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DiRT Daily Live - #MK2Monday, 2018-09-10
2169 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Germany] Waldaufstieg (S) (Morning, Clear)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 Tyoung972Ford Escort Mk II02:55.459+00:00.000PS4
2 EduardoRosavascoFord Escort Mk II02:55.476+00:00.170PS4
3 TristanFord Escort Mk II02:55.726+00:00.267Steam
4 MongoJon [VR] Ford Escort Mk II02:55.909+00:00.450Steam
5 BraxenFord Escort Mk II02:56.759+00:01.300Steam
6 simon351 Ford Escort Mk II02:56.859+00:01.400Steam
7 naglerFord Escort Mk II02:56.976+00:01.517Steam
8 Pete Ford Escort Mk II02:58.176+00:02.717Steam
9 A R I S _ M O T O RFord Escort Mk II02:59.009+00:03.550Steam
10 rallymathieFord Escort Mk II02:59.492+00:04.330PS4
11 Lulu29 Ford Escort Mk II02:59.642+00:04.183Steam
12 Bananamonkey2k12Ford Escort Mk II02:59.792+00:04.333PS4
13 Andy-XFFord Escort Mk II02:59.926+00:04.467PS4
14 JarodFord Escort Mk II03:00.026+00:04.567Steam
15 w76995Ford Escort Mk II03:00.576+00:05.117PS4
16 Spokster Ford Escort Mk II03:00.692+00:05.233Steam
17 GupsterFord Escort Mk II03:00.726+00:05.267Steam
18 Darkstar Ford Escort Mk II03:00.776+00:05.317Steam
19 HenryFord Escort Mk II03:00.842+00:05.383Steam
20 Penge88Ford Escort Mk II03:01.159+00:05.700Steam
21 antoragnottiFord Escort Mk II03:01.159+00:05.700Xbox
22 tero kartmanFord Escort Mk II03:01.192+00:05.733Steam
23 MadEd_UAFord Escort Mk II03:01.259+00:05.800Steam
24 flo_pro2003Ford Escort Mk II03:01.376+00:05.917PS4
25 AnacondaRangerFord Escort Mk II03:01.409+00:05.950Steam
26 psych13aFord Escort Mk II03:01.426+00:05.967PS4
27 SonyrazzerFord Escort Mk II03:01.476+00:06.170Steam
28 ogiersebFord Escort Mk II03:01.492+00:06.330Xbox
29 artos55 Ford Escort Mk II03:01.776+00:06.317Steam
30 L'étrille22 Ford Escort Mk II03:01.792+00:06.333Steam
31 mhk2308Ford Escort Mk II03:01.926+00:06.467PS4
32 schiefinspector2Ford Escort Mk II03:02.009+00:06.550PS4
33 ass blasterFord Escort Mk II03:02.076+00:06.617Steam
34 RESPECTxORANGESFord Escort Mk II03:02.092+00:06.633Xbox
35 Jordan_WRC23Ford Escort Mk II03:02.126+00:06.667PS4
36 Pepillogsxr33Ford Escort Mk II03:02.176+00:06.717PS4
37 jonnis13Ford Escort Mk II03:02.259+00:06.800Xbox
38 elexe0n Ford Escort Mk II03:02.459+00:07.000Steam
39 KaapozFord Escort Mk II03:02.509+00:07.500Steam
40 rumcajsz99Ford Escort Mk II03:02.592+00:07.133Steam
41 SGT_alex115Ford Escort Mk II03:02.592+00:07.133PS4
42 A.Szczepaniak Ford Escort Mk II03:02.726+00:07.267Steam
43 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:02.826+00:07.367Xbox
44 OvalRacerFord Escort Mk II03:02.942+00:07.483PS4
45 Soulr3av3r Ford Escort Mk II03:03.042+00:07.583Steam
46 Dreadmed Ford Escort Mk II03:03.176+00:07.717Steam
47 BsanFord Escort Mk II03:03.342+00:07.883Steam
48 kudasoffff Ford Escort Mk II03:03.492+00:08.330Steam
49 flav6363Ford Escort Mk II03:03.625+00:08.166PS4
50 panzpohadkyFord Escort Mk II03:03.742+00:08.283PS4
51 Audi_A6_weissFord Escort Mk II03:03.792+00:08.333PS4
52 JVsnellmanFord Escort Mk II03:03.825+00:08.366PS4
53 Viktorwestman15Ford Escort Mk II03:03.942+00:08.483PS4
54 Staatl.geprüfter GewürzprüferFord Escort Mk II03:03.959+00:08.500Steam
55 unitakoraFord Escort Mk II03:04.092+00:08.633PS4
56 CharComuFord Escort Mk II03:04.209+00:08.750Steam
57 TitotrucFord Escort Mk II03:04.342+00:08.883Steam
58 Mika-T420Ford Escort Mk II03:04.692+00:09.233PS4
59 SpazAtacckFord Escort Mk II03:04.975+00:09.516PS4
60 brainchovy Ford Escort Mk II03:05.025+00:09.566Steam
61 hameen1Ford Escort Mk II03:05.109+00:09.650PS4
62 bjanss10Ford Escort Mk II03:05.125+00:09.666PS4
63 Fernando MeirelesFord Escort Mk II03:05.175+00:09.716Steam
64 JuhiziTFord Escort Mk II03:05.409+00:09.950PS4
65 Urmas ArmasFord Escort Mk II03:05.442+00:09.983Steam
66 drYnduSFord Escort Mk II03:05.459+00:10.000Steam
67 Rene #NoControl Ford Escort Mk II03:05.475+00:10.160Steam
68 AkaMirteFord Escort Mk II03:05.575+00:10.116PS4
69 Oscaro alexandru.botosFord Escort Mk II03:05.792+00:10.333Steam
70 kristof_baestaensFord Escort Mk II03:05.792+00:10.333Steam
71 pekka.virkamaki Ford Escort Mk II03:05.825+00:10.366Steam
72 terterobicoFord Escort Mk II03:05.892+00:10.433PS4
73 GaXieRFord Escort Mk II03:05.942+00:10.483Xbox
74 markrenton85Ford Escort Mk II03:06.059+00:10.600PS4
75 ebolaf666.exeFord Escort Mk II03:06.092+00:10.633Steam
76 marygoldFord Escort Mk II03:06.109+00:10.650Xbox
77 nickotsidasFord Escort Mk II03:06.142+00:10.683Steam
78 EnconahotsauceFord Escort Mk II03:06.242+00:10.783PS4
79 jmchev1Ford Escort Mk II03:06.409+00:10.950Steam
80 Go Home YankeesFord Escort Mk II03:06.442+00:10.983Steam
81 dlz Ford Escort Mk II03:06.542+00:11.830Steam
82 ChaikaFord Escort Mk II03:06.542+00:11.830Steam
83 pitthekid44 Ford Escort Mk II03:06.575+00:11.116Steam
84 rallyepauleFord Escort Mk II03:06.609+00:11.150PS4
85 Mad_Sloth12Ford Escort Mk II03:06.675+00:11.216Steam
86 cole.trickle.jr Ford Escort Mk II03:06.692+00:11.233Steam
87 Joao SantosFord Escort Mk II03:06.742+00:11.283Steam
88 DMaGGaaaarFord Escort Mk II03:06.759+00:11.300PS4
89 rafa2422777Ford Escort Mk II03:06.792+00:11.333PS4
90 EduuSetiiFord Escort Mk II03:06.892+00:11.433PS4
91 doublelou Ford Escort Mk II03:06.992+00:11.533Steam
92 info Ford Escort Mk II03:07.092+00:11.633Steam
93 Lind27Ford Escort Mk II03:07.159+00:11.700Steam
94 DunkMac Ford Escort Mk II03:07.192+00:11.733Steam
95 sloal3nFord Escort Mk II03:07.275+00:11.816PS4
96 schlenkerEFord Escort Mk II03:07.392+00:11.933PS4
97 tuokarinen Ford Escort Mk II03:07.409+00:11.950Steam
98 OlexFord Escort Mk II03:07.492+00:12.330Xbox
99 gabmanu--Ford Escort Mk II03:07.559+00:12.100PS4
100 iggywicksFord Escort Mk II03:07.575+00:12.116Xbox
101 Rally_DriverFord Escort Mk II03:07.609+00:12.150Steam
102 behem-e30Ford Escort Mk II03:07.642+00:12.183PS4
103 jonesy65582Ford Escort Mk II03:07.659+00:12.200PS4
104 JonSnow8737Ford Escort Mk II03:07.659+00:12.200Xbox
105 LUKEY1993Ford Escort Mk II03:07.675+00:12.216PS4
106 MEISTER5470Ford Escort Mk II03:07.675+00:12.216PS4
107 StupidFingers Ford Escort Mk II03:07.692+00:12.233Steam
108 jindra247 Ford Escort Mk II03:07.692+00:12.233Steam
109 Marlec Ford Escort Mk II03:07.759+00:12.300Steam
110 PortablePortal Ford Escort Mk II03:07.809+00:12.350Steam
111 Snorri Ford Escort Mk II03:07.809+00:12.350Steam
112 max Ford Escort Mk II03:07.842+00:12.383Steam
113 Jorma KovanenFord Escort Mk II03:07.875+00:12.416Steam
114 arne.schmiedebergFord Escort Mk II03:07.942+00:12.483Steam
115 bmwcrashFord Escort Mk II03:07.959+00:12.500Steam
116 Karppa Ford Escort Mk II03:08.042+00:12.583Steam
117 Rising Sun Ford Escort Mk II03:08.092+00:12.633Steam
118 ari.salokivi Ford Escort Mk II03:08.125+00:12.666Steam
119 Cromey Ford Escort Mk II03:08.142+00:12.683Steam
120 Jonog53Ford Escort Mk II03:08.175+00:12.716PS4
121 SamppaFord Escort Mk II03:08.225+00:12.766Steam
122 ristokarjalainen Ford Escort Mk II03:08.225+00:12.766Steam
123 82elfos (CZ) Ford Escort Mk II03:08.342+00:12.883Steam
124 And Revenge FantasiesFord Escort Mk II03:08.359+00:12.900Steam
125 moquette5Ford Escort Mk II03:08.359+00:12.900Xbox
126 Jellyflooosh14Ford Escort Mk II03:08.375+00:12.916Xbox
127 ReallyDrunkFord Escort Mk II03:08.509+00:13.500Steam
128 KoffeinkistaFord Escort Mk II03:08.542+00:13.830Steam
129 jmsportFord Escort Mk II03:08.542+00:13.830PS4
130 Strejda009Ford Escort Mk II03:08.625+00:13.166Steam
131 El BakherFord Escort Mk II03:08.642+00:13.183Steam
132 SrubarakFord Escort Mk II03:08.642+00:13.183PS4
133 oldethumperFord Escort Mk II03:08.709+00:13.250Steam
134 versys73Ford Escort Mk II03:08.709+00:13.250PS4
135 Mr_Stereomd Ford Escort Mk II03:08.792+00:13.333Steam
136 KentKetchumFord Escort Mk II03:08.792+00:13.333PS4
137 VelFog Ford Escort Mk II03:08.809+00:13.350Steam
138 Jean-Valjean-Ford Escort Mk II03:08.825+00:13.366PS4
139 OscarFord Escort Mk II03:08.842+00:13.383Steam
140 Qwertster Ford Escort Mk II03:08.925+00:13.466Steam
141 ECMotorsportFord Escort Mk II03:09.025+00:13.566Steam
142 yumyamu Ford Escort Mk II03:09.025+00:13.566Steam
143 corradinhoFord Escort Mk II03:09.042+00:13.583Steam
144 GT3Mark2 Ford Escort Mk II03:09.059+00:13.600Steam
145 infinity65kcFord Escort Mk II03:09.192+00:13.733PS4
146 h.klappauf Ford Escort Mk II03:09.225+00:13.766Steam
147 Shitybrown Ford Escort Mk II03:09.275+00:13.816Steam
148 frankiestailFord Escort Mk II03:09.325+00:13.866PS4
149 Death Eagle .42Ford Escort Mk II03:09.359+00:13.900Steam
150 RZA Ford Escort Mk II03:09.359+00:13.900Steam
151 SAABviggenFord Escort Mk II03:09.359+00:13.900PS4
152 JweigFord Escort Mk II03:09.375+00:13.916Steam
153 [ PQ ] Yaou Ford Escort Mk II03:09.409+00:13.950Steam
154 natalone82Ford Escort Mk II03:09.459+00:14.000PS4
155 chodnik Ford Escort Mk II03:09.592+00:14.133Steam
156 Thrill_Of_SpeedFord Escort Mk II03:09.659+00:14.200PS4
157 NONOlyoncharboFord Escort Mk II03:09.659+00:14.200Xbox
158 jari220970Ford Escort Mk II03:09.709+00:14.250PS4
159 sta8orFord Escort Mk II03:09.742+00:14.283Steam
160 EL075Ford Escort Mk II03:09.825+00:14.366Steam
161 xsni Ford Escort Mk II03:09.875+00:14.416Steam
162 BeemerbabyFord Escort Mk II03:09.875+00:14.416PS4
163 SlidehoonFord Escort Mk II03:09.942+00:14.483PS4
164 Barjoland38Ford Escort Mk II03:10.059+00:14.600Steam
165 Nosferatu Ford Escort Mk II03:10.059+00:14.600Steam
166 FastNikoFord Escort Mk II03:10.059+00:14.600PS4
167 VuidaaFord Escort Mk II03:10.092+00:14.633Steam
168 PeakOrangeFord Escort Mk II03:10.175+00:14.716PS4
169 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:10.292+00:14.833Xbox
170 A.BurnerFord Escort Mk II03:10.309+00:14.850Steam
171 sylrct83Ford Escort Mk II03:10.309+00:14.850PS4
172 S_V_A_I_K_A_72Ford Escort Mk II03:10.342+00:14.883PS4
173 chr2d2 Ford Escort Mk II03:10.375+00:14.916Steam
174 stix88stixFord Escort Mk II03:10.375+00:14.916PS4
175 Smokie_UK1Ford Escort Mk II03:10.425+00:14.966Steam
176 loydFord Escort Mk II03:10.475+00:15.160Steam
177 DobbyDoDahFord Escort Mk II03:10.525+00:15.660PS4
178 iF11XracingFord Escort Mk II03:10.575+00:15.116PS4
179 loco-majorFord Escort Mk II03:10.592+00:15.133PS4
180 den_den-83 Ford Escort Mk II03:10.659+00:15.200Steam
181 NeonFord Escort Mk II03:10.725+00:15.266Steam
182 BleuBleuBleu27Ford Escort Mk II03:10.792+00:15.333PS4
183 OttoFord Escort Mk II03:10.942+00:15.483Steam
184 risukimppuFord Escort Mk II03:10.942+00:15.483PS4
185 CerberaFord Escort Mk II03:10.959+00:15.500Steam
186 MC WRT Ford Escort Mk II03:10.975+00:15.516Steam
187 KTMKIDFord Escort Mk II03:10.992+00:15.533Xbox
188 musicman74 Ford Escort Mk II03:11.009+00:15.550Steam
189 jim78millsFord Escort Mk II03:11.009+00:15.550PS4
190 le-ray.marcFord Escort Mk II03:11.025+00:15.566Steam
191 WaluigithewalrusFord Escort Mk II03:11.059+00:15.600Steam
192 Rajjmen Ford Escort Mk II03:11.075+00:15.616Steam
193 Bynight7Ford Escort Mk II03:11.092+00:15.633Xbox
194 Filous548Ford Escort Mk II03:11.109+00:15.650PS4
195 BulletToothFord Escort Mk II03:11.159+00:15.700Steam
196 BartlomiejBArto2Ford Escort Mk II03:11.175+00:15.716PS4
197 JanaPPa Ford Escort Mk II03:11.292+00:15.833Steam
198 GTD-Ninja306Ford Escort Mk II03:11.359+00:15.900PS4
199 Cookieman557Ford Escort Mk II03:11.442+00:15.983PS4
200 apo-001budapestFord Escort Mk II03:11.459+00:16.000PS4
201 DarkSandmaNFord Escort Mk II03:11.492+00:16.330Steam
202 VuleFord Escort Mk II03:11.492+00:16.330Steam
203 blasou09Ford Escort Mk II03:11.592+00:16.133PS4
204 radim46iFord Escort Mk II03:11.692+00:16.233Steam
205 adydiFord Escort Mk II03:11.725+00:16.266PS4
206 3n3lowFord Escort Mk II03:11.858+00:16.399Steam
207 LukBakerFord Escort Mk II03:11.925+00:16.466Steam
208 tihon235Ford Escort Mk II03:11.925+00:16.466PS4
209 jak2755 Ford Escort Mk II03:11.942+00:16.483Steam
210 Zrob17Ford Escort Mk II03:11.942+00:16.483Xbox
211 tailormade1965Ford Escort Mk II03:12.025+00:16.566PS4
212 Brian OceanFord Escort Mk II03:12.058+00:16.599Steam
213 Escobarr24Ford Escort Mk II03:12.075+00:16.616PS4
214 ALAIN-VAL-06Ford Escort Mk II03:12.092+00:16.633PS4
215 StarvingFord Escort Mk II03:12.108+00:16.649Steam
216 Jonzka93Ford Escort Mk II03:12.142+00:16.683Steam
217 Ladakl Ford Escort Mk II03:12.175+00:16.716Steam
218 Bl@ckSp@rkFord Escort Mk II03:12.175+00:16.716Steam
219 The Best Games Ford Escort Mk II03:12.225+00:16.766Steam
220 osmebyFord Escort Mk II03:12.225+00:16.766PS4
221 PachoFord Escort Mk II03:12.258+00:16.799Steam
222 Ralf_mol Ford Escort Mk II03:12.325+00:16.866Steam
223 Bleifussler Ford Escort Mk II03:12.358+00:16.899Steam
224 Platoon Ford Escort Mk II03:12.358+00:16.899Steam
225 Dosaaf VbgFord Escort Mk II03:12.392+00:16.933Steam
226 sada_k2Ford Escort Mk II03:12.458+00:16.999PS4
227 VermeireTFord Escort Mk II03:12.475+00:17.160PS4
228 exctakk Ford Escort Mk II03:12.508+00:17.490Steam
229 rallyeman34Ford Escort Mk II03:12.508+00:17.490PS4
230 Soper11 Ford Escort Mk II03:12.525+00:17.660Steam
231 LRracing555Ford Escort Mk II03:12.558+00:17.990PS4
232 Athlex Ford Escort Mk II03:12.608+00:17.149Steam
233 Stanley.33-443Ford Escort Mk II03:12.658+00:17.199Steam
234 Ebashmet BezkumarovFord Escort Mk II03:12.675+00:17.216Steam
235 cratercamperFord Escort Mk II03:12.725+00:17.266Steam
236 decliq Ford Escort Mk II03:12.758+00:17.299Steam
237 Alby Ford Escort Mk II03:12.758+00:17.299Steam
238 VictorFlash1972Ford Escort Mk II03:12.808+00:17.349PS4
239 ka????Ford Escort Mk II03:12.875+00:17.416Steam
240 Wolf-14Ford Escort Mk II03:12.892+00:17.433PS4
241 LokiteFord Escort Mk II03:12.975+00:17.516Steam
242 RockBass Ford Escort Mk II03:13.025+00:17.566Steam
243 Ivau912Ford Escort Mk II03:13.092+00:17.633Steam
244 coccotynkkyFord Escort Mk II03:13.125+00:17.666PS4
245 Fitzz ?Ford Escort Mk II03:13.258+00:17.799Steam
246 malauguriusFord Escort Mk II03:13.258+00:17.799PS4
247 aure0308Ford Escort Mk II03:13.258+00:17.799Xbox
248 fili62Ford Escort Mk II03:13.325+00:17.866Steam
249 maikl330Ford Escort Mk II03:13.375+00:17.916Steam
250 AlphanoodleFord Escort Mk II03:13.425+00:17.966Steam
251 SnailhauserFord Escort Mk II03:13.458+00:17.999Xbox
252 Oleorm66Ford Escort Mk II03:13.475+00:18.160PS4
253 JOROpena81Ford Escort Mk II03:13.525+00:18.660Xbox
254 mjkFord Escort Mk II03:13.542+00:18.830Steam
255 Mark™Ford Escort Mk II03:13.608+00:18.149Steam
256 Raidman70Ford Escort Mk II03:13.692+00:18.233PS4
257 YogHurtFord Escort Mk II03:13.758+00:18.299Steam
258 boomer129krFord Escort Mk II03:13.758+00:18.299PS4
259 Epi Ford Escort Mk II03:13.775+00:18.316Steam
260 s_norm25 Ford Escort Mk II03:13.792+00:18.333Steam
261 Jeffa GFord Escort Mk II03:13.792+00:18.333Steam
262 peterkaumannsFord Escort Mk II03:13.825+00:18.366Steam
263 GoldDEtiFord Escort Mk II03:13.842+00:18.383Steam
264 Cammy520Ford Escort Mk II03:13.842+00:18.383PS4
265 XodlyFord Escort Mk II03:13.925+00:18.466Steam
266 matt.hewlettFord Escort Mk II03:13.958+00:18.499Steam
267 is-pierrotFord Escort Mk II03:14.042+00:18.583PS4
268 schumi00 Ford Escort Mk II03:14.108+00:18.649Steam
269 optimistic_owlFord Escort Mk II03:14.125+00:18.666PS4
270 Jem101Ford Escort Mk II03:14.192+00:18.733Steam
271 Nexus Ford Escort Mk II03:14.225+00:18.766Steam
272 saminojd84Ford Escort Mk II03:14.242+00:18.783PS4
273 Cheg Ford Escort Mk II03:14.258+00:18.799Steam
274 papaFord Escort Mk II03:14.258+00:18.799Steam
275 ar1_1kolaFord Escort Mk II03:14.325+00:18.866PS4
276 kevkpl768Ford Escort Mk II03:14.342+00:18.883PS4
277 tora_sanFord Escort Mk II03:14.492+00:19.330Steam
278 Demonic Warboss Ford Escort Mk II03:14.492+00:19.330Steam
279 multihulluFord Escort Mk II03:14.508+00:19.490Steam
280 The_TurbatronFord Escort Mk II03:14.675+00:19.216Steam
281 balrock Ford Escort Mk II03:14.692+00:19.233Steam
282 proGamer346 Ford Escort Mk II03:14.725+00:19.266Steam
283 RamFord Escort Mk II03:14.725+00:19.266Steam
284 Destroyer40kFord Escort Mk II03:14.758+00:19.299Steam
285 loy59Ford Escort Mk II03:14.825+00:19.366PS4
286 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:14.842+00:19.383Xbox
287 hans.silbernagel Ford Escort Mk II03:14.858+00:19.399Steam
288 pyFord Escort Mk II03:14.875+00:19.416Steam
289 bycometFord Escort Mk II03:14.875+00:19.416Steam
290 Flens07 Ford Escort Mk II03:14.892+00:19.433Steam
291 leepy43Ford Escort Mk II03:14.892+00:19.433PS4
292 deadbeefFord Escort Mk II03:14.942+00:19.483Steam
293 zeztorgFord Escort Mk II03:14.942+00:19.483PS4
294 A.One Ford Escort Mk II03:14.958+00:19.499Steam
295 LambiainenFord Escort Mk II03:14.975+00:19.516PS4
296 lillglutasFord Escort Mk II03:14.992+00:19.533PS4
297 Lukemakin007Ford Escort Mk II03:15.025+00:19.566PS4
298 rob9112Ford Escort Mk II03:15.042+00:19.583Xbox
299 Beretta PRKLFord Escort Mk II03:15.058+00:19.599Steam
300 cristian_rosaFord Escort Mk II03:15.058+00:19.599Steam
301 ChalouGrr_05_Ford Escort Mk II03:15.092+00:19.633PS4
302 jordano13Ford Escort Mk II03:15.192+00:19.733Steam
303 stig7747Ford Escort Mk II03:15.192+00:19.733PS4
304 Coolavanten 2 Ford Escort Mk II03:15.208+00:19.749Steam
305 DataMadmanFord Escort Mk II03:15.242+00:19.783Steam
306 KlicKen #Ford Escort Mk II03:15.275+00:19.816Steam
307 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:15.308+00:19.849Xbox
308 PAU-T-CFord Escort Mk II03:15.325+00:19.866PS4
309 Sorbus84 Ford Escort Mk II03:15.358+00:19.899Steam
310 Stepan StepanowitchFord Escort Mk II03:15.358+00:19.899Steam
311 tunaphisFord Escort Mk II03:15.392+00:19.933PS4
312 redbull22espFord Escort Mk II03:15.525+00:20.660Steam
313 A.Ascari Ford Escort Mk II03:15.542+00:20.830Steam
314 3a?Pa3??pFord Escort Mk II03:15.742+00:20.283Steam
315 Sam106rFord Escort Mk II03:15.742+00:20.283Xbox
316 MuscleDevilFord Escort Mk II03:15.775+00:20.316PS4
317 slim one Ford Escort Mk II03:15.792+00:20.333Steam
318 Uncle Ralph Ford Escort Mk II03:15.808+00:20.349Steam
319 teadrinkerFord Escort Mk II03:15.925+00:20.466Steam
320 racer1176Ford Escort Mk II03:15.942+00:20.483PS4
321 NikonlainenFord Escort Mk II03:15.992+00:20.533PS4
322 Skinnyman Ford Escort Mk II03:16.008+00:20.549Steam
323 Ahmed04122000Ford Escort Mk II03:16.075+00:20.616PS4
324 XxDarkInoxXFord Escort Mk II03:16.108+00:20.649PS4
325 Darkside Ford Escort Mk II03:16.192+00:20.733Steam
326 pilzimkopfFord Escort Mk II03:16.192+00:20.733Steam
327 geefunkuk1Ford Escort Mk II03:16.275+00:20.816Xbox
328 ??????1?Ford Escort Mk II03:16.308+00:20.849Steam
329 magicwise Ford Escort Mk II03:16.308+00:20.849Steam
330 gamerf2pFord Escort Mk II03:16.358+00:20.899Steam
331 sukapowerFord Escort Mk II03:16.392+00:20.933Steam
332 Bubi Ford Escort Mk II03:16.392+00:20.933Steam
333 choubon27Ford Escort Mk II03:16.425+00:20.966Steam
334 bella25398Ford Escort Mk II03:16.425+00:20.966PS4
335 maxougta4Ford Escort Mk II03:16.442+00:20.983PS4
336 piccouFord Escort Mk II03:16.442+00:20.983PS4
337 h5t5r43ewwder456Ford Escort Mk II03:16.442+00:20.983PS4
338 MartyS still the partyanimal Ford Escort Mk II03:16.475+00:21.160Steam
339 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:16.525+00:21.660Xbox
340 ABpiimaFord Escort Mk II03:16.558+00:21.990Steam
341 AcidFord Escort Mk II03:16.575+00:21.116Steam
342 NeverSeen9Ford Escort Mk II03:16.575+00:21.116PS4
343 danka48Ford Escort Mk II03:16.592+00:21.133Xbox
344 alCaBohne96Ford Escort Mk II03:16.625+00:21.166Steam
345 BeggarSifonFord Escort Mk II03:16.625+00:21.166Steam
346 jere_548Ford Escort Mk II03:16.708+00:21.249PS4
347 b13ngyFord Escort Mk II03:16.842+00:21.383PS4
348 tomesr81Ford Escort Mk II03:16.875+00:21.416PS4
349 WaffelWeibFord Escort Mk II03:16.892+00:21.433Steam
350 Fusion371Ford Escort Mk II03:16.892+00:21.433Steam
351 pfred66o511Ford Escort Mk II03:16.892+00:21.433PS4
352 Prana61 Ford Escort Mk II03:16.942+00:21.483Steam
353 shamblam1974Ford Escort Mk II03:16.975+00:21.516PS4
354 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:16.975+00:21.516Xbox
355 Lieutenant SprayFord Escort Mk II03:17.025+00:21.566Steam
356 KoreX Ford Escort Mk II03:17.092+00:21.633Steam
357 ?Jam™? Ford Escort Mk II03:17.092+00:21.633Steam
358 kirifukijackFord Escort Mk II03:17.142+00:21.683Steam
359 yoyi.bimmerFord Escort Mk II03:17.142+00:21.683Steam
360 K1I9N7G7Ford Escort Mk II03:17.142+00:21.683PS4
361 OttoveliFord Escort Mk II03:17.142+00:21.683PS4
362 strubFord Escort Mk II03:17.158+00:21.699Steam
363 jandar2Ford Escort Mk II03:17.242+00:21.783Steam
364 Moates123Ford Escort Mk II03:17.258+00:21.799Xbox
365 sharoglazov81Ford Escort Mk II03:17.292+00:21.833PS4
366 jacek_d67Ford Escort Mk II03:17.308+00:21.849Steam
367 B.xvFord Escort Mk II03:17.358+00:21.899Steam
368 DuDiKoFord Escort Mk II03:17.408+00:21.949Steam
369 ZawGaR Ford Escort Mk II03:17.425+00:21.966Steam
370 krmobilFord Escort Mk II03:17.442+00:21.983Xbox
371 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:17.458+00:21.999Xbox
372 rogerNOTclarkFord Escort Mk II03:17.475+00:22.160PS4
373 GTHG_VioulevoyouFord Escort Mk II03:17.492+00:22.330PS4
374 LORENZO_BARTOLOFord Escort Mk II03:17.508+00:22.490PS4
375 Captain FalhasFord Escort Mk II03:17.758+00:22.299Steam
376 GaudassFord Escort Mk II03:17.758+00:22.299Xbox
377 M4xP0w3R_91Ford Escort Mk II03:17.808+00:22.349Steam
378 opassacFord Escort Mk II03:17.825+00:22.366PS4
379 CheycoFord Escort Mk II03:17.842+00:22.383Xbox
380 n1curleyFord Escort Mk II03:17.925+00:22.466Xbox
381 perpetuateFord Escort Mk II03:17.942+00:22.483Steam
382 Psych0kwakFord Escort Mk II03:17.942+00:22.483Steam
383 janis162007Ford Escort Mk II03:17.958+00:22.499Steam
384 ZanyonFord Escort Mk II03:17.975+00:22.516Steam
385 kevlarmanFord Escort Mk II03:18.042+00:22.583Steam
386 RobbzyyFord Escort Mk II03:18.075+00:22.616Xbox
387 leobarthFord Escort Mk II03:18.092+00:22.633Xbox
388 PiroKOFord Escort Mk II03:18.358+00:22.899Steam
389 tuubiFord Escort Mk II03:18.408+00:22.949Steam
390 LYATTYEFord Escort Mk II03:18.442+00:22.983Steam
391 Who is Rem?Ford Escort Mk II03:18.475+00:23.160Steam
392 RonnieSennaFord Escort Mk II03:18.508+00:23.490PS4
393 udigitalFord Escort Mk II03:18.575+00:23.116Steam
394 Reigo Nela Ford Escort Mk II03:18.625+00:23.166Steam
395 Fa86biozoddFord Escort Mk II03:18.625+00:23.166PS4
396 Djay FiftyFour Ford Escort Mk II03:18.642+00:23.183Steam
397 VeyronFord Escort Mk II03:18.642+00:23.183Steam
398 cardysFord Escort Mk II03:18.692+00:23.233Steam
399 SergipanaGTRFord Escort Mk II03:18.708+00:23.249Xbox
400 bayard.julien42 Ford Escort Mk II03:18.725+00:23.266Steam
401 SP_TOTE89Ford Escort Mk II03:18.775+00:23.316PS4
402 OmniGamerM13Ford Escort Mk II03:18.825+00:23.366PS4
403 El Muchacho Ford Escort Mk II03:18.842+00:23.383Steam
404 BossThaFord Escort Mk II03:18.858+00:23.399Steam
405 leRCTtoulonnaisFord Escort Mk II03:18.858+00:23.399PS4
406 Filipe Ford Escort Mk II03:18.925+00:23.466Steam
407 Serrasalmus Ford Escort Mk II03:18.942+00:23.483Steam
408 Gerli86gFord Escort Mk II03:18.958+00:23.499PS4
409 jaumealemany Ford Escort Mk II03:18.975+00:23.516Steam
410 Ramses toinentoinen Ford Escort Mk II03:19.008+00:23.549Steam
411 xwartFord Escort Mk II03:19.125+00:23.666Steam
412 Mimatsu_kFord Escort Mk II03:19.142+00:23.683PS4
413 Cold_CarbonFord Escort Mk II03:19.192+00:23.733PS4
414 NaapozFord Escort Mk II03:19.225+00:23.766Steam
415 filgesfilgesFord Escort Mk II03:19.225+00:23.766PS4
416 KzoolFord Escort Mk II03:19.242+00:23.783Steam
417 DRF_1997Ford Escort Mk II03:19.242+00:23.783PS4
418 HitmanFord Escort Mk II03:19.275+00:23.816Steam
419 PygmyowlFord Escort Mk II03:19.275+00:23.816Steam
420 ostmossaFord Escort Mk II03:19.275+00:23.816PS4
421 Motörhead 2112Ford Escort Mk II03:19.375+00:23.916Steam
422 dafoartFord Escort Mk II03:19.425+00:23.966PS4
423 Dedder (GER) Ford Escort Mk II03:19.458+00:23.999Steam
424 VictorPazetteFord Escort Mk II03:19.525+00:24.660Xbox
425 zaphod260Ford Escort Mk II03:19.592+00:24.133PS4
426 <--|Mœrkenmür|-->Ford Escort Mk II03:19.608+00:24.149Steam
427 oldmandriverFord Escort Mk II03:19.608+00:24.149Steam
428 apedrosmsFord Escort Mk II03:19.625+00:24.166Steam
429 VRicomettiFord Escort Mk II03:19.642+00:24.183Xbox
430 thertherleclodoFord Escort Mk II03:19.675+00:24.216PS4
431 mellonFord Escort Mk II03:19.708+00:24.249Steam
432 HasugurFord Escort Mk II03:19.725+00:24.266Steam
433 Kingplayer246Ford Escort Mk II03:19.725+00:24.266PS4
434 Leamsi 0389Ford Escort Mk II03:19.742+00:24.283Steam
435 acelgaFord Escort Mk II03:19.792+00:24.333Steam
436 Xx_d-jay07_xXFord Escort Mk II03:19.792+00:24.333PS4
437 franklin02130Ford Escort Mk II03:19.808+00:24.349Steam
438 destructro-botFord Escort Mk II03:19.842+00:24.383PS4
439 amodasFord Escort Mk II03:19.858+00:24.399Steam
440 [T.F]Raptor974 Ford Escort Mk II03:19.925+00:24.466Steam
441 gabryeveroFord Escort Mk II03:19.942+00:24.483PS4
442 romejo168Ford Escort Mk II03:19.992+00:24.533PS4
443 PJVFord Escort Mk II03:20.075+00:24.616Steam
444 NiKNiK_95Ford Escort Mk II03:20.075+00:24.616PS4
445 SuckaMahFord Escort Mk II03:20.091+00:24.632Steam
446 Samurai5kull83Ford Escort Mk II03:20.108+00:24.649Xbox
447 Toru Ford Escort Mk II03:20.141+00:24.682Steam
448 liquidator911 Ford Escort Mk II03:20.191+00:24.732Steam
449 HAMLO_48Ford Escort Mk II03:20.208+00:24.749PS4
450 komendarekFord Escort Mk II03:20.241+00:24.782PS4
451 Colin Awesome Ford Escort Mk II03:20.291+00:24.832Steam
452 synapsisFord Escort Mk II03:20.308+00:24.849Steam
453 a1000138Ford Escort Mk II03:20.325+00:24.866PS4
454 cyberinsekt943Ford Escort Mk II03:20.341+00:24.882PS4
455 t_e_dd_yFord Escort Mk II03:20.491+00:25.320PS4
456 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:20.491+00:25.320Xbox
457 MK2Escort123Ford Escort Mk II03:20.525+00:25.660Xbox
458 FariFord Escort Mk II03:20.558+00:25.990Steam
459 ktm450drewFord Escort Mk II03:20.591+00:25.132PS4
460 SaintFord Escort Mk II03:20.641+00:25.182Steam
461 ventucriFord Escort Mk II03:20.658+00:25.199Steam
462 SbRFord Escort Mk II03:20.691+00:25.232Steam
463 GustavoPelichosFord Escort Mk II03:20.708+00:25.249PS4
464 EpicgoblinFord Escort Mk II03:20.725+00:25.266Steam
465 HartFlamovFord Escort Mk II03:20.758+00:25.299PS4
466 White Power RangerFord Escort Mk II03:20.891+00:25.432Steam
467 Kruza923Ford Escort Mk II03:20.908+00:25.449Xbox
468 SexyDino Ford Escort Mk II03:20.941+00:25.482Steam
469 Jon the VGNerdFord Escort Mk II03:20.991+00:25.532Steam
470 DEMO_DAN_MANTAFord Escort Mk II03:21.008+00:25.549PS4
471 ShoX Ford Escort Mk II03:21.058+00:25.599Steam
472 bettyswallox06Ford Escort Mk II03:21.058+00:25.599PS4
473 Hekazi96Ford Escort Mk II03:21.091+00:25.632PS4
474 KnucklesNorwoodFord Escort Mk II03:21.091+00:25.632Xbox
475 marcobarb94Ford Escort Mk II03:21.108+00:25.649Steam
476 cowboy gamer bandosFord Escort Mk II03:21.108+00:25.649Steam
477 SankyuuFord Escort Mk II03:21.141+00:25.682Steam
478 YooShi0012Ford Escort Mk II03:21.175+00:25.716PS4
479 Oztrazine800Ford Escort Mk II03:21.191+00:25.732PS4
480 Macfly Ford Escort Mk II03:21.241+00:25.782Steam
481 modestriveraFord Escort Mk II03:21.241+00:25.782PS4
482 epod665Ford Escort Mk II03:21.258+00:25.799Steam
483 superplutonioFord Escort Mk II03:21.258+00:25.799PS4
484 scrilla100Ford Escort Mk II03:21.308+00:25.849Xbox
485 Knoxville Ford Escort Mk II03:21.341+00:25.882Steam
486 GOUNZYFord Escort Mk II03:21.408+00:25.949PS4
487 renesis01Ford Escort Mk II03:21.441+00:25.982PS4
488 bigdino74Ford Escort Mk II03:21.458+00:25.999Xbox
489 dontcut119 Ford Escort Mk II03:21.475+00:26.160Steam
490 racingradio.de Ford Escort Mk II03:21.491+00:26.320Steam
491 blackjasu8Ford Escort Mk II03:21.508+00:26.490PS4
492 WRC-ELCHFord Escort Mk II03:21.525+00:26.660PS4
493 evotronmix Ford Escort Mk II03:21.541+00:26.820Steam
494 StupidManCostumeFord Escort Mk II03:21.625+00:26.166Steam
495 SLIPKNOT-SOURFord Escort Mk II03:21.691+00:26.232Steam
496 imhowtobasicFord Escort Mk II03:21.691+00:26.232Xbox
497 maquibutFord Escort Mk II03:21.725+00:26.266PS4
498 KarekaoFord Escort Mk II03:21.725+00:26.266Xbox
499 smk5526Ford Escort Mk II03:21.741+00:26.282Steam
500 Matty_10_02Ford Escort Mk II03:21.791+00:26.332PS4
501 Billy RacerFord Escort Mk II03:21.808+00:26.349Steam
502 Robinatorx22Ford Escort Mk II03:21.808+00:26.349PS4
503 NuskFord Escort Mk II03:21.825+00:26.366Steam
504 FranckersFord Escort Mk II03:21.841+00:26.382PS4
505 colinnolaFord Escort Mk II03:21.841+00:26.382PS4
506 DeenkuFord Escort Mk II03:21.908+00:26.449Steam
507 TchoponT Ford Escort Mk II03:21.925+00:26.466Steam
508 dacohanFord Escort Mk II03:21.925+00:26.466Steam
509 bartezz666Ford Escort Mk II03:21.925+00:26.466PS4
510 guinounoursFord Escort Mk II03:22.008+00:26.549PS4
511 geolos Ford Escort Mk II03:22.041+00:26.582Steam
512 PandasauceFord Escort Mk II03:22.041+00:26.582Steam
513 Gr0shFord Escort Mk II03:22.041+00:26.582Steam
514 Darth UrfFord Escort Mk II03:22.108+00:26.649Steam
515 svinballFord Escort Mk II03:22.125+00:26.666Xbox
516 LeopoldixFord Escort Mk II03:22.141+00:26.682Steam
517 garimonkichi575Ford Escort Mk II03:22.141+00:26.682PS4
518 baf304Ford Escort Mk II03:22.141+00:26.682PS4
519 DidjumFord Escort Mk II03:22.175+00:26.716Steam
520 x2486Ford Escort Mk II03:22.191+00:26.732Steam
521 peloduendeFord Escort Mk II03:22.208+00:26.749PS4
522 Lazor2Ford Escort Mk II03:22.275+00:26.816Steam
523 vandervaalt10Ford Escort Mk II03:22.291+00:26.832Steam
524 Rocket Jump Ford Escort Mk II03:22.308+00:26.849Steam
525 ÐeadlockFord Escort Mk II03:22.358+00:26.899Steam
526 Oni40 Ford Escort Mk II03:22.358+00:26.899Steam
527 Lietuvis1993Ford Escort Mk II03:22.358+00:26.899PS4
528 SherryCoco??Ford Escort Mk II03:22.391+00:26.932Steam
529 boy1234Ford Escort Mk II03:22.425+00:26.966PS4
530 OtiS_JeSSyFord Escort Mk II03:22.441+00:26.982PS4
531 TooF30Ford Escort Mk II03:22.458+00:26.999PS4
532 philipp.musholtFord Escort Mk II03:22.475+00:27.160Steam
533 Jimbo93Ford Escort Mk II03:22.491+00:27.320Xbox
534 ReichmeisterFord Escort Mk II03:22.508+00:27.490Steam
535 syun_tessyFord Escort Mk II03:22.525+00:27.660Steam
536 Guiguax02Ford Escort Mk II03:22.525+00:27.660PS4
537 333dam333Ford Escort Mk II03:22.541+00:27.820Steam
538 arikaiserFord Escort Mk II03:22.591+00:27.132PS4
539 twitch70Ford Escort Mk II03:22.591+00:27.132Xbox
540 N0rdFord Escort Mk II03:22.658+00:27.199Steam
541 turbo-jackFord Escort Mk II03:22.675+00:27.216Steam
542 Lord_of_LemraFord Escort Mk II03:22.675+00:27.216Steam
543 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:22.675+00:27.216Xbox
544 MatixFord Escort Mk II03:22.741+00:27.282Steam
545 dyampolskijFord Escort Mk II03:22.758+00:27.299Steam
546 adamtryFord Escort Mk II03:22.775+00:27.316Steam
547 Walter SchmittFord Escort Mk II03:22.858+00:27.399Steam
548 CarlWinslow22Ford Escort Mk II03:22.858+00:27.399PS4
549 Giggs-030-Ford Escort Mk II03:22.958+00:27.499PS4
550 kojeto Ford Escort Mk II03:23.058+00:27.599Steam
551 Pupkin Ford Escort Mk II03:23.058+00:27.599Steam
552 mk07 Ford Escort Mk II03:23.075+00:27.616Steam
553 fake officerFord Escort Mk II03:23.075+00:27.616Steam
554 Big-Shirley45Ford Escort Mk II03:23.075+00:27.616PS4
555 marcom488Ford Escort Mk II03:23.075+00:27.616Xbox
556 GT-Racing-cz_PVFord Escort Mk II03:23.091+00:27.632PS4
557 dachaFord Escort Mk II03:23.108+00:27.649Steam
558 alesfini Ford Escort Mk II03:23.108+00:27.649Steam
559 Miggzz_2003Ford Escort Mk II03:23.125+00:27.666PS4
560 Tommy Ford Escort Mk II03:23.141+00:27.682Steam
561 Lucy Gools Ford Escort Mk II03:23.158+00:27.699Steam
562 giesiekFord Escort Mk II03:23.158+00:27.699PS4
563 resident1322Ford Escort Mk II03:23.258+00:27.799PS4
564 Yukon CorneliusFord Escort Mk II03:23.275+00:27.816Steam
565 touns50Ford Escort Mk II03:23.325+00:27.866PS4
566 SHUTD0WNFord Escort Mk II03:23.325+00:27.866Xbox
567 wt21zFord Escort Mk II03:23.341+00:27.882Steam
568 EvnyssienFord Escort Mk II03:23.341+00:27.882Steam
569 dNERB_8Ford Escort Mk II03:23.358+00:27.899PS4
570 jehuFord Escort Mk II03:23.491+00:28.320Steam
571 BenLuzyFord Escort Mk II03:23.558+00:28.990PS4
572 vulture13 Ford Escort Mk II03:23.575+00:28.116Steam
573 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:23.575+00:28.116Xbox
574 nico13121975Ford Escort Mk II03:23.608+00:28.149PS4
575 Dirtmatty4Ford Escort Mk II03:23.641+00:28.182Xbox
576 KSK45Ford Escort Mk II03:23.658+00:28.199PS4
577 INNO_GORRILAFord Escort Mk II03:23.691+00:28.232Steam
578 WWWowan1968Rus59 Ford Escort Mk II03:23.775+00:28.316Steam
579 vajbTV @ Twitch Ford Escort Mk II03:23.808+00:28.349Steam
580 RWRacing37Ford Escort Mk II03:23.808+00:28.349PS4
581 siggelkow_jensFord Escort Mk II03:23.825+00:28.366Steam
582 svxtasy31Ford Escort Mk II03:23.858+00:28.399Xbox
583 BevanlateganFord Escort Mk II03:23.875+00:28.416PS4
584 Freelander1972Ford Escort Mk II03:23.875+00:28.416PS4
585 MrMarenkiFord Escort Mk II03:23.875+00:28.416PS4
586 squirrel1212 Ford Escort Mk II03:23.891+00:28.432Steam
587 tigris1970Ford Escort Mk II03:23.891+00:28.432PS4
588 ShishKebabFord Escort Mk II03:23.941+00:28.482Steam
589 No Man's Spider Ford Escort Mk II03:23.958+00:28.499Steam
590 Z_darovaFord Escort Mk II03:23.991+00:28.532PS4
591 Tute3454Ford Escort Mk II03:24.141+00:28.682PS4
592 vasko-vidinFord Escort Mk II03:24.208+00:28.749PS4
593 noprFord Escort Mk II03:24.241+00:28.782Steam
594 TerracideFord Escort Mk II03:24.241+00:28.782Steam
595 Matkaicsek74Ford Escort Mk II03:24.291+00:28.832PS4
596 tokyogwbFord Escort Mk II03:24.325+00:28.866PS4
597 Nytefyre Ford Escort Mk II03:24.475+00:29.160Steam
598 Laky LUK 2Ford Escort Mk II03:24.491+00:29.320Steam
599 Jbeliveau320Ford Escort Mk II03:24.508+00:29.490Xbox
600 keith.harrison Ford Escort Mk II03:24.525+00:29.660Steam
601 MegahittFord Escort Mk II03:24.575+00:29.116Steam
602 KczFord Escort Mk II03:24.641+00:29.182Steam
603 MoTeRoFord Escort Mk II03:24.675+00:29.216Steam
604 GTX-TremeFord Escort Mk II03:24.691+00:29.232PS4
605 marathon_80Ford Escort Mk II03:24.708+00:29.249Steam
606 xixi Ford Escort Mk II03:24.708+00:29.249Steam
607 FINrewillFord Escort Mk II03:24.725+00:29.266Steam
608 NotLessOff Ford Escort Mk II03:24.741+00:29.282Steam
609 DYLRALLYFord Escort Mk II03:24.741+00:29.282Xbox
610 mj12Ford Escort Mk II03:24.791+00:29.332Steam
611 öäFord Escort Mk II03:24.841+00:29.382Steam
612 The CabinFord Escort Mk II03:24.908+00:29.449Steam
613 Joonape2Ford Escort Mk II03:24.958+00:29.499PS4
614 HellhoundFord Escort Mk II03:24.975+00:29.516Steam
615 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:25.025+00:29.566Xbox
616 cliocamotos78Ford Escort Mk II03:25.041+00:29.582Steam
617 adeywFord Escort Mk II03:25.075+00:29.616PS4
618 Hyp0cri5y Ford Escort Mk II03:25.175+00:29.716Steam
619 Decadent21Ford Escort Mk II03:25.191+00:29.732Steam
620 vickolfc Ford Escort Mk II03:25.241+00:29.782Steam
621 rybäFord Escort Mk II03:25.242+00:29.783Steam
622 CookieMonsterFord Escort Mk II03:25.258+00:29.799Steam
623 MECAILLONFord Escort Mk II03:25.258+00:29.799Steam
624 artur197410 Ford Escort Mk II03:25.258+00:29.799Steam
625 fabianlebombeFord Escort Mk II03:25.258+00:29.799PS4
626 abso^bG Ford Escort Mk II03:25.291+00:29.832Steam
627 nationalwheel Ford Escort Mk II03:25.358+00:29.899Steam
628 Drug DealerFord Escort Mk II03:25.358+00:29.899Steam
629 FRiESELmitKFord Escort Mk II03:25.358+00:29.899Steam
630 Ravvan Ford Escort Mk II03:25.391+00:29.932Steam
631 AMSAYFord Escort Mk II03:25.458+00:29.999Steam
632 FruitosFord Escort Mk II03:25.491+00:30.320Xbox
633 TeamFr1tteFord Escort Mk II03:25.508+00:30.490PS4
634 FLY-SFFord Escort Mk II03:25.525+00:30.660Steam
635 Haggis22Ford Escort Mk II03:25.558+00:30.990Steam
636 anle62Ford Escort Mk II03:25.641+00:30.182PS4
637 Tom BoksonFord Escort Mk II03:25.708+00:30.249Steam
638 o-yaji3Ford Escort Mk II03:25.741+00:30.282PS4
639 Ain Ojazza Ford Escort Mk II03:25.791+00:30.332Steam
640 Mohican4844Ford Escort Mk II03:25.791+00:30.332PS4
641 ford2310Ford Escort Mk II03:25.825+00:30.366PS4
642 Crosscut357Ford Escort Mk II03:25.875+00:30.416PS4
643 misanthor Ford Escort Mk II03:25.925+00:30.466Steam
644 ad1957-ab4Ford Escort Mk II03:25.925+00:30.466PS4
645 vncommunicativFord Escort Mk II03:25.958+00:30.499Steam
646 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:25.975+00:30.516Xbox
647 SmilikFord Escort Mk II03:25.991+00:30.532Steam
648 OwlFord Escort Mk II03:26.008+00:30.549Steam
649 AstroPunch27 Ford Escort Mk II03:26.025+00:30.566Steam
650 hidoleFord Escort Mk II03:26.075+00:30.616Steam
651 MauTGFord Escort Mk II03:26.075+00:30.616Xbox
652 ficaks Ford Escort Mk II03:26.091+00:30.632Steam
653 ? Blood Raven ?Ford Escort Mk II03:26.091+00:30.632Steam
654 Tom123Ford Escort Mk II03:26.108+00:30.649Steam
655 meskalitoFord Escort Mk II03:26.175+00:30.716Steam
656 gusja2210Ford Escort Mk II03:26.175+00:30.716PS4
657 samuteseFord Escort Mk II03:26.208+00:30.749PS4
658 Turrican68 Ford Escort Mk II03:26.291+00:30.832Steam
659 mitchonetwo Ford Escort Mk II03:26.308+00:30.849Steam
660 craz_knivesFord Escort Mk II03:26.341+00:30.882PS4
661 love_riot_grrrlFord Escort Mk II03:26.391+00:30.932PS4
662 GetuntFord Escort Mk II03:26.391+00:30.932Xbox
663 tiouxeFord Escort Mk II03:26.408+00:30.949Xbox
664 MOSSONIFord Escort Mk II03:26.425+00:30.966Xbox
665 Onpa007Ford Escort Mk II03:26.425+00:30.966Xbox
666 wahvelFord Escort Mk II03:26.475+00:31.160Steam
667 The_RyhanFord Escort Mk II03:26.475+00:31.160PS4
668 Kubek1999PLFord Escort Mk II03:26.491+00:31.320PS4
669 HelderbartenderFord Escort Mk II03:26.508+00:31.490PS4
670 ahouse101Ford Escort Mk II03:26.525+00:31.660Steam
671 vladislav.denevFord Escort Mk II03:26.525+00:31.660Steam
672 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:26.525+00:31.660Xbox
673 Quail-P Ford Escort Mk II03:26.708+00:31.249Steam
674 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:26.708+00:31.249Xbox
675 89foxgtFord Escort Mk II03:26.758+00:31.299Xbox
676 MrThaPausFord Escort Mk II03:26.808+00:31.349PS4
677 sepik80873Ford Escort Mk II03:26.825+00:31.366PS4
678 caquicosFord Escort Mk II03:26.825+00:31.366PS4
679 King CrimsonFord Escort Mk II03:26.858+00:31.399Steam
680 Tomjac06Ford Escort Mk II03:26.858+00:31.399Xbox
681 laker81gtFord Escort Mk II03:26.875+00:31.416PS4
682 yotuylosdemasFord Escort Mk II03:26.875+00:31.416PS4
683 HudomakkiFord Escort Mk II03:26.891+00:31.432PS4
684 murdch1O1Ford Escort Mk II03:26.925+00:31.466PS4
685 germancotareloFord Escort Mk II03:26.958+00:31.499Steam
686 RiknowFord Escort Mk II03:26.975+00:31.516Steam
687 Rest_TremorFord Escort Mk II03:26.991+00:31.532Steam
688 RABBITFord Escort Mk II03:27.008+00:31.549Steam
689 DhFord Escort Mk II03:27.075+00:31.616Steam
690 Sergey_ShtrixFord Escort Mk II03:27.108+00:31.649Steam
691 !! Ford Escort Mk II03:27.125+00:31.666Steam
692 Eureka_Ford Escort Mk II03:27.158+00:31.699Steam
693 lantosiFord Escort Mk II03:27.158+00:31.699PS4
694 BIG_BOB_2012Ford Escort Mk II03:27.158+00:31.699PS4
695 NoxFord Escort Mk II03:27.175+00:31.716Steam
696 fenomxFord Escort Mk II03:27.175+00:31.716Steam
697 medvedevsm92Ford Escort Mk II03:27.225+00:31.766Steam
698 Szidaj-San Ford Escort Mk II03:27.241+00:31.782Steam
699 YshipartooFord Escort Mk II03:27.291+00:31.832PS4
700 Reini Graf von SpeedFord Escort Mk II03:27.375+00:31.916Steam
701 SpeedoFord Escort Mk II03:27.375+00:31.916Steam
702 wiketorFord Escort Mk II03:27.408+00:31.949Steam
703 davecubeFord Escort Mk II03:27.408+00:31.949PS4
704 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:27.475+00:32.160Xbox
705 sideways1994Ford Escort Mk II03:27.508+00:32.490Xbox
706 UndokedLoki718Ford Escort Mk II03:27.591+00:32.132Xbox
707 v3n6ad0rFord Escort Mk II03:27.608+00:32.149Steam
708 ChildSoapFord Escort Mk II03:27.625+00:32.166Steam
709 SoDaReTuRnS2007Ford Escort Mk II03:27.625+00:32.166PS4
710 EuSonAlfredFord Escort Mk II03:27.641+00:32.182Steam
711 yesFord Escort Mk II03:27.708+00:32.249Steam
712 LockwireFord Escort Mk II03:27.725+00:32.266Steam
713 dominique_13Ford Escort Mk II03:27.741+00:32.282Steam
714 Grenadier11165Ford Escort Mk II03:27.791+00:32.332PS4
715 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:27.791+00:32.332Xbox
716 Tom_RallyeFord Escort Mk II03:27.858+00:32.399PS4
717 papatosFord Escort Mk II03:27.958+00:32.499PS4
718 moroketFord Escort Mk II03:27.975+00:32.516Xbox
719 CraftosFord Escort Mk II03:28.008+00:32.549Steam
720 RileySkyKodaFord Escort Mk II03:28.008+00:32.549PS4
721 OleKK998Ford Escort Mk II03:28.075+00:32.616PS4
722 omelotteFord Escort Mk II03:28.091+00:32.632Xbox
723 slick118Ford Escort Mk II03:28.125+00:32.666Steam
724 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:28.125+00:32.666Xbox
725 DESFord Escort Mk II03:28.241+00:32.782Steam
726 bulldogjensenFord Escort Mk II03:28.241+00:32.782PS4
727 stevemcc1873Ford Escort Mk II03:28.241+00:32.782PS4
728 Zyge Ford Escort Mk II03:28.275+00:32.816Steam
729 de_SantaCruzFord Escort Mk II03:28.275+00:32.816PS4
730 adenbenFord Escort Mk II03:28.275+00:32.816Xbox
731 Rec-tomFord Escort Mk II03:28.424+00:32.965Steam
732 blanarFord Escort Mk II03:28.424+00:32.965PS4
733 cpiriderFord Escort Mk II03:28.458+00:32.999PS4
734 arinnerFord Escort Mk II03:28.491+00:33.320Steam
735 goonzak68Ford Escort Mk II03:28.491+00:33.320PS4
736 JOSE_WRCFord Escort Mk II03:28.541+00:33.820PS4
737 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:28.608+00:33.149Xbox
738 The Maltese Falcon Ford Escort Mk II03:28.624+00:33.165Steam
739 MOTORistFord Escort Mk II03:28.641+00:33.182Steam
740 -Urj4-Ford Escort Mk II03:28.708+00:33.249Steam
741 masterFord Escort Mk II03:28.774+00:33.315Steam
742 Day WalkerFord Escort Mk II03:28.808+00:33.349Steam
743 m-brown75Ford Escort Mk II03:28.808+00:33.349PS4
744 AceFord Escort Mk II03:28.824+00:33.365Steam
745 Link93700Ford Escort Mk II03:28.908+00:33.449Steam
746 po.marxFord Escort Mk II03:28.958+00:33.499Steam
747 MrpatinesFord Escort Mk II03:28.992+00:33.533PS4
748 MadSystem_Ford Escort Mk II03:29.008+00:33.549PS4
749 denim Ford Escort Mk II03:29.042+00:33.583Steam
750 BakkokkaB667Ford Escort Mk II03:29.058+00:33.599Xbox
751 andrew brunsonFord Escort Mk II03:29.074+00:33.615Steam
752 tikarnedaFord Escort Mk II03:29.074+00:33.615PS4
753 NYKSiMSoMNia Ford Escort Mk II03:29.108+00:33.649Steam
754 lennongrad75Ford Escort Mk II03:29.124+00:33.665PS4
755 bubba61Ford Escort Mk II03:29.124+00:33.665Xbox
756 Jonas MorschFord Escort Mk II03:29.174+00:33.715Steam
757 magnus.jalmbrant Ford Escort Mk II03:29.258+00:33.799Steam
758 debb1046Ford Escort Mk II03:29.258+00:33.799Steam
759 ilanFord Escort Mk II03:29.341+00:33.882Steam
760 Dominguez Ford Escort Mk II03:29.358+00:33.899Steam
761 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:29.358+00:33.899Xbox
762 romeotudFord Escort Mk II03:29.374+00:33.915Steam
763 -CinicFord Escort Mk II03:29.391+00:33.932Steam
764 ladide_comFord Escort Mk II03:29.391+00:33.932PS4
765 HELLKNIGHT-777Ford Escort Mk II03:29.424+00:33.965PS4
766 san hamigoFord Escort Mk II03:29.492+00:34.330Steam
767 Manu97490jmFord Escort Mk II03:29.541+00:34.820PS4
768 MrDoed Ford Escort Mk II03:29.558+00:34.990Steam
769 Enf...Ford Escort Mk II03:29.691+00:34.232Steam
770 CashewMFord Escort Mk II03:29.708+00:34.249Steam
771 sn0wm4nFord Escort Mk II03:29.808+00:34.349Steam
772 GooFord Escort Mk II03:29.824+00:34.365Steam
773 komiki1Ford Escort Mk II03:29.824+00:34.365Steam
774 CretanKnifeFord Escort Mk II03:29.858+00:34.399Steam
775 russorusram02nurFord Escort Mk II03:29.858+00:34.399PS4
776 dagondroidFord Escort Mk II03:29.874+00:34.415PS4
777 albesFord Escort Mk II03:29.908+00:34.449Steam
778 JonnyVolume88Ford Escort Mk II03:29.908+00:34.449PS4
779 f.eggarterFord Escort Mk II03:29.942+00:34.483Steam
780 paulo_kun Ford Escort Mk II03:29.958+00:34.499Steam
781 Drinkn and RacingFord Escort Mk II03:29.958+00:34.499Steam
782 BabyishGerm1 Ford Escort Mk II03:29.974+00:34.515Steam
783 rodrigocrespo499Ford Escort Mk II03:29.992+00:34.533PS4
784 CrazyMunKee Ford Escort Mk II03:30.008+00:34.549Steam
785 aivarinis_jFord Escort Mk II03:30.008+00:34.549PS4
786 MkbeweFord Escort Mk II03:30.024+00:34.565Steam
787 Dead WrongFord Escort Mk II03:30.058+00:34.599Steam
788 tori Ford Escort Mk II03:30.124+00:34.665Steam
789 arm(rus)Ford Escort Mk II03:30.208+00:34.749Steam
790 TedofonkFord Escort Mk II03:30.208+00:34.749Steam
791 nickgt1997Ford Escort Mk II03:30.224+00:34.765Xbox
792 Jonny BangFord Escort Mk II03:30.258+00:34.799Steam
793 idon6789Ford Escort Mk II03:30.274+00:34.815PS4
794 PlasmaScaleFord Escort Mk II03:30.291+00:34.832Steam
795 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:30.308+00:34.849Xbox
796 kyukyokumutekiFord Escort Mk II03:30.324+00:34.865PS4
797 TheGourangaFord Escort Mk II03:30.341+00:34.882PS4
798 KarsFord Escort Mk II03:30.408+00:34.949Steam
799 clod hoppin nobblin hobgoblin Ford Escort Mk II03:30.424+00:34.965Steam
800 tselistas1Ford Escort Mk II03:30.558+00:35.990Steam
801 Budget-zockerFord Escort Mk II03:30.658+00:35.199PS4
802 firestarter47Ford Escort Mk II03:30.658+00:35.199Xbox
803 SemistrunFord Escort Mk II03:30.674+00:35.215Steam
804 MW64-Ford Escort Mk II03:30.674+00:35.215PS4
805 VilleR82Ford Escort Mk II03:30.708+00:35.249PS4
806 SigbertFord Escort Mk II03:30.758+00:35.299Steam
807 BG-Jivko87Ford Escort Mk II03:30.774+00:35.315Steam
808 touchdownredsoxFord Escort Mk II03:30.774+00:35.315PS4
809 ExpLodLvFord Escort Mk II03:30.808+00:35.349PS4
810 chuckd Ford Escort Mk II03:30.824+00:35.365Steam
811 IAMBADGAMERFord Escort Mk II03:30.824+00:35.365Xbox
812 Morello Ford Escort Mk II03:30.858+00:35.399Steam
813 dju55Ford Escort Mk II03:30.891+00:35.432PS4
814 haoskuFord Escort Mk II03:30.908+00:35.449Xbox
815 xenopoulos3Ford Escort Mk II03:30.924+00:35.465Steam
816 thierry45200Ford Escort Mk II03:30.941+00:35.482PS4
817 SoneranmiesFord Escort Mk II03:30.941+00:35.482PS4
818 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:30.958+00:35.499Xbox
819 LeeZo83Ford Escort Mk II03:30.991+00:35.532Steam
820 PuigdemontFord Escort Mk II03:30.991+00:35.532Xbox
821 Atomflunder2Ford Escort Mk II03:31.041+00:35.582Steam
822 NitroMacksFord Escort Mk II03:31.091+00:35.632PS4
823 jdktooFord Escort Mk II03:31.124+00:35.665Steam
824 RandomMango254Ford Escort Mk II03:31.124+00:35.665PS4
825 [L]Ford Escort Mk II03:31.174+00:35.715Steam
826 Honest RexFord Escort Mk II03:31.208+00:35.749Steam
827 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:31.308+00:35.849Xbox
828 Beyf84Ford Escort Mk II03:31.324+00:35.865Xbox
829 Lil-Dig-Ford Escort Mk II03:31.358+00:35.899PS4
830 okiNFord Escort Mk II03:31.391+00:35.932Steam
831 romangardenFord Escort Mk II03:31.391+00:35.932PS4
832 podshit Ford Escort Mk II03:31.458+00:35.999Steam
833 Catwalk-0 Ford Escort Mk II03:31.508+00:36.490Steam
834 ScottyZee32Ford Escort Mk II03:31.524+00:36.650PS4
835 EchnatonFord Escort Mk II03:31.541+00:36.820Steam
836 Salted_TeaFord Escort Mk II03:31.558+00:36.990Steam
837 kattun44Ford Escort Mk II03:31.558+00:36.990PS4
838 SngsoFord Escort Mk II03:31.591+00:36.132Steam
839 >NeRVFord Escort Mk II03:31.624+00:36.165Steam
840 ender707Ford Escort Mk II03:31.641+00:36.182Steam
841 [-RRP-] Oscar MarquezFord Escort Mk II03:31.641+00:36.182Steam
842 Roadrunner7007Ford Escort Mk II03:31.658+00:36.199PS4
843 PayneFord Escort Mk II03:31.725+00:36.266Steam
844 LasivillaFord Escort Mk II03:31.741+00:36.282PS4
845 Viper2997 Ford Escort Mk II03:31.791+00:36.332Steam
846 josgonFord Escort Mk II03:31.791+00:36.332Xbox
847 af95Ford Escort Mk II03:31.791+00:36.332Xbox
848 Ziemniak ?Ford Escort Mk II03:31.808+00:36.349Steam
849 Statik EkivalenFord Escort Mk II03:31.841+00:36.382Steam
850 300 Ford Escort Mk II03:31.858+00:36.399Steam
851 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:31.858+00:36.399Xbox
852 RownersFord Escort Mk II03:31.924+00:36.465Steam
853 PynseppiFord Escort Mk II03:31.925+00:36.466Steam
854 rampukkaFord Escort Mk II03:31.974+00:36.515PS4
855 BradColeman22Ford Escort Mk II03:32.025+00:36.566Xbox
856 kalleeen Ford Escort Mk II03:32.108+00:36.649Steam
857 WiredesFord Escort Mk II03:32.158+00:36.699PS4
858 GuhndahbFord Escort Mk II03:32.208+00:36.749Steam
859 virgodude1Ford Escort Mk II03:32.258+00:36.799PS4
860 Anto_Since83Ford Escort Mk II03:32.275+00:36.816Steam
861 crunner117 Ford Escort Mk II03:32.291+00:36.832Steam
862 faly mahazoFord Escort Mk II03:32.308+00:36.849Steam
863 ramu122Ford Escort Mk II03:32.424+00:36.965PS4
864 petrolhead55Ford Escort Mk II03:32.441+00:36.982Steam
865 wslomkaFord Escort Mk II03:32.474+00:37.150Steam
866 PereCat Ford Escort Mk II03:32.508+00:37.490Steam
867 Nonkiti-ks573Ford Escort Mk II03:32.524+00:37.650PS4
868 OMD_ZackyFord Escort Mk II03:32.674+00:37.215Steam
869 TAK_OGFord Escort Mk II03:32.708+00:37.249PS4
870 romuro62Ford Escort Mk II03:32.758+00:37.299Xbox
871 xX9Thompa9XxFord Escort Mk II03:32.791+00:37.332PS4
872 ELuiz73Ford Escort Mk II03:32.824+00:37.365PS4
873 DaanRTunerFord Escort Mk II03:32.824+00:37.365PS4
874 QuentunGFord Escort Mk II03:32.874+00:37.415PS4
875 hogzyFord Escort Mk II03:32.874+00:37.415Xbox
876 HugmeonceFord Escort Mk II03:32.924+00:37.465Steam
877 pioykowsky Ford Escort Mk II03:32.958+00:37.499Steam
878 Karjuva Rahkasammal Ford Escort Mk II03:32.992+00:37.533Steam
879 Sadaowkin22Ford Escort Mk II03:33.024+00:37.565PS4
880 MiyinFord Escort Mk II03:33.091+00:37.632Steam
881 daabullsFord Escort Mk II03:33.091+00:37.632PS4
882 kero2003Ford Escort Mk II03:33.108+00:37.649PS4
883 Zanaman89Ford Escort Mk II03:33.224+00:37.765PS4
884 lacidodomieFord Escort Mk II03:33.258+00:37.799Xbox
885 Destructor Ford Escort Mk II03:33.308+00:37.849Steam
886 Toweleie23Ford Escort Mk II03:33.558+00:38.990PS4
887 mrksprvnFord Escort Mk II03:33.574+00:38.115Steam
888 LiquidGamerX Ford Escort Mk II03:33.658+00:38.199Steam
889 Ury76Ford Escort Mk II03:33.675+00:38.216Steam
890 SockgapFord Escort Mk II03:33.708+00:38.249Steam
891 tonycanijoFord Escort Mk II03:33.724+00:38.265PS4
892 XanderFord Escort Mk II03:33.741+00:38.282Steam
893 KLRicoFord Escort Mk II03:33.758+00:38.299Steam
894 TimoFord Escort Mk II03:33.791+00:38.332Steam
895 cjlloyd Ford Escort Mk II03:33.841+00:38.382Steam
896 SquadakFord Escort Mk II03:33.858+00:38.399Steam
897 fredbelpFord Escort Mk II03:33.891+00:38.432Steam
898 facer363Ford Escort Mk II03:33.891+00:38.432PS4
899 volll_deppFord Escort Mk II03:33.924+00:38.465PS4
900 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:33.924+00:38.465Xbox
901 WAM205ArgFord Escort Mk II03:33.958+00:38.499Steam
902 UTwizard Ford Escort Mk II03:33.974+00:38.515Steam
903 QWETRONFord Escort Mk II03:33.974+00:38.515Steam
904 davicrazybikerFord Escort Mk II03:33.975+00:38.516Steam
905 yutapon-666Ford Escort Mk II03:33.991+00:38.532Steam
906 krawitzeFord Escort Mk II03:34.041+00:38.582PS4
907 arkan031 ?Ford Escort Mk II03:34.075+00:38.616Steam
908 manfredhajek Ford Escort Mk II03:34.091+00:38.632Steam
909 nolinFord Escort Mk II03:34.191+00:38.732Steam
910 gondzioFord Escort Mk II03:34.258+00:38.799Steam
911 ev442555Ford Escort Mk II03:34.274+00:38.815PS4
912 silberfichteFord Escort Mk II03:34.291+00:38.832PS4
913 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:34.291+00:38.832Xbox
914 der_vom_DönerladenFord Escort Mk II03:34.324+00:38.865Steam
915 voics Ford Escort Mk II03:34.342+00:38.883Steam
916 Beefeater63Ford Escort Mk II03:34.391+00:38.932PS4
917 LASVEGASFord Escort Mk II03:34.408+00:38.949Steam
918 kaepora_gaeboraFord Escort Mk II03:34.408+00:38.949Steam
919 ™AeRoBlAsT®Ford Escort Mk II03:34.408+00:38.949Steam
920 Benzon51Ford Escort Mk II03:34.408+00:38.949PS4
921 gigantebuonoFord Escort Mk II03:34.441+00:38.982Xbox
922 Rock NeurotikoFord Escort Mk II03:34.475+00:39.160Steam
923 ZoinkahFord Escort Mk II03:34.558+00:39.990Steam
924 baalberith1986Ford Escort Mk II03:34.658+00:39.199PS4
925 motokigc8Ford Escort Mk II03:34.691+00:39.232PS4
926 fivefingerjankeFord Escort Mk II03:34.791+00:39.332Xbox
927 NtaouliaFord Escort Mk II03:34.824+00:39.365Steam
928 awesomeblader1Ford Escort Mk II03:34.858+00:39.399PS4
929 NIcksterFord Escort Mk II03:34.908+00:39.449Steam
930 JuDach250986Ford Escort Mk II03:34.908+00:39.449PS4
931 KatsoupiFord Escort Mk II03:35.024+00:39.565PS4
932 Bastler238Ford Escort Mk II03:35.124+00:39.665PS4
933 bibendum187Ford Escort Mk II03:35.241+00:39.782PS4
934 RunLikeHellFord Escort Mk II03:35.241+00:39.782Xbox
935 DazRalphs Ford Escort Mk II03:35.274+00:39.815Steam
936 Davidm18Ford Escort Mk II03:35.291+00:39.832Xbox
937 Meko Ford Escort Mk II03:35.358+00:39.899Steam
938 DirtyoldVinniFord Escort Mk II03:35.358+00:39.899Xbox
939 J.L.Cartman Ford Escort Mk II03:35.391+00:39.932Steam
940 SevenFord Escort Mk II03:35.391+00:39.932Steam
941 wast_lgtFord Escort Mk II03:35.408+00:39.949Steam
942 funpraFord Escort Mk II03:35.458+00:39.999Steam
943 mkonkeyFord Escort Mk II03:35.558+00:40.990Steam
944 Zadregnig73Ford Escort Mk II03:35.591+00:40.132PS4
945 J-O-N-5-P-0-0-N-Ford Escort Mk II03:35.591+00:40.132PS4
946 aydemirFord Escort Mk II03:35.658+00:40.199Xbox
947 cemaktas1Ford Escort Mk II03:35.691+00:40.232PS4
948 Rot TeufelFord Escort Mk II03:35.725+00:40.266Steam
949 Jackie210596Ford Escort Mk II03:35.741+00:40.282Xbox
950 AmphorienFord Escort Mk II03:35.758+00:40.299PS4
951 ?ALeXeY?Ford Escort Mk II03:35.774+00:40.315Steam
952 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:35.791+00:40.332Xbox
953 thesignpainterFord Escort Mk II03:35.808+00:40.349Steam
954 edu-mareduFord Escort Mk II03:35.808+00:40.349PS4
955 proutt80Ford Escort Mk II03:35.808+00:40.349PS4
956 jasonsammyjackFord Escort Mk II03:35.841+00:40.382PS4
957 osukaru^-^Ford Escort Mk II03:35.908+00:40.449Steam
958 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:35.924+00:40.465Xbox
959 dog that go BoofFord Escort Mk II03:36.108+00:40.649Steam
960 DaveleonFord Escort Mk II03:36.208+00:40.749Xbox
961 >FaT_JoE< Ford Escort Mk II03:36.224+00:40.765Steam
962 Tommie Lindberg Ford Escort Mk II03:36.275+00:40.816Steam
963 TonyFycusFord Escort Mk II03:36.308+00:40.849Steam
964 Thunderclap786Ford Escort Mk II03:36.324+00:40.865PS4
965 TomzyFord Escort Mk II03:36.358+00:40.899Steam
966 axel7389Ford Escort Mk II03:36.391+00:40.932Steam
967 NoxiFord Escort Mk II03:36.408+00:40.949Steam
968 magoo777Ford Escort Mk II03:36.441+00:40.982PS4
969 boguslaw82Ford Escort Mk II03:36.491+00:41.320PS4
970 PanchitaLaLlamaRaverFord Escort Mk II03:36.508+00:41.490Steam
971 alejandrosaxovtsFord Escort Mk II03:36.524+00:41.650PS4
972 JuanmarutyFord Escort Mk II03:36.541+00:41.820PS4
973 JasonMac184Ford Escort Mk II03:36.558+00:41.990Xbox
974 RagnarokFord Escort Mk II03:36.608+00:41.149Steam
975 LindenmaierFord Escort Mk II03:36.624+00:41.165PS4
976 D69RedlineFord Escort Mk II03:36.624+00:41.165PS4
977 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:36.658+00:41.199Xbox
978 EddieInControlFord Escort Mk II03:36.724+00:41.265Steam
979 ???Ford Escort Mk II03:36.775+00:41.316Steam
980 omargarciaFord Escort Mk II03:36.874+00:41.415Steam
981 tiaguedesFord Escort Mk II03:36.891+00:41.432PS4
982 Simmi777Ford Escort Mk II03:36.941+00:41.482Steam
983 joh Ford Escort Mk II03:36.974+00:41.515Steam
984 DamiFord Escort Mk II03:37.008+00:41.549Steam
985 Boris_Borison Ford Escort Mk II03:37.058+00:41.599Steam
986 DimSum Ford Escort Mk II03:37.124+00:41.665Steam
987 colkat2017Ford Escort Mk II03:37.141+00:41.682PS4
988 RiggidyRyRyFord Escort Mk II03:37.141+00:41.682PS4
989 wisermakeFord Escort Mk II03:37.157+00:41.698Xbox
990 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:37.191+00:41.732Xbox
991 tony62500Ford Escort Mk II03:37.208+00:41.749PS4
992 RoSSkoFord Escort Mk II03:37.257+00:41.798Steam
993 WITT0014Ford Escort Mk II03:37.257+00:41.798Xbox
994 HYPERHYPERFord Escort Mk II03:37.274+00:41.815Steam
995 VWSnake357Ford Escort Mk II03:37.307+00:41.848PS4
996 maks mclarens Ford Escort Mk II03:37.391+00:41.932Steam
997 GDboys2000Ford Escort Mk II03:37.407+00:41.948PS4
998 Lil_MittenFord Escort Mk II03:37.491+00:42.320PS4
999 V-adri1Ford Escort Mk II03:37.591+00:42.132PS4
1000 usman44Ford Escort Mk II03:37.674+00:42.215Xbox
1001 argnoles2Ford Escort Mk II03:37.675+00:42.216PS4
1002 0RS0Ford Escort Mk II03:37.691+00:42.232Steam
1003 eddy151088Ford Escort Mk II03:37.707+00:42.248PS4
1004 Jawilo94Ford Escort Mk II03:37.791+00:42.332PS4
1005 snEno_46Ford Escort Mk II03:37.791+00:42.332PS4
1006 Turbo_WagonFord Escort Mk II03:37.824+00:42.365PS4
1007 bruno.mourmandFord Escort Mk II03:37.857+00:42.398Steam
1008 EeevanFord Escort Mk II03:37.857+00:42.398Xbox
1009 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:37.857+00:42.398Xbox
1010 guiguiFord Escort Mk II03:37.941+00:42.482Steam
1011 LogicEcxeptionFord Escort Mk II03:37.957+00:42.498Xbox
1012 Tyler's Dad Ford Escort Mk II03:38.007+00:42.548Steam
1013 Bien_MarceloouuFord Escort Mk II03:38.024+00:42.565PS4
1014 Little69ChickenFord Escort Mk II03:38.074+00:42.615Xbox
1015 Maverick20014Ford Escort Mk II03:38.191+00:42.732PS4
1016 CrozztekFord Escort Mk II03:38.325+00:42.866Steam
1017 BASTONER2785Ford Escort Mk II03:38.374+00:42.915Xbox
1018 jlouispnFord Escort Mk II03:38.441+00:42.982Steam
1019 butzste623Ford Escort Mk II03:38.441+00:42.982PS4
1020 skcombien7zeroFord Escort Mk II03:38.507+00:43.480PS4
1021 AppleSlapRed2Ford Escort Mk II03:38.524+00:43.650PS4
1022 EttlikCZFord Escort Mk II03:38.525+00:43.660Steam
1023 GACHI MUCHI SQUADFord Escort Mk II03:38.541+00:43.820Steam
1024 djaponey Ford Escort Mk II03:38.557+00:43.980Steam
1025 GodIsWithUsFord Escort Mk II03:38.691+00:43.232Steam
1026 MrQ_511Ford Escort Mk II03:38.707+00:43.248PS4
1027 Intimus gel Ford Escort Mk II03:38.708+00:43.249Steam
1028 pascalcobra Ford Escort Mk II03:38.724+00:43.265Steam
1029 silas.wolfsbergerFord Escort Mk II03:38.725+00:43.266Steam
1030 alanr54nc Ford Escort Mk II03:38.757+00:43.298Steam
1031 luisitoo_22Ford Escort Mk II03:38.874+00:43.415PS4
1032 raptorzet Ford Escort Mk II03:38.907+00:43.448Steam
1033 Kruliz Ford Escort Mk II03:38.941+00:43.482Steam
1034 DemonicCactus22Ford Escort Mk II03:38.974+00:43.515Xbox
1035 chenoFord Escort Mk II03:38.991+00:43.532Steam
1036 Qivi1111Ford Escort Mk II03:39.008+00:43.549Steam
1037 HullujunttiFord Escort Mk II03:39.074+00:43.615Steam
1038 DIRTY HUMAN BEANTERFord Escort Mk II03:39.107+00:43.648Steam
1039 BALTIVIAFord Escort Mk II03:39.107+00:43.648Xbox
1040 benjalopez_9Ford Escort Mk II03:39.157+00:43.698PS4
1041 B4L33 Ford Escort Mk II03:39.291+00:43.832Steam
1042 BattistiFord Escort Mk II03:39.307+00:43.848Steam
1043 SugarMan797Ford Escort Mk II03:39.308+00:43.849Xbox
1044 P1K | Pvpro.comFord Escort Mk II03:39.441+00:43.982Steam
1045 rich_1_7_4Ford Escort Mk II03:39.457+00:43.998PS4
1046 Momonga Sama Ford Escort Mk II03:39.474+00:44.150Steam
1047 teolazaFord Escort Mk II03:39.574+00:44.115PS4
1048 WuerdeloserWurmFord Escort Mk II03:39.591+00:44.132PS4
1049 AddyFord Escort Mk II03:39.691+00:44.232Steam
1050 SintasverdesFord Escort Mk II03:39.808+00:44.349Steam
1051 Tony the TortoiseFord Escort Mk II03:39.824+00:44.365Steam
1052 MyshuBishuFord Escort Mk II03:39.841+00:44.382Steam
1053 pm31 Ford Escort Mk II03:39.908+00:44.449Steam
1054 Dougi78Ford Escort Mk II03:39.974+00:44.515Xbox
1055 ??????Ford Escort Mk II03:40.007+00:44.548Steam
1056 [eXCeM] EpicLoraxFord Escort Mk II03:40.124+00:44.665Steam
1057 cards Ford Escort Mk II03:40.141+00:44.682Steam
1058 soyer_25_rusFord Escort Mk II03:40.174+00:44.715Steam
1059 Dead GuyFord Escort Mk II03:40.175+00:44.716Steam
1060 JardyneroFord Escort Mk II03:40.191+00:44.732PS4
1061 arnaudrobertFord Escort Mk II03:40.191+00:44.732PS4
1062 Craentje1976Ford Escort Mk II03:40.291+00:44.832PS4
1063 torindoweFord Escort Mk II03:40.307+00:44.848Steam
1064 tintin315Ford Escort Mk II03:40.307+00:44.848PS4
1065 www.bfrallyteam.beFord Escort Mk II03:40.308+00:44.849Steam
1066 rupusakkiFord Escort Mk II03:40.324+00:44.865PS4
1067 Testi_coleFord Escort Mk II03:40.341+00:44.882PS4
1068 M2grapubiFord Escort Mk II03:40.374+00:44.915Steam
1069 jonnyu420Ford Escort Mk II03:40.391+00:44.932PS4
1070 scottb1Ford Escort Mk II03:40.391+00:44.932Xbox
1071 adamckrakFord Escort Mk II03:40.424+00:44.965PS4
1072 SX1XPGG209Ford Escort Mk II03:40.507+00:45.480PS4
1073 discunectedFord Escort Mk II03:40.574+00:45.115PS4
1074 chriscaylor Ford Escort Mk II03:40.624+00:45.165Steam
1075 almFord Escort Mk II03:40.624+00:45.165Steam
1076 Ludwig_Der_GroBeFord Escort Mk II03:40.707+00:45.248Steam
1077 y654rtyhgfdFord Escort Mk II03:40.741+00:45.282PS4
1078 tweek Ford Escort Mk II03:40.775+00:45.316Steam
1079 JanforfaanFord Escort Mk II03:40.775+00:45.316PS4
1080 shlajmakFord Escort Mk II03:40.807+00:45.348Steam
1081 yunchan2323Ford Escort Mk II03:40.807+00:45.348Xbox
1082 Gti333???? Ford Escort Mk II03:40.825+00:45.366Steam
1083 varius92Ford Escort Mk II03:40.891+00:45.432Steam
1084 GTI-54Ford Escort Mk II03:40.891+00:45.432PS4
1085 hirn-legoFord Escort Mk II03:40.907+00:45.448Steam
1086 KloudFord Escort Mk II03:41.024+00:45.565Steam
1087 sleepyp1980Ford Escort Mk II03:41.057+00:45.598Steam
1088 jypelFord Escort Mk II03:41.124+00:45.665Xbox
1089 jonathanestebanFord Escort Mk II03:41.141+00:45.682Xbox
1090 Bilyalov_iFord Escort Mk II03:41.191+00:45.732Steam
1091 vincentbobFord Escort Mk II03:41.258+00:45.799PS4
1092 JohannessenNORFord Escort Mk II03:41.308+00:45.849PS4
1093 Der_Graf_PFord Escort Mk II03:41.324+00:45.865PS4
1094 EsquilaxFord Escort Mk II03:41.374+00:45.915Xbox
1095 BreccioluzzoFord Escort Mk II03:41.391+00:45.932PS4
1096 Xanny PacquaioFord Escort Mk II03:41.407+00:45.948Steam
1097 KILLERJERRYFord Escort Mk II03:41.407+00:45.948PS4
1098 Smithers-1968_Ford Escort Mk II03:41.575+00:46.116PS4
1099 goyeles20Ford Escort Mk II03:41.591+00:46.132PS4
1100 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:41.607+00:46.148Xbox
1101 minin2001Ford Escort Mk II03:41.607+00:46.148Xbox
1102 ThraexFord Escort Mk II03:41.824+00:46.365Steam
1103 wok64 Ford Escort Mk II03:41.825+00:46.366Steam
1104 FORCE INDIE POWER MONZA IMAOFord Escort Mk II03:41.841+00:46.382Steam
1105 grunge-godFord Escort Mk II03:41.841+00:46.382PS4
1106 Steff255Ford Escort Mk II03:41.891+00:46.432PS4
1107 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:41.941+00:46.482Xbox
1108 Von_LoutsosFord Escort Mk II03:41.957+00:46.498PS4
1109 PahFord Escort Mk II03:41.991+00:46.532Steam
1110 pradawnaFord Escort Mk II03:42.075+00:46.616Steam
1111 Mau Max Ford Escort Mk II03:42.224+00:46.765Steam
1112 Thombat75Ford Escort Mk II03:42.224+00:46.765PS4
1113 AlexTehGreatFord Escort Mk II03:42.257+00:46.798Steam
1114 JohnRap1999Ford Escort Mk II03:42.257+00:46.798PS4
1115 josgonFord Escort Mk II03:42.274+00:46.815PS4
1116 two_dot_centsFord Escort Mk II03:42.324+00:46.865PS4
1117 AceCircuit19350Ford Escort Mk II03:42.374+00:46.915Xbox
1118 Grow up.Ford Escort Mk II03:42.391+00:46.932Steam
1119 hectortitoaguilaFord Escort Mk II03:42.457+00:46.998PS4
1120 HippieRockerFord Escort Mk II03:42.491+00:47.320Steam
1121 chrisl992Ford Escort Mk II03:42.574+00:47.115Steam
1122 daftlad75Ford Escort Mk II03:42.774+00:47.315PS4
1123 eloawindFord Escort Mk II03:43.024+00:47.565Steam
1124 walmnnFord Escort Mk II03:43.024+00:47.565PS4
1125 CloughmonsterFord Escort Mk II03:43.041+00:47.582Steam
1126 S4B3SFord Escort Mk II03:43.091+00:47.632Steam
1127 ghostbiker2395Ford Escort Mk II03:43.241+00:47.782PS4
1128 scottbeamandFord Escort Mk II03:43.341+00:47.882Xbox
1129 marcopezzullaFord Escort Mk II03:43.391+00:47.932PS4
1130 Rycerzyk hellcase.comFord Escort Mk II03:43.441+00:47.982Steam
1131 seb_384Ford Escort Mk II03:43.441+00:47.982Steam
1132 Lord_TerdukkFord Escort Mk II03:43.474+00:48.150Steam
1133 clairantFord Escort Mk II03:43.491+00:48.320Xbox
1134 {o} {o} {o} {o} ON YEG CITY BISHFord Escort Mk II03:43.658+00:48.199Steam
1135 chris21halFord Escort Mk II03:43.791+00:48.332Steam
1136 guzman8670Ford Escort Mk II03:43.824+00:48.365PS4
1137 Heathen_DemonFord Escort Mk II03:43.841+00:48.382PS4
1138 psipsinosFord Escort Mk II03:43.874+00:48.415PS4
1139 Alex_DFord Escort Mk II03:43.941+00:48.482Steam
1140 Mustang-DsoFord Escort Mk II03:43.941+00:48.482PS4
1141 rbwernbergFord Escort Mk II03:43.957+00:48.498Steam
1142 ErzenniaFord Escort Mk II03:43.958+00:48.499Xbox
1143 Mac-WJFord Escort Mk II03:44.057+00:48.598PS4
1144 smirnovsergeFord Escort Mk II03:44.141+00:48.682Xbox
1145 Mitrey_RavenFord Escort Mk II03:44.157+00:48.698Steam
1146 DarkSmaileFord Escort Mk II03:44.241+00:48.782PS4
1147 V1kt0RFord Escort Mk II03:44.257+00:48.798Steam
1148 TheDudeMemoFord Escort Mk II03:44.257+00:48.798PS4
1149 LimaFord Escort Mk II03:44.274+00:48.815Steam
1150 xOverdrive99xFord Escort Mk II03:44.324+00:48.865Xbox
1151 YpeaKFord Escort Mk II03:44.341+00:48.882Steam
1152 ShadowFord Escort Mk II03:44.424+00:48.965Steam
1153 ichittlFord Escort Mk II03:44.491+00:49.320PS4
1154 Kenny1831 Ford Escort Mk II03:44.624+00:49.165Steam
1155 Shuai Ford Escort Mk II03:44.658+00:49.199Steam
1156 pudgurskyFord Escort Mk II03:44.691+00:49.232Steam
1157 Waidyckeness 974Ford Escort Mk II03:44.774+00:49.315Steam
1158 Mr. F@n-T-@$$-$t!ck Ford Escort Mk II03:44.774+00:49.315Steam
1159 vampattiFord Escort Mk II03:44.791+00:49.332Steam
1160 kolyanoooFord Escort Mk II03:44.807+00:49.348Steam
1161 ReDe--Ford Escort Mk II03:44.841+00:49.382PS4
1162 eric.wolfsFord Escort Mk II03:44.857+00:49.398Steam
1163 harryhaarenFord Escort Mk II03:44.858+00:49.399Steam
1164 LeonRC_Ford Escort Mk II03:44.924+00:49.465PS4
1165 tilburiFord Escort Mk II03:44.941+00:49.482Steam
1166 Nelson_YRAFord Escort Mk II03:44.941+00:49.482PS4
1167 GordomobileFord Escort Mk II03:44.957+00:49.498PS4
1168 Nigg_CracktonFord Escort Mk II03:44.974+00:49.515Steam
1169 uffschoepper69Ford Escort Mk II03:45.174+00:49.715PS4
1170 Lord Belly Ford Escort Mk II03:45.208+00:49.749Steam
1171 cShowFord Escort Mk II03:45.224+00:49.765Steam
1172 FRAN_Ml_97_GCFord Escort Mk II03:45.307+00:49.848PS4
1173 verrinioFord Escort Mk II03:45.340+00:49.881PS4
1174 veebelFord Escort Mk II03:45.357+00:49.898PS4
1175 alehostioFord Escort Mk II03:45.374+00:49.915PS4
1176 FroloffNikolayFord Escort Mk II03:45.408+00:49.949Xbox
1177 jimcorusFord Escort Mk II03:45.440+00:49.981PS4
1178 tomFord Escort Mk II03:45.508+00:50.490Steam
1179 Mr. TolasFord Escort Mk II03:45.524+00:50.650Steam
1180 vatula39530Ford Escort Mk II03:45.541+00:50.820PS4
1181 JPQueiros415Ford Escort Mk II03:45.590+00:50.131PS4
1182 DarataCZFord Escort Mk II03:45.640+00:50.181PS4
1183 France2108Ford Escort Mk II03:45.657+00:50.198PS4
1184 ParasadalosFord Escort Mk II03:45.657+00:50.198Xbox
1185 JohnMcLainFord Escort Mk II03:45.774+00:50.315Steam
1186 prlFord Escort Mk II03:45.807+00:50.348Steam
1187 Christy_1950Ford Escort Mk II03:45.807+00:50.348PS4
1188 JackC29Ford Escort Mk II03:45.907+00:50.448Xbox
1189 lecroc0110Ford Escort Mk II03:45.957+00:50.498PS4
1190 DarthWestonFord Escort Mk II03:45.974+00:50.515PS4
1191 foodburner001Ford Escort Mk II03:46.024+00:50.565PS4
1192 marek Ford Escort Mk II03:46.040+00:50.581Steam
1193 jetman78 Ford Escort Mk II03:46.074+00:50.615Steam
1194 LifanstaFord Escort Mk II03:46.074+00:50.615Xbox
1195 gandalfgrey2016Ford Escort Mk II03:46.140+00:50.681PS4
1196 nilauschr Ford Escort Mk II03:46.190+00:50.731Steam
1197 ecstubblebineFord Escort Mk II03:46.224+00:50.765Steam
1198 Hens81Ford Escort Mk II03:46.290+00:50.831Steam
1199 HillOstajaFord Escort Mk II03:46.374+00:50.915PS4
1200 meso Ford Escort Mk II03:46.407+00:50.948Steam
1201 Actually Ford Escort Mk II03:46.490+00:51.310Steam
1202 Crash_MaRTixx Ford Escort Mk II03:46.507+00:51.480Steam
1203 trenktaz91Ford Escort Mk II03:46.507+00:51.480PS4
1204 HallandoFord Escort Mk II03:46.508+00:51.490PS4
1205 percht25Ford Escort Mk II03:46.607+00:51.148PS4
1206 alan75Ford Escort Mk II03:46.707+00:51.248Steam
1207 ooKaufmanooFord Escort Mk II03:46.740+00:51.281PS4
1208 maisiemaeFord Escort Mk II03:46.840+00:51.381PS4
1209 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:46.940+00:51.481Xbox
1210 ChongPongJongFord Escort Mk II03:46.941+00:51.482Steam
1211 BuemFord Escort Mk II03:46.941+00:51.482Steam
1212 Ole-soerensen Ford Escort Mk II03:46.958+00:51.499Steam
1213 MacGilleBhrìghdeFord Escort Mk II03:46.991+00:51.532Steam
1214 IntellegentFord Escort Mk II03:47.141+00:51.682Steam
1215 SymbicortFord Escort Mk II03:47.258+00:51.799Steam
1216 Alexander TarlyovskiFord Escort Mk II03:47.258+00:51.799Steam
1217 Uncle Darius Ford Escort Mk II03:47.274+00:51.815Steam
1218 PRO510VANFord Escort Mk II03:47.340+00:51.881PS4
1219 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:47.357+00:51.898Xbox
1220 suomisisu1Ford Escort Mk II03:47.474+00:52.150PS4
1221 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:47.491+00:52.320Xbox
1222 ludopopFord Escort Mk II03:47.540+00:52.810PS4
1223 P4ncakEFord Escort Mk II03:47.574+00:52.115Steam
1224 RiftuFord Escort Mk II03:47.640+00:52.181Steam
1225 ElTonito Ford Escort Mk II03:47.641+00:52.182Steam
1226 KillianC092Ford Escort Mk II03:47.690+00:52.231PS4
1227 michel3497Ford Escort Mk II03:47.690+00:52.231Xbox
1228 garyj9431Ford Escort Mk II03:47.724+00:52.265Xbox
1229 Thrillhouse Ford Escort Mk II03:47.740+00:52.281Steam
1230 r1968-1969-1993-Ford Escort Mk II03:47.757+00:52.298PS4
1231 ? FRixFord Escort Mk II03:47.790+00:52.331Steam
1232 PiotrasssFord Escort Mk II03:47.790+00:52.331Steam
1233 Br_IOneFord Escort Mk II03:47.890+00:52.431PS4
1234 Erik Larsen Ford Escort Mk II03:48.024+00:52.565Steam
1235 ctgcazabeFord Escort Mk II03:48.040+00:52.581Steam
1236 albertofreiremarFord Escort Mk II03:48.057+00:52.598PS4
1237 Dirk_P_Ho Ford Escort Mk II03:48.074+00:52.615Steam
1238 lobotomizerFord Escort Mk II03:48.074+00:52.615Steam
1239 mangamaurizioFord Escort Mk II03:48.074+00:52.615PS4
1240 SebastianoFord Escort Mk II03:48.090+00:52.631Steam
1241 WindyManFord Escort Mk II03:48.140+00:52.681Steam
1242 nico05111992Ford Escort Mk II03:48.141+00:52.682PS4
1243 Cool_B_02Ford Escort Mk II03:48.174+00:52.715PS4
1244 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:48.208+00:52.749Xbox
1245 Devil TangFord Escort Mk II03:48.257+00:52.798Steam
1246 SmokarekFord Escort Mk II03:48.257+00:52.798Steam
1247 SrbSynFord Escort Mk II03:48.341+00:52.882Steam
1248 Fleky_freesoulFord Escort Mk II03:48.407+00:52.948PS4
1249 TR4GIC82Ford Escort Mk II03:48.424+00:52.965Xbox
1250 Grumzy01Ford Escort Mk II03:48.607+00:53.148PS4
1251 lg28laurentFord Escort Mk II03:48.624+00:53.165PS4
1252 ervilha22Ford Escort Mk II03:48.624+00:53.165PS4
1253 DudebroFord Escort Mk II03:48.690+00:53.231Steam
1254 Mr. ?iizonFord Escort Mk II03:48.790+00:53.331Steam
1255 jack-47Ford Escort Mk II03:48.924+00:53.465Steam
1256 LukerFord Escort Mk II03:48.957+00:53.498Steam
1257 alex22815Ford Escort Mk II03:49.040+00:53.581PS4
1258 aquileshispanoFord Escort Mk II03:49.157+00:53.698Xbox
1259 tyback87Ford Escort Mk II03:49.207+00:53.748PS4
1260 GenuinemongFord Escort Mk II03:49.274+00:53.815PS4
1261 RoadRunner XLFord Escort Mk II03:49.341+00:53.882Steam
1262 Liman57Ford Escort Mk II03:49.358+00:53.899PS4
1263 RB_KART-SPEEDFord Escort Mk II03:49.390+00:53.931PS4
1264 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:49.491+00:54.320Xbox
1265 TobiasLueck7Ford Escort Mk II03:49.524+00:54.650PS4
1266 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:49.607+00:54.148Xbox
1267 hellborgFord Escort Mk II03:49.707+00:54.248Steam
1268 LuizKarekaoFord Escort Mk II03:49.857+00:54.398PS4
1269 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:49.890+00:54.431Xbox
1270 Alf Ford Escort Mk II03:49.941+00:54.482Steam
1271 Captain W0WFord Escort Mk II03:49.990+00:54.531Steam
1272 nik-kezhekFord Escort Mk II03:50.007+00:54.548PS4
1273 grale4x4Ford Escort Mk II03:50.007+00:54.548PS4
1274 CostaFord Escort Mk II03:50.108+00:54.649Steam
1275 IAMWOODFord Escort Mk II03:50.140+00:54.681Steam
1276 Fresh_AppleFord Escort Mk II03:50.290+00:54.831Steam
1277 YAYEETFord Escort Mk II03:50.340+00:54.881Xbox
1278 Visceral201Ford Escort Mk II03:50.474+00:55.150PS4
1279 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:50.540+00:55.810Xbox
1280 YYogi69Ford Escort Mk II03:50.607+00:55.148PS4
1281 LeBikerPetrFord Escort Mk II03:50.690+00:55.231PS4
1282 mwolfFord Escort Mk II03:50.707+00:55.248Steam
1283 sandrodisassariFord Escort Mk II03:50.824+00:55.365PS4
1284 LESTIGELSFord Escort Mk II03:50.957+00:55.498Xbox
1285 ___@___Alpach!nO___@___Ford Escort Mk II03:50.990+00:55.531Steam
1286 www.cloudhopperFord Escort Mk II03:51.040+00:55.581Steam
1287 naki_bigaFord Escort Mk II03:51.090+00:55.631PS4
1288 og667Ford Escort Mk II03:51.140+00:55.681PS4
1289 !!!!!!!!!!!!Ford Escort Mk II03:51.257+00:55.798Steam
1290 RickyFord Escort Mk II03:51.257+00:55.798Steam
1291 noughtname-YUKI_Ford Escort Mk II03:51.307+00:55.848PS4
1292 siebenburgenjmcFord Escort Mk II03:51.390+00:55.931Xbox
1293 popcantrellFord Escort Mk II03:51.424+00:55.965PS4
1294 illmor Ford Escort Mk II03:51.441+00:55.982Steam
1295 AnderweilerFord Escort Mk II03:51.490+00:56.310Xbox
1296 Kolt4D5 Ford Escort Mk II03:51.491+00:56.320Steam
1297 brano2008Ford Escort Mk II03:51.574+00:56.115PS4
1298 SkilleT Ford Escort Mk II03:51.624+00:56.165Steam
1299 hip976Ford Escort Mk II03:51.874+00:56.415PS4
1300 fundud013Ford Escort Mk II03:51.957+00:56.498PS4
1301 MihaKot13Ford Escort Mk II03:51.990+00:56.531PS4
1302 saluki970Ford Escort Mk II03:51.990+00:56.531Xbox
1303 arjanFord Escort Mk II03:52.024+00:56.565Steam
1304 JonasetsFord Escort Mk II03:52.207+00:56.748Xbox
1305 TommyRacer27Ford Escort Mk II03:52.224+00:56.765Oculus
1306 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:52.357+00:56.898Xbox
1307 Elijah-ha-haFord Escort Mk II03:52.407+00:56.948PS4
1308 ???Ford Escort Mk II03:52.440+00:56.981Steam
1309 borandmarFord Escort Mk II03:52.440+00:56.981Steam
1310 greydriftFord Escort Mk II03:52.457+00:56.998Steam
1311 Commander SquigglesFord Escort Mk II03:52.507+00:57.480Steam
1312 GenieGepard6047Ford Escort Mk II03:52.507+00:57.480Xbox
1313 FieryAMD+ Ford Escort Mk II03:52.524+00:57.650Steam
1314 rallyroversd1Ford Escort Mk II03:52.540+00:57.810PS4
1315 95jocFord Escort Mk II03:52.690+00:57.231Steam
1316 TAROK_MUZZIKFord Escort Mk II03:52.724+00:57.265PS4
1317 criville12Ford Escort Mk II03:52.740+00:57.281PS4
1318 CherounyFord Escort Mk II03:52.841+00:57.382Steam
1319 landstalkerFord Escort Mk II03:52.891+00:57.432Steam
1320 FaldorWoodFord Escort Mk II03:52.940+00:57.481Steam
1321 CraigFord Escort Mk II03:52.957+00:57.498Steam
1322 DakisVrFord Escort Mk II03:52.974+00:57.515PS4
1323 RontvedFord Escort Mk II03:53.107+00:57.648PS4
1324 NexRSFord Escort Mk II03:53.174+00:57.715Steam
1325 JONNYFord Escort Mk II03:53.191+00:57.732Steam
1326 DZNZ #RIPBrawlhallaFord Escort Mk II03:53.224+00:57.765Steam
1327 fiestitoFord Escort Mk II03:53.240+00:57.781Steam
1328 slowmarineFord Escort Mk II03:53.340+00:57.881PS4
1329 ? 1 ? Ford Escort Mk II03:53.357+00:57.898Steam
1330 luvluv669Ford Escort Mk II03:53.390+00:57.931PS4
1331 Jhonny7007Ford Escort Mk II03:53.440+00:57.981PS4
1332 ellaK28Ford Escort Mk II03:53.540+00:58.810PS4
1333 N3RO2012Ford Escort Mk II03:53.590+00:58.131Steam
1334 TyLerBoJoHnsoN7Ford Escort Mk II03:53.641+00:58.182PS4
1335 OPIEFord Escort Mk II03:53.673+00:58.214Steam
1336 DracoZFord Escort Mk II03:53.723+00:58.264Steam
1337 balandinilyavbgFord Escort Mk II03:53.740+00:58.281PS4
1338 kratosgroenewaldFord Escort Mk II03:53.773+00:58.314PS4
1339 ?freeman?Ford Escort Mk II03:53.873+00:58.414Steam
1340 dirt972Ford Escort Mk II03:53.873+00:58.414PS4
1341 ledonne46Ford Escort Mk II03:53.990+00:58.531PS4
1342 sayreassembleFord Escort Mk II03:54.140+00:58.681PS4
1343 htsfrmdabongFord Escort Mk II03:54.157+00:58.698Xbox
1344 tramway57Ford Escort Mk II03:54.190+00:58.731PS4
1345 K-2SOwnedFord Escort Mk II03:54.240+00:58.781Steam
1346 mkswingFord Escort Mk II03:54.274+00:58.815Steam
1347 barriebadmuts420Ford Escort Mk II03:54.323+00:58.864PS4
1348 lleaooooooooooooFord Escort Mk II03:54.373+00:58.914PS4
1349 MurrikoLotengoFord Escort Mk II03:54.423+00:58.964PS4
1350 TAEJIFord Escort Mk II03:54.440+00:58.981Steam
1351 baja1974Ford Escort Mk II03:54.440+00:58.981PS4
1352 macatristaFord Escort Mk II03:54.440+00:58.981Xbox
1353 Iroqua54Ford Escort Mk II03:54.624+00:59.165PS4
1354 alvaro.fuertes9Ford Escort Mk II03:54.641+00:59.182Steam
1355 alexFord Escort Mk II03:54.657+00:59.198Steam
1356 ChalkD3Ford Escort Mk II03:54.674+00:59.215PS4
1357 MasaI2591Ford Escort Mk II03:54.691+00:59.232Steam
1358 NinjaCroFord Escort Mk II03:54.807+00:59.348Steam
1359 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:54.957+00:59.498Xbox
1360 DaBoiteFord Escort Mk II03:54.974+00:59.515Steam
1361 PiterAntani12Ford Escort Mk II03:55.007+00:59.548PS4
1362 kifi87Ford Escort Mk II03:55.023+00:59.564PS4
1363 BrowntrouseFord Escort Mk II03:55.174+00:59.715Xbox
1364 KeeperAlaColbyFord Escort Mk II03:55.290+00:59.831Xbox
1365 PlayerzãoFord Escort Mk II03:55.291+00:59.832Steam
1366 PharosFord Escort Mk II03:55.473+1:00.140Steam
1367 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:55.473+1:00.140Xbox
1368 chatbanleoFord Escort Mk II03:55.491+1:00.320Steam
1369 SpacePandaFord Escort Mk II03:55.508+1:00.490Steam
1370 Captain AdventureFord Escort Mk II03:55.541+1:00.820Steam
1371 WILL-THE-WEAPONFord Escort Mk II03:55.707+1:00.248PS4
1372 JKatajanFord Escort Mk II03:56.041+1:00.582PS4
1373 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:56.140+1:00.681Xbox
1374 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:56.173+1:00.714Xbox
1375 DruskoFord Escort Mk II03:56.273+1:00.814Steam
1376 PITOR123Ford Escort Mk II03:56.308+1:00.849PS4
1377 WindaVicFord Escort Mk II03:56.407+1:00.948Steam
1378 ????????????Ford Escort Mk II03:56.423+1:00.964Steam
1379 dedel6699Ford Escort Mk II03:56.474+1:01.150PS4
1380 AllanBrallanFord Escort Mk II03:56.474+1:01.150PS4
1381 DAT_OTHER_BROFord Escort Mk II03:56.507+1:01.480PS4
1382 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:56.523+1:01.640Xbox
1383 EinzelspielerFord Escort Mk II03:56.540+1:01.810Xbox
1384 JG80Ford Escort Mk II03:56.573+1:01.114PS4
1385 Van64xFord Escort Mk II03:56.573+1:01.114Xbox
1386 3CharactersFord Escort Mk II03:56.740+1:01.281Xbox
1387 lorenzo6261Ford Escort Mk II03:56.773+1:01.314PS4
1388 deltoromdcFord Escort Mk II03:56.823+1:01.364PS4
1389 Michele231969Ford Escort Mk II03:56.940+1:01.481PS4
1390 hillis78Ford Escort Mk II03:56.990+1:01.531PS4
1391 shadow?brokerFord Escort Mk II03:57.008+1:01.549Steam
1392 Ivan.29rusFord Escort Mk II03:57.057+1:01.598Steam
1393 JamboFord Escort Mk II03:57.057+1:01.598Steam
1394 ARO1801Ford Escort Mk II03:57.057+1:01.598PS4
1395 DragonisFord Escort Mk II03:57.090+1:01.631Steam
1396 YodasSon-Ford Escort Mk II03:57.107+1:01.648PS4
1397 krazy-rayFord Escort Mk II03:57.141+1:01.682PS4
1398 jacopo738Ford Escort Mk II03:57.157+1:01.698Steam
1399 FJMG53Ford Escort Mk II03:57.173+1:01.714PS4
1400 pacreauFord Escort Mk II03:57.224+1:01.765Xbox
1401 BulletFord Escort Mk II03:57.291+1:01.832Steam
1402 discgolfdanFord Escort Mk II03:57.307+1:01.848Xbox
1403 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:57.407+1:01.948Xbox
1404 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:57.407+1:01.948Xbox
1405 Fistro_PecadorrrFord Escort Mk II03:57.440+1:01.981PS4
1406 POISSEUXFord Escort Mk II03:57.473+1:02.140PS4
1407 jackiemo10__4Ford Escort Mk II03:57.490+1:02.310PS4
1408 brolleFord Escort Mk II03:57.507+1:02.480Xbox
1409 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:57.657+1:02.198Xbox
1410 JackFord Escort Mk II03:57.773+1:02.314Steam
1411 jonnysonnyFord Escort Mk II03:57.773+1:02.314Steam
1412 darin Ford Escort Mk II03:57.857+1:02.398Steam
1413 HorizonFord Escort Mk II03:57.874+1:02.415Steam
1414 jeansebchiFord Escort Mk II03:57.941+1:02.482Xbox
1415 FrankTank Ford Escort Mk II03:57.990+1:02.531Steam
1416 D'jointsFord Escort Mk II03:58.090+1:02.631Steam
1417 Blue TritonFord Escort Mk II03:58.157+1:02.698Steam
1418 SakaTheVikingFord Escort Mk II03:58.240+1:02.781Steam
1419 WARNING *Ford Escort Mk II03:58.273+1:02.814Steam
1420 Vince Ford Escort Mk II03:58.290+1:02.831Steam
1421 NikolaiFord Escort Mk II03:58.307+1:02.848Steam
1422 Esoterix86DNBFord Escort Mk II03:58.357+1:02.898Xbox
1423 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:58.424+1:02.965Xbox
1424 ma.brFord Escort Mk II03:58.607+1:03.148Steam
1425 mbrill95Ford Escort Mk II03:58.607+1:03.148Xbox
1426 hattan1414Ford Escort Mk II03:58.673+1:03.214Steam
1427 Turbojay555 Ford Escort Mk II03:58.673+1:03.214Steam
1428 Acees88Ford Escort Mk II03:58.674+1:03.215PS4
1429 sl0rvpeisFord Escort Mk II03:58.757+1:03.298PS4
1430 bimjim74Ford Escort Mk II03:58.791+1:03.332Steam
1431 Bonobo86ITAFord Escort Mk II03:58.873+1:03.414PS4
1432 hampel370Ford Escort Mk II03:58.890+1:03.431PS4
1433 bmillan28Ford Escort Mk II03:58.890+1:03.431PS4
1434 burdin07Ford Escort Mk II03:58.891+1:03.432PS4
1435 gryllhoppersFord Escort Mk II03:58.907+1:03.448PS4
1436 eliasoresmaaFord Escort Mk II03:58.991+1:03.532Steam
1437 Slipko_PetrFord Escort Mk II03:59.124+1:03.665Steam
1438 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II03:59.424+1:03.965Xbox
1439 MioZFord Escort Mk II03:59.607+1:04.148Steam
1440 soccerestFord Escort Mk II03:59.640+1:04.181Steam
1441 FakeElFord Escort Mk II03:59.707+1:04.248Xbox
1442 KenauFord Escort Mk II03:59.807+1:04.348Steam
1443 ERock Ford Escort Mk II03:59.857+1:04.398Steam
1444 FregorialFord Escort Mk II03:59.890+1:04.431PS4
1445 Comrade ObviousFord Escort Mk II04:00.040+1:04.581Steam
1446 RXM307Ford Escort Mk II04:00.074+1:04.615Xbox
1447 alejandro3010201Ford Escort Mk II04:00.357+1:04.898PS4
1448 Gandalfita1Ford Escort Mk II04:00.407+1:04.948PS4
1449 stoveluckFord Escort Mk II04:00.674+1:05.215PS4
1450 benoitr01 Ford Escort Mk II04:00.740+1:05.281Steam
1451 hammerof99Ford Escort Mk II04:00.757+1:05.298Xbox
1452 jesperderuijterFord Escort Mk II04:00.857+1:05.398PS4
1453 dragoshFord Escort Mk II04:01.157+1:05.698Steam
1454 LeanWeFord Escort Mk II04:01.273+1:05.814PS4
1455 AvtostrelkiFord Escort Mk II04:01.440+1:05.981PS4
1456 RobRomeoFord Escort Mk II04:01.441+1:05.982Steam
1457 Ex_mp4 Ford Escort Mk II04:01.723+1:06.264Steam
1458 DstatesFord Escort Mk II04:01.757+1:06.298Xbox
1459 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:01.774+1:06.315Xbox
1460 Fella_Get_An0nyMFord Escort Mk II04:02.006+1:06.547PS4
1461 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:02.040+1:06.581Xbox
1462 EtherealA3ronautFord Escort Mk II04:02.324+1:06.865PS4
1463 nico99eFord Escort Mk II04:02.340+1:06.881Steam
1464 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:02.424+1:06.965Xbox
1465 NahcoFord Escort Mk II04:02.440+1:06.981Steam
1466 Sir WolfFord Escort Mk II04:02.440+1:06.981Steam
1467 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:02.556+1:07.970Xbox
1468 havannaclbFord Escort Mk II04:02.623+1:07.164Steam
1469 KrolkeFord Escort Mk II04:02.657+1:07.198Steam
1470 GabbossFord Escort Mk II04:02.707+1:07.248Steam
1471 HUNFoxRelicFord Escort Mk II04:03.040+1:07.581PS4
1472 savras1980Ford Escort Mk II04:03.091+1:07.632PS4
1473 Defier177Ford Escort Mk II04:03.157+1:07.698Steam
1474 FiRuZz360Ford Escort Mk II04:03.190+1:07.731PS4
1475 xDooberhead42OFord Escort Mk II04:03.240+1:07.781PS4
1476 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:03.257+1:07.798Xbox
1477 Sky4zzFord Escort Mk II04:03.323+1:07.864Steam
1478 #ScocciFord Escort Mk II04:03.341+1:07.882Steam
1479 Alice_Rabbit: The Meme GodFord Escort Mk II04:03.407+1:07.948Steam
1480 Sir GalahadFord Escort Mk II04:03.574+1:08.115Steam
1481 jake2017xyzFord Escort Mk II04:03.574+1:08.115Steam
1482 Scossa2003Ford Escort Mk II04:03.857+1:08.398PS4
1483 Rowboat GirlymanFord Escort Mk II04:04.123+1:08.664Steam
1484 nice1^RIP DOTA 2Ford Escort Mk II04:04.140+1:08.681Steam
1485 GTPL_PlotnikFord Escort Mk II04:04.324+1:08.865PS4
1486 ElkgnuFord Escort Mk II04:04.356+1:08.897Steam
1487 Toni T - The DamagerFord Escort Mk II04:04.390+1:08.931Steam
1488 grus231Ford Escort Mk II04:04.523+1:09.640PS4
1489 Subliminal Ki11Ford Escort Mk II04:04.557+1:09.980Steam
1490 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:04.607+1:09.148Xbox
1491 eliasss0101Ford Escort Mk II04:04.707+1:09.248PS4
1492 ArionFord Escort Mk II04:04.840+1:09.381Steam
1493 R_StindlFord Escort Mk II04:04.840+1:09.381PS4
1494 SPEEDYPEEDYFord Escort Mk II04:04.840+1:09.381Xbox
1495 WeebTECFord Escort Mk II04:04.874+1:09.415Steam
1496 HEN_O_RAYFord Escort Mk II04:04.890+1:09.431Steam
1497 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:05.090+1:09.631Xbox
1498 solsolFord Escort Mk II04:05.173+1:09.714Steam
1499 ICE88Ford Escort Mk II04:05.256+1:09.797Steam
1500 INCRIDEFord Escort Mk II04:05.324+1:09.865Xbox
1501 KevlarFord Escort Mk II04:05.474+1:10.150Steam
1502 And SonFord Escort Mk II04:05.958+1:10.499Steam
1503 SontarrFord Escort Mk II04:06.056+1:10.597PS4
1504 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:06.190+1:10.731Xbox
1505 FlexoFord Escort Mk II04:06.223+1:10.764Steam
1506 jcatrachito83Ford Escort Mk II04:06.556+1:11.970Steam
1507 Ruairi-On31llFord Escort Mk II04:06.607+1:11.148PS4
1508 Dirty-BoyFord Escort Mk II04:06.873+1:11.414Steam
1509 headshot2711Ford Escort Mk II04:06.924+1:11.465PS4
1510 cream1968Ford Escort Mk II04:07.006+1:11.547PS4
1511 EVL26TFord Escort Mk II04:07.091+1:11.632PS4
1512 PatientNr67Ford Escort Mk II04:07.190+1:11.731PS4
1513 asas12asasFord Escort Mk II04:07.274+1:11.815Steam
1514 grzegorz88Ford Escort Mk II04:07.540+1:12.810Steam
1515 SAn230491Ford Escort Mk II04:07.623+1:12.164PS4
1516 AdonasimFord Escort Mk II04:07.656+1:12.197Steam
1517 kurogasiraFord Escort Mk II04:07.790+1:12.331PS4
1518 jay69gamer15Ford Escort Mk II04:07.791+1:12.332PS4
1519 asgallo_5Ford Escort Mk II04:07.906+1:12.447Steam
1520 chriskara35Ford Escort Mk II04:07.906+1:12.447PS4
1521 SpaceAlchemist Ford Escort Mk II04:08.174+1:12.715Steam
1522 ZarazachFord Escort Mk II04:08.457+1:12.998Steam
1523 tiagothgdlFord Escort Mk II04:08.557+1:13.980PS4
1524 HruodlandusFord Escort Mk II04:08.607+1:13.148Xbox
1525 yagi??Ford Escort Mk II04:08.623+1:13.164Steam
1526 jimkatsaccFord Escort Mk II04:08.757+1:13.298Steam
1527 KalsariKännit Ford Escort Mk II04:08.890+1:13.431Steam
1528 Artem12-03-89Ford Escort Mk II04:08.973+1:13.514PS4
1529 eldritchhorrorFord Escort Mk II04:09.023+1:13.564Oculus
1530 KasuragaFord Escort Mk II04:09.073+1:13.614Steam
1531 stanislav.v.vFord Escort Mk II04:09.123+1:13.664Steam
1532 DTNxTaKumiFord Escort Mk II04:09.206+1:13.747Steam
1533 HUN_GOLEMFord Escort Mk II04:09.273+1:13.814PS4
1534 what happened kimmi?? nothingFord Escort Mk II04:09.307+1:13.848Steam
1535 ced-tom23Ford Escort Mk II04:09.457+1:13.998PS4
1536 GaribaldoFord Escort Mk II04:09.473+1:14.140Steam
1537 WrzaskMimaFord Escort Mk II04:09.473+1:14.140PS4
1538 SenjorOtaFord Escort Mk II04:09.740+1:14.281PS4
1539 james41050Ford Escort Mk II04:09.840+1:14.381PS4
1540 DealerripFord Escort Mk II04:09.923+1:14.464PS4
1541 anomander Ford Escort Mk II04:09.940+1:14.481Steam
1542 elkadragonFord Escort Mk II04:09.940+1:14.481PS4
1543 J-to-the-oergFord Escort Mk II04:10.040+1:14.581PS4
1544 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:10.189+1:14.730Xbox
1545 DRDNAFord Escort Mk II04:10.240+1:14.781Steam
1546 yannb1196Ford Escort Mk II04:10.489+1:15.300PS4
1547 RavenCrownELFord Escort Mk II04:10.556+1:15.970Steam
1548 r0tax Ford Escort Mk II04:10.573+1:15.114Steam
1549 LOREN102Ford Escort Mk II04:10.623+1:15.164PS4
1550 tnahsarpFord Escort Mk II04:10.689+1:15.230PS4
1551 Scholesy_2008Ford Escort Mk II04:10.690+1:15.231PS4
1552 RolfolusFord Escort Mk II04:10.707+1:15.248PS4
1553 crowepc Ford Escort Mk II04:10.774+1:15.315Steam
1554 hobi13Ford Escort Mk II04:10.941+1:15.482PS4
1555 vitaliyyviktorovFord Escort Mk II04:10.990+1:15.531PS4
1556 kaos_alexFord Escort Mk II04:11.089+1:15.630PS4
1557 slade7998Ford Escort Mk II04:11.124+1:15.665PS4
1558 IcecubFord Escort Mk II04:11.190+1:15.731Steam
1559 a_sidarenkaFord Escort Mk II04:11.257+1:15.798PS4
1560 DuFfY DucK*Ford Escort Mk II04:11.439+1:15.980Steam
1561 zelazny_karzelFord Escort Mk II04:11.589+1:16.130PS4
1562 fraz1971Ford Escort Mk II04:11.590+1:16.131Xbox
1563 iron-iwanmazurek Ford Escort Mk II04:11.889+1:16.430Steam
1564 c3woFord Escort Mk II04:12.057+1:16.598Xbox
1565 TankaLapankaFord Escort Mk II04:12.206+1:16.747Steam
1566 thembohmanFord Escort Mk II04:12.223+1:16.764Steam
1567 sibtchaFord Escort Mk II04:12.223+1:16.764PS4
1568 izmet7025Ford Escort Mk II04:12.323+1:16.864Steam
1569 miksu794Ford Escort Mk II04:12.706+1:17.247PS4
1570 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:13.089+1:17.630Xbox
1571 lib319Ford Escort Mk II04:13.141+1:17.682Xbox
1572 cumdropinmyveinFord Escort Mk II04:13.173+1:17.714Steam
1573 SpatialDragon Ford Escort Mk II04:13.423+1:17.964Steam
1574 Akolatraniko69Ford Escort Mk II04:13.489+1:18.300PS4
1575 sanca-diosyavealFord Escort Mk II04:13.707+1:18.248PS4
1576 The RocKFord Escort Mk II04:13.773+1:18.314Steam
1577 lucazan_02Ford Escort Mk II04:13.939+1:18.480PS4
1578 mikes_phatFord Escort Mk II04:14.007+1:18.548PS4
1579 Liquid_SeoulFord Escort Mk II04:14.156+1:18.697PS4
1580 MattiaRicci987Ford Escort Mk II04:14.339+1:18.880PS4
1581 treesdontmeltFord Escort Mk II04:14.357+1:18.898Steam
1582 RedbeardFord Escort Mk II04:14.406+1:18.947Steam
1583 t0ma512tomas12Ford Escort Mk II04:14.489+1:19.300PS4
1584 Sam_Lawry Ford Escort Mk II04:14.539+1:19.800Steam
1585 JozandroFord Escort Mk II04:14.590+1:19.131Steam
1586 wSBMAFord Escort Mk II04:14.673+1:19.214Steam
1587 junglebiker77Ford Escort Mk II04:14.807+1:19.348Steam
1588 nalexkart42Ford Escort Mk II04:14.807+1:19.348Steam
1589 duduF1Ford Escort Mk II04:14.856+1:19.397PS4
1590 fregisFord Escort Mk II04:14.973+1:19.514Steam
1591 Xx-raykkaizFord Escort Mk II04:15.124+1:19.665PS4
1592 lihuelARGFord Escort Mk II04:15.290+1:19.831Xbox
1593 [FN] PHTEVENFord Escort Mk II04:15.440+1:19.981Steam
1594 boom.Ford Escort Mk II04:15.473+1:20.140Steam
1595 .DC. L i V eFord Escort Mk II04:15.523+1:20.640Steam
1596 pep'roniFord Escort Mk II04:15.789+1:20.330Steam
1597 NashimuraFord Escort Mk II04:15.806+1:20.347Steam
1598 Darist X1Ford Escort Mk II04:15.823+1:20.364Steam
1599 KrukFord Escort Mk II04:16.140+1:20.681Steam
1600 shortysFord Escort Mk II04:16.174+1:20.715Xbox
1601 epnicFord Escort Mk II04:16.206+1:20.747Xbox
1602 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:16.240+1:20.781Xbox
1603 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:16.256+1:20.797Xbox
1604 wi-RR-usFord Escort Mk II04:16.490+1:21.310PS4
1605 shirokumaFord Escort Mk II04:16.556+1:21.970Steam
1606 sapsan.02Ford Escort Mk II04:16.706+1:21.247Steam
1607 SEVENXMSFord Escort Mk II04:16.773+1:21.314Steam
1608 stelios12122002Ford Escort Mk II04:16.873+1:21.414PS4
1609 «rag3r0™®» Ford Escort Mk II04:16.956+1:21.497Steam
1610 GiustomeFord Escort Mk II04:16.973+1:21.514PS4
1611 mgssoildFord Escort Mk II04:17.040+1:21.581Steam
1612 mr_Efimov_76Ford Escort Mk II04:17.106+1:21.647PS4
1613 lametrouxationFord Escort Mk II04:17.140+1:21.681PS4
1614 nvh23Ford Escort Mk II04:17.456+1:21.997PS4
1615 veritas360-Ford Escort Mk II04:17.606+1:22.147PS4
1616 ISBFord Escort Mk II04:17.656+1:22.197Steam
1617 IFreshmeatFord Escort Mk II04:17.723+1:22.264Xbox
1618 maxxFord Escort Mk II04:18.139+1:22.680Steam
1619 SilverFire77Ford Escort Mk II04:18.240+1:22.781Steam
1620 Anri15Ford Escort Mk II04:18.773+1:23.314Xbox
1621 Hovercrafted890Ford Escort Mk II04:18.790+1:23.331PS4
1622 HomersexualFord Escort Mk II04:18.906+1:23.447Steam
1623 Jose AldanaFord Escort Mk II04:19.006+1:23.547Steam
1624 simasilakFord Escort Mk II04:19.172+1:23.713PS4
1625 LohaTronsRS Ford Escort Mk II04:19.274+1:23.815Steam
1626 Mrg-508Ford Escort Mk II04:19.323+1:23.864PS4
1627 JDM_Jimbo89Ford Escort Mk II04:19.356+1:23.897PS4
1628 mrIRONMAN28Ford Escort Mk II04:19.489+1:24.300PS4
1629 NanarustFord Escort Mk II04:19.573+1:24.114Xbox
1630 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:19.656+1:24.197Xbox
1631 michael16320Ford Escort Mk II04:19.706+1:24.247PS4
1632 T\/\/i$t3D |\|iPPl3$Ford Escort Mk II04:19.807+1:24.348Steam
1633 joogieFord Escort Mk II04:20.474+1:25.150Steam
1634 Megapihar_86Ford Escort Mk II04:20.589+1:25.130PS4
1635 DoctorLenin13Ford Escort Mk II04:20.606+1:25.147PS4
1636 beagle62Ford Escort Mk II04:20.872+1:25.413PS4
1637 maxpower0101Ford Escort Mk II04:20.923+1:25.464PS4
1638 A Depressed WhaleFord Escort Mk II04:21.140+1:25.681Steam
1639 njephcottFord Escort Mk II04:21.174+1:25.715PS4
1640 Ziggy_ukFord Escort Mk II04:21.273+1:25.814Steam
1641 PercilatorFord Escort Mk II04:21.289+1:25.830PS4
1642 Durenko1975Ford Escort Mk II04:21.473+1:26.140PS4
1643 Smica18Ford Escort Mk II04:21.540+1:26.810PS4
1644 busterg128 Ford Escort Mk II04:21.541+1:26.820Steam
1645 AsvantFord Escort Mk II04:21.739+1:26.280Steam
1646 molas2012Ford Escort Mk II04:21.789+1:26.330Xbox
1647 aimWolf68Ford Escort Mk II04:21.890+1:26.431PS4
1648 dave55.dbFord Escort Mk II04:22.073+1:26.614Steam
1649 KarolFord Escort Mk II04:22.090+1:26.631Steam
1650 gs28Ford Escort Mk II04:22.156+1:26.697Xbox
1651 AlorionisFord Escort Mk II04:22.223+1:26.764Steam
1652 WindiBoyFord Escort Mk II04:22.240+1:26.781Xbox
1653 HipogrifoFord Escort Mk II04:22.306+1:26.847Steam
1654 sazukeuchiwaFord Escort Mk II04:22.422+1:26.963PS4
1655 whhjacobsFord Escort Mk II04:22.423+1:26.964Steam
1656 GITANFord Escort Mk II04:22.456+1:26.997Steam
1657 Waltergroen93Ford Escort Mk II04:22.490+1:27.310PS4
1658 youserwo0Ford Escort Mk II04:22.540+1:27.810Xbox
1659 UA1985Ford Escort Mk II04:23.206+1:27.747PS4
1660 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:24.456+1:28.997Xbox
1661 alvaroportuga Ford Escort Mk II04:24.457+1:28.998Steam
1662 [ Skull ] Ford Escort Mk II04:24.539+1:29.800Steam
1663 DeadnatarFord Escort Mk II04:24.890+1:29.431PS4
1664 kalotainorbertFord Escort Mk II04:24.907+1:29.448PS4
1665 winkelinoFord Escort Mk II04:24.990+1:29.531Steam
1666 McLoveichFord Escort Mk II04:25.373+1:29.914Steam
1667 kouvolanfkFord Escort Mk II04:25.490+1:30.310PS4
1668 PolpoyFord Escort Mk II04:25.723+1:30.264Steam
1669 Sioh Ford Escort Mk II04:25.989+1:30.530Steam
1670 nvzasdj-vFord Escort Mk II04:26.339+1:30.880PS4
1671 Luxio312Ford Escort Mk II04:26.356+1:30.897PS4
1672 m.ravegliaFord Escort Mk II04:26.423+1:30.964Steam
1673 xChristiianFord Escort Mk II04:26.639+1:31.180Steam
1674 n4p.King Ford Escort Mk II04:27.123+1:31.664Steam
1675 ?????Ford Escort Mk II04:27.489+1:32.300Steam
1676 Senpie_SwagFord Escort Mk II04:27.790+1:32.331PS4
1677 PhilippeFord Escort Mk II04:27.823+1:32.364Steam
1678 grenertFord Escort Mk II04:27.973+1:32.514PS4
1679 friedkiller Ford Escort Mk II04:28.040+1:32.581Steam
1680 lamater?Ford Escort Mk II04:28.189+1:32.730Steam
1681 Sr. PigFord Escort Mk II04:28.405+1:32.946Steam
1682 TakoboyyFord Escort Mk II04:28.440+1:32.981Steam
1683 PeterMaxGER81Ford Escort Mk II04:28.672+1:33.213Xbox
1684 ZANGUANGO75Ford Escort Mk II04:28.673+1:33.214Xbox
1685 Sethmac35Ford Escort Mk II04:29.489+1:34.300PS4
1686 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:29.939+1:34.480Xbox
1687 ENTHRAX-666Ford Escort Mk II04:30.006+1:34.547PS4
1688 kendawg_D1041Ford Escort Mk II04:30.139+1:34.680PS4
1689 vichoware Ford Escort Mk II04:30.155+1:34.696Steam
1690 IronboyFord Escort Mk II04:30.706+1:35.247Steam
1691 BOTORRO89Ford Escort Mk II04:31.073+1:35.614PS4
1692 nordstern90Ford Escort Mk II04:31.106+1:35.647Steam
1693 Yohokaru_96Ford Escort Mk II04:31.340+1:35.881PS4
1694 thaurissan13Ford Escort Mk II04:31.939+1:36.480Steam
1695 L15NGJFord Escort Mk II04:32.006+1:36.547Xbox
1696 kermaddaFord Escort Mk II04:32.323+1:36.864PS4
1697 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:32.356+1:36.897Xbox
1698 Nihilist ElmoFord Escort Mk II04:32.706+1:37.247Steam
1699 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:32.789+1:37.330Xbox
1700 DevilDice69 [cs.money]Ford Escort Mk II04:32.922+1:37.463Steam
1701 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:33.005+1:37.546Xbox
1702 sccerman101Ford Escort Mk II04:33.123+1:37.664Steam
1703 Hannibal RekterFord Escort Mk II04:33.172+1:37.713Steam
1704 nashy303Ford Escort Mk II04:33.256+1:37.797PS4
1705 ??????Ford Escort Mk II04:33.457+1:37.998Steam
1706 leteutFord Escort Mk II04:33.556+1:38.970Xbox
1707 d0nf1ve-HFord Escort Mk II04:33.789+1:38.330PS4
1708 BluefoxFord Escort Mk II04:34.006+1:38.547Steam
1709 LeosuperleFord Escort Mk II04:34.222+1:38.763PS4
1710 ihavethelook280Ford Escort Mk II04:34.889+1:39.430PS4
1711 RINASKSFord Escort Mk II04:34.989+1:39.530PS4
1712 walterchacho82Ford Escort Mk II04:35.055+1:39.596PS4
1713 RenioFord Escort Mk II04:35.189+1:39.730Steam
1714 fciFord Escort Mk II04:35.589+1:40.130PS4
1715 kaisersoze77Ford Escort Mk II04:35.590+1:40.131Xbox
1716 FlyghtFord Escort Mk II04:35.638+1:40.179Steam
1717 Gantz-WFOFord Escort Mk II04:35.840+1:40.381PS4
1718 parinyalsFord Escort Mk II04:35.956+1:40.497PS4
1719 Fusiu Ford Escort Mk II04:36.223+1:40.764Steam
1720 KillerElite284Ford Escort Mk II04:36.289+1:40.830PS4
1721 DrBadass73Ford Escort Mk II04:36.756+1:41.297PS4
1722 c52rabbitFord Escort Mk II04:36.906+1:41.447PS4
1723 General FailureFord Escort Mk II04:36.939+1:41.480Steam
1724 crazytilFord Escort Mk II04:37.056+1:41.597Xbox
1725 jonycupraFord Escort Mk II04:37.089+1:41.630Xbox
1726 Razzzze Ford Escort Mk II04:37.406+1:41.947Steam
1727 JaxieeFord Escort Mk II04:37.656+1:42.197Steam
1728 mg350 Ford Escort Mk II04:37.673+1:42.214Steam
1729 Old Taylor is DeadFord Escort Mk II04:37.772+1:42.313Steam
1730 helicopter915Ford Escort Mk II04:37.856+1:42.397PS4
1731 MaestroPandaFord Escort Mk II04:37.906+1:42.447PS4
1732 ImmovablePumaFord Escort Mk II04:37.906+1:42.447Xbox
1733 [85e]VonKabdyulAbdyarIIFord Escort Mk II04:38.006+1:42.547Steam
1734 YTHOFord Escort Mk II04:38.157+1:42.698Steam
1735 nicolai.sleegersFord Escort Mk II04:38.339+1:42.880Steam
1736 Nightwalker74Ford Escort Mk II04:38.439+1:42.980Steam
1737 RazmatazFord Escort Mk II04:38.456+1:42.997Steam
1738 DuctTapeGoneWildFord Escort Mk II04:38.589+1:43.130PS4
1739 DaStingerFord Escort Mk II04:38.790+1:43.331Steam
1740 Diemler Ford Escort Mk II04:39.088+1:43.629Steam
1741 141bennyFord Escort Mk II04:39.556+1:44.970Xbox
1742 Midnight128Ford Escort Mk II04:39.574+1:44.115Steam
1743 Grumpy CatFord Escort Mk II04:39.755+1:44.296Steam
1744 damiancr125Ford Escort Mk II04:39.790+1:44.331PS4
1745 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:39.805+1:44.346Xbox
1746 michelverdier2Ford Escort Mk II04:40.239+1:44.780Steam
1747 RaroghFord Escort Mk II04:41.439+1:45.980Steam
1748 kds258lgfFord Escort Mk II04:42.123+1:46.664Steam
1749 vero4603Ford Escort Mk II04:42.289+1:46.830PS4
1750 SaxymankwFord Escort Mk II04:42.306+1:46.847Steam
1751 the_MUKeFord Escort Mk II04:42.405+1:46.946Steam
1752 PiranhaZPRFord Escort Mk II04:42.455+1:46.996Steam
1753 GSmooth1125Ford Escort Mk II04:42.855+1:47.396PS4
1754 gonogand666Ford Escort Mk II04:42.973+1:47.514PS4
1755 Patches O'houlihanFord Escort Mk II04:43.255+1:47.796Steam
1756 TunerFocusFord Escort Mk II04:43.772+1:48.313PS4
1757 leshonkFord Escort Mk II04:43.923+1:48.464PS4
1758 el_keviin132Ford Escort Mk II04:44.421+1:48.962PS4
1759 CloutairFord Escort Mk II04:44.856+1:49.397PS4
1760 Onkel-DukeFord Escort Mk II04:45.023+1:49.564PS4
1761 Meow-kunFord Escort Mk II04:45.072+1:49.613Steam
1762 A789147Ford Escort Mk II04:45.739+1:50.280PS4
1763 shaunymacdoshaFord Escort Mk II04:45.788+1:50.329Xbox
1764 grelliesFord Escort Mk II04:46.272+1:50.813Steam
1765 gulin.a.eFord Escort Mk II04:46.622+1:51.163Steam
1766 Froko1984Ford Escort Mk II04:46.805+1:51.346PS4
1767 nOTnORMAL84Ford Escort Mk II04:47.021+1:51.562PS4
1768 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:47.155+1:51.696Xbox
1769 FrederickTheWaryFord Escort Mk II04:47.189+1:51.730PS4
1770 LukelaFord Escort Mk II04:47.922+1:52.463Steam
1771 FajlonFord Escort Mk II04:47.956+1:52.497Steam
1772 DaffDuckFord Escort Mk II04:48.855+1:53.396PS4
1773 isabelijosepFord Escort Mk II04:49.905+1:54.446PS4
1774 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:50.422+1:54.963Xbox
1775 BeaT--NiKFord Escort Mk II04:51.005+1:55.546PS4
1776 Leandro SC-BRFord Escort Mk II04:51.022+1:55.563Steam
1777 oskisadeFord Escort Mk II04:51.091+1:55.632PS4
1778 AlbiRox91Ford Escort Mk II04:52.572+1:57.113PS4
1779 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:53.106+1:57.647Xbox
1780 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II04:53.638+1:58.179Xbox
1781 FerrisFord Escort Mk II04:53.822+1:58.363Steam
1782 renatopcjfFord Escort Mk II04:54.038+1:58.579Xbox
1783 Illuminati4YoloFord Escort Mk II04:54.206+1:58.747PS4
1784 El gato emparedadoFord Escort Mk II04:54.638+1:59.179Steam
1785 MicSkillz Ford Escort Mk II04:55.323+1:59.864Steam
1786 Snazzy_beast69Ford Escort Mk II04:55.588+2:00.129PS4
1787 plato800Ford Escort Mk II04:55.922+2:00.463PS4
1788 HellSpartaFord Escort Mk II04:56.388+2:00.929Steam
1789 bigmatt920Ford Escort Mk II04:56.872+2:01.413PS4
1790 fernan06Ford Escort Mk II04:57.322+2:01.863PS4
1791 xg8459Ford Escort Mk II04:57.373+2:01.914Steam
1792 ATL706420Ford Escort Mk II04:57.638+2:02.179PS4
1793 tega_lucaFord Escort Mk II04:58.522+2:03.630PS4
1794 ChangelingZFord Escort Mk II04:59.739+2:04.280PS4
1795 _AlaskA_Ford Escort Mk II05:00.022+2:04.563Steam
1796 theLOCOMOTIVEFord Escort Mk II05:01.022+2:05.563Xbox
1797 NickeltracerFord Escort Mk II05:01.088+2:05.629PS4
1798 muzza304Ford Escort Mk II05:01.205+2:05.746PS4
1799 Lostboy42Ford Escort Mk II05:02.087+2:06.628Steam
1800 gbombadonFord Escort Mk II05:02.289+2:06.830PS4
1801 INGMAARSFord Escort Mk II05:03.505+2:08.460Steam
1802 miquel_1005Ford Escort Mk II05:03.555+2:08.960PS4
1803 BlackBolt415Ford Escort Mk II05:03.589+2:08.130PS4
1804 invision2212Ford Escort Mk II05:04.089+2:08.630Steam
1805 Sean_P-ykk8643Ford Escort Mk II05:04.775+2:09.316PS4
1806 CaptainFozFord Escort Mk II05:04.805+2:09.346Steam
1807 soong101Ford Escort Mk II05:05.471+2:10.120Steam
1808 antonfilipton889Ford Escort Mk II05:05.504+2:10.450PS4
1809 KillerMiller69Ford Escort Mk II05:05.507+2:10.480Xbox
1810 mimimomoFord Escort Mk II05:06.255+2:10.796Steam
1811 naidarouFord Escort Mk II05:07.754+2:12.295Steam
1812 hanleyfamily1Ford Escort Mk II05:08.205+2:12.746PS4
1813 Chatoem12Ford Escort Mk II05:08.321+2:12.862PS4
1814 Chris44444Ford Escort Mk II05:08.539+2:13.800Xbox
1815 eL_NuNeZ-_-Ford Escort Mk II05:09.555+2:14.960PS4
1816 z0civicFord Escort Mk II05:09.622+2:14.163Steam
1817 klauskiefer34Ford Escort Mk II05:10.871+2:15.412PS4
1818 fonsarelyFord Escort Mk II05:11.320+2:15.861PS4
1819 marron_74Ford Escort Mk II05:11.558+2:16.990PS4
1820 NicolasFord Escort Mk II05:12.737+2:17.278Steam
1821 [NRT]CHunk Ford Escort Mk II05:13.305+2:17.846Steam
1822 HeadShotYKTFord Escort Mk II05:14.122+2:18.663Steam
1823 Don_Genaro_21Ford Escort Mk II05:14.189+2:18.730PS4
1824 device_handlerFord Escort Mk II05:14.320+2:18.861PS4
1825 DimaschikFord Escort Mk II05:14.988+2:19.529Steam
1826 J@kFord Escort Mk II05:15.205+2:19.746Steam
1827 mulej.gasperFord Escort Mk II05:15.205+2:19.746Steam
1828 eltoledanFord Escort Mk II05:15.290+2:19.831PS4
1829 juhak78Ford Escort Mk II05:15.471+2:20.120PS4
1830 aldisborintsFord Escort Mk II05:15.987+2:20.528Xbox
1831 radcorpsFord Escort Mk II05:18.189+2:22.730Steam
1832 Oliver-Sadaba89Ford Escort Mk II05:19.189+2:23.730PS4
1833 Freakezoid01Ford Escort Mk II05:19.221+2:23.762PS4
1834 francy007cboffiFord Escort Mk II05:20.104+2:24.645PS4
1835 Raven_DM Ford Escort Mk II05:20.288+2:24.829Steam
1836 RüdigerFord Escort Mk II05:20.288+2:24.829Steam
1837 Punishers0098Ford Escort Mk II05:20.371+2:24.912PS4
1838 robertobaggio19Ford Escort Mk II05:21.638+2:26.179PS4
1839 Brian o'connerFord Escort Mk II05:22.004+2:26.545Steam
1840 Yung Dagger DickFord Escort Mk II05:22.438+2:26.979Steam
1841 p3rrayoFord Escort Mk II05:24.723+2:29.264PS4
1842 Toenchen086Ford Escort Mk II05:24.787+2:29.328PS4
1843 letaminoisFord Escort Mk II05:25.304+2:29.845Steam
1844 qweeefer187Ford Escort Mk II05:26.070+2:30.611PS4
1845 macerronnieFord Escort Mk II05:26.907+2:31.448PS4
1846 meh37Ford Escort Mk II05:27.857+2:32.398Steam
1847 T-StopFord Escort Mk II05:28.337+2:32.878Steam
1848 CicadaToyboxFord Escort Mk II05:28.371+2:32.912Xbox
1849 ZeaCy1Ford Escort Mk II05:29.888+2:34.429PS4
1850 AduloXFord Escort Mk II05:30.790+2:35.331PS4
1851 Moonchild207 Ford Escort Mk II05:31.738+2:36.279Steam
1852 Ronn2610Ford Escort Mk II05:32.887+2:37.428Xbox
1853 csiki2107Ford Escort Mk II05:34.088+2:38.629Xbox
1854 sharky_999Ford Escort Mk II05:35.737+2:40.278PS4
1855 EDDIESHADY777Ford Escort Mk II05:36.119+2:40.660PS4
1856 Alex10alphaFord Escort Mk II05:36.371+2:40.912Steam
1857 hakonensamiFord Escort Mk II05:36.857+2:41.398Steam
1858 birdonsonFord Escort Mk II05:38.156+2:42.697Steam
1859 fsiggemoFord Escort Mk II05:38.437+2:42.978Steam
1860 jcaron90Ford Escort Mk II05:39.488+2:44.290PS4
1861 SjuggcjyefgiskchFord Escort Mk II05:39.704+2:44.245PS4
1862 ovo_617Ford Escort Mk II05:42.239+2:46.780PS4
1863 SonnentanzFord Escort Mk II05:42.456+2:46.997PS4
1864 Captain OTTFord Escort Mk II05:43.207+2:47.748Steam
1865 Hellshot1980Ford Escort Mk II05:44.371+2:48.912PS4
1866 juergli46Ford Escort Mk II05:44.803+2:49.344PS4
1867 FlopjackFlumberyFord Escort Mk II05:45.220+2:49.761Steam
1868 mamo2901591Ford Escort Mk II05:45.470+2:50.110PS4
1869 NiknejmFord Escort Mk II05:46.388+2:50.929Steam
1870 Clem-RidersFord Escort Mk II05:46.738+2:51.279PS4
1871 xXdiz666XxFord Escort Mk II05:46.771+2:51.312PS4
1872 samuelSoap007samFord Escort Mk II05:47.421+2:51.962PS4
1873 amstelgold0Ford Escort Mk II05:49.687+2:54.228Steam
1874 1emilkar01Ford Escort Mk II05:50.204+2:54.745Steam
1875 PolinaGolovaFord Escort Mk II05:51.120+2:55.661PS4
1876 DanyuiFord Escort Mk II05:53.487+2:58.280Steam
1877 PARKMURDAFord Escort Mk II05:56.271+3:00.812PS4
1878 MrBird77Ford Escort Mk II06:01.423+3:05.964Xbox
1879 SpyrixFord Escort Mk II06:02.639+3:07.180Steam
1880 JTheWhiteHammerFord Escort Mk II06:03.623+3:08.164PS4
1881 nasmerlottieFord Escort Mk II06:07.073+3:11.614PS4
1882 OBNOXIUsFord Escort Mk II06:08.588+3:13.129Steam
1883 mikereFord Escort Mk II06:08.637+3:13.178Xbox
1884 TurtlesFord Escort Mk II06:10.738+3:15.279Steam
1885 managersoumyaFord Escort Mk II06:13.706+3:18.247Steam
1886 Ermido005Ford Escort Mk II06:19.323+3:23.864PS4
1887 roddz49Ford Escort Mk II06:21.669+3:26.210PS4
1888 Muffinman1Ford Escort Mk II06:23.885+3:28.426Steam
1889 EddieK47Ford Escort Mk II06:24.953+3:29.494PS4
1890 XbjoernxktrgngrFord Escort Mk II06:30.673+3:35.214PS4
1891 ZhukowF1Ford Escort Mk II06:31.818+3:36.359Steam
1892 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II06:32.853+3:37.394Xbox
1893 juanromangagoFord Escort Mk II06:35.820+3:40.361PS4
1894 borzoy_rusFord Escort Mk II06:38.754+3:43.295Steam
1895 AuraYahuFord Escort Mk II06:42.504+3:47.450Steam
1896 GulLiver0729Ford Escort Mk II06:43.220+3:47.761PS4
1897 wshadowFord Escort Mk II06:47.221+3:51.762Steam
1898 fernandezfruitFord Escort Mk II06:50.554+3:55.950PS4
1899 delas777Ford Escort Mk II06:51.354+3:55.895PS4
1900 azlan1511Ford Escort Mk II06:55.601+4:00.142PS4
1901 Stumpy_7777Ford Escort Mk II06:59.571+4:04.112PS4
1902 isho_jFord Escort Mk II07:00.717+4:05.258PS4
1903 CMTE1980Ford Escort Mk II07:02.233+4:06.774PS4
1904 oct2514Ford Escort Mk II07:04.752+4:09.293PS4
1905 robycarninoFord Escort Mk II07:11.217+4:15.758PS4
1906 mmammHFord Escort Mk II07:13.654+4:18.195PS4
1907 mrgray1989Ford Escort Mk II07:14.485+4:19.260PS4
1908 eoooonnn27Ford Escort Mk II07:16.419+4:20.960PS4
1909 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II07:24.201+4:28.742Xbox
1910 lorenamc02Ford Escort Mk II07:26.638+4:31.179PS4
1911 z_DekoFord Escort Mk II07:30.070+4:34.611PS4
1912 raddy09 Ford Escort Mk II07:31.888+4:36.429Steam
1913 bereger106Ford Escort Mk II07:38.537+4:43.780PS4
1914 JujucappelleFord Escort Mk II07:41.321+4:45.862PS4
1915 B-5Ford Escort Mk II07:58.619+5:03.160Steam
1916 Kaanakgun2011Ford Escort Mk II08:03.768+5:08.309PS4
1917 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:17.769+5:22.310Xbox
1918 ConnycoolFord Escort Mk II08:25.951+5:30.492PS4
1919 (87) Ibo MøllerFord Escort Mk II08:32.981+5:37.522Steam
1920 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II08:43.135+5:47.676Xbox
1921 CyberclubCosquinFord Escort Mk II08:53.864+5:58.405PS4
1922 chetto445Ford Escort Mk II08:57.619+6:02.160PS4
1923 CapitalVVFord Escort Mk II09:12.135+6:16.676PS4
1924 mattmatt130Ford Escort Mk II09:16.983+6:21.524PS4
1925 JJtenerifeFord Escort Mk II09:20.499+6:25.400PS4
1926 ThijsLubFord Escort Mk II09:51.445+6:55.986PS4
1927 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II09:58.130+7:02.671Xbox
1928 Mel69_xFord Escort Mk II10:17.379+7:21.920PS4
1929 pirate2105Ford Escort Mk II10:56.731+8:01.272PS4
1930 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II11:15.426+8:19.967Xbox
1931 caveman4567Ford Escort Mk II11:33.994+8:38.535PS4
1932 jbottoFord Escort Mk II12:00.837+9:05.378Steam
1933 puccistefaFord Escort Mk II14:20.886+11:25.427PS4
1934 Static1800 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1935 MartinussFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1936 =cddt= rasta2323 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1937 colin.sanders Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1938 pebucebrFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1939 CHECK MY BIOFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1940 KoalaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1941 marwan.ibrahimFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1942 muppafonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1943 GreasedpubisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1944 LamaboyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1945 MikelFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1946 BZ Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1947 Cpt.CrunchFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1948 delta_bravo17Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1949 FiorFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1950 BarsikFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1951 Alonso DeGonzoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1952 Kevlar Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1953 Talko!Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1954 Isle of Barra Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1955 SpringerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1956 Kurt_84Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1957 Simply AnnaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1958 GrungePower Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1959 KrunchbarFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1960 Dannyboy Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1961 HoolehFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1962 prodimFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1963 armen83armFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1964 PAPA_COOL Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1965 Ahorn0904 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1966 djohac Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1967 [SWE]Zacik16Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1968 BuntaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1969 7313366Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1970 H3LLRIDEFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1971 brugnoukFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1972 Daddi0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1973 ManDePatFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1974 WaldnaabFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1975 gunslinger3 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1976 hartpaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1977 Airsoftman5Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1978 AidanR2011Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1979 ibunFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1980 valeyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1981 harrisrem14 #hellasFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1982 longueteau_pyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1983 whitenoiseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1984 ?? Bush DoctorFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1985 GendolfFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1986 PiltonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1987 TuskFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1988 sosthene.renardFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1989 carlthellama Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1990 TheDoc Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1991 Bugsaka Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1992 ProviumFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1993 nesepalamuduFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1994 JackersaurusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1995 sebbtab Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1996 CousinjackFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1997 dzidek19Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1998 Geng skrr skrrFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
1999 Je55eJame5 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2000 Munchybolloks Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2001 ?TuhmisFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2002 asdFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2003 Turnabout DoriftoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2004 jukkajaa Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2005 MasterChiefFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2006 tollisonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2007 SolarKob?aFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2008 fei773Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2009 NetherlanderFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2010 LSRForrest Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2011 hogzFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2012 s1mmelFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2013 .Diabl0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2014 neat.Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2015 GrumpygrinchFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2016 Moptop Mattuls Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2017 LangerlaufFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2018 kartoffelFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2019 1TankerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2020 Cobra.Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2021 stoccothierry Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2022 AlbertoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2023 Chris.AT.... Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2024 Mr.ChoCoLaTFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2025 BellerophonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2026 FRITZFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2027 NuutMarkFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2028 SehnsuchtFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2029 Martijn ter HaarFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2030 Will.Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2031 JochemczakFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2032 SnowgranjerFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2033 titietste Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2034 bluesberryFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2035 MargusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2036 80118016Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2037 jayinspace1999Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2038 The DudeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2039 HumtidumtiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2040 herve.paris01 Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Steam
2041 TheFlex06Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2042 countryman741Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2043 italogreco1980Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2044 Mario-G211Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2045 Graham1122Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2046 WaneteXFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2047 eeddggaarFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2048 DvZn46Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2049 nicosoriaa628Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2050 andreyhedjFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2051 MarkTheHotShotFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2052 oscar__mooneyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2053 blacksak23Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2054 Gianlu_41Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2055 cosworthrssierraFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2056 sergigant0Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2057 StanleyEpkis_57Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2058 blahsheepFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2059 YijiruFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2060 PPNSPORTFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2061 TakumiMiyakeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2062 McGintyMcGheeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2063 guestyboyyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2064 CaBuD4671Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2065 donnelly1306Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2066 unainoriegaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2067 perbjornsonFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2068 ChrispyCanuckFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2069 TxocoxinoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2070 floki30Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2071 Marcobrussel78Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2072 nikola8584Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2073 SVIcemanFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2074 G0ldark_777_Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2075 bongorongoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2076 jamsboii129Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2077 HereXImFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2078 KobeBryant_111Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2079 betobabo46Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2080 HRF49Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2081 hilruzoFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2082 bolideur1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2083 georg_ravenusFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2084 Mustangsair51Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2085 Dj__RaFiiFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2086 john17-PFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2087 tominick-06Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2088 justorrrFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2089 pit_sz5car_plFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2090 eliasmoranaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2091 legendary2410Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2092 caca17-cmllbilleFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2093 ronjaronnson75Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2094 Raven_15130Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2095 FUSE11Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2096 CHELENTANO1993Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2097 giansport01Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2098 rallyfisherFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2099 Big_Shot-2005Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2100 Zimpan90Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2101 j6426cFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2102 raafu78Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2103 Pitcher2705Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2104 krish2107Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2105 oscarmartina785Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2106 shafoin16Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2107 anttiPeVeFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2108 Jgz0401Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2109 zuitzaFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2110 sunmutsis420Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2111 Goudi01Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2112 LtPiccione93Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2113 zKingGaMeR1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2114 Copilotedu74210Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2115 americanodori063Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2116 KevinForeman6666Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2117 toscano741Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2118 Da_vi_D-Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2119 fr4z1333Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2120 Drift-FanaticFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2121 Bigjuanee70Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2122 MDLuffy41Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2123 christhomp101Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2124 SerButtersFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2125 JRo1017Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2126 bouzendorffFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2127 chillerkiller214Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2128 Philipp_1887Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2129 Scarfy95Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2130 alec02237Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2131 petekivinen2Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2132 Pilote2courseFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2133 manne30Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2134 Marcinthekid33Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2135 BeardsOfDutyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2136 SoRoMar1oFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2137 RajdyWodkaDupyFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541PS4
2138 ElDartadorFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2139 vanoumiha974Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2140 Eryx98Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2141 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2142 ALCAMINO47Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2143 51m37Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2144 mimi62Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2145 laurent87Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2146 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2147 persikan108Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2148 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2149 KDOGG1Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2150 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2151 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2152 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2153 1981FOYOFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2154 Lachyr23Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2155 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2156 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2157 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2158 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2159 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2160 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2161 te7531Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2162 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2163 tbeck25944Ford Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2164 FabioRavendarkFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2165 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2166 superdugFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2167 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2168 Not linkedFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Xbox
2169 HippyspawnFord Escort Mk II15:00.000+12:04.541Oculus