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DiRT Daily Live, 2018-07-17
2247 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Germany] Kreuzungsring Reverse (S) (Morning, Rain)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 B A C K A L L E Y - Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:34.560+00:00.000Steam
2 Aris_motorFord Fiesta RS Rally02:34.893+00:00.333Steam
3 RajdyWodkaDupyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:35.877+00:01.317PS4
4 EduardoRosavascoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:36.060+00:01.500PS4
5 naglerFord Fiesta RS Rally02:36.077+00:01.517Steam
6 LCM30Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:36.760+00:02.200PS4
7 xCroco52 [FR] Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:37.827+00:03.267Steam
8 ZozaSportFord Fiesta RS Rally02:38.193+00:03.633Xbox
9 Tyoung972Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:38.277+00:03.717PS4
10 Predator_1963_MWFord Fiesta RS Rally02:38.310+00:03.750PS4
11 psych13aFord Fiesta RS Rally02:38.576+00:04.160PS4
12 JCarelianFord Fiesta RS Rally02:38.676+00:04.116PS4
13 unitakoraFord Fiesta RS Rally02:38.826+00:04.266PS4
14 Futureboy7880Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:38.826+00:04.266PS4
15 OvalRacerFord Fiesta RS Rally02:39.126+00:04.566PS4
16 kabaneiroFord Fiesta RS Rally02:39.293+00:04.733PS4
17 Andy-XFFord Fiesta RS Rally02:39.376+00:04.816PS4
18 Random JDM GuyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:39.393+00:04.833Steam
19 TheRallyManVWFord Fiesta RS Rally02:39.493+00:04.933Xbox
20 kristof_baestaensFord Fiesta RS Rally02:39.526+00:04.966Steam
21 daniel19920427Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:39.760+00:05.200PS4
22 Raider552Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:39.776+00:05.216PS4
23 pateauFord Fiesta RS Rally02:39.910+00:05.350Xbox
24 Dominguez Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:39.960+00:05.400Steam
25 niccolocinquiniFord Fiesta RS Rally02:40.026+00:05.466Steam
26 BraxenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:40.226+00:05.666Steam
27 m260602Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:40.376+00:05.816PS4
28 FahrerFord Fiesta RS Rally02:40.710+00:06.150Steam
29 EpilepticToastFord Fiesta RS Rally02:40.776+00:06.216Xbox
30 micky148Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:40.876+00:06.316PS4
31 laurent87Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:40.876+00:06.316Xbox
32 Soldryat Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:40.960+00:06.400Steam
33 ChalouGrr_05_Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.043+00:06.483PS4
34 Southh07 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.093+00:06.533Steam
35 SGT_alex115Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.110+00:06.550PS4
36 ChrisShotzz Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.143+00:06.583Steam
37 pfred66o511Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.260+00:06.700PS4
38 GTP_See23Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.276+00:06.716PS4
39 artos55 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.310+00:06.750Steam
40 DimSum Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.376+00:06.816Steam
41 flaurel0206Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.410+00:06.850PS4
42 sylrct83Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.410+00:06.850PS4
43 NONOlyoncharboFord Fiesta RS Rally02:41.426+00:06.866Xbox
44 Jordan_WRC23Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.526+00:06.966PS4
45 Superd00ps Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.576+00:07.160Steam
46 turboglenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:41.593+00:07.330PS4
47 AzemaSwill1Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.643+00:07.830PS4
48 gabmanu--Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:41.726+00:07.166PS4
49 olliFord Fiesta RS Rally02:41.760+00:07.200Steam
50 jzdoctorFord Fiesta RS Rally02:41.793+00:07.233PS4
51 labatmobileFord Fiesta RS Rally02:41.843+00:07.283PS4
52 kividakiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:41.893+00:07.333PS4
53 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:41.893+00:07.333Xbox
54 [TAW] Stuffed_Shark #CrestAutosFord Fiesta RS Rally02:41.926+00:07.366Steam
55 jb2a_13Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:42.010+00:07.450PS4
56 steffmcraeFord Fiesta RS Rally02:42.026+00:07.466Steam
57 franquisFord Fiesta RS Rally02:42.126+00:07.566Steam
58 morris.rommelFord Fiesta RS Rally02:42.226+00:07.666Steam
59 rcwaltcyntFord Fiesta RS Rally02:42.360+00:07.800Xbox
60 potter356Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:42.410+00:07.850Steam
61 Rene #NoControl Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:42.643+00:08.830Steam
62 rumcajsz99Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:42.710+00:08.150Steam
63 menekuloemberFord Fiesta RS Rally02:42.743+00:08.183Steam
64 szachan.gaborFord Fiesta RS Rally02:42.760+00:08.200Steam
65 SemistrunFord Fiesta RS Rally02:42.760+00:08.200Steam
66 kildog Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:42.776+00:08.216Steam
67 Valremy VegaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:42.793+00:08.233Steam
68 SAABviggenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:42.810+00:08.250PS4
69 Vergil ? Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:42.926+00:08.366Steam
70 SnakeBeater91Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:42.943+00:08.383PS4
71 PL---Maciek---PLFord Fiesta RS Rally02:42.960+00:08.400PS4
72 KP6Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:43.010+00:08.450Steam
73 Risto00Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:43.110+00:08.550Steam
74 IMW_7Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:43.110+00:08.550PS4
75 markrenton85Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:43.143+00:08.583PS4
76 ogiersebFord Fiesta RS Rally02:43.176+00:08.616Xbox
77 kicsiheFord Fiesta RS Rally02:43.193+00:08.633Steam
78 JamptonFord Fiesta RS Rally02:43.226+00:08.666Steam
79 StoryVSFord Fiesta RS Rally02:43.260+00:08.700Steam
80 lucas.delbrelFord Fiesta RS Rally02:43.326+00:08.766Steam
81 Gup DouglasFord Fiesta RS Rally02:43.360+00:08.800Steam
82 Candycorn RhinoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:43.560+00:09.000Steam
83 jo_siffert Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:43.610+00:09.500Steam
84 atrvo Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:43.643+00:09.830Steam
85 ale693Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:43.643+00:09.830Xbox
86 KTMKIDFord Fiesta RS Rally02:43.676+00:09.116Xbox
87 rybäFord Fiesta RS Rally02:43.710+00:09.150Steam
88 Pete Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:43.776+00:09.216Steam
89 Soulr3av3r Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:43.860+00:09.300Steam
90 Neptune325Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:43.860+00:09.300PS4
91 EVERSMAN9Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:43.926+00:09.366PS4
92 Gerli86gFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.010+00:09.450PS4
93 nielsl1999Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.043+00:09.483Steam
94 JakeRayFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.043+00:09.483Steam
95 EnconahotsauceFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.076+00:09.516PS4
96 mjkFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.110+00:09.550Steam
97 TwoTwoOneFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.160+00:09.600Steam
98 AtliaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.260+00:09.700Steam
99 Rub1nhoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.260+00:09.700PS4
100 Heino Hinterseer Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.276+00:09.716Steam
101 forgrimiusFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.276+00:09.716PS4
102 jokerFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.443+00:09.883Steam
103 jbg44[FR]Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.476+00:09.916Steam
104 Mika-T420Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.493+00:09.933PS4
105 tinke76 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.576+00:10.160Steam
106 Mendini (PT)Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.626+00:10.660Steam
107 pierrotdu13 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.660+00:10.100Steam
108 oldethumperFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.710+00:10.150Steam
109 mhk2308Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.726+00:10.166PS4
110 Zuta??(²2 ² )??Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.776+00:10.216Steam
111 bjanss10Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.810+00:10.250PS4
112 elfoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.826+00:10.266Xbox
113 El BakherFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.876+00:10.316Steam
114 LambiainenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:44.876+00:10.316PS4
115 Kenny1831 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.893+00:10.333Steam
116 pitthekid44 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.943+00:10.383Steam
117 GTI-54Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.943+00:10.383PS4
118 info Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:44.960+00:10.400Steam
119 ar1_1kolaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.026+00:10.466PS4
120 CypaaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.060+00:10.500Steam
121 Rich-Bunford7Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.060+00:10.500PS4
122 lipaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.076+00:10.516Steam
123 JonSnow8737Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.076+00:10.516Xbox
124 blak_angelsFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.176+00:10.616PS4
125 chodnik Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.193+00:10.633Steam
126 Staatl.geprüfter GewürzprüferFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.276+00:10.716Steam
127 MEISTER5470Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.293+00:10.733PS4
128 Remidel59 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.310+00:10.750Steam
129 SoneranmiesFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.393+00:10.833PS4
130 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.426+00:10.866Xbox
131 GGCarSport | ArekFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.460+00:10.900Steam
132 cardysFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.460+00:10.900Steam
133 desigual71Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.476+00:10.916Xbox
134 SKLM59Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.526+00:10.966Xbox
135 Jan #NoControl Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.543+00:10.983Steam
136 StickOneFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.576+00:11.160Steam
137 Go Home YankeesFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.626+00:11.660Steam
138 -TAGS-Ba77Man- Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.660+00:11.100Steam
139 LUKEY1993Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.693+00:11.133PS4
140 SnoopFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.710+00:11.150Steam
141 KentKetchumFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.710+00:11.150PS4
142 magicwise Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.760+00:11.200Steam
143 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.776+00:11.216Xbox
144 MentoSFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.793+00:11.233Steam
145 schiefinspector2Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.810+00:11.250PS4
146 SGordon024Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.843+00:11.283PS4
147 Thekinky1 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.860+00:11.300Steam
148 giftedGeckoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.876+00:11.316Steam
149 ChaikaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.876+00:11.316Steam
150 ReallyDrunkFord Fiesta RS Rally02:45.893+00:11.333Steam
151 cyril.b16Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.893+00:11.333Steam
152 Mr_Stereomd Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.926+00:11.366Steam
153 Realista74Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.960+00:11.400Steam
154 Burn Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:45.976+00:11.416Steam
155 ladaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.026+00:11.466Steam
156 Toikkari_37Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.026+00:11.466PS4
157 PikkueeFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.093+00:11.533Xbox
158 xFruit_ScopezFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.110+00:11.550PS4
159 thertherleclodoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.110+00:11.550PS4
160 Sakabe2358Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.126+00:11.566PS4
161 Audi_A6_weissFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.143+00:11.583PS4
162 Lohn109Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.176+00:11.616Steam
163 TAUPIN Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.193+00:11.633Steam
164 BeemerbabyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.210+00:11.650PS4
165 JaseArgonautsFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.260+00:11.700Xbox
166 cesiu555Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.326+00:11.766Steam
167 GoLDen_GOOOALOFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.343+00:11.783PS4
168 ????? ?? ?????? ??????Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.476+00:11.916Steam
169 Leberkleister Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.493+00:11.933Steam
170 reeferFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.510+00:11.950Steam
171 EintrachtTRFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.510+00:11.950PS4
172 doublelou Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.526+00:11.966Steam
173 SaantiihernandezFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.526+00:11.966PS4
174 meskalitoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.543+00:11.983Steam
175 Skinnyman | FC Ping City Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.560+00:12.000Steam
176 MC WRT Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.560+00:12.000Steam
177 Pupkin Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.643+00:12.830Steam
178 BeggarSifonFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.660+00:12.100Steam
179 ignashow492Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.676+00:12.116Steam
180 iF11XracingFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.676+00:12.116PS4
181 manatwork123Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.693+00:12.133PS4
182 soboog Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.726+00:12.166Steam
183 Marlec Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.759+00:12.199Steam
184 AkaMirteFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.759+00:12.199PS4
185 Eat-My-Dirt Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.793+00:12.233Steam
186 X_leo76_XFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.809+00:12.249PS4
187 benjamin0912Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.809+00:12.249Xbox
188 adydiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.826+00:12.266PS4
189 MrPutz Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.843+00:12.283Steam
190 Jean-Valjean-Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.843+00:12.283PS4
191 kalotainorbertFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.843+00:12.283PS4
192 tiouxeFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.859+00:12.299Xbox
193 TwentyPencesFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.876+00:12.316PS4
194 Su_KenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.909+00:12.349Steam
195 PuavoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.909+00:12.349Steam
196 funpraFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.909+00:12.349Steam
197 mr_robot2017Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.959+00:12.399Steam
198 misanthor Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:46.976+00:12.416Steam
199 ExMrAngryFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.993+00:12.433PS4
200 LightningSportFord Fiesta RS Rally02:46.993+00:12.433PS4
201 petrli13Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.009+00:12.449PS4
202 mcloud1001Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.026+00:12.466PS4
203 Kansei DoritoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.043+00:12.483Steam
204 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.043+00:12.483Xbox
205 hampe0108Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.043+00:12.483Xbox
206 tkultanenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.059+00:12.499Steam
207 ebolaf666.exeFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.076+00:12.516Steam
208 [SWE]Zacik16Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.109+00:12.549Steam
209 bolideur1Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.109+00:12.549PS4
210 FoxrampeFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.126+00:12.566PS4
211 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.209+00:12.649Xbox
212 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.209+00:12.649Xbox
213 ari.salokivi Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.259+00:12.699Steam
214 Eppux12Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.276+00:12.716PS4
215 DMaGGaaaarFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.276+00:12.716PS4
216 kudasoffff Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.293+00:12.733Steam
217 XCIOFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.326+00:12.766Steam
218 ventucriFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.376+00:12.816Steam
219 deadbeefFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.426+00:12.866Steam
220 Smed Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.426+00:12.866Steam
221 RagnarokFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.509+00:12.949Steam
222 rom26Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.543+00:12.983Xbox
223 TandalfFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.576+00:13.160Xbox
224 SWAGA_IN_Da_BAGFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.593+00:13.330Steam
225 =zipr=Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.609+00:13.490Steam
226 nickotsidasFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.609+00:13.490Steam
227 öäFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.659+00:13.990Steam
228 travellog07Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.676+00:13.116Steam
229 Rising Sun Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.726+00:13.166Steam
230 Lead Farmer Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.843+00:13.283Steam
231 DrDylzzzFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.876+00:13.316PS4
232 AcidFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.926+00:13.366Steam
233 ManDePatFord Fiesta RS Rally02:47.926+00:13.366Steam
234 alexandre8763Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:47.976+00:13.416Steam
235 agaga974Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.059+00:13.499Steam
236 MauTGFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.059+00:13.499Xbox
237 Jorma KovanenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.076+00:13.516Steam
238 Jellyflooosh14Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.076+00:13.516Xbox
239 viveklegoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.109+00:13.549Steam
240 Toom43 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.126+00:13.566Steam
241 h.klappauf Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.193+00:13.633Steam
242 S_V_A_I_K_A_72Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.209+00:13.649PS4
243 hameen1Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.209+00:13.649PS4
244 Hippopotaattori Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.226+00:13.666Steam
245 Stepan StepanowitchFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.226+00:13.666Steam
246 jono_misfitFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.243+00:13.683Steam
247 pedrochopiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.276+00:13.716PS4
248 riton17350Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.309+00:13.749PS4
249 peterkaumannsFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.343+00:13.783Steam
250 PeshulFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.393+00:13.833Steam
251 Escobarr24Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.393+00:13.833PS4
252 leobarthFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.426+00:13.866Xbox
253 KarekaoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.443+00:13.883Xbox
254 Nexus Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.476+00:13.916Steam
255 crocko41Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.476+00:13.916PS4
256 rfzdFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.493+00:13.933Steam
257 valentinmassonFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.509+00:13.949Xbox
258 Luigi07340Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.576+00:14.160Xbox
259 musicman74 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.626+00:14.660Steam
260 Thunderclap786Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.643+00:14.830PS4
261 DJebel DRoid Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.843+00:14.283Steam
262 Soper11 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.859+00:14.299Steam
263 bungar Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.909+00:14.349Steam
264 ??????1?Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.909+00:14.349Steam
265 SHUTD0WNFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.959+00:14.399Xbox
266 Bur Duke Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.976+00:14.416Steam
267 manne30Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:48.976+00:14.416PS4
268 JVsnellmanFord Fiesta RS Rally02:48.993+00:14.433PS4
269 Lombardibarnabe-Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.009+00:14.449PS4
270 pologt86cFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.026+00:14.466PS4
271 mlroirFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.026+00:14.466PS4
272 Beretta PRKLFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.043+00:14.483Steam
273 puppo500Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.043+00:14.483PS4
274 ????Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.059+00:14.499Steam
275 subaru_2BYoLHaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.059+00:14.499Steam
276 bigbang2100Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.093+00:14.533PS4
277 DrGigFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.109+00:14.549Steam
278 tigris1970Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.109+00:14.549PS4
279 mellonFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.143+00:14.583Steam
280 rovnii_pocFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.143+00:14.583PS4
281 DZNZFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.176+00:14.616Steam
282 sulomies Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.209+00:14.649Steam
283 slim one Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.226+00:14.666Steam
284 Sorbus84 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.243+00:14.683Steam
285 H@rd Drivin' Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.243+00:14.683Steam
286 {C???Flame™}Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.259+00:14.699Steam
287 SimonFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.276+00:14.716Steam
288 hide0040Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.309+00:14.749Steam
289 drost1353Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.343+00:14.783Xbox
290 mitycznyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.393+00:14.833Steam
291 Bemme_11Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.459+00:14.899PS4
292 Dukk_neste_gang Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.476+00:14.916Steam
293 pmasiczFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.476+00:14.916Steam
294 SP_TOTE89Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.476+00:14.916PS4
295 dlz Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.493+00:14.933Steam
296 Moptop Mattuls Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.526+00:14.966Steam
297 SqUFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.543+00:14.983Steam
298 GoldDEtiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.543+00:14.983Steam
299 frankiestailFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.543+00:14.983PS4
300 filgesfilgesFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.559+00:14.999PS4
301 QuimFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.593+00:15.330Steam
302 JonnySssniperFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.626+00:15.660Xbox
303 Fernando MeirelesFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.643+00:15.830Steam
304 Karppa Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.659+00:15.990Steam
305 Franken-RacerFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.709+00:15.149Steam
306 cratercamperFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.726+00:15.166Steam
307 PortablePortal Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.743+00:15.183Steam
308 DanklebergFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.743+00:15.183Steam
309 DemonicCactus22Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.743+00:15.183Xbox
310 pekka.virkamaki Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.759+00:15.199Steam
311 TedofonkFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.759+00:15.199Steam
312 fabianlebombeFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.759+00:15.199PS4
313 Sei3 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.776+00:15.216Steam
314 dik12345Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.809+00:15.249PS4
315 EarL150294Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.826+00:15.266PS4
316 schabrackesFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.843+00:15.283Steam
317 reavens83Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.843+00:15.283Steam
318 Bubi Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.843+00:15.283Steam
319 WasserkocherFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.843+00:15.283Xbox
320 GouzgounisFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.876+00:15.316Steam
321 Crow Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.926+00:15.366Steam
322 INCRIDEFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.926+00:15.366Xbox
323 RZA Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:49.943+00:15.383Steam
324 VuidaaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:49.993+00:15.433Steam
325 FRITO Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.009+00:15.449Steam
326 leepy43Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.009+00:15.449PS4
327 TURBORUNNERXFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.026+00:15.466PS4
328 RedBully' Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.059+00:15.499Steam
329 kovacsdaniel991Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.059+00:15.499Steam
330 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.059+00:15.499Xbox
331 SZ_Lukas97Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.076+00:15.516PS4
332 miguit Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.093+00:15.533Steam
333 SexyDino Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.093+00:15.533Steam
334 luckybeltFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.143+00:15.583Xbox
335 PR.[KIA] rPoXoTauJIoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.159+00:15.599Steam
336 [Axis]???????Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.176+00:15.616Steam
337 hansokumakeFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.176+00:15.616PS4
338 jonesy65582Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.193+00:15.633PS4
339 OxSnot Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.243+00:15.683Steam
340 MeatgrinderFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.259+00:15.699Steam
341 Cromey Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.276+00:15.716Steam
342 israwrcFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.326+00:15.766Xbox
343 Lord HelicockterFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.343+00:15.783Steam
344 archi840801Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.343+00:15.783PS4
345 Bishops Toenail Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.359+00:15.799Steam
346 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.359+00:15.799Xbox
347 SheenuFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.376+00:15.816Steam
348 gunslinger3 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.376+00:15.816Steam
349 BattleGear Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.376+00:15.816Steam
350 jandar2Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.409+00:15.849Steam
351 Muncho Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.426+00:15.866Steam
352 Mark6™Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.426+00:15.866Steam
353 JOROpena81Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.459+00:15.899Xbox
354 Crusty Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.509+00:15.949Steam
355 wilbur10154Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.526+00:15.966Xbox
356 arne.schmiedebergFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.543+00:15.983Steam
357 Phileb77Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.543+00:15.983Xbox
358 pet38Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.593+00:16.330Xbox
359 RennenMeisterFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.643+00:16.830Steam
360 Solitudinarian00Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.676+00:16.116Steam
361 jak2755 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.759+00:16.199Steam
362 ReM Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.776+00:16.216Steam
363 corradinhoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.809+00:16.249Steam
364 FallbackTester7Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.826+00:16.266Xbox
365 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.859+00:16.299Xbox
366 CParry17Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.876+00:16.316Xbox
367 Zrob17Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.876+00:16.316Xbox
368 Despacito 5Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.893+00:16.333Steam
369 conforapideFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.926+00:16.366Steam
370 HomerJ127Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:50.926+00:16.366Xbox
371 PompeloFord Fiesta RS Rally02:50.943+00:16.383Steam
372 RedFlyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.009+00:16.449Steam
373 RamFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.009+00:16.449Steam
374 QcStigFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.009+00:16.449Xbox
375 SIMspertFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.043+00:16.483Steam
376 piccouFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.043+00:16.483PS4
377 nvidia4Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.059+00:16.499PS4
378 CampsFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.059+00:16.499Xbox
379 MoistPuff13Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.076+00:16.516Xbox
380 Caruncho Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.126+00:16.566Steam
381 Zobe Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.126+00:16.566Steam
382 xB3rb3r3chOxFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.126+00:16.566Xbox
383 ivanschitz01Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.193+00:16.633PS4
384 Perejil69 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.226+00:16.666Steam
385 Ciccio e Tatino Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.243+00:16.683Steam
386 BanjoHolicFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.276+00:16.716Steam
387 Dep_Str3am007Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.276+00:16.716PS4
388 AngmarLichFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.293+00:16.733PS4
389 Miika#FRITOSPORT Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.326+00:16.766Steam
390 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.359+00:16.799Xbox
391 AidardosFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.359+00:16.799Xbox
392 JKFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.376+00:16.816Steam
393 MADED_UAFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.426+00:16.866Oculus
394 stig7747Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.443+00:16.883PS4
395 darkloic57Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.459+00:16.899PS4
396 RavenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.476+00:16.916Steam
397 NIcksterFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.509+00:16.949Steam
398 BossThaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.526+00:16.966Steam
399 VermFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.576+00:17.160Steam
400 GACHI MUCHI SQUADFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.576+00:17.160Steam
401 talentfrei Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.576+00:17.160Steam
402 RiggidyRyRyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.576+00:17.160PS4
403 Norbi7_HUNFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.593+00:17.330PS4
404 BZ Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.609+00:17.490Steam
405 GregFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.643+00:17.830Steam
406 mindstormer13Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.643+00:17.830Steam
407 mairambo89Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.643+00:17.830PS4
408 mistrale88xanderFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.643+00:17.830PS4
409 kuchtak.kFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.659+00:17.990Steam
410 StupidFingers Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.693+00:17.133Steam
411 exctakk Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.726+00:17.166Steam
412 janis162007Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.743+00:17.183Steam
413 WaluigithewalrusFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.743+00:17.183Steam
414 ali.akkin Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.759+00:17.199Steam
415 Valfar2012Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.759+00:17.199PS4
416 evotronmix Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.776+00:17.216Steam
417 AltezerenteFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.776+00:17.216Steam
418 derek89Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.776+00:17.216Xbox
419 limonadrian91Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.809+00:17.249PS4
420 h?'111100011110011011110010Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.826+00:17.266Steam
421 Arch3rAc3Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.843+00:17.283Xbox
422 woqFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.859+00:17.299Steam
423 kar69Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.876+00:17.316Steam
424 rg031293Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.876+00:17.316Xbox
425 amodasFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.893+00:17.333Steam
426 Da_vi_D-Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.893+00:17.333PS4
427 Luc Gools Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.943+00:17.383Steam
428 bob666Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.943+00:17.383Steam
429 B5TMX7Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:51.943+00:17.383PS4
430 BlitzkriegFord Fiesta RS Rally02:51.976+00:17.416Steam
431 And Revenge FantasiesFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.026+00:17.466Steam
432 Fatblokegreen Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.043+00:17.483Steam
433 PanosChFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.043+00:17.483Steam
434 mojzism5Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.043+00:17.483PS4
435 RileySkyKodaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.076+00:17.516PS4
436 jindra247 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.093+00:17.533Steam
437 Bleifussler Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.126+00:17.566Steam
438 lieutenant FitzzFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.126+00:17.566Steam
439 Moretti Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.143+00:17.583Steam
440 jukkajaa Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.143+00:17.583Steam
441 Mr. MuffinFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.176+00:17.616Steam
442 MrDoed Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.176+00:17.616Steam
443 borbl240Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.176+00:17.616PS4
444 NguiflFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.176+00:17.616PS4
445 yito199702Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.193+00:17.633Steam
446 PadPseudoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.243+00:17.683Xbox
447 MCOGSoulFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.259+00:17.699Steam
448 SaLaManDeR Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.276+00:17.716Steam
449 wapp Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.293+00:17.733Steam
450 guf_c Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.326+00:17.766Steam
451 blackjasu8Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.326+00:17.766PS4
452 caloianubogdanFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.343+00:17.783Steam
453 FLYeRNeTFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.393+00:17.833Steam
454 twitch70Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.393+00:17.833Xbox
455 decliq Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.426+00:17.866Steam
456 NuiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.443+00:17.883Steam
457 enrique.augusto009Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.443+00:17.883Steam
458 -Urj4-Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.459+00:17.899Steam
459 USSR-The_SovietFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.509+00:17.949PS4
460 Rodney-EffingtonFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.509+00:17.949PS4
461 henri.tikkinenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.559+00:17.999Steam
462 apo-001budapestFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.559+00:17.999PS4
463 KANAKEBAB Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.593+00:18.330Steam
464 Mac-WJFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.609+00:18.490PS4
465 GetuntFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.659+00:18.990Xbox
466 piccolo7806Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.676+00:18.116PS4
467 Runout99Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.676+00:18.116Xbox
468 SanozZFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.693+00:18.133Steam
469 FanderallyeFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.693+00:18.133Xbox
470 Vagabrain Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.709+00:18.149Steam
471 ThomasRdrFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.726+00:18.166Steam
472 Szczepek126pFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.726+00:18.166PS4
473 BCT_48 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.743+00:18.183Steam
474 Remb000 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.743+00:18.183Steam
475 ThodorisFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.759+00:18.199Steam
476 macatristaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.776+00:18.216Xbox
477 spr83 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.793+00:18.233Steam
478 remidufourFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.793+00:18.233Steam
479 peter.lutzFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.793+00:18.233Steam
480 Smokie_UK1Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.809+00:18.249Steam
481 macerronnieFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.826+00:18.266PS4
482 TLRCYBORGFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.826+00:18.266Xbox
483 xX-_Killng_XxFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.893+00:18.333PS4
484 Obe-WanFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.893+00:18.333PS4
485 Chewbitch Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.909+00:18.349Steam
486 josemmb1971Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.943+00:18.383PS4
487 matti.immonenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.959+00:18.399Steam
488 Jeroenkramer17Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.959+00:18.399PS4
489 slmnnFord Fiesta RS Rally02:52.976+00:18.416Steam
490 Gti333???? Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:52.993+00:18.433Steam
491 RashshafFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.076+00:18.516Steam
492 HippyspawnFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.093+00:18.533Oculus
493 K1I9N7G7Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.126+00:18.566PS4
494 [T.F]Raptor974 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.143+00:18.583Steam
495 keeper96Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.209+00:18.649Steam
496 Ivau912Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.209+00:18.649Steam
497 kaleepsoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.226+00:18.666Xbox
498 Santana748Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.243+00:18.683PS4
499 Grow up.Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.309+00:18.749Steam
500 DecebalFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.343+00:18.783Steam
501 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.359+00:18.799Xbox
502 dr.frexx Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.376+00:18.816Steam
503 dacohanFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.393+00:18.833Steam
504 ThomasoliverfoxFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.393+00:18.833Xbox
505 E.T.Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.443+00:18.883Steam
506 Herrjee38Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.443+00:18.883PS4
507 johanntetreault77Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.476+00:18.916Steam
508 Ziemniak ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.493+00:18.933Steam
509 ????Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.509+00:18.949Steam
510 NbdX Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.526+00:18.966Steam
511 markettoa1Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.526+00:18.966PS4
512 opassacFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.559+00:18.999PS4
513 AllanBrallanFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.626+00:19.660PS4
514 siba018 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.676+00:19.116Steam
515 tuck0731Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.676+00:19.116Xbox
516 anto_01 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.726+00:19.166Steam
517 is-pierrotFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.743+00:19.183PS4
518 hakonensamiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.759+00:19.199Steam
519 Blöd FröhseFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.759+00:19.199Steam
520 fasty0061Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.759+00:19.199PS4
521 tarcisiotravassoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.776+00:19.216PS4
522 jose-nava_vasqueFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.793+00:19.233PS4
523 jvFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.809+00:19.249Steam
524 PencuS802Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.809+00:19.249PS4
525 the mildest of boysFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.826+00:19.266Steam
526 hilapffFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.843+00:19.283PS4
527 Barjoland38Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.876+00:19.316Steam
528 ZoinkahFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.893+00:19.333Steam
529 datpFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.909+00:19.349Steam
530 3a?Pa3??pFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.926+00:19.366Steam
531 jari220970Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.943+00:19.383PS4
532 Viper2997 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.959+00:19.399Steam
533 mitchonetwo Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.959+00:19.399Steam
534 a2dgj6pFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.959+00:19.399PS4
535 Mishop88Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:53.959+00:19.399PS4
536 DstatesFord Fiesta RS Rally02:53.976+00:19.416Xbox
537 PeltoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.009+00:19.449Steam
538 PailosFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.009+00:19.449Steam
539 jribescFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.043+00:19.483Steam
540 Toru Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.059+00:19.499Steam
541 DK_BurnoutFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.059+00:19.499PS4
542 mig64 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.109+00:19.549Steam
543 Serjant Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.109+00:19.549Steam
544 JLakaPanda007Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.109+00:19.549PS4
545 Nosferatu Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.126+00:19.566Steam
546 Episode I : DumpFile MenaceFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.209+00:19.649Steam
547 Jejey.Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.226+00:19.666Steam
548 UndokedLoki718Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.226+00:19.666Xbox
549 Danny26XDFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.243+00:19.683Steam
550 bubba61Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.243+00:19.683Xbox
551 icecolaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.259+00:19.699Steam
552 Giggs-030-Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.276+00:19.716PS4
553 Mr.jaccothecatFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.293+00:19.733Steam
554 KromackFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.309+00:19.749Steam
555 cShowFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.326+00:19.766Steam
556 BroodroosterFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.326+00:19.766Steam
557 IHC DriverFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.343+00:19.783Steam
558 Jeffa GFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.343+00:19.783Steam
559 Xelabo Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.376+00:19.816Steam
560 KiwiKill10Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.426+00:19.866PS4
561 mickmacFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.443+00:19.883Steam
562 rukavina Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.459+00:19.899Steam
563 AceFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.476+00:19.916Steam
564 ApexFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.476+00:19.916Steam
565 LuckieLordie Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.526+00:19.966Steam
566 mizuki.car0113Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.559+00:19.999Steam
567 sibtchaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.576+00:20.160PS4
568 krmobilFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.643+00:20.830Xbox
569 jguello1 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.659+00:20.990Steam
570 Colin Awesome Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.659+00:20.990Steam
571 Lukas155155Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.659+00:20.990Steam
572 Hugo_LndFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.693+00:20.133Steam
573 trcekurbiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.693+00:20.133Steam
574 borandmarFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.709+00:20.149Steam
575 Valentin77 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.709+00:20.149Steam
576 theRedB5Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.709+00:20.149Steam
577 anjuna65Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.709+00:20.149PS4
578 romangardenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.726+00:20.166PS4
579 EastyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.743+00:20.183Steam
580 DaddamoriFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.759+00:20.199Steam
581 MasterChiefFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.759+00:20.199Steam
582 4:20 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.776+00:20.216Steam
583 mongafifi Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.793+00:20.233Steam
584 ELCAPHONE2008Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.809+00:20.249Steam
585 BulletToothFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.826+00:20.266Steam
586 zspapa13Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.826+00:20.266PS4
587 H3LL FÄHRT in den HARZFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.843+00:20.283Steam
588 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.876+00:20.316Xbox
589 keithy5730Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.893+00:20.333PS4
590 landstalkerFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.909+00:20.349Steam
591 MakkkieFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.909+00:20.349Steam
592 Motörhead 2112Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.959+00:20.399Steam
593 davilet9Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.976+00:20.416PS4
594 Bit_StormyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:54.993+00:20.433Steam
595 Zeiserl Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:54.993+00:20.433Steam
596 RumpySteveFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.009+00:20.449Xbox
597 asinorossoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.026+00:20.466PS4
598 onni04boyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.042+00:20.482PS4
599 3CharactersFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.042+00:20.482Xbox
600 Sean_P-ykk8643Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.076+00:20.516PS4
601 KoffeinkistaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.109+00:20.549Steam
602 Drinkn and RacingFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.142+00:20.582Steam
603 Dirtmatty4Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.142+00:20.582Xbox
604 stevestedankoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.142+00:20.582Xbox
605 SpazAtacckFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.159+00:20.599PS4
606 TadiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.176+00:20.616Steam
607 Tm_DstnFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.192+00:20.632PS4
608 kotsios96Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.209+00:20.649Steam
609 TEADELANTEFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.209+00:20.649Xbox
610 Reini Graf von SpeedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.226+00:20.666Steam
611 Jonas MorschFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.226+00:20.666Steam
612 stoveluckFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.226+00:20.666PS4
613 joogieFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.242+00:20.682Steam
614 medvedevsm92Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.326+00:20.766Steam
615 Laky LUK 2Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.326+00:20.766Steam
616 interfacetogodFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.326+00:20.766Steam
617 rafasemperFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.326+00:20.766PS4
618 parlantiyo78Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.326+00:20.766PS4
619 m5n9ukyp Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.342+00:20.782Steam
620 iFC-Hunt3rFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.342+00:20.782Steam
621 svt4cam Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.342+00:20.782Steam
622 GTHG_VioulevoyouFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.359+00:20.799PS4
623 anjox149Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.359+00:20.799PS4
624 xoom.euFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.376+00:20.816Steam
625 Mimatsu_kFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.392+00:20.832PS4
626 jeremy.ramageFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.409+00:20.849Steam
627 ezequielguachin8Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.409+00:20.849PS4
628 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.409+00:20.849Xbox
629 Jonny_crook1993Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.426+00:20.866PS4
630 S4ltyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.442+00:20.882Steam
631 aqualeslieFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.442+00:20.882PS4
632 tora_sanFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.459+00:20.899Steam
633 DK Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.459+00:20.899Steam
634 fabio5TRXS7fariaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.459+00:20.899PS4
635 L555BATTFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.476+00:20.916Xbox
636 wil1211Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.509+00:20.949Xbox
637 Rene.WangFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.526+00:20.966Steam
638 CommissarBelikovFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.576+00:21.160PS4
639 moroketFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.592+00:21.320Xbox
640 midi123Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.609+00:21.490PS4
641 Dosaaf VbgFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.642+00:21.820Steam
642 Nytefyre Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.659+00:21.990Steam
643 mixxishuntFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.659+00:21.990Steam
644 tomartaga Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.676+00:21.116Steam
645 Aldinsh Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.676+00:21.116Steam
646 Mr__WarHawkFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.676+00:21.116PS4
647 OlafWelboren804Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.676+00:21.116PS4
648 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.676+00:21.116Xbox
649 NCMiguelFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.692+00:21.132PS4
650 KINGmatanFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.692+00:21.132PS4
651 VincentFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.726+00:21.166Steam
652 shamblam1974Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.742+00:21.182PS4
653 XeriusFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.742+00:21.182PS4
654 nixaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.759+00:21.199Steam
655 NASCAR_LOVER2488Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.759+00:21.199PS4
656 Lupo LuisFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.776+00:21.216Steam
657 joashmanFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.776+00:21.216Steam
658 MuscleDevilFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.809+00:21.249PS4
659 Flens07 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.842+00:21.282Steam
660 Gh0stF4c3Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.842+00:21.282Steam
661 humper_4_dayz69Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.842+00:21.282PS4
662 Tomlav2365Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.859+00:21.299PS4
663 bigdino74Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:55.859+00:21.299Xbox
664 Manu97490jmFord Fiesta RS Rally02:55.976+00:21.416PS4
665 GZeus56Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.009+00:21.449PS4
666 Indian_MagicFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.059+00:21.499PS4
667 teiten69Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.076+00:21.516PS4
668 simasilakFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.126+00:21.566PS4
669 evodream93Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.126+00:21.566Xbox
670 generaleeFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.159+00:21.599Xbox
671 Mad Max Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.192+00:21.632Steam
672 AlexdunkleyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.192+00:21.632PS4
673 S2-spiritFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.192+00:21.632PS4
674 141bennyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.192+00:21.632Xbox
675 Michele231969Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.242+00:21.682PS4
676 Vengeance Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.259+00:21.699Steam
677 Mystic Ganjaman Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.276+00:21.716Steam
678 Ricson48185 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.276+00:21.716Steam
679 ?Jam™? Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.276+00:21.716Steam
680 Lushie175Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.292+00:21.732PS4
681 Pilote2courseFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.292+00:21.732PS4
682 Mafiaking1246Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.309+00:21.749PS4
683 leguminatorFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.309+00:21.749Xbox
684 www.bfrallyteam.beFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.326+00:21.766Steam
685 CarlWinslow22Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.326+00:21.766PS4
686 jason09Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.359+00:21.799Xbox
687 ZverFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.392+00:21.832Steam
688 kurakenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.409+00:21.849Steam
689 MomijiManjyu Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.426+00:21.866Steam
690 fiat127wrcFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.426+00:21.866PS4
691 jeffDalyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.426+00:21.866Xbox
692 kaninja1000Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.442+00:21.882PS4
693 KajFoeFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.459+00:21.899PS4
694 BigLoadFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.476+00:21.916Steam
695 elkokolokoklzFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.542+00:21.982Xbox
696 okviatorFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.576+00:22.160Xbox
697 LuizKarekaoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.742+00:22.182PS4
698 rallyepauleFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.742+00:22.182PS4
699 m-brown75Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.759+00:22.199PS4
700 RabbiT_CZFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.792+00:22.232Steam
701 crunner117 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.792+00:22.232Steam
702 cyberinsekt943Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.809+00:22.249PS4
703 KapsuleFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.876+00:22.316Steam
704 Gaffa1959Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.892+00:22.332PS4
705 Penge88Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.926+00:22.366Steam
706 Rot TeufelFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.942+00:22.382Steam
707 Makkûra Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:56.942+00:22.382Steam
708 Jean_G_RagnottiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.942+00:22.382PS4
709 LolwisFord Fiesta RS Rally02:56.976+00:22.416Steam
710 Paul_CooperFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.009+00:22.449Steam
711 TomasmdocFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.026+00:22.466Steam
712 TigaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.026+00:22.466Steam
713 fernando056Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.026+00:22.466Xbox
714 Dead_Nutz_420Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.109+00:22.549PS4
715 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.142+00:22.582Xbox
716 tomikk_Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.159+00:22.599PS4
717 freshciccio01Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.209+00:22.649PS4
718 richardatwoodFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.309+00:22.749PS4
719 tonidg1989Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.426+00:22.866PS4
720 cechmiraFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.476+00:22.916Steam
721 legionerFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.476+00:22.916Steam
722 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.476+00:22.916Xbox
723 Marticus Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.509+00:22.949Steam
724 jetman78 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.542+00:22.982Steam
725 kev.brouillard92Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.592+00:23.320Steam
726 Prana61 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.609+00:23.490Steam
727 ALAIN-VAL-06Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.609+00:23.490PS4
728 SlidehoonFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.642+00:23.820PS4
729 SmilikFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.659+00:23.990Steam
730 HybourneFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.659+00:23.990Steam
731 maximerdFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.676+00:23.116PS4
732 keith.harrison Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.726+00:23.166Steam
733 shamus7rFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.726+00:23.166PS4
734 ludmandavid84224Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.726+00:23.166PS4
735 daniMCcrash89Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.726+00:23.166PS4
736 Stanley.33-443Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.842+00:23.282Steam
737 Borgore_228_1337Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.842+00:23.282Steam
738 D69RedlineFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.842+00:23.282PS4
739 Jon the VGNerdFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.892+00:23.332Steam
740 FittipaldiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.892+00:23.332Steam
741 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.892+00:23.332Xbox
742 KuusPieFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.942+00:23.382Steam
743 98aodriozolaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.942+00:23.382Steam
744 GuTAOFord Fiesta RS Rally02:57.942+00:23.382Steam
745 pf41784Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:57.976+00:23.416PS4
746 KakeFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.059+00:23.499Steam
747 cpichler47Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.076+00:23.516Steam
748 sl0rvpeisFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.092+00:23.532PS4
749 Face PalmerFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.109+00:23.549Steam
750 Simmoboyd1Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.109+00:23.549PS4
751 ChongPongJongFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.142+00:23.582Steam
752 BabyishGerm1 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.209+00:23.649Steam
753 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.242+00:23.682Xbox
754 ass blasterFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.259+00:23.699Steam
755 Black Lotus Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.292+00:23.732Steam
756 rmelo1Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.292+00:23.732PS4
757 grigoriskapFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.292+00:23.732Xbox
758 Geek0Guy-AFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.309+00:23.749Steam
759 asapcarellFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.326+00:23.766Steam
760 MOTORistFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.359+00:23.799Steam
761 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.376+00:23.816Xbox
762 Ski Mask the Slump DogFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.392+00:23.832Steam
763 DLYANX5Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.492+00:23.932Steam
764 antbonzFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.526+00:23.966Steam
765 PJVFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.526+00:23.966Steam
766 facer363Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.526+00:23.966PS4
767 Smile DoggoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.542+00:23.982Steam
768 JaydenFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.559+00:23.999Steam
769 YamahaJim525Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.559+00:23.999Xbox
770 Captain AdventureFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.609+00:24.490Steam
771 tonycanijoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.609+00:24.490PS4
772 pepsuFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.676+00:24.116Steam
773 RunLikeHellFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.676+00:24.116Xbox
774 **BuFFaLo133**Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.709+00:24.149Steam
775 SquadakFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.726+00:24.166Steam
776 noscatFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.726+00:24.166PS4
777 Kruza923Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.759+00:24.199Xbox
778 MaunoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.776+00:24.216Steam
779 e2d06 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.792+00:24.232Steam
780 mythFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.826+00:24.266Steam
781 groundfungusFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.826+00:24.266Steam
782 ARMINAS54Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.826+00:24.266PS4
783 ubaycitoFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.859+00:24.299PS4
784 szilugabi920210Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.876+00:24.316Steam
785 limit1394Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.892+00:24.332Steam
786 tweek Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.909+00:24.349Steam
787 RoadRunner XLFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.959+00:24.399Steam
788 TboHammu Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:58.976+00:24.416Steam
789 LYATTYEFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.976+00:24.416Steam
790 flu OridFord Fiesta RS Rally02:58.992+00:24.432Steam
791 TwllDynFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.009+00:24.449PS4
792 SergipanaGTRFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.009+00:24.449Xbox
793 XBNostRUmFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.042+00:24.482Xbox
794 NaanBreadNinja Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.059+00:24.499Steam
795 ABU-ARMANFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.076+00:24.516PS4
796 RinricFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.092+00:24.532Steam
797 Jonog53Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.126+00:24.566PS4
798 tatosanchez26Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.126+00:24.566PS4
799 RoxFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.159+00:24.599Steam
800 revansweldingFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.176+00:24.616Steam
801 jihadmasterFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.209+00:24.649Steam
802 mathiasjosefin73Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.209+00:24.649PS4
803 BassosusiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.226+00:24.666Steam
804 StroopberryFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.226+00:24.666Steam
805 gumbosonFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.242+00:24.682Xbox
806 Starwolf Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.259+00:24.699Steam
807 Mr. F@n-T-@$$-$t!ck Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.276+00:24.716Steam
808 exephusFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.292+00:24.732PS4
809 stitched aka:Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.309+00:24.749Steam
810 Inferno_SD32 [PRTDDD]Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.309+00:24.749Steam
811 firestarter47Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.309+00:24.749Xbox
812 Der SchreinerFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.326+00:24.766Steam
813 RallyeSportSGFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.326+00:24.766Xbox
814 EVO xNit3mare - Prius ToyotusFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.342+00:24.782Steam
815 singersix Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.342+00:24.782Steam
816 IBUDFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.342+00:24.782Xbox
817 EvSK_TsuNaMiFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.359+00:24.799PS4
818 IAMNUMEROUNOFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.359+00:24.799Xbox
819 Qwerty42 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.376+00:24.816Steam
820 SirTweakalot91Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.376+00:24.816PS4
821 ÐeadlockFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.392+00:24.832Steam
822 Scarecr0w_08130Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.392+00:24.832PS4
823 ell_j_eff77Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.392+00:24.832PS4
824 TheglobbFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.409+00:24.849Steam
825 JuicyFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.426+00:24.866Steam
826 AlphanoodleFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.426+00:24.866Steam
827 Barbapappan ? Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.509+00:24.949Steam
828 Guybrush Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.526+00:24.966Steam
829 garimonkichi575Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.542+00:24.982PS4
830 ShadowFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.576+00:25.160Steam
831 GiSSelo Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.576+00:25.160Steam
832 LASVEGASFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.609+00:25.490Steam
833 EST-MG (Max)Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.609+00:25.490Steam
834 ScreamingEagle28Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.642+00:25.820PS4
835 valkenplusFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.642+00:25.820PS4
836 maksim-malyshev-86 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.692+00:25.132Steam
837 Billys1996Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.692+00:25.132PS4
838 vivienpoirot88Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.709+00:25.149PS4
839 iNebulaFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.742+00:25.182Steam
840 upchuckFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.742+00:25.182Xbox
841 LenmanFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.776+00:25.216Steam
842 SmXpressFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.792+00:25.232Xbox
843 YoSo92 Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.842+00:25.282Steam
844 rbwernbergFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.842+00:25.282Steam
845 AleksaySSFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.842+00:25.282Steam
846 jdktooFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.859+00:25.299Steam
847 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.859+00:25.299Xbox
848 komiki1Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.892+00:25.332Steam
849 FINrewillFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.892+00:25.332Steam
850 Zs-userandy5Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.909+00:25.349Steam
851 Yakov_89Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.909+00:25.349Steam
852 HonzajFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.942+00:25.382Steam
853 imthedoodman Ford Fiesta RS Rally02:59.959+00:25.399Steam
854 omarballesterFord Fiesta RS Rally02:59.992+00:25.432Xbox
855 Comrade ObviousFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.009+00:25.449Steam
856 Kirara Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.026+00:25.466Steam
857 IvanIV100Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.026+00:25.466Steam
858 scottbeamandFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.042+00:25.482Xbox
859 5STARS.ON.ITALSKYFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.092+00:25.532Steam
860 Chunori911Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.092+00:25.532Steam
861 Sir WolfFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.092+00:25.532Steam
862 j0hn titorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.126+00:25.566Steam
863 siggelkow_jensFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.176+00:25.616Steam
864 betkas85 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.192+00:25.632Steam
865 hogzyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.226+00:25.666Xbox
866 DoomturtleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.259+00:25.699Steam
867 romeotudFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.276+00:25.716Steam
868 DelTerrorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.292+00:25.732Xbox
869 racingradio.de Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.376+00:25.816Steam
870 SmeeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.392+00:25.832Steam
871 fili62Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.442+00:25.882Steam
872 RISO997Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.459+00:25.899Steam
873 og_koivariFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.459+00:25.899Steam
874 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.476+00:25.916Xbox
875 Fanz_46Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.509+00:25.949Steam
876 strizzigoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.509+00:25.949Steam
877 yyh1998Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.542+00:25.982Steam
878 RedflasherFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.559+00:25.999Xbox
879 elmosson Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.626+00:26.660Steam
880 marsmikFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.726+00:26.166Steam
881 R4CINGM4ST3RFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.742+00:26.182Xbox
882 ekuru140201Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.842+00:26.282Steam
883 Rallyturbo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.892+00:26.332Steam
884 Hugo Vieira Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.909+00:26.349Steam
885 WRC-ELCHFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.926+00:26.366PS4
886 ARO1801Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.926+00:26.366PS4
887 Neo17Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:00.926+00:26.366Xbox
888 quiet_mansFord Fiesta RS Rally03:00.992+00:26.432Steam
889 DazRalphs Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.009+00:26.449Steam
890 Turrican68 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.026+00:26.466Steam
891 DarkSmaileFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.059+00:26.499PS4
892 albesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.076+00:26.516Steam
893 N0rdFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.076+00:26.516Steam
894 hihu779Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.076+00:26.516PS4
895 ramu122Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.092+00:26.532PS4
896 T-REX-_-69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.092+00:26.532PS4
897 boomer129krFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.109+00:26.549PS4
898 MrBenz07Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.126+00:26.566PS4
899 s420frazerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.126+00:26.566PS4
900 baalberith1986Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.142+00:26.582PS4
901 PlayerzãoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.159+00:26.599Steam
902 Captain CookedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.192+00:26.632Steam
903 Archer in a cape Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.209+00:26.649Steam
904 totox955Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.226+00:26.666Xbox
905 DEX?Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.259+00:26.699Steam
906 ChadsthebossFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.292+00:26.732Xbox
907 persikan108Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.309+00:26.749Xbox
908 michael.rehbachFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.342+00:26.782Steam
909 ?ALeXeY?Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.359+00:26.799Steam
910 3bygone3Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.376+00:26.816Steam
911 Enf...Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.442+00:26.882Steam
912 barriebadmuts420Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.526+00:26.966PS4
913 borjikaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.542+00:26.982PS4
914 DoubleTime53Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.559+00:26.999Steam
915 calystoweFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.559+00:26.999PS4
916 mihainutu87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.559+00:26.999PS4
917 X-AleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.576+00:27.160Steam
918 TantoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.592+00:27.320Steam
919 hans.silbernagel Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.592+00:27.320Steam
920 ThovexFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.609+00:27.490Xbox
921 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.609+00:27.490Xbox
922 Potomu ChtoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.626+00:27.660Steam
923 jfcm092Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.642+00:27.820PS4
924 XxDarkInoxXFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.659+00:27.990PS4
925 Tin Man Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.676+00:27.116Steam
926 SkallyphantFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.676+00:27.116PS4
927 Gantz-WFOFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.692+00:27.132PS4
928 HeadShotYKTFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.709+00:27.149Steam
929 mazulisponijs69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.709+00:27.149Steam
930 murdch1O1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.709+00:27.149PS4
931 300 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.759+00:27.199Steam
932 Alf Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.776+00:27.216Steam
933 penhitaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.792+00:27.232PS4
934 Fistro_PecadorrrFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.842+00:27.282PS4
935 Fusion371Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.876+00:27.316Steam
936 bibendum187Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.909+00:27.349PS4
937 PROfantikos Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:01.926+00:27.366Steam
938 HamStarFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.959+00:27.399Steam
939 normandiereFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.992+00:27.432Steam
940 ben-distillerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.992+00:27.432PS4
941 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:01.992+00:27.432Xbox
942 BlightPatrolFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.009+00:27.449Steam
943 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.043+00:27.483Xbox
944 tsuyopoohpoohFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.059+00:27.499PS4
945 AccendencYFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.092+00:27.532Steam
946 pafko793Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:02.092+00:27.532PS4
947 LazuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.109+00:27.549Steam
948 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.126+00:27.566Xbox
949 Hi ! APPLEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.142+00:27.582Steam
950 two_dot_centsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.142+00:27.582PS4
951 prevotFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.142+00:27.582Xbox
952 batiisteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.159+00:27.599Xbox
953 Danuz420alot73Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:02.176+00:27.616PS4
954 BEKmel Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:02.192+00:27.632Steam
955 ichittlFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.209+00:27.649PS4
956 Teophrastus333Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:02.226+00:27.666PS4
957 legacyX2turboFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.242+00:27.682PS4
958 GutsufadsaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.309+00:27.749Steam
959 DoppioFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.342+00:27.782Steam
960 RyanTankFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.342+00:27.782Xbox
961 BrowntrouseFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.376+00:27.816Xbox
962 yutapon-666Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:02.392+00:27.832Steam
963 Deucecat5201 (·??L???·? ?)Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:02.392+00:27.832Steam
964 Bobsport23Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:02.409+00:27.849Xbox
965 StruzaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.409+00:27.849Xbox
966 The Milk ManFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.426+00:27.866Steam
967 CalvinBrahFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.492+00:27.932Xbox
968 him-amino Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:02.509+00:27.949Steam
969 planekw Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:02.542+00:27.982Steam
970 alan75Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:02.576+00:28.160Steam
971 René aka Gruber Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:02.592+00:28.320Steam
972 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:02.609+00:28.490Xbox
973 ronnyponyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.026+00:28.466Xbox
974 BlueGhost219Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.059+00:28.499PS4
975 n67094Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.142+00:28.582PS4
976 tomjwatsonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.159+00:28.599PS4
977 VASILY_TARANOVFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.159+00:28.599PS4
978 stillerkarlFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.176+00:28.616Steam
979 TurtleTwinkleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.259+00:28.699Steam
980 THATSREALLEATHERFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.276+00:28.716PS4
981 WhiplashFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.292+00:28.732Steam
982 darrenmarkillFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.309+00:28.749PS4
983 kitFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.326+00:28.766Steam
984 RudeboyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.326+00:28.766Steam
985 McGarnagleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.326+00:28.766Steam
986 RadicalDogFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.342+00:28.782Steam
987 userMarcelFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.342+00:28.782Xbox
988 Cyriss Zeal Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.375+00:28.815Steam
989 massimooo-86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.392+00:28.832PS4
990 T00R0PFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.392+00:28.832Xbox
991 BeberinhoTheKidFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.409+00:28.849PS4
992 v3n6ad0rFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.425+00:28.865Steam
993 CaRaPuT3-_-44Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.442+00:28.882PS4
994 RPSubieFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.509+00:28.949Steam
995 jptf1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.509+00:28.949PS4
996 Eat The HomelessFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.525+00:28.965Steam
997 MaestroSmeriFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.542+00:28.982Steam
998 volll_deppFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.559+00:28.999PS4
999 Sasq229uatchFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.559+00:28.999PS4
1000 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.559+00:28.999Xbox
1001 KamfpkeksFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.575+00:29.150Steam
1002 VxWolfFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.575+00:29.150Steam
1003 luiksettee83Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.575+00:29.150PS4
1004 explite Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.609+00:29.490Steam
1005 x2486Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.625+00:29.650Steam
1006 grunge-godFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.659+00:29.990PS4
1007 HazardousMike13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.675+00:29.115Xbox
1008 Draco-05500Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.692+00:29.132PS4
1009 hrung Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.742+00:29.182Steam
1010 [IMA] VenomFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.759+00:29.199Steam
1011 Ruslans2404Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:03.759+00:29.199PS4
1012 smkebudFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.809+00:29.249PS4
1013 OwlFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.825+00:29.265Steam
1014 RafalkoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.859+00:29.299Steam
1015 65545r3rffFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.893+00:29.333Xbox
1016 YogHurtFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.925+00:29.365Steam
1017 RS4EVOFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.925+00:29.365PS4
1018 gubyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:03.942+00:29.382Steam
1019 DaveleonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.025+00:29.465Xbox
1020 Guiguax02Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.042+00:29.482PS4
1021 vxd111Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.042+00:29.482PS4
1022 KGM420Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.042+00:29.482PS4
1023 jlouispnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.059+00:29.499Steam
1024 Sonny_Crockett18Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.059+00:29.499PS4
1025 FRiESELmitKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.075+00:29.515Steam
1026 kris10an94Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.075+00:29.515Xbox
1027 Turco Loco Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.092+00:29.532Steam
1028 K4mik4ze2305Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.092+00:29.532PS4
1029 titirsn2003Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.093+00:29.533PS4
1030 PePeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.109+00:29.549Steam
1031 pteam95Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.125+00:29.565PS4
1032 djcristobgFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.159+00:29.599PS4
1033 ra2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.175+00:29.615Steam
1034 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.175+00:29.615Xbox
1035 ???Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.176+00:29.616Steam
1036 cupra4_rsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.192+00:29.632Steam
1037 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.192+00:29.632Xbox
1038 hellborgFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.209+00:29.649Steam
1039 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.225+00:29.665Xbox
1040 FishAndFriesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.242+00:29.682PS4
1041 rafsonnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.276+00:29.716PS4
1042 Wagenblast138Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.309+00:29.749PS4
1043 ConfuciusSayFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.309+00:29.749Xbox
1044 ErzenniaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.325+00:29.765Xbox
1045 GTX-TremeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.359+00:29.799PS4
1046 Grenadier11165Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.375+00:29.815PS4
1047 e.rinesch1423Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.409+00:29.849Steam
1048 bullrazaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.409+00:29.849PS4
1049 sastrakasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.442+00:29.882Xbox
1050 chenoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.459+00:29.899Steam
1051 TAK_OGFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.475+00:29.915PS4
1052 MrWestcoast07Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.475+00:29.915PS4
1053 bimbler1966Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.492+00:29.932Xbox
1054 rleszcz Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.542+00:29.982Steam
1055 SpeedDeamon100Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.559+00:29.999PS4
1056 Cyclone62Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.575+00:30.150Xbox
1057 Filipe Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.592+00:30.320Steam
1058 Eureka_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.592+00:30.320Steam
1059 LeNimois30900Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.592+00:30.320PS4
1060 sharoglazov81Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.609+00:30.490PS4
1061 Fia_World_Rally_Championship Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.642+00:30.820Steam
1062 GoombaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.659+00:30.990Steam
1063 francoestcarqui.5Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.675+00:30.115Steam
1064 D477M4N14Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.675+00:30.115Steam
1065 WhipplerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.726+00:30.166Steam
1066 widoso555Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.726+00:30.166Xbox
1067 ma.brFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.742+00:30.182Steam
1068 swiss_riderFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.742+00:30.182PS4
1069 awds1442Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.775+00:30.215PS4
1070 RyJ-lunaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.792+00:30.232PS4
1071 EinzelspielerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.792+00:30.232Xbox
1072 The Best Games Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.809+00:30.249Steam
1073 masterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.875+00:30.315Steam
1074 alc Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.892+00:30.332Steam
1075 1TankerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.909+00:30.349Steam
1076 SpeeDManiac Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:04.925+00:30.365Steam
1077 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.925+00:30.365Xbox
1078 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.959+00:30.399Xbox
1079 BastoutFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.975+00:30.415Steam
1080 PaweloEloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.992+00:30.432Steam
1081 ChristianFord Fiesta RS Rally03:04.992+00:30.432Steam
1082 PereCat Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.025+00:30.465Steam
1083 THEDUKEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.059+00:30.499Steam
1084 kevlarmanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.159+00:30.599Steam
1085 TR4GIC82Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.242+00:30.682Xbox
1086 BaronVonBrannanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.259+00:30.699Steam
1087 victorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.275+00:30.715Steam
1088 txetxone Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.325+00:30.765Steam
1089 SherryCoco??Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.392+00:30.832Steam
1090 Fuzzwah Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.425+00:30.865Steam
1091 T0llWuTFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.509+00:30.949Steam
1092 SportsManGamerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.525+00:30.965Steam
1093 spindrift Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.525+00:30.965Steam
1094 hobi13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.575+00:31.150PS4
1095 flopasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.592+00:31.320Xbox
1096 Casentino93Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.609+00:31.490PS4
1097 slevan85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.742+00:31.182PS4
1098 vuur2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.775+00:31.215PS4
1099 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.775+00:31.215Xbox
1100 veebelFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.875+00:31.315PS4
1101 azotadorx73Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.892+00:31.332Steam
1102 LukeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.926+00:31.366Steam
1103 BlubnugFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.942+00:31.382Steam
1104 Joel_6481Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.959+00:31.399PS4
1105 No Step On SnekFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.992+00:31.432Steam
1106 2kDDFord Fiesta RS Rally03:05.992+00:31.432Steam
1107 Jakub1471Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:05.992+00:31.432Xbox
1108 papadeuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.009+00:31.449Steam
1109 IntellegentFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.042+00:31.482Steam
1110 ENDURO FOR LIFE !Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.059+00:31.499Steam
1111 thebiggameur48Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.059+00:31.499PS4
1112 DerOllieFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.109+00:31.549PS4
1113 sneezmaster112Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.109+00:31.549Xbox
1114 G4be0127Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.125+00:31.565Steam
1115 perpetuateFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.175+00:31.615Steam
1116 hardlinewozzaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.175+00:31.615Xbox
1117 MT003Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.209+00:31.649Steam
1118 YaguargtFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.209+00:31.649PS4
1119 S3r1usFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.259+00:31.699Steam
1120 SerJoeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.275+00:31.715Steam
1121 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.292+00:31.732Xbox
1122 MorroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.325+00:31.765Steam
1123 Ampr8Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.342+00:31.782Steam
1124 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.342+00:31.782Xbox
1125 ANATOLE_PROJECT Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.359+00:31.799Steam
1126 mipiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.375+00:31.815Steam
1127 aatee01Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.409+00:31.849Steam
1128 mark molinaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.425+00:31.865Steam
1129 M1dasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.425+00:31.865Steam
1130 Waxy-TigerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.425+00:31.865PS4
1131 EvnyssienFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.442+00:31.882Steam
1132 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.442+00:31.882Xbox
1133 pavenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.492+00:31.932Steam
1134 daddyr57Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.592+00:32.320Steam
1135 oktikellFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.609+00:32.490Steam
1136 michal_saytwoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.625+00:32.650Steam
1137 Ludwig_Der_GroBeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.625+00:32.650Steam
1138 af1sFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.642+00:32.820Steam
1139 EarlGreh Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.759+00:32.199Steam
1140 tauno.dienerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.775+00:32.215Steam
1141 Biebsi666Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.809+00:32.249Steam
1142 swampdogbluesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.825+00:32.265Xbox
1143 Insured By MafiaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.842+00:32.282Steam
1144 arm(rus)Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.892+00:32.332Steam
1145 LukashenkoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.925+00:32.365Steam
1146 Purple[haze] Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:06.942+00:32.382Steam
1147 ??ºUnkn0wnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:06.975+00:32.415Steam
1148 Knoxville Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.009+00:32.449Steam
1149 biopower93Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.075+00:32.515PS4
1150 Weedeater Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.109+00:32.549Steam
1151 Balagee_HUNFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.125+00:32.565PS4
1152 SUZUKI-SX4-PIKESFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.125+00:32.565PS4
1153 Arkoudadis Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.142+00:32.582Steam
1154 GeorgeLFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.176+00:32.616Steam
1155 DeadassNippleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.225+00:32.665Steam
1156 Petisco Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.275+00:32.715Steam
1157 pm31 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.309+00:32.749Steam
1158 TNZfr Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.325+00:32.765Steam
1159 Nico_R231Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.326+00:32.766PS4
1160 kacolas123Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.359+00:32.799PS4
1161 Red Animal WarFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.376+00:32.816Steam
1162 SKAMILLA9Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.392+00:32.832PS4
1163 crazy legoologistFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.425+00:32.865Steam
1164 [A2S]AddictFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.442+00:32.882Steam
1165 ?EBFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.492+00:32.932Steam
1166 TeTrisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.526+00:32.966Steam
1167 Mr.XFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.559+00:32.999Steam
1168 TheInsaneButcherFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.575+00:33.150PS4
1169 mariofranco74Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.592+00:33.320PS4
1170 wSBMAFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.609+00:33.490Steam
1171 SnaketyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.659+00:33.990Steam
1172 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.675+00:33.115Xbox
1173 Requ!emFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.692+00:33.132Steam
1174 KarateduckFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.709+00:33.149Steam
1175 Toad1339Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.709+00:33.149PS4
1176 TyszqaaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.709+00:33.149PS4
1177 jacopo738Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.725+00:33.165Steam
1178 PrepalJakHajzl23Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.725+00:33.165PS4
1179 Claus NycteaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.742+00:33.182Steam
1180 re89Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.759+00:33.199PS4
1181 EtherealA3ronautFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.759+00:33.199PS4
1182 TeamFr1tteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.809+00:33.249PS4
1183 David romeroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.825+00:33.265Steam
1184 carlinhos151Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.825+00:33.265PS4
1185 hormitronFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.859+00:33.299Steam
1186 skrfce69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.859+00:33.299PS4
1187 Billy RacerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.876+00:33.316Steam
1188 -=EzCoy=- Dude Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.909+00:33.349Steam
1189 angyalgab87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.909+00:33.349PS4
1190 Norbix2017Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:07.909+00:33.349PS4
1191 turbo-jackFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.942+00:33.382Steam
1192 OljFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.959+00:33.399Steam
1193 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:07.975+00:33.415Xbox
1194 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.025+00:33.465Xbox
1195 Degzy78Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.025+00:33.465Xbox
1196 SnoxiK Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.026+00:33.466Steam
1197 scottb1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.059+00:33.499Xbox
1198 CallMeCharLiE0Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.075+00:33.515PS4
1199 L'enfer des épéesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.092+00:33.532Steam
1200 Stu-minatorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.125+00:33.565PS4
1201 BakkokkaB667Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.142+00:33.582Xbox
1202 ilanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.159+00:33.599Steam
1203 Sepe27Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.192+00:33.632Steam
1204 azumi754Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.292+00:33.732PS4
1205 J-O-N-5-P-0-0-N-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.292+00:33.732PS4
1206 Rock NeurotikoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.309+00:33.749Steam
1207 Emo AdventureFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.325+00:33.765Steam
1208 tramway57Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.325+00:33.765PS4
1209 ServietskyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.359+00:33.799Steam
1210 UsherFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.392+00:33.832Steam
1211 kenken935Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.409+00:33.849PS4
1212 ignasgrabauskas46Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.442+00:33.882Steam
1213 pradawnaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.475+00:33.915Steam
1214 xH0lyWeedxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.642+00:34.820PS4
1215 suarez_rbb02Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.659+00:34.990PS4
1216 HTrafalgarLawHFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.659+00:34.990Xbox
1217 zxgreen43Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.676+00:34.116PS4
1218 Dougi78Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.692+00:34.132Xbox
1219 coschutzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.759+00:34.199Steam
1220 MaaartinschFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.775+00:34.215Xbox
1221 mahavishnubrenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.792+00:34.232PS4
1222 ArekZetFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.792+00:34.232Xbox
1223 LOREN102Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.825+00:34.265PS4
1224 Flyboy888Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.825+00:34.265Xbox
1225 ICEMANFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.859+00:34.299Steam
1226 nensy-renesmeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.892+00:34.332PS4
1227 WinKillerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.893+00:34.333Steam
1228 AaronTMFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.926+00:34.366Steam
1229 theTruthHuRtSuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.926+00:34.366Xbox
1230 _rcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.942+00:34.382Steam
1231 pyney Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:08.975+00:34.415Steam
1232 AgentRuleyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.992+00:34.432Steam
1233 123gerryFord Fiesta RS Rally03:08.992+00:34.432Xbox
1234 lg28laurentFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.009+00:34.449PS4
1235 Der_Graf_PFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.009+00:34.449PS4
1236 TORNADOFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.025+00:34.465Steam
1237 PuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.075+00:34.515Steam
1238 Puigde1522Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.075+00:34.515PS4
1239 Rocky7513 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.092+00:34.532Steam
1240 ExehemannFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.109+00:34.549Steam
1241 moquette5Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.159+00:34.599Xbox
1242 klauskiefer34Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.175+00:34.615PS4
1243 Designated AnchorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.192+00:34.632Steam
1244 CeldurFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.209+00:34.649Steam
1245 RaceManFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.259+00:34.699Steam
1246 YvecFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.259+00:34.699Steam
1247 TORTUGACA957Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.275+00:34.715PS4
1248 YatesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.342+00:34.782Steam
1249 ZOCKER2502Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.342+00:34.782PS4
1250 san hamigoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.359+00:34.799Steam
1251 arnvidr Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.375+00:34.815Steam
1252 ?[Green|Force]? | BassKingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.392+00:34.832Steam
1253 axel7389Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.409+00:34.849Steam
1254 AddyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.442+00:34.882Steam
1255 groodyandruffFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.475+00:34.915Steam
1256 Djay FiftyFour Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.509+00:34.949Steam
1257 x_liar_xFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.509+00:34.949PS4
1258 polomax55Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.509+00:34.949PS4
1259 UppundsaiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.525+00:34.965PS4
1260 wi-RR-usFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.526+00:34.966PS4
1261 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.575+00:35.150Xbox
1262 ArnixxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.592+00:35.320Steam
1263 IronboyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.592+00:35.320Steam
1264 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.642+00:35.820Xbox
1265 Bignasi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.693+00:35.133Steam
1266 Shelk0Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.792+00:35.232Steam
1267 paul.riedelsheimerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.809+00:35.249Steam
1268 fredbelpFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.825+00:35.265Steam
1269 BigpoolerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.825+00:35.265Xbox
1270 te7531Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.825+00:35.265Xbox
1271 SaStyaa Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:09.842+00:35.282Steam
1272 NikoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.859+00:35.299Steam
1273 RomkaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.925+00:35.365Steam
1274 tazdevil Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.109+00:35.549Steam
1275 HikkiKoroneFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.125+00:35.565Steam
1276 Stancosaurus_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.125+00:35.565PS4
1277 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.125+00:35.565Xbox
1278 supercharged789Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.159+00:35.599Xbox
1279 PMA1612Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.175+00:35.615PS4
1280 Cheddar Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.192+00:35.632Steam
1281 santtuk_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.225+00:35.665PS4
1282 Cammy520Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.226+00:35.666PS4
1283 AceBluefoxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.242+00:35.682PS4
1284 enrique11del11Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.292+00:35.732PS4
1285 NeroFMXFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.292+00:35.732Xbox
1286 ThunderFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.309+00:35.749Steam
1287 matrix303Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.309+00:35.749PS4
1288 Majestictaffy309Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.309+00:35.749PS4
1289 marcobarb94Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.325+00:35.765Steam
1290 omargarciaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.342+00:35.782Steam
1291 Discente Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.442+00:35.882Steam
1292 MarvelousWorkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.492+00:35.932PS4
1293 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.575+00:36.150Xbox
1294 gotyahaha23Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.609+00:36.490PS4
1295 BeaT--NiKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.659+00:36.990PS4
1296 thecharsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.675+00:36.115Steam
1297 Balgord85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.692+00:36.132PS4
1298 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.692+00:36.132Xbox
1299 Private Joker Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.709+00:36.149Steam
1300 briofmdFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.725+00:36.165Xbox
1301 MC Adamosíno57Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.742+00:36.182Steam
1302 HuDzJ01Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.842+00:36.282PS4
1303 GabriniusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.859+00:36.299Steam
1304 kaleklesloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.859+00:36.299PS4
1305 MariuszCzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.892+00:36.332PS4
1306 eliasoresmaaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.909+00:36.349Steam
1307 Alex_0992Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.909+00:36.349Steam
1308 BossjaklikouFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.925+00:36.365Xbox
1309 Yukon CorneliusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.926+00:36.366Steam
1310 atf201345Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.942+00:36.382PS4
1311 AgEnT_IconnueFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.942+00:36.382PS4
1312 NAOHIRO32Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.942+00:36.382PS4
1313 S_H_A_D_O_2011Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.975+00:36.415PS4
1314 Destroyer40kFord Fiesta RS Rally03:10.976+00:36.416Steam
1315 AdamentBubble19Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:10.992+00:36.432Steam
1316 cricri622211Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.009+00:36.449PS4
1317 osukaru^-^Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.059+00:36.499Steam
1318 neilpickleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.059+00:36.499PS4
1319 TJWillemsenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.125+00:36.565Xbox
1320 triboyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.275+00:36.715PS4
1321 shanemag230Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.275+00:36.715Xbox
1322 kingslayer9629Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.309+00:36.749Xbox
1323 azorensisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.342+00:36.782PS4
1324 superdugFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.375+00:36.815Xbox
1325 ford2310Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.509+00:36.949PS4
1326 justinhillier67-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.509+00:36.949PS4
1327 MartiniziFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.559+00:36.999PS4
1328 feuer033stuhlFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.559+00:36.999PS4
1329 Littleworm90Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.592+00:37.320PS4
1330 THCKING14Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.625+00:37.650PS4
1331 gwodd27Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.625+00:37.650PS4
1332 sammccoyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.625+00:37.650Xbox
1333 hankModieFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.675+00:37.115PS4
1334 PIRAGS43Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.676+00:37.116PS4
1335 DragoonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.692+00:37.132Steam
1336 archenemyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.708+00:37.148Steam
1337 Don-DiabloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.709+00:37.149Steam
1338 nussunnyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.758+00:37.198Steam
1339 voics Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.775+00:37.215Steam
1340 pfalcaowrcf1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.825+00:37.265PS4
1341 HyperoomFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.825+00:37.265PS4
1342 67DJFFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.842+00:37.282Steam
1343 Zachn96Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.842+00:37.282Xbox
1344 psimukasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.925+00:37.365Steam
1345 cactus_magicFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.925+00:37.365Steam
1346 caldufosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.975+00:37.415PS4
1347 rallypojken1337Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.009+00:37.449PS4
1348 ValJager_597Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.059+00:37.499Steam
1349 aji34 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.092+00:37.532Steam
1350 A789147Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.108+00:37.548PS4
1351 KronkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.142+00:37.582Steam
1352 ?freeman?Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.142+00:37.582Steam
1353 aldisborintsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.158+00:37.598Xbox
1354 clandestin2a Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.192+00:37.632Steam
1355 89foxgtFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.192+00:37.632Xbox
1356 Zalikcharles182Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.225+00:37.665PS4
1357 MECAILLONFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.258+00:37.698Steam
1358 Moates123Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.276+00:37.716Xbox
1359 MB-2018Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.325+00:37.765PS4
1360 Dinka Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.358+00:37.798Steam
1361 antpe3000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.392+00:37.832Steam
1362 corzendonkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.392+00:37.832Steam
1363 reDeemFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.409+00:37.849Steam
1364 chadvanrickeryFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.425+00:37.865Xbox
1365 mr frankFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.475+00:37.915Steam
1366 vasko-vidinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.476+00:37.916PS4
1367 tasmtsota15Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.526+00:37.966PS4
1368 Joji_snakeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.542+00:37.982PS4
1369 chipolliniFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.558+00:37.998PS4
1370 lucasmaidana_delFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.642+00:38.820PS4
1371 slreid_2000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.708+00:38.148Steam
1372 dare14372Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.742+00:38.182PS4
1373 fabpirri11Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.775+00:38.215PS4
1374 mat Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.808+00:38.248Steam
1375 CretanKnifeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.892+00:38.332Steam
1376 CozDeathFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.908+00:38.348PS4
1377 Den4ik78RUSFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.975+00:38.415Steam
1378 WRC420Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.025+00:38.465Steam
1379 jogabonito_000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.042+00:38.482PS4
1380 terrahawkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.058+00:38.498Steam
1381 ClickerlessFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.058+00:38.498PS4
1382 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.058+00:38.498Xbox
1383 JohnMcLainFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.075+00:38.515Steam
1384 PharazynFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.109+00:38.549Steam
1385 G.A.N. Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.175+00:38.615Steam
1386 kds258lgfFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.175+00:38.615Steam
1387 KrzbFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.192+00:38.632Steam
1388 kellit78Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.208+00:38.648PS4
1389 voloha-evd Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.242+00:38.682Steam
1390 vbxcbcvbcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.242+00:38.682PS4
1391 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.242+00:38.682Xbox
1392 mcac15Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.258+00:38.698PS4
1393 R0cc0Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.259+00:38.699Steam
1394 spong_loafFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.308+00:38.748PS4
1395 danielp69dp336Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.309+00:38.749PS4
1396 SenOneFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.325+00:38.765Xbox
1397 waggaclintFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.392+00:38.832Xbox
1398 LitenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.426+00:38.866Steam
1399 Dav1e200600Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.458+00:38.898PS4
1400 Tyru! Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.459+00:38.899Steam
1401 MihaKot13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.475+00:38.915PS4
1402 StribblesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.476+00:38.916Steam
1403 SivoriFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.508+00:38.948Steam
1404 ZalFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.526+00:38.966Steam
1405 J@RECKIFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.558+00:38.998Steam
1406 B4L33 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.575+00:39.150Steam
1407 cigru_1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.592+00:39.320PS4
1408 KALIATXO69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.608+00:39.480PS4
1409 doro.novotnyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.625+00:39.650Steam
1410 SteinhoffFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.642+00:39.820PS4
1411 ecstubblebineFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.675+00:39.115Steam
1412 metal spider Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.708+00:39.148Steam
1413 yunmozhinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.708+00:39.148PS4
1414 lecroc0110Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.775+00:39.215PS4
1415 abrahamlinkolnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.792+00:39.232Steam
1416 errol.maffeyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.792+00:39.232Steam
1417 anthonyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.792+00:39.232Steam
1418 blueye14Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.825+00:39.265PS4
1419 GDboys2000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.858+00:39.298PS4
1420 RXM307Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.858+00:39.298Xbox
1421 uzimachinegunFord Fiesta RS Rally03:13.959+00:39.399PS4
1422 AmphorienFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.042+00:39.482PS4
1423 Kolt4D5 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.075+00:39.515Steam
1424 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.092+00:39.532Xbox
1425 haaaitchFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.108+00:39.548Xbox
1426 jamesASHLEYFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.158+00:39.598Xbox
1427 sherminator82210Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.159+00:39.599PS4
1428 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.258+00:39.698Xbox
1429 Leather ManFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.275+00:39.715Steam
1430 Octopus Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.275+00:39.715Steam
1431 tcc|Future Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.292+00:39.732Steam
1432 javixixonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.326+00:39.766PS4
1433 fishytomb2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.342+00:39.782Steam
1434 tosello12Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.342+00:39.782Xbox
1435 fatedbadgerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.425+00:39.865Xbox
1436 hebe555Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.442+00:39.882PS4
1437 edu-mareduFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.508+00:39.948PS4
1438 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.542+00:39.982Xbox
1439 Fleky_freesoulFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.875+00:40.315PS4
1440 A321neoACFFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.875+00:40.315PS4
1441 hugocastillo10Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.892+00:40.332PS4
1442 frogg52Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.908+00:40.348Xbox
1443 kecos39Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.925+00:40.365PS4
1444 reretniwFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.009+00:40.449Steam
1445 Mke0192Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:15.142+00:40.582PS4
1446 MosquitoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.158+00:40.598Steam
1447 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.175+00:40.615Xbox
1448 Zim ZumFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.176+00:40.616Steam
1449 locke996Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:15.208+00:40.648PS4
1450 Fifty_TonsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.258+00:40.698Steam
1451 d1xburnoutxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.308+00:40.748Xbox
1452 wibbys389GTOFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.325+00:40.765PS4
1453 mintballFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.375+00:40.815PS4
1454 AUTOPACSFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.392+00:40.832Steam
1455 rLyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.425+00:40.865Steam
1456 FernandoIT@ Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:15.425+00:40.865Steam
1457 discgolfdanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.442+00:40.882Xbox
1458 yokimi8074Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:15.475+00:40.915PS4
1459 BurnFUELFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.475+00:40.915PS4
1460 keith88xFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.508+00:40.948Xbox
1461 Veko777Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:15.525+00:40.965PS4
1462 FreshKiomFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.592+00:41.320PS4
1463 thierry45200Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:15.592+00:41.320PS4
1464 xFresHy69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:15.642+00:41.820PS4
1465 NonusÆquilibriumFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.742+00:41.182Steam
1466 tmapFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.776+00:41.216Steam
1467 willycatbillFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.875+00:41.315PS4
1468 KevE#AWDecalsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.892+00:41.332Steam
1469 Rulda Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:15.942+00:41.382Steam
1470 egray914Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:15.942+00:41.382PS4
1471 Dan KayFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.958+00:41.398Steam
1472 jomota51822Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.042+00:41.482PS4
1473 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.092+00:41.532Xbox
1474 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.126+00:41.566Xbox
1475 GruesomeCarFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.158+00:41.598PS4
1476 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.158+00:41.598Xbox
1477 benoit1711Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.159+00:41.599PS4
1478 kemoeustakioFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.176+00:41.616PS4
1479 wailok1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.192+00:41.632PS4
1480 xXGOLDMENXxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.192+00:41.632PS4
1481 warlordjeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.258+00:41.698Steam
1482 MadGhost-32Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.292+00:41.732PS4
1483 Clo-82Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.292+00:41.732PS4
1484 mr_killalot13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.325+00:41.765PS4
1485 ??? ????LvFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.375+00:41.815Steam
1486 soldier10793Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.408+00:41.848PS4
1487 Kubisx?Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.442+00:41.882Steam
1488 wojtekFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.442+00:41.882Steam
1489 andherrero28Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.458+00:41.898PS4
1490 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.458+00:41.898Xbox
1491 PaulnufcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.492+00:41.932Xbox
1492 Freytag XIII.Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.525+00:41.965Steam
1493 jokas350Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.559+00:41.999PS4
1494 Bombard10mFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.576+00:42.160PS4
1495 guerrero12124Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.592+00:42.320PS4
1496 bukovartyr111Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.608+00:42.480Steam
1497 FlowingpickFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.625+00:42.650Xbox
1498 SneakyNuggetFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.675+00:42.115Steam
1499 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.675+00:42.115Xbox
1500 skwinzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.709+00:42.149Steam
1501 superplutonioFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.726+00:42.166PS4
1502 RaxoWPFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.726+00:42.166PS4
1503 kruiz136Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.742+00:42.182PS4
1504 KeeperAlaColbyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.825+00:42.265Xbox
1505 I die first :(Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.842+00:42.282Steam
1506 vandervaalt10Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.976+00:42.416Steam
1507 fitito1985Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:16.976+00:42.416PS4
1508 MaxiHeadroomFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.192+00:42.632Steam
1509 Pingwurf1979Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.225+00:42.665PS4
1510 XcelsioralotFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.226+00:42.666Steam
1511 JiggywidditFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.242+00:42.682Steam
1512 ATL706420Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.242+00:42.682PS4
1513 v_Determined_vFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.358+00:42.798PS4
1514 cabecadocatonhoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.359+00:42.799PS4
1515 Bounce cs.moneyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.425+00:42.865Steam
1516 ioi1974Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.442+00:42.882PS4
1517 smokeystuffsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.459+00:42.899Steam
1518 FakeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.476+00:42.916Steam
1519 fo[X]Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.525+00:42.965Steam
1520 CN_GamerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.542+00:42.982Steam
1521 Pa pa pa ra-raFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.559+00:42.999Steam
1522 bioWMD Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.642+00:43.820Steam
1523 ?????? ?1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.675+00:43.115Steam
1524 dammitbob_1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.675+00:43.115Steam
1525 Animal|Mother Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.709+00:43.149Steam
1526 mat88plsloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.709+00:43.149PS4
1527 ZeeThund3rFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.725+00:43.165Steam
1528 SalaricSFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.792+00:43.232Steam
1529 KrolkeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.809+00:43.249Steam
1530 ThisLLKillYaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.908+00:43.348PS4
1531 tomFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.025+00:43.465Steam
1532 ActivatedLemon Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.058+00:43.498Steam
1533 DaniFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.125+00:43.565Steam
1534 ghigo089Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.126+00:43.566PS4
1535 PowwerKushFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.159+00:43.599PS4
1536 HinoDe.Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.208+00:43.648Steam
1537 jonnyu420Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.208+00:43.648PS4
1538 Pycckuu Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.225+00:43.665Steam
1539 andycherringtonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.225+00:43.665Steam
1540 Beb91710Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.225+00:43.665PS4
1541 flumstainFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.225+00:43.665PS4
1542 jiggaman357Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.259+00:43.699PS4
1543 smk5526Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.275+00:43.715Steam
1544 manos23 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.458+00:43.898Steam
1545 nico76850LFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.475+00:43.915PS4
1546 eeddggaarFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.492+00:43.932PS4
1547 Mikemas28Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.508+00:43.948Steam
1548 clandjordiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.558+00:43.998PS4
1549 Chop-chop!Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.559+00:43.999Steam
1550 Anal TestosteroneFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.592+00:44.320Steam
1551 torsen2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.625+00:44.650PS4
1552 justoutkastsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.758+00:44.198PS4
1553 del9213Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.758+00:44.198PS4
1554 FlintlockFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.825+00:44.265Steam
1555 Diogo-_-chorasteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.842+00:44.282PS4
1556 ironmikklFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.892+00:44.332Steam
1557 LogicEcxeptionFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.975+00:44.415Xbox
1558 V3R | GrmlHmpfFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.042+00:44.482Steam
1559 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.059+00:44.499Xbox
1560 juanicore Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.075+00:44.515Steam
1561 colkat2017Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.108+00:44.548PS4
1562 ivan.29rusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.142+00:44.582Steam
1563 ???Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.192+00:44.632Steam
1564 Turbo-KratosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.192+00:44.632PS4
1565 markus235679Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.208+00:44.648PS4
1566 DowdladFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.225+00:44.665PS4
1567 campos2240Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.242+00:44.682Xbox
1568 JLNFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.342+00:44.782Steam
1569 compo29Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.342+00:44.782PS4
1570 SENYFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.408+00:44.848Steam
1571 spindardFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.492+00:44.932PS4
1572 ZodiacDaveFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.525+00:44.965Steam
1573 DealerripFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.525+00:44.965PS4
1574 MPShultzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.525+00:44.965Xbox
1575 san xiaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.542+00:44.982Steam
1576 jhua4597Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.542+00:44.982PS4
1577 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.575+00:45.150Xbox
1578 Klaus KortersFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.608+00:45.480Steam
1579 DkmWarrior Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.675+00:45.115Steam
1580 thiago2310Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.675+00:45.115Xbox
1581 TotowaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.692+00:45.132Steam
1582 Lazor2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.692+00:45.132Steam
1583 XxaljogaxXFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.692+00:45.132PS4
1584 PaPersellerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.725+00:45.165Steam
1585 CrazyNinjaPhillFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.758+00:45.198PS4
1586 FiS™Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.775+00:45.215Steam
1587 Sir Lagsalot of HighpingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.775+00:45.215Steam
1588 mgssoildFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.825+00:45.265Steam
1589 eros89czFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.858+00:45.298PS4
1590 davicrazybikerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.859+00:45.299Steam
1591 Quilis_WRCFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.909+00:45.349PS4
1592 katerle1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.942+00:45.382Steam
1593 Sphynxaria Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.958+00:45.398Steam
1594 luigiskater21Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.959+00:45.399PS4
1595 piltoutFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.992+00:45.432Xbox
1596 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.042+00:45.482Xbox
1597 weewoolly76Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.091+00:45.531Xbox
1598 RubenalexandresoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.092+00:45.532PS4
1599 Von_LoutsosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.192+00:45.632PS4
1600 LushuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.209+00:45.649Steam
1601 MeatFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.225+00:45.665Steam
1602 TaajPaanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.225+00:45.665PS4
1603 DudebroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.241+00:45.681Steam
1604 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.259+00:45.699Xbox
1605 LiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.308+00:45.748Steam
1606 hellcase.com csgolive.comFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.309+00:45.749Steam
1607 Jimmy Gibbs Jr.Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.341+00:45.781Steam
1608 brano2008Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.375+00:45.815PS4
1609 1364976265Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.392+00:45.832Steam
1610 carcrash97Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.441+00:45.881PS4
1611 Jgz0401Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.441+00:45.881PS4
1612 jarnodehaaismaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.509+00:45.949PS4
1613 takayasu59Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.541+00:45.981PS4
1614 eska8it0Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.591+00:46.310PS4
1615 Cashew.SlayerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.609+00:46.490Steam
1616 martirio667Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.758+00:46.198PS4
1617 M4xP0w3R_91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.759+00:46.199Steam
1618 ristokarjalainen Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.826+00:46.266Steam
1619 OBNOXIUsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.875+00:46.315Steam
1620 jbl4344ssfFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.875+00:46.315PS4
1621 C-Van-SkyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.941+00:46.381PS4
1622 Acid Frostbite Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.059+00:46.499Steam
1623 Goes_To_11Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.075+00:46.515PS4
1624 lord-best243Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.091+00:46.531PS4
1625 zaz65Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.092+00:46.532Steam
1626 Dr. HeisenbergFord Fiesta RS Rally03:21.125+00:46.565Steam
1627 XibarinnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:21.159+00:46.599PS4
1628 gpotzzzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:21.192+00:46.632Steam
1629 Nismo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.241+00:46.681Steam
1630 Zaion973Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.259+00:46.699PS4
1631 nicolai.sleegersFord Fiesta RS Rally03:21.291+00:46.731Steam
1632 RobRomeoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:21.425+00:46.865Steam
1633 fooxzyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:21.425+00:46.865PS4
1634 BG-Jivko87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.492+00:46.932Steam
1635 SpatialDragon Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.508+00:46.948Steam
1636 miha016Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.525+00:46.965PS4
1637 Xx-Nother-LightFord Fiesta RS Rally03:21.542+00:46.982PS4
1638 Winny7183Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.575+00:47.150PS4
1639 giotis39Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.725+00:47.165PS4
1640 AuToMaNyAkO_akh7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.791+00:47.231PS4
1641 shalutoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:21.991+00:47.431PS4
1642 ibunFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.092+00:47.532Steam
1643 slotracer7367Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.141+00:47.581PS4
1644 IlyushkiusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.208+00:47.648Steam
1645 Redd-roooFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.275+00:47.715PS4
1646 TopjonsonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.425+00:47.865PS4
1647 HarleyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.458+00:47.898Steam
1648 John090918Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.491+00:47.931Steam
1649 69sup96 | tf2 is bad lolFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.525+00:47.965Steam
1650 nomaadje24Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.525+00:47.965PS4
1651 IkeDogFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.691+00:48.131Steam
1652 KaankaantFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.758+00:48.198Steam
1653 kirsten_jonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.891+00:48.331PS4
1654 GonzoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.058+00:48.498Steam
1655 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.075+00:48.515Xbox
1656 ????? Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.159+00:48.599Steam
1657 NILLSMOTOR4Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.175+00:48.615Steam
1658 aivarinis_jFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.192+00:48.632PS4
1659 Windows XDFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.258+00:48.698Steam
1660 WiattearpFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.275+00:48.715PS4
1661 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.341+00:48.781Xbox
1662 DJ-SAAB ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.392+00:48.832Steam
1663 FerryFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.392+00:48.832Steam
1664 BayronGamer_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.492+00:48.932PS4
1665 ? RainerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.542+00:48.982Steam
1666 Beef MissileFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.558+00:48.998Steam
1667 rompebielas85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.592+00:49.320PS4
1668 prodimFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.609+00:49.490Steam
1669 mollinedo92Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.625+00:49.650PS4
1670 El-pityFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.642+00:49.820Steam
1671 canonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.708+00:49.148Steam
1672 rubenafmartinsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.708+00:49.148Steam
1673 eviltaco12 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.709+00:49.149Steam
1674 c3woFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.758+00:49.198Xbox
1675 unsafesimonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.775+00:49.215Xbox
1676 CarGamerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.875+00:49.315Xbox
1677 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.875+00:49.315Xbox
1678 canale.tommasoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.908+00:49.348Steam
1679 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.975+00:49.415Xbox
1680 LotusMK Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.992+00:49.432Steam
1681 Nihilist ElmoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.008+00:49.448Steam
1682 strafe_dogFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.109+00:49.549PS4
1683 Max777Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.158+00:49.598Steam
1684 Screbs274Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.209+00:49.649Steam
1685 krawitzeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.242+00:49.682PS4
1686 josh.girtainFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.275+00:49.715Steam
1687 arbanebeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.291+00:49.731PS4
1688 SzymczakFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.409+00:49.849Steam
1689 Günther^^Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.441+00:49.881Steam
1690 selectaphabsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.475+00:49.915PS4
1691 aidy1986Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.591+00:50.310Xbox
1692 Sketchymonk1000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.658+00:50.980PS4
1693 Derby2850Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.709+00:50.149PS4
1694 Hopfen-BurgerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.792+00:50.232PS4
1695 tarfh1428Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.825+00:50.265PS4
1696 fattah654Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.875+00:50.315Xbox
1697 DeadBanzayFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.909+00:50.349Steam
1698 Zekalanga18Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.008+00:50.448PS4
1699 VIGZTERFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.042+00:50.482PS4
1700 chris21halFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.109+00:50.549Steam
1701 The Master of DANFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.191+00:50.631Steam
1702 isotopo80Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.191+00:50.631PS4
1703 reniks_08Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.275+00:50.715Steam
1704 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.308+00:50.748Xbox
1705 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.359+00:50.799Xbox
1706 Spaghetti Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.425+00:50.865Steam
1707 Reagan.Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.491+00:50.931Steam
1708 raiden33Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.509+00:50.949Xbox
1709 Ravvan Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.692+00:51.132Steam
1710 VipezZFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.808+00:51.248Xbox
1711 DracoZ[FR]Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.892+00:51.332Steam
1712 WedgehFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.942+00:51.382Steam
1713 dulldarkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.958+00:51.398Steam
1714 Jack_Fencer-314Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.975+00:51.415Steam
1715 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.059+00:51.499Xbox
1716 Canarian666Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.108+00:51.548Steam
1717 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.358+00:51.798Xbox
1718 modamotorsportFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.541+00:51.981Xbox
1719 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.875+00:52.315Xbox
1720 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.975+00:52.415Xbox
1721 mtb-052009Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.108+00:52.548PS4
1722 clutchnutzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.158+00:52.598Xbox
1723 jcastanhaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.258+00:52.698PS4
1724 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.292+00:52.732Xbox
1725 haorig21Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.308+00:52.748PS4
1726 DIRTY HUMAN BEANTERFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.375+00:52.815Steam
1727 Svejk79 HUNFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.391+00:52.831Steam
1728 michel3497Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.391+00:52.831Xbox
1729 siebenburgenjmcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.391+00:52.831Xbox
1730 GordomobileFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.408+00:52.848PS4
1731 SammyKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.658+00:53.980Steam
1732 Shoop da whoop Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.675+00:53.115Steam
1733 andyken09Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.675+00:53.115PS4
1734 DARKGRAVE123Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.691+00:53.131PS4
1735 manurox21Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.708+00:53.148Steam
1736 SovietFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.775+00:53.215Steam
1737 aRaigeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.942+00:53.382Steam
1738 ZunixFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.992+00:53.432Steam
1739 Mitch444Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.042+00:53.482Xbox
1740 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.108+00:53.548Xbox
1741 R888Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.158+00:53.598Steam
1742 dav-dmai-onFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.358+00:53.798PS4
1743 BewbzzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.359+00:53.799Steam
1744 doktariFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.375+00:53.815Steam
1745 aminooo67Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.458+00:53.898PS4
1746 bezdzionelbletFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.492+00:53.932PS4
1747 gour493Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.524+00:53.964Xbox
1748 VatrasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.608+00:54.480Steam
1749 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.641+00:54.810Xbox
1750 CrazyMunKee Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.809+00:54.249Steam
1751 DJ-PurenoiseFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.958+00:54.398PS4
1752 Baumalein Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.975+00:54.415Steam
1753 MooklesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.008+00:54.448Steam
1754 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.008+00:54.448Xbox
1755 ??????Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.175+00:54.615Steam
1756 PraiseTheSunFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.291+00:54.731Steam
1757 danshej1205Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.324+00:54.764Steam
1758 RickybobbydsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.324+00:54.764Xbox
1759 melchizedeckFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.442+00:54.882Steam
1760 Rest_TremorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.559+00:54.999Steam
1761 yht90321Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.791+00:55.231Xbox
1762 BL4CKxM4MB4xFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.008+00:55.448Xbox
1763 diegobavieraFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.558+00:55.998Xbox
1764 cro55y07Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.725+00:56.165Xbox
1765 dame_tu_cositaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.741+00:56.181Steam
1766 DanKriegFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.792+00:56.232Steam
1767 cguillory748Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.974+00:56.414Steam
1768 majoleroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.158+00:56.598Steam
1769 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.175+00:56.615Xbox
1770 AnderweilerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.192+00:56.632Xbox
1771 alvaropasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.292+00:56.732PS4
1772 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.391+00:56.831Xbox
1773 Mael120489Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.425+00:56.865PS4
1774 Gib'Ihm'BÖÖSFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.442+00:56.882Steam
1775 lukajda33Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.558+00:56.998Steam
1776 Ronzi__Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.642+00:57.820PS4
1777 ItsNormallFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.775+00:57.215Steam
1778 COOLFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.792+00:57.232Steam
1779 RazmatazFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.842+00:57.282Steam
1780 alanr54nc Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.975+00:57.415Steam
1781 LEONE2215Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.975+00:57.415Steam
1782 Methanol71Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.025+00:57.465PS4
1783 Dragon_CAGEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.158+00:57.598Steam
1784 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.158+00:57.598Xbox
1785 bossbirdFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.241+00:57.681Xbox
1786 Super_SerdoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.325+00:57.765PS4
1787 Michi1976377Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.342+00:57.782PS4
1788 moina2209Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.441+00:57.881PS4
1789 JokerGermanyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.492+00:57.932Steam
1790 arjanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.624+00:58.640Steam
1791 ????Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.658+00:58.980Steam
1792 afrykanin2001Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.691+00:58.131Steam
1793 jaybee854Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.708+00:58.148PS4
1794 ObuxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.725+00:58.165Steam
1795 MooooseFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.792+00:58.232Steam
1796 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.875+00:58.315Xbox
1797 ArionFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.974+00:58.414Steam
1798 titeuff02160Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.025+00:58.465PS4
1799 Luis2482Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.091+00:58.531PS4
1800 magaraa85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.158+00:58.598PS4
1801 BigBlaise72Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.191+00:58.631PS4
1802 KZ-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.308+00:58.748Steam
1803 ToonsXFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.308+00:58.748PS4
1804 JunkRaincloudFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.475+00:58.915PS4
1805 mitchel697Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.708+00:59.148PS4
1806 kegajaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.775+00:59.215PS4
1807 GonjuanviFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.842+00:59.282PS4
1808 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.892+00:59.332Xbox
1809 coreykil1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.158+00:59.598Xbox
1810 saluki970Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.175+00:59.615Xbox
1811 donnie21121972Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.191+00:59.631PS4
1812 Ule84FCNFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.491+00:59.931PS4
1813 elektro_slavaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.591+1:00.310PS4
1814 roccolouFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.608+1:00.480PS4
1815 daabullsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.741+1:00.181PS4
1816 DRUMCODE_DIN0Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.958+1:00.398PS4
1817 iron-iwanmazurek Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.124+1:00.564Steam
1818 dErPyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.125+1:00.565Steam
1819 thembohmanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.141+1:00.581Steam
1820 XxGhillie_GhostFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.208+1:00.648PS4
1821 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.325+1:00.765Xbox
1822 jerometigerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.458+1:00.898PS4
1823 spuk81Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.558+1:00.998PS4
1824 Angelofchaos87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.641+1:01.810PS4
1825 BagneFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.808+1:01.248Steam
1826 sakralisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.808+1:01.248PS4
1827 m.tellerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.858+1:01.298Steam
1828 BigBonpensieroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.958+1:01.398PS4
1829 OskarKelFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.008+1:01.448Xbox
1830 REMFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.125+1:01.565Steam
1831 martiboy222Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.125+1:01.565PS4
1832 Bazinga88itaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.358+1:01.798PS4
1833 Nebraska_55Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.492+1:01.932Steam
1834 Adjale187Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.608+1:02.480PS4
1835 OblivionFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.741+1:02.181Steam
1836 KozhushkoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.757+1:02.197Xbox
1837 SpodermanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.824+1:02.264Steam
1838 Hampus Wallin Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.841+1:02.281Steam
1839 www.cloudhopperFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.891+1:02.331Steam
1840 olas farsa!Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.907+1:02.347Steam
1841 DjobidjobaaaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.925+1:02.365PS4
1842 Zigeunerbaron187Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.974+1:02.414PS4
1843 ????????????Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.991+1:02.431Steam
1844 UpdateStornoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.107+1:02.547PS4
1845 mr_soccer_GBRFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.208+1:02.648PS4
1846 Beyf84Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.241+1:02.681Xbox
1847 SignoxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.374+1:02.814PS4
1848 CashewMFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.392+1:02.832Steam
1849 "Zeus x27 | Bape"Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.457+1:02.897Steam
1850 atilajgFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.457+1:02.897PS4
1851 no sory | Gamdom.comFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.541+1:02.981Steam
1852 pacreauFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.759+1:03.199Xbox
1853 JoeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.874+1:03.314Steam
1854 Felis MargaritaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.958+1:03.398Steam
1855 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.074+1:03.514Xbox
1856 RüdigerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.124+1:03.564Steam
1857 ShadowonawallFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.275+1:03.715Steam
1858 driverrockyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.291+1:03.731PS4
1859 nikyleoxulitosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.342+1:03.782PS4
1860 LynchFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.425+1:03.865Steam
1861 Badger198181Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.541+1:03.981PS4
1862 rudeboyzld1979Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.592+1:04.320PS4
1863 DukeofDrexisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.741+1:04.181PS4
1864 cnc3dartFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.791+1:04.231Steam
1865 jarrino Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.924+1:04.364Steam
1866 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.008+1:04.448Xbox
1867 LucioRacingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.075+1:04.515Xbox
1868 dghj087654Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.291+1:04.731PS4
1869 monkey_cow_sheepFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.324+1:04.764Steam
1870 CarlDermorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.358+1:04.798PS4
1871 DaddyCoolStuffFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.391+1:04.831Steam
1872 OldGuy1958Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.425+1:04.865Xbox
1873 Spookex *-*Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.475+1:04.915Steam
1874 andreyhedjFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.591+1:05.310PS4
1875 xX_AzziR_XxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.675+1:05.115PS4
1876 o9494anFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.707+1:05.147PS4
1877 SLAYALLFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.974+1:05.414Steam
1878 blahblahblah907Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.975+1:05.415Xbox
1879 costimutoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.075+1:05.515Steam
1880 DamoWRCFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.225+1:05.665Steam
1881 ainp86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.258+1:05.698Steam
1882 mettmann2012Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.341+1:05.781PS4
1883 GeorgePrcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.358+1:05.798Xbox
1884 agrgfhaendFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.391+1:05.831PS4
1885 vr38dett183Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.875+1:07.315Steam
1886 BarryBotFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.875+1:07.315Steam
1887 BoJiggleMcSteezyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.191+1:07.631Steam
1888 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.475+1:07.915Xbox
1889 kikesakiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.974+1:08.414Steam
1890 matimoscovichFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.542+1:08.982Steam
1891 Mister_JovemFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.792+1:09.232Steam
1892 ????? ??Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.824+1:09.264Steam
1893 CálicoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.974+1:09.414Steam
1894 crouse.samFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.191+1:09.631Steam
1895 Jon Jones - Assu2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.191+1:09.631Steam
1896 sainz48 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.241+1:09.681Steam
1897 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.324+1:09.764Xbox
1898 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.792+1:10.232Xbox
1899 laurentFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.857+1:10.297Steam
1900 victxr95Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.108+1:10.548Xbox
1901 night lightsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.225+1:10.665Steam
1902 JohnnySchwablFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.474+1:10.914Xbox
1903 ThunderRedWolfFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.674+1:11.114Xbox
1904 theLOCOMOTIVEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.691+1:11.131Xbox
1905 It's Kurns Stupid!Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.824+1:11.264Steam
1906 allyechildrenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.091+1:11.531Steam
1907 WayneGe1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.341+1:11.781Xbox
1908 RXplay678Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.608+1:12.480Steam
1909 TheGreythreatFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.724+1:12.164Steam
1910 worxdix56Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.991+1:12.431Xbox
1911 molas2012Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.991+1:12.431Xbox
1912 dinismcribeiroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.390+1:12.830Steam
1913 fino le choufleuriseur d'anusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.840+1:13.280Steam
1914 HipogrifoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.924+1:13.364Steam
1915 SadnAloneGuyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.240+1:13.680Steam
1916 FrEAkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.591+1:14.310Steam
1917 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.641+1:14.810Xbox
1918 Reborn1981Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.658+1:14.980Steam
1919 BiritaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.675+1:14.115Steam
1920 b0untyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.941+1:14.381Steam
1921 darktrooper1966Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.041+1:14.481Xbox
1922 olive-62Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.457+1:14.897PS4
1923 fjs29Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.508+1:14.948PS4
1924 cars-iar9Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.508+1:14.948PS4
1925 duk_eggFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.574+1:15.140PS4
1926 johanmessiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.840+1:15.280Xbox
1927 apachehugh.vandecateeleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.875+1:15.315Steam
1928 HruodlandusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.141+1:15.581Xbox
1929 The_Beef104Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.375+1:15.815PS4
1930 geri-kikiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.425+1:15.865PS4
1931 joe7759Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.991+1:16.431PS4
1932 max-best-12Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.474+1:16.914PS4
1933 RodrzerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.509+1:16.949PS4
1934 CosmicalityFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.624+1:17.640Steam
1935 Maxamillion MoneybagsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.708+1:17.148Steam
1936 Slayer-WARZONE Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.757+1:17.197Steam
1937 DamvroshuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.874+1:17.314Steam
1938 ultima2012 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.891+1:17.331Steam
1939 And_Anton_007Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.925+1:17.365PS4
1940 barabbaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.590+1:18.300Steam
1941 infinnitiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.640+1:18.800Steam
1942 hayden.haywardFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.691+1:18.131Steam
1943 pukikaki.Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.691+1:18.131Steam
1944 vicortizFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.140+1:18.580Xbox
1945 sptnkzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.357+1:18.797Steam
1946 SevenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.591+1:19.310Steam
1947 BoByFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.923+1:19.363Steam
1948 gulin.a.eFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.057+1:19.497Steam
1949 ManuNaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.508+1:19.948Steam
1950 GLaDOSFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.525+1:19.965Steam
1951 StratosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.657+1:20.970Steam
1952 kikoelregaeraFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.891+1:20.331Steam
1953 HaZeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.925+1:20.365Steam
1954 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.957+1:20.397Xbox
1955 Augen13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.090+1:20.530PS4
1956 tnahsarpFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.191+1:20.631PS4
1957 FlyghtFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.257+1:20.697Steam
1958 dsimon1989Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.324+1:20.764Xbox
1959 michel3497Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.523+1:20.963Steam
1960 yongonsetpdFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.707+1:21.147Xbox
1961 jarogenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.291+1:21.731PS4
1962 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.341+1:21.781Xbox
1963 aarongmon12Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.541+1:21.981Steam
1964 ontheroadFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.124+1:22.564PS4
1965 GuvencDFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.224+1:22.664PS4
1966 MUDDY5ONFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.258+1:22.698Steam
1967 HimalayaBOBFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.441+1:22.881PS4
1968 Get Schwifty Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.725+1:23.165Steam
1969 titietste Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.857+1:23.297Steam
1970 budlightman3521Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:58.042+1:23.482PS4
1971 zeynep_cFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.157+1:23.597PS4
1972 kdogg7888Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:58.323+1:23.763Xbox
1973 clmidniteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.340+1:23.780PS4
1974 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.424+1:23.864Xbox
1975 dreadgazeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.474+1:23.914PS4
1976 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.590+1:24.300Xbox
1977 iphoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:00.040+1:25.480Xbox
1978 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:01.124+1:26.564Xbox
1979 SebaOnePLFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.857+1:29.297Steam
1980 FRANF22Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:03.975+1:29.415Steam
1981 ButterNinja the Third RatFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.991+1:29.431Steam
1982 DeeZZeeLFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.107+1:29.547Steam
1983 speeg12Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.440+1:29.880PS4
1984 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.457+1:29.897Xbox
1985 NomadFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.141+1:30.581Steam
1986 dav2Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:05.257+1:30.697Steam
1987 x4r0105tFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.374+1:30.814Steam
1988 RemFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.425+1:30.865Steam
1989 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.806+1:31.246Xbox
1990 overthehilldadFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.023+1:31.463Xbox
1991 pez0023Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:06.374+1:31.814Steam
1992 spartaoktoberFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.857+1:32.297PS4
1993 towny702Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:06.908+1:32.348PS4
1994 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.941+1:32.381Xbox
1995 peggle2k14Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:06.957+1:32.397PS4
1996 MadTorinFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.991+1:32.431PS4
1997 MORNE617Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.790+1:33.230PS4
1998 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:08.190+1:33.630Xbox
1999 randall705Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:08.507+1:33.947Steam
2000 jaumealemany Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:08.857+1:34.297Steam
2001 Eragon101Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:08.891+1:34.331Steam
2002 aaronimousFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.040+1:34.480Steam
2003 PewziiFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.074+1:34.514Steam
2004 Summane88Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.308+1:34.748PS4
2005 AkaiRyuFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.724+1:35.164Steam
2006 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:10.523+1:35.963Xbox
2007 ChaeTTeokFord Fiesta RS Rally04:11.125+1:36.565Steam
2008 martinszalbFord Fiesta RS Rally04:11.207+1:36.647PS4
2009 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:12.590+1:38.300Xbox
2010 Duster$$$Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:12.706+1:38.146Steam
2011 nicolas1998mercaFord Fiesta RS Rally04:13.407+1:38.847PS4
2012 AlinedGames Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:13.974+1:39.414Steam
2013 Merto23997Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:14.108+1:39.548PS4
2014 kdowell78Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:14.224+1:39.664Steam
2015 HuutomerkkiFord Fiesta RS Rally04:14.358+1:39.798PS4
2016 Nightwalker74Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:14.407+1:39.847Steam
2017 jamalpl7Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:14.491+1:39.931PS4
2018 Esoterix86DNBFord Fiesta RS Rally04:14.540+1:39.980Xbox
2019 SuperGrullFord Fiesta RS Rally04:14.656+1:40.960PS4
2020 PNG1964Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:15.740+1:41.180PS4
2021 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:16.007+1:41.447Xbox
2022 delaspendaFord Fiesta RS Rally04:16.458+1:41.898PS4
2023 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:17.523+1:42.963Xbox
2024 DuRoNiMuSFord Fiesta RS Rally04:18.390+1:43.830PS4
2025 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:18.540+1:43.980Xbox
2026 ColonelCandyCornFord Fiesta RS Rally04:18.624+1:44.640PS4
2027 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:19.374+1:44.814Xbox
2028 bp1903Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:19.957+1:45.397PS4
2029 DonCarterFord Fiesta RS Rally04:19.974+1:45.414Xbox
2030 Jabu8977Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:20.407+1:45.847PS4
2031 CHARLESBRONSONhcFord Fiesta RS Rally04:21.422+1:46.862PS4
2032 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:24.539+1:49.979Xbox
2033 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:25.923+1:51.363Xbox
2034 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:28.907+1:54.347Xbox
2035 kimmomusakka5848Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:31.439+1:56.879PS4
2036 Kay_la_EFord Fiesta RS Rally04:33.057+1:58.497PS4
2037 anton070809Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:33.724+1:59.164PS4
2038 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:34.740+2:00.180Xbox
2039 senfkurvenfanFord Fiesta RS Rally04:36.240+2:01.680Xbox
2040 Macovan59Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:37.907+2:03.347PS4
2041 ldc2276Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:40.057+2:05.497PS4
2042 mannyamorimFord Fiesta RS Rally04:40.489+2:05.929PS4
2043 The-good-foxFord Fiesta RS Rally04:41.740+2:07.180PS4
2044 RitaStanleyFord Fiesta RS Rally04:43.358+2:08.798PS4
2045 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:43.989+2:09.429Xbox
2046 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:45.440+2:10.880Xbox
2047 tqujstaryFord Fiesta RS Rally04:46.889+2:12.329PS4
2048 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:47.142+2:12.582Xbox
2049 Rouse125Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:47.639+2:13.790PS4
2050 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:57.722+2:23.162Xbox
2051 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:58.372+2:23.812Xbox
2052 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:01.674+2:27.114Xbox
2053 neonemisFord Fiesta RS Rally05:03.390+2:28.830Steam
2054 amstelgold0Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:03.556+2:28.996Steam
2055 B-RemixFord Fiesta RS Rally05:07.241+2:32.681Steam
2056 AngelWolfFord Fiesta RS Rally05:07.804+2:33.244Steam
2057 liquameFord Fiesta RS Rally05:09.841+2:35.281Steam
2058 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:13.556+2:38.996Xbox
2059 BrifcoreFord Fiesta RS Rally05:13.841+2:39.281Steam
2060 RusgarianFord Fiesta RS Rally05:15.158+2:40.598Steam
2061 ScarillFord Fiesta RS Rally05:17.241+2:42.681Steam
2062 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:17.772+2:43.212Xbox
2063 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:18.707+2:44.147Xbox
2064 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:22.274+2:47.714Xbox
2065 ????????Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:25.590+2:51.300Steam
2066 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:27.607+2:53.470Xbox
2067 ChismL42Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:32.140+2:57.580Xbox
2068 paulFord Fiesta RS Rally05:33.989+2:59.429Steam
2069 Mr. ?iizonFord Fiesta RS Rally05:37.191+3:02.631Steam
2070 sega1828Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:38.607+3:04.470Steam
2071 P.Ö.H. ??Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:40.204+3:05.644Steam
2072 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:41.705+3:07.145Xbox
2073 Raven_DM Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:44.107+3:09.547Steam
2074 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:45.024+3:10.464Xbox
2075 germancotareloFord Fiesta RS Rally05:45.140+3:10.580Steam
2076 KarlosFord Fiesta RS Rally05:47.854+3:13.294Steam
2077 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:54.373+3:19.813Xbox
2078 TomstarFord Fiesta RS Rally05:59.188+3:24.628Steam
2079 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:01.038+3:26.478Xbox
2080 123231Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:01.974+3:27.414Steam
2081 freddysenschFord Fiesta RS Rally06:03.323+3:28.763Steam
2082 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:03.921+3:29.361Xbox
2083 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:07.420+3:32.860Xbox
2084 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:07.770+3:33.210Xbox
2085 Don't look behindFord Fiesta RS Rally06:12.722+3:38.162Steam
2086 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally06:30.786+3:56.226Xbox
2087 zinoDBFord Fiesta RS Rally06:39.606+4:05.460Xbox
2088 Markjr362Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:06.417+4:31.857PS4
2089 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:07.390+4:32.830Xbox
2090 Major_GrooveFord Fiesta RS Rally07:13.102+4:38.542PS4
2091 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:14.802+4:40.242Xbox
2092 StefanproXLFord Fiesta RS Rally07:17.687+4:43.127PS4
2093 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:20.905+4:46.345Xbox
2094 fredrikv40Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:28.372+4:53.812PS4
2095 ander27slotFord Fiesta RS Rally07:40.021+5:05.461PS4
2096 enzoad14Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:51.118+5:16.558PS4
2097 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally07:52.453+5:17.893Xbox
2098 roughneckdrill85Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:00.021+5:25.461PS4
2099 jps_004Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:06.453+5:31.893PS4
2100 AtomiheinekenFord Fiesta RS Rally08:10.188+5:35.628PS4
2101 abc1231980Ford Fiesta RS Rally08:10.220+5:35.660PS4
2102 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:11.616+5:37.560Xbox
2103 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:17.998+5:43.438Xbox
2104 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally08:18.669+5:44.109Xbox
2105 keremhaktanFord Fiesta RS Rally08:38.303+6:03.743PS4
2106 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally09:21.651+6:47.910Xbox
2107 martinwall878Ford Fiesta RS Rally09:49.085+7:14.525PS4
2108 new_u018Ford Fiesta RS Rally10:35.432+8:00.872PS4
2109 Soy_El_CraacKFord Fiesta RS Rally10:49.157+8:14.597PS4
2110 relax2foxFord Fiesta RS Rally11:24.616+8:50.560PS4
2111 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally12:43.193+10:08.633Xbox
2112 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally14:20.160+11:45.600Xbox
2113 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally14:56.323+12:21.763Xbox
2114 SebastianoFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2115 DendoMushiFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2116 WeatherMan101Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2117 tsherring2Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2118 Efterskolefaggot Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2119 ChodakFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2120 mkunselmanFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2121 ??_???Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2122 Kevlar Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2123 Kalahari Ferrari Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2124 JerkomorbeeFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2125 PuddinFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2126 Qwertster Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2127 somthong1719Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2128 Simply AnnaFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2129 SixBoydFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2130 johan_karlborgFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2131 adamhenson Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2132 afuego2cFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2133 senatr8Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2134 DreaMFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2135 radekgren Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2136 jojichwhiteFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2137 well shit homie.Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2138 derek.mckinney1994Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2139 \Y/urguilssonFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2140 halmaigabo0Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2141 TheONEFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2142 rcordebarFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2143 ikibukFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2144 PragaFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2145 ?3?Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2146 skontrodudeFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2147 thegriddr3Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2148 ?????_LEFT-HANDEDFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2149 alg*****Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2150 jmchev1Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2151 BattleWaffle Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2152 GamingWithAGamer | GWAGFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2153 t.nakazawa Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2154 vetalFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2155 Vetypommi Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2156 nationalwheel Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2157 SkibadeeFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2158 FrostFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2159 MoistTowelette Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2160 zzhuacFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2161 Conjure Phantasm Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Steam
2162 ProumetheuxFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2163 lgh9127Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2164 Moerten420Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2165 Marmouset_40Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2166 kostasgkostasg-iFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2167 destroyerXLGCFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2168 deathrowkidFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2169 Da_Dom_JohnsonFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2170 steveparis79Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2171 kimifan601Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2172 Bastius56Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2173 Shotta-coombsFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2174 mi-ni40Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2175 MIGUELDORIAFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2176 rene32768Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2177 AimHigh678Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2178 IM_NONiNjAFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2179 RAZZA_D_13Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2180 cdrenatFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2181 chibear136Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2182 TMDL-FLORIAN-974Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2183 slimac78Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2184 perbjornsonFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2185 MAAKS04Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2186 mahaalshomranyFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2187 BlackBolt415Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2188 emali98Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2189 danielrrr6Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2190 Longdomsilver333Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2191 ghostt932Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2192 Igas999Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2193 jim_bekFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2194 fin-marxFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2195 BrendkaVIPFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2196 michiel1418Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2197 yusuf3721Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2198 the_bevostaterFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2199 soyyo198Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2200 F4JT3R_P0L2K4Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2201 ljbromFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2202 thecoolg233716Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2203 Yotex25Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2204 Rack_Em_Up27Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2205 wiktorszpFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2206 phildogthemanFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2207 DylanVincent33Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2208 iSkU85Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2209 tonk74Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2210 PawlikLz13Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2211 caveira8855Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2212 PORKY_2014Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2213 helo155b1Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2214 arcasida2209Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2215 rallyflbonFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2216 jpknight76Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2217 jasonaldoessiFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2218 GeorgeKilroyFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2219 krijeckFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2220 adrians18k1Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2221 andreasael3333Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2222 AdrianS2406Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440PS4
2223 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2224 DDR1988Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2225 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2226 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2227 Eryx98Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2228 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2229 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2230 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2231 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2232 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2233 danka48Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2234 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2235 Wilbur03Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2236 santiago1973Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2237 RecalledBinkie3Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2238 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2239 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2240 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2241 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2242 IzzSk8ratFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2243 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2244 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2245 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2246 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox
2247 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+12:25.440Xbox