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DiRT Daily Live - #MK2Monday, 2017-12-04
3347 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Greece] Ourea Spevsi (S) (Midday, Sunny)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 jhtl85Ford Escort Mk II03:22.641+00:00.000PS4
2 MongoJon [VR] Ford Escort Mk II03:23.725+00:01.840Steam
3 YoppaRaizoFord Escort Mk II03:23.791+00:01.150Steam
4 Je55eJame5 Ford Escort Mk II03:24.841+00:02.200Steam
5 AndyvanFord Escort Mk II03:25.991+00:03.350Steam
6 cortFord Escort Mk II03:27.075+00:04.434Steam
7 Darkstar Ford Escort Mk II03:27.275+00:04.634Steam
8 didicmitsuFord Escort Mk II03:27.541+00:04.900PS4
9 mhk2308Ford Escort Mk II03:28.125+00:05.484PS4
10 fabmullFord Escort Mk II03:28.724+00:06.830Steam
11 OttoFord Escort Mk II03:29.041+00:06.400Steam
12 artos55 Ford Escort Mk II03:29.324+00:06.683Steam
13 zylytruuFord Escort Mk II03:31.158+00:08.517Steam
14 spetteravoFord Escort Mk II03:31.674+00:09.330Steam
15 [-XV-].AngeOliveur. Ford Escort Mk II03:31.924+00:09.283Steam
16 flav6363Ford Escort Mk II03:33.808+00:11.167PS4
17 jariseppFord Escort Mk II03:33.891+00:11.250PS4
18 Wurstbraten Ford Escort Mk II03:33.908+00:11.267Steam
19 looperiFord Escort Mk II03:34.774+00:12.133Steam
20 EpilepticToastFord Escort Mk II03:34.941+00:12.300Xbox
21 [MAMA]???????Ford Escort Mk II03:35.374+00:12.733Steam
22 hemirpu Ford Escort Mk II03:35.441+00:12.800Steam
23 Gerrie Ford Escort Mk II03:35.524+00:12.883Steam
24 KeryXFord Escort Mk II03:35.574+00:12.933Steam
25 SubeebuSFord Escort Mk II03:35.791+00:13.150PS4
26 InksaFord Escort Mk II03:36.191+00:13.550Steam
27 AkaMirteFord Escort Mk II03:36.391+00:13.750PS4
28 sebbtab Ford Escort Mk II03:36.424+00:13.783Steam
29 ynkelit Ford Escort Mk II03:36.608+00:13.967Steam
30 Paunuracing Ford Escort Mk II03:36.924+00:14.283Steam
31 Pi1996 Ford Escort Mk II03:37.074+00:14.433Steam
32 ari.salokivi Ford Escort Mk II03:37.141+00:14.500Steam
33 kenny_pceFord Escort Mk II03:37.574+00:14.933Steam
34 Mika-T420Ford Escort Mk II03:37.591+00:14.950PS4
35 C0LInFord Escort Mk II03:37.907+00:15.266Steam
36 niccolocinquiniFord Escort Mk II03:37.991+00:15.350Steam
37 Trait63600Ford Escort Mk II03:38.224+00:15.583PS4
38 lucag120 Ford Escort Mk II03:38.657+00:16.160Steam
39 tooniFord Escort Mk II03:38.657+00:16.160Steam
40 NoisyTribe Ford Escort Mk II03:39.024+00:16.383Steam
41 Marek1Ford Escort Mk II03:39.157+00:16.516Steam
42 Nopileos Ford Escort Mk II03:39.157+00:16.516Steam
43 berti78 Ford Escort Mk II03:39.457+00:16.816Steam
44 hameen1Ford Escort Mk II03:39.774+00:17.133PS4
45 flavikunFord Escort Mk II03:39.874+00:17.233Steam
46 Jorma KovanenFord Escort Mk II03:40.141+00:17.500Steam
47 OvalRacerFord Escort Mk II03:40.141+00:17.500PS4
48 Ferranis Ford Escort Mk II03:40.174+00:17.533Steam
49 JVsnellmanFord Escort Mk II03:40.191+00:17.550PS4
50 schlenkerEFord Escort Mk II03:40.224+00:17.583PS4
51 laurent87Ford Escort Mk II03:40.241+00:17.600Xbox
52 DJebel DRoid Ford Escort Mk II03:40.357+00:17.716Steam
53 Rudi MenteiroFord Escort Mk II03:40.474+00:17.833Steam
54 Go Home YankeesFord Escort Mk II03:40.757+00:18.116Steam
55 rmuortFord Escort Mk II03:40.857+00:18.216Steam
56 JakeRayFord Escort Mk II03:41.107+00:18.466Steam
57 TheKiksKillerFord Escort Mk II03:41.241+00:18.600Steam
58 antoragnottiFord Escort Mk II03:41.507+00:18.866Xbox
59 Isle of Barra Ford Escort Mk II03:41.524+00:18.883Steam
60 dylanh25Ford Escort Mk II03:41.724+00:19.830Steam
61 gabmanu--Ford Escort Mk II03:41.824+00:19.183PS4
62 maikl330Ford Escort Mk II03:42.357+00:19.716Steam
63 TakojaFord Escort Mk II03:42.541+00:19.900Steam
64 Raffi Ford Escort Mk II03:42.557+00:19.916Steam
65 EriishFord Escort Mk II03:43.141+00:20.500Steam
66 artekrtkFord Escort Mk II03:43.407+00:20.766Steam
67 jnco89 Ford Escort Mk II03:43.424+00:20.783Steam
68 matt.hewlettFord Escort Mk II03:43.941+00:21.300Steam
69 martinbeolFord Escort Mk II03:43.941+00:21.300Steam
70 SupaFord Escort Mk II03:44.091+00:21.450Steam
71 MiettuneFord Escort Mk II03:44.124+00:21.483PS4
72 LinkinWarFord Escort Mk II03:44.157+00:21.516Steam
73 SqUFord Escort Mk II03:44.224+00:21.583Steam
74 cjlloyd Ford Escort Mk II03:44.307+00:21.666Steam
75 tommi20_Ford Escort Mk II03:44.374+00:21.733PS4
76 Fernando MeirelesFord Escort Mk II03:44.407+00:21.766Steam
77 PuavoFord Escort Mk II03:44.591+00:21.950Steam
78 joetown56Ford Escort Mk II03:44.607+00:21.966PS4
79 Soulr3av3r Ford Escort Mk II03:44.707+00:22.660Steam
80 GLX-VRC Ford Escort Mk II03:44.707+00:22.660Steam
81 pepichzoliFord Escort Mk II03:44.824+00:22.183Steam
82 SheenuFord Escort Mk II03:44.841+00:22.200Steam
83 ivanf1973Ford Escort Mk II03:44.924+00:22.283PS4
84 MischuFord Escort Mk II03:45.024+00:22.383Steam
85 Ravvan Ford Escort Mk II03:45.124+00:22.483Steam
86 Rene #NoControl Ford Escort Mk II03:45.207+00:22.566Steam
87 Joker Junior Ford Escort Mk II03:45.307+00:22.666Steam
88 NorthenNovemberFord Escort Mk II03:45.457+00:22.816Xbox
89 PompelupFord Escort Mk II03:45.590+00:22.949Steam
90 KaunelaFord Escort Mk II03:45.590+00:22.949Steam
91 kildog Ford Escort Mk II03:45.640+00:22.999Steam
92 IMW_7Ford Escort Mk II03:45.690+00:23.490PS4
93 Ric-hard-7Ford Escort Mk II03:45.707+00:23.660PS4
94 atrvo Ford Escort Mk II03:45.824+00:23.183Steam
95 The RiflemanFord Escort Mk II03:45.824+00:23.183Steam
96 Racer2727Ford Escort Mk II03:45.874+00:23.233PS4
97 fripouillot Ford Escort Mk II03:45.974+00:23.333Steam
98 psych13aFord Escort Mk II03:46.207+00:23.566PS4
99 m2shottyFord Escort Mk II03:46.240+00:23.599Steam
100 AlbertoQueipoFord Escort Mk II03:46.257+00:23.616Xbox
101 ice7racingFord Escort Mk II03:46.290+00:23.649PS4
102 MacGilleBhrìghdeFord Escort Mk II03:46.340+00:23.699Steam
103 TjZUIGER Ford Escort Mk II03:46.490+00:23.849Steam
104 SmaiFord Escort Mk II03:46.524+00:23.883Steam
105 al02evsFord Escort Mk II03:46.524+00:23.883PS4
106 4b 45 4b 53 Ford Escort Mk II03:46.540+00:23.899Steam
107 Spanner Ford Escort Mk II03:46.657+00:24.160Steam
108 PL---Maciek---PLFord Escort Mk II03:46.774+00:24.133PS4
109 mhj360Ford Escort Mk II03:46.857+00:24.216PS4
110 traxan0plagiasFord Escort Mk II03:46.957+00:24.316Xbox
111 Jan #NoControl Ford Escort Mk II03:46.974+00:24.333Steam
112 davidktm.125Ford Escort Mk II03:47.090+00:24.449Steam
113 francescoivreaFord Escort Mk II03:47.240+00:24.599PS4
114 carlos.silva93Ford Escort Mk II03:47.290+00:24.649Steam
115 toshi_beeFord Escort Mk II03:47.307+00:24.666Steam
116 HLIASEVO7Ford Escort Mk II03:47.457+00:24.816PS4
117 Hebros Ford Escort Mk II03:47.507+00:24.866Steam
118 Tony0227 Ford Escort Mk II03:47.574+00:24.933Steam
119 AVEZ Ford Escort Mk II03:47.607+00:24.966Steam
120 casipeya Ford Escort Mk II03:47.640+00:24.999Steam
121 LihisFord Escort Mk II03:47.657+00:25.160Steam
122 oldethumperFord Escort Mk II03:47.774+00:25.133Steam
123 Tibbstar??Ford Escort Mk II03:48.007+00:25.366Steam
124 Eza Ford Escort Mk II03:48.307+00:25.666Steam
125 DarssonFord Escort Mk II03:48.374+00:25.733Steam
126 medicatednationFord Escort Mk II03:48.440+00:25.799Xbox
127 jak2755 Ford Escort Mk II03:48.474+00:25.833Steam
128 ? SeniorsFord Escort Mk II03:48.490+00:25.849Steam
129 proGamer346 Ford Escort Mk II03:48.857+00:26.216Steam
130 The Senate Ford Escort Mk II03:48.890+00:26.249Steam
131 PR.[KIA] rPoXoTauJIoFord Escort Mk II03:48.907+00:26.266Steam
132 joffe311Ford Escort Mk II03:49.024+00:26.383PS4
133 VeivsterFord Escort Mk II03:49.040+00:26.399PS4
134 totolitoto974Ford Escort Mk II03:49.107+00:26.466Oculus
135 h.klappauf Ford Escort Mk II03:49.124+00:26.483Steam
136 polo971 Ford Escort Mk II03:49.140+00:26.499Steam
137 carlospanucciFord Escort Mk II03:49.224+00:26.583Steam
138 veltsu73Ford Escort Mk II03:49.240+00:26.599PS4
139 patatak Ford Escort Mk II03:49.290+00:26.649Steam
140 ShARk63Ford Escort Mk II03:49.324+00:26.683Steam
141 oefoxFord Escort Mk II03:49.324+00:26.683Steam
142 Mad_RobertoFord Escort Mk II03:49.357+00:26.716Steam
143 TRL_Willy_ZGZFord Escort Mk II03:49.374+00:26.733PS4
144 H. Wallin Ford Escort Mk II03:49.390+00:26.749Steam
145 SemistrunFord Escort Mk II03:49.407+00:26.766Steam
146 Lucifer_Angel_OfFord Escort Mk II03:49.440+00:26.799PS4
147 cAzFord Escort Mk II03:49.490+00:26.849Steam
148 Meri Kurisumasu -___-Ford Escort Mk II03:49.507+00:26.866Steam
149 GussLVFord Escort Mk II03:49.540+00:26.899PS4
150 menego2894Ford Escort Mk II03:49.624+00:26.983Steam
151 Jonsey24aFord Escort Mk II03:49.724+00:27.830PS4
152 jav1963 Ford Escort Mk II03:49.790+00:27.149Steam
153 flASHassFord Escort Mk II03:49.857+00:27.216PS4
154 jindra247 Ford Escort Mk II03:50.040+00:27.399Steam
155 loy59Ford Escort Mk II03:50.040+00:27.399PS4
156 Southh07 Ford Escort Mk II03:50.207+00:27.566Steam
157 szachan.gaborFord Escort Mk II03:50.224+00:27.583Steam
158 ??????1?Ford Escort Mk II03:50.274+00:27.633Steam
159 karolwujekFord Escort Mk II03:50.340+00:27.699Xbox
160 kudasoffff Ford Escort Mk II03:50.357+00:27.716Steam
161 frenzalFord Escort Mk II03:50.457+00:27.816Steam
162 ANACOND199Ford Escort Mk II03:50.457+00:27.816PS4
163 Reigo Nela Ford Escort Mk II03:50.507+00:27.866Steam
164 Draco-05500Ford Escort Mk II03:50.540+00:27.899PS4
165 JKFord Escort Mk II03:50.657+00:28.160Steam
166 Tommy Ford Escort Mk II03:50.674+00:28.330Steam
167 qpSHiNqpFord Escort Mk II03:50.674+00:28.330Steam
168 Antonio BarbosaFord Escort Mk II03:50.757+00:28.116Steam
169 BsanFord Escort Mk II03:50.807+00:28.166Steam
170 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:50.924+00:28.283Xbox
171 GROBEUHFord Escort Mk II03:51.057+00:28.416Steam
172 Nietzshe Ford Escort Mk II03:51.057+00:28.416Steam
173 KaminskyFord Escort Mk II03:51.074+00:28.433Steam
174 RagingWildebeastFord Escort Mk II03:51.107+00:28.466PS4
175 DeltaFord Escort Mk II03:51.224+00:28.583Steam
176 Casentino93Ford Escort Mk II03:51.240+00:28.599PS4
177 valentinradiguetFord Escort Mk II03:51.274+00:28.633PS4
178 ]|WoR|[ DIIZZYFord Escort Mk II03:51.307+00:28.666Steam
179 Cat Lives MatterFord Escort Mk II03:51.307+00:28.666Steam
180 Raccoon Ford Escort Mk II03:51.340+00:28.699Steam
181 raphael832010Ford Escort Mk II03:51.540+00:28.899PS4
182 Topur JzKFord Escort Mk II03:51.557+00:28.916Steam
183 KulogniotFord Escort Mk II03:51.640+00:28.999Steam
184 Intimus gel Ford Escort Mk II03:51.707+00:29.660Steam
185 XodlyFord Escort Mk II03:51.724+00:29.830Steam
186 Stepan StepanowitchFord Escort Mk II03:51.807+00:29.166Steam
187 yowi87Ford Escort Mk II03:51.840+00:29.199Steam
188 iandj Ford Escort Mk II03:51.907+00:29.266Steam
189 C0Ld BL00dFord Escort Mk II03:51.907+00:29.266Steam
190 micka27Ford Escort Mk II03:51.907+00:29.266Xbox
191 WorldRallyFanFord Escort Mk II03:51.974+00:29.333Steam
192 KreM xstyleFord Escort Mk II03:51.974+00:29.333Steam
193 TuvaluFord Escort Mk II03:51.990+00:29.349Steam
194 olssa69Ford Escort Mk II03:52.074+00:29.433PS4
195 Zrob17Ford Escort Mk II03:52.074+00:29.433Xbox
196 Pupkin Ford Escort Mk II03:52.190+00:29.549Steam
197 KyloxFord Escort Mk II03:52.224+00:29.583Steam
198 sCHOUWAERTFord Escort Mk II03:52.240+00:29.599Xbox
199 BassosusiFord Escort Mk II03:52.257+00:29.616Steam
200 busytomstaFord Escort Mk II03:52.374+00:29.733Steam
201 fk Ford Escort Mk II03:52.457+00:29.816Steam
202 dxb51111Ford Escort Mk II03:52.457+00:29.816PS4
203 Sultan of Sus Ford Escort Mk II03:52.557+00:29.916Steam
204 TARGET17 Ford Escort Mk II03:52.707+00:30.660Steam
205 Nory Ford Escort Mk II03:52.857+00:30.216Steam
206 PryDpaniKFord Escort Mk II03:52.874+00:30.233Steam
207 milord37Ford Escort Mk II03:52.924+00:30.283Steam
208 Maya ??Ford Escort Mk II03:52.924+00:30.283Steam
209 BeemerbabyFord Escort Mk II03:52.957+00:30.316PS4
210 FruktusFord Escort Mk II03:53.057+00:30.416Xbox
211 Cptpugwall87Ford Escort Mk II03:53.074+00:30.433PS4
212 JCarelianFord Escort Mk II03:53.124+00:30.483PS4
213 Davort76Ford Escort Mk II03:53.240+00:30.599PS4
214 ? Raceman Ford Escort Mk II03:53.324+00:30.683Steam
215 DoomguyFord Escort Mk II03:53.407+00:30.766Steam
216 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:53.890+00:31.249Xbox
217 NONOlyoncharboFord Escort Mk II03:53.907+00:31.266Xbox
218 Wathever Ford Escort Mk II03:53.940+00:31.299Steam
219 apo-001budapestFord Escort Mk II03:54.107+00:31.466PS4
220 w76995Ford Escort Mk II03:54.107+00:31.466PS4
221 rbfrankieFord Escort Mk II03:54.290+00:31.649PS4
222 Naprostyhovado Ford Escort Mk II03:54.340+00:31.699Steam
223 CharComuFord Escort Mk II03:54.373+00:31.732Steam
224 pojo-2012Ford Escort Mk II03:54.423+00:31.782PS4
225 nationalwheel Ford Escort Mk II03:54.473+00:31.832Steam
226 blak_angelsFord Escort Mk II03:54.490+00:31.849PS4
227 zefrancouFord Escort Mk II03:54.507+00:31.866Steam
228 MinSlinger333Ford Escort Mk II03:54.523+00:31.882PS4
229 Zacik16Ford Escort Mk II03:54.557+00:31.916Steam
230 OscarFord Escort Mk II03:54.590+00:31.949Steam
231 griffeFord Escort Mk II03:54.640+00:31.999Xbox
232 ady1609Ford Escort Mk II03:54.657+00:32.160Steam
233 PinguFord Escort Mk II03:54.807+00:32.166Steam
234 KiteFuchs Ford Escort Mk II03:54.807+00:32.166Steam
235 jyphelFord Escort Mk II03:54.807+00:32.166Steam
236 xXxN0sc0peF4taLitY420blazeITxXx Ford Escort Mk II03:54.840+00:32.199Steam
237 nightathemuseumFord Escort Mk II03:54.890+00:32.249PS4
238 DirtsharkkFord Escort Mk II03:54.973+00:32.332PS4
239 magicwise Ford Escort Mk II03:55.024+00:32.383Steam
240 jetman78 Ford Escort Mk II03:55.040+00:32.399Steam
241 Tommy-712Ford Escort Mk II03:55.057+00:32.416Steam
242 |||||||Ford Escort Mk II03:55.090+00:32.449Steam
243 XethiFord Escort Mk II03:55.090+00:32.449Steam
244 BonesFord Escort Mk II03:55.107+00:32.466Steam
245 blake181201Ford Escort Mk II03:55.157+00:32.516Steam
246 masav4 Ford Escort Mk II03:55.223+00:32.582Steam
247 Sean_P-ykk8643Ford Escort Mk II03:55.223+00:32.582PS4
248 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:55.257+00:32.616Xbox
249 MEISTER5470Ford Escort Mk II03:55.323+00:32.682PS4
250 Silence_InsFord Escort Mk II03:55.323+00:32.682PS4
251 Destroyer40kFord Escort Mk II03:55.373+00:32.732Steam
252 ArchosauriaFord Escort Mk II03:55.423+00:32.782Steam
253 Cromey Ford Escort Mk II03:55.473+00:32.832Steam
254 lunchboxFord Escort Mk II03:55.490+00:32.849Steam
255 maza77004Ford Escort Mk II03:55.490+00:32.849PS4
256 shuellenFord Escort Mk II03:55.523+00:32.882Steam
257 Breathe EasyFord Escort Mk II03:55.540+00:32.899Steam
258 RolandAndersonFord Escort Mk II03:55.573+00:32.932Xbox
259 WalnutFord Escort Mk II03:55.623+00:32.982Steam
260 -[CoDy]-SmokeR. Ford Escort Mk II03:55.640+00:32.999Steam
261 Eu Xamome ÃtónioFord Escort Mk II03:55.707+00:33.660Steam
262 Bigbang [TH]Ford Escort Mk II03:55.707+00:33.660Steam
263 musicman74 Ford Escort Mk II03:55.773+00:33.132Steam
264 WaldnaabFord Escort Mk II03:55.790+00:33.149Steam
265 GerkopapaFord Escort Mk II03:55.807+00:33.166Steam
266 [Decoy]ViiDreamFord Escort Mk II03:55.840+00:33.199Steam
267 PaulFlashGFord Escort Mk II03:55.907+00:33.266PS4
268 dom61zavaFord Escort Mk II03:55.957+00:33.316PS4
269 oyvind andersen Ford Escort Mk II03:55.973+00:33.332Steam
270 kebabFord Escort Mk II03:55.990+00:33.349Steam
271 VermeireTFord Escort Mk II03:56.040+00:33.399PS4
272 trex Ford Escort Mk II03:56.090+00:33.449Steam
273 rubentr97Ford Escort Mk II03:56.190+00:33.549PS4
274 JernobillyFord Escort Mk II03:56.240+00:33.599PS4
275 MuscleDevilFord Escort Mk II03:56.273+00:33.632PS4
276 pm31 Ford Escort Mk II03:56.340+00:33.699Steam
277 VFD205Ford Escort Mk II03:56.357+00:33.716PS4
278 jeppeFord Escort Mk II03:56.373+00:33.732Steam
279 SierraFord Escort Mk II03:56.390+00:33.749Steam
280 ale101309Ford Escort Mk II03:56.390+00:33.749PS4
281 matti.immonenFord Escort Mk II03:56.423+00:33.782Steam
282 Iago-MXFord Escort Mk II03:56.440+00:33.799Steam
283 conker Ford Escort Mk II03:56.507+00:33.866Steam
284 Da_vi_D-Ford Escort Mk II03:56.640+00:33.999PS4
285 kieken999Ford Escort Mk II03:56.707+00:34.660Xbox
286 =Dumont=Ford Escort Mk II03:56.740+00:34.990Steam
287 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:56.790+00:34.149Xbox
288 LeMarnaisFord Escort Mk II03:56.823+00:34.182Steam
289 crazy_flyerFord Escort Mk II03:56.857+00:34.216Steam
290 Le BedotFord Escort Mk II03:56.940+00:34.299Steam
291 Jonog53Ford Escort Mk II03:56.957+00:34.316PS4
292 CarlWinslow22Ford Escort Mk II03:56.973+00:34.332PS4
293 troopersingerFord Escort Mk II03:57.007+00:34.366Steam
294 MrBowls420Ford Escort Mk II03:57.007+00:34.366PS4
295 bella25398Ford Escort Mk II03:57.107+00:34.466PS4
296 EnconahotsauceFord Escort Mk II03:57.157+00:34.516PS4
297 N4D4L Ford Escort Mk II03:57.190+00:34.549Steam
298 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:57.223+00:34.582Xbox
299 tweek Ford Escort Mk II03:57.307+00:34.666Steam
300 flodabo82Ford Escort Mk II03:57.357+00:34.716Steam
301 snetyrFord Escort Mk II03:57.373+00:34.732Steam
302 MC WRT Ford Escort Mk II03:57.390+00:34.749Steam
303 madars46Ford Escort Mk II03:57.457+00:34.816PS4
304 Remidel59 Ford Escort Mk II03:57.490+00:34.849Steam
305 Xooki3Ford Escort Mk II03:57.523+00:34.882Steam
306 aianthecreatorFord Escort Mk II03:57.540+00:34.899Steam
307 romain.guilloteau88Ford Escort Mk II03:57.590+00:34.949Steam
308 beffaxFord Escort Mk II03:57.607+00:34.966PS4
309 BAJi1988Ford Escort Mk II03:57.673+00:35.320PS4
310 Ralf_mol Ford Escort Mk II03:57.690+00:35.490Steam
311 BallPointBaseFord Escort Mk II03:57.690+00:35.490Steam
312 tazdevil Ford Escort Mk II03:57.707+00:35.660Steam
313 varius92Ford Escort Mk II03:57.807+00:35.166Steam
314 StrangerFord Escort Mk II03:57.840+00:35.199Steam
315 CherounyFord Escort Mk II03:57.840+00:35.199Steam
316 cbakr2oFord Escort Mk II03:57.873+00:35.232PS4
317 JThunder8384Ford Escort Mk II03:57.890+00:35.249PS4
318 ninja_chopp119Ford Escort Mk II03:57.890+00:35.249PS4
319 da_kenFord Escort Mk II03:57.890+00:35.249PS4
320 kojeto Ford Escort Mk II03:57.907+00:35.266Steam
321 [Delta] Weev' Ford Escort Mk II03:57.924+00:35.283Steam
322 Like-a-bird555Ford Escort Mk II03:57.940+00:35.299PS4
323 VeganHamFord Escort Mk II03:57.973+00:35.332Steam
324 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:57.990+00:35.349Xbox
325 TokyoGwB Ford Escort Mk II03:58.057+00:35.416Steam
326 ArkhEnFord Escort Mk II03:58.057+00:35.416Steam
327 fili62Ford Escort Mk II03:58.140+00:35.499Steam
328 LRGeneralFord Escort Mk II03:58.290+00:35.649Steam
329 nony_taleeeFord Escort Mk II03:58.307+00:35.666PS4
330 BOOMERFord Escort Mk II03:58.357+00:35.716Steam
331 VeVi03Ford Escort Mk II03:58.390+00:35.749PS4
332 Xime MasheenFord Escort Mk II03:58.407+00:35.766Steam
333 SexyDino Ford Escort Mk II03:58.540+00:35.899Steam
334 BOBTHEBUILDERFord Escort Mk II03:58.557+00:35.916Steam
335 jmma86Ford Escort Mk II03:58.557+00:35.916PS4
336 ImakunipwnsFord Escort Mk II03:58.607+00:35.966Steam
337 jzdoctorFord Escort Mk II03:58.607+00:35.966PS4
338 vince9333Ford Escort Mk II03:58.623+00:35.982PS4
339 DaipakFord Escort Mk II03:58.640+00:35.999Steam
340 israwrcFord Escort Mk II03:58.673+00:36.320Xbox
341 Ray C0Ford Escort Mk II03:58.690+00:36.490Steam
342 tatarin81-29-05Ford Escort Mk II03:58.707+00:36.660PS4
343 oskarinio Ford Escort Mk II03:58.740+00:36.990Steam
344 steinwayFord Escort Mk II03:58.773+00:36.132Steam
345 Carrasco Ford Escort Mk II03:58.773+00:36.132Steam
346 max Ford Escort Mk II03:58.841+00:36.200Steam
347 reeferFord Escort Mk II03:58.907+00:36.266Steam
348 ElMalote97Ford Escort Mk II03:58.923+00:36.282Steam
349 Toom43 Ford Escort Mk II03:58.973+00:36.332Steam
350 Cheg Ford Escort Mk II03:58.990+00:36.349Steam
351 SerGo79Ford Escort Mk II03:59.007+00:36.366PS4
352 wolf25011970Ford Escort Mk II03:59.040+00:36.399PS4
353 GooGTFord Escort Mk II03:59.057+00:36.416Steam
354 kourivka83Ford Escort Mk II03:59.107+00:36.466Steam
355 raf10ael Ford Escort Mk II03:59.124+00:36.483Steam
356 sakisa341Ford Escort Mk II03:59.190+00:36.549Steam
357 penko75 Ford Escort Mk II03:59.223+00:36.582Steam
358 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:59.223+00:36.582Xbox
359 Sony EricssonFord Escort Mk II03:59.257+00:36.616Steam
360 decliq Ford Escort Mk II03:59.340+00:36.699Steam
361 Lucas_rallye1Ford Escort Mk II03:59.407+00:36.766PS4
362 RALLYBOY5254Ford Escort Mk II03:59.507+00:36.866PS4
363 bcc3172Ford Escort Mk II03:59.523+00:36.882PS4
364 MT Ford Escort Mk II03:59.640+00:36.999Steam
365 neo9800Ford Escort Mk II03:59.673+00:37.320PS4
366 AcidFord Escort Mk II03:59.690+00:37.490Steam
367 TSLSFord Escort Mk II03:59.773+00:37.132Steam
368 gostirs69Ford Escort Mk II03:59.790+00:37.149PS4
369 matapuposFord Escort Mk II03:59.807+00:37.166Xbox
370 gotzlFord Escort Mk II03:59.873+00:37.232Steam
371 crewsie22Ford Escort Mk II03:59.873+00:37.232Xbox
372 Dominguez Ford Escort Mk II03:59.890+00:37.249Steam
373 [FiN]JustU Ford Escort Mk II03:59.890+00:37.249Steam
374 boubou74Ford Escort Mk II03:59.973+00:37.332Xbox
375 artur197410 Ford Escort Mk II04:00.007+00:37.366Steam
376 Basic ForestFord Escort Mk II04:00.023+00:37.382Steam
377 Axon09Ford Escort Mk II04:00.057+00:37.416Steam
378 Tschakalele csgoroll.comFord Escort Mk II04:00.123+00:37.482Steam
379 SnoozmaFord Escort Mk II04:00.140+00:37.499Steam
380 B O S K I O S K IFord Escort Mk II04:00.190+00:37.549Steam
381 BeggarSifonFord Escort Mk II04:00.257+00:37.616Steam
382 Platoon Ford Escort Mk II04:00.307+00:37.666Steam
383 ANDY55CLARKEFord Escort Mk II04:00.340+00:37.699PS4
384 scal2805Ford Escort Mk II04:00.357+00:37.716Xbox
385 kaehvogel Ford Escort Mk II04:00.440+00:37.799Steam
386 kispoppyFord Escort Mk II04:00.440+00:37.799Steam
387 MrPeaski Ford Escort Mk II04:00.473+00:37.832Steam
388 Weddedboban 78 ;) Ford Escort Mk II04:00.473+00:37.832Steam
389 DriftKingdu69Ford Escort Mk II04:00.490+00:37.849Steam
390 GOGAFord Escort Mk II04:00.573+00:37.932Steam
391 DanielFord Escort Mk II04:00.623+00:37.982Steam
392 DoubleLPhill Ford Escort Mk II04:00.623+00:37.982Steam
393 denislpkFord Escort Mk II04:00.690+00:38.490Xbox
394 VozhzhoVFord Escort Mk II04:00.707+00:38.660PS4
395 KissenDerivat65 Ford Escort Mk II04:00.740+00:38.990Steam
396 K_O_H_C_T_P_Y_K_T_O_P Ford Escort Mk II04:00.740+00:38.990Steam
397 stefan72375Ford Escort Mk II04:00.740+00:38.990PS4
398 maks.baklanovFord Escort Mk II04:00.907+00:38.266Steam
399 doublelou Ford Escort Mk II04:01.007+00:38.366Steam
400 TLRCYBORGFord Escort Mk II04:01.007+00:38.366Xbox
401 BerserkmirFord Escort Mk II04:01.190+00:38.549Steam
402 userMarcelFord Escort Mk II04:01.190+00:38.549Xbox
403 reqlity111Ford Escort Mk II04:01.223+00:38.582PS4
404 SnailhauserFord Escort Mk II04:01.273+00:38.632Xbox
405 leleturbolagFord Escort Mk II04:01.423+00:38.782PS4
406 Ville Ford Escort Mk II04:01.440+00:38.799Steam
407 VICENTE.RDI_GAMINGFord Escort Mk II04:01.473+00:38.832Steam
408 BZHEXPRESS Ford Escort Mk II04:01.507+00:38.866Steam
409 andreas6382Ford Escort Mk II04:01.557+00:38.916Xbox
410 PsychicParrot Ford Escort Mk II04:01.590+00:38.949Steam
411 travellog07Ford Escort Mk II04:01.657+00:39.160Steam
412 affreuxjojo14Ford Escort Mk II04:01.690+00:39.490PS4
413 Rodolfo_Hitlero_HH88 Ford Escort Mk II04:01.706+00:39.650Steam
414 mozza Ford Escort Mk II04:01.773+00:39.132Steam
415 Opar_StrrikerFord Escort Mk II04:01.790+00:39.149PS4
416 joshua.delmasFord Escort Mk II04:01.873+00:39.232Steam
417 scottbeamandFord Escort Mk II04:01.873+00:39.232Xbox
418 PIKL[SLO]Ford Escort Mk II04:01.890+00:39.249Steam
419 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:01.890+00:39.249Xbox
420 Señor Texin Ford Escort Mk II04:01.923+00:39.282Steam
421 aitorarizFord Escort Mk II04:01.923+00:39.282PS4
422 StarPlatinum1981Ford Escort Mk II04:01.940+00:39.299PS4
423 Cookie-F2Ford Escort Mk II04:01.956+00:39.315PS4
424 richardatwoodFord Escort Mk II04:01.956+00:39.315PS4
425 butzste623Ford Escort Mk II04:02.006+00:39.365PS4
426 Soper11 Ford Escort Mk II04:02.106+00:39.465Steam
427 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:02.140+00:39.499Xbox
428 liga.618Ford Escort Mk II04:02.240+00:39.599Steam
429 juanjo0994Ford Escort Mk II04:02.240+00:39.599PS4
430 RockyFord Escort Mk II04:02.306+00:39.665Steam
431 SpritzringFord Escort Mk II04:02.306+00:39.665PS4
432 nathan.finch.39Ford Escort Mk II04:02.323+00:39.682Oculus
433 BEACHYY1Ford Escort Mk II04:02.356+00:39.715PS4
434 Aitzol92Ford Escort Mk II04:02.356+00:39.715Xbox
435 FRiESELmitKFord Escort Mk II04:02.406+00:39.765Steam
436 DIPLOMATFord Escort Mk II04:02.456+00:39.815Steam
437 2fG|feena GFuel Ford Escort Mk II04:02.540+00:39.899Steam
438 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:02.556+00:39.915Xbox
439 PapiBerto82Ford Escort Mk II04:02.573+00:39.932PS4
440 helo155b1Ford Escort Mk II04:02.623+00:39.982PS4
441 ]| Ls3R |[ Ford Escort Mk II04:02.673+00:40.320Steam
442 Lazzi Ford Escort Mk II04:02.690+00:40.490Steam
443 EvGFord Escort Mk II04:02.756+00:40.115Steam
444 jdktooFord Escort Mk II04:02.790+00:40.149Steam
445 cococb73Ford Escort Mk II04:02.823+00:40.182PS4
446 magnar_aFord Escort Mk II04:02.840+00:40.199PS4
447 stix88stixFord Escort Mk II04:02.873+00:40.232PS4
448 MinchuksFord Escort Mk II04:02.940+00:40.299Steam
449 itsjustollieeFord Escort Mk II04:02.973+00:40.332PS4
450 BATZANAFord Escort Mk II04:02.990+00:40.349PS4
451 DeV ? Ford Escort Mk II04:03.073+00:40.432Steam
452 [LCC]Sakm38 Ford Escort Mk II04:03.190+00:40.549Steam
453 ThunD3RfartFord Escort Mk II04:03.190+00:40.549Steam
454 cupra4_rsFord Escort Mk II04:03.240+00:40.599Steam
455 ronnoc2421Ford Escort Mk II04:03.290+00:40.649PS4
456 ISBFord Escort Mk II04:03.306+00:40.665Steam
457 Bubi Ford Escort Mk II04:03.323+00:40.682Steam
458 poti_18Ford Escort Mk II04:03.340+00:40.699PS4
459 Roadrunner7007Ford Escort Mk II04:03.340+00:40.699PS4
460 xX-Espi-XxFord Escort Mk II04:03.340+00:40.699PS4
461 -Revo-Ford Escort Mk II04:03.373+00:40.732Steam
462 Francescox1995xFord Escort Mk II04:03.373+00:40.732PS4
463 The_RamAFord Escort Mk II04:03.390+00:40.749Steam
464 AktrasFord Escort Mk II04:03.490+00:40.849Steam
465 limit1394Ford Escort Mk II04:03.556+00:40.915Steam
466 cristianfg22Ford Escort Mk II04:03.556+00:40.915Xbox
467 Tedeschi TruckerFord Escort Mk II04:03.673+00:41.320Steam
468 • Tumblr_Girl •Ford Escort Mk II04:03.723+00:41.820Steam
469 Davidm18Ford Escort Mk II04:03.740+00:41.990Xbox
470 HerseradishFord Escort Mk II04:03.773+00:41.132Steam
471 theraymachineFord Escort Mk II04:03.790+00:41.149PS4
472 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:03.790+00:41.149Xbox
473 linuxFord Escort Mk II04:03.890+00:41.249Steam
474 Stanley.33-443Ford Escort Mk II04:03.956+00:41.315Steam
475 KalebFord Escort Mk II04:03.973+00:41.332Steam
476 SgtBakerFord Escort Mk II04:04.006+00:41.365Steam
477 erickutxo Ford Escort Mk II04:04.006+00:41.365Steam
478 Risto00Ford Escort Mk II04:04.006+00:41.365Steam
479 florianreichauFord Escort Mk II04:04.023+00:41.382Steam
480 iggywicksFord Escort Mk II04:04.040+00:41.399Xbox
481 AnpenFord Escort Mk II04:04.106+00:41.465Steam
482 kimmo88_ Ford Escort Mk II04:04.173+00:41.532Steam
483 MyNameJeffFord Escort Mk II04:04.173+00:41.532Steam
484 ta-caFord Escort Mk II04:04.223+00:41.582PS4
485 joylee0359Ford Escort Mk II04:04.290+00:41.649Steam
486 junior__jason Ford Escort Mk II04:04.340+00:41.699Steam
487 dUNEFord Escort Mk II04:04.390+00:41.749Steam
488 WeeOnYouFord Escort Mk II04:04.423+00:41.782Steam
489 GhostFord Escort Mk II04:04.473+00:41.832Steam
490 Dgringo Ford Escort Mk II04:04.473+00:41.832Steam
491 The Big SleepFord Escort Mk II04:04.506+00:41.865Steam
492 NoWhErEFord Escort Mk II04:04.656+00:42.150Steam
493 TontonSergioFord Escort Mk II04:04.706+00:42.650Xbox
494 StawrosFord Escort Mk II04:04.856+00:42.215Steam
495 LightningSportFord Escort Mk II04:04.890+00:42.249PS4
496 HedyKankkunenFord Escort Mk II04:04.923+00:42.282Xbox
497 theTruthHuRtSuFord Escort Mk II04:05.006+00:42.365Xbox
498 m0rgg Ford Escort Mk II04:05.023+00:42.382Steam
499 joaopugk2Ford Escort Mk II04:05.040+00:42.399PS4
500 FAYNAXFord Escort Mk II04:05.140+00:42.499Steam
501 mrsmith2205Ford Escort Mk II04:05.140+00:42.499PS4
502 skiline280Ford Escort Mk II04:05.140+00:42.499Xbox
503 kurkoFord Escort Mk II04:05.156+00:42.515Steam
504 KetsuppipurkkiFord Escort Mk II04:05.173+00:42.532Steam
505 HondaheadVtecFord Escort Mk II04:05.190+00:42.549PS4
506 mr_soccer_GBRFord Escort Mk II04:05.206+00:42.565PS4
507 Marlec Ford Escort Mk II04:05.340+00:42.699Steam
508 dundaFord Escort Mk II04:05.373+00:42.732Steam
509 V5270abcdFord Escort Mk II04:05.490+00:42.849PS4
510 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:05.490+00:42.849Xbox
511 Audi_A6_weissFord Escort Mk II04:05.523+00:42.882PS4
512 [M.$.K] TeTe De BrIcK 67Ford Escort Mk II04:05.623+00:42.982Steam
513 Su_ta_gar_Ford Escort Mk II04:05.690+00:43.490PS4
514 tessert Ford Escort Mk II04:05.723+00:43.820Steam
515 Nosferatu Ford Escort Mk II04:05.840+00:43.199Steam
516 hrung Ford Escort Mk II04:05.873+00:43.232Steam
517 YOBA!ETO TI?Ford Escort Mk II04:05.923+00:43.282Steam
518 PepinstelroyFord Escort Mk II04:05.923+00:43.282PS4
519 Split3r95Ford Escort Mk II04:05.973+00:43.332PS4
520 GTiPOWER7Ford Escort Mk II04:06.023+00:43.382Xbox
521 yotuylosdemasFord Escort Mk II04:06.140+00:43.499PS4
522 Greif75Ford Escort Mk II04:06.156+00:43.515Steam
523 SpacedrakeFord Escort Mk II04:06.173+00:43.532Steam
524 GENIUS_RUSFord Escort Mk II04:06.173+00:43.532PS4
525 BennyLux1994Ford Escort Mk II04:06.223+00:43.582PS4
526 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:06.223+00:43.582Xbox
527 sport422Ford Escort Mk II04:06.256+00:43.615Steam
528 RaysTechFord Escort Mk II04:06.290+00:43.649Steam
529 MR-burger-_-36Ford Escort Mk II04:06.323+00:43.682PS4
530 ThomasRdrFord Escort Mk II04:06.356+00:43.715Steam
531 DangerCoffin (^)Ford Escort Mk II04:06.373+00:43.732Steam
532 bastienG62170Ford Escort Mk II04:06.390+00:43.749PS4
533 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:06.456+00:43.815Xbox
534 mat Ford Escort Mk II04:06.473+00:43.832Steam
535 TchoponT Ford Escort Mk II04:06.590+00:43.949Steam
536 kalanovitch49Ford Escort Mk II04:06.590+00:43.949PS4
537 annonnaFord Escort Mk II04:06.656+00:44.150Xbox
538 krmobilFord Escort Mk II04:06.756+00:44.115Xbox
539 kevkpl768Ford Escort Mk II04:06.823+00:44.182PS4
540 kabaneiroFord Escort Mk II04:06.840+00:44.199PS4
541 ÅkkeFord Escort Mk II04:06.856+00:44.215Steam
542 ?????Ford Escort Mk II04:06.940+00:44.299Steam
543 Stariy_YevreyFord Escort Mk II04:06.956+00:44.315Steam
544 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:07.040+00:44.399Xbox
545 PLANTOU73Ford Escort Mk II04:07.056+00:44.415PS4
546 MrPutz Ford Escort Mk II04:07.106+00:44.465Steam
547 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:07.106+00:44.465Xbox
548 SharksBreatH Ford Escort Mk II04:07.223+00:44.582Steam
549 Bruno_la_HondaFord Escort Mk II04:07.240+00:44.599PS4
550 SilakkaFord Escort Mk II04:07.256+00:44.615Steam
551 StavyaFord Escort Mk II04:07.256+00:44.615Steam
552 [NRT] scorpino83frFord Escort Mk II04:07.257+00:44.616Steam
553 WRC-ELCHFord Escort Mk II04:07.273+00:44.632PS4
554 master_of_ketchupFord Escort Mk II04:07.290+00:44.649Steam
555 gunslinger3 Ford Escort Mk II04:07.390+00:44.749Steam
556 duggandudeFord Escort Mk II04:07.390+00:44.749PS4
557 Chunori911Ford Escort Mk II04:07.423+00:44.782Steam
558 Pulv3rizA Ford Escort Mk II04:07.456+00:44.815Steam
559 SpazAtacckFord Escort Mk II04:07.456+00:44.815PS4
560 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:07.456+00:44.815Xbox
561 tammojaKERTFord Escort Mk II04:07.490+00:44.849PS4
562 willziggFord Escort Mk II04:07.506+00:44.865Steam
563 ThiejskeFord Escort Mk II04:07.523+00:44.882PS4
564 vitali_94Ford Escort Mk II04:07.523+00:44.882PS4
565 ZoidbergFord Escort Mk II04:07.556+00:44.915Steam
566 Flavster Ford Escort Mk II04:07.573+00:44.932Steam
567 LADAKL Ford Escort Mk II04:07.623+00:44.982Steam
568 AleTechFord Escort Mk II04:07.656+00:45.150Steam
569 domineaux57Ford Escort Mk II04:07.656+00:45.150PS4
570 rovnii_pocFord Escort Mk II04:07.740+00:45.990PS4
571 DobbyDoDahFord Escort Mk II04:07.806+00:45.165PS4
572 evotronmix Ford Escort Mk II04:07.873+00:45.232Steam
573 AndrzejBielawaFord Escort Mk II04:07.873+00:45.232PS4
574 spotti70Ford Escort Mk II04:07.873+00:45.232PS4
575 GetuntFord Escort Mk II04:07.873+00:45.232Xbox
576 sanE ?Ford Escort Mk II04:07.890+00:45.249Steam
577 middlemanSIFord Escort Mk II04:07.923+00:45.282Steam
578 ^Carrot^Ford Escort Mk II04:07.956+00:45.315Steam
579 Dr_Tomy3Ford Escort Mk II04:07.957+00:45.316PS4
580 RZA Ford Escort Mk II04:07.973+00:45.332Steam
581 JasenR Ford Escort Mk II04:08.023+00:45.382Steam
582 McFabulousFord Escort Mk II04:08.040+00:45.399Steam
583 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:08.040+00:45.399Xbox
584 XadesFord Escort Mk II04:08.106+00:45.465Steam
585 K1I9N7G7Ford Escort Mk II04:08.156+00:45.515PS4
586 Roger_Andre86Ford Escort Mk II04:08.223+00:45.582PS4
587 KillerBYTEFord Escort Mk II04:08.240+00:45.599Steam
588 tmapFord Escort Mk II04:08.323+00:45.682Steam
589 Henriz Ford Escort Mk II04:08.356+00:45.715Steam
590 csuri [HUN]Ford Escort Mk II04:08.356+00:45.715Steam
591 pierrotdu13 Ford Escort Mk II04:08.357+00:45.716Steam
592 ?????Ford Escort Mk II04:08.390+00:45.749Steam
593 3CharactersFord Escort Mk II04:08.390+00:45.749Xbox
594 mulatronicFord Escort Mk II04:08.456+00:45.815Xbox
595 SnakeBeater91Ford Escort Mk II04:08.473+00:45.832PS4
596 AidenFord Escort Mk II04:08.490+00:45.849Steam
597 BakkokkaB667Ford Escort Mk II04:08.490+00:45.849Xbox
598 p0rtFord Escort Mk II04:08.523+00:45.882Steam
599 murdch1O1Ford Escort Mk II04:08.523+00:45.882PS4
600 xLeO27Ford Escort Mk II04:08.540+00:45.899PS4
601 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:08.556+00:45.915Xbox
602 Fangio131079Ford Escort Mk II04:08.573+00:45.932Xbox
603 CretanKnifeFord Escort Mk II04:08.740+00:46.990Steam
604 JackLondonHunFord Escort Mk II04:08.756+00:46.115PS4
605 cyberinsekt943Ford Escort Mk II04:08.773+00:46.132PS4
606 playsenfoxFord Escort Mk II04:08.773+00:46.132PS4
607 |TeM| ReikhardtFord Escort Mk II04:08.790+00:46.149Steam
608 katwo83Ford Escort Mk II04:08.856+00:46.215PS4
609 WuugiiiFord Escort Mk II04:08.857+00:46.216PS4
610 Den!edFord Escort Mk II04:08.890+00:46.249Steam
611 sitisomastematoFord Escort Mk II04:08.906+00:46.265Steam
612 remyFord Escort Mk II04:08.923+00:46.282Steam
613 orkunsenFord Escort Mk II04:08.940+00:46.299Steam
614 julien-paFord Escort Mk II04:08.940+00:46.299PS4
615 Allan-333Ford Escort Mk II04:09.006+00:46.365PS4
616 Atomsk Ford Escort Mk II04:09.056+00:46.415Steam
617 IglaFord Escort Mk II04:09.056+00:46.415Steam
618 KTMKIDFord Escort Mk II04:09.140+00:46.499Xbox
619 Vallus csgolive.comFord Escort Mk II04:09.173+00:46.532Steam
620 mxracer185Ford Escort Mk II04:09.206+00:46.565PS4
621 Jacob GuFord Escort Mk II04:09.223+00:46.582Steam
622 matheyanyanFord Escort Mk II04:09.256+00:46.615PS4
623 abba62ruFord Escort Mk II04:09.306+00:46.665Steam
624 conti-danieleFord Escort Mk II04:09.373+00:46.732Steam
625 pakkek csgobounty.comFord Escort Mk II04:09.423+00:46.782Steam
626 ChristianFord Escort Mk II04:09.423+00:46.782Steam
627 Grundibular Ford Escort Mk II04:09.473+00:46.832Steam
628 [NRT] Cubitus1957 Ford Escort Mk II04:09.490+00:46.849Steam
629 ladrien55Ford Escort Mk II04:09.490+00:46.849Xbox
630 DarkMellie Ford Escort Mk II04:09.506+00:46.865Steam
631 IsraelMDFord Escort Mk II04:09.506+00:46.865PS4
632 cactus62Ford Escort Mk II04:09.523+00:46.882Steam
633 twitch70Ford Escort Mk II04:09.640+00:46.999Xbox
634  -NoFear-Ford Escort Mk II04:09.690+00:47.490Steam
635 kevlarmanFord Escort Mk II04:09.773+00:47.132Steam
636 Lalou12Ford Escort Mk II04:09.807+00:47.166Xbox
637 [Linux] ExistentialistWerewolf Ford Escort Mk II04:09.823+00:47.182Steam
638 MaCJIuHaFord Escort Mk II04:09.823+00:47.182Steam
639 a4rocksFord Escort Mk II04:09.840+00:47.199Steam
640 TheLeroy81Ford Escort Mk II04:09.840+00:47.199PS4
641 XXmac59XXFord Escort Mk II04:09.840+00:47.199Xbox
642 wojtaszek88Ford Escort Mk II04:09.856+00:47.215PS4
643 gilber86Ford Escort Mk II04:09.856+00:47.215PS4
644 [LP] iTs Ecci Ford Escort Mk II04:09.890+00:47.249Steam
645 Xmln01Ford Escort Mk II04:09.906+00:47.265PS4
646 MGF_LARTSAFord Escort Mk II04:09.973+00:47.332PS4
647 svt4cam Ford Escort Mk II04:09.990+00:47.349Steam
648 wrc83f183Ford Escort Mk II04:09.990+00:47.349PS4
649 WudangTigerFord Escort Mk II04:10.023+00:47.382PS4
650 yves19641964Ford Escort Mk II04:10.023+00:47.382Xbox
651 AndyForbesFord Escort Mk II04:10.056+00:47.415Xbox
652 bluesberryFord Escort Mk II04:10.073+00:47.432Oculus
653 chadox16Ford Escort Mk II04:10.139+00:47.498PS4
654 GarfildKillFord Escort Mk II04:10.156+00:47.515Steam
655 88.Stefan Eriksson Ford Escort Mk II04:10.173+00:47.532Steam
656 tigris1970Ford Escort Mk II04:10.189+00:47.548PS4
657 Goose{SDE}Ford Escort Mk II04:10.206+00:47.565Steam
658 IlluminastiFord Escort Mk II04:10.206+00:47.565Steam
659 trasgutraviesuFord Escort Mk II04:10.407+00:47.766Xbox
660 TekzillaFord Escort Mk II04:10.423+00:47.782Steam
661 ranpoFord Escort Mk II04:10.457+00:47.816Steam
662 NuojuaFord Escort Mk II04:10.473+00:47.832Steam
663 PinnarholFord Escort Mk II04:10.473+00:47.832PS4
664 OVLAKFord Escort Mk II04:10.506+00:47.865Xbox
665 Vader_719N7 Ford Escort Mk II04:10.539+00:47.898Steam
666 dkilloneFord Escort Mk II04:10.539+00:47.898Xbox
667 HarunsaleruFord Escort Mk II04:10.540+00:47.899Steam
668 boy1234Ford Escort Mk II04:10.639+00:47.998PS4
669 gleesmjFord Escort Mk II04:10.656+00:48.150PS4
670 Erbej93Ford Escort Mk II04:10.739+00:48.980PS4
671 iF11XracingFord Escort Mk II04:10.739+00:48.980PS4
672 EmildeedeeFord Escort Mk II04:10.739+00:48.980PS4
673 KaarlisKFord Escort Mk II04:10.756+00:48.115Xbox
674 SlashstepFord Escort Mk II04:10.789+00:48.148Steam
675 luckystrikejonesFord Escort Mk II04:10.806+00:48.165PS4
676 Eklmejlazy Ford Escort Mk II04:10.889+00:48.248Steam
677 Jejey.Ford Escort Mk II04:10.939+00:48.298Steam
678 GriperisFord Escort Mk II04:11.056+00:48.415Steam
679 tuubiFord Escort Mk II04:11.056+00:48.415Steam
680 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:11.073+00:48.432Xbox
681 Jordononon Ford Escort Mk II04:11.139+00:48.498Steam
682 apedrosmsFord Escort Mk II04:11.139+00:48.498Steam
683 YamahaJim525Ford Escort Mk II04:11.173+00:48.532Xbox
684 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:11.323+00:48.682Xbox
685 Psycko84170Ford Escort Mk II04:11.339+00:48.698PS4
686 The BFGFord Escort Mk II04:11.356+00:48.715Steam
687 Jaqb01PLFord Escort Mk II04:11.373+00:48.732Steam
688 abhisheksumanFord Escort Mk II04:11.389+00:48.748Steam
689 piotto76Ford Escort Mk II04:11.406+00:48.765PS4
690 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:11.406+00:48.765Xbox
691 Jacques GeleeFord Escort Mk II04:11.523+00:48.882Steam
692 esper'ola Ford Escort Mk II04:11.539+00:48.898Steam
693 oliv822Ford Escort Mk II04:11.556+00:48.915PS4
694 jo4ilFord Escort Mk II04:11.573+00:48.932PS4
695 Marwan Green CritterFord Escort Mk II04:11.589+00:48.948Steam
696 bobybugFord Escort Mk II04:11.590+00:48.949Steam
697 TugboatTonyFord Escort Mk II04:11.623+00:48.982Xbox
698 ZurgFord Escort Mk II04:11.689+00:49.480Steam
699 ManuGrizzFord Escort Mk II04:11.689+00:49.480PS4
700 clandestin2a Ford Escort Mk II04:11.756+00:49.115Steam
701 boomer129krFord Escort Mk II04:11.756+00:49.115PS4
702 Pyro-GXFord Escort Mk II04:11.856+00:49.215Steam
703 madmaxyzFord Escort Mk II04:11.856+00:49.215PS4
704 JuanPaGT™ Ford Escort Mk II04:11.889+00:49.248Steam
705 furz Ford Escort Mk II04:11.923+00:49.282Steam
706 Ashall_PLFord Escort Mk II04:11.923+00:49.282PS4
707 thierry45200Ford Escort Mk II04:11.956+00:49.315PS4
708 br1-1Ford Escort Mk II04:12.006+00:49.365PS4
709 karza100Ford Escort Mk II04:12.006+00:49.365PS4
710 racer1176Ford Escort Mk II04:12.006+00:49.365PS4
711 Addtheking Ford Escort Mk II04:12.023+00:49.382Steam
712 arzgaaFord Escort Mk II04:12.039+00:49.398Steam
713 Rallyefan71Ford Escort Mk II04:12.039+00:49.398Xbox
714 rallyfisherFord Escort Mk II04:12.057+00:49.416PS4
715 clgdFord Escort Mk II04:12.073+00:49.432Steam
716 Kenny1831 Ford Escort Mk II04:12.173+00:49.532Steam
717 Prana Ford Escort Mk II04:12.223+00:49.582Steam
718 rallyeman34Ford Escort Mk II04:12.223+00:49.582PS4
719 retribution1911 Ford Escort Mk II04:12.239+00:49.598Steam
720 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:12.256+00:49.615Xbox
721 [eXCeM] EpicLoraxFord Escort Mk II04:12.306+00:49.665Steam
722 gtkazuFord Escort Mk II04:12.406+00:49.765Xbox
723 RikthorFord Escort Mk II04:12.490+00:49.849PS4
724 RaastajaFord Escort Mk II04:12.506+00:49.865Steam
725 KarekaoFord Escort Mk II04:12.523+00:49.882Xbox
726 N3onxTobix [GER]Ford Escort Mk II04:12.556+00:49.915Steam
727 ToastFord Escort Mk II04:12.590+00:49.949Steam
728 sebaaa92Ford Escort Mk II04:12.606+00:49.965PS4
729 LimboFord Escort Mk II04:12.623+00:49.982Steam
730 JPMR1176Ford Escort Mk II04:12.639+00:49.998PS4
731 fhoutrisFord Escort Mk II04:12.656+00:50.150PS4
732 MTK_450Ford Escort Mk II04:12.706+00:50.650PS4
733 fryson.arnaud Ford Escort Mk II04:12.806+00:50.165Steam
734 vladthegimp10Ford Escort Mk II04:12.823+00:50.182PS4
735 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:12.839+00:50.198Xbox
736 MaddogDino Ford Escort Mk II04:12.889+00:50.248Steam
737 Ez3k1elFord Escort Mk II04:12.923+00:50.282Xbox
738 GhosTFord Escort Mk II04:12.939+00:50.298Steam
739 ??????? ?????????Ford Escort Mk II04:12.973+00:50.332Steam
740 Davide1987Ford Escort Mk II04:13.023+00:50.382Xbox
741 KenEGGTEEFord Escort Mk II04:13.056+00:50.415Steam
742 chrpatstrFord Escort Mk II04:13.073+00:50.432PS4
743 remi06320Ford Escort Mk II04:13.073+00:50.432Xbox
744 Greek__NemesisFord Escort Mk II04:13.089+00:50.448PS4
745 ljbromFord Escort Mk II04:13.106+00:50.465PS4
746 viviencFord Escort Mk II04:13.106+00:50.465Xbox
747 3a?Pa3??pFord Escort Mk II04:13.189+00:50.548Steam
748 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:13.223+00:50.582Xbox
749 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:13.256+00:50.615Xbox
750 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:13.339+00:50.698Xbox
751 mclovin892Ford Escort Mk II04:13.340+00:50.699Xbox
752 Michelev987Ford Escort Mk II04:13.356+00:50.715PS4
753 El GuancheFord Escort Mk II04:13.406+00:50.765Steam
754 MC_LOMO68Ford Escort Mk II04:13.423+00:50.782PS4
755 I Sold My Wife For VRFord Escort Mk II04:13.439+00:50.798Steam
756 masato.frFord Escort Mk II04:13.506+00:50.865Steam
757 Pat-man-duFord Escort Mk II04:13.606+00:50.965Steam
758 Cyclone62Ford Escort Mk II04:13.673+00:51.320Xbox
759 LieutenantNug42Ford Escort Mk II04:13.823+00:51.182PS4
760 slinkie47Ford Escort Mk II04:13.856+00:51.215PS4
761 robertfisherFord Escort Mk II04:13.939+00:51.298Xbox
762 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:13.989+00:51.348Xbox
763 Niko-239Ford Escort Mk II04:14.006+00:51.365PS4
764 Copilot Ford Escort Mk II04:14.073+00:51.432Steam
765 ? ? ? ? ? ?Ford Escort Mk II04:14.139+00:51.498Steam
766 Si4koEzaetoFord Escort Mk II04:14.206+00:51.565PS4
767 ????Ford Escort Mk II04:14.223+00:51.582Steam
768 Star Ford Escort Mk II04:14.239+00:51.598Steam
769 vincetheboss83Ford Escort Mk II04:14.239+00:51.598PS4
770 kanlinlan96Ford Escort Mk II04:14.289+00:51.648Steam
771 mario.tomasic02Ford Escort Mk II04:14.340+00:51.699Steam
772 funpraFord Escort Mk II04:14.356+00:51.715Steam
773 Piilorasva Ford Escort Mk II04:14.373+00:51.732Steam
774 ^0s^4P^0ezia^4LL^0e ^4FSR Ford Escort Mk II04:14.390+00:51.749Steam
775 RSTurbo3Ford Escort Mk II04:14.390+00:51.749PS4
776 robmg88Ford Escort Mk II04:14.407+00:51.766PS4
777 Skyline17Ford Escort Mk II04:14.423+00:51.782Xbox
778 Shark21Ford Escort Mk II04:14.439+00:51.798Steam
779 MrFunexFord Escort Mk II04:14.473+00:51.832Steam
780 ag4pixelFord Escort Mk II04:14.473+00:51.832Steam
781 evoniclas64Ford Escort Mk II04:14.473+00:51.832PS4
782 Cyb3rFord Escort Mk II04:14.489+00:51.848Steam
783 kuru.122 Ford Escort Mk II04:14.489+00:51.848Steam
784 Jack_GrimaldiFord Escort Mk II04:14.539+00:51.898PS4
785 skutt79Ford Escort Mk II04:14.556+00:51.915Steam
786 P0w3r5h0t Ford Escort Mk II04:14.573+00:51.932Steam
787 coutim Ford Escort Mk II04:14.589+00:51.948Steam
788 Discente Ford Escort Mk II04:14.689+00:52.480Steam
789 WobblebubbleFord Escort Mk II04:14.690+00:52.490Steam
790 Peksi1972 Ford Escort Mk II04:14.723+00:52.820Steam
791 luvasFord Escort Mk II04:14.756+00:52.115Steam
792 WuerdeloserWurmFord Escort Mk II04:14.806+00:52.165PS4
793 moraga_mikelFord Escort Mk II04:14.806+00:52.165PS4
794 Vibster86Ford Escort Mk II04:14.823+00:52.182PS4
795 Noodles Ford Escort Mk II04:14.839+00:52.198Steam
796 ?MarGaRet?Ford Escort Mk II04:14.856+00:52.215Steam
797 richard-kok Ford Escort Mk II04:14.856+00:52.215Steam
798 MopMan_PL Ford Escort Mk II04:14.856+00:52.215Steam
799 stratoc68stratocFord Escort Mk II04:14.889+00:52.248PS4
800 PeshulFord Escort Mk II04:14.906+00:52.265Steam
801 hjuddy2123Ford Escort Mk II04:14.906+00:52.265Xbox
802 Arvedui Last KingFord Escort Mk II04:14.923+00:52.282Steam
803 maurola1978Ford Escort Mk II04:14.923+00:52.282PS4
804 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:14.923+00:52.282Xbox
805 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:14.956+00:52.315Xbox
806 My Summer Spider Ford Escort Mk II04:15.056+00:52.415Steam
807 TAK_OGFord Escort Mk II04:15.139+00:52.498PS4
808 tilen1510Ford Escort Mk II04:15.156+00:52.515Steam
809 Pedrolinen69Ford Escort Mk II04:15.156+00:52.515PS4
810 sebasdu54Ford Escort Mk II04:15.173+00:52.532Xbox
811 Road2FURYFord Escort Mk II04:15.239+00:52.598PS4
812 TurboSoul Ford Escort Mk II04:15.256+00:52.615Steam
813 CombatVombatFord Escort Mk II04:15.323+00:52.682PS4
814 keeper96Ford Escort Mk II04:15.356+00:52.715Steam
815 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.390+00:52.749Xbox
816 romangardenFord Escort Mk II04:15.456+00:52.815PS4
817 Staatl.geprüfter GewürzprüferFord Escort Mk II04:15.473+00:52.832Steam
818 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.473+00:52.832Xbox
819 daviibi25Ford Escort Mk II04:15.506+00:52.865PS4
820 fungamerM4F Ford Escort Mk II04:15.507+00:52.866Steam
821 GringoFord Escort Mk II04:15.556+00:52.915Steam
822 Z32Ford Escort Mk II04:15.656+00:53.150Steam
823 furumaro-_Ford Escort Mk II04:15.706+00:53.650PS4
824 Mad66MavFord Escort Mk II04:15.756+00:53.115Xbox
825 Cillo Ford Escort Mk II04:15.789+00:53.148Steam
826 nerdkid56 Ford Escort Mk II04:15.823+00:53.182Steam
827 Juanmita69Ford Escort Mk II04:15.823+00:53.182Xbox
828 swampdogbluesFord Escort Mk II04:15.839+00:53.198Xbox
829 joachimpelicaenFord Escort Mk II04:15.840+00:53.199Steam
830 ChandoluFord Escort Mk II04:15.856+00:53.215PS4
831 josé carrilloFord Escort Mk II04:15.939+00:53.298Steam
832 Sgt-ShattleFord Escort Mk II04:16.006+00:53.365Steam
833 DANY_EXODUSFord Escort Mk II04:16.073+00:53.432PS4
834 Ruuneperi1Ford Escort Mk II04:16.089+00:53.448PS4
835 MaLo_MaLoTeeFord Escort Mk II04:16.123+00:53.482PS4
836 KantalfFord Escort Mk II04:16.156+00:53.515Steam
837 joh Ford Escort Mk II04:16.173+00:53.532Steam
838 leungvictor1Ford Escort Mk II04:16.223+00:53.582Steam
839 ? im a banana ?? Ford Escort Mk II04:16.256+00:53.615Steam
840 LexLathorFord Escort Mk II04:16.256+00:53.615PS4
841 T_LehtinenFord Escort Mk II04:16.289+00:53.648PS4
842 generaleeFord Escort Mk II04:16.323+00:53.682Xbox
843 cabecadocatonhoFord Escort Mk II04:16.390+00:53.749PS4
844 ruisuckFord Escort Mk II04:16.423+00:53.782Steam
845 DamiaynamoFord Escort Mk II04:16.423+00:53.782Steam
846 vji.sotoFord Escort Mk II04:16.439+00:53.798Steam
847 BanjoHolicFord Escort Mk II04:16.439+00:53.798Steam
848 p2r26o6Ford Escort Mk II04:16.439+00:53.798PS4
849 lefou_04Ford Escort Mk II04:16.456+00:53.815PS4
850 Soul VengeanceFord Escort Mk II04:16.639+00:53.998Steam
851 c.gebelein Ford Escort Mk II04:16.656+00:54.150Steam
852 Turrican68 Ford Escort Mk II04:16.656+00:54.150Steam
853 iXploFord Escort Mk II04:16.689+00:54.480Steam
854 Captain-LuluckyFord Escort Mk II04:16.689+00:54.480PS4
855 ATIDIA Ford Escort Mk II04:16.756+00:54.115Steam
856 RedBully' Ford Escort Mk II04:16.773+00:54.132Steam
857 ZackSD Ford Escort Mk II04:16.889+00:54.248Steam
858 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:17.056+00:54.415Xbox
859 NullPointerFord Escort Mk II04:17.073+00:54.432Xbox
860 FredNightFord Escort Mk II04:17.156+00:54.515Steam
861 Drug DealerFord Escort Mk II04:17.239+00:54.598Steam
862 robertmendFord Escort Mk II04:17.289+00:54.648PS4
863 Ryuko MatoiFord Escort Mk II04:17.306+00:54.665Steam
864 ?????Ford Escort Mk II04:17.339+00:54.698Steam
865 lepaz16Ford Escort Mk II04:17.339+00:54.698PS4
866 Boli100Ford Escort Mk II04:17.373+00:54.732PS4
867 Alec277Ford Escort Mk II04:17.373+00:54.732PS4
868 mk2305Ford Escort Mk II04:17.489+00:54.848Steam
869 RecultivatedMindFord Escort Mk II04:17.523+00:54.882PS4
870 Babalouman Ford Escort Mk II04:17.556+00:54.915Steam
871 szeptamasFord Escort Mk II04:17.606+00:54.965PS4
872 fasthammer Ford Escort Mk II04:17.639+00:54.998Steam
873 rachidfunakiFord Escort Mk II04:17.656+00:55.150Steam
874 HOODYAKOFFFord Escort Mk II04:17.673+00:55.320PS4
875 klausschwaigerFord Escort Mk II04:17.723+00:55.820Steam
876 AesisifyFord Escort Mk II04:17.773+00:55.132Steam
877 PAU-T-CFord Escort Mk II04:17.873+00:55.232PS4
878 Kriegar3Ford Escort Mk II04:17.873+00:55.232PS4
879 crazyhamster85Ford Escort Mk II04:17.890+00:55.249Steam
880 MilFord Escort Mk II04:17.956+00:55.315Steam
881 MentoSFord Escort Mk II04:18.190+00:55.549Steam
882 Manhces_325Ford Escort Mk II04:18.206+00:55.565PS4
883 D_0_KFord Escort Mk II04:18.223+00:55.582Steam
884 RedflasherFord Escort Mk II04:18.340+00:55.699Xbox
885 Villegas88Ford Escort Mk II04:18.422+00:55.781Xbox
886 T.RushFord Escort Mk II04:18.423+00:55.782Steam
887 Giggs-030-Ford Escort Mk II04:18.439+00:55.798PS4
888 AlexinlimboFord Escort Mk II04:18.439+00:55.798PS4
889 EdFord Escort Mk II04:18.456+00:55.815Steam
890 Gonçale Wibmer ?Ford Escort Mk II04:18.539+00:55.898Steam
891 KaZ0oRdirtFRFord Escort Mk II04:18.589+00:55.948Xbox
892 *LastOne*Ford Escort Mk II04:18.606+00:55.965Steam
893 F:E:N:R:I:RFord Escort Mk II04:18.606+00:55.965Steam
894 PsykotoonFord Escort Mk II04:18.723+00:56.820PS4
895 Haleakala Ford Escort Mk II04:18.756+00:56.115Steam
896 NIcksterFord Escort Mk II04:18.772+00:56.131Steam
897 capuchi3Ford Escort Mk II04:18.772+00:56.131PS4
898 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:18.772+00:56.131Xbox
899 SchummelmandarineFord Escort Mk II04:18.790+00:56.149Steam
900 Frol_satelliteFord Escort Mk II04:18.806+00:56.165Steam
901 calmo75Ford Escort Mk II04:18.856+00:56.215PS4
902 eeero990Ford Escort Mk II04:18.939+00:56.298PS4
903 nikita.paiuFord Escort Mk II04:18.956+00:56.315Steam
904 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:18.956+00:56.315Xbox
905 RickyFord Escort Mk II04:19.006+00:56.365Steam
906 bogys-1_Ford Escort Mk II04:19.022+00:56.381PS4
907 DenizFord Escort Mk II04:19.072+00:56.431Steam
908 GerarddefriesFord Escort Mk II04:19.122+00:56.481Steam
909 Morello Ford Escort Mk II04:19.139+00:56.498Steam
910 NatureScaryFord Escort Mk II04:19.222+00:56.581PS4
911 Ain Ojazza Ford Escort Mk II04:19.239+00:56.598Steam
912 jannneLaineFord Escort Mk II04:19.256+00:56.615PS4
913 alesevendoorsFord Escort Mk II04:19.256+00:56.615PS4
914 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:19.272+00:56.631Xbox
915 ale08081997peppeFord Escort Mk II04:19.273+00:56.632PS4
916 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:19.356+00:56.715Xbox
917 goonzak68Ford Escort Mk II04:19.422+00:56.781PS4
918 rotondaxFord Escort Mk II04:19.440+00:56.799Steam
919 TemTTiFord Escort Mk II04:19.440+00:56.799Steam
920 SpaceCouncil Ford Escort Mk II04:19.506+00:56.865Steam
921 Lat6Ford Escort Mk II04:19.539+00:56.898Steam
922 jasonsammyjackFord Escort Mk II04:19.556+00:56.915PS4
923 WTJayFord Escort Mk II04:19.606+00:56.965PS4
924 KrdFord Escort Mk II04:19.639+00:56.998Steam
925 KiralykFord Escort Mk II04:19.706+00:57.650PS4
926 NiknokFord Escort Mk II04:19.739+00:57.980Steam
927 henrybetoFord Escort Mk II04:19.756+00:57.115Steam
928 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:19.772+00:57.131Xbox
929 StaemboatFord Escort Mk II04:19.922+00:57.281Steam
930 Soul_Invader75Ford Escort Mk II04:19.922+00:57.281PS4
931 LHFord Escort Mk II04:20.106+00:57.465Steam
932 HustlerFord Escort Mk II04:20.122+00:57.481Steam
933 ADRUS80Ford Escort Mk II04:20.139+00:57.498PS4
934 Toad1339Ford Escort Mk II04:20.156+00:57.515PS4
935 Chapai203Ford Escort Mk II04:20.172+00:57.531PS4
936 Rajeem Ben KhalidFord Escort Mk II04:20.173+00:57.532Steam
937 rypskarFord Escort Mk II04:20.190+00:57.549Steam
938 Prophedis Ford Escort Mk II04:20.206+00:57.565Steam
939 deadbeefFord Escort Mk II04:20.239+00:57.598Steam
940 Wienerschnitzel Ford Escort Mk II04:20.306+00:57.665Steam
941 csmfanatics1910Ford Escort Mk II04:20.306+00:57.665PS4
942 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:20.306+00:57.665Xbox
943 Diogo Rodrigues Ford Escort Mk II04:20.323+00:57.682Steam
944 jrl.aarupFord Escort Mk II04:20.389+00:57.748Steam
945 matt43 Ford Escort Mk II04:20.439+00:57.798Steam
946 GranophyreFord Escort Mk II04:20.490+00:57.849Steam
947 NellisoftFord Escort Mk II04:20.556+00:57.915Xbox
948 SimdenqFord Escort Mk II04:20.572+00:57.931Steam
949 kalotainorbertFord Escort Mk II04:20.573+00:57.932PS4
950 sg45330Ford Escort Mk II04:20.590+00:57.949Xbox
951 renaud.vachonFord Escort Mk II04:20.689+00:58.480Steam
952 SORINIGHTFord Escort Mk II04:20.756+00:58.115Steam
953 b.zambranaFord Escort Mk II04:20.772+00:58.131Steam
954 persikan108Ford Escort Mk II04:20.790+00:58.149Xbox
955 FiškusFord Escort Mk II04:20.806+00:58.165Steam
956 CheckraiseFord Escort Mk II04:20.822+00:58.181Steam
957 pig820423Ford Escort Mk II04:20.872+00:58.231Steam
958 antti aljFord Escort Mk II04:20.889+00:58.248Steam
959 joogieFord Escort Mk II04:20.956+00:58.315Steam
960 CryptonymFord Escort Mk II04:20.956+00:58.315Steam
961 cratercamperFord Escort Mk II04:20.972+00:58.331Steam
962 amodasFord Escort Mk II04:20.990+00:58.349Steam
963 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:21.022+00:58.381Xbox
964 graovottFord Escort Mk II04:21.106+00:58.465Steam
965 Tripr32Ford Escort Mk II04:21.156+00:58.515Xbox
966 MakinenFord Escort Mk II04:21.340+00:58.699Steam
967 Alastair27Ford Escort Mk II04:21.439+00:58.798Xbox
968 jeremuratuFord Escort Mk II04:21.440+00:58.799PS4
969 Faruk33355Ford Escort Mk II04:21.456+00:58.815Steam
970 DylanmotorsportFord Escort Mk II04:21.489+00:58.848Xbox
971 EtherealA3ronautFord Escort Mk II04:21.539+00:58.898PS4
972 CrazyMunKee Ford Escort Mk II04:21.573+00:58.932Steam
973 dean250696Ford Escort Mk II04:21.606+00:58.965Xbox
974 benjalopez_9Ford Escort Mk II04:21.623+00:58.982PS4
975 r.khondokaFord Escort Mk II04:21.656+00:59.150Steam
976 PDEA (Region 6)Ford Escort Mk II04:21.672+00:59.310Steam
977 GTX-TremeFord Escort Mk II04:21.672+00:59.310PS4
978 facethenoiseFord Escort Mk II04:21.672+00:59.310PS4
979 RandyMartoff301Ford Escort Mk II04:21.689+00:59.480PS4
980 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:21.722+00:59.810Xbox
981 scaglia2396Ford Escort Mk II04:21.723+00:59.820PS4
982 aderaxfiFord Escort Mk II04:21.756+00:59.115PS4
983 zkis23Ford Escort Mk II04:21.822+00:59.181Xbox
984 300 Ford Escort Mk II04:21.839+00:59.198Steam
985 mshagg Ford Escort Mk II04:21.873+00:59.232Steam
986 PWN262Ford Escort Mk II04:21.939+00:59.298Steam
987 SwooftyFord Escort Mk II04:21.939+00:59.298Xbox
988 Slipko_PetrFord Escort Mk II04:21.956+00:59.315Steam
989 xKANTIRRAxFord Escort Mk II04:22.039+00:59.398PS4
990 FipFord Escort Mk II04:22.122+00:59.481Steam
991 Benny_86_Ford Escort Mk II04:22.139+00:59.498PS4
992 tupacciFord Escort Mk II04:22.172+00:59.531Steam
993 tooxieFord Escort Mk II04:22.272+00:59.631Steam
994 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:22.439+00:59.798Xbox
995 RedBullBobFord Escort Mk II04:22.489+00:59.848PS4
996 pakeykc Ford Escort Mk II04:22.522+00:59.881Steam
997 FallbackTester7Ford Escort Mk II04:22.540+00:59.899Xbox
998 willson14Ford Escort Mk II04:22.689+1:00.480Xbox
999 3CH0Ford Escort Mk II04:22.706+1:00.650Steam
1000 wojtekFord Escort Mk II04:22.739+1:00.980Steam
1001 Sammyboyyy212Ford Escort Mk II04:22.806+1:00.165Xbox
1002 papabeareireFord Escort Mk II04:22.840+1:00.199Xbox
1003 johno584 Ford Escort Mk II04:22.872+1:00.231Steam
1004 et.tobiFord Escort Mk II04:22.906+1:00.265Steam
1005 cooler mannFord Escort Mk II04:22.906+1:00.265Steam
1006 kenyansingh1Ford Escort Mk II04:22.956+1:00.315PS4
1007 juice2107Ford Escort Mk II04:22.973+1:00.332PS4
1008 chodnik Ford Escort Mk II04:23.040+1:00.399Steam
1009 ford2310Ford Escort Mk II04:23.072+1:00.431PS4
1010 Dastardly Dave Ford Escort Mk II04:23.106+1:00.465Steam
1011 zecorreia26Ford Escort Mk II04:23.156+1:00.515PS4
1012 DusterFord Escort Mk II04:23.206+1:00.565Steam
1013 kennyjones85-KenFord Escort Mk II04:23.222+1:00.581PS4
1014 roverdallis1Ford Escort Mk II04:23.239+1:00.598Steam
1015 azorensisFord Escort Mk II04:23.289+1:00.648PS4
1016 Srks85Ford Escort Mk II04:23.306+1:00.665PS4
1017 FrenchiscoFord Escort Mk II04:23.306+1:00.665PS4
1018 pzlocoFord Escort Mk II04:23.323+1:00.682Xbox
1019 spindrift Ford Escort Mk II04:23.439+1:00.798Steam
1020 CaliMeatWagonFord Escort Mk II04:23.522+1:00.881Xbox
1021 |SK| DoubleH4EFord Escort Mk II04:23.556+1:00.915Steam
1022 TimatiusFord Escort Mk II04:23.556+1:00.915Steam
1023 JDSFord Escort Mk II04:23.556+1:00.915Steam
1024 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:23.572+1:00.931Xbox
1025 QotlanFord Escort Mk II04:23.622+1:00.981Steam
1026 Yuichiro92Ford Escort Mk II04:23.622+1:00.981PS4
1027 nolan_jenniferFord Escort Mk II04:23.706+1:01.650PS4
1028 mlracingtaldeaFord Escort Mk II04:23.840+1:01.199PS4
1029 stickos39Ford Escort Mk II04:23.956+1:01.315Xbox
1030 PhobienFord Escort Mk II04:23.989+1:01.348Steam
1031 VilleR82Ford Escort Mk II04:24.072+1:01.431PS4
1032 PokuFord Escort Mk II04:24.089+1:01.448Steam
1033 Carla GarlfieldFord Escort Mk II04:24.122+1:01.481Steam
1034 JukkaTibbsFord Escort Mk II04:24.156+1:01.515Xbox
1035 Private Parts Ford Escort Mk II04:24.189+1:01.548Steam
1036 Elio de AngelisFord Escort Mk II04:24.239+1:01.598Steam
1037 EeevanFord Escort Mk II04:24.239+1:01.598Xbox
1038 PereCat Ford Escort Mk II04:24.256+1:01.615Steam
1039 SpawnFord Escort Mk II04:24.256+1:01.615Steam
1040 Gert Pettersson Ford Escort Mk II04:24.273+1:01.632Steam
1041 Loboesbobo Ford Escort Mk II04:24.406+1:01.765Steam
1042 moquette5Ford Escort Mk II04:24.439+1:01.798Xbox
1043 SpeedinJackieFord Escort Mk II04:24.456+1:01.815PS4
1044 GYJEX7Ford Escort Mk II04:24.489+1:01.848PS4
1045 maverick059Ford Escort Mk II04:24.606+1:01.965Steam
1046 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:24.639+1:01.998Xbox
1047 M o L L iFord Escort Mk II04:24.656+1:02.150Steam
1048 ZenoFord Escort Mk II04:24.806+1:02.165Steam
1049 Pulv3rizAFord Escort Mk II04:24.806+1:02.165Xbox
1050 elilupeFord Escort Mk II04:24.856+1:02.215PS4
1051 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:24.889+1:02.248Xbox
1052 ObstFord Escort Mk II04:24.906+1:02.265Steam
1053 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:24.989+1:02.348Xbox
1054 kaFord Escort Mk II04:25.006+1:02.365Steam
1055 AllisaerFord Escort Mk II04:25.006+1:02.365Xbox
1056 komomeryuFord Escort Mk II04:25.039+1:02.398Steam
1057 roverTrevorFord Escort Mk II04:25.072+1:02.431PS4
1058 PorscheRST [NL]Ford Escort Mk II04:25.106+1:02.465Steam
1059 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:25.206+1:02.565Xbox
1060 dju55Ford Escort Mk II04:25.239+1:02.598PS4
1061 Rainer1000618Ford Escort Mk II04:25.239+1:02.598PS4
1062 BianchiFord Escort Mk II04:25.256+1:02.615Steam
1063 ????????Ford Escort Mk II04:25.306+1:02.665Steam
1064 g.temarFord Escort Mk II04:25.389+1:02.748Steam
1065 BurnAfroFord Escort Mk II04:25.406+1:02.765Xbox
1066 Desebo99Ford Escort Mk II04:25.456+1:02.815PS4
1067 BOT BobFord Escort Mk II04:25.489+1:02.848Steam
1068 xjr1300ekbFord Escort Mk II04:25.656+1:03.150PS4
1069 dc132blackout Ford Escort Mk II04:25.689+1:03.480Steam
1070 Tactical TricycleFord Escort Mk II04:25.772+1:03.131Steam
1071 Lone Wolf 762 Ford Escort Mk II04:25.806+1:03.165Steam
1072 coop0407Ford Escort Mk II04:25.857+1:03.216PS4
1073 Rally Ford Escort Mk II04:25.873+1:03.232Steam
1074 SablehorizonFord Escort Mk II04:25.922+1:03.281Steam
1075 Ari CostanenFord Escort Mk II04:25.939+1:03.298Steam
1076 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:25.956+1:03.315Xbox
1077 vincenzo21Ford Escort Mk II04:25.972+1:03.331Xbox
1078 WilliamhuotFord Escort Mk II04:25.989+1:03.348PS4
1079 D69RedlineFord Escort Mk II04:25.989+1:03.348PS4
1080 Qui-Gon JinnFord Escort Mk II04:26.022+1:03.381Steam
1081 winkyDinky11Ford Escort Mk II04:26.056+1:03.415PS4
1082 MurdochFord Escort Mk II04:26.106+1:03.465Steam
1083 doctor0063Ford Escort Mk II04:26.123+1:03.482Steam
1084 CienkiFord Escort Mk II04:26.222+1:03.581Steam
1085 Pycckuü Ford Escort Mk II04:26.272+1:03.631Steam
1086 Ross_MullFord Escort Mk II04:26.339+1:03.698PS4
1087 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:26.373+1:03.732Xbox
1088 ????? ?? ?????? ??????Ford Escort Mk II04:26.489+1:03.848Steam
1089 junior1420Ford Escort Mk II04:26.623+1:03.982Xbox
1090 trikkmasterFord Escort Mk II04:26.656+1:04.150Steam
1091 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:26.755+1:04.114Xbox
1092 georgiosFord Escort Mk II04:26.805+1:04.164Steam
1093 wgedwegFord Escort Mk II04:26.805+1:04.164PS4
1094 KernelVMFord Escort Mk II04:26.856+1:04.215Steam
1095 TheInsaneButcherFord Escort Mk II04:26.872+1:04.231PS4
1096 MAKFord Escort Mk II04:26.889+1:04.248Steam
1097 crunner117 Ford Escort Mk II04:26.939+1:04.298Steam
1098 leobarthFord Escort Mk II04:26.939+1:04.298Xbox
1099 MYSOULCOLDFord Escort Mk II04:27.005+1:04.364PS4
1100 Ben TaxleFord Escort Mk II04:27.089+1:04.448Steam
1101 ?ALeXeY?Ford Escort Mk II04:27.105+1:04.464Steam
1102 EyeQFord Escort Mk II04:27.105+1:04.464Steam
1103 adamusukaFord Escort Mk II04:27.123+1:04.482PS4
1104 baselessfallFord Escort Mk II04:27.189+1:04.548Xbox
1105 hellborgFord Escort Mk II04:27.222+1:04.581Steam
1106 RallyeforeverFord Escort Mk II04:27.222+1:04.581Xbox
1107 RudemorFord Escort Mk II04:27.239+1:04.598Steam
1108 G.A.N. Ford Escort Mk II04:27.272+1:04.631Steam
1109 Remover_DaveFord Escort Mk II04:27.339+1:04.698Steam
1110 Paranodu4280Ford Escort Mk II04:27.389+1:04.748PS4
1111 kremowykacFord Escort Mk II04:27.405+1:04.764Steam
1112 MottwentytwoFord Escort Mk II04:27.439+1:04.798PS4
1113 manos23 Ford Escort Mk II04:27.589+1:04.948Steam
1114 MrSmithersFord Escort Mk II04:27.589+1:04.948Steam
1115 JuanCarlosToledFord Escort Mk II04:27.589+1:04.948Xbox
1116 j6kko Ford Escort Mk II04:27.605+1:04.964Steam
1117 cc\\dox Ford Escort Mk II04:27.655+1:05.140Steam
1118 Mr. Hyde Ford Escort Mk II04:27.722+1:05.810Steam
1119 thekatstarkFord Escort Mk II04:27.772+1:05.131Xbox
1120 ShaukuFord Escort Mk II04:27.789+1:05.148Steam
1121 DubbedZFord Escort Mk II04:27.789+1:05.148PS4
1122 Gaz045Ford Escort Mk II04:27.789+1:05.148PS4
1123 Cthulhus24Ford Escort Mk II04:27.839+1:05.198PS4
1124 christosssFord Escort Mk II04:27.839+1:05.198Xbox
1125 NUFC1001Ford Escort Mk II04:27.889+1:05.248PS4
1126 BadFlounderFord Escort Mk II04:27.889+1:05.248Xbox
1127 ReulloydenFord Escort Mk II04:27.906+1:05.265Steam
1128 ThargoidFord Escort Mk II04:27.922+1:05.281Steam
1129 BRUITALFord Escort Mk II04:27.922+1:05.281PS4
1130 LoTeKFord Escort Mk II04:27.973+1:05.332Steam
1131 OriginalGamerFord Escort Mk II04:28.055+1:05.414Steam
1132 Maciek CzyzewiczFord Escort Mk II04:28.073+1:05.432Steam
1133 TacoTrulsFord Escort Mk II04:28.105+1:05.464Steam
1134 TurbodTalonFord Escort Mk II04:28.105+1:05.464Steam
1135 jeanbaptisted300Ford Escort Mk II04:28.155+1:05.514PS4
1136 SvenniFord Escort Mk II04:28.189+1:05.548Steam
1137 manfredhajek Ford Escort Mk II04:28.189+1:05.548Steam
1138 turbo-jackFord Escort Mk II04:28.272+1:05.631Steam
1139 maxicordeattackFord Escort Mk II04:28.306+1:05.665Xbox
1140 SlamwiserFord Escort Mk II04:28.339+1:05.698PS4
1141 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:28.405+1:05.764Xbox
1142 zamagamer89Ford Escort Mk II04:28.472+1:05.831Steam
1143 AleVetz293Ford Escort Mk II04:28.473+1:05.832PS4
1144 mmr182Ford Escort Mk II04:28.522+1:05.881Steam
1145 tuatarakiwi Ford Escort Mk II04:28.522+1:05.881Steam
1146 info Ford Escort Mk II04:28.523+1:05.882Steam
1147 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:28.555+1:05.914Xbox
1148 anto_01 Ford Escort Mk II04:28.572+1:05.931Steam
1149 Aki Ford Escort Mk II04:28.606+1:05.965Steam
1150 gkajtekFord Escort Mk II04:28.622+1:05.981PS4
1151 Aesaehtr Ford Escort Mk II04:28.639+1:05.998Steam
1152 sdlaw Ford Escort Mk II04:28.639+1:05.998Steam
1153 JoshTheGrayFord Escort Mk II04:28.722+1:06.810Steam
1154 Zyly :)Ford Escort Mk II04:28.755+1:06.114Steam
1155 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:28.789+1:06.148Xbox
1156 harrygmarkFord Escort Mk II04:28.839+1:06.198Steam
1157 paulFord Escort Mk II04:28.955+1:06.314Steam
1158 massimo.ceseFord Escort Mk II04:28.972+1:06.331Steam
1159 General LeeFord Escort Mk II04:28.972+1:06.331Steam
1160 shivan Ford Escort Mk II04:29.005+1:06.364Steam
1161 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:29.022+1:06.381Xbox
1162 san hamigoFord Escort Mk II04:29.023+1:06.382Steam
1163 Nicolson37Ford Escort Mk II04:29.039+1:06.398PS4
1164 Horst110772Ford Escort Mk II04:29.055+1:06.414PS4
1165 andy1806Ford Escort Mk II04:29.106+1:06.465Xbox
1166 dazzlar37Ford Escort Mk II04:29.122+1:06.481PS4
1167 papadeuFord Escort Mk II04:29.172+1:06.531Steam
1168 GustavoPelichosFord Escort Mk II04:29.205+1:06.564PS4
1169 Progamer3059Ford Escort Mk II04:29.206+1:06.565PS4
1170 Su_KenFord Escort Mk II04:29.222+1:06.581Steam
1171 david76250Ford Escort Mk II04:29.222+1:06.581PS4
1172 S3r1usFord Escort Mk II04:29.289+1:06.648Steam
1173 BellerophonFord Escort Mk II04:29.322+1:06.681Steam
1174 venniFord Escort Mk II04:29.339+1:06.698Steam
1175 Fitter?Ford Escort Mk II04:29.356+1:06.715Steam
1176 hillracing30Ford Escort Mk II04:29.357+1:06.716Steam
1177 sergialdea84Ford Escort Mk II04:29.405+1:06.764PS4
1178 o0Bely0oFord Escort Mk II04:29.423+1:06.782PS4
1179 SMBros73Ford Escort Mk II04:29.439+1:06.798Steam
1180 Dry FoxFord Escort Mk II04:29.439+1:06.798Steam
1181 Von_LoutsosFord Escort Mk II04:29.439+1:06.798PS4
1182 criville12Ford Escort Mk II04:29.505+1:06.864PS4
1183 guinounoursFord Escort Mk II04:29.589+1:06.948PS4
1184 RacerEFord Escort Mk II04:29.689+1:07.480Xbox
1185 t.rehfisch Ford Escort Mk II04:29.755+1:07.114Steam
1186 Spy_14Ford Escort Mk II04:29.822+1:07.181Steam
1187 lvitorioFord Escort Mk II04:29.839+1:07.198Steam
1188 ElGato56116Ford Escort Mk II04:29.855+1:07.214PS4
1189 zidane4000Ford Escort Mk II04:29.923+1:07.282Steam
1190 Calogero761Ford Escort Mk II04:29.939+1:07.298Steam
1191 [TRD]RusikFord Escort Mk II04:29.972+1:07.331Steam
1192 flakFord Escort Mk II04:29.989+1:07.348Steam
1193 coooookiesFord Escort Mk II04:30.006+1:07.365Steam
1194 gusja2210Ford Escort Mk II04:30.172+1:07.531PS4
1195 caseSprawl Ford Escort Mk II04:30.205+1:07.564Steam
1196 veksu13Ford Escort Mk II04:30.239+1:07.598PS4
1197 unitakoraFord Escort Mk II04:30.272+1:07.631PS4
1198 Al CaponeFord Escort Mk II04:30.339+1:07.698Steam
1199 OMS?? ?FLfFord Escort Mk II04:30.373+1:07.732Steam
1200 LazuFord Escort Mk II04:30.373+1:07.732Steam
1201 joeyisFord Escort Mk II04:30.422+1:07.781PS4
1202 msp11LFCFord Escort Mk II04:30.489+1:07.848PS4
1203 Viper-CloneFord Escort Mk II04:30.506+1:07.865Steam
1204 KingsFord Escort Mk II04:30.539+1:07.898Steam
1205 Dertley Ford Escort Mk II04:30.622+1:07.981Steam
1206 kraichFord Escort Mk II04:30.706+1:08.650Steam
1207 UrgattFord Escort Mk II04:30.772+1:08.131Steam
1208 Hepatitis QFord Escort Mk II04:30.773+1:08.132Steam
1209 Stryker13Ford Escort Mk II04:30.805+1:08.164Steam
1210 heriknygrenFord Escort Mk II04:30.822+1:08.181PS4
1211 dark88masterFord Escort Mk II04:30.822+1:08.181Xbox
1212 Mali Div Ford Escort Mk II04:30.872+1:08.231Steam
1213 HazeFord Escort Mk II04:30.905+1:08.264Steam
1214 ??Ford Escort Mk II04:30.922+1:08.281Steam
1215 KawasakaiFord Escort Mk II04:30.922+1:08.281Steam
1216 mindstormer13Ford Escort Mk II04:30.973+1:08.332Steam
1217 HonorBeforeVictoryFord Escort Mk II04:30.989+1:08.348Steam
1218 Reini Graf von SpeedFord Escort Mk II04:31.055+1:08.414Steam
1219 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:31.055+1:08.414Xbox
1220 LepewthepewFord Escort Mk II04:31.105+1:08.464Steam
1221 Reborn1981Ford Escort Mk II04:31.106+1:08.465Steam
1222 LylaKFord Escort Mk II04:31.139+1:08.498Steam
1223 McBeemerFord Escort Mk II04:31.205+1:08.564PS4
1224 romuald80320Ford Escort Mk II04:31.223+1:08.582PS4
1225 ErdorrinoFord Escort Mk II04:31.239+1:08.598Steam
1226 jeromeFord Escort Mk II04:31.289+1:08.648Steam
1227 Astrid_S_BergFord Escort Mk II04:31.305+1:08.664PS4
1228 ? Psy?h?F?sh ?Ford Escort Mk II04:31.339+1:08.698Steam
1229 Santueri19Ford Escort Mk II04:31.505+1:08.864PS4
1230 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:31.522+1:08.881Xbox
1231 SpaguarFord Escort Mk II04:31.572+1:08.931Steam
1232 Nismo Ford Escort Mk II04:31.656+1:09.150Steam
1233 MasterducedFord Escort Mk II04:31.672+1:09.310Steam
1234 KezAvalsFord Escort Mk II04:31.705+1:09.640PS4
1235 worscheschFord Escort Mk II04:31.739+1:09.980PS4
1236 addorbFord Escort Mk II04:31.772+1:09.131Steam
1237 NoZonerFord Escort Mk II04:31.805+1:09.164Steam
1238 adeywFord Escort Mk II04:31.805+1:09.164PS4
1239 molliteemuFord Escort Mk II04:31.856+1:09.215PS4
1240 loooco8Ford Escort Mk II04:31.872+1:09.231PS4
1241 PszioneFord Escort Mk II04:31.889+1:09.248Steam
1242 Kruza923Ford Escort Mk II04:31.905+1:09.264Xbox
1243 CastRacerFord Escort Mk II04:31.939+1:09.298Xbox
1244 yanagiFord Escort Mk II04:32.139+1:09.498Steam
1245 RobOmbFord Escort Mk II04:32.155+1:09.514Xbox
1246 Lanser_91Ford Escort Mk II04:32.172+1:09.531PS4
1247 lizerginFord Escort Mk II04:32.189+1:09.548Steam
1248 e1_me5Ford Escort Mk II04:32.223+1:09.582PS4
1249 ludopopFord Escort Mk II04:32.255+1:09.614PS4
1250 chris21halFord Escort Mk II04:32.289+1:09.648Steam
1251 rafitenFord Escort Mk II04:32.339+1:09.698Steam
1252 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:32.339+1:09.698Xbox
1253 GaXieRFord Escort Mk II04:32.356+1:09.715Xbox
1254 InsanityFord Escort Mk II04:32.505+1:09.864Steam
1255 qtqbertFord Escort Mk II04:32.522+1:09.881PS4
1256 mega_vandalFord Escort Mk II04:32.622+1:09.981Steam
1257 fabriziopoccioniFord Escort Mk II04:32.639+1:09.998Steam
1258 reflex604Ford Escort Mk II04:32.639+1:09.998PS4
1259 Hapi_rundFord Escort Mk II04:32.655+1:10.140PS4
1260 Wnt Sum Fuk?Ford Escort Mk II04:32.705+1:10.640Steam
1261 deduchkamouseFord Escort Mk II04:32.706+1:10.650PS4
1262 crannsafcFord Escort Mk II04:32.772+1:10.131PS4
1263 Lolothedude59Ford Escort Mk II04:32.789+1:10.148PS4
1264 septemFord Escort Mk II04:32.873+1:10.232Steam
1265 KrysFord Escort Mk II04:32.939+1:10.298Steam
1266 The Real Stin Ford Escort Mk II04:32.956+1:10.315Steam
1267 sacre.fabienFord Escort Mk II04:33.105+1:10.464Steam
1268 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:33.155+1:10.514Xbox
1269 thebatsearFord Escort Mk II04:33.189+1:10.548PS4
1270 romeotudFord Escort Mk II04:33.422+1:10.781Steam
1271 ultima2012 Ford Escort Mk II04:33.589+1:10.948Steam
1272 Quacks18Ford Escort Mk II04:33.606+1:10.965PS4
1273 ninja900rr Ford Escort Mk II04:33.622+1:10.981Steam
1274 Lily WhiteFord Escort Mk II04:33.639+1:10.998Steam
1275 BobonzolinoFord Escort Mk II04:33.655+1:11.140PS4
1276 AsuraNiceFord Escort Mk II04:33.689+1:11.480PS4
1277 Yexer Ford Escort Mk II04:33.789+1:11.148Steam
1278 sr20kschmitzFord Escort Mk II04:33.789+1:11.148Steam
1279 skip0neFord Escort Mk II04:33.805+1:11.164Xbox
1280 The_LuLu_1996Ford Escort Mk II04:33.839+1:11.198PS4
1281 vampy09Ford Escort Mk II04:33.855+1:11.214Xbox
1282 Just a random DOODFord Escort Mk II04:33.905+1:11.264Steam
1283 ilanFord Escort Mk II04:33.922+1:11.281Steam
1284 Dedder (GER) Ford Escort Mk II04:34.006+1:11.365Steam
1285 simonyan1995Ford Escort Mk II04:34.055+1:11.414Steam
1286 mugga_11Ford Escort Mk II04:34.089+1:11.448Steam
1287 LarsFLGamingFord Escort Mk II04:34.122+1:11.481Steam
1288 WITT0014Ford Escort Mk II04:34.389+1:11.748Xbox
1289 ShannonCannon Ford Escort Mk II04:34.456+1:11.815Steam
1290 mellonFord Escort Mk II04:34.473+1:11.832Steam
1291 jimmyjamFord Escort Mk II04:34.539+1:11.898Xbox
1292 ColdcrasherFord Escort Mk II04:34.622+1:11.981Steam
1293 AirCaptainUKFord Escort Mk II04:34.655+1:12.140Steam
1294 bpjod Ford Escort Mk II04:34.689+1:12.480Steam
1295 briskCZ Ford Escort Mk II04:34.705+1:12.640Steam
1296 DefsitheFord Escort Mk II04:34.756+1:12.115Steam
1297 Flens07 Ford Escort Mk II04:34.772+1:12.131Steam
1298 GDboys2000Ford Escort Mk II04:34.822+1:12.181PS4
1299 {Venetas} Ford Escort Mk II04:34.839+1:12.198Steam
1300 akhvFord Escort Mk II04:34.872+1:12.231Steam
1301 SajeFord Escort Mk II04:34.889+1:12.248Steam
1302 ZeuSFord Escort Mk II04:35.072+1:12.431Steam
1303 GE72VRFord Escort Mk II04:35.239+1:12.598Steam
1304 Bolbi StroganovskyFord Escort Mk II04:35.272+1:12.631Steam
1305 MurFord Escort Mk II04:35.272+1:12.631Steam
1306 fa605746Ford Escort Mk II04:35.322+1:12.681Steam
1307 VashaCZ Ford Escort Mk II04:35.338+1:12.697Steam
1308 LokiFord Escort Mk II04:35.372+1:12.731Steam
1309 ikea_aekiFord Escort Mk II04:35.472+1:12.831PS4
1310 Youngtimer85 Ford Escort Mk II04:35.505+1:12.864Steam
1311 B_STRuMFord Escort Mk II04:35.522+1:12.881PS4
1312 NoxxFord Escort Mk II04:35.538+1:12.897Steam
1313 NeviDimkaFord Escort Mk II04:35.605+1:12.964Steam
1314 komparehFord Escort Mk II04:35.606+1:12.965Steam
1315 TheribdancerFord Escort Mk II04:35.622+1:12.981PS4
1316 SkuhnS1909Ford Escort Mk II04:35.789+1:13.148PS4
1317 M4nkey Ford Escort Mk II04:35.856+1:13.215Steam
1318 Comrade ApulzFord Escort Mk II04:35.889+1:13.248Steam
1319 MagerageFord Escort Mk II04:35.906+1:13.265Steam
1320 mikynavasFord Escort Mk II04:35.922+1:13.281Steam
1321 1K+Ford Escort Mk II04:35.972+1:13.331Steam
1322 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:35.972+1:13.331Xbox
1323 KDLKgc8Ford Escort Mk II04:35.972+1:13.331Xbox
1324 Thunderclap786Ford Escort Mk II04:36.022+1:13.381PS4
1325 ksbFord Escort Mk II04:36.138+1:13.497Steam
1326 xPhotekFord Escort Mk II04:36.189+1:13.548PS4
1327 KimpuraFord Escort Mk II04:36.288+1:13.647Steam
1328 stoerte00Ford Escort Mk II04:36.288+1:13.647Steam
1329 tota11223Ford Escort Mk II04:36.338+1:13.697Steam
1330 KlushFord Escort Mk II04:36.372+1:13.731Steam
1331 SAABviggenFord Escort Mk II04:36.456+1:13.815PS4
1332 tochila98Ford Escort Mk II04:36.539+1:13.898PS4
1333 KelvD Ford Escort Mk II04:36.688+1:14.470Steam
1334 ced-tom23Ford Escort Mk II04:36.739+1:14.980PS4
1335 enragedes4pattesFord Escort Mk II04:36.906+1:14.265PS4
1336 Tangomike52Ford Escort Mk II04:36.956+1:14.315PS4
1337 MULCFord Escort Mk II04:36.972+1:14.331Steam
1338 MyStErIoUsFord Escort Mk II04:36.989+1:14.348Steam
1339 Riverside9Ford Escort Mk II04:37.055+1:14.414PS4
1340 midi123Ford Escort Mk II04:37.056+1:14.415PS4
1341 hillydelmanFord Escort Mk II04:37.072+1:14.431Steam
1342 Skysurf51Ford Escort Mk II04:37.155+1:14.514PS4
1343 JohannessenNORFord Escort Mk II04:37.172+1:14.531PS4
1344 jlouispnFord Escort Mk II04:37.289+1:14.648Steam
1345 krawitzeFord Escort Mk II04:37.338+1:14.697PS4
1346 HammerPavelFord Escort Mk II04:37.339+1:14.698Steam
1347 YELLING MADMANFord Escort Mk II04:37.340+1:14.699Steam
1348 TattysrFord Escort Mk II04:37.506+1:14.865PS4
1349 McNobbyGashFord Escort Mk II04:37.522+1:14.881Steam
1350 CheetosBigMacFord Escort Mk II04:37.522+1:14.881Steam
1351 stoph21Ford Escort Mk II04:37.538+1:14.897Steam
1352 o-yaji3Ford Escort Mk II04:37.672+1:15.310PS4
1353 Pyroneko Ford Escort Mk II04:37.689+1:15.480Steam
1354 GouzgounisFord Escort Mk II04:37.689+1:15.480Steam
1355 splameFord Escort Mk II04:37.722+1:15.810Steam
1356 Grenadier11165Ford Escort Mk II04:37.838+1:15.197PS4
1357 PigFord Escort Mk II04:37.938+1:15.297Steam
1358 VoodooFord Escort Mk II04:37.972+1:15.331Steam
1359 JudaVegaFord Escort Mk II04:37.972+1:15.331PS4
1360 Prinzessin PrellgiraffeFord Escort Mk II04:37.988+1:15.347Steam
1361 HiroProtagonist4Ford Escort Mk II04:38.005+1:15.364PS4
1362 cricri622211Ford Escort Mk II04:38.022+1:15.381PS4
1363 alekseidubcovFord Escort Mk II04:38.088+1:15.447Steam
1364 alamostFord Escort Mk II04:38.105+1:15.464Steam
1365 KatoptrixFord Escort Mk II04:38.138+1:15.497Steam
1366 Lazurowy87Ford Escort Mk II04:38.155+1:15.514PS4
1367 blanarFord Escort Mk II04:38.188+1:15.547PS4
1368 darin Ford Escort Mk II04:38.272+1:15.631Steam
1369 PhylhumFord Escort Mk II04:38.355+1:15.714PS4
1370 dioguard515Ford Escort Mk II04:38.372+1:15.731Steam
1371 Gti333???? Ford Escort Mk II04:38.388+1:15.747Steam
1372 uldierFord Escort Mk II04:38.388+1:15.747PS4
1373 Drugs BunnyFord Escort Mk II04:38.439+1:15.798Steam
1374 [Boon-Z] JakobolusFord Escort Mk II04:38.439+1:15.798Steam
1375 carabanxelFord Escort Mk II04:38.455+1:15.814PS4
1376 drbeigeFord Escort Mk II04:38.472+1:15.831PS4
1377 JustyH25Ford Escort Mk II04:38.555+1:15.914PS4
1378 BarryMcRaeFord Escort Mk II04:38.572+1:15.931Xbox
1379 cirnecodelletnaFord Escort Mk II04:38.588+1:15.947PS4
1380 Loli slayerFord Escort Mk II04:38.638+1:15.997Steam
1381 CreamyPFord Escort Mk II04:38.638+1:15.997Steam
1382 arm(rus)Ford Escort Mk II04:38.705+1:16.640Steam
1383 dedman580Ford Escort Mk II04:38.705+1:16.640PS4
1384 Dariusk Ford Escort Mk II04:38.756+1:16.115Steam
1385 parkkyFord Escort Mk II04:38.789+1:16.148Steam
1386 jaimemopiFord Escort Mk II04:38.838+1:16.197Steam
1387 titom1984Ford Escort Mk II04:38.838+1:16.197PS4
1388 gibson15911Ford Escort Mk II04:39.039+1:16.398Steam
1389 ARSk01.Ford Escort Mk II04:39.106+1:16.465Steam
1390 MikkelGRFord Escort Mk II04:39.139+1:16.498Xbox
1391 ImFromCanadaEh?Ford Escort Mk II04:39.155+1:16.514Steam
1392 shady007Ford Escort Mk II04:39.172+1:16.531Xbox
1393 BadgerFord Escort Mk II04:39.206+1:16.565Steam
1394 GodieFord Escort Mk II04:39.222+1:16.581Steam
1395 OlimailFord Escort Mk II04:39.272+1:16.631Steam
1396 Borysiook1336?FuckedRuskiFord Escort Mk II04:39.305+1:16.664Steam
1397 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:39.306+1:16.665Xbox
1398 zspapa13Ford Escort Mk II04:39.339+1:16.698PS4
1399 < AnimaL LoveR >Ford Escort Mk II04:39.422+1:16.781Steam
1400 jeffFord Escort Mk II04:39.505+1:16.864Steam
1401 MrDoed Ford Escort Mk II04:39.539+1:16.898Steam
1402 AphidicusFord Escort Mk II04:39.555+1:16.914Xbox
1403 Suppi97Ford Escort Mk II04:39.572+1:16.931PS4
1404 micmikeFord Escort Mk II04:39.588+1:16.947Xbox
1405 BoulterganFord Escort Mk II04:39.705+1:17.640Steam
1406 YudyFord Escort Mk II04:39.722+1:17.810Steam
1407 e3v1L_GaZFord Escort Mk II04:39.755+1:17.114PS4
1408 InnerSelf_1987Ford Escort Mk II04:39.755+1:17.114PS4
1409 JJF19Ford Escort Mk II04:39.805+1:17.164PS4
1410 pera16Ford Escort Mk II04:39.822+1:17.181PS4
1411 Rohlik141Ford Escort Mk II04:39.838+1:17.197PS4
1412 ISAGOWAKFord Escort Mk II04:39.872+1:17.231PS4
1413 L_C_A_DFord Escort Mk II04:39.905+1:17.264PS4
1414 timo.voimalaFord Escort Mk II04:39.922+1:17.281Steam
1415 Luca Ford Escort Mk II04:39.955+1:17.314Steam
1416 monkeytunkygeeFord Escort Mk II04:39.955+1:17.314PS4
1417 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:39.972+1:17.331Xbox
1418 freeman_85378Ford Escort Mk II04:40.105+1:17.464PS4
1419 grochu2306Ford Escort Mk II04:40.122+1:17.481PS4
1420 UndokedLoki718Ford Escort Mk II04:40.156+1:17.515Xbox
1421 Et ArcadiaFord Escort Mk II04:40.188+1:17.547Steam
1422 NootNootFord Escort Mk II04:40.205+1:17.564Steam
1423 LeoVisintinFord Escort Mk II04:40.206+1:17.565Xbox
1424 ianuvanFord Escort Mk II04:40.305+1:17.664Xbox
1425 OG LOCFord Escort Mk II04:40.338+1:17.697Steam
1426 Lt. NOPEFord Escort Mk II04:40.455+1:17.814Steam
1427 JosephFord Escort Mk II04:40.472+1:17.831Steam
1428 hoarem1Ford Escort Mk II04:40.555+1:17.914PS4
1429 DigolokoCMAFord Escort Mk II04:40.605+1:17.964PS4
1430 vinsprit94Ford Escort Mk II04:40.705+1:18.640PS4
1431 boris the slav king Ford Escort Mk II04:40.772+1:18.131Steam
1432 kevvu1337Ford Escort Mk II04:40.805+1:18.164PS4
1433 JoddleifFord Escort Mk II04:40.855+1:18.214PS4
1434 OMGWTFMATZEFord Escort Mk II04:40.872+1:18.231PS4
1435 freddyrider29Ford Escort Mk II04:40.872+1:18.231Xbox
1436 Jgz0401Ford Escort Mk II04:40.938+1:18.297PS4
1437 fsayied Ford Escort Mk II04:40.988+1:18.347Steam
1438 darkmetalmike Ford Escort Mk II04:41.088+1:18.447Steam
1439 SaIkoFord Escort Mk II04:41.122+1:18.481Steam
1440 ANDREYS1989Ford Escort Mk II04:41.255+1:18.614PS4
1441 diyodFord Escort Mk II04:41.305+1:18.664Steam
1442 RustyTangFord Escort Mk II04:41.322+1:18.681Steam
1443 ICEMANFord Escort Mk II04:41.422+1:18.781Steam
1444 anjox149Ford Escort Mk II04:41.705+1:19.640PS4
1445 OnTheVibeFord Escort Mk II04:41.705+1:19.640Xbox
1446 stastnej.pajaFord Escort Mk II04:41.722+1:19.810Steam
1447 lola22evaFord Escort Mk II04:41.722+1:19.810PS4
1448 vakis84Ford Escort Mk II04:41.739+1:19.980PS4
1449 harkanonFord Escort Mk II04:41.772+1:19.131Steam
1450 tora_sanFord Escort Mk II04:41.856+1:19.215Steam
1451 Sentry920Ford Escort Mk II04:41.872+1:19.231PS4
1452 benoitr01 Ford Escort Mk II04:41.905+1:19.264Steam
1453 cristobalhernandezmoraFord Escort Mk II04:42.055+1:19.414Steam
1454 jbenitez13Ford Escort Mk II04:42.072+1:19.431PS4
1455 fumeiyonaFord Escort Mk II04:42.088+1:19.447Steam
1456 Lasergod Ford Escort Mk II04:42.122+1:19.481Steam
1457 fundud013Ford Escort Mk II04:42.272+1:19.631PS4
1458 Pytorr@ hellcase.comFord Escort Mk II04:42.355+1:19.714Steam
1459 SharpeyFord Escort Mk II04:42.372+1:19.731Steam
1460 errol.maffeyFord Escort Mk II04:42.422+1:19.781Steam
1461 kaleklesloFord Escort Mk II04:42.438+1:19.797PS4
1462 Blackvulcan007Ford Escort Mk II04:42.522+1:19.881PS4
1463 SalinaroPazzoFord Escort Mk II04:42.523+1:19.882Steam
1464 ?freeman?Ford Escort Mk II04:42.555+1:19.914Steam
1465 borjefFord Escort Mk II04:42.622+1:19.981PS4
1466 jvFord Escort Mk II04:42.722+1:20.810Steam
1467 coonyFord Escort Mk II04:42.789+1:20.148Steam
1468 hende78Ford Escort Mk II04:42.805+1:20.164PS4
1469 Davidw1999Ford Escort Mk II04:42.855+1:20.214PS4
1470 peterkaumannsFord Escort Mk II04:42.889+1:20.248Steam
1471 lorevinFord Escort Mk II04:42.939+1:20.298Steam
1472 m25011932gFord Escort Mk II04:42.972+1:20.331PS4
1473 LooDoH Ford Escort Mk II04:42.989+1:20.348Steam
1474 ferris88Ford Escort Mk II04:43.039+1:20.398Xbox
1475 Sonny_Crockett18Ford Escort Mk II04:43.055+1:20.414PS4
1476 pavkaczFord Escort Mk II04:43.189+1:20.548Steam
1477 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:43.222+1:20.581Xbox
1478 jimbo.harrisFord Escort Mk II04:43.255+1:20.614Steam
1479 a_sidarenkaFord Escort Mk II04:43.255+1:20.614PS4
1480 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:43.255+1:20.614Xbox
1481 Wakka Ford Escort Mk II04:43.305+1:20.664Steam
1482 Andreajk3Ford Escort Mk II04:43.305+1:20.664Steam
1483 RumanMarkFord Escort Mk II04:43.305+1:20.664PS4
1484 alex_06250Ford Escort Mk II04:43.322+1:20.681PS4
1485 saluki970Ford Escort Mk II04:43.371+1:20.730Xbox
1486 WarHippie21Ford Escort Mk II04:43.439+1:20.798Steam
1487 Aj3x the RedstotzkanFord Escort Mk II04:43.489+1:20.848Steam
1488 boobaloobooFord Escort Mk II04:43.489+1:20.848PS4
1489 ev442555Ford Escort Mk II04:43.521+1:20.880PS4
1490 DeEnKaFord Escort Mk II04:43.605+1:20.964Steam
1491 jsy761020Ford Escort Mk II04:43.622+1:20.981PS4
1492 ruliusdFord Escort Mk II04:43.655+1:21.140PS4
1493 Krsta Ford Escort Mk II04:43.689+1:21.480Steam
1494 BaSsarHcFord Escort Mk II04:43.738+1:21.970PS4
1495 RickybobbydsFord Escort Mk II04:43.738+1:21.970Xbox
1496 DaddamoriFord Escort Mk II04:43.806+1:21.165Steam
1497 prodimFord Escort Mk II04:43.955+1:21.314Steam
1498 UrsineSaturn9Ford Escort Mk II04:44.039+1:21.398PS4
1499 ffemt233Ford Escort Mk II04:44.121+1:21.480Xbox
1500 debb1046Ford Escort Mk II04:44.421+1:21.780Steam
1501 KoffeinkistaFord Escort Mk II04:44.422+1:21.781Steam
1502 senno1Ford Escort Mk II04:44.439+1:21.798Steam
1503 godzal990088888Ford Escort Mk II04:44.571+1:21.930Xbox
1504 corpscop43Ford Escort Mk II04:44.605+1:21.964PS4
1505 SimuHayhaFord Escort Mk II04:44.621+1:21.980PS4
1506 mh753 Ford Escort Mk II04:44.638+1:21.997Steam
1507 TAZMANIA1971Ford Escort Mk II04:44.689+1:22.480PS4
1508 RyzikFord Escort Mk II04:44.789+1:22.148Steam
1509 Shamov655Ford Escort Mk II04:44.839+1:22.198Steam
1510 julien6505Ford Escort Mk II04:45.022+1:22.381PS4
1511 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:45.138+1:22.497Xbox
1512 Siirappimaisuus Ford Escort Mk II04:45.205+1:22.564Steam
1513 JokerGermany.tkFord Escort Mk II04:45.305+1:22.664Steam
1514 :^)Ford Escort Mk II04:45.371+1:22.730Steam
1515 alec42Ford Escort Mk II04:45.373+1:22.732PS4
1516 helpdadplzFord Escort Mk II04:45.388+1:22.747Xbox
1517 lzuo139Ford Escort Mk II04:45.405+1:22.764PS4
1518 Sad Nigga HoursFord Escort Mk II04:45.421+1:22.780Steam
1519 stephrallyezoomFord Escort Mk II04:45.472+1:22.831Xbox
1520 cookiemonstur539Ford Escort Mk II04:45.488+1:22.847Steam
1521 Thomas W.Ford Escort Mk II04:45.505+1:22.864Steam
1522 SugarSoul21Ford Escort Mk II04:45.505+1:22.864PS4
1523 GordyFord Escort Mk II04:45.555+1:22.914Steam
1524 Patrinho Ford Escort Mk II04:45.572+1:22.931Steam
1525 nick1984Ford Escort Mk II04:45.572+1:22.931PS4
1526 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:45.656+1:23.150Xbox
1527 RebukatFord Escort Mk II04:45.689+1:23.480PS4
1528 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:45.789+1:23.148Xbox
1529 iwadrianFord Escort Mk II04:45.905+1:23.264Xbox
1530 CRAZY MEDOEDFord Escort Mk II04:46.005+1:23.364Steam
1531 matt110886Ford Escort Mk II04:46.021+1:23.380Xbox
1532 weber.hape Ford Escort Mk II04:46.039+1:23.398Steam
1533 J1nxxedassassinFord Escort Mk II04:46.039+1:23.398PS4
1534 HonDruS-31Ford Escort Mk II04:46.288+1:23.647PS4
1535 vvendigoFord Escort Mk II04:46.322+1:23.681Steam
1536 FufuFord Escort Mk II04:46.389+1:23.748Steam
1537 FippSirFord Escort Mk II04:46.422+1:23.781Steam
1538 jaju665Ford Escort Mk II04:46.438+1:23.797PS4
1539 xRafikPLFord Escort Mk II04:46.489+1:23.848PS4
1540 skaterfishFord Escort Mk II04:46.538+1:23.897PS4
1541 Rock NeurotikoFord Escort Mk II04:46.555+1:23.914Steam
1542 emilio1950beFord Escort Mk II04:46.655+1:24.140PS4
1543 Mazte212Ford Escort Mk II04:46.671+1:24.300PS4
1544 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:46.671+1:24.300Xbox
1545 J11OETFord Escort Mk II04:46.838+1:24.197Xbox
1546 Flying_Finn_76Ford Escort Mk II04:46.856+1:24.215PS4
1547 TomDaDonFord Escort Mk II04:46.905+1:24.264Xbox
1548 [NRT] herbi2 Ford Escort Mk II04:46.971+1:24.330Steam
1549 Wazza307Ford Escort Mk II04:46.971+1:24.330PS4
1550 christopher.brandFord Escort Mk II04:47.006+1:24.365Steam
1551 kostyahelbrFord Escort Mk II04:47.205+1:24.564PS4
1552 Pilote2courseFord Escort Mk II04:47.205+1:24.564PS4
1553 COLDERZEUS75106Ford Escort Mk II04:47.221+1:24.580Xbox
1554 feuer033stuhlFord Escort Mk II04:47.222+1:24.581PS4
1555 Sunny TroglodyteFord Escort Mk II04:47.339+1:24.698Steam
1556 .45 ACPFord Escort Mk II04:47.421+1:24.780Steam
1557 B4ttl3rFord Escort Mk II04:47.505+1:24.864Steam
1558 NodFord Escort Mk II04:47.538+1:24.897Steam
1559 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:47.555+1:24.914Xbox
1560 cb919Ford Escort Mk II04:47.605+1:24.964PS4
1561 TemptationFord Escort Mk II04:47.688+1:25.470Steam
1562 TooLs Ford Escort Mk II04:47.738+1:25.970Steam
1563 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:47.772+1:25.131Xbox
1564 U-Boot_64Ford Escort Mk II04:47.905+1:25.264PS4
1565 sodak100Ford Escort Mk II04:47.922+1:25.281Steam
1566 RazerRezarrFord Escort Mk II04:47.955+1:25.314PS4
1567 creative220168Ford Escort Mk II04:47.988+1:25.347PS4
1568 ErikfisheFord Escort Mk II04:47.988+1:25.347PS4
1569 DeadFord Escort Mk II04:48.005+1:25.364Steam
1570 HailHydraFord Escort Mk II04:48.023+1:25.382Steam
1571 dornghoustFord Escort Mk II04:48.071+1:25.430Steam
1572 fattarenFord Escort Mk II04:48.105+1:25.464Xbox
1573 Tweech91Ford Escort Mk II04:48.222+1:25.581Xbox
1574 TorinDowe69Ford Escort Mk II04:48.388+1:25.747PS4
1575 alsalnaliFord Escort Mk II04:48.389+1:25.748PS4
1576 odisan39Ford Escort Mk II04:48.455+1:25.814PS4
1577 OwnerFord Escort Mk II04:48.472+1:25.831Steam
1578 Simpauttaja_16Ford Escort Mk II04:48.522+1:25.881PS4
1579 ullnidvinFord Escort Mk II04:48.555+1:25.914PS4
1580 noxno27Ford Escort Mk II04:48.555+1:25.914Xbox
1581 TORNADOFord Escort Mk II04:48.605+1:25.964Steam
1582 skunk_2_civicFord Escort Mk II04:48.772+1:26.131PS4
1583 ooKaufmanooFord Escort Mk II04:48.838+1:26.197PS4
1584 THEGARNOTTEBOYFord Escort Mk II04:48.905+1:26.264Xbox
1585 MynameisantFord Escort Mk II04:49.105+1:26.464Xbox
1586 TitiSinistruFord Escort Mk II04:49.222+1:26.581Steam
1587 ™ Captain SlowFord Escort Mk II04:49.438+1:26.797Steam
1588 AndreasMaier79Ford Escort Mk II04:49.438+1:26.797PS4
1589 zornostiFord Escort Mk II04:49.439+1:26.798PS4
1590 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:49.488+1:26.847Xbox
1591 DuckyFord Escort Mk II04:49.522+1:26.881Steam
1592 Blauweke M8Ford Escort Mk II04:49.571+1:26.930Steam
1593 jaturbFord Escort Mk II04:49.588+1:26.947Xbox
1594 Smurf270263Ford Escort Mk II04:49.605+1:26.964Xbox
1595 edu-mareduFord Escort Mk II04:49.688+1:27.470PS4
1596 yutapon-666Ford Escort Mk II04:49.822+1:27.181Steam
1597 PompupaloFord Escort Mk II04:49.838+1:27.197PS4
1598 d6D6K6kFord Escort Mk II04:49.905+1:27.264PS4
1599 boa05tehFord Escort Mk II04:49.938+1:27.297PS4
1600 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:49.988+1:27.347Xbox
1601 Svejk79 HUNFord Escort Mk II04:50.022+1:27.381Steam
1602 AduloXFord Escort Mk II04:50.022+1:27.381PS4
1603 normunds.rudzinskisFord Escort Mk II04:50.105+1:27.464Steam
1604 awds1442Ford Escort Mk II04:50.122+1:27.481PS4
1605 ???Ford Escort Mk II04:50.138+1:27.497Steam
1606 strizzigoFord Escort Mk II04:50.255+1:27.614Steam
1607 Nouns_RiderFord Escort Mk II04:50.255+1:27.614PS4
1608 Fabelous71Ford Escort Mk II04:50.288+1:27.647PS4
1609 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:50.355+1:27.714Xbox
1610 ganz_entspanntFord Escort Mk II04:50.406+1:27.765Steam
1611 Von GardinFord Escort Mk II04:50.505+1:27.864Steam
1612 TomlafltFord Escort Mk II04:50.605+1:27.964PS4
1613 Potatoe®Ford Escort Mk II04:50.722+1:28.810Steam
1614 mdk_reaperFord Escort Mk II04:50.722+1:28.810PS4
1615 Pibe14Ford Escort Mk II04:50.805+1:28.164Steam
1616 SP1_Devil_DogFord Escort Mk II04:50.822+1:28.181PS4
1617 supercharged789Ford Escort Mk II04:50.888+1:28.247Xbox
1618 snyllFord Escort Mk II04:50.971+1:28.330Steam
1619 nathbomberFord Escort Mk II04:50.971+1:28.330Xbox
1620 Trigano747Ford Escort Mk II04:50.972+1:28.331PS4
1621 MetodSzabiFord Escort Mk II04:51.055+1:28.414PS4
1622 Kerri-Khan 1.6Ford Escort Mk II04:51.072+1:28.431Steam
1623 EreminFord Escort Mk II04:51.121+1:28.480Steam
1624 Tony-bilsan-1Ford Escort Mk II04:51.138+1:28.497PS4
1625 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:51.205+1:28.564Xbox
1626 Princesse GothiqueFord Escort Mk II04:51.222+1:28.581Steam
1627 RenFord Escort Mk II04:51.306+1:28.665Steam
1628 CitrouilleFord Escort Mk II04:51.938+1:29.297Steam
1629 pipes2812Ford Escort Mk II04:51.955+1:29.314PS4
1630 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:51.955+1:29.314Xbox
1631 jb0nFord Escort Mk II04:51.989+1:29.348PS4
1632 Noel1bn4 Ford Escort Mk II04:52.038+1:29.397Steam
1633 AstralKannibal.Ford Escort Mk II04:52.089+1:29.448Steam
1634 Freelander1972Ford Escort Mk II04:52.122+1:29.481PS4
1635 GalacticusXFord Escort Mk II04:52.238+1:29.597Steam
1636 TsunaroFord Escort Mk II04:52.238+1:29.597Steam
1637 Mischief367Ford Escort Mk II04:52.255+1:29.614PS4
1638 LPMPlaysGamesFord Escort Mk II04:52.372+1:29.731Steam
1639 pepe5803Ford Escort Mk II04:52.438+1:29.797Xbox
1640 Shadowrod98Ford Escort Mk II04:52.472+1:29.831Steam
1641 tista1969Ford Escort Mk II04:52.504+1:29.863PS4
1642 GenerousPanda23Ford Escort Mk II04:52.605+1:29.964Xbox
1643 AekhenatenFord Escort Mk II04:52.722+1:30.810Steam
1644 RamFord Escort Mk II04:52.738+1:30.970Steam
1645 HeskethFord Escort Mk II04:52.822+1:30.181Steam
1646 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:52.871+1:30.230Xbox
1647 okakug0Ford Escort Mk II04:52.955+1:30.314Steam
1648 EpiicxxcrysisxxFord Escort Mk II04:52.972+1:30.331Xbox
1649 nico05111992Ford Escort Mk II04:53.155+1:30.514PS4
1650 Cpt.NoobitoFord Escort Mk II04:53.171+1:30.530Steam
1651 ActionPeanut Ford Escort Mk II04:53.172+1:30.531Steam
1652 {Lp} DrustanFord Escort Mk II04:53.205+1:30.564Steam
1653 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:53.205+1:30.564Xbox
1654 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:53.238+1:30.597Xbox
1655 HelderbartenderFord Escort Mk II04:53.305+1:30.664PS4
1656 atomeec Ford Escort Mk II04:53.422+1:30.781Steam
1657 vikingbarcaFord Escort Mk II04:53.488+1:30.847PS4
1658 Maras1991Ford Escort Mk II04:53.588+1:30.947PS4
1659 bbuckleyFord Escort Mk II04:53.604+1:30.963Steam
1660 jack83600351Ford Escort Mk II04:53.622+1:30.981PS4
1661 Wanderer33_Ford Escort Mk II04:53.655+1:31.140PS4
1662 normandiereFord Escort Mk II04:53.704+1:31.630Steam
1663 FCRilaarFord Escort Mk II04:53.738+1:31.970PS4
1664 CAP-TN_HWARFord Escort Mk II04:53.738+1:31.970PS4
1665 SevenFord Escort Mk II04:53.788+1:31.147Steam
1666 oxyman320Ford Escort Mk II04:53.871+1:31.230PS4
1667 ChipFord Escort Mk II04:53.889+1:31.248Steam
1668 SEVENXMSFord Escort Mk II04:53.904+1:31.263Steam
1669 CarbonCOPYFord Escort Mk II04:53.905+1:31.264Xbox
1670 kianrc2005Ford Escort Mk II04:53.955+1:31.314PS4
1671 Fred HawkenFord Escort Mk II04:54.072+1:31.431Steam
1672 marco.gFord Escort Mk II04:54.072+1:31.431Steam
1673 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:54.088+1:31.447Xbox
1674 JooB420Ford Escort Mk II04:54.105+1:31.464Xbox
1675 a-zolotovFord Escort Mk II04:54.122+1:31.481Steam
1676 DippuFord Escort Mk II04:54.156+1:31.515Steam
1677 Keanu Reeves Ford Escort Mk II04:54.189+1:31.548Steam
1678 eskelinen76Ford Escort Mk II04:54.221+1:31.580PS4
1679 AngelJIOFord Escort Mk II04:54.238+1:31.597PS4
1680 Maraud31Ford Escort Mk II04:54.256+1:31.615PS4
1681 Alex-14270 Ford Escort Mk II04:54.405+1:31.764Steam
1682 HartFlamovFord Escort Mk II04:54.472+1:31.831PS4
1683 maebara Ford Escort Mk II04:54.522+1:31.881Steam
1684 xavyoh34Ford Escort Mk II04:54.655+1:32.140PS4
1685 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:54.655+1:32.140Xbox
1686 xX-_Killng_XxFord Escort Mk II04:54.721+1:32.800PS4
1687 ?????Ford Escort Mk II04:54.756+1:32.115Steam
1688 Postmanpain1Ford Escort Mk II04:54.788+1:32.147Steam
1689 voloha-evd Ford Escort Mk II04:54.804+1:32.163Steam
1690 oToFord Escort Mk II04:54.805+1:32.164PS4
1691 C. Germain Ford Escort Mk II04:54.822+1:32.181Steam
1692 StahlfresseFord Escort Mk II04:54.854+1:32.213Steam
1693 peter.a.kruseFord Escort Mk II04:54.904+1:32.263Steam
1694 TomFord Escort Mk II04:55.005+1:32.364Steam
1695 AntwoFord Escort Mk II04:55.023+1:32.382Steam
1696 Twilight SparkleFord Escort Mk II04:55.105+1:32.464Steam
1697 Acornbread Ford Escort Mk II04:55.138+1:32.497Steam
1698 duantoxFord Escort Mk II04:55.155+1:32.514PS4
1699 madd3mon33Ford Escort Mk II04:55.171+1:32.530Xbox
1700 Bungles BobFord Escort Mk II04:55.222+1:32.581Steam
1701 nokrinFord Escort Mk II04:55.405+1:32.764PS4
1702 CREEPER_ssssssFord Escort Mk II04:55.538+1:32.897Steam
1703 AztekFord Escort Mk II04:55.605+1:32.964Steam
1704 RoundedCosine22Ford Escort Mk II04:55.788+1:33.147Xbox
1705 Somali WORJA!!!!!Ford Escort Mk II04:55.872+1:33.231Steam
1706 heckantriebdannyFord Escort Mk II04:55.922+1:33.281PS4
1707 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:56.055+1:33.414Xbox
1708 ole.johanssonFord Escort Mk II04:56.304+1:33.663Steam
1709 ManoureFord Escort Mk II04:56.339+1:33.698Steam
1710 cianyde0Ford Escort Mk II04:56.406+1:33.765PS4
1711 drbillniceFord Escort Mk II04:56.422+1:33.781Xbox
1712 tizertwoFord Escort Mk II04:56.472+1:33.831Xbox
1713 banditasFord Escort Mk II04:56.521+1:33.880Xbox
1714 Natsubara ArcanaFord Escort Mk II04:56.538+1:33.897Steam
1715 alexcmaduroFord Escort Mk II04:56.555+1:33.914PS4
1716 c0ldn3s5Ford Escort Mk II04:56.555+1:33.914Oculus
1717 ironmikklFord Escort Mk II04:56.604+1:33.963Steam
1718 ColeusRattus Ford Escort Mk II04:56.622+1:33.981Steam
1719 (Cdn)Phil Ford Escort Mk II04:56.704+1:34.630Steam
1720 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:56.871+1:34.230Xbox
1721 eyeredaygamerFord Escort Mk II04:56.888+1:34.247PS4
1722 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:56.971+1:34.330Xbox
1723 Mr. Heisenberg Ford Escort Mk II04:57.038+1:34.397Steam
1724 takumi-ta23Ford Escort Mk II04:57.071+1:34.430PS4
1725 SlowmoverFord Escort Mk II04:57.222+1:34.581Steam
1726 PavelFord Escort Mk II04:57.254+1:34.613Steam
1727 Toboz82 Ford Escort Mk II04:57.339+1:34.698Steam
1728 Prosto MaksFord Escort Mk II04:57.371+1:34.730Steam
1729 Soviethacker5654Ford Escort Mk II04:57.688+1:35.470Steam
1730 GusasecasFord Escort Mk II04:57.688+1:35.470PS4
1731 vifa2000Ford Escort Mk II04:57.938+1:35.297PS4
1732 kashey_rusFord Escort Mk II04:57.988+1:35.347PS4
1733 A789147Ford Escort Mk II04:57.989+1:35.348PS4
1734 Cyber Drive (BLR)Ford Escort Mk II04:58.204+1:35.563Steam
1735 Pittiplatsch der liebeFord Escort Mk II04:58.205+1:35.564Steam
1736 nicolasbanaFord Escort Mk II04:58.205+1:35.564Steam
1737 LorenzoCZE77Ford Escort Mk II04:58.205+1:35.564PS4
1738 MeilistromFord Escort Mk II04:58.389+1:35.748Steam
1739 Furia ComancheFord Escort Mk II04:58.422+1:35.781Steam
1740 omargarciaFord Escort Mk II04:58.455+1:35.814Steam
1741 TIRPPA-12Ford Escort Mk II04:58.489+1:35.848PS4
1742 SaStyaa Ford Escort Mk II04:58.555+1:35.914Steam
1743 huskimFord Escort Mk II04:58.671+1:36.300PS4
1744 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:58.788+1:36.147Xbox
1745 RUS_tankFord Escort Mk II04:58.805+1:36.164Steam
1746 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:59.038+1:36.397Xbox
1747 Espectro1085Ford Escort Mk II04:59.055+1:36.414PS4
1748 Fully ErectFord Escort Mk II04:59.188+1:36.547Steam
1749 MESA.mokkynatoreeeFord Escort Mk II04:59.188+1:36.547Steam
1750 PKPatty Ford Escort Mk II04:59.238+1:36.597Steam
1751 wferox128Ford Escort Mk II04:59.255+1:36.614PS4
1752 coby3hillFord Escort Mk II04:59.339+1:36.698Steam
1753 RasmusFord Escort Mk II04:59.455+1:36.814Steam
1754 paweljonikFord Escort Mk II04:59.488+1:36.847Steam
1755 lotsofgoatsFord Escort Mk II04:59.489+1:36.848Xbox
1756 RekhilaFord Escort Mk II04:59.521+1:36.880Steam
1757 RallytanzFord Escort Mk II04:59.605+1:36.964PS4
1758 JoeFord Escort Mk II04:59.671+1:37.300Steam
1759 Anime.KurohaFord Escort Mk II04:59.721+1:37.800Steam
1760 W-I-N-D-42Ford Escort Mk II04:59.722+1:37.810PS4
1761 oegi16Ford Escort Mk II04:59.872+1:37.231PS4
1762 babastvr6Ford Escort Mk II05:00.105+1:37.464PS4
1763 skandixFord Escort Mk II05:00.155+1:37.514Xbox
1764 kds258lgfFord Escort Mk II05:00.171+1:37.530Steam
1765 Plp_22Ford Escort Mk II05:00.454+1:37.813PS4
1766 tech-editFord Escort Mk II05:00.555+1:37.914Steam
1767 Delta VulcanFord Escort Mk II05:00.571+1:37.930Steam
1768 Rauliikoo7Ford Escort Mk II05:00.705+1:38.640PS4
1769 djmax1385Ford Escort Mk II05:00.771+1:38.130PS4
1770 DeepDarkBarryFord Escort Mk II05:00.788+1:38.147Steam
1771 GreyCatFord Escort Mk II05:00.805+1:38.164Steam
1772 mooster113Ford Escort Mk II05:00.822+1:38.181PS4
1773 E=MC^2Ford Escort Mk II05:00.837+1:38.196Steam
1774 Falcon TookFord Escort Mk II05:01.088+1:38.447Steam
1775 Norrlands godaste mjölkFord Escort Mk II05:01.138+1:38.497Steam
1776 eLsepuLFord Escort Mk II05:01.138+1:38.497PS4
1777 gingerninjajc Ford Escort Mk II05:01.155+1:38.514Steam
1778 Heinrich FunmmlerFord Escort Mk II05:01.155+1:38.514Steam
1779 dundunsFord Escort Mk II05:01.155+1:38.514Xbox
1780 jpFord Escort Mk II05:01.272+1:38.631Steam
1781 MoxxFord Escort Mk II05:01.455+1:38.814PS4
1782 erstellerFord Escort Mk II05:01.655+1:39.140Steam
1783 SanseppFord Escort Mk II05:01.972+1:39.331Steam
1784 bEnEFord Escort Mk II05:02.055+1:39.414Steam
1785 MarkwessFord Escort Mk II05:02.071+1:39.430Steam
1786 kolyanoooFord Escort Mk II05:02.088+1:39.447Steam
1787 Jebus_of_SerbiaFord Escort Mk II05:02.238+1:39.597Steam
1788 ShychloFord Escort Mk II05:02.338+1:39.697PS4
1789 milky2971Ford Escort Mk II05:02.521+1:39.880Xbox
1790 cubakiFord Escort Mk II05:02.622+1:39.981PS4
1791 MT003Ford Escort Mk II05:02.655+1:40.140Steam
1792 loxFord Escort Mk II05:02.672+1:40.310Steam
1793 KamikazeSanchoFord Escort Mk II05:02.805+1:40.164Steam
1794 slawzorbiFord Escort Mk II05:02.838+1:40.197PS4
1795 KlimbossFord Escort Mk II05:03.138+1:40.497Steam
1796 voveveFord Escort Mk II05:03.356+1:40.715Steam
1797 rans-2000Ford Escort Mk II05:03.555+1:40.914PS4
1798 GarkMilesFord Escort Mk II05:03.705+1:41.640PS4
1799 TesterJFord Escort Mk II05:03.888+1:41.247Steam
1800 RippFord Escort Mk II05:03.888+1:41.247Steam
1801 masterFord Escort Mk II05:03.905+1:41.264Steam
1802 arp88-arp88Ford Escort Mk II05:04.004+1:41.363PS4
1803 LiNFord Escort Mk II05:04.021+1:41.380Steam
1804 Obi_Wan_KabaldyFord Escort Mk II05:04.087+1:41.446PS4
1805 terppa250672Ford Escort Mk II05:04.104+1:41.463PS4
1806 luiisrogerioFord Escort Mk II05:04.204+1:41.563PS4
1807 PlayerzãoFord Escort Mk II05:04.222+1:41.581Steam
1808 YshipartooFord Escort Mk II05:04.388+1:41.747PS4
1809 ComayerFord Escort Mk II05:04.455+1:41.814PS4
1810 bosfranckFord Escort Mk II05:04.471+1:41.830PS4
1811 dominheadFord Escort Mk II05:04.489+1:41.848Steam
1812 iongFord Escort Mk II05:04.604+1:41.963Steam
1813 HazardousMike13Ford Escort Mk II05:04.605+1:41.964Xbox
1814 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:04.671+1:42.300Xbox
1815 AWking1Ford Escort Mk II05:04.822+1:42.181PS4
1816 NickGottFord Escort Mk II05:04.904+1:42.263Steam
1817 h1tmanj0eFord Escort Mk II05:05.037+1:42.396PS4
1818 AgnolinFord Escort Mk II05:05.121+1:42.480Steam
1819 PachifistFord Escort Mk II05:05.255+1:42.614Steam
1820 RushduckFord Escort Mk II05:05.271+1:42.630PS4
1821 Bruttus75Ford Escort Mk II05:05.322+1:42.681Steam
1822 svilen.dimitrov Ford Escort Mk II05:05.405+1:42.764Steam
1823 MButkusFord Escort Mk II05:05.455+1:42.814Xbox
1824 Oni40 Ford Escort Mk II05:05.488+1:42.847Steam
1825 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:05.588+1:42.947Xbox
1826 Ookami72Ford Escort Mk II05:05.637+1:42.996PS4
1827 sollienFord Escort Mk II05:05.688+1:43.470Steam
1828 Lezov_cz Ford Escort Mk II05:05.838+1:43.197Steam
1829 JuanmanolooFord Escort Mk II05:05.971+1:43.330PS4
1830 luckydad69Ford Escort Mk II05:05.988+1:43.347PS4
1831 javixixonFord Escort Mk II05:06.038+1:43.397PS4
1832 oust_oneFord Escort Mk II05:06.139+1:43.498PS4
1833 silverblockFord Escort Mk II05:06.237+1:43.596Xbox
1834 Vlad_LindFord Escort Mk II05:06.287+1:43.646PS4
1835 DEJANslovenianFord Escort Mk II05:06.304+1:43.663PS4
1836 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:06.322+1:43.681Xbox
1837 te7531Ford Escort Mk II05:06.438+1:43.797Xbox
1838 The RocKFord Escort Mk II05:06.638+1:43.997Steam
1839 mmvlFord Escort Mk II05:06.804+1:44.163Steam
1840 DappeXFord Escort Mk II05:06.821+1:44.180PS4
1841 bigcatjjFord Escort Mk II05:06.855+1:44.214Steam
1842 Ludwig_Der_GroBeFord Escort Mk II05:06.872+1:44.231Steam
1843 .brawowskiFord Escort Mk II05:07.138+1:44.497Steam
1844 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:07.221+1:44.580Xbox
1845 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:07.288+1:44.647Xbox
1846 Yivo007Ford Escort Mk II05:07.354+1:44.713PS4
1847 Ymakasi321Ford Escort Mk II05:07.421+1:44.780PS4
1848 Rosinbag1Ford Escort Mk II05:07.537+1:44.896PS4
1849 ????Ford Escort Mk II05:07.589+1:44.948Steam
1850 ShabanananaFord Escort Mk II05:07.654+1:45.130Steam
1851 danyrally800Ford Escort Mk II05:07.672+1:45.310PS4
1852 landstalkerFord Escort Mk II05:07.988+1:45.347Steam
1853 RobertoArroyoFord Escort Mk II05:08.071+1:45.430PS4
1854 adambadamFord Escort Mk II05:08.255+1:45.614PS4
1855 HEL77Ford Escort Mk II05:08.405+1:45.764PS4
1856 max3ciagitarkaFord Escort Mk II05:08.420+1:45.779PS4
1857 ivan.29rusFord Escort Mk II05:08.471+1:45.830Steam
1858 teerod60Ford Escort Mk II05:08.820+1:46.179PS4
1859 SLK_XXFord Escort Mk II05:08.837+1:46.196PS4
1860 ZEDsFord Escort Mk II05:08.854+1:46.213Steam
1861 Laky LUK 2Ford Escort Mk II05:08.871+1:46.230Steam
1862 Wahala Ford Escort Mk II05:09.255+1:46.614Steam
1863 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:09.304+1:46.663Xbox
1864 san xiaFord Escort Mk II05:09.337+1:46.696Steam
1865 Silent Arc Ford Escort Mk II05:09.339+1:46.698Steam
1866 ColicLionHeartFord Escort Mk II05:09.722+1:47.810Steam
1867 remcokrugerFord Escort Mk II05:09.838+1:47.197Steam
1868 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:09.905+1:47.264Xbox
1869 fatedbadgerFord Escort Mk II05:10.038+1:47.397Xbox
1870 kwrethornFord Escort Mk II05:10.288+1:47.647Xbox
1871 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:10.471+1:47.830Xbox
1872 Dan Haeg Ford Escort Mk II05:10.504+1:47.863Steam
1873 DoubleAFord Escort Mk II05:10.521+1:47.880Steam
1874 goonrider86Ford Escort Mk II05:10.538+1:47.897PS4
1875 HeadshotFord Escort Mk II05:10.554+1:47.913Steam
1876 ddJMkFord Escort Mk II05:10.637+1:47.996Steam
1877 Deepscar77Ford Escort Mk II05:10.771+1:48.130PS4
1878 DecayFord Escort Mk II05:10.804+1:48.163Steam
1879 PapaEmeritusVIIFord Escort Mk II05:10.805+1:48.164PS4
1880 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:10.871+1:48.230Xbox
1881 zaskionFord Escort Mk II05:10.937+1:48.296PS4
1882 kantarellaFord Escort Mk II05:10.954+1:48.313Steam
1883 ifschleifeFord Escort Mk II05:11.088+1:48.447PS4
1884 spoter775Ford Escort Mk II05:11.321+1:48.680PS4
1885 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:11.354+1:48.713Xbox
1886 Tiny TinaFord Escort Mk II05:11.570+1:48.929Steam
1887 CollurioFord Escort Mk II05:11.671+1:49.300PS4
1888 Hot Boi Ford Escort Mk II05:11.772+1:49.131Steam
1889 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:11.787+1:49.146Xbox
1890 szabstarFord Escort Mk II05:11.788+1:49.147PS4
1891 VinFord Escort Mk II05:11.855+1:49.214Steam
1892 elmosson Ford Escort Mk II05:11.888+1:49.247Steam
1893 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:12.172+1:49.531Xbox
1894 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:12.188+1:49.547Xbox
1895 sn0wm4nFord Escort Mk II05:12.338+1:49.697Steam
1896 OvationUltraFanFord Escort Mk II05:12.338+1:49.697Xbox
1897 CozDeathFord Escort Mk II05:12.355+1:49.714PS4
1898 Troll420BerryFord Escort Mk II05:12.471+1:49.830PS4
1899 El BurroFord Escort Mk II05:12.488+1:49.847Steam
1900 qwerty10042002Ford Escort Mk II05:12.587+1:49.946PS4
1901 YA MASLINY POIMALFord Escort Mk II05:12.604+1:49.963Steam
1902 andantecriesFord Escort Mk II05:12.621+1:49.980Steam
1903 gustofer_nadgeFord Escort Mk II05:13.222+1:50.581PS4
1904 SoldatWellanFord Escort Mk II05:13.238+1:50.597PS4
1905 Dr.SnowieFord Escort Mk II05:13.371+1:50.730Steam
1906 Retali8Ford Escort Mk II05:13.455+1:50.814Steam
1907 P3L1M13SFord Escort Mk II05:13.537+1:50.896Xbox
1908 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:13.721+1:51.800Xbox
1909 Mad MaxFord Escort Mk II05:13.987+1:51.346Steam
1910 thicc mann succFord Escort Mk II05:14.287+1:51.646Steam
1911 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:14.571+1:51.930Xbox
1912 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:14.721+1:52.800Xbox
1913 FragmeDudeFord Escort Mk II05:14.737+1:52.960PS4
1914 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:14.805+1:52.164Xbox
1915 XasFord Escort Mk II05:15.054+1:52.413Steam
1916 zhivago78Ford Escort Mk II05:15.055+1:52.414PS4
1917 ????Ford Escort Mk II05:15.104+1:52.463Steam
1918 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:15.205+1:52.564Xbox
1919 UMADNOOBFord Escort Mk II05:15.322+1:52.681Steam
1920 Jack StengFord Escort Mk II05:15.371+1:52.730Steam
1921 AustinTheSunFord Escort Mk II05:15.505+1:52.864PS4
1922 Magnum50Ford Escort Mk II05:15.505+1:52.864Xbox
1923 spleenheadFord Escort Mk II05:15.588+1:52.947PS4
1924 NotYourDoggoFord Escort Mk II05:15.754+1:53.113Steam
1925 *****_av134Ford Escort Mk II05:15.804+1:53.163Steam
1926 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:15.804+1:53.163Xbox
1927 BlackMushroomFord Escort Mk II05:15.988+1:53.347Steam
1928 zerschleisserFord Escort Mk II05:16.055+1:53.414Steam
1929 beastking54354Ford Escort Mk II05:16.088+1:53.447PS4
1930 michel3497Ford Escort Mk II05:16.104+1:53.463Xbox
1931 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:16.238+1:53.597Xbox
1932 christian_y_puntFord Escort Mk II05:16.271+1:53.630PS4
1933 AnxiousJamesTheWildFord Escort Mk II05:16.471+1:53.830Steam
1934 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:16.754+1:54.113Xbox
1935 ITA™-jangooFord Escort Mk II05:16.955+1:54.314Steam
1936 Saint Louis IX of FranceFord Escort Mk II05:17.172+1:54.531Steam
1937 HORIZANDOFord Escort Mk II05:17.271+1:54.630Xbox
1938 lebesttedFord Escort Mk II05:17.454+1:54.813PS4
1939 Filipe Ford Escort Mk II05:17.521+1:54.880Steam
1940 diablo17222Ford Escort Mk II05:17.571+1:54.930PS4
1941 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:17.737+1:55.960Xbox
1942 poulpo64btzFord Escort Mk II05:17.771+1:55.130PS4
1943 daMutzFord Escort Mk II05:17.837+1:55.196Steam
1944 zlost™ Ford Escort Mk II05:18.087+1:55.446Steam
1945 Bernakin_Ford Escort Mk II05:18.105+1:55.464Steam
1946 olololeFord Escort Mk II05:18.121+1:55.480Steam
1947 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:18.287+1:55.646Xbox
1948 CREATURAFord Escort Mk II05:18.304+1:55.663Steam
1949 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:18.421+1:55.780Xbox
1950 GibbalotsonFord Escort Mk II05:18.505+1:55.864PS4
1951 l1lilSNAKElil1lFord Escort Mk II05:18.604+1:55.963PS4
1952 damenw2009Ford Escort Mk II05:18.654+1:56.130PS4
1953 STi1500Ford Escort Mk II05:18.654+1:56.130Xbox
1954 Berg47Ford Escort Mk II05:18.971+1:56.330PS4
1955 infanterist88 Ford Escort Mk II05:19.054+1:56.413Steam
1956 CoyoteFord Escort Mk II05:19.204+1:56.563Steam
1957 decadomeFord Escort Mk II05:19.204+1:56.563PS4
1958 SupraFord Escort Mk II05:19.288+1:56.647Steam
1959 186158 Pascal ErectionFord Escort Mk II05:19.704+1:57.630Steam
1960 samu_marinhoFord Escort Mk II05:19.771+1:57.130PS4
1961 unfairplayerFord Escort Mk II05:19.854+1:57.213Steam
1962 ChokingOnChocolate (*&*)Ford Escort Mk II05:19.854+1:57.213Steam
1963 PAJ72Ford Escort Mk II05:20.070+1:57.429PS4
1964 teuvomaisteriFord Escort Mk II05:20.438+1:57.797Xbox
1965 shelichFord Escort Mk II05:20.670+1:58.290Steam
1966 samueldinizcFord Escort Mk II05:20.738+1:58.970PS4
1967 CoverkilFord Escort Mk II05:21.003+1:58.362PS4
1968 hamukatsuFord Escort Mk II05:21.204+1:58.563Steam
1969 GutterFord Escort Mk II05:21.754+1:59.113Steam
1970 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:21.805+1:59.164Xbox
1971 [OFc] LK3 Ford Escort Mk II05:21.955+1:59.314Steam
1972 tomas.reis.pintoFord Escort Mk II05:22.337+1:59.696Steam
1973 marxx2001Ford Escort Mk II05:22.438+1:59.797PS4
1974 borjast2405Ford Escort Mk II05:22.455+1:59.814PS4
1975 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:22.504+1:59.863Xbox
1976 ZYM FROM B612Ford Escort Mk II05:22.537+1:59.896Steam
1977 KiteOn44Ford Escort Mk II05:22.603+1:59.962PS4
1978 sebastouuneFord Escort Mk II05:22.754+2:00.113PS4
1979 USU-????Ford Escort Mk II05:22.855+2:00.214Steam
1980 nykvist.patrikFord Escort Mk II05:22.871+2:00.230Steam
1981 TazcheleFord Escort Mk II05:22.871+2:00.230Steam
1982 tintin315Ford Escort Mk II05:22.904+2:00.263PS4
1983 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:22.921+2:00.280Xbox
1984 PsyrFord Escort Mk II05:23.088+2:00.447Steam
1985 JX_Wang^^farmskins.comFord Escort Mk II05:23.104+2:00.463Steam
1986 zurk78Ford Escort Mk II05:23.187+2:00.546PS4
1987 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:23.204+2:00.563Xbox
1988 Numb3redFord Escort Mk II05:23.288+2:00.647Steam
1989 AlexXVLFord Escort Mk II05:23.437+2:00.796Steam
1990 tokkebrysFord Escort Mk II05:23.454+2:00.813Steam
1991 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:23.487+2:00.846Xbox
1992 JONH_C0NSTANTINFord Escort Mk II05:23.504+2:00.863PS4
1993 TeLoNFord Escort Mk II05:23.537+2:00.896Steam
1994 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:23.803+2:01.162Xbox
1995 apgcecilFord Escort Mk II05:24.005+2:01.364PS4
1996 f3Vo Ford Escort Mk II05:24.054+2:01.413Steam
1997 JanFord Escort Mk II05:24.354+2:01.713Steam
1998 FelippeddcFord Escort Mk II05:24.354+2:01.713Xbox
1999 m.p Ford Escort Mk II05:24.487+2:01.846Steam
2000 Migapan90 Ford Escort Mk II05:24.654+2:02.130Steam
2001 mariano.m.c19999Ford Escort Mk II05:24.704+2:02.630Steam
2002 AnnaFord Escort Mk II05:24.887+2:02.246Steam
2003 christian.azFord Escort Mk II05:25.270+2:02.629Steam
2004 theRoachCoachFord Escort Mk II05:25.305+2:02.664Steam
2005 Cathare_11Ford Escort Mk II05:25.320+2:02.679PS4
2006 Oskkar7357Ford Escort Mk II05:25.337+2:02.696PS4
2007 tristanpertuiselFord Escort Mk II05:25.421+2:02.780Steam
2008 spongeblobFord Escort Mk II05:25.570+2:02.929Steam
2009 aurelienpesceFord Escort Mk II05:25.688+2:03.470PS4
2010 zonbishbfFord Escort Mk II05:25.920+2:03.279PS4
2011 touchouss9Ford Escort Mk II05:26.022+2:03.381PS4
2012 KillianC092Ford Escort Mk II05:26.088+2:03.447PS4
2013 Matteo_2001Ford Escort Mk II05:26.103+2:03.462PS4
2014 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:26.138+2:03.497Xbox
2015 vitavaidaFord Escort Mk II05:26.254+2:03.613PS4
2016 SenfzwelchFord Escort Mk II05:26.322+2:03.681Steam
2017 p2hashFord Escort Mk II05:26.638+2:03.997PS4
2018 DERZI73Ford Escort Mk II05:27.021+2:04.380Xbox
2019 Thomas VoibrezinaFord Escort Mk II05:27.070+2:04.429Steam
2020 ZalastrianFord Escort Mk II05:27.238+2:04.597Steam
2021 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:27.437+2:04.796Xbox
2022 Wallace9195Ford Escort Mk II05:27.454+2:04.813PS4
2023 DirkSlamshaftFord Escort Mk II05:27.488+2:04.847Xbox
2024 mike992011Ford Escort Mk II05:27.821+2:05.180Steam
2025 michel3497Ford Escort Mk II05:27.836+2:05.195Steam
2026 Andoni1987Ford Escort Mk II05:27.988+2:05.347Xbox
2027 LuoFord Escort Mk II05:28.221+2:05.580Steam
2028 mr420weed420Ford Escort Mk II05:28.404+2:05.763PS4
2029 carofmadness Ford Escort Mk II05:28.504+2:05.863Steam
2030 BoaznbouFord Escort Mk II05:28.537+2:05.896PS4
2031 hyaline007Ford Escort Mk II05:28.587+2:05.946Steam
2032 pierroo74Ford Escort Mk II05:28.871+2:06.230PS4
2033 SaintlyFord Escort Mk II05:29.005+2:06.364Steam
2034 tonimontana93Ford Escort Mk II05:29.253+2:06.612Xbox
2035 MagLite0610Ford Escort Mk II05:29.320+2:06.679PS4
2036 GiveToTheFireFord Escort Mk II05:29.371+2:06.730Steam
2037 poncho.xFord Escort Mk II05:29.504+2:06.863Steam
2038 LegendFord Escort Mk II05:29.638+2:06.997Steam
2039 mio.fladeFord Escort Mk II05:29.720+2:07.790Steam
2040 PerevaldssonFord Escort Mk II05:29.787+2:07.146PS4
2041 KersanttiPapuFord Escort Mk II05:29.986+2:07.345PS4
2042 norskeFord Escort Mk II05:30.037+2:07.396Xbox
2043 bossbirdFord Escort Mk II05:30.071+2:07.430Xbox
2044 CuzzinTFord Escort Mk II05:30.237+2:07.596Xbox
2045 joshuabailey1000Ford Escort Mk II05:30.304+2:07.663Steam
2046 DJ ??????? ( ?° ?? ?°)Ford Escort Mk II05:30.322+2:07.681Steam
2047 danci1973Ford Escort Mk II05:30.354+2:07.713Steam
2048 Rosco88KingFord Escort Mk II05:30.421+2:07.780PS4
2049 bagos_Greece933Ford Escort Mk II05:30.620+2:07.979PS4
2050 nielo594Ford Escort Mk II05:30.687+2:08.460PS4
2051 Jojek77Ford Escort Mk II05:30.771+2:08.130PS4
2052 bleifuss-46Ford Escort Mk II05:30.870+2:08.229PS4
2053 MexicanPapi666Ford Escort Mk II05:31.088+2:08.447Steam
2054 ja166mesFord Escort Mk II05:31.220+2:08.579PS4
2055 kenshingkaFord Escort Mk II05:31.237+2:08.596PS4
2056 YoungBullFord Escort Mk II05:31.804+2:09.163Steam
2057 kindereit Ford Escort Mk II05:31.971+2:09.330Steam
2058 IvI_132Ford Escort Mk II05:32.021+2:09.380PS4
2059 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:32.153+2:09.512Xbox
2060 MisterBackflipFord Escort Mk II05:32.471+2:09.830PS4
2061 carlosbenitezsanFord Escort Mk II05:32.487+2:09.846PS4
2062 ASS2ASSFord Escort Mk II05:32.588+2:09.947Steam
2063 kram2 Ford Escort Mk II05:32.836+2:10.195Steam
2064 LenesfenderfloFord Escort Mk II05:32.921+2:10.280PS4
2065 LementorFord Escort Mk II05:32.987+2:10.346Steam
2066 Thomasson-420-Ford Escort Mk II05:33.220+2:10.579PS4
2067 Maverick-X2k5Ford Escort Mk II05:33.236+2:10.595Steam
2068 Slowari! Ford Escort Mk II05:33.574+2:10.933Steam
2069 Arturo999999Ford Escort Mk II05:33.753+2:11.112Xbox
2070 TommyJ55Ford Escort Mk II05:33.754+2:11.113Xbox
2071 ???? ??????Ford Escort Mk II05:33.936+2:11.295Steam
2072 CrazyLiveToz3Ford Escort Mk II05:34.037+2:11.396PS4
2073 AliatusFord Escort Mk II05:34.137+2:11.496Steam
2074 nessbeal7370Ford Escort Mk II05:34.203+2:11.562Xbox
2075 Sirohane.REI(0)Ford Escort Mk II05:34.320+2:11.679Steam
2076 buggstarFord Escort Mk II05:34.370+2:11.729Xbox
2077 LynchFord Escort Mk II05:34.420+2:11.779Steam
2078 SparxxouFord Escort Mk II05:34.537+2:11.896Xbox
2079 TrickyGoFastFord Escort Mk II05:34.721+2:12.800Steam
2080 TreXXaZzFord Escort Mk II05:34.954+2:12.313PS4
2081 Agatar0612Ford Escort Mk II05:34.970+2:12.329PS4
2082 carpebasterFord Escort Mk II05:35.221+2:12.580Xbox
2083 jimpy Ford Escort Mk II05:35.222+2:12.581Steam
2084 SMK - Amber LeafFord Escort Mk II05:35.355+2:12.714Steam
2085 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:35.453+2:12.812Xbox
2086 UA1985Ford Escort Mk II05:35.470+2:12.829PS4
2087 Zboural95Ford Escort Mk II05:35.521+2:12.880PS4
2088 ic.giraudFord Escort Mk II05:36.369+2:13.728Steam
2089 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:36.570+2:13.929Xbox
2090 MumboFord Escort Mk II05:36.754+2:14.113Steam
2091 Soul King [Musician] BrookFord Escort Mk II05:36.772+2:14.131Steam
2092 inugamiburlonFord Escort Mk II05:36.970+2:14.329Steam
2093 CupcakeWOOWFord Escort Mk II05:36.970+2:14.329PS4
2094 Br_IOneFord Escort Mk II05:37.388+2:14.747PS4
2095 KoizumiRikkaFord Escort Mk II05:37.571+2:14.930Steam
2096 Riich-43Ford Escort Mk II05:37.671+2:15.300PS4
2097 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:37.786+2:15.145Xbox
2098 anharipFord Escort Mk II05:37.938+2:15.297PS4
2099 DabarooFord Escort Mk II05:38.086+2:15.445Steam
2100 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:38.119+2:15.478Xbox
2101 V8-Racer2911Ford Escort Mk II05:38.153+2:15.512PS4
2102 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:38.254+2:15.613Xbox
2103 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:38.454+2:15.813Xbox
2104 huli82ganFord Escort Mk II05:38.571+2:15.930PS4
2105 thebiggameur48Ford Escort Mk II05:38.588+2:15.947PS4
2106 Saniya1943Ford Escort Mk II05:38.804+2:16.163PS4
2107 matt19852085 Ford Escort Mk II05:38.837+2:16.196Steam
2108 vittorio808Ford Escort Mk II05:38.886+2:16.245PS4
2109 hiVer1337Ford Escort Mk II05:39.154+2:16.513PS4
2110 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:39.254+2:16.613Xbox
2111 VampirkrabbeFord Escort Mk II05:39.371+2:16.730PS4
2112 Latrueno64MFord Escort Mk II05:39.403+2:16.762PS4
2113 ArtoriusBravoFord Escort Mk II05:39.520+2:16.879Steam
2114 cn209Ford Escort Mk II05:39.737+2:17.960Steam
2115 arrov002Ford Escort Mk II05:39.836+2:17.195PS4
2116 Pashiamas9Ford Escort Mk II05:39.887+2:17.246PS4
2117 Akira RoninFord Escort Mk II05:40.086+2:17.445Steam
2118 davis-_-10Ford Escort Mk II05:40.187+2:17.546PS4
2119 golden_24kFord Escort Mk II05:40.237+2:17.596Steam
2120 scantas86Ford Escort Mk II05:40.387+2:17.746PS4
2121 ThrottleBearFord Escort Mk II05:40.520+2:17.879Steam
2122 BumblebeeFord Escort Mk II05:40.553+2:17.912Steam
2123 SonnentanzFord Escort Mk II05:40.622+2:17.981PS4
2124 MCF3-29Ford Escort Mk II05:40.736+2:18.950PS4
2125 dASEFord Escort Mk II05:41.087+2:18.446Steam
2126 nicofroggyFord Escort Mk II05:41.104+2:18.463Xbox
2127 nisu_unn Ford Escort Mk II05:41.303+2:18.662Steam
2128 kEtzErFord Escort Mk II05:41.438+2:18.797Steam
2129 T?m? ?Ford Escort Mk II05:41.486+2:18.845Steam
2130 Skela RTN24Ford Escort Mk II05:41.536+2:18.895Steam
2131 SCARYFord Escort Mk II05:41.554+2:18.913Steam
2132 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:41.670+2:19.290Xbox
2133 flipperFord Escort Mk II05:41.688+2:19.470Steam
2134 gonchar86Ford Escort Mk II05:41.887+2:19.246PS4
2135 jpgiudicelli13Ford Escort Mk II05:42.371+2:19.730Steam
2136 peter.schwingFord Escort Mk II05:42.419+2:19.778Steam
2137 djcristobgFord Escort Mk II05:42.604+2:19.963PS4
2138 cSonicFord Escort Mk II05:42.653+2:20.120Xbox
2139 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:42.670+2:20.290Xbox
2140 BeaT--NiKFord Escort Mk II05:43.020+2:20.379PS4
2141 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:43.021+2:20.380Xbox
2142 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:43.503+2:20.862Xbox
2143 AZZIBABAFord Escort Mk II05:43.703+2:21.620PS4
2144 Alien: IsolationFord Escort Mk II05:43.704+2:21.630Steam
2145 sahkisFord Escort Mk II05:43.821+2:21.180Steam
2146 Xionic21Ford Escort Mk II05:43.870+2:21.229Steam
2147 Lauerd Bjærger [Th4C/D5T/VmfD] Ford Escort Mk II05:43.936+2:21.295Steam
2148 Markoo0727Ford Escort Mk II05:44.836+2:22.195Xbox
2149 gojo1989 Ford Escort Mk II05:44.906+2:22.265Steam
2150 Kapacita0808Ford Escort Mk II05:45.053+2:22.412PS4
2151 lophoenixFord Escort Mk II05:45.103+2:22.462PS4
2152 wangzhuoFord Escort Mk II05:45.136+2:22.495Steam
2153 _fwxFord Escort Mk II05:45.137+2:22.496Steam
2154 SVINCENTFord Escort Mk II05:45.170+2:22.529Xbox
2155 windsor1875Ford Escort Mk II05:45.253+2:22.612PS4
2156 jake123-321Ford Escort Mk II05:45.503+2:22.862PS4
2157 ST?RFOXFord Escort Mk II05:45.505+2:22.864Steam
2158 WolfBearman026Ford Escort Mk II05:45.804+2:23.163PS4
2159 spy_kos_boys567Ford Escort Mk II05:45.804+2:23.163PS4
2160 xtonyboy10xFord Escort Mk II05:45.821+2:23.180PS4
2161 Fredrikx1Ford Escort Mk II05:46.020+2:23.379Xbox
2162 kidkrayonFord Escort Mk II05:46.153+2:23.512PS4
2163 dirtybird3283Ford Escort Mk II05:46.169+2:23.528Xbox
2164 hearnyFord Escort Mk II05:46.320+2:23.679Steam
2165 sampahitemFord Escort Mk II05:46.503+2:23.862PS4
2166 DavitRFord Escort Mk II05:46.771+2:24.130Xbox
2167 Arnoldy89Ford Escort Mk II05:47.803+2:25.162PS4
2168 miguelctFord Escort Mk II05:47.887+2:25.246Xbox
2169 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:47.936+2:25.295Xbox
2170 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:47.953+2:25.312Xbox
2171 StealthElite3451Ford Escort Mk II05:48.153+2:25.512PS4
2172 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:48.421+2:25.780Xbox
2173 .#dEEpB1u3 -Ford Escort Mk II05:48.520+2:25.879Steam
2174 Phil_the_SlugFord Escort Mk II05:49.056+2:26.415PS4
2175 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:49.169+2:26.528Xbox
2176 KetteFord Escort Mk II05:49.387+2:26.746Xbox
2177 FearzEnemyFord Escort Mk II05:49.437+2:26.796Steam
2178 wheeliehamsterFord Escort Mk II05:49.504+2:26.863Xbox
2179 GappeqFord Escort Mk II05:49.536+2:26.895Steam
2180 db_1973Ford Escort Mk II05:49.620+2:26.979Steam
2181 clivetup Ford Escort Mk II05:49.687+2:27.460Steam
2182 FlashPointFord Escort Mk II05:50.053+2:27.412Steam
2183 GMDD GOLDENEYEFord Escort Mk II05:50.255+2:27.614Steam
2184 Alf Ford Escort Mk II05:50.773+2:28.132Steam
2185 TheJungler23Ford Escort Mk II05:50.820+2:28.179PS4
2186 Alexgsm-30Ford Escort Mk II05:51.354+2:28.713PS4
2187 ODVanceDFord Escort Mk II05:51.520+2:28.879Steam
2188 Fontan75Ford Escort Mk II05:51.803+2:29.162Steam
2189 MamyclodeFord Escort Mk II05:51.920+2:29.279PS4
2190 2beAwes0mEFord Escort Mk II05:52.404+2:29.763Steam
2191 m16kcyFord Escort Mk II05:52.404+2:29.763PS4
2192 lrcart2002Ford Escort Mk II05:52.604+2:29.963PS4
2193 zenmafiaFord Escort Mk II05:53.202+2:30.561Steam
2194 CtrlbadgerFord Escort Mk II05:53.504+2:30.863Steam
2195 YoGAFord Escort Mk II05:53.703+2:31.620Steam
2196 tiersmondeFord Escort Mk II05:53.720+2:31.790Steam
2197 oo-infared00Ford Escort Mk II05:53.786+2:31.145PS4
2198 alexandre_prohetFord Escort Mk II05:53.889+2:31.248Steam
2199 NugzinFord Escort Mk II05:54.320+2:31.679PS4
2200 risingAMPFord Escort Mk II05:54.387+2:31.746PS4
2201 EliZar_EGFord Escort Mk II05:54.438+2:31.797Steam
2202 Harpun84plFord Escort Mk II05:54.487+2:31.846PS4
2203 TorbenbFord Escort Mk II05:54.570+2:31.929Steam
2204 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:54.636+2:31.995Xbox
2205 Nightsurfer07Ford Escort Mk II05:54.936+2:32.295PS4
2206 perghe98Ford Escort Mk II05:54.971+2:32.330PS4
2207 d-cfloresFord Escort Mk II05:55.570+2:32.929Steam
2208 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:55.586+2:32.945Xbox
2209 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:55.787+2:33.146Xbox
2210 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:56.002+2:33.361Xbox
2211 carlinhos151Ford Escort Mk II05:56.139+2:33.498PS4
2212 KrautziFord Escort Mk II05:56.386+2:33.745Steam
2213 LegatFord Escort Mk II05:56.636+2:33.995Steam
2214 ral_gtavFord Escort Mk II05:56.753+2:34.112PS4
2215 SserdFord Escort Mk II05:56.802+2:34.161Steam
2216 CerealSpillerFord Escort Mk II05:56.869+2:34.228Steam
2217 JamezXFord Escort Mk II05:56.870+2:34.229PS4
2218 DuRcH7Ford Escort Mk II05:56.953+2:34.312Steam
2219 fatihsendur Ford Escort Mk II05:57.452+2:34.811Steam
2220 purpleblueFord Escort Mk II05:57.487+2:34.846Steam
2221 AemeliusFord Escort Mk II05:57.504+2:34.863Xbox
2222 m0nstrzFord Escort Mk II05:57.686+2:35.450Steam
2223 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:57.703+2:35.620Xbox
2224 ch8882002usnavyFord Escort Mk II05:58.271+2:35.630Xbox
2225 HeineHard(HDP)Ford Escort Mk II05:58.969+2:36.328Steam
2226 PappakFord Escort Mk II05:59.070+2:36.429Steam
2227 TheGourangaFord Escort Mk II05:59.173+2:36.532PS4
2228 chokeing_hazerdFord Escort Mk II05:59.320+2:36.679PS4
2229 pablodanielmzaFord Escort Mk II05:59.403+2:36.762Steam
2230 wolfgangbredowFord Escort Mk II05:59.502+2:36.861Steam
2231 PaxwellFord Escort Mk II05:59.536+2:36.895Steam
2232 ktemiFord Escort Mk II05:59.536+2:36.895Steam
2233 falkonetti85Ford Escort Mk II05:59.637+2:36.996PS4
2234 nicolai.sleegersFord Escort Mk II05:59.668+2:37.270Steam
2235 dj_sinteFord Escort Mk II06:00.118+2:37.477PS4
2236 AKperson907Ford Escort Mk II06:00.237+2:37.596Steam
2237 joshrumppeFord Escort Mk II06:00.337+2:37.696Steam
2238 The_wizard310Ford Escort Mk II06:00.687+2:38.460PS4
2239 xabiertxo1Ford Escort Mk II06:00.720+2:38.790PS4
2240 ingrid.k Ford Escort Mk II06:01.837+2:39.196Steam
2241 hornbyjwFord Escort Mk II06:02.054+2:39.413PS4
2242 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:02.403+2:39.762Xbox
2243 lennie004Ford Escort Mk II06:03.086+2:40.445PS4
2244 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:03.237+2:40.596Xbox
2245 ?????Ford Escort Mk II06:03.703+2:41.620Steam
2246 Acoo1a Ford Escort Mk II06:04.035+2:41.394Steam
2247 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:05.705+2:43.640Xbox
2248 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:05.753+2:43.112Xbox
2249 Katwomann1Ford Escort Mk II06:05.903+2:43.262PS4
2250 chimpy1982Ford Escort Mk II06:06.586+2:43.945PS4
2251 R_M_D125Ford Escort Mk II06:06.753+2:44.112PS4
2252 EugennSFord Escort Mk II06:07.053+2:44.412PS4
2253 PicowattFord Escort Mk II06:07.519+2:44.878Steam
2254 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:07.902+2:45.261Xbox
2255 DanfcpFord Escort Mk II06:08.268+2:45.627PS4
2256 mostyDKFord Escort Mk II06:08.636+2:45.995PS4
2257 Sizzles24Ford Escort Mk II06:08.770+2:46.129Steam
2258 yattoteFord Escort Mk II06:09.137+2:46.496Steam
2259 BOBBYBOBOYSFord Escort Mk II06:09.304+2:46.663Xbox
2260 VanguardianFord Escort Mk II06:09.419+2:46.778PS4
2261 VASELINUSFord Escort Mk II06:09.503+2:46.862Steam
2262 FrancisFordCoppolaFord Escort Mk II06:09.636+2:46.995Steam
2263 Karbes11Ford Escort Mk II06:10.336+2:47.695PS4
2264 marthytmFord Escort Mk II06:10.652+2:48.110PS4
2265 joshuacustersFord Escort Mk II06:11.002+2:48.361PS4
2266 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:11.436+2:48.795Xbox
2267 LampadinoFord Escort Mk II06:11.637+2:48.996PS4
2268 CobraOncle1Ford Escort Mk II06:11.668+2:49.270PS4
2269 Festive Tony BlairFord Escort Mk II06:12.672+2:50.310Steam
2270 jeanpierrwFord Escort Mk II06:12.903+2:50.262PS4
2271 chito8789Ford Escort Mk II06:13.020+2:50.379PS4
2272 SpeeDManiac Ford Escort Mk II06:13.287+2:50.646Steam
2273 LucasFord Escort Mk II06:13.719+2:51.780Steam
2274 Mr HattyFord Escort Mk II06:14.002+2:51.361Steam
2275 ced091Ford Escort Mk II06:14.503+2:51.862Steam
2276 BulletFord Escort Mk II06:14.788+2:52.147Steam
2277 torindornFord Escort Mk II06:14.803+2:52.162Xbox
2278 A321neoACFFord Escort Mk II06:14.952+2:52.311PS4
2279 frozenfishFord Escort Mk II06:15.119+2:52.478Steam
2280 grilleckFord Escort Mk II06:15.736+2:53.950Steam
2281 EazyFord Escort Mk II06:15.769+2:53.128Steam
2282 TappercrxFord Escort Mk II06:16.385+2:53.744Xbox
2283 Abi79 Ford Escort Mk II06:16.869+2:54.228Steam
2284 michaspieleFord Escort Mk II06:16.873+2:54.232Steam
2285 Qazoo ##Ford Escort Mk II06:17.636+2:54.995Steam
2286 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:17.737+2:55.960Xbox
2287 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:18.387+2:55.746Xbox
2288 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:18.768+2:56.127Xbox
2289 ZEUS85FRFord Escort Mk II06:19.402+2:56.761PS4
2290 ?MY wife?HK416?Ford Escort Mk II06:19.403+2:56.762Steam
2291 Geralt of Rivia aka GwynnbleidFord Escort Mk II06:19.519+2:56.878Steam
2292 sHiiNeFord Escort Mk II06:19.587+2:56.946Steam
2293 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:19.801+2:57.160Xbox
2294 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:19.804+2:57.163Xbox
2295 kennethq13Ford Escort Mk II06:20.170+2:57.529PS4
2296 DimarilFord Escort Mk II06:20.435+2:57.794Steam
2297 BIG19SMOKEFord Escort Mk II06:21.036+2:58.395PS4
2298 MadTizzFord Escort Mk II06:21.419+2:58.778Steam
2299 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:21.485+2:58.844Xbox
2300 MilkMan1100Ford Escort Mk II06:21.737+2:59.960PS4
2301 DimaSpikeFord Escort Mk II06:21.836+2:59.195PS4
2302 getLoose97 Ford Escort Mk II06:22.219+2:59.578Steam
2303 justas.kuizinasFord Escort Mk II06:22.586+2:59.945Steam
2304 CroovedFord Escort Mk II06:22.722+3:00.810PS4
2305 olive-62Ford Escort Mk II06:22.752+3:00.111PS4
2306 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:22.769+3:00.128Xbox
2307 JustusW93Ford Escort Mk II06:22.902+3:00.261PS4
2308 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:22.986+3:00.345Xbox
2309 NicetryFord Escort Mk II06:23.054+3:00.413Steam
2310 ecstubblebineFord Escort Mk II06:23.388+3:00.747Steam
2311 ELNAXOPFord Escort Mk II06:23.802+3:01.161PS4
2312 salwa00Ford Escort Mk II06:23.953+3:01.312PS4
2313 IvanArturoVidalFord Escort Mk II06:23.953+3:01.312PS4
2314 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:24.052+3:01.411Xbox
2315 Anal ExpressFord Escort Mk II06:25.353+3:02.712Steam
2316 ell_j_eff77Ford Escort Mk II06:26.038+3:03.397PS4
2317 WINNERFord Escort Mk II06:26.402+3:03.761Steam
2318 AnalRangerFord Escort Mk II06:26.539+3:03.898Steam
2319 Kebab RemoverFord Escort Mk II06:26.736+3:04.950Steam
2320 nichris41Ford Escort Mk II06:27.569+3:04.928PS4
2321 BoscoHUN Ford Escort Mk II06:29.154+3:06.513Steam
2322 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:29.285+3:06.644Xbox
2323 n00bskoolbusFord Escort Mk II06:30.070+3:07.429Steam
2324 nhjdgsjijksdgklsFord Escort Mk II06:30.137+3:07.496PS4
2325 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:30.353+3:07.712Xbox
2326 CILLIT BANGFord Escort Mk II06:30.720+3:08.790Steam
2327 ZeikFord Escort Mk II06:30.786+3:08.145Steam
2328 Uncle AcidFord Escort Mk II06:31.386+3:08.745Steam
2329 ronald53Ford Escort Mk II06:31.934+3:09.293Steam
2330 edWiseFord Escort Mk II06:32.736+3:10.950Steam
2331 Hardwell33Ford Escort Mk II06:32.819+3:10.178Xbox
2332 willthamFord Escort Mk II06:34.302+3:11.661Steam
2333 muhendisizFord Escort Mk II06:34.504+3:11.863PS4
2334 Takumi88Ford Escort Mk II06:34.889+3:12.248Steam
2335 obsolteFord Escort Mk II06:35.235+3:12.594PS4
2336 heiko009913Ford Escort Mk II06:35.301+3:12.660PS4
2337 crosspark1Ford Escort Mk II06:35.502+3:12.861PS4
2338 PondermaticFord Escort Mk II06:36.254+3:13.613Steam
2339 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:36.836+3:14.195Xbox
2340 uhohiFord Escort Mk II06:36.937+3:14.296PS4
2341 NanoblenderFord Escort Mk II06:37.119+3:14.478Steam
2342 Ultimate_NinjaFord Escort Mk II06:37.321+3:14.680Steam
2343 sopli41Ford Escort Mk II06:37.467+3:14.826PS4
2344 eduiceFord Escort Mk II06:37.635+3:14.994Xbox
2345 ????666Ford Escort Mk II06:40.154+3:17.513Steam
2346 RightyFord Escort Mk II06:40.704+3:18.630Steam
2347 dafidowFord Escort Mk II06:41.019+3:18.378Xbox
2348 BrunoManorFord Escort Mk II06:41.534+3:18.893PS4
2349 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:42.318+3:19.677Xbox
2350 seattle_kjFord Escort Mk II06:42.668+3:20.270PS4
2351 mitia-1206Ford Escort Mk II06:45.034+3:22.393PS4
2352 timboy96Ford Escort Mk II06:45.953+3:23.312Steam
2353 yinnydefirstFord Escort Mk II06:46.101+3:23.460Steam
2354 muslumcan2014Ford Escort Mk II06:46.650+3:24.900PS4
2355 CheycoFord Escort Mk II06:47.255+3:24.614Xbox
2356 KreyannFord Escort Mk II06:47.552+3:24.911Steam
2357 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:49.085+3:26.444Xbox
2358 ABCFord Escort Mk II06:49.453+3:26.812Steam
2359 KamelotvihFord Escort Mk II06:49.938+3:27.297PS4
2360 viggoFord Escort Mk II06:50.317+3:27.676Steam
2361 verguoFord Escort Mk II06:50.520+3:27.879Xbox
2362 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:50.752+3:28.111Xbox
2363 ?????Ford Escort Mk II06:51.252+3:28.611Steam
2364 PERDI26oo7Ford Escort Mk II06:51.638+3:28.997PS4
2365 r.massy71Ford Escort Mk II06:52.619+3:29.978Steam
2366 4 wattFord Escort Mk II06:53.068+3:30.427Steam
2367 adamnorberg.anFord Escort Mk II06:53.321+3:30.680Steam
2368 eepu125Ford Escort Mk II06:53.971+3:31.330PS4
2369 SeeAssGoFord Escort Mk II06:55.052+3:32.411Steam
2370 deadboyjunkie77Ford Escort Mk II06:55.086+3:32.445Xbox
2371 ulfkarlsson50Ford Escort Mk II06:55.234+3:32.593Steam
2372 rkaterFord Escort Mk II06:56.868+3:34.227Steam
2373 anim1993Ford Escort Mk II06:58.018+3:35.377PS4
2374 Most WantedFord Escort Mk II06:58.184+3:35.543Steam
2375 SkyborgFord Escort Mk II06:58.434+3:35.793Steam
2376 Anna Nimfomanova(Luxury)Ford Escort Mk II06:59.001+3:36.360Steam
2377 claudio-borginiFord Escort Mk II06:59.201+3:36.560Steam
2378 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:00.452+3:37.811Xbox
2379 Moshe_97230Ford Escort Mk II07:00.685+3:38.440PS4
2380 xxRageQuit502xxFord Escort Mk II07:01.285+3:38.644PS4
2381 SaturfernandezFord Escort Mk II07:01.499+3:38.858PS4
2382 jedras96Ford Escort Mk II07:01.587+3:38.946PS4
2383 WreVVerWFord Escort Mk II07:01.837+3:39.196Steam
2384 BenitoFord Escort Mk II07:02.085+3:39.444Steam
2385 juanma_ChFord Escort Mk II07:02.486+3:39.845PS4
2386 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:03.737+3:41.960Xbox
2387 Trigger GeorgeFord Escort Mk II07:05.837+3:43.196Steam
2388 LuigielevenFord Escort Mk II07:05.917+3:43.276Steam
2389 QuFord Escort Mk II07:06.154+3:43.513Steam
2390 kebab_meister_Ford Escort Mk II07:06.685+3:44.440Steam
2391 CassandroFord Escort Mk II07:06.768+3:44.127Steam
2392 S0luNe101Ford Escort Mk II07:06.868+3:44.227PS4
2393 iICapitano3Ford Escort Mk II07:07.369+3:44.728PS4
2394 alvaroportuga Ford Escort Mk II07:07.535+3:44.894Steam
2395 oTylerHDFord Escort Mk II07:07.536+3:44.895PS4
2396 jj_GeOrGeFord Escort Mk II07:07.938+3:45.297PS4
2397 scaltraFord Escort Mk II07:08.168+3:45.527PS4
2398 MarkmuigaiFord Escort Mk II07:08.504+3:45.863PS4
2399 mintballFord Escort Mk II07:08.886+3:46.245PS4
2400 SnaketyFord Escort Mk II07:08.938+3:46.297Steam
2401 mrj1965Ford Escort Mk II07:10.453+3:47.812Steam
2402 XabisMissionFord Escort Mk II07:12.451+3:49.810Xbox
2403 RazborOffFord Escort Mk II07:12.584+3:49.943Steam
2404 pahov10Ford Escort Mk II07:13.151+3:50.510PS4
2405 DorthyMantutheFord Escort Mk II07:15.054+3:52.413PS4
2406 belasgr Ford Escort Mk II07:15.137+3:52.496Steam
2407 Chikilla21Ford Escort Mk II07:15.784+3:53.143PS4
2408 Fr3aKz187Ford Escort Mk II07:15.786+3:53.145PS4
2409 bigdino74Ford Escort Mk II07:16.987+3:54.346Xbox
2410 tattivinoz31Ford Escort Mk II07:17.185+3:54.544PS4
2411 hyuniusFord Escort Mk II07:17.386+3:54.745PS4
2412 Bean_Boy12Ford Escort Mk II07:17.536+3:54.895PS4
2413 AvniGRexhFord Escort Mk II07:18.218+3:55.577PS4
2414 ChalkyFord Escort Mk II07:18.368+3:55.727Steam
2415 Tihonov-NikitaFord Escort Mk II07:18.584+3:55.943PS4
2416 scythemanFord Escort Mk II07:18.788+3:56.147Steam
2417 mauroninja71Ford Escort Mk II07:19.685+3:57.440PS4
2418 iamalFord Escort Mk II07:20.084+3:57.443PS4
2419 jyyeFord Escort Mk II07:20.419+3:57.778PS4
2420 juventinioFord Escort Mk II07:21.621+3:58.980Steam
2421 GregFord Escort Mk II07:22.201+3:59.560Steam
2422 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:22.370+3:59.729Xbox
2423 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:22.470+3:59.829Xbox
2424 agalenkovFord Escort Mk II07:23.904+4:01.263Xbox
2425 NigiriSushi2015Ford Escort Mk II07:25.201+4:02.560PS4
2426 konoyarooFord Escort Mk II07:27.235+4:04.594Steam
2427 DoggyTheDogeFord Escort Mk II07:28.069+4:05.428Steam
2428 RyTeK_FrFord Escort Mk II07:28.371+4:05.730PS4
2429 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:29.053+4:06.412Xbox
2430 camilonbFord Escort Mk II07:29.219+4:06.578Steam
2431 Kiwouts78Ford Escort Mk II07:29.301+4:06.660PS4
2432 FrogeFord Escort Mk II07:29.584+4:06.943Steam
2433 rafaelsarkar3008Ford Escort Mk II07:29.869+4:07.228PS4
2434 slowD2017Ford Escort Mk II07:31.767+4:09.126PS4
2435 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:32.202+4:09.561Xbox
2436 Austinsk8sgr8Ford Escort Mk II07:32.420+4:09.779Xbox
2437 CabbageFord Escort Mk II07:32.818+4:10.177Steam
2438 PREDATORS Farmskins.comFord Escort Mk II07:33.251+4:10.610Steam
2439 sergio133Ford Escort Mk II07:34.002+4:11.361Xbox
2440 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:36.099+4:13.458Xbox
2441 kevinb3211Ford Escort Mk II07:36.254+4:13.613PS4
2442 Bunnicula86Ford Escort Mk II07:38.382+4:15.741PS4
2443 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:39.152+4:16.511Xbox
2444 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:41.050+4:18.409Xbox
2445 Alf Stewart Ford Escort Mk II07:41.431+4:18.790Steam
2446 Greenfear101Ford Escort Mk II07:42.835+4:20.194PS4
2447 gigantebuonoFord Escort Mk II07:44.603+4:21.962Xbox
2448 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:45.866+4:23.225Xbox
2449 RexFord Escort Mk II07:45.952+4:23.311Steam
2450 Icedragon7987Ford Escort Mk II07:46.953+4:24.312PS4
2451 Pooq82Ford Escort Mk II07:47.569+4:24.928PS4
2452 ashy187Ford Escort Mk II07:49.532+4:26.891Steam
2453 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:50.085+4:27.444Xbox
2454 criske231Ford Escort Mk II07:51.551+4:28.910PS4
2455 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:51.786+4:29.145Xbox
2456 hibikii_soolFord Escort Mk II07:53.553+4:30.912PS4
2457 SnakesnackzFord Escort Mk II07:53.950+4:31.309PS4
2458 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:55.483+4:32.842Xbox
2459 johnnyboy101325Ford Escort Mk II08:00.399+4:37.758PS4
2460 Albegatti65Ford Escort Mk II08:02.503+4:39.862Xbox
2461 BARMALEYFord Escort Mk II08:05.237+4:42.596Steam
2462 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:08.298+4:45.657Xbox
2463 leorider91Ford Escort Mk II08:11.268+4:48.627PS4
2464 hadra666Ford Escort Mk II08:13.251+4:50.610Steam
2465 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:14.567+4:51.926Xbox
2466 jpabloniFord Escort Mk II08:15.669+4:53.280PS4
2467 yungladybugFord Escort Mk II08:17.818+4:55.177PS4
2468 DitQuoiFord Escort Mk II08:18.937+4:56.296PS4
2469 only3hl2Ford Escort Mk II08:20.851+4:58.210PS4
2470 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:22.270+4:59.629Xbox
2471 kulikspbFord Escort Mk II08:22.602+4:59.961PS4
2472 DUROTAN--XXXFord Escort Mk II08:27.002+5:04.361Steam
2473 lipifa2016Ford Escort Mk II08:27.136+5:04.495PS4
2474 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:28.215+5:05.574Xbox
2475 ?Janissary??Ford Escort Mk II08:29.315+5:06.674Steam
2476 DevinFord Escort Mk II08:30.683+5:08.420Steam
2477 SmiggsChiggsFord Escort Mk II08:31.268+5:08.627Steam
2478 Nightwalker74Ford Escort Mk II08:32.785+5:10.144Steam
2479 iRendXFord Escort Mk II08:33.701+5:11.600PS4
2480 musky1992Ford Escort Mk II08:34.833+5:12.192PS4
2481 xQuiCk-_-ShoCkzZFord Escort Mk II08:35.770+5:13.129PS4
2482 bizarfFord Escort Mk II08:36.016+5:13.375Steam
2483 foul_1Ford Escort Mk II08:36.102+5:13.461PS4
2484 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:39.700+5:17.590Xbox
2485 2458354833Ford Escort Mk II08:39.967+5:17.326Steam
2486 pau_ortsFord Escort Mk II08:42.018+5:19.377Steam
2487 KurcanoFord Escort Mk II08:44.217+5:21.576Steam
2488 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:47.982+5:25.341Xbox
2489 colajamFord Escort Mk II08:49.583+5:26.942PS4
2490 Cameron343Ford Escort Mk II08:49.719+5:27.780Steam
2491 macallimauroFord Escort Mk II08:53.050+5:30.409Steam
2492 winnewiFord Escort Mk II08:53.734+5:31.930Steam
2493 mihako43Ford Escort Mk II08:57.931+5:35.290Steam
2494 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:59.365+5:36.724Xbox
2495 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:59.550+5:36.909Xbox
2496 larrythechefFord Escort Mk II09:00.435+5:37.794PS4
2497 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:04.798+5:42.157Xbox
2498 ?? beFore ?Ford Escort Mk II09:08.118+5:45.477Steam
2499 axelotl123Ford Escort Mk II09:12.345+5:49.704Steam
2500 el.pardelqueFord Escort Mk II09:12.402+5:49.761Steam
2501 mr.scott.stanleyFord Escort Mk II09:22.546+5:59.905Steam
2502 ZePin's suiteFord Escort Mk II09:24.750+6:02.109Steam
2503 Sir CumferenceFord Escort Mk II09:27.768+6:05.127Steam
2504 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:28.101+6:05.460Xbox
2505 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:28.967+6:06.326Xbox
2506 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:33.501+6:10.860Xbox
2507 vicente0490Ford Escort Mk II09:33.883+6:11.242PS4
2508 Greedy A-m mainFord Escort Mk II09:35.967+6:13.326Steam
2509 StateFord Escort Mk II09:38.567+6:15.926Steam
2510 erorrwayt911Ford Escort Mk II09:39.732+6:17.910PS4
2511 PiraniaV13Ford Escort Mk II09:43.318+6:20.677Steam
2512 TheMoistTowelFord Escort Mk II09:44.629+6:21.988Oculus
2513 BiggieSinto98Ford Escort Mk II09:45.798+6:23.157PS4
2514 terror-niko-88Ford Escort Mk II09:48.648+6:26.700PS4
2515 pts2800Ford Escort Mk II09:48.934+6:26.293Steam
2516 iParker_25Ford Escort Mk II09:52.182+6:29.541PS4
2517 sickboy_czFord Escort Mk II09:53.617+6:30.976Steam
2518 punicher1985Ford Escort Mk II10:03.367+6:40.726PS4
2519 [Innominati Crew] andreatacFord Escort Mk II10:06.917+6:44.276Steam
2520 MirandofskyFord Escort Mk II10:10.994+6:48.353PS4
2521 GarGalisFord Escort Mk II10:22.361+6:59.720Steam
2522 MrKiwiFord Escort Mk II10:24.732+7:02.910Steam
2523 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II10:40.497+7:17.856Xbox
2524 LavinnFord Escort Mk II10:52.645+7:30.400Steam
2525 john-le-macFord Escort Mk II10:53.814+7:31.173PS4
2526 WillieFord Escort Mk II11:11.367+7:48.726Steam
2527 russian_mouse69Ford Escort Mk II11:17.633+7:54.992PS4
2528 LeXoRiAFord Escort Mk II11:40.064+8:17.423Steam
2529 C0RSA1R_X86_Ford Escort Mk II11:45.479+8:22.838PS4
2530 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II12:38.839+9:16.198Xbox
2531 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II12:46.659+9:24.180Xbox
2532 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II13:02.304+9:39.663Xbox
2533 MatysekRangoFord Escort Mk II13:20.142+9:57.501PS4
2534 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II13:26.963+10:04.322Xbox
2535 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II13:28.008+10:05.367Xbox
2536 LittleBear150860Ford Escort Mk II14:02.527+10:39.886PS4
2537 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II14:38.576+11:15.935Xbox
2538 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II14:48.956+11:26.315Xbox
2539 AM1986 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2540 Very Nice!Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2541 BrutzelmannFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2542 ShadyLynFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2543 marleFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2544 pampambumbumFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2545 ??????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2546 BoozZzillaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2547 KHALFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2548 janbrandweermanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2549 ??Vince'??????‘eeeeeeeeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2550 RoobarbFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2551 DoubleBarrelFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2552 pebucebrFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2553 iain.r.2012 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2554 GABIKILLER12 YT CSGO500Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2555 RoboSimpFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2556 Underkex Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2557 hazrat.adielFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2558 (1-800-Texas) Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2559 TrahibidadidoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2560 BLTFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2561 logan.mFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2562 franxoteFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2563 AmeNisOliFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2564 preciseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2565 kaparatFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2566 PaquetteRocketFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2567 LAzERPAiNTERFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2568 GodLess Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2569 musef1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2570 brentonkaitlerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2571 RedsandFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2572 potter356Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2573 EreRFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2574 AkasadFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2575 a.sterkenburgFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2576 HarisKripFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2577 HeroMutaliskFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2578 Wilmer Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2579 inthehistoryFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2580 LockwireFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2581 PIZZA DUDEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2582 RustUndergroundFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2583 trynvarusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2584 BLOOD Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2585 chrisbquinnFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2586 hakonensamiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2587 HansFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2588 stubbornerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2589 kenny Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2590 [SBS]roz107 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2591 RyosukeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2592 haFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2593 Brendon003217Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2594 BigTitSprite Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2595 mohamed.nahas1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2596 Aguila Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2597 kalsarikännitFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2598 NuiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2599 Raion247Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2600 gungraveFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2601 Carmad Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2602 Tulky1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2603 Danii PoseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2604 handabing1221Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2605 TutsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2606 edshunter Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2607 Bartusiak69Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2608 skizouFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2609 fubbert.emFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2610 remykivirantaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2611 rob68lux Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2612 Driver.KFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2613 AEP8FlyBoyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2614 ekiwi0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2615 JLakeyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2616 agFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2617 r1playerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2618 ??? the undisputed loserFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2619 Morphuk Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2620 jonathanddeanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2621 CtarariFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2622 [Nightmare] FøresightFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2623 Natte kletskatFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2624 PoofPoofFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2625 KarsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2626 SebiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2627 RadarmanbearpigFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2628 exctakk Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2629 pitthekid44 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2630 Auy RacingFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2631 munja9119Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2632 TCP101Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2633 NotTheRealMortyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2634 luisemaffeisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2635 fernanrubin Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2636 emmecipi90Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2637 Szkodnik86Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2638 SkullyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2639 LeKaR_bFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2640 Seb75Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2641 RosarioFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2642 Avocado PowerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2643 Mirakuli ? #PandaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2644 Swordsman12Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2645 ScottyGee Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2646 KlownzieFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2647 Marine biologistFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2648 Ken Block pvpro.comFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2649 admistor3Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2650 passkull79Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2651 MasonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2652 MaxPainNLFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2653 DrotoniosFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2654 VenatusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2655 dzastinöatsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2656 sadunickFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2657 ???Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2658 Godfather Don HeaDFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2659 diverdave75Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2660 SlykerBaneFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2661 [TFk]? oBzuur_C-137 ?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2662 simonfiorina96Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2663 Zim ZumFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2664 Kotatsu ^-^Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2665 JC.MYERSFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2666 Jack EasystarFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2667 TacticalwookieeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2668 HarmaaselkäFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2669 PizziFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2670 MuushFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2671 DonDeoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2672 joerg.wiesmann Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2673 Splinter Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2674 BardFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2675 ??????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2676 BabyishGerm1 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2677 fabianfencingFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2678 Perejil69 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2679 superywqFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2680 CSN5567Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2681 killbob8²³Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2682 NemrakFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2683 Smegma VampireFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2684 INBREDJEDFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2685 virtual_97425 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2686 paul.bruneau.paulFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2687 clevo71Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2688 lucco30Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2689 jandar2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2690 Skaz1 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2691 [Its Ya Boiz] Stinky Pinky Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2692 KeeperFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2693 HoelFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2694 CerawiaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2695 Another wall in the brickFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2696 GöranFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2697 kaapoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2698 VerbalisPLFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2699 Doc HollidayFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2700 JadoelFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2701 bigdobby6Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2702 mickmacFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2703 uliczna slawaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2704 davidrebcn Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2705 PHaNToMiK ?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2706 daddiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2707 nickland42Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2708 Duh Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2709 wattwolfFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2710 inSu'Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2711 [AuTSM] M03G11Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2712 GalathrunFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2713 Rocket Shark Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2714 SeliahFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2715 Leonus SakkraFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2716 =]B.I.G.[=3sterFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2717 ExioReimoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2718 So Called FriendFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2719 NiiloF1NFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2720 hlangenekeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2721 imperator Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2722 baba2539Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2723 SledgeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2724 Aminé Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2725 [KÖSE LOJISTIK] CANERFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2726 S13boFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2727 ZushisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2728 TIF_JURANAFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2729 Ser7julFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2730 SKRFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2731 Blejac14Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2732 MaximoshktFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2733 dj.d.micFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2734 lucioskiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2735 Darkwenn Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2736 Nico_TorepFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2737 EnaradmiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2738 VuleFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2739 willmad89Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2740 balo94Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2741 XXDonalddevilXX Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2742 t1mbot0mboFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2743 krechelFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2744 Guignette_Pwr Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2745 Red RocketFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2746 kevin2802Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2747 erisdesign Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2748 I S R A X2S Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2749 ajfernandezFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2750 secmoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2751 EarlGreh Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2752 mroodschildFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2753 [TOS]SneugensFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2754 patrok1207³Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2755 Maladroit ~Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2756 mjkFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2757 FoxhoundFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2758 FajlajpBFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2759 SparKFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2760 bomodFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2761 ?Aninber?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2762 OatsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2763 Some sort of beanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2764 Arohalith [KotA]Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2765 WANG Lan gangFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2766 zillFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2767 Slon104 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2768 High How Are YouFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2769 LuxuskanneFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2770 ABONE66Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2771 gtsj99™ #VintörFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2772 ladose.lebelge Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2773 Pembe PanterFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2774 Cyrn Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2775 rchlxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2776 Britton AtkinsonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2777 RazgrizN7Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2778 rumbFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2779 KampyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2780 betonomeshalkaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2781 AlkaliFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2782 delltech2010Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2783 vatomanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2784 RoBourFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2785 Klutch BaconFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2786 mynicksucksFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2787 3n3lowFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2788 Zeiserl Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2789 FReeZeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2790 MantasisgFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2791 Chrysalis Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2792 TAPXyHFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2793 DOUDOUFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2794 KurgeliFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2795 lemon_and_gravyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2796 SpydercoCivilianFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2797 cangelosi.alexis06Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2798 SpartisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2799 ????t????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2800 |VIP| sentaiiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2801 CoobssFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2802 SHARKSQUATCHFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2803 MK.VinyGBRFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2804 xxxprodFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2805 Made DragonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2806 WillaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2807 Le PervFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2808 PJVFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2809 MoyashiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2810 Aaron990Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2811 EhTappyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2812 degio97Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2813 |AKA|--GreenSheet--Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2814 virginijus.mFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2815 iTakeDabsOnTheToiletFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2816 † † † † † Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2817 Uptown HarambeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2818 WWWowan1968Rus59 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2819 Rodger YoungFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2820 ?? ???Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2821 arseniy-128Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2822 PVT B. NikiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2823 tobifascFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2824 bournew916Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2825 CRSFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2826 LUKASASFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2827 CN_GamerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2828 qwertyuiop969Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2829 thunder6300Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2830 Beisu DoroppuFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2831 NOVIROXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2832 TXF679Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2833 KYS ~suzuki pvFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2834 OpezdalFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2835 Zen.steelseriesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2836 rapidoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2837 Diego Carranza Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2838 DashFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2839 PetrjasalFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2840 PatrikFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2841 Jalle Kularbo Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2842 SuavementeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2843 ? LuKan0x ?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2844 RoosFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2845 hidoma Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2846 Ck!ss@ 92.†[L.N.D]†Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2847 Moptop Mattuls Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2848 KangFilipyNipsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2849 WolfjongenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2850 MotxaloFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2851 naqFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2852 Small fpssorry!Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2853 tinicofreixo66Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2854 marsmikFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2855 VegetaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2856 ? ? Nuudlipoiss Sid ? ?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2857 blakflag65Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2858 schwarzer-edaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2859 WaykykyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2860 Pr3liat0rFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2861 DanielFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2862 SiedlikMaster 4K 144hz Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2863 SRT27Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2864 TheNameJamieFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2865 pa3ik6793Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2866 g00nsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2867 GuillermoRestrepoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2868 Sorrybut suicide it's coolFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2869 Angus YoungFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2870 BrodskyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2871 richt-dannyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2872 BehemothFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2873 MagnumusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2874 ? ZenRap DAPUBG.comFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2875 ortikaki123Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2876 morebeatFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2877 FrøzTFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2878 Luc1337Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2879 OxtonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2880 raise ur dongersFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2881 Tommy2StonedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2882 VapezinhoYTFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2883 snowleopardFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2884 marek.mellerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2885 ? Dexx ?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2886 AthanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2887 Chadicus MaximusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2888 DoomturtleFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2889 Wa`Dra. ArsiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2890 mike42huntFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2891 krombopulos MichaelsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2892 italianrobertFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2893 Dr. JekyllFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2894 didiexia34Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2895 Sir Digby Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2896 CashewMFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2897 -.-'Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2898 LLöweFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2899 PyroCodeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Steam
2900 mehdi274Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2901 MONKEY-GEEK-Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2902 icecap2kFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2903 Bartoldy2057Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2904 Preludum_ATFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2905 BurningMayFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2906 hili7575Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2907 babbarrFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2908 Logger-DallynFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2909 Guillaume-G988Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2910 xXRUZISTXxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2911 ar1_1kolaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2912 pmortimer87Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2913 xtigerrxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2914 abal82Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2915 kevpanda32Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2916 sylrct83Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2917 Goonrider-MX96Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2918 yerayugaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2919 SpawseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2920 BaLLaRo77Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2921 TristanunlimitedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2922 gribbabaiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2923 NakiwiliFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2924 kaalekaleFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2925 florbastisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2926 MightyFreak360Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2927 f1faplay3rsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2928 mokelo71Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2929 juanolo1964Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2930 mr_6Johnny9Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2931 stokecity90Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2932 L-420-CUZFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2933 skabbetussFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2934 nuori_pultsariFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2935 Mieho_0012Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2936 fusieNLFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2937 EmMenuiresFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2938 TBG-1988Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2939 ABU-ARMANFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2940 dio848Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2941 guini28Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2942 chutneyferret1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2943 airheaderic1986Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2944 JohnnyFlynn-Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2945 BEAST__FINFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2946 killianlestrikerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2947 Andre-acz76Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2948 hinawanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2949 SbraqueurFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2950 Bzyniu84Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2951 miggosetFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2952 SaburYoyoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2953 DirtyDane4everFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2954 bizonisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2955 YaisterFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2956 SweetDannyDFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2957 Someboy0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2958 MacabsITAFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2959 Smithers-1968_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2960 Voanarges1821Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2961 AstudilloDanielFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2962 rastacool59263Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2963 zhukandreyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2964 Naykon1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2965 ELEmENTs2182Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2966 JClechienfouFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2967 SuperFocxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2968 ChengM1911Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2969 FighterkoenigFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2970 BoTCCcFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2971 e1392011Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2972 AVecino1976Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2973 DeadWalk_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2974 Adrisa7372Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2975 dajhammer27Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2976 HoboBob5Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2977 Sanek1751Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2978 Maxou1342Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2979 saabtsonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2980 crm9696Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2981 AndyOKocketFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2982 Extremaydura84Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2983 CemiBossFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2984 PIT_KARASFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2985 Nevsehir-Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2986 Funki_0815Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2987 Thecook4110Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2988 Radiactivo36Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2989 sativatonyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2990 AndreashanniFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2991 Manteca4517Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2992 OAKstream1897Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2993 yvan42230Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2994 andreavezzaroFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2995 Finlab1971Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2996 EllienCynFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2997 williambecu1977Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2998 joseisnerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
2999 ALBERHARDCORFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3000 cabelcroFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3001 Denchek228Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3002 tufekci79Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3003 sirigu22Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3004 eXxeS_88Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3005 ran_away1984485Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3006 Crashman_99Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3007 gnarly_nofriendsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3008 FabjxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3009 assberg102Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3010 ChrisegarFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3011 Crenfroe_9910Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3012 TheAlmightyZuluFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3013 Kalle19950807Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3014 gyuszibox79Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3015 Toivonen365Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3016 dpmiguelshFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3017 jason14323Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3018 badass_2092Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3019 corsa-luenenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3020 ahkike44Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3021 Bighart77Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3022 SamPeerlings1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3023 iysbe-Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3024 mpaokara75Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3025 edvard849Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3026 wi-RR-usFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3027 MUCkellerkinderFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3028 olegryb07Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3029 OnulikFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3030 CrazyOZ-73Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3031 andresgonza993Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3032 GabeZer0_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3033 lllshinigamilllFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3034 Ma051223Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3035 spong_loafFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3036 emanueleplaystatFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3037 WaragersFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3038 White_Dynamite94Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3039 lospotzFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3040 jujotovi35Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3041 Kurre97Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3042 HrithviFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3043 Radfahrer29Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3044 Pintor093Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3045 jihadibombattyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3046 Sy9039Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3047 efferretiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3048 sandrolaposta197Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3049 FrannRetta33Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3050 asplri8998Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3051 Jere16JeremyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3052 SavageSanch23Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3053 javivi243Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3054 borjasportFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3055 expcampFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3056 FandulisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3057 AMB2016FORLIFE1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3058 Magove4Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3059 LeGeNdE-NeVeR-loFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3060 karoleek29Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3061 noravictorFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3062 SunporFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3063 bronson34Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3064 justin_edwards9Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3065 DER-MOINFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3066 BasskiatFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3067 ArkhaanaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3068 Ranagha72Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3069 mad4tar12Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3070 hedi-83143Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3071 RyVen0m1001Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3072 ananas779Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3073 djon-14Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3074 cagugurFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3075 Manu12004Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3076 chichu_129Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3077 AdriAdrian_27utbFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3078 spirtinsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3079 dcombs415690Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3080 muikelo69Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3081 flying-maxim007Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3082 bigtraxxas28Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3083 K9KYRFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3084 lestoblefFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3085 scotistkoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3086 seekndestroydu56Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3087 retspets-PETSFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3088 leManuhFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3089 EMelley16Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3090 MR-lochness69Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3091 Dingo_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3092 vitopesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3093 AmneTek2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3094 ELCH_LOCKOFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3095 SimsonMTXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3096 deltastrike919Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3097 AroldoJr216Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3098 Jaska50Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3099 Connor_LUFC_98Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3100 warlock-Av0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3101 Rodders-187Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3102 mihir8301Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3103 rlascasasFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3104 bodega218micheleFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3105 IPittydaFoo_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3106 leniesamFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3107 Jean_G_RagnottiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3108 Nuschel01Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3109 PoepoetjeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3110 Smok3y420236Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3111 MikeSelbyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3112 gaveteFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3113 anle62Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3114 RamilYunusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3115 taka_lamaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3116 xristosofielisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3117 isi_Weed2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3118 gelocrakFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3119 gallard1986Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3120 hayleyclark017Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3121 WeeDiZzG13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3122 cgeary72Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3123 tomwalker_101Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3124 MarcoSousa19Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3125 SoneranmiesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3126 Tarilaszlo2016Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3127 Cynical-Old-MeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3128 stingfire99Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3129 DAREisstupidFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3130 aidzarladzFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3131 frater1988Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3132 billemraniFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3133 sttinkypinkyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3134 saul__1998Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3135 vatula39530Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3136 sanimirizalduFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3137 Sergeant__CircyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3138 TixutinFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3139 BR180AMATTIEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3140 kompiuterine3Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3141 thibthib1312Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3142 paroga66Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3143 SUPERMA691Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3144 abarro28Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3145 tino575Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3146 dnleon9Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3147 D4RK-Pandaa69Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3148 LassepmptFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3149 malisbd11Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3150 ThundersplatFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3151 Damien1983Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3152 AlfieGrizzlyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3153 elsarge3_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3154 Barwas77Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3155 SamCreezFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3156 Freaky_M_JFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3157 alfasud10Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3158 roberto8891Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3159 vidau744Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3160 manekira84Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3161 XxGamingUticaxXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3162 Mastiko38Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3163 Dudika1996Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3164 IceOne_PlayFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3165 sandritaigFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3166 kirsikipacherryFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3167 EnYoMeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3168 ivan15ppFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3169 caolan79Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3170 Gaz--90Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3171 HCMosseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3172 TomuuzasFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359PS4
3173 happytribeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3174 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3175 ARKhaiosHermes1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3176 quarterbackwb12Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3177 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3178 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3179 rg031293Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3180 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3181 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3182 RuhrPotti63Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3183 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3184 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3185 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3186 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3187 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3188 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3189 XxDASxXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3190 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3191 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3192 xlswxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3193 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3194 ImaBlackBeltFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3195 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3196 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3197 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3198 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3199 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3200 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3201 GroveStreetLordFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3202 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3203 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3204 Baptdu12Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3205 GUMBO900Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3206 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3207 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3208 MdMaTTeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3209 saschar1976Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3210 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3211 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3212 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3213 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3214 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3215 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3216 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3217 jeanoVFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3218 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3219 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3220 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3221 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3222 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3223 BloodNgutsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3224 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3225 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3226 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3227 Tibbs1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3228 LukeDukemFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3229 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3230 sunny1982Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3231 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3232 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3233 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3234 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3235 razzaEsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3236 serginhosglFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3237 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3238 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3239 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3240 GhostRider91948Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3241 fatty230573Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3242 hggghhhhhhFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3243 yyygtyyu7Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3244 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3245 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3246 KDOGG1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3247 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3248 biryFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3249 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3250 sisisiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3251 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3252 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3253 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3254 natirousFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3255 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3256 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3257 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3258 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3259 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3260 brenwhatFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3261 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3262 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3263 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3264 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3265 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3266 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3267 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3268 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3269 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3270 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3271 GoOdBoi69Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3272 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3273 MOSSONIFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3274 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3275 envyingimp2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3276 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3277 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3278 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3279 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3280 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3281 nikoskavros13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3282 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3283 coffee77Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3284 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3285 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3286 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3287 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3288 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3289 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3290 eddymanweedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3291 charlierichFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3292 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3293 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3294 Bomacish5127Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3295 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3296 EATDIRTSQUIDFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3297 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3298 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3299 bntxdriftFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3300 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3301 TheRallyManVWFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3302 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3303 heckinfrickFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3304 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3305 PJDannRatataFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3306 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3307 Theo182Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3308 jonnypearceFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3309 EhJAYTEEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3310 HORSTBABARAFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3311 bigtoss10Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3312 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3313 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3314 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3315 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3316 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3317 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3318 RonnieRavioliFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3319 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3320 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3321 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3322 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3323 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3324 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3325 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3326 BaaaradFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3327 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3328 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3329 evertonxrFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3330 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3331 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3332 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3333 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3334 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3335 regis22Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3336 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3337 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3338 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3339 TUTEN95Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3340 skettiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3341 vicortizFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3342 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3343 McDuff79Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3344 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3345 xtobalFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3346 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Xbox
3347 Condor18Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:37.359Oculus