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Wager Event, 2017-04-25
2333 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Germany] Verbundsring (S) (Morning, Overcast)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 Joona PanskuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.241+00:00.000Steam
2 Niskymen Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.308+00:00.670Steam
3 TheRallyManVWFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.858+00:00.617Xbox
4 max Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.041+00:00.800Steam
5 da_elderly Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.758+00:01.517Steam
6 Vauverdois30Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.891+00:01.650PS4
7 jhtl85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.075+00:01.834PS4
8 rune Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.275+00:02.340Steam
9 CSN5567Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.558+00:02.317Steam
10 Henri NoviceFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.608+00:02.367Steam
11 K.NevanpääFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.641+00:02.400Steam
12 daniel19920427Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.725+00:02.484PS4
13 JuhiziTFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.775+00:02.534PS4
14 J-M-J-75Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.808+00:02.567PS4
15 schumivettel84Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.008+00:02.767Xbox
16 MSCFormula Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.125+00:02.884Steam
17 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.175+00:02.934Xbox
18 snakeyshampton Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.275+00:03.340Steam
19 Sindaco106Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.391+00:03.150Steam
20 antoragnottiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.391+00:03.150Xbox
21 sebbtab Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.441+00:03.200Steam
22 Flo-the-thugFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.458+00:03.217PS4
23 ke9kr8Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.475+00:03.234PS4
24 ArNoKaRt85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.508+00:03.267Xbox
25 dadou34270Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.675+00:03.434Steam
26 N1KKEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.741+00:03.500PS4
27 TheWelshMcraeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.858+00:03.617Xbox
28 RealTrollisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.925+00:03.684PS4
29 jeje04111994Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.958+00:03.717PS4
30 rajcoreFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.075+00:03.834PS4
31 Mr_Jolly Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.225+00:03.984Steam
32 cypou15Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.225+00:03.984PS4
33 lvl5000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.558+00:04.317PS4
34 Eeduks222Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.641+00:04.400PS4
35 EpilepticToastFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.691+00:04.450Xbox
36 niccolocinquiniFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.708+00:04.467Steam
37 JorpakkoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.775+00:04.534PS4
38 gheeD Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.858+00:04.617Steam
39 SBRallyeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.858+00:04.617Xbox
40 Sepponaattori666Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.875+00:04.634PS4
41 kildog Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.891+00:04.650Steam
42 FluchenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.958+00:04.717PS4
43 [-XV-].AngeOliveur. Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.975+00:04.734Steam
44 StarvingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.008+00:04.767Steam
45 henketimFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.025+00:04.784PS4
46 --Attraktiver Elch-- Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.108+00:04.867Steam
47 Louiscity74540Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.125+00:04.884PS4
48 Viktorwestman15Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.141+00:04.900PS4
49 Panzercorps_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.158+00:04.917PS4
50 Capda89Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.358+00:05.117PS4
51 SGT_alex115Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.358+00:05.117PS4
52 NoisyTribe Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.458+00:05.217Steam
53 CourtathorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.491+00:05.250Steam
54 EVMJ_GFTFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.525+00:05.284PS4
55 OttoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.591+00:05.350Steam
56 Beatles26120Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.591+00:05.350PS4
57 mollaaa23Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.625+00:05.384PS4
58 InksaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.641+00:05.400Steam
59 kgibier Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.675+00:05.434Steam
60 DrewFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.691+00:05.450Steam
61 MADze-_-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.708+00:05.467PS4
62 fabmullFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.758+00:05.517Steam
63 NicoNORFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.775+00:05.534PS4
64 monsieurrollmopsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.825+00:05.584Steam
65 mk1griffFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.825+00:05.584PS4
66 guzag20Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.841+00:05.600PS4
67 Rulo_GomzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.858+00:05.617PS4
68 RobyGT4_GTExDFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.858+00:05.617PS4
69 mrred16PLFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.875+00:05.634PS4
70 juakin9200Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.075+00:05.834PS4
71 vida.janikaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.108+00:05.867Steam
72 minueluluguFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.108+00:05.867PS4
73 MarcelieFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.158+00:05.917Steam
74 miyashin32 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.175+00:05.934Steam
75 migui993Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.175+00:05.934PS4
76 Mulder Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.225+00:05.984Steam
77 FastBlast Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.241+00:06.000Steam
78 drYnduSFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.241+00:06.000Steam
79 waltcyntFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.241+00:06.000Xbox
80 PuavoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.275+00:06.340Steam
81 xixi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.275+00:06.340Steam
82 BraxenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.275+00:06.340Steam
83 Snowsilent Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.291+00:06.500Steam
84 Slowari! Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.291+00:06.500Steam
85 david106n1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.325+00:06.840PS4
86 GreyVarg93Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.341+00:06.100Xbox
87 METAL666nz Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.391+00:06.150Steam
88 Linfalive Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.391+00:06.150Steam
89 Untsman Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.408+00:06.167Steam
90 abrod520Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.408+00:06.167Xbox
91 HeineRudiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.441+00:06.200Xbox
92 ilchiodi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.475+00:06.234Steam
93 astil Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.475+00:06.234Steam
94 hemirpu Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.475+00:06.234Steam
95 tsztuka4 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.508+00:06.267Steam
96 gekochte suelzwurst Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.508+00:06.267Steam
97 pajaman2000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.558+00:06.317PS4
98 gabmanu--Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.591+00:06.350PS4
99 baumelGT3Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.658+00:06.417PS4
100 foesi_13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.675+00:06.434PS4
101 Tannekr Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.691+00:06.450Steam
102 Eric der HeizerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.708+00:06.467Steam
103 touchy71 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.708+00:06.467Steam
104 FearLess420 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.708+00:06.467Steam
105 markrenton85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.741+00:06.500PS4
106 musicman74 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.758+00:06.517Steam
107 Max-du48Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.775+00:06.534PS4
108 Leberkleister Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.808+00:06.567Steam
109 Djay54 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.825+00:06.584Steam
110 mpajusaluFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.825+00:06.584PS4
111 baqueiromotorsport Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.858+00:06.617Steam
112 [Goonihan] Ben Klock Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.891+00:06.650Steam
113 schlenkerEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.891+00:06.650PS4
114 Sludgefeast420Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.925+00:06.684PS4
115 KoukouGniettesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.941+00:06.700PS4
116 artos55 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.958+00:06.717Steam
117 mhk2308Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.008+00:06.767PS4
118 Toikkari_37Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.025+00:06.784PS4
119 avk179 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.041+00:06.800Steam
120 Pepillogsxr33Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.075+00:06.834PS4
121 vrpressFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.075+00:06.834PS4
122 schiefinspector2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.075+00:06.834PS4
123 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.091+00:06.850Xbox
124 Je55eJame5 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.108+00:06.867Steam
125 Hulmiho UkolenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.108+00:06.867Steam
126 JCarelianFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.125+00:06.884PS4
127 SDL--GHOSTFACEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.125+00:06.884PS4
128 RallygodnswFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.158+00:06.917PS4
129 Elisport4Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.175+00:06.934PS4
130 zornostiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.191+00:06.950PS4
131 seb290671Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.208+00:06.967PS4
132 Darkstar Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.225+00:06.984Steam
133 mat simuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.225+00:06.984Steam
134 GelucO_O Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.225+00:06.984Steam
135 Soulr3av3r Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.241+00:07.000Steam
136 OscarCasanovaGlezFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.258+00:07.170Steam
137 SouthWalesStar_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.275+00:07.340PS4
138 leleturbolagFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.275+00:07.340PS4
139 Méchou_TMFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.308+00:07.670Steam
140 Nopileos Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.325+00:07.840Steam
141 bastienFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.325+00:07.840Steam
142 philmax2 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.341+00:07.100Steam
143 YoppaRaizoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.358+00:07.117Steam
144 claudio6991Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.375+00:07.134PS4
145 laurent87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.375+00:07.134Xbox
146 max08090Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.375+00:07.134Xbox
147 Superd00ps Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.441+00:07.200Steam
148 welshyAKAbadboyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.441+00:07.200PS4
149 ivanf1973Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.441+00:07.200PS4
150 Escobarr24Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.441+00:07.200PS4
151 EkaRacing Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.458+00:07.217Steam
152 Twenty70Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.475+00:07.234PS4
153 ltd.m50 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.508+00:07.267Steam
154 AaTee Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.525+00:07.284Steam
155 EinsZweiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.558+00:07.317Steam
156 Lulu29 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.558+00:07.317Steam
157 RHETENOR-97-3Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.591+00:07.350PS4
158 Bnny-RchFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.608+00:07.367Steam
159 panzpohadkyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.608+00:07.367PS4
160 CiupeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.608+00:07.367Xbox
161 StoryVSFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.641+00:07.400Steam
162 dik12345Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.641+00:07.400PS4
163 nikonike7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.641+00:07.400PS4
164 Xalara5618 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.691+00:07.450Steam
165 klemen.mozina1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.725+00:07.484Steam
166 Young effeCT #fadpaaa Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.725+00:07.484Steam
167 ^0moOn^3[tw]Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.741+00:07.500Steam
168 RacingIvysaur Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.825+00:07.584Steam
169 B.NEVEU Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.841+00:07.600Steam
170 Lightbuggy188Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.841+00:07.600PS4
171 Max Power [DPT] Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.858+00:07.617Steam
172 buttrus5 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.875+00:07.634Steam
173 b13ngyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.875+00:07.634PS4
174 AnegloPlzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.908+00:07.667Steam
175 djey19Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.975+00:07.734PS4
176 Xx_Ayos_XxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.991+00:07.750PS4
177 xsni Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.008+00:07.767Steam
178 Km132QRS8562APFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.008+00:07.767PS4
179 Egons Strypta Get Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.041+00:07.800Steam
180 Fusiu Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.058+00:07.817Steam
181 K_mcgee1992Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.091+00:07.850PS4
182 oscar.codinaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.108+00:07.867Steam
183 kudasoffff Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.141+00:07.900Steam
184 Alibuggy Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.141+00:07.900Steam
185 qiceman007Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.141+00:07.900PS4
186 drakar Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.158+00:07.917Steam
187 skiline280Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.158+00:07.917Xbox
188 Marek 16Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.175+00:07.934Steam
189 KoAStR Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.175+00:07.934Steam
190 follow-me-77Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.208+00:07.967PS4
191 RaynigainenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.208+00:07.967PS4
192 ZozaSportFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.208+00:07.967Xbox
193 TheRussianSurfeRFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.225+00:07.984Steam
194 kimifan601Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.241+00:08.000PS4
195 TeeKoo80Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.241+00:08.000PS4
196 Boldgingerman Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.258+00:08.170Steam
197 MiG_35Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.258+00:08.170Steam
198 The StokeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.258+00:08.170Steam
199 SalinaroPazzoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.325+00:08.840Steam
200 khayesthe3Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.325+00:08.840PS4
201 aron Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.341+00:08.100Steam
202 McRae_555_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.341+00:08.100PS4
203 ar2di2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.358+00:08.117Steam
204 Sizmo_3981Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.358+00:08.117PS4
205 juselius41Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.358+00:08.117PS4
206 bolideur1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.358+00:08.117PS4
207 Pgaze[FR]Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.391+00:08.150Steam
208 AlreimFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.391+00:08.150PS4
209 Bipbip972 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.424+00:08.183Steam
210 lukas.wernickeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.458+00:08.217Steam
211 ari.salokivi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.474+00:08.233Steam
212 50. M. AnderssonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.508+00:08.267Steam
213 kolonne97 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.524+00:08.283Steam
214 piotto76Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.524+00:08.283PS4
215 saabracingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.558+00:08.317PS4
216 badouille71Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.574+00:08.333PS4
217 tjetfiatFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.608+00:08.367PS4
218 PeKKaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.624+00:08.383Steam
219 antDAFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.624+00:08.383Xbox
220 gudmundsson.33Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.641+00:08.400Steam
221 Praseodymi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.658+00:08.417Steam
222 ExMrAngryFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.658+00:08.417PS4
223 teeveejiiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.658+00:08.417PS4
224 tossijaakkoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.674+00:08.433PS4
225 kristofer16johanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.708+00:08.467PS4
226 jonnysportfotoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.741+00:08.500Steam
227 LinkinWarFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.774+00:08.533Steam
228 FrankOverCrest Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.791+00:08.550Steam
229 Jason-Blaz17Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.808+00:08.567PS4
230 rallyfisherFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.824+00:08.583PS4
231 Peetch Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.841+00:08.600Steam
232 Bril smurf Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.858+00:08.617Steam
233 mikalandFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.858+00:08.617Xbox
234 psychoblondie67 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.891+00:08.650Steam
235 Dragon-Ball83Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.924+00:08.683Steam
236 ts74stbFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.924+00:08.683PS4
237 robersson84Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.924+00:08.683PS4
238 atakyrkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.924+00:08.683PS4
239 DaNa #NoControl Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.941+00:08.700Steam
240 Molock Le LapinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.958+00:08.717Steam
241 LewSi_xFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.958+00:08.717Steam
242 Veoka mees Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.008+00:08.767Steam
243 Ravvan Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.024+00:08.783Steam
244 MadLikeMe Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.024+00:08.783Steam
245 EDO1241430Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.041+00:08.800Steam
246 evoniclas64Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.041+00:08.800PS4
247 vokiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.058+00:08.817Steam
248 Joker Junior Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.074+00:08.833Steam
249 Player 1 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.074+00:08.833Steam
250 RF-TEIFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.108+00:08.867PS4
251 scaramangasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.124+00:08.883Steam
252 mako7195 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.174+00:08.933Steam
253 NAPK1NS Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.174+00:08.933Steam
254 Rub1nhoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.174+00:08.933PS4
255 TEROORFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.174+00:08.933Xbox
256 Buck Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.208+00:08.967Steam
257 t.biehatsch Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.224+00:08.983Steam
258 tverhest1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.241+00:09.000Xbox
259 CB-106S16-N2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.274+00:09.330PS4
260 MiyukiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.291+00:09.500Steam
261 Stijn-killzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.291+00:09.500PS4
262 richimilano92Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.291+00:09.500PS4
263 scumbag_steve95 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.308+00:09.670Steam
264 RZr2jzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.308+00:09.670Xbox
265 Borja-PumarFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.324+00:09.830PS4
266 gui79Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.324+00:09.830Xbox
267 Sandro Pinho Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.358+00:09.117Steam
268 Rikki_GTRPFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.374+00:09.133PS4
269 PtiKev-41Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.391+00:09.150PS4
270 vessli618Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.391+00:09.150PS4
271 MartkozFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.408+00:09.167Steam
272 scholesy_89Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.408+00:09.167PS4
273 mellonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.424+00:09.183Steam
274 M.Holínek Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.441+00:09.200Steam
275 unFlushableTurd Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.441+00:09.200Steam
276 Toni Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.441+00:09.200Steam
277 pasta-gazFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.441+00:09.200PS4
278 hugo8goncalvesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.458+00:09.217PS4
279 sti-wrcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.458+00:09.217PS4
280 archi840801Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.458+00:09.217PS4
281 Marco88MaluFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.474+00:09.233PS4
282 [$#@%!] Misan Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.491+00:09.250Steam
283 ladose.lebelge Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.491+00:09.250Steam
284 rmuortFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.508+00:09.267Steam
285 trex Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.508+00:09.267Steam
286 Kimii_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.508+00:09.267PS4
287 springolo11Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.508+00:09.267PS4
288 boub974Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.508+00:09.267PS4
289 H[ei]T Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.524+00:09.283Steam
290 cyril.b16Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.558+00:09.317Steam
291 Beo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.591+00:09.350Steam
292 DeltaLeader07 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.608+00:09.367Steam
293 Xmln01Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.624+00:09.383PS4
294 mitso06Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.624+00:09.383Xbox
295 Reigo Nela Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.674+00:09.433Steam
296 kikis301Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.674+00:09.433PS4
297 liryc70Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.674+00:09.433PS4
298 amokl Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.741+00:09.500Steam
299 JJVenekuski Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.758+00:09.517Steam
300 Xxm0dxX Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.758+00:09.517Steam
301 GrrraVeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.758+00:09.517PS4
302 dlireFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.758+00:09.517PS4
303 kristof_baestaensFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.791+00:09.550Steam
304 Jean_G_RagnottiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.791+00:09.550PS4
305 fullcordeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.808+00:09.567PS4
306 wknd1989Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.824+00:09.583PS4
307 fripouillot Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.841+00:09.600Steam
308 ficaks Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.858+00:09.617Steam
309 rostzo7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.858+00:09.617PS4
310 Re_RacerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.891+00:09.650PS4
311 kulligulli Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.908+00:09.667Steam
312 Tigalate6Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.908+00:09.667PS4
313 DimSum Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.924+00:09.683Steam
314 Django_BraveFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.924+00:09.683PS4
315 The_nasty_one Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.941+00:09.700Steam
316 Babar Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.958+00:09.717Steam
317 pudukuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.974+00:09.733Steam
318 Blindeshuhn666 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.974+00:09.733Steam
319 zEldor *ATIFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.008+00:09.767Steam
320 komendarekFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.008+00:09.767PS4
321 TuKiVoiDFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.008+00:09.767PS4
322 tdarrie Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.041+00:09.800Steam
323 ilvesfanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.041+00:09.800PS4
324 Marek1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.058+00:09.817Steam
325 boarparnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.058+00:09.817Xbox
326 AttiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.074+00:09.833Steam
327 PompelupFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.074+00:09.833Steam
328 Ville Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.074+00:09.833Steam
329 AgentSmith19Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.074+00:09.833PS4
330 MKemp12Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.074+00:09.833PS4
331 VLC Player Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.091+00:09.850Steam
332 nikos17320Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.091+00:09.850PS4
333 Sir WolfFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.108+00:09.867Steam
334 Oleorm66Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.108+00:09.867PS4
335 Straturos Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.124+00:09.883Steam
336 fiat127wrcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.124+00:09.883PS4
337 Chewbitch Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.141+00:09.900Steam
338 vilzu95Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.141+00:09.900Steam
339 black_ram_BEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.141+00:09.900PS4
340 MaReCKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.174+00:09.933Steam
341 nteraoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.174+00:09.933PS4
342 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.174+00:09.933Xbox
343 chr2d2 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.208+00:09.967Steam
344 bramFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.208+00:09.967Steam
345 konhiroomi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.224+00:09.983Steam
346 raipe478Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.224+00:09.983PS4
347 davidquinten.dq Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.258+00:10.170Steam
348 Ricson48185 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.258+00:10.170Steam
349 Lopez92_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.258+00:10.170PS4
350 Joaky_6Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.274+00:10.330PS4
351 GinoBestiaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.291+00:10.500Steam
352 Soldryat Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.291+00:10.500Steam
353 McVM12Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.308+00:10.670PS4
354 KenFromTheBlock Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.324+00:10.830Steam
355 DynaMoe92Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.324+00:10.830PS4
356 ReySlamFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.324+00:10.830PS4
357 Zero1RRFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.324+00:10.830PS4
358 danielsportFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.358+00:10.117PS4
359 BEACHYY1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.358+00:10.117PS4
360 perezarthurFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.358+00:10.117Xbox
361 ahonenhFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.374+00:10.133Steam
362 urixkorazingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.408+00:10.167PS4
363 schumi00 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.424+00:10.183Steam
364 Colo2000xxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.424+00:10.183PS4
365 DaiScottDaaaaiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.458+00:10.217PS4
366 fredvautierFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.474+00:10.233Xbox
367 VocSwe Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.491+00:10.250Steam
368 ludde1515Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.491+00:10.250PS4
369 WALKN-1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.491+00:10.250PS4
370 sommerwitsch85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.491+00:10.250PS4
371 Raffi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.524+00:10.283Steam
372 kano™Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.541+00:10.300Steam
373 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.541+00:10.300Xbox
374 elikriFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.558+00:10.317PS4
375 misanthor Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.574+00:10.333Steam
376 guaschnoiaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.574+00:10.333PS4
377 chemu08Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.608+00:10.367PS4
378 SherbalaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.608+00:10.367PS4
379 pitthekid44 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.624+00:10.383Steam
380 Babbelbox77 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.624+00:10.383Steam
381 magnetofoni84Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.624+00:10.383PS4
382 FiRST553Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.641+00:10.400Steam
383 29manzgladeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.641+00:10.400Steam
384 GABZ17Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.641+00:10.400PS4
385 razze ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.658+00:10.417Steam
386 mdrakos01Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.674+00:10.433PS4
387 PrummzessinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.674+00:10.433PS4
388 davidet881Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.674+00:10.433PS4
389 ZawGaR (1080°SL-ON) Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.691+00:10.450Steam
390 WINGNUT1976DADDYFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.691+00:10.450PS4
391 madwak55Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.691+00:10.450PS4
392 Zsolyomi88Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.708+00:10.467PS4
393 Sothis Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.758+00:10.517Steam
394 HeideJaevenitzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.824+00:10.583PS4
395 Woob Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.841+00:10.600Steam
396 MassDriver95Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.841+00:10.600Xbox
397 Tistouu15Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.858+00:10.617PS4
398 FlaxiFastFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.858+00:10.617PS4
399 MarSeyes_87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.858+00:10.617PS4
400 tseloktin Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.874+00:10.633Steam
401 matcam29Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.891+00:10.650PS4
402 Suhoska78Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.908+00:10.667PS4
403 FuSiON_MoDizZFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.908+00:10.667PS4
404 w76995Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.908+00:10.667PS4
405 JJ-booming Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.924+00:10.683Steam
406 y654rtyhgfdFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.924+00:10.683PS4
407 prevotFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.924+00:10.683Xbox
408 Magnus BlodstrupmoenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.941+00:10.700Steam
409 football2882Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.941+00:10.700PS4
410 gt99 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.958+00:10.717Steam
411 jansa.nejcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.958+00:10.717Steam
412 Chocapix Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.958+00:10.717Steam
413 FaLi-92Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.958+00:10.717PS4
414 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.958+00:10.717Xbox
415 eijnok Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.974+00:10.733Steam
416 Titi39110Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.991+00:10.750PS4
417 djlorenzo32 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.008+00:10.767Steam
418 coyeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.041+00:10.800Steam
419 by_vicioFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.041+00:10.800PS4
420 Takaty- Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.058+00:10.817Steam
421 randomi69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.058+00:10.817PS4
422 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.058+00:10.817Xbox
423 sondre89Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.074+00:10.833Xbox
424 Grobatar Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.091+00:10.850Steam
425 benalbright33Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.091+00:10.850Xbox
426 impressFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.108+00:10.867Steam
427 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.108+00:10.867Xbox
428 vvlf Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.124+00:10.883Steam
429 SKÅPET Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.124+00:10.883Steam
430 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.124+00:10.883Xbox
431 PetrjasalFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.158+00:10.917Steam
432 Wildpanther74Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.158+00:10.917PS4
433 WARningHUNFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.158+00:10.917Xbox
434 turbowiloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.174+00:10.933PS4
435 Iht1r1ekkoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.174+00:10.933PS4
436 ramsossFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.174+00:10.933Xbox
437 DiamantTofFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.174+00:10.933Xbox
438 magicwise Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.208+00:10.967Steam
439 Jbeliveau320Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.208+00:10.967Xbox
440 Cyrn Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.224+00:10.983Steam
441 NASCARfan247Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.224+00:10.983PS4
442 jantopFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.224+00:10.983PS4
443 Zall Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.241+00:11.000Steam
444 kipitok91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.241+00:11.000PS4
445 ..::LeLo::..Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.258+00:11.170Steam
446 josemmb1971Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.274+00:11.330PS4
447 lucasljungbackFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.291+00:11.500Xbox
448 Coldplayer42 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.308+00:11.670Steam
449 Xavi89RacingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.308+00:11.670Steam
450 Bleifussler Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.308+00:11.670Steam
451 airforceA-564Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.308+00:11.670PS4
452 Purple Drank Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.324+00:11.830Steam
453 ciropinosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.324+00:11.830PS4
454 cesardmcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.341+00:11.100PS4
455 cwdriftkingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.341+00:11.100Xbox
456 dontcut119 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.358+00:11.117Steam
457 Tunis_Eleven Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.374+00:11.133Steam
458 Snoop Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.374+00:11.133Steam
459 Bcraft12Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.374+00:11.133PS4
460 cOne!Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.408+00:11.167Steam
461 Platoon Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.408+00:11.167Steam
462 Lucas-CastilleroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.408+00:11.167PS4
463 Steve - Heyyyyoooooooo !!! Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.441+00:11.200Steam
464 lolo451275Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.441+00:11.200Steam
465 dusttland Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.458+00:11.217Steam
466 alewrcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.474+00:11.233PS4
467 naeblizzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.474+00:11.233PS4
468 TwentyPencesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.491+00:11.250PS4
469 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.491+00:11.250Xbox
470 nbates66Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.524+00:11.283Steam
471 mwlund00Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.524+00:11.283PS4
472 HhuuHaaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.524+00:11.283PS4
473 Sultan of Sus Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.541+00:11.300Steam
474 jorkkako Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.541+00:11.300Steam
475 toddFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.541+00:11.300Xbox
476 10. Danne FriskFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.558+00:11.317Steam
477 adrianlopez94 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.558+00:11.317Steam
478 Kalpa24Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.574+00:11.333PS4
479 jasou35Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.608+00:11.367PS4
480 maxcollinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.624+00:11.383PS4
481 radeel1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.658+00:11.417Steam
482 ROBBY7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.658+00:11.417Xbox
483 mathieu Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.674+00:11.433Steam
484 Jan #NoControl Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.674+00:11.433Steam
485 janijaakkola81Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.674+00:11.433PS4
486 Dominguez Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.691+00:11.450Steam
487 CGT-PollitoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.691+00:11.450PS4
488 Nimja_45Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.691+00:11.450PS4
489 TheKid Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.708+00:11.467Steam
490 ph33rz #NoControl Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.708+00:11.467Steam
491 chumley001 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.708+00:11.467Steam
492 mendo84Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.708+00:11.467PS4
493 delooze85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.708+00:11.467PS4
494 Obe-WanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.724+00:11.483PS4
495 crumperdumperFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.741+00:11.500Xbox
496 fredo_lagachetteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.758+00:11.517PS4
497 cr0sshair Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.791+00:11.550Steam
498 RumpySteveFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.791+00:11.550Xbox
499 JokeromeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.824+00:11.583Steam
500 SkywavFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.858+00:11.617Steam
501 ¢ Relown ¢ Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.858+00:11.617Steam
502 llienzo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.858+00:11.617Steam
503 TdiLauroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.858+00:11.617Steam
504 NONOlyoncharboFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.858+00:11.617Xbox
505 Quail-P Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.874+00:11.633Steam
506 TJ-ArchinoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.874+00:11.633PS4
507 condescending assholeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.891+00:11.650Steam
508 manu45proFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.891+00:11.650PS4
509 casipeya_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.908+00:11.667PS4
510 BABASS2BFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.924+00:11.683Xbox
511 HAKLIKGERI89Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.941+00:11.700PS4
512 exejulenissenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.941+00:11.700PS4
513 jerm734Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.941+00:11.700Xbox
514 pablo_el_rizosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.958+00:11.717PS4
515 Vatanen13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.958+00:11.717PS4
516 OrangeFunRaceFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.974+00:11.733Steam
517 sinergineFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.991+00:11.750Steam
518 Rokelas46Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.991+00:11.750PS4
519 cc72054Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.008+00:11.767PS4
520 jyriakupetteriFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.008+00:11.767PS4
521 robert33xFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.024+00:11.783Steam
522 Oeil de Lynx Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.024+00:11.783Steam
523 [OFc] LK3 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.024+00:11.783Steam
524 jbergliFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.024+00:11.783PS4
525 WANMEN SVKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.041+00:11.800Steam
526 jockelindstrandFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.041+00:11.800Steam
527 Grandpa PigFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.041+00:11.800Steam
528 E30fanaticsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.041+00:11.800PS4
529 bak--kamonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.058+00:11.817Steam
530 ryzza69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.058+00:11.817Xbox
531 johann.fenn Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.091+00:11.850Steam
532 Femax75Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.091+00:11.850PS4
533 dom61zavaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.108+00:11.867PS4
534 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.108+00:11.867Xbox
535 =[KvD]=Cyco.egalFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.141+00:11.900Steam
536 Kwink Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.158+00:11.917Steam
537 bobidul Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.208+00:11.967Steam
538 Karppa Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.208+00:11.967Steam
539 El Consenior Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.224+00:11.983Steam
540 mattiawrc222Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.224+00:11.983PS4
541 ICE-MEN555Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.224+00:11.983PS4
542 LuizKarekaoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.241+00:12.000PS4
543 Elio Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.258+00:12.170Steam
544 chodnik Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.258+00:12.170Steam
545 ale81udineFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.258+00:12.170PS4
546 ROMAY8Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.258+00:12.170PS4
547 tinytieger Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.291+00:12.500Steam
548 Hoeny YOO Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.324+00:12.830Steam
549 MPerlegFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.341+00:12.100Xbox
550 Niko__14Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.358+00:12.117PS4
551 hapychapFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.358+00:12.117PS4
552 flomarley05Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.358+00:12.117PS4
553 PinguFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.374+00:12.133Steam
554 atm250Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.374+00:12.133PS4
555 oskarinio Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.391+00:12.150Steam
556 wrc83f183Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.391+00:12.150PS4
557 kyram69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.391+00:12.150PS4
558 pccrashFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.391+00:12.150Xbox
559 soboog Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.458+00:12.217Steam
560 re89Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.458+00:12.217PS4
561 Treetz2008Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.458+00:12.217Xbox
562 JernobillyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.474+00:12.233PS4
563 RallyManic1964Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.491+00:12.250Steam
564 sgarners Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.491+00:12.250Steam
565 Edu22mgFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.491+00:12.250PS4
566 macco37Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.508+00:12.267PS4
567 Dukk_neste_gang Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.524+00:12.283Steam
568 Black_Cat_7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.524+00:12.283PS4
569 suomisisu1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.541+00:12.300PS4
570 TRIVINATORFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.558+00:12.317PS4
571 FOG-SMoss Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.574+00:12.333Steam
572 traxan0plagiasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.574+00:12.333Xbox
573 InsssiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.591+00:12.350Steam
574 MaxSer55Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.591+00:12.350PS4
575 MAD_bomber95Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.608+00:12.367PS4
576 Gerrie Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.624+00:12.383Steam
577 GTD-Ninja306Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.624+00:12.383PS4
578 MNJ_94Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.624+00:12.383PS4
579 Chris41061Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.641+00:12.400PS4
580 krawwwcuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.641+00:12.400PS4
581 GTiPOWER7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.641+00:12.400Xbox
582 EspaaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.658+00:12.417Xbox
583 weltl0rFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.674+00:12.433Steam
584 slowly27Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.674+00:12.433PS4
585 KroddeboiiiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.674+00:12.433PS4
586 loucas-stiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.674+00:12.433PS4
587 Vemppu_lutkuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.674+00:12.433PS4
588 NezredePFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.674+00:12.433PS4
589 abso^bG Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.691+00:12.450Steam
590 xCroco52 [FR] Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.691+00:12.450Steam
591 zhidkihFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.708+00:12.467PS4
592 jimbobthebearFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.708+00:12.467Xbox
593 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.708+00:12.467Xbox
594 ZeriasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.724+00:12.483Steam
595 fadingtrailsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.724+00:12.483PS4
596 CdnrallyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.724+00:12.483PS4
597 UrbanSeppFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.724+00:12.483PS4
598 GearZMachin3Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.724+00:12.483Xbox
599 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.741+00:12.500Xbox
600 Eloy_MartinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.758+00:12.517PS4
601 VeVi03Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.758+00:12.517PS4
602 bastienG62170Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.774+00:12.533PS4
603 jontikka86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.774+00:12.533PS4
604 say8my8nameFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.791+00:12.550PS4
605 hameen1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.791+00:12.550PS4
606 gringo07 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.808+00:12.567Steam
607 oldethumperFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.824+00:12.583Steam
608 BOT1ovo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.824+00:12.583Steam
609 M-P | TJ 8Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.841+00:12.600Steam
610 NADO_55_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.858+00:12.617PS4
611 mckenna01903Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.858+00:12.617PS4
612 jantratsaertFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.874+00:12.633Steam
613 litwarskiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.874+00:12.633Steam
614 L_rppaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.874+00:12.633PS4
615 ladjiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.891+00:12.650Steam
616 florenchikFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.891+00:12.650PS4
617 achektmFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.891+00:12.650PS4
618 PR.[KIA] rPoXoTauJIoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.908+00:12.667Steam
619 SmashDeals Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.924+00:12.683Steam
620 Antxola2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.958+00:12.717PS4
621 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.958+00:12.717Xbox
622 OKA Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.991+00:12.750Steam
623 decimateur25Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.991+00:12.750PS4
624 deeppurplesheep Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.008+00:12.767Steam
625 XRIKIBOKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.008+00:12.767Xbox
626 Lunawolf044Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.008+00:12.767Xbox
627 iwoeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.024+00:12.783Steam
628 Phil_the_SlugFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.024+00:12.783PS4
629 hio_91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.024+00:12.783PS4
630 vallssonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.041+00:12.800Steam
631 jb2a_13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.041+00:12.800PS4
632 Secretheroes Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.058+00:12.817Steam
633 NLXBOX360Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.058+00:12.817Xbox
634 MegamansloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.058+00:12.817Xbox
635 Hyper_xRacerxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.074+00:12.833PS4
636 travellog07Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.091+00:12.850Steam
637 scc83Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.108+00:12.867PS4
638 JohannFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.124+00:12.883Steam
639 massimoeleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.141+00:12.900PS4
640 geefunkuk1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.141+00:12.900Xbox
641 Gandalf Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.158+00:12.917Steam
642 HakanSweJkpgFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.158+00:12.917PS4
643 Lucas_KrijanderFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.158+00:12.917PS4
644 De909rekFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.174+00:12.933PS4
645 dirt972Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.191+00:12.950PS4
646 Silent Arc Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.208+00:12.967Steam
647 TurkiSharKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.208+00:12.967Steam
648 ddb_87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.224+00:12.983Steam
649 hc85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.224+00:12.983Steam
650 CrAshBaNgWhLoopFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.224+00:12.983PS4
651 petekivinen2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.224+00:12.983PS4
652 MEXES36Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.258+00:13.170PS4
653 AgosChiriFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.258+00:13.170PS4
654 3minutes Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.291+00:13.500Steam
655 Pablin_RBNSportFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.291+00:13.500PS4
656 GoncazoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.291+00:13.500PS4
657 Totte Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.341+00:13.100Steam
658 Tompaah Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.341+00:13.100Steam
659 necoomo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.341+00:13.100Steam
660 Tacchini8313000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.341+00:13.100PS4
661 Ironfist235Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.341+00:13.100PS4
662 jimmyeos14Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.341+00:13.100PS4
663 Nomee Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.358+00:13.117Steam
664 Copilot Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.358+00:13.117Steam
665 TRL_Willy_ZGZFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.358+00:13.117PS4
666 Sk1dsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.374+00:13.133Steam
667 cannonchowFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.374+00:13.133Steam
668 pet38Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.374+00:13.133Xbox
669 Puu Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.391+00:13.150Steam
670 valerivacFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.408+00:13.167Steam
671 fdivoyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.424+00:13.183PS4
672 EnconahotsauceFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.424+00:13.183PS4
673 xB3rb3r3ch0xFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.441+00:13.200Xbox
674 StagManSteveFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.474+00:13.233PS4
675 GaXieRFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.474+00:13.233Xbox
676 how-45 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.491+00:13.250Steam
677 LexFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.491+00:13.250Steam
678 Draz Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.491+00:13.250Steam
679 crocko41Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.491+00:13.250PS4
680 jordon55projectFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.508+00:13.267PS4
681 flint_sweFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.524+00:13.283Steam
682 KamCam84Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.524+00:13.283PS4
683 Reisbrenner_S15Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.541+00:13.300PS4
684 VihaneMarski Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.574+00:13.333Steam
685 ThomasoliverfoxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.574+00:13.333Xbox
686 vincrallye42Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.574+00:13.333Xbox
687 qpSHiNqpFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.591+00:13.350Steam
688 MC WRT Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.591+00:13.350Steam
689 kieken999Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.608+00:13.367Xbox
690 w0Lf #NoHeadset Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.624+00:13.383Steam
691 MichelGuevara Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.624+00:13.383Steam
692 [NP]MadZFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.641+00:13.400Steam
693 Sander Næss Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.641+00:13.400Steam
694 johnaimanxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.658+00:13.417Steam
695 DARK666_ Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.674+00:13.433Steam
696 Turbo_Danny7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.674+00:13.433PS4
697 granmendasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.674+00:13.433PS4
698 NapoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.691+00:13.450Steam
699 elexe0n Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.724+00:13.483Steam
700 VNS75Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.724+00:13.483PS4
701 svanizFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.724+00:13.483Xbox
702 Weissi97 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.741+00:13.500Steam
703 Ramsay Bolton Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.758+00:13.517Steam
704 rohoudu29Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.758+00:13.517PS4
705 CulebrateamFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.774+00:13.533PS4
706 kalotainorbertFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.774+00:13.533PS4
707 w0lf3k CSIdling.netFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.791+00:13.550Steam
708 zdzich1988Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.791+00:13.550PS4
709 kero2003Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.791+00:13.550PS4
710 pglnoobFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.791+00:13.550PS4
711 zsoltbelakFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.808+00:13.567PS4
712 gufoxx73Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.824+00:13.583PS4
713 ArkhaanaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.824+00:13.583PS4
714 jasenJFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.841+00:13.600PS4
715 pepichzoliFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.858+00:13.617Steam
716 babao05Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.858+00:13.617PS4
717 NpMedeirosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.858+00:13.617PS4
718 eldiablo8719Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.874+00:13.633Steam
719 DirtyBirdyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.874+00:13.633Steam
720 philipp-petri Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.874+00:13.633Steam
721 klicisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.874+00:13.633PS4
722 stephaneflaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.874+00:13.633PS4
723 jzdoctorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.874+00:13.633PS4
724 Tcho075110340Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.891+00:13.650PS4
725 martinen5Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.908+00:13.667PS4
726 denim Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.924+00:13.683Steam
727 chipmunkmk20Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.924+00:13.683PS4
728 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.924+00:13.683Xbox
729 house Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.941+00:13.700Steam
730 ChuckFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.941+00:13.700Steam
731 Xivrz Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.941+00:13.700Steam
732 bernardo9-9Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.941+00:13.700PS4
733 northerngittFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.941+00:13.700PS4
734 gubyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.958+00:13.717Steam
735 MazokkiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.958+00:13.717Steam
736 bencliors17Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.958+00:13.717PS4
737 Mr. Lava LavaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.974+00:13.733Steam
738 PEPERACER1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.974+00:13.733PS4
739 sl0rvpeisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.991+00:13.750PS4
740 fabrizio.minati Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.008+00:13.767Steam
741 Mendini (PT)Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.008+00:13.767Steam
742 DougFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.024+00:13.783Steam
743 seznamFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.024+00:13.783PS4
744 swinny29Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.058+00:13.817PS4
745 MichMar2929Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.058+00:13.817PS4
746 Yojinbo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.074+00:13.833Steam
747 MattiaCasa85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.074+00:13.833PS4
748 scal2805Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.091+00:13.850Xbox
749 sergio10devesaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.108+00:13.867PS4
750 AIKISAKgFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.108+00:13.867PS4
751 benjalopez_9Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.174+00:13.933PS4
752 jaakko-miesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.174+00:13.933PS4
753 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.174+00:13.933Xbox
754 itarulaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.174+00:13.933Xbox
755 RichXM655 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.191+00:13.950Steam
756 diablo evil Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.191+00:13.950Steam
757 TappinnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.208+00:13.967PS4
758 NikonlainenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.224+00:13.983PS4
759 SexyDino Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.241+00:14.000Steam
760 Save Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.241+00:14.000Steam
761 shahzadamddFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.241+00:14.000PS4
762 MVRteam99Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.241+00:14.000PS4
763 jono_misfitFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.258+00:14.170Steam
764 cozy350Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.258+00:14.170PS4
765 BZ Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.274+00:14.330Steam
766 Karanosh Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.274+00:14.330Steam
767 Kosmic14170Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.274+00:14.330PS4
768 MarsavoiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.308+00:14.670PS4
769 palmolive123Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.308+00:14.670PS4
770 nationalwheel Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.324+00:14.830Steam
771 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.324+00:14.830Xbox
772 mikluukkoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.341+00:14.100PS4
773 step8619Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.341+00:14.100PS4
774 rebo2002Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.408+00:14.167Steam
775 BankzeRFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.408+00:14.167PS4
776 Heino Hinterseer Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.424+00:14.183Steam
777 anttoni.halonenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.424+00:14.183Steam
778 ced2802Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.424+00:14.183PS4
779 leo11garciaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.424+00:14.183PS4
780 pete Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.458+00:14.217Steam
781 BandiT83-ITa Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.458+00:14.217Steam
782 landruetFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.458+00:14.217PS4
783 OvalRacerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.474+00:14.233PS4
784 Tommy Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.524+00:14.283Steam
785 akdk1986Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.524+00:14.283PS4
786 francescoivreaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.558+00:14.317PS4
787 spericolato_91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.558+00:14.317PS4
788 Emil-JonssonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.574+00:14.333PS4
789 Daz_FCFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.591+00:14.350PS4
790 KingOfTarmacFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.591+00:14.350PS4
791 canyon111Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.608+00:14.367Xbox
792 BadGamer-316Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.641+00:14.400PS4
793 furz Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.658+00:14.417Steam
794 AmpOverloadFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.658+00:14.417Steam
795 Sepe ! Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.658+00:14.417Steam
796 MELOWEARFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.658+00:14.417Xbox
797 Left4Otter Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.674+00:14.433Steam
798 Racer2727Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.674+00:14.433PS4
799 damtoloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.674+00:14.433PS4
800 Kaartiger Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.691+00:14.450Steam
801 Groslapin Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.708+00:14.467Steam
802 arjanw Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.708+00:14.467Steam
803 s_norm25 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.708+00:14.467Steam
804 Béda Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.741+00:14.500Steam
805 juanrix78Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.758+00:14.517PS4
806 Nick7891Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.758+00:14.517PS4
807 non998teFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.758+00:14.517PS4
808 GazoQFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.758+00:14.517PS4
809 NowthenfellaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.758+00:14.517PS4
810 iP_McRaeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.774+00:14.533PS4
811 CJFi5herFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.774+00:14.533Xbox
812 Nadav Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.808+00:14.567Steam
813 psych13aFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.808+00:14.567PS4
814 Tobi_Tobsen_86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.808+00:14.567PS4
815 aeroad71Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.808+00:14.567PS4
816 goldmember91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.808+00:14.567Xbox
817 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.824+00:14.583Xbox
818 Like-a-bird555Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.858+00:14.617PS4
819 HuNT3Rx1203Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.874+00:14.633PS4
820 RamFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.924+00:14.683Steam
821 BeemerbabyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.924+00:14.683PS4
822 danyferreira86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.941+00:14.700PS4
823 NiedotykalskiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.941+00:14.700PS4
824 gianfry-1979Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.941+00:14.700PS4
825 studentsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.941+00:14.700Xbox
826 svilen.dimitrov Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.958+00:14.717Steam
827 inet.email (DE-NRW-LIP)Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.991+00:14.750Steam
828 S-Biscot974Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.991+00:14.750PS4
829 johny Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.024+00:14.783Steam
830 m8rekFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.024+00:14.783PS4
831 Thorod Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.041+00:14.800Steam
832 Tom_KnallFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.041+00:14.800PS4
833 TermsOfService Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.091+00:14.850Steam
834 sylrct83Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.091+00:14.850PS4
835 richard_suter Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.124+00:14.883Steam
836 iba_86_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.124+00:14.883PS4
837 VPH_RACERFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.124+00:14.883PS4
838 warrior_pdrFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.141+00:14.900PS4
839 GABRIDOROFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.141+00:14.900Xbox
840 ady1609Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.158+00:14.917Steam
841 divoy458Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.158+00:14.917PS4
842 leboboss88Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.158+00:14.917Xbox
843 wish bone Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.174+00:14.933Steam
844 mathiasrussowFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.174+00:14.933PS4
845 stevenp76Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.191+00:14.950PS4
846 SENOR_BUSCATO_78Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.191+00:14.950PS4
847 JiggywidditFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.208+00:14.967Steam
848 Rudi MenteiroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.208+00:14.967Steam
849 laner25ukFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.208+00:14.967PS4
850 Cláudio Pita Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.224+00:14.983Steam
851 Topur JzKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.224+00:14.983Steam
852 painkiller070Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.224+00:14.983PS4
853 rallycarnavFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.241+00:15.000PS4
854 MadonmaksaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.241+00:15.000Xbox
855 VicBloom15Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.274+00:15.330PS4
856 strings6sticks2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.291+00:15.500PS4
857 IceMayn Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.308+00:15.670Steam
858 florent.moulinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.308+00:15.670Steam
859 ericortiz106Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.308+00:15.670PS4
860 nippelinipaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.324+00:15.830PS4
861 stumpy4770Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.324+00:15.830PS4
862 border2001ukFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.341+00:15.100Steam
863 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.358+00:15.117Xbox
864 DeathBoy11Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.374+00:15.133Steam
865 ImportFreak97Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.374+00:15.133PS4
866 Massilia_1899Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.391+00:15.150PS4
867 RaatokaineFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.391+00:15.150PS4
868 benjamin0912Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.408+00:15.167Xbox
869 LA PUERCA ESTA EN LA POCILGAFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.424+00:15.183Steam
870 Caboose103Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.424+00:15.183PS4
871 silverman010776Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.424+00:15.183PS4
872 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.424+00:15.183Xbox
873 ny262Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.441+00:15.200PS4
874 AkaMirteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.441+00:15.200PS4
875 IVsiebeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.441+00:15.200Xbox
876 gmaq124hFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.458+00:15.217Steam
877 trolle30Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.458+00:15.217PS4
878 Looky868Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.458+00:15.217PS4
879 baly10Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.458+00:15.217Xbox
880 XxGRIMxRIPPERxXFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.491+00:15.250PS4
881 anfanfFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.491+00:15.250PS4
882 TonipinzanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.491+00:15.250PS4
883 Gabriele92Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.491+00:15.250Xbox
884 stanomaster Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.508+00:15.267Steam
885 Krsta Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.508+00:15.267Steam
886 Progamer3059Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.508+00:15.267PS4
887 RaceRaptor Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.524+00:15.283Steam
888 AcidFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.524+00:15.283Steam
889 jon_i634 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.524+00:15.283Steam
890 Bubi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.524+00:15.283Steam
891 SonnyNyzeYMFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.524+00:15.283PS4
892 evilrevoltFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.524+00:15.283PS4
893 matti.immonenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.541+00:15.300Steam
894 MGJGCGLGFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.541+00:15.300PS4
895 playsenfoxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.541+00:15.300PS4
896 khandi905Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.541+00:15.300PS4
897 hide0040Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.558+00:15.317Steam
898 1_thingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.591+00:15.350Steam
899 Tjobbert Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.591+00:15.350Steam
900 chr_du_13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.591+00:15.350PS4
901 Damyen73Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.591+00:15.350Xbox
902 DaedalusAlphaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.608+00:15.367Steam
903 vladgrimFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.608+00:15.367PS4
904 marcoslb13_ajoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.624+00:15.383PS4
905 DirtyHunterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.624+00:15.383Xbox
906 IwantcableFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.641+00:15.400Steam
907 hellmouse Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.641+00:15.400Steam
908 Ham_947Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.641+00:15.400PS4
909 K1I9N7G7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.658+00:15.417PS4
910 Tahizz5Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.691+00:15.450PS4
911 ironmetalbabyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.691+00:15.450Xbox
912 FGWolfzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.708+00:15.467Xbox
913 McDuff79Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.741+00:15.500Xbox
914 delwiche.bernard Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.758+00:15.517Steam
915 KauralastuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.758+00:15.517PS4
916 lemonsieurdelintFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.774+00:15.533PS4
917 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.774+00:15.533Xbox
918 SalonenVMFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.791+00:15.550Xbox
919 PabloMart115Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.808+00:15.567Xbox
920 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.824+00:15.583Xbox
921 spacefunkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.841+00:15.600Steam
922 MIKER XXL Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.841+00:15.600Steam
923 RaymannFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.858+00:15.617Steam
924 yulie669Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.858+00:15.617PS4
925 ElCalamar999Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.874+00:15.633PS4
926 Maxamus363Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.891+00:15.650Steam
927 bad-egg99Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.891+00:15.650PS4
928 Luk-T-ObkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.908+00:15.667PS4
929 ludcreFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.908+00:15.667PS4
930 pmac22Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.924+00:15.683Steam
931 jonesy65582Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.958+00:15.717PS4
932 HTKN-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.974+00:15.733PS4
933 BenLuzyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.974+00:15.733PS4
934 Fogassa86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.974+00:15.733PS4
935 subtract Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.991+00:15.750Steam
936 touquet.julienFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.991+00:15.750Steam
937 templario_kaboomFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.991+00:15.750PS4
938 alexandre8763Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.008+00:15.767Steam
939 BlulmFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.008+00:15.767PS4
940 Henkka199118Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.041+00:15.800Xbox
941 ste_valli96Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.058+00:15.817PS4
942 NuiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.074+00:15.833Steam
943 Caste_199Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.074+00:15.833PS4
944 Nagib_TonyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.074+00:15.833PS4
945 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.074+00:15.833Xbox
946 YungMizaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.091+00:15.850PS4
947 yotuylosdemasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.091+00:15.850PS4
948 PerseusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.108+00:15.867Steam
949 Uta | ????Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.124+00:15.883Steam
950 perssondouglas05Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.124+00:15.883PS4
951 THE_CLANSMAN_1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.141+00:15.900PS4
952 MW64-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.141+00:15.900PS4
953 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.158+00:15.917Xbox
954 c-b-b-cFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.174+00:15.933Steam
955 METES_FCBFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.174+00:15.933PS4
956 TrickyR83Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.174+00:15.933PS4
957 ltomFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.174+00:15.933Xbox
958 EaxisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.174+00:15.933Xbox
959 J11OETFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.174+00:15.933Xbox
960 plechovkaSVKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.191+00:15.950Steam
961 ViperXIIFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.191+00:15.950Steam
962 corradinhoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.191+00:15.950Steam
963 PW?XFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.191+00:15.950Steam
964 YANAGIBASHI_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.191+00:15.950PS4
965 I3oSe Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.208+00:15.967Steam
966 murcianico87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.208+00:15.967PS4
967 BAJi1988Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.224+00:15.983PS4
968 Panti Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.241+00:16.000Steam
969 PHANT0MxxPAINFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.241+00:16.000PS4
970 MrDegayZFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.258+00:16.170PS4
971 steelwariorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.258+00:16.170PS4
972 rickyvg1975Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.258+00:16.170PS4
973 tonno71Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.274+00:16.330PS4
974 Thodoris KapourniotisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.291+00:16.500Steam
975 MrDanielloZeoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.291+00:16.500PS4
976 joris_1706Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.291+00:16.500PS4
977 NiinimiesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.308+00:16.670PS4
978 on024jpFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.341+00:16.100Steam
979 veji99Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.341+00:16.100PS4
980 HawkeyeTheNoo22Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.358+00:16.117PS4
981 obilingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.374+00:16.133Xbox
982 Greg Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.391+00:16.150Steam
983 NANOhgFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.408+00:16.167PS4
984 erwolg Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.424+00:16.183Steam
985 kakudouh.8053Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.441+00:16.200Steam
986 OodabadmanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.458+00:16.217PS4
987 imprezagtturboFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.458+00:16.217Xbox
988 E³ (aka Eiii) Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.474+00:16.233Steam
989 hakonensamiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.474+00:16.233Steam
990 TwE_SkiLIZzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.474+00:16.233PS4
991 Gabe BF Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.508+00:16.267Steam
992 Wallace1977Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.524+00:16.283Xbox
993 Shark21Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.541+00:16.300Steam
994 blackjasu8Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.558+00:16.317PS4
995 eezywhippetFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.558+00:16.317Xbox
996 R26RFFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.574+00:16.333PS4
997 agirre85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.574+00:16.333PS4
998 Mr.XFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.591+00:16.350Steam
999 tofchico0325Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.591+00:16.350PS4
1000 tyger31 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.608+00:16.367Steam
1001 MajorThoooomFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.624+00:16.383PS4
1002 fcostas96Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.658+00:16.417PS4
1003 vickolfc Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.674+00:16.433Steam
1004 pino_ciroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.674+00:16.433PS4
1005 masav4 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.691+00:16.450Steam
1006 PauPlay1987Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.691+00:16.450PS4
1007 HeLLFYRE Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.707+00:16.466Steam
1008 JorgeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.707+00:16.466Steam
1009 mrsmith2205Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.707+00:16.466PS4
1010 oreissigFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.707+00:16.466PS4
1011 Rocky7513 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.724+00:16.483Steam
1012 Ricorvs Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.724+00:16.483Steam
1013 Stepan StepanowitchFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.741+00:16.500Steam
1014 Speedy-PerkinsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.741+00:16.500PS4
1015 dfrans77Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.741+00:16.500PS4
1016 BilNightFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.741+00:16.500Xbox
1017 SweetTooth90_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.757+00:16.516PS4
1018 DCLXIVFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.757+00:16.516PS4
1019 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.774+00:16.533Xbox
1020 Debogrid2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.791+00:16.550Xbox
1021 thesammon Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.807+00:16.566Steam
1022 Space MonstersFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.807+00:16.566Steam
1023 PICOLO757Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.807+00:16.566PS4
1024 SchlabbefliggerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.824+00:16.583Steam
1025 DR!P Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.841+00:16.600Steam
1026 LADAKL Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.857+00:16.616Steam
1027 bonzo_62Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.857+00:16.616PS4
1028 Koballer22Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.857+00:16.616Xbox
1029 claudio87casaliFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.874+00:16.633PS4
1030 nag40422 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.907+00:16.666Steam
1031 hannu.kilpelainenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.907+00:16.666Steam
1032 majoneesiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.907+00:16.666PS4
1033 mulo48900Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.924+00:16.683Steam
1034 FLLuchFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.941+00:16.700PS4
1035 Rene #NoControl Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.957+00:16.716Steam
1036 SpazldRustFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.974+00:16.733PS4
1037 robohwheelybinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.974+00:16.733PS4
1038 pekka.virkamaki Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.991+00:16.750Steam
1039 JKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.991+00:16.750Steam
1040 TurboStarFoxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.991+00:16.750PS4
1041 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.041+00:16.800Xbox
1042 mick-300Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.057+00:16.816PS4
1043 mormo95Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.057+00:16.816PS4
1044 ingwigFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.091+00:16.850PS4
1045 jackesparagowFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.091+00:16.850PS4
1046 tomjwatsonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.124+00:16.883PS4
1047 jummijamiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.124+00:16.883PS4
1048 ben325iFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.124+00:16.883Xbox
1049 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.141+00:16.900Xbox
1050 jpmFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.157+00:16.916Steam
1051 noevero19Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.157+00:16.916PS4
1052 joelflorecat8Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.157+00:16.916PS4
1053 A.Ascari Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.174+00:16.933Steam
1054 JaroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.191+00:16.950Steam
1055 SpazAttack Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.191+00:16.950Steam
1056 nao_renka Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.191+00:16.950Steam
1057 Busterbrown23Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.224+00:16.983Xbox
1058 KH250B1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.241+00:17.000PS4
1059 Hawleyw00d_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.241+00:17.000PS4
1060 simkmilFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.241+00:17.000PS4
1061 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.257+00:17.160Xbox
1062 Sliippi sets #Seonviina ! Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.274+00:17.330Steam
1063 betws13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.274+00:17.330PS4
1064 scotty23pFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.274+00:17.330PS4
1065 VONE_PREPAFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.291+00:17.500PS4
1066 del259Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.291+00:17.500PS4
1067 BeggarSifonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.307+00:17.660Steam
1068 M A D E R Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.324+00:17.830Steam
1069 toba1976 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.324+00:17.830Steam
1070 Sanglas18Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.324+00:17.830PS4
1071 xDrift_NinjaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.324+00:17.830PS4
1072 ab1980Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.341+00:17.100Steam
1073 GT-R4SFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.341+00:17.100PS4
1074 aderaxfiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.357+00:17.116PS4
1075 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.357+00:17.116Xbox
1076 ian5f7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.357+00:17.116Xbox
1077 [TAW] twitch.tv/stuffed_sharkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.374+00:17.133Steam
1078 JSRDDPFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.374+00:17.133Xbox
1079 SubiDoo07Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.391+00:17.150PS4
1080 LukaszRynczakFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.407+00:17.166PS4
1081 axel2001Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.407+00:17.166Xbox
1082 jpzin13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.407+00:17.166Xbox
1083 fk Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.424+00:17.183Steam
1084 DscruFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.424+00:17.183Xbox
1085 JohnyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.491+00:17.250Steam
1086 iPn0z2103Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.491+00:17.250PS4
1087 michiucfFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.491+00:17.250PS4
1088 VilleR82Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.491+00:17.250PS4
1089 Shadornet_HDFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.507+00:17.266PS4
1090 Giggs-030-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.557+00:17.316PS4
1091 bast43600Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.557+00:17.316PS4
1092 papy63Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.574+00:17.333PS4
1093 R0YKING59Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.574+00:17.333Xbox
1094 BShifty13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.591+00:17.350PS4
1095 evodream93Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.591+00:17.350Xbox
1096 barrydoran76Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.591+00:17.350Xbox
1097 Xarly_d-_-b_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.624+00:17.383PS4
1098 mimitom74Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.641+00:17.400PS4
1099 XxKevinxX54Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.657+00:17.416PS4
1100 ?need4naiim?Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.674+00:17.433Steam
1101 przemyslaw115Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.674+00:17.433PS4
1102 kokeand50Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.674+00:17.433PS4
1103 Bian Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.707+00:17.466Steam
1104 Dark_Leek45Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.707+00:17.466PS4
1105 Monkey-D-vale929Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.741+00:17.500PS4
1106 vposunaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.757+00:17.516Xbox
1107 haraldurrunarFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.774+00:17.533PS4
1108 ysnr510Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.791+00:17.550Steam
1109 dju55Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.791+00:17.550PS4
1110 Reini Graf von SpeedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.807+00:17.566Steam
1111 kevinholtz22Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.807+00:17.566PS4
1112 pilseriniFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.807+00:17.566PS4
1113 Adam_Ka51Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.824+00:17.583PS4
1114 Stephen_Z Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.841+00:17.600Steam
1115 ?Jam™? Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.841+00:17.600Steam
1116 Paton_87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.841+00:17.600PS4
1117 iviisport9Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.857+00:17.616Xbox
1118 danErayFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.874+00:17.633PS4
1119 SimuzDarkuzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.874+00:17.633PS4
1120 otto712 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.891+00:17.650Steam
1121 JohnDirt009Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.891+00:17.650PS4
1122 Sladi Pesonen Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.907+00:17.666Steam
1123 Jojo larssouille Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.907+00:17.666Steam
1124 RaineVelttiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.924+00:17.683PS4
1125 monellino94Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.924+00:17.683Xbox
1126 skrubFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.941+00:17.700Steam
1127 GunniaggaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.941+00:17.700PS4
1128 wojo2000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.941+00:17.700PS4
1129 SeesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.957+00:17.716Steam
1130 JorgenaattoriFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.957+00:17.716PS4
1131 FinalXXFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.974+00:17.733Steam
1132 skyline_catt1683Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.974+00:17.733PS4
1133 Lew_Walsh97Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.974+00:17.733PS4
1134 Teffel Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.991+00:17.750Steam
1135 tecmodelestradaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.991+00:17.750PS4
1136 erkihpsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.991+00:17.750Xbox
1137 sirtrancealotFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.057+00:17.816Steam
1138 LanMiCervFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.057+00:17.816PS4
1139 taige_001 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.074+00:17.833Steam
1140 SyFy Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.074+00:17.833Steam
1141 jyphelFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.074+00:17.833Steam
1142 tuningPT95Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.074+00:17.833PS4
1143 mikakarvajalkaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.074+00:17.833PS4
1144 Fyyak Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.091+00:17.850Steam
1145 Aikman666Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.107+00:17.866PS4
1146 Tobias1999Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.107+00:17.866Xbox
1147 tevatorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.124+00:17.883Steam
1148 williampor86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.141+00:17.900PS4
1149 tekkenwydFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.141+00:17.900PS4
1150 silversondreFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.141+00:17.900Xbox
1151 Rotor57 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.174+00:17.933Steam
1152 Fuente81Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.174+00:17.933PS4
1153 HellRaiZerTHFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.174+00:17.933PS4
1154 Labskaus271Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.174+00:17.933PS4
1155 rpoliver555Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.191+00:17.950PS4
1156 C-Lou:DFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.207+00:17.966Steam
1157 Michael.Nielsen Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.224+00:17.983Steam
1158 IvanCM_GZFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.224+00:17.983PS4
1159 NickolaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.241+00:18.000Steam
1160 cricri622211Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.241+00:18.000PS4
1161 Sniker One Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.274+00:18.330Steam
1162 erkkituoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.274+00:18.330Steam
1163 ljj4378 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.291+00:18.500Steam
1164 WWWowan1968Rus59 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.307+00:18.660Steam
1165 ljdalyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.324+00:18.830PS4
1166 Bryan420cFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.341+00:18.100PS4
1167 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.341+00:18.100Xbox
1168 mitsarascfu79Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.391+00:18.150PS4
1169 Speedy25 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.407+00:18.166Steam
1170 C120ABFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.407+00:18.166PS4
1171 russdogg-tFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.424+00:18.183PS4
1172 ViperDriver23 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.441+00:18.200Steam
1173 Patryk9100Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.441+00:18.200PS4
1174 I-IoBBYM3][zG3RFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.457+00:18.216Steam
1175 GeneralFord #OPAFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.457+00:18.216Steam
1176 antwerp141074Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.457+00:18.216PS4
1177 matapuposFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.474+00:18.233Xbox
1178 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.474+00:18.233Xbox
1179 [MAMA]???????Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.491+00:18.250Steam
1180 Ukki61 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.507+00:18.266Steam
1181 Budyvr46Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.507+00:18.266PS4
1182 chamb79Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.507+00:18.266PS4
1183 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.507+00:18.266Xbox
1184 dvalvladFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.524+00:18.283Steam
1185 hansi0406Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.524+00:18.283PS4
1186 adrienv07Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.541+00:18.300PS4
1187 johan2234Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.574+00:18.333PS4
1188 hamerb Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.591+00:18.350Steam
1189 LagunaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.607+00:18.366Steam
1190 generaleeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.641+00:18.400Xbox
1191 aurelie07Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.657+00:18.416PS4
1192 Reg_DiaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.674+00:18.433Steam
1193 k77kwgFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.674+00:18.433PS4
1194 blackvicking696Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.674+00:18.433PS4
1195 BowbackFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.691+00:18.450Xbox
1196 Randy BobandyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.707+00:18.466Steam
1197 DarknessKillerXFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.707+00:18.466PS4
1198 eppu330Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.707+00:18.466PS4
1199 TchoponT Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.724+00:18.483Steam
1200 HodobodohovnoCZ Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.741+00:18.500Steam
1201 stiwrx Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.741+00:18.500Steam
1202 neaser-skord17Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.741+00:18.500PS4
1203 milkwheat187Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.741+00:18.500Xbox
1204 ginadijsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.757+00:18.516PS4
1205 ROSSO Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.774+00:18.533Steam
1206 Arkh3nFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.774+00:18.533Steam
1207 cirio1980Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.774+00:18.533PS4
1208 vic6566Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.774+00:18.533PS4
1209 sanmiikFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.774+00:18.533PS4
1210 keissu Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.791+00:18.550Steam
1211 olive-62Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.791+00:18.550PS4
1212 olivierragnottiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.824+00:18.583Xbox
1213 spectre51Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.841+00:18.600Steam
1214 IoioGasatoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.841+00:18.600Steam
1215 doll-matcherFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.857+00:18.616PS4
1216 sarlsolamaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.874+00:18.633Steam
1217 PyhroxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.874+00:18.633Steam
1218 tokedcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.907+00:18.666PS4
1219 carlos_xd_91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.924+00:18.683PS4
1220 SuperStinkyTofuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.941+00:18.700Steam
1221 GRIP Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.941+00:18.700Steam
1222 Toko-stcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.941+00:18.700PS4
1223 blaugranamartiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.974+00:18.733Steam
1224 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.974+00:18.733Xbox
1225 brenn77Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.991+00:18.750PS4
1226 drylo78Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.991+00:18.750PS4
1227 matthew11Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.991+00:18.750Xbox
1228 tcc|Future Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.007+00:18.766Steam
1229 SJM2007Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.007+00:18.766PS4
1230 normandiereFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.041+00:18.800Steam
1231 SOELVSTEN_DKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.057+00:18.816PS4
1232 maliDjuroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.057+00:18.816PS4
1233 Dimusic Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.074+00:18.833Steam
1234 shirde356Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.074+00:18.833PS4
1235 JargPFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.091+00:18.850Steam
1236 [VoGu] Hawkstony Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.107+00:18.866Steam
1237 TiPeWaBloBanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.124+00:18.883Steam
1238 1.21 GigawattFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.157+00:18.916Steam
1239 drivingodFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.174+00:18.933PS4
1240 sniper Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.191+00:18.950Steam
1241 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.191+00:18.950Xbox
1242 gauthier24097Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.207+00:18.966PS4
1243 matt4g63Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.207+00:18.966PS4
1244 mike Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.224+00:18.983Steam
1245 Mikeh-981Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.224+00:18.983PS4
1246 danikpoldikFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.224+00:18.983PS4
1247 vincerallye61NPFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.241+00:19.000PS4
1248 hergi123Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.241+00:19.000PS4
1249 KINE1974Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.241+00:19.000PS4
1250 lehen02Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.257+00:19.160PS4
1251 predatormax777Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.257+00:19.160PS4
1252 JonyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.291+00:19.500Steam
1253 Bungle Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.291+00:19.500Steam
1254 AJY364475Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.291+00:19.500PS4
1255 hastis5987Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.291+00:19.500PS4
1256 hyokin_poikaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.324+00:19.830PS4
1257 BoogaTronVrFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.324+00:19.830PS4
1258 TopherNoteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.324+00:19.830Xbox
1259 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.324+00:19.830Xbox
1260 discodave2004Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.341+00:19.100PS4
1261 Spike1910GizmoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.357+00:19.116PS4
1262 ivancalvoreyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.357+00:19.116PS4
1263 giesiekFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.357+00:19.116PS4
1264 fabianlebombeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.391+00:19.150PS4
1265 giorgiodeltaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.391+00:19.150PS4
1266 eski655Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.391+00:19.150PS4
1267 proarska72 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.407+00:19.166Steam
1268 Mekej88Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.407+00:19.166PS4
1269 tialveFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.424+00:19.183PS4
1270 Kupitz55Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.441+00:19.200PS4
1271 eddisbanfiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.441+00:19.200PS4
1272 timdatoolman83 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.457+00:19.216Steam
1273 AriBoss27Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.474+00:19.233PS4
1274 AvIronman14Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.474+00:19.233PS4
1275 LRottenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.474+00:19.233Xbox
1276 davidjoshuamusicFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.491+00:19.250Steam
1277 A BananaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.491+00:19.250Steam
1278 david-030895Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.507+00:19.266PS4
1279 pe289ppeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.524+00:19.283PS4
1280 PsyhodogFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.524+00:19.283PS4
1281 Hal1990Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.524+00:19.283Xbox
1282 DarrenTurnerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.557+00:19.316Xbox
1283 Manza_Nano310Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.574+00:19.333PS4
1284 luskyagullaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.574+00:19.333PS4
1285 KuHle49Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.607+00:19.366PS4
1286 jyrg86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.607+00:19.366PS4
1287 agaga974Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.624+00:19.383Steam
1288 fgilFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.641+00:19.400Steam
1289 JahworkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.641+00:19.400Xbox
1290 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.641+00:19.400Xbox
1291 Logitechg920Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.657+00:19.416Xbox
1292 amaiurmaiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.674+00:19.433PS4
1293 ZoubADTFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.674+00:19.433Xbox
1294 ade-rennieFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.707+00:19.466PS4
1295 drevarskaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.707+00:19.466PS4
1296 motoristi555Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.707+00:19.466PS4
1297 belirohcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.724+00:19.483Steam
1298 nathanrutter1381Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.741+00:19.500PS4
1299 DOURAK91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.741+00:19.500PS4
1300 ? Ollie of SouthminsterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.757+00:19.516Steam
1301 pingroinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.757+00:19.516PS4
1302 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.757+00:19.516Xbox
1303 KingRoozaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.791+00:19.550PS4
1304 thelocalho-boFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.807+00:19.566PS4
1305 elliotbob46Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.841+00:19.600PS4
1306 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.857+00:19.616Xbox
1307 JoshDR-1999Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.874+00:19.633PS4
1308 BarbadickFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.891+00:19.650Steam
1309 oliv822Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.891+00:19.650PS4
1310 KDF190EVOLUTIONFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.891+00:19.650PS4
1311 GraemeF1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.907+00:19.666PS4
1312 bigdino74Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.907+00:19.666Xbox
1313 Ich_bin_zwölfFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.924+00:19.683Steam
1314 richardcosieryoungFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.941+00:19.700Steam
1315 Ferg56rus Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.941+00:19.700Steam
1316 CeceCece79Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.941+00:19.700PS4
1317 BitFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.007+00:19.766Steam
1318 mikelevoisinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.007+00:19.766PS4
1319 LieutenantNug42Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.007+00:19.766PS4
1320 mikolajzmilanowkaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.024+00:19.783Steam
1321 Emma Stone (*??`*) Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.041+00:19.800Steam
1322 lemonhart.0414 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.041+00:19.800Steam
1323 Tomis2fast4uFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.057+00:19.816PS4
1324 findus63Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.074+00:19.833Steam
1325 Kidd-007_PFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.074+00:19.833PS4
1326 ronkkeliFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.091+00:19.850PS4
1327 xmatizRxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.091+00:19.850PS4
1328 MazzokieFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.107+00:19.866PS4
1329 richard-kok Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.141+00:19.900Steam
1330 C. Germain Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.141+00:19.900Steam
1331 Andr1904Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.157+00:19.916PS4
1332 ediveeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.157+00:19.916PS4
1333 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.157+00:19.916Xbox
1334 MatsHellerudFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.174+00:19.933PS4
1335 JaroslavKopejskoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.174+00:19.933PS4
1336 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.174+00:19.933Xbox
1337 gameingtxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.191+00:19.950Steam
1338 HAMnnCHEEZEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.207+00:19.966PS4
1339 joselitogamer07Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.207+00:19.966PS4
1340 handlooseFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.241+00:20.000PS4
1341 SilveronurFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.241+00:20.000PS4
1342 Jacob GuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.257+00:20.160Steam
1343 JonnysBong007Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.257+00:20.160PS4
1344 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.257+00:20.160Xbox
1345 Salvatoredm02Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.274+00:20.330PS4
1346 doug_e_fresh3Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.291+00:20.500PS4
1347 Bad-Mofo-26Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.291+00:20.500PS4
1348 guaouardFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.324+00:20.830PS4
1349 TheSpaceCat404Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.324+00:20.830PS4
1350 Zrob17Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.324+00:20.830Xbox
1351 alistegammerzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.341+00:20.100Steam
1352 theraymachineFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.357+00:20.116PS4
1353 elmosson Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.374+00:20.133Steam
1354 Crouw_PhoenixFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.374+00:20.133PS4
1355 buraspoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.374+00:20.133PS4
1356 [Boon-Z] SchwuppdiwuppFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.391+00:20.150Steam
1357 FatfergusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.407+00:20.166Steam
1358 AnviiMuteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.407+00:20.166PS4
1359 kuma_seto Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.424+00:20.183Steam
1360 SkwalkyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.457+00:20.216PS4
1361 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.457+00:20.216Xbox
1362 pandamironFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.491+00:20.250PS4
1363 cedspartFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.491+00:20.250PS4
1364 ACZwhiteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.507+00:20.266Steam
1365 AtomHuntFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.507+00:20.266PS4
1366 Firetrap Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.524+00:20.283Steam
1367 MaMaZFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.557+00:20.316Steam
1368 placakFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.557+00:20.316PS4
1369 DESTRUCKMAN94Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.574+00:20.333PS4
1370 EzenazarioFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.574+00:20.333PS4
1371 The Man Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.591+00:20.350Steam
1372 RedFalcon-72-ItaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.607+00:20.366PS4
1373 Draco-05500Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.624+00:20.383PS4
1374 Knob ScwabblerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.641+00:20.400Steam
1375 fastbink Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.641+00:20.400Steam
1376 Roberto-GalardoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.657+00:20.416PS4
1377 DweltMoss1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.674+00:20.433PS4
1378 appokkaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.691+00:20.450PS4
1379 maraAZNPFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.707+00:20.466Steam
1380 RaggaEdjeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.707+00:20.466PS4
1381 Camyboi_2000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.707+00:20.466PS4
1382 Asielu ? Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.724+00:20.483Steam
1383 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.741+00:20.500Xbox
1384 RolandAndersonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.741+00:20.500Xbox
1385 Marlec Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.757+00:20.516Steam
1386 bobbymaccrashFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.774+00:20.533PS4
1387 tof88380Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.774+00:20.533Xbox
1388 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.791+00:20.550Xbox
1389 butch394Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.807+00:20.566PS4
1390 xcyclo1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.841+00:20.600PS4
1391 castrocrack10Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.857+00:20.616Steam
1392 philtoscaniFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.857+00:20.616PS4
1393 LaroucheFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.891+00:20.650PS4
1394 Rom_rsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.891+00:20.650PS4
1395 deltalsd5602Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.891+00:20.650PS4
1396 jurasek13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.924+00:20.683Steam
1397 Bovi96Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.924+00:20.683Xbox
1398 **BuFFaLo133**Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.941+00:20.700Steam
1399 fredo-lamotheFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.941+00:20.700PS4
1400 Bugo917Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.941+00:20.700PS4
1401 LihisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.957+00:20.716Steam
1402 Darkwenn Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.974+00:20.733Steam
1403 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.991+00:20.750Xbox
1404 florian-72210Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.041+00:20.800PS4
1405 stunge27Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.041+00:20.800PS4
1406 JuuukoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.057+00:20.816Steam
1407 Jaalto205Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.057+00:20.816PS4
1408 Klaus1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.074+00:20.833Steam
1409 keskuspakkiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.074+00:20.833PS4
1410 RandyMartoff301Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.074+00:20.833PS4
1411 uftyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.107+00:20.866PS4
1412 BOT DexterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.124+00:20.883Steam
1413 belguaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.124+00:20.883PS4
1414 Ormus`™ Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.157+00:20.916Steam
1415 Zacik16Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.174+00:20.933Steam
1416 ShadowStalkerSD4Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.174+00:20.933PS4
1417 Arpy81Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.174+00:20.933PS4
1418 KosoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.191+00:20.950Steam
1419 mateogirault45Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.191+00:20.950PS4
1420 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.191+00:20.950Xbox
1421 portiacarreraFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.207+00:20.966PS4
1422 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.207+00:20.966Xbox
1423 JbriggsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.241+00:21.000Xbox
1424 Ernst The AceFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.257+00:21.160Steam
1425 famehotrodsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.257+00:21.160Xbox
1426 VideoSilenceFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.274+00:21.330Steam
1427 crazysteve0101Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.274+00:21.330PS4
1428 ColdfusionZeroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.291+00:21.500Xbox
1429 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.291+00:21.500Xbox
1430 larsenpro Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.307+00:21.660Steam
1431 RwLuckFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.307+00:21.660PS4
1432 Kondor8811Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.307+00:21.660PS4
1433 vetteahaulickFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.324+00:21.830PS4
1434 Alf Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.341+00:21.100Steam
1435 Francescox1995xFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.341+00:21.100PS4
1436 kobe57810Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.357+00:21.116PS4
1437 dwajtpgjujhFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.374+00:21.133PS4
1438 CrashFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.391+00:21.150Steam
1439 JexstreemFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.391+00:21.150PS4
1440 pf70300Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.391+00:21.150PS4
1441 franz.beaulieu Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.407+00:21.166Steam
1442 fcnyellow95Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.407+00:21.166PS4
1443 flaurel0206Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.424+00:21.183PS4
1444 lyseo4Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.441+00:21.200PS4
1445 hansfanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.457+00:21.216PS4
1446 m2shottyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.474+00:21.233Steam
1447 Tasty Ducks Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.507+00:21.266Steam
1448 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.507+00:21.266Xbox
1449 LinassioFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.524+00:21.283PS4
1450 pitivier42Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.524+00:21.283PS4
1451 SillsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.541+00:21.300Xbox
1452 boomer129krFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.557+00:21.316PS4
1453 TirwynFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.557+00:21.316Xbox
1454 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.591+00:21.350Xbox
1455 LeandrooCanadaaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.607+00:21.366PS4
1456 Neophyte140Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.624+00:21.383PS4
1457 Neo.C.RunFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.657+00:21.416Steam
1458 fourwheeldriven Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.657+00:21.416Steam
1459 T271Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.657+00:21.416Steam
1460 FatanicTeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.674+00:21.433PS4
1461 LuutchFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.691+00:21.450PS4
1462 Kingpin_irlFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.691+00:21.450PS4
1463 meisterp1977Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.707+00:21.466PS4
1464 HBT-30Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.707+00:21.466PS4
1465 juice2107Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.724+00:21.483PS4
1466 BRITTON350Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.741+00:21.500PS4
1467 saetta976Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.757+00:21.516PS4
1468 Mechoruco97Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.757+00:21.516PS4
1469 PanjiiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.757+00:21.516Xbox
1470 gregos49460Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.774+00:21.533PS4
1471 GGorraXFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.774+00:21.533PS4
1472 PaKeTeMaN Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.807+00:21.566Steam
1473 F1AlexvsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.857+00:21.616Xbox
1474 alrex74Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.891+00:21.650PS4
1475 DazRalphs Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.907+00:21.666Steam
1476 calbaraig1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.907+00:21.666PS4
1477 O0HugginsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.907+00:21.666PS4
1478 Junkie62 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.941+00:21.700Steam
1479 BroMagnonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.941+00:21.700Xbox
1480 thcs0319Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.957+00:21.716PS4
1481 ThiboutouFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.957+00:21.716Xbox
1482 zebedeenettleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.974+00:21.733Xbox
1483 matogolf Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.991+00:21.750Steam
1484 Raziel031Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.007+00:21.766PS4
1485 arm(rus)Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.024+00:21.783Steam
1486 saeba-ryo1981Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.024+00:21.783PS4
1487 PonuryFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.041+00:21.800Steam
1488 TimberjackkiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.041+00:21.800PS4
1489 bkrause0400Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.041+00:21.800PS4
1490 fehomeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.057+00:21.816PS4
1491 loner_53Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.057+00:21.816PS4
1492 wutangloveFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.091+00:21.850PS4
1493 abbierust1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.107+00:21.866PS4
1494 WisertimmyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.124+00:21.883Xbox
1495 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.124+00:21.883Xbox
1496 aivot-on Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.141+00:21.900Steam
1497 samcro13-27Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.141+00:21.900PS4
1498 therealmakake36Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.141+00:21.900PS4
1499 wipoc1009Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.141+00:21.900Xbox
1500 Taz_EgaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.157+00:21.916PS4
1501 giftzwerg1987Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.174+00:21.933PS4
1502 benjr34Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.191+00:21.950PS4
1503 bigshotmarko88Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.207+00:21.966PS4
1504 Defender-td4Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.207+00:21.966PS4
1505 bizkitMakerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.207+00:21.966Xbox
1506 KamatazeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.224+00:21.983Steam
1507 h5t5r43ewwder456Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.224+00:21.983PS4
1508 AnchientHawk3Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.224+00:21.983Xbox
1509 RöbtonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.274+00:22.330Steam
1510 hrung Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.307+00:22.660Steam
1511 [RFr]moine12Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.307+00:22.660Steam
1512 redrider35Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.307+00:22.660Xbox
1513 kosa59Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.324+00:22.830PS4
1514 tom6561Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.341+00:22.100Steam
1515 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.341+00:22.100Xbox
1516 iwa-iwaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.357+00:22.116PS4
1517 hectortitoaguilaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.357+00:22.116PS4
1518 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.357+00:22.116Xbox
1519 tommy_wigren Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.374+00:22.133Steam
1520 arttu4Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.391+00:22.150PS4
1521 jereaatu90Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.391+00:22.150PS4
1522 Sikor_Wawa_PLFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.407+00:22.166PS4
1523 RespydaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.441+00:22.200PS4
1524 BolatsiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.457+00:22.216PS4
1525 gregbarker201112Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.507+00:22.266PS4
1526 VIKINGO_91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.507+00:22.266PS4
1527 CavalierMetalloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.524+00:22.283Steam
1528 Mr_SchmouFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.557+00:22.316PS4
1529 valkenplusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.557+00:22.316PS4
1530 david65omFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.574+00:22.333PS4
1531 ZapperFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.591+00:22.350Steam
1532 pfred66o511Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.591+00:22.350PS4
1533 jiang-senFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.591+00:22.350PS4
1534 DahlMotorsportFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.607+00:22.366PS4
1535 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.607+00:22.366Xbox
1536 staf070Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.607+00:22.366Xbox
1537 SilverFox Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.624+00:22.383Steam
1538 bestlele7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.624+00:22.383PS4
1539 p.kopp2210Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.641+00:22.400Steam
1540 Turrican68 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.641+00:22.400Steam
1541 MuscleDevilFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.641+00:22.400PS4
1542 3aPa3a Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.657+00:22.416Steam
1543 steve28120Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.657+00:22.416PS4
1544 HezorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.691+00:22.450PS4
1545 bachu77Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.691+00:22.450PS4
1546 Louielouie3Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.691+00:22.450PS4
1547 theVizionzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.707+00:22.466Steam
1548 CheycoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.707+00:22.466Xbox
1549 My Summer Spider Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.724+00:22.483Steam
1550 dizstruxshon1981Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.741+00:22.500PS4
1551 BrissonikFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.757+00:22.516Xbox
1552 BKD Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.791+00:22.550Steam
1553 AA_Ron91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.791+00:22.550PS4
1554 giulygiulyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.791+00:22.550PS4
1555 3a?Pa3??pFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.807+00:22.566Steam
1556 Leandronn89Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.807+00:22.566PS4
1557 madrallyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.824+00:22.583PS4
1558 DanielkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.824+00:22.583PS4
1559 elaulajainenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.841+00:22.600PS4
1560 PredatorBillyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.857+00:22.616PS4
1561 GsignFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.857+00:22.616Xbox
1562 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.857+00:22.616Xbox
1563 KevSkullDarkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.874+00:22.633Xbox
1564 NikiD99Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.891+00:22.650PS4
1565 Junybean463Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.891+00:22.650PS4
1566 tihon235Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.924+00:22.683PS4
1567 Rideer25Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.941+00:22.700PS4
1568 cruiser_akFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.974+00:22.733PS4
1569 makinemFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.974+00:22.733Xbox
1570 CadjieBOOM'o.O!? Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.007+00:22.766Steam
1571 wolfweiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.007+00:22.766PS4
1572 rikuli71Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.024+00:22.783PS4
1573 RSilva123Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.024+00:22.783PS4
1574 sg-citroenc233Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.024+00:22.783PS4
1575 FranzMcFreshFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.057+00:22.816PS4
1576 babastvr6Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.057+00:22.816PS4
1577 CHRISSYDFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.074+00:22.833Xbox
1578 No7KillmisterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.091+00:22.850PS4
1579 LuxxMinerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.091+00:22.850Xbox
1580 jandar2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.107+00:22.866Steam
1581 swampysilverFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.124+00:22.883Xbox
1582 Xelabo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.141+00:22.900Steam
1583 exctakk Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.157+00:22.916Steam
1584 tof-killer76Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.157+00:22.916PS4
1585 KOSSSFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.157+00:22.916Xbox
1586 TMDRACING34Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.157+00:22.916Xbox
1587 SteffertificFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.174+00:22.933PS4
1588 HardlinerSlugsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.224+00:22.983PS4
1589 MachineFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.257+00:23.160Steam
1590 Chum1llasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.274+00:23.330Steam
1591 SoupfanigFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.274+00:23.330Steam
1592 donrekemonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.274+00:23.330PS4
1593 SUPERCALIBERFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.274+00:23.330PS4
1594 kuba2308Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.274+00:23.330PS4
1595 FroloffNikolayFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.274+00:23.330Xbox
1596 robnitro Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.341+00:23.100Steam
1597 Helpless_SoldierFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.374+00:23.133Steam
1598 lase.jalluFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.391+00:23.150Steam
1599 ticircuitFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.391+00:23.150Xbox
1600 Pykke420Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.391+00:23.150Xbox
1601 WerxadlerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.424+00:23.183PS4
1602 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.424+00:23.183Xbox
1603 Rocketman2112Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.424+00:23.183Xbox
1604 LangustynFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.441+00:23.200Steam
1605 ACOPLADO46Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.441+00:23.200PS4
1606 yves19641964Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.441+00:23.200Xbox
1607 goonzak68Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.474+00:23.233PS4
1608 Leosp-01Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.491+00:23.250PS4
1609 AlterVerwalterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.507+00:23.266PS4
1610 jontte84Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.507+00:23.266PS4
1611 Denis96969Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.541+00:23.300PS4
1612 xXjoebardXxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.574+00:23.333PS4
1613 JuanCarlosToledFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.574+00:23.333Xbox
1614 FliWaTuetFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.607+00:23.366Steam
1615 Fibanacci_1200Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.641+00:23.400PS4
1616 h.klappauf Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.674+00:23.433Steam
1617 joerg.wiesmann Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.674+00:23.433Steam
1618 nandinfgFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.707+00:23.466PS4
1619 QuinithFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.741+00:23.500Steam
1620 delgado Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.757+00:23.516Steam
1621 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.774+00:23.533Xbox
1622 peryalbertoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.807+00:23.566PS4
1623 R1-PapucheFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.808+00:23.567PS4
1624 John of GauntFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.824+00:23.583Steam
1625 iceman-xyz-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.857+00:23.616PS4
1626 CHUGLIFE100Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.857+00:23.616Xbox
1627 ap1319Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.907+00:23.666PS4
1628 leekkeriFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.924+00:23.683Steam
1629 RAL-AUDIFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.991+00:23.750PS4
1630 suz_riderFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.024+00:23.783PS4
1631 werdpcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.041+00:23.800Xbox
1632 McInnes19Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.057+00:23.816Xbox
1633 Ari CostanenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.074+00:23.833Steam
1634 Greezy_Bong_HitzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.074+00:23.833PS4
1635 salvo-xvxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.141+00:23.900Steam
1636 Gosta-BengtFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.157+00:23.916PS4
1637 SVM LaraSVFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.174+00:23.933Steam
1638 Red Animal WarFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.191+00:23.950Steam
1639 Boris_Borison Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.224+00:23.983Steam
1640 jasskaaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.224+00:23.983PS4
1641 weaponz248Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.241+00:24.000Steam
1642 Roadrunner7007Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.307+00:24.660PS4
1643 volksbobFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.324+00:24.830PS4
1644 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.324+00:24.830Xbox
1645 Ategon_n Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.341+00:24.100Steam
1646 jonplagerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.341+00:24.100PS4
1647 rodaovento45Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.357+00:24.116PS4
1648 knoxy995Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.357+00:24.116Xbox
1649 jere81Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.407+00:24.166Xbox
1650 DequatorMarsesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.424+00:24.183PS4
1651 AlexnenonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.474+00:24.233PS4
1652 zombie-plusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.507+00:24.266PS4
1653 ComayerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.524+00:24.283PS4
1654 SNAAAKKKEEE Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.541+00:24.300Steam
1655 ledboots321Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.541+00:24.300PS4
1656 FranjigoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.541+00:24.300PS4
1657 TEAM-RCAFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.541+00:24.300PS4
1658 Piierre065600Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.541+00:24.300PS4
1659 TheCrud36 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.557+00:24.316Steam
1660 Terry26TrueBlueFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.574+00:24.333PS4
1661 jonghaw86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.591+00:24.350PS4
1662 igorloloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.591+00:24.350Xbox
1663 yidupnorthFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.624+00:24.383PS4
1664 whitford0Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.641+00:24.400PS4
1665 NaneyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.724+00:24.483Steam
1666 Franck_R_2508Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.741+00:24.500PS4
1667 KielFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.757+00:24.516Steam
1668 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.757+00:24.516Xbox
1669 procarteam Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.791+00:24.550Steam
1670 rockNrolf_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.791+00:24.550PS4
1671 DavidmazdaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.807+00:24.566PS4
1672 Klaudinho_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.807+00:24.566PS4
1673 Quigs6542Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.874+00:24.633PS4
1674 mattydomin69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.874+00:24.633PS4
1675 Epi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.891+00:24.650Steam
1676 actaruss57Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.941+00:24.700Steam
1677 Bossovr46Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.957+00:24.716Xbox
1678 NIcksterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.007+00:24.766Steam
1679 Vytlakill-CZEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.007+00:24.766PS4
1680 RockYamFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.040+00:24.799Xbox
1681 laTORTUEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.057+00:24.816Steam
1682 TrastorNaDosSFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.057+00:24.816PS4
1683 KFC_Racing_Team_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.074+00:24.833PS4
1684 NickZvegFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.124+00:24.883PS4
1685 rallystar87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.124+00:24.883PS4
1686 PaulFlashGFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.124+00:24.883PS4
1687 SaantiihernandezFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.140+00:24.899PS4
1688 sdelaereFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.157+00:24.916PS4
1689 veltsu73Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.157+00:24.916PS4
1690 kevlarmanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.190+00:24.949Steam
1691 rico92500Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.190+00:24.949PS4
1692 TartanspaceFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.224+00:24.983PS4
1693 CubicLineFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.257+00:25.160PS4
1694 GalaxyInPotteryFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.274+00:25.330Steam
1695 maggpyerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.274+00:25.330PS4
1696 One man ArmY Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.390+00:25.149Steam
1697 f8924919 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.390+00:25.149Steam
1698 mondeo2011720Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.407+00:25.166PS4
1699 XxAmNeSiA22xXFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.424+00:25.183PS4
1700 soupcoolerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.424+00:25.183PS4
1701 Diego_El_CalifaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.440+00:25.199PS4
1702 Colin Awesome Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.457+00:25.216Steam
1703 Smithers-1968_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.457+00:25.216PS4
1704 GBML18Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.507+00:25.266PS4
1705 scottFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.524+00:25.283Steam
1706 VxVendetta82Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.574+00:25.333PS4
1707 vmax1000sxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.574+00:25.333Xbox
1708 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.574+00:25.333Xbox
1709 Icecream07000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.624+00:25.383PS4
1710 SpaceCase45Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.640+00:25.399Xbox
1711 Don-DiabloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.657+00:25.416Steam
1712 se1502th1702FRFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.657+00:25.416PS4
1713 pirulisko Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.674+00:25.433Steam
1714 gorelixFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.674+00:25.433PS4
1715 MaGiXieNFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.690+00:25.449Steam
1716 XXmac59XXFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.690+00:25.449Xbox
1717 IreniarFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.724+00:25.483PS4
1718 clutoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.740+00:25.499Steam
1719 nitro_HPFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.807+00:25.566PS4
1720 ScottiemundoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.807+00:25.566Xbox
1721 manuelflrFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.840+00:25.599Steam
1722 Melea_27Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.857+00:25.616PS4
1723 n_mossyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.874+00:25.633PS4
1724 Pashiamas9Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.874+00:25.633PS4
1725 FLAQUER1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.890+00:25.649PS4
1726 rage225Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.957+00:25.716PS4
1727 ColinMacFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.990+00:25.749PS4
1728 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.990+00:25.749Xbox
1729 math-stucky-68Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.007+00:25.766PS4
1730 vic2O1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.024+00:25.783Steam
1731 alf11973Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.040+00:25.799PS4
1732 Agent KFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.057+00:25.816Steam
1733 F33bs Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.074+00:25.833Steam
1734 SteelistaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.090+00:25.849Steam
1735 svt4cam Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.107+00:25.866Steam
1736 diegovernFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.107+00:25.866PS4
1737 jasonsixxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.124+00:25.883Xbox
1738 skip0neFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.124+00:25.883Xbox
1739 ButterBallsMagooFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.140+00:25.899PS4
1740 NCMiguelFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.140+00:25.899PS4
1741 Ookami72Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.174+00:25.933PS4
1742 dragosbold Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.207+00:25.966Steam
1743 DorobomFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.240+00:25.999Steam
1744 Richard_Hertz_88Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.240+00:25.999PS4
1745 Pode (AUT) Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.257+00:26.160Steam
1746 rules_z Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.274+00:26.330Steam
1747 jfk1266Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.324+00:26.830PS4
1748 SpinyAnteaterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.324+00:26.830Xbox
1749 ata Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.390+00:26.149Steam
1750 GeribacsiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.390+00:26.149PS4
1751 lilian7688Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.407+00:26.166PS4
1752 HeiheinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.424+00:26.183PS4
1753 ZXjimmy76XZFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.440+00:26.199PS4
1754 sousan529Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.474+00:26.233Steam
1755 madyulinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.590+00:26.349PS4
1756 vikulinamar Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.607+00:26.366Steam
1757 Panda4x4PowerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.607+00:26.366PS4
1758 xeG_SnIpEzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.624+00:26.383PS4
1759 iblo888Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.624+00:26.383PS4
1760 jose11100Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.657+00:26.416PS4
1761 Luis2482Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.740+00:26.499PS4
1762 dari0ar Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.840+00:26.599Steam
1763 Aitajose29Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.840+00:26.599PS4
1764 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.874+00:26.633Xbox
1765 moukkunenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.874+00:26.633Xbox
1766 Dustrusty Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.890+00:26.649Steam
1767 cyberinsekt943Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.890+00:26.649PS4
1768 KamiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.924+00:26.683Steam
1769 danger_d123Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.924+00:26.683PS4
1770 BeNSaNTuCCiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.940+00:26.699Xbox
1771 ElmendossaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.957+00:26.716PS4
1772 Goldener_ColtFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.957+00:26.716PS4
1773 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.990+00:26.749Xbox
1774 KurfurstFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.008+00:26.767Steam
1775 Enviiouss-xFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.107+00:26.866PS4
1776 helo155b1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.190+00:26.949PS4
1777 bunch67Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.224+00:26.983Xbox
1778 st3rminator0910Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.240+00:26.999PS4
1779 SirGnarwhaleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.257+00:27.160PS4
1780 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.290+00:27.490Xbox
1781 Franken-ZockerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.324+00:27.830Steam
1782 FuZzOtagEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.357+00:27.116PS4
1783 OptimusPirieFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.358+00:27.117PS4
1784 OllipelaaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.374+00:27.133Steam
1785 etnokolumbFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.390+00:27.149PS4
1786 matteotivic69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.390+00:27.149Xbox
1787 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.424+00:27.183Xbox
1788 Jama071Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.490+00:27.249PS4
1789 pawelszymansk815Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.490+00:27.249PS4
1790 Kerlin547Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.507+00:27.266PS4
1791 jlouispnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.540+00:27.299Steam
1792 jeanlouis-87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.540+00:27.299PS4
1793 LUKEY1993Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.557+00:27.316PS4
1794 Brother MouzoneFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.574+00:27.333Steam
1795 AceMillerDKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.574+00:27.333PS4
1796 batistuta85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.607+00:27.366PS4
1797 Realista74Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.624+00:27.383Steam
1798 ReallyDrunkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.640+00:27.399Steam
1799 RaypesteelFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.657+00:27.416PS4
1800 m800ieFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.657+00:27.416PS4
1801 bsheepie Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.707+00:27.466Steam
1802 janne.mattinen Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.707+00:27.466Steam
1803 luu500Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.707+00:27.466PS4
1804 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.707+00:27.466Xbox
1805 sergio366Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.757+00:27.516Steam
1806 rialsobradeloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.757+00:27.516PS4
1807 dragochatFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.807+00:27.566PS4
1808 fendt102s14Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.824+00:27.583PS4
1809 Prico09Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.824+00:27.583PS4
1810 lrrLJrrlFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.940+00:27.699PS4
1811 sturmgrenadier83Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.940+00:27.699PS4
1812 USACSPRINTFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.974+00:27.733PS4
1813 jypelFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.990+00:27.749Xbox
1814 aagmat67Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.040+00:27.799PS4
1815 daizyli86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.040+00:27.799PS4
1816 jorchh1980Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.057+00:27.816PS4
1817 minpucherFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.074+00:27.833PS4
1818 FOX049Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.090+00:27.849PS4
1819 wojtass33Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.090+00:27.849PS4
1820 SkoukermanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.124+00:27.883Steam
1821 py_alixFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.124+00:27.883PS4
1822 Tim Farron the Milk BaronFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.157+00:27.916Steam
1823 marsalas87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.158+00:27.917PS4
1824 yoni_poioFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.174+00:27.933PS4
1825 diable38Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.174+00:27.933PS4
1826 wasandreti_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.190+00:27.949PS4
1827 tazouliFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.290+00:28.490Steam
1828 tony Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.290+00:28.490Steam
1829 edgar_bdnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.324+00:28.830PS4
1830 CHEZANNA10Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.340+00:28.990PS4
1831 JamesJ2124Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.374+00:28.133PS4
1832 Keule Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.390+00:28.149Steam
1833 pidurFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.407+00:28.166PS4
1834 ReaDy2KissFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.407+00:28.166PS4
1835 iNaTsuu_vZFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.424+00:28.183PS4
1836 BanjoRebelFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.457+00:28.216Xbox
1837 JTortoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.540+00:28.299Xbox
1838 Neo17Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.540+00:28.299Xbox
1839 Alex_MGBRFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.557+00:28.316PS4
1840 Harry9009Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.574+00:28.333PS4
1841 ArmyHunter95Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.574+00:28.333PS4
1842 facetecFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.607+00:28.366PS4
1843 Motörhead 2112Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.658+00:28.417Steam
1844 u1000andiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.690+00:28.449PS4
1845 akulaclassFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.690+00:28.449PS4
1846 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.690+00:28.449Xbox
1847 Photolight Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.707+00:28.466Steam
1848 JonayFriasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.707+00:28.466Xbox
1849 wenjoylifeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.740+00:28.499PS4
1850 derek89Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.807+00:28.566Xbox
1851 Pedrolinen69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.824+00:28.583PS4
1852 NateTheFreeManFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.874+00:28.633PS4
1853 médéFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.924+00:28.683Steam
1854 dumpy388Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.924+00:28.683PS4
1855 fortsatzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.957+00:28.716Steam
1856 viciocastelloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.974+00:28.733PS4
1857 Horst110772Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.990+00:28.749PS4
1858 dieguitoc2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.007+00:28.766PS4
1859 RomanRsstFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.107+00:28.866PS4
1860 TOM_LO_SPANKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.140+00:28.899PS4
1861 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.157+00:28.916Xbox
1862 bttxiuletFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.190+00:28.949PS4
1863 ANINSANERGAMERFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.207+00:28.966Xbox
1864 Cola.FisherFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.224+00:28.983Steam
1865 SHA_DOW33Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.257+00:29.160PS4
1866 Zitsou4Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.274+00:29.330Steam
1867 Ale_TolloFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.274+00:29.330PS4
1868 Sethos72Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.290+00:29.490PS4
1869 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.290+00:29.490Xbox
1870 hero_mar12Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.307+00:29.660PS4
1871 Marlbare_RacingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.358+00:29.117PS4
1872 vartija86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.374+00:29.133PS4
1873 nobecksoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.374+00:29.133PS4
1874 Dusty-77-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.424+00:29.183PS4
1875 flASHassFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.424+00:29.183PS4
1876 pepe5803Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.424+00:29.183Xbox
1877 HailHydraFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.490+00:29.249Steam
1878 Flaco895Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.507+00:29.266PS4
1879 yvKe_deFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.524+00:29.283PS4
1880 sx225Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.557+00:29.316Xbox
1881 francescomalatesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.640+00:29.399PS4
1882 aule993Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.690+00:29.449PS4
1883 corpscop43Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.724+00:29.483PS4
1884 FloppyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.774+00:29.533Steam
1885 HGCMF321Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.774+00:29.533PS4
1886 vik8282626Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.824+00:29.583PS4
1887 Lee242011Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.824+00:29.583Xbox
1888 elcurriFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.840+00:29.599PS4
1889 JOSE_WRCFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.840+00:29.599PS4
1890 Perejil69 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.874+00:29.633Steam
1891 Tof2431Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.874+00:29.633PS4
1892 [BbK] Qbi87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.907+00:29.666Steam
1893 Matu_PLFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.974+00:29.733PS4
1894 CoMbAt_JUNKEEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.007+00:29.766PS4
1895 johnnyreb1212Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.007+00:29.766PS4
1896 Lacs 1954 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.074+00:29.833Steam
1897 willieraskFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.074+00:29.833PS4
1898 patty0771Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.074+00:29.833PS4
1899 ROBOJASEFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.157+00:29.916PS4
1900 BartLangRallying Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.190+00:29.949Steam
1901 evotronmix Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.240+00:29.999Steam
1902 Astrid_S_BergFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.240+00:29.999PS4
1903 van-de-RuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.290+00:30.490PS4
1904 QuaddroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.290+00:30.490PS4
1905 CampsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.290+00:30.490Xbox
1906 MelvinFGousFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.340+00:30.990Xbox
1907 FALK1984Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.374+00:30.133PS4
1908 Welle_racing26Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.390+00:30.149PS4
1909 dam131222Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.458+00:30.217Xbox
1910 Richdafarious Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.474+00:30.233Steam
1911 angyalgab87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.490+00:30.249PS4
1912 excalibur77Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.507+00:30.266PS4
1913 scandal60Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.507+00:30.266PS4
1914 flippiasdFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.524+00:30.283PS4
1915 baldilox68Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.540+00:30.299PS4
1916 TheLegendTurboFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.540+00:30.299Xbox
1917 ZJW05Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.574+00:30.333PS4
1918 fuerteventuragcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.590+00:30.349Steam
1919 Chipster Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.591+00:30.350Steam
1920 fifty2chicken91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.607+00:30.366PS4
1921 torensi100Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.674+00:30.433PS4
1922 SpazldRust Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.791+00:30.550Steam
1923 stix88stixFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.874+00:30.633PS4
1924 brandstifterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.924+00:30.683Steam
1925 BaSsarHcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.940+00:30.699PS4
1926 Hum4ngus Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.941+00:30.700Steam
1927 andreas6382Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.990+00:30.749Xbox
1928 CHFALCKNERFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.007+00:30.766PS4
1929 GilliMcGillFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.074+00:30.833PS4
1930 Gantz-WFOFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.074+00:30.833PS4
1931 BMW77E36Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.090+00:30.849PS4
1932 kikeveroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.124+00:30.883PS4
1933 Maxel93Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.157+00:30.916Steam
1934 JonesyBanterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.174+00:30.933PS4
1935 CanJianFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.307+00:31.660Steam
1936 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.374+00:31.133Xbox
1937 blkm30w16Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.390+00:31.149PS4
1938 Xero404 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.440+00:31.199Steam
1939 toreee92Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.441+00:31.200PS4
1940 Sidhartha Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.474+00:31.233Steam
1941 DstatesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.474+00:31.233Xbox
1942 cakey666mFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.490+00:31.249PS4
1943 Kozorez40Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.508+00:31.267PS4
1944 StoveWood_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.590+00:31.349PS4
1945 D.Dane Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.641+00:31.400Steam
1946 Astanor Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.674+00:31.433Steam
1947 PeppinszkyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.690+00:31.449PS4
1948 Shini Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.691+00:31.450Steam
1949 -Alfa-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.740+00:31.499Steam
1950 ^0[Nazgul] ^1OrdepFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.740+00:31.499Steam
1951 lolod66Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.774+00:31.533PS4
1952 ac_zrcherpius10Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.790+00:31.549PS4
1953 krzo69 | kickback.comFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.791+00:31.550Steam
1954 Kinkomaan QassimiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.841+00:31.600Steam
1955 Zurtech__Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.857+00:31.616PS4
1956 Bernie_r4k373Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.924+00:31.683PS4
1957 peej108Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.007+00:31.766PS4
1958 Unknown68_68Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.007+00:31.766PS4
1959 MrGnarrFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.090+00:31.849Steam
1960 6Ho5t Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.107+00:31.866Steam
1961 hogzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.124+00:31.883Steam
1962 dariobillo92Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.157+00:31.916PS4
1963 aleonv3Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.157+00:31.916PS4
1964 Nikorasu Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.190+00:31.949Steam
1965 azumi754Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.324+00:32.830PS4
1966 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.390+00:32.149Xbox
1967 Superck Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.424+00:32.183Steam
1968 alfamaleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.507+00:32.266Xbox
1969 MinchuksFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.590+00:32.349Steam
1970 LukeWarm40 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.607+00:32.366Steam
1971 masaru40 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.607+00:32.366Steam
1972 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.640+00:32.399Xbox
1973 jokas350Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.674+00:32.433PS4
1974 mooster113Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.690+00:32.449PS4
1975 NeDonYaDuTaGaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.740+00:32.499PS4
1976 SVENNETOSLOWFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.757+00:32.516PS4
1977 HAPPY_DREAMS_420Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.774+00:32.533PS4
1978 mhla2204Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.890+00:32.649PS4
1979 Jirik737Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.890+00:32.649PS4
1980 lubrickFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.890+00:32.649PS4
1981 HelgeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.940+00:32.699Steam
1982 banshee5507Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.940+00:32.699PS4
1983 Karpi13640Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.990+00:32.749PS4
1984 Cheeki BreekiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.007+00:32.766Steam
1985 stivous76Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.074+00:32.833PS4
1986 SatrylFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.107+00:32.866Steam
1987 Jocke Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.124+00:32.883Steam
1988 Capricorn_78_ItaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.124+00:32.883PS4
1989 cornazzaiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.124+00:32.883PS4
1990 JAY_GANESHAFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.140+00:32.899PS4
1991 Polx_66Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.140+00:32.899PS4
1992 Clingon Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.141+00:32.900Steam
1993 ti-groulx-17-4Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.157+00:32.916PS4
1994 A_Swift_CanadianFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.207+00:32.966Steam
1995 TBauermeister1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.274+00:33.330PS4
1996 jason5165Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.340+00:33.990Xbox
1997 Rockeiro Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.390+00:33.149Steam
1998 maxicorde81Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.491+00:33.250PS4
1999 Nahoj89 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.507+00:33.266Steam
2000 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.507+00:33.266Xbox
2001 Ralf WRCFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.540+00:33.299Steam
2002 PavelFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.540+00:33.299Steam
2003 KezAvalsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.557+00:33.316PS4
2004 vasko-vidinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.557+00:33.316PS4
2005 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.557+00:33.316Xbox
2006 Bang_GousFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.590+00:33.349PS4
2007 Madefaca922Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.740+00:33.499PS4
2008 lucas_menneFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.807+00:33.566PS4
2009 bkozy83Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.823+00:33.582PS4
2010 eddyweberFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.823+00:33.582Xbox
2011 xgunslingerx666Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.857+00:33.616PS4
2012 bobjawakaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.874+00:33.633Steam
2013 LechaczFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.973+00:33.732PS4
2014 electroleechFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.990+00:33.749PS4
2015 Woosypan Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.057+00:33.816Steam
2016 brucesilviaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.057+00:33.816PS4
2017 Q-TIP707Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.173+00:33.932PS4
2018 SMOKEYKNIGHTFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.173+00:33.932Xbox
2019 ven315900Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.207+00:33.966PS4
2020 Kimi1912Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.307+00:34.660PS4
2021 xboxjpb74Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.323+00:34.820Xbox
2022 RE-GA-223Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.357+00:34.116PS4
2023 threeps Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.390+00:34.149Steam
2024 chaline1404Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.423+00:34.182PS4
2025 MaLo_MaLoTeeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.440+00:34.199PS4
2026 Andy77731Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.507+00:34.266Steam
2027 xxPain2gaiNxxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.507+00:34.266PS4
2028 deco868Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.507+00:34.266Xbox
2029 ELPEEZMANDAFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.590+00:34.349PS4
2030 w98001Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.707+00:34.466PS4
2031 OubyDoubyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.724+00:34.483PS4
2032 markusgmFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.873+00:34.632Xbox
2033 s_krolyaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.891+00:34.650PS4
2034 satoruFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.957+00:34.716Steam
2035 SimonF Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.957+00:34.716Steam
2036 java_soulflyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.973+00:34.732PS4
2037 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.090+00:34.849Xbox
2038 smk5526Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.123+00:34.882Steam
2039 micka68310Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.190+00:34.949PS4
2040 TJ2 slow Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.207+00:34.966Steam
2041 FlyskyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.240+00:34.999Steam
2042 Vahvaloac Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.290+00:35.490Steam
2043 RenatoR26Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.290+00:35.490PS4
2044 OlliLauFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.341+00:35.100PS4
2045 bspeedy1970Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.390+00:35.149PS4
2046 TukkaN-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.440+00:35.199PS4
2047 Gnomitsu1982Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.557+00:35.316PS4
2048 AdamosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.690+00:35.449Steam
2049 Zuta222Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.707+00:35.466Steam
2050 Andras Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.840+00:35.599Steam
2051 mintz420Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.873+00:35.632Steam
2052 steveracer13 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.874+00:35.633Steam
2053 racingflo23Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.073+00:35.832PS4
2054 TopjonsonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.190+00:35.949PS4
2055 Up-The-IronFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.191+00:35.950PS4
2056 bemata2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.241+00:36.000PS4
2057 JokotaiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.257+00:36.160Steam
2058 ParticoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.540+00:36.299Steam
2059 chris.ar67 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.540+00:36.299Steam
2060 BabdefFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.623+00:36.382PS4
2061 yuki-12_25Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.640+00:36.399PS4
2062 stenenkajFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.657+00:36.416PS4
2063 slick118Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.707+00:36.466Steam
2064 TagyoureIT69Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.723+00:36.482PS4
2065 NolEbanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.740+00:36.499PS4
2066 jonydelduroFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.840+00:36.599Xbox
2067 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.873+00:36.632Xbox
2068 Zippo_dudeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.907+00:36.666PS4
2069 shaunsullFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.940+00:36.699Xbox
2070 The LawFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.957+00:36.716Steam
2071 GeekOzoreFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.957+00:36.716PS4
2072 kanye86000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.073+00:36.832PS4
2073 ciuffoli67Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.123+00:36.882PS4
2074 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.357+00:37.116Xbox
2075 DysslerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.390+00:37.149PS4
2076 NewRealityCheFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.407+00:37.166PS4
2077 mmmmmmhahahaaaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.474+00:37.233PS4
2078 Rotary11Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.623+00:37.382Steam
2079 *LastOne*Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.740+00:37.499Steam
2080 valleyofthebirdFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.773+00:37.532Xbox
2081 penniless99Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.774+00:37.533PS4
2082 (Cdn)Phil Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.790+00:37.549Steam
2083 prex40Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.823+00:37.582Steam
2084 eltororacing28Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.824+00:37.583PS4
2085 MKdragon64Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.841+00:37.600PS4
2086 XRobDisco82XFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.957+00:37.716PS4
2087 ProcoJRFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.957+00:37.716PS4
2088 BlueRingoChanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.990+00:37.749Steam
2089 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.990+00:37.749Xbox
2090 xAborbs87xFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.140+00:37.899Xbox
2091 airhead190Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:58.157+00:37.916PS4
2092 Madman DemosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.240+00:37.999Steam
2093 DrSmoKingLunteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.240+00:37.999Xbox
2094 GI HawkinsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.273+00:38.320Steam
2095 Wigan_StuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.307+00:38.660PS4
2096 warona1965Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:58.340+00:38.990PS4
2097 CoBlackRhinoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.341+00:38.100PS4
2098 jinks500Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:58.373+00:38.132PS4
2099 mokelo71Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:58.507+00:38.266PS4
2100 ZeBeast - QCFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.724+00:38.483Steam
2101 The_Apache1971Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:58.857+00:38.616PS4
2102 bleifuss-46Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:58.990+00:38.749PS4
2103 Jonsey24aFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.024+00:38.783PS4
2104 polonais60400Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:59.073+00:38.832Xbox
2105 PITBULL03600Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:59.090+00:38.849PS4
2106 Mr SunFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.123+00:38.882Steam
2107 WhiteLightning5Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:59.207+00:38.966PS4
2108 YOOJONIFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.257+00:39.160Xbox
2109 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.273+00:39.320Xbox
2110 masonxyyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.473+00:39.232PS4
2111 Come-OnnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.607+00:39.366PS4
2112 MickyPFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.624+00:39.383Steam
2113 sub-zero Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:59.757+00:39.516Steam
2114 BombOmb89Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:59.773+00:39.532Steam
2115 Bamsi Beyrek Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:59.840+00:39.599Steam
2116 vtc208Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:59.990+00:39.749PS4
2117 arihooFord Fiesta RS Rally04:00.024+00:39.783PS4
2118 PLAY3FORFOURFord Fiesta RS Rally04:00.024+00:39.783PS4
2119 deal96Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.174+00:39.933PS4
2120 spurs78Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.407+00:40.166PS4
2121 kim8910Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.673+00:40.432PS4
2122 LuckyPlayer032Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.690+00:40.449Xbox
2123 wgskyFord Fiesta RS Rally04:00.807+00:40.566PS4
2124 taubicgtrFord Fiesta RS Rally04:00.824+00:40.583PS4
2125 dmoney20Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.907+00:40.666Steam
2126 damism00tFord Fiesta RS Rally04:01.007+00:40.766PS4
2127 fatherfirst Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.057+00:40.816Steam
2128 Bilyalov_iFord Fiesta RS Rally04:01.073+00:40.832Steam
2129 ford2310Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.073+00:40.832PS4
2130 pikmau000Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.173+00:40.932PS4
2131 TORRENTE_6Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.457+00:41.216PS4
2132 RockstarPoole69Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.723+00:41.482PS4
2133 klaefkalamaryFord Fiesta RS Rally04:01.757+00:41.516Xbox
2134 kenobyoneFord Fiesta RS Rally04:01.773+00:41.532PS4
2135 hrle63Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.806+00:41.565PS4
2136 Zingo1234Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.957+00:41.716PS4
2137 Deathhawk216Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.040+00:41.799PS4
2138 robmg88Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.124+00:41.883PS4
2139 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:02.223+00:41.982Xbox
2140 Anthony? Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.224+00:41.983Steam
2141 LansaFord Fiesta RS Rally04:02.240+00:41.999PS4
2142 Drift-FanaticFord Fiesta RS Rally04:02.240+00:41.999PS4
2143 snake-76100Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.256+00:42.150PS4
2144 bemata11Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.307+00:42.660PS4
2145 HmelevskyFord Fiesta RS Rally04:02.324+00:42.830PS4
2146 PCmotorsportFord Fiesta RS Rally04:02.440+00:42.199PS4
2147 nalon5Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.540+00:42.299PS4
2148 steffenmeier50Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.706+00:42.465Steam
2149 Manu90-11Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.874+00:42.633PS4
2150 jari.jokinen Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.924+00:42.683Steam
2151 mferreirFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.024+00:42.783Steam
2152 AndyAbbottsFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.056+00:42.815PS4
2153 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.140+00:42.899Xbox
2154 Wulf +_+Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:03.274+00:43.330Steam
2155 bonitooneFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.306+00:43.650PS4
2156 benebobbibFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.406+00:43.165PS4
2157 Papa-LethargieFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.473+00:43.232PS4
2158 jussiiliFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.540+00:43.299PS4
2159 Beefeater63Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:03.690+00:43.449PS4
2160 De_Witte66Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.023+00:43.782PS4
2161 MrDropukFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.240+00:43.999PS4
2162 (E.E.A) - BudzFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.290+00:44.490Steam
2163 naniMGFFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.390+00:44.149PS4
2164 ALBARICKY004Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.390+00:44.149PS4
2165 madmecanikFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.557+00:44.316PS4
2166 gofrank Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.606+00:44.365Steam
2167 fouxy54Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.740+00:44.499PS4
2168 F-Racing-DenberFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.756+00:44.515PS4
2169 alexeishekleinFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.890+00:44.649PS4
2170 tosojurymikiFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.956+00:44.715Xbox
2171 KEBR88Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.973+00:44.732PS4
2172 sorro728Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:05.390+00:45.149PS4
2173 GalaXFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.806+00:45.565Steam
2174 SAFARISAM_YTBFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.857+00:45.616PS4
2175 P_18-97Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:05.873+00:45.632PS4
2176 soulbreakidFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.256+00:46.150PS4
2177 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.723+00:46.482Xbox
2178 X HClFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.856+00:46.615Steam
2179 enz7h8uqFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.873+00:46.632Steam
2180 kouvolanfkFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.907+00:46.666PS4
2181 qwertyuiop969Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.040+00:46.799Steam
2182 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:07.090+00:46.849Xbox
2183 Mr.Fanatic [HUN]Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.190+00:46.949Steam
2184 Racedriver___1Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.273+00:47.320PS4
2185 Meipat89Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.340+00:47.990PS4
2186 Jansson38Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.356+00:47.115PS4
2187 Bigoo57Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.457+00:47.216Steam
2188 ThomasGiertzFord Fiesta RS Rally04:07.540+00:47.299PS4
2189 kovacsandrea5Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.840+00:47.599PS4
2190 CombattingFord Fiesta RS Rally04:07.990+00:47.749PS4
2191 TompullFord Fiesta RS Rally04:08.073+00:47.832PS4
2192 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:08.723+00:48.482Xbox
2193 pitbull9971Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.023+00:48.782Steam
2194 WITT0014Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.190+00:48.949Xbox
2195 kendzillaFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.306+00:49.650PS4
2196 BooMer_o067_comFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.356+00:49.115PS4
2197 Maronno5Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.390+00:49.149PS4
2198 badbobc987Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.573+00:49.332Xbox
2199 ametsFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.590+00:49.349Xbox
2200 chevchelFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.623+00:49.382PS4
2201 stilyngFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.640+00:49.399PS4
2202 Sk3Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.657+00:49.416Steam
2203 Dieseldork2000Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.673+00:49.432PS4
2204 de_giho_onlineFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.757+00:49.516PS4
2205 f5_maverickFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.790+00:49.549PS4
2206 Oliver-Sadaba89Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.790+00:49.549PS4
2207 cedricnice13Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.856+00:49.615Xbox
2208 ludopopFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.890+00:49.649PS4
2209 emma1212Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:10.289+00:50.480PS4
2210 S. McQueenFord Fiesta RS Rally04:10.523+00:50.282Steam
2211 SnapCezFord Fiesta RS Rally04:10.657+00:50.416Xbox
2212 ELLPATRONEOO7Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:10.689+00:50.448PS4
2213 brucemartin28Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:10.857+00:50.616PS4
2214 TrallatFord Fiesta RS Rally04:11.356+00:51.115PS4
2215 vladthegimp10Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:11.440+00:51.199PS4
2216 madmanmaloyFord Fiesta RS Rally04:11.589+00:51.348PS4
2217 VipezZFord Fiesta RS Rally04:11.623+00:51.382Xbox
2218 bella25398Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:11.740+00:51.499PS4
2219 giotis39Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:12.339+00:52.980PS4
2220 Uncle ßFord Fiesta RS Rally04:12.773+00:52.532Steam
2221 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:12.773+00:52.532Xbox
2222 JohnR722 Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:13.223+00:52.982Steam
2223 daxman80Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:13.256+00:53.150PS4
2224 MicheleTkdFord Fiesta RS Rally04:13.357+00:53.116PS4
2225 Pettern007Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:13.739+00:53.498PS4
2226 CREST Tester Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:13.856+00:53.615Steam
2227 Edo-SenseiFord Fiesta RS Rally04:13.990+00:53.749Steam
2228 Olegator81Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:14.507+00:54.266PS4
2229 Cosworthnut___69Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:14.757+00:54.516PS4
2230 ghostnono89140Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:15.007+00:54.766PS4
2231 Buott Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:15.423+00:55.182Steam
2232 Rudolfs/SandroFord Fiesta RS Rally04:15.473+00:55.232Steam
2233 fjwhittleFord Fiesta RS Rally04:15.723+00:55.482PS4
2234 meat Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:15.773+00:55.532Steam
2235 Tped Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:15.773+00:55.532Steam
2236 TEXFord Fiesta RS Rally04:16.073+00:55.832Steam
2237 trastornao87Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:16.773+00:56.532PS4
2238 PRL87Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:16.774+00:56.533Xbox
2239 DesmontFord Fiesta RS Rally04:16.956+00:56.715Steam
2240 muvalbo Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:17.089+00:56.848Steam
2241 heavy-machine-13Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:17.607+00:57.366PS4
2242 RatkoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:17.623+00:57.382Steam
2243 nando_c96Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:17.889+00:57.648Steam
2244 molotoph77Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:18.606+00:58.365PS4
2245 TrajsonSVKFord Fiesta RS Rally04:18.806+00:58.565PS4
2246 luisitoo_22Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:18.824+00:58.583PS4
2247 boguslaw82Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:19.306+00:59.650PS4
2248 Hi_Im_MacsFord Fiesta RS Rally04:21.039+1:00.798PS4
2249 victor23dFord Fiesta RS Rally04:21.140+1:00.899PS4
2250 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:21.822+1:01.581Xbox
2251 marcosmtgpFord Fiesta RS Rally04:22.039+1:01.798PS4
2252 rx3somFord Fiesta RS Rally04:22.690+1:02.449PS4
2253 qhz9941Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:23.039+1:02.798Steam
2254 Averon® Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:23.606+1:03.365Steam
2255 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:24.289+1:04.480Xbox
2256 morbros2714Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:24.323+1:04.820Xbox
2257 eltaigaFord Fiesta RS Rally04:25.689+1:05.448PS4
2258 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:27.323+1:07.820Xbox
2259 KamikazeSanchoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:27.490+1:07.249Steam
2260 PugandSamoyedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:27.639+1:07.398PS4
2261 emiliosdavFord Fiesta RS Rally04:28.589+1:08.348PS4
2262 BsanFord Fiesta RS Rally04:28.705+1:08.464Steam
2263 pebucebrFord Fiesta RS Rally04:28.906+1:08.665Steam
2264 brunobolso1899Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:30.089+1:09.848PS4
2265 COLDERZEUS75106Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:30.105+1:09.864Xbox
2266 sainvooFord Fiesta RS Rally04:30.323+1:10.820Steam
2267 BerlinsurferFord Fiesta RS Rally04:30.589+1:10.348PS4
2268 BettyBoo6626Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:31.073+1:10.832PS4
2269 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:32.356+1:12.115Xbox
2270 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:32.390+1:12.149Xbox
2271 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:32.422+1:12.181Xbox
2272 janginhamzaFord Fiesta RS Rally04:33.972+1:13.731PS4
2273 Darrell75Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:35.056+1:14.815Steam
2274 olkiara317Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:35.139+1:14.898PS4
2275 raphael19Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:35.356+1:15.115Xbox
2276 Jew ChefFord Fiesta RS Rally04:36.189+1:15.948Steam
2277 Dirt-Diver-nl67Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:40.489+1:20.248PS4
2278 MuehlenGangFord Fiesta RS Rally04:42.555+1:22.314PS4
2279 kazanFord Fiesta RS Rally04:44.105+1:23.864Steam
2280 mikep0803Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:46.371+1:26.130PS4
2281 henridadFord Fiesta RS Rally04:48.055+1:27.814Steam
2282 scottmuzzy5Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:56.939+1:36.698PS4
2283 dedokbratokFord Fiesta RS Rally05:01.071+1:40.830PS4
2284 kumanduuuFord Fiesta RS Rally05:12.124+1:51.883PS4
2285 rafa_safaFord Fiesta RS Rally05:17.224+1:56.983PS4
2286 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:18.824+1:58.583Xbox
2287 StudlySpudly86 Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:21.274+2:01.330Steam
2288 koboodhoo Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:25.441+2:05.200Steam
2289 KoveFord Fiesta RS Rally05:26.307+2:06.660Steam
2290 Timidtoe767 Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:33.757+2:13.516Steam
2291 BudiYOOFord Fiesta RS Rally05:35.874+2:15.633Xbox
2292 ???-???Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:36.637+2:16.396Steam
2293 alex30suscaFord Fiesta RS Rally05:37.856+2:17.615PS4
2294 aaronbittaFord Fiesta RS Rally05:39.554+2:19.313PS4
2295 bellvispresleyFord Fiesta RS Rally05:41.239+2:20.998PS4
2296 Ruci11Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:47.470+2:27.229PS4
2297 pata386Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:51.522+2:31.281Steam
2298 frank-go1Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:52.954+2:32.713PS4
2299 f8210daleFord Fiesta RS Rally05:58.502+2:38.261PS4
2300 neilbymouthFord Fiesta RS Rally05:58.939+2:38.698PS4
2301 zarak76Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:02.156+2:41.915PS4
2302 TekapoFord Fiesta RS Rally07:33.366+4:13.125Steam
2303 undermichFord Fiesta RS Rally08:34.504+5:14.263PS4
2304 Jorma KovanenFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Steam
2305 thomas.ljungFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Steam
2306 cortFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Steam
2307 krashokkFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Steam
2308 DragonMission Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Steam
2309 troopersingerFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Steam
2310 ?????? ????? ? ???????? Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Steam
2311 marisritins Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Steam
2312 modzelFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Steam
2313 Stormer Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Steam
2314 diyodFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Steam
2315 FABDANIE76Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2316 SPK_93Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2317 rodri207Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2318 marzolknFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2319 iam_ziggymanFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2320 TorvejohanFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2321 DingasMacGregorFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2322 dylan42091Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2323 DonDjantoFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2324 MagixMonkeyFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2325 Bobby_H_2_OFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2326 miguelan90Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2327 bigcustFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2328 thewebsternator2Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2329 jujukart10Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2330 petdemouche88Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2331 greg_john_elliotFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759PS4
2332 rustyshakelferFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Xbox
2333 tvgrandeFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:39.759Xbox