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DiRT Daily Live - #MK2Monday, 2017-08-21
3287 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Greece] Fourkéta Kourva (S) (Sunset, Clear)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 naglerFord Escort Mk II02:53.443+00:00.000Steam
2 lewisp1982Ford Escort Mk II02:54.409+00:00.966PS4
3 MongoJon [VR] Ford Escort Mk II02:54.726+00:01.283Steam
4 Darkstar Ford Escort Mk II02:55.809+00:02.366Steam
5 vauhtiripaFord Escort Mk II02:56.359+00:02.916PS4
6 boarparnFord Escort Mk II02:57.126+00:03.683Xbox
7 HenkkaFord Escort Mk II02:57.876+00:04.433Steam
8 mhk2308Ford Escort Mk II02:58.292+00:04.849PS4
9 CSN5567Ford Escort Mk II02:59.792+00:06.349Steam
10 fiston38Ford Escort Mk II02:59.959+00:06.516Steam
11 marisritins Ford Escort Mk II03:00.509+00:07.660Steam
12 artos55 Ford Escort Mk II03:00.642+00:07.199Steam
13 hemirpu Ford Escort Mk II03:01.276+00:07.833Steam
14 Je55eJame5 Ford Escort Mk II03:02.192+00:08.749Steam
15 EpilepticToastFord Escort Mk II03:02.376+00:08.933Xbox
16 Mika-T420Ford Escort Mk II03:02.442+00:08.999PS4
17 LCM30Ford Escort Mk II03:02.492+00:09.490PS4
18 magicwise Ford Escort Mk II03:03.126+00:09.683Steam
19 Superd00ps Ford Escort Mk II03:03.359+00:09.916Steam
20 Sliippi is #Tacoja Ford Escort Mk II03:03.509+00:10.660Steam
21 urissFord Escort Mk II03:03.542+00:10.990Steam
22 Lookey22Ford Escort Mk II03:03.825+00:10.382PS4
23 rototoFord Escort Mk II03:03.859+00:10.416Xbox
24 [ADS] ?Jää-Kylmää? Ford Escort Mk II03:04.509+00:11.660Steam
25 ynkelit Ford Escort Mk II03:04.559+00:11.116Steam
26 beertiyoFord Escort Mk II03:04.559+00:11.116PS4
27 Crossmember Ford Escort Mk II03:04.625+00:11.182Steam
28 Raffi Ford Escort Mk II03:05.109+00:11.666Steam
29 c4Ford Escort Mk II03:05.575+00:12.132Steam
30 DoYouFeelit?Ford Escort Mk II03:05.659+00:12.216Steam
31 ari.salokivi Ford Escort Mk II03:05.692+00:12.249Steam
32 blaststuffFord Escort Mk II03:05.942+00:12.499PS4
33 Mendini (PT)Ford Escort Mk II03:05.959+00:12.516Steam
34 V-mk-SFord Escort Mk II03:06.542+00:13.990Steam
35 sergiemateosFord Escort Mk II03:06.909+00:13.466PS4
36 pudukuFord Escort Mk II03:07.075+00:13.632Steam
37 Dragon-Ball83Ford Escort Mk II03:07.142+00:13.699Steam
38 JCarelianFord Escort Mk II03:07.175+00:13.732PS4
39 FroloffNikolayFord Escort Mk II03:07.309+00:13.866Xbox
40 tominick-06Ford Escort Mk II03:07.642+00:14.199PS4
41 Jan #NoControl Ford Escort Mk II03:07.725+00:14.282Steam
42 mitso06Ford Escort Mk II03:07.975+00:14.532Xbox
43 anakondis Ford Escort Mk II03:08.025+00:14.582Steam
44 [MAMA]???????Ford Escort Mk II03:08.092+00:14.649Steam
45 HudomakkiFord Escort Mk II03:08.125+00:14.682PS4
46 loukimi Ford Escort Mk II03:08.209+00:14.766Steam
47 kenny_pceFord Escort Mk II03:08.259+00:14.816Steam
48 Dr. ShloickersteinFord Escort Mk II03:08.309+00:14.866Steam
49 pat1970Ford Escort Mk II03:08.309+00:14.866PS4
50 wil_badger Ford Escort Mk II03:08.725+00:15.282Steam
51 Slowari! Ford Escort Mk II03:08.859+00:15.416Steam
52 [SBS]roz107 Ford Escort Mk II03:08.942+00:15.499Steam
53 Drifty Ford Escort Mk II03:09.125+00:15.682Steam
54 SterkPeder Ford Escort Mk II03:09.125+00:15.682Steam
55 veltsu73Ford Escort Mk II03:09.209+00:15.766PS4
56 monsieurrollmopsFord Escort Mk II03:09.475+00:16.320Steam
57 Rodolfo Hitlero Ford Escort Mk II03:09.859+00:16.416Steam
58 Rene #NoControl Ford Escort Mk II03:09.859+00:16.416Steam
59 Soulr3av3r Ford Escort Mk II03:09.909+00:16.466Steam
60 OvalRacerFord Escort Mk II03:09.925+00:16.482PS4
61 zylytruuFord Escort Mk II03:10.075+00:16.632Steam
62 roccon-mFord Escort Mk II03:10.292+00:16.849Steam
63 c-b-b-cFord Escort Mk II03:10.325+00:16.882Steam
64 oldethumperFord Escort Mk II03:10.409+00:16.966Steam
65 DimSum Ford Escort Mk II03:10.509+00:17.660Steam
66 psych13aFord Escort Mk II03:10.575+00:17.132PS4
67 kipitok91Ford Escort Mk II03:10.775+00:17.332PS4
68 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:10.892+00:17.449Xbox
69 XabarinEletricoFord Escort Mk II03:10.925+00:17.482PS4
70 vposunaFord Escort Mk II03:10.959+00:17.516Xbox
71 KASAi_10SFord Escort Mk II03:11.025+00:17.582PS4
72 EVERSMAN9Ford Escort Mk II03:11.459+00:18.160PS4
73 rajcoreFord Escort Mk II03:11.509+00:18.660PS4
74 jackesparagowFord Escort Mk II03:11.509+00:18.660PS4
75 MinSlinger333Ford Escort Mk II03:11.642+00:18.199PS4
76 \0L\1R\3K\7-racer Ford Escort Mk II03:11.758+00:18.315Steam
77 M o R T uFord Escort Mk II03:11.808+00:18.365Steam
78 jindra247 Ford Escort Mk II03:11.808+00:18.365Steam
79 Ghilly-N01Ford Escort Mk II03:11.942+00:18.499PS4
80 JohnieFord Escort Mk II03:12.025+00:18.582Steam
81 HiteFord Escort Mk II03:12.208+00:18.765Steam
82 Spicy Onahole Ford Escort Mk II03:12.375+00:18.932Steam
83 zupadubs Ford Escort Mk II03:12.525+00:19.820Steam
84 SpazAttack Ford Escort Mk II03:12.825+00:19.382Steam
85 OveryFord Escort Mk II03:12.858+00:19.415Steam
86 Snoop Ford Escort Mk II03:12.925+00:19.482Steam
87 Pao44445Ford Escort Mk II03:12.958+00:19.515Steam
88 "A man is no one" Ford Escort Mk II03:13.058+00:19.615Steam
89 cjlloyd Ford Escort Mk II03:13.492+00:20.490Steam
90 Qazhymuqan KholmatzhonevFord Escort Mk II03:13.508+00:20.650Steam
91 TheRallyManVWFord Escort Mk II03:13.508+00:20.650Xbox
92 kilfoofanFord Escort Mk II03:13.558+00:20.115Steam
93 Davy Nae Nails Ford Escort Mk II03:13.558+00:20.115Steam
94 ralfsigavensFord Escort Mk II03:13.608+00:20.165PS4
95 Predator_1963_MWFord Escort Mk II03:13.658+00:20.215PS4
96 baumelGT3Ford Escort Mk II03:13.692+00:20.249PS4
97 musicman74 Ford Escort Mk II03:13.958+00:20.515Steam
98 Alf Ford Escort Mk II03:13.975+00:20.532Steam
99 SanozZFord Escort Mk II03:13.992+00:20.549Steam
100 pulloverbeearchFord Escort Mk II03:13.992+00:20.549Xbox
101 [Ice] kryuksonFord Escort Mk II03:14.175+00:20.732Steam
102 Delta Bravo Chimp Ford Escort Mk II03:14.208+00:20.765Steam
103 w76995Ford Escort Mk II03:14.208+00:20.765PS4
104 boyoboyo44Ford Escort Mk II03:14.508+00:21.650Steam
105 romain riderFord Escort Mk II03:14.658+00:21.215Steam
106 juselius41Ford Escort Mk II03:14.692+00:21.249PS4
107 XR06TFord Escort Mk II03:14.925+00:21.482Xbox
108 paatre82Ford Escort Mk II03:15.025+00:21.582PS4
109 kumikapulaFord Escort Mk II03:15.042+00:21.599PS4
110 tanne42Ford Escort Mk II03:15.142+00:21.699PS4
111 laurent87Ford Escort Mk II03:15.175+00:21.732Xbox
112 jimbobthebearFord Escort Mk II03:15.258+00:21.815Xbox
113 dom61zavaFord Escort Mk II03:15.392+00:21.949PS4
114 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:15.392+00:21.949Xbox
115 JayDiesleFord Escort Mk II03:15.475+00:22.320PS4
116 GiorgosGT7Ford Escort Mk II03:15.542+00:22.990PS4
117 ber06Ford Escort Mk II03:15.625+00:22.182Xbox
118 Toivonen365Ford Escort Mk II03:15.692+00:22.249PS4
119 airforceA-564Ford Escort Mk II03:15.725+00:22.282PS4
120 tuskanenFord Escort Mk II03:15.758+00:22.315PS4
121 johann.fenn Ford Escort Mk II03:15.808+00:22.365Steam
122 Duggie1892Ford Escort Mk II03:15.858+00:22.415PS4
123 Märkä ?Ford Escort Mk II03:15.875+00:22.432Steam
124 GoBart34Ford Escort Mk II03:15.875+00:22.432PS4
125 ImbesseilFord Escort Mk II03:15.925+00:22.482PS4
126 CharComuFord Escort Mk II03:16.075+00:22.632Steam
127 ChrisB Ford Escort Mk II03:16.092+00:22.649Steam
128 FurryPandaGoochFord Escort Mk II03:16.125+00:22.682PS4
129 pierrotdu13 Ford Escort Mk II03:16.158+00:22.715Steam
130 Draco-05500Ford Escort Mk II03:16.208+00:22.765PS4
131 Lacs1954seinoFord Escort Mk II03:16.325+00:22.882Steam
132 matiissdz Ford Escort Mk II03:16.325+00:22.882Steam
133 Taylor555Ford Escort Mk II03:16.325+00:22.882Xbox
134 KordnoreaFord Escort Mk II03:16.475+00:23.320Steam
135 m2shottyFord Escort Mk II03:16.508+00:23.650Steam
136 Mathed_07Ford Escort Mk II03:16.508+00:23.650PS4
137 Tibbstar??Ford Escort Mk II03:16.542+00:23.990Steam
138 LUKEY1993Ford Escort Mk II03:16.675+00:23.232PS4
139 Replikaattori Ford Escort Mk II03:16.742+00:23.299Steam
140 rmuortFord Escort Mk II03:16.775+00:23.332Steam
141 AmpOverloadFord Escort Mk II03:16.775+00:23.332Steam
142 POLETI Ford Escort Mk II03:16.992+00:23.549Steam
143 sm57lcFord Escort Mk II03:16.992+00:23.549Steam
144 cookiefier Ford Escort Mk II03:17.058+00:23.615Steam
145 OlliLauFord Escort Mk II03:17.075+00:23.632PS4
146 ( ?° ?? ?°) Barnacle BoyFord Escort Mk II03:17.108+00:23.665Steam
147 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:17.125+00:23.682Xbox
148 jariseppFord Escort Mk II03:17.175+00:23.732PS4
149 diablo evil Ford Escort Mk II03:17.192+00:23.749Steam
150 NickolaFord Escort Mk II03:17.208+00:23.765Steam
151 ctiv-gpf1psFord Escort Mk II03:17.208+00:23.765PS4
152 sinergineFord Escort Mk II03:17.225+00:23.782Steam
153 TaiteilijaFord Escort Mk II03:17.242+00:23.799Steam
154 Samyaksambuddha Ford Escort Mk II03:17.425+00:23.982Steam
155 ady1609Ford Escort Mk II03:17.425+00:23.982Steam
156 A Stoned OwlFord Escort Mk II03:17.592+00:24.149Steam
157 OPCLUCAFord Escort Mk II03:17.658+00:24.215PS4
158 ZackSD Ford Escort Mk II03:17.692+00:24.249Steam
159 LRracing555Ford Escort Mk II03:17.692+00:24.249PS4
160 mellonFord Escort Mk II03:17.708+00:24.265Steam
161 proGamer346 Ford Escort Mk II03:17.725+00:24.282Steam
162 BASTARDFord Escort Mk II03:17.925+00:24.482Steam
163 jakub.sawicki Ford Escort Mk II03:17.942+00:24.499Steam
164 Jüri Toru Ford Escort Mk II03:17.942+00:24.499Steam
165 GTD-Ninja306Ford Escort Mk II03:17.942+00:24.499PS4
166 mmm pancakesFord Escort Mk II03:17.992+00:24.549Steam
167 jak2755 Ford Escort Mk II03:18.092+00:24.649Steam
168 Spudy123Ford Escort Mk II03:18.108+00:24.665Xbox
169 yowi87Ford Escort Mk II03:18.125+00:24.682Steam
170 danny4949Ford Escort Mk II03:18.208+00:24.765PS4
171 eirpatches96Ford Escort Mk II03:18.242+00:24.799PS4
172 [UNIT293]ItsOreomarFord Escort Mk II03:18.342+00:24.899Steam
173 Ralf_mol Ford Escort Mk II03:18.358+00:24.915Steam
174 skan420Ford Escort Mk II03:18.442+00:24.999Steam
175 jean-paul.baradelFord Escort Mk II03:18.458+00:25.150Steam
176 Oeil de Lynx Ford Escort Mk II03:18.492+00:25.490Steam
177 modestriveraFord Escort Mk II03:18.692+00:25.249PS4
178 Wolfi_316Ford Escort Mk II03:18.875+00:25.432PS4
179 jorkkako Ford Escort Mk II03:18.908+00:25.465Steam
180 Sean_P-ykk8643Ford Escort Mk II03:19.108+00:25.665PS4
181 MTM3199Ford Escort Mk II03:19.125+00:25.682PS4
182 MazzokieFord Escort Mk II03:19.192+00:25.749PS4
183 totallyteckleFord Escort Mk II03:19.258+00:25.815PS4
184 Xelabo Ford Escort Mk II03:19.392+00:25.949Steam
185 LanausKone Ford Escort Mk II03:19.408+00:25.965Steam
186 ViiksivalluFord Escort Mk II03:19.542+00:26.990Steam
187 (DE-NRW-LIP-DT-1967)Ford Escort Mk II03:19.592+00:26.149Steam
188 Km132QRS8562APFord Escort Mk II03:19.625+00:26.182PS4
189 dontcut119 Ford Escort Mk II03:19.725+00:26.282Steam
190 gabmanu--Ford Escort Mk II03:19.725+00:26.282PS4
191 SchiruzakkiFord Escort Mk II03:19.758+00:26.315PS4
192 Helpless_SoldierFord Escort Mk II03:19.825+00:26.382Steam
193 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:19.892+00:26.449Xbox
194 StoicAardvarkFord Escort Mk II03:19.925+00:26.482Steam
195 PeTTs0n Ford Escort Mk II03:19.958+00:26.515Steam
196 gzmncbllrFord Escort Mk II03:20.008+00:26.565PS4
197 TekomocuFord Escort Mk II03:20.041+00:26.598Steam
198 fabmullFord Escort Mk II03:20.041+00:26.598Steam
199 Daz_FCFord Escort Mk II03:20.058+00:26.615PS4
200 kudasoffff Ford Escort Mk II03:20.091+00:26.648Steam
201 The-2-eYeWitnessFord Escort Mk II03:20.175+00:26.732PS4
202 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:20.175+00:26.732Xbox
203 ArchosauriaFord Escort Mk II03:20.191+00:26.748Steam
204 veebelFord Escort Mk II03:20.208+00:26.765PS4
205 Marek1Ford Escort Mk II03:20.341+00:26.898Steam
206 SubeebuSFord Escort Mk II03:20.391+00:26.948PS4
207 patatak Ford Escort Mk II03:20.625+00:27.182Steam
208 BurnmotoFord Escort Mk II03:20.625+00:27.182Xbox
209 panpasek98Ford Escort Mk II03:20.658+00:27.215Steam
210 RallyeFan82Ford Escort Mk II03:20.691+00:27.248Xbox
211 P3dr0zFord Escort Mk II03:20.708+00:27.265Steam
212 Robcik Ford Escort Mk II03:20.708+00:27.265Steam
213 kumuliFord Escort Mk II03:20.708+00:27.265PS4
214 chris.tobien Ford Escort Mk II03:20.725+00:27.282Steam
215 White IversonFord Escort Mk II03:20.925+00:27.482Steam
216 flodabo82Ford Escort Mk II03:21.075+00:27.632Steam
217 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:21.075+00:27.632Xbox
218 RZA Ford Escort Mk II03:21.091+00:27.648Steam
219 TEADELANTEFord Escort Mk II03:21.108+00:27.665Xbox
220 Hotel12Ford Escort Mk II03:21.141+00:27.698Xbox
221 BalonekCZFord Escort Mk II03:21.225+00:27.782Steam
222 Gavman90Ford Escort Mk II03:21.258+00:27.815Xbox
223 Karppa Ford Escort Mk II03:21.275+00:27.832Steam
224 ANDY55CLARKEFord Escort Mk II03:21.275+00:27.832PS4
225 vida.janikaFord Escort Mk II03:21.309+00:27.866Steam
226 steve-b-2k7Ford Escort Mk II03:21.325+00:27.882PS4
227 apo-001budapestFord Escort Mk II03:21.341+00:27.898PS4
228 Vados-UKRFord Escort Mk II03:21.475+00:28.320PS4
229 salbansebFord Escort Mk II03:21.491+00:28.480PS4
230 PapiBerto82Ford Escort Mk II03:21.541+00:28.980PS4
231 schiefinspector2Ford Escort Mk II03:21.558+00:28.115PS4
232 PanKEKFord Escort Mk II03:21.625+00:28.182Steam
233 arttu4Ford Escort Mk II03:21.625+00:28.182PS4
234 hameen1Ford Escort Mk II03:21.675+00:28.232PS4
235 AgentSmith19Ford Escort Mk II03:21.675+00:28.232PS4
236 6FootRatFord Escort Mk II03:21.758+00:28.315Steam
237 Hillclimb-racer7Ford Escort Mk II03:21.758+00:28.315PS4
238 rdNomadFord Escort Mk II03:21.791+00:28.348PS4
239 RallyFandu61Ford Escort Mk II03:21.791+00:28.348Xbox
240 victorcorveraFord Escort Mk II03:21.808+00:28.365Xbox
241 Toni Ford Escort Mk II03:21.841+00:28.398Steam
242 aurelie07Ford Escort Mk II03:21.875+00:28.432PS4
243 Chewbitch Ford Escort Mk II03:21.925+00:28.482Steam
244 SpaguarFord Escort Mk II03:22.108+00:28.665Steam
245 pitthekid44 Ford Escort Mk II03:22.158+00:28.715Steam
246 Gabriele92Ford Escort Mk II03:22.175+00:28.732Xbox
247 lulu54380Ford Escort Mk II03:22.508+00:29.650PS4
248 blak_angelsFord Escort Mk II03:22.525+00:29.820PS4
249 Eurobeat kicked in yo!Ford Escort Mk II03:22.625+00:29.182Steam
250 Stepan StepanowitchFord Escort Mk II03:22.625+00:29.182Steam
251 NovuxFord Escort Mk II03:22.658+00:29.215Xbox
252 mike-w0wFord Escort Mk II03:22.691+00:29.248PS4
253 diogofalcao31Ford Escort Mk II03:22.758+00:29.315PS4
254 tropelioFord Escort Mk II03:22.791+00:29.348PS4
255 tweek Ford Escort Mk II03:22.908+00:29.465Steam
256 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:23.191+00:29.748Xbox
257 210781k32710Ford Escort Mk II03:23.225+00:29.782Xbox
258 Zamboni88Ford Escort Mk II03:23.225+00:29.782Xbox
259 savras1980Ford Escort Mk II03:23.241+00:29.798PS4
260 DieSchelleFord Escort Mk II03:23.291+00:29.848Xbox
261 Escobarr24Ford Escort Mk II03:23.308+00:29.865PS4
262 san hamigoFord Escort Mk II03:23.325+00:29.882Steam
263 Jocke Ford Escort Mk II03:23.358+00:29.915Steam
264 ezmarkezFord Escort Mk II03:23.391+00:29.948Steam
265 aposto74Ford Escort Mk II03:23.441+00:29.998Steam
266 MILINKO81Ford Escort Mk II03:23.458+00:30.150Xbox
267 jon_i634 Ford Escort Mk II03:23.491+00:30.480Steam
268 Sandmann Ford Escort Mk II03:23.675+00:30.232Steam
269 Bigbang [TH]Ford Escort Mk II03:23.691+00:30.248Steam
270 MopMan_PL Ford Escort Mk II03:23.708+00:30.265Steam
271 Kardaani-kunkkuFord Escort Mk II03:23.791+00:30.348PS4
272 [FiN]JustU Ford Escort Mk II03:23.841+00:30.398Steam
273 Gadjuka Ford Escort Mk II03:23.875+00:30.432Steam
274 PatouFord Escort Mk II03:23.891+00:30.448Steam
275 Ormus`™ Ford Escort Mk II03:23.908+00:30.465Steam
276 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:24.041+00:30.598Xbox
277 CrowdPleazer Ford Escort Mk II03:24.058+00:30.615Steam
278 darkangel_jimmyFord Escort Mk II03:24.058+00:30.615Steam
279 BOBTHEBUILDERFord Escort Mk II03:24.075+00:30.632Steam
280 cyril.b16Ford Escort Mk II03:24.108+00:30.665Steam
281 taterFord Escort Mk II03:24.125+00:30.682Steam
282 Stanley.33-443Ford Escort Mk II03:24.175+00:30.732Steam
283 CharcoalFord Escort Mk II03:24.191+00:30.748Steam
284 jetman78 Ford Escort Mk II03:24.208+00:30.765Steam
285 ReM Ford Escort Mk II03:24.258+00:30.815Steam
286 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:24.275+00:30.832Xbox
287 Michael.Nielsen Ford Escort Mk II03:24.391+00:30.948Steam
288 kimmo88_ Ford Escort Mk II03:24.425+00:30.982Steam
289 RikthorFord Escort Mk II03:24.441+00:30.998PS4
290 retribution1911 Ford Escort Mk II03:24.458+00:31.150Steam
291 Lapinhio68Ford Escort Mk II03:24.475+00:31.320PS4
292 Sulokki Ford Escort Mk II03:24.508+00:31.650Steam
293 HeideJaevenitzFord Escort Mk II03:24.508+00:31.650PS4
294 petrli13Ford Escort Mk II03:24.541+00:31.980PS4
295 Jean_G_RagnottiFord Escort Mk II03:24.541+00:31.980PS4
296 Dr_Amaz1ngFord Escort Mk II03:24.558+00:31.115Steam
297 Da_vi_D-Ford Escort Mk II03:24.591+00:31.148PS4
298 rastignakFord Escort Mk II03:24.675+00:31.232Steam
299 reapingexistenceFord Escort Mk II03:24.775+00:31.332Steam
300 Cromey Ford Escort Mk II03:24.958+00:31.515Steam
301 HazardousFord Escort Mk II03:24.975+00:31.532Steam
302 border2001ukFord Escort Mk II03:25.158+00:31.715Steam
303 MäkinenFord Escort Mk II03:25.158+00:31.715Steam
304 TwistedNav Ford Escort Mk II03:25.175+00:31.732Steam
305 RaSetiFord Escort Mk II03:25.175+00:31.732Steam
306 Joe DirtFord Escort Mk II03:25.175+00:31.732Steam
307 jmsportFord Escort Mk II03:25.208+00:31.765PS4
308 DJ3YL3OUF39Ford Escort Mk II03:25.275+00:31.832PS4
309 IntrinsicFord Escort Mk II03:25.291+00:31.848Steam
310 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:25.308+00:31.865Xbox
311 DroiD42677Ford Escort Mk II03:25.325+00:31.882PS4
312 NONOlyoncharboFord Escort Mk II03:25.375+00:31.932Xbox
313 guf_c Ford Escort Mk II03:25.525+00:32.820Steam
314 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:25.625+00:32.182Xbox
315 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:25.691+00:32.248Xbox
316 cayotoroFord Escort Mk II03:25.841+00:32.398PS4
317 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:25.941+00:32.498Xbox
318 GPirroFord Escort Mk II03:25.975+00:32.532Xbox
319 cricri622211Ford Escort Mk II03:26.025+00:32.582PS4
320 Phil_the_SlugFord Escort Mk II03:26.041+00:32.598PS4
321 ToninsinhoFord Escort Mk II03:26.108+00:32.665PS4
322 LOUDSiLENCEFord Escort Mk II03:26.108+00:32.665Xbox
323 DziubsonFord Escort Mk II03:26.241+00:32.798Steam
324 JPMR1176Ford Escort Mk II03:26.275+00:32.832PS4
325 Heino Hinterseer Ford Escort Mk II03:26.375+00:32.932Steam
326 Rafiki_MF7Ford Escort Mk II03:26.375+00:32.932PS4
327 kovacsandrea5Ford Escort Mk II03:26.391+00:32.948PS4
328 BEACHYY1Ford Escort Mk II03:26.391+00:32.948PS4
329 SSGmaster(FR)Ford Escort Mk II03:26.425+00:32.982Steam
330 Wargames87 Ford Escort Mk II03:26.441+00:32.998Steam
331 Badboy81210Ford Escort Mk II03:26.475+00:33.320PS4
332 RichardMoffat98Ford Escort Mk II03:26.475+00:33.320Xbox
333 KristenEstoniaFord Escort Mk II03:26.491+00:33.480PS4
334 funpraFord Escort Mk II03:26.525+00:33.820Steam
335 MetroidMan64Ford Escort Mk II03:26.541+00:33.980Steam
336 mikluukkoFord Escort Mk II03:26.541+00:33.980PS4
337 ikon3dFord Escort Mk II03:26.575+00:33.132Steam
338 Trait63600Ford Escort Mk II03:26.575+00:33.132PS4
339 FATCHED1Ford Escort Mk II03:26.608+00:33.165Xbox
340 Naulaaja4000Ford Escort Mk II03:26.658+00:33.215Xbox
341 musta-kaapu Ford Escort Mk II03:26.708+00:33.265Steam
342 coletrickle200Ford Escort Mk II03:26.708+00:33.265PS4
343 zornostiFord Escort Mk II03:26.741+00:33.298PS4
344 Nix-RacingFord Escort Mk II03:26.775+00:33.332PS4
345 toshi_beeFord Escort Mk II03:26.841+00:33.398Steam
346 Xylo-keinFord Escort Mk II03:26.841+00:33.398PS4
347 MIKER XXL Ford Escort Mk II03:26.858+00:33.415Steam
348 romuald80320Ford Escort Mk II03:26.875+00:33.432PS4
349 jdktooFord Escort Mk II03:26.975+00:33.532Steam
350 JakeRayFord Escort Mk II03:26.991+00:33.548Steam
351 julenpFord Escort Mk II03:27.008+00:33.565Steam
352 Red_Nalf Ford Escort Mk II03:27.058+00:33.615Steam
353 Chino CudeiroFord Escort Mk II03:27.058+00:33.615Steam
354 Riolu (Firefox)Ford Escort Mk II03:27.141+00:33.698Steam
355 tigris1970Ford Escort Mk II03:27.191+00:33.748PS4
356 Racer2727Ford Escort Mk II03:27.225+00:33.782PS4
357 rom_rsFord Escort Mk II03:27.325+00:33.882Steam
358 h.klappauf Ford Escort Mk II03:27.325+00:33.882Steam
359 GPAlessio Ford Escort Mk II03:27.325+00:33.882Steam
360 JJMC Ford Escort Mk II03:27.408+00:33.965Steam
361 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:27.408+00:33.965Xbox
362 danyrally800Ford Escort Mk II03:27.425+00:33.982PS4
363 pet38Ford Escort Mk II03:27.425+00:33.982Xbox
364 krmobilFord Escort Mk II03:27.425+00:33.982Xbox
365 tyler_sg Ford Escort Mk II03:27.441+00:33.998Steam
366 spetsuraFord Escort Mk II03:27.491+00:34.480Steam
367 Groslapin Ford Escort Mk II03:27.525+00:34.820Steam
368 sl0rvpeisFord Escort Mk II03:27.525+00:34.820PS4
369 SoftimoFord Escort Mk II03:27.541+00:34.980Steam
370 polo971 Ford Escort Mk II03:27.558+00:34.115Steam
371 xtigerrxFord Escort Mk II03:27.558+00:34.115PS4
372 Zukie_JonesFord Escort Mk II03:27.691+00:34.248Steam
373 sobilFord Escort Mk II03:27.708+00:34.265Steam
374 energymixFord Escort Mk II03:27.825+00:34.382Steam
375 3CH0Ford Escort Mk II03:27.841+00:34.398Steam
376 Macyoyo49Ford Escort Mk II03:27.958+00:34.515Steam
377 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:27.991+00:34.548Xbox
378 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:27.992+00:34.549Xbox
379 Wathever Ford Escort Mk II03:28.025+00:34.582Steam
380 martingrubb21Ford Escort Mk II03:28.075+00:34.632PS4
381 KINE1974Ford Escort Mk II03:28.075+00:34.632PS4
382 matt43 Ford Escort Mk II03:28.091+00:34.648Steam
383 BigTool4U Ford Escort Mk II03:28.108+00:34.665Steam
384 SasiFdezBlancoFord Escort Mk II03:28.141+00:34.698PS4
385 TchoponT Ford Escort Mk II03:28.175+00:34.732Steam
386 Mr_marc414Ford Escort Mk II03:28.208+00:34.765PS4
387 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:28.241+00:34.798Xbox
388 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:28.241+00:34.798Xbox
389 victorpaveFord Escort Mk II03:28.258+00:34.815PS4
390 DaipakFord Escort Mk II03:28.275+00:34.832Steam
391 System3.142Ford Escort Mk II03:28.325+00:34.882Steam
392 decliq Ford Escort Mk II03:28.391+00:34.948Steam
393 TakojaFord Escort Mk II03:28.474+00:35.310Steam
394 flav6363Ford Escort Mk II03:28.508+00:35.650PS4
395 BZHARMENFord Escort Mk II03:28.574+00:35.131Steam
396 TheMotorz Ford Escort Mk II03:28.575+00:35.132Steam
397 MAXCAAVI Ford Escort Mk II03:28.608+00:35.165Steam
398 jamlopesFord Escort Mk II03:28.624+00:35.181PS4
399 ma_schrijversFord Escort Mk II03:28.741+00:35.298Steam
400 vivalabam922Ford Escort Mk II03:28.774+00:35.331PS4
401 wok64 Ford Escort Mk II03:28.791+00:35.348Steam
402 Morris1796Ford Escort Mk II03:28.841+00:35.398PS4
403 ?Jam™? Ford Escort Mk II03:28.858+00:35.415Steam
404 mjkFord Escort Mk II03:28.874+00:35.431Steam
405 casper_strolFord Escort Mk II03:28.924+00:35.481PS4
406 ErTiTTo92Ford Escort Mk II03:28.924+00:35.481PS4
407 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:28.991+00:35.548Xbox
408 TCTFord Escort Mk II03:29.041+00:35.598Steam
409 atm250Ford Escort Mk II03:29.124+00:35.681PS4
410 matapuposFord Escort Mk II03:29.141+00:35.698Xbox
411 DaGreenBastrdFord Escort Mk II03:29.174+00:35.731PS4
412 deceda Ford Escort Mk II03:29.291+00:35.848Steam
413 kalvis831Ford Escort Mk II03:29.291+00:35.848PS4
414 jari.jokinen Ford Escort Mk II03:29.324+00:35.881Steam
415 ADRIANO_1910Ford Escort Mk II03:29.324+00:35.881PS4
416 Relativ Data Ford Escort Mk II03:29.374+00:35.931Steam
417 Mintwheels4lifeFord Escort Mk II03:29.441+00:35.998Steam
418 coooookiesFord Escort Mk II03:29.491+00:36.480Steam
419 nateyp123 Ford Escort Mk II03:29.508+00:36.650Steam
420 wiiopsundayFord Escort Mk II03:29.558+00:36.115Steam
421 MARCUS 19561Ford Escort Mk II03:29.591+00:36.148Steam
422 [Fs]LemonificentFord Escort Mk II03:29.608+00:36.165Steam
423 juice2107Ford Escort Mk II03:29.658+00:36.215PS4
424 Soper11 Ford Escort Mk II03:29.674+00:36.231Steam
425 Rayzer3006Ford Escort Mk II03:29.674+00:36.231PS4
426 rypskarFord Escort Mk II03:29.741+00:36.298Steam
427 Motörhead 2112Ford Escort Mk II03:29.791+00:36.348Steam
428 cbakr2oFord Escort Mk II03:29.891+00:36.448PS4
429 NeezyFreshFord Escort Mk II03:30.158+00:36.715Steam
430 carofmadness Ford Escort Mk II03:30.191+00:36.748Steam
431 dik12345Ford Escort Mk II03:30.192+00:36.749PS4
432 Mosu38Ford Escort Mk II03:30.224+00:36.781PS4
433 carlosjg_89Ford Escort Mk II03:30.308+00:36.865Steam
434 Cry & Die Inc. Ford Escort Mk II03:30.374+00:36.931Steam
435 rallyfisherFord Escort Mk II03:30.374+00:36.931PS4
436 chodnik Ford Escort Mk II03:30.408+00:36.965Steam
437 Lasco Ford Escort Mk II03:30.441+00:36.998Steam
438 MihkelkaFord Escort Mk II03:30.474+00:37.310PS4
439 Hammerhead Ford Escort Mk II03:30.524+00:37.810Steam
440 maurola1978Ford Escort Mk II03:30.541+00:37.980PS4
441 maliDjuroFord Escort Mk II03:30.591+00:37.148PS4
442 SecasiFord Escort Mk II03:30.608+00:37.165PS4
443 SmokeShot259Ford Escort Mk II03:30.641+00:37.198PS4
444 RamFord Escort Mk II03:30.658+00:37.215Steam
445 TuvaluFord Escort Mk II03:30.691+00:37.248Steam
446 Tgordillo318Ford Escort Mk II03:30.708+00:37.265PS4
447 OttoFord Escort Mk II03:30.725+00:37.282Steam
448 ZeVombleFord Escort Mk II03:30.741+00:37.298PS4
449 piotto76Ford Escort Mk II03:30.824+00:37.381PS4
450 TuurtlemanFord Escort Mk II03:30.858+00:37.415PS4
451 CombatVombatFord Escort Mk II03:30.891+00:37.448PS4
452 alan4810Ford Escort Mk II03:30.908+00:37.465PS4
453 soerd Ford Escort Mk II03:30.941+00:37.498Steam
454 VitunisomörköFord Escort Mk II03:30.958+00:37.515Steam
455 hrung Ford Escort Mk II03:31.008+00:37.565Steam
456 TruesteperFord Escort Mk II03:31.091+00:37.648PS4
457 Nopileos Ford Escort Mk II03:31.092+00:37.649Steam
458 BatonFord Escort Mk II03:31.124+00:37.681Steam
459 yogouigouiFord Escort Mk II03:31.174+00:37.731Xbox
460 Nytefyre Ford Escort Mk II03:31.191+00:37.748Steam
461 weezethejuiceFord Escort Mk II03:31.191+00:37.748Xbox
462 ali.akkin Ford Escort Mk II03:31.208+00:37.765Steam
463 Siegi Gradt Ford Escort Mk II03:31.224+00:37.781Steam
464 TiPeWaBloBanFord Escort Mk II03:31.224+00:37.781Steam
465 Rudi MenteiroFord Escort Mk II03:31.224+00:37.781Steam
466 StriderFord Escort Mk II03:31.241+00:37.798Steam
467 stella304Ford Escort Mk II03:31.258+00:37.815PS4
468 MefjuFord Escort Mk II03:31.291+00:37.848Steam
469 PIRÅNHÅFord Escort Mk II03:31.408+00:37.965Steam
470 XeviHalf Ford Escort Mk II03:31.491+00:38.480Steam
471 sylrct83Ford Escort Mk II03:31.491+00:38.480PS4
472 AcidFord Escort Mk II03:31.508+00:38.650Steam
473 jani89Ford Escort Mk II03:31.525+00:38.820Steam
474 StruzaFord Escort Mk II03:31.558+00:38.115Xbox
475 giorgos2187 Ford Escort Mk II03:31.574+00:38.131Steam
476 SKT_Customer Ford Escort Mk II03:31.591+00:38.148Steam
477 BencephotoFord Escort Mk II03:31.658+00:38.215Steam
478 WIESLAWTOCZYKFord Escort Mk II03:31.658+00:38.215Xbox
479 CeejboxFord Escort Mk II03:31.674+00:38.231PS4
480 dams150993Ford Escort Mk II03:31.674+00:38.231PS4
481 prospectnycoFord Escort Mk II03:31.674+00:38.231PS4
482 kojeto Ford Escort Mk II03:31.708+00:38.265Steam
483 Senor_PugFord Escort Mk II03:31.774+00:38.331PS4
484 RMCFCR74everFord Escort Mk II03:31.774+00:38.331PS4
485 JernobillyFord Escort Mk II03:31.791+00:38.348PS4
486 GhostFord Escort Mk II03:31.858+00:38.415Steam
487 Kiek in de Köken Ford Escort Mk II03:31.858+00:38.415Steam
488 jzdoctorFord Escort Mk II03:31.858+00:38.415PS4
489 ar1_1kolaFord Escort Mk II03:31.891+00:38.448PS4
490 ta-caFord Escort Mk II03:31.891+00:38.448PS4
491 MG_NemesisFord Escort Mk II03:31.891+00:38.448PS4
492 Damyen73Ford Escort Mk II03:31.941+00:38.498Xbox
493 HawkeyeFord Escort Mk II03:32.008+00:38.565Steam
494 misanthor Ford Escort Mk II03:32.025+00:38.582Steam
495 furz Ford Escort Mk II03:32.174+00:38.731Steam
496 K1I9N7G7Ford Escort Mk II03:32.258+00:38.815PS4
497 raf-016Ford Escort Mk II03:32.291+00:38.848PS4
498 sniper Ford Escort Mk II03:32.341+00:38.898Steam
499 jade12Ford Escort Mk II03:32.374+00:38.931Steam
500 polomax55Ford Escort Mk II03:32.391+00:38.948PS4
501 BZ Ford Escort Mk II03:32.408+00:38.965Steam
502 Bruno_la_HondaFord Escort Mk II03:32.424+00:38.981PS4
503 ninokooFord Escort Mk II03:32.541+00:39.980PS4
504 Buck Ford Escort Mk II03:32.558+00:39.115Steam
505 kirschebasaFord Escort Mk II03:32.574+00:39.131PS4
506 wenerdogFord Escort Mk II03:32.574+00:39.131Xbox
507 mr-mouche79Ford Escort Mk II03:32.591+00:39.148PS4
508 Lord Harald von RieglerFord Escort Mk II03:32.625+00:39.182Steam
509 Kevin Late BloomerFord Escort Mk II03:32.641+00:39.198Steam
510 VICENTE.RDI_GAMINGFord Escort Mk II03:32.691+00:39.248Steam
511 Fia_World_Rally_Championship Ford Escort Mk II03:32.691+00:39.248Steam
512 DEF316Ford Escort Mk II03:32.691+00:39.248PS4
513 DR!P Ford Escort Mk II03:32.758+00:39.315Steam
514 kacicka1110Ford Escort Mk II03:32.841+00:39.398PS4
515 mitchonetwo Ford Escort Mk II03:32.958+00:39.515Steam
516 Microsoft Excel Ford Escort Mk II03:32.991+00:39.548Steam
517 EaxisFord Escort Mk II03:33.074+00:39.631Xbox
518 tonynapoli89Ford Escort Mk II03:33.091+00:39.648PS4
519 Alk_yuah6Ford Escort Mk II03:33.141+00:39.698PS4
520 nono_cpFord Escort Mk II03:33.158+00:39.715PS4
521 DylantheaFord Escort Mk II03:33.158+00:39.715PS4
522 Raider552Ford Escort Mk II03:33.208+00:39.765PS4
523 ElCalamar999Ford Escort Mk II03:33.241+00:39.798PS4
524 OL-BORKOFord Escort Mk II03:33.258+00:39.815PS4
525 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:33.258+00:39.815Xbox
526 jmartin2525Ford Escort Mk II03:33.274+00:39.831PS4
527 alimicalFord Escort Mk II03:33.291+00:39.848PS4
528 patrona112Ford Escort Mk II03:33.341+00:39.898PS4
529 Jorma KovanenFord Escort Mk II03:33.391+00:39.948Steam
530 koetaFord Escort Mk II03:33.391+00:39.948PS4
531 Støren HjørenbjidørenFord Escort Mk II03:33.474+00:40.310Steam
532 PowlFord Escort Mk II03:33.508+00:40.650Steam
533 Michele231969Ford Escort Mk II03:33.508+00:40.650PS4
534 mlamasFord Escort Mk II03:33.541+00:40.980Steam
535 NIcksterFord Escort Mk II03:33.558+00:40.115Steam
536 matti.immonenFord Escort Mk II03:33.608+00:40.165Steam
537 RUBENCITO-Ford Escort Mk II03:33.608+00:40.165PS4
538 jeppeFord Escort Mk II03:33.624+00:40.181Steam
539 dragosbold Ford Escort Mk II03:33.658+00:40.215Steam
540 2000RSXFord Escort Mk II03:33.741+00:40.298Steam
541 batistuta85Ford Escort Mk II03:33.741+00:40.298PS4
542 Ravvan Ford Escort Mk II03:33.791+00:40.348Steam
543 devilboy981Ford Escort Mk II03:33.791+00:40.348PS4
544 MachineKill06510Ford Escort Mk II03:33.824+00:40.381PS4
545 TimatiusFord Escort Mk II03:33.858+00:40.415Steam
546 skottsakFord Escort Mk II03:33.858+00:40.415PS4
547 rotaryrevolutionFord Escort Mk II03:33.874+00:40.431Steam
548 AntibustaFord Escort Mk II03:33.891+00:40.448PS4
549 quadsFord Escort Mk II03:34.024+00:40.581Steam
550 ZANGUANGO75Ford Escort Mk II03:34.041+00:40.598Xbox
551 Karanosh Ford Escort Mk II03:34.191+00:40.748Steam
552 chrpatstrFord Escort Mk II03:34.191+00:40.748PS4
553 LTRojnich_310Ford Escort Mk II03:34.208+00:40.765PS4
554 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:34.208+00:40.765Xbox
555 volma Ford Escort Mk II03:34.224+00:40.781Steam
556 fabianlebombeFord Escort Mk II03:34.274+00:40.831PS4
557 DeadMeat4SureFord Escort Mk II03:34.291+00:40.848Steam
558 mdmilevFord Escort Mk II03:34.291+00:40.848PS4
559 iTZz_freefightFord Escort Mk II03:34.308+00:40.865PS4
560 spitom19Ford Escort Mk II03:34.408+00:40.965Steam
561 Norbi7_HUNFord Escort Mk II03:34.408+00:40.965PS4
562 The lord judges I actFord Escort Mk II03:34.424+00:40.981Steam
563 therealdeadoneFord Escort Mk II03:34.508+00:41.650PS4
564 sharvoishaFord Escort Mk II03:34.524+00:41.810PS4
565 Valentin77 Ford Escort Mk II03:34.558+00:41.115Steam
566 Scheur_iezerFord Escort Mk II03:34.558+00:41.115PS4
567 Valse27Ford Escort Mk II03:34.608+00:41.165PS4
568 zTR Ford Escort Mk II03:34.624+00:41.181Steam
569 Karst3nL no micFord Escort Mk II03:34.625+00:41.182Steam
570 basheRFord Escort Mk II03:34.658+00:41.215Steam
571 NauSoSaFord Escort Mk II03:34.741+00:41.298PS4
572 fili62Ford Escort Mk II03:34.758+00:41.315Steam
573 NoxxFord Escort Mk II03:34.808+00:41.365Steam
574 carlinhos151Ford Escort Mk II03:34.841+00:41.398PS4
575 JonnyhardwoodFord Escort Mk II03:34.858+00:41.415Xbox
576 fedebarto82Ford Escort Mk II03:35.024+00:41.581PS4
577 juztaFord Escort Mk II03:35.091+00:41.648Xbox
578 LexLathorFord Escort Mk II03:35.108+00:41.665PS4
579 dwajtpgjujhFord Escort Mk II03:35.241+00:41.798PS4
580 RyJ-lunaFord Escort Mk II03:35.258+00:41.815PS4
581 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:35.274+00:41.831Xbox
582 petecool Ford Escort Mk II03:35.391+00:41.948Steam
583 Diego_El_CalifaFord Escort Mk II03:35.441+00:41.998PS4
584 droopyRO Ford Escort Mk II03:35.458+00:42.150Steam
585 pilop188Ford Escort Mk II03:35.541+00:42.980Steam
586 GussLVFord Escort Mk II03:35.574+00:42.131PS4
587 chry---93Ford Escort Mk II03:35.608+00:42.165PS4
588 Quark(magerstufe)Ford Escort Mk II03:35.674+00:42.231Steam
589 bungar Ford Escort Mk II03:35.674+00:42.231Steam
590 The GunzleFord Escort Mk II03:35.691+00:42.248Steam
591 valosyFord Escort Mk II03:35.708+00:42.265Steam
592 TITANFord Escort Mk II03:35.724+00:42.281Steam
593 NeroZeroFord Escort Mk II03:35.724+00:42.281Steam
594 Swamp_Donkey_Extrodinaire Ford Escort Mk II03:35.791+00:42.348Steam
595 villemagne.adrienFord Escort Mk II03:35.858+00:42.415Steam
596 erkihpsFord Escort Mk II03:35.858+00:42.415Xbox
597 Shiva Ford Escort Mk II03:35.874+00:42.431Steam
598 tams_mdlFord Escort Mk II03:35.891+00:42.448PS4
599 Ukki61 Ford Escort Mk II03:35.908+00:42.465Steam
600 Jon the VGNerdFord Escort Mk II03:35.908+00:42.465Steam
601 virgodude1Ford Escort Mk II03:35.974+00:42.531PS4
602 SexyDino Ford Escort Mk II03:35.975+00:42.532Steam
603 scaddanrFord Escort Mk II03:35.991+00:42.548Xbox
604 Fr€nÇh TO@$t Ford Escort Mk II03:36.058+00:42.615Steam
605 ludopopFord Escort Mk II03:36.141+00:42.698PS4
606 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:36.141+00:42.698Xbox
607 fredo_lagachetteFord Escort Mk II03:36.158+00:42.715PS4
608 OverlordFord Escort Mk II03:36.191+00:42.748Steam
609 TheInsaneButcherFord Escort Mk II03:36.191+00:42.748PS4
610 OldSchoolFord Escort Mk II03:36.208+00:42.765Steam
611 strut182Ford Escort Mk II03:36.225+00:42.782PS4
612 DanteFord Escort Mk II03:36.291+00:42.848Steam
613 jrod61 Ford Escort Mk II03:36.291+00:42.848Steam
614 Jason-Blaz17Ford Escort Mk II03:36.341+00:42.898PS4
615 bibendum187Ford Escort Mk II03:36.341+00:42.898PS4
616 Terry26TrueBlueFord Escort Mk II03:36.374+00:42.931PS4
617 Kunal_794Ford Escort Mk II03:36.374+00:42.931PS4
618 Roadkill Ford Escort Mk II03:36.474+00:43.310Steam
619 lantosiFord Escort Mk II03:36.524+00:43.810PS4
620 silviakidFord Escort Mk II03:36.608+00:43.165Xbox
621 YungCringeFord Escort Mk II03:36.624+00:43.181Steam
622 TomFateFord Escort Mk II03:36.674+00:43.231Xbox
623 xavyoh34Ford Escort Mk II03:36.691+00:43.248PS4
624 Mason Ford Escort Mk II03:36.708+00:43.265Steam
625 YouTube/FatihOKSUZOGLU Ford Escort Mk II03:36.941+00:43.498Steam
626 higgy2010-2011Ford Escort Mk II03:36.957+00:43.514PS4
627 Carrera002Ford Escort Mk II03:36.958+00:43.515PS4
628 Z32Ford Escort Mk II03:36.974+00:43.531Steam
629 olive-62Ford Escort Mk II03:36.974+00:43.531PS4
630 atilajgFord Escort Mk II03:36.991+00:43.548PS4
631 Ross_MullFord Escort Mk II03:37.074+00:43.631PS4
632 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:37.107+00:43.664Xbox
633 Pilote2courseFord Escort Mk II03:37.124+00:43.681PS4
634 oskarinio Ford Escort Mk II03:37.141+00:43.698Steam
635 fckpolénFord Escort Mk II03:37.157+00:43.714Steam
636 ThunderStoutFord Escort Mk II03:37.157+00:43.714PS4
637 steeczkoFord Escort Mk II03:37.174+00:43.731Steam
638 Vrethis Ford Escort Mk II03:37.207+00:43.764Steam
639 PandzejFord Escort Mk II03:37.257+00:43.814PS4
640 BoByFord Escort Mk II03:37.291+00:43.848Steam
641 VACationFord Escort Mk II03:37.307+00:43.864Steam
642 F:E:N:R:I:RFord Escort Mk II03:37.324+00:43.881Steam
643 LagrosbellosFord Escort Mk II03:37.341+00:43.898PS4
644 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:37.341+00:43.898Xbox
645 SiriusStarRusFord Escort Mk II03:37.357+00:43.914PS4
646 RocsWRX Ford Escort Mk II03:37.374+00:43.931Steam
647 Freelander1972Ford Escort Mk II03:37.374+00:43.931PS4
648 trikkmasterFord Escort Mk II03:37.424+00:43.981Steam
649 iyo94Ford Escort Mk II03:37.457+00:44.140Xbox
650 tilen1510Ford Escort Mk II03:37.507+00:44.640Steam
651 JulianR94Ford Escort Mk II03:37.524+00:44.810Steam
652 lairdy1Ford Escort Mk II03:37.541+00:44.980Xbox
653 JutkapFord Escort Mk II03:37.557+00:44.114Steam
654 altrewin Ford Escort Mk II03:37.591+00:44.148Steam
655 aviator254KENYAFord Escort Mk II03:37.591+00:44.148PS4
656 Cpt.Obvious Ford Escort Mk II03:37.625+00:44.182Steam
657 RykknowFord Escort Mk II03:37.641+00:44.198PS4
658 travellog07Ford Escort Mk II03:37.658+00:44.215Steam
659 generaleeFord Escort Mk II03:37.674+00:44.231Xbox
660 jonathanjaarnekFord Escort Mk II03:37.691+00:44.248PS4
661 klausschwaigerFord Escort Mk II03:37.707+00:44.264Steam
662 Hoodlum320Ford Escort Mk II03:37.741+00:44.298PS4
663 xjr1300ekbFord Escort Mk II03:37.741+00:44.298PS4
664 KjuumanisFord Escort Mk II03:37.758+00:44.315PS4
665 mlracingtaldeaFord Escort Mk II03:37.807+00:44.364PS4
666 C3RT1F13DN1NJAFord Escort Mk II03:37.875+00:44.432PS4
667 hennes the menace 1Ford Escort Mk II03:37.891+00:44.448Steam
668 SauweliosFord Escort Mk II03:37.941+00:44.498PS4
669 Darkanthraxx Ford Escort Mk II03:37.974+00:44.531Steam
670 El BakherFord Escort Mk II03:37.991+00:44.548Steam
671 fabrice8283Ford Escort Mk II03:38.007+00:44.564PS4
672 DjoardSFord Escort Mk II03:38.041+00:44.598Steam
673 daBOost06Ford Escort Mk II03:38.041+00:44.598PS4
674 ThatBlackVolvoFord Escort Mk II03:38.074+00:44.631Steam
675 DoMiNaToR-XLFord Escort Mk II03:38.191+00:44.748PS4
676 mulatronicFord Escort Mk II03:38.191+00:44.748Xbox
677 jblourinhoFord Escort Mk II03:38.224+00:44.781Steam
678 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:38.241+00:44.798Xbox
679 SaantiihernandezFord Escort Mk II03:38.275+00:44.832PS4
680 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:38.307+00:44.864Xbox
681 Marwan Green CritterFord Escort Mk II03:38.324+00:44.881Steam
682 asomaderoFord Escort Mk II03:38.357+00:44.914PS4
683 MadMac377Ford Escort Mk II03:38.374+00:44.931PS4
684 Wallbreaker92Ford Escort Mk II03:38.391+00:44.948PS4
685 WiredesFord Escort Mk II03:38.407+00:44.964PS4
686 vladthegimp10Ford Escort Mk II03:38.407+00:44.964PS4
687 LopezqweFord Escort Mk II03:38.474+00:45.310Steam
688 Abyssin666Ford Escort Mk II03:38.507+00:45.640PS4
689 xx7777hhFord Escort Mk II03:38.524+00:45.810PS4
690 xXX_MLGPUSSYSL?YER_XXx Ford Escort Mk II03:38.541+00:45.980Steam
691 Ikke HüftgoldFord Escort Mk II03:38.541+00:45.980Steam
692 LuizKarekaoFord Escort Mk II03:38.591+00:45.148PS4
693 AffenBrotBaumFord Escort Mk II03:38.658+00:45.215Steam
694 Realju No cheat.Ford Escort Mk II03:38.691+00:45.248Steam
695 A-Mega-8Ford Escort Mk II03:38.741+00:45.298PS4
696 ferdi200108Ford Escort Mk II03:38.757+00:45.314Xbox
697 guinounoursFord Escort Mk II03:38.791+00:45.348PS4
698 TepeMoK89Ford Escort Mk II03:38.807+00:45.364PS4
699 NEMEADFord Escort Mk II03:38.807+00:45.364Xbox
700 Roadrunner7007Ford Escort Mk II03:38.891+00:45.448PS4
701 OuagFord Escort Mk II03:38.907+00:45.464Steam
702 IlluminastiFord Escort Mk II03:38.907+00:45.464Steam
703 TimberjackkiFord Escort Mk II03:39.008+00:45.565PS4
704 How3LFord Escort Mk II03:39.024+00:45.581Steam
705 jorgecomandFord Escort Mk II03:39.041+00:45.598Steam
706 anchoa1989Ford Escort Mk II03:39.041+00:45.598PS4
707 AhabFord Escort Mk II03:39.057+00:45.614Steam
708 WuerdeloserWurmFord Escort Mk II03:39.057+00:45.614PS4
709 fk Ford Escort Mk II03:39.191+00:45.748Steam
710 KordenFord Escort Mk II03:39.207+00:45.764PS4
711 wuko007Ford Escort Mk II03:39.224+00:45.781PS4
712 rvonechaFord Escort Mk II03:39.241+00:45.798PS4
713 Soulsxthf4x1Ford Escort Mk II03:39.241+00:45.798PS4
714 johnferrell37Ford Escort Mk II03:39.257+00:45.814Steam
715 spinakkerFord Escort Mk II03:39.274+00:45.831Steam
716 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:39.291+00:45.848Xbox
717 PaulFlashGFord Escort Mk II03:39.325+00:45.882PS4
718 9ivandivanFord Escort Mk II03:39.357+00:45.914Steam
719 Andeegt4Ford Escort Mk II03:39.357+00:45.914PS4
720 PePeFord Escort Mk II03:39.374+00:45.931Steam
721 ford2310Ford Escort Mk II03:39.391+00:45.948PS4
722 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:39.457+00:46.140Xbox
723 TadiFord Escort Mk II03:39.524+00:46.810Steam
724 tama_costaricaFord Escort Mk II03:39.524+00:46.810PS4
725 TheLastJedi66Ford Escort Mk II03:39.607+00:46.164PS4
726 Zombito92Ford Escort Mk II03:39.608+00:46.165PS4
727 UrsineSaturn9Ford Escort Mk II03:39.624+00:46.181PS4
728 sorro728Ford Escort Mk II03:39.657+00:46.214PS4
729 Oskitar83785Ford Escort Mk II03:39.707+00:46.264PS4
730 Caboose103Ford Escort Mk II03:39.725+00:46.282PS4
731 LenmanFord Escort Mk II03:39.774+00:46.331Steam
732 Oni40 Ford Escort Mk II03:39.774+00:46.331Steam
733 jodyetocFord Escort Mk II03:39.774+00:46.331PS4
734 JupiterFord Escort Mk II03:39.791+00:46.348Steam
735 TeerFord Escort Mk II03:39.807+00:46.364Steam
736 joelcano2017Ford Escort Mk II03:39.841+00:46.398PS4
737 Dav the SlavFord Escort Mk II03:39.924+00:46.481Steam
738 Private Parts Ford Escort Mk II03:39.941+00:46.498Steam
739 MDehhFord Escort Mk II03:39.957+00:46.514Steam
740 vaffel Ford Escort Mk II03:39.957+00:46.514Steam
741 Cosmiik10Ford Escort Mk II03:39.975+00:46.532PS4
742 ComTruiseFord Escort Mk II03:39.991+00:46.548Steam
743 sidy06Ford Escort Mk II03:40.024+00:46.581Xbox
744 NobbyFord Escort Mk II03:40.107+00:46.664Steam
745 bruno.mourmandFord Escort Mk II03:40.124+00:46.681Steam
746 HonDzinFord Escort Mk II03:40.207+00:46.764Steam
747 kazu Ford Escort Mk II03:40.257+00:46.814Steam
748 OldWomanFord Escort Mk II03:40.358+00:46.915Steam
749 MC WRT Ford Escort Mk II03:40.408+00:46.965Steam
750 Rask Ford Escort Mk II03:40.424+00:46.981Steam
751 McLovin Ford Escort Mk II03:40.491+00:47.480Steam
752 raceluvrFord Escort Mk II03:40.507+00:47.640Xbox
753 ibe0510Ford Escort Mk II03:40.508+00:47.650PS4
754 kry2503Ford Escort Mk II03:40.524+00:47.810Steam
755 NullPointerFord Escort Mk II03:40.557+00:47.114Xbox
756 Restless_SoldierFord Escort Mk II03:40.591+00:47.148Steam
757 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:40.591+00:47.148Xbox
758 ChristianFord Escort Mk II03:40.607+00:47.164Steam
759 Serg66RUSFord Escort Mk II03:40.624+00:47.181Steam
760 XxImpactKILLERxXFord Escort Mk II03:40.641+00:47.198PS4
761 schwarzer-edaFord Escort Mk II03:40.724+00:47.281Steam
762 averagegamer063Ford Escort Mk II03:40.774+00:47.331PS4
763 andrea300Ford Escort Mk II03:40.774+00:47.331Xbox
764 BikeMad Ford Escort Mk II03:40.891+00:47.448Steam
765 TiredGuyFord Escort Mk II03:40.957+00:47.514Steam
766 clgdFord Escort Mk II03:41.007+00:47.564Steam
767 feuer033stuhlFord Escort Mk II03:41.057+00:47.614PS4
768 JohnRayFord Escort Mk II03:41.108+00:47.665Steam
769 madDigitFord Escort Mk II03:41.191+00:47.748PS4
770 Nikman1979Ford Escort Mk II03:41.208+00:47.765PS4
771 vatula39530Ford Escort Mk II03:41.224+00:47.781PS4
772 omarJimenez Ford Escort Mk II03:41.241+00:47.798Steam
773 Mcquiz95Ford Escort Mk II03:41.241+00:47.798PS4
774 thertherleclodoFord Escort Mk II03:41.241+00:47.798PS4
775 milky2971Ford Escort Mk II03:41.241+00:47.798Xbox
776 PushieSlimFord Escort Mk II03:41.257+00:47.814PS4
777 Mobster273Ford Escort Mk II03:41.257+00:47.814PS4
778 FedeFord Escort Mk II03:41.258+00:47.815Steam
779 DCLXIVFord Escort Mk II03:41.291+00:47.848PS4
780 AkaMirteFord Escort Mk II03:41.324+00:47.881PS4
781 suxfranzFord Escort Mk II03:41.357+00:47.914PS4
782 ArsTheOvertaker Ford Escort Mk II03:41.491+00:48.480Steam
783 sparkdogFord Escort Mk II03:41.508+00:48.650Xbox
784 coryh20999Ford Escort Mk II03:41.574+00:48.131PS4
785 tpaullinFord Escort Mk II03:41.657+00:48.214PS4
786 yoschi29Ford Escort Mk II03:41.707+00:48.264Steam
787 skip0neFord Escort Mk II03:41.741+00:48.298Xbox
788 dannycryer95Ford Escort Mk II03:41.774+00:48.331PS4
789 Astractor Ford Escort Mk II03:41.791+00:48.348Steam
790 Lukas_72Ford Escort Mk II03:41.841+00:48.398PS4
791 Guilherme DCFord Escort Mk II03:41.857+00:48.414Steam
792 bigdino74Ford Escort Mk II03:41.857+00:48.414Xbox
793 TibibáFord Escort Mk II03:41.874+00:48.431Steam
794 pavkaczFord Escort Mk II03:41.991+00:48.548Steam
795 CsabiSTFord Escort Mk II03:42.007+00:48.564Steam
796 JG80Ford Escort Mk II03:42.024+00:48.581PS4
797 dammitbob_1Ford Escort Mk II03:42.074+00:48.631Steam
798 JavierPastore07Ford Escort Mk II03:42.074+00:48.631PS4
799 TurkletonVRFord Escort Mk II03:42.074+00:48.631PS4
800 QBJamesFord Escort Mk II03:42.141+00:48.698Xbox
801 Br3instyrmFord Escort Mk II03:42.174+00:48.731PS4
802 pglnoobFord Escort Mk II03:42.174+00:48.731PS4
803 Snack37Ford Escort Mk II03:42.174+00:48.731Xbox
804 andy65geeFord Escort Mk II03:42.291+00:48.848PS4
805 srialbuteurFord Escort Mk II03:42.341+00:48.898Xbox
806 Iceman7_ChrisFord Escort Mk II03:42.358+00:48.915PS4
807 jaakko-miesFord Escort Mk II03:42.407+00:48.964PS4
808 tomahawFord Escort Mk II03:42.407+00:48.964PS4
809 . -julez.a Ford Escort Mk II03:42.508+00:49.650Steam
810 mat Ford Escort Mk II03:42.524+00:49.810Steam
811 Tronko97448Ford Escort Mk II03:42.557+00:49.114PS4
812 Chicken Invader of Privacy Ford Escort Mk II03:42.658+00:49.215Steam
813 gusja2210Ford Escort Mk II03:42.674+00:49.231PS4
814 il__Trevi__Ford Escort Mk II03:42.824+00:49.381PS4
815 john_finlayson_Ford Escort Mk II03:42.858+00:49.415Steam
816 CretanKnifeFord Escort Mk II03:42.874+00:49.431Steam
817 JinkaiFord Escort Mk II03:42.891+00:49.448Steam
818 golbatFord Escort Mk II03:42.891+00:49.448PS4
819 RandyShirtlessFord Escort Mk II03:42.924+00:49.481PS4
820 MK2cochaduFord Escort Mk II03:42.974+00:49.531PS4
821 Weddedboban 78 ;) Ford Escort Mk II03:43.008+00:49.565Steam
822 nissanputyFord Escort Mk II03:43.041+00:49.598PS4
823 leonfragvenereFord Escort Mk II03:43.141+00:49.698PS4
824 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:43.141+00:49.698Xbox
825 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:43.174+00:49.731Xbox
826 moina2209Ford Escort Mk II03:43.224+00:49.781PS4
827 3a?Pa3??pFord Escort Mk II03:43.291+00:49.848Steam
828 BNkoVwFord Escort Mk II03:43.308+00:49.865PS4
829 hkihle Ford Escort Mk II03:43.324+00:49.881Steam
830 rally_peteFord Escort Mk II03:43.341+00:49.898PS4
831 nettiharpake1Ford Escort Mk II03:43.357+00:49.914PS4
832 ????Ford Escort Mk II03:43.358+00:49.915Steam
833 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:43.358+00:49.915Xbox
834 TheMaxlFord Escort Mk II03:43.474+00:50.310Steam
835 kero2003Ford Escort Mk II03:43.491+00:50.480PS4
836 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:43.541+00:50.980Xbox
837 tiesto 09Ford Escort Mk II03:43.591+00:50.148Steam
838 Cyclone62Ford Escort Mk II03:43.624+00:50.181Xbox
839 Peris_SPFord Escort Mk II03:43.657+00:50.214PS4
840 G1RRARFord Escort Mk II03:43.741+00:50.298Steam
841 driver1775Ford Escort Mk II03:43.741+00:50.298Xbox
842 SacrosanctFord Escort Mk II03:43.757+00:50.314Steam
843 mickmacFord Escort Mk II03:43.791+00:50.348Steam
844 NayffeFord Escort Mk II03:43.791+00:50.348PS4
845 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:43.791+00:50.348Xbox
846 BA | LoserFord Escort Mk II03:43.807+00:50.364Steam
847 Bigboss Ford Escort Mk II03:43.807+00:50.364Steam
848 ????Ford Escort Mk II03:43.824+00:50.381Steam
849 PuavoFord Escort Mk II03:43.891+00:50.448Steam
850 AtlasFord Escort Mk II03:43.941+00:50.498Steam
851 Lucas1957Ford Escort Mk II03:43.991+00:50.548Steam
852 ????Ford Escort Mk II03:44.024+00:50.581Steam
853 NaverailFord Escort Mk II03:44.057+00:50.614Steam
854 evotronmix Ford Escort Mk II03:44.074+00:50.631Steam
855 ChazFord Escort Mk II03:44.107+00:50.664Steam
856 henrikakesson651Ford Escort Mk II03:44.107+00:50.664PS4
857 GT3Mark2 Ford Escort Mk II03:44.124+00:50.681Steam
858 Dahruu Ford Escort Mk II03:44.174+00:50.731Steam
859 lodel01Ford Escort Mk II03:44.207+00:50.764PS4
860 Toad1339Ford Escort Mk II03:44.207+00:50.764PS4
861 Santtuboi Ford Escort Mk II03:44.208+00:50.765Steam
862 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:44.257+00:50.814Xbox
863 t.rehfisch Ford Escort Mk II03:44.291+00:50.848Steam
864 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:44.341+00:50.898Xbox
865 I am Madfly Ford Escort Mk II03:44.374+00:50.931Steam
866 mag_zwickelFord Escort Mk II03:44.374+00:50.931Steam
867 MatrikssFord Escort Mk II03:44.408+00:50.965Steam
868 romeotudFord Escort Mk II03:44.441+00:50.998Steam
869 floks30Ford Escort Mk II03:44.491+00:51.480PS4
870 tharkkbrFord Escort Mk II03:44.508+00:51.650PS4
871 Yojimbocat80Ford Escort Mk II03:44.524+00:51.810PS4
872 chipmunkmk20Ford Escort Mk II03:44.591+00:51.148PS4
873 WolfgangMartinaFord Escort Mk II03:44.607+00:51.164PS4
874 DrDragoFord Escort Mk II03:44.607+00:51.164Xbox
875 coopma1Ford Escort Mk II03:44.641+00:51.198PS4
876 RoedkillFord Escort Mk II03:44.658+00:51.215Steam
877 jyken97200Ford Escort Mk II03:44.691+00:51.248PS4
878 MiDaLaFord Escort Mk II03:44.707+00:51.264PS4
879 StriderFord Escort Mk II03:44.807+00:51.364Steam
880 HezekianCzFord Escort Mk II03:44.891+00:51.448PS4
881 jansenzandaFord Escort Mk II03:44.907+00:51.464PS4
882 NEIGI-44Ford Escort Mk II03:44.941+00:51.498PS4
883 brunomlfernandesFord Escort Mk II03:44.991+00:51.548PS4
884 kris-5454Ford Escort Mk II03:45.007+00:51.564PS4
885 AlbertoQueipoFord Escort Mk II03:45.057+00:51.614Xbox
886 ? ????? ?Ford Escort Mk II03:45.107+00:51.664Steam
887 Viron7Ford Escort Mk II03:45.140+00:51.697PS4
888 qartveli2Ford Escort Mk II03:45.140+00:51.697PS4
889 FLYeRNeTFord Escort Mk II03:45.174+00:51.731Steam
890 Led_Fütt_RacingFord Escort Mk II03:45.207+00:51.764Steam
891 Sleepy Kitten Ford Escort Mk II03:45.240+00:51.797Steam
892 DrSlothmanFord Escort Mk II03:45.258+00:51.815PS4
893 portiacarreraFord Escort Mk II03:45.307+00:51.864PS4
894 MotownSmokeFord Escort Mk II03:45.307+00:51.864Xbox
895 ell_j_eff77Ford Escort Mk II03:45.340+00:51.897PS4
896 gameingtxFord Escort Mk II03:45.358+00:51.915Steam
897 troopersingerFord Escort Mk II03:45.424+00:51.981Steam
898 chu99Ford Escort Mk II03:45.424+00:51.981PS4
899 sollienFord Escort Mk II03:45.440+00:51.997Steam
900 Ruslans2404Ford Escort Mk II03:45.441+00:51.998PS4
901 jlouispnFord Escort Mk II03:45.457+00:52.140Steam
902 munja9119Ford Escort Mk II03:45.457+00:52.140Steam
903 yann_32Ford Escort Mk II03:45.458+00:52.150PS4
904 yves19641964Ford Escort Mk II03:45.507+00:52.640Xbox
905 anthonymeignienFord Escort Mk II03:45.574+00:52.131PS4
906 TP #NoControl Ford Escort Mk II03:45.591+00:52.148Steam
907 DirkschneiderFord Escort Mk II03:45.690+00:52.247Steam
908 nakazotoFord Escort Mk II03:45.740+00:52.297Steam
909 NakhzomahFord Escort Mk II03:45.741+00:52.298Steam
910 BadmojoFord Escort Mk II03:45.774+00:52.331Steam
911 SitkeinJuoppoFord Escort Mk II03:45.790+00:52.347PS4
912 xixi Ford Escort Mk II03:45.808+00:52.365Steam
913 hakuna5Ford Escort Mk II03:45.808+00:52.365PS4
914 balrock Ford Escort Mk II03:45.824+00:52.381Steam
915 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:45.840+00:52.397Xbox
916 VeganHamFord Escort Mk II03:45.874+00:52.431Steam
917 Paunuracing Ford Escort Mk II03:45.891+00:52.448Steam
918 Kirara Ford Escort Mk II03:45.907+00:52.464Steam
919 Th3ManquerFord Escort Mk II03:45.958+00:52.515Steam
920 maikaalFord Escort Mk II03:45.974+00:52.531Steam
921 DumbFord Escort Mk II03:45.974+00:52.531Steam
922 PereCat Ford Escort Mk II03:46.040+00:52.597Steam
923 Mika1719Ford Escort Mk II03:46.090+00:52.647PS4
924 Wolf-14Ford Escort Mk II03:46.091+00:52.648PS4
925 robmg88Ford Escort Mk II03:46.108+00:52.665PS4
926 =zipr=Ford Escort Mk II03:46.307+00:52.864Steam
927 wefa--Ford Escort Mk II03:46.324+00:52.881PS4
928 Houta-du-34Ford Escort Mk II03:46.324+00:52.881PS4
929 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:46.358+00:52.915Xbox
930 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:46.390+00:52.947Xbox
931 Ramperos97Ford Escort Mk II03:46.407+00:52.964PS4
932 bella25398Ford Escort Mk II03:46.407+00:52.964PS4
933 Davort76Ford Escort Mk II03:46.507+00:53.640PS4
934 CHRISSYDFord Escort Mk II03:46.524+00:53.810Xbox
935 JDMredline07Ford Escort Mk II03:46.574+00:53.131PS4
936 pacanas999Ford Escort Mk II03:46.574+00:53.131PS4
937 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:46.574+00:53.131Xbox
938 A.MaiaSportFord Escort Mk II03:46.607+00:53.164Steam
939 gotzlFord Escort Mk II03:46.690+00:53.247Steam
940 giganticpanda567Ford Escort Mk II03:46.690+00:53.247PS4
941 amodasFord Escort Mk II03:46.707+00:53.264Steam
942 SlimsyDogFord Escort Mk II03:46.707+00:53.264PS4
943 pvinceFord Escort Mk II03:46.708+00:53.265Steam
944 TurboPig78Ford Escort Mk II03:46.708+00:53.265Steam
945 AvtostrelkiFord Escort Mk II03:46.724+00:53.281PS4
946 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:46.740+00:53.297Xbox
947 KickOutTheJamsFord Escort Mk II03:46.741+00:53.298Steam
948 thebatsearFord Escort Mk II03:46.774+00:53.331PS4
949 DilligafFord Escort Mk II03:46.874+00:53.431Steam
950 Hapi_rundFord Escort Mk II03:46.924+00:53.481PS4
951 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:46.974+00:53.531Xbox
952 alesevendoorsFord Escort Mk II03:47.007+00:53.564PS4
953 janrezFord Escort Mk II03:47.024+00:53.581Steam
954 300 Ford Escort Mk II03:47.040+00:53.597Steam
955 Islander1jmFord Escort Mk II03:47.040+00:53.597PS4
956 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:47.074+00:53.631Xbox
957 michel-tuning007Ford Escort Mk II03:47.224+00:53.781PS4
958 FatanicTeFord Escort Mk II03:47.224+00:53.781PS4
959 mobilmasherFord Escort Mk II03:47.240+00:53.797PS4
960 jeremuratuFord Escort Mk II03:47.241+00:53.798PS4
961 lynthan86Ford Escort Mk II03:47.241+00:53.798PS4
962 AveriU1Ford Escort Mk II03:47.307+00:53.864PS4
963 Eckblad49Ford Escort Mk II03:47.340+00:53.897Steam
964 ACE8870Ford Escort Mk II03:47.341+00:53.898Steam
965 Errorcod3Ford Escort Mk II03:47.390+00:53.947Xbox
966 Mr. M & Ruben29292 Ford Escort Mk II03:47.407+00:53.964Steam
967 Mau Max Ford Escort Mk II03:47.424+00:53.981Steam
968 tessert Ford Escort Mk II03:47.474+00:54.310Steam
969 juanjo0994Ford Escort Mk II03:47.474+00:54.310PS4
970 aehh503Ford Escort Mk II03:47.490+00:54.470PS4
971 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:47.508+00:54.650Xbox
972 Nosferatu Ford Escort Mk II03:47.558+00:54.115Steam
973 nationalwheel Ford Escort Mk II03:47.558+00:54.115Steam
974 christianlxFord Escort Mk II03:47.574+00:54.131Steam
975 Eh_CodesFord Escort Mk II03:47.657+00:54.214Steam
976 BeemerbabyFord Escort Mk II03:47.708+00:54.265PS4
977 cornishcream79Ford Escort Mk II03:47.724+00:54.281PS4
978 racer1176Ford Escort Mk II03:47.774+00:54.331PS4
979 ALAIN67Ford Escort Mk II03:47.808+00:54.365Steam
980 LaddyBoy246Ford Escort Mk II03:47.824+00:54.381PS4
981 swampdogbluesFord Escort Mk II03:47.824+00:54.381Xbox
982 PavelFord Escort Mk II03:47.840+00:54.397Steam
983 david76250Ford Escort Mk II03:47.857+00:54.414PS4
984 jistrFord Escort Mk II03:47.890+00:54.447Steam
985 EduuSetiiFord Escort Mk II03:47.940+00:54.497PS4
986 wade_mFord Escort Mk II03:47.941+00:54.498PS4
987 UncleanerPizzaFord Escort Mk II03:47.957+00:54.514Steam
988 Kinkomaan QassimiFord Escort Mk II03:47.957+00:54.514Steam
989 BioulFord Escort Mk II03:47.958+00:54.515PS4
990 jankinpacientFord Escort Mk II03:47.990+00:54.547PS4
991 VokinshalakFord Escort Mk II03:48.008+00:54.565PS4
992 BabyishGerm1 Ford Escort Mk II03:48.024+00:54.581Steam
993 IbanetsiFord Escort Mk II03:48.024+00:54.581PS4
994 DaveleonFord Escort Mk II03:48.057+00:54.614Xbox
995 beardednoblemanFord Escort Mk II03:48.074+00:54.631Xbox
996 tonycanijoFord Escort Mk II03:48.091+00:54.648PS4
997 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:48.124+00:54.681Xbox
998 VilleR82Ford Escort Mk II03:48.158+00:54.715PS4
999 cruester77Ford Escort Mk II03:48.190+00:54.747Xbox
1000 rbfrankieFord Escort Mk II03:48.224+00:54.781PS4
1001 tazan97Ford Escort Mk II03:48.224+00:54.781Xbox
1002 tadasg1Ford Escort Mk II03:48.290+00:54.847PS4
1003 kenthegrrillaFord Escort Mk II03:48.291+00:54.848PS4
1004 BadgerFord Escort Mk II03:48.307+00:54.864Steam
1005 Pezku <.<Ford Escort Mk II03:48.341+00:54.898Steam
1006 barracuda752Ford Escort Mk II03:48.341+00:54.898PS4
1007 TrallatFord Escort Mk II03:48.374+00:54.931PS4
1008 xavierbellodFord Escort Mk II03:48.391+00:54.948Steam
1009 Eli-Reckle55946Ford Escort Mk II03:48.424+00:54.981PS4
1010 TugboatTonyFord Escort Mk II03:48.491+00:55.480Xbox
1011 [LSF] Pierre-Yves Ford Escort Mk II03:48.574+00:55.131Steam
1012 syun_tessyFord Escort Mk II03:48.574+00:55.131Steam
1013 laboule2004Ford Escort Mk II03:48.574+00:55.131PS4
1014 Ookami72Ford Escort Mk II03:48.574+00:55.131PS4
1015 RustyFord Escort Mk II03:48.624+00:55.181Steam
1016 TheAssassin_2121Ford Escort Mk II03:48.624+00:55.181PS4
1017 Pauly-99Ford Escort Mk II03:48.674+00:55.231PS4
1018 mcorominas7Ford Escort Mk II03:48.690+00:55.247PS4
1019 PACO Ford Escort Mk II03:48.740+00:55.297Steam
1020 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:48.758+00:55.315Xbox
1021 kcb48092Ford Escort Mk II03:48.808+00:55.365PS4
1022 MetkoubFord Escort Mk II03:48.891+00:55.448Steam
1023 shmuel1232Ford Escort Mk II03:48.907+00:55.464PS4
1024 eukatheudeFord Escort Mk II03:48.990+00:55.547Steam
1025 bibak77Ford Escort Mk II03:49.057+00:55.614PS4
1026 SnurferQcFord Escort Mk II03:49.074+00:55.631PS4
1027 jfa_974Ford Escort Mk II03:49.107+00:55.664PS4
1028 Emerson210Ford Escort Mk II03:49.191+00:55.748PS4
1029 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:49.207+00:55.764Xbox
1030 miskapaajanenFord Escort Mk II03:49.224+00:55.781Steam
1031 DESFord Escort Mk II03:49.240+00:55.797Steam
1032 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:49.241+00:55.798Xbox
1033 DavikanabiFord Escort Mk II03:49.257+00:55.814PS4
1034 yoloHDxdFord Escort Mk II03:49.307+00:55.864Steam
1035 GaXieRFord Escort Mk II03:49.308+00:55.865Xbox
1036 cyberinsekt943Ford Escort Mk II03:49.357+00:55.914PS4
1037 Dahom-anFord Escort Mk II03:49.390+00:55.947PS4
1038 Tanami_75Ford Escort Mk II03:49.390+00:55.947PS4
1039 Brian1517Ford Escort Mk II03:49.441+00:55.998Xbox
1040 RafaA1206295Ford Escort Mk II03:49.524+00:56.810PS4
1041 LuutchFord Escort Mk II03:49.591+00:56.148PS4
1042 rovnii_pocFord Escort Mk II03:49.640+00:56.197PS4
1043 Teuira1973Ford Escort Mk II03:49.674+00:56.231PS4
1044 gunslinger3 Ford Escort Mk II03:49.691+00:56.248Steam
1045 Pupkin Ford Escort Mk II03:49.691+00:56.248Steam
1046 Captain StobyFord Escort Mk II03:49.707+00:56.264Steam
1047 Vivien Ford Escort Mk II03:49.758+00:56.315Steam
1048 Molillo600Ford Escort Mk II03:49.790+00:56.347PS4
1049 UserPCFord Escort Mk II03:49.807+00:56.364Steam
1050 ~`SC@LP`~Ford Escort Mk II03:49.874+00:56.431Steam
1051 viva-st-etienneFord Escort Mk II03:49.874+00:56.431PS4
1052 maxfantasy88Ford Escort Mk II03:49.907+00:56.464Xbox
1053 Convile Ford Escort Mk II03:49.957+00:56.514Steam
1054 stricachovaFord Escort Mk II03:49.957+00:56.514PS4
1055 JKarloss000Ford Escort Mk II03:49.957+00:56.514PS4
1056 titomotorsportFord Escort Mk II03:49.974+00:56.531PS4
1057 f126c2-1982Ford Escort Mk II03:49.974+00:56.531PS4
1058 njwillFord Escort Mk II03:50.007+00:56.564Xbox
1059 cabecadocatonhoFord Escort Mk II03:50.107+00:56.664PS4
1060 tazdevil Ford Escort Mk II03:50.108+00:56.665Steam
1061 senfsepp0815Ford Escort Mk II03:50.108+00:56.665PS4
1062 MeganexFord Escort Mk II03:50.124+00:56.681Steam
1063 PansetoFord Escort Mk II03:50.140+00:56.697Steam
1064 reder1Ford Escort Mk II03:50.140+00:56.697PS4
1065 Yaya65Ford Escort Mk II03:50.240+00:56.797Steam
1066 SunnyFord Escort Mk II03:50.257+00:56.814Steam
1067 Chuck NorrisFord Escort Mk II03:50.274+00:56.831Steam
1068 zspapa13Ford Escort Mk II03:50.274+00:56.831PS4
1069 datahariFord Escort Mk II03:50.340+00:56.897Xbox
1070 bak--kamonFord Escort Mk II03:50.357+00:56.914Steam
1071 Pattefolle973Ford Escort Mk II03:50.390+00:56.947PS4
1072 condegrFord Escort Mk II03:50.407+00:56.964PS4
1073 Grizou198Ford Escort Mk II03:50.440+00:56.997PS4
1074 BMO Ford Escort Mk II03:50.458+00:57.150Steam
1075 ChipFord Escort Mk II03:50.607+00:57.164Steam
1076 Arndtczyk Ford Escort Mk II03:50.674+00:57.231Steam
1077 sirjoe123Ford Escort Mk II03:50.707+00:57.264PS4
1078 XxVicente58XxFord Escort Mk II03:50.757+00:57.314PS4
1079 lion-berry68Ford Escort Mk II03:50.757+00:57.314PS4
1080 Kenny1831Ford Escort Mk II03:50.841+00:57.398PS4
1081 anle62Ford Escort Mk II03:50.907+00:57.464PS4
1082 sweetpeeocFord Escort Mk II03:50.924+00:57.481PS4
1083 PEPINAZOFord Escort Mk II03:50.974+00:57.531Xbox
1084 nagygeri97Ford Escort Mk II03:51.007+00:57.564Steam
1085 drbeigeFord Escort Mk II03:51.007+00:57.564PS4
1086 ExioReimoFord Escort Mk II03:51.024+00:57.581Steam
1087 happy_panda1Ford Escort Mk II03:51.040+00:57.597PS4
1088 Seby01101973Ford Escort Mk II03:51.040+00:57.597PS4
1089 TMO Ford Escort Mk II03:51.057+00:57.614Steam
1090 DeathBoy11Ford Escort Mk II03:51.091+00:57.648Steam
1091 Pykke420Ford Escort Mk II03:51.141+00:57.698Xbox
1092 ErzenniaFord Escort Mk II03:51.240+00:57.797Xbox
1093 samg Ford Escort Mk II03:51.241+00:57.798Steam
1094 mura-nobu_beatFord Escort Mk II03:51.274+00:57.831PS4
1095 raffe81Ford Escort Mk II03:51.324+00:57.881Xbox
1096 LensroFord Escort Mk II03:51.340+00:57.897Steam
1097 TheJanx17Ford Escort Mk II03:51.374+00:57.931Xbox
1098 pösmunkFord Escort Mk II03:51.424+00:57.981Steam
1099 imperixFord Escort Mk II03:51.440+00:57.997Steam
1100 DanteN7Ford Escort Mk II03:51.441+00:57.998Xbox
1101 SweetbaggerFord Escort Mk II03:51.457+00:58.140PS4
1102 AndyT1987StangFord Escort Mk II03:51.474+00:58.310PS4
1103 cratercamperFord Escort Mk II03:51.507+00:58.640Steam
1104 Womp83Ford Escort Mk II03:51.507+00:58.640PS4
1105 Ashall_PLFord Escort Mk II03:51.524+00:58.810PS4
1106 Marbly McMarblefaceFord Escort Mk II03:51.541+00:58.980Steam
1107 Nevano16Ford Escort Mk II03:51.557+00:58.114PS4
1108 Luisek80Ford Escort Mk II03:51.557+00:58.114PS4
1109 THE_CodEMEFord Escort Mk II03:51.574+00:58.131PS4
1110 uwetaxe Ford Escort Mk II03:51.624+00:58.181Steam
1111 RAID_YANOUFord Escort Mk II03:51.624+00:58.181PS4
1112 ecstubblebineFord Escort Mk II03:51.640+00:58.197Steam
1113 ayrtontrencFord Escort Mk II03:51.690+00:58.247Xbox
1114 elxinuFord Escort Mk II03:51.690+00:58.247Xbox
1115 FidgeFord Escort Mk II03:51.707+00:58.264Steam
1116 ReallyDrunkFord Escort Mk II03:51.708+00:58.265Steam
1117 dedou84Ford Escort Mk II03:51.724+00:58.281Steam
1118 HedyKankkunenFord Escort Mk II03:51.774+00:58.331Xbox
1119 Rambo_Commando_Ford Escort Mk II03:51.857+00:58.414PS4
1120 ThanatorzFord Escort Mk II03:51.907+00:58.464PS4
1121 LvsitanKnightFord Escort Mk II03:51.924+00:58.481PS4
1122 Sweaty Tryhard™Ford Escort Mk II03:51.941+00:58.498Steam
1123 AlexSport777Ford Escort Mk II03:51.941+00:58.498PS4
1124 Flowi_DEFord Escort Mk II03:51.974+00:58.531PS4
1125 SworpentFord Escort Mk II03:51.990+00:58.547Steam
1126 IRAsharpshOOterFord Escort Mk II03:52.057+00:58.614PS4
1127 Sonny_Crockett18Ford Escort Mk II03:52.074+00:58.631PS4
1128 ChobotsRobotFord Escort Mk II03:52.090+00:58.647PS4
1129 betahoernchenFord Escort Mk II03:52.107+00:58.664Steam
1130 joniturFord Escort Mk II03:52.107+00:58.664PS4
1131 cocoyan06Ford Escort Mk II03:52.107+00:58.664Xbox
1132 juusom90Ford Escort Mk II03:52.124+00:58.681Steam
1133 AedynnFord Escort Mk II03:52.157+00:58.714PS4
1134 robinmario98Ford Escort Mk II03:52.157+00:58.714PS4
1135 stephan3828Ford Escort Mk II03:52.174+00:58.731PS4
1136 matrixx99Ford Escort Mk II03:52.190+00:58.747Xbox
1137 StealthwarriorFord Escort Mk II03:52.240+00:58.797Steam
1138 HamSickleFord Escort Mk II03:52.340+00:58.897Steam
1139 olorenzmFord Escort Mk II03:52.374+00:58.931Steam
1140 Jack_GrimaldiFord Escort Mk II03:52.391+00:58.948PS4
1141 jeremy_tabisulaFord Escort Mk II03:52.407+00:58.964Steam
1142 GAS GAS GASFord Escort Mk II03:52.424+00:58.981Steam
1143 matti2909Ford Escort Mk II03:52.424+00:58.981PS4
1144 lase.jalluFord Escort Mk II03:52.474+00:59.310Steam
1145 yuyiyinFord Escort Mk II03:52.474+00:59.310PS4
1146 m107dirt04Ford Escort Mk II03:52.474+00:59.310PS4
1147 MrBoci4NNNFord Escort Mk II03:52.524+00:59.810PS4
1148 AlfamalionFord Escort Mk II03:52.524+00:59.810PS4
1149 b.zambranaFord Escort Mk II03:52.590+00:59.147Steam
1150 Anoos_rFord Escort Mk II03:52.590+00:59.147PS4
1151 Lord HelicopterFord Escort Mk II03:52.608+00:59.165Steam
1152 jeffrey.taylor.dFord Escort Mk II03:52.657+00:59.214Steam
1153 versys73Ford Escort Mk II03:52.675+00:59.232PS4
1154 Marik1982Ford Escort Mk II03:52.707+00:59.264PS4
1155 Schnik999Ford Escort Mk II03:52.740+00:59.297PS4
1156 Domec23Ford Escort Mk II03:52.740+00:59.297PS4
1157 RitaMaSTeRFord Escort Mk II03:52.807+00:59.364Steam
1158 INSANITYdFord Escort Mk II03:52.824+00:59.381Steam
1159 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:52.840+00:59.397Xbox
1160 DON_DANIELLOFord Escort Mk II03:52.857+00:59.414PS4
1161 Mr.AsshatFord Escort Mk II03:52.874+00:59.431Steam
1162 murdch1O1Ford Escort Mk II03:52.874+00:59.431PS4
1163 fabien.ferryFord Escort Mk II03:52.907+00:59.464Steam
1164 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:52.940+00:59.497Xbox
1165 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:52.974+00:59.531Xbox
1166 Prenper959Ford Escort Mk II03:52.991+00:59.548PS4
1167 racingradio.de Ford Escort Mk II03:53.124+00:59.681Steam
1168 Animal|Mother Ford Escort Mk II03:53.124+00:59.681Steam
1169 stix88stixFord Escort Mk II03:53.141+00:59.698PS4
1170 RobyGT4_GTExDFord Escort Mk II03:53.191+00:59.748PS4
1171 Dominguez Ford Escort Mk II03:53.241+00:59.798Steam
1172 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:53.307+00:59.864Xbox
1173 bikers83Ford Escort Mk II03:53.307+00:59.864Xbox
1174 tillchen89Ford Escort Mk II03:53.357+00:59.914PS4
1175 Sgt. ScoobzFord Escort Mk II03:53.374+00:59.931Steam
1176 crazytilFord Escort Mk II03:53.407+00:59.964Xbox
1177 BTK_SNITRAMFord Escort Mk II03:53.457+1:00.140PS4
1178 blackice_1983Ford Escort Mk II03:53.474+1:00.310PS4
1179 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:53.523+1:00.800Xbox
1180 JAGEXFord Escort Mk II03:53.524+1:00.810Steam
1181 Shummy84Ford Escort Mk II03:53.607+1:00.164PS4
1182 Tea*KadenFord Escort Mk II03:53.624+1:00.181Steam
1183 UndokedLoki718Ford Escort Mk II03:53.707+1:00.264Xbox
1184 kentinxraceFord Escort Mk II03:53.741+1:00.298PS4
1185 gangrenatorFord Escort Mk II03:53.773+1:00.330PS4
1186 quentin31000Ford Escort Mk II03:53.823+1:00.380PS4
1187 Zealot Ford Escort Mk II03:53.824+1:00.381Steam
1188 B4Z1N64Ford Escort Mk II03:53.824+1:00.381PS4
1189 Hardcore UFOFord Escort Mk II03:53.923+1:00.480Steam
1190 MEISTER5470Ford Escort Mk II03:53.923+1:00.480PS4
1191 mh753 Ford Escort Mk II03:53.957+1:00.514Steam
1192 GravyTrainFord Escort Mk II03:53.957+1:00.514Steam
1193 tomppoFord Escort Mk II03:54.058+1:00.615PS4
1194 CeceCece79Ford Escort Mk II03:54.091+1:00.648PS4
1195 kyydetskiFord Escort Mk II03:54.123+1:00.680PS4
1196 whoorahh1962Ford Escort Mk II03:54.123+1:00.680PS4
1197 WRXLEEFord Escort Mk II03:54.141+1:00.698Xbox
1198 JuanCarlosToledFord Escort Mk II03:54.157+1:00.714Xbox
1199 MilkMan1100Ford Escort Mk II03:54.190+1:00.747PS4
1200 welehoFord Escort Mk II03:54.191+1:00.748Steam
1201 MustavuoriFord Escort Mk II03:54.257+1:00.814PS4
1202 JayManaFord Escort Mk II03:54.290+1:00.847Xbox
1203 Nezi0o Ford Escort Mk II03:54.291+1:00.848Steam
1204 InJusticeFord Escort Mk II03:54.323+1:00.880Steam
1205 adam20vanpersieFord Escort Mk II03:54.323+1:00.880PS4
1206 Arbu95Ford Escort Mk II03:54.357+1:00.914PS4
1207 speedimages283Ford Escort Mk II03:54.357+1:00.914Xbox
1208 AntonioMiguel007Ford Escort Mk II03:54.457+1:01.140PS4
1209 TappaaFord Escort Mk II03:54.490+1:01.470Steam
1210 WWWowan1968Rus59 Ford Escort Mk II03:54.507+1:01.640Steam
1211 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:54.524+1:01.810Xbox
1212 Mark-GiverFord Escort Mk II03:54.573+1:01.130PS4
1213 efraimlongFord Escort Mk II03:54.607+1:01.164PS4
1214 Molekulus2LFord Escort Mk II03:54.723+1:01.280Steam
1215 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:54.723+1:01.280Xbox
1216 Franken-RacerFord Escort Mk II03:54.840+1:01.397Steam
1217 dvalvladFord Escort Mk II03:54.873+1:01.430Steam
1218 Pycckuü Ford Escort Mk II03:54.873+1:01.430Steam
1219 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:54.873+1:01.430Xbox
1220 joh Ford Escort Mk II03:54.923+1:01.480Steam
1221 d_MufasaFord Escort Mk II03:54.923+1:01.480PS4
1222 domineaux57Ford Escort Mk II03:54.923+1:01.480PS4
1223 neilw0401Ford Escort Mk II03:54.941+1:01.498Xbox
1224 RICO217Ford Escort Mk II03:55.007+1:01.564Xbox
1225 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:55.107+1:01.664Xbox
1226 samppa54321Ford Escort Mk II03:55.157+1:01.714Steam
1227 [T.F]Raptor974 Ford Escort Mk II03:55.190+1:01.747Steam
1228 SC/KG_Phantom Ford Escort Mk II03:55.190+1:01.747Steam
1229 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:55.223+1:01.780Xbox
1230 Nong The NongFord Escort Mk II03:55.290+1:01.847Steam
1231 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:55.290+1:01.847Xbox
1232 OwnisherFord Escort Mk II03:55.307+1:01.864Steam
1233 PetrIvanoFord Escort Mk II03:55.307+1:01.864PS4
1234 roverTrevorFord Escort Mk II03:55.323+1:01.880PS4
1235 (Cdn)Phil Ford Escort Mk II03:55.373+1:01.930Steam
1236 Tqb555 Ford Escort Mk II03:55.374+1:01.931Steam
1237 The_BoleFord Escort Mk II03:55.407+1:01.964PS4
1238 klauskiefer34Ford Escort Mk II03:55.440+1:01.997PS4
1239 djandrew98Ford Escort Mk II03:55.474+1:02.310PS4
1240 XXmac59XXFord Escort Mk II03:55.474+1:02.310Xbox
1241 Dirter13Ford Escort Mk II03:55.490+1:02.470Steam
1242 Thunderclap786Ford Escort Mk II03:55.490+1:02.470PS4
1243 LÖHA123Ford Escort Mk II03:55.490+1:02.470Xbox
1244 thegreatjordinoFord Escort Mk II03:55.507+1:02.640Xbox
1245 OzyloneFord Escort Mk II03:55.573+1:02.130PS4
1246 EeevanFord Escort Mk II03:55.573+1:02.130Xbox
1247 AnalRangerFord Escort Mk II03:55.591+1:02.148Steam
1248 GriffBallerFord Escort Mk II03:55.591+1:02.148Xbox
1249 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:55.607+1:02.164Xbox
1250 kRILLbILLFord Escort Mk II03:55.624+1:02.181PS4
1251 benjamin0912Ford Escort Mk II03:55.624+1:02.181Xbox
1252 sergiovalinasFord Escort Mk II03:55.641+1:02.198PS4
1253 rpforlife793Ford Escort Mk II03:55.641+1:02.198PS4
1254 SzydlaKFord Escort Mk II03:55.674+1:02.231Steam
1255 PBMartinsFord Escort Mk II03:55.691+1:02.248PS4
1256 xFiFord Escort Mk II03:55.741+1:02.298Steam
1257 Rocketman2112Ford Escort Mk II03:55.791+1:02.348Xbox
1258 Forcer2402Ford Escort Mk II03:55.807+1:02.364PS4
1259 BOT BobFord Escort Mk II03:55.824+1:02.381Steam
1260 spong_loafFord Escort Mk II03:55.824+1:02.381PS4
1261 CuntKnuckleRoofWhoreFord Escort Mk II03:55.873+1:02.430Steam
1262 antti aljFord Escort Mk II03:55.924+1:02.481Steam
1263 ChRis-38-Ford Escort Mk II03:55.940+1:02.497PS4
1264 McRae_555_Ford Escort Mk II03:56.040+1:02.597PS4
1265 manfredhajek Ford Escort Mk II03:56.223+1:02.780Steam
1266 Magic CleanerFord Escort Mk II03:56.257+1:02.814Steam
1267 headspace_Ford Escort Mk II03:56.257+1:02.814PS4
1268 justteamboroFord Escort Mk II03:56.357+1:02.914Xbox
1269 AngryPenguuiinFord Escort Mk II03:56.440+1:02.997PS4
1270 ATenan60Ford Escort Mk II03:56.573+1:03.130PS4
1271 Ref_KankunenFord Escort Mk II03:56.574+1:03.131PS4
1272 canocoke71Ford Escort Mk II03:56.591+1:03.148PS4
1273 MuscleDevilFord Escort Mk II03:56.591+1:03.148PS4
1274 PingouinFord Escort Mk II03:56.674+1:03.231Steam
1275 Rsprinter11Ford Escort Mk II03:56.674+1:03.231PS4
1276 capuchi3Ford Escort Mk II03:56.790+1:03.347PS4
1277 ChokingOnChocolate (*&*)Ford Escort Mk II03:56.791+1:03.348Steam
1278 hoarem1Ford Escort Mk II03:56.857+1:03.414PS4
1279 DomionFord Escort Mk II03:56.890+1:03.447Steam
1280 romangardenFord Escort Mk II03:56.891+1:03.448PS4
1281 EnvyFord Escort Mk II03:56.991+1:03.548Steam
1282 caldufosFord Escort Mk II03:57.007+1:03.564PS4
1283 Heuge Mono Ford Escort Mk II03:57.057+1:03.614Steam
1284 slick_hubstlaFord Escort Mk II03:57.140+1:03.697PS4
1285 SamberQuichenFord Escort Mk II03:57.157+1:03.714PS4
1286 TORNADOFord Escort Mk II03:57.173+1:03.730Steam
1287 WrzaskMimaFord Escort Mk II03:57.207+1:03.764PS4
1288 Atticus_29Ford Escort Mk II03:57.257+1:03.814PS4
1289 MaGnEzFord Escort Mk II03:57.374+1:03.931Steam
1290 ruytejera11Ford Escort Mk II03:57.374+1:03.931Steam
1291 ElTiempo832Ford Escort Mk II03:57.374+1:03.931Steam
1292 Ruben__PazosFord Escort Mk II03:57.390+1:03.947PS4
1293 max03Ford Escort Mk II03:57.440+1:03.997Steam
1294 [UK] Jeremy Ford Escort Mk II03:57.457+1:04.140Steam
1295 CaTzViZoNFord Escort Mk II03:57.457+1:04.140PS4
1296 Bethel_RacerFord Escort Mk II03:57.491+1:04.480PS4
1297 Mustang429cjFord Escort Mk II03:57.523+1:04.800Xbox
1298 RCrobertoFord Escort Mk II03:57.524+1:04.810Xbox
1299 tuatarakiwi Ford Escort Mk II03:57.540+1:04.970Steam
1300 Psycho69Ford Escort Mk II03:57.557+1:04.114Steam
1301 Rober_0Ford Escort Mk II03:57.557+1:04.114PS4
1302 Unknown_R_FaceFord Escort Mk II03:57.590+1:04.147Steam
1303 stillerkarlFord Escort Mk II03:57.641+1:04.198Steam
1304 flippiasdFord Escort Mk II03:57.641+1:04.198PS4
1305 SameSameButBrownFord Escort Mk II03:57.657+1:04.214PS4
1306 neXtcikFord Escort Mk II03:57.673+1:04.230PS4
1307 Predatorz Ford Escort Mk II03:57.674+1:04.231Steam
1308 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:57.707+1:04.264Xbox
1309 ShamooRSFord Escort Mk II03:57.707+1:04.264Xbox
1310 WRMFord Escort Mk II03:57.724+1:04.281Steam
1311 mindstormer13Ford Escort Mk II03:57.758+1:04.315Steam
1312 Horst110772Ford Escort Mk II03:57.823+1:04.380PS4
1313 SlitheringOneFord Escort Mk II03:57.840+1:04.397Steam
1314 rcordebarFord Escort Mk II03:57.890+1:04.447Steam
1315 xxlbeefFord Escort Mk II03:57.891+1:04.448PS4
1316 joogieFord Escort Mk II03:57.941+1:04.498Steam
1317 Trenton H. KaineFord Escort Mk II03:57.973+1:04.530Steam
1318 DYLRALLYFord Escort Mk II03:57.974+1:04.531Xbox
1319 cariwiteFord Escort Mk II03:58.023+1:04.580PS4
1320 normandiereFord Escort Mk II03:58.040+1:04.597Steam
1321 XUJlER Ford Escort Mk II03:58.074+1:04.631Steam
1322 rh Ford Escort Mk II03:58.107+1:04.664Steam
1323 NAOHIRO32Ford Escort Mk II03:58.124+1:04.681PS4
1324 fernadpFord Escort Mk II03:58.157+1:04.714Steam
1325 KartSeptyniFord Escort Mk II03:58.223+1:04.780Steam
1326 giulygiulyFord Escort Mk II03:58.290+1:04.847PS4
1327 TwentyPencesFord Escort Mk II03:58.307+1:04.864PS4
1328 YantoxicFord Escort Mk II03:58.307+1:04.864PS4
1329 VanillaGorilla Ford Escort Mk II03:58.323+1:04.880Steam
1330 friedkiller Ford Escort Mk II03:58.374+1:04.931Steam
1331 griffithsracingFord Escort Mk II03:58.374+1:04.931PS4
1332 Le BedotFord Escort Mk II03:58.408+1:04.965Steam
1333 MemoryThief |4F| Ford Escort Mk II03:58.423+1:04.980Steam
1334 a19drianFord Escort Mk II03:58.490+1:05.470PS4
1335 zoth177Ford Escort Mk II03:58.490+1:05.470PS4
1336 jack_agscFord Escort Mk II03:58.507+1:05.640PS4
1337 Mcbaked--LovinitFord Escort Mk II03:58.541+1:05.980PS4
1338 TommyermeioFord Escort Mk II03:58.558+1:05.115PS4
1339 wzrd3Ford Escort Mk II03:58.574+1:05.131Xbox
1340 HELLIOSFord Escort Mk II03:58.640+1:05.197Xbox
1341 tapsimaattiFord Escort Mk II03:58.657+1:05.214PS4
1342 T246808Ford Escort Mk II03:58.707+1:05.264PS4
1343 Mr_KornflakesFord Escort Mk II03:58.741+1:05.298PS4
1344 ?Appy Ford Escort Mk II03:58.773+1:05.330Steam
1345 teamkronos88Ford Escort Mk II03:58.774+1:05.331PS4
1346 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:58.824+1:05.381Xbox
1347 arashosakaFord Escort Mk II03:58.840+1:05.397Steam
1348 kyukyokumutekiFord Escort Mk II03:58.840+1:05.397PS4
1349 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:58.840+1:05.397Xbox
1350 ·anxoventin·Ford Escort Mk II03:58.891+1:05.448Steam
1351 ruliusdFord Escort Mk II03:58.940+1:05.497PS4
1352 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:58.940+1:05.497Xbox
1353 muxy95Ford Escort Mk II03:58.974+1:05.531PS4
1354 azumi754Ford Escort Mk II03:59.040+1:05.597PS4
1355 Tsoprano Ford Escort Mk II03:59.090+1:05.647Steam
1356 mediumstemFord Escort Mk II03:59.090+1:05.647Xbox
1357 RonAl7583Ford Escort Mk II03:59.123+1:05.680PS4
1358 Nart Ford Escort Mk II03:59.158+1:05.715Steam
1359 KzoolFord Escort Mk II03:59.191+1:05.748Steam
1360 AhhhnickFord Escort Mk II03:59.207+1:05.764Xbox
1361 eyechrisFord Escort Mk II03:59.223+1:05.780PS4
1362 Re DargumFord Escort Mk II03:59.240+1:05.797Steam
1363 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:59.307+1:05.864Xbox
1364 Ruel_HugoFord Escort Mk II03:59.390+1:05.947PS4
1365 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:59.457+1:06.140Xbox
1366 ALBERTOABTFord Escort Mk II03:59.524+1:06.810Xbox
1367 alexopc81Ford Escort Mk II03:59.574+1:06.131PS4
1368 daletfoursFord Escort Mk II03:59.640+1:06.197Steam
1369 Kosimazaki_Ford Escort Mk II03:59.707+1:06.264PS4
1370 privatericoFord Escort Mk II03:59.724+1:06.281PS4
1371 St1rlingFord Escort Mk II03:59.757+1:06.314Xbox
1372 shaunsullFord Escort Mk II03:59.790+1:06.347Xbox
1373 EL-TINO-66Ford Escort Mk II03:59.807+1:06.364PS4
1374 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:59.824+1:06.381Xbox
1375 Jonssi7Ford Escort Mk II03:59.907+1:06.464Xbox
1376 So Called FriendFord Escort Mk II03:59.924+1:06.481Steam
1377 RacerEFord Escort Mk II03:59.924+1:06.481Xbox
1378 darkmetalmike Ford Escort Mk II03:59.957+1:06.514Steam
1379 BurzaFord Escort Mk II03:59.990+1:06.547Steam
1380 theraymachineFord Escort Mk II03:59.990+1:06.547PS4
1381 YamahaJim525Ford Escort Mk II04:00.007+1:06.564Xbox
1382 Mike67widzewFord Escort Mk II04:00.040+1:06.597PS4
1383 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:00.040+1:06.597Xbox
1384 DuStInZoOpReMe96Ford Escort Mk II04:00.057+1:06.614PS4
1385 Cptpugwall87Ford Escort Mk II04:00.124+1:06.681PS4
1386 ZoretmloufFord Escort Mk II04:00.174+1:06.731PS4
1387 xboxjpb74Ford Escort Mk II04:00.190+1:06.747Xbox
1388 HAL 9000 Ford Escort Mk II04:00.257+1:06.814Steam
1389 jilbfn88Ford Escort Mk II04:00.324+1:06.881PS4
1390 gusmoteroFord Escort Mk II04:00.340+1:06.897Xbox
1391 JoshHMM Ford Escort Mk II04:00.357+1:06.914Steam
1392 Remigio11vtsFord Escort Mk II04:00.357+1:06.914PS4
1393 skippi-73Ford Escort Mk II04:00.357+1:06.914PS4
1394 ColdVoidFord Escort Mk II04:00.407+1:06.964Steam
1395 fmerino01Ford Escort Mk II04:00.407+1:06.964PS4
1396 XolkysFord Escort Mk II04:00.507+1:07.640Steam
1397 bartscott82Ford Escort Mk II04:00.507+1:07.640PS4
1398 real ni????aFord Escort Mk II04:00.624+1:07.181Steam
1399 MT003Ford Escort Mk II04:00.640+1:07.197Steam
1400 YellowSquirrel88Ford Escort Mk II04:00.640+1:07.197PS4
1401 scottFord Escort Mk II04:00.674+1:07.231Steam
1402 thenewplayer123Ford Escort Mk II04:00.690+1:07.247PS4
1403 Rodney1809Ford Escort Mk II04:00.690+1:07.247PS4
1404 pinguincoFord Escort Mk II04:00.724+1:07.281Xbox
1405 ??beattleman??Ford Escort Mk II04:00.757+1:07.314Steam
1406 Jaster_Rogue-53Ford Escort Mk II04:00.790+1:07.347PS4
1407 paulmari Ford Escort Mk II04:00.907+1:07.464Steam
1408 gotjd8846Ford Escort Mk II04:00.907+1:07.464PS4
1409 SLAYER_FINFord Escort Mk II04:01.090+1:07.647PS4
1410 BlindschleicherFord Escort Mk II04:01.108+1:07.665PS4
1411 Tallahassee 3 Ford Escort Mk II04:01.124+1:07.681Steam
1412 nykvist.patrikFord Escort Mk II04:01.173+1:07.730Steam
1413 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:01.174+1:07.731Xbox
1414 isolano98Ford Escort Mk II04:01.224+1:07.781PS4
1415 wgedwegFord Escort Mk II04:01.274+1:07.831PS4
1416 Dark Side of The Stig Ford Escort Mk II04:01.290+1:07.847Steam
1417 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:01.357+1:07.914Xbox
1418 maxetdebFord Escort Mk II04:01.407+1:07.964PS4
1419 cristoph_chiongFord Escort Mk II04:01.473+1:08.300Steam
1420 BubbertosFord Escort Mk II04:01.523+1:08.800PS4
1421 schnippi711Ford Escort Mk II04:01.540+1:08.970PS4
1422 ComayerFord Escort Mk II04:01.541+1:08.980PS4
1423 terceraunratoFord Escort Mk II04:01.574+1:08.131PS4
1424 hjs19560Ford Escort Mk II04:01.607+1:08.164PS4
1425 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:01.657+1:08.214Xbox
1426 PR.[KIA] rPoXoTauJIoFord Escort Mk II04:01.658+1:08.215Steam
1427 STRAIGHT OUTTA FLAVOURTOWNFord Escort Mk II04:01.674+1:08.231Steam
1428 hrh_tobyFord Escort Mk II04:01.724+1:08.281PS4
1429 StonemanFord Escort Mk II04:01.840+1:08.397Steam
1430 Tupra62Ford Escort Mk II04:01.890+1:08.447PS4
1431 Squiddles666Ford Escort Mk II04:01.891+1:08.448Xbox
1432 kuruwekufeFord Escort Mk II04:01.907+1:08.464PS4
1433 Kruza923Ford Escort Mk II04:01.907+1:08.464Xbox
1434 Su_ta_gar_Ford Escort Mk II04:01.940+1:08.497PS4
1435 Kanku Ford Escort Mk II04:02.006+1:08.563Steam
1436 AndrzejBielawaFord Escort Mk II04:02.074+1:08.631PS4
1437 ShuppatsuShinkoFord Escort Mk II04:02.090+1:08.647Xbox
1438 hellsmasterFord Escort Mk II04:02.090+1:08.647Xbox
1439 Bang_GousFord Escort Mk II04:02.223+1:08.780PS4
1440 PandaGEEK14Ford Escort Mk II04:02.306+1:08.863PS4
1441 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:02.306+1:08.863Xbox
1442 Sunny TroglodyteFord Escort Mk II04:02.440+1:08.997Steam
1443 PeakOrangeFord Escort Mk II04:02.507+1:09.640PS4
1444 Negoninha-SOLER Ford Escort Mk II04:02.523+1:09.800Steam
1445 SlaPPeR-Kay Ford Escort Mk II04:02.574+1:09.131Steam
1446 YouMadMusic -F1AK-Ford Escort Mk II04:02.657+1:09.214Steam
1447 LubenSteinFord Escort Mk II04:02.657+1:09.214Steam
1448 MaMaZFord Escort Mk II04:02.758+1:09.315Steam
1449 D-storted Ford Escort Mk II04:02.824+1:09.381Steam
1450 WITT0014Ford Escort Mk II04:02.824+1:09.381Xbox
1451 NougatPfannkuchenGandalfFord Escort Mk II04:02.840+1:09.397Steam
1452 tj00bb0Ford Escort Mk II04:02.923+1:09.480PS4
1453 RiosownersFord Escort Mk II04:02.924+1:09.481PS4
1454 Mitsiotis_20Ford Escort Mk II04:02.973+1:09.530PS4
1455 jandar2Ford Escort Mk II04:02.974+1:09.531Steam
1456 rider1191Ford Escort Mk II04:03.041+1:09.598Steam
1457 boes.wFord Escort Mk II04:03.190+1:09.747Steam
1458 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:03.206+1:09.763Xbox
1459 LyytikkaFord Escort Mk II04:03.256+1:09.813PS4
1460 skog Ford Escort Mk II04:03.257+1:09.814Steam
1461 AntiRaptorFord Escort Mk II04:03.274+1:09.831Steam
1462 ZarecFord Escort Mk II04:03.290+1:09.847Steam
1463 Gnomitsu1982Ford Escort Mk II04:03.290+1:09.847PS4
1464 PabloestradeFord Escort Mk II04:03.324+1:09.881PS4
1465 Ric-ActivFord Escort Mk II04:03.340+1:09.897PS4
1466 andretimao1985Ford Escort Mk II04:03.406+1:09.963PS4
1467 TarakonazFord Escort Mk II04:03.407+1:09.964PS4
1468 CycoterminatorFord Escort Mk II04:03.456+1:10.130PS4
1469 [npx]FrostyFord Escort Mk II04:03.490+1:10.470Steam
1470 RXM307Ford Escort Mk II04:03.556+1:10.113Xbox
1471 [IHC] tj_saccoccioFord Escort Mk II04:03.557+1:10.114Steam
1472 Dr CainFord Escort Mk II04:03.591+1:10.148Steam
1473 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:03.706+1:10.263Xbox
1474 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:03.740+1:10.297Xbox
1475 XziTeFord Escort Mk II04:03.790+1:10.347Steam
1476 s2bs2Ford Escort Mk II04:03.890+1:10.447Xbox
1477 2016SHELBYGT350Ford Escort Mk II04:03.907+1:10.464Xbox
1478 BadaBoom1981 Ford Escort Mk II04:03.923+1:10.480Steam
1479 toreiflejonetFord Escort Mk II04:03.941+1:10.498PS4
1480 TecquFord Escort Mk II04:03.990+1:10.547Steam
1481 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:04.124+1:10.681Xbox
1482 vrmcoc66Ford Escort Mk II04:04.223+1:10.780PS4
1483 jamsville Ford Escort Mk II04:04.224+1:10.781Steam
1484 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:04.256+1:10.813Xbox
1485 javisukoneFord Escort Mk II04:04.257+1:10.814PS4
1486 djmax1385Ford Escort Mk II04:04.290+1:10.847PS4
1487 kantinA0710Ford Escort Mk II04:04.357+1:10.914PS4
1488 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:04.390+1:10.947Xbox
1489 MillionsLikeUsFord Escort Mk II04:04.407+1:10.964Steam
1490 mahprod2Ford Escort Mk II04:04.423+1:10.980Steam
1491 kika77100Ford Escort Mk II04:04.490+1:11.470PS4
1492 lunetFord Escort Mk II04:04.507+1:11.640Xbox
1493 BeaT--NiKFord Escort Mk II04:04.573+1:11.130PS4
1494 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:04.607+1:11.164Xbox
1495 SirDani 90 Ford Escort Mk II04:04.624+1:11.181Steam
1496 McShootyFaceFord Escort Mk II04:04.673+1:11.230Steam
1497 MariguanaBRFord Escort Mk II04:04.673+1:11.230PS4
1498 This is a PenFord Escort Mk II04:04.724+1:11.281Steam
1499 KHK_1982Ford Escort Mk II04:04.874+1:11.431PS4
1500 RhumichFord Escort Mk II04:04.890+1:11.447PS4
1501 ITJFord Escort Mk II04:04.957+1:11.514Steam
1502 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:04.991+1:11.548Xbox
1503 Supplique Ford Escort Mk II04:05.023+1:11.580Steam
1504 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:05.024+1:11.581Xbox
1505 ProRulyFord Escort Mk II04:05.040+1:11.597PS4
1506 fiskarfarfarFord Escort Mk II04:05.040+1:11.597PS4
1507 Jamie_IgnatowskiFord Escort Mk II04:05.040+1:11.597PS4
1508 ShozFord Escort Mk II04:05.124+1:11.681Steam
1509 ichittlFord Escort Mk II04:05.140+1:11.697PS4
1510 Ang3110v3Ford Escort Mk II04:05.223+1:11.780Steam
1511 sylvio50Ford Escort Mk II04:05.273+1:11.830PS4
1512 TOXICFord Escort Mk II04:05.290+1:11.847Steam
1513 v2derBarFord Escort Mk II04:05.423+1:11.980Steam
1514 volk_841Ford Escort Mk II04:05.441+1:11.998Steam
1515 Damnati0NFord Escort Mk II04:05.474+1:12.310Steam
1516 DB34122Ford Escort Mk II04:05.523+1:12.800PS4
1517 xxalby10 rispondiiiiiiFord Escort Mk II04:05.574+1:12.131Steam
1518 EyeQFord Escort Mk II04:05.607+1:12.164Steam
1519 Boppe™Ford Escort Mk II04:05.623+1:12.180Steam
1520 CredoboyFord Escort Mk II04:05.656+1:12.213PS4
1521 xX-Espi-XxFord Escort Mk II04:05.891+1:12.448PS4
1522 Farss1Ford Escort Mk II04:06.024+1:12.581PS4
1523 TheDriver34Ford Escort Mk II04:06.057+1:12.614Steam
1524 flems1993Ford Escort Mk II04:06.090+1:12.647PS4
1525 VetoulFord Escort Mk II04:06.090+1:12.647PS4
1526 nickotsidasFord Escort Mk II04:06.123+1:12.680Steam
1527 TheFozzyFord Escort Mk II04:06.124+1:12.681Xbox
1528 HELLASALTFord Escort Mk II04:06.190+1:12.747PS4
1529 make991Ford Escort Mk II04:06.424+1:12.981PS4
1530 bodoque2007Ford Escort Mk II04:06.440+1:12.997PS4
1531 x-Gisby-xFord Escort Mk II04:06.507+1:13.640PS4
1532 DLetecFord Escort Mk II04:06.523+1:13.800Steam
1533 Indy259Ford Escort Mk II04:06.640+1:13.197PS4
1534 PescadoWRCFord Escort Mk II04:06.657+1:13.214PS4
1535 V.PtolemyFord Escort Mk II04:06.706+1:13.263Steam
1536 mathieu1985-wFord Escort Mk II04:06.740+1:13.297PS4
1537 XmLCFord Escort Mk II04:06.823+1:13.380Steam
1538 ladrien55Ford Escort Mk II04:06.824+1:13.381Xbox
1539 camspa06Ford Escort Mk II04:06.857+1:13.414PS4
1540 HisperssonFord Escort Mk II04:06.923+1:13.480PS4
1541 SpatialDragon Ford Escort Mk II04:07.006+1:13.563Steam
1542 PromonovaFord Escort Mk II04:07.007+1:13.564PS4
1543 RaizeR.Ford Escort Mk II04:07.240+1:13.797Steam
1544 ortan75Ford Escort Mk II04:07.273+1:13.830PS4
1545 |TeM| ReikhardtFord Escort Mk II04:07.340+1:13.897Steam
1546 xokazyFord Escort Mk II04:07.340+1:13.897PS4
1547 MarsupilariFord Escort Mk II04:07.357+1:13.914Steam
1548 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:07.357+1:13.914Xbox
1549 pakeykc Ford Escort Mk II04:07.457+1:14.140Steam
1550 dd98gd00Ford Escort Mk II04:07.490+1:14.470PS4
1551 freix21_6Ford Escort Mk II04:07.523+1:14.800PS4
1552 ozzfest450Ford Escort Mk II04:07.557+1:14.114PS4
1553 HazardousMike13Ford Escort Mk II04:07.674+1:14.231Xbox
1554 pepe5803Ford Escort Mk II04:07.740+1:14.297Xbox
1555 FoniX Ford Escort Mk II04:07.756+1:14.313Steam
1556 TiemoFord Escort Mk II04:07.757+1:14.314PS4
1557 bronson34Ford Escort Mk II04:07.773+1:14.330PS4
1558 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:07.941+1:14.498Xbox
1559 Pepe_LabellaFord Escort Mk II04:07.956+1:14.513PS4
1560 TodesenteFord Escort Mk II04:07.973+1:14.530Steam
1561 SSVendettaFord Escort Mk II04:08.007+1:14.564Xbox
1562 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:08.023+1:14.580Xbox
1563 Axel_W_GermanyFord Escort Mk II04:08.090+1:14.647PS4
1564 emperor_grondFord Escort Mk II04:08.123+1:14.680Steam
1565 Guene5819Ford Escort Mk II04:08.156+1:14.713PS4
1566 ELCH_LOCKOFord Escort Mk II04:08.156+1:14.713PS4
1567 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:08.190+1:14.747Xbox
1568 veikkaappaFord Escort Mk II04:08.274+1:14.831Steam
1569 Vadim19980906Ford Escort Mk II04:08.290+1:14.847Steam
1570 ZOCKER2502Ford Escort Mk II04:08.307+1:14.864PS4
1571 BadBoy997Ford Escort Mk II04:08.324+1:14.881PS4
1572 mannhoFord Escort Mk II04:08.373+1:14.930PS4
1573 West Aussie Mick...Ford Escort Mk II04:08.391+1:14.948Steam
1574 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:08.440+1:14.997Xbox
1575 Greif75Ford Escort Mk II04:08.557+1:15.114Steam
1576 master_of_ketchupFord Escort Mk II04:08.607+1:15.164Steam
1577 Šmïffy Ford Escort Mk II04:08.623+1:15.180Steam
1578 Garik2511Ford Escort Mk II04:08.657+1:15.214PS4
1579 LunacyFord Escort Mk II04:08.707+1:15.264Steam
1580 kegpalm80Ford Escort Mk II04:08.723+1:15.280Xbox
1581 | Drunk Stripper |Ford Escort Mk II04:08.790+1:15.347Steam
1582 kraichFord Escort Mk II04:08.807+1:15.364Steam
1583 GarfildKillFord Escort Mk II04:08.823+1:15.380Steam
1584 D_0_KFord Escort Mk II04:08.840+1:15.397Steam
1585 h1tmanj0eFord Escort Mk II04:08.890+1:15.447PS4
1586 v-tecFord Escort Mk II04:08.991+1:15.548Steam
1587 CialtFord Escort Mk II04:09.024+1:15.581Steam
1588 grand-bill60Ford Escort Mk II04:09.107+1:15.664PS4
1589 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:09.124+1:15.681Xbox
1590 bao0228Ford Escort Mk II04:09.157+1:15.714PS4
1591 KalTomFord Escort Mk II04:09.173+1:15.730Steam
1592 sasisukaFord Escort Mk II04:09.224+1:15.781PS4
1593 Jatkojohto69Ford Escort Mk II04:09.225+1:15.782Xbox
1594 KingCrash983Ford Escort Mk II04:09.240+1:15.797PS4
1595 betonomeshalkaFord Escort Mk II04:09.257+1:15.814Steam
1596 Prophedis Ford Escort Mk II04:09.357+1:15.914Steam
1597 KeneanoFord Escort Mk II04:09.357+1:15.914Steam
1598 grzesiekgoworekFord Escort Mk II04:09.357+1:15.914Xbox
1599 jabbeRONEFord Escort Mk II04:09.373+1:15.930Steam
1600 ChildSoapFord Escort Mk II04:09.390+1:15.947Steam
1601 Intimus gel Ford Escort Mk II04:09.441+1:15.998Steam
1602 gFord Escort Mk II04:09.541+1:16.980Steam
1603 jpespaFord Escort Mk II04:09.557+1:16.114PS4
1604 Dinka Ford Escort Mk II04:09.573+1:16.130Steam
1605 danteXIIIFord Escort Mk II04:09.657+1:16.214Xbox
1606 busterg128 Ford Escort Mk II04:09.757+1:16.314Steam
1607 perucas1995Ford Escort Mk II04:09.773+1:16.330PS4
1608 lola22evaFord Escort Mk II04:09.773+1:16.330PS4
1609 scanx147Ford Escort Mk II04:09.790+1:16.347PS4
1610 ??·???·???Ford Escort Mk II04:09.856+1:16.413Steam
1611 axbullFord Escort Mk II04:09.907+1:16.464PS4
1612 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:09.923+1:16.480Xbox
1613 giotis39Ford Escort Mk II04:09.940+1:16.497PS4
1614 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:09.956+1:16.513Xbox
1615 Momo JonesFord Escort Mk II04:10.040+1:16.597Steam
1616 Jr_CipoFord Escort Mk II04:10.040+1:16.597PS4
1617 PepinstelroyFord Escort Mk II04:10.073+1:16.630PS4
1618 speeder101Ford Escort Mk II04:10.089+1:16.646Xbox
1619 MisterSnorFord Escort Mk II04:10.106+1:16.663Steam
1620 teejayFord Escort Mk II04:10.107+1:16.664Steam
1621 yz2501993Ford Escort Mk II04:10.107+1:16.664PS4
1622 Joseph JoestarFord Escort Mk II04:10.123+1:16.680Steam
1623 przemek.74Ford Escort Mk II04:10.173+1:16.730Steam
1624 antongeerligsFord Escort Mk II04:10.190+1:16.747PS4
1625 il__BeppeFord Escort Mk II04:10.223+1:16.780PS4
1626 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:10.306+1:16.863Xbox
1627 AleX-MaGiKKFord Escort Mk II04:10.390+1:16.947PS4
1628 KatsoupiFord Escort Mk II04:10.473+1:17.300PS4
1629 eddmingtonFord Escort Mk II04:10.540+1:17.970PS4
1630 babastvr6Ford Escort Mk II04:10.624+1:17.181PS4
1631 D69RedlineFord Escort Mk II04:10.641+1:17.198PS4
1632 Bigudi|hck|Ford Escort Mk II04:10.707+1:17.264Steam
1633 DoubleAFord Escort Mk II04:10.723+1:17.280Steam
1634 MaxR3331Ford Escort Mk II04:10.724+1:17.281PS4
1635 Magical_OreoFord Escort Mk II04:10.757+1:17.314PS4
1636 NjitRamFord Escort Mk II04:10.790+1:17.347Steam
1637 MOZ1837Ford Escort Mk II04:10.907+1:17.464PS4
1638 NuutMarkFord Escort Mk II04:10.973+1:17.530Steam
1639 xDeadlyWolfFord Escort Mk II04:11.074+1:17.631PS4
1640 Sean Kush Ford Escort Mk II04:11.124+1:17.681Steam
1641 papoose_naciremaFord Escort Mk II04:11.157+1:17.714PS4
1642 lepaz16Ford Escort Mk II04:11.173+1:17.730PS4
1643 redderz88Ford Escort Mk II04:11.207+1:17.764Xbox
1644 Thomas W.Ford Escort Mk II04:11.423+1:17.980Steam
1645 aro_stoneFord Escort Mk II04:11.539+1:18.960Steam
1646 RobinThornberg98Ford Escort Mk II04:11.607+1:18.164PS4
1647 ak90dh2Ford Escort Mk II04:11.608+1:18.165PS4
1648 hans-j.p Ford Escort Mk II04:11.706+1:18.263Steam
1649 awds1442Ford Escort Mk II04:11.823+1:18.380PS4
1650 ritchierayFord Escort Mk II04:11.906+1:18.463Oculus
1651 bartWuFord Escort Mk II04:11.974+1:18.531Steam
1652 1800GETWEEDFord Escort Mk II04:11.990+1:18.547Xbox
1653 StirnfronzJoslFord Escort Mk II04:12.006+1:18.563Xbox
1654 Manu_BVB90Ford Escort Mk II04:12.107+1:18.664Steam
1655 halavciksFord Escort Mk II04:12.107+1:18.664PS4
1656 BatMan513Ford Escort Mk II04:12.107+1:18.664Xbox
1657 djaponey Ford Escort Mk II04:12.157+1:18.714Steam
1658 JusT_BeddowFord Escort Mk II04:12.190+1:18.747PS4
1659 aki*Ford Escort Mk II04:12.224+1:18.781Steam
1660 frOowFord Escort Mk II04:12.257+1:18.814PS4
1661 Melow947Ford Escort Mk II04:12.273+1:18.830Xbox
1662 vegezuelaFord Escort Mk II04:12.324+1:18.881PS4
1663 pogmahoinFord Escort Mk II04:12.357+1:18.914PS4
1664 Röder Ford Escort Mk II04:12.390+1:18.947Steam
1665 jomaro_46Ford Escort Mk II04:12.424+1:18.981PS4
1666 The_StinoFord Escort Mk II04:12.574+1:19.131PS4
1667 krawitzeFord Escort Mk II04:12.673+1:19.230PS4
1668 slipperywinkleFord Escort Mk II04:12.691+1:19.248PS4
1669 BrekekeFord Escort Mk II04:12.756+1:19.313Steam
1670 bmudBrooksFord Escort Mk II04:12.857+1:19.414Xbox
1671 SkoukermanFord Escort Mk II04:12.890+1:19.447Steam
1672 Shaggy MustacheFord Escort Mk II04:13.007+1:19.564Steam
1673 BimmelFord Escort Mk II04:13.140+1:19.697Steam
1674 willziggFord Escort Mk II04:13.157+1:19.714Steam
1675 michel3497Ford Escort Mk II04:13.189+1:19.746Steam
1676 Antoine_003Ford Escort Mk II04:13.207+1:19.764PS4
1677 Sandro Pinho Ford Escort Mk II04:13.224+1:19.781Steam
1678 Hi ! APPLEFord Escort Mk II04:13.240+1:19.797Steam
1679 psycotrickFord Escort Mk II04:13.274+1:19.831PS4
1680 ClawlessicFord Escort Mk II04:13.374+1:19.931PS4
1681 raphou6900000000Ford Escort Mk II04:13.490+1:20.470PS4
1682 SteeminSeamanFord Escort Mk II04:13.507+1:20.640Steam
1683 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:13.523+1:20.800Xbox
1684 Soul VengeanceFord Escort Mk II04:13.540+1:20.970Steam
1685 Marco17026Ford Escort Mk II04:13.757+1:20.314PS4
1686 Slavko990Ford Escort Mk II04:13.940+1:20.497PS4
1687 b3boFord Escort Mk II04:13.956+1:20.513Steam
1688 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:14.106+1:20.663Xbox
1689 GiallakaFord Escort Mk II04:14.107+1:20.664PS4
1690 beanster1966Ford Escort Mk II04:14.107+1:20.664Xbox
1691 Szidaj-San Ford Escort Mk II04:14.141+1:20.698Steam
1692 Urban_Justice23Ford Escort Mk II04:14.190+1:20.747PS4
1693 Mc' NultyFord Escort Mk II04:14.240+1:20.797Steam
1694 guillaume07430Ford Escort Mk II04:14.240+1:20.797Xbox
1695 !!HeYRiiK!!: FrenchFord Escort Mk II04:14.273+1:20.830Steam
1696 FUNGI12Ford Escort Mk II04:14.373+1:20.930PS4
1697 dirbikejonFord Escort Mk II04:14.373+1:20.930Xbox
1698 Delayed BlowbackFord Escort Mk II04:14.540+1:21.970Steam
1699 eltaigaFord Escort Mk II04:14.573+1:21.130PS4
1700 JipFord Escort Mk II04:14.590+1:21.147Steam
1701 NyhagenFord Escort Mk II04:14.590+1:21.147Xbox
1702 rallymandu37Ford Escort Mk II04:14.706+1:21.263PS4
1703 ???Ford Escort Mk II04:14.873+1:21.430Steam
1704 TnCraftyFord Escort Mk II04:14.890+1:21.447Xbox
1705 ByValdo83Ford Escort Mk II04:14.957+1:21.514PS4
1706 manuel26232Ford Escort Mk II04:14.974+1:21.531Steam
1707 Smithers-1968_Ford Escort Mk II04:14.990+1:21.547PS4
1708 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:14.990+1:21.547Xbox
1709 Smoke & MirrorsFord Escort Mk II04:15.107+1:21.664Steam
1710 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.156+1:21.713Xbox
1711 NismoR034Ford Escort Mk II04:15.224+1:21.781Xbox
1712 flipperFord Escort Mk II04:15.290+1:21.847Steam
1713 Oakley0304Ford Escort Mk II04:15.290+1:21.847PS4
1714 STiCKFord Escort Mk II04:15.340+1:21.897Steam
1715 Atikus13Ford Escort Mk II04:15.373+1:21.930Steam
1716 RiP Culture????Ford Escort Mk II04:15.390+1:21.947Steam
1717 boomer129krFord Escort Mk II04:15.390+1:21.947PS4
1718 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.390+1:21.947Xbox
1719 nugattschniteFord Escort Mk II04:15.423+1:21.980PS4
1720 mooster113Ford Escort Mk II04:15.474+1:22.310PS4
1721 MILANECZECHFord Escort Mk II04:15.656+1:22.213PS4
1722 masterFord Escort Mk II04:15.724+1:22.281Steam
1723 DazRalphs Ford Escort Mk II04:15.757+1:22.314Steam
1724 royneroFord Escort Mk II04:15.757+1:22.314PS4
1725 deathoFord Escort Mk II04:15.823+1:22.380Xbox
1726 MikeFilipusFord Escort Mk II04:15.873+1:22.430PS4
1727 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.890+1:22.447Xbox
1728 redi090970Ford Escort Mk II04:15.907+1:22.464PS4
1729 Bronzo_nononFord Escort Mk II04:15.990+1:22.547PS4
1730 JonathanSM_91Ford Escort Mk II04:16.024+1:22.581PS4
1731 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:16.024+1:22.581Xbox
1732 AuToMaNyAkO_akh7Ford Escort Mk II04:16.207+1:22.764PS4
1733 TASSE76Ford Escort Mk II04:16.207+1:22.764Xbox
1734 JuheccFord Escort Mk II04:16.223+1:22.780PS4
1735 Priba737Ford Escort Mk II04:16.257+1:22.814PS4
1736 thecrew13058Ford Escort Mk II04:16.290+1:22.847PS4
1737 Valix9696Ford Escort Mk II04:16.307+1:22.864PS4
1738 iMadnixxFord Escort Mk II04:16.374+1:22.931Steam
1739 ooKaufmanooFord Escort Mk II04:16.406+1:22.963PS4
1740 Cpt_Flow1302Ford Escort Mk II04:16.456+1:23.130PS4
1741 ProtipFord Escort Mk II04:16.474+1:23.310Xbox
1742 L864u2Ford Escort Mk II04:16.606+1:23.163PS4
1743 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:16.673+1:23.230Xbox
1744 sam__608Ford Escort Mk II04:16.689+1:23.246PS4
1745 CinetykFord Escort Mk II04:16.724+1:23.281Steam
1746 sunny1982Ford Escort Mk II04:16.756+1:23.313Xbox
1747 joeanne66Ford Escort Mk II04:16.790+1:23.347PS4
1748 bouseux31Ford Escort Mk II04:16.874+1:23.431PS4
1749 DH4491Ford Escort Mk II04:16.874+1:23.431Xbox
1750 WingFord Escort Mk II04:17.090+1:23.647Steam
1751 Yankee 71100Ford Escort Mk II04:17.273+1:23.830Steam
1752 MistaKoschFord Escort Mk II04:17.373+1:23.930PS4
1753 elmtreejoineryFord Escort Mk II04:17.439+1:23.996PS4
1754 RAGNAROFANARCHYFord Escort Mk II04:17.456+1:24.130PS4
1755 blswagger87Ford Escort Mk II04:17.740+1:24.297PS4
1756 stylefree230Ford Escort Mk II04:17.807+1:24.364PS4
1757 jmxl8558Ford Escort Mk II04:17.823+1:24.380Steam
1758 FugneliusFord Escort Mk II04:17.823+1:24.380Steam
1759 baja1974Ford Escort Mk II04:17.857+1:24.414PS4
1760 BroanFord Escort Mk II04:17.889+1:24.446Steam
1761 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:18.173+1:24.730Xbox
1762 FART NOISE Ford Escort Mk II04:18.257+1:24.814Steam
1763 TanulinkFord Escort Mk II04:18.273+1:24.830Xbox
1764 starcloud60 Ford Escort Mk II04:18.290+1:24.847Steam
1765 NeviDimkaFord Escort Mk II04:18.290+1:24.847Steam
1766 guzman8670Ford Escort Mk II04:18.290+1:24.847PS4
1767 KochinbaFord Escort Mk II04:18.306+1:24.863Steam
1768 gorohovetsFord Escort Mk II04:18.356+1:24.913Steam
1769 fa605746Ford Escort Mk II04:18.373+1:24.930Steam
1770 Br_IOneFord Escort Mk II04:18.406+1:24.963PS4
1771 RecultivatedMindFord Escort Mk II04:18.424+1:24.981PS4
1772 EduSta743Ford Escort Mk II04:18.440+1:24.997PS4
1773 LeftbehindFord Escort Mk II04:18.473+1:25.300Steam
1774 KaS0Y [EGONS LTD.]Ford Escort Mk II04:18.489+1:25.460Steam
1775 Pollux95Ford Escort Mk II04:18.523+1:25.800Xbox
1776 AdreNalin1100101Ford Escort Mk II04:18.673+1:25.230PS4
1777 WilfredilFord Escort Mk II04:18.706+1:25.263Steam
1778 sennenatoFord Escort Mk II04:18.740+1:25.297PS4
1779 djw1Ford Escort Mk II04:18.740+1:25.297PS4
1780 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:18.740+1:25.297Xbox
1781 AminApGKINGFord Escort Mk II04:18.756+1:25.313PS4
1782 gebbana_uggoFord Escort Mk II04:18.791+1:25.348PS4
1783 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:18.806+1:25.363Xbox
1784 AaronGoSoFastFord Escort Mk II04:18.973+1:25.530Xbox
1785 kaschii93Ford Escort Mk II04:19.023+1:25.580PS4
1786 ZurgFord Escort Mk II04:19.173+1:25.730Steam
1787 stihlbaerFord Escort Mk II04:19.190+1:25.747Steam
1788 blackfloyd74Ford Escort Mk II04:19.290+1:25.847Xbox
1789 Markitos000614Ford Escort Mk II04:19.372+1:25.929PS4
1790 poti_18Ford Escort Mk II04:19.440+1:25.997PS4
1791 twitch.tv/homuno Ford Escort Mk II04:19.457+1:26.140Steam
1792 jamboo0160Ford Escort Mk II04:19.457+1:26.140PS4
1793 parrot1985tFord Escort Mk II04:19.490+1:26.470PS4
1794 KuulisFord Escort Mk II04:19.507+1:26.640Steam
1795 Sr_KrAk696Ford Escort Mk II04:19.556+1:26.113PS4
1796 moogle_meisterFord Escort Mk II04:19.673+1:26.230PS4
1797 Lashko8-----3Ford Escort Mk II04:19.674+1:26.231Steam
1798 RandyMartoff301Ford Escort Mk II04:19.706+1:26.263PS4
1799 bussardono1Ford Escort Mk II04:19.707+1:26.264PS4
1800 Schleicher24Ford Escort Mk II04:19.740+1:26.297PS4
1801 Carnyx84Ford Escort Mk II04:19.740+1:26.297PS4
1802 ym83 Ford Escort Mk II04:19.774+1:26.331Steam
1803 mikolop2Ford Escort Mk II04:19.856+1:26.413PS4
1804 LiabilityFord Escort Mk II04:19.873+1:26.430Steam
1805 mdee666Ford Escort Mk II04:19.922+1:26.479Steam
1806 enry-avanz1969Ford Escort Mk II04:19.973+1:26.530PS4
1807 debb1046Ford Escort Mk II04:20.006+1:26.563Steam
1808 bleifuss-46Ford Escort Mk II04:20.023+1:26.580PS4
1809 WRC1982JESFord Escort Mk II04:20.073+1:26.630PS4
1810 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:20.106+1:26.663Xbox
1811 PapyRotoFord Escort Mk II04:20.123+1:26.680PS4
1812 ByouteFord Escort Mk II04:20.190+1:26.747PS4
1813 isabelijosepFord Escort Mk II04:20.256+1:26.813PS4
1814 DIRTY HUMAN BEANTERFord Escort Mk II04:20.324+1:26.881Steam
1815 Lewmatic12Ford Escort Mk II04:20.440+1:26.997PS4
1816 fingers37Ford Escort Mk II04:20.790+1:27.347PS4
1817 COLDERZEUS75106Ford Escort Mk II04:20.806+1:27.363Xbox
1818 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:21.006+1:27.563Xbox
1819 losuhermanos054Ford Escort Mk II04:21.023+1:27.580PS4
1820 Bailout Benny Ford Escort Mk II04:21.057+1:27.614Steam
1821 NANOhgFord Escort Mk II04:21.106+1:27.663PS4
1822 SoneranmiesFord Escort Mk II04:21.173+1:27.730PS4
1823 Ménku PocokFord Escort Mk II04:21.189+1:27.746Steam
1824 Corbec Ford Escort Mk II04:21.206+1:27.763Steam
1825 myblackcat2Ford Escort Mk II04:21.240+1:27.797PS4
1826 sportstj25Ford Escort Mk II04:21.272+1:27.829Xbox
1827 EmilioEsteveezzFord Escort Mk II04:21.357+1:27.914PS4
1828 __357MAG__ Ford Escort Mk II04:21.406+1:27.963Steam
1829 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:21.439+1:27.996Xbox
1830 Gerhard-49Ford Escort Mk II04:21.440+1:27.997PS4
1831 dadabugatti95Ford Escort Mk II04:21.723+1:28.280PS4
1832 accatyycFord Escort Mk II04:21.756+1:28.313Xbox
1833 ams1981Ford Escort Mk II04:21.940+1:28.497Xbox
1834 francois_ckFord Escort Mk II04:21.957+1:28.514PS4
1835 ForzaOM62110Ford Escort Mk II04:22.040+1:28.597PS4
1836 BazzolaFord Escort Mk II04:22.056+1:28.613Xbox
1837 ID_LambdaFord Escort Mk II04:22.089+1:28.646PS4
1838 gilber86Ford Escort Mk II04:22.107+1:28.664PS4
1839 XAUNTYSEFord Escort Mk II04:22.207+1:28.764Steam
1840 ethang98Ford Escort Mk II04:22.224+1:28.781Steam
1841 Waaylander Ford Escort Mk II04:22.256+1:28.813Steam
1842 rossocarlosFord Escort Mk II04:22.323+1:28.880PS4
1843 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:22.357+1:28.914Xbox
1844 SATAN.exeFord Escort Mk II04:22.389+1:28.946Steam
1845 pigguFord Escort Mk II04:22.506+1:29.630PS4
1846 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:22.523+1:29.800Xbox
1847 Lboldt1Ford Escort Mk II04:22.590+1:29.147PS4
1848 ecdesign33Ford Escort Mk II04:22.690+1:29.247PS4
1849 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:22.739+1:29.296Xbox
1850 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:22.756+1:29.313Xbox
1851 §UI¢IÐ?L-?515oFord Escort Mk II04:22.890+1:29.447Steam
1852 SelespridarFord Escort Mk II04:23.074+1:29.631Steam
1853 thc123Ford Escort Mk II04:23.206+1:29.763PS4
1854 bossbirdFord Escort Mk II04:23.206+1:29.763Xbox
1855 [JUZT]Skiron1441Ford Escort Mk II04:23.373+1:29.930Steam
1856 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:23.389+1:29.946Xbox
1857 mickFord Escort Mk II04:23.406+1:29.963Steam
1858 GipperFord Escort Mk II04:23.406+1:29.963Steam
1859 MrThaPausFord Escort Mk II04:23.423+1:29.980PS4
1860 CatBeardFaceFord Escort Mk II04:23.440+1:29.997Steam
1861 MysterBrownFord Escort Mk II04:23.672+1:30.229PS4
1862 weisherbiacekFord Escort Mk II04:23.673+1:30.230PS4
1863 brunoglcarvalho Ford Escort Mk II04:23.806+1:30.363Steam
1864 ExcDamsFord Escort Mk II04:23.857+1:30.414Steam
1865 stratisdFord Escort Mk II04:23.889+1:30.446PS4
1866 desangaFord Escort Mk II04:24.023+1:30.580PS4
1867 oltsapoltsaFord Escort Mk II04:24.023+1:30.580PS4
1868 Sineady84Ford Escort Mk II04:24.039+1:30.596PS4
1869 Helldog1100Ford Escort Mk II04:24.123+1:30.680Steam
1870 brunods.freitasFord Escort Mk II04:24.124+1:30.681Steam
1871 rubengpedrosaFord Escort Mk II04:24.189+1:30.746PS4
1872 proxor23Ford Escort Mk II04:24.273+1:30.830Steam
1873 techsoldierFord Escort Mk II04:24.473+1:31.300Steam
1874 DRABAGAN196rusFord Escort Mk II04:24.473+1:31.300PS4
1875 YENTL2002Ford Escort Mk II04:24.473+1:31.300PS4
1876 benfabaleFord Escort Mk II04:24.606+1:31.163PS4
1877 0xJAKE Ford Escort Mk II04:24.773+1:31.330Steam
1878 KLAVSON18Ford Escort Mk II04:24.839+1:31.396PS4
1879 Lukeno94Ford Escort Mk II04:24.840+1:31.397Steam
1880 Qatar CSGO500Ford Escort Mk II04:25.090+1:31.647Steam
1881 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:25.189+1:31.746Xbox
1882 yaricks_1Ford Escort Mk II04:25.289+1:31.846PS4
1883 harDkoaL23Ford Escort Mk II04:25.356+1:31.913PS4
1884 CirifishFord Escort Mk II04:25.440+1:31.997PS4
1885 OliverKa13Ford Escort Mk II04:25.490+1:32.470PS4
1886 johansson1Ford Escort Mk II04:25.540+1:32.970Xbox
1887 Langley Ford Escort Mk II04:25.573+1:32.130Steam
1888 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:25.623+1:32.180Xbox
1889 onegoatFord Escort Mk II04:25.707+1:32.264Xbox
1890 wagnergomespereira10 Ford Escort Mk II04:25.722+1:32.279Steam
1891 overflwFord Escort Mk II04:25.807+1:32.364PS4
1892 juleRN81Ford Escort Mk II04:25.957+1:32.514Xbox
1893 abcarr1Ford Escort Mk II04:25.972+1:32.529PS4
1894 Kimble92Ford Escort Mk II04:26.023+1:32.580PS4
1895 >>DAX<<Ford Escort Mk II04:26.073+1:32.630Steam
1896 seaheroeFord Escort Mk II04:26.090+1:32.647Steam
1897 BIGMAN_53Ford Escort Mk II04:26.123+1:32.680PS4
1898 ijuvakFord Escort Mk II04:26.274+1:32.831Steam
1899 Erick113Ford Escort Mk II04:26.507+1:33.640Xbox
1900 aidasbrazFord Escort Mk II04:26.523+1:33.800PS4
1901 Thaydg23Ford Escort Mk II04:26.539+1:33.960PS4
1902 SoulfullGingerFord Escort Mk II04:26.540+1:33.970Steam
1903 SwaggerFord Escort Mk II04:26.556+1:33.113Steam
1904 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:26.606+1:33.163Xbox
1905 fatypigyFord Escort Mk II04:26.639+1:33.196PS4
1906 DenshikiFord Escort Mk II04:26.656+1:33.213Steam
1907 AndreykoFord Escort Mk II04:26.756+1:33.313Steam
1908 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:26.807+1:33.364Xbox
1909 as449siFord Escort Mk II04:27.023+1:33.580PS4
1910 OLD-JOHNNY-BOYFord Escort Mk II04:27.072+1:33.629PS4
1911 florian30400Ford Escort Mk II04:27.073+1:33.630PS4
1912 EddardStark Ford Escort Mk II04:27.140+1:33.697Steam
1913 vidal3284Ford Escort Mk II04:27.141+1:33.698PS4
1914 vw318tFord Escort Mk II04:27.190+1:33.747PS4
1915 fr3nzyFord Escort Mk II04:27.223+1:33.780Steam
1916 danthol47Ford Escort Mk II04:27.339+1:33.896PS4
1917 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:27.357+1:33.914Xbox
1918 maks.baklanovFord Escort Mk II04:27.490+1:34.470Steam
1919 paroga66Ford Escort Mk II04:27.506+1:34.630PS4
1920 FSarkisFord Escort Mk II04:27.639+1:34.196Xbox
1921 san4ez_xFord Escort Mk II04:27.690+1:34.247PS4
1922 SirLiukka87Ford Escort Mk II04:27.707+1:34.264PS4
1923 Wilbur03Ford Escort Mk II04:27.857+1:34.414Xbox
1924 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:27.905+1:34.462Xbox
1925 COLEY999Ford Escort Mk II04:27.990+1:34.547Xbox
1926 cremasterfanFord Escort Mk II04:28.007+1:34.564Xbox
1927 hightower72Ford Escort Mk II04:28.089+1:34.646Steam
1928 bendrich Ford Escort Mk II04:28.190+1:34.747Steam
1929 mettmann2012Ford Escort Mk II04:28.207+1:34.764PS4
1930 SlippityDFord Escort Mk II04:28.223+1:34.780PS4
1931 calystoweFord Escort Mk II04:28.290+1:34.847PS4
1932 mongafifi Ford Escort Mk II04:28.439+1:34.996Steam
1933 Get Eggnogg'dFord Escort Mk II04:28.440+1:34.997Steam
1934 HelderbartenderFord Escort Mk II04:28.589+1:35.146PS4
1935 grunenwaldflo192Ford Escort Mk II04:28.656+1:35.213PS4
1936 hellborgFord Escort Mk II04:28.739+1:35.296Steam
1937 mintballFord Escort Mk II04:28.823+1:35.380PS4
1938 Waka_Floka_PapsFord Escort Mk II04:28.873+1:35.430PS4
1939 kronik88daleFord Escort Mk II04:28.923+1:35.480PS4
1940 azyrus66Ford Escort Mk II04:28.940+1:35.497Steam
1941 BumblebeeFord Escort Mk II04:28.956+1:35.513Steam
1942 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:28.956+1:35.513Xbox
1943 LevDoe89Ford Escort Mk II04:28.973+1:35.530PS4
1944 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:29.006+1:35.563Xbox
1945 [Search]LenGamesGerrrFord Escort Mk II04:29.039+1:35.596Steam
1946 ReveeerseFord Escort Mk II04:29.056+1:35.613PS4
1947 Ellmo1983Ford Escort Mk II04:29.089+1:35.646PS4
1948 ShivaSoundFord Escort Mk II04:29.173+1:35.730Steam
1949 BigSmellyHippy Ford Escort Mk II04:29.307+1:35.864Steam
1950 r-53-lFord Escort Mk II04:29.423+1:35.980PS4
1951 Wutzi52Ford Escort Mk II04:29.506+1:36.630PS4
1952 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:29.639+1:36.196Xbox
1953 nico17nocosFord Escort Mk II04:29.672+1:36.229PS4
1954 XChuleXFord Escort Mk II04:29.707+1:36.264PS4
1955 El Tapicero Ford Escort Mk II04:29.740+1:36.297Steam
1956 MGP_RIDER_Ford Escort Mk II04:29.789+1:36.346PS4
1957 FM_Reflex__Ford Escort Mk II04:29.890+1:36.447PS4
1958 kitsune10600Ford Escort Mk II04:29.907+1:36.464PS4
1959 CherbonnierFord Escort Mk II04:29.940+1:36.497Xbox
1960 spliffstar76Ford Escort Mk II04:29.956+1:36.513Steam
1961 fundud013Ford Escort Mk II04:30.039+1:36.596PS4
1962 jrl.aarupFord Escort Mk II04:30.206+1:36.763Steam
1963 DejvkocFord Escort Mk II04:30.256+1:36.813PS4
1964 isbeer42Ford Escort Mk II04:30.406+1:36.963PS4
1965 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:30.422+1:36.979Xbox
1966 DuDu7101Ford Escort Mk II04:30.457+1:37.140PS4
1967 MexquititlaFord Escort Mk II04:30.506+1:37.630PS4
1968 Lallo72Ford Escort Mk II04:30.539+1:37.960Steam
1969 j0hn titorFord Escort Mk II04:30.606+1:37.163Steam
1970 Dark_Viper1337Ford Escort Mk II04:30.639+1:37.196PS4
1971 ?? ???Ford Escort Mk II04:30.656+1:37.213Steam
1972 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:30.672+1:37.229Xbox
1973 elfmcFord Escort Mk II04:30.673+1:37.230PS4
1974 widoff_84Ford Escort Mk II04:30.690+1:37.247PS4
1975 viking76lhFord Escort Mk II04:30.706+1:37.263PS4
1976 dimos_ele2Ford Escort Mk II04:30.740+1:37.297PS4
1977 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:30.756+1:37.313Xbox
1978 Fr3ak Ford Escort Mk II04:30.923+1:37.480Steam
1979 Bomba1332Ford Escort Mk II04:30.956+1:37.513PS4
1980 sad5149Ford Escort Mk II04:30.989+1:37.546Xbox
1981 JonhFartFord Escort Mk II04:31.006+1:37.563Steam
1982 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:31.040+1:37.597Xbox
1983 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:31.373+1:37.930Xbox
1984 xoseguinnessFord Escort Mk II04:31.406+1:37.963Steam
1985 uncleburger123Ford Escort Mk II04:31.423+1:37.980PS4
1986 fossy1404Ford Escort Mk II04:31.540+1:38.970Steam
1987 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:31.589+1:38.146Xbox
1988 yerba221Ford Escort Mk II04:31.606+1:38.163PS4
1989 Alane556Ford Escort Mk II04:31.806+1:38.363PS4
1990 est275Ford Escort Mk II04:31.840+1:38.397Steam
1991 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:31.923+1:38.480Xbox
1992 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:31.989+1:38.546Xbox
1993 LaukuAviize Ford Escort Mk II04:32.023+1:38.580Steam
1994 MT12Ford Escort Mk II04:32.073+1:38.630Steam
1995 Morlord on YPFord Escort Mk II04:32.124+1:38.681Steam
1996 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:32.290+1:38.847Xbox
1997 dssFord Escort Mk II04:32.407+1:38.964Steam
1998 fRodos_ Ford Escort Mk II04:32.474+1:39.310Steam
1999 LeetchiesFord Escort Mk II04:32.523+1:39.800PS4
2000 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:32.539+1:39.960Xbox
2001 gtrqcFord Escort Mk II04:32.589+1:39.146PS4
2002 DistantRoundsFord Escort Mk II04:32.705+1:39.262Xbox
2003 [eXCeM] EpicLoraxFord Escort Mk II04:32.739+1:39.296Steam
2004 micmaFord Escort Mk II04:32.873+1:39.430Xbox
2005 AlgidFord Escort Mk II04:32.874+1:39.431Steam
2006 s8sopraFord Escort Mk II04:32.922+1:39.479PS4
2007 ildruidodellanatFord Escort Mk II04:33.073+1:39.630PS4
2008 Calogero761Ford Escort Mk II04:33.106+1:39.663Steam
2009 nivelgameargFord Escort Mk II04:33.123+1:39.680PS4
2010 scooby1408Ford Escort Mk II04:33.272+1:39.829PS4
2011 luke441624Ford Escort Mk II04:33.273+1:39.830PS4
2012 AtrimanFord Escort Mk II04:33.274+1:39.831Steam
2013 Finlab1971Ford Escort Mk II04:33.306+1:39.863PS4
2014 Billy RacerFord Escort Mk II04:33.422+1:39.979Steam
2015 a_delicious_guyFord Escort Mk II04:33.572+1:40.129PS4
2016 unstoppable259Ford Escort Mk II04:33.606+1:40.163PS4
2017 DzbanekFord Escort Mk II04:33.622+1:40.179Steam
2018 Rednexican87Ford Escort Mk II04:33.672+1:40.229PS4
2019 gaael33Ford Escort Mk II04:33.673+1:40.230PS4
2020 ClowneggFord Escort Mk II04:33.690+1:40.247PS4
2021 sgtrptrmFord Escort Mk II04:33.873+1:40.430PS4
2022 MirosheFord Escort Mk II04:33.890+1:40.447PS4
2023 ACZwhiteFord Escort Mk II04:33.989+1:40.546Steam
2024 FufaikinFord Escort Mk II04:34.023+1:40.580PS4
2025 vivienpoirot88Ford Escort Mk II04:34.106+1:40.663PS4
2026 Diabolik9212Ford Escort Mk II04:34.239+1:40.796PS4
2027 oswalmillerFord Escort Mk II04:34.556+1:41.113PS4
2028 TBrustadFord Escort Mk II04:34.789+1:41.346PS4
2029 atomicannonFord Escort Mk II04:34.823+1:41.380Steam
2030 KUuW Ford Escort Mk II04:34.840+1:41.397Steam
2031 Jestkiy_TipFord Escort Mk II04:34.906+1:41.463PS4
2032 wicek125p Ford Escort Mk II04:35.073+1:41.630Steam
2033 SpudihFord Escort Mk II04:35.106+1:41.663PS4
2034 Saak667Ford Escort Mk II04:35.256+1:41.813PS4
2035 r2d2xiFord Escort Mk II04:35.388+1:41.945PS4
2036 NATASHKA C YCIKAMI V TRYCIKAX Ford Escort Mk II04:35.439+1:41.996Steam
2037 pacotony250Ford Escort Mk II04:35.472+1:42.290PS4
2038 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:35.490+1:42.470Xbox
2039 PkattFord Escort Mk II04:35.722+1:42.279Steam
2040 YolshKeyFord Escort Mk II04:36.039+1:42.596PS4
2041 FrozeNerd587Ford Escort Mk II04:36.407+1:42.964PS4
2042 lKlElN33Ford Escort Mk II04:36.423+1:42.980PS4
2043 maxasderallyFord Escort Mk II04:36.456+1:43.130Xbox
2044 cobra_abushFord Escort Mk II04:36.540+1:43.970PS4
2045 RogalFord Escort Mk II04:36.656+1:43.213Steam
2046 CLINTikFord Escort Mk II04:36.656+1:43.213Steam
2047 tibbsFord Escort Mk II04:36.657+1:43.214Steam
2048 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:36.673+1:43.230Xbox
2049 la_modeFord Escort Mk II04:36.738+1:43.295Steam
2050 timo.voimalaFord Escort Mk II04:36.739+1:43.296Steam
2051 2D girls are better than 3D girlFord Escort Mk II04:36.757+1:43.314Steam
2052 willlieAmazeFord Escort Mk II04:36.757+1:43.314Xbox
2053 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:36.856+1:43.413Xbox
2054 Magnum50Ford Escort Mk II04:36.906+1:43.463Xbox
2055 StawrosFord Escort Mk II04:37.273+1:43.830Steam
2056 dickpoop96Ford Escort Mk II04:37.439+1:43.996Steam
2057 CaitieCat66Ford Escort Mk II04:37.606+1:44.163PS4
2058 p_rallyFord Escort Mk II04:37.639+1:44.196PS4
2059 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:37.789+1:44.346Xbox
2060 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:37.823+1:44.380Xbox
2061 InsanityNezenFord Escort Mk II04:37.873+1:44.430Xbox
2062 lucianocorvFord Escort Mk II04:37.906+1:44.463PS4
2063 Bucko3699Ford Escort Mk II04:38.123+1:44.680PS4
2064 Iam-chaos666Ford Escort Mk II04:38.173+1:44.730PS4
2065 JackFord Escort Mk II04:38.473+1:45.300Steam
2066 JaySTeeYFord Escort Mk II04:38.573+1:45.130Xbox
2067 RhullFord Escort Mk II04:38.623+1:45.180PS4
2068 DEATHVIPER73Ford Escort Mk II04:38.640+1:45.197Xbox
2069 SerGo79Ford Escort Mk II04:38.657+1:45.214PS4
2070 baloney_bill Ford Escort Mk II04:38.774+1:45.331Steam
2071 cracksonicFord Escort Mk II04:38.840+1:45.397PS4
2072 kurtFord Escort Mk II04:38.888+1:45.445Steam
2073 figure2440Ford Escort Mk II04:38.889+1:45.446PS4
2074 CHRISSYS1988Ford Escort Mk II04:39.006+1:45.563Xbox
2075 damiancaamanho2Ford Escort Mk II04:39.140+1:45.697PS4
2076 tim498560Ford Escort Mk II04:39.239+1:45.796PS4
2077 RodmanFord Escort Mk II04:39.372+1:45.929Steam
2078 cardotFord Escort Mk II04:39.373+1:45.930Xbox
2079 AlexBikFord Escort Mk II04:39.573+1:46.130PS4
2080 truckman3525Ford Escort Mk II04:39.589+1:46.146PS4
2081 DAS-TOTE-PFERD-3Ford Escort Mk II04:39.672+1:46.229PS4
2082 YYogi69Ford Escort Mk II04:39.855+1:46.412PS4
2083 TuTur56789Ford Escort Mk II04:40.056+1:46.613PS4
2084 becks-br0tFord Escort Mk II04:40.089+1:46.646PS4
2085 GringFord Escort Mk II04:40.506+1:47.630Steam
2086 domany1910Ford Escort Mk II04:40.623+1:47.180PS4
2087 RobUrabusFord Escort Mk II04:40.689+1:47.246PS4
2088 hua8635Ford Escort Mk II04:40.689+1:47.246PS4
2089 MaddZack27Ford Escort Mk II04:40.706+1:47.263PS4
2090 THEKEVFord Escort Mk II04:40.739+1:47.296Steam
2091 SergipanaGTRFord Escort Mk II04:40.807+1:47.364Xbox
2092 fulminetg99Ford Escort Mk II04:40.906+1:47.463PS4
2093 fo[X]Ford Escort Mk II04:41.006+1:47.563Steam
2094 HoltenFord Escort Mk II04:41.006+1:47.563Steam
2095 BiggAndy86Ford Escort Mk II04:41.006+1:47.563Xbox
2096 TS-11-2KFord Escort Mk II04:41.007+1:47.564PS4
2097 Ranagha72Ford Escort Mk II04:41.022+1:47.579PS4
2098 Marxiu87Ford Escort Mk II04:41.323+1:47.880PS4
2099 LGRA1978Ford Escort Mk II04:41.406+1:47.963PS4
2100 t3h_G04T Ford Escort Mk II04:41.590+1:48.147Steam
2101 quattros1 Ford Escort Mk II04:41.806+1:48.363Steam
2102 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:41.824+1:48.381Xbox
2103 SedmeisterFord Escort Mk II04:41.906+1:48.463PS4
2104 Mrs_BaniFord Escort Mk II04:41.923+1:48.480PS4
2105 MilkmeidareuFord Escort Mk II04:42.006+1:48.563Xbox
2106 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:42.173+1:48.730Xbox
2107 MadWorld71Ford Escort Mk II04:42.223+1:48.780PS4
2108 BonanzZza2012Ford Escort Mk II04:42.323+1:48.880PS4
2109 Adriloko90Ford Escort Mk II04:42.373+1:48.930PS4
2110 JayFappersFord Escort Mk II04:42.373+1:48.930PS4
2111 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:42.390+1:48.947Xbox
2112 Zepol100Ford Escort Mk II04:42.439+1:48.996PS4
2113 viruracingFord Escort Mk II04:42.490+1:49.470Steam
2114 Newfie611Ford Escort Mk II04:42.540+1:49.970PS4
2115 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:42.740+1:49.297Xbox
2116 Practice DummyFord Escort Mk II04:42.889+1:49.446Steam
2117 matPNRFord Escort Mk II04:43.239+1:49.796PS4
2118 jonni_vallekasFord Escort Mk II04:43.339+1:49.896PS4
2119 BoswallFord Escort Mk II04:43.340+1:49.897Steam
2120 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:43.573+1:50.130Xbox
2121 jaybro1111Ford Escort Mk II04:43.623+1:50.180Xbox
2122 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:43.740+1:50.297Xbox
2123 Nomis_76Ford Escort Mk II04:43.839+1:50.396PS4
2124 misfitFord Escort Mk II04:43.856+1:50.413Steam
2125 Iraga2015Ford Escort Mk II04:44.040+1:50.597PS4
2126 dani_mazaFord Escort Mk II04:44.140+1:50.697PS4
2127 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:44.274+1:50.831Xbox
2128 haidl99Ford Escort Mk II04:44.489+1:51.460PS4
2129 beastie1975Ford Escort Mk II04:44.673+1:51.230Steam
2130 dj-amfFord Escort Mk II04:44.906+1:51.463PS4
2131 alvarof2000Ford Escort Mk II04:45.040+1:51.597PS4
2132 spac214emanFord Escort Mk II04:45.255+1:51.812PS4
2133 ROVICOFord Escort Mk II04:45.423+1:51.980PS4
2134 kds258lgfFord Escort Mk II04:45.589+1:52.146Steam
2135 GDboys2000Ford Escort Mk II04:45.622+1:52.179PS4
2136 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:45.689+1:52.246Xbox
2137 olloc76Ford Escort Mk II04:46.006+1:52.563PS4
2138 agus79Ford Escort Mk II04:46.006+1:52.563PS4
2139 ben-puceFord Escort Mk II04:46.071+1:52.628PS4
2140 contactFord Escort Mk II04:46.322+1:52.879Steam
2141 clod hoppin nobblin hobgoblin Ford Escort Mk II04:46.389+1:52.946Steam
2142 pebucebrFord Escort Mk II04:46.406+1:52.963Steam
2143 pinto693Ford Escort Mk II04:46.439+1:52.996PS4
2144 thegreaterbarbarFord Escort Mk II04:46.605+1:53.162PS4
2145 ValSemeFord Escort Mk II04:46.656+1:53.213PS4
2146 BenKenobiFord Escort Mk II04:46.789+1:53.346Steam
2147 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:46.956+1:53.513Xbox
2148 ZzNeoFord Escort Mk II04:47.156+1:53.713PS4
2149 mrbossmaniamFord Escort Mk II04:47.240+1:53.797Xbox
2150 Silakka piffiFord Escort Mk II04:47.488+1:54.450Steam
2151 Fadda1992Ford Escort Mk II04:47.589+1:54.146PS4
2152 The_hobo_slimeHDFord Escort Mk II04:47.723+1:54.280PS4
2153 Kolbasa_1Ford Escort Mk II04:47.723+1:54.280PS4
2154 ResonanceFord Escort Mk II04:47.822+1:54.379Steam
2155 Pi3tolP3t3Ford Escort Mk II04:48.056+1:54.613PS4
2156 Dead-mauzFord Escort Mk II04:48.072+1:54.629PS4
2157 OvationUltraFanFord Escort Mk II04:48.072+1:54.629Xbox
2158 ???Ford Escort Mk II04:48.090+1:54.647Steam
2159 Wierd alFord Escort Mk II04:48.273+1:54.830Steam
2160 SAUTRON-974Ford Escort Mk II04:48.340+1:54.897PS4
2161 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:48.506+1:55.630Xbox
2162 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:48.538+1:55.950Xbox
2163 jeredlovesOpalFord Escort Mk II04:48.574+1:55.131Xbox
2164 Pky03Ford Escort Mk II04:48.655+1:55.212Xbox
2165 Ross0398Ford Escort Mk II04:48.773+1:55.330PS4
2166 x5ofspadezFord Escort Mk II04:48.789+1:55.346Xbox
2167 mloncarevic430Ford Escort Mk II04:48.872+1:55.429PS4
2168 ExGenFord Escort Mk II04:48.988+1:55.545Steam
2169 JVeselyFord Escort Mk II04:49.090+1:55.647PS4
2170 YodasSon-Ford Escort Mk II04:49.222+1:55.779PS4
2171 grzegorz1944Ford Escort Mk II04:49.255+1:55.812Steam
2172 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:49.306+1:55.863Xbox
2173 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:49.356+1:55.913Xbox
2174 Sayo-gorushFord Escort Mk II04:49.455+1:56.120PS4
2175 OzinekFord Escort Mk II04:49.472+1:56.290Steam
2176 YojimboSwaggerFord Escort Mk II04:49.473+1:56.300PS4
2177 muti_dobro187Ford Escort Mk II04:49.539+1:56.960PS4
2178 skooterFord Escort Mk II04:49.756+1:56.313Xbox
2179 TurboCabrioFord Escort Mk II04:49.923+1:56.480PS4
2180 GGD1Ford Escort Mk II04:49.923+1:56.480Xbox
2181 sebas48788Ford Escort Mk II04:50.122+1:56.679PS4
2182 charlescarter943Ford Escort Mk II04:50.223+1:56.780Steam
2183 VettelFord Escort Mk II04:50.239+1:56.796Steam
2184 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:50.273+1:56.830Xbox
2185 Dank_BoyeFord Escort Mk II04:50.473+1:57.300PS4
2186 lukebrock30Ford Escort Mk II04:50.489+1:57.460Xbox
2187 h!d30utFord Escort Mk II04:50.706+1:57.263Steam
2188 ayoteteFord Escort Mk II04:50.739+1:57.296PS4
2189 Rotative-powerFord Escort Mk II04:50.806+1:57.363PS4
2190 carlossaizFord Escort Mk II04:50.823+1:57.380Xbox
2191 chokeing_hazerdFord Escort Mk II04:50.873+1:57.430PS4
2192 MC1JusticeFord Escort Mk II04:50.923+1:57.480PS4
2193 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:51.123+1:57.680Xbox
2194 HYPERLITE_09Ford Escort Mk II04:51.238+1:57.795PS4
2195 gus1810698Ford Escort Mk II04:51.238+1:57.795PS4
2196 gecko2008Ford Escort Mk II04:51.639+1:58.196PS4
2197 thecharsFord Escort Mk II04:51.906+1:58.463Steam
2198 Beowooolf66Ford Escort Mk II04:52.056+1:58.613PS4
2199 Pillgrimm0907Ford Escort Mk II04:52.256+1:58.813Steam
2200 R_M_D125Ford Escort Mk II04:52.339+1:58.896PS4
2201 Commandosam2Ford Escort Mk II04:52.423+1:58.980PS4
2202 lonedog Ford Escort Mk II04:52.439+1:58.996Steam
2203 ANDRUHA_174Ford Escort Mk II04:52.489+1:59.460PS4
2204 StefanoBddazzFord Escort Mk II04:52.507+1:59.640Xbox
2205 SpridzeklisFord Escort Mk II04:52.573+1:59.130Steam
2206 Jarski1970Ford Escort Mk II04:52.655+1:59.212PS4
2207 IceKatanaFord Escort Mk II04:52.773+1:59.330PS4
2208 Il-giustizier146Ford Escort Mk II04:52.790+1:59.347PS4
2209 N70NON Ford Escort Mk II04:52.806+1:59.363Steam
2210 DELTAEVO77Ford Escort Mk II04:52.923+1:59.480PS4
2211 Blade Ford Escort Mk II04:53.106+1:59.663Steam
2212 Reini Graf von SpeedFord Escort Mk II04:53.123+1:59.680Steam
2213 buntstift79Ford Escort Mk II04:53.155+1:59.712PS4
2214 Untau98Ford Escort Mk II04:53.188+1:59.745Steam
2215 quent911Ford Escort Mk II04:53.340+1:59.897PS4
2216 tharjeFord Escort Mk II04:53.555+2:00.112Steam
2217 maximelajudie.Ford Escort Mk II04:53.739+2:00.296Steam
2218 DarkKillerShotFord Escort Mk II04:53.805+2:00.362Xbox
2219 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:53.889+2:00.446Xbox
2220 limitEDition Ford Escort Mk II04:54.157+2:00.714Steam
2221 MalviktorFord Escort Mk II04:54.421+2:00.978PS4
2222 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:54.606+2:01.163Xbox
2223 BluKangaroo73Ford Escort Mk II04:55.090+2:01.647PS4
2224 nobbybichollsFord Escort Mk II04:55.156+2:01.713Xbox
2225 fatedbadgerFord Escort Mk II04:55.205+2:01.762Xbox
2226 WiilhelmFord Escort Mk II04:55.255+2:01.812PS4
2227 arcNboltFord Escort Mk II04:55.273+2:01.830PS4
2228 [CuHxpoFa3oTpoH] Ford Escort Mk II04:55.424+2:01.981Steam
2229 ramoss_88Ford Escort Mk II04:55.522+2:02.790PS4
2230 UlrudoFord Escort Mk II04:55.639+2:02.196Xbox
2231 Be1etteFord Escort Mk II04:55.739+2:02.296Steam
2232 mgkgucciFord Escort Mk II04:55.839+2:02.396Xbox
2233 veeolaFord Escort Mk II04:55.923+2:02.480PS4
2234 matarratas1617Ford Escort Mk II04:56.039+2:02.596PS4
2235 Brah1984Ford Escort Mk II04:56.123+2:02.680PS4
2236 SteMayersFord Escort Mk II04:56.173+2:02.730PS4
2237 SpoonounouFord Escort Mk II04:56.173+2:02.730PS4
2238 MAFIANAGAMINGFord Escort Mk II04:56.206+2:02.763Oculus
2239 diverdave75Ford Escort Mk II04:56.222+2:02.779Steam
2240 GeorgeChaoFord Escort Mk II04:56.272+2:02.829PS4
2241 JunkyLoser98Ford Escort Mk II04:56.872+2:03.429PS4
2242 brangodFord Escort Mk II04:57.072+2:03.629Xbox
2243 jacopoprevostoFord Escort Mk II04:57.073+2:03.630Steam
2244 UniT`Ford Escort Mk II04:57.106+2:03.663Steam
2245 benny19824Ford Escort Mk II04:57.272+2:03.829PS4
2246 erxixa__xFord Escort Mk II04:57.288+2:03.845PS4
2247 Blackytos19Ford Escort Mk II04:57.406+2:03.963PS4
2248 zezer0910Ford Escort Mk II04:57.789+2:04.346PS4
2249 em-vi9Ford Escort Mk II04:57.873+2:04.430PS4
2250 KaligulixNL21Ford Escort Mk II04:57.890+2:04.447PS4
2251 ALeXeYFord Escort Mk II04:57.923+2:04.480Steam
2252 ValiPeFord Escort Mk II04:57.939+2:04.496Oculus
2253 immortaltimberFord Escort Mk II04:57.972+2:04.529Xbox
2254 jjay4981Ford Escort Mk II04:58.089+2:04.646PS4
2255 andantecriesFord Escort Mk II04:58.289+2:04.846Steam
2256 montquiviFord Escort Mk II04:58.588+2:05.145PS4
2257 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:58.639+2:05.196Xbox
2258 damiandechnikFord Escort Mk II04:58.756+2:05.313PS4
2259 caw1013Ford Escort Mk II04:58.822+2:05.379Steam
2260 Dwaine_DibbleyFord Escort Mk II04:58.856+2:05.413Steam
2261 Sharvey01Ford Escort Mk II04:58.889+2:05.446Xbox
2262 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:58.906+2:05.463Xbox
2263 hancho123Ford Escort Mk II04:58.973+2:05.530Steam
2264 Arnolinho_78Ford Escort Mk II04:59.006+2:05.563PS4
2265 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:59.089+2:05.646Xbox
2266 DaR4YuS7Ford Escort Mk II04:59.090+2:05.647PS4
2267 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:59.339+2:05.896Xbox
2268 stealthmonkey500Ford Escort Mk II04:59.689+2:06.246PS4
2269 [AJ]JorgenFord Escort Mk II04:59.806+2:06.363Steam
2270 matnquinnskyeFord Escort Mk II04:59.922+2:06.479PS4
2271 snomanFord Escort Mk II05:00.022+2:06.579Steam
2272 King_1_MusaabFord Escort Mk II05:00.038+2:06.595PS4
2273 Lee-_-129Ford Escort Mk II05:00.123+2:06.680PS4
2274 Konori Ford Escort Mk II05:00.154+2:06.711Steam
2275 (-_-(-_-)_-)Ford Escort Mk II05:00.221+2:06.778Steam
2276 mastorakos13Ford Escort Mk II05:00.239+2:06.796PS4
2277 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:00.306+2:06.863Xbox
2278 tsamuel12893Ford Escort Mk II05:00.606+2:07.163PS4
2279 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:00.606+2:07.163Xbox
2280 Xx_tiger27_xXFord Escort Mk II05:00.706+2:07.263PS4
2281 ReckonerFord Escort Mk II05:00.788+2:07.345Steam
2282 Pappy-Boyingt25Ford Escort Mk II05:00.822+2:07.379PS4
2283 BenamouFord Escort Mk II05:00.889+2:07.446Steam
2284 SpitfireRacoonFord Escort Mk II05:01.022+2:07.579Steam
2285 manmooseFord Escort Mk II05:01.023+2:07.580Xbox
2286 BibblaFord Escort Mk II05:01.240+2:07.797PS4
2287 FrostalkFord Escort Mk II05:01.256+2:07.813Steam
2288 seb14071968Ford Escort Mk II05:01.406+2:07.963PS4
2289 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:01.571+2:08.128Xbox
2290 Dzerjinskiy056Ford Escort Mk II05:01.655+2:08.212PS4
2291 Sir_merodachFord Escort Mk II05:01.873+2:08.430Steam
2292 jabolin8Ford Escort Mk II05:01.955+2:08.512PS4
2293 TheKingBalla1Ford Escort Mk II05:01.956+2:08.513PS4
2294 Byrc-drsFord Escort Mk II05:02.022+2:08.579PS4
2295 DukeOf818Ford Escort Mk II05:02.089+2:08.646Xbox
2296 marc_drsFord Escort Mk II05:02.156+2:08.713Steam
2297 GbgP3Ford Escort Mk II05:02.538+2:09.950PS4
2298 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:02.821+2:09.378Xbox
2299 Faziol1986Ford Escort Mk II05:03.071+2:09.628PS4
2300 maddam3dFord Escort Mk II05:03.123+2:09.680Steam
2301 BongManFord Escort Mk II05:03.324+2:09.881Steam
2302 McDo70100Ford Escort Mk II05:03.673+2:10.230PS4
2303 nismo Ford Escort Mk II05:04.172+2:10.729Steam
2304 onlyyouokFord Escort Mk II05:04.206+2:10.763PS4
2305 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:04.406+2:10.963Xbox
2306 J0nR3ynoldsFord Escort Mk II05:04.739+2:11.296Steam
2307 painterman723Ford Escort Mk II05:04.790+2:11.347Steam
2308 LosNadie1973Ford Escort Mk II05:05.021+2:11.578PS4
2309 YannuspotFord Escort Mk II05:05.139+2:11.696Xbox
2310 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:05.172+2:11.729Xbox
2311 D4RK420Ford Escort Mk II05:05.239+2:11.796Xbox
2312 PoLiNi_88Ford Escort Mk II05:05.289+2:11.846PS4
2313 ToasterFord Escort Mk II05:05.423+2:11.980Steam
2314 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:05.623+2:12.180Xbox
2315 BlindedFord Escort Mk II05:05.756+2:12.313Steam
2316 Ozkan_SonFord Escort Mk II05:05.756+2:12.313PS4
2317 gustofer_nadgeFord Escort Mk II05:05.807+2:12.364PS4
2318 Me GustaFord Escort Mk II05:05.823+2:12.380Steam
2319 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:06.206+2:12.763Xbox
2320 chris292007Ford Escort Mk II05:06.289+2:12.846PS4
2321 f29onceFord Escort Mk II05:06.389+2:12.946PS4
2322 WDA911 Ford Escort Mk II05:06.655+2:13.212Steam
2323 leanna34Ford Escort Mk II05:06.755+2:13.312PS4
2324 Matt_NigmaFord Escort Mk II05:06.972+2:13.529PS4
2325 AngryWurstbrotFord Escort Mk II05:07.055+2:13.612PS4
2326 bourny95Ford Escort Mk II05:07.156+2:13.713PS4
2327 VOLKAERA71Ford Escort Mk II05:07.289+2:13.846PS4
2328 FaZe Franky98 #KIWIFord Escort Mk II05:07.323+2:13.880Steam
2329 PleikkaproFord Escort Mk II05:07.372+2:13.929PS4
2330 Luke Ford Escort Mk II05:07.388+2:13.945Steam
2331 ericalmeida.5Ford Escort Mk II05:07.773+2:14.330Steam
2332 rijiy_playstatioFord Escort Mk II05:08.023+2:14.580PS4
2333 OBTSCOTFord Escort Mk II05:08.188+2:14.745PS4
2334 AIDSFord Escort Mk II05:08.423+2:14.980Steam
2335 McClaneFord Escort Mk II05:08.622+2:15.179Steam
2336 [P0RK]-DisMaGameFord Escort Mk II05:09.173+2:15.730Steam
2337 Ace_Hasnain_282Ford Escort Mk II05:09.189+2:15.746PS4
2338 Pashiamas9Ford Escort Mk II05:09.423+2:15.980PS4
2339 SmokeySmoke18Ford Escort Mk II05:09.590+2:16.147PS4
2340 towny702Ford Escort Mk II05:09.839+2:16.396PS4
2341 SlothFord Escort Mk II05:09.956+2:16.513Steam
2342 PantoffelFord Escort Mk II05:10.156+2:16.713Steam
2343 BakoonzarFord Escort Mk II05:10.506+2:17.630PS4
2344 Vahvaloac Ford Escort Mk II05:10.755+2:17.312Steam
2345 SnowCrash0815Ford Escort Mk II05:10.804+2:17.361PS4
2346 ElAndyFord Escort Mk II05:10.856+2:17.413Steam
2347 spe3dd3amonFord Escort Mk II05:10.872+2:17.429Xbox
2348 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:10.872+2:17.429Xbox
2349 monteirobestFord Escort Mk II05:11.056+2:17.613PS4
2350 jpabloniFord Escort Mk II05:11.106+2:17.663PS4
2351 TBauermeister1Ford Escort Mk II05:11.255+2:17.812PS4
2352 Model WarriorFord Escort Mk II05:11.288+2:17.845Steam
2353 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:11.539+2:18.960Xbox
2354 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:11.622+2:18.179Xbox
2355 sixtioneFord Escort Mk II05:11.771+2:18.328PS4
2356 SamPavGamerxxFord Escort Mk II05:11.922+2:18.479PS4
2357 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:11.971+2:18.528Xbox
2358 raubklausFord Escort Mk II05:12.039+2:18.596PS4
2359 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:12.105+2:18.662Xbox
2360 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:12.172+2:18.729Xbox
2361 free_styler786Ford Escort Mk II05:12.539+2:19.960PS4
2362 SNIPER1127Ford Escort Mk II05:12.572+2:19.129PS4
2363 jimmysuka2Ford Escort Mk II05:12.573+2:19.130PS4
2364 TARZANDER999Ford Escort Mk II05:12.888+2:19.445Xbox
2365 The RocKFord Escort Mk II05:13.023+2:19.580Steam
2366 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:13.222+2:19.779Xbox
2367 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:13.623+2:20.180Xbox
2368 bambiandiFord Escort Mk II05:14.038+2:20.595PS4
2369 bmwe-39Ford Escort Mk II05:14.039+2:20.596PS4
2370 Spicemann407Ford Escort Mk II05:14.056+2:20.613PS4
2371 ZeenatorFord Escort Mk II05:14.122+2:20.679Steam
2372 miamigomakFord Escort Mk II05:14.122+2:20.679Xbox
2373 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:14.239+2:20.796Xbox
2374 TheSubieFamFord Escort Mk II05:14.339+2:20.896Xbox
2375 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:14.471+2:21.280Xbox
2376 xthruster24xFord Escort Mk II05:14.572+2:21.129Xbox
2377 omargarciaFord Escort Mk II05:14.688+2:21.245Steam
2378 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:15.056+2:21.613Xbox
2379 YongSingFord Escort Mk II05:15.138+2:21.695Steam
2380 140393Ford Escort Mk II05:15.889+2:22.446Xbox
2381 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:16.089+2:22.646Xbox
2382 GreenPig13Ford Escort Mk II05:16.306+2:22.863PS4
2383 !>F_R_O_PFord Escort Mk II05:16.422+2:22.979Steam
2384 uhmenotknow360Ford Escort Mk II05:16.656+2:23.213Steam
2385 Walhalla0815Ford Escort Mk II05:16.672+2:23.229PS4
2386 ????Ford Escort Mk II05:16.873+2:23.430Steam
2387 Toko-stcFord Escort Mk II05:17.022+2:23.579PS4
2388 CARMAN457Ford Escort Mk II05:17.521+2:24.780Xbox
2389 AlejandroAlba04Ford Escort Mk II05:17.622+2:24.179PS4
2390 PaydirtFord Escort Mk II05:17.705+2:24.262Xbox
2391 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:17.972+2:24.529Xbox
2392 rafaelvf02Ford Escort Mk II05:18.022+2:24.579PS4
2393 polo03Ford Escort Mk II05:18.122+2:24.679Xbox
2394 roger.kanstrupFord Escort Mk II05:18.972+2:25.529Steam
2395 carabanxelFord Escort Mk II05:19.121+2:25.678PS4
2396 impreza112Ford Escort Mk II05:19.254+2:25.811Steam
2397 nickbatt69Ford Escort Mk II05:19.354+2:25.911PS4
2398 philippe.rambauxFord Escort Mk II05:19.455+2:26.120Steam
2399 estadieusFord Escort Mk II05:19.638+2:26.195Steam
2400 antin29Ford Escort Mk II05:19.873+2:26.430Steam
2401 jags913Ford Escort Mk II05:19.889+2:26.446Xbox
2402 gobennybFord Escort Mk II05:19.988+2:26.545Steam
2403 zsolti57052Ford Escort Mk II05:20.006+2:26.563PS4
2404 hansditaFord Escort Mk II05:20.123+2:26.680PS4
2405 MoldraivaFord Escort Mk II05:20.356+2:26.913PS4
2406 flamingemailFord Escort Mk II05:20.555+2:27.112Xbox
2407 patpoulin88Ford Escort Mk II05:20.756+2:27.313PS4
2408 ???????Ford Escort Mk II05:20.788+2:27.345Steam
2409 sveinristo04Ford Escort Mk II05:20.854+2:27.411Steam
2410 knutivargustavseFord Escort Mk II05:20.955+2:27.512PS4
2411 CaldasonFord Escort Mk II05:21.239+2:27.796Steam
2412 Patrinho Ford Escort Mk II05:21.271+2:27.828Steam
2413 sairastapausFord Escort Mk II05:21.323+2:27.880PS4
2414 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:21.323+2:27.880Xbox
2415 kras1971Ford Escort Mk II05:21.689+2:28.246PS4
2416 EsscaythFord Escort Mk II05:21.972+2:28.529Steam
2417 Colonialist1Ford Escort Mk II05:22.771+2:29.328Steam
2418 theuboatsnarfFord Escort Mk II05:22.838+2:29.395PS4
2419 djanardoFord Escort Mk II05:22.889+2:29.446PS4
2420 starzmunkFord Escort Mk II05:23.006+2:29.563Xbox
2421 The_dark_lord_14Ford Escort Mk II05:23.356+2:29.913PS4
2422 untoldslegendsFord Escort Mk II05:23.389+2:29.946PS4
2423 xundhochFord Escort Mk II05:23.506+2:30.630Steam
2424 ingrid.k Ford Escort Mk II05:23.622+2:30.179Steam
2425 Blackeye2280Ford Escort Mk II05:23.772+2:30.329PS4
2426 SkitsoHulkFord Escort Mk II05:24.007+2:30.564PS4
2427 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:24.039+2:30.596Xbox
2428 Markku KankunnenFord Escort Mk II05:24.422+2:30.979Steam
2429 StajeracFord Escort Mk II05:24.555+2:31.112PS4
2430 Ralph652Ford Escort Mk II05:24.656+2:31.213Xbox
2431 lekillerkmFord Escort Mk II05:24.704+2:31.261PS4
2432 ThorstenKlauss79Ford Escort Mk II05:25.172+2:31.729PS4
2433 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:25.306+2:31.863Xbox
2434 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:25.554+2:32.111Xbox
2435 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:25.789+2:32.346Xbox
2436 Andrenalin2801Ford Escort Mk II05:25.955+2:32.512PS4
2437 eLbotFord Escort Mk II05:25.956+2:32.513Steam
2438 Gizork Ford Escort Mk II05:26.539+2:33.960Steam
2439 MR-JALLUFord Escort Mk II05:26.706+2:33.263PS4
2440 normalno_posidelFord Escort Mk II05:26.921+2:33.478PS4
2441 michaelFord Escort Mk II05:27.038+2:33.595Steam
2442 adamaherne545Ford Escort Mk II05:27.104+2:33.661PS4
2443 TREVY30Ford Escort Mk II05:27.323+2:33.880PS4
2444 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:27.971+2:34.528Xbox
2445 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:28.205+2:34.762Xbox
2446 KuusPieFord Escort Mk II05:28.339+2:34.896Steam
2447 chriss100Ford Escort Mk II05:28.706+2:35.263PS4
2448 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:28.971+2:35.528Xbox
2449 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:28.989+2:35.546Xbox
2450 alessiomaspero8Ford Escort Mk II05:29.271+2:35.828Steam
2451 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:29.271+2:35.828Xbox
2452 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:29.521+2:36.780Xbox
2453 Mario 89Ford Escort Mk II05:29.554+2:36.111Steam
2454 jyyeFord Escort Mk II05:29.672+2:36.229PS4
2455 john27200Ford Escort Mk II05:29.689+2:36.246Xbox
2456 FRANCHISE79Ford Escort Mk II05:29.755+2:36.312Xbox
2457 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:30.073+2:36.630Xbox
2458 mkdus Ford Escort Mk II05:30.188+2:36.745Steam
2459 AlchemysticFord Escort Mk II05:30.322+2:36.879PS4
2460 denis-roupie1Ford Escort Mk II05:30.422+2:36.979PS4
2461 TIMMYvLeFord Escort Mk II05:30.557+2:37.114Xbox
2462 r420rhun90Ford Escort Mk II05:31.188+2:37.745PS4
2463 3321Ford Escort Mk II05:31.655+2:38.212Steam
2464 Scuffler4Ford Escort Mk II05:31.888+2:38.445PS4
2465 DanAE111Ford Escort Mk II05:31.904+2:38.461Steam
2466 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:32.039+2:38.596Xbox
2467 Lorde Magno BrFord Escort Mk II05:32.121+2:38.678Steam
2468 Q-TIP707Ford Escort Mk II05:32.138+2:38.695PS4
2469 Latrueno64MFord Escort Mk II05:32.289+2:38.846PS4
2470 golgotffFord Escort Mk II05:32.354+2:38.911PS4
2471 ANAFord Escort Mk II05:32.424+2:38.981Steam
2472 chrisbarrett1972Ford Escort Mk II05:32.488+2:39.450PS4
2473 major_viju565Ford Escort Mk II05:33.022+2:39.579PS4
2474 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:33.072+2:39.629Xbox
2475 mvanparysFord Escort Mk II05:34.139+2:40.696PS4
2476 totti03Ford Escort Mk II05:34.355+2:40.912PS4
2477 Gingerbread-471Ford Escort Mk II05:34.540+2:41.970PS4
2478 sokerdasFord Escort Mk II05:34.722+2:41.279PS4
2479 smokey6969Ford Escort Mk II05:34.905+2:41.462Xbox
2480 cyril24700Ford Escort Mk II05:34.988+2:41.545PS4
2481 ToRam9791Ford Escort Mk II05:35.005+2:41.562Xbox
2482 FluyinsFord Escort Mk II05:35.055+2:41.612PS4
2483 xX___dub___Xx1Ford Escort Mk II05:35.189+2:41.746PS4
2484 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:35.455+2:42.120Xbox
2485 lucanic2001Ford Escort Mk II05:35.555+2:42.112Steam
2486 daylebgmailcomFord Escort Mk II05:35.689+2:42.246Xbox
2487 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:35.904+2:42.461Xbox
2488 StepashaFord Escort Mk II05:36.107+2:42.664Steam
2489 JeeWee79Ford Escort Mk II05:36.389+2:42.946Xbox
2490 kahnsven112Ford Escort Mk II05:36.589+2:43.146PS4
2491 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:36.638+2:43.195Xbox
2492 galronFord Escort Mk II05:36.788+2:43.345Xbox
2493 The StrongfistFord Escort Mk II05:36.972+2:43.529Steam
2494 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:37.038+2:43.595Xbox
2495 contactFord Escort Mk II05:37.288+2:43.845Steam
2496 SDSjy5xhFord Escort Mk II05:37.305+2:43.862PS4
2497 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:37.439+2:43.996Xbox
2498 dASE #Don't cutFord Escort Mk II05:37.972+2:44.529Steam
2499 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:38.321+2:44.878Xbox
2500 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:39.255+2:45.812Xbox
2501 albertoherrera29Ford Escort Mk II05:39.454+2:46.110PS4
2502 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:40.106+2:46.663Xbox
2503 VulkaneGabaFord Escort Mk II05:40.504+2:47.610PS4
2504 DavitRFord Escort Mk II05:40.522+2:47.790Xbox
2505 michurry1990Ford Escort Mk II05:40.972+2:47.529Steam
2506 Kasius_KleinFord Escort Mk II05:41.424+2:47.981Steam
2507 JardinhoFord Escort Mk II05:41.988+2:48.545Xbox
2508 nandolleeeFord Escort Mk II05:42.072+2:48.629PS4
2509 roppo1991Ford Escort Mk II05:42.471+2:49.280Xbox
2510 pyro.tl Ford Escort Mk II05:42.740+2:49.297Steam
2511 netbrad2Ford Escort Mk II05:42.789+2:49.346PS4
2512 MADNESS7Ford Escort Mk II05:42.838+2:49.395Xbox
2513 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:43.239+2:49.796Xbox
2514 zak521Ford Escort Mk II05:43.255+2:49.812Xbox
2515 Doc-DarioFord Escort Mk II05:43.955+2:50.512PS4
2516 AV_Sk8er_XO_420Ford Escort Mk II05:44.090+2:50.647PS4
2517 Shroomerz420Ford Escort Mk II05:44.355+2:50.912Steam
2518 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:44.755+2:51.312Xbox
2519 #smokalien220wFord Escort Mk II05:45.123+2:51.680Steam
2520 carlosazorin271Ford Escort Mk II05:45.406+2:51.963PS4
2521 Recal123Ford Escort Mk II05:45.654+2:52.211Xbox
2522 BOTellin (Premium) Ford Escort Mk II05:45.939+2:52.496Steam
2523 SuperstitionFord Escort Mk II05:45.971+2:52.528Steam
2524 Alexkiler3Ford Escort Mk II05:46.038+2:52.595PS4
2525 ElLocoTaiFord Escort Mk II05:46.871+2:53.428PS4
2526 ? AceFord Escort Mk II05:47.655+2:54.212Steam
2527 hekopooFord Escort Mk II05:48.004+2:54.561Steam
2528 white2588Ford Escort Mk II05:48.022+2:54.579PS4
2529 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:48.171+2:54.728Xbox
2530 sora???????Ford Escort Mk II05:48.556+2:55.113Steam
2531 chloe.leluFord Escort Mk II05:49.254+2:55.811Steam
2532 EmCeeForeignFord Escort Mk II05:49.273+2:55.830PS4
2533 hans64bond007Ford Escort Mk II05:49.754+2:56.311PS4
2534 steviemacFord Escort Mk II05:49.839+2:56.396Xbox
2535 JolivioFord Escort Mk II05:50.204+2:56.761Steam
2536 rebel585stormFord Escort Mk II05:50.955+2:57.512Xbox
2537 ffabreFord Escort Mk II05:51.054+2:57.611Steam
2538 DocoFord Escort Mk II05:51.805+2:58.362Xbox
2539 siwy1306Ford Escort Mk II05:52.153+2:58.710PS4
2540 CooperD693Ford Escort Mk II05:52.421+2:58.978PS4
2541 abrahamvasovichFord Escort Mk II05:52.971+2:59.528PS4
2542 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:53.038+2:59.595Xbox
2543 JanGamer44Ford Escort Mk II05:53.237+2:59.794PS4
2544 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:53.589+3:00.146Xbox
2545 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:53.805+3:00.362Xbox
2546 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:54.004+3:00.561Xbox
2547 julien-paFord Escort Mk II05:54.538+3:01.950PS4
2548 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:54.690+3:01.247Xbox
2549 elMarco0810Ford Escort Mk II05:54.804+3:01.361PS4
2550 Anna Nimfomanova(Luxury)Ford Escort Mk II05:55.171+3:01.728Steam
2551 Protector (^_^)Ford Escort Mk II05:55.654+3:02.211Steam
2552 The SkatmanFord Escort Mk II05:57.422+3:03.979Steam
2553 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:59.456+3:06.130Xbox
2554 stevegastaudFord Escort Mk II05:59.738+3:06.295PS4
2555 Jessez922Ford Escort Mk II05:59.771+3:06.328PS4
2556 nailgun86Ford Escort Mk II05:59.771+3:06.328Xbox
2557 skydragnFord Escort Mk II06:00.023+3:06.580Xbox
2558 petrolhead1963Ford Escort Mk II06:00.754+3:07.311PS4
2559 ASC-AdrianFord Escort Mk II06:01.289+3:07.846PS4
2560 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:01.338+3:07.895Xbox
2561 ?? /bomu/ Ford Escort Mk II06:02.172+3:08.729Steam
2562 DOURAK91Ford Escort Mk II06:02.289+3:08.846PS4
2563 johnheaton9999 Ford Escort Mk II06:02.787+3:09.344Steam
2564 pat18Ford Escort Mk II06:02.804+3:09.361Xbox
2565 hitthediff12Ford Escort Mk II06:03.153+3:09.710PS4
2566 DimaPlanet17Ford Escort Mk II06:03.688+3:10.245PS4
2567 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:03.753+3:10.310Xbox
2568 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:04.588+3:11.145Xbox
2569 juliannnFord Escort Mk II06:04.870+3:11.427Xbox
2570 Dexx-fightFord Escort Mk II06:05.021+3:11.578PS4
2571 IrealshowdownFord Escort Mk II06:05.988+3:12.545Xbox
2572 jjjeeetttiiiFord Escort Mk II06:06.205+3:12.762PS4
2573 Ruetzi1Ford Escort Mk II06:06.772+3:13.329PS4
2574 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:07.288+3:13.845Xbox
2575 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:08.304+3:14.861Xbox
2576 thieum81Ford Escort Mk II06:08.370+3:14.927Steam
2577 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:09.520+3:16.770Xbox
2578 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:10.821+3:17.378Xbox
2579 LibidoFord Escort Mk II06:11.304+3:17.861Steam
2580 qazwsx15Ford Escort Mk II06:11.386+3:17.943PS4
2581 GiammyXFord Escort Mk II06:11.538+3:18.950Steam
2582 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:11.655+3:18.212Xbox
2583 RafaDunaFord Escort Mk II06:11.821+3:18.378PS4
2584 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:11.920+3:18.477Xbox
2585 loulou_41Ford Escort Mk II06:12.254+3:18.811Steam
2586 walter_white68Ford Escort Mk II06:12.422+3:18.979Steam
2587 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:13.687+3:20.244Xbox
2588 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:13.755+3:20.312Xbox
2589 ALESSANDROFERNIFord Escort Mk II06:13.788+3:20.345PS4
2590 Stour2002Ford Escort Mk II06:15.003+3:21.560PS4
2591 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:16.237+3:22.794Xbox
2592 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:16.837+3:23.394Xbox
2593 pedrataFord Escort Mk II06:17.622+3:24.179PS4
2594 f1nalher0Ford Escort Mk II06:18.888+3:25.445Steam
2595 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:18.985+3:25.542Xbox
2596 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:19.404+3:25.961Xbox
2597 KillerFox1978Ford Escort Mk II06:19.522+3:26.790PS4
2598 matzukengrenFord Escort Mk II06:19.704+3:26.261Xbox
2599 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:19.939+3:26.496Xbox
2600 Euler * NoBiceps :PFord Escort Mk II06:20.689+3:27.246Steam
2601 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:21.021+3:27.578Xbox
2602 noun829oursFord Escort Mk II06:21.951+3:28.508PS4
2603 ????? Ford Escort Mk II06:22.140+3:28.697Steam
2604 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:23.387+3:29.944Xbox
2605 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:23.439+3:29.996Xbox
2606 Hayesfamily31Ford Escort Mk II06:23.688+3:30.245PS4
2607 A Sky CrawlerFord Escort Mk II06:24.906+3:31.463Steam
2608 EyunenFord Escort Mk II06:25.021+3:31.578PS4
2609 A la guerre comme a la guerreFord Escort Mk II06:25.503+3:32.600Steam
2610 amrmorgadoFord Escort Mk II06:25.723+3:32.280PS4
2611 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:25.954+3:32.511Xbox
2612 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:27.537+3:34.940Xbox
2613 RexFord Escort Mk II06:27.737+3:34.294Steam
2614 mr-pringles^^ Ford Escort Mk II06:28.469+3:35.260Steam
2615 | jartsa |Ford Escort Mk II06:28.554+3:35.111Steam
2616 MonetFord Escort Mk II06:29.502+3:36.590Steam
2617 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:29.971+3:36.528Xbox
2618 gallagherchrisFord Escort Mk II06:29.988+3:36.545PS4
2619 stockcar3809Ford Escort Mk II06:30.004+3:36.561Xbox
2620 er-farso45-_-Ford Escort Mk II06:30.304+3:36.861PS4
2621 ??????Ford Escort Mk II06:30.971+3:37.528Steam
2622 ZidaneFord Escort Mk II06:31.888+3:38.445Steam
2623 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:32.053+3:38.610Xbox
2624 e447Ford Escort Mk II06:32.256+3:38.813Steam
2625 Pastulio823Ford Escort Mk II06:32.704+3:39.261PS4
2626 DUNKIN_SANCHEZ_4Ford Escort Mk II06:33.871+3:40.428PS4
2627 nasuplFord Escort Mk II06:34.671+3:41.228Steam
2628 PanumandersFord Escort Mk II06:35.339+3:41.896PS4
2629 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:35.587+3:42.144Xbox
2630 LaFranceVictorieFord Escort Mk II06:36.755+3:43.312PS4
2631 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:37.053+3:43.610Xbox
2632 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:37.938+3:44.495Xbox
2633 TlivenFord Escort Mk II06:38.053+3:44.610PS4
2634 androidguruFord Escort Mk II06:38.735+3:45.292Xbox
2635 Dominator_59199Ford Escort Mk II06:40.836+3:47.393PS4
2636 daniel_aurelliFord Escort Mk II06:41.720+3:48.277Steam
2637 BXVFord Escort Mk II06:41.853+3:48.410PS4
2638 yolo_mageeFord Escort Mk II06:42.538+3:49.950PS4
2639 jcazorlagaFord Escort Mk II06:42.672+3:49.229PS4
2640 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:42.687+3:49.244Xbox
2641 enelysion-96Ford Escort Mk II06:42.820+3:49.377PS4
2642 pandabarthFord Escort Mk II06:42.954+3:49.511PS4
2643 arielvegapagan23Ford Escort Mk II06:43.838+3:50.395PS4
2644 tony0902Ford Escort Mk II06:44.488+3:51.450Xbox
2645 depredador3524Ford Escort Mk II06:44.604+3:51.161PS4
2646 tezboy82Ford Escort Mk II06:45.869+3:52.426PS4
2647 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:46.319+3:52.876Xbox
2648 Plaetti70Ford Escort Mk II06:47.520+3:54.770PS4
2649 pisku dash ebatFord Escort Mk II06:50.137+3:56.694Steam
2650 bbalint0105Ford Escort Mk II06:51.020+3:57.577Steam
2651 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:51.401+3:57.958Xbox
2652 tommykrikisFord Escort Mk II06:51.919+3:58.476Steam
2653 osmalexFord Escort Mk II06:52.572+3:59.129PS4
2654 KingKong72Ford Escort Mk II06:53.821+4:00.378PS4
2655 BaNaNa BaNditZFord Escort Mk II06:54.054+4:00.611Steam
2656 vallesportFord Escort Mk II06:55.638+4:02.195PS4
2657 MinistryofDrEvilFord Escort Mk II06:55.820+4:02.377PS4
2658 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:56.304+4:02.861Xbox
2659 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:57.387+4:03.944Xbox
2660 bullitfnfFord Escort Mk II06:57.886+4:04.443Steam
2661 learning2swimFord Escort Mk II06:57.938+4:04.495Steam
2662 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:58.785+4:05.342Xbox
2663 SynSter70Ford Escort Mk II07:00.571+4:07.128PS4
2664 Ster1910Ford Escort Mk II07:01.370+4:07.927PS4
2665 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:01.971+4:08.528Xbox
2666 EagerermuleFord Escort Mk II07:02.318+4:08.875Xbox
2667 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:04.751+4:11.308Xbox
2668 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:04.786+4:11.343Xbox
2669 drewstarFord Escort Mk II07:04.822+4:11.379Xbox
2670 Muten | RoshiFord Escort Mk II07:06.588+4:13.145Steam
2671 byrontate72Ford Escort Mk II07:08.570+4:15.127PS4
2672 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:08.720+4:15.277Xbox
2673 ^2KonradoFord Escort Mk II07:09.071+4:15.628Steam
2674 loreto5248Ford Escort Mk II07:10.272+4:16.829PS4
2675 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:16.352+4:22.909Xbox
2676 LonoSpangleFord Escort Mk II07:21.904+4:28.461PS4
2677 MTB--AceFord Escort Mk II07:24.620+4:31.177PS4
2678 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:26.586+4:33.143Xbox
2679 viwaldi73Ford Escort Mk II07:26.871+4:33.428PS4
2680 Lucas13261Ford Escort Mk II07:27.503+4:34.600PS4
2681 boss.yuferovFord Escort Mk II07:29.003+4:35.560Steam
2682 sasoe0404Ford Escort Mk II07:29.403+4:35.960PS4
2683 hotplate007Ford Escort Mk II07:30.437+4:36.994PS4
2684 Pérez CarriasFord Escort Mk II07:34.403+4:40.960Steam
2685 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:35.672+4:42.229Xbox
2686 R00P3044Ford Escort Mk II07:35.819+4:42.376PS4
2687 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:37.854+4:44.411Xbox
2688 IlikeSlowRidesFord Escort Mk II07:38.538+4:45.950Xbox
2689 grengo187Ford Escort Mk II07:41.422+4:47.979PS4
2690 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:43.152+4:49.709Xbox
2691 DougiebarrFord Escort Mk II07:43.636+4:50.193Xbox
2692 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:45.585+4:52.142Xbox
2693 dynshizFord Escort Mk II07:45.603+4:52.160PS4
2694 FameBotFord Escort Mk II07:49.569+4:56.126Steam
2695 perttu75492Ford Escort Mk II07:50.166+4:56.723PS4
2696 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:51.252+4:57.809Xbox
2697 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:54.551+5:01.108Xbox
2698 wi-RR-usFord Escort Mk II07:55.653+5:02.210PS4
2699 Skyblox8000Ford Escort Mk II07:56.670+5:03.227Steam
2700 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:00.968+5:07.525Xbox
2701 funnygamer1221Ford Escort Mk II08:12.487+5:19.440Xbox
2702 zorik84Ford Escort Mk II08:13.903+5:20.460PS4
2703 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:17.752+5:24.309Xbox
2704 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:18.167+5:24.724Xbox
2705 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:21.836+5:28.393Xbox
2706 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:23.485+5:30.420Xbox
2707 aaroncase695Ford Escort Mk II08:25.502+5:32.590PS4
2708 Corolla_MotörsportFord Escort Mk II08:26.384+5:32.941Steam
2709 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:29.136+5:35.693Xbox
2710 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:34.587+5:41.144Xbox
2711 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:36.703+5:43.260Xbox
2712 matrixs108Ford Escort Mk II08:36.802+5:43.359PS4
2713 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:38.153+5:44.710Xbox
2714 laketown6Ford Escort Mk II08:40.465+5:47.220PS4
2715 mattysmelt3Ford Escort Mk II08:41.619+5:48.176Xbox
2716 Leinad_1327Ford Escort Mk II08:41.984+5:48.541PS4
2717 JEFFREY-NL-1988Ford Escort Mk II08:42.752+5:49.309PS4
2718 Eric77kendrickFord Escort Mk II08:49.566+5:56.123PS4
2719 SSA8935Ford Escort Mk II08:56.083+6:02.640PS4
2720 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:00.701+6:07.258Xbox
2721 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:01.066+6:07.623Xbox
2722 Battlman120Ford Escort Mk II09:02.047+6:08.604PS4
2723 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:04.470+6:11.270Xbox
2724 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:04.901+6:11.458Xbox
2725 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:05.083+6:11.640Xbox
2726 tabakito74Ford Escort Mk II09:05.569+6:12.126PS4
2727 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:08.617+6:15.174Xbox
2728 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:12.233+6:18.790Xbox
2729 CAZZARONE1Ford Escort Mk II09:14.753+6:21.310PS4
2730 clubsensiFord Escort Mk II09:18.583+6:25.140PS4
2731 larssven0709Ford Escort Mk II09:23.085+6:29.642PS4
2732 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:24.982+6:31.539Xbox
2733 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:25.819+6:32.376Xbox
2734 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:33.301+6:39.858Xbox
2735 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:35.536+6:42.930Xbox
2736 Jerry-RastiFord Escort Mk II09:36.336+6:42.893PS4
2737 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:42.153+6:48.710Xbox
2738 bertano19Ford Escort Mk II09:44.503+6:51.600PS4
2739 Ainsley Windu Ford Escort Mk II09:48.769+6:55.326Steam
2740 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:49.151+6:55.708Xbox
2741 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:58.902+7:05.459Xbox
2742 Thibautbg03Ford Escort Mk II10:00.467+7:07.240PS4
2743 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II10:10.818+7:17.375Xbox
2744 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II10:16.432+7:22.989Xbox
2745 failurewarningFord Escort Mk II10:24.486+7:31.430Xbox
2746 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II10:29.985+7:36.542Xbox
2747 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II10:34.966+7:41.523Xbox
2748 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II10:37.934+7:44.491Xbox
2749 BennyFord Escort Mk II10:38.468+7:45.250Steam
2750 RamantntFord Escort Mk II10:39.851+7:46.408PS4
2751 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II10:44.946+7:51.503Xbox
2752 emanu_gabyFord Escort Mk II10:46.546+7:53.103PS4
2753 MedianersifiFord Escort Mk II10:47.029+7:53.586PS4
2754 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II10:55.511+8:02.680Xbox
2755 AceOfYoMomFord Escort Mk II10:56.101+8:02.658Xbox
2756 rafasobriFord Escort Mk II11:00.466+8:07.230PS4
2757 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II11:03.683+8:10.240Xbox
2758 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II11:19.795+8:26.352Xbox
2759 maxmaxmad15Ford Escort Mk II11:33.550+8:40.107PS4
2760 MANLYKRFord Escort Mk II11:40.050+8:46.607PS4
2761 sin2006caraFord Escort Mk II11:45.164+8:51.721PS4
2762 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II12:23.593+9:30.150Xbox
2763 iTzTo0LeG1tFord Escort Mk II12:24.384+9:30.941PS4
2764 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II12:29.366+9:35.923Xbox
2765 JaKe133579Ford Escort Mk II12:39.331+9:45.888Xbox
2766 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II12:56.983+10:03.540Xbox
2767 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II13:17.991+10:24.548Xbox
2768 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II13:42.106+10:48.663Xbox
2769 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II13:55.381+11:01.938Xbox
2770 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II13:57.508+11:04.650Xbox
2771 jackallan999Ford Escort Mk II14:05.548+11:12.105PS4
2772 ssssssssssssdddFord Escort Mk II14:07.009+11:13.566Xbox
2773 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II14:09.481+11:16.380Xbox
2774 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II14:21.783+11:28.340Xbox
2775 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II14:34.157+11:40.714Xbox
2776 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II14:59.446+12:06.300Xbox
2777 LeviathanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2778 Nomee Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2779 ?VincentFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2780 Staatl.geprüfter GewürzprüferFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2781 peeramitFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2782 WarFalconFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2783 Underkex Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2784 [Promil-Trans] juchas79Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2785 toten61Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2786 Anal ExpressFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2787 miloslavkonicekFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2788 El_Barto_Boy Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2789 HarhaanJHTJAFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2790 kzyb Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2791 McClaneFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2792 XiphosFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2793 hailanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2794 sieju / george PLFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2795 Mestre Ruben (de folga)Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2796 NessQuikFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2797 JosephADRFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2798 brian.albertalliFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2799 daniel19962009Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2800 nakattyokunFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2801 MKK1998Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2802 MuelizFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2803 HydrogenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2804 armen83armFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2805 Dave GSFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2806 sub-beastFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2807 garrocha2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2808 Fertix Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2809 Pyker Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2810 Kuba_HBFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2811 csgoblocks.comFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2812 atrvo Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2813 PereiraFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2814 GaxReduxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2815 ? eXeZ ?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2816 johnyarbroFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2817 thinkofoneforme66 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2818 vincdoc[be] Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2819 Poultrygeist Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2820 CanJianFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2821 ??????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2822 ibunFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2823 iguor Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2824 enigmaticFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2825 BlankoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2826 chargedautoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2827 joerg.wiesmann Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2828 Boris_Borison Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2829 Lbath Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2830 Sad Rick Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2831 ProsperFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2832 SultanAhmedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2833 [L-TR] ivan.29rusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2834 DC5RFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2835 carlospanucciFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2836 JoshFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2837 *****_av109Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2838 mindbr0kenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2839 davidrebcn Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2840 G2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2841 cheddarFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2842 inSu'Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2843 SmokeyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2844 _rcFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2845 CrissingerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2846 [SMBR]mtherry42Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2847 labbisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2848 Safeword: POLICE BRUTALITY PLFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2849 ReichmeisterFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2850 O6ambl4Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2851 KrackaruuFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2852 rosmo82 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2853 GET OUT OF MY SWAMPFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2854 LyRetEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2855 Requ!emFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2856 AnaerobFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2857 brebartveitFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2858 Anus Food Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2859 DirtMaster99Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2860 jygendFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2861 99mathed Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2862 Captain 77 [UK]Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2863 jmfalfonsoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2864 MarcFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2865 kéké la breizhFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2866 xD LSD cs.moneyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2867 dlz Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2868 ladose.lebelge Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2869 LuckLessFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2870 Intas pagaliteFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2871 laurentgaillac28Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2872 [Promil-Trans] DaN [PL]Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2873 BerenjenaQWE csgobounty.comFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2874 NEXT KarmahFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2875 HardwiredDeity Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2876 YoppaRaizoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2877 MoyashiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2878 Black_J_o_k_e_r_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2879 SteveFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2880 Kenny1831 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2881 djo19frFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2882 PetrjasalFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2883 giordi122Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2884 le-ray.marcFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2885 ilyagainanovFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2886 1_thingFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2887 seattle6418 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2888 Ben TaxleFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2889 antonio.burrai83Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2890 orosz.bence.91Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2891 Eza Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2892 kjt7Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2893 Gian0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2894 shirokumaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2895 stephenchandler_1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2896 dietrich170568 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2897 gsavliFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2898 TergiLunottoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2899 YukevichFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2900 lihxcbdfbFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2901 Furor CaelumFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2902 will_90Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2903 El WeweFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2904 RickyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2905 Omok Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2906 Thebestplayer53_YtFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Steam
2907 coda97Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2908 lysanderluciw97Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2909 Siebren2804Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2910 daanos96Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2911 cubakiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2912 damiancr125Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2913 warpig007655Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2914 Gehirn94Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2915 sebgruenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2916 HawkerbrownFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2917 standard-foot-7Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2918 morso_123Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2919 justeoin10Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2920 Jonsey24aFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2921 machi188Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2922 mikronis7878Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2923 Neguin01Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2924 joefluvv220Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2925 g0822243831Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2926 fanfan83470Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2927 aiveon23Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2928 gabrimartinsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2929 Berni-dor91Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2930 thomas29011982Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2931 fredcarpediemFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2932 rlashtnsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2933 BEN231914Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2934 nikocon83Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2935 Ryro32Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2936 nikolovi12345Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2937 bHcYbH49bHxYFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2938 bamzorusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2939 majer92Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2940 el_santo429Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2941 x_liar_xFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2942 gciccio137Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2943 RobBAMFrigoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2944 ettomaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2945 KTM33112Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2946 Tambo_FirstBloodFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2947 agressor001Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2948 pillaojjjjjjFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2949 JAYDIOSSSFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2950 SurgeonsHandsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2951 laguaridadeindaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2952 RaDeBrOnXeRFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2953 hoolo123Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2954 Rayanzoo28Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2955 MonsterkilliosFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2956 shaurya88Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2957 speedline90Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2958 andr08950Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2959 MezzoPongFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2960 sheepy125000Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2961 klubharijeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2962 SVRenegadeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2963 vitorcamara76Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2964 jeffmac77Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2965 xXJonnyGamerXxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2966 temaed47Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2967 FinMpkFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2968 GreenBull112Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2969 DipeshNFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2970 norwichboy3381Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2971 Bombeer24Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2972 stef84tattooFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2973 Jerith35Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2974 Belgium_BulldogFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2975 TemirlanzFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2976 M-GARCIA999Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2977 pf70300Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2978 angy654321Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2979 SjorrodFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2980 Xx_Vaque_xXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2981 xD_BRAiN_AFK_xDFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2982 Schuster_klanenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2983 titisnoopsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2984 Romie-03Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2985 specracer929Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2986 suhdude182Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2987 worscheschFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2988 akuhamalainenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2989 panda_puddlez_12Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2990 MOFUGGA316Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2991 MSerwoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2992 SimoCprFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2993 Gingernut37Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2994 MaciawkaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2995 MarkVellinge1000Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2996 Chaoskrieger55Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2997 Dnka88Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2998 vjcorneFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
2999 Baning28Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3000 sgtcurly1989Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3001 giorgoskoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3002 CarsontheMenaceFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3003 Hock3yFr3ak__Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3004 handlooseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3005 pollow96Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3006 BFDMazzyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3007 CubeEUFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3008 superterabyteFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3009 jolifinaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3010 Raket_88Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3011 Bastiou83590Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3012 edyalex454Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3013 AzerNooxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3014 Jauhis82Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3015 Freddy97410Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3016 LiM127Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3017 bpa047Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3018 zlatanvercors26Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3019 Burzut29Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3020 DionysisKokFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3021 nico555wrcFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3022 Annilator13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3023 Rodev04Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3024 Proby911Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3025 Snijers2010Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3026 kweon_80Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3027 ArkarrosFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3028 G4VROSHUNFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3029 Steven_CoombesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3030 guzag20Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3031 ullnidvinFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3032 CallsignBlazeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3033 Kimster910Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3034 raphaelsubaru196Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3035 UlrichdemildeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3036 striker308604Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3037 dieguitodrmFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3038 Echsenmann95Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3039 Venoph98Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3040 hoorhouseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3041 Beefeater63Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3042 benoit1711Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3043 blitzkriegbonzoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3044 cmelda06Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3045 Lucke-M-IFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3046 victor15301Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3047 cranks_rosFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3048 OmnidraxuSFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3049 basseMX11Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3050 mataleao635Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3051 MONOX86BUSTOSFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3052 KiiNG__Nihad-__xFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3053 Linoitalia10Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3054 moy01551Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3055 irdyurreFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3056 alex_97469Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3057 Edusch7Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3058 biri1982Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3059 brahym-_-33300Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3060 KRK_boyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3061 JonasHunsbedtFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3062 HENNES-75Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3063 Max-du48Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3064 kevinsilva519Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3065 Fazi93plFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3066 BlackGrafFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3067 VitorNobrega9330Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3068 Pixel_ThirstFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3069 mrripple50Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3070 MyersHeinz1951Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3071 Couves97Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3072 am74791Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3073 yupkhanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3074 mijebitskiiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3075 AXMAN23062Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3076 hsbc72Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3077 kalash3921Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3078 JorgeSanta1997Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3079 dogusbiciciFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3080 hiro524_mFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3081 avisbroderFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3082 SUBARU34Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3083 Cynical-Old-MeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3084 Textrolene-TankFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3085 ICEWOLF3101Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3086 miguelelche00Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3087 hlabalhashb344Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3088 gggoke77Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3089 tyson59260jujuFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3090 bestgeorg798Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3091 nikola44miroticFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3092 ermit666Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3093 pawel-soldatFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3094 loko2393Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3095 Robert77141Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3096 d221084Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3097 arcasida2209Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3098 Johnsons_PSFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3099 ARTELOAI96Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3100 mocaco_67Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3101 BIGBOYFOXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3102 quilmenio69Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3103 socke_gamerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3104 stefanopavanettoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3105 joaocanhao159Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3106 milldog2012Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3107 timn049812Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3108 p7wrc59Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3109 schlenkerEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3110 Sheevaa-69Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3111 ngartzke11Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3112 TungstenTireFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3113 Herr_PompkeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3114 donkysbossFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3115 Joan08272Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3116 rennsau-36Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3117 M3GT06Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3118 BLOODY2016Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3119 drayvodFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3120 jessoye12kushFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3121 henryticonanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557PS4
3122 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3123 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3124 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3125 JBcozFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3126 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3127 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3128 DylanOrlowskiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3129 G76VipFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3130 lacrim7113Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3131 reliable2playFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3132 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3133 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3134 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3135 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3136 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3137 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3138 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3139 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3140 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3141 damonb98Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3142 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3143 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3144 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3145 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3146 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3147 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3148 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3149 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3150 FluffinatorFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3151 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3152 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3153 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3154 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3155 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3156 nickster01Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3157 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3158 BloodNgutsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3159 kyussarnyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3160 paul1909Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3161 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3162 sumol77Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3163 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3164 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3165 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3166 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3167 heavyorcFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3168 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3169 CAPTAINCHEDDAHFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3170 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3171 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3172 bebemeatpieFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3173 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3174 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3175 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3176 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3177 zambamFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3178 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3179 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3180 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3181 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3182 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3183 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3184 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3185 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3186 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3187 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3188 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3189 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3190 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3191 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3192 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3193 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3194 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3195 RedflasherFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3196 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3197 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3198 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3199 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3200 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3201 stevounetFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3202 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3203 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3204 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3205 moicmoiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3206 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3207 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3208 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3209 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3210 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3211 TheOldSnazFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3212 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3213 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3214 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3215 WHOdaFUKFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3216 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3217 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3218 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3219 BullsGTFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3220 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3221 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3222 adzwbaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3223 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3224 GIGN08460Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3225 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3226 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3227 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3228 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3229 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3230 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3231 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3232 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3233 SmurdererFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3234 KenBlock67Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3235 Patishungry1233Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3236 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3237 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3238 fabiowrcFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3239 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3240 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3241 PedropodFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3242 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3243 DILAN13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3244 xpxpxpFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3245 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3246 OB3LLFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3247 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3248 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3249 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3250 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3251 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3252 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3253 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3254 RV42Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3255 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3256 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3257 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3258 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3259 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3260 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3261 PacoTheHapyTacoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3262 CHRISTcrushr666Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3263 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3264 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3265 txitxoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3266 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3267 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3268 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3269 andreavezzuFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3270 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3271 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3272 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3273 sm290Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3274 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3275 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3276 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3277 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3278 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3279 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3280 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3281 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3282 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3283 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3284 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3285 themonk81Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3286 austin29Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Xbox
3287 MalexactFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:06.557Oculus