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DiRT Daily Live - #MK2Monday, 2018-07-02
2332 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Greece] Ourea Spevsi (S) (Night, Clear)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 shuyartFord Escort Mk II03:23.375+00:00.000Steam
2 Je55eJame5 Ford Escort Mk II03:26.558+00:03.183Steam
3 Pete Ford Escort Mk II03:26.608+00:03.233Steam
4 Tyoung972Ford Escort Mk II03:27.525+00:04.150PS4
5 naglerFord Escort Mk II03:27.691+00:04.316Steam
6 antbonzFord Escort Mk II03:30.808+00:07.433Steam
7 Andy-XFFord Escort Mk II03:31.874+00:08.499PS4
8 davidcorsoFord Escort Mk II03:32.041+00:08.666Xbox
9 Vergil ? Ford Escort Mk II03:32.958+00:09.583Steam
10 magicwise Ford Escort Mk II03:33.574+00:10.199Steam
11 mhk2308Ford Escort Mk II03:33.658+00:10.283PS4
12 laurent87Ford Escort Mk II03:33.674+00:10.299Xbox
13 kudasoffff Ford Escort Mk II03:33.958+00:10.583Steam
14 cflotsios Ford Escort Mk II03:34.874+00:11.499Steam
15 FinlandSnakeFord Escort Mk II03:35.841+00:12.466Xbox
16 juselius41Ford Escort Mk II03:36.008+00:12.633PS4
17 Filimon2699 Ford Escort Mk II03:36.024+00:12.649Steam
18 Godis517Ford Escort Mk II03:36.741+00:13.366Steam
19 w76995Ford Escort Mk II03:36.941+00:13.566PS4
20 al02evsFord Escort Mk II03:36.991+00:13.616PS4
21 psych13aFord Escort Mk II03:37.157+00:13.782PS4
22 Ferranis Ford Escort Mk II03:37.491+00:14.116Steam
23 vajb Ford Escort Mk II03:37.591+00:14.216Steam
24 Lind27Ford Escort Mk II03:37.757+00:14.382Steam
25 GTP_See23Ford Escort Mk II03:37.941+00:14.566PS4
26 MHillsFord Escort Mk II03:38.124+00:14.749Xbox
27 OvalRacerFord Escort Mk II03:38.391+00:15.160PS4
28 tominick-06Ford Escort Mk II03:38.541+00:15.166PS4
29 SGT_alex115Ford Escort Mk II03:38.907+00:15.532PS4
30 da_elderly Ford Escort Mk II03:39.257+00:15.882Steam
31 yowi87Ford Escort Mk II03:39.291+00:15.916Steam
32 kividakiFord Escort Mk II03:39.524+00:16.149PS4
33 fastandlujuriusFord Escort Mk II03:39.824+00:16.449PS4
34 Wolfsmind Ford Escort Mk II03:39.841+00:16.466Steam
35 Fernando MeirelesFord Escort Mk II03:40.007+00:16.632Steam
36 szachan.gaborFord Escort Mk II03:40.257+00:16.882Steam
37 denislpkFord Escort Mk II03:40.574+00:17.199Xbox
38 Superd00ps Ford Escort Mk II03:41.241+00:17.866Steam
39 vincdoc[be] Ford Escort Mk II03:41.507+00:18.132Steam
40 VinceBartokFord Escort Mk II03:41.541+00:18.166Xbox
41 Staatl.geprüfter GewürzprüferFord Escort Mk II03:41.757+00:18.382Steam
42 hemirpu Ford Escort Mk II03:41.874+00:18.499Steam
43 bluesberryFord Escort Mk II03:42.107+00:18.732Oculus
44 wolf25011970Ford Escort Mk II03:42.424+00:19.490PS4
45 BsanFord Escort Mk II03:42.791+00:19.416Steam
46 Casentino93Ford Escort Mk II03:43.124+00:19.749PS4
47 rumcajsz99Ford Escort Mk II03:43.191+00:19.816Steam
48 Isle of Barra Ford Escort Mk II03:43.191+00:19.816Steam
49 rob9112Ford Escort Mk II03:43.241+00:19.866Xbox
50 KentKetchumFord Escort Mk II03:43.291+00:19.916PS4
51 mathiasfowden Ford Escort Mk II03:44.124+00:20.749Steam
52 L'étrille22 Ford Escort Mk II03:44.157+00:20.782Steam
53 Black_Scorpion28Ford Escort Mk II03:44.341+00:20.966PS4
54 mouldymadgit68Ford Escort Mk II03:44.541+00:21.166PS4
55 Lynx Ford Escort Mk II03:44.707+00:21.332Steam
56 TwoTwoOneFord Escort Mk II03:44.807+00:21.432Steam
57 Go Home YankeesFord Escort Mk II03:44.924+00:21.549Steam
58 clod hoppin nobblin hobgoblin Ford Escort Mk II03:44.941+00:21.566Steam
59 AnacondaRangerFord Escort Mk II03:45.340+00:21.965Steam
60 hc-joonasFord Escort Mk II03:45.340+00:21.965PS4
61 LihisFord Escort Mk II03:45.357+00:21.982Steam
62 PPNSPORTFord Escort Mk II03:45.557+00:22.182PS4
63 Sandi Ollonen Ford Escort Mk II03:45.674+00:22.299Steam
64 Mika-T420Ford Escort Mk II03:46.190+00:22.815PS4
65 SpazAtacckFord Escort Mk II03:46.390+00:23.150PS4
66 TwllDynFord Escort Mk II03:46.490+00:23.115PS4
67 BAM_JasonFord Escort Mk II03:46.490+00:23.115PS4
68 Kolli Ford Escort Mk II03:46.540+00:23.165Steam
69 [Axis]???????Ford Escort Mk II03:46.640+00:23.265Steam
70 rybäFord Escort Mk II03:46.657+00:23.282Steam
71 SanozZFord Escort Mk II03:46.874+00:23.499Steam
72 mjkFord Escort Mk II03:46.890+00:23.515Steam
73 toshi_beeFord Escort Mk II03:46.890+00:23.515Steam
74 SheenuFord Escort Mk II03:46.990+00:23.615Steam
75 AzemaSwill1Ford Escort Mk II03:47.107+00:23.732PS4
76 BaconMuhammadFord Escort Mk II03:47.240+00:23.865Steam
77 unitakoraFord Escort Mk II03:47.424+00:24.490PS4
78 EduuSetiiFord Escort Mk II03:47.507+00:24.132PS4
79 Leffe Ford Escort Mk II03:47.607+00:24.232Steam
80 ogiersebFord Escort Mk II03:47.674+00:24.299Xbox
81 jribescFord Escort Mk II03:47.890+00:24.515Steam
82 jnco89 Ford Escort Mk II03:48.090+00:24.715Steam
83 Obe-WanFord Escort Mk II03:48.107+00:24.732PS4
84 Risto00Ford Escort Mk II03:48.157+00:24.782Steam
85 kipitok91Ford Escort Mk II03:48.190+00:24.815PS4
86 hameen1Ford Escort Mk II03:48.257+00:24.882PS4
87 Ode8702Ford Escort Mk II03:48.374+00:24.999PS4
88 raulpumukiFord Escort Mk II03:48.390+00:25.150PS4
89 kurakenFord Escort Mk II03:48.457+00:25.820Steam
90 apo-001budapestFord Escort Mk II03:49.290+00:25.915PS4
91 TheEpeFord Escort Mk II03:49.407+00:26.320Steam
92 c4svFord Escort Mk II03:49.407+00:26.320Steam
93 B-man Ford Escort Mk II03:49.457+00:26.820Steam
94 SnoozmaFord Escort Mk II03:49.524+00:26.149Steam
95 tinke76 Ford Escort Mk II03:49.607+00:26.232Steam
96 meskalitoFord Escort Mk II03:49.724+00:26.349Steam
97 ToastFord Escort Mk II03:49.790+00:26.415Steam
98 JakeRayFord Escort Mk II03:49.790+00:26.415Steam
99 Mambo152 Ford Escort Mk II03:49.857+00:26.482Steam
100 yayo084Ford Escort Mk II03:50.024+00:26.649PS4
101 TheDeathXtarDriverFord Escort Mk II03:50.090+00:26.715Steam
102 sulomies Ford Escort Mk II03:50.174+00:26.799Steam
103 AtliaFord Escort Mk II03:50.190+00:26.815Steam
104 MEISTER5470Ford Escort Mk II03:50.274+00:26.899PS4
105 trex Ford Escort Mk II03:50.407+00:27.320Steam
106 doublelou Ford Escort Mk II03:50.590+00:27.215Steam
107 gabmanu--Ford Escort Mk II03:50.590+00:27.215PS4
108 GalvalaoFord Escort Mk II03:50.624+00:27.249Steam
109 t.nakazawa Ford Escort Mk II03:50.740+00:27.365Steam
110 Jellyflooosh14Ford Escort Mk II03:50.790+00:27.415Xbox
111 JweigFord Escort Mk II03:50.857+00:27.482Steam
112 travellog07Ford Escort Mk II03:51.224+00:27.849Steam
113 Kucc_96Ford Escort Mk II03:51.240+00:27.865PS4
114 MuscleDevilFord Escort Mk II03:51.274+00:27.899PS4
115 El BakherFord Escort Mk II03:51.357+00:27.982Steam
116 cabecadocatonhoFord Escort Mk II03:51.474+00:28.990PS4
117 jo_siffert Ford Escort Mk II03:51.774+00:28.399Steam
118 panzpohadkyFord Escort Mk II03:51.807+00:28.432PS4
119 PynseppiFord Escort Mk II03:51.874+00:28.499Steam
120 R3MM3 Ford Escort Mk II03:51.874+00:28.499Steam
121 ladrien55Ford Escort Mk II03:51.940+00:28.565Xbox
122 tjkossila Ford Escort Mk II03:52.024+00:28.649Steam
123 dc132blackout Ford Escort Mk II03:52.040+00:28.665Steam
124 Stanley.33-443Ford Escort Mk II03:52.074+00:28.699Steam
125 And Revenge FantasiesFord Escort Mk II03:52.157+00:28.782Steam
126 iF11XracingFord Escort Mk II03:52.157+00:28.782PS4
127 Jorma KovanenFord Escort Mk II03:52.207+00:28.832Steam
128 sylrct83Ford Escort Mk II03:52.307+00:28.932PS4
129 Fia_World_Rally_Championship Ford Escort Mk II03:52.357+00:28.982Steam
130 Raccoon Ford Escort Mk II03:52.507+00:29.132Steam
131 ????? Ford Escort Mk II03:52.557+00:29.182Steam
132 RavenFord Escort Mk II03:52.657+00:29.282Steam
133 BeggarSifonFord Escort Mk II03:52.740+00:29.365Steam
134 Burn Ford Escort Mk II03:52.757+00:29.382Steam
135 blak_angelsFord Escort Mk II03:52.807+00:29.432PS4
136 Tommie Lindberg Ford Escort Mk II03:52.857+00:29.482Steam
137 leepy43Ford Escort Mk II03:52.890+00:29.515PS4
138 BZHARMENFord Escort Mk II03:52.957+00:29.582Steam
139 ogalevin2Ford Escort Mk II03:52.974+00:29.599PS4
140 masafdsFord Escort Mk II03:53.024+00:29.649Steam
141 Zal Ford Escort Mk II03:53.224+00:29.849Steam
142 kildog Ford Escort Mk II03:53.240+00:29.865Steam
143 kero2003Ford Escort Mk II03:53.274+00:29.899PS4
144 XCIOFord Escort Mk II03:53.290+00:29.915Steam
145 kulligulli Ford Escort Mk II03:53.357+00:29.982Steam
146 jmchev1Ford Escort Mk II03:53.423+00:30.480Steam
147 viveklegoFord Escort Mk II03:53.523+00:30.148Steam
148 xFruit_ScopezFord Escort Mk II03:53.607+00:30.232PS4
149 I_am_the_stig555Ford Escort Mk II03:53.790+00:30.415PS4
150 Klebonifade Ford Escort Mk II03:53.857+00:30.482Steam
151 LUKEY1993Ford Escort Mk II03:53.857+00:30.482PS4
152 Iago-MXFord Escort Mk II03:53.890+00:30.515Steam
153 Jem101Ford Escort Mk II03:53.957+00:30.582Steam
154 DingoFord Escort Mk II03:54.157+00:30.782Steam
155 GACHI MUCHI SQUADFord Escort Mk II03:54.190+00:30.815Steam
156 ChalouGrr_05_Ford Escort Mk II03:54.240+00:30.865PS4
157 Oleorm66Ford Escort Mk II03:54.623+00:31.248PS4
158 reDeemFord Escort Mk II03:54.657+00:31.282Steam
159 giorgos27antonFord Escort Mk II03:54.657+00:31.282Xbox
160 Max_Traxion1Ford Escort Mk II03:54.807+00:31.432PS4
161 HonkQuackBangFord Escort Mk II03:54.923+00:31.548PS4
162 Slowari! Ford Escort Mk II03:55.073+00:31.698Steam
163 stigbredeFord Escort Mk II03:55.173+00:31.798PS4
164 RastariderFord Escort Mk II03:55.273+00:31.898Steam
165 XodlyFord Escort Mk II03:55.390+00:32.150Steam
166 SnakeBeater91Ford Escort Mk II03:55.457+00:32.820PS4
167 Raider552Ford Escort Mk II03:55.523+00:32.148PS4
168 VeivsterFord Escort Mk II03:55.557+00:32.182PS4
169 Freuden Ford Escort Mk II03:55.607+00:32.232Steam
170 KakeFord Escort Mk II03:55.690+00:32.315Steam
171 dragosbold Ford Escort Mk II03:55.723+00:32.348Steam
172 bella25398Ford Escort Mk II03:55.857+00:32.482PS4
173 WhiplashFord Escort Mk II03:55.907+00:32.532Steam
174 Alf Ford Escort Mk II03:55.957+00:32.582Steam
175 HappyKamper Ford Escort Mk II03:55.973+00:32.598Steam
176 kaFord Escort Mk II03:56.207+00:32.832Steam
177 mcloud1001Ford Escort Mk II03:56.223+00:32.848PS4
178 SemistrunFord Escort Mk II03:56.290+00:32.915Steam
179 danzaneFord Escort Mk II03:56.290+00:32.915Steam
180 bluieFord Escort Mk II03:56.340+00:32.965Steam
181 ShishKebabFord Escort Mk II03:56.440+00:33.650Steam
182 ??? krsFord Escort Mk II03:56.540+00:33.165Steam
183 jandar2Ford Escort Mk II03:56.607+00:33.232Steam
184 Marlec Ford Escort Mk II03:56.640+00:33.265Steam
185 JMV_79Ford Escort Mk II03:56.657+00:33.282Steam
186 davidgaborieauFord Escort Mk II03:56.690+00:33.315Steam
187 MAD ripuliFord Escort Mk II03:56.790+00:33.415Steam
188 Dominguez Ford Escort Mk II03:56.857+00:33.482Steam
189 ExMrAngryFord Escort Mk II03:56.890+00:33.515PS4
190 BossThaFord Escort Mk II03:56.923+00:33.548Steam
191 RooBubba Ford Escort Mk II03:56.974+00:33.599Steam
192 fiat127wrcFord Escort Mk II03:57.040+00:33.665PS4
193 Urmas ArmasFord Escort Mk II03:57.307+00:33.932Steam
194 leobarthFord Escort Mk II03:57.340+00:33.965Xbox
195 proGamer346 Ford Escort Mk II03:57.373+00:33.998Steam
196 Rally_DriverFord Escort Mk II03:57.440+00:34.650Steam
197 wahlenerplatteFord Escort Mk II03:57.557+00:34.182PS4
198 BurnmotoFord Escort Mk II03:57.640+00:34.265Xbox
199 KoffeinkistaFord Escort Mk II03:57.657+00:34.282Steam
200 svt4cam Ford Escort Mk II03:57.757+00:34.382Steam
201 TLRCYBORGFord Escort Mk II03:57.923+00:34.548Xbox
202 decliq Ford Escort Mk II03:57.957+00:34.582Steam
203 Leave the gun take the Cannoli. Ford Escort Mk II03:58.207+00:34.832Steam
204 henryaarnio91Ford Escort Mk II03:58.223+00:34.848Steam
205 cedzoukFord Escort Mk II03:58.373+00:34.998Xbox
206 PompeloFord Escort Mk II03:58.407+00:35.320Steam
207 Psych0kwakFord Escort Mk II03:58.440+00:35.650Steam
208 Spy_14Ford Escort Mk II03:58.657+00:35.282Steam
209 filgesfilgesFord Escort Mk II03:58.657+00:35.282PS4
210 WoodyFord Escort Mk II03:58.940+00:35.565Steam
211 Platoon Ford Escort Mk II03:59.123+00:35.748Steam
212 Ukki63 Ford Escort Mk II03:59.207+00:35.832Steam
213 Basic ForestFord Escort Mk II03:59.223+00:35.848Steam
214 Potatonater5000Ford Escort Mk II03:59.223+00:35.848Steam
215 StupidFingers Ford Escort Mk II03:59.240+00:35.865Steam
216 Hugo Vieira Ford Escort Mk II03:59.290+00:35.915Steam
217 BoostkingFord Escort Mk II03:59.290+00:35.915Steam
218 loy59Ford Escort Mk II03:59.374+00:35.999PS4
219 CharComuFord Escort Mk II03:59.457+00:36.820Steam
220 AndrisFord Escort Mk II03:59.523+00:36.148Steam
221 le-ray.marcFord Escort Mk II03:59.640+00:36.265Steam
222 ZydFord Escort Mk II03:59.707+00:36.332Steam
223 cjlloyd Ford Escort Mk II03:59.857+00:36.482Steam
224 LeMéchuFord Escort Mk II03:59.890+00:36.515Steam
225 SethBon Ford Escort Mk II03:59.940+00:36.565Steam
226 micky148Ford Escort Mk II04:00.007+00:36.632PS4
227 Chunori911Ford Escort Mk II04:00.040+00:36.665Steam
228 matti.immonenFord Escort Mk II04:00.040+00:36.665Steam
229 kojeto Ford Escort Mk II04:00.057+00:36.682Steam
230 JamesVila81Ford Escort Mk II04:00.190+00:36.815PS4
231 DRF_1997Ford Escort Mk II04:00.207+00:36.832PS4
232 GaudassFord Escort Mk II04:00.223+00:36.848Xbox
233 Homer_J127Ford Escort Mk II04:00.290+00:36.915Steam
234 JuyOTRoFord Escort Mk II04:00.290+00:36.915PS4
235 FoniX Ford Escort Mk II04:00.390+00:37.150Steam
236 PeshulFord Escort Mk II04:00.440+00:37.650Steam
237 PanosChFord Escort Mk II04:00.523+00:37.148Steam
238 BloodtrocutedFord Escort Mk II04:00.640+00:37.265Steam
239 WizardlyFrame42Ford Escort Mk II04:00.823+00:37.448Steam
240 ChrisShotzz Ford Escort Mk II04:00.890+00:37.515Steam
241 Manu97490jmFord Escort Mk II04:00.890+00:37.515PS4
242 TurboCabrioFord Escort Mk II04:01.057+00:37.682PS4
243 SmuliFord Escort Mk II04:01.173+00:37.798Steam
244 Stepan StepanowitchFord Escort Mk II04:01.207+00:37.832Steam
245 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:01.357+00:37.982Xbox
246 traxxass Ford Escort Mk II04:01.390+00:38.150Steam
247 lieutenant FitzzFord Escort Mk II04:01.523+00:38.148Steam
248 ar1_1kolaFord Escort Mk II04:01.540+00:38.165PS4
249 zshatinFord Escort Mk II04:01.657+00:38.282PS4
250 nationalwheel Ford Escort Mk II04:01.673+00:38.298Steam
251 Rene #NoControl Ford Escort Mk II04:01.807+00:38.432Steam
252 nicolapaeFord Escort Mk II04:01.840+00:38.465PS4
253 Kauppinen_EZFord Escort Mk II04:01.973+00:38.598Steam
254 ? N u u d l i p o i s s S i d ?Ford Escort Mk II04:02.123+00:38.748Steam
255 USSR-The_SovietFord Escort Mk II04:02.206+00:38.831PS4
256 Ander331Ford Escort Mk II04:02.223+00:38.848Steam
257 miataFord Escort Mk II04:02.240+00:38.865Steam
258 blixow12Ford Escort Mk II04:02.240+00:38.865Steam
259 arne.schmiedebergFord Escort Mk II04:02.256+00:38.881Steam
260 hormitronFord Escort Mk II04:02.356+00:38.981Steam
261 SLEDGE600Ford Escort Mk II04:02.356+00:38.981Steam
262 DrGigFord Escort Mk II04:02.373+00:38.998Steam
263 hide0040Ford Escort Mk II04:02.423+00:39.480Steam
264 iwoeFord Escort Mk II04:02.440+00:39.650Steam
265 h.klappauf Ford Escort Mk II04:02.523+00:39.148Steam
266 Helio_S3Ford Escort Mk II04:02.523+00:39.148PS4
267 metal spider Ford Escort Mk II04:02.540+00:39.165Steam
268 Subkonshus ?? Ford Escort Mk II04:02.556+00:39.181Steam
269 DobbyDoDahFord Escort Mk II04:02.573+00:39.198PS4
270 GetuntFord Escort Mk II04:02.590+00:39.215Xbox
271 tuokarinen Ford Escort Mk II04:02.673+00:39.298Steam
272 ^Carrot^Ford Escort Mk II04:02.690+00:39.315Steam
273 fk Ford Escort Mk II04:02.690+00:39.315Steam
274 Destroyer40kFord Escort Mk II04:02.723+00:39.348Steam
275 Su_KenFord Escort Mk II04:02.806+00:39.431Steam
276 iggywicksFord Escort Mk II04:02.906+00:39.531Xbox
277 Haha-27Ford Escort Mk II04:02.956+00:39.581PS4
278 PoloGamer08Ford Escort Mk II04:03.040+00:39.665Xbox
279 SkyTheDragonFord Escort Mk II04:03.123+00:39.748Steam
280 ????? ?? ?????? ??????Ford Escort Mk II04:03.123+00:39.748Steam
281 davy23444Ford Escort Mk II04:03.140+00:39.765PS4
282 jordy1994Ford Escort Mk II04:03.173+00:39.798Xbox
283 SpazAttack Ford Escort Mk II04:03.256+00:39.881Steam
284 Yakov_89Ford Escort Mk II04:03.256+00:39.881Steam
285 kylkkariFord Escort Mk II04:03.323+00:39.948PS4
286 Zim ZumFord Escort Mk II04:03.340+00:39.965Steam
287 Oeil de Lynx Ford Escort Mk II04:03.340+00:39.965Steam
288 Mimatsu_kFord Escort Mk II04:03.556+00:40.181PS4
289 Private Parts Ford Escort Mk II04:03.573+00:40.198Steam
290 kaehvogel Ford Escort Mk II04:03.656+00:40.281Steam
291 The Best Games Ford Escort Mk II04:03.706+00:40.331Steam
292 MCOGSoulFord Escort Mk II04:03.790+00:40.415Steam
293 SlidehoonFord Escort Mk II04:03.790+00:40.415PS4
294 12??????Ford Escort Mk II04:03.823+00:40.448Steam
295 ??2fG|JohnnySOBA Ford Escort Mk II04:03.823+00:40.448Steam
296 50kedaFord Escort Mk II04:03.906+00:40.531Steam
297 KaMuffiFord Escort Mk II04:03.940+00:40.565PS4
298 Sir Top of the HatFord Escort Mk II04:04.056+00:40.681Steam
299 ReM Ford Escort Mk II04:04.090+00:40.715Steam
300 ahuevinFord Escort Mk II04:04.090+00:40.715Xbox
301 erbsenmitspeckFord Escort Mk II04:04.123+00:40.748PS4
302 kirinator??Ford Escort Mk II04:04.173+00:40.798Steam
303 GouzgounisFord Escort Mk II04:04.190+00:40.815Steam
304 octopiggyFord Escort Mk II04:04.290+00:40.915Steam
305 CrAshBaNgWhLoopFord Escort Mk II04:04.406+00:41.310PS4
306 joerg.wiesmann Ford Escort Mk II04:04.456+00:41.810Steam
307 stoveluckFord Escort Mk II04:04.456+00:41.810PS4
308 FLYeRNeTFord Escort Mk II04:04.473+00:41.980Steam
309 Baron_Thunderbottom Ford Escort Mk II04:04.673+00:41.298Steam
310 ioi1974Ford Escort Mk II04:04.740+00:41.365PS4
311 jzdoctorFord Escort Mk II04:04.773+00:41.398PS4
312 rallyeman34Ford Escort Mk II04:04.790+00:41.415PS4
313 Soper11 Ford Escort Mk II04:04.823+00:41.448Steam
314 ??????1?Ford Escort Mk II04:04.840+00:41.465Steam
315 AcidFord Escort Mk II04:05.140+00:41.765Steam
316 SAABviggenFord Escort Mk II04:05.140+00:41.765PS4
317 costimutoFord Escort Mk II04:05.173+00:41.798Steam
318 agaga974Ford Escort Mk II04:05.207+00:41.832Steam
319 Gup DouglasFord Escort Mk II04:05.290+00:41.915Steam
320 Rodney-EffingtonFord Escort Mk II04:05.306+00:41.931PS4
321 rkzFord Escort Mk II04:05.356+00:41.981Steam
322 KaxiousFord Escort Mk II04:05.373+00:41.998Steam
323 hansokumakeFord Escort Mk II04:05.540+00:42.165PS4
324 SWAGA_IN_Da_BAGFord Escort Mk II04:05.590+00:42.215Steam
325 LORENZO_BARTOLOFord Escort Mk II04:05.640+00:42.265PS4
326 smk5526Ford Escort Mk II04:05.656+00:42.281Steam
327 GoodTimesGuyFord Escort Mk II04:05.673+00:42.298PS4
328 danny4949Ford Escort Mk II04:05.740+00:42.365PS4
329 CornholioFord Escort Mk II04:05.840+00:42.465Steam
330 ScreamingEagle28Ford Escort Mk II04:05.990+00:42.615PS4
331 Quail-P Ford Escort Mk II04:06.123+00:42.748Steam
332 Vader_719N7 Ford Escort Mk II04:06.240+00:42.865Steam
333 ?????? - ???????Ford Escort Mk II04:06.323+00:42.948Steam
334 modestriveraFord Escort Mk II04:06.423+00:43.480PS4
335 mrksprvnFord Escort Mk II04:06.473+00:43.980Steam
336 konnavekeFord Escort Mk II04:06.523+00:43.148Steam
337 JargPFord Escort Mk II04:06.573+00:43.198Steam
338 tatarin81-29-05Ford Escort Mk II04:06.673+00:43.298PS4
339 bullitfnfFord Escort Mk II04:06.790+00:43.415Steam
340 VicrsVF1Ford Escort Mk II04:06.923+00:43.548PS4
341 Cruiser Ford Escort Mk II04:07.023+00:43.648Steam
342 pglnoobFord Escort Mk II04:07.023+00:43.648PS4
343 juice2107Ford Escort Mk II04:07.056+00:43.681PS4
344 richardatwoodFord Escort Mk II04:07.173+00:43.798PS4
345 TIE | DEATHCARDFord Escort Mk II04:07.223+00:43.848Steam
346 Strejda009Ford Escort Mk II04:07.256+00:43.881Steam
347 DaddamoriFord Escort Mk II04:07.356+00:43.981Steam
348 SirKingDudeFord Escort Mk II04:07.406+00:44.310Steam
349 tomFord Escort Mk II04:07.456+00:44.810Steam
350 hellborgFord Escort Mk II04:07.606+00:44.231Steam
351 AcertjuhhhNLFord Escort Mk II04:07.640+00:44.265Xbox
352 Gantz-WFOFord Escort Mk II04:07.656+00:44.281PS4
353 stig7747Ford Escort Mk II04:07.690+00:44.315PS4
354 chuyan78Ford Escort Mk II04:07.706+00:44.331Steam
355 janis162007Ford Escort Mk II04:07.890+00:44.515Steam
356 DecebalFord Escort Mk II04:08.006+00:44.631Steam
357 sorataramFord Escort Mk II04:08.006+00:44.631Steam
358 eddisbanfiFord Escort Mk II04:08.040+00:44.665PS4
359 PadreGalau Ford Escort Mk II04:08.056+00:44.681Steam
360 boy1234Ford Escort Mk II04:08.156+00:44.781PS4
361 ElTiempo832Ford Escort Mk II04:08.290+00:44.915Steam
362 BmtaxFord Escort Mk II04:08.357+00:44.982PS4
363 PortablePortal Ford Escort Mk II04:08.423+00:45.480Steam
364 Km132QRS8562APFord Escort Mk II04:08.423+00:45.480PS4
365 Marte690Ford Escort Mk II04:08.456+00:45.810PS4
366 YamahaJim525Ford Escort Mk II04:08.473+00:45.980Xbox
367 tigris1970Ford Escort Mk II04:08.523+00:45.148PS4
368 SchmuserkadserFord Escort Mk II04:08.673+00:45.298Steam
369 Nietzshe Ford Escort Mk II04:08.857+00:45.482Steam
370 xj220_nj Ford Escort Mk II04:08.923+00:45.548Steam
371 CAutFord Escort Mk II04:08.940+00:45.565Steam
372 manufrancoise84 Ford Escort Mk II04:08.973+00:45.598Steam
373 redbull22espFord Escort Mk II04:08.973+00:45.598Steam
374 theraymachineFord Escort Mk II04:09.040+00:45.665PS4
375 drYnduSFord Escort Mk II04:09.106+00:45.731Steam
376 GRIP Ford Escort Mk II04:09.123+00:45.748Steam
377 S_V_A_I_K_A_72Ford Escort Mk II04:09.190+00:45.815PS4
378 luccie07Ford Escort Mk II04:09.223+00:45.848PS4
379 jvax Ford Escort Mk II04:09.240+00:45.865Steam
380 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:09.256+00:45.881Xbox
381 BL4CKxM4MB4xFord Escort Mk II04:09.273+00:45.898Xbox
382 aderaxfiFord Escort Mk II04:09.306+00:45.931PS4
383 GTI-54Ford Escort Mk II04:09.490+00:46.115PS4
384 NinjaK306Ford Escort Mk II04:09.623+00:46.248PS4
385 PuavoFord Escort Mk II04:09.640+00:46.265Steam
386 astonbarton Ford Escort Mk II04:09.706+00:46.331Steam
387 ZysuFord Escort Mk II04:09.706+00:46.331Steam
388 CjayFord Escort Mk II04:09.840+00:46.465Steam
389 pierrotdu13 Ford Escort Mk II04:09.923+00:46.548Steam
390 MC WRT Ford Escort Mk II04:09.956+00:46.581Steam
391 pekka.virkamaki Ford Escort Mk II04:09.973+00:46.598Steam
392 EastmanFord Escort Mk II04:09.973+00:46.598Steam
393 Dav the SlavFord Escort Mk II04:10.006+00:46.631Steam
394 JRS30Ford Escort Mk II04:10.056+00:46.681Xbox
395 Drug DealerFord Escort Mk II04:10.089+00:46.714Steam
396 fyry99Ford Escort Mk II04:10.089+00:46.714PS4
397 Melea_27Ford Escort Mk II04:10.157+00:46.782PS4
398 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:10.173+00:46.798Xbox
399 Gaffa1959Ford Escort Mk II04:10.273+00:46.898PS4
400 Kinka1234Ford Escort Mk II04:10.373+00:46.998Steam
401 FunkioFord Escort Mk II04:10.389+00:47.140Xbox
402 K1I9N7G7Ford Escort Mk II04:10.439+00:47.640PS4
403 brunoiwanczukFord Escort Mk II04:10.473+00:47.980Steam
404 S3845T14N75Ford Escort Mk II04:10.589+00:47.214PS4
405 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:10.623+00:47.248Xbox
406 jonesy65582Ford Escort Mk II04:10.839+00:47.464PS4
407 [T.F]Raptor974 Ford Escort Mk II04:10.973+00:47.598Steam
408 Nihilist ElmoFord Escort Mk II04:11.023+00:47.648Steam
409 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:11.023+00:47.648Xbox
410 cruester77Ford Escort Mk II04:11.073+00:47.698Xbox
411 Keenius Ford Escort Mk II04:11.173+00:47.798Steam
412 MrThaPausFord Escort Mk II04:11.306+00:47.931PS4
413 saminojd84Ford Escort Mk II04:11.323+00:47.948PS4
414 Jonas MorschFord Escort Mk II04:11.339+00:47.964Steam
415 stix88stixFord Escort Mk II04:11.373+00:47.998PS4
416 auretFord Escort Mk II04:11.389+00:48.140Xbox
417 Soldado Da Realeza csgofast.comFord Escort Mk II04:11.406+00:48.310Steam
418 artur197410 Ford Escort Mk II04:11.406+00:48.310Steam
419 jari220970Ford Escort Mk II04:11.489+00:48.114PS4
420 Ziemniak ?Ford Escort Mk II04:11.506+00:48.131Steam
421 MauTGFord Escort Mk II04:11.573+00:48.198Xbox
422 theTruthHuRtSuFord Escort Mk II04:11.589+00:48.214Xbox
423 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:11.706+00:48.331Xbox
424 kifi87Ford Escort Mk II04:11.723+00:48.348PS4
425 mellonFord Escort Mk II04:11.756+00:48.381Steam
426 gabriele pennaFord Escort Mk II04:11.806+00:48.431Steam
427 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:11.839+00:48.464Xbox
428 paulmari Ford Escort Mk II04:11.873+00:48.498Steam
429 LolwisFord Escort Mk II04:11.889+00:48.514Steam
430 PedraraoFord Escort Mk II04:11.973+00:48.598Xbox
431 Pol_toX Ford Escort Mk II04:12.039+00:48.664Steam
432 guenther Ford Escort Mk II04:12.073+00:48.698Steam
433 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:12.089+00:48.714Xbox
434 cyberinsekt943Ford Escort Mk II04:12.106+00:48.731PS4
435 Finn ?? [XBOX LIVE] Ford Escort Mk II04:12.123+00:48.748Steam
436 chodnik Ford Escort Mk II04:12.173+00:48.798Steam
437 jdktooFord Escort Mk II04:12.189+00:48.814Steam
438 TheglobbFord Escort Mk II04:12.306+00:48.931Steam
439 The_BanditFord Escort Mk II04:12.373+00:48.998Steam
440 TOPASSI Ford Escort Mk II04:12.373+00:48.998Steam
441 anacatahyloFord Escort Mk II04:12.373+00:48.998PS4
442 joogieFord Escort Mk II04:12.423+00:49.480Steam
443 cricri622211Ford Escort Mk II04:12.423+00:49.480PS4
444 Lohn109Ford Escort Mk II04:12.456+00:49.810Steam
445 evotronmix Ford Escort Mk II04:12.473+00:49.980Steam
446 SevenFord Escort Mk II04:12.639+00:49.264Steam
447 toscano741Ford Escort Mk II04:12.656+00:49.281PS4
448 wish bone Ford Escort Mk II04:12.773+00:49.398Steam
449 Toom43 Ford Escort Mk II04:12.790+00:49.415Steam
450 small_pox_championFord Escort Mk II04:12.806+00:49.431Steam
451 SlothiFord Escort Mk II04:12.889+00:49.514Steam
452 affreuxjojo14Ford Escort Mk II04:12.990+00:49.615PS4
453 otpevaetFord Escort Mk II04:13.023+00:49.648Steam
454 KTMKIDFord Escort Mk II04:13.156+00:49.781Xbox
455 pyFord Escort Mk II04:13.189+00:49.814Steam
456 WestmilchFord Escort Mk II04:13.206+00:49.831Steam
457 funpraFord Escort Mk II04:13.223+00:49.848Steam
458 Bubi Ford Escort Mk II04:13.223+00:49.848Steam
459 Maks BaklanovFord Escort Mk II04:13.289+00:49.914Steam
460 keithy5730Ford Escort Mk II04:13.339+00:49.964PS4
461 garimonkichi575Ford Escort Mk II04:13.356+00:49.981PS4
462 [AOD] CarterBadger2Ford Escort Mk II04:13.357+00:49.982Steam
463 bibendum187Ford Escort Mk II04:13.373+00:49.998PS4
464 rallyepauleFord Escort Mk II04:13.406+00:50.310PS4
465 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:13.489+00:50.114Xbox
466 StaggyFord Escort Mk II04:13.556+00:50.181Steam
467 Samurai5kull83Ford Escort Mk II04:13.606+00:50.231Xbox
468 tomesr81Ford Escort Mk II04:13.689+00:50.314PS4
469 cristiancelcretFord Escort Mk II04:13.689+00:50.314Xbox
470 jono_misfitFord Escort Mk II04:13.706+00:50.331Steam
471 barber-bellusFord Escort Mk II04:13.706+00:50.331PS4
472 A.BurnerFord Escort Mk II04:13.723+00:50.348Steam
473 Vagabrain Ford Escort Mk II04:13.773+00:50.398Steam
474 BiKaFord Escort Mk II04:13.806+00:50.431Steam
475 RomkaFord Escort Mk II04:13.856+00:50.481Steam
476 Kruza923Ford Escort Mk II04:13.856+00:50.481Xbox
477 EvnyssienFord Escort Mk II04:13.923+00:50.548Steam
478 Solitudinarian00Ford Escort Mk II04:13.939+00:50.564Steam
479 Thrillhouse Ford Escort Mk II04:13.989+00:50.614Steam
480 luvluv669Ford Escort Mk II04:14.006+00:50.631PS4
481 tweek Ford Escort Mk II04:14.039+00:50.664Steam
482 DuDiKoFord Escort Mk II04:14.156+00:50.781Steam
483 madcloud123Ford Escort Mk II04:14.173+00:50.798Steam
484 hrung Ford Escort Mk II04:14.173+00:50.798Steam
485 Nosferatu Ford Escort Mk II04:14.173+00:50.798Steam
486 Edu-SuarezFord Escort Mk II04:14.273+00:50.898PS4
487 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:14.389+00:51.140Xbox
488 OG LOCFord Escort Mk II04:14.406+00:51.310Steam
489 ff cars = autisticFord Escort Mk II04:14.473+00:51.980Steam
490 Costa_[PT]Ford Escort Mk II04:14.556+00:51.181Steam
491 BLK-Ford Escort Mk II04:14.606+00:51.231Steam
492 maksim-malyshev-86 Ford Escort Mk II04:14.673+00:51.298Steam
493 GoombaFord Escort Mk II04:14.873+00:51.498Steam
494 Soulr3av3r Ford Escort Mk II04:14.889+00:51.514Steam
495 yutapon-666Ford Escort Mk II04:14.973+00:51.598Steam
496 Franken-RacerFord Escort Mk II04:15.173+00:51.798Steam
497 MT003Ford Escort Mk II04:15.223+00:51.848Steam
498 supreme_chaFord Escort Mk II04:15.223+00:51.848PS4
499 TwentyPencesFord Escort Mk II04:15.223+00:51.848PS4
500 tora_sanFord Escort Mk II04:15.289+00:51.914Steam
501 BananSlugFord Escort Mk II04:15.339+00:51.964Steam
502 Wolf-14Ford Escort Mk II04:15.390+00:52.150PS4
503 fili62Ford Escort Mk II04:15.439+00:52.640Steam
504 SpharakFord Escort Mk II04:15.473+00:52.980Steam
505 DESFord Escort Mk II04:15.489+00:52.114Steam
506 warwolf002Ford Escort Mk II04:15.523+00:52.148PS4
507 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.556+00:52.181Xbox
508 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:15.556+00:52.181Xbox
509 epic despacitoFord Escort Mk II04:15.673+00:52.298Steam
510 Fleba86Ford Escort Mk II04:15.706+00:52.331PS4
511 Von_LoutsosFord Escort Mk II04:15.789+00:52.414PS4
512 SablehorizonFord Escort Mk II04:15.856+00:52.481Steam
513 dainiustrakaiFord Escort Mk II04:15.906+00:52.531Steam
514 TurtleTwinkleFord Escort Mk II04:15.956+00:52.581Steam
515 bal.stefanoFord Escort Mk II04:15.989+00:52.614Steam
516 jeffrey.taylor.dFord Escort Mk II04:16.089+00:52.714Steam
517 Shelk0Ford Escort Mk II04:16.089+00:52.714Steam
518 Alexander TarlyovskiFord Escort Mk II04:16.089+00:52.714Steam
519 SteamundFord Escort Mk II04:16.106+00:52.731PS4
520 mark molinaFord Escort Mk II04:16.273+00:52.898Steam
521 two_dot_centsFord Escort Mk II04:16.273+00:52.898PS4
522 CerberaFord Escort Mk II04:16.339+00:52.964Steam
523 PanchitaLaLlamaRaverFord Escort Mk II04:16.373+00:52.998Steam
524 BakkokkaB667Ford Escort Mk II04:16.373+00:52.998Xbox
525 TonyFycusFord Escort Mk II04:16.389+00:53.140Steam
526 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:16.389+00:53.140Xbox
527 exephusFord Escort Mk II04:16.506+00:53.131PS4
528 JuhiziTFord Escort Mk II04:16.556+00:53.181PS4
529 Prana61 Ford Escort Mk II04:16.573+00:53.198Steam
530 GoldDEtiFord Escort Mk II04:16.640+00:53.265Steam
531 3minutes 2.01a Ford Escort Mk II04:16.706+00:53.331Steam
532 TokyoGUSAFord Escort Mk II04:16.706+00:53.331PS4
533 CHRISSYDFord Escort Mk II04:16.706+00:53.331Xbox
534 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:16.756+00:53.381Xbox
535 Benj Ford Escort Mk II04:16.839+00:53.464Steam
536 dhopFord Escort Mk II04:16.923+00:53.548Steam
537 Biffotheslug32 Ford Escort Mk II04:17.039+00:53.664Steam
538 boomer129krFord Escort Mk II04:17.056+00:53.681PS4
539 Ohne BefundFord Escort Mk II04:17.123+00:53.748Steam
540 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:17.123+00:53.748Xbox
541 lacidodomieFord Escort Mk II04:17.173+00:53.798Xbox
542 Canarian666Ford Escort Mk II04:17.239+00:53.864Steam
543 MaunoFord Escort Mk II04:17.240+00:53.865Steam
544 AnaerobFord Escort Mk II04:17.256+00:53.881Steam
545 Koenvh Ford Escort Mk II04:17.389+00:54.140Steam
546 tori Ford Escort Mk II04:17.423+00:54.480Steam
547 3a?Pa3??pFord Escort Mk II04:17.423+00:54.480Steam
548 maquibutFord Escort Mk II04:17.423+00:54.480PS4
549 omar-cosasFord Escort Mk II04:17.440+00:54.650PS4
550 NIcksterFord Escort Mk II04:17.456+00:54.810Steam
551 Krazs Ford Escort Mk II04:17.523+00:54.148Steam
552 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:17.539+00:54.164Xbox
553 cowboy gamer bandosFord Escort Mk II04:17.556+00:54.181Steam
554 hans.silbernagel Ford Escort Mk II04:17.673+00:54.298Steam
555 bob666Ford Escort Mk II04:17.689+00:54.314Steam
556 ZpreeDFord Escort Mk II04:17.706+00:54.331Steam
557 Gerli86gFord Escort Mk II04:17.723+00:54.348PS4
558 enaj75Ford Escort Mk II04:17.789+00:54.414PS4
559 PlayerzãoFord Escort Mk II04:18.006+00:54.631Steam
560 bigdino74Ford Escort Mk II04:18.056+00:54.681Xbox
561 Moca32Ford Escort Mk II04:18.089+00:54.714PS4
562 tonycanijoFord Escort Mk II04:18.156+00:54.781PS4
563 TristanFord Escort Mk II04:18.340+00:54.965Steam
564 bigbang2100Ford Escort Mk II04:18.356+00:54.981PS4
565 JulianR94Ford Escort Mk II04:18.372+00:54.997Steam
566 Serious SamFord Escort Mk II04:18.472+00:55.970Steam
567 Yukon CorneliusFord Escort Mk II04:18.489+00:55.114Steam
568 El AtendedorFord Escort Mk II04:18.539+00:55.164Steam
569 megaDingesFord Escort Mk II04:18.572+00:55.197Steam
570 DjGARCIFord Escort Mk II04:18.622+00:55.247PS4
571 HelderbartenderFord Escort Mk II04:18.623+00:55.248PS4
572 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:18.689+00:55.314Xbox
573 JOROpena81Ford Escort Mk II04:18.722+00:55.347Xbox
574 perttiFord Escort Mk II04:18.872+00:55.497Steam
575 DoubleTime53Ford Escort Mk II04:18.956+00:55.581Steam
576 electronivistFord Escort Mk II04:18.972+00:55.597Steam
577 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:19.022+00:55.647Xbox
578 mitchonetwo Ford Escort Mk II04:19.039+00:55.664Steam
579 woqFord Escort Mk II04:19.072+00:55.697Steam
580 Sonny_Crockett18Ford Escort Mk II04:19.089+00:55.714PS4
581 anjox149Ford Escort Mk II04:19.106+00:55.731PS4
582 RandyShirtlessFord Escort Mk II04:19.122+00:55.747PS4
583 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:19.140+00:55.765Xbox
584 Rest_TremorFord Escort Mk II04:19.222+00:55.847Steam
585 jbl4344ssfFord Escort Mk II04:19.222+00:55.847PS4
586 Jon the VGNerdFord Escort Mk II04:19.322+00:55.947Steam
587 miktukFord Escort Mk II04:19.340+00:55.965Steam
588 feuer033stuhlFord Escort Mk II04:19.372+00:55.997PS4
589 Nytefyre Ford Escort Mk II04:19.622+00:56.247Steam
590 anjuna65Ford Escort Mk II04:19.656+00:56.281PS4
591 Chewbitch Ford Escort Mk II04:19.690+00:56.315Steam
592 tophebarryFord Escort Mk II04:19.739+00:56.364Xbox
593 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:19.740+00:56.365Xbox
594 semegi.laco.misuFord Escort Mk II04:19.772+00:56.397Steam
595 SVD Ford Escort Mk II04:19.939+00:56.564Steam
596 DerOllieFord Escort Mk II04:19.939+00:56.564PS4
597 MentoSFord Escort Mk II04:19.956+00:56.581Steam
598 CJamo18Ford Escort Mk II04:19.956+00:56.581Xbox
599 LASVEGASFord Escort Mk II04:20.039+00:56.664Steam
600 archi840801Ford Escort Mk II04:20.056+00:56.681PS4
601 jetman78 Ford Escort Mk II04:20.189+00:56.814Steam
602 thierry45200Ford Escort Mk II04:20.289+00:56.914PS4
603 vandervaalt10Ford Escort Mk II04:20.406+00:57.310Steam
604 ustinov.1965Ford Escort Mk II04:20.456+00:57.810Steam
605 Y0un9 Ford Escort Mk II04:20.506+00:57.131Steam
606 RamFord Escort Mk II04:20.523+00:57.148Steam
607 jellepFord Escort Mk II04:20.556+00:57.181Steam
608 xXxMagingPaulxXxFord Escort Mk II04:20.706+00:57.331Steam
609 gigantebuonoFord Escort Mk II04:20.789+00:57.414Xbox
610 Audi_A6_weissFord Escort Mk II04:20.806+00:57.431PS4
611 ExsistoFord Escort Mk II04:20.872+00:57.497Steam
612 abrahamlinkolnFord Escort Mk II04:20.889+00:57.514Steam
613 Tacomeat FijiwaterFord Escort Mk II04:20.922+00:57.547Steam
614 KarekaoFord Escort Mk II04:20.989+00:57.614Xbox
615 vulture13 Ford Escort Mk II04:21.039+00:57.664Steam
616 Reini Graf von SpeedFord Escort Mk II04:21.040+00:57.665Steam
617 peter.lutzFord Escort Mk II04:21.056+00:57.681Steam
618 Alvaro91csFord Escort Mk II04:21.189+00:57.814Steam
619 tjstevens99Ford Escort Mk II04:21.189+00:57.814Steam
620 Jabezz Ford Escort Mk II04:21.339+00:57.964Steam
621 Cosmic Ford Escort Mk II04:21.339+00:57.964Steam
622 svetly1947Ford Escort Mk II04:21.339+00:57.964PS4
623 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:21.339+00:57.964Xbox
624 RISO997Ford Escort Mk II04:21.439+00:58.640Steam
625 KantarFord Escort Mk II04:21.489+00:58.114Steam
626 VozhzhoVFord Escort Mk II04:21.606+00:58.231PS4
627 xXGOLDMENXxFord Escort Mk II04:21.672+00:58.297PS4
628 Pounette_12Ford Escort Mk II04:21.772+00:58.397PS4
629 Dogecoins44Ford Escort Mk II04:21.906+00:58.531Xbox
630 persikan108Ford Escort Mk II04:21.972+00:58.597Xbox
631 twitch70Ford Escort Mk II04:22.039+00:58.664Xbox
632 Monzaemon Ford Escort Mk II04:22.206+00:58.831Steam
633 KczFord Escort Mk II04:22.206+00:58.831Steam
634 ThunderSpark Ford Escort Mk II04:22.222+00:58.847Steam
635 RoSSkoFord Escort Mk II04:22.356+00:58.981Steam
636 Darkwenn Ford Escort Mk II04:22.372+00:58.997Steam
637 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:22.372+00:58.997Xbox
638 Raptor Ford Escort Mk II04:22.373+00:58.998Steam
639 Kermahe56Ford Escort Mk II04:22.389+00:59.140Steam
640 s420frazerFord Escort Mk II04:22.456+00:59.810PS4
641 xarnekFord Escort Mk II04:22.472+00:59.970PS4
642 aidy1986Ford Escort Mk II04:22.489+00:59.114Xbox
643 ?ALeXeY?Ford Escort Mk II04:22.572+00:59.197Steam
644 Jejey.Ford Escort Mk II04:22.572+00:59.197Steam
645 TJ_Thyne3Ford Escort Mk II04:22.656+00:59.281Steam
646 info Ford Escort Mk II04:22.756+00:59.381Steam
647 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:22.823+00:59.448Xbox
648 BlitzkriegFord Escort Mk II04:22.856+00:59.481Steam
649 albesFord Escort Mk II04:22.856+00:59.481Steam
650 MizyFord Escort Mk II04:22.906+00:59.531Steam
651 MADED_UAFord Escort Mk II04:22.923+00:59.548Oculus
652 UndokedLoki718Ford Escort Mk II04:22.990+00:59.615Xbox
653 Done_in_FIFord Escort Mk II04:23.022+00:59.647PS4
654 ???? ?????Ford Escort Mk II04:23.056+00:59.681Steam
655 Alison71440Ford Escort Mk II04:23.089+00:59.714PS4
656 Maccer Ford Escort Mk II04:23.106+00:59.731Steam
657 Valentin77 Ford Escort Mk II04:23.122+00:59.747Steam
658 turbotwins96Ford Escort Mk II04:23.173+00:59.798Xbox
659 Toru Ford Escort Mk II04:23.189+00:59.814Steam
660 Smithers-1968_Ford Escort Mk II04:23.206+00:59.831PS4
661 SeregaFord Escort Mk II04:23.339+00:59.964Steam
662 LeoDrsFord Escort Mk II04:23.356+00:59.981Steam
663 Billys1996Ford Escort Mk II04:23.356+00:59.981PS4
664 Despacito 5Ford Escort Mk II04:23.373+00:59.998Steam
665 Nexus Ford Escort Mk II04:23.439+1:00.640Steam
666 parlantiyo78Ford Escort Mk II04:23.489+1:00.114PS4
667 jokas350Ford Escort Mk II04:23.506+1:00.131PS4
668 HeadShotYKTFord Escort Mk II04:23.572+1:00.197Steam
669 WuZaiFord Escort Mk II04:23.639+1:00.264Steam
670 jacfrost75Ford Escort Mk II04:23.672+1:00.297PS4
671 de_SantaCruzFord Escort Mk II04:23.722+1:00.347PS4
672 AROON WANATSABADEEWONG Ford Escort Mk II04:23.856+1:00.481Steam
673 CherounyFord Escort Mk II04:23.856+1:00.481Steam
674 thumper200811Ford Escort Mk II04:23.872+1:00.497PS4
675 FallbackTester7Ford Escort Mk II04:23.889+1:00.514Xbox
676 noscatFord Escort Mk II04:23.906+1:00.531PS4
677 maximerdFord Escort Mk II04:24.022+1:00.647PS4
678 speeg12Ford Escort Mk II04:24.056+1:00.681PS4
679 x2486Ford Escort Mk II04:24.206+1:00.831Steam
680 BlightPatrolFord Escort Mk II04:24.306+1:00.931Steam
681 boro008Ford Escort Mk II04:24.339+1:00.964Xbox
682 Z.RinFord Escort Mk II04:24.356+1:00.981Steam
683 AspenSKFord Escort Mk II04:24.372+1:00.997PS4
684 LightningSportFord Escort Mk II04:24.439+1:01.640PS4
685 SherryCoco??Ford Escort Mk II04:24.589+1:01.214Steam
686 haui84kitFord Escort Mk II04:24.606+1:01.231Xbox
687 swampdogbluesFord Escort Mk II04:24.622+1:01.247Xbox
688 oyunbozanFord Escort Mk II04:24.689+1:01.314Steam
689 ? SkyLinEr_22Ford Escort Mk II04:24.722+1:01.347Steam
690 VäinoFord Escort Mk II04:24.722+1:01.347Steam
691 Black BerryFord Escort Mk II04:24.789+1:01.414Steam
692 MOSSONIFord Escort Mk II04:24.856+1:01.481Xbox
693 al_onlyoneFord Escort Mk II04:24.906+1:01.531PS4
694 daviddd46Ford Escort Mk II04:24.923+1:01.548PS4
695 RennenMeisterFord Escort Mk II04:24.939+1:01.564Steam
696 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:24.956+1:01.581Xbox
697 Filipe Ford Escort Mk II04:25.139+1:01.764Steam
698 gonario1985Ford Escort Mk II04:25.139+1:01.764PS4
699 Kryptonix199Ford Escort Mk II04:25.139+1:01.764PS4
700 potter356Ford Escort Mk II04:25.206+1:01.831Steam
701 [BE] NielsFord Escort Mk II04:25.222+1:01.847Steam
702 PauloPK13Ford Escort Mk II04:25.222+1:01.847PS4
703 pradawnaFord Escort Mk II04:25.239+1:01.864Steam
704 IndyKTMFord Escort Mk II04:25.422+1:02.470PS4
705 rowellGT81Ford Escort Mk II04:25.472+1:02.970PS4
706 crunner117 Ford Escort Mk II04:25.522+1:02.147Steam
707 SergipanaGTRFord Escort Mk II04:25.556+1:02.181Xbox
708 Starlancer-ZordFord Escort Mk II04:25.572+1:02.197Steam
709 blackmamba1-9Ford Escort Mk II04:25.589+1:02.214PS4
710 morris.rommelFord Escort Mk II04:25.606+1:02.231Steam
711 paulnbgFord Escort Mk II04:25.606+1:02.231PS4
712 davidpsp9123Ford Escort Mk II04:25.722+1:02.347Steam
713 robertsmth457Ford Escort Mk II04:25.789+1:02.414Steam
714 KOhYa7Ford Escort Mk II04:25.789+1:02.414PS4
715 Decadent21Ford Escort Mk II04:25.806+1:02.431Steam
716 komiki1Ford Escort Mk II04:25.856+1:02.481Steam
717 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:25.906+1:02.531Xbox
718 Johnny TavaresFord Escort Mk II04:25.956+1:02.581Steam
719 FunWithBoostFord Escort Mk II04:26.022+1:02.647Xbox
720 J.C.Danger Ford Escort Mk II04:26.039+1:02.664Steam
721 jrl.aarupFord Escort Mk II04:26.056+1:02.681Steam
722 skinoiantifa67Ford Escort Mk II04:26.089+1:02.714PS4
723 dacohanFord Escort Mk II04:26.222+1:02.847Steam
724 sepik80873Ford Escort Mk II04:26.272+1:02.897PS4
725 AleksaySSFord Escort Mk II04:26.306+1:02.931Steam
726 NullPointerFord Escort Mk II04:26.406+1:03.310Xbox
727 CAROSFord Escort Mk II04:26.472+1:03.970Xbox
728 Noobitydoobitydoobitude Ford Escort Mk II04:26.556+1:03.181Steam
729 omargarciaFord Escort Mk II04:26.556+1:03.181Steam
730 Cyclone62Ford Escort Mk II04:26.606+1:03.231Xbox
731 Turco Loco Ford Escort Mk II04:26.622+1:03.247Steam
732 Hi ! APPLEFord Escort Mk II04:26.622+1:03.247Steam
733 menceysurFord Escort Mk II04:26.622+1:03.247PS4
734 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:26.672+1:03.297Xbox
735 sheepy125000Ford Escort Mk II04:26.706+1:03.331PS4
736 Moca-32Ford Escort Mk II04:26.739+1:03.364PS4
737 ironmikklFord Escort Mk II04:26.755+1:03.380Steam
738 Grenadier11165Ford Escort Mk II04:26.772+1:03.397PS4
739 Gti333???? Ford Escort Mk II04:27.039+1:03.664Steam
740 RabbiT_CZFord Escort Mk II04:27.189+1:03.814Steam
741 AlexSport777Ford Escort Mk II04:27.256+1:03.881PS4
742 aibhnebreathnachFord Escort Mk II04:27.305+1:03.930Steam
743 CRA1G79Ford Escort Mk II04:27.439+1:04.640PS4
744 lukemainzFord Escort Mk II04:27.456+1:04.810Xbox
745 fabiotayson2018Ford Escort Mk II04:27.489+1:04.114PS4
746 wi-RR-usFord Escort Mk II04:27.505+1:04.130PS4
747 lepaz16Ford Escort Mk II04:27.672+1:04.297PS4
748 DarknessKillerXFord Escort Mk II04:27.722+1:04.347PS4
749 garessupra13gareFord Escort Mk II04:27.755+1:04.380PS4
750 L555BATTFord Escort Mk II04:27.823+1:04.448Xbox
751 turbo-jackFord Escort Mk II04:27.839+1:04.464Steam
752 Killua Ford Escort Mk II04:27.872+1:04.497Steam
753 chris21halFord Escort Mk II04:27.905+1:04.530Steam
754 Grow up.Ford Escort Mk II04:27.905+1:04.530Steam
755 jak2755 Ford Escort Mk II04:27.973+1:04.598Steam
756 scratchpaddyFord Escort Mk II04:27.989+1:04.614Steam
757 daanvanerpFord Escort Mk II04:28.172+1:04.797Steam
758 LitenFord Escort Mk II04:28.189+1:04.814Steam
759 Bootleg StalloneFord Escort Mk II04:28.239+1:04.864Steam
760 Quattro-SyndikatFord Escort Mk II04:28.239+1:04.864PS4
761 uzimachinegunFord Escort Mk II04:28.255+1:04.880PS4
762 Dougi78Ford Escort Mk II04:28.289+1:04.914Xbox
763 EdiChFord Escort Mk II04:28.305+1:04.930Steam
764 kalleeen Ford Escort Mk II04:28.389+1:05.140Steam
765 ReduxFord Escort Mk II04:28.405+1:05.300Steam
766 Ashmat09Ford Escort Mk II04:28.422+1:05.470Xbox
767 3CharactersFord Escort Mk II04:28.656+1:05.281Xbox
768 Bignasi Ford Escort Mk II04:28.672+1:05.297Steam
769 Bobsport23Ford Escort Mk II04:28.739+1:05.364Xbox
770 DarrenWFord Escort Mk II04:28.773+1:05.398Steam
771 Guiguax02Ford Escort Mk II04:28.789+1:05.414PS4
772 RickybobbydsFord Escort Mk II04:28.789+1:05.414Xbox
773 jptf1Ford Escort Mk II04:28.805+1:05.430PS4
774 RobRomeoFord Escort Mk II04:28.822+1:05.447Steam
775 ADRUS80Ford Escort Mk II04:28.823+1:05.448PS4
776 WaluigithewalrusFord Escort Mk II04:28.889+1:05.514Steam
777 caldufosFord Escort Mk II04:28.889+1:05.514PS4
778 BabyishGerm1 Ford Escort Mk II04:28.973+1:05.598Steam
779 A$AP CarellFord Escort Mk II04:29.005+1:05.630Steam
780 EVO.XFord Escort Mk II04:29.055+1:05.680Steam
781 ventucriFord Escort Mk II04:29.106+1:05.731Steam
782 jamesxjayFord Escort Mk II04:29.155+1:05.780PS4
783 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:29.155+1:05.780Xbox
784 MysticHumanoidFord Escort Mk II04:29.172+1:05.797Xbox
785 Otso_Ford Escort Mk II04:29.205+1:05.830Steam
786 goonzak68Ford Escort Mk II04:29.255+1:05.880PS4
787 yunmozhinFord Escort Mk II04:29.255+1:05.880PS4
788 BronxiecgFord Escort Mk II04:29.372+1:05.997PS4
789 mmnmannFord Escort Mk II04:29.439+1:06.640PS4
790 Baldu1981Ford Escort Mk II04:29.572+1:06.197PS4
791 DarkSmaileFord Escort Mk II04:29.605+1:06.230PS4
792 StonemanFord Escort Mk II04:29.689+1:06.314Steam
793 Virginia WhiteFord Escort Mk II04:30.172+1:06.797Steam
794 Gaz045Ford Escort Mk II04:30.355+1:06.980PS4
795 badguy492Ford Escort Mk II04:30.372+1:06.997PS4
796 crusidloFord Escort Mk II04:30.455+1:07.800PS4
797 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:30.489+1:07.114Xbox
798 The Fuckening Ford Escort Mk II04:30.556+1:07.181Steam
799 voloha-evd Ford Escort Mk II04:30.622+1:07.247Steam
800 arbanebeFord Escort Mk II04:30.622+1:07.247PS4
801 rodrimartinez95Ford Escort Mk II04:30.639+1:07.264PS4
802 Mr.jaccothecatFord Escort Mk II04:30.689+1:07.314Steam
803 AmphorienFord Escort Mk II04:30.839+1:07.464PS4
804 YvoriFord Escort Mk II04:30.839+1:07.464Xbox
805 fliegerassFord Escort Mk II04:31.189+1:07.814Steam
806 Chauncy ShiFord Escort Mk II04:31.205+1:07.830Steam
807 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:31.222+1:07.847Xbox
808 kralicek2Ford Escort Mk II04:31.239+1:07.864Steam
809 ra2Ford Escort Mk II04:31.355+1:07.980Steam
810 MaHb9IchiJIaFord Escort Mk II04:31.689+1:08.314Steam
811 CrazyMunKee Ford Escort Mk II04:31.739+1:08.364Steam
812 NAOHIRO32Ford Escort Mk II04:31.839+1:08.464PS4
813 Psycko84170Ford Escort Mk II04:31.873+1:08.498PS4
814 xX-_Killng_XxFord Escort Mk II04:31.922+1:08.547PS4
815 Get_Flexed! Ford Escort Mk II04:31.972+1:08.597Steam
816 dwaller1Ford Escort Mk II04:31.990+1:08.615PS4
817 marcobarb94Ford Escort Mk II04:32.039+1:08.664Steam
818 JohnMcLainFord Escort Mk II04:32.155+1:08.780Steam
819 ChildSoapFord Escort Mk II04:32.239+1:08.864Steam
820 Blondie DiegoFord Escort Mk II04:32.306+1:08.931Steam
821 saluki970Ford Escort Mk II04:32.455+1:09.800Xbox
822 PjodrekFord Escort Mk II04:32.489+1:09.114Steam
823 Turncoat_KillerFord Escort Mk II04:32.539+1:09.164Steam
824 WANMEN SVKFord Escort Mk II04:32.572+1:09.197Steam
825 anglsyFord Escort Mk II04:32.589+1:09.214PS4
826 ciayco Ford Escort Mk II04:32.655+1:09.280Steam
827 joelricardosantosFord Escort Mk II04:32.689+1:09.314Steam
828 amsnyderFord Escort Mk II04:32.772+1:09.397PS4
829 Klo123Ford Escort Mk II04:32.772+1:09.397Xbox
830 nussunnyFord Escort Mk II04:32.839+1:09.464Steam
831 SanchezBardyFord Escort Mk II04:33.039+1:09.664PS4
832 OxboroughFord Escort Mk II04:33.089+1:09.714PS4
833 dams88700Ford Escort Mk II04:33.123+1:09.748PS4
834 Xelution.Doc(Asura Deva) Ford Escort Mk II04:33.156+1:09.781Steam
835 MuzzyFord Escort Mk II04:33.206+1:09.831Steam
836 T P A B A C T O K 4:2 0 ??Ford Escort Mk II04:33.222+1:09.847Steam
837 SquadakFord Escort Mk II04:33.272+1:09.897Steam
838 skip0neFord Escort Mk II04:33.305+1:09.930Xbox
839 Ravvan Ford Escort Mk II04:33.606+1:10.231Steam
840 Doktor_FluffyFord Escort Mk II04:33.606+1:10.231PS4
841 MAKFord Escort Mk II04:33.639+1:10.264Steam
842 papadeuFord Escort Mk II04:33.739+1:10.364Steam
843 deadbeefFord Escort Mk II04:33.839+1:10.464Steam
844 narzi27Ford Escort Mk II04:33.856+1:10.481PS4
845 T066EN_Gamer_Ford Escort Mk II04:33.922+1:10.547PS4
846 TonicFord Escort Mk II04:33.972+1:10.597Steam
847 sergio0488000Ford Escort Mk II04:34.039+1:10.664PS4
848 matG972Ford Escort Mk II04:34.055+1:10.680PS4
849 Kolt4D5 Ford Escort Mk II04:34.106+1:10.731Steam
850 ENDURO FOR LIFE !Ford Escort Mk II04:34.155+1:10.780Steam
851 SxalonFord Escort Mk II04:34.205+1:10.830Steam
852 Balagee_HUNFord Escort Mk II04:34.255+1:10.880PS4
853 GreasedpubisFord Escort Mk II04:34.305+1:10.930Steam
854 Roadrunner7007Ford Escort Mk II04:34.305+1:10.930PS4
855 tyback87Ford Escort Mk II04:34.322+1:10.947PS4
856 humper_4_dayz69Ford Escort Mk II04:34.339+1:10.964PS4
857 EredianFord Escort Mk II04:34.439+1:11.640Steam
858 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:34.589+1:11.214Xbox
859 shadow_brokerFord Escort Mk II04:34.656+1:11.281Steam
860 kenken935Ford Escort Mk II04:34.705+1:11.330PS4
861 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:34.722+1:11.347Xbox
862 CHACERACINGFord Escort Mk II04:34.772+1:11.397Xbox
863 CozDeathFord Escort Mk II04:34.806+1:11.431PS4
864 Manhces_325Ford Escort Mk II04:34.822+1:11.447PS4
865 Pulkvedis BebrisFord Escort Mk II04:34.839+1:11.464Steam
866 limit1394Ford Escort Mk II04:35.056+1:11.681Steam
867 izumakasakiFord Escort Mk II04:35.056+1:11.681PS4
868 Naprostyhovado Ford Escort Mk II04:35.072+1:11.697Steam
869 cschizasFord Escort Mk II04:35.088+1:11.713Steam
870 dylanh25Ford Escort Mk II04:35.123+1:11.748Steam
871 Requ!emFord Escort Mk II04:35.138+1:11.763Steam
872 mmvlFord Escort Mk II04:35.189+1:11.814Steam
873 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:35.306+1:11.931Xbox
874 BASTONER2785Ford Escort Mk II04:35.338+1:11.963Xbox
875 CapstarFord Escort Mk II04:35.489+1:12.114Steam
876 ArctixFord Escort Mk II04:35.522+1:12.147Steam
877 Deucecat5201 (·??L???·? ?)Ford Escort Mk II04:35.589+1:12.214Steam
878 kaleklesloFord Escort Mk II04:35.638+1:12.263PS4
879 Fistro_PecadorrrFord Escort Mk II04:35.688+1:12.313PS4
880 FaragoalSeFaAl89Ford Escort Mk II04:35.722+1:12.347PS4
881 Zbyšek PantucekFord Escort Mk II04:35.739+1:12.364Steam
882 SymbicortFord Escort Mk II04:35.822+1:12.447Steam
883 kellit78Ford Escort Mk II04:36.105+1:12.730PS4
884 EkzztdFord Escort Mk II04:36.188+1:12.813PS4
885 h5t5r43ewwder456Ford Escort Mk II04:36.256+1:12.881PS4
886 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:36.322+1:12.947Xbox
887 TheInsaneButcherFord Escort Mk II04:36.372+1:12.997PS4
888 GlasialabolasFord Escort Mk II04:36.388+1:13.130Steam
889 Toad1339Ford Escort Mk II04:36.605+1:13.230PS4
890 Never Bored AgainFord Escort Mk II04:36.722+1:13.347Steam
891 moquette5Ford Escort Mk II04:36.906+1:13.531Xbox
892 neilw0401Ford Escort Mk II04:37.189+1:13.814Xbox
893 CredoboyFord Escort Mk II04:37.222+1:13.847PS4
894 BigBoss_008Ford Escort Mk II04:37.239+1:13.864Steam
895 IDSON725Ford Escort Mk II04:37.272+1:13.897Steam
896 mb48-PlechFord Escort Mk II04:37.305+1:13.930PS4
897 MrWestcoast07Ford Escort Mk II04:37.422+1:14.470PS4
898 Sir Prize Ford Escort Mk II04:37.688+1:14.313Steam
899 T0M3KK1442Ford Escort Mk II04:37.689+1:14.314PS4
900 Great SageFord Escort Mk II04:37.855+1:14.480Steam
901 e447Ford Escort Mk II04:38.005+1:14.630Steam
902 Kendy51erFord Escort Mk II04:38.138+1:14.763PS4
903 spludFord Escort Mk II04:38.255+1:14.880Steam
904 MagicXHMSFord Escort Mk II04:38.305+1:14.930PS4
905 Jeremy944 Ford Escort Mk II04:38.306+1:14.931Steam
906 legacyX2turboFord Escort Mk II04:38.339+1:14.964PS4
907 rueger.alexanderFord Escort Mk II04:38.355+1:14.980Steam
908 NilsSilvestsFord Escort Mk II04:38.355+1:14.980Xbox
909 stefan72375Ford Escort Mk II04:38.372+1:14.997PS4
910 totox955Ford Escort Mk II04:38.439+1:15.640Xbox
911 medvedevsm92Ford Escort Mk II04:38.639+1:15.264Steam
912 InFamousFord Escort Mk II04:38.689+1:15.314Steam
913 Barjoland38Ford Escort Mk II04:38.739+1:15.364Steam
914 paraZite410Ford Escort Mk II04:38.838+1:15.463PS4
915 awds1442Ford Escort Mk II04:38.856+1:15.481PS4
916 v3n6ad0rFord Escort Mk II04:38.872+1:15.497Steam
917 CanelitoliFord Escort Mk II04:38.905+1:15.530PS4
918 MECAILLONFord Escort Mk II04:38.922+1:15.547Steam
919 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:38.922+1:15.547Xbox
920 Flens07 Ford Escort Mk II04:39.039+1:15.664Steam
921 Freytag XIII.Ford Escort Mk II04:39.105+1:15.730Steam
922 s-l5891Ford Escort Mk II04:39.155+1:15.780PS4
923 CeldurFord Escort Mk II04:39.238+1:15.863Steam
924 RaxoWPFord Escort Mk II04:39.255+1:15.880PS4
925 ford2310Ford Escort Mk II04:39.305+1:15.930PS4
926 ChuckTupperFord Escort Mk II04:39.322+1:15.947Steam
927 TORNADOFord Escort Mk II04:39.322+1:15.947Steam
928 BrowntrouseFord Escort Mk II04:39.355+1:15.980Xbox
929 RXM307Ford Escort Mk II04:39.406+1:16.310Xbox
930 cacaFord Escort Mk II04:39.606+1:16.231Steam
931 hippiheppuFord Escort Mk II04:39.606+1:16.231PS4
932 gusja2210Ford Escort Mk II04:39.655+1:16.280PS4
933 tiouxeFord Escort Mk II04:39.740+1:16.365Xbox
934 stepennacchioFord Escort Mk II04:39.805+1:16.430Steam
935 FabioRavendarkFord Escort Mk II04:39.838+1:16.463Xbox
936 Bob-Christ-19_06Ford Escort Mk II04:39.839+1:16.464PS4
937 HasugurFord Escort Mk II04:39.922+1:16.547Steam
938 Mitrey_RavenFord Escort Mk II04:39.955+1:16.580Steam
939 alan75Ford Escort Mk II04:40.022+1:16.647Steam
940 bubba61Ford Escort Mk II04:40.255+1:16.880Xbox
941 davilet9Ford Escort Mk II04:40.355+1:16.980PS4
942 Jean_G_RagnottiFord Escort Mk II04:40.388+1:17.130PS4
943 WRC-ELCHFord Escort Mk II04:40.489+1:17.114PS4
944 TM MajesticFord Escort Mk II04:40.505+1:17.130Steam
945 OVERTHERAMBO46Ford Escort Mk II04:40.555+1:17.180Xbox
946 RedbeardFord Escort Mk II04:40.755+1:17.380Steam
947 jellyfamforli338Ford Escort Mk II04:40.772+1:17.397PS4
948 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:40.805+1:17.430Xbox
949 SigbertFord Escort Mk II04:40.838+1:17.463Steam
950 raphou6900000000Ford Escort Mk II04:40.838+1:17.463PS4
951 Straturos Ford Escort Mk II04:40.889+1:17.514Steam
952 bimbler1966Ford Escort Mk II04:40.922+1:17.547Xbox
953 MossimossFord Escort Mk II04:40.972+1:17.597PS4
954 SlowmoverFord Escort Mk II04:41.122+1:17.747Steam
955 JokerGermanyFord Escort Mk II04:41.322+1:17.947Steam
956 DriskkazeFord Escort Mk II04:41.338+1:17.963PS4
957 corpscop43Ford Escort Mk II04:41.356+1:17.981PS4
958 diabolijeje Ford Escort Mk II04:41.373+1:17.998Steam
959 rikosganisteriFord Escort Mk II04:41.405+1:18.300Steam
960 (sneak) the sniperFord Escort Mk II04:41.422+1:18.470Steam
961 jaumealemany Ford Escort Mk II04:41.455+1:18.800Steam
962 ThatSwedishBerryFord Escort Mk II04:41.489+1:18.114Steam
963 BanjoHolicFord Escort Mk II04:41.539+1:18.164Steam
964 JamienkoFord Escort Mk II04:41.556+1:18.181PS4
965 McBeemerFord Escort Mk II04:41.605+1:18.230PS4
966 TreePyroFord Escort Mk II04:41.638+1:18.263Steam
967 Laky LUK 2Ford Escort Mk II04:41.672+1:18.297Steam
968 StagmoorFord Escort Mk II04:41.922+1:18.547Steam
969 nickotsidasFord Escort Mk II04:41.989+1:18.614Steam
970 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:42.022+1:18.647Xbox
971 Nunes099Ford Escort Mk II04:42.088+1:18.713PS4
972 maskodontFord Escort Mk II04:42.222+1:18.847PS4
973 salaminaFord Escort Mk II04:42.222+1:18.847Xbox
974 simon_fredo Ford Escort Mk II04:42.289+1:18.914Steam
975 corzendonkFord Escort Mk II04:42.355+1:18.980Steam
976 IAMBADGAMERFord Escort Mk II04:42.439+1:19.640Xbox
977 SebastianoFord Escort Mk II04:42.455+1:19.800Steam
978 Danit1208Ford Escort Mk II04:42.522+1:19.147PS4
979 Renier Ford Escort Mk II04:42.589+1:19.214Steam
980 KillerkorkenJDFord Escort Mk II04:42.839+1:19.464PS4
981 YoSo92 Ford Escort Mk II04:42.905+1:19.530Steam
982 Turrican68 Ford Escort Mk II04:42.922+1:19.547Steam
983 sibtchaFord Escort Mk II04:43.122+1:19.747PS4
984 josgonFord Escort Mk II04:43.172+1:19.797PS4
985 landstalkerFord Escort Mk II04:43.255+1:19.880Steam
986 cyticFord Escort Mk II04:43.272+1:19.897Steam
987 TAK_OGFord Escort Mk II04:43.339+1:19.964PS4
988 RainingMudkipsFord Escort Mk II04:43.372+1:19.997Steam
989 holophyteFord Escort Mk II04:43.438+1:20.630Steam
990 TyTyTreeFord Escort Mk II04:43.455+1:20.800Steam
991 nensy-renesmeFord Escort Mk II04:43.539+1:20.164PS4
992 OskarKelFord Escort Mk II04:43.555+1:20.180Xbox
993 wapp Ford Escort Mk II04:43.571+1:20.196Steam
994 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:43.655+1:20.280Xbox
995 coner545Ford Escort Mk II04:43.688+1:20.313Steam
996 deduchkamouseFord Escort Mk II04:43.821+1:20.446PS4
997 AMG_A45_2013Ford Escort Mk II04:44.238+1:20.863PS4
998 is-pierrotFord Escort Mk II04:44.255+1:20.880PS4
999 Pitufer1986Ford Escort Mk II04:44.321+1:20.946PS4
1000 Camel-MctoeFord Escort Mk II04:44.455+1:21.800PS4
1001 KalonjjiiFord Escort Mk II04:44.939+1:21.564Xbox
1002 ArionFord Escort Mk II04:45.055+1:21.680Steam
1003 krawitzeFord Escort Mk II04:45.121+1:21.746PS4
1004 Gonzo GamingFord Escort Mk II04:45.172+1:21.797Steam
1005 grunge-godFord Escort Mk II04:45.255+1:21.880PS4
1006 romangardenFord Escort Mk II04:45.339+1:21.964PS4
1007 DazRalphs Ford Escort Mk II04:45.405+1:22.300Steam
1008 PJSS_GhostFord Escort Mk II04:45.421+1:22.460PS4
1009 clutchnutzFord Escort Mk II04:45.421+1:22.460Xbox
1010 ThisLLKillYaFord Escort Mk II04:45.455+1:22.800PS4
1011 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:45.455+1:22.800Xbox
1012 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:45.538+1:22.163Xbox
1013 Lucc84Ford Escort Mk II04:45.571+1:22.196PS4
1014 KørelærerenFord Escort Mk II04:45.605+1:22.230Steam
1015 f.eggarterFord Escort Mk II04:45.655+1:22.280Steam
1016 Blöd FröhseFord Escort Mk II04:45.722+1:22.347Steam
1017 B4L33 Ford Escort Mk II04:45.738+1:22.363Steam
1018 LankesisFord Escort Mk II04:45.921+1:22.546Xbox
1019 carrvin17Ford Escort Mk II04:45.922+1:22.547Steam
1020 drylo78Ford Escort Mk II04:45.971+1:22.596PS4
1021 Stu-minatorFord Escort Mk II04:46.171+1:22.796PS4
1022 cart-bapt10Ford Escort Mk II04:46.289+1:22.914PS4
1023 griffFord Escort Mk II04:46.405+1:23.300Steam
1024 Turbo-KratosFord Escort Mk II04:46.571+1:23.196PS4
1025 lonesomeorganistFord Escort Mk II04:46.638+1:23.263PS4
1026 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:46.789+1:23.414Xbox
1027 Rico CastroFord Escort Mk II04:47.105+1:23.730Steam
1028 pavenFord Escort Mk II04:47.188+1:23.813Steam
1029 [GER] LostkillerFord Escort Mk II04:47.288+1:23.913Steam
1030 asberdies Ford Escort Mk II04:47.372+1:23.997Steam
1031 sergialdea84Ford Escort Mk II04:47.488+1:24.113PS4
1032 titirsn2003Ford Escort Mk II04:47.505+1:24.130PS4
1033 amstelgold0Ford Escort Mk II04:47.522+1:24.147Steam
1034 ChongPongJongFord Escort Mk II04:47.571+1:24.196Steam
1035 whit30Ford Escort Mk II04:47.721+1:24.346Steam
1036 mmr182Ford Escort Mk II04:47.721+1:24.346Steam
1037 CristianoH125Ford Escort Mk II04:47.722+1:24.347Steam
1038 OrangFord Escort Mk II04:47.738+1:24.363Steam
1039 jaybee854Ford Escort Mk II04:47.788+1:24.413PS4
1040 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:47.838+1:24.463Xbox
1041 Alex_DFord Escort Mk II04:47.938+1:24.563Steam
1042 theRedB5Ford Escort Mk II04:47.938+1:24.563Steam
1043 lobosignacioFord Escort Mk II04:48.105+1:24.730PS4
1044 Disco RoflanFord Escort Mk II04:48.221+1:24.846Steam
1045 BewbzzFord Escort Mk II04:48.305+1:24.930Steam
1046 OrangE™Ford Escort Mk II04:48.321+1:24.946Steam
1047 Fra1300innocentiFord Escort Mk II04:48.405+1:25.300PS4
1048 GustavoPelichosFord Escort Mk II04:48.405+1:25.300PS4
1049 Kaczyvr6Ford Escort Mk II04:48.471+1:25.960PS4
1050 EST-MG (Max)Ford Escort Mk II04:48.572+1:25.197Steam
1051 emilio1950beFord Escort Mk II04:48.721+1:25.346PS4
1052 Hugo_DubssFord Escort Mk II04:48.822+1:25.447PS4
1053 nakazotoFord Escort Mk II04:48.839+1:25.464Steam
1054 SNapFord Escort Mk II04:48.955+1:25.580Steam
1055 I am a sperm whaleFord Escort Mk II04:49.006+1:25.631Steam
1056 discgolfdanFord Escort Mk II04:49.138+1:25.763Xbox
1057 GordomobileFord Escort Mk II04:49.155+1:25.780PS4
1058 theLOCOMOTIVEFord Escort Mk II04:49.155+1:25.780Xbox
1059 killer10783Ford Escort Mk II04:49.371+1:25.996PS4
1060 SnakeElit3Rac00nFord Escort Mk II04:49.372+1:25.997PS4
1061 crusader-psFord Escort Mk II04:49.455+1:26.800PS4
1062 guinounoursFord Escort Mk II04:49.522+1:26.147PS4
1063 FirefoxrayFord Escort Mk II04:49.671+1:26.296Steam
1064 Snake_eater311Ford Escort Mk II04:49.672+1:26.297PS4
1065 LahvaCZEk_Ford Escort Mk II04:49.771+1:26.396PS4
1066 benoitr01 Ford Escort Mk II04:49.921+1:26.546Steam
1067 errol.maffeyFord Escort Mk II04:49.921+1:26.546Steam
1068 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:49.938+1:26.563Xbox
1069 Lolman4409Ford Escort Mk II04:49.939+1:26.564Steam
1070 donnerkadaver47Ford Escort Mk II04:50.005+1:26.630Xbox
1071 /\/ / /\/ _/ /\ (?_?)Ford Escort Mk II04:50.155+1:26.780Steam
1072 nilson_deFord Escort Mk II04:50.188+1:26.813Steam
1073 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:50.205+1:26.830Xbox
1074 Bosjens1Ford Escort Mk II04:50.238+1:26.863Steam
1075 JG192679Ford Escort Mk II04:50.405+1:27.300PS4
1076 solidarennFord Escort Mk II04:50.438+1:27.630Steam
1077 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:50.488+1:27.113Xbox
1078 SamSwaggah71Ford Escort Mk II04:50.571+1:27.196Xbox
1079 onesingledreamFord Escort Mk II04:50.671+1:27.296Steam
1080 ChillalocoFord Escort Mk II04:50.688+1:27.313PS4
1081 ivandocastro Ford Escort Mk II04:50.805+1:27.430Steam
1082 dottor_hopkinsFord Escort Mk II04:50.838+1:27.463PS4
1083 DaveleonFord Escort Mk II04:50.855+1:27.480Xbox
1084 Tucnak da AntarktidaFord Escort Mk II04:50.988+1:27.613Steam
1085 pechorinFord Escort Mk II04:51.071+1:27.696Steam
1086 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:51.089+1:27.714Xbox
1087 YuqqaFord Escort Mk II04:51.122+1:27.747PS4
1088 henochsFord Escort Mk II04:51.138+1:27.763Steam
1089 LEONE2215Ford Escort Mk II04:51.255+1:27.880Steam
1090 Ermido005Ford Escort Mk II04:51.338+1:27.963PS4
1091 mimimomoFord Escort Mk II04:51.438+1:28.630Steam
1092 DTSTOREFord Escort Mk II04:51.505+1:28.130Steam
1093 Ludwig_Der_GroBeFord Escort Mk II04:51.671+1:28.296Steam
1094 CLYFord Escort Mk II04:51.704+1:28.329Steam
1095 SenOneFord Escort Mk II04:51.721+1:28.346Xbox
1096 Squabbit Ford Escort Mk II04:51.722+1:28.347Steam
1097 borandmarFord Escort Mk II04:51.738+1:28.363Steam
1098 chenoFord Escort Mk II04:51.788+1:28.413Steam
1099 [FR]Goatfucker Ford Escort Mk II04:51.988+1:28.613Steam
1100 TR4GIC82Ford Escort Mk II04:52.055+1:28.680Xbox
1101 AM1986 Ford Escort Mk II04:52.156+1:28.781Steam
1102 clandestin2a Ford Escort Mk II04:52.188+1:28.813Steam
1103 Swebster2016Ford Escort Mk II04:52.454+1:29.790PS4
1104 vvendigoFord Escort Mk II04:52.471+1:29.960Steam
1105 secmoFord Escort Mk II04:52.621+1:29.246Steam
1106 MaxcaaviFord Escort Mk II04:52.671+1:29.296Xbox
1107 ???-?? ?????Ford Escort Mk II04:52.688+1:29.313Steam
1108 IRISHMAN_1313Ford Escort Mk II04:52.738+1:29.363PS4
1109 ELISITOFord Escort Mk II04:52.771+1:29.396Steam
1110 mape20Ford Escort Mk II04:52.821+1:29.446Steam
1111 Nt*WolandFord Escort Mk II04:52.872+1:29.497Steam
1112 GamingSimulantFord Escort Mk II04:52.888+1:29.513Steam
1113 Prophedis Ford Escort Mk II04:52.904+1:29.529Steam
1114 BeetledriftFord Escort Mk II04:52.938+1:29.563Steam
1115 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:52.938+1:29.563Xbox
1116 Captain AdventureFord Escort Mk II04:52.988+1:29.613Steam
1117 BillrondoFord Escort Mk II04:53.539+1:30.164Xbox
1118 babastvr6Ford Escort Mk II04:53.672+1:30.297PS4
1119 KrolkeFord Escort Mk II04:53.688+1:30.313Steam
1120 albertofreiremarFord Escort Mk II04:53.705+1:30.330PS4
1121 ssggFord Escort Mk II04:54.022+1:30.647Xbox
1122 SchriebelFord Escort Mk II04:54.172+1:30.797Steam
1123 Django Fett Ford Escort Mk II04:54.239+1:30.864Steam
1124 peterkaumannsFord Escort Mk II04:54.272+1:30.897Steam
1125 scottb1Ford Escort Mk II04:54.438+1:31.630Xbox
1126 (´·?·`)Ford Escort Mk II04:55.238+1:31.863Steam
1127 [JdC] LinKuFFFord Escort Mk II04:55.322+1:31.947Steam
1128 YTcristianFL23Ford Escort Mk II04:55.872+1:32.497PS4
1129 fo[X]Ford Escort Mk II04:55.954+1:32.579Steam
1130 Miah Ford Escort Mk II04:56.305+1:32.930Steam
1131 manfredhajek Ford Escort Mk II04:56.322+1:32.947Steam
1132 Giggs-030-Ford Escort Mk II04:56.372+1:32.997PS4
1133 Realju No cheat.Ford Escort Mk II04:56.405+1:33.300Steam
1134 PharosFord Escort Mk II04:56.438+1:33.630Steam
1135 stanislav_687Ford Escort Mk II04:56.604+1:33.229PS4
1136 '†Damned'†Ford Escort Mk II04:56.688+1:33.313Steam
1137 edu-mareduFord Escort Mk II04:56.821+1:33.446PS4
1138 Joe DumbassioFord Escort Mk II04:56.921+1:33.546Steam
1139 |BK:Target123 ?????Ford Escort Mk II04:57.021+1:33.646Steam
1140 cwtchthecatFord Escort Mk II04:57.105+1:33.730PS4
1141 stanchev36Ford Escort Mk II04:57.255+1:33.880Steam
1142 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:57.255+1:33.880Xbox
1143 YYogi69Ford Escort Mk II04:57.471+1:34.960PS4
1144 ThunderFord Escort Mk II04:57.571+1:34.196Steam
1145 TrackerFord Escort Mk II04:57.638+1:34.263Steam
1146 eddmingtonFord Escort Mk II04:57.822+1:34.447PS4
1147 Crash_MaRTixx Ford Escort Mk II04:57.855+1:34.480Steam
1148 GarfildKillFord Escort Mk II04:57.855+1:34.480Steam
1149 bosfranckFord Escort Mk II04:57.938+1:34.563PS4
1150 ARO1801Ford Escort Mk II04:57.954+1:34.579PS4
1151 -=SuPeRNeT=-Ford Escort Mk II04:57.955+1:34.580Steam
1152 RealHumanBeanFord Escort Mk II04:58.005+1:34.630Steam
1153 synapsisFord Escort Mk II04:58.121+1:34.746Steam
1154 LotusMK Ford Escort Mk II04:58.355+1:34.980Steam
1155 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:58.538+1:35.163Xbox
1156 Mondo Cool [aon]Ford Escort Mk II04:58.621+1:35.246Steam
1157 epnicFord Escort Mk II04:58.771+1:35.396Xbox
1158 xoom.euFord Escort Mk II04:58.905+1:35.530Steam
1159 manta 400Ford Escort Mk II04:58.971+1:35.596Steam
1160 SpeeDManiac Ford Escort Mk II04:59.071+1:35.696Steam
1161 KicktronFord Escort Mk II04:59.105+1:35.730Steam
1162 HailHydraFord Escort Mk II04:59.106+1:35.731Steam
1163 DonReijoFord Escort Mk II04:59.238+1:35.863PS4
1164 EinzelspielerFord Escort Mk II04:59.555+1:36.180Xbox
1165 Cris_Fonseca2001Ford Escort Mk II04:59.571+1:36.196PS4
1166 dyampolskijFord Escort Mk II04:59.588+1:36.213Steam
1167 pedrito1989078Ford Escort Mk II04:59.621+1:36.246PS4
1168 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:59.655+1:36.280Xbox
1169 antho-racerFord Escort Mk II05:00.121+1:36.746PS4
1170 atomicannon27Ford Escort Mk II05:00.138+1:36.763PS4
1171 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:00.289+1:36.914Xbox
1172 SKARMOR94Ford Escort Mk II05:00.471+1:37.960PS4
1173 bsmotorsport1Ford Escort Mk II05:00.471+1:37.960Xbox
1174 Mookid Ford Escort Mk II05:00.538+1:37.163Steam
1175 tony62500Ford Escort Mk II05:00.554+1:37.179PS4
1176 siggelkow_jensFord Escort Mk II05:00.571+1:37.196Steam
1177 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:00.772+1:37.397Xbox
1178 ecstubblebineFord Escort Mk II05:00.787+1:37.412Steam
1179 volll_deppFord Escort Mk II05:00.788+1:37.413PS4
1180 OljFord Escort Mk II05:00.938+1:37.563Steam
1181 ethansamuelcookFord Escort Mk II05:00.955+1:37.580Steam
1182 ShannaranFord Escort Mk II05:00.988+1:37.613Xbox
1183 LenmanFord Escort Mk II05:01.005+1:37.630Steam
1184 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:01.054+1:37.679Xbox
1185 TedofonkFord Escort Mk II05:01.072+1:37.697Steam
1186 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:01.187+1:37.812Xbox
1187 fabiulus1Ford Escort Mk II05:01.205+1:37.830Steam
1188 KaymanSFord Escort Mk II05:01.287+1:37.912Xbox
1189 sarsikFord Escort Mk II05:01.304+1:37.929PS4
1190 Ocelot-marakiFord Escort Mk II05:01.338+1:37.963PS4
1191 baalberith1986Ford Escort Mk II05:01.371+1:37.996PS4
1192 briofmdFord Escort Mk II05:01.571+1:38.196Xbox
1193 ivan.29rusFord Escort Mk II05:01.871+1:38.496Steam
1194 ?1WEEE1N`?Ford Escort Mk II05:01.872+1:38.497Steam
1195 chipolliniFord Escort Mk II05:02.055+1:38.680PS4
1196 Amonarch Ford Escort Mk II05:02.337+1:38.962Steam
1197 i-vtec Ford Escort Mk II05:02.454+1:39.790Steam
1198 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:02.487+1:39.112Xbox
1199 ?Jam™? Ford Escort Mk II05:02.555+1:39.180Steam
1200 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:02.587+1:39.212Xbox
1201 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:02.704+1:39.329Xbox
1202 Nightwalker74Ford Escort Mk II05:02.854+1:39.479Steam
1203 michel3497Ford Escort Mk II05:02.937+1:39.562Xbox
1204 Evan TomokiFord Escort Mk II05:02.989+1:39.614Steam
1205 GeraltFord Escort Mk II05:03.321+1:39.946Steam
1206 ad1957-ab4Ford Escort Mk II05:03.388+1:40.130PS4
1207 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:03.855+1:40.480Xbox
1208 Ashr0ckFord Escort Mk II05:04.021+1:40.646Steam
1209 ruebe-8Ford Escort Mk II05:04.087+1:40.712Steam
1210 Simmoboyd1Ford Escort Mk II05:04.105+1:40.730PS4
1211 SpatialDragon Ford Escort Mk II05:04.121+1:40.746Steam
1212 janydebiaisFord Escort Mk II05:04.171+1:40.796Steam
1213 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:04.171+1:40.796Xbox
1214 chrizmoxxFord Escort Mk II05:04.221+1:40.846PS4
1215 tex_silFord Escort Mk II05:04.238+1:40.863PS4
1216 r1968-1969-1993-Ford Escort Mk II05:04.355+1:40.980PS4
1217 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:04.355+1:40.980Xbox
1218 primo-1982Ford Escort Mk II05:04.854+1:41.479Steam
1219 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:04.988+1:41.613Xbox
1220 xX-Espi-XxFord Escort Mk II05:05.038+1:41.663PS4
1221 WayneGe1Ford Escort Mk II05:05.088+1:41.713Xbox
1222 Aristotle7Ford Escort Mk II05:05.137+1:41.762Steam
1223 GabulBlack Ford Escort Mk II05:05.471+1:42.960Steam
1224 BagneFord Escort Mk II05:05.604+1:42.229Steam
1225 VictorFlash1972Ford Escort Mk II05:05.955+1:42.580PS4
1226 DiogPTslbFord Escort Mk II05:05.988+1:42.613PS4
1227 kumpeddakumpFord Escort Mk II05:06.087+1:42.712Steam
1228 FerryFord Escort Mk II05:06.104+1:42.729Steam
1229 Goes_To_11Ford Escort Mk II05:06.155+1:42.780PS4
1230 Jarda_FukyFord Escort Mk II05:06.188+1:42.813PS4
1231 tasty shrimpsFord Escort Mk II05:06.422+1:43.470Steam
1232 SSFord Escort Mk II05:06.454+1:43.790Steam
1233 OldGuy1958Ford Escort Mk II05:06.704+1:43.329Xbox
1234 dem2n Ford Escort Mk II05:06.771+1:43.396Steam
1235 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:07.054+1:43.679Xbox
1236 david65omFord Escort Mk II05:07.304+1:43.929PS4
1237 Billy RacerFord Escort Mk II05:07.488+1:44.113Steam
1238 Aven x3Ford Escort Mk II05:07.504+1:44.129Steam
1239 FennekinFord Escort Mk II05:08.537+1:45.162Steam
1240 ZamiFord Escort Mk II05:08.654+1:45.279Steam
1241 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:08.704+1:45.329Xbox
1242 danieleamuninneFord Escort Mk II05:08.721+1:45.346Xbox
1243 dagger916Ford Escort Mk II05:08.737+1:45.362PS4
1244 monkey_cow_sheepFord Escort Mk II05:08.871+1:45.496Steam
1245 Mr. ?iizonFord Escort Mk II05:08.954+1:45.579Steam
1246 FINrewillFord Escort Mk II05:09.054+1:45.679Steam
1247 QnyaFord Escort Mk II05:09.438+1:46.630PS4
1248 legionerFord Escort Mk II05:09.654+1:46.279Steam
1249 majoleroFord Escort Mk II05:09.854+1:46.479Steam
1250 joashmanFord Escort Mk II05:10.038+1:46.663Steam
1251 prochnostFord Escort Mk II05:10.104+1:46.729Steam
1252 osukaru^-^Ford Escort Mk II05:10.138+1:46.763Steam
1253 TaTiToLiFord Escort Mk II05:10.187+1:46.812Steam
1254 PauloFRFGFord Escort Mk II05:10.239+1:46.864Xbox
1255 Gardster82Ford Escort Mk II05:10.254+1:46.879PS4
1256 ????Ford Escort Mk II05:10.287+1:46.912Steam
1257 Mr.Mr.Ford Escort Mk II05:10.288+1:46.913Steam
1258 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:10.421+1:47.460Xbox
1259 masterFord Escort Mk II05:10.604+1:47.229Steam
1260 colkat2017Ford Escort Mk II05:10.854+1:47.479PS4
1261 Alex_vtecFord Escort Mk II05:11.054+1:47.679Steam
1262 valesic5858Ford Escort Mk II05:11.070+1:47.695PS4
1263 KrX.Ford Escort Mk II05:11.104+1:47.729Steam
1264 DestroquetorFord Escort Mk II05:11.121+1:47.746Steam
1265 Gallu19_Ford Escort Mk II05:11.121+1:47.746PS4
1266 SlimsonFord Escort Mk II05:11.204+1:47.829Steam
1267 bjornh075Ford Escort Mk II05:11.304+1:47.929Steam
1268 [IMA] VenomFord Escort Mk II05:11.339+1:47.964Steam
1269 gpotzzzFord Escort Mk II05:11.454+1:48.790Steam
1270 azotadorx73Ford Escort Mk II05:11.688+1:48.313Steam
1271 debb1046Ford Escort Mk II05:12.270+1:48.895Steam
1272 moi_le_leviathanFord Escort Mk II05:12.487+1:49.112Steam
1273 DST DESTRUCTORFord Escort Mk II05:12.589+1:49.214Steam
1274 Fraginator Oneshot WhisperFord Escort Mk II05:12.805+1:49.430Steam
1275 Mr. Jo.hnFord Escort Mk II05:12.920+1:49.545Steam
1276 nihilist penguinFord Escort Mk II05:12.921+1:49.546Steam
1277 mcbaiuFord Escort Mk II05:13.071+1:49.696PS4
1278 fabt1998Ford Escort Mk II05:13.305+1:49.930Xbox
1279 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:13.521+1:50.146Xbox
1280 MIXTERFord Escort Mk II05:13.689+1:50.314Steam
1281 roverTrevorFord Escort Mk II05:13.988+1:50.613PS4
1282 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:14.021+1:50.646Xbox
1283 Laxwell040Ford Escort Mk II05:14.138+1:50.763PS4
1284 KINGmatanFord Escort Mk II05:14.338+1:50.963PS4
1285 YogHurtFord Escort Mk II05:14.471+1:51.960Steam
1286 Ca$tieLFord Escort Mk II05:14.771+1:51.396Steam
1287 N3RO2012Ford Escort Mk II05:15.221+1:51.846Steam
1288 BE-JO-BEFord Escort Mk II05:15.654+1:52.279PS4
1289 yrko54Ford Escort Mk II05:15.687+1:52.312PS4
1290 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:16.021+1:52.646Xbox
1291 Bounce cs.moneyFord Escort Mk II05:16.171+1:52.796Steam
1292 obsolteFord Escort Mk II05:16.254+1:52.879PS4
1293 PerolaASFord Escort Mk II05:16.521+1:53.146PS4
1294 johnnypro41Ford Escort Mk II05:16.738+1:53.363PS4
1295 Edone92Ford Escort Mk II05:16.754+1:53.379PS4
1296 DriftinatorFord Escort Mk II05:16.887+1:53.512Xbox
1297 A321neoACFFord Escort Mk II05:16.970+1:53.595PS4
1298 milaffochka-bossFord Escort Mk II05:17.237+1:53.862PS4
1299 Sergiconstance91Ford Escort Mk II05:17.288+1:53.913PS4
1300 DudebroFord Escort Mk II05:17.353+1:53.978Steam
1301 SeanT1000Ford Escort Mk II05:17.754+1:54.379PS4
1302 Bulba_SumkinFord Escort Mk II05:17.821+1:54.446Steam
1303 tpaullinFord Escort Mk II05:17.888+1:54.513PS4
1304 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:17.937+1:54.562Xbox
1305 HruodlandusFord Escort Mk II05:18.304+1:54.929Xbox
1306 vertigo6932Ford Escort Mk II05:18.571+1:55.196Xbox
1307 MANUFord Escort Mk II05:18.654+1:55.279Steam
1308 Jordononon Ford Escort Mk II05:18.671+1:55.296Steam
1309 zedman306Ford Escort Mk II05:18.937+1:55.562PS4
1310 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:19.037+1:55.662Xbox
1311 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:19.321+1:55.946Xbox
1312 LittleRocketFord Escort Mk II05:19.404+1:56.290PS4
1313 eupcaccia0 Ford Escort Mk II05:19.637+1:56.262Steam
1314 SHWFord Escort Mk II05:19.638+1:56.263Steam
1315 bossbirdFord Escort Mk II05:19.687+1:56.312Xbox
1316 wailok1Ford Escort Mk II05:19.804+1:56.429PS4
1317 PuFord Escort Mk II05:20.054+1:56.679Steam
1318 ekain90Ford Escort Mk II05:20.187+1:56.812PS4
1319 ProdicruxFord Escort Mk II05:20.204+1:56.829PS4
1320 Rebel_RemFord Escort Mk II05:20.220+1:56.845PS4
1321 tHakkos_Ford Escort Mk II05:20.305+1:56.930PS4
1322 www.cloudhopperFord Escort Mk II05:20.370+1:56.995Steam
1323 michel3497Ford Escort Mk II05:20.420+1:57.450Steam
1324 EtherealA3ronautFord Escort Mk II05:20.437+1:57.620PS4
1325 ChaplinEdoggFord Escort Mk II05:20.487+1:57.112Xbox
1326 foreigner178Ford Escort Mk II05:20.553+1:57.178Steam
1327 chmielo PLFord Escort Mk II05:20.570+1:57.195Steam
1328 Klimenko_SergeyFord Escort Mk II05:20.887+1:57.512PS4
1329 Lizard KingFord Escort Mk II05:21.021+1:57.646Steam
1330 Bwoah1976Ford Escort Mk II05:21.037+1:57.662PS4
1331 siebenburgenjmcFord Escort Mk II05:21.287+1:57.912Xbox
1332 ONLYTEKNOFord Escort Mk II05:21.288+1:57.913PS4
1333 GTX-TremeFord Escort Mk II05:21.321+1:57.946PS4
1334 sanraphael Ford Escort Mk II05:21.421+1:58.460Steam
1335 te7531Ford Escort Mk II05:21.538+1:58.163Xbox
1336 Fantomass-fantomFord Escort Mk II05:21.604+1:58.229PS4
1337 unl0lazFord Escort Mk II05:21.622+1:58.247PS4
1338 BakhamFord Escort Mk II05:21.838+1:58.463Steam
1339 bluestorm0624Ford Escort Mk II05:21.854+1:58.479PS4
1340 Larry Ford Escort Mk II05:21.904+1:58.529Steam
1341 wslomkaFord Escort Mk II05:22.054+1:58.679Steam
1342 mj12Ford Escort Mk II05:22.187+1:58.812Steam
1343 bleroboxFord Escort Mk II05:22.205+1:58.830Xbox
1344 z00mFord Escort Mk II05:22.221+1:58.846Steam
1345 deufreFord Escort Mk II05:22.520+1:59.145Xbox
1346 SA_2424Ford Escort Mk II05:22.521+1:59.146PS4
1347 AHDogFord Escort Mk II05:22.703+1:59.328Steam
1348 ? BOT TommyFord Escort Mk II05:22.738+1:59.363Steam
1349 shanevwaltonFord Escort Mk II05:22.820+1:59.445Steam
1350 crazy legoologistFord Escort Mk II05:22.987+1:59.612Steam
1351 Dark2Ford Escort Mk II05:23.354+1:59.979Xbox
1352 Dani WolfFord Escort Mk II05:23.388+2:00.130Steam
1353 SupraAFord Escort Mk II05:24.071+2:00.696Steam
1354 ErzenniaFord Escort Mk II05:24.104+2:00.729Xbox
1355 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:24.203+2:00.828Xbox
1356 busterg128 Ford Escort Mk II05:24.238+2:00.863Steam
1357 weightedCompanionCubeFord Escort Mk II05:24.787+2:01.412Steam
1358 Adjuh82Ford Escort Mk II05:25.054+2:01.679PS4
1359 nicolai.sleegersFord Escort Mk II05:25.070+2:01.695Steam
1360 J-O-N-5-P-0-0-N-Ford Escort Mk II05:25.154+2:01.779PS4
1361 53Ford Escort Mk II05:25.953+2:02.578Steam
1362 The MoonFord Escort Mk II05:25.954+2:02.579Steam
1363 SyrkaFord Escort Mk II05:26.137+2:02.762Xbox
1364 h1tmanj0eFord Escort Mk II05:26.404+2:03.290PS4
1365 Steff255Ford Escort Mk II05:26.687+2:03.312PS4
1366 ChaosKai11Ford Escort Mk II05:26.870+2:03.495PS4
1367 bear30482Ford Escort Mk II05:27.086+2:03.711Xbox
1368 ubaycitoFord Escort Mk II05:27.271+2:03.896PS4
1369 boolyqFord Escort Mk II05:27.438+2:04.630Steam
1370 DMD_ONEFord Escort Mk II05:27.971+2:04.596Steam
1371 rgoz/lFord Escort Mk II05:28.003+2:04.628Steam
1372 Furies Ford Escort Mk II05:28.087+2:04.712Steam
1373 [QNT] QuozPowa.com Ford Escort Mk II05:28.087+2:04.712Steam
1374 Super_6lack6irdFord Escort Mk II05:28.171+2:04.796Steam
1375 Skullfire Ford Escort Mk II05:28.254+2:04.879Steam
1376 berbaspinFord Escort Mk II05:28.287+2:04.912Xbox
1377 LittleKidLoverFord Escort Mk II05:28.688+2:05.313Steam
1378 roskalajaFord Escort Mk II05:29.037+2:05.662PS4
1379 Mel-54321Ford Escort Mk II05:29.304+2:05.929PS4
1380 [SNEK] >8[~~Ford Escort Mk II05:29.621+2:06.246Steam
1381 IdenticalPit469Ford Escort Mk II05:29.654+2:06.279Xbox
1382 dulldarkFord Escort Mk II05:29.986+2:06.611Steam
1383 bubbarobFord Escort Mk II05:30.071+2:06.696Xbox
1384 D3NNN1SFord Escort Mk II05:30.320+2:06.945Xbox
1385 DocteurRomFord Escort Mk II05:30.505+2:07.130PS4
1386 mofreeFord Escort Mk II05:30.820+2:07.445Steam
1387 Darist X1Ford Escort Mk II05:30.887+2:07.512Steam
1388 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:31.005+2:07.630Xbox
1389 mike.stueberFord Escort Mk II05:31.103+2:07.728Steam
1390 The_PherbinatorFord Escort Mk II05:31.404+2:08.290Steam
1391 The RocKFord Escort Mk II05:32.071+2:08.696Steam
1392 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:32.136+2:08.761Xbox
1393 smileFord Escort Mk II05:32.370+2:08.995Steam
1394 THEBIG_G123Ford Escort Mk II05:32.438+2:09.630PS4
1395 ElectroNikox12Ford Escort Mk II05:32.704+2:09.329PS4
1396 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:33.003+2:09.628Xbox
1397 Legendaryk4Ford Escort Mk II05:33.287+2:09.912Steam
1398 olahuliviliFord Escort Mk II05:33.655+2:10.280PS4
1399 neuronevroFord Escort Mk II05:34.320+2:10.945PS4
1400 Loli slayerFord Escort Mk II05:34.869+2:11.494Steam
1401 DeadBanzayFord Escort Mk II05:35.137+2:11.762Steam
1402 jawqtFord Escort Mk II05:35.186+2:11.811Steam
1403 karpatonFord Escort Mk II05:35.219+2:11.844PS4
1404 classiccars4meFord Escort Mk II05:35.320+2:11.945PS4
1405 frogg52Ford Escort Mk II05:35.570+2:12.195Xbox
1406 Ilya VBGFord Escort Mk II05:35.987+2:12.612Steam
1407 ServietskyFord Escort Mk II05:36.721+2:13.346Steam
1408 WuppihansFord Escort Mk II05:37.019+2:13.644Steam
1409 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:37.021+2:13.646Xbox
1410 REKTangle68Ford Escort Mk II05:37.104+2:13.729PS4
1411 Duster$$$Ford Escort Mk II05:37.403+2:14.280Steam
1412 LaucciFord Escort Mk II05:37.604+2:14.229PS4
1413 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:38.120+2:14.745Xbox
1414 boskacassianoFord Escort Mk II05:38.220+2:14.845PS4
1415 wrxplore Ford Escort Mk II05:38.237+2:14.862Steam
1416 LuLuLuFord Escort Mk II05:38.421+2:15.460Steam
1417 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:38.422+2:15.470Xbox
1418 Tino_arucas21Ford Escort Mk II05:38.454+2:15.790PS4
1419 SkulduggeryGauntFord Escort Mk II05:38.471+2:15.960Steam
1420 SchaussFord Escort Mk II05:39.486+2:16.111Steam
1421 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:39.637+2:16.262Xbox
1422 N0rdFord Escort Mk II05:39.655+2:16.280Steam
1423 jk337665Ford Escort Mk II05:39.803+2:16.428PS4
1424 Holodok67Ford Escort Mk II05:40.353+2:16.978Steam
1425 rogs75Ford Escort Mk II05:40.420+2:17.450Steam
1426 BuzzLightFord Escort Mk II05:40.438+2:17.630Steam
1427 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:40.487+2:17.112Xbox
1428 egray914Ford Escort Mk II05:40.636+2:17.261PS4
1429 HUPU2Ford Escort Mk II05:40.636+2:17.261PS4
1430 LiucoFord Escort Mk II05:40.754+2:17.379Steam
1431 GenkiFord Escort Mk II05:41.054+2:17.679Steam
1432 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:41.286+2:17.911Xbox
1433 toni-viuFord Escort Mk II05:41.304+2:17.929PS4
1434 T-REX-_-69Ford Escort Mk II05:41.537+2:18.162PS4
1435 Zularus95Ford Escort Mk II05:41.620+2:18.245PS4
1436 andherrero28Ford Escort Mk II05:42.320+2:18.945PS4
1437 RusgarianFord Escort Mk II05:42.620+2:19.245Steam
1438 LiFord Escort Mk II05:42.719+2:19.344Steam
1439 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:42.887+2:19.512Xbox
1440 aldisborintsFord Escort Mk II05:43.070+2:19.695Xbox
1441 The Deus Of GodsFord Escort Mk II05:43.404+2:20.290Steam
1442 Sketchymonk1000Ford Escort Mk II05:44.304+2:20.929PS4
1443 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:44.504+2:21.129Xbox
1444 pluha181Ford Escort Mk II05:44.703+2:21.328Steam
1445 FlyghtFord Escort Mk II05:44.820+2:21.445Steam
1446 RaimbownageurFord Escort Mk II05:44.837+2:21.462PS4
1447 llaniscujadoFord Escort Mk II05:44.936+2:21.561PS4
1448 ParabolaFFFord Escort Mk II05:45.320+2:21.945PS4
1449 GrimcilFord Escort Mk II05:45.337+2:21.962Steam
1450 semigallssFord Escort Mk II05:45.372+2:21.997Steam
1451 wastedCos7Ford Escort Mk II05:45.887+2:22.512Xbox
1452 shitmasterFord Escort Mk II05:46.038+2:22.663Steam
1453 LOREN102Ford Escort Mk II05:46.220+2:22.845PS4
1454 NayLek_69Ford Escort Mk II05:46.687+2:23.312PS4
1455 PadepoFord Escort Mk II05:47.003+2:23.628PS4
1456 Rage QuitFord Escort Mk II05:47.238+2:23.863Steam
1457 Beb91710Ford Escort Mk II05:47.819+2:24.444PS4
1458 AnioFord Escort Mk II05:47.820+2:24.445Steam
1459 oskr.Ford Escort Mk II05:48.519+2:25.144Steam
1460 Ryan @r32Ford Escort Mk II05:49.119+2:25.744Steam
1461 mikidafiFord Escort Mk II05:49.321+2:25.946Steam
1462 Kecha.hellcase.comFord Escort Mk II05:50.003+2:26.628Steam
1463 xwayzFord Escort Mk II05:50.036+2:26.661Steam
1464 Flyboy888Ford Escort Mk II05:50.054+2:26.679Xbox
1465 GeorgePrcFord Escort Mk II05:50.653+2:27.278Xbox
1466 CadentCrown3Ford Escort Mk II05:51.019+2:27.644Steam
1467 DuCiehueFord Escort Mk II05:51.586+2:28.211Steam
1468 Bonnor666Ford Escort Mk II05:51.803+2:28.428Xbox
1469 high liga jürgen Ford Escort Mk II05:51.853+2:28.478Steam
1470 AlboDark21Ford Escort Mk II05:51.920+2:28.545Steam
1471 SeregraukoFord Escort Mk II05:52.436+2:29.610PS4
1472 AboooooooBabwaFord Escort Mk II05:52.704+2:29.329Steam
1473 Rally_AddeFord Escort Mk II05:52.853+2:29.478PS4
1474 Chrispy-crittrFord Escort Mk II05:52.954+2:29.579PS4
1475 teu88Ford Escort Mk II05:53.035+2:29.660Steam
1476 ONYX126Ford Escort Mk II05:53.103+2:29.728Xbox
1477 mat00108Ford Escort Mk II05:53.770+2:30.395Xbox
1478 GiammyX (o maestr)Ford Escort Mk II05:53.888+2:30.513Steam
1479 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:53.904+2:30.529Xbox
1480 pm31 Ford Escort Mk II05:54.539+2:31.164Steam
1481 Nihat DoganFord Escort Mk II05:54.854+2:31.479Steam
1482 LCPL-Ernis.Ford Escort Mk II05:54.887+2:31.512Steam
1483 AlejamarcueFord Escort Mk II05:54.969+2:31.594PS4
1484 REDDA-PATRIOTFord Escort Mk II05:55.020+2:31.645PS4
1485 DEMO_DAN_MANTAFord Escort Mk II05:55.203+2:31.828PS4
1486 bugcatcheranonFord Escort Mk II05:55.320+2:31.945Steam
1487 chankaihengFord Escort Mk II05:55.370+2:31.995Steam
1488 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II05:55.871+2:32.496Xbox
1489 BtwentyfiveFord Escort Mk II05:56.153+2:32.778Steam
1490 ZAVORKFord Escort Mk II05:56.802+2:33.427Xbox
1491 Touho007Ford Escort Mk II05:56.920+2:33.545PS4
1492 arjanFord Escort Mk II05:57.003+2:33.628Steam
1493 KatsoupiFord Escort Mk II05:57.120+2:33.745PS4
1494 audio.madeFord Escort Mk II05:57.369+2:33.994Steam
1495 idon6789Ford Escort Mk II05:57.686+2:34.311PS4
1496 Joyner LucasFord Escort Mk II05:57.804+2:34.429Steam
1497 DelfusFord Escort Mk II05:58.220+2:34.845Steam
1498 HinoDe.Ford Escort Mk II05:58.220+2:34.845Steam
1499 jlouispnFord Escort Mk II05:58.237+2:34.862Steam
1500 Ammon JackFord Escort Mk II05:58.270+2:34.895Steam
1501 KingScrewball Ford Escort Mk II05:58.421+2:35.460Steam
1502 Fiona731Ford Escort Mk II05:59.535+2:36.160PS4
1503 KimpuraFord Escort Mk II06:00.303+2:36.928Steam
1504 kjt7Ford Escort Mk II06:01.735+2:38.360Steam
1505 mazulisponijs69Ford Escort Mk II06:01.752+2:38.377Steam
1506 FB||MusicBeeFord Escort Mk II06:02.420+2:39.450Steam
1507 SuperDoubFord Escort Mk II06:02.970+2:39.595Steam
1508 ws2358 Ford Escort Mk II06:03.187+2:39.812Steam
1509 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:03.468+2:40.930Xbox
1510 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:03.753+2:40.378Xbox
1511 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:03.970+2:40.595Xbox
1512 MacPadawanFord Escort Mk II06:04.536+2:41.161Steam
1513 Channing TatumFord Escort Mk II06:04.637+2:41.262Steam
1514 OBNOXIUsFord Escort Mk II06:05.136+2:41.761Steam
1515 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:07.119+2:43.744Xbox
1516 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:07.137+2:43.762Xbox
1517 BG-Jivko87Ford Escort Mk II06:07.387+2:44.120Steam
1518 DancingDinosaurFord Escort Mk II06:07.454+2:44.790Steam
1519 pedroxxx22Ford Escort Mk II06:07.720+2:44.345Xbox
1520 Some sort of beanFord Escort Mk II06:07.770+2:44.395Steam
1521 rtwFord Escort Mk II06:08.003+2:44.628Steam
1522 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:08.619+2:45.244Xbox
1523 JOSE_WRCFord Escort Mk II06:09.303+2:45.928PS4
1524 VinceFord Escort Mk II06:09.502+2:46.127Steam
1525 fatedbadgerFord Escort Mk II06:09.804+2:46.429Xbox
1526 fabianlebombeFord Escort Mk II06:10.339+2:46.964PS4
1527 NaapozFord Escort Mk II06:10.520+2:47.145Steam
1528 matricola101Ford Escort Mk II06:10.520+2:47.145PS4
1529 Gilhooley Ford Escort Mk II06:10.552+2:47.177Steam
1530 MasterCyclistFord Escort Mk II06:10.736+2:47.361Steam
1531 Woodsie28Ford Escort Mk II06:11.522+2:48.147PS4
1532 thedizzyninjaFord Escort Mk II06:11.836+2:48.461PS4
1533 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:11.970+2:48.595Xbox
1534 kmcs999Ford Escort Mk II06:12.936+2:49.561Steam
1535 ZeeZagFord Escort Mk II06:13.069+2:49.694Steam
1536 AskMeAboutMyBDFord Escort Mk II06:13.170+2:49.795PS4
1537 Line MaintainerFord Escort Mk II06:13.386+2:50.110Steam
1538 ATOCIOUSRUG473Ford Escort Mk II06:14.570+2:51.195Steam
1539 vivienpoirot88Ford Escort Mk II06:15.136+2:51.761PS4
1540 @ Roses Are Red @Ford Escort Mk II06:15.685+2:52.310Steam
1541 OxladeFord Escort Mk II06:15.936+2:52.561Xbox
1542 wSBMAFord Escort Mk II06:16.570+2:53.195Steam
1543 Dj_DiengFord Escort Mk II06:16.919+2:53.544PS4
1544 StoatyFord Escort Mk II06:17.935+2:54.560Steam
1545 pez0023Ford Escort Mk II06:18.604+2:55.229Steam
1546 FPS MexicoFord Escort Mk II06:18.920+2:55.545Steam
1547 Paolinosky0Ford Escort Mk II06:20.702+2:57.327PS4
1548 GooseWalker79Ford Escort Mk II06:21.236+2:57.861PS4
1549 MaedhrosFord Escort Mk II06:21.835+2:58.460Steam
1550 Nuclea? Fishin'Ford Escort Mk II06:21.886+2:58.511Steam
1551 MedinaFord Escort Mk II06:22.136+2:58.761Steam
1552 kaidfivecFord Escort Mk II06:22.903+2:59.528Steam
1553 TeTrisFord Escort Mk II06:23.089+2:59.714Steam
1554 RengufelenFord Escort Mk II06:23.487+3:00.112Steam
1555 FreschMeatFord Escort Mk II06:23.502+3:00.127PS4
1556 G0rn1QFord Escort Mk II06:23.888+3:00.513Steam
1557 TemppiFord Escort Mk II06:23.986+3:00.611PS4
1558 lee_ea17Ford Escort Mk II06:24.185+3:00.810PS4
1559 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:24.918+3:01.543Xbox
1560 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:24.952+3:01.577Xbox
1561 AJHcHenryFord Escort Mk II06:24.954+3:01.579Xbox
1562 roccolouFord Escort Mk II06:25.585+3:02.210PS4
1563 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:26.653+3:03.278Xbox
1564 NicholasShayneFord Escort Mk II06:27.503+3:04.128Xbox
1565 TameQuasarFord Escort Mk II06:27.618+3:04.243Steam
1566 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:28.502+3:05.127Xbox
1567 mkastuFord Escort Mk II06:29.402+3:06.270Xbox
1568 DarthVaderisnotmyfatherFord Escort Mk II06:29.553+3:06.178Steam
1569 C4asT'e Ford Escort Mk II06:30.719+3:07.344Steam
1570 trawdon1Ford Escort Mk II06:31.202+3:07.827Xbox
1571 andreasvssFord Escort Mk II06:31.369+3:07.994PS4
1572 KillerElite284Ford Escort Mk II06:32.684+3:09.309PS4
1573 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:33.535+3:10.160Xbox
1574 fabianluis82Ford Escort Mk II06:34.419+3:11.440PS4
1575 KCPRFord Escort Mk II06:36.786+3:13.411Steam
1576 SamWise420Ford Escort Mk II06:36.870+3:13.495Xbox
1577 sahkisFord Escort Mk II06:36.935+3:13.560Steam
1578 rainlokwoodFord Escort Mk II06:37.271+3:13.896PS4
1579 MisterPisterFord Escort Mk II06:38.152+3:14.777Steam
1580 XroussosXFord Escort Mk II06:38.853+3:15.478PS4
1581 IronboyFord Escort Mk II06:41.219+3:17.844Steam
1582 YESPEDFord Escort Mk II06:41.918+3:18.543Steam
1583 michi.reimannFord Escort Mk II06:42.784+3:19.409Steam
1584 BabuFord Escort Mk II06:44.486+3:21.111Steam
1585 NicolasFord Escort Mk II06:44.501+3:21.126Steam
1586 soulbuddhaFord Escort Mk II06:44.886+3:21.511Xbox
1587 300 Ford Escort Mk II06:45.538+3:22.163Steam
1588 WormsPsyFord Escort Mk II06:45.937+3:22.562Xbox
1589 Raven_DM Ford Escort Mk II06:47.770+3:24.395Steam
1590 kds258lgfFord Escort Mk II06:48.434+3:25.590Steam
1591 Master8745Ford Escort Mk II06:49.951+3:26.576Steam
1592 UnluckyDucklinFord Escort Mk II06:50.721+3:27.346Xbox
1593 KrajjFord Escort Mk II06:51.653+3:28.278Steam
1594 matias87gabrielFord Escort Mk II06:51.750+3:28.375PS4
1595 Wiktor_B26Ford Escort Mk II06:53.235+3:29.860Steam
1596 JDIBS! Ford Escort Mk II06:54.401+3:31.260Steam
1597 mannyamorimFord Escort Mk II06:55.485+3:32.110PS4
1598 Prof. Schauer Ford Escort Mk II06:55.520+3:32.145Steam
1599 Doctor HouseFord Escort Mk II06:55.586+3:32.211Steam
1600 Ramirezmario1888Ford Escort Mk II06:56.752+3:33.377PS4
1601 gulin.a.eFord Escort Mk II06:57.767+3:34.392Steam
1602 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:59.252+3:35.877Xbox
1603 vivid-slFord Escort Mk II07:02.955+3:39.580PS4
1604 Max_101 Ford Escort Mk II07:02.967+3:39.592Steam
1605 smkebudFord Escort Mk II07:03.535+3:40.160PS4
1606 hidoleFord Escort Mk II07:05.986+3:42.611Steam
1607 atf201345Ford Escort Mk II07:07.588+3:44.213PS4
1608 DaniizGzFord Escort Mk II07:07.803+3:44.428Xbox
1609 TheDecoFord Escort Mk II07:08.468+3:45.930Steam
1610 zeynep_cFord Escort Mk II07:09.401+3:46.260PS4
1611 REAPERFord Escort Mk II07:10.418+3:47.430Steam
1612 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:11.717+3:48.342Xbox
1613 aRaigeFord Escort Mk II07:12.186+3:48.811Steam
1614 FDP90Ford Escort Mk II07:12.619+3:49.244PS4
1615 Garba_4Ford Escort Mk II07:15.202+3:51.827PS4
1616 ausecoursachaFord Escort Mk II07:15.468+3:52.930Steam
1617 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:16.900+3:53.525Xbox
1618 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:17.935+3:54.560Xbox
1619 Lunik351533Ford Escort Mk II07:18.237+3:54.862PS4
1620 Manolakis101Ford Escort Mk II07:28.369+4:04.994PS4
1621 Urpins100Ford Escort Mk II07:32.686+4:09.311Steam
1622 pinhead_larry76Ford Escort Mk II07:35.335+4:11.960PS4
1623 kraedinFord Escort Mk II07:35.682+4:12.307Steam
1624 GpoloeoFord Escort Mk II07:36.669+4:13.294Steam
1625 oleron17799Ford Escort Mk II07:41.933+4:18.558PS4
1626 TifaTsubasaFord Escort Mk II07:49.836+4:26.461Steam
1627 yeshuahlivesFord Escort Mk II07:52.584+4:29.209PS4
1628 NydusFord Escort Mk II07:53.784+4:30.409Steam
1629 ??ºUnkn0wnFord Escort Mk II07:53.854+4:30.479Steam
1630 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:54.800+4:31.425Xbox
1631 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:56.336+4:32.961Xbox
1632 GebedianFord Escort Mk II07:58.586+4:35.211Steam
1633 xDrunkAllday`Ford Escort Mk II08:01.750+4:38.375Steam
1634 399Ford Escort Mk II08:03.051+4:39.676Steam
1635 GabriniusFord Escort Mk II08:03.435+4:40.600Steam
1636 prlFord Escort Mk II08:10.835+4:47.460Steam
1637 PhantomDe990Ford Escort Mk II08:11.066+4:47.691Steam
1638 principal lewisFord Escort Mk II08:13.585+4:50.210Steam
1639 verybigafroFord Escort Mk II08:14.017+4:50.642Steam
1640 gurghekFord Escort Mk II08:20.048+4:56.673Steam
1641 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:23.469+5:00.940Xbox
1642 DozUKFord Escort Mk II08:27.700+5:04.325PS4
1643 RezzieFord Escort Mk II08:33.685+5:10.310Steam
1644 winter1867Ford Escort Mk II08:34.749+5:11.374Steam
1645 some other fellaFord Escort Mk II08:38.335+5:14.960Steam
1646 kakeboss468Ford Escort Mk II08:39.864+5:16.489PS4
1647 xVaikuttajaFord Escort Mk II08:41.385+5:18.100PS4
1648 slaydeninja1Ford Escort Mk II08:46.353+5:22.978Steam
1649 RaulNavarro233Ford Escort Mk II08:47.418+5:24.430PS4
1650 gg/mqFord Escort Mk II08:54.847+5:31.472Steam
1651 vr38dett183Ford Escort Mk II08:58.583+5:35.208Steam
1652 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:04.949+5:41.574Xbox
1653 pratratFord Escort Mk II09:06.951+5:43.576PS4
1654 Rex-6500Ford Escort Mk II09:14.867+5:51.492PS4
1655 DavitRFord Escort Mk II09:20.718+5:57.343Xbox
1656 TungstenTireFord Escort Mk II09:22.277+5:58.902PS4
1657 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:46.731+6:23.356Xbox
1658 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:50.966+6:27.591Xbox
1659 johny_walker77Ford Escort Mk II10:05.484+6:42.109PS4
1660 LynxGopherFord Escort Mk II10:23.382+7:00.700Xbox
1661 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II10:24.716+7:01.341Xbox
1662 Cactus peludaFord Escort Mk II10:37.263+7:13.888Steam
1663 zOdinFord Escort Mk II10:37.984+7:14.609Steam
1664 Simply AnnaFord Escort Mk II11:08.632+7:45.257Steam
1665 ShreydaFord Escort Mk II11:40.695+8:17.320Steam
1666 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II11:43.015+8:19.640Xbox
1667 1447041789Ford Escort Mk II12:48.775+9:25.400Steam
1668 gameroomHamarin7Ford Escort Mk II13:02.509+9:39.134PS4
1669 zxcwetFord Escort Mk II13:22.705+9:59.330Steam
1670 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II13:58.196+10:34.821Xbox
1671 VapeXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1672 sinancambelFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1673 francoestcarqui.5Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1674 Leather ManFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1675 NonusÆquilibriumFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1676 True BananaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1677 humbiweinFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1678 phil180390Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1679 SAVIORFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1680 ken.ferrellFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1681 lacsetmontagnesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1682 exe.Sergej FährlichFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1683 ??????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1684 FrankeeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1685 DendoMushiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1686 Rystic'hFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1687 SiR LuBeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1688 kevlarmanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1689 josephduffy22Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1690 ? PoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1691 =zipr=Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1692 KILL.exeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1693 Dagi15Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1694 angftcFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1695 TXCXBFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1696 Fluff ?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1697 patton78Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1698 17oJFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1699 ???Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1700 Dosaaf VbgFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1701 rdwu_davidFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1702 VecchiaserpeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1703 Soldat_pepeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1704 daddyr57Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1705 loic.bezFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1706 ÁkosFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1707 ReLUFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1708 ????-????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1709 BZ Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1710 2kDDFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1711 KAFFEEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1712 fernabola_2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1713 FCT9Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1714 Reality - No SoundFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1715 Rot TeufelFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1716 yito199702Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1717 hakonensamiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1718 ?????????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1719 Darkstar Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1720 AccessFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1721 lel_OFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1722 Bou :PFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1723 Dr. Jimmy Russell Ph.DFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1724 runnyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1725 Mau Max Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1726 pitzpatrikFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1727 AzoreaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1728 SivoriFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1729 Spud RacerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1730 HybourneFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1731 GENCAY26Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1732 PsychosocialFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1733 ArtOfViolenceFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1734 Potomu ChtoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1735 ^5Jungle ^2beats ^3Holla ^4Atme Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1736 Dannyboy Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1737 prop_and_veegFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1738 StravesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1739 ??Nunolas??Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1740 1097456719Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1741 SpaceVenturer6461Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1742 ??? ???Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1743 LachsmeisterFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1744 OekofighterFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1745 BrazyEhljayFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1746 666Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1747 HappyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1748 ZanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1749 ?Rin Kaenbyou?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1750 Frontloda28Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1751 ari.salokivi Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1752 [CBT] SDXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1753 CretanKnifeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1754 {C???Flame™}Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1755 DrinkingAloneFan2001Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1756 claudealainFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1757 [SWE]Zacik16Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1758 TobiluchiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1759 Heinz-FictionFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1760 fphanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1761 exctakk Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1762 SquidwardFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1763 zwickksFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1764 ignasgrabauskas46Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1765 FramesOfAleksisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1766 RadNaxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1767 ian.atkinson52 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1768 MR. COOL ICEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1769 VuidaaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1770 normunds.rudzinskisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1771 ali.akkin Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1772 pedrocampos09Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1773 Bishops Toenail Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1774 L. B.Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1775 san hamigoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1776 LADAKL Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1777 Endru991-HUNFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1778 Calogero761Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1779 CriSniper97Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1780 IHC DriverFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1781 HarryFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1782 Lars123mcFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1783 WARNING *Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1784 mobskyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1785 gingerninjajc Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1786 ???Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1787 ArtyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1788 Spectable4Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1789 Teemu #FritoSport Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1790 N J DFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1791 Smurfsoldier07Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1792 koeki13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1793 Perejil69 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1794 ebolaf666.exeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1795 mustARRFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1796 maimun00Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1797 Rusty SHacklefordFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1798 <=GTN2OLD4DIS#%&$=>Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1799 Shini Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1800 ?????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1801 Tommy Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1802 AdamksFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1803 S1l3ntXDFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1804 Farmer GeorgeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1805 kyletschmidtFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1806 CyMonkFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1807 8Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1808 N. MäkeläFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1809 Alex_0992Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1810 Vladislav Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1811 B-RemixFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1812 Newbie2kFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1813 Mike DirtBikeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1814 Qivi1111Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1815 N8Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1816 viothmanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1817 jmfidalgofFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1818 Char AznableFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1819 D3greeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1820 Tommy_AngeloFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1821 b1ut0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1822 Watch dog GODFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1823 coschutzFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1824 Keffr Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1825 kotxebomba007Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1826 SkiiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1827 Vakiwey Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1828 ConanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1829 www.bfrallyteam.beFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1830 CRAZYSTEVE #97Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1831 simanavicius.edgaras94Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1832 side.stepFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1833 FlashFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1834 JH Kim Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1835 troopersingerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1836 BovineForceFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1837 Eddy Raja Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1838 MoskittlesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1839 DeadeyeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1840 chasen55555Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1841 VuleFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1842 sstmotorsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1843 gujukalFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1844 erlanojessonjayFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1845 S4ltyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1846 OwlFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1847 ?SauronFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1848 debon123Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1849 Siegfried Jean LesSixFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1850 BroodroosterFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1851 soul-3DFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1852 renaud.vachonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1853 disguyraymanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1854 OofFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1855 Staska Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1856 danci1973Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1857 JoVi ?Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1858 MrDoed Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1859 JaydenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1860 rorrortizFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1861 romeotudFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1862 Xarly_ZgZFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1863 fernadpFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1864 vulgyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1865 [A2S]AddictFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1866 michu42Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1867 AdamentBubble19Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1868 boorsjozsefFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1869 nielskeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1870 McBenisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1871 ? LuckyManiaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1872 GRyffonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1873 Weddedboban 78 ;) Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1874 ynandanaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1875 Dat StankFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1876 Furkan.IncFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1877 PailosFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1878 DOUBIYANGFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1879 WithnailFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1880 spitom19Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1881 SzacsibácsiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1882 King LeopoldFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1883 EL075Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1884 xx_itz_smurf_xxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1885 --[B]reno--Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1886 ChristianFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1887 TomasmdocFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1888 ShmatkoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1889 EhSaN_OnEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1890 explite Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1891 MECODEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1892 3n3lowFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1893 FoguesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1894 Jady Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1895 RoverFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1896 bunczas Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1897 DatBoiKellzFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1898 [ES]xinO 420Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1899 RazborOffFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1900 opelvitax16xeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1901 canonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1902 Panzerkampfwagen IIIFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1903 drmiraFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1904 MoyashiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1905 Pytorr@Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1906 Prosto MaksFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1907 Ouch Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1908 TeoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1909 svens78Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1910 bjcoates14Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1911 anthonyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1912 Mr. ET Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1913 spindrift Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1914 James Broadley Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1915 wee weeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1916 allen983Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1917 SmnKFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1918 VelFog Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1919 Sarius_hiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1920 Twitch.TV/DangerDan710Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1921 Hawk767 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1922 420 smoke anal jointFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1923 kdobesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1924 Son Of Dyson Sphere [FAILS]Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1925 98aodriozolaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1926 OBTableFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1927 JackFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1928 esDanteFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1929 sandrine.buardFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1930 TunguskaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1931 Michael PliersFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1932 SlittleB3Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1933 wferreyra0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1934 San Tung Chicken WingsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1935 kotsergyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1936 N4pst3r_BZHFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1937 JOKA <3Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1938 dLP|.SlarXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1939 chr2d2 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1940 Desperado.0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1941 KormusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1942 oldmandriverFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1943 Perfect RiderFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1944 Koro SenseiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1945 ?????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1946 brotendoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1947 WolfiesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1948 ? ????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1949 TzukeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1950 DanielAu2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1951 groodyandruffFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1952 NuutMarkFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1953 buzzandwoody6969Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1954 Arcon-X gamingFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1955 BeefbarsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1956 ATIDIA Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1957 MrSirGlitterFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1958 Vincent VegaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1959 jorransilFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1960 Juho Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1961 Orange_stormFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1962 RintasTimppaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1963 Banana_MobileFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1964 VultureFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1965 subverseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1966 Karppa Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1967 Bruno1906Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1968 mKillaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1969 soulblighterpurgeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1970 irina.kushnir.76Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1971 bronson-rangaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1972 **BuFFaLo133**Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1973 ?????Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1974 Fifty_TonsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1975 ZonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1976 Oni40 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1977 mineway.ytFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1978 nuno #reformadoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1979 skynderFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1980 cliocamotos78Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1981 SnowFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1982 OGullamaijaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1983 CommandoMariusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1984 Shooter_4NSFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1985 alanbrizioFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1986 herve.paris01 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1987 nb2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Steam
1988 recepcakirFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
1989 natalone82Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
1990 MAGIC_FINGERS-PTFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
1991 tailormade1965Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
1992 blueye14Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
1993 daytcherFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
1994 a1b3r7br0nFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
1995 ezequielguachin8Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
1996 y654rtyhgfdFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
1997 jordybhoy1994Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
1998 lollo02lo-llanzaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
1999 flaco495Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2000 vitor070Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2001 osmachineFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2002 Baden_0815Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2003 DvZn46Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2004 reqlity111Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2005 o-yaji3Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2006 simriv91Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2007 TheHatMan13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2008 somnium246Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2009 kev_2200Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2010 roytoffit143Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2011 gemmell876Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2012 kiko1975tomasFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2013 pfred66o511Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2014 ary_ferraryFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2015 talarrubiaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2016 AngelJIOFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2017 TheGourangaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2018 martinszalbFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2019 CARB0NS-99Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2020 Evil_RexFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2021 Pak1509Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2022 bailorinFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2023 ErniiURBOFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2024 micaela81703Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2025 Lozmxx29Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2026 matraka_31Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2027 bellof33Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2028 zepequenho85Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2029 kkvvzzFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2030 lewismith99Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2031 nardos_gtdFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2032 hobi13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2033 matounetFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2034 Freelander1972Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2035 BreitzquinsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2036 ZoretmloufFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2037 Raoulduke1979Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2038 bulltitus2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2039 gifman987Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2040 khalahmedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2041 led_Zep4536Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2042 bracettiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2043 joshuacustersFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2044 hugogarcia_07Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2045 Dimi_DPLFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2046 nvidia4Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2047 LuizKarekaoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2048 ooKaufmanooFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2049 rafasemperFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2050 XxaljogaxXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2051 K4mik4ze2305Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2052 S-O-A-D-1985Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2053 angel999mgFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2054 PsychoDad2312Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2055 lg28laurentFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2056 rokesisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2057 lucasmaidana_delFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2058 markrenton85Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2059 nay-z_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2060 ALAIN-VAL-06Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2061 maucor68Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2062 JEBOYSIETSEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2063 Antde1991Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2064 oeilblanc454Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2065 qtqbertFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2066 perbjornsonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2067 gag_zimFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2068 patrock257Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2069 godson3014Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2070 alturas8Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2071 NRotaryTechFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2072 GHR_Gynoug79Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2073 PastinakensalatFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2074 karnshergillFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2075 xxlbeefFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2076 ELuiz73Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2077 The_FeddmanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2078 TheEconomist97Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2079 XOXO_LOCO_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2080 Toivonen365Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2081 oliverperez00Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2082 BeemerbabyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2083 bigG_shevaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2084 giglio1899Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2085 tomutis1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2086 hillis78Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2087 Twan_vdFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2088 tony_montana_797Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2089 laroca93Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2090 Potzkothen13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2091 teiten69Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2092 lachustaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2093 ClassicKarnagFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2094 veetux44Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2095 Karlda1970Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2096 NoNoxx_17Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2097 Danger_FellowFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2098 baf304Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2099 behem-e30Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2100 RedXPlayer21Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2101 HBT-30Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2102 M411eAtN8Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2103 guilhermeepaiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2104 isotopo80Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2105 Elad-g3Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2106 gonga0820Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2107 betopvzFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2108 t_e_dd_yFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2109 CrazzyHempersFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2110 ENTHRAX-666Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2111 iraitz33Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2112 Nico77SalFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2113 KocaHahaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2114 RandomMango254Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2115 mezner_hunFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2116 Willibean123Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2117 namcaPeAoN343Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2118 Tollmar1337Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2119 joachim_s_94Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2120 racer1176Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2121 kalinic67Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2122 jakj12345Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2123 burra1909Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2124 angrydude57Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2125 shamblam1974Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2126 Bokijani1977Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2127 Bazinga88itaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2128 BBQBatmanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2129 bullrazaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2130 BLK-HELMET343Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2131 rico92500Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2132 mateoejeaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2133 ProphetToZealotsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2134 kacolas123Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2135 valdu_con_vFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2136 rclyne87Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2137 FranKalabr8Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2138 beastYnr1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2139 clandjordiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2140 supersok89Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2141 CrashBandit90muFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2142 nico76850LFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2143 chichu_129Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2144 Nauris_111Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2145 BurnFUELFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2146 Beefeater63Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2147 clebardsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2148 Jackie-430Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2149 SkabauFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2150 RST_SpainFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2151 topiusfinFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2152 synckid05Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2153 XxDarkInoxXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2154 mamika78Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2155 jb2a_13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2156 yt_2WheelYetiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2157 Skeetertheman2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2158 Oscarsito_manFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2159 Jgz0401Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2160 lukeagent07alFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2161 steevdu778503Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2162 DarthJoda99Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2163 SomsayNo1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2164 AjsLKS1908Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2165 Goku17DragonballFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2166 SKAMILLA9Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2167 darrenmarkillFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2168 macho_kaiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2169 spiritosoniFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2170 quinty_maritzFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2171 shatboy666Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2172 batmanburakFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2173 AkaMirteFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2174 marktiello1973Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2175 juahhiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2176 TeamFr1tteFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2177 hebe555Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2178 baeza314Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2179 Monsteri58Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2180 alperius87Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2181 AmbientMikeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2182 VilleR82Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2183 aRCHiViLLaNoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2184 MrPerceValFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2185 Y2MRFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2186 Robert77141Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2187 gigibarFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2188 hibikii_soolFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2189 WALLACE8387Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2190 jakobjkschmidFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2191 siriodemetrioFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2192 Hanx_928Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2193 schumidu01800Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2194 seanocallFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2195 RevodlFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2196 siluk007Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2197 GGazparFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2198 HuutomerkkiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2199 TheManiutsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2200 Piripix88Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2201 secondi3197Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2202 djedje69800Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2203 schlenkerEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2204 P1570N_3r0kEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2205 alec02237Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2206 AilchuFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2207 Minikon3r133Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2208 aa11sss444Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2209 wzq66626Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2210 enriquecasares34Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2211 gymboiiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2212 PauloKPFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2213 grus231Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2214 badaboum528Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2215 Im_Zz_DuckFathaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2216 ocihccFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2217 gregastondbsFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2218 Sky_K20Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2219 manu_val96Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2220 D-A-R-K-B-O-S-SFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2221 golfagenFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2222 pencilingmadFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625PS4
2223 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2224 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2225 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2226 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2227 SmokingTriggerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2228 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2229 RapToRReBoRNFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2230 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2231 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2232 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2233 RallyeSportSGFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2234 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2235 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2236 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2237 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2238 Baptdu12Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2239 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2240 apexpredator7Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2241 mrkshort1561Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2242 crazytilFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2243 cdznutzFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2244 DelTerrorFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2245 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2246 banser68Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2247 L33TGhostmanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2248 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2249 Eddie1994Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2250 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2251 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2252 sideways1994Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2253 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2254 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2255 yyeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2256 Prosikito74Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2257 NONOlyoncharboFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2258 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2259 QcStigFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2260 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2261 cough2getoff88Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2262 NewQxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2263 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2264 CheetahGamingFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2265 krishnanunesFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2266 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2267 EsquilaxFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2268 brucebrowndogFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2269 xtio98Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2270 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2271 RESPECTxORANGESFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2272 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2273 SSBazsiHUNFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2274 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2275 NICOM1S29Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2276 vilho96Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2277 Moates123Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2278 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2279 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2280 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2281 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2282 DJRoachFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2283 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2284 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2285 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2286 yongonsetpdFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2287 Valentino13Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2288 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2289 dumbfk90Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2290 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2291 SammyDyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2292 BossjaklikouFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2293 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2294 R3xDogFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2295 pirriganFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2296 AceCircuit19350Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2297 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2298 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2299 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2300 Esoterix86DNBFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2301 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2302 Sov666Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2303 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2304 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2305 lihuelARGFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2306 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2307 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2308 lion24Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2309 TEADELANTEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2310 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2311 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2312 xpxpxpFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2313 kreeswerveFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2314 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2315 loaded420Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2316 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2317 F4cu19Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2318 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2319 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2320 l8tonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2321 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2322 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2323 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2324 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2325 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2326 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2327 superdugFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2328 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2329 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2330 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2331 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox
2332 MRDUSTY63Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+11:36.625Xbox