+1:35.346PS4
2144 TrickyR83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.248+1:35.379PS4
2145 BarbichuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.248+1:35.379Xbox
2146 [R22R]AdjC-George_Brassard Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.282+1:35.413Steam
2147 vinkmillFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.282+1:35.413PS4
2148 baldy93Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.315+1:35.446Xbox
2149 KGM420Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.348+1:35.479PS4
2150 Norbi7_HUNFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.398+1:35.529PS4
2151 Capt PoPaT Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.432+1:35.563Steam
2152 InterFaced Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.482+1:35.613Steam
2153 krawwwcuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.482+1:35.613PS4
2154 Harann1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.482+1:35.613Xbox
2155 frayman707Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.515+1:35.646PS4
2156 PentanickFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.548+1:35.679Xbox
2157 a310calbersonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.565+1:35.696PS4
2158 DaviicloFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.565+1:35.696PS4
2159 evoniclas64Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.566+1:35.697PS4
2160 KupferFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.582+1:35.713Steam
2161 Kidd-007_PFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.582+1:35.713PS4
2162 Rady555 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.632+1:35.763Steam
2163 BryanekFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.632+1:35.763PS4
2164 jamesbradersFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.648+1:35.779PS4
2165 pyhveFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.665+1:35.796PS4
2166 feuer033stuhlFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.665+1:35.796PS4
2167 Tompoo 117 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.698+1:35.829Steam
2168 fayferFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.698+1:35.829PS4
2169 CheeseFri7Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.715+1:35.846PS4
2170 zulu Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.748+1:35.879Steam
2171 atze-74Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.798+1:35.929PS4
2172 WITT0014Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.798+1:35.929Xbox
2173 RedshnollertFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.799+1:35.930PS4
2174 Ryanx Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.815+1:35.946Steam
2175 SnowLparDFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.832+1:35.963Steam
2176 kahnsven112Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.832+1:35.963PS4
2177 Cyclone62Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.832+1:35.963Xbox
2178 StealthPSUserFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.848+1:35.979PS4
2179 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.848+1:35.979Xbox
2180 PatricklongtoothFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.865+1:35.996Steam
2181 TheMunSessionFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.865+1:35.996PS4
2182 schildsittichFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.898+1:36.290PS4
2183 milanovendemodaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.898+1:36.290PS4
2184 ZIGA_1991Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.915+1:36.460PS4
2185 General$$NoCentsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.948+1:36.790Steam
2186 NGHTY_CARFord Fiesta RS Rally07:28.982+1:36.113PS4
2187 Amnezik78Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.998+1:36.129PS4
2188 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.015+1:36.146Xbox
2189 Tails2091Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.032+1:36.163Steam
2190 littlebertFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.032+1:36.163PS4
2191 dpb1975Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.032+1:36.163Xbox
2192 LaPlata55Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.048+1:36.179PS4
2193 ZABELFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.065+1:36.196Steam
2194 acelera59Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.065+1:36.196PS4
2195 DJointsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.082+1:36.213Steam
2196 jake9311eFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.082+1:36.213PS4
2197 cjz8zFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.115+1:36.246PS4
2198 b_arca04Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.132+1:36.263PS4
2199 jope111Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.148+1:36.279PS4
2200 rudkel65Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.148+1:36.279PS4
2201 ra04stiguyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.148+1:36.279PS4
2202 frakilla1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.165+1:36.296PS4
2203 OscarAlmqvistFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.182+1:36.313PS4
2204 festivalesFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.198+1:36.329PS4
2205 Jean_G_RagnottiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.199+1:36.330PS4
2206 ripar31Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.232+1:36.363PS4
2207 smith943Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.232+1:36.363Xbox
2208 NANO Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.332+1:36.463Steam
2209 Nimrom Dug Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.365+1:36.496Steam
2210 RyggScottFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.398+1:36.529PS4
2211 TJ-ArchinoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.399+1:36.530PS4
2212 THE manFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.415+1:36.546Steam
2213 BeastiegasFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.448+1:36.579PS4
2214 Gareth8118Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.465+1:36.596PS4
2215 Debogrid2Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.465+1:36.596Xbox
2216 jc76430Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.465+1:36.596Xbox
2217 hugoislamazaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.498+1:36.629PS4
2218 fat4eyes Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.532+1:36.663Steam
2219 uftyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.532+1:36.663PS4
2220 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.532+1:36.663Xbox
2221 SFStompHUNFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.532+1:36.663Xbox
2222 LyauhmFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.548+1:36.679Steam
2223 NeonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.582+1:36.713Steam
2224 ARM_des_GESETZESFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.615+1:36.746PS4
2225 Nobu92Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.615+1:36.746Xbox
2226 indalo2011Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.648+1:36.779PS4
2227 Rontan1969Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.648+1:36.779PS4
2228 snilsson98Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.682+1:36.813PS4
2229 gorynych74ruFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.715+1:36.846Steam
2230 juantirado69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.715+1:36.846PS4
2231 Olly90 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.765+1:36.896Steam
2232 A Sky CrawlerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.782+1:36.913Steam
2233 nag le fourbe Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.782+1:36.913Steam
2234 pueluempueluemFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.798+1:36.929Steam
2235 CB-106S16-N2Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.832+1:36.963PS4
2236 sailor-killerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.932+1:37.630PS4
2237 Pufi_HUNFord Fiesta RS Rally07:29.982+1:37.113PS4
2238 steffenmeier50Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:29.998+1:37.129Steam
2239 ASTRA1481Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.015+1:37.146PS4
2240 Austin_ParsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.015+1:37.146PS4
2241 quntraFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.015+1:37.146PS4
2242 ASSASINSHARK82Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.048+1:37.179PS4
2243 B4Z1N64Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.081+1:37.212PS4
2244 FLABBY24 ™ Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.098+1:37.229Steam
2245 FRITO Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.098+1:37.229Steam
2246 KaMiKaZacFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.131+1:37.262PS4
2247 sergibFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.148+1:37.279Steam
2248 MrcampercoolFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.199+1:37.330PS4
2249 tothbali8Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.215+1:37.346Steam
2250 impressFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.265+1:37.396Steam
2251 shoerstFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.265+1:37.396Steam
2252 devilsspokeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.331+1:37.462PS4
2253 AC LetnáFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.348+1:37.479Steam
2254 gutef1dtmFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.398+1:37.529Steam
2255 PsylocOre_08Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.398+1:37.529PS4
2256 mightist Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.415+1:37.546Steam
2257 yuki-12_25Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.415+1:37.546PS4
2258 polomax55Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.431+1:37.562PS4
2259 ToksaiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.498+1:37.629Steam
2260 zLOY747 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.515+1:37.646Steam
2261 tetu235Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.515+1:37.646PS4
2262 DanielHamillFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.548+1:37.679Xbox
2263 skate88plFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.565+1:37.696PS4
2264 oniromanticFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.565+1:37.696Xbox
2265 CHRISSYDFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.565+1:37.696Xbox
2266 dierechteHandFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.565+1:37.696Xbox
2267 BIA101Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.581+1:37.712PS4
2268 Spawn78Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.631+1:37.762Steam
2269 Pycckuü Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.631+1:37.762Steam
2270 SwagYuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.681+1:37.812Steam
2271 iloveskollFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.698+1:37.829PS4
2272 aeroad71Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.698+1:37.829PS4
2273 RushingStatikkFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.698+1:37.829PS4
2274 Invader_MannabisFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.715+1:37.846PS4
2275 BakkokkaB667Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.715+1:37.846Xbox
2276 Xtrasmallz92Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.731+1:37.862Xbox
2277 farrokitFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.748+1:37.879PS4
2278 TomsoftFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.749+1:37.880PS4
2279 Lew_Walsh97Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.765+1:37.896PS4
2280 Luisito_xoket8Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.798+1:37.929PS4
2281 ^8I'm DjoardSFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.815+1:37.946Steam
2282 fixedFrankFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.815+1:37.946PS4
2283 matnbaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.865+1:37.996PS4
2284 xes-kapoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.865+1:37.996PS4
2285 Heizer08Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.881+1:38.120Steam
2286 Dm3MackerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.882+1:38.130PS4
2287 Tember_FoxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.898+1:38.290PS4
2288 nicoecole73Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.915+1:38.460PS4
2289 justinfinlandFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.931+1:38.620PS4
2290 helmut.atzler Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.948+1:38.790Steam
2291 iftox Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.948+1:38.790Steam
2292 Wisey Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.965+1:38.960Steam
2293 Alan_RCDE1900Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.965+1:38.960PS4
2294 zaphod Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:30.981+1:38.112Steam
2295 focustjnFord Fiesta RS Rally07:30.998+1:38.129PS4
2296 QUATTRO_MODZFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.015+1:38.146PS4
2297 NaguerunFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.015+1:38.146PS4
2298 Abo1989Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.065+1:38.196Xbox
2299 HeadlessFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.082+1:38.213Steam
2300 fettantonioFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.115+1:38.246Steam
2301 dvduquesne Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.131+1:38.262Steam
2302 WonglfinhoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.165+1:38.296PS4
2303 saleputtFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.215+1:38.346PS4
2304 WithRootsAboveFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.231+1:38.362Steam
2305 fredthekingFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.231+1:38.362Steam
2306 Phoenix Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.265+1:38.396Steam
2307 CartmanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.281+1:38.412Steam
2308 NatanekGaming Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.281+1:38.412Steam
2309 BadAssFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.315+1:38.446Steam
2310 Europe301Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.315+1:38.446PS4
2311 quickdraw121593Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.315+1:38.446PS4
2312 Atiwrc75Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.348+1:38.479Xbox
2313 matapuposFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.348+1:38.479Xbox
2314 Im_SnownFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.415+1:38.546PS4
2315 risto.korhonenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.431+1:38.562Steam
2316 koukoullionFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.431+1:38.562PS4
2317 Nene221212Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.432+1:38.563PS4
2318 ihelvete Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.448+1:38.579Steam
2319 OnkelDörteFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.449+1:38.580Xbox
2320 4291kim Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.465+1:38.596Steam
2321 Roland87HUFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.498+1:38.629PS4
2322 TwinnukeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.515+1:38.646Xbox
2323 The FearFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.531+1:38.662Steam
2324 meeker-123Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.531+1:38.662PS4
2325 CyrusVirus1986Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.548+1:38.679PS4
2326 hustikillFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.548+1:38.679PS4
2327 michelgo63Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.565+1:38.696PS4
2328 RudolfsR79Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.581+1:38.712PS4
2329 PapyGolf4Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.581+1:38.712PS4
2330 lees009Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.598+1:38.729PS4
2331 divoy458Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.631+1:38.762PS4
2332 gringo07 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.632+1:38.763Steam
2333 Hammerhead Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.665+1:38.796Steam
2334 Quail-P Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.681+1:38.812Steam
2335 TONTOSILOLEEESFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.681+1:38.812PS4
2336 TeddyEndFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.731+1:38.862PS4
2337 Rk98nlFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.748+1:38.879PS4
2338 MapoUKFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.748+1:38.879Xbox
2339 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.765+1:38.896Xbox
2340 MyAttorneyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.781+1:38.912PS4
2341 veji99Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.815+1:38.946PS4
2342 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.848+1:38.979Xbox
2343 Gazen_GrandFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.865+1:38.996PS4
2344 osadqueFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.881+1:39.120PS4
2345 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.881+1:39.120Xbox
2346 tony Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.898+1:39.290Steam
2347 WilliamShiftSFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.899+1:39.300PS4
2348 miguelmazda3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.931+1:39.620PS4
2349 pera16Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:31.948+1:39.790PS4
2350 SietosFord Fiesta RS Rally07:31.998+1:39.129Steam
2351 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.015+1:39.146Xbox
2352 rullatuoliFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.115+1:39.246Steam
2353 BrunoGamer757Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.115+1:39.246PS4
2354 AntiSecOps-133Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.148+1:39.279PS4
2355 shu26viFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.181+1:39.312Steam
2356 MotocheloFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.215+1:39.346PS4
2357 gman0803Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.215+1:39.346PS4
2358 Croissant_PLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.265+1:39.396Steam
2359 MC MalletFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.281+1:39.412Steam
2360 Cerebus_VFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.281+1:39.412PS4
2361 laserbasherFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.281+1:39.412PS4
2362 arno Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.282+1:39.413Steam
2363 Blackavatar Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.298+1:39.429Steam
2364 SummersFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.299+1:39.430Steam
2365 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.299+1:39.430Xbox
2366 DavilikoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.398+1:39.529Xbox
2367 IntrinsicFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.415+1:39.546Steam
2368 ozzy6975Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.415+1:39.546PS4
2369 Michael14-2-81Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.415+1:39.546PS4
2370 oesketigerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.431+1:39.562PS4
2371 saetta976Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.448+1:39.579PS4
2372 TheWalrus6Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.465+1:39.596PS4
2373 BzS`RaybenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.498+1:39.629Steam
2374 playsenfoxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.548+1:39.679PS4
2375 Clordstar Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.565+1:39.696Steam
2376 Materia__GrisFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.581+1:39.712PS4
2377 nikonike7Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.598+1:39.729PS4
2378 Mad89Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.598+1:39.729Xbox
2379 AsB_32Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.615+1:39.746PS4
2380 AsTrenteFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.615+1:39.746PS4
2381 tagrallyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.631+1:39.762PS4
2382 rpoliver555Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.632+1:39.763PS4
2383 kavkaz-qaitoqaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.665+1:39.796PS4
2384 ervis21Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.665+1:39.796PS4
2385 IGNIFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.715+1:39.846Steam
2386 sirrom6662014Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.715+1:39.846PS4
2387 juanpeoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.715+1:39.846PS4
2388 FriskimeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.715+1:39.846Xbox
2389 nielsclydeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.731+1:39.862Steam
2390 Andy_Panda_XFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.781+1:39.912PS4
2391 R3V1V4LFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.815+1:39.946Xbox
2392 sektorflopFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.848+1:39.979PS4
2393 deeppurplesheep Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.881+1:40.120Steam
2394 Kaczyvr6Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.881+1:40.120PS4
2395 Badboy81210Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.931+1:40.620PS4
2396 fredstylerkilerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:32.948+1:40.790PS4
2397 happo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.015+1:40.146Steam
2398 GringoFroschFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.049+1:40.180PS4
2399 DiversityFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.065+1:40.196Steam
2400 arm(rus)Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.081+1:40.212Steam
2401 RockstarPoole69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.081+1:40.212PS4
2402 ricobimaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.098+1:40.229PS4
2403 VonBlare08Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.098+1:40.229Xbox
2404 L-homme_d-acierFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.131+1:40.262PS4
2405 Pode (AUT) Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.148+1:40.279Steam
2406 Dr. HeisenbergFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.148+1:40.279Steam
2407 zhangshaoaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.165+1:40.296Steam
2408 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.181+1:40.312Xbox
2409 myllyla69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.198+1:40.329PS4
2410 VINCE014Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.198+1:40.329Xbox
2411 scottielin Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.231+1:40.362Steam
2412 GuideToasterFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.231+1:40.362Xbox
2413 MikeOnTourFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.265+1:40.396Xbox
2414 roberto2507Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.266+1:40.397PS4
2415 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.298+1:40.429Xbox
2416 Peaug Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.315+1:40.446Steam
2417 hermanni-Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.315+1:40.446PS4
2418 DixieMan58Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.331+1:40.462PS4
2419 Buccafresh Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.348+1:40.479Steam
2420 Toru Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.349+1:40.480Steam
2421 jambriiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.431+1:40.562PS4
2422 PHARAON Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.448+1:40.579Steam
2423 Manfro2811Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.448+1:40.579PS4
2424 mghZ Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.498+1:40.629Steam
2425 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.498+1:40.629Xbox
2426 Fíggzy Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.515+1:40.646Steam
2427 The_OracLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.531+1:40.662PS4
2428 Trucker Vidi ™ [HUN]Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.548+1:40.679Steam
2429 JetNg Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.565+1:40.696Steam
2430 kseb08Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.565+1:40.696PS4
2431 SystemSecretFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.565+1:40.696PS4
2432 willcf15Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.598+1:40.729Steam
2433 Keiranw_96Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.598+1:40.729PS4
2434 gab05Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.631+1:40.762Xbox
2435 Becks_Hunter Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.665+1:40.796Steam
2436 USACSPRINTFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.698+1:40.829PS4
2437 DirtPaulFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.715+1:40.846PS4
2438 SNaKe Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.765+1:40.896Steam
2439 r.man MMV Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.831+1:40.962Steam
2440 TriBeLioFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.831+1:40.962PS4
2441 Pollux95Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.831+1:40.962Xbox
2442 ShiftHeart93Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.865+1:40.996PS4
2443 rom_s16Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.898+1:41.290PS4
2444 RIRI155Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.915+1:41.460PS4
2445 LOVE Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.948+1:41.790Steam
2446 Andrey124russFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.948+1:41.790Xbox
2447 MrEbbotFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.965+1:41.960PS4
2448 matrixx99Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.998+1:41.129Xbox
2449 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.998+1:41.129Xbox
2450 tdhudson01 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:33.999+1:41.130Steam
2451 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.015+1:41.146Xbox
2452 iDoniDellaMorte_Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.048+1:41.179PS4
2453 TheJanx17Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.115+1:41.246Xbox
2454 olliracing27Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.148+1:41.279PS4
2455 jairoasturFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.148+1:41.279Xbox
2456 Ikronos62Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.165+1:41.296PS4
2457 MelvinFGousFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.165+1:41.296Xbox
2458 ImpressyaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.165+1:41.296Xbox
2459 heiko1860Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.181+1:41.312Xbox
2460 cedric_du_70Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.215+1:41.346PS4
2461 lemans25Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.248+1:41.379PS4
2462 edtekFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.281+1:41.412Steam
2463 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.298+1:41.429Xbox
2464 AUDI S1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.300+1:41.431Steam
2465 e447Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.315+1:41.446Steam
2466 boyplay69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.348+1:41.479PS4
2467 dadpewFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.365+1:41.496Steam
2468 Vulcain66Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.365+1:41.496Xbox
2469 tayco83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.415+1:41.546PS4
2470 Davidlamb2Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.448+1:41.579Xbox
2471 mymclover [BE]Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.465+1:41.596Steam
2472 Lixo-1966Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.498+1:41.629PS4
2473 TomB_1903Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.498+1:41.629PS4
2474 Emil Johansson Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.615+1:41.746Steam
2475 olivier2A30Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.615+1:41.746PS4
2476 lardtreeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.681+1:41.812Xbox
2477 Sir WolfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.682+1:41.813Steam
2478 98aodriozolaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.698+1:41.829Steam
2479 nteraoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.698+1:41.829PS4
2480 ? Fury ? Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.765+1:41.896Steam
2481 alexxtwoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.765+1:41.896Xbox
2482 mondFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.799+1:41.930Steam
2483 toa™Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.815+1:41.946Steam
2484 loblox Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.815+1:41.946Steam
2485 acerax Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.831+1:41.962Steam
2486 SUPERGFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.831+1:41.962Xbox
2487 ScipiOFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.865+1:41.996Steam
2488 martijn703Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.865+1:41.996PS4
2489 Meme QueenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.882+1:42.130Steam
2490 OZDrummerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.882+1:42.130PS4
2491 Bear-Jones70Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.915+1:42.460PS4
2492 olive-62Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.915+1:42.460PS4
2493 smk5526Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.931+1:42.620Steam
2494 mgd70Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.931+1:42.620Steam
2495 DeanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.949+1:42.800Steam
2496 Gunders[34rus]Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.965+1:42.960Steam
2497 rotondaxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:34.981+1:42.112Steam
2498 PreTo-Da-Killa-Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.981+1:42.112PS4
2499 Je@nPh1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.998+1:42.129Steam
2500 RYO979Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.998+1:42.129PS4
2501 volksbobFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.048+1:42.179PS4
2502 dogriverrunner Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.065+1:42.196Steam
2503 ThiB_McCrasHFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.098+1:42.229PS4
2504 EL-GUANCHE-MXSFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.115+1:42.246PS4
2505 Alambix33 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.132+1:42.263Steam
2506 Asterixi82Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.165+1:42.296Steam
2507 Chris41061Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.166+1:42.297PS4
2508 ItekeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.181+1:42.312PS4
2509 Smoki7776Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.198+1:42.329PS4
2510 vBE45TYvFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.231+1:42.362PS4
2511 CrAshBaNgWhLoopFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.248+1:42.379PS4
2512 race-nijntjeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.281+1:42.412PS4
2513 manuelflrFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.298+1:42.429Steam
2514 lujznaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.299+1:42.430PS4
2515 leef69ukFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.315+1:42.446PS4
2516 levieuxdu54620Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.315+1:42.446PS4
2517 MidnightMagic-V1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.315+1:42.446PS4
2518 Broken-SnakeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.315+1:42.446PS4
2519 smel2plomd77Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.331+1:42.462PS4
2520 T4rz4n Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.365+1:42.496Steam
2521 alunakerokeroFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.448+1:42.579Steam
2522 low_racer2210Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.448+1:42.579PS4
2523 talibgamer92Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.481+1:42.612Xbox
2524 zakaconstFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.482+1:42.613Steam
2525 megascizor22Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.531+1:42.662PS4
2526 nikolaiw4 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.565+1:42.696Steam
2527 Dude-Its-DjanoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.581+1:42.712PS4
2528 jairogmFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.598+1:42.729PS4
2529 Lara CletteFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.615+1:42.746Steam
2530 FlorentGT Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.615+1:42.746Steam
2531 bubbleskinFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.615+1:42.746PS4
2532 JPL-PrivateFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.648+1:42.779PS4
2533 PUMUKSWRC (ESP) [FedEts2®] Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.665+1:42.796Steam
2534 ?Nezvi Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.681+1:42.812Steam
2535 PE4Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.681+1:42.812Steam
2536 BroMagnonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.698+1:42.829Xbox
2537 NilsSilvestsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.698+1:42.829Xbox
2538 BluntRSFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.781+1:42.912Xbox
2539 Cranky_BeardFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.798+1:42.929PS4
2540 Eat All The Eggs Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.815+1:42.946Steam
2541 Mirko_cossuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.815+1:42.946PS4
2542 MonkeyChops1984Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.815+1:42.946Xbox
2543 peralvo1993Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.832+1:42.963PS4
2544 st3rminator0910Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.848+1:42.979PS4
2545 m.p Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.931+1:43.620Steam
2546 burny-game_1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.948+1:43.790PS4
2547 BorysiukFord Fiesta RS Rally07:35.965+1:43.960Steam
2548 BarVladislav Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:35.981+1:43.112Steam
2549 [NRT] Cubitus1957 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.031+1:43.162Steam
2550 Madnoren [ROG] Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.031+1:43.162Steam
2551 xGaarooFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.048+1:43.179PS4
2552 TheRoadRunner36Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.048+1:43.179PS4
2553 MaselkoZFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.132+1:43.263Steam
2554 LopezzleFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.148+1:43.279Xbox
2555 RoOdKoP61Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.181+1:43.312PS4
2556 ernieluxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.198+1:43.329PS4
2557 gpjd93Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.215+1:43.346PS4
2558 GTxenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.215+1:43.346PS4
2559 MrPutz Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.282+1:43.413Steam
2560 fabvr46Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.298+1:43.429Steam
2561 Wasted__WizardFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.298+1:43.429PS4
2562 Drop_StonesFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.315+1:43.446PS4
2563 Jäger Yoga Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.348+1:43.479Steam
2564 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.348+1:43.479Xbox
2565 BonexusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.365+1:43.496Steam
2566 SashaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.382+1:43.513Steam
2567 CHARLY TRUENOFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.398+1:43.529Steam
2568 zlychemikFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.398+1:43.529Xbox
2569 fabien.ferryFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.465+1:43.596Steam
2570 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.465+1:43.596Xbox
2571 francescoivreaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.481+1:43.612PS4
2572 zouzouilFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.498+1:43.629PS4
2573 coetFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.498+1:43.629PS4
2574 Alexik Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.515+1:43.646Steam
2575 Noconc3pt Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.515+1:43.646Steam
2576 ForestFreshFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.515+1:43.646PS4
2577 Rainatsch_84Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.532+1:43.663PS4
2578 El Gato Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.615+1:43.746Steam
2579 CanJianFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.615+1:43.746Steam
2580 KisaHunFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.615+1:43.746Xbox
2581 Jzono1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.665+1:43.796Steam
2582 Aloux Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.681+1:43.812Steam
2583 jpabloniFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.698+1:43.829PS4
2584 Matias ? Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.715+1:43.846Steam
2585 Swav66-_Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.715+1:43.846PS4
2586 antwerp141074Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.731+1:43.862PS4
2587 mouchez.patriceFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.765+1:43.896Steam
2588 SpeedDeamon100Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.782+1:43.913PS4
2589 Crazed_soul12Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.815+1:43.946PS4
2590 n17r0uS.!?Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.832+1:43.963Steam
2591 B3ndySQUiDFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.848+1:43.979Steam
2592 marc415Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.848+1:43.979Xbox
2593 Dr. SodlidDesu Bringus Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.881+1:44.120Steam
2594 nalon5Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.898+1:44.290PS4
2595 mrripple50Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:36.915+1:44.460PS4
2596 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.915+1:44.460Xbox
2597 elikriFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.932+1:44.630PS4
2598 karbonillaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:36.998+1:44.129PS4
2599 Grizbyx38Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.015+1:44.146Steam
2600 twaarrdFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.015+1:44.146PS4
2601 babastvr6Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.015+1:44.146PS4
2602 JuheccFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.031+1:44.162PS4
2603 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.031+1:44.162Xbox
2604 JWinnifieldFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.048+1:44.179Steam
2605 pabloczbFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.065+1:44.196PS4
2606 ALAIN67Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.098+1:44.229Steam
2607 Kruza923Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.115+1:44.246Xbox
2608 manfredhajek Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.181+1:44.312Steam
2609 pdubpdubFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.181+1:44.312Xbox
2610 TheBazzterdFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.198+1:44.329Steam
2611 mysquarewheelFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.198+1:44.329Xbox
2612 spacemonkeyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.231+1:44.362Steam
2613 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.231+1:44.362Xbox
2614 [Group B] vadja.tuzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.265+1:44.396Steam
2615 ZLOTOWKA1978Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.265+1:44.396Xbox
2616 ASEtech92Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.265+1:44.396Xbox
2617 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.281+1:44.412Xbox
2618 jack_is_back07Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.298+1:44.429PS4
2619 Neptune325Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.298+1:44.429PS4
2620 [Delta] Daddy Cool ® Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.331+1:44.462Steam
2621 ddidavFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.331+1:44.462PS4
2622 alain18842400Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.348+1:44.479PS4
2623 smaykelFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.381+1:44.512PS4
2624 Skualo-ArtFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.381+1:44.512PS4
2625 tom8838178Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.415+1:44.546PS4
2626 Roger_F__Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.415+1:44.546PS4
2627 Epp77Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.432+1:44.563PS4
2628 GeRt Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.465+1:44.596Steam
2629 jzerzanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.481+1:44.612Steam
2630 Archos0758Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.498+1:44.629PS4
2631 Sacanà Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.515+1:44.646Steam
2632 bitt65 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.531+1:44.662Steam
2633 +-Slayer-+ Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.531+1:44.662Steam
2634 racer1176Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.531+1:44.662PS4
2635 bennett123Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.531+1:44.662Xbox
2636 vetteahaulickFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.548+1:44.679PS4
2637 cheesemongerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.548+1:44.679Xbox
2638 TFGFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.565+1:44.696Steam
2639 XxCelliLivexXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.581+1:44.712PS4
2640 Tharp11Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.615+1:44.746PS4
2641 chodnik Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.631+1:44.762Steam
2642 Cheers for the bird ay?Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.682+1:44.813Steam
2643 xXScarFishXxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.715+1:44.846PS4
2644 tomazbeubFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.798+1:44.929Xbox
2645 Roberto-GalardoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.881+1:45.120PS4
2646 fuegolatino88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.898+1:45.290Steam
2647 D_Y_E_62Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.948+1:45.790PS4
2648 MaxPowerFactorFord Fiesta RS Rally07:37.965+1:45.960PS4
2649 Fauco-05Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:37.981+1:45.112PS4
2650 MindlessJoker98Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.015+1:45.146PS4
2651 Lubomir_BenkFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.015+1:45.146PS4
2652 UndergradZeus60Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.031+1:45.162PS4
2653 Paul Kersey Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.065+1:45.196Steam
2654 RENO1977Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.065+1:45.196Xbox
2655 smileFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.081+1:45.212Steam
2656 CaldonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.082+1:45.213Steam
2657 anjox149Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.082+1:45.213PS4
2658 DukeHariVIIFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.098+1:45.229Steam
2659 Carpe_Diem43Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.098+1:45.229PS4
2660 Kanaeko Hantsuki Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.115+1:45.246Steam
2661 SnoopyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.115+1:45.246Steam
2662 wolfffroshFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.115+1:45.246PS4
2663 eresundifuntoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.115+1:45.246PS4
2664 m800ieFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.131+1:45.262PS4
2665 kisherczFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.215+1:45.346PS4
2666 nicotankerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.215+1:45.346Xbox
2667 PhilDel001Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.248+1:45.379PS4
2668 Salmis5000Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.298+1:45.429PS4
2669 lukeg120Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.315+1:45.446Xbox
2670 Gert Pettersson Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.364+1:45.495Steam
2671 giulygiulyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.381+1:45.512PS4
2672 xCount_CarnageFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.398+1:45.529PS4
2673 seestone27Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.414+1:45.545PS4
2674 Muppet Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.431+1:45.562Steam
2675 KRYPTONICONFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.431+1:45.562Xbox
2676 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.431+1:45.562Xbox
2677 tweek Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.481+1:45.612Steam
2678 bastik87Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.481+1:45.612PS4
2679 og667Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.498+1:45.629PS4
2680 KipeshManFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.548+1:45.679Steam
2681 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.564+1:45.695Xbox
2682 how do i quickscope Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.581+1:45.712Steam
2683 massa2806Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.631+1:45.762PS4
2684 Tomis2fast4uFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.648+1:45.779PS4
2685 DJvince76Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.664+1:45.795PS4
2686 Squill.i.amFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.814+1:45.945Steam
2687 Mr-COMTE014Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.814+1:45.945PS4
2688 dumpy388Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.831+1:45.962PS4
2689 Wolmari94Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.848+1:45.979PS4
2690 nachete__84Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.865+1:45.996PS4
2691 tremblinbFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.882+1:46.130Steam
2692 sid16vFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.898+1:46.290PS4
2693 cooldriatFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.898+1:46.290PS4
2694 hattan1414Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.931+1:46.620Steam
2695 Oni40 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.948+1:46.790Steam
2696 GodKerosin1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.948+1:46.790Xbox
2697 MrSolesburyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.964+1:46.950PS4
2698 pyobFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.981+1:46.112PS4
2699 HamburgerjugFord Fiesta RS Rally07:38.981+1:46.112PS4
2700 rodrima80Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.982+1:46.113PS4
2701 Heath_74 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:38.998+1:46.129Steam
2702 sciesnyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.015+1:46.146PS4
2703 ColJackOneillFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.015+1:46.146Oculus
2704 ekaraFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.048+1:46.179PS4
2705 3AtTheBackFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.064+1:46.195Steam
2706 Sandor Benko Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.114+1:46.245Steam
2707 Gurgo1997Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.114+1:46.245PS4
2708 DhContiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.131+1:46.262PS4
2709 SAMD1978Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.148+1:46.279PS4
2710 vuk609Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.181+1:46.312PS4
2711 bksrapFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.264+1:46.395PS4
2712 MWatson95Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.264+1:46.395PS4
2713 Killer Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.281+1:46.412Steam
2714 lucabombierib Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.314+1:46.445Steam
2715 AlexSport777Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.314+1:46.445PS4
2716 jfa_974Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.331+1:46.462PS4
2717 JucasGT5Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.331+1:46.462PS4
2718 westRunsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.331+1:46.462PS4
2719 YrHogynNa83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.381+1:46.512PS4
2720 CIONCI73Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.398+1:46.529PS4
2721 gp118BertonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.498+1:46.629PS4
2722 Virus27Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.548+1:46.679Xbox
2723 MiSFiTx87Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.598+1:46.729PS4
2724 JoReBuHFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.614+1:46.745PS4
2725 DaHouseCaTFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.616+1:46.747Steam
2726 ibizalex33Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.631+1:46.762PS4
2727 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.681+1:46.812Xbox
2728 DJ RoachFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.714+1:46.845Steam
2729 mitchonetwo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.748+1:46.879Steam
2730 poggio.max Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.748+1:46.879Steam
2731 xtopagrooveFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.748+1:46.879PS4
2732 Gray MikeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.764+1:46.895Steam
2733 kiefin_itFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.764+1:46.895PS4
2734 waywardmoose2020Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.798+1:46.929PS4
2735 Mustang21Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.815+1:46.946Xbox
2736 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.848+1:46.979Xbox
2737 [NRT] SwarfulFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.898+1:47.290Steam
2738 NickZvegFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.914+1:47.450PS4
2739 pertsa60Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:39.948+1:47.790Steam
2740 OnkelpompelFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.964+1:47.950PS4
2741 orangefancypantsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:39.998+1:47.129Steam
2742 akiluotoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.031+1:47.162Steam
2743 ugis.ornicansFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.031+1:47.162Steam
2744 oliv822Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.048+1:47.179PS4
2745 Menno_SledgeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.048+1:47.179PS4
2746 ????Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.064+1:47.195Steam
2747 Lacs 1954 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.081+1:47.212Steam
2748 INTER1965ENZOFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.098+1:47.229PS4
2749 TofuGandalfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.098+1:47.229PS4
2750 retroriderukFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.131+1:47.262PS4
2751 michael15062015Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.148+1:47.279PS4
2752 JIM_1502Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.164+1:47.295PS4
2753 NarkOFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.165+1:47.296Steam
2754 R0MPERsT0Mper83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.198+1:47.329Xbox
2755 VilleR82Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.214+1:47.345PS4
2756 elcicutarFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.215+1:47.346PS4
2757 SabeNigeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.281+1:47.412PS4
2758 A.Ascari Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.348+1:47.479Steam
2759 Mirmidon68Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.348+1:47.479PS4
2760 Álvaro MP (Darth Strife)Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.364+1:47.495Steam
2761 Captain LuluFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.398+1:47.529Steam
2762 mikeage85Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.414+1:47.545PS4
2763 martin0911Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.414+1:47.545Xbox
2764 jeanlouis-87Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.464+1:47.595PS4
2765 olandtwFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.548+1:47.679PS4
2766 SchokobotFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.581+1:47.712PS4
2767 thor0 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.598+1:47.729Steam
2768 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.598+1:47.729Xbox
2769 The Beardy DefectiveFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.615+1:47.746Steam
2770 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.648+1:47.779Xbox
2771 Duke Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.664+1:47.795Steam
2772 ShakaingweFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.664+1:47.795PS4
2773 Kebble857Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.681+1:47.812PS4
2774 JTortoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.698+1:47.829Xbox
2775 Raduz89Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.714+1:47.845PS4
2776 vanakuriFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.714+1:47.845PS4
2777 salvatorepipitoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.764+1:47.895Xbox
2778 blaetter99Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.798+1:47.929PS4
2779 swampdogbluesFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.798+1:47.929Xbox
2780 Freeman_ESPFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.814+1:47.945PS4
2781 micmal1980 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.831+1:47.962Steam
2782 HELLASALTFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.848+1:47.979PS4
2783 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.882+1:48.130Xbox
2784 BA | LoserFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.898+1:48.290Steam
2785 CrazyMonkey Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.898+1:48.290Steam
2786 leonsr4Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.898+1:48.290PS4
2787 kitty Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.914+1:48.450Steam
2788 celtarnFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.914+1:48.450PS4
2789 What The Fup Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.931+1:48.620Steam
2790 FuzzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.931+1:48.620Steam
2791 AngelMM281Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.948+1:48.790PS4
2792 Walter CFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.964+1:48.950Steam
2793 myformanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.964+1:48.950PS4
2794 GattsGattsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.964+1:48.950PS4
2795 delgado Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:40.966+1:48.970Steam
2796 KimyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.981+1:48.112PS4
2797 mrtoadukFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.981+1:48.112Xbox
2798 DAYTONA59Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.014+1:48.145PS4
2799 wavegvFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.014+1:48.145PS4
2800 K-RottenpennyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.048+1:48.179PS4
2801 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.048+1:48.179Xbox
2802 alex_r_116Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.064+1:48.195PS4
2803 SANGREMALDITAFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.098+1:48.229PS4
2804 stephan3828Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.131+1:48.262PS4
2805 lucaloeb91Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.132+1:48.263PS4
2806 TinqueenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.248+1:48.379Xbox
2807 Ahorn0904 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.314+1:48.445Steam
2808 a1000138Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.314+1:48.445PS4
2809 MazzarinFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.317+1:48.448Steam
2810 mousenanoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.364+1:48.495Steam
2811 podabrilleFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.398+1:48.529PS4
2812 maku78 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.414+1:48.545Steam
2813 [KA] ExxørV3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.414+1:48.545Steam
2814 iNoSky2Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.431+1:48.562PS4
2815 Agg0uRaioSFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.448+1:48.579Steam
2816 hansjoerggrundFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.448+1:48.579Steam
2817 marcoloebFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.465+1:48.596Xbox
2818 blah_walt Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.481+1:48.612Steam
2819 toledo31Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.481+1:48.612PS4
2820 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.531+1:48.662Xbox
2821 rafi_racingFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.581+1:48.712PS4
2822 crownbizoilFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.581+1:48.712PS4
2823 ubasotvil Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.598+1:48.729Steam
2824 Luji93 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.631+1:48.762Steam
2825 MiedzinšFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.631+1:48.762Steam
2826 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.631+1:48.762Xbox
2827 Jensen_713Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.648+1:48.779PS4
2828 aloispfeffer1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.664+1:48.795Steam
2829 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.664+1:48.795Xbox
2830 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.665+1:48.796Xbox
2831 Churchill88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.681+1:48.812PS4
2832 societysctFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.681+1:48.812PS4
2833 DiabloheadFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.714+1:48.845Steam
2834 Remidel59 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.714+1:48.845Steam
2835 ThuggaSmokesFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.748+1:48.879PS4
2836 Junybean463Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.748+1:48.879PS4
2837 SoZornig Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.814+1:48.945Steam
2838 Ken OKeeffeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.848+1:48.979Steam
2839 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.848+1:48.979Xbox
2840 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.864+1:48.995Xbox
2841 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.864+1:48.995Xbox
2842 lejack2539 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:41.881+1:49.120Steam
2843 jdogracingFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.881+1:49.120PS4
2844 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.881+1:49.120Xbox
2845 VencaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.915+1:49.460Steam
2846 fivefingerjankeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.948+1:49.790Xbox
2847 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.981+1:49.112Xbox
2848 finslandFord Fiesta RS Rally07:41.982+1:49.113PS4
2849 w123e_M4Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.014+1:49.145PS4
2850 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.031+1:49.162Xbox
2851 Herkmartia Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.048+1:49.179Steam
2852 SoMuchhardFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.065+1:49.196Xbox
2853 tsthreetFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.081+1:49.212Xbox
2854 TallentireFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.098+1:49.229Xbox
2855 TRBRc_PITER_FRAFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.148+1:49.279PS4
2856 jmamiranda22Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.165+1:49.296PS4
2857 VizuahlzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.198+1:49.329PS4
2858 Terry26TrueBlueFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.231+1:49.362PS4
2859 arnau_r3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.248+1:49.379PS4
2860 dennis1979281Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.264+1:49.395PS4
2861 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.298+1:49.429Xbox
2862 bobidul Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.331+1:49.462Steam
2863 fasthammer Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.331+1:49.462Steam
2864 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.331+1:49.462Xbox
2865 DF_XYZ Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.348+1:49.479Steam
2866 Fufu_CompetFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.348+1:49.479PS4
2867 jesjonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.364+1:49.495PS4
2868 aferox Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.365+1:49.496Steam
2869 Mad_piEFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.398+1:49.529Steam
2870 ghislFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.431+1:49.562Steam
2871 Elessar56Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.431+1:49.562PS4
2872 slukiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.464+1:49.595Steam
2873 Kartman23Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.498+1:49.629PS4
2874 WololomaximoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.498+1:49.629PS4
2875 The Best Games Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.515+1:49.646Steam
2876 NICKYBABYYEAHFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.564+1:49.695PS4
2877 morris1344Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.614+1:49.745PS4
2878 Kosh_MarFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.631+1:49.762Steam
2879 moruweed23Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.748+1:49.879PS4
2880 WehrlebirddFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.781+1:49.912PS4
2881 RODZILLAgod64Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.781+1:49.912Xbox
2882 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.814+1:49.945Xbox
2883 LowriderTattooFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.848+1:49.979Xbox
2884 jmstone29Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.864+1:49.995PS4
2885 DeadlysonicccFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.881+1:50.120PS4
2886 tveningFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.881+1:50.120PS4
2887 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.881+1:50.120Xbox
2888 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.931+1:50.620Xbox
2889 WEBEVERFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.948+1:50.790PS4
2890 wrcmechanicFord Fiesta RS Rally07:42.948+1:50.790PS4
2891 turbobeat1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:42.981+1:50.112PS4
2892 ramborisingFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.064+1:50.195PS4
2893 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.064+1:50.195Xbox
2894 Masmix25Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.114+1:50.245PS4
2895 Ornelas404Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.114+1:50.245PS4
2896 Jonog53Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.131+1:50.262PS4
2897 felixx46Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.131+1:50.262PS4
2898 mr1campbellFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.148+1:50.279PS4
2899 belirohcFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.164+1:50.295Steam
2900 Muchens_PLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.181+1:50.312PS4
2901 CamelJockey902Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.198+1:50.329PS4
2902 Buzz7188Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.231+1:50.362PS4
2903 MouillakavFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.231+1:50.362Xbox
2904 antho52Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.248+1:50.379Xbox
2905 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.264+1:50.395Xbox
2906 afootCascade606Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.264+1:50.395Xbox
2907 mlwavFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.281+1:50.412Xbox
2908 luskyagullaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.298+1:50.429PS4
2909 swampysilverFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.314+1:50.445Xbox
2910 G-XLEAFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.331+1:50.462PS4
2911 FuG_MomoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.332+1:50.463PS4
2912 Jmane1025Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.364+1:50.495Xbox
2913 TractoDAKFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.398+1:50.529PS4
2914 EtherealA3ronautFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.415+1:50.546PS4
2915 reeqFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.431+1:50.562Steam
2916 diablos07700Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.431+1:50.562PS4
2917 rodolphe97424Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.448+1:50.579PS4
2918 Youngtimer85 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.464+1:50.595Steam
2919 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.464+1:50.595Xbox
2920 WinhoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.498+1:50.629Xbox
2921 grizzleyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.548+1:50.679PS4
2922 gionny68ssFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.548+1:50.679PS4
2923 leleu-du-80Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.564+1:50.695PS4
2924 ElftoriusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.565+1:50.696PS4
2925 Shup-p Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.614+1:50.745Steam
2926 RobyRoidFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.648+1:50.779PS4
2927 UKIurtFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.681+1:50.812PS4
2928 SeveredmageFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.781+1:50.912Xbox
2929 jonnaheiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.848+1:50.979PS4
2930 Kippari_95Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.865+1:50.996PS4
2931 ALMO0125Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.915+1:51.460PS4
2932 AeloryeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.932+1:51.630Steam
2933 Kernassi_on_TourFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.948+1:51.790PS4
2934 kyemanz273Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.948+1:51.790PS4
2935 +++jUaN eL hErMoSo+++ Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:43.964+1:51.950Steam
2936 majorpainzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.981+1:51.112PS4
2937 Zeus x27 or kysFord Fiesta RS Rally07:43.998+1:51.129Steam
2938 Coco17555Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.014+1:51.145Xbox
2939 pernestasFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.031+1:51.162PS4
2940 TEAM_JJ_JHONFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.031+1:51.162PS4
2941 King_of_561Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.048+1:51.179PS4
2942 kazu Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.064+1:51.195Steam
2943 OhFouFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.081+1:51.212PS4
2944 CONEXION_NASAFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.082+1:51.213PS4
2945 BURX1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.098+1:51.229PS4
2946 EvanweathermanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.098+1:51.229Xbox
2947 Cooligan85Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.114+1:51.245PS4
2948 bsmpowerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.131+1:51.262PS4
2949 AmitBhattFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.148+1:51.279PS4
2950 alstad20Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.148+1:51.279PS4
2951 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.198+1:51.329Xbox
2952 OldirtymanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.231+1:51.362PS4
2953 didi yoghurt Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.298+1:51.429Steam
2954 Ripdime31Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.298+1:51.429PS4
2955 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.315+1:51.446Xbox
2956 boudjitoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.331+1:51.462PS4
2957 crazysteve0101Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.332+1:51.463PS4
2958 Potchet69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.348+1:51.479PS4
2959 celausylFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.398+1:51.529Steam
2960 helene.defachel123Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.414+1:51.545Steam
2961 ?? (Funk) Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.414+1:51.545Steam
2962 Zynun727Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.448+1:51.579PS4
2963 luco1985Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.464+1:51.595Xbox
2964 strakar1985Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.498+1:51.629PS4
2965 Zooonk77Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.531+1:51.662PS4
2966 larvimustaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.531+1:51.662PS4
2967 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.531+1:51.662Xbox
2968 Chief958Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.581+1:51.712PS4
2969 Stevzie-BFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.648+1:51.779PS4
2970 stialvaroFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.648+1:51.779Xbox
2971 JaaxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.682+1:51.813Steam
2972 PEPERACER1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.731+1:51.862PS4
2973 e30letFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.748+1:51.879PS4
2974 bigwinner09Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.764+1:51.895PS4
2975 frogy678Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.798+1:51.929PS4
2976 PlakerigeTopnFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.814+1:51.945PS4
2977 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.814+1:51.945Xbox
2978 cl_3004 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.881+1:52.120Steam
2979 natoxcorrere65Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.881+1:52.120PS4
2980 ChrispyCanuckFord Fiesta RS Rally07:44.982+1:52.113PS4
2981 sprinty64 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:44.998+1:52.129Steam
2982 dutchleyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.048+1:52.179Xbox
2983 bigjesse72Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.081+1:52.212Xbox
2984 chrisxx91xxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.098+1:52.229PS4
2985 R_LanisterFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.114+1:52.245PS4
2986 CallMeMagic Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.131+1:52.262Steam
2987 Kolt4D5 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.148+1:52.279Steam
2988 sinigrally30Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.165+1:52.296Xbox
2989 james.bronslayFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.181+1:52.312Steam
2990 kimjongILLESTFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.215+1:52.346Steam
2991 TC-MitouFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.248+1:52.379PS4
2992 vicpeder001Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.264+1:52.395PS4
2993 stroudy25Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.264+1:52.395PS4
2994 JumbuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.281+1:52.412Steam
2995 SnurferQcFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.281+1:52.412PS4
2996 [shb]filzbob Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.298+1:52.429Steam
2997 jmrs000Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.348+1:52.479Steam
2998 knugen1986Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.364+1:52.495PS4
2999 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.398+1:52.529Xbox
3000 exXydusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.431+1:52.562PS4
3001 malema77Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.448+1:52.579PS4
3002 mitinhasFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.464+1:52.595PS4
3003 lolo1971Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.464+1:52.595Xbox
3004 mejbFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.498+1:52.629Steam
3005 Zebar1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.514+1:52.645PS4
3006 rossmcgossFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.515+1:52.646PS4
3007 patrolo87Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.664+1:52.795PS4
3008 lasse0807Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.664+1:52.795PS4
3009 arjan400016 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.682+1:52.813Steam
3010 terminator88650Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.715+1:52.846PS4
3011 McClarenDesignFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.764+1:52.895PS4
3012 Kuragi_GunfireFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.764+1:52.895PS4
3013 MiG_35Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.798+1:52.929Steam
3014 Bronko (GER) Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.814+1:52.945Steam
3015 Alicethebeast18Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.814+1:52.945PS4
3016 XxFearNoEvilxXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.815+1:52.946PS4
3017 kendzillaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.815+1:52.946PS4
3018 JUL52190Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.831+1:52.962PS4
3019 jvd2002Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.831+1:52.962PS4
3020 golfpowertdiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.831+1:52.962PS4
3021 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.831+1:52.962Xbox
3022 NGR-SidewaysFord Fiesta RS Rally07:45.848+1:52.979PS4
3023 artola41Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.914+1:53.450PS4
3024 hohe40Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:45.931+1:53.620PS4
3025 T0y74r1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.031+1:53.162PS4
3026 ford2310Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.031+1:53.162PS4
3027 blueberrywitchFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.081+1:53.212PS4
3028 Toad1339Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.081+1:53.212PS4
3029 HYDROMEL-58Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.098+1:53.229PS4
3030 Ale_TolloFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.114+1:53.245PS4
3031 HeiheinFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.131+1:53.262PS4
3032 djnlovesjFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.131+1:53.262PS4
3033 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.149+1:53.280Xbox
3034 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.164+1:53.295Xbox
3035 makarkorokFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.198+1:53.329Steam
3036 t3hMaraud3rFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.198+1:53.329PS4
3037 Psiquist101Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.215+1:53.346PS4
3038 DameimportFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.231+1:53.362PS4
3039 javi2156Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.248+1:53.379PS4
3040 MTK_450Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.281+1:53.412PS4
3041 lulu54380Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.331+1:53.462PS4
3042 maxtroykaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.331+1:53.462PS4
3043 NemoTech1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.348+1:53.479PS4
3044 Seb_SudFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.348+1:53.479PS4
3045 SHINIGAMIFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.381+1:53.512Steam
3046 nuno-oFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.464+1:53.595PS4
3047 FlatOutWRCFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.464+1:53.595PS4
3048 Mr.CoolFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.481+1:53.612Steam
3049 xx_Mani_Boy_7_xxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.531+1:53.662PS4
3050 tayfunhaoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.564+1:53.695Steam
3051 pasetale Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.697+1:53.828Steam
3052 cernunnos7Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.714+1:53.845PS4
3053 CROSSCORVETTE03Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.747+1:53.878PS4
3054 Hans_RikardFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.764+1:53.895PS4
3055 ROBOJASEFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.781+1:53.912PS4
3056 Wobbelgott3000 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.797+1:53.928Steam
3057 bartek13subaruFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.814+1:53.945PS4
3058 GUN4SH [K-REISS]Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.847+1:53.978Steam
3059 batista1000Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.847+1:53.978PS4
3060 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.864+1:53.995Xbox
3061 potapeCZFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.881+1:54.120PS4
3062 ll_Dadoune974_llFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.897+1:54.280PS4
3063 SunTzuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.947+1:54.780Steam
3064 Strictler Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.947+1:54.780Steam
3065 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:46.964+1:54.950Xbox
3066 CrisQ21Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:46.997+1:54.128Xbox
3067 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.014+1:54.145Xbox
3068 Morti Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.047+1:54.178Steam
3069 johnnylooney500Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.048+1:54.179Xbox
3070 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.081+1:54.212Xbox
3071 MangourasFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.081+1:54.212Xbox
3072 [Bordersdown] charlesr Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.114+1:54.245Steam
3073 RallyremcoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.131+1:54.262PS4
3074 Seby01101973Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.131+1:54.262PS4
3075 SMB_259Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.147+1:54.278PS4
3076 PMT666Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.164+1:54.295Steam
3077 gotferdomFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.165+1:54.296Steam
3078 martijnwempeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.181+1:54.312Steam
3079 Ozkan_SonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.181+1:54.312PS4
3080 francois_ckFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.214+1:54.345PS4
3081 Bookie4uFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.231+1:54.362PS4
3082 Cow On Fire... Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.331+1:54.462Steam
3083 3a?Pa3??pFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.331+1:54.462Steam
3084 HannahKayFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.331+1:54.462Xbox
3085 nikosjFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.364+1:54.495Steam
3086 BotFreeMan35Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.414+1:54.545PS4
3087 Chakazoulou Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.431+1:54.562Steam
3088 pet38Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.498+1:54.629Xbox
3089 lutti Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.514+1:54.645Steam
3090 dANIELZ1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.531+1:54.662Steam
3091 TukkerT3rr0r70Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.597+1:54.728PS4
3092 M87 cases2x.com Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.614+1:54.745Steam
3093 mitchwolfachFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.664+1:54.795PS4
3094 alpiq1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.664+1:54.795PS4
3095 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.664+1:54.795Xbox
3096 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.681+1:54.812Xbox
3097 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.681+1:54.812Xbox
3098 TS34Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.714+1:54.845Xbox
3099 Roadrunner7007Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.731+1:54.862PS4
3100 imrefritsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.731+1:54.862Xbox
3101 iPetahh Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.765+1:54.896Steam
3102 JoeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.831+1:54.962Steam
3103 foncik778 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.881+1:55.120Steam
3104 matthiassoppelsaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.915+1:55.460Steam
3105 Kognitive Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.931+1:55.620Steam
3106 chanedlerbongFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.965+1:55.960PS4
3107 sikora3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.981+1:55.112Steam
3108 DricensFord Fiesta RS Rally07:47.997+1:55.128Steam
3109 pigonarig3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:47.997+1:55.128PS4
3110 Crash ManlyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.031+1:55.162Steam
3111 nightflowwowFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.031+1:55.162PS4
3112 geordie_cheeseFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.064+1:55.195Steam
3113 dkfkdkFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.081+1:55.212PS4
3114 PaynosFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.114+1:55.245Steam
3115 RaikarFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.131+1:55.262Steam
3116 HeikoSchrapsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.147+1:55.278Steam
3117 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.181+1:55.312Xbox
3118 laffrentFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.214+1:55.345Steam
3119 henrizonFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.214+1:55.345PS4
3120 Stariy_YevreyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.215+1:55.346Steam
3121 Rocket Scientologist Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.231+1:55.362Steam
3122 SJM2007Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.231+1:55.362PS4
3123 Javi-PumukiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.231+1:55.362PS4
3124 vinnyisthemanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.231+1:55.362PS4
3125 Jupp78Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.231+1:55.362Xbox
3126 Dr---MurphyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.264+1:55.395PS4
3127 T246808Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.281+1:55.412PS4
3128 VawdersFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.281+1:55.412PS4
3129 Foobs_76Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.281+1:55.412PS4
3130 bigblocktimmiFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.397+1:55.528PS4
3131 ThysmaHDFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.397+1:55.528PS4
3132 BitFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.431+1:55.562Steam
3133 roterhahnFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.431+1:55.562PS4
3134 FastFish69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.448+1:55.579PS4
3135 ShutUpFood Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.481+1:55.612Steam
3136 claytob76Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.531+1:55.662PS4
3137 ZaryelFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.547+1:55.678Steam
3138 amaurydemortierFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.564+1:55.695Steam
3139 Takeooq33Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.581+1:55.712PS4
3140 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.597+1:55.728Xbox
3141 DanielR_03Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.614+1:55.745PS4
3142 wajno85Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.614+1:55.745PS4
3143 benoitr01 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.631+1:55.762Steam
3144 ??Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.631+1:55.762Steam
3145 Lobosolitario295Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.631+1:55.762PS4
3146 Lachyr23Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.632+1:55.763Xbox
3147 thomas.kropfreiter97 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.647+1:55.778Steam
3148 Zsocee09Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.647+1:55.778PS4
3149 darkewing Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.664+1:55.795Steam
3150 R4in8ow Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.697+1:55.828Steam
3151 taige_001 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.714+1:55.845Steam
3152 ferristanley703Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.714+1:55.845Steam
3153 Dksmitty15Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.715+1:55.846PS4
3154 oierraFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.731+1:55.862PS4
3155 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.731+1:55.862Xbox
3156 mojearpe Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.748+1:55.879Steam
3157 valentjociFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.781+1:55.912Steam
3158 TANATROVFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.797+1:55.928PS4
3159 LeavzouFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.814+1:55.945Steam
3160 regp46Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.814+1:55.945PS4
3161 bad onionFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.881+1:56.120Steam
3162 Knownas--__--Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.897+1:56.280PS4
3163 SNK_vs_playmoreFord Fiesta RS Rally07:48.981+1:56.112PS4
3164 YYogi69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:48.981+1:56.112PS4
3165 James Steed Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.014+1:56.145Steam
3166 Hayce_SossoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.031+1:56.162PS4
3167 drissetlucFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.047+1:56.178PS4
3168 PdaDJ70Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.047+1:56.178PS4
3169 alexriva95Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.081+1:56.212PS4
3170 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.097+1:56.228Xbox
3171 M_HaefnerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.131+1:56.262PS4
3172 Barrosco Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.147+1:56.278Steam
3173 DeadClownBozoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.164+1:56.295Steam
3174 DanielSSFFSFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.197+1:56.328PS4
3175 YoMaltesFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.231+1:56.362Steam
3176 Carolina_ElviraFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.365+1:56.496PS4
3177 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.365+1:56.496Xbox
3178 xXkush79kingXxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.414+1:56.545PS4
3179 Roomate243Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.448+1:56.579PS4
3180 MOERTE47Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.464+1:56.595PS4
3181 MatDocFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.481+1:56.612PS4
3182 Caze14Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.515+1:56.646PS4
3183 *M*A*S*H*Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.531+1:56.662Steam
3184 Pog38Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.531+1:56.662PS4
3185 cbast15Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.548+1:56.679PS4
3186 Rocky-BramFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.565+1:56.696PS4
3187 KlingerPilotFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.581+1:56.712Steam
3188 Envious-NZLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.581+1:56.712PS4
3189 Speedy--2014Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.581+1:56.712PS4
3190 ? Dexx ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.697+1:56.828Steam
3191 dimonRus750Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.697+1:56.828PS4
3192 xxmarko89xFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.697+1:56.828PS4
3193 TRAV_STIFFAFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.714+1:56.845PS4
3194 Madridista_MatoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.731+1:56.862PS4
3195 Howard_AJFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.748+1:56.879PS4
3196 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.764+1:56.895Xbox
3197 Willfade Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.765+1:56.896Steam
3198 ErxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.815+1:56.946Steam
3199 JCmeRollingFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.831+1:56.962Steam
3200 Kerjos[M&Co] Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.831+1:56.962Steam
3201 byterightFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.847+1:56.978PS4
3202 AndrackFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.898+1:57.290Steam
3203 NozolomilloFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.948+1:57.790Steam
3204 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:49.981+1:57.112Xbox
3205 ced-tom23Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:49.998+1:57.129PS4
3206 papy0621Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.064+1:57.195PS4
3207 Neophyte140Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.081+1:57.212PS4
3208 5majix Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.097+1:57.228Steam
3209 pickles120Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.097+1:57.228PS4
3210 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.097+1:57.228Xbox
3211 Deadrick_FuglasFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.164+1:57.295PS4
3212 oliflecheFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.165+1:57.296PS4
3213 online_id79Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.181+1:57.312PS4
3214 RikyManyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.214+1:57.345Steam
3215 davewoodisgood Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.214+1:57.345Steam
3216 LorenzarisFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.214+1:57.345PS4
3217 aza0340Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.264+1:57.395Xbox
3218 VirtumFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.297+1:57.428PS4
3219 WeNoMTeaMFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.314+1:57.445PS4
3220 Giggs-030-Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.331+1:57.462PS4
3221 dinroyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.381+1:57.512PS4
3222 gui79Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.381+1:57.512Xbox
3223 GreenPig13Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.415+1:57.546PS4
3224 GuNz-AvenGeRFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.447+1:57.578PS4
3225 na76Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.447+1:57.578PS4
3226 AccontoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.464+1:57.595PS4
3227 PutridizioneFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.465+1:57.596PS4
3228 cantagallo981Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.498+1:57.629PS4
3229 SilentVenom Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.514+1:57.645Steam
3230 Elessar693Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.514+1:57.645Xbox
3231 MajorSpanielFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.514+1:57.645Xbox
3232 mishta_pFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.531+1:57.662PS4
3233 shahzadamddFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.597+1:57.728PS4
3234 ton_on_on_onFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.597+1:57.728PS4
3235 cardeecoreFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.597+1:57.728PS4
3236 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.614+1:57.745Xbox
3237 Max Mauie Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.714+1:57.845Steam
3238 Alex--96--Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.747+1:57.878PS4
3239 reder1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.748+1:57.879PS4
3240 Wilbur1972Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.748+1:57.879Xbox
3241 Space_manFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.781+1:57.912Steam
3242 CirifishFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.814+1:57.945PS4
3243 FerraTNFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.831+1:57.962PS4
3244 Sitnavda_ Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.847+1:57.978Steam
3245 karmagedo1976Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.864+1:57.995Xbox
3246 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.881+1:58.120Xbox
3247 pupuyanoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.897+1:58.280Steam
3248 Arcana-MagicanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.897+1:58.280PS4
3249 chicho_ontFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.931+1:58.620PS4
3250 DadanKoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.932+1:58.630Steam
3251 GTgameplayTime Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:50.947+1:58.780Steam
3252 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.964+1:58.950Xbox
3253 baudeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:50.981+1:58.112Xbox
3254 [ITA]ZephirPFS47 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.081+1:58.212Steam
3255 pierolucaz Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.097+1:58.228Steam
3256 silee80Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.164+1:58.295PS4
3257 luca99712Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.164+1:58.295Xbox
3258 giaarhapsody Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.181+1:58.312Steam
3259 ken_93120Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.181+1:58.312PS4
3260 Majestictaffy309Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.214+1:58.345PS4
3261 alain6062000Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.231+1:58.362PS4
3262 VozhzhoVFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.231+1:58.362PS4
3263 lzhbts Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.281+1:58.412Steam
3264 momonjaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.298+1:58.429Steam
3265 gagzimFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.315+1:58.446Xbox
3266 xantiasupermoto1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.331+1:58.462PS4
3267 Erne-Che-guevaraFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.348+1:58.479PS4
3268 davey83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.364+1:58.495PS4
3269 NoobidactylFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.397+1:58.528PS4
3270 edu27Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.431+1:58.562PS4
3271 Nuclear FoxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.447+1:58.578Steam
3272 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.448+1:58.579Xbox
3273 juli1hsvFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.514+1:58.645PS4
3274 PabloCalandrinFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.564+1:58.695PS4
3275 colga2veloFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.564+1:58.695PS4
3276 ljkronic420Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.581+1:58.712PS4
3277 jamesmcnFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.582+1:58.713Xbox
3278 BBIAJFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.647+1:58.778Xbox
3279 Ivory38Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.664+1:58.795Steam
3280 ROCKnROLLUBERMENSCH Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.681+1:58.812Steam
3281 trikkmasterFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.697+1:58.828Steam
3282 Diablozx200016vFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.747+1:58.878PS4
3283 GaZzAp6920Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.814+1:58.945PS4
3284 kawagoe3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.847+1:58.978Steam
3285 GodrihFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.848+1:58.979Steam
3286 TeeKoo80Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.848+1:58.979PS4
3287 zawFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.864+1:58.995Steam
3288 bena d orFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.897+1:59.280Steam
3289 JohnRap1999Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.914+1:59.450PS4
3290 KeanaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.931+1:59.620Steam
3291 dondest Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.947+1:59.780Steam
3292 Headshots Inc.Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.948+1:59.790Steam
3293 BradockFord Fiesta RS Rally07:51.964+1:59.950Steam
3294 marco_p_r85Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.997+1:59.128PS4
3295 cyclicbug Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.014+1:59.145Steam
3296 busterg128 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.014+1:59.145Steam
3297 donjauFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.015+1:59.146Steam
3298 rtm1982Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.031+1:59.162Xbox
3299 The Cabman Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.048+1:59.179Steam
3300 beyondthebarsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.114+1:59.245PS4
3301 vivi_904Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.181+1:59.312PS4
3302 ??Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.214+1:59.345Steam
3303 terceraunratoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.231+1:59.362PS4
3304 pinio2015Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.264+1:59.395PS4
3305 Flajuju61Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.314+1:59.445PS4
3306 guinounoursFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.347+1:59.478PS4
3307 klsklsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.382+1:59.513Steam
3308 marvintherobot42Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.397+1:59.528Steam
3309 speedmoi1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.397+1:59.528PS4
3310 Jultomtetris Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.447+1:59.578Steam
3311 Loved Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.447+1:59.578Steam
3312 Ruben01patroFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.448+1:59.579PS4
3313 eplusm-racingpixFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.464+1:59.595PS4
3314 johnheaton9999 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.465+1:59.596Steam
3315 vaduFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.465+1:59.596Steam
3316 Oliver-Sadaba89Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.481+1:59.612PS4
3317 shad1427Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.531+1:59.662PS4
3318 EdwinsimoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.564+1:59.695Xbox
3319 theflowingswordFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.581+1:59.712Steam
3320 IncredibleSulk31Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.597+1:59.728PS4
3321 sjceltaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.614+1:59.745PS4
3322 gsupikmanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.614+1:59.745Xbox
3323 AudioholikFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.631+1:59.762Steam
3324 LeTigerROXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.631+1:59.762PS4
3325 BritishGaz851Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.631+1:59.762PS4
3326 crazylad82Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.664+1:59.795PS4
3327 MaxRockatansky5Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.665+1:59.796PS4
3328 adami madam yapacam madamFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.681+1:59.812Steam
3329 EggfreakFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.714+1:59.845Steam
3330 klajuhFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.731+1:59.862Steam
3331 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.747+1:59.878Xbox
3332 vidda93600Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.764+1:59.895PS4
3333 Seb-MorinFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.765+1:59.896PS4
3334 lemaka0713Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.781+1:59.912PS4
3335 darkboeller Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.797+1:59.928Steam
3336 Konori Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.831+1:59.962Steam
3337 catchaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.831+1:59.962PS4
3338 sharkycatFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.847+1:59.978Steam
3339 Vilec Mato Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.881+2:00.120Steam
3340 AlfaR_69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.881+2:00.120PS4
3341 Nomand Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.931+2:00.620Steam
3342 papi Bernard Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.947+2:00.780Steam
3343 bace1978 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.964+2:00.950Steam
3344 Luis2482Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.965+2:00.960PS4
3345 ASD9096Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.981+2:00.112PS4
3346 xXManovelXxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.981+2:00.112PS4
3347 b1200Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:52.997+2:00.128Xbox
3348 PaulinhoVILFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.014+2:00.145PS4
3349 skaapaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.014+2:00.145PS4
3350 montemete_compaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.031+2:00.162PS4
3351 PIRAGS43Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.064+2:00.195PS4
3352 Steffi_BalboaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.081+2:00.212PS4
3353 iCrumbzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.097+2:00.228Steam
3354 howeburn Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.114+2:00.245Steam
3355 cogollito95Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.131+2:00.262PS4
3356 thebatsearFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.214+2:00.345PS4
3357 gallego1995dshFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.231+2:00.362PS4
3358 stevemcc1873Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.231+2:00.362PS4
3359 Pollo-14-Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.247+2:00.378PS4
3360 midjet83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.247+2:00.378Xbox
3361 BoyRacer Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.248+2:00.379Steam
3362 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.248+2:00.379Xbox
3363 medarkeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.314+2:00.445PS4
3364 musuya76Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.315+2:00.446Steam
3365 FLaK ???Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.331+2:00.462Steam
3366 Ravero_69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.331+2:00.462PS4
3367 Smoke_weedevery9Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.364+2:00.495PS4
3368 Darknight Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.381+2:00.512Steam
3369 Chapai203Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.381+2:00.512PS4
3370 Slyder74Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.397+2:00.528Xbox
3371 Lt. Buddha Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.447+2:00.578Steam
3372 jimbo_acFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.448+2:00.579PS4
3373 ApocalYpseFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.464+2:00.595Steam
3374 bloodwhitedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.464+2:00.595Steam
3375 RchalsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.514+2:00.645Steam
3376 spurs78Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.514+2:00.645PS4
3377 freddiemegeeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.531+2:00.662PS4
3378 cobrasaurus sexFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.597+2:00.728Steam
3379 Xtoadstool54XFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.631+2:00.762PS4
3380 Birks890Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.664+2:00.795PS4
3381 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.681+2:00.812Xbox
3382 HARRY99atFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.731+2:00.862PS4
3383 VaanFaneelFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.748+2:00.879Steam
3384 JoopeehFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.764+2:00.895PS4
3385 mike9080Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.764+2:00.895Xbox
3386 | UbeRFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.831+2:00.962Steam
3387 NeerockFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.831+2:00.962PS4
3388 reuner Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.881+2:01.120Steam
3389 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.897+2:01.280Xbox
3390 odst.lebleuFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.914+2:01.450Steam
3391 gixxerjockey617Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.914+2:01.450Xbox
3392 CrudussFord Fiesta RS Rally07:53.964+2:01.950PS4
3393 schneemobile Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.981+2:01.112Steam
3394 matorra27Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:53.997+2:01.128PS4
3395 sebapr0107Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.014+2:01.145PS4
3396 Walters619Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.031+2:01.162Xbox
3397 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.047+2:01.178Xbox
3398 citek4uFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.181+2:01.312Steam
3399 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.197+2:01.328Xbox
3400 SchtroumpfFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.198+2:01.329Steam
3401 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.281+2:01.412Xbox
3402 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.347+2:01.478Xbox
3403 aitorarizFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.397+2:01.528PS4
3404 MadMar62Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.397+2:01.528Xbox
3405 Smithers-1968_Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.414+2:01.545PS4
3406 t54367499Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.414+2:01.545PS4
3407 dark instinctFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.431+2:01.562Steam
3408 KushKoalaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.481+2:01.612Steam
3409 Wielki Polak Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.481+2:01.612Steam
3410 zbyszFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.481+2:01.612PS4
3411 morito848Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.564+2:01.695PS4
3412 crawles69Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.581+2:01.712PS4
3413 DizzyDez0Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.598+2:01.729Xbox
3414 FranjigoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.614+2:01.745PS4
3415 DavidePeugeotFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.631+2:01.762PS4
3416 bsheepie Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.664+2:01.795Steam
3417 DRThomas3012Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.681+2:01.812PS4
3418 Rallydriver98Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.681+2:01.812Xbox
3419 MARIO PEPPERONI Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.731+2:01.862Steam
3420 tet_a_tet36Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.764+2:01.895PS4
3421 verto_david84Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:54.764+2:01.895PS4
3422 bennyboiBANGFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.864+2:01.995PS4
3423 DrLateinFord Fiesta RS Rally07:54.981+2:02.112PS4
3424 Ronn4Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.014+2:02.145Steam
3425 DevotedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.048+2:02.179Xbox
3426 Baczer Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.080+2:02.211Steam
3427 daniguille99Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.080+2:02.211PS4
3428 Foxroxi1y Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.114+2:02.245Steam
3429 dietrich170568 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.130+2:02.261Steam
3430 MuchecheFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.130+2:02.261PS4
3431 DevidbridgeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.180+2:02.311Steam
3432 Flavster Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.197+2:02.328Steam
3433 domineaux57Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.197+2:02.328PS4
3434 badger69erFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.198+2:02.329PS4
3435 F1fan1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.198+2:02.329PS4
3436 rangertalaveraFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.264+2:02.395Xbox
3437 programingjdFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.298+2:02.429PS4
3438 nanylouFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.314+2:02.445PS4
3439 Skullfire Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.347+2:02.478Steam
3440 Bohemian3000Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.347+2:02.478PS4
3441 SuperBillKillXFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.347+2:02.478PS4
3442 Cain Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.364+2:02.495Steam
3443 dellerwareFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.364+2:02.495PS4
3444 6nenFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.398+2:02.529Steam
3445 eldapFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.464+2:02.595PS4
3446 hoolimanFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.497+2:02.628Steam
3447 Thy-Art-Murder19Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.547+2:02.678PS4
3448 Dunkb12Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.597+2:02.728PS4
3449 hellegzzz87Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.597+2:02.728PS4
3450 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.614+2:02.745Xbox
3451 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.630+2:02.761Xbox
3452 venderstrahlFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.647+2:02.778PS4
3453 SkinnyrukaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.664+2:02.795PS4
3454 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.664+2:02.795Xbox
3455 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.680+2:02.811Xbox
3456 TAHFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.714+2:02.845Steam
3457 cerro3Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.714+2:02.845PS4
3458 ptitpoulet5560Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.730+2:02.861PS4
3459 P-91boostFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.797+2:02.928PS4
3460 [Bartsimpson]Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.798+2:02.929Steam
3461 jasonayu Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.880+2:03.110Steam
3462 LewissitoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.897+2:03.280PS4
3463 Sieth31PSFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.914+2:03.450PS4
3464 LonelySoIdierFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.915+2:03.460PS4
3465 madmiaoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.930+2:03.610Steam
3466 toyecho44Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:55.947+2:03.780PS4
3467 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.947+2:03.780Xbox
3468 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:55.997+2:03.128Xbox
3469 higwayman1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.080+2:03.211PS4
3470 chhackl Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.098+2:03.229Steam
3471 TorettoCharger70Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.098+2:03.229PS4
3472 capcaverne21Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.130+2:03.261PS4
3473 FrenchiscoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.130+2:03.261PS4
3474 Mikael Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.164+2:03.295Steam
3475 STiCK-vrnFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.164+2:03.295Steam
3476 EliteKi11er92Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.180+2:03.311Xbox
3477 PhaeroDollaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.214+2:03.345Steam
3478 MeinartFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.230+2:03.361PS4
3479 viruracingFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.297+2:03.428Steam
3480 Po^pdxsFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.330+2:03.461Steam
3481 nickmare1985Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.364+2:03.495PS4
3482 Pie-OhPahFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.380+2:03.511PS4
3483 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.414+2:03.545Xbox
3484 Att1XFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.414+2:03.545Xbox
3485 xjazzFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.480+2:03.611Steam
3486 SamdalousFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.514+2:03.645PS4
3487 Angeldaddy22Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.514+2:03.645PS4
3488 boURiNEtteFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.548+2:03.679Steam
3489 Kaido Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.564+2:03.695Steam
3490 kisjutaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.580+2:03.711Xbox
3491 Nonkiti-ks573Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.597+2:03.728PS4
3492 CarolinoAlguaireFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.598+2:03.729PS4
3493 sunny. Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.664+2:03.795Steam
3494 Stef_CarFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.680+2:03.811PS4
3495 PRKLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.697+2:03.828Steam
3496 levelkevinFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.714+2:03.845PS4
3497 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.814+2:03.945Xbox
3498 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.814+2:03.945Xbox
3499 Olli_8iverFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.830+2:03.961PS4
3500 tiakj87Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.864+2:03.995PS4
3501 omercypFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.897+2:04.280PS4
3502 M1k4_85Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:56.930+2:04.610PS4
3503 kakamamaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.980+2:04.111PS4
3504 PrismFord Fiesta RS Rally07:56.981+2:04.112Steam
3505 xxPain2gaiNxxFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.014+2:04.145PS4
3506 Damien130686Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.047+2:04.178Steam
3507 Irish_Fox74Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.048+2:04.179PS4
3508 trondontFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.064+2:04.195PS4
3509 LA Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.130+2:04.261Steam
3510 dustinboostFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.148+2:04.279PS4
3511 EpifanPLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.164+2:04.295PS4
3512 TempostrolchFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.164+2:04.295PS4
3513 XaaR (FR) Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.165+2:04.296Steam
3514 Sergio MirandaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.180+2:04.311Steam
3515 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.180+2:04.311Xbox
3516 <3Jim Jones Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.198+2:04.329Steam
3517 masuatFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.214+2:04.345Steam
3518 Ralfi111Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.230+2:04.361PS4
3519 GAGFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.248+2:04.379Steam
3520 munoz.geraldFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.248+2:04.379Steam
3521 Wallace1977Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.264+2:04.395Xbox
3522 stigish002Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.297+2:04.428PS4
3523 nico.mozziFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.314+2:04.445Steam
3524 AbermikeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.314+2:04.445PS4
3525 SathurRocksFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.314+2:04.445PS4
3526 SharkfuckerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.331+2:04.462Steam
3527 erto74Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.364+2:04.495PS4
3528 shinygamyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.497+2:04.628Steam
3529 lmremeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.497+2:04.628PS4
3530 bug_bunny1978Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.564+2:04.695PS4
3531 adryan0706Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.580+2:04.711Steam
3532 Pätman Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.664+2:04.795Steam
3533 SwaggerFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.680+2:04.811Steam
3534 wotmaster78Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.697+2:04.828Steam
3535 Horus110Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.698+2:04.829PS4
3536 mougwai051Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.747+2:04.878PS4
3537 Tamoby Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.764+2:04.895Steam
3538 g.macht62Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.847+2:04.978Steam
3539 BauerSK8Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.864+2:04.995PS4
3540 pause_caca-12Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.864+2:04.995PS4
3541 toffe91Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.864+2:04.995PS4
3542 luolf88Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.880+2:05.110PS4
3543 WuTang Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.897+2:05.280Steam
3544 Benj57380Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.897+2:05.280PS4
3545 NIcksterFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.914+2:05.450Steam
3546 semihoctoberFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.947+2:05.780PS4
3547 MirkoSebLoebFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.948+2:05.790Xbox
3548 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.964+2:05.950Xbox
3549 ??Lickin' Chicken??Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:57.997+2:05.128Steam
3550 ibunFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.997+2:05.128Steam
3551 debraeuningFord Fiesta RS Rally07:57.997+2:05.128PS4
3552 KaderStrophe922Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.014+2:05.145PS4
3553 legofreak83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.014+2:05.145Xbox
3554 blend720 Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.048+2:05.179Steam
3555 JohnRayFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.064+2:05.195Steam
3556 Douwef1Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.064+2:05.195Steam
3557 JedidinkmisterFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.080+2:05.211PS4
3558 [GR] Big ChiefFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.147+2:05.278Steam
3559 Flying_Finn_83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.230+2:05.361PS4
3560 ichitoolFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.264+2:05.395Xbox
3561 lif3giv3rFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.314+2:05.445Xbox
3562 Slips-GTAFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.398+2:05.529Steam
3563 Sir Mr Esq Dr RobotosaurusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.414+2:05.545Steam
3564 CarbalFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.465+2:05.596PS4
3565 bikers83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.580+2:05.711Xbox
3566 henrytee2332Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.581+2:05.712Xbox
3567 Cronic Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.614+2:05.745Steam
3568 MorenodelislotFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.630+2:05.761PS4
3569 r600666Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.648+2:05.779PS4
3570 GMark2Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.697+2:05.828Xbox
3571 Quo Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.715+2:05.846Steam
3572 swouarz-83Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.747+2:05.878PS4
3573 RealSportCefaluFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.814+2:05.945PS4
3574 NBFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.847+2:05.978Steam
3575 CaptainKerpa(YTube)[GER]Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.864+2:05.995Steam
3576 The_ZazFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.865+2:05.996PS4
3577 brunocostanzocFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.914+2:06.450PS4
3578 NDub669Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.914+2:06.450PS4
3579 thing12345Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.964+2:06.950PS4
3580 Familia | MightyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.980+2:06.111Steam
3581 PsychoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:58.997+2:06.128Steam
3582 matmu59Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:58.998+2:06.129PS4
3583 _4ix_pux_Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.030+2:06.161Steam
3584 nodgod72Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.032+2:06.163PS4
3585 John PlaysPC Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.048+2:06.179Steam
3586 ck421Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.080+2:06.211PS4
3587 Danniel3151Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.080+2:06.211PS4
3588 Etienne6500Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.147+2:06.278PS4
3589 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.147+2:06.278Xbox
3590 HOEKEMA14Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.164+2:06.295PS4
3591 LordDareiusFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.181+2:06.312PS4
3592 QuenelleFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.197+2:06.328Xbox
3593 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.198+2:06.329Xbox
3594 aribaroFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.214+2:06.345PS4
3595 vinceroyalFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.231+2:06.362PS4
3596 Sugus74Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.247+2:06.378PS4
3597 The Funk Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.264+2:06.395Steam
3598 wahaa13Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.297+2:06.428PS4
3599 BILBOBARAKAMAMFFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.364+2:06.495PS4
3600 HimemiaFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.381+2:06.512PS4
3601 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.397+2:06.528Xbox
3602 wouldpkr Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.448+2:06.579Steam
3603 ohson92Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.481+2:06.612Steam
3604 [HäppyK] PirateDuckFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.564+2:06.695Steam
3605 Big Ian Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.597+2:06.728Steam
3606 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.614+2:06.745Xbox
3607 efla01Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.647+2:06.778PS4
3608 FireickeFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.647+2:06.778PS4
3609 ema5moreiraFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.681+2:06.812PS4
3610 despicableme355Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.814+2:06.945PS4
3611 Orion59Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:59.897+2:07.280PS4
3612 WeebleboyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.930+2:07.610PS4
3613 noma543cbr954eurorFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.947+2:07.780Steam
3614 AndyRossFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.964+2:07.950Xbox
3615 VowoABTFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.981+2:07.112PS4
3616 TrapsubFord Fiesta RS Rally07:59.997+2:07.128PS4
3617 steph.jojo64Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.064+2:07.195Steam
3618 Frazzle_McVFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.081+2:07.212PS4
3619 Wilde_JohnFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.114+2:07.245PS4
3620 ExehemannFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.147+2:07.278Steam
3621 Fr3dOJ0kRFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.147+2:07.278Xbox
3622 voigt691Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.180+2:07.311Steam
3623 flameplayFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.180+2:07.311PS4
3624 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.197+2:07.328Xbox
3625 rhodrievansFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.247+2:07.378PS4
3626 OneInOneStudios Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.264+2:07.395Steam
3627 blogger Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.314+2:07.445Steam
3628 Jarison285Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.314+2:07.445PS4
3629 deu62100Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.347+2:07.478PS4
3630 TruepatriotFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.447+2:07.578Xbox
3631 whosthatsollyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.464+2:07.595PS4
3632 raccoondanFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.514+2:07.645PS4
3633 LexLathorFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.548+2:07.679PS4
3634 jason574Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.597+2:07.728Steam
3635 nicofolliot123Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.614+2:07.745PS4
3636 David_Sanchez75Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.630+2:07.761PS4
3637 pandamironFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.647+2:07.778PS4
3638 Az1Alpha1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.714+2:07.845PS4
3639 sgtValtsuFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.747+2:07.878PS4
3640 BlackTombFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.764+2:07.895PS4
3641 RoadRacer1999Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.764+2:07.895PS4
3642 Indian_MagicFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.765+2:07.896PS4
3643 fl2407Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.780+2:07.911PS4
3644 DR9Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.781+2:07.912Steam
3645 GROS MONSIEURFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.799+2:07.930Steam
3646 epitanen Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.830+2:07.961Steam
3647 BuddhaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.847+2:07.978Steam
3648 MaMaZFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.847+2:07.978Steam
3649 creepingdeath_83Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.847+2:07.978PS4
3650 JoeModzskiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.880+2:08.110Xbox
3651 MaNuAsr90Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.914+2:08.450PS4
3652 DEUTSCH_KRIEGER_Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.964+2:08.950PS4
3653 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:00.964+2:08.950Xbox
3654 gelataio19Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.998+2:08.129PS4
3655 Mihinski777Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.047+2:08.178PS4
3656 scorpio9 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.064+2:08.195Steam
3657 SpeedballFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.064+2:08.195Xbox
3658 jirimedvedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.114+2:08.245Steam
3659 lovekilla47Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.147+2:08.278Xbox
3660 bartek112Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.247+2:08.378Xbox
3661 chi-royalFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.280+2:08.411PS4
3662 SessiGTFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.297+2:08.428PS4
3663 Manuel?Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.314+2:08.445Steam
3664 coolturFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.430+2:08.561Steam
3665 luigiskater21Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.447+2:08.578PS4
3666 stefdrago Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.497+2:08.628Steam
3667 AleeexPradoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.497+2:08.628PS4
3668 GolltarFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.514+2:08.645PS4
3669 dmsh09Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.564+2:08.695PS4
3670 Pabloalejandro23Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.614+2:08.745PS4
3671 patatordfendicFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.614+2:08.745PS4
3672 luisdavidunoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.630+2:08.761PS4
3673 RezainoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.664+2:08.795PS4
3674 Groovyman1989Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.680+2:08.811PS4
3675 daryldu30Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.697+2:08.828PS4
3676 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.697+2:08.828Xbox
3677 latripleBFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.714+2:08.845PS4
3678 DurbanPoison Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.814+2:08.945Steam
3679 ericbcolomaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.864+2:08.995Xbox
3680 Horst110772Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:01.930+2:09.610PS4
3681 Jac1tsuFord Fiesta RS Rally08:01.964+2:09.950PS4
3682 MickVFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.014+2:09.145Xbox
3683 nickybowFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.047+2:09.178PS4
3684 JIRKA_czeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.064+2:09.195PS4
3685 Noodle424Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:02.164+2:09.295PS4
3686 WudangTigerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.180+2:09.311PS4
3687 GeekStreetWPFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.197+2:09.328PS4
3688 friedkiller IT Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:02.214+2:09.345Steam
3689 SaulBoladoB19Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:02.297+2:09.428PS4
3690 SmittysmittsFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.314+2:09.445Xbox
3691 YojimboSwaggerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.330+2:09.461PS4
3692 doucetteFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.430+2:09.561PS4
3693 hei-huFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.447+2:09.578Steam
3694 scgolferFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.447+2:09.578PS4
3695 julio59410Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:02.464+2:09.595PS4
3696 Amick1974Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:02.531+2:09.662PS4
3697 Takumi19Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:02.631+2:09.762PS4
3698 lucabozFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.664+2:09.795Xbox
3699 davmaxFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.664+2:09.795Xbox
3700 facmonFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.680+2:09.811PS4
3701 TahoeBum420Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:02.730+2:09.861PS4
3702 MemiraFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.747+2:09.878PS4
3703 DEATHVIPER73Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:02.764+2:09.895Xbox
3704 mr_poleyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.847+2:09.978PS4
3705 pihemeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.847+2:09.978PS4
3706 Purple~Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:02.898+2:10.290Steam
3707 giannis_tz86Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:02.947+2:10.780PS4
3708 PuhmknFord Fiesta RS Rally08:02.980+2:10.111Xbox
3709 peugeot205maxiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.030+2:10.161PS4
3710 herbywildFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.147+2:10.278PS4
3711 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.147+2:10.278Xbox
3712 (NBP)Buschi^8I^1I^3IFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.164+2:10.295Steam
3713 eyedea1985Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.164+2:10.295PS4
3714 OneTwoThree Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.230+2:10.361Steam
3715 Jomo1805Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.264+2:10.395PS4
3716 ogd81Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.264+2:10.395PS4
3717 adolfo_gsiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.280+2:10.411PS4
3718 toropov.pFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.297+2:10.428Steam
3719 xXC0R3XxFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.314+2:10.445Xbox
3720 j0stnHDFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.331+2:10.462PS4
3721 jamesgalvanFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.347+2:10.478Xbox
3722 JamieBtchbreakrFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.364+2:10.495PS4
3723 pacreauFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.381+2:10.512Xbox
3724 caesarotiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.430+2:10.561Steam
3725 parsv8Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.447+2:10.578PS4
3726 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.480+2:10.611Xbox
3727 bella25398Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.497+2:10.628PS4
3728 big booty puerto rican goddessFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.498+2:10.629Steam
3729 IBeMerkin22Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.514+2:10.645PS4
3730 iv1gandhiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.547+2:10.678PS4
3731 DaRtH_13Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.547+2:10.678PS4
3732 T-34Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.563+2:10.694Steam
3733 WuerdeloserWurmFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.614+2:10.745PS4
3734 RallytanzFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.663+2:10.794PS4
3735 chokapik54450Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.713+2:10.844PS4
3736 monkeymanFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.747+2:10.878Steam
3737 Xmeanbean62XFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.747+2:10.878PS4
3738 Prune_my_Goone Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.763+2:10.894Steam
3739 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.780+2:10.911Xbox
3740 COMEDORFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.797+2:10.928Xbox
3741 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.847+2:10.978Xbox
3742 weber.hape Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.897+2:11.280Steam
3743 nosponsoredFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.913+2:11.440PS4
3744 JimboobmiJ Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.930+2:11.610Steam
3745 ehebosFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.980+2:11.111PS4
3746 wiggs0075Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.997+2:11.128PS4
3747 lasseholmiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:03.997+2:11.128PS4
3748 ilovemonkeys624Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:03.997+2:11.128PS4
3749 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.013+2:11.144Xbox
3750 DiKo_RuSFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.030+2:11.161PS4
3751 fab7030Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:04.130+2:11.261PS4
3752 FearfulClownFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.163+2:11.294Steam
3753 JackTriumphFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.197+2:11.328PS4
3754 TXTim1998Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:04.231+2:11.362PS4
3755 carofmadness Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:04.247+2:11.378Steam
3756 McPot72Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:04.380+2:11.511Steam
3757 Robin1620_Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:04.380+2:11.511PS4
3758 TappavaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.397+2:11.528Steam
3759 dethspartinFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.398+2:11.529Xbox
3760 elliyeti73Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:04.430+2:11.561PS4
3761 rulliat.axelFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.463+2:11.594Steam
3762 JimmyjooHFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.663+2:11.794Xbox
3763 LehedeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.780+2:11.911PS4
3764 hiro524_mFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.847+2:11.978PS4
3765 Phil-VheeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.863+2:11.994PS4
3766 AlHayaHalwaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.863+2:11.994PS4
3767 Extra Salty "Marinara" SauceFord Fiesta RS Rally08:04.915+2:12.460Steam
3768 N-BORN-KillaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.013+2:12.144PS4
3769 jurajjukoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.080+2:12.211PS4
3770 fotocopias1976Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.113+2:12.244PS4
3771 EdusnepsFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.180+2:12.311PS4
3772 Max Ricky Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.197+2:12.328Steam
3773 chaline1404Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.197+2:12.328PS4
3774 KlysmFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.247+2:12.378PS4
3775 The_Gifted_Potato Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.248+2:12.379Steam
3776 sebschoumFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.297+2:12.428PS4
3777 Ghost-_-FreeZzFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.347+2:12.478PS4
3778 SfDkonscienCiaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.431+2:12.562PS4
3779 zyxiesFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.447+2:12.578PS4
3780 Der Bekloppte Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.464+2:12.595Steam
3781 TEAM-DJ-VIRUSFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.513+2:12.644PS4
3782 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.563+2:12.694Xbox
3783 Xxkiller1166xXFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.580+2:12.711PS4
3784 Icopal321Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.581+2:12.712PS4
3785 Stig555Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.597+2:12.728Steam
3786 fadeev89Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.597+2:12.728PS4
3787 Freight TrainFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.613+2:12.744Steam
3788 wkkong9Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.613+2:12.744PS4
3789 retroraver15Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.697+2:12.828PS4
3790 MotorJumbleFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.713+2:12.844PS4
3791 AngedichteterFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.715+2:12.846PS4
3792 Le-spidey06Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.730+2:12.861PS4
3793 toffit71Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.747+2:12.878Xbox
3794 Woob Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.764+2:12.895Steam
3795 Ickym The InsaneFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.830+2:12.961Steam
3796 gege5951Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.963+2:13.940PS4
3797 panos1551 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:05.981+2:13.112Steam
3798 jorgemunozvegaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:05.997+2:13.128Steam
3799 seap1nsk559Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.030+2:13.161Xbox
3800 190087804Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.063+2:13.194Steam
3801 NeddieWFord Fiesta RS Rally08:06.097+2:13.228PS4
3802 jrmotorsportsfanFord Fiesta RS Rally08:06.164+2:13.295PS4
3803 Boobar Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.197+2:13.328Steam
3804 Macroon70Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.213+2:13.344Xbox
3805 frangil74Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.247+2:13.378PS4
3806 SapkaoneFord Fiesta RS Rally08:06.297+2:13.428PS4
3807 POLACKEFord Fiesta RS Rally08:06.297+2:13.428Xbox
3808 bambu1977Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.331+2:13.462PS4
3809 igormanso7Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.431+2:13.562PS4
3810 bubabo Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.448+2:13.579Steam
3811 McBengFord Fiesta RS Rally08:06.515+2:13.646Steam
3812 Metalteeth9Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.563+2:13.694PS4
3813 tpaullinFord Fiesta RS Rally08:06.631+2:13.762PS4
3814 Mr. F@n-T-@$$-$t!ck Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.680+2:13.811Steam
3815 tissoeregrFord Fiesta RS Rally08:06.731+2:13.862PS4
3816 aggelosfazer800Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.747+2:13.878PS4
3817 kÖrvFord Fiesta RS Rally08:06.781+2:13.912Steam
3818 MopgBuHFord Fiesta RS Rally08:06.830+2:13.961Xbox
3819 Freez3er_98Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.864+2:13.995PS4
3820 bgregorcFord Fiesta RS Rally08:06.931+2:14.620PS4
3821 Killer1979againFord Fiesta RS Rally08:06.947+2:14.780PS4
3822 Polo29994Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.963+2:14.940PS4
3823 adr72Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.980+2:14.111Steam
3824 o.cardiaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.013+2:14.144Steam
3825 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.047+2:14.178Xbox
3826 |DUD|Schatten Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:07.097+2:14.228Steam
3827 archijzFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.114+2:14.245PS4
3828 Mace-36Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:07.147+2:14.278PS4
3829 nandixmFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.230+2:14.361PS4
3830 tapa93Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:07.247+2:14.378Xbox
3831 CaptainSchnitzlFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.297+2:14.428PS4
3832 ciropinosFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.313+2:14.444PS4
3833 trianaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.313+2:14.444Xbox
3834 Furia342017Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:07.347+2:14.478PS4
3835 daghaakonFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.348+2:14.479PS4
3836 superbrocFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.380+2:14.511PS4
3837 cicciocixFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.430+2:14.561Xbox
3838 Nakadashi Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:07.480+2:14.611Steam
3839 zlidjuka Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:07.497+2:14.628Steam
3840 AbsolutelyNormalFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.547+2:14.678Steam
3841 gizmotailsFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.648+2:14.779Xbox
3842 mattwentworthFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.681+2:14.812PS4
3843 PrwktoloukoumoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.681+2:14.812PS4
3844 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.747+2:14.878Xbox
3845 ***Aleks79*** Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:07.763+2:14.894Steam
3846 normandiereFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.813+2:14.944Steam
3847 Rimp Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:07.830+2:14.961Steam
3848 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.831+2:14.962Xbox
3849 kenyansingh1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:07.847+2:14.978PS4
3850 MarcelkohricFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.847+2:14.978Xbox
3851 Eagles_FinFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.863+2:14.994PS4
3852 McMarkFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.864+2:14.995PS4
3853 The_DoS_chFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.864+2:14.995PS4
3854 capobviousFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.864+2:14.995Xbox
3855 THE DANGERFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.915+2:15.460Steam
3856 Claud42Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:07.947+2:15.780PS4
3857 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.947+2:15.780Xbox
3858 zevmeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:07.997+2:15.128Steam
3859 Busterbrown23Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.080+2:15.211Xbox
3860 loolounFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.081+2:15.212PS4
3861 forgearda73Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.098+2:15.229PS4
3862 g1r7a5h6a5mFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.130+2:15.261PS4
3863 gramerpsFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.164+2:15.295PS4
3864 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.213+2:15.344Xbox
3865 Grzegorz Brzeczyszczykiewicz Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.281+2:15.412Steam
3866 samsonite147Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.297+2:15.428Xbox
3867 benh55Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.313+2:15.444PS4
3868 seb-comtoisFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.447+2:15.578PS4
3869 Bauer8056Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.464+2:15.595Xbox
3870 drinkwaterjasonFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.464+2:15.595Xbox
3871 DUDVA83Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.497+2:15.628PS4
3872 L0RAN Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.530+2:15.661Steam
3873 KyleS2000Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.547+2:15.678PS4
3874 askinonurFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.580+2:15.711PS4
3875 jaf777bazFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.597+2:15.728Xbox
3876 marrokosFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.613+2:15.744PS4
3877 Snip-3197-FontaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.613+2:15.744PS4
3878 teg98Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.647+2:15.778PS4
3879 LittleRocketFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.730+2:15.861PS4
3880 anderpantsFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.813+2:15.944PS4
3881 miha016Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.863+2:15.994PS4
3882 Sonny_Crockett18Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.863+2:15.994PS4
3883 nico17nocosFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.880+2:16.110PS4
3884 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:08.947+2:16.780Xbox
3885 tiranna-89Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:08.963+2:16.940PS4
3886 DoC_v-TecFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.081+2:16.212PS4
3887 Halil5430Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:09.163+2:16.294PS4
3888 BadgerPaws902Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:09.197+2:16.328PS4
3889 apileofkyleFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.247+2:16.378PS4
3890 KANA-KONDAFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.297+2:16.428PS4
3891 taaciste18Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:09.313+2:16.444PS4
3892 rizitosgusFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.397+2:16.528PS4
3893 jani770210Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:09.397+2:16.528PS4
3894 cryaterFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.430+2:16.561Xbox
3895 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.463+2:16.594Xbox
3896 bigeddy12Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:09.480+2:16.611PS4
3897 DastardlyCubeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.480+2:16.611Xbox
3898 Zadakiel777Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:09.514+2:16.645PS4
3899 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.663+2:16.794Xbox
3900 butmudBrooksFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.713+2:16.844PS4
3901 WEINI1977Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:09.763+2:16.894PS4
3902 GareHixFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.763+2:16.894PS4
3903 superniceguyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.763+2:16.894Xbox
3904 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.880+2:17.110Xbox
3905 korisFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.914+2:17.450Steam
3906 geraldtheferretFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.914+2:17.450PS4
3907 PuuKluuFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.947+2:17.780Steam
3908 moesniderFord Fiesta RS Rally08:09.980+2:17.111Steam
3909 er_MINDUNDIFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.030+2:17.161PS4
3910 PepperDop1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:10.130+2:17.261Xbox
3911 BlitzTheRaptorFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.214+2:17.345Xbox
3912 RooBoysFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.247+2:17.378PS4
3913 KaktuszfagyiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.248+2:17.379PS4
3914 Leleq Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:10.280+2:17.411Steam
3915 scrumpyboyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.330+2:17.461PS4
3916 SaulBQFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.397+2:17.528PS4
3917 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.397+2:17.528Xbox
3918 punter1966Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:10.413+2:17.544PS4
3919 kingphilipFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.414+2:17.545PS4
3920 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.430+2:17.561Xbox
3921 aitorpu69Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:10.463+2:17.594PS4
3922 hesusjgFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.464+2:17.595Steam
3923 Steve208Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:10.630+2:17.761Xbox
3924 Steven98swFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.647+2:17.778PS4
3925 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.648+2:17.779Xbox
3926 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.664+2:17.795Xbox
3927 MiszA_MiszAFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.730+2:17.861PS4
3928 PeppelenzaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.747+2:17.878PS4
3929 RICO217Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:10.747+2:17.878Xbox
3930 kiko241 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:10.814+2:17.945Steam
3931 IsobaseFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.847+2:17.978PS4
3932 hacelineFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.863+2:17.994PS4
3933 kevinholtz22Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:10.864+2:17.995PS4
3934 Nan0Funk Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:10.897+2:18.280Steam
3935 filibreFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.913+2:18.440PS4
3936 CrashRSFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.963+2:18.940PS4
3937 Reborn1981Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:10.980+2:18.111Steam
3938 babisj4Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.013+2:18.144PS4
3939 funDakerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.097+2:18.228PS4
3940 seawindtakFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.114+2:18.245Steam
3941 kenny.myersFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.114+2:18.245Steam
3942 topperstu Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.130+2:18.261Steam
3943 El-Diablo88500Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.130+2:18.261PS4
3944 chulachuplulaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.147+2:18.278PS4
3945 ludjoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.163+2:18.294Xbox
3946 codriver81Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.197+2:18.328Xbox
3947 busterddog684Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.230+2:18.361Xbox
3948 HugoReyes-8Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.380+2:18.511PS4
3949 joubertdelacroixFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.380+2:18.511PS4
3950 RadkowFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.464+2:18.595Steam
3951 MaateoPLFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.497+2:18.628PS4
3952 Hlavács Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.513+2:18.644Steam
3953 MoleeukFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.513+2:18.644PS4
3954 MartinGSIFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.547+2:18.678PS4
3955 meisterp1977Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.564+2:18.695PS4
3956 jlx77Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.580+2:18.711PS4
3957 Billy Tucán #TIM JOKEFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.631+2:18.762Steam
3958 lone049riderFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.647+2:18.778PS4
3959 molotoph77Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.746+2:18.877PS4
3960 voloha-evd Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.763+2:18.894Steam
3961 rodrigofecFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.763+2:18.894PS4
3962 aleonv3Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.813+2:18.944PS4
3963 Labskaus271Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:11.864+2:18.995PS4
3964 blackdelgadoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.896+2:19.270PS4
3965 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.997+2:19.128Xbox
3966 EL_BAMINOFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.030+2:19.161PS4
3967 Ewokk__28Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.096+2:19.227PS4
3968 SCHUMY_1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.096+2:19.227PS4
3969 bebouzFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.096+2:19.227Xbox
3970 unitedwestand1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.164+2:19.295PS4
3971 Baby_Blake94Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.230+2:19.361PS4
3972 soyuhanFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.230+2:19.361PS4
3973 IceMan Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.246+2:19.377Steam
3974 Pableras22aviFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.280+2:19.411PS4
3975 CandleclockFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.296+2:19.427Steam
3976 f-J71Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.330+2:19.461PS4
3977 McTaytoeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.363+2:19.494Xbox
3978 Raul_Zamora_110Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.396+2:19.527PS4
3979 AngelfmontanoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.414+2:19.545PS4
3980 ?MrSunkiS??????? ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.446+2:19.577Steam
3981 MCF3-29Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.463+2:19.594PS4
3982 =][= Vet. Logan GrimnarFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.530+2:19.661Steam
3983 Giggle-ManiacFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.530+2:19.661PS4
3984 manos23 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.580+2:19.711Steam
3985 cbrriderrFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.596+2:19.727Steam
3986 navara2007Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.614+2:19.745PS4
3987 SpatialDragon Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.663+2:19.794Steam
3988 [L-TR] ivan.29rusFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.663+2:19.794Steam
3989 ale-flagFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.680+2:19.811PS4
3990 Jekko Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.814+2:19.945Steam
3991 U1!Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.831+2:19.962Steam
3992 chronicbrakeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.913+2:20.440PS4
3993 AbbaElvisFord Fiesta RS Rally08:12.980+2:20.111PS4
3994 LittleBelly17Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:12.996+2:20.127PS4
3995 Matlock747Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.046+2:20.177PS4
3996 sc750 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.047+2:20.178Steam
3997 krm57Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.063+2:20.194Steam
3998 WiattearpFord Fiesta RS Rally08:13.197+2:20.328PS4
3999 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:13.263+2:20.394Xbox
4000 GashBasherFord Fiesta RS Rally08:13.280+2:20.411PS4
4001 Fab10FitnesslessFord Fiesta RS Rally08:13.331+2:20.462PS4
4002 DavidGTIAdidasFord Fiesta RS Rally08:13.463+2:20.594PS4
4003 Mederi Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.480+2:20.611Steam
4004 Fox4trottFord Fiesta RS Rally08:13.597+2:20.728PS4
4005 V.101Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.663+2:20.794Steam
4006 littleregret265Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.663+2:20.794PS4
4007 Looky868Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.664+2:20.795PS4
4008 FakunofxFord Fiesta RS Rally08:13.664+2:20.795PS4
4009 kami.[11]Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.680+2:20.811Steam
4010 Queipo Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.681+2:20.812Steam
4011 villee__Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.697+2:20.828PS4
4012 An Original ClawFord Fiesta RS Rally08:13.746+2:20.877Steam
4013 Youpi ( Be )Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.763+2:20.894Steam
4014 offrusFord Fiesta RS Rally08:13.897+2:21.280Steam
4015 IncubusDragon Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.914+2:21.450Steam
4016 cervexasFord Fiesta RS Rally08:13.963+2:21.940PS4
4017 Cpt_ULoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:13.980+2:21.111PS4
4018 massimiliano0559Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:13.980+2:21.111PS4
4019 obelixdu35Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.013+2:21.144PS4
4020 JernulfFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.147+2:21.278Steam
4021 AndreFlash83Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.265+2:21.396Xbox
4022 KUuW Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.280+2:21.411Steam
4023 jediz Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.280+2:21.411Steam
4024 moina2209Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.280+2:21.411PS4
4025 setiyishFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.296+2:21.427PS4
4026 ExquisiteSoup68Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.296+2:21.427Xbox
4027 pablete2002Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.297+2:21.428PS4
4028 Shadow_StarLustFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.330+2:21.461PS4
4029 D-Rek409Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.346+2:21.477PS4
4030 Trezzer3122Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.397+2:21.528PS4
4031 KryphisysFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.413+2:21.544Steam
4032 dulek??Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.414+2:21.545Steam
4033 MintseFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.431+2:21.562Steam
4034 [Delta] misternoobFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.480+2:21.611Steam
4035 LaurentLecevenolFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.480+2:21.611PS4
4036 BIOhazard420kFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.496+2:21.627PS4
4037 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.514+2:21.645Xbox
4038 ozzykorvenFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.563+2:21.694PS4
4039 L-Thorne1919Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.564+2:21.695PS4
4040 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.630+2:21.761Xbox
4041 GUAIS34Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.646+2:21.777PS4
4042 gnironraFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.647+2:21.778PS4
4043 Kosmonautti1981Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.697+2:21.828PS4
4044 greg22786Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.713+2:21.844Xbox
4045 Ti-GuadaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.797+2:21.928PS4
4046 ShinguujiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.846+2:21.977Steam
4047 jopulusFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.863+2:21.994PS4
4048 ishcrspFord Fiesta RS Rally08:14.896+2:22.270PS4
4049 DAN_2202Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.980+2:22.111PS4
4050 Se7en-38Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:14.980+2:22.111PS4
4051 Rockford007Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:15.080+2:22.211PS4
4052 Bigbrother5558Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:15.130+2:22.261PS4
4053 UmB3rTiNoLeOFord Fiesta RS Rally08:15.163+2:22.294PS4
4054 BESTof62Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:15.164+2:22.295Xbox
4055 paintbalkingFord Fiesta RS Rally08:15.197+2:22.328PS4
4056 KillThePSFord Fiesta RS Rally08:15.231+2:22.362PS4
4057 Houdali281Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:15.246+2:22.377PS4
4058 bidou17Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:15.247+2:22.378PS4
4059 davidgompiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:15.280+2:22.411PS4
4060 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:15.363+2:22.494Xbox
4061 lord_pethorFord Fiesta RS Rally08:15.380+2:22.511PS4
4062 Sniper_22_12Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:15.413+2:22.544PS4
4063 joshroshFord Fiesta RS Rally08:15.480+2:22.611PS4
4064 skungrenlyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:15.514+2:22.645Xbox
4065 K´town Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:15.580+2:22.711Steam
4066 SlabbiesFord Fiesta RS Rally08:15.646+2:22.777PS4
4067 papaouT85Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:15.963+2:23.940PS4
4068 ??M????? Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:15.980+2:23.111Steam
4069 trialtomFord Fiesta RS Rally08:16.080+2:23.211PS4
4070 T90JRDFord Fiesta RS Rally08:16.213+2:23.344PS4
4071 DingiZiDong69Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:16.263+2:23.394PS4
4072 SabauRaphaelFord Fiesta RS Rally08:16.264+2:23.395PS4
4073 AitchFord Fiesta RS Rally08:16.296+2:23.427Xbox
4074 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:16.365+2:23.496Xbox
4075 Qriocity1020---_Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:16.413+2:23.544PS4
4076 [LP] CH40Z Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:16.464+2:23.595Steam
4077 Raptor14RacerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:16.546+2:23.677PS4
4078 KurodaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:16.663+2:23.794Steam
4079 pcjunkeeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:16.698+2:23.829PS4
4080 Sentinel-46Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:16.946+2:24.770PS4
4081 svener382Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:17.030+2:24.161Steam
4082 AskorbiiniFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.096+2:24.227PS4
4083 Guardi_BlimeaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.097+2:24.228Steam
4084 myikyi39Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:17.114+2:24.245PS4
4085 thugangel83Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:17.180+2:24.311PS4
4086 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.196+2:24.327Xbox
4087 sakismpeslemes1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:17.213+2:24.344PS4
4088 kiwipeaceFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.213+2:24.344Oculus
4089 Silleman85Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:17.314+2:24.445Xbox
4090 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.330+2:24.461Xbox
4091 Moca-32Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:17.347+2:24.478PS4
4092 pakdawg112Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:17.381+2:24.512PS4
4093 franciscosantoyoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.413+2:24.544Steam
4094 CyberZetaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.414+2:24.545PS4
4095 Abs1nthe51Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:17.480+2:24.611Steam
4096 plataoplomo37Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:17.530+2:24.661PS4
4097 strasse2Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:17.564+2:24.695PS4
4098 gorohovetsFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.646+2:24.777Steam
4099 seanf09Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:17.646+2:24.777PS4
4100 westernstarFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.663+2:24.794PS4
4101 zb* TemiKFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.730+2:24.861Steam
4102 RulyMADFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.763+2:24.894PS4
4103 AndréFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.797+2:24.928Steam
4104 skipboyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.930+2:25.610Xbox
4105 hivusikFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.963+2:25.940PS4
4106 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.963+2:25.940Xbox
4107 Vaudel1408Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:18.013+2:25.144PS4
4108 ghettomonsterFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.063+2:25.194PS4
4109 naturel-73Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:18.080+2:25.211PS4
4110 mcmu7847Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:18.080+2:25.211Xbox
4111 DJohnny92Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:18.114+2:25.245PS4
4112 MaxdragoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.180+2:25.311Steam
4113 TimiliosFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.180+2:25.311PS4
4114 Chief_Game_A_LotFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.213+2:25.344PS4
4115 MATTatt1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:18.213+2:25.344PS4
4116 Tommyd722Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:18.213+2:25.344Xbox
4117 guynumber7Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:18.296+2:25.427Xbox
4118 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.363+2:25.494Xbox
4119 ahmedriad77Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:18.413+2:25.544PS4
4120 gillis00Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:18.431+2:25.562PS4
4121 JeeryKiSsSHoTFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.496+2:25.627Steam
4122 orniFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.513+2:25.644Xbox
4123 64rttggfrtFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.513+2:25.644Xbox
4124 shagyboyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.630+2:25.761PS4
4125 hotelsinusFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.630+2:25.761Xbox
4126 Skay Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:18.646+2:25.777Steam
4127 camohabodkaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.663+2:25.794PS4
4128 tronracingFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.780+2:25.911PS4
4129 Chamache01Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:18.780+2:25.911PS4
4130 HydronptFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.013+2:26.144PS4
4131 koretto129 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:19.046+2:26.177Steam
4132 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.046+2:26.177Xbox
4133 Crazyboyz1157Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:19.097+2:26.228PS4
4134 british_fireFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.146+2:26.277PS4
4135 RallyRacer312Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:19.147+2:26.278PS4
4136 mrozon91Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:19.180+2:26.311Steam
4137 phane30Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:19.246+2:26.377PS4
4138 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.263+2:26.394Xbox
4139 ACID-KOKA-AGFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.297+2:26.428PS4
4140 WR1MERVFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.347+2:26.478PS4
4141 denim Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:19.380+2:26.511Steam
4142 gmpearlFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.396+2:26.527PS4
4143 Tom_SpaceFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.463+2:26.594PS4
4144 the_big_daddy_kFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.463+2:26.594PS4
4145 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.463+2:26.594Xbox
4146 nicolas_jelsFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.513+2:26.644PS4
4147 Killer7du59Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:19.630+2:26.761PS4
4148 mariusz46Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:19.796+2:26.927PS4
4149 Shotta-coombsFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.946+2:27.770PS4
4150 philmustang1967Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:19.963+2:27.940PS4
4151 DARTHFADERZFord Fiesta RS Rally08:19.997+2:27.128Xbox
4152 psn1976Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:20.030+2:27.161PS4
4153 Ow-ChiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:20.079+2:27.210Steam
4154 pixi5645Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:20.163+2:27.294PS4
4155 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:20.296+2:27.427Xbox
4156 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:20.397+2:27.528Xbox
4157 tokugaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:20.479+2:27.610Steam
4158 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:20.529+2:27.660Xbox
4159 ARA_95Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:20.596+2:27.727Steam
4160 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:20.613+2:27.744Xbox
4161 SuperMadMax876Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:20.663+2:27.794Steam
4162 bucnation3139Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:20.679+2:27.810PS4
4163 QuirkersFord Fiesta RS Rally08:20.746+2:27.877PS4
4164 yaricks_1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:20.763+2:27.894PS4
4165 kyram69Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:20.813+2:27.944PS4
4166 raventiburon2k6Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:20.813+2:27.944Xbox
4167 adi.bryan2 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:20.880+2:28.110Steam
4168 benjamin0912Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:20.880+2:28.110Xbox
4169 nefaSto77Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:20.913+2:28.440PS4
4170 PLIGLUIEFord Fiesta RS Rally08:20.929+2:28.600Xbox
4171 rodrihash83Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:21.096+2:28.227PS4
4172 ShadowLord Zero Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:21.097+2:28.228Steam
4173 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.113+2:28.244Xbox
4174 RaPaLaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.129+2:28.260Steam
4175 asolochekFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.131+2:28.262PS4
4176 sx225Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:21.180+2:28.311Xbox
4177 zro043Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:21.247+2:28.378PS4
4178 loopingFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.280+2:28.411Steam
4179 dandadda21Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:21.280+2:28.411PS4
4180 croccoaloFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.313+2:28.444PS4
4181 YaRusskiy86Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:21.330+2:28.461PS4
4182 snake-bioFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.463+2:28.594PS4
4183 chuchius_maximusFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.480+2:28.611PS4
4184 Steven_191Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:21.480+2:28.611PS4
4185 ArkhaanaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.547+2:28.678PS4
4186 abbierust1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:21.563+2:28.694PS4
4187 loquinhoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.579+2:28.710PS4
4188 davietipFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.596+2:28.727PS4
4189 CirdanFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.615+2:28.746Steam
4190 ExacoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.629+2:28.760Steam
4191 fluegelzange67Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:21.630+2:28.761PS4
4192 village_floristFord Fiesta RS Rally08:21.963+2:29.940PS4
4193 patanovich781Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:22.030+2:29.161PS4
4194 ecstubblebineFord Fiesta RS Rally08:22.213+2:29.344Steam
4195 Alee_28Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:22.230+2:29.361Steam
4196 Willk89 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:22.363+2:29.494Steam
4197 pasha10__Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:22.429+2:29.560PS4
4198 WarzorothFord Fiesta RS Rally08:22.463+2:29.594Steam
4199 username5540Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:22.463+2:29.594PS4
4200 snipmc79Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:22.531+2:29.662Xbox
4201 antho16vFord Fiesta RS Rally08:22.563+2:29.694PS4
4202 goldenlugarooFord Fiesta RS Rally08:22.580+2:29.711PS4
4203 ACEZWYLD80Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:22.596+2:29.727PS4
4204 hogiethegreat33 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:22.630+2:29.761Steam
4205 MICHAELJAHLFord Fiesta RS Rally08:22.697+2:29.828Xbox
4206 Peetje34Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:22.713+2:29.844Steam
4207 Snipergui001Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:22.796+2:29.927Xbox
4208 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:22.829+2:29.960Xbox
4209 mikelebikerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:22.863+2:29.994PS4
4210 SreniokFord Fiesta RS Rally08:22.879+2:30.100Xbox
4211 galaffuFord Fiesta RS Rally08:22.946+2:30.770Xbox
4212 drac_isadora9Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:22.979+2:30.110PS4
4213 FlameFord Fiesta RS Rally08:23.063+2:30.194Steam
4214 fleterkeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:23.279+2:30.410PS4
4215 raffael52Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:23.279+2:30.410PS4
4216 PollensFord Fiesta RS Rally08:23.413+2:30.544Steam
4217 sms35smhFord Fiesta RS Rally08:23.480+2:30.611PS4
4218 privileged white maleFord Fiesta RS Rally08:23.563+2:30.694Steam
4219 Tankman652Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:23.613+2:30.744Steam
4220 Termi61Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:23.647+2:30.778PS4
4221 Speedy-PerkinsFord Fiesta RS Rally08:23.697+2:30.828PS4
4222 LichtquantenFord Fiesta RS Rally08:23.730+2:30.861Steam
4223 jld170Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:23.730+2:30.861PS4
4224 KillTwo25Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:23.863+2:30.994PS4
4225 AleixMoreno46Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:23.913+2:31.440PS4
4226 BS-MKFord Fiesta RS Rally08:23.929+2:31.600PS4
4227 paire456Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:24.046+2:31.177PS4
4228 aszt_546Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:24.129+2:31.260PS4
4229 orcatktFord Fiesta RS Rally08:24.229+2:31.360Xbox
4230 KapteinisFord Fiesta RS Rally08:24.246+2:31.377Steam
4231 JasonMac184Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:24.246+2:31.377Xbox
4232 frank280379Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:24.313+2:31.444PS4
4233 jojosotoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:24.347+2:31.478Xbox
4234 minime15Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:24.413+2:31.544PS4
4235 Mattheo54Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:24.413+2:31.544PS4
4236 Kvn-WFord Fiesta RS Rally08:24.480+2:31.611PS4
4237 namoukFord Fiesta RS Rally08:24.613+2:31.744PS4
4238 isabelijosepFord Fiesta RS Rally08:24.614+2:31.745PS4
4239 TheotomFord Fiesta RS Rally08:24.696+2:31.827PS4
4240 kovasepeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:24.780+2:31.911Steam
4241 HyHaxFord Fiesta RS Rally08:24.813+2:31.944PS4
4242 ANDR1ELFord Fiesta RS Rally08:24.829+2:31.960Steam
4243 llnd11Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:24.846+2:31.977PS4
4244 crazyred2112Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:24.913+2:32.440PS4
4245 mdoran36Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:24.979+2:32.110Xbox
4246 Achango Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:24.996+2:32.127Steam
4247 SonnentanzFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.032+2:32.163PS4
4248 e49chargerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.046+2:32.177Xbox
4249 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.096+2:32.227Xbox
4250 XIIIFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.180+2:32.311Steam
4251 King_MW69Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:25.180+2:32.311PS4
4252 GooneryrFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.196+2:32.327Steam
4253 theeraser94Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:25.263+2:32.394PS4
4254 sirKEEBSFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.279+2:32.410PS4
4255 punkmafaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.296+2:32.427PS4
4256 BIS@EJ20 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:25.363+2:32.494Steam
4257 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.413+2:32.544Xbox
4258 ElectronShaman Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:25.446+2:32.577Steam
4259 siegesevenFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.463+2:32.594PS4
4260 termeantifaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.496+2:32.627PS4
4261 pmacjojo1998Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:25.513+2:32.644Xbox
4262 Mad7HopeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.547+2:32.678PS4
4263 amdf Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:25.613+2:32.744Steam
4264 ppope59Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:25.696+2:32.827PS4
4265 AuToMaNyAkO_akh7Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:25.713+2:32.844PS4
4266 BUNNYBOILERFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.797+2:32.928Steam
4267 aagmat67Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:25.829+2:32.960PS4
4268 jackDowN Burn*babyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:25.880+2:33.110Steam
4269 BwAr-DyRanFord Fiesta RS Rally08:26.063+2:33.194PS4
4270 NevinFord Fiesta RS Rally08:26.130+2:33.261Steam
4271 slipperywinkleFord Fiesta RS Rally08:26.197+2:33.328PS4
4272 Esteves2430Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:26.247+2:33.378PS4
4273 robbiekirwan88Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:26.297+2:33.428PS4
4274 Przemek.74Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:26.346+2:33.477Steam
4275 vacamadoiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:26.463+2:33.594Steam
4276 SirBrian78Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:26.479+2:33.610PS4
4277 MJ_ESP Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:26.497+2:33.628Steam
4278 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:26.579+2:33.710Xbox
4279 SpUtNkFord Fiesta RS Rally08:26.596+2:33.727PS4
4280 DaturonFord Fiesta RS Rally08:26.630+2:33.761PS4
4281 LOULE29Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:26.647+2:33.778PS4
4282 TheAkulaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:26.681+2:33.812Steam
4283 DozeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:26.746+2:33.877Steam
4284 oscartj86Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:26.829+2:33.960PS4
4285 Candevil_24Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:26.879+2:34.100PS4
4286 caitanotelaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:26.946+2:34.770PS4
4287 BigFisch65Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:26.946+2:34.770PS4
4288 NaniUHDFord Fiesta RS Rally08:27.080+2:34.211PS4
4289 Alpha-B-06Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:27.230+2:34.361PS4
4290 guillermo2101Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:27.329+2:34.460PS4
4291 wilifredo Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:27.380+2:34.511Steam
4292 Big-J Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:27.464+2:34.595Steam
4293 Charlito_GR08Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:27.479+2:34.610PS4
4294 ^2KonradoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:27.513+2:34.644Steam
4295 AJF9206Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:27.596+2:34.727PS4
4296 MORGAN2007Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:27.646+2:34.777PS4
4297 TpeupatesteFord Fiesta RS Rally08:27.663+2:34.794PS4
4298 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:27.663+2:34.794Xbox
4299 bigboots43Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:27.763+2:34.894PS4
4300 datmeenjenietFord Fiesta RS Rally08:27.813+2:34.944Steam
4301 martinjanecka66Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:27.879+2:35.100PS4
4302 halfe892Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:27.913+2:35.440PS4
4303 muggsy03Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:28.013+2:35.144PS4
4304 keskinkilic1_34Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:28.030+2:35.161PS4
4305 ™?KYOKILLER!?™ Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:28.046+2:35.177Steam
4306 paulfeiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:28.046+2:35.177Xbox
4307 unaigorka15Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:28.113+2:35.244PS4
4308 CDCarretilloFord Fiesta RS Rally08:28.129+2:35.260PS4
4309 PAPo-cHaKleTeRoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:28.363+2:35.494PS4
4310 hyley1981Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:28.462+2:35.593PS4
4311 balthazard36Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:28.530+2:35.661PS4
4312 gpxlFord Fiesta RS Rally08:28.530+2:35.661PS4
4313 tamara1973Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:28.562+2:35.693PS4
4314 naven33Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:28.713+2:35.844PS4
4315 meemeesFord Fiesta RS Rally08:28.713+2:35.844Xbox
4316 pereacarpinFord Fiesta RS Rally08:28.779+2:35.910PS4
4317 Zhenich86-rusFord Fiesta RS Rally08:28.996+2:36.127PS4
4318 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:29.096+2:36.227Xbox
4319 Scott_McKFord Fiesta RS Rally08:29.112+2:36.243Steam
4320 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:29.279+2:36.410Xbox
4321 Ghilo7Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:29.312+2:36.443PS4
4322 Mirko110775Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:29.529+2:36.660PS4
4323 CODO_71Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:29.546+2:36.677PS4
4324 TebajeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:29.579+2:36.710PS4
4325 XTR84CZFord Fiesta RS Rally08:29.580+2:36.711PS4
4326 bally3491Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:29.629+2:36.760Xbox
4327 spectacula8787Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:29.679+2:36.810PS4
4328 setzdichFord Fiesta RS Rally08:29.712+2:36.843PS4
4329 gchimFord Fiesta RS Rally08:29.814+2:36.945PS4
4330 mallorca-raciingFord Fiesta RS Rally08:29.863+2:36.994PS4
4331 rally_gamer71 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:29.880+2:37.110Steam
4332 kadkostasFord Fiesta RS Rally08:29.896+2:37.270PS4
4333 danielvince92Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:29.912+2:37.430Steam
4334 den4ikbestFord Fiesta RS Rally08:29.979+2:37.110PS4
4335 Mezzanine55RUS Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.013+2:37.144Steam
4336 r99Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.063+2:37.194Xbox
4337 karajkurtaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.146+2:37.277PS4
4338 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.179+2:37.310Xbox
4339 sebastien Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.362+2:37.493Steam
4340 bfb123199Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.362+2:37.493PS4
4341 LDS174Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.479+2:37.610PS4
4342 Fifa16eBelloFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.513+2:37.644PS4
4343 gofrank Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.529+2:37.660Steam
4344 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.546+2:37.677Xbox
4345 MonteCristo1992Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.596+2:37.727PS4
4346 jordangrdFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.596+2:37.727PS4
4347 Seb26pepereFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.679+2:37.810PS4
4348 gunsgarFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.714+2:37.845PS4
4349 AJchampiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.730+2:37.861PS4
4350 redg149Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.762+2:37.893PS4
4351 TBSaf04Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.796+2:37.927PS4
4352 LeroyaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.812+2:37.943Steam
4353 chouman974Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.829+2:37.960PS4
4354 jakub.radeckiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.929+2:38.600Steam
4355 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.947+2:38.780Xbox
4356 EmersonBradyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:30.962+2:38.930Xbox
4357 Dragontamer0123Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.979+2:38.110Steam
4358 cjdavies1989Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:30.980+2:38.111PS4
4359 pennantonFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.030+2:38.161PS4
4360 argis_207Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:31.079+2:38.210PS4
4361 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.112+2:38.243Xbox
4362 ikerjokerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.263+2:38.394PS4
4363 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.362+2:38.493Xbox
4364 psychodubFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.396+2:38.527PS4
4365 smoke20cangoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.514+2:38.645PS4
4366 easyfly99deFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.546+2:38.677PS4
4367 castigador26070Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:31.580+2:38.711PS4
4368 jedisheepFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.612+2:38.743Xbox
4369 Shrike Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:31.630+2:38.761Steam
4370 daniel330xiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.630+2:38.761PS4
4371 Blaze808808Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:31.696+2:38.827PS4
4372 LemFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.730+2:38.861Steam
4373 AbbeProRacerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.829+2:38.960Xbox
4374 FoLLyVIPFord Fiesta RS Rally08:31.946+2:39.770PS4
4375 JoyousChimp Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:32.012+2:39.143Steam
4376 AFL 25 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:32.096+2:39.227Steam
4377 juiced Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:32.130+2:39.261Steam
4378 fanfouéFord Fiesta RS Rally08:32.196+2:39.327Xbox
4379 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:32.213+2:39.344Xbox
4380 towny702Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:32.246+2:39.377PS4
4381 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:32.312+2:39.443Xbox
4382 MickeHjelmFord Fiesta RS Rally08:32.446+2:39.577Steam
4383 [e-R] LeopardPoutrelle.™ Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:32.629+2:39.760Steam
4384 VettelFord Fiesta RS Rally08:32.630+2:39.761Steam
4385 JimbobLinkFord Fiesta RS Rally08:32.829+2:39.960PS4
4386 Bombard10mFord Fiesta RS Rally08:33.080+2:40.211PS4
4387 fonce67Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:33.313+2:40.444PS4
4388 amirhosseinrahmaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:33.446+2:40.577PS4
4389 mrcsrt3Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:33.446+2:40.577PS4
4390 yiah_19Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:33.463+2:40.594PS4
4391 seretoninFord Fiesta RS Rally08:33.612+2:40.743PS4
4392 trenchwarfare82Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:33.612+2:40.743Xbox
4393 BudgingJet3599Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:33.613+2:40.744Steam
4394 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:33.629+2:40.760Xbox
4395 Binnou06Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:33.662+2:40.793PS4
4396 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:33.662+2:40.793Xbox
4397 sedahell Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:33.863+2:40.994Steam
4398 JordiiGrauuFord Fiesta RS Rally08:33.912+2:41.430PS4
4399 emm1tFord Fiesta RS Rally08:33.929+2:41.600Steam
4400 Slimson97Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:34.129+2:41.260Steam
4401 vegarehaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:34.196+2:41.327PS4
4402 ThirdCoast321Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:34.196+2:41.327PS4
4403 sconf4783Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:34.213+2:41.344PS4
4404 HuDzJ01Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:34.396+2:41.527PS4
4405 R900CBRFord Fiesta RS Rally08:34.696+2:41.827Xbox
4406 toju85Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:34.729+2:41.860PS4
4407 killer2000du07Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:34.730+2:41.861PS4
4408 miekaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:34.746+2:41.877Xbox
4409 pepe5803Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:34.862+2:41.993Xbox
4410 Rothi_RedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:34.913+2:42.440PS4
4411 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:34.979+2:42.110Xbox
4412 vdwFord Fiesta RS Rally08:34.996+2:42.127PS4
4413 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:35.013+2:42.144Xbox
4414 Lowmac200Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:35.046+2:42.177PS4
4415 ??????Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:35.079+2:42.210Steam
4416 Tiituli92Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:35.146+2:42.277PS4
4417 kin-nunFord Fiesta RS Rally08:35.196+2:42.327PS4
4418 1PRO Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:35.412+2:42.543Steam
4419 Szidaj-San Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:35.497+2:42.628Steam
4420 texbusaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:35.812+2:42.943PS4
4421 teekaytjeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:35.813+2:42.944PS4
4422 StevoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:35.863+2:42.994Steam
4423 darknenexFord Fiesta RS Rally08:35.881+2:43.120Xbox
4424 nightmare666091Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:35.979+2:43.110PS4
4425 funkmunster01Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:36.012+2:43.143PS4
4426 HanzPlzen82Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:36.013+2:43.144Xbox
4427 xXFat_matXxFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.096+2:43.227PS4
4428 cervajzFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.131+2:43.262Steam
4429 Shown21Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:36.146+2:43.277PS4
4430 emendes01Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:36.162+2:43.293PS4
4431 CloudyMadnessFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.229+2:43.360PS4
4432 AhabFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.296+2:43.427Steam
4433 thanasis_gouFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.296+2:43.427PS4
4434 mcmaticFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.430+2:43.561PS4
4435 DocBizarroFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.463+2:43.594PS4
4436 BLD_FCCFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.562+2:43.693PS4
4437 scotsjaseFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.579+2:43.710PS4
4438 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.579+2:43.710Xbox
4439 Bruch79Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:36.829+2:43.960PS4
4440 andrewthomson654Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:36.846+2:43.977PS4
4441 wLs.iMiiniMeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.913+2:44.440Steam
4442 maxtill2009Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:36.979+2:44.110PS4
4443 DiabloaceFord Fiesta RS Rally08:36.995+2:44.126PS4
4444 shibuindieFord Fiesta RS Rally08:37.129+2:44.260Steam
4445 killerorso80Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:37.196+2:44.327PS4
4446 BeeDub70Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:37.313+2:44.444PS4
4447 Q-TIP707Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:37.329+2:44.460PS4
4448 autocrossdrive98Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:37.329+2:44.460PS4
4449 amd2000 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:37.496+2:44.627Steam
4450 jixiebeanFord Fiesta RS Rally08:37.612+2:44.743PS4
4451 jonyliliFord Fiesta RS Rally08:37.695+2:44.826PS4
4452 CDAWWGG Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:37.729+2:44.860Steam
4453 csoszrolandFord Fiesta RS Rally08:37.779+2:44.910PS4
4454 CoskeLiveFord Fiesta RS Rally08:37.795+2:44.926PS4
4455 SchroebiusFord Fiesta RS Rally08:37.945+2:45.760PS4
4456 wayridFord Fiesta RS Rally08:37.979+2:45.110PS4
4457 wouk1992danielFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.012+2:45.143PS4
4458 Christophe_Fr-60Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:38.012+2:45.143PS4
4459 Twitch.tv/KaregganFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.013+2:45.144Steam
4460 enihsfsxFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.063+2:45.194PS4
4461 jbruse00Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:38.079+2:45.210PS4
4462 sohli123Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:38.130+2:45.261PS4
4463 baptistetourlaviFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.145+2:45.276PS4
4464 thewakwak1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:38.212+2:45.343PS4
4465 oZramFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.229+2:45.360Steam
4466 nVidia_8800 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:38.295+2:45.426Steam
4467 Zu_ArmFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.329+2:45.460PS4
4468 ilpazzo801Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:38.462+2:45.593PS4
4469 coscorria1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:38.529+2:45.660PS4
4470 nivek26Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:38.545+2:45.676PS4
4471 ThYoWlFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.779+2:45.910PS4
4472 rtotaleFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.812+2:45.943Steam
4473 SteklounFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.829+2:45.960PS4
4474 tkfore2oneFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.848+2:45.979PS4
4475 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.897+2:46.280Xbox
4476 TAXICREMASFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.929+2:46.600PS4
4477 Treezman70Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:38.946+2:46.770PS4
4478 amestaff42630Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:38.962+2:46.930PS4
4479 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:39.095+2:46.226Xbox
4480 INStrANgE Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:39.145+2:46.276Steam
4481 artem_pavlovichFord Fiesta RS Rally08:39.163+2:46.294PS4
4482 AlexFedyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:39.245+2:46.376PS4
4483 silviomausFord Fiesta RS Rally08:39.379+2:46.510Xbox
4484 brh01Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:39.397+2:46.528PS4
4485 Capt_FunFord Fiesta RS Rally08:39.445+2:46.576PS4
4486 jamesortonFord Fiesta RS Rally08:39.479+2:46.610Xbox
4487 l27-BIFEFord Fiesta RS Rally08:39.612+2:46.743PS4
4488 ISTBoxFord Fiesta RS Rally08:39.746+2:46.877Xbox
4489 saeba-ryo1981Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:39.863+2:46.994PS4
4490 racebossFord Fiesta RS Rally08:39.879+2:47.100PS4
4491 HuttericFord Fiesta RS Rally08:39.912+2:47.430PS4
4492 Hawkz UnleashedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:40.079+2:47.210Steam
4493 elbakano26Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:40.096+2:47.227PS4
4494 AIGLE88-06Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:40.096+2:47.227PS4
4495 DyziekLondonFord Fiesta RS Rally08:40.429+2:47.560PS4
4496 ExGenFord Fiesta RS Rally08:40.463+2:47.594Steam
4497 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:40.779+2:47.910Xbox
4498 dazling0_00Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:40.829+2:47.960PS4
4499 cobwebbypigFord Fiesta RS Rally08:40.845+2:47.976Xbox
4500 EkisonFord Fiesta RS Rally08:40.896+2:48.270Xbox
4501 Marc230285Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:40.999+2:48.130PS4
4502 Kug_leeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:41.029+2:48.160Steam
4503 ColourblindFord Fiesta RS Rally08:41.129+2:48.260Steam
4504 thijseckhardtFord Fiesta RS Rally08:41.295+2:48.426Steam
4505 LazerusFord Fiesta RS Rally08:41.295+2:48.426Steam
4506 FLAQUER1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:41.297+2:48.428PS4
4507 strangewood13Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:41.329+2:48.460Xbox
4508 kvdnFord Fiesta RS Rally08:41.346+2:48.477PS4
4509 z75063602Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:41.362+2:48.493PS4
4510 leolzl90Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:41.613+2:48.744PS4
4511 NerocryFord Fiesta RS Rally08:41.712+2:48.843Xbox
4512 faxmachineFord Fiesta RS Rally08:41.729+2:48.860Steam
4513 ToxicLogix Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:41.829+2:48.960Steam
4514 yasinkilinc3Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:41.862+2:48.993Steam
4515 zeru1961Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:41.895+2:49.260PS4
4516 babagamer68Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:41.912+2:49.430PS4
4517 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:41.997+2:49.128Xbox
4518 johnscone76Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:42.129+2:49.260PS4
4519 renevik512Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:42.195+2:49.326PS4
4520 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:42.229+2:49.360Xbox
4521 NoodlesG9xFord Fiesta RS Rally08:42.363+2:49.494PS4
4522 largeelvisFord Fiesta RS Rally08:42.413+2:49.544Steam
4523 SLAYERIIIFord Fiesta RS Rally08:42.629+2:49.760PS4
4524 DirtTAROFord Fiesta RS Rally08:42.645+2:49.776PS4
4525 tugRiderFord Fiesta RS Rally08:42.696+2:49.827PS4
4526 coronyalFord Fiesta RS Rally08:42.746+2:49.877Steam
4527 Sergi_toloko24Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:42.762+2:49.893PS4
4528 andyglfc1989Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:42.829+2:49.960PS4
4529 SapphoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:42.845+2:49.976Steam
4530 andre Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:42.962+2:50.930Steam
4531 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:43.179+2:50.310Xbox
4532 CakaCoolFord Fiesta RS Rally08:43.212+2:50.343PS4
4533 BurningBeard24Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:43.312+2:50.443Xbox
4534 DunnohippoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:43.330+2:50.461PS4
4535 mkas13Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:43.396+2:50.527PS4
4536 jonis1923Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:43.462+2:50.593PS4
4537 Keron87Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:43.462+2:50.593PS4
4538 FxcKyy-1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:43.612+2:50.743PS4
4539 pawelszymansk815Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:43.745+2:50.876PS4
4540 Deckard91Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:43.862+2:50.993PS4
4541 bwade1985Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:43.895+2:51.260PS4
4542 max.david Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:43.946+2:51.770Steam
4543 TheDextrous1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:43.962+2:51.930PS4
4544 MonsieurSwiftyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:43.962+2:51.930PS4
4545 ozonedriverFord Fiesta RS Rally08:44.062+2:51.193PS4
4546 BlackDragon0759Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:44.062+2:51.193PS4
4547 Chrimori-Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:44.095+2:51.226PS4
4548 maisiemaeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:44.246+2:51.377PS4
4549 Plymouth_StretchFord Fiesta RS Rally08:44.395+2:51.526PS4
4550 TheEndless_GamerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:44.445+2:51.576PS4
4551 scotiamac73Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:44.479+2:51.610PS4
4552 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:44.512+2:51.643Xbox
4553 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:44.512+2:51.643Xbox
4554 EXPLOSVOFord Fiesta RS Rally08:44.762+2:51.893PS4
4555 sebydrago89Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:44.845+2:51.976PS4
4556 TexFord Fiesta RS Rally08:44.862+2:51.993Steam
4557 kevilkoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:45.263+2:52.394PS4
4558 marc887ellaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:45.264+2:52.395PS4
4559 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:45.345+2:52.476Xbox
4560 mlvtadanaFord Fiesta RS Rally08:45.562+2:52.693PS4
4561 jaroFord Fiesta RS Rally08:45.580+2:52.711Steam
4562 blhj099Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:45.612+2:52.743PS4
4563 rasteddyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:45.628+2:52.759PS4
4564 josefsson_magnusFord Fiesta RS Rally08:45.862+2:52.993PS4
4565 Ruffball94Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:45.896+2:53.270Xbox
4566 garfield_986Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:46.012+2:53.143PS4
4567 cemos1Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:46.062+2:53.193PS4
4568 DirtbrownFord Fiesta RS Rally08:46.095+2:53.226Xbox
4569 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:46.096+2:53.227Xbox
4570 guru404Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:46.128+2:53.259PS4
4571 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:46.146+2:53.277Xbox
4572 canoniqoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:46.213+2:53.344PS4
4573 i_am_tokyo_jamesFord Fiesta RS Rally08:46.229+2:53.360PS4
4574 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:46.412+2:53.543Xbox
4575 SpiderKAGFord Fiesta RS Rally08:46.446+2:53.577Steam
4576 JidasFord Fiesta RS Rally08:46.746+2:53.877Xbox
4577 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:46.880+2:54.110Xbox
4578 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:46.996+2:54.127Xbox
4579 maluga87Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:47.062+2:54.193PS4
4580 SynTheticc--Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:47.212+2:54.343PS4
4581 ptiman20Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:47.362+2:54.493Xbox
4582 germanstreiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:47.379+2:54.510PS4
4583 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:47.512+2:54.643Xbox
4584 kuru.122 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:47.596+2:54.727Steam
4585 SK-PRKLFord Fiesta RS Rally08:47.596+2:54.727PS4
4586 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:47.628+2:54.759Xbox
4587 Mick_MPFord Fiesta RS Rally08:47.645+2:54.776PS4
4588 ZWi35PaLT8zwoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:47.812+2:54.943PS4
4589 MOTA---Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:47.813+2:54.944PS4
4590 zuludestroyerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:47.878+2:55.900Xbox
4591 Burgio1919Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:47.996+2:55.127PS4
4592 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:48.063+2:55.194Xbox
4593 mimidom18Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:48.079+2:55.210PS4
4594 WickedSICK Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:48.112+2:55.243Steam
4595 m.schaeferFord Fiesta RS Rally08:48.245+2:55.376Steam
4596 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:48.429+2:55.560Xbox
4597 StiffishClown67Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:48.462+2:55.593Xbox
4598 ctrgodFord Fiesta RS Rally08:48.628+2:55.759PS4
4599 PSYCHO # AnkfuFord Fiesta RS Rally08:48.713+2:55.844Steam
4600 STRAWMARLINFord Fiesta RS Rally08:48.728+2:55.859Steam
4601 koneczny1405Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:48.762+2:55.893PS4
4602 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:48.762+2:55.893Xbox
4603 Terex-2394Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:48.962+2:56.930PS4
4604 Derrick7902Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:48.978+2:56.109PS4
4605 Goncalobmx98Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:49.029+2:56.160PS4
4606 wipoc1009Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:49.029+2:56.160Xbox
4607 Barko PoloFord Fiesta RS Rally08:49.080+2:56.211Steam
4608 sefkezgbFord Fiesta RS Rally08:49.129+2:56.260PS4
4609 ivanx47Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:49.179+2:56.310Xbox
4610 AlexisR117Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:49.278+2:56.409PS4
4611 robertoantolinFord Fiesta RS Rally08:49.313+2:56.444Steam
4612 Maulie Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:49.397+2:56.528Steam
4613 AoW.MaximumFord Fiesta RS Rally08:49.645+2:56.776Steam
4614 souldarkblue61 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:49.662+2:56.793Steam
4615 WeeDMaNFord Fiesta RS Rally08:50.028+2:57.159Steam
4616 PPeteKFord Fiesta RS Rally08:50.030+2:57.161PS4
4617 FEARSLAPFord Fiesta RS Rally08:50.162+2:57.293PS4
4618 dr_dorian9Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:50.195+2:57.326PS4
4619 Pugsly74Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:50.346+2:57.477PS4
4620 LbisoloFord Fiesta RS Rally08:50.362+2:57.493PS4
4621 techartkimFord Fiesta RS Rally08:50.379+2:57.510PS4
4622 tc0016 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:50.528+2:57.659Steam
4623 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:50.629+2:57.760Xbox
4624 skarabaeus555Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:50.696+2:57.827PS4
4625 karloskalibraFord Fiesta RS Rally08:50.696+2:57.827Xbox
4626 Platty_PittyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:50.714+2:57.845PS4
4627 Bommels195Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:50.745+2:57.876PS4
4628 jeanpierreblaiseFord Fiesta RS Rally08:50.828+2:57.959PS4
4629 Fed-XFord Fiesta RS Rally08:50.962+2:58.930Steam
4630 Chiflo8600Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:51.030+2:58.161PS4
4631 jscherlisFord Fiesta RS Rally08:51.062+2:58.193Steam
4632 Rob--199Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:51.129+2:58.260PS4
4633 CrazyAssemblerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:51.245+2:58.376PS4
4634 JackieNarvaFinFord Fiesta RS Rally08:51.262+2:58.393PS4
4635 masonxyyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:51.313+2:58.444PS4
4636 Ice-man-30791Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:51.329+2:58.460PS4
4637 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:51.395+2:58.526Xbox
4638 Sinister_dabsFord Fiesta RS Rally08:51.478+2:58.609PS4
4639 mitchel697Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:51.529+2:58.660PS4
4640 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:51.845+2:58.976Xbox
4641 bao0228Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:51.879+2:59.100PS4
4642 Sphynxaria Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:51.895+2:59.260Steam
4643 makakas19990507Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:52.029+2:59.160PS4
4644 fifaplayerfut15Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:52.513+2:59.644PS4
4645 RIPain74Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:52.528+2:59.659PS4
4646 Burundi420Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:52.595+2:59.726PS4
4647 SBCBRANGERSFC15Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:52.595+2:59.726PS4
4648 THEGHOSTDANCEFord Fiesta RS Rally08:52.695+2:59.826PS4
4649 marek306 Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:52.829+2:59.960Steam
4650 bolochn81Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:52.912+3:00.430PS4
4651 haseluepielandFord Fiesta RS Rally08:52.962+3:00.930PS4
4652 beams3sgeFord Fiesta RS Rally08:53.079+3:00.210Steam
4653 gioacchinosilvano Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:53.295+3:00.426Steam
4654 felix-drift13Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:53.330+3:00.461PS4
4655 simmonovv312Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:53.378+3:00.509PS4
4656 SFROL77Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:53.428+3:00.559PS4
4657 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:53.662+3:00.793Xbox
4658 dope2269Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:53.729+3:00.860Xbox
4659 TralodskiFord Fiesta RS Rally08:54.063+3:01.194PS4
4660 omar2111988Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:54.079+3:01.210PS4
4661 Fuzion40Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:54.129+3:01.260Xbox
4662 astonbarton Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:54.229+3:01.360Steam
4663 tomfox11Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:54.229+3:01.360PS4
4664 ratje1994Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:54.295+3:01.426PS4
4665 ATR31Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:54.495+3:01.626Xbox
4666 juzzyb1988Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:54.511+3:01.642PS4
4667 BankeAFord Fiesta RS Rally08:54.513+3:01.644PS4
4668 Steve_A_JFord Fiesta RS Rally08:54.529+3:01.660PS4
4669 tayrol_Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:54.530+3:01.661PS4
4670 frauthierseFord Fiesta RS Rally08:54.548+3:01.679PS4
4671 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:54.761+3:01.892Xbox
4672 lister2xFord Fiesta RS Rally08:54.996+3:02.127PS4
4673 ektorlauFord Fiesta RS Rally08:55.079+3:02.210PS4
4674 Spicemann407Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:55.079+3:02.210PS4
4675 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:55.163+3:02.294Xbox
4676 DraxxFord Fiesta RS Rally08:55.362+3:02.493Steam
4677 Lucapess78Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:55.395+3:02.526PS4
4678 AtzeThon82Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:55.495+3:02.626PS4
4679 bugbossFord Fiesta RS Rally08:55.513+3:02.644Steam
4680 ELCAPHONE2008Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:55.678+3:02.809Steam
4681 deltona46Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:55.812+3:02.943PS4
4682 mekkes85Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:55.828+3:02.959PS4
4683 XthelargeXFord Fiesta RS Rally08:56.013+3:03.144PS4
4684 drmstcks11Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:56.046+3:03.177PS4
4685 wsrh69Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:56.246+3:03.377PS4
4686 RebelWhiteyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:56.278+3:03.409Xbox
4687 ichmagfleischFord Fiesta RS Rally08:56.328+3:03.459PS4
4688 jimyrzasFord Fiesta RS Rally08:56.445+3:03.576PS4
4689 grey820wolfFord Fiesta RS Rally08:56.445+3:03.576PS4
4690 Spuknick78Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:56.579+3:03.710PS4
4691 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:56.611+3:03.742Xbox
4692 PlotenchikFord Fiesta RS Rally08:56.662+3:03.793PS4
4693 Andrea202011971hFord Fiesta RS Rally08:56.679+3:03.810PS4
4694 White_SiberianFord Fiesta RS Rally08:56.728+3:03.859PS4
4695 Franken_VampFord Fiesta RS Rally08:56.779+3:03.910PS4
4696 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.079+3:04.210Xbox
4697 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.363+3:04.494Xbox
4698 tuture15Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:57.378+3:04.509PS4
4699 LikeADiamondFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.412+3:04.543Xbox
4700 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.529+3:04.660Xbox
4701 betterthanfreffFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.545+3:04.676PS4
4702 cedriqueFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.561+3:04.692Steam
4703 mg_matteFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.562+3:04.693PS4
4704 EurkelFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.611+3:04.742PS4
4705 giantbeanFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.680+3:04.811Oculus
4706 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.695+3:04.826Xbox
4707 oliverdu38Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:57.729+3:04.860Xbox
4708 jeffreyherstFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.796+3:04.927PS4
4709 MountianManiacFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.879+3:05.100PS4
4710 madshanerFord Fiesta RS Rally08:57.929+3:05.600PS4
4711 HagowFord Fiesta RS Rally08:58.283+3:05.414Steam
4712 JosvialdoFord Fiesta RS Rally08:58.395+3:05.526PS4
4713 man1668Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:58.396+3:05.527Steam
4714 jettaguy420Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:58.397+3:05.528PS4
4715 Henk_de_BiertankFord Fiesta RS Rally08:58.845+3:05.976PS4
4716 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:59.078+3:06.209Xbox
4717 MoskyKING96Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:59.462+3:06.593PS4
4718 sebc84320Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:59.595+3:06.726PS4
4719 njd368Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:59.611+3:06.742Steam
4720 L3mk3Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:59.696+3:06.827PS4
4721 kaadyz29Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:59.729+3:06.860PS4
4722 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:59.911+3:07.420Xbox
4723 hofmannkevin86Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:00.111+3:07.242Steam
4724 AntamackFord Fiesta RS Rally09:00.128+3:07.259PS4
4725 Sebby_ZharrFord Fiesta RS Rally09:00.128+3:07.259PS4
4726 onkeltom87Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:00.495+3:07.626PS4
4727 PazuRFord Fiesta RS Rally09:00.795+3:07.926Steam
4728 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:00.795+3:07.926Xbox
4729 CCH TrollFord Fiesta RS Rally09:00.861+3:07.992Steam
4730 yuyu121314Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:00.945+3:08.760PS4
4731 Endless_Clips Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:00.978+3:08.109Steam
4732 GreleLama977049Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:01.112+3:08.243Xbox
4733 HELENLUNDFord Fiesta RS Rally09:01.146+3:08.277PS4
4734 ???Danne Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:01.228+3:08.359Steam
4735 AcidBurn1701D Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:01.245+3:08.376Steam
4736 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:01.330+3:08.461Xbox
4737 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:01.445+3:08.576Xbox
4738 Smu3l3y Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:01.464+3:08.595Steam
4739 max180589Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:01.562+3:08.693PS4
4740 Daigo-txt280Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:01.612+3:08.743PS4
4741 Flo02400Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:01.678+3:08.809PS4
4742 julialfetta Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:01.778+3:08.909Steam
4743 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:01.778+3:08.909Xbox
4744 BadBoy14480Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:02.228+3:09.359PS4
4745 mattkinson888Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:02.262+3:09.393Xbox
4746 rozas988Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:02.379+3:09.510Xbox
4747 ykw105Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:02.444+3:09.575PS4
4748 darenbadFord Fiesta RS Rally09:02.494+3:09.625PS4
4749 scarafia_alejandFord Fiesta RS Rally09:02.895+3:10.260PS4
4750 partho23Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:02.945+3:10.760PS4
4751 wecklarFord Fiesta RS Rally09:03.044+3:10.175PS4
4752 denbeervanbonheiFord Fiesta RS Rally09:03.112+3:10.243PS4
4753 Magnum50Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:03.128+3:10.259Xbox
4754 datahariFord Fiesta RS Rally09:03.162+3:10.293Xbox
4755 Tanglewood091Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:03.428+3:10.559PS4
4756 bigandi67Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:03.594+3:10.725PS4
4757 QwelusFord Fiesta RS Rally09:03.628+3:10.759PS4
4758 kungsplayFord Fiesta RS Rally09:03.644+3:10.775PS4
4759 unknown82Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:03.879+3:11.100PS4
4760 fogpasztagyilkosFord Fiesta RS Rally09:03.928+3:11.590PS4
4761 CACHAITOFord Fiesta RS Rally09:04.412+3:11.543PS4
4762 wongkokseng1979Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:04.462+3:11.593PS4
4763 DeadpoolFord Fiesta RS Rally09:04.511+3:11.642Steam
4764 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:04.528+3:11.659Xbox
4765 soulbreakidFord Fiesta RS Rally09:04.628+3:11.759PS4
4766 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:04.678+3:11.809Xbox
4767 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:04.694+3:11.825Xbox
4768 Alex1039Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:04.778+3:11.909PS4
4769 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:04.812+3:11.943Xbox
4770 deniz43Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:04.979+3:12.110PS4
4771 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:05.078+3:12.209Xbox
4772 GoldenChampion55Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:05.128+3:12.259PS4
4773 franlukeFord Fiesta RS Rally09:05.361+3:12.492PS4
4774 XxDanieluxXFord Fiesta RS Rally09:05.512+3:12.643PS4
4775 ShamansinFord Fiesta RS Rally09:05.596+3:12.727PS4
4776 Communism!Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:05.645+3:12.776Steam
4777 PATRiDERFord Fiesta RS Rally09:05.744+3:12.875Steam
4778 miki5242Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:05.828+3:12.959PS4
4779 a1NOTREV0Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:05.862+3:12.993PS4
4780 BlueStarBabeFord Fiesta RS Rally09:05.944+3:13.750PS4
4781 gnarlybFord Fiesta RS Rally09:05.946+3:13.770Xbox
4782 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:05.962+3:13.930Xbox
4783 fuassballa Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:06.361+3:13.492Steam
4784 Szeroki_WorekFord Fiesta RS Rally09:06.928+3:14.590PS4
4785 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:06.995+3:14.126Xbox
4786 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:07.045+3:14.176Xbox
4787 magicromeFord Fiesta RS Rally09:07.179+3:14.310PS4
4788 Commandertom1971Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:07.429+3:14.560PS4
4789 jo1304Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:07.729+3:14.860PS4
4790 bgx75Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:07.861+3:14.992Xbox
4791 Takaty- Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:07.879+3:15.100Steam
4792 Royal-tmzFord Fiesta RS Rally09:07.962+3:15.930PS4
4793 BerlinsurferFord Fiesta RS Rally09:08.245+3:15.376PS4
4794 ItsOver9000 Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:08.344+3:15.475Steam
4795 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:08.361+3:15.492Xbox
4796 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:08.395+3:15.526Xbox
4797 NichanatorFord Fiesta RS Rally09:08.678+3:15.809PS4
4798 Julian Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:08.845+3:15.976Steam
4799 gouvas00Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:08.944+3:16.750PS4
4800 DigitalVecchioFord Fiesta RS Rally09:09.079+3:16.210PS4
4801 Yeyobil1986Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:09.245+3:16.376PS4
4802 IIFord Fiesta RS Rally09:09.262+3:16.393Steam
4803 Lody-na-patykuFord Fiesta RS Rally09:09.628+3:16.759PS4
4804 OxYgEnOlOgYFord Fiesta RS Rally09:09.645+3:16.776PS4
4805 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:09.645+3:16.776Xbox
4806 pabloace76Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:09.862+3:16.993PS4
4807 Maxl Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:09.945+3:17.760Steam
4808 CYRILCGCGFord Fiesta RS Rally09:10.011+3:17.142Xbox
4809 kevinxiaoyuFord Fiesta RS Rally09:10.161+3:17.292Xbox
4810 x42 Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:10.181+3:17.312Steam
4811 sleddog167Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:10.595+3:17.726PS4
4812 coco_sgotzFord Fiesta RS Rally09:10.761+3:17.892PS4
4813 JRruckFord Fiesta RS Rally09:10.813+3:17.944Steam
4814 A.J Yao Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:11.061+3:18.192Steam
4815 ScruffyPoppaFord Fiesta RS Rally09:11.195+3:18.326Xbox
4816 Jack_The_SniperFord Fiesta RS Rally09:11.295+3:18.426Steam
4817 Fernando-BredaFord Fiesta RS Rally09:11.529+3:18.660PS4
4818 tzekov Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:11.694+3:18.825Steam
4819 wolfe-hunter86Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:11.763+3:18.894PS4
4820 [RusTK] KuzjaFord Fiesta RS Rally09:12.331+3:19.462Steam
4821 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:12.378+3:19.509Xbox
4822 Rimi2007Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:12.462+3:19.593PS4
4823 rymcm236Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:12.545+3:19.676PS4
4824 Jehde Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:12.661+3:19.792Steam
4825 lillebammerFord Fiesta RS Rally09:12.661+3:19.792Xbox
4826 Roric35Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:13.162+3:20.293PS4
4827 ryu-od_02_06Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:13.694+3:20.825PS4
4828 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:13.829+3:20.960Xbox
4829 cakewyerFord Fiesta RS Rally09:14.128+3:21.259PS4
4830 Actarus04080Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:14.145+3:21.276PS4
4831 ododeroFord Fiesta RS Rally09:14.345+3:21.476PS4
4832 ollihofiFord Fiesta RS Rally09:14.361+3:21.492Steam
4833 ZEROH_T0L3RANC3Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:14.977+3:22.108PS4
4834 euphonista Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:15.294+3:22.425Steam
4835 c8krimiFord Fiesta RS Rally09:15.378+3:22.509PS4
4836 xdye090588Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:15.995+3:23.126PS4
4837 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:16.045+3:23.176Xbox
4838 GastroGeekFord Fiesta RS Rally09:16.111+3:23.242PS4
4839 Zander32665Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:16.277+3:23.408PS4
4840 ChocoLoreFord Fiesta RS Rally09:16.427+3:23.558PS4
4841 marcelundisaFord Fiesta RS Rally09:16.511+3:23.642PS4
4842 PITI_087Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:16.562+3:23.693PS4
4843 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:16.645+3:23.776Xbox
4844 Dr_KEYSFord Fiesta RS Rally09:16.911+3:24.420PS4
4845 HofciuWRCFord Fiesta RS Rally09:16.961+3:24.920PS4
4846 WessideninjaFord Fiesta RS Rally09:17.161+3:24.292Steam
4847 Gearhed4everFord Fiesta RS Rally09:17.361+3:24.492PS4
4848 muddywebFord Fiesta RS Rally09:17.444+3:24.575Steam
4849 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:17.561+3:24.692Xbox
4850 HazzyEyE_shooterFord Fiesta RS Rally09:17.761+3:24.892PS4
4851 wdpmagicFord Fiesta RS Rally09:17.762+3:24.893Xbox
4852 ChR1sFord Fiesta RS Rally09:17.778+3:24.909Steam
4853 area-51-ufo-Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:17.845+3:24.976PS4
4854 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:17.911+3:25.420Xbox
4855 faneshosterFord Fiesta RS Rally09:18.244+3:25.375PS4
4856 Sammas95Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:18.378+3:25.509Xbox
4857 bertrand29 Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:18.394+3:25.525Steam
4858 FinBarLay Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:19.015+3:26.146Steam
4859 pitojuanjojrbFord Fiesta RS Rally09:19.077+3:26.208PS4
4860 BadCallum2001Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:19.262+3:26.393Xbox
4861 Dirtwaffle93Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:19.394+3:26.525Xbox
4862 vittorio808Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:19.460+3:26.591PS4
4863 burnoutfireitupFord Fiesta RS Rally09:19.660+3:26.791PS4
4864 Smokie45Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:19.661+3:26.792PS4
4865 DreamsteenFord Fiesta RS Rally09:19.844+3:26.975PS4
4866 AndreZFord Fiesta RS Rally09:19.878+3:27.900Steam
4867 Alibi89Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:19.931+3:27.620Steam
4868 gorfpimpleFord Fiesta RS Rally09:20.060+3:27.191PS4
4869 ShinjiteruFord Fiesta RS Rally09:20.262+3:27.393Steam
4870 cutshaper_123Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:20.496+3:27.627PS4
4871 hazyblazerFord Fiesta RS Rally09:20.695+3:27.826PS4
4872 Gerard881Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:21.044+3:28.175PS4
4873 bubu69mtFord Fiesta RS Rally09:21.060+3:28.191PS4
4874 mike.stueberFord Fiesta RS Rally09:21.094+3:28.225Steam
4875 antwrcFord Fiesta RS Rally09:21.127+3:28.258PS4
4876 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:21.511+3:28.642Xbox
4877 jower352Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:22.045+3:29.176PS4
4878 RThoreFord Fiesta RS Rally09:22.394+3:29.525PS4
4879 Polli Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:22.461+3:29.592Steam
4880 kimp6620Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:22.494+3:29.625PS4
4881 statueFord Fiesta RS Rally09:22.611+3:29.742Steam
4882 petem70Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:22.811+3:29.942Steam
4883 tygrys212Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:22.961+3:30.920PS4
4884 headache8181 Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:23.345+3:30.476Steam
4885 Jay_hound1Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:23.610+3:30.741PS4
4886 neok1982Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:23.961+3:31.920PS4
4887 Rain Se7enFord Fiesta RS Rally09:24.111+3:31.242Steam
4888 cedric7219Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:24.378+3:31.509PS4
4889 Wonderful-WinoFord Fiesta RS Rally09:24.494+3:31.625PS4
4890 julio769590Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:24.711+3:31.842Xbox
4891 mattbob9351Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:24.861+3:31.992PS4
4892 feryleeFord Fiesta RS Rally09:25.077+3:32.208PS4
4893 Axel8414Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:25.210+3:32.341PS4
4894 TheJonas53Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:25.211+3:32.342Steam
4895 hrac3215Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:25.462+3:32.593PS4
4896 Dudley SockPuppet Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:25.611+3:32.742Steam
4897 Car8r4y83Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:25.660+3:32.791PS4
4898 la_modeFord Fiesta RS Rally09:25.777+3:32.908Steam
4899 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:26.427+3:33.558Xbox
4900 busly2728Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:26.461+3:33.592PS4
4901 yermawm8Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:26.727+3:33.858Xbox
4902 rushaydeFord Fiesta RS Rally09:26.745+3:33.876Xbox
4903 kratosFurieFord Fiesta RS Rally09:27.027+3:34.158PS4
4904 CollegeRunnerFord Fiesta RS Rally09:27.230+3:34.361PS4
4905 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:28.095+3:35.226Xbox
4906 cmorton916Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:28.277+3:35.408PS4
4907 litokun900Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:28.494+3:35.625PS4
4908 asternstrausFord Fiesta RS Rally09:28.661+3:35.792PS4
4909 deveau1Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:28.727+3:35.858PS4
4910 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:28.879+3:36.100Xbox
4911 Skywalker3203Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:28.977+3:36.108Xbox
4912 chesterchekFord Fiesta RS Rally09:29.061+3:36.192PS4
4913 gforce_40Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:29.827+3:36.958PS4
4914 jcolmenarFord Fiesta RS Rally09:29.911+3:37.420PS4
4915 smokediver83Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:30.029+3:37.160PS4
4916 yrko54Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:30.277+3:37.408PS4
4917 noble_peopleFord Fiesta RS Rally09:30.361+3:37.492PS4
4918 Heily31Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:30.677+3:37.808PS4
4919 CainLee__Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:30.795+3:37.926PS4
4920 subichuche2012Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:31.628+3:38.759PS4
4921 wmak555Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:32.044+3:39.175PS4