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The Owners' Club, 2017-04-26
2665 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Wales] Bidno Moorland (S) (Night, Overcast)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 PPRTOzzy(Poland) Opel Kadett GT/E 16v02:58.942+00:00.000Steam
2 SPK_93Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:07.092+00:08.150PS4
3 MongoJon [VR] Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:09.075+00:10.133Steam
4 rune Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:09.742+00:10.800Steam
5 J-M-J-75Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:10.459+00:11.517PS4
6 Maestro-Ponchik Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:11.325+00:12.383Steam
7 cortOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:11.359+00:12.417Steam
8 rajcoreOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:12.692+00:13.750PS4
9 Kharkhalim Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:12.925+00:13.983Steam
10 naglerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:14.025+00:15.830Steam
11 TiironesSOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:14.392+00:15.450PS4
12 Jordax142 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:14.442+00:15.500Steam
13 boarparnOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:14.908+00:15.966Xbox
14 artos55 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:15.275+00:16.333Steam
15 CSN5567Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:15.542+00:16.600Steam
16 MADze-_-Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:15.692+00:16.750PS4
17 Mclur Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:15.742+00:16.800Steam
18 HeineRudiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:15.975+00:17.330Xbox
19 FearLess420 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.475+00:17.533Steam
20 InksaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.575+00:17.633Steam
21 K.NevanpääOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.608+00:17.666Steam
22 Aika_rajuuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.608+00:17.666Steam
23 Mr.? Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.625+00:17.683Steam
24 NobleAssaSSinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.742+00:17.800Steam
25 joaomiguelrvaleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.858+00:17.916Steam
26 [-XV-].AngeOliveur. Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.858+00:17.916Steam
27 Vejgaard Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.942+00:18.000Steam
28 Darkstar Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.958+00:18.160Steam
29 migotti Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:17.058+00:18.116Steam
30 Andreas Hultström Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:17.108+00:18.166Steam
31 Mr_Jolly Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:17.125+00:18.183Steam
32 panzpohadkyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:17.558+00:18.616PS4
33 tossijaakkoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:17.658+00:18.716PS4
34 MakeOnlineIDOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:17.742+00:18.800PS4
35 TheWelshMcraeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:17.792+00:18.850Xbox
36 PPRTVeN" Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.042+00:19.100Steam
37 Sludgefeast420Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.042+00:19.100PS4
38 jhtl85Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.142+00:19.200PS4
39 dylancomby Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.225+00:19.283Steam
40 Linfalive Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.225+00:19.283Steam
41 Je55eJame5 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.742+00:19.800Steam
42 Prep† Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.958+00:20.160Steam
43 kildog Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.958+00:20.160Steam
44 mhk2308Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:19.092+00:20.150PS4
45 N1KKEOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:19.158+00:20.216PS4
46 Dragon-Ball83Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:19.208+00:20.266Steam
47 Gandalf Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:19.292+00:20.350Steam
48 naeblizzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:19.692+00:20.750PS4
49 j120678Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:19.858+00:20.916PS4
50 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:19.975+00:21.330Xbox
51 Matisok bng/DuJa Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.025+00:21.830Steam
52 guizrOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.041+00:21.990PS4
53 dadou34270Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.275+00:21.333Steam
54 kgibier Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.458+00:21.516Steam
55 timdatoolman83 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.558+00:21.616Steam
56 KH250B1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.675+00:21.733PS4
57 MadLikeMe Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.725+00:21.783Steam
58 roccon-mOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.375+00:22.433Steam
59 jp9250 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.391+00:22.449Steam
60 yulie669Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.658+00:22.716PS4
61 RasTa_CouRaGe_71Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.708+00:22.766PS4
62 RoxyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.808+00:22.866Steam
63 Django_BraveOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.841+00:22.899PS4
64 henketimOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.858+00:22.916PS4
65 ari.salokivi Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.925+00:22.983Steam
66 Peku Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.941+00:22.999Steam
67 kudasoffff Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.058+00:23.116Steam
68 da_elderly Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.091+00:23.149Steam
69 VocSwe Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.191+00:23.249Steam
70 VermeireTOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.241+00:23.299PS4
71 Marek1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.708+00:23.766Steam
72 YoppaRaizoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.775+00:23.833Steam
73 10. Danne FriskOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.008+00:24.660Steam
74 magicwise Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.108+00:24.166Steam
75 tanne42Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.191+00:24.249PS4
76 nikonike7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.291+00:24.349PS4
77 PestakMan974Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.308+00:24.366PS4
78 Mad Max Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.375+00:24.433Steam
79 max Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.491+00:24.549Steam
80 Rene #NoControl Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.508+00:24.566Steam
81 Eric der HeizerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.625+00:24.683Steam
82 schumi00 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.625+00:24.683Steam
83 The StokeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.691+00:24.749Steam
84 pablo95izi Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.791+00:24.849Steam
85 springolo11Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.825+00:24.883PS4
86 abrod520Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.025+00:25.830Xbox
87 Rulo_GomzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.041+00:25.990PS4
88 Weddedboban 78 ;) Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.058+00:25.116Steam
89 kipitok91Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.175+00:25.233PS4
90 arttu4Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.175+00:25.233PS4
91 BartLangRallying Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.258+00:25.316Steam
92 Campos Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.325+00:25.383Steam
93 YANAGIBASHI_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.591+00:25.649PS4
94 kulligulli Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.625+00:25.683Steam
95 Dziki GuziecOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.658+00:25.716Steam
96 FiRST553Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.708+00:25.766Steam
97 Human1101 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.775+00:25.833Steam
98 xsni Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.875+00:25.933Steam
99 psychoblondie67 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.908+00:25.966Steam
100 casipeya_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.025+00:26.830PS4
101 Snorri Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.091+00:26.149Steam
102 bolideur1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.141+00:26.199PS4
103 choochterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.375+00:26.433PS4
104 pudukuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.391+00:26.449Steam
105 jyriakupetteriOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.391+00:26.449PS4
106 Slowari! Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.425+00:26.483Steam
107 follow-me-77Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.525+00:26.583PS4
108 RaceRaptor Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.791+00:26.849Steam
109 rob_every05 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.808+00:26.866Steam
110 Raven Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.958+00:27.160Steam
111 Snowsilent Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.975+00:27.330Steam
112 Capda89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.025+00:27.830PS4
113 Zuta222Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.091+00:27.149Steam
114 Toikkari_37Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.241+00:27.299PS4
115 Wata Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.308+00:27.366Steam
116 GargoWARE Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.325+00:27.383Steam
117 fripouillot Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.325+00:27.383Steam
118 PeKKaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.408+00:27.466Steam
119 jeje04111994Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.458+00:27.516PS4
120 veltsu73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.475+00:27.533PS4
121 Panzercorps_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.575+00:27.633PS4
122 vilzu95Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.675+00:27.733Steam
123 Jorma KovanenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.758+00:27.816Steam
124 djedu06450Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.841+00:27.899PS4
125 JJVenekuski Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.925+00:27.983Steam
126 RSTurbo3Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.941+00:27.999PS4
127 Dimusic Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.041+00:28.990Steam
128 Mulder Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.058+00:28.116Steam
129 WARningHUNOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.091+00:28.149Xbox
130 schiefinspector2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.125+00:28.183PS4
131 welshyAKAbadboyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.191+00:28.249PS4
132 Akira_FujiyoshiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.208+00:28.266PS4
133 benalbright33Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.208+00:28.266Xbox
134 CrowbaitOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.241+00:28.299Steam
135 Vauverdois30Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.375+00:28.433PS4
136 hakonensamiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.391+00:28.449Steam
137 Re_RacerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.425+00:28.483PS4
138 svilen.dimitrov Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.441+00:28.499Steam
139 RaatokaineOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.508+00:28.566PS4
140 REdux242Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.625+00:28.683PS4
141 rallystar87Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.641+00:28.699PS4
142 psych13aOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.675+00:28.733PS4
143 ramsossOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.741+00:28.799Xbox
144 Tige64 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.775+00:28.833Steam
145 SherbalaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.825+00:28.883PS4
146 iikori Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.841+00:28.899Steam
147 Nomac55 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.891+00:28.949Steam
148 nbates66Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.975+00:29.330Steam
149 raipe478Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.008+00:29.660PS4
150 cypou15Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.025+00:29.830PS4
151 zupadubs Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.158+00:29.216Steam
152 YungMizaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.341+00:29.399PS4
153 Km132QRS8562APOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.408+00:29.466PS4
154 PingouinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.524+00:29.582Steam
155 masav4 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.541+00:29.599Steam
156 BaLouLdieZ Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.591+00:29.649Steam
157 musicman74 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.591+00:29.649Steam
158 fuchsen80Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.641+00:29.699PS4
159 piotr.j.majewskiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.658+00:29.716Steam
160 jype64 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.724+00:29.782Steam
161 ljdalyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.758+00:29.816PS4
162 Djay54 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.941+00:29.999Steam
163 PuavoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.958+00:30.160Steam
164 [MAMA]???????Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.974+00:30.320Steam
165 El Consenior Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.991+00:30.490Steam
166 WillB6 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.124+00:30.182Steam
167 PompelupOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.158+00:30.216Steam
168 sebbtab Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.224+00:30.282Steam
169 Eeduks222Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.308+00:30.366PS4
170 Soulr3av3r Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.458+00:30.516Steam
171 Lightbuggy188Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.474+00:30.532PS4
172 OldEagle Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.491+00:30.549Steam
173 inippelbraiin Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.524+00:30.582Steam
174 troilymanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.541+00:30.599PS4
175 Gedoens99Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.558+00:30.616PS4
176 Lauris_AOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.658+00:30.716PS4
177 denim Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.691+00:30.749Steam
178 VLC Player Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.858+00:30.916Steam
179 Hyper_xRacerxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.908+00:30.966PS4
180 Reynaud Racing TeamOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.041+00:31.990Steam
181 JammyRogers Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.091+00:31.149Steam
182 J. TörngrenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.258+00:31.316Steam
183 erkkituoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.274+00:31.332Steam
184 Superd00ps Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.308+00:31.366Steam
185 welshboyuk76Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.341+00:31.399PS4
186 damian7281Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.391+00:31.449Steam
187 NapoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.408+00:31.466Steam
188 konhiroomi Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.491+00:31.549Steam
189 oscar.codinaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.524+00:31.582Steam
190 jansa.nejcOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.541+00:31.599Steam
191 IVsiebeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.558+00:31.616Xbox
192 hc85Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.708+00:31.766Steam
193 HawkeyeTheNoo22Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.724+00:31.782PS4
194 onasutOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.808+00:31.866Steam
195 Bipbip972 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.891+00:31.949Steam
196 Noe77FerFalOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.908+00:31.966PS4
197 Mendini (PT)Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.924+00:31.982Steam
198 Lachyr23Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.991+00:32.490Xbox
199 NuiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.992+00:32.500Steam
200 DaiScottDaaaaiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.008+00:32.660PS4
201 Zamulele1995Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.108+00:32.166PS4
202 KurfurstOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.158+00:32.216Steam
203 franquisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.158+00:32.216Steam
204 Tordenflesk Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.224+00:32.282Steam
205 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.241+00:32.299Xbox
206 The Maltese Falcon Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.291+00:32.349Steam
207 RacingIvysaur Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.308+00:32.366Steam
208 pierrotdu13 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.458+00:32.516Steam
209 travellog07Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.458+00:32.516Steam
210 condescending assholeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.458+00:32.516Steam
211 Phil_the_SlugOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.458+00:32.516PS4
212 matthew11Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.524+00:32.582Xbox
213 Lunawolf044Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.641+00:32.699Xbox
214 koup09Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.658+00:32.716Steam
215 gudmundsson.33Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.691+00:32.749Steam
216 tögge Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.758+00:32.816Steam
217 Tcho075110340Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.774+00:32.832PS4
218 GABZ17Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.774+00:32.832PS4
219 border2001ukOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.791+00:32.849Steam
220 agusmorenoiaccOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.841+00:32.899PS4
221 xixi Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.858+00:32.916Steam
222 Jan #NoControl Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.891+00:32.949Steam
223 Scooobeee Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.941+00:32.999Steam
224 Gabriele92Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.958+00:33.160Xbox
225 vinzdu91Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.991+00:33.490Xbox
226 [RFr]moine12Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.041+00:33.990Steam
227 waltcyntOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.074+00:33.132Xbox
228 Hoeny YOO Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.174+00:33.232Steam
229 jon_i634 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.258+00:33.316Steam
230 agemage Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.274+00:33.332Steam
231 NiinimiesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.424+00:33.482PS4
232 cannonchowOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.491+00:33.549Steam
233 vposunaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.491+00:33.549Xbox
234 HoNey_RebellsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.524+00:33.582PS4
235 robmg88Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.541+00:33.599PS4
236 Shitty DinoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.608+00:33.666Steam
237 AmpOverloadOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.658+00:33.716Steam
238 dontcut119 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.724+00:33.782Steam
239 laurent87Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.791+00:33.849Xbox
240 oldethumperOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.808+00:33.866Steam
241 Gnogno Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.824+00:33.882Steam
242 ctiv-gpf1psOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.874+00:33.932PS4
243 LinkinWarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.958+00:34.160Steam
244 penko75 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.991+00:34.490Steam
245 Alf Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.008+00:34.660Steam
246 VeivsterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.008+00:34.660PS4
247 t.nakazawa Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.024+00:34.820Steam
248 Stijn-killzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.041+00:34.990PS4
249 johann.fenn Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.091+00:34.149Steam
250 Ciccio e Tatino Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.108+00:34.166Steam
251 kai.masterson Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.158+00:34.216Steam
252 sl0rvpeisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.241+00:34.299PS4
253 buteop Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.291+00:34.349Steam
254 SnueOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.291+00:34.349Steam
255 badouille71Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.308+00:34.366PS4
256 RallyManic1964Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.324+00:34.382Steam
257 Mdr_PitbulOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.358+00:34.416Steam
258 NibugagaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.458+00:34.516Steam
259 modzelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.474+00:34.532Steam
260 macco37Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.474+00:34.532PS4
261 TRZTORQUEOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.524+00:34.582Steam
262 ladose.lebelge Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.558+00:34.616Steam
263 Niskymen Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.758+00:34.816Steam
264 RUTHLESS Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.758+00:34.816Steam
265 hameen1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.891+00:34.949PS4
266 Tannekr Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.958+00:35.160Steam
267 50. M. AnderssonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.974+00:35.320Steam
268 SlowMo??Phlegmatix Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.991+00:35.490Steam
269 DDGRIPOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.008+00:35.660PS4
270 Robcik Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.024+00:35.820Steam
271 Fernando MeirelesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.141+00:35.199Steam
272 DimSum Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.158+00:35.216Steam
273 JuhiziTOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.158+00:35.216PS4
274 jorkkako Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.208+00:35.266Steam
275 svt4cam Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.208+00:35.266Steam
276 Letras78Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.258+00:35.316Xbox
277 zdzich1988Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.274+00:35.332PS4
278 Filous548Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.274+00:35.332PS4
279 ThomasSCRATCH39Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.274+00:35.332PS4
280 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.291+00:35.349Xbox
281 DARK666_ Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.391+00:35.449Steam
282 Molock Le LapinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.408+00:35.466Steam
283 GarrettOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.508+00:35.566Steam
284 NLXBOX360Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.574+00:35.632Xbox
285 ferhattezz Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.641+00:35.699Steam
286 ..::LeLo::..Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.674+00:35.732Steam
287 CourtathorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.724+00:35.782Steam
288 [NP]MadZOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.741+00:35.799Steam
289 przemyslaw115Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.808+00:35.866PS4
290 hogzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.824+00:35.882Steam
291 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.824+00:35.882Xbox
292 MaMaZOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.891+00:35.949Steam
293 MikeWagon24Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.941+00:35.999PS4
294 Bartolini Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.974+00:36.320Steam
295 [SBS]roz107 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.991+00:36.490Steam
296 ostepopOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.008+00:36.660Xbox
297 zornostiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.024+00:36.820PS4
298 saxmania54Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.041+00:36.990Steam
299 kero2003Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.108+00:36.166PS4
300 kojeto Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.141+00:36.199Steam
301 katuskiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.241+00:36.299PS4
302 keissu Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.258+00:36.316Steam
303 kemuksigakOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.258+00:36.316Steam
304 monellino94Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.258+00:36.316Xbox
305 Chewbitch Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.291+00:36.349Steam
306 salvo4689 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.308+00:36.366Steam
307 GRIP Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.308+00:36.366Steam
308 alewrcOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.308+00:36.366PS4
309 gianodriver1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.324+00:36.382Steam
310 axelkardan49Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.324+00:36.382PS4
311 OKA Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.358+00:36.416Steam
312 mondOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.424+00:36.482Steam
313 MC WRT Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.441+00:36.499Steam
314 Nakci Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.458+00:36.516Steam
315 FaLi-92Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.524+00:36.582PS4
316 florent.moulinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.558+00:36.616Steam
317 SchtroebchenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.624+00:36.682Steam
318 Jean_G_RagnottiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.641+00:36.699PS4
319 Logitechg920Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.658+00:36.716Xbox
320 GTD-Ninja306Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.691+00:36.749PS4
321 lexx_baer Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.724+00:36.782Steam
322 AcidOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.808+00:36.866Steam
323 Spaced SkunkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.858+00:36.916Steam
324 Corvettefan4everOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.858+00:36.916PS4
325 Mika-T420Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.858+00:36.916PS4
326 Boldgingerman Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.891+00:36.949Steam
327 turboch4rgedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.891+00:36.949Steam
328 iPEz56Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.908+00:36.966PS4
329 SizemoreOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.924+00:36.982Xbox
330 flint_sweOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.958+00:37.160Steam
331 Caste_199Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.991+00:37.490PS4
332 RAL-AUDIOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.024+00:37.820PS4
333 martinen5Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.124+00:37.182PS4
334 The_nasty_one Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.191+00:37.249Steam
335 Erik8993Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.224+00:37.282Steam
336 how-45 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.224+00:37.282Steam
337 StoryVSOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.241+00:37.299Steam
338 LUKEY1993Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.241+00:37.299PS4
339 snoordan Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.258+00:37.316Steam
340 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.274+00:37.332Xbox
341 Save Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.391+00:37.449Steam
342 david106n1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.408+00:37.466PS4
343 dewos91Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.424+00:37.482Steam
344 FluchenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.491+00:37.549PS4
345 HomerJ127Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.491+00:37.549Xbox
346 krashokkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.574+00:37.632Steam
347 MAD_bomber95Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.574+00:37.632PS4
348 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.608+00:37.666Xbox
349 DiamantTofOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.608+00:37.666Xbox
350 rustyshakelferOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.624+00:37.682Xbox
351 Babbelbox77 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.658+00:37.716Steam
352 Lucas--59210Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.691+00:37.749PS4
353 Veoka mees Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.724+00:37.782Steam
354 Parkerface Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.724+00:37.782Steam
355 dafoartOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.724+00:37.782PS4
356 Beatles26120Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.724+00:37.782PS4
357 Mefroid Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.741+00:37.799Steam
358 Xelabo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.774+00:37.832Steam
359 madwak55Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.791+00:37.849PS4
360 FuSiON_MoDizZOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.791+00:37.849PS4
361 GTP_See23Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.791+00:37.849PS4
362 Matty ? Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.824+00:37.882Steam
363 polyperchon394Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.924+00:37.982Steam
364 LuxxMinerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.941+00:37.999Xbox
365 amsp84Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.974+00:38.320PS4
366 kokeand50Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.007+00:38.650PS4
367 aaronbeard Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.057+00:38.115Steam
368 Paddy Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.174+00:38.232Steam
369 Lexrax Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.191+00:38.249Steam
370 scotty23pOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.324+00:38.382PS4
371 skutt79Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.341+00:38.399Steam
372 need2bfoundOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.341+00:38.399PS4
373 Young effeCT #fadpaaa Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.458+00:38.516Steam
374 Hlavács Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.474+00:38.532Steam
375 NowthenfellaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.507+00:38.565PS4
376 Turbo_Danny7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.524+00:38.582PS4
377 radeel1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.541+00:38.599Steam
378 Gazorpazorpfield Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.574+00:38.632Steam
379 Walter RöhrlOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.574+00:38.632Steam
380 Hum4ngus Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.591+00:38.649Steam
381 gt99 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.607+00:38.665Steam
382 PräzziOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.674+00:38.732Steam
383 I-IoBBYM3][zG3ROpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.691+00:38.749Steam
384 emiliqn25Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.691+00:38.749PS4
385 MacTools71 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.707+00:38.765Steam
386 lolhonza Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.757+00:38.815Steam
387 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.807+00:38.865Xbox
388 w0Lf #NoHeadset Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.841+00:38.899Steam
389 prevotOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.841+00:38.899Xbox
390 svxtasy31Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.857+00:38.915Xbox
391 robohwheelybinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.891+00:38.949PS4
392 delooze85Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.957+00:39.150PS4
393 xX-Espi-XxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.974+00:39.320PS4
394 Luk-T-ObkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.991+00:39.490PS4
395 haivonen16Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.007+00:39.650PS4
396 Speeddevil76Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.041+00:39.990Steam
397 Copilot Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.057+00:39.115Steam
398 aron Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.057+00:39.115Steam
399 Béda Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.074+00:39.132Steam
400 mako7195 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.107+00:39.165Steam
401 PeTTs0n Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.124+00:39.182Steam
402 Kaartiger Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.124+00:39.182Steam
403 leleturbolagOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.191+00:39.249PS4
404 johndl Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.257+00:39.315Steam
405 TurkiSharKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.274+00:39.332Steam
406 SpazAttack Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.291+00:39.349Steam
407 ficaks Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.307+00:39.365Steam
408 Twenty70Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.307+00:39.365PS4
409 frakilla1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.324+00:39.382PS4
410 ROBBY7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.341+00:39.399Xbox
411 RZA Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.374+00:39.432Steam
412 Left4Otter Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.474+00:39.532Steam
413 BruceFr Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.507+00:39.565Steam
414 Xavi89RacingOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.524+00:39.582Steam
415 babao05Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.524+00:39.582PS4
416 y654rtyhgfdOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.541+00:39.599PS4
417 jbrederOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.557+00:39.615PS4
418 Angela Deth Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.607+00:39.665Steam
419 eski655Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.607+00:39.665PS4
420 KrustenKäse26 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.624+00:39.682Steam
421 Pfaffo!Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.641+00:39.699Steam
422 Ricardo Gama Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.674+00:39.732Steam
423 Mike59470tktOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.707+00:39.765PS4
424 Road To UniEuroOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.757+00:39.815Steam
425 kilfoofanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.807+00:39.865Steam
426 spacefunkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.857+00:39.915Steam
427 Zsolyomi88Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.857+00:39.915PS4
428 hansi0406Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.891+00:39.949PS4
429 siandcianOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.891+00:39.949Xbox
430 jontikka86Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.907+00:39.965PS4
431 palmolive123Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.924+00:39.982PS4
432 john_finlayson_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.941+00:39.999Steam
433 Maussie Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.957+00:40.150Steam
434 nerdkid56 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.957+00:40.150Steam
435 piotto76Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.974+00:40.320PS4
436 HeideJaevenitzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.007+00:40.650PS4
437 murcianico87Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.024+00:40.820PS4
438 VeVi03Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.024+00:40.820PS4
439 Hotel12Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.074+00:40.132Xbox
440 Rayfloyd Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.091+00:40.149Steam
441 troopersingerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.124+00:40.182Steam
442 Mathias7030Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.191+00:40.249PS4
443 schon_wieder_ichOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.207+00:40.265Steam
444 nao_renka Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.207+00:40.265Steam
445 ShimondoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.207+00:40.265Steam
446 Fibanacci_1200Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.207+00:40.265PS4
447 mathieu Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.241+00:40.299Steam
448 itanimulli Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.324+00:40.382Steam
449 freudenbergpatrickOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.324+00:40.382Steam
450 Hulmiho UkolenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.324+00:40.382Steam
451 jlrmaxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.341+00:40.399PS4
452 pink_transience Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.374+00:40.432Steam
453 lush31djOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.374+00:40.432PS4
454 coyeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.407+00:40.465Steam
455 betws13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.407+00:40.465PS4
456 gui79Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.424+00:40.482Xbox
457 LinassioOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.457+00:40.515PS4
458 Hachi Roku Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.541+00:40.599Steam
459 Budda Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.541+00:40.599Steam
460 Zacik16Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.574+00:40.632Steam
461 Ramsay Bolton Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.591+00:40.649Steam
462 Astrid_S_BergOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.591+00:40.649PS4
463 kol_87Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.591+00:40.649PS4
464 DACK-6_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.607+00:40.665PS4
465 MuscleDevilOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.641+00:40.699PS4
466 KauralastuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.641+00:40.699PS4
467 ludovar_trochicOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.641+00:40.699PS4
468 Daz_FCOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.657+00:40.715PS4
469 scal2805Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.724+00:40.782Xbox
470 NONOlyoncharboOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.774+00:40.832Xbox
471 ZapperOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.824+00:40.882Steam
472 Weissi97 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.857+00:40.915Steam
473 MartkozOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.857+00:40.915Steam
474 Ville Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.857+00:40.915Steam
475 DanielSSFFSOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.924+00:40.982PS4
476 dennisderacer Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.991+00:41.490Steam
477 corradinhoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.091+00:41.149Steam
478 PauloKP69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.107+00:41.165Steam
479 Leberkleister Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.141+00:41.199Steam
480 CAMAROZ28FROpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.191+00:41.249Steam
481 H[ei]T Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.191+00:41.249Steam
482 CakaCoolOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.207+00:41.265PS4
483 dom61zavaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.241+00:41.299PS4
484 DRASICKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.257+00:41.315Xbox
485 Vaino Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.357+00:41.415Steam
486 jandar2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.407+00:41.465Steam
487 sgarners Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.407+00:41.465Steam
488 jere_548Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.491+00:41.549PS4
489 CATE149Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.491+00:41.549PS4
490 Clingon Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.507+00:41.565Steam
491 sepbutchOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.591+00:41.649PS4
492 Platoon Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.641+00:41.699Steam
493 kieken999Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.657+00:41.715Xbox
494 gubyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.724+00:41.782Steam
495 randomi69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.724+00:41.782PS4
496 KoukouGniettesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.724+00:41.782PS4
497 diablo evil Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.741+00:41.799Steam
498 hio_91Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.741+00:41.799PS4
499 decimateur25Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.791+00:41.849PS4
500 wesco-013Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.807+00:41.865PS4
501 Obe-WanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.824+00:41.882PS4
502 matapuposOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.941+00:41.999Xbox
503 inet.email (DE-NRW-LIP)Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.974+00:42.320Steam
504 johny Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.007+00:42.650Steam
505 baldosicOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.007+00:42.650Steam
506 toedeloeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.041+00:42.990PS4
507 NikonlainenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.041+00:42.990PS4
508 11. S ÖhrstrandTeam AW Rally Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.091+00:42.149Steam
509 TEROOROpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.107+00:42.165Xbox
510 RallyeFan82Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.107+00:42.165Xbox
511 BlulmOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.124+00:42.182PS4
512 BeemerbabyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.141+00:42.199PS4
513 Beefeater63Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.157+00:42.215PS4
514 StruzaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.174+00:42.232Xbox
515 balrock Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.224+00:42.282Steam
516 Tin Man Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.258+00:42.316Steam
517 GABRIDOROOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.274+00:42.332Xbox
518 MopMan_PL Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.291+00:42.349Steam
519 greg_t Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.307+00:42.365Steam
520 [T.F]Raptor974 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.324+00:42.382Steam
521 E³ (aka Eiii) Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.341+00:42.399Steam
522 HakanSweJkpgOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.357+00:42.415PS4
523 FroloffNikolayOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.407+00:42.465Xbox
524 OvalRacerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.441+00:42.499PS4
525 aurelie07Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.474+00:42.532PS4
526 Sk1dsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.491+00:42.549Steam
527 VipezZOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.491+00:42.549Xbox
528 iordanis2777Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.507+00:42.565PS4
529 misanthor Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.525+00:42.583Steam
530 f8924919 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.557+00:42.615Steam
531 Xmln01Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.591+00:42.649PS4
532 skyline_catt1683Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.607+00:42.665PS4
533 mulo48900Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.691+00:42.749Steam
534 atsarev Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.707+00:42.765Steam
535 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.707+00:42.765Xbox
536 SexyDino Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.741+00:42.799Steam
537 vida.janikaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.791+00:42.849Steam
538 Jordan_WRC23Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.791+00:42.849PS4
539 archi840801Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.791+00:42.849PS4
540 gabmanu--Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.807+00:42.865PS4
541 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.841+00:42.899Xbox
542 Dominguez Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.857+00:42.915Steam
543 meo perreaultOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.857+00:42.915Steam
544 IGROK5211 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.874+00:42.932Steam
545 EpilepticToastOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.907+00:42.965Xbox
546 EnconahotsauceOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.957+00:43.150PS4
547 Moonface Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.974+00:43.320Steam
548 Paupiette FR Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.041+00:43.990Steam
549 Private Parts Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.057+00:43.115Steam
550 mateogirault45Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.074+00:43.132PS4
551 sazae de gozaima-su Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.107+00:43.165Steam
552 RamOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.141+00:43.199Steam
553 re89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.174+00:43.232PS4
554 PANNEKOEK3000Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.191+00:43.249PS4
555 TIHSEFOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.207+00:43.265PS4
556 angioni87Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.207+00:43.265PS4
557 Max Power [DPT] Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.257+00:43.315Steam
558 RealTrollisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.274+00:43.332PS4
559 ZackSD Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.324+00:43.382Steam
560 FredmertOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.324+00:43.382PS4
561 bartezz666Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.341+00:43.399PS4
562 fredo_lagachetteOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.341+00:43.399PS4
563 Akers73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.341+00:43.399Xbox
564 schwarzer-edaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.374+00:43.432Steam
565 clatorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.424+00:43.482PS4
566 Wisey Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.474+00:43.532Steam
567 k77kwgOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.524+00:43.582PS4
568 XRIKIBOKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.524+00:43.582Xbox
569 BOT1ovo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.541+00:43.599Steam
570 sobilOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.574+00:43.632Steam
571 Stariy_YevreyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.607+00:43.665Steam
572 MattiaCasa85Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.607+00:43.665PS4
573 PutinatorTheBossOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.624+00:43.682PS4
574 GuncšOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.641+00:43.699Steam
575 Nytefyre Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.657+00:43.715Steam
576 proGamer346 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.657+00:43.715Steam
577 Jojo larssouille Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.657+00:43.715Steam
578 BoogaTronVrOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.657+00:43.715PS4
579 PanjiiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.657+00:43.715Xbox
580 rallyorangeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.708+00:43.766PS4
581 jasenJOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.741+00:43.799PS4
582 house Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.774+00:43.832Steam
583 mmm pancakesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.791+00:43.849Steam
584 mussieOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.857+00:43.915PS4
585 michaspieleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.907+00:43.965Steam
586 carbon Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.941+00:43.999Steam
587 drakar Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.024+00:44.820Steam
588 Gaz Mc Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.024+00:44.820Steam
589 Howard_AJOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.024+00:44.820PS4
590 mpajusaluOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.024+00:44.820PS4
591 Public_Enemy#1 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.041+00:44.990Steam
592 alan4810Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.041+00:44.990PS4
593 FinalXXOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.057+00:44.115Steam
594 endingisnearOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.091+00:44.149Steam
595 Motörhead 2112Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.091+00:44.149Steam
596 RF-TEIOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.107+00:44.165PS4
597 Damyen73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.141+00:44.199Xbox
598 mikalandOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.141+00:44.199Xbox
599 TdiLauroOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.157+00:44.215Steam
600 willieraskOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.157+00:44.215PS4
601 OldguyMcGavinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.191+00:44.249Steam
602 pepichzoliOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.191+00:44.249Steam
603 Ricson48185 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.257+00:44.315Steam
604 PauloudpedalOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.274+00:44.332Steam
605 crazymotors Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.307+00:44.365Steam
606 Reigo12Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.324+00:44.382PS4
607 mamola13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.374+00:44.432PS4
608 maxcollinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.391+00:44.449PS4
609 StehloOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.424+00:44.482Steam
610 deeppurplesheep Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.424+00:44.482Steam
611 AgentSmith19Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.491+00:44.549PS4
612 BrightPrMMOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.507+00:44.565PS4
613 StealthOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.524+00:44.582Steam
614 TuningWorld96Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.541+00:44.599Steam
615 R4in8ow Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.541+00:44.599Steam
616 Harry9009Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.541+00:44.599PS4
617 Sumppi_kooOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.541+00:44.599PS4
618 $HARMAN8TA Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.557+00:44.615Steam
619 TchoponT Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.557+00:44.615Steam
620 Tistouu15Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.557+00:44.615PS4
621 florenchikOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.557+00:44.615PS4
622 Led_Fütt_RacingOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.574+00:44.632Steam
623 SweetTooth90_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.607+00:44.665PS4
624 tom6561Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.624+00:44.682Steam
625 robnitro Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.624+00:44.682Steam
626 XxGRIMxRIPPERxXOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.641+00:44.699PS4
627 yoannkraussOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.691+00:44.749PS4
628 dragosbold Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.707+00:44.765Steam
629 watan12Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.741+00:44.799PS4
630 mzracer89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.791+00:44.849PS4
631 ?Jam™? Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.807+00:44.865Steam
632 Mr.XOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.824+00:44.882Steam
633 Freddie0KruegerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.824+00:44.882PS4
634 ced2802Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.891+00:44.949PS4
635 carlos_baeza1 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.907+00:44.965Steam
636 rpoliver555Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.907+00:44.965PS4
637 Jonog53Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.924+00:44.982PS4
638 zoolegOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.941+00:44.999PS4
639 PrummzessinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.941+00:44.999PS4
640 MarsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.991+00:45.490Steam
641 meisterp1977Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.991+00:45.490PS4
642 Marzano Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.007+00:45.650Steam
643 Špinavý postiž s pindou Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.074+00:45.132Steam
644 Lucas_KrijanderOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.107+00:45.165PS4
645 Chocapix Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.124+00:45.182Steam
646 reder1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.124+00:45.182PS4
647 littleregret265Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.141+00:45.199PS4
648 whitford0Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.157+00:45.215PS4
649 MTRMSK Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.224+00:45.282Steam
650 mikeboi48Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.224+00:45.282PS4
651 De909rekOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.257+00:45.315PS4
652 claudio87casaliOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.257+00:45.315PS4
653 mormo95Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.257+00:45.315PS4
654 Fallere825Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.274+00:45.332Steam
655 Cristián Gré Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.274+00:45.332Steam
656 kolonne97 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.291+00:45.349Steam
657 Jbeliveau320Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.307+00:45.365Xbox
658 oliv822Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.391+00:45.449PS4
659 angelo.decoene Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.407+00:45.465Steam
660 FatfergusOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.424+00:45.482Steam
661 C. Germain Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.474+00:45.532Steam
662 SuperStinkyTofuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.491+00:45.549Steam
663 aporellos82Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.491+00:45.549PS4
664 airforceA-564Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.491+00:45.549PS4
665 DeathBoy11Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.507+00:45.565Steam
666 VihaneMarski Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.591+00:45.649Steam
667 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.607+00:45.665Xbox
668 johnlauresoldierOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.624+00:45.682Steam
669 yidupnorthOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.724+00:45.782PS4
670 Henkka199118Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.724+00:45.782Xbox
671 LusikkaPerce69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.741+00:45.799PS4
672 AlexnenonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.757+00:45.815PS4
673 aderaxfiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.807+00:45.865PS4
674 ibe0510Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.857+00:45.915PS4
675 huberty-43Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.874+00:45.932PS4
676 Mr. Lava LavaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.941+00:45.999Steam
677 svante003Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.957+00:46.150Xbox
678 TheKid Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.974+00:46.320Steam
679 knottyeightysevenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.991+00:46.490Steam
680 jonplagerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.007+00:46.650PS4
681 IntimfurunkelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.040+00:46.980PS4
682 FeedbakhOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.074+00:46.132Steam
683 SamppaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.074+00:46.132Steam
684 Dm3MackerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.074+00:46.132PS4
685 strings6sticks2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.090+00:46.148PS4
686 tihon235Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.107+00:46.165PS4
687 bad-egg99Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.107+00:46.165PS4
688 lomixteam Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.157+00:46.215Steam
689 vickolfc Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.157+00:46.215Steam
690 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.157+00:46.215Xbox
691 Sepponaattori666Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.158+00:46.216PS4
692 Grobatar Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.190+00:46.248Steam
693 furz Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.207+00:46.265Steam
694 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.224+00:46.282Xbox
695 MIKER XXL Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.257+00:46.315Steam
696 cesco21Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.274+00:46.332PS4
697 MajorThoooomOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.274+00:46.332PS4
698 anjuna65Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.290+00:46.348PS4
699 SKÅPET Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.307+00:46.365Steam
700 CASCA197CVOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.307+00:46.365PS4
701 Jason-Blaz17Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.324+00:46.382PS4
702 Stickmann88Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.340+00:46.398PS4
703 Max-du48Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.440+00:46.498PS4
704 WITT0014Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.457+00:46.515Xbox
705 jonesy65582Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.490+00:46.548PS4
706 peryalbertoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.490+00:46.548PS4
707 KamatazeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.540+00:46.598Steam
708 hUm3xOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.607+00:46.665Steam
709 ab1980Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.657+00:46.715Steam
710 BabdefOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.657+00:46.715PS4
711 rHu Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.674+00:46.732Steam
712 trekbiker70Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.674+00:46.732PS4
713 fillefilanderOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.674+00:46.732PS4
714 GuiyomOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.674+00:46.732Xbox
715 C120ABOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.690+00:46.748PS4
716 fifty2chicken91Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.757+00:46.815PS4
717 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.790+00:46.848Xbox
718 psicocannaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.807+00:46.865PS4
719 samcro13-27Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.840+00:46.898PS4
720 A BananaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.841+00:46.899Steam
721 bruno.patty12 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.857+00:46.915Steam
722 Bergakore95Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.874+00:46.932PS4
723 damism00tOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.940+00:46.998PS4
724 JonyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.974+00:47.320Steam
725 XR06TOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.974+00:47.320Xbox
726 AnviiMuteOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.990+00:47.480PS4
727 ElCalamar999Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.024+00:47.820PS4
728 JidasOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.024+00:47.820Xbox
729 mickmacOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.057+00:47.115Steam
730 Mikeh-981Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.090+00:47.148PS4
731 TheCrud36 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.124+00:47.182Steam
732 haraldurrunarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.174+00:47.232PS4
733 pedrogutiBSBOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.174+00:47.232PS4
734 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.174+00:47.232Xbox
735 TagyoureIT69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.190+00:47.248PS4
736 yanablocOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.207+00:47.265PS4
737 SuPeR_SeMkiCcOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.224+00:47.282PS4
738 FookYoeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.224+00:47.282PS4
739 Thesilver7191 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.240+00:47.298Steam
740 **BuFFaLo133**Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.290+00:47.348Steam
741 Feizan Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.307+00:47.365Steam
742 KARASAWA_st Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.324+00:47.382Steam
743 Tigalate6Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.324+00:47.382PS4
744 The Crimson ChinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.374+00:47.432Steam
745 weltl0rOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.474+00:47.532Steam
746 Leosp-01Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.474+00:47.532PS4
747 litwarskiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.507+00:47.565Steam
748 predatormax777Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.507+00:47.565PS4
749 bobradar Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.574+00:47.632Steam
750 Lucas-CastilleroOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.590+00:47.648PS4
751 SatrylOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.640+00:47.698Steam
752 markrenton85Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.640+00:47.698PS4
753 kobe57810Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.657+00:47.715PS4
754 L ChapoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.707+00:47.765Steam
755 razze ?Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.724+00:47.782Steam
756 jamlopesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.724+00:47.782PS4
757 wknd1989Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.740+00:47.798PS4
758 DON_DANIELLOOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.740+00:47.798PS4
759 starty-GT_expertOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.740+00:47.798PS4
760 Gabe BF Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.757+00:47.815Steam
761 Epitaph Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.807+00:47.865Steam
762 Bleifussler Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.857+00:47.915Steam
763 Big-Shirley45Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.857+00:47.915PS4
764 FOG-SMoss Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.874+00:47.932Steam
765 ACOPLADO46Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.924+00:47.982PS4
766 jmfalfonsoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.974+00:48.320Steam
767 MadonmaksaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.974+00:48.320Xbox
768 silverman010776Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.990+00:48.480PS4
769 AposOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.007+00:48.650Steam
770 InTheBuilding137Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.007+00:48.650PS4
771 BajanPilotOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.007+00:48.650PS4
772 Agent111venOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.040+00:48.980Xbox
773 bramOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.057+00:48.115Steam
774 BlackmystOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.124+00:48.182Steam
775 Real Human TimOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.174+00:48.232Steam
776 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.174+00:48.232Xbox
777 RonnieSennaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.207+00:48.265PS4
778 d69_inge Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.240+00:48.298Steam
779 FatanicTeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.240+00:48.298PS4
780 massimoeleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.257+00:48.315PS4
781 illupiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.290+00:48.348Steam
782 TiPeWaBloBanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.324+00:48.382Steam
783 hemirpu Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.324+00:48.382Steam
784 Mboku-UtomboOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.324+00:48.382PS4
785 Magnus BlodstrupmoenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.358+00:48.416Steam
786 [GER] Flatman Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.374+00:48.432Steam
787 JAYDU26Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.407+00:48.465Xbox
788 Bubi Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.440+00:48.498Steam
789 iba_86_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.474+00:48.532PS4
790 meazipOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.490+00:48.548PS4
791 Jester1977Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.557+00:48.615PS4
792 gman0803Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.557+00:48.615PS4
793 Neophyte140Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.607+00:48.665PS4
794 loak68Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.707+00:48.765Steam
795 BakitoST Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.757+00:48.815Steam
796 bkdbltapnOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.807+00:48.865Xbox
797 jussiiliOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.857+00:48.915PS4
798 Edu22mgOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.890+00:48.948PS4
799 Benji3001Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.907+00:48.965PS4
800 Shaunstar9Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.907+00:48.965PS4
801 mat Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.974+00:49.320Steam
802 ILoveDeathcoreSCOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.974+00:49.320PS4
803 butch394Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.974+00:49.320PS4
804 Jonsey24aOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.990+00:49.480PS4
805 Colin Awesome Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.007+00:49.650Steam
806 GrantedVenus9Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.007+00:49.650Xbox
807 wish bone Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.074+00:49.132Steam
808 BranOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.124+00:49.182Steam
809 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.124+00:49.182Xbox
810 CyPreSS-o2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.140+00:49.198PS4
811 HmelevskyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.140+00:49.198PS4
812 TeeKoo80Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.174+00:49.232PS4
813 FabonlineOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.190+00:49.248PS4
814 small_pox_championOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.207+00:49.265Steam
815 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.274+00:49.332Xbox
816 SevenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.307+00:49.365Steam
817 shahzadamddOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.407+00:49.465PS4
818 vvlf Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.424+00:49.482Steam
819 FlamovOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.457+00:49.515Steam
820 kikeveroOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.457+00:49.515PS4
821 PinguOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.490+00:49.548Steam
822 samsonite94 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.540+00:49.598Steam
823 fzr-1000Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.557+00:49.615Steam
824 ste_valli96Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.557+00:49.615PS4
825 Bungle Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.574+00:49.632Steam
826 Tomis2fast4uOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.574+00:49.632PS4
827 ArchosauriaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.590+00:49.648Steam
828 Gonzo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.624+00:49.682Steam
829 Arpy81Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.624+00:49.682PS4
830 chamb79Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.640+00:49.698PS4
831 NerosiKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.674+00:49.732Steam
832 mporvichOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.707+00:49.765Steam
833 leo11garciaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.707+00:49.765PS4
834 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.724+00:49.782Xbox
835 SteelistaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.740+00:49.798Steam
836 Xalara5618 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.740+00:49.798Steam
837 xavyoh34Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.757+00:49.815PS4
838 Sm0keyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.774+00:49.832Steam
839 ZenthexOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.774+00:49.832Steam
840 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.774+00:49.832Xbox
841 Skumble Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.824+00:49.882Steam
842 diegovernOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.857+00:49.915PS4
843 gaizkals999Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.974+00:50.320PS4
844 TwodogsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.007+00:50.650Steam
845 HylkeNL Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.024+00:50.820Steam
846 agattakOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.024+00:50.820PS4
847 peej108Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.040+00:50.980PS4
848 VokinshalakOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.040+00:50.980PS4
849 dr.frexx Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.107+00:50.165Steam
850 AttiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.124+00:50.182Steam
851 tessert Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.124+00:50.182Steam
852 ema5moreiraOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.140+00:50.198PS4
853 arjanw Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.190+00:50.248Steam
854 thesikoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.190+00:50.248Xbox
855 RitaStanleyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.224+00:50.282PS4
856 Amnezik78Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.257+00:50.315PS4
857 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.274+00:50.332Xbox
858 CubicLineOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.290+00:50.348PS4
859 Mattdcfc27Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.290+00:50.348PS4
860 Boogey ? Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.324+00:50.382Steam
861 marek Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.357+00:50.415Steam
862 vianoch05Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.357+00:50.415PS4
863 KaasujalkaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.358+00:50.416Steam
864 GoBart34Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.390+00:50.448PS4
865 jzdoctorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.424+00:50.482PS4
866 touquet.julienOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.440+00:50.498Steam
867 PrudentBearOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.440+00:50.498PS4
868 BroMagnonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.474+00:50.532Xbox
869 BEACHYY1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.490+00:50.548PS4
870 BELGA-MALOOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.508+00:50.566PS4
871 deal96Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.524+00:50.582PS4
872 Filipe Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.557+00:50.615Steam
873 traxan0plagiasOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.557+00:50.615Xbox
874 cyberinsekt943Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.574+00:50.632PS4
875 The_FingerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.590+00:50.648Steam
876 The_GoodJobOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.590+00:50.648PS4
877 tam_bam Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.591+00:50.649Steam
878 Stepan StepanowitchOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.624+00:50.682Steam
879 pedromcfreitas09Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.724+00:50.782PS4
880 Ronna666Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.724+00:50.782Xbox
881 Ham_947Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.740+00:50.798PS4
882 drivebye071Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.807+00:50.865Xbox
883 evotronmix Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.857+00:50.915Steam
884 maliDjuroOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.857+00:50.915PS4
885 MVRteam99Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.907+00:50.965PS4
886 wrc_polo_tean_88Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.924+00:50.982PS4
887 StirkovicOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.974+00:51.320PS4
888 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.990+00:51.480Xbox
889 metal spider Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.007+00:51.650Steam
890 hrung Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.057+00:51.115Steam
891 Madnoren Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.090+00:51.148Steam
892 toba1976 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.107+00:51.165Steam
893 sunphillipsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.107+00:51.165PS4
894 Boxer Hugo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.124+00:51.182Steam
895 [VoGu] Hawkstony Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.124+00:51.182Steam
896 Mr.Donk Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.124+00:51.182Steam
897 Suhoska78Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.157+00:51.215PS4
898 TcheninhOOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.157+00:51.215PS4
899 Helpless_SoldierOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.174+00:51.232Steam
900 Tjobbert Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.174+00:51.232Steam
901 Ormus`™ Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.207+00:51.265Steam
902 Bachen-Benno: Playstyle FickerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.224+00:51.282Steam
903 mrripple50Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.240+00:51.298PS4
904 K1I9N7G7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.274+00:51.332PS4
905 SchlabbefliggerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.307+00:51.365Steam
906 chipmunkmk20Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.307+00:51.365PS4
907 jetwalkerdeadOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.307+00:51.365PS4
908 MatsHellerudOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.324+00:51.382PS4
909 geefunkuk1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.357+00:51.415Xbox
910 R0YKING59Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.374+00:51.432Xbox
911 H2660486Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.407+00:51.465PS4
912 Nosferatu Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.440+00:51.498Steam
913 BeggarSifonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.457+00:51.515Steam
914 veji99Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.490+00:51.548PS4
915 calystoweOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.540+00:51.598PS4
916 Neo.C.RunOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.557+00:51.615Steam
917 SalaWRC22Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.590+00:51.648Steam
918 Bridge76 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.590+00:51.648Steam
919 dwajtpgjujhOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.590+00:51.648PS4
920 fk Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.641+00:51.699Steam
921 gamgam6822Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.674+00:51.732PS4
922 AshiaaaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.690+00:51.748Steam
923 DarknessKillerXOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.707+00:51.765PS4
924 GT3Mark2 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.740+00:51.798Steam
925 LosChiconeSspOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.774+00:51.832Steam
926 csontibarcikaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.824+00:51.882PS4
927 lucas_menneOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.840+00:51.898PS4
928 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.890+00:51.948Xbox
929 DR!P Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.907+00:51.965Steam
930 krmobilOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.940+00:51.998Xbox
931 1.21 GigawattOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.990+00:52.480Steam
932 versys73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.990+00:52.480PS4
933 Reg_DiaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.007+00:52.650Steam
934 dju55Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.007+00:52.650PS4
935 JohnR98Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.024+00:52.820Xbox
936 Roberto-GalardoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.057+00:52.115PS4
937 ShuppatsuShinkoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.057+00:52.115Xbox
938 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.090+00:52.148Xbox
939 The Oak™Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.124+00:52.182Steam
940 Tompaah Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.124+00:52.182Steam
941 del259Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.124+00:52.182PS4
942 GGorraXOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.124+00:52.182PS4
943 Iron-_-SpongeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.157+00:52.215Steam
944 matti.immonenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.240+00:52.298Steam
945 Quail-P Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.240+00:52.298Steam
946 Charles-EanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.257+00:52.315PS4
947 The Best Games Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.290+00:52.348Steam
948 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.307+00:52.365Xbox
949 ÐeadlockOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.324+00:52.382Steam
950 Vostaros Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.340+00:52.398Steam
951 SOELVSTEN_DKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.357+00:52.415PS4
952 firebeetle01 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.374+00:52.432Steam
953 KroddeboiiiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.374+00:52.432PS4
954 Dodge_1987Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.374+00:52.432PS4
955 ysnr510Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.424+00:52.482Steam
956 Pezku <.<Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.424+00:52.482Steam
957 racer1176Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.440+00:52.498PS4
958 bsheepie Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.507+00:52.565Steam
959 thcs0319Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.524+00:52.582PS4
960 K_forisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.524+00:52.582PS4
961 *****Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.557+00:52.615Steam
962 tialveOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.624+00:52.682PS4
963 SuPeR_SoNiiKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.657+00:52.715PS4
964 O0HugginsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.657+00:52.715PS4
965 Marwan Green CritterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.774+00:52.832Steam
966 sc123416Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.790+00:52.848PS4
967 AsayyeahOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.790+00:52.848PS4
968 USACSPRINTOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.840+00:52.898PS4
969 mgd70Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.924+00:52.982Steam
970 ThiboutouOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.924+00:52.982Xbox
971 PiriRC Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.940+00:52.998Steam
972 stoch__555Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.974+00:53.320PS4
973 playsenfoxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.990+00:53.480PS4
974 lolo451275Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.007+00:53.650Steam
975 Mr.Goat Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.024+00:53.820Steam
976 Pitu_arras1982Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.024+00:53.820PS4
977 shaunsullOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.040+00:53.980Xbox
978 Pode (AUT) Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.074+00:53.132Steam
979 JAY_GANESHAOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.074+00:53.132PS4
980 Brood420Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.074+00:53.132Xbox
981 ReichmeisterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.174+00:53.232Steam
982 ICE-MEN555Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.240+00:53.298PS4
983 TirwynOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.240+00:53.298Xbox
984 SJM2007Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.257+00:53.315PS4
985 InsssiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.274+00:53.332Steam
986 xCroco52 [FR] Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.274+00:53.332Steam
987 iceman-xyz-Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.290+00:53.348PS4
988 pingroinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.290+00:53.348PS4
989 Alex_MGBROpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.307+00:53.365PS4
990 LuizKarekaoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.307+00:53.365PS4
991 Zaboj Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.324+00:53.382Steam
992 MichaelinoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.324+00:53.382PS4
993 hide0040Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.340+00:53.398Steam
994 liagoutas Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.340+00:53.398Steam
995 ZozaSportOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.340+00:53.398Xbox
996 joogieOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.440+00:53.498Steam
997 MotorJumbleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.474+00:53.532PS4
998 koabi Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.541+00:53.599Steam
999 Cascade Premium Light Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.657+00:53.715Steam
1000 Tommy Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.657+00:53.715Steam
1001 mmmmmmhahahaaaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.657+00:53.715PS4
1002 Ruslans2404Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.757+00:53.815PS4
1003 stingrae27Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.774+00:53.832PS4
1004 gmaq124hOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.824+00:53.882Steam
1005 cakey666mOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.824+00:53.882PS4
1006 Peter Der Hondell [WTF] Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.857+00:53.915Steam
1007 MaxxLaMenaceOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.890+00:53.948Xbox
1008 Sachser Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.907+00:53.965Steam
1009 CoBlackRhinoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.907+00:53.965PS4
1010 fadingtrailsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.924+00:53.982PS4
1011 kimi40 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.940+00:53.998Steam
1012 tevatorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.957+00:54.150Steam
1013 liryc70Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.974+00:54.320PS4
1014 cuberubyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.990+00:54.480PS4
1015 cricri622211Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.057+00:54.115PS4
1016 loukimi Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.124+00:54.182Steam
1017 mwlund00Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.124+00:54.182PS4
1018 Sikor_Wawa_PLOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.174+00:54.232PS4
1019 CheycoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.190+00:54.248Xbox
1020 Realista74Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.257+00:54.315Steam
1021 DVMSteveOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.257+00:54.315Xbox
1022 gigaliOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.274+00:54.332PS4
1023 dczaq429Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.274+00:54.332PS4
1024 DatamancerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.307+00:54.365Steam
1025 minpucherOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.324+00:54.382PS4
1026 BowbackOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.341+00:54.399Xbox
1027 Oleorm66Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.357+00:54.415PS4
1028 leonsr4Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.390+00:54.448PS4
1029 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.390+00:54.448Xbox
1030 ninja900rr Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.407+00:54.465Steam
1031 PS-4k-Pro-101116Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.423+00:54.481PS4
1032 Motorsport46fanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.474+00:54.532PS4
1033 Kosmic14170Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.557+00:54.615PS4
1034 MagixMonkeyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.557+00:54.615PS4
1035 virgodude1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.573+00:54.631PS4
1036 nteraoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.573+00:54.631PS4
1037 MiglovesboostOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.623+00:54.681PS4
1038 32.Göran NilsonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.640+00:54.698Steam
1039 papszizoliOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.673+00:54.731Steam
1040 Fred-CobraOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.723+00:54.781PS4
1041 Milky87Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.723+00:54.781Xbox
1042 rogue_beast360Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.790+00:54.848PS4
1043 jyrg86Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.790+00:54.848PS4
1044 [NRT] Cubitus1957 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.807+00:54.865Steam
1045 XXmac59XXOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.807+00:54.865Xbox
1046 bernhard.mikusch Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.823+00:54.881Steam
1047 russdogg-tOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.823+00:54.881PS4
1048 juakin9200Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.857+00:54.915PS4
1049 NEIGI-44Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.890+00:54.948PS4
1050 Smart'n Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.907+00:54.965Steam
1051 kotatu0324Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.923+00:54.981Steam
1052 H@rd Drivin' Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.957+00:55.150Steam
1053 motero-kiteroOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.973+00:55.310PS4
1054 henrycrab_hkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.040+00:55.980PS4
1055 BABASS2BOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.107+00:55.165Xbox
1056 jeppeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.123+00:55.181Steam
1057 SilentOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.123+00:55.181Steam
1058 De_Witte66Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.123+00:55.181PS4
1059 markku85Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.157+00:55.215PS4
1060 Maitacar106Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.157+00:55.215PS4
1061 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.157+00:55.215Xbox
1062 omnitech44Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.173+00:55.231PS4
1063 TurboStarFoxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.190+00:55.248PS4
1064 mdberserkerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.207+00:55.265PS4
1065 jokas350Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.240+00:55.298PS4
1066 coutim Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.290+00:55.348Steam
1067 steven211980Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.290+00:55.348PS4
1068 deceda Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.307+00:55.365Steam
1069 frodeo_07Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.307+00:55.365PS4
1070 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.307+00:55.365Xbox
1071 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.340+00:55.398Xbox
1072 BeNSaNTuCCiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.390+00:55.448Xbox
1073 LidopticsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.507+00:55.565PS4
1074 TimberjackkiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.507+00:55.565PS4
1075 Gunrun Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.523+00:55.581Steam
1076 on024jpOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.523+00:55.581Steam
1077 rostzo7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.523+00:55.581PS4
1078 QuinithOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.540+00:55.598Steam
1079 EndafellOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.557+00:55.615PS4
1080 olive-62Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.623+00:55.681PS4
1081 rzr.paulOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.640+00:55.698Steam
1082 Michele231969Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.640+00:55.698PS4
1083 gersch4 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.673+00:55.731Steam
1084 edmakaunas Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.707+00:55.765Steam
1085 SilverFox Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.723+00:55.781Steam
1086 mj23wawOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.757+00:55.815PS4
1087 dik12345Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.891+00:55.949PS4
1088 xxPain2gaiNxxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.907+00:55.965PS4
1089 Sepe ! Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.923+00:55.981Steam
1090 julcraveurOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.957+00:56.150PS4
1091 pglnoobOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.973+00:56.310PS4
1092 mmm_homebrewOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.973+00:56.310PS4
1093 diyodOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.990+00:56.480Steam
1094 impressOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.040+00:56.980Steam
1095 bob Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.040+00:56.980Steam
1096 SkoukermanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.041+00:56.990Steam
1097 ToxicLogix Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.123+00:56.181Steam
1098 sakisa341Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.190+00:56.248Steam
1099 Bunngar55Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.190+00:56.248PS4
1100 KaapiosilkkiapinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.207+00:56.265PS4
1101 generaleeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.223+00:56.281Xbox
1102 G.RoubaixOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.240+00:56.298Steam
1103 muggle07Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.240+00:56.298PS4
1104 hapychapOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.240+00:56.298PS4
1105 liebiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.257+00:56.315Steam
1106 Weedy BongzalesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.257+00:56.315Steam
1107 painkiller070Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.257+00:56.315PS4
1108 BudiYOOOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.290+00:56.348Xbox
1109 fdivoyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.307+00:56.365PS4
1110 Adrenochrom88 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.341+00:56.399Steam
1111 RedEye_TumuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.390+00:56.448Steam
1112 FartermeisterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.423+00:56.481Xbox
1113 AnubisDTM Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.457+00:56.515Steam
1114 Rudi MenteiroOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.457+00:56.515Steam
1115 Welle_racing26Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.457+00:56.515PS4
1116 DazRalphs Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.473+00:56.531Steam
1117 st8itOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.557+00:56.615PS4
1118 PUPONE777Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.573+00:56.631PS4
1119 My Summer Spider Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.623+00:56.681Steam
1120 MacManagerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.657+00:56.715PS4
1121 Jama071Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.673+00:56.731PS4
1122 dnbpipaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.723+00:56.781PS4
1123 Sander Næss Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.757+00:56.815Steam
1124 Natbat71Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.757+00:56.815PS4
1125 Nomee Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.774+00:56.832Steam
1126 thib3865Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.807+00:56.865PS4
1127 kato6939cwmOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.807+00:56.865PS4
1128 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.807+00:56.865Xbox
1129 alehostioOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.840+00:56.898PS4
1130 StephanTrampaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.857+00:56.915PS4
1131 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.873+00:56.931Xbox
1132 The-RedBaron-411Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.907+00:56.965PS4
1133 Costich Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.924+00:56.982Steam
1134 ssnitrousoxideOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.940+00:56.998Steam
1135 kim8910Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.940+00:56.998PS4
1136 PowlOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.057+00:57.115Steam
1137 KMCK95Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.057+00:57.115PS4
1138 Sniker One Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.090+00:57.148Steam
1139 Geisterfahrer82 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.107+00:57.165Steam
1140 B.NEVEU Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.124+00:57.182Steam
1141 juice2107Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.140+00:57.198PS4
1142 pf70300Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.141+00:57.199PS4
1143 wrc83f183Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.157+00:57.215PS4
1144 satuzainenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.190+00:57.248PS4
1145 LakeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.207+00:57.265Steam
1146 3a?Pa3??pOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.207+00:57.265Steam
1147 jbergliOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.207+00:57.265PS4
1148 geirnikoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.240+00:57.298PS4
1149 McRae-1966Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.240+00:57.298PS4
1150 Ser-EyalbOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.340+00:57.398PS4
1151 Arma1987Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.357+00:57.415PS4
1152 I3oSe Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.390+00:57.448Steam
1153 adheal79Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.390+00:57.448PS4
1154 LasivillaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.490+00:57.548PS4
1155 EetuPOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.490+00:57.548Xbox
1156 FoGGy_08Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.507+00:57.565PS4
1157 akdk1986Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.507+00:57.565PS4
1158 forgrimiusOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.540+00:57.598PS4
1159 Nitro-GlennOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.540+00:57.598PS4
1160 kold kustard Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.573+00:57.631Steam
1161 ViperDriver23 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.574+00:57.632Steam
1162 TheMarksman200Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.607+00:57.665PS4
1163 rebo2002Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.673+00:57.731Steam
1164 terokivOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.673+00:57.731PS4
1165 okakug0Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.690+00:57.748Steam
1166 Lar1MakelaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.723+00:57.781Steam
1167 petr076Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.740+00:57.798Xbox
1168 Lacs 1954 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.773+00:57.831Steam
1169 Rocketman2112Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.790+00:57.848Xbox
1170 jonathanc1010Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.823+00:57.881PS4
1171 cfg03031969Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.857+00:57.915PS4
1172 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.857+00:57.915Xbox
1173 Snoop Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.891+00:57.949Steam
1174 ti-groulx-17-4Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.907+00:57.965PS4
1175 simennbOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.923+00:57.981PS4
1176 Conardo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.940+00:57.998Steam
1177 slowly27Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.973+00:58.310PS4
1178 ykmarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.990+00:58.480PS4
1179 RaggaEdjeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.007+00:58.650PS4
1180 papy63Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.023+00:58.810PS4
1181 Thilo-EmrichOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.023+00:58.810PS4
1182 aeroad71Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.090+00:58.148PS4
1183 Karppa Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.107+00:58.165Steam
1184 EnergyXOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.107+00:58.165PS4
1185 gmepsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.107+00:58.165PS4
1186 CGT-PollitoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.107+00:58.165PS4
1187 Samsquanch Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.157+00:58.215Steam
1188 CHRISSYDOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.207+00:58.265Xbox
1189 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.207+00:58.265Xbox
1190 carlinhos151Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.257+00:58.315PS4
1191 sdelaereOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.273+00:58.331PS4
1192 MADKILLER-69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.273+00:58.331PS4
1193 Puu Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.274+00:58.332Steam
1194 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.307+00:58.365Xbox
1195 Isoaho021Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.323+00:58.381PS4
1196 Treetz2008Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.323+00:58.381Xbox
1197 soencoeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.340+00:58.398Steam
1198 sylrct83Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.357+00:58.415PS4
1199 tollssonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.390+00:58.448PS4
1200 ROSSO Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.407+00:58.465Steam
1201 PredawnJokerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.423+00:58.481Steam
1202 corpscop43Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.423+00:58.481PS4
1203 feuer033stuhlOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.440+00:58.498PS4
1204 la hyene Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.457+00:58.515Steam
1205 baumelGT3Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.457+00:58.515PS4
1206 tokke333Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.473+00:58.531PS4
1207 SyFy Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.490+00:58.548Steam
1208 BoscoHUN Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.490+00:58.548Steam
1209 TJ-ArchinoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.524+00:58.582PS4
1210 h5t5r43ewwder456Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.540+00:58.598PS4
1211 ElectroSnowmanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.573+00:58.631PS4
1212 MackdaddyO_1965Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.573+00:58.631PS4
1213 JUSATRUCKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.590+00:58.648PS4
1214 jose3524Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.590+00:58.648PS4
1215 nils.doms Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.607+00:58.665Steam
1216 Ghost_PABLO Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.640+00:58.698Steam
1217 nesquik_schicchiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.690+00:58.748PS4
1218 rrjeuxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.707+00:58.765PS4
1219 wutangloveOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.707+00:58.765PS4
1220 ThomasoliverfoxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.707+00:58.765Xbox
1221 MarcelieOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.724+00:58.782Steam
1222 LaroucheOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.773+00:58.831PS4
1223 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.790+00:58.848Xbox
1224 tora_sanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.873+00:58.931Steam
1225 ultrameepOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.890+00:58.948PS4
1226 King Selah 1stOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.957+00:59.150Steam
1227 Mikhail_t_mOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.957+00:59.150PS4
1228 colstevensonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.007+00:59.650PS4
1229 primotomyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.007+00:59.650PS4
1230 JokuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.023+00:59.810Steam
1231 jari.jokinen Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.023+00:59.810Steam
1232 TITOS_VARVATOS10Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.023+00:59.810PS4
1233 RemMag1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.057+00:59.115Steam
1234 Inez_farfarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.057+00:59.115PS4
1235 Orion59Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.073+00:59.131PS4
1236 Corbotron_5Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.107+00:59.165PS4
1237 zombie-plusOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.107+00:59.165PS4
1238 cackie79Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.107+00:59.165PS4
1239 JonnysBong007Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.107+00:59.165PS4
1240 Sonny_Crockett18Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.123+00:59.181PS4
1241 SMC426Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.123+00:59.181PS4
1242 evoniclas64Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.140+00:59.198PS4
1243 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.141+00:59.199Xbox
1244 kevinholtz22Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.157+00:59.215PS4
1245 Sqnner Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.173+00:59.231Steam
1246 suomisisu1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.241+00:59.299PS4
1247 peliyucoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.273+00:59.331Xbox
1248 wouldpkr Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.290+00:59.348Steam
1249 TÄVE 82Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.323+00:59.381Steam
1250 dkfkdkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.357+00:59.415PS4
1251 SmashDeals Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.407+00:59.465Steam
1252 cataibareteau087Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.423+00:59.481PS4
1253 doug_e_fresh3Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.440+00:59.498PS4
1254 Chalky Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.490+00:59.548Steam
1255 R106CRF09ForeverOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.490+00:59.548PS4
1256 trojansao09Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.540+00:59.598PS4
1257 Smithers-1968_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.623+00:59.681PS4
1258 Labskaus271Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.623+00:59.681PS4
1259 DutchgaunerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.623+00:59.681PS4
1260 SHA_DOW33Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.673+00:59.731PS4
1261 GooglePlexOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.707+00:59.765Steam
1262 photo-insight63 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.723+00:59.781Steam
1263 taige_001 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.757+00:59.815Steam
1264 bak--kamonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.790+00:59.848Steam
1265 Jerec98kOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.807+00:59.865Steam
1266 rickyvg1975Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.823+00:59.881PS4
1267 mb48-PlechOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.840+00:59.898PS4
1268 LORRAINE-54Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.857+00:59.915PS4
1269 P'TrickZOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.873+00:59.931Steam
1270 tazouliOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.890+00:59.948Steam
1271 finnshadowOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.940+00:59.998PS4
1272 RaineVelttiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.957+1:00.150PS4
1273 jbaldwin969Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.990+1:00.480PS4
1274 hidoleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.023+1:00.810Steam
1275 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.057+1:00.115Xbox
1276 howryagettinonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.073+1:00.131Xbox
1277 TopherNoteOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.073+1:00.131Xbox
1278 therealmakake36Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.090+1:00.148PS4
1279 cheesemongerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.107+1:00.165Xbox
1280 ChiWUAcAOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.123+1:00.181PS4
1281 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.123+1:00.181Xbox
1282 Bugo917Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.190+1:00.248PS4
1283 kukrapokOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.207+1:00.265Steam
1284 Kosimazaki_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.223+1:00.281PS4
1285 delwiche.bernard Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.257+1:00.315Steam
1286 ghostnono89140Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.257+1:00.315PS4
1287 baly10Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.257+1:00.315Xbox
1288 yotuylosdemasOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.290+1:00.348PS4
1289 pkupfer13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.357+1:00.415PS4
1290 gregbarker201112Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.357+1:00.415PS4
1291 citroensaxo1999Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.357+1:00.415PS4
1292 hil953045Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.440+1:00.498PS4
1293 Elisport4Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.440+1:00.498PS4
1294 DestiladoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.457+1:00.515Steam
1295 perezarthurOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.491+1:00.549Xbox
1296 MentoSOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.557+1:00.615Steam
1297 Tamiyax die Fransösische Wurst Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.557+1:00.615Steam
1298 alexxtwoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.557+1:00.615Xbox
1299 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.573+1:00.631Xbox
1300 Morgow | ??? Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.574+1:00.632Steam
1301 MeneghedsonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.623+1:00.681Steam
1302 TonyWins Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.623+1:00.681Steam
1303 BAJi1988Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.623+1:00.681PS4
1304 baja1974Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.657+1:00.715PS4
1305 Siankarlo78Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.657+1:00.715PS4
1306 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.690+1:00.748Xbox
1307 matthias-weber89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.707+1:00.765PS4
1308 mory1990990Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.723+1:00.781PS4
1309 cooldriatOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.723+1:00.781PS4
1310 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.723+1:00.781Xbox
1311 KzoolOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.724+1:00.782Steam
1312 philtoscaniOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.740+1:00.798PS4
1313 discodave2004Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.773+1:00.831PS4
1314 Dirty_david24Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.773+1:00.831PS4
1315 WuerdeloserWurmOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.773+1:00.831PS4
1316 oFc_ikifouille13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.790+1:00.848PS4
1317 mathiasrussowOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.823+1:00.881PS4
1318 lulu54380Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.840+1:00.898PS4
1319 fgilOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.873+1:00.931Steam
1320 romangardenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.907+1:00.965PS4
1321 JackTriumphOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.957+1:01.150PS4
1322 Racer2727Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.990+1:01.480PS4
1323 AlefantinosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.007+1:01.650PS4
1324 Scott-M-18Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.024+1:01.820PS4
1325 gipern Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.040+1:01.980Steam
1326 LRottenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.040+1:01.980Xbox
1327 PvtCartmanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.057+1:01.115Steam
1328 JuanCarlosToledOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.057+1:01.115Xbox
1329 KrolkeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.107+1:01.165Steam
1330 Carzz075Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.140+1:01.198PS4
1331 AC LetnáOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.157+1:01.215Steam
1332 autocrossfreakOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.157+1:01.215PS4
1333 omarec Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.173+1:01.231Steam
1334 TerrorError93Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.223+1:01.281PS4
1335 mrsmith2205Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.307+1:01.365PS4
1336 SauweliosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.340+1:01.398PS4
1337 Huene73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.357+1:01.415PS4
1338 SpaceCouncil Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.457+1:01.515Steam
1339 VolvOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.473+1:01.531Steam
1340 JingGong1313Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.473+1:01.531PS4
1341 SceriOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.507+1:01.565Steam
1342 erykgraczPLOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.523+1:01.581PS4
1343 djohac Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.540+1:01.598Steam
1344 ChristianOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.540+1:01.598Steam
1345 jeroenimo988Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.557+1:01.615Xbox
1346 DarrenTurnerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.557+1:01.615Xbox
1347 Nova-0807Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.590+1:01.648PS4
1348 KingRoozaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.607+1:01.665PS4
1349 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.640+1:01.698Xbox
1350 dab-cOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.673+1:01.731Steam
1351 Ategon_n Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.673+1:01.731Steam
1352 Wallace1977Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.673+1:01.731Xbox
1353 Averon® Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.690+1:01.748Steam
1354 DoofmannOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.690+1:01.748Xbox
1355 Zheka18031971Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.707+1:01.765PS4
1356 JDM-STYLE-SBDOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.740+1:01.798PS4
1357 smk5526Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.807+1:01.865Steam
1358 jonathanjsrOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.823+1:01.881Xbox
1359 METES_FCBOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.873+1:01.931PS4
1360 jujukart10Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.873+1:01.931PS4
1361 BEAMER231Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.957+1:02.150PS4
1362 magnetofoni84Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.990+1:02.480PS4
1363 famehotrodsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.007+1:02.650Xbox
1364 Sultan of Sus Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.040+1:02.980Steam
1365 BankzeROpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.040+1:02.980PS4
1366 johnno89auOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.124+1:02.182Steam
1367 wiketorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.140+1:02.198Steam
1368 jgarietzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.140+1:02.198Xbox
1369 clamasticoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.157+1:02.215PS4
1370 uNr3aLTVOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.190+1:02.248Steam
1371 b13ngyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.190+1:02.248PS4
1372 Asielu ? Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.207+1:02.265Steam
1373 michienOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.207+1:02.265Xbox
1374 dvd_74Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.240+1:02.298PS4
1375 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.257+1:02.315Xbox
1376 apo-001budapestOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.323+1:02.381PS4
1377 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.390+1:02.448Xbox
1378 fabiofcpOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.424+1:02.482PS4
1379 ?eII??Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.457+1:02.515Steam
1380 olivier_thirion Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.457+1:02.515Steam
1381 Quigs6542Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.457+1:02.515PS4
1382 MachTaChT7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.507+1:02.565PS4
1383 TonyDevenportOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.573+1:02.631PS4
1384 m800ieOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.607+1:02.665PS4
1385 Fogassa86Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.640+1:02.698PS4
1386 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.640+1:02.698Xbox
1387 coroner123401Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.657+1:02.715PS4
1388 A_Vulgar_Picture Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.706+1:02.764Steam
1389 UltrAfreQ Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.773+1:02.831Steam
1390 S__DaSilvaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.790+1:02.848PS4
1391 How3LOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.806+1:02.864Steam
1392 pickles120Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.806+1:02.864PS4
1393 mettmann2012Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.823+1:02.881PS4
1394 Kruza923Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.823+1:02.881Xbox
1395 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.823+1:02.881Xbox
1396 Ritchy_IngpieceOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.840+1:02.898PS4
1397 giulygiulyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.856+1:02.914PS4
1398 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.856+1:02.914Xbox
1399 thomasscholleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.873+1:02.931Steam
1400 -|P°!°LP|- Bene Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.956+1:03.140Steam
1401 ap1319Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.956+1:03.140PS4
1402 ElTonito Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.973+1:03.310Steam
1403 tyger31 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.990+1:03.480Steam
1404 johnypastosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.990+1:03.480PS4
1405 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.990+1:03.480Xbox
1406 FERTE_209Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.006+1:03.640PS4
1407 fleterkeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.040+1:03.980PS4
1408 Atte-kunOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.073+1:03.131PS4
1409 doomer_1989Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.106+1:03.164PS4
1410 hiro524_mOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.123+1:03.181PS4
1411 rallyfisherOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.140+1:03.198PS4
1412 ZeroOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.190+1:03.248Steam
1413 NADO_55_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.240+1:03.298PS4
1414 sizyomin78es Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.290+1:03.348Steam
1415 Oni40 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.356+1:03.414Steam
1416 LexOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.406+1:03.464Steam
1417 FabLeFaboulous Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.440+1:03.498Steam
1418 normandiereOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.440+1:03.498Steam
1419 Jakiepoo17Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.456+1:03.514PS4
1420 dylan42091Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.456+1:03.514PS4
1421 dirt972Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.456+1:03.514PS4
1422 Toru Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.490+1:03.548Steam
1423 denisekeulOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.523+1:03.581Steam
1424 NolLiDangeSOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.523+1:03.581PS4
1425 sharad_chandarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.607+1:03.665PS4
1426 sven-haavardOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.673+1:03.731PS4
1427 anttipekOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.740+1:03.798PS4
1428 FiffOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.740+1:03.798Xbox
1429 barkin66Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.756+1:03.814PS4
1430 KozakowskiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.806+1:03.864PS4
1431 Denis96969Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.856+1:03.914PS4
1432 CsabiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.857+1:03.915Steam
1433 xes-kapoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.873+1:03.931PS4
1434 XAM_THCOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.906+1:03.964PS4
1435 OttoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.907+1:03.965Steam
1436 AGBlackbirdOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.956+1:04.140PS4
1437 XRobDisco82XOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.956+1:04.140PS4
1438 Franken-ZockerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.006+1:04.640Steam
1439 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.006+1:04.640Xbox
1440 Cyclone62Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.173+1:04.231Xbox
1441 NightWolf_2505Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.190+1:04.248PS4
1442 fillibompanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.306+1:04.364PS4
1443 malvinche27Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.356+1:04.414PS4
1444 dalalajmaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.373+1:04.431PS4
1445 blaugranamartiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.390+1:04.448Steam
1446 jgbspqr Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.390+1:04.448Steam
1447 Meipat89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.424+1:04.482PS4
1448 moRpeN87451Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.540+1:04.598PS4
1449 EupiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.556+1:04.614Steam
1450 TotemOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.557+1:04.615Steam
1451 LuqerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.574+1:04.632Steam
1452 patopons666Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.606+1:04.664PS4
1453 chule1980 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.640+1:04.698Steam
1454 Jono McGo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.806+1:04.864Steam
1455 dave_deasy996Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.856+1:04.914PS4
1456 bast43600Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.856+1:04.914PS4
1457 yves19641964Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.856+1:04.914Xbox
1458 frayman707Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.873+1:04.931PS4
1459 afungusmungusOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.890+1:04.948PS4
1460 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.990+1:05.480Xbox
1461 emmetuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.090+1:05.148PS4
1462 albertofreiremarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.090+1:05.148PS4
1463 nanete98 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.106+1:05.164Steam
1464 JayTeeE91Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.157+1:05.215PS4
1465 bobbymaccrashOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.173+1:05.231PS4
1466 shibuindieOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.223+1:05.281Steam
1467 seznamOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.273+1:05.331PS4
1468 Meanux9Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.273+1:05.331PS4
1469 leekkeriOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.290+1:05.348Steam
1470 GI HawkinsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.323+1:05.381Steam
1471 MaetornOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.323+1:05.381PS4
1472 threeps Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.340+1:05.398Steam
1473 chrisloom Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.356+1:05.414Steam
1474 savemygamesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.373+1:05.431Steam
1475 i don't use suppressorsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.423+1:05.481Steam
1476 babastvr6Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.440+1:05.498PS4
1477 Vytlakill-CZEOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.490+1:05.548PS4
1478 jbg44[FR]Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.556+1:05.614Steam
1479 RWJ77Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.556+1:05.614PS4
1480 crunner117 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.590+1:05.648Steam
1481 PsyhodogOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.606+1:05.664PS4
1482 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.673+1:05.731Xbox
1483 Clairvoyant Vibrations rulz ok Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.690+1:05.748Steam
1484 Kerjos[M&Co] Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.723+1:05.781Steam
1485 w98001Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.773+1:05.831PS4
1486 tbeck25944Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.774+1:05.832Xbox
1487 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.790+1:05.848Xbox
1488 steve.melling Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.840+1:05.898Steam
1489 SlobbanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.856+1:05.914Steam
1490 TEAM-RCAOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.856+1:05.914PS4
1491 [BOBFAM]_DaGuRu Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.923+1:05.981Steam
1492 david66pltOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.940+1:05.998PS4
1493 theraymachineOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.940+1:05.998PS4
1494 Kingpin_irlOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.956+1:06.140PS4
1495 Ury76Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.006+1:06.640Steam
1496 DRUMCODE_DIN0Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.056+1:06.114PS4
1497 chris.ar67 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.090+1:06.148Steam
1498 JTortoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.090+1:06.148Xbox
1499 de_kloefkappersOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.140+1:06.198PS4
1500 edinijOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.156+1:06.214PS4
1501 stumpy4770Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.173+1:06.231PS4
1502 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.173+1:06.231Xbox
1503 lase.jalluOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.190+1:06.248Steam
1504 LepaxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.273+1:06.331PS4
1505 muallim_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.273+1:06.331PS4
1506 bikers83Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.273+1:06.331Xbox
1507 vetteahaulickOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.290+1:06.348PS4
1508 JaroslavKopejskoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.323+1:06.381PS4
1509 sinergineOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.340+1:06.398Steam
1510 Jon9992Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.373+1:06.431Steam
1511 matthiassoppelsaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.406+1:06.464Steam
1512 helo155b1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.406+1:06.464PS4
1513 John Sparten Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.507+1:06.565Steam
1514 tonio12991Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.523+1:06.581PS4
1515 GsignOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.573+1:06.631Xbox
1516 TONIGTT5Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.574+1:06.632PS4
1517 Guillaume88Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.607+1:06.665Xbox
1518 w0lf3k CSIdling.netOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.623+1:06.681Steam
1519 Zuko11Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.623+1:06.681Xbox
1520 GeribacsiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.673+1:06.731PS4
1521 natalone82Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.674+1:06.732PS4
1522 FLAQUER1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.690+1:06.748PS4
1523 Z3VARAHOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.706+1:06.764Xbox
1524 bahnschrankeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.740+1:06.798PS4
1525 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.790+1:06.848Xbox
1526 ady1609Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.823+1:06.881Steam
1527 mikluukkoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.824+1:06.882PS4
1528 Roadrunner7007Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.890+1:06.948PS4
1529 tuubiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.906+1:06.964Steam
1530 ToninsinhoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.940+1:06.998PS4
1531 savras1980Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.990+1:07.480PS4
1532 nachtrammOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.023+1:07.810PS4
1533 polosuperOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.056+1:07.114PS4
1534 DaedalusAlphaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.090+1:07.148Steam
1535 Maxel93Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.106+1:07.164Steam
1536 sdlaw Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.106+1:07.164Steam
1537 WINGNUT1976DADDYOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.106+1:07.164PS4
1538 TDWPMarkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.123+1:07.181PS4
1539 TrickyR83Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.157+1:07.215PS4
1540 eltaigaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.190+1:07.248PS4
1541 WerMikeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.190+1:07.248PS4
1542 SUPERCALIBEROpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.223+1:07.281PS4
1543 starcloud60 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.257+1:07.315Steam
1544 iPn0z2103Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.307+1:07.365PS4
1545 VonBlare08Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.340+1:07.398Xbox
1546 miguelmazda3Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.390+1:07.448PS4
1547 artur197410 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.424+1:07.482Steam
1548 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.473+1:07.531Xbox
1549 RabbiT_CZOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.490+1:07.548Steam
1550 Wojt07Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.490+1:07.548PS4
1551 funky.sandwich Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.540+1:07.598Steam
1552 sylt tabouOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.573+1:07.631Steam
1553 rich1976_2010Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.573+1:07.631PS4
1554 stig7747Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.590+1:07.648PS4
1555 jimbobthebearOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.606+1:07.664Xbox
1556 Zippo_dudeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.623+1:07.681PS4
1557 anfanfOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.673+1:07.731PS4
1558 tuningPT95Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.690+1:07.748PS4
1559 supermotard600Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.823+1:07.881PS4
1560 bruizedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.840+1:07.898Steam
1561 jefflev13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.856+1:07.914PS4
1562 WWWowan1968Rus59 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.873+1:07.931Steam
1563 viciocastelloOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.923+1:07.981PS4
1564 madrallyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.973+1:08.310PS4
1565 MotocheloOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.973+1:08.310PS4
1566 JuanPaGT™ Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.990+1:08.480Steam
1567 Morti Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.023+1:08.810Steam
1568 African CrocodileOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.090+1:08.148Steam
1569 rafa_safaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.090+1:08.148PS4
1570 PereCat Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.106+1:08.164Steam
1571 Mystx24 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.107+1:08.165Steam
1572 Mazz Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.206+1:08.264Steam
1573 bigotinesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.223+1:08.281Xbox
1574 DarlakeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.240+1:08.298Steam
1575 icy_gerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.307+1:08.365Steam
1576 HGSAIDZOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.373+1:08.431Xbox
1577 z00mOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.406+1:08.464Steam
1578 WisertimmyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.406+1:08.464Xbox
1579 LegalEagle1980Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.423+1:08.481Steam
1580 chrisswanstroemOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.423+1:08.481PS4
1581 Eloy_MartinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.440+1:08.498PS4
1582 HansiHarris Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.456+1:08.514Steam
1583 tommy_wigren Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.490+1:08.548Steam
1584 IncubusDragon Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.506+1:08.564Steam
1585 YouOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.506+1:08.564Steam
1586 mecanico920Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.523+1:08.581PS4
1587 HeiheinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.523+1:08.581PS4
1588 sada_k2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.556+1:08.614PS4
1589 soboog Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.573+1:08.631Steam
1590 ...Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.606+1:08.664Steam
1591 rustbikOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.623+1:08.681PS4
1592 ????Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.690+1:08.748Steam
1593 FagniiartOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.756+1:08.814PS4
1594 jayjorzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.790+1:08.848Steam
1595 lubrickOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.823+1:08.881PS4
1596 Zingo1234Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.840+1:08.898PS4
1597 kiefin_itOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.890+1:08.948PS4
1598 RiSkOnE157Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.906+1:08.964PS4
1599 Stirkovic Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.973+1:09.310Steam
1600 lexa-tarasOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.990+1:09.480Steam
1601 PirraOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.990+1:09.480Steam
1602 Kentha999Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.040+1:09.980Steam
1603 Si4koEzaetoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.040+1:09.980PS4
1604 ford2310Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.056+1:09.114PS4
1605 olkiara317Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.073+1:09.131PS4
1606 d120072Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.090+1:09.148PS4
1607 GenieGepard6047Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.156+1:09.214Xbox
1608 HGCMF321Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.157+1:09.215PS4
1609 Erik Larsen Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.273+1:09.331Steam
1610 joris_1706Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.273+1:09.331PS4
1611 ticircuitOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.340+1:09.398Xbox
1612 KyasanurOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.456+1:09.514PS4
1613 barrydoran76Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.456+1:09.514Xbox
1614 IbanetsiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.490+1:09.548PS4
1615 dizstruxshon1981Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.523+1:09.581PS4
1616 JuhannusOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.590+1:09.648Steam
1617 raf-016Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.623+1:09.681PS4
1618 Patrinho Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.640+1:09.698Steam
1619 Bucko3699Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.673+1:09.731PS4
1620 Darkwenn Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.690+1:09.748Steam
1621 bobidul Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.756+1:09.814Steam
1622 JPL-PrivateOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.773+1:09.831PS4
1623 jrl.aarupOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.806+1:09.864Steam
1624 scream2nightOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.806+1:09.864PS4
1625 mayergoitiaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.823+1:09.881PS4
1626 Cyberhakcat Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.840+1:09.898Steam
1627 ringmanczOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.890+1:09.948Steam
1628 nachofedebenjaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.906+1:09.964PS4
1629 TJ2 slow Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.923+1:09.981Steam
1630 bullseye7911Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.923+1:09.981PS4
1631 Niko__14Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.990+1:10.480PS4
1632 deltalsd5602Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.990+1:10.480PS4
1633 excalibur77Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.990+1:10.480PS4
1634 Crash ManlyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.056+1:10.114Steam
1635 equilibrium733Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.056+1:10.114PS4
1636 Miky_WW2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.073+1:10.131PS4
1637 Zenloulou Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.090+1:10.148Steam
1638 suz_riderOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.090+1:10.148PS4
1639 TBH10CoyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.173+1:10.231PS4
1640 TANENmoloceOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.223+1:10.281PS4
1641 N1KH17Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.240+1:10.298PS4
1642 Dmitri.22rus. Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.290+1:10.348Steam
1643 MONLAPIN33Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.290+1:10.348PS4
1644 JIMS7SS77Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.456+1:10.514PS4
1645 kalotainorbertOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.473+1:10.531PS4
1646 Black_Cat_7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.474+1:10.532PS4
1647 pfred66o511Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.606+1:10.664PS4
1648 FritschowitschOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.607+1:10.665PS4
1649 Guy0033Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.690+1:10.748Xbox
1650 rallymandu37Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.706+1:10.764PS4
1651 JahworkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.723+1:10.781Xbox
1652 WANMEN SVKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.773+1:10.831Steam
1653 Spez2016Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.790+1:10.848PS4
1654 VIKINGO_91Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.790+1:10.848PS4
1655 Crysti Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.806+1:10.864Steam
1656 jfk1266Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.806+1:10.864PS4
1657 madyulinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.823+1:10.881PS4
1658 Buck Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.907+1:10.965Steam
1659 [?] CYOStormOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.907+1:10.965Steam
1660 jose11100Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.940+1:10.998PS4
1661 T271Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.973+1:11.310Steam
1662 asolochekOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.990+1:11.480PS4
1663 dalejulian1868Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.106+1:11.164PS4
1664 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.107+1:11.165Xbox
1665 [CKi]ChrisKutcherOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.123+1:11.181Steam
1666 K´town Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.123+1:11.181Steam
1667 fillAbong420wvOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.139+1:11.197PS4
1668 amstrad1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.189+1:11.247Steam
1669 PinnarholOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.206+1:11.264PS4
1670 datahariOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.206+1:11.264Xbox
1671 Lotsofweapons92Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.223+1:11.281PS4
1672 SecretAgent:KiiNOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.256+1:11.314Steam
1673 pasuli_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.256+1:11.314Steam
1674 DeafWishOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.340+1:11.398Steam
1675 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.373+1:11.431Xbox
1676 marcejujuyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.423+1:11.481PS4
1677 celausylOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.439+1:11.497Steam
1678 BURKEL69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.456+1:11.514PS4
1679 mankan.carlsson Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.457+1:11.515Steam
1680 jdktooOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.489+1:11.547Steam
1681 Cyrn Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.556+1:11.614Steam
1682 alconrobOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.573+1:11.631PS4
1683 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.623+1:11.681Xbox
1684 Cheeki BreekiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.640+1:11.698Steam
1685 Sinoan85Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.689+1:11.747PS4
1686 fatherfirst Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.739+1:11.797Steam
1687 gusja2210Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.773+1:11.831PS4
1688 Malipiero1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.789+1:11.847PS4
1689 trikkmasterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.873+1:11.931Steam
1690 Balelas-bagouchaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.873+1:11.931PS4
1691 LexLathorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.940+1:11.998PS4
1692 MiG_35Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.039+1:12.970Steam
1693 Flo-the-thugOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.040+1:12.980PS4
1694 Seb_LionheartOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.056+1:12.114PS4
1695 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.073+1:12.131Xbox
1696 krisztian.koszoruOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.206+1:12.264Steam
1697 NickPOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.240+1:12.298Steam
1698 bonzo_62Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.240+1:12.298PS4
1699 BsanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.289+1:12.347Steam
1700 WEBEVEROpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.289+1:12.347PS4
1701 bowler-hat85Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.323+1:12.381PS4
1702 Samsquamch138Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.356+1:12.414PS4
1703 kdrsmzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.373+1:12.431Steam
1704 TahoeBum420Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.373+1:12.431PS4
1705 Neo17Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.389+1:12.447Xbox
1706 DAYTONA59Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.423+1:12.481PS4
1707 skipboyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.440+1:12.498Xbox
1708 ingorr01Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.506+1:12.564Steam
1709 nalon5Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.523+1:12.581PS4
1710 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.523+1:12.581Xbox
1711 kevin-froOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.573+1:12.631PS4
1712 anchoitas11Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.589+1:12.647PS4
1713 kyram69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.623+1:12.681PS4
1714 RUTAN73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.623+1:12.681PS4
1715 Tobias1999Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.656+1:12.714Xbox
1716 Mohican4844Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.657+1:12.715PS4
1717 tiranna-89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.689+1:12.747PS4
1718 jetflashmanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.739+1:12.797Xbox
1719 PyZeN1891Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.756+1:12.814PS4
1720 vonKattenSTEINOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.756+1:12.814PS4
1721 Sabalius_LTUOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.789+1:12.847PS4
1722 WOLF Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.823+1:12.881Steam
1723 AlbinoBlacksOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.857+1:12.915Steam
1724 juselius41Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.890+1:12.948PS4
1725 AnchientHawk3Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.907+1:12.965Xbox
1726 josesanz90Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.939+1:12.997PS4
1727 YouTube/FatihOKSUZOGLU Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.957+1:13.150Steam
1728 [CPC] CroustibatOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.989+1:13.470Steam
1729 stijntje1801Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.989+1:13.470PS4
1730 loner_53Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.023+1:13.810PS4
1731 Wildfyr3 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.140+1:13.198Steam
1732 PR.[KIA] rPoXoTauJIoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.173+1:13.231Steam
1733 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.173+1:13.231Xbox
1734 quenmaerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.189+1:13.247PS4
1735 Don-DiabloOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.223+1:13.281Steam
1736 padraic-o-leary Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.223+1:13.281Steam
1737 polonais60400Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.223+1:13.281Xbox
1738 The WookieeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.240+1:13.298Steam
1739 LADAKL Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.289+1:13.347Steam
1740 Heath_74 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.356+1:13.414Steam
1741 hennes the menace 1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.356+1:13.414Steam
1742 Catera86 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.356+1:13.414Steam
1743 dumpy388Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.373+1:13.431PS4
1744 yst-viper1972Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.389+1:13.447PS4
1745 AIKISAKgOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.457+1:13.515PS4
1746 VettracerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.473+1:13.531PS4
1747 SanozZOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.574+1:13.632Steam
1748 Reini Graf von SpeedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.606+1:13.664Steam
1749 littlebertOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.606+1:13.664PS4
1750 ZenoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.623+1:13.681Steam
1751 feri123Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.689+1:13.747PS4
1752 XXTURBO89XXOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.740+1:13.798Xbox
1753 gregos49460Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.756+1:13.814PS4
1754 Tango Buster Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.823+1:13.881Steam
1755 MadFox Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.823+1:13.881Steam
1756 KuulisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.890+1:13.948Steam
1757 mitsarascfu79Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.956+1:14.140PS4
1758 Vital-Blurs Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.973+1:14.310Steam
1759 lirrypirry69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.023+1:14.810Xbox
1760 Ferg56rus Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.106+1:14.164Steam
1761 fastbink Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.156+1:14.214Steam
1762 starhopper777Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.239+1:14.297Steam
1763 cykapathOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.406+1:14.464Steam
1764 alcasilOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.439+1:14.497PS4
1765 Futa TsunamiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.473+1:14.531Steam
1766 GTgameplayTime Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.523+1:14.581Steam
1767 u1000andiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.523+1:14.581PS4
1768 meat Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.541+1:14.599Steam
1769 Livs313Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.623+1:14.681PS4
1770 strikewolf76Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.639+1:14.697PS4
1771 KezAvalsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.656+1:14.714PS4
1772 ciropinosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.757+1:14.815PS4
1773 RallyFandu61Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.790+1:14.848Xbox
1774 Jarski1970Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.823+1:14.881PS4
1775 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.823+1:14.881Xbox
1776 LanMiCervOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.856+1:14.914PS4
1777 wannesverlindenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.873+1:14.931PS4
1778 david7talentino Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.923+1:14.981Steam
1779 ScaffUKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.923+1:14.981PS4
1780 ElectronShaman Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.939+1:14.997Steam
1781 Cyus[Monster™] Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.023+1:15.810Steam
1782 njwillOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.090+1:15.148Xbox
1783 maxougta4Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.156+1:15.214PS4
1784 JoozemoonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.156+1:15.214PS4
1785 Pentti TikkurilaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.306+1:15.364Steam
1786 qhz9941Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.323+1:15.381Steam
1787 edgar_bdnOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.339+1:15.397PS4
1788 D3R_TOB1_GEROpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.390+1:15.448Steam
1789 sturmgrenadier83Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.556+1:15.614PS4
1790 Hirvi601 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.590+1:15.648Steam
1791 llienzo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.640+1:15.698Steam
1792 Wieselflink...Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.673+1:15.731Steam
1793 Speedy25 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.690+1:15.748Steam
1794 ledboots321Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.706+1:15.764PS4
1795 raphou6900000000Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.706+1:15.764PS4
1796 findus63Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.723+1:15.781Steam
1797 juantirado69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.723+1:15.781PS4
1798 sx225Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.756+1:15.814Xbox
1799 MrGnarrOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.939+1:15.997Steam
1800 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.189+1:16.247Xbox
1801 Bernie_r4k373Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.223+1:16.281PS4
1802 FMX37Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.290+1:16.348PS4
1803 specracer929Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.307+1:16.365PS4
1804 ohlsen Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.340+1:16.398Steam
1805 TarwiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.373+1:16.431PS4
1806 Clay2FOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.423+1:16.481PS4
1807 ripar31Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.507+1:16.565PS4
1808 Camyboi_2000Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.539+1:16.597PS4
1809 klaefkalamaryOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.573+1:16.631Xbox
1810 KronicOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.639+1:16.697Xbox
1811 j_charles420Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.640+1:16.698PS4
1812 ThivaraneOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.656+1:16.714Steam
1813 coachdriverandyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.673+1:16.731PS4
1814 MEISTER5470Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.689+1:16.747PS4
1815 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.739+1:16.797Xbox
1816 PLAY3FORFOUROpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.773+1:16.831PS4
1817 kitty Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.789+1:16.847Steam
1818 BBIAJOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.839+1:16.897Xbox
1819 boulle27Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.923+1:16.981Steam
1820 [JPg] EnigmAOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.923+1:16.981Steam
1821 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.939+1:16.997Xbox
1822 hogzyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.956+1:17.140Xbox
1823 qpSHiNqpOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.006+1:17.640Steam
1824 kevlarmanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.056+1:17.114Steam
1825 DexxterioussOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.139+1:17.197PS4
1826 amodasOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.173+1:17.231Steam
1827 Mr-_Jones_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.206+1:17.264PS4
1828 NewRealityCheOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.206+1:17.264PS4
1829 ka_j_to Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.239+1:17.297Steam
1830 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.273+1:17.331Xbox
1831 richardcosieryoungOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.307+1:17.365Steam
1832 apileofkyleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.323+1:17.381PS4
1833 CombatVombatOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.323+1:17.381PS4
1834 SpaceCase45Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.406+1:17.464Xbox
1835 LHOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.489+1:17.547Steam
1836 aaronducky93Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.556+1:17.614Xbox
1837 tyros1hjmOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.589+1:17.647PS4
1838 Flens07 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.673+1:17.731Steam
1839 Tgordillo318Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.723+1:17.781PS4
1840 Toni [DPT] Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.756+1:17.814Steam
1841 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.856+1:17.914Xbox
1842 MarzzN75Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.889+1:17.947PS4
1843 burnoutfireitupOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.906+1:17.964PS4
1844 madmanmaloyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.906+1:17.964PS4
1845 dapziOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.923+1:17.981Xbox
1846 SFSmOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.940+1:17.998Xbox
1847 sainvooOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.006+1:18.640Steam
1848 BattleChode Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.023+1:18.810Steam
1849 CoachCarter123Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.040+1:18.980PS4
1850 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.139+1:18.197Xbox
1851 LeRubiuxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.140+1:18.198Steam
1852 ANINSANERGAMEROpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.140+1:18.198Xbox
1853 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.157+1:18.215Xbox
1854 JWILLI Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.173+1:18.231Steam
1855 Pedrolinen69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.223+1:18.281PS4
1856 Palmenwald JungeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.306+1:18.364Steam
1857 gkajtekOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.373+1:18.431PS4
1858 atgomes19Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.406+1:18.464PS4
1859 robin8Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.423+1:18.481Xbox
1860 AliasGenisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.456+1:18.514Steam
1861 bunch67Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.473+1:18.531Xbox
1862 ianbell76 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.506+1:18.564Steam
1863 NoisyTribe Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.523+1:18.581Steam
1864 cozy350Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.523+1:18.581PS4
1865 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.523+1:18.581Xbox
1866 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.523+1:18.581Xbox
1867 KuHle49Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.539+1:18.597PS4
1868 kakudouh.8053Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.556+1:18.614Steam
1869 Marukid Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.573+1:18.631Steam
1870 byterightOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.606+1:18.664PS4
1871 fehomeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.623+1:18.681PS4
1872 GilliMcGillOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.656+1:18.714PS4
1873 Deffis Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.706+1:18.764Steam
1874 JustFaiqOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.756+1:18.814Xbox
1875 Je@nPh1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.873+1:18.931Steam
1876 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.889+1:18.947Xbox
1877 jankinpacientOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.923+1:18.981PS4
1878 penncdOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.956+1:19.140Steam
1879 jyb69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.956+1:19.140PS4
1880 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.973+1:19.310Xbox
1881 belguaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.023+1:19.810PS4
1882 dietrich170568 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.073+1:19.131Steam
1883 AltheiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.073+1:19.131PS4
1884 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.073+1:19.131Xbox
1885 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.189+1:19.247Xbox
1886 arashosakaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.289+1:19.347Steam
1887 Spice1_187Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.289+1:19.347PS4
1888 flippiasdOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.290+1:19.348PS4
1889 ralph131071Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.306+1:19.364PS4
1890 ehebosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.339+1:19.397PS4
1891 EntzeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.372+1:19.430Steam
1892 swampdogbluesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.489+1:19.547Xbox
1893 Naaaaaaa Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.540+1:19.598Steam
1894 ROCKnROLLUBERMENSCH Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.556+1:19.614Steam
1895 dudermofo9000Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.639+1:19.697PS4
1896 Draco-05500Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.640+1:19.698PS4
1897 Karl PilkingtonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.656+1:19.714Steam
1898 FinklemierOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.656+1:19.714PS4
1899 chrisogt4Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.774+1:19.832Xbox
1900 LukaszRynczakOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.822+1:19.880PS4
1901 caldufosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.822+1:19.880PS4
1902 wagnergomespereira10 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.856+1:19.914Steam
1903 CyanWM Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.906+1:19.964Steam
1904 nok2900Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.006+1:20.640PS4
1905 Giggle-ManiacOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.022+1:20.800PS4
1906 sollienOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.122+1:20.180Steam
1907 D-storted Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.123+1:20.181Steam
1908 SpeciaEdAz11Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.140+1:20.198Xbox
1909 Yukon CorneliusOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.156+1:20.214Steam
1910 ogiorgilOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.356+1:20.414Steam
1911 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.423+1:20.481Xbox
1912 papi Bernard Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.489+1:20.547Steam
1913 TAPXyHOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.489+1:20.547Steam
1914 azumi754Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.539+1:20.597PS4
1915 imsxmOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.556+1:20.614Steam
1916 ginj92Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.589+1:20.647PS4
1917 luskyagullaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.589+1:20.647PS4
1918 vincrallye42Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.589+1:20.647Xbox
1919 RaykkonenWRCOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.673+1:20.731PS4
1920 AkaMirteOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.722+1:20.780PS4
1921 Roger_Andre86Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.873+1:20.931PS4
1922 ZINCLAR89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.873+1:20.931PS4
1923 Elements_1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.890+1:20.948PS4
1924 RehtoriOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.906+1:20.964Steam
1925 shane9851Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.922+1:20.980PS4
1926 Bernhard122Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.922+1:20.980PS4
1927 ludde1515Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.973+1:21.310PS4
1928 PapaDomfr30Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.006+1:21.640Xbox
1929 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.072+1:21.130Xbox
1930 Andy77731Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.089+1:21.147Steam
1931 achektmOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.090+1:21.148PS4
1932 CaliXJOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.106+1:21.164Xbox
1933 typermugen Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.122+1:21.180Steam
1934 Seby01101973Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.139+1:21.197PS4
1935 rules_z Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.206+1:21.264Steam
1936 Space MonstersOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.240+1:21.298Steam
1937 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.272+1:21.330Xbox
1938 Mr. TolasOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.340+1:21.398Steam
1939 karousosjOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.356+1:21.414PS4
1940 JordiClioRacingOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.372+1:21.430PS4
1941 calbaraig1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.423+1:21.481PS4
1942 KeneanoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.456+1:21.514Steam
1943 [shb] Jaman Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.506+1:21.564Steam
1944 goalgoatOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.572+1:21.630PS4
1945 NANOhgOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.640+1:21.698PS4
1946 pattynstevenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.672+1:21.730Steam
1947 bebou41Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.789+1:21.847PS4
1948 PredatorBillyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.856+1:21.914PS4
1949 Titi39110Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.906+1:21.964PS4
1950 kuru.122 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.973+1:22.310Steam
1951 Jzono1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.073+1:22.131Steam
1952 PfercegentaklOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.372+1:22.430PS4
1953 Ponte™Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.389+1:22.447Steam
1954 luxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.390+1:22.448Steam
1955 iBar13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.472+1:22.530Xbox
1956 KusseWhoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.506+1:22.564Steam
1957 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.622+1:22.680Xbox
1958 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.623+1:22.681Xbox
1959 klicisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.690+1:22.748PS4
1960 Toom43 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.706+1:22.764Steam
1961 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.706+1:22.764Xbox
1962 wgedwegOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.722+1:22.780PS4
1963 lhacen42Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.740+1:22.798PS4
1964 R_i_P-VICOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.756+1:22.814PS4
1965 fgfpvf6Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.823+1:22.881PS4
1966 Spanner Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.857+1:22.915Steam
1967 javi_ainOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.939+1:22.997PS4
1968 ayrtontrencOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.972+1:23.300Xbox
1969 JokerGermany.tkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.023+1:23.810Steam
1970 giftzwerg1987Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.039+1:23.970PS4
1971 Plasticator3000Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.089+1:23.147PS4
1972 Bell71Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.090+1:23.148Steam
1973 pablo_el_rizosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.156+1:23.214PS4
1974 ullnidvinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.306+1:23.364PS4
1975 DirtbrownOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.339+1:23.397Xbox
1976 MarcOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.656+1:23.714Steam
1977 bobjawakaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.673+1:23.731Steam
1978 luisdavidunoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.706+1:23.764PS4
1979 DrSmoKingLunteOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.789+1:23.847Xbox
1980 HaiMat73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.006+1:24.640PS4
1981 PyrstonjuuriOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.239+1:24.297PS4
1982 rico92500Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.256+1:24.314PS4
1983 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.322+1:24.380Xbox
1984 RaypesteelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.389+1:24.447PS4
1985 arnaudrobertOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.422+1:24.480PS4
1986 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.506+1:24.564Xbox
1987 ZoubADTOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.557+1:24.615Xbox
1988 SchlukinatorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.589+1:24.647PS4
1989 ValOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.590+1:24.648Steam
1990 Mavros78Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.639+1:24.697Steam
1991 matt757575Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.756+1:24.814PS4
1992 Spike1910GizmoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.773+1:24.831PS4
1993 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.856+1:24.914Xbox
1994 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.889+1:24.947Xbox
1995 slavoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.906+1:24.964Steam
1996 benwalshOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.923+1:24.981Xbox
1997 ladide_comOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.956+1:25.140PS4
1998 ActivisT.Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.989+1:25.470Steam
1999 yanetyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.122+1:25.180Steam
2000 bleifuss-46Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.122+1:25.180PS4
2001 Kidd-007_POpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.156+1:25.214PS4
2002 benebobbibOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.272+1:25.330PS4
2003 AvtostrelkiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.272+1:25.330PS4
2004 Veko777Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.273+1:25.331PS4
2005 guillejungleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.356+1:25.414PS4
2006 Race4CoffeeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.373+1:25.431PS4
2007 filopuces19Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.389+1:25.447PS4
2008 PeltolaMiksaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.456+1:25.514PS4
2009 Herkmartia Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.573+1:25.631Steam
2010 Luji93 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.606+1:25.664Steam
2011 AgnosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.672+1:25.730Steam
2012 PREZESBZYKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.722+1:25.780PS4
2013 KamikazeSanchoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.756+1:25.814Steam
2014 semprtugaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.789+1:25.847PS4
2015 murdch1O1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.789+1:25.847PS4
2016 PejckOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.806+1:25.864Steam
2017 JörgSendelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.872+1:25.930Steam
2018 [Boon-Z] SchwuppdiwuppOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.906+1:25.964Steam
2019 kallemassakerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.906+1:25.964PS4
2020 dic_clem67Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.939+1:25.997PS4
2021 justice Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.956+1:26.140Steam
2022 Grizzly Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.039+1:26.970Steam
2023 crazysteve0101Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.256+1:26.314PS4
2024 NullPointerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.473+1:26.531Xbox
2025 necoomo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.556+1:26.614Steam
2026 LenmanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.573+1:26.631Steam
2027 F-Racing-DenberOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.606+1:26.664PS4
2028 BitOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.673+1:26.731Steam
2029 cOne!Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.740+1:26.798Steam
2030 BAZ (67) Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.756+1:26.814Steam
2031 Darrell75Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.789+1:26.847Steam
2032 moray765Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.839+1:26.897PS4
2033 C_BaldaiaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.873+1:26.931PS4
2034 FreekillOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.006+1:27.640Steam
2035 Heuge Mono Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.039+1:27.970Steam
2036 danikpoldikOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.056+1:27.114PS4
2037 victorfmOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.189+1:27.247PS4
2038 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.189+1:27.247Xbox
2039 Carralon07Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.206+1:27.264PS4
2040 xranger97xOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.306+1:27.364Xbox
2041 RODMAN_XxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.489+1:27.547PS4
2042 wipoc1009Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.506+1:27.564Xbox
2043 ds-blackdeathOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.573+1:27.631PS4
2044 Rider957Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.589+1:27.647PS4
2045 BeberinhoTheKidOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.672+1:27.730PS4
2046 3aPa3a Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.673+1:27.731Steam
2047 bella25398Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.872+1:27.930PS4
2048 Fitter?Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.873+1:27.931Steam
2049 jeanlouis-87Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.906+1:27.964PS4
2050 skippi-73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.022+1:28.800PS4
2051 flywishKROpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.055+1:28.113PS4
2052 candlolo81Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.055+1:28.113PS4
2053 ced-tom23Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.205+1:28.263PS4
2054 The MasterchiefOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.306+1:28.364Steam
2055 Karthos_AngelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.505+1:28.563PS4
2056 CaitieCat66Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.589+1:28.647PS4
2057 taioc79Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.656+1:28.714PS4
2058 ac_zrcherpius10Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.690+1:28.748PS4
2059 JohnDirt009Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.705+1:28.763PS4
2060 farrokitOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.739+1:28.797PS4
2061 keith88xOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.773+1:28.831Xbox
2062 rokanantti890Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.789+1:28.847PS4
2063 omega16tOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.823+1:28.881Steam
2064 portiacarreraOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.823+1:28.881PS4
2065 BlingtronOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.906+1:28.964Steam
2066 ArticIceCubeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.906+1:28.964PS4
2067 St44_slimOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.955+1:29.130PS4
2068 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.990+1:29.480Xbox
2069 DONALD TRUMPOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.090+1:29.148Steam
2070 HautilargiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.106+1:29.164Steam
2071 K2 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.156+1:29.214Steam
2072 naijoleteOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.273+1:29.331PS4
2073 The _ InternetOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.339+1:29.397Steam
2074 langolloOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.422+1:29.480PS4
2075 Slink Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.439+1:29.497Steam
2076 klorptarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.473+1:29.531PS4
2077 ratfink62Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.572+1:29.630Xbox
2078 bilordacoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.589+1:29.647PS4
2079 PanagiotisPatraOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.656+1:29.714PS4
2080 lola22evaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.989+1:30.470PS4
2081 michael.bieuzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.055+1:30.113Steam
2082 jacquesbar2804Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.089+1:30.147Steam
2083 chrisbarbu34Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.439+1:30.497PS4
2084 bjorn.blanckaertOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.472+1:30.530Steam
2085 o9494anOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.472+1:30.530PS4
2086 Smokey_Gray1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.539+1:30.597PS4
2087 dedou84Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.556+1:30.614Steam
2088 Kambo_85Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.572+1:30.630PS4
2089 oopeppeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.589+1:30.647PS4
2090 jang123Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.756+1:30.814Xbox
2091 ArjenW Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.806+1:30.864Steam
2092 FablertOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.056+1:31.114PS4
2093 lilian7688Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.122+1:31.180PS4
2094 Greezy_Bong_HitzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.156+1:31.214PS4
2095 Ps_cypOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.156+1:31.214PS4
2096 ™?KYOKILLER!?™ ? Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.172+1:31.230Steam
2097 TiBo206rcOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.322+1:31.380Steam
2098 adam.hardingOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.405+1:31.463Steam
2099 ichitoolOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.406+1:31.464Xbox
2100 ifreenetiikzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.440+1:31.498Xbox
2101 hartzer76Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.539+1:31.597PS4
2102 DavidmazdaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.572+1:31.630PS4
2103 ComayerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.572+1:31.630PS4
2104 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.639+1:31.697Xbox
2105 spurs78Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.706+1:31.764PS4
2106 SchmetzenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.973+1:32.310PS4
2107 M4N!4COpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.073+1:32.131Steam
2108 Madman DemosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.273+1:32.331Steam
2109 (Cdn)Phil Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.322+1:32.380Steam
2110 RalekOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.372+1:32.430Steam
2111 paraboscOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.489+1:32.547Steam
2112 funik74 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.489+1:32.547Steam
2113 alex jonersOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.556+1:32.614Steam
2114 yogy-14Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.639+1:32.697PS4
2115 Mulchian Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.656+1:32.714Steam
2116 piri_00Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.722+1:32.780PS4
2117 luco1985Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.789+1:32.847Xbox
2118 kugelblitz2401Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.905+1:32.963Xbox
2119 General ChemistOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.989+1:33.470Steam
2120 screenworkerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:31.989+1:33.470PS4
2121 LukasT1990Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.006+1:33.640PS4
2122 theo34980Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.205+1:33.263PS4
2123 ColicLionHeartOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.406+1:33.464Steam
2124 Luca Sorix [Cinghiali da corsa]Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.505+1:33.563Steam
2125 Shiiiryu Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.522+1:33.580Steam
2126 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.572+1:33.630Xbox
2127 gameingtxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.606+1:33.664Steam
2128 boomer129krOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.623+1:33.681PS4
2129 Paddo86Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.755+1:33.813Steam
2130 olivierragnottiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.772+1:33.830Xbox
2131 Kev-ProOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.823+1:33.881PS4
2132 Horst110772Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.005+1:34.630PS4
2133 YoshiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.022+1:34.800Steam
2134 WCsnapper62Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.389+1:34.447Xbox
2135 TurboChargedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.422+1:34.480Steam
2136 jlouispnOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.489+1:34.547Steam
2137 WhiteLightning5Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.572+1:34.630PS4
2138 FirminGwOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.572+1:34.630PS4
2139 DeadMushOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.606+1:34.664Xbox
2140 Zero_Cool721Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.622+1:34.680PS4
2141 Mat_ps_4Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.872+1:34.930PS4
2142 Karanosh Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.905+1:34.963Steam
2143 Mesut OpelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.922+1:34.980Steam
2144 jereaatu90Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.989+1:35.470PS4
2145 lemonsieurdelintOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.090+1:35.148PS4
2146 romandariumOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.105+1:35.163Steam
2147 rocco22bobOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.122+1:35.180PS4
2148 loreliberoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.206+1:35.264PS4
2149 make991Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.239+1:35.297PS4
2150 isabelijosepOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.339+1:35.397PS4
2151 javi37wrcOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.656+1:35.714PS4
2152 toomna029Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.922+1:35.980PS4
2153 kartracer2091Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.972+1:36.300PS4
2154 kkoresaarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.022+1:36.800Xbox
2155 Pashiamas9Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.056+1:36.114PS4
2156 chaline1404Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.105+1:36.163PS4
2157 cylonpeteOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.122+1:36.180PS4
2158 SStefanos3Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.172+1:36.230PS4
2159 Kaream1 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.222+1:36.280Steam
2160 B1P1303Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.323+1:36.381PS4
2161 KWHcrimeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.338+1:36.396Xbox
2162 Perejil69 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.590+1:36.648Steam
2163 CHEZANNA10Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.622+1:36.680PS4
2164 musta-kaapu Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.639+1:36.697Steam
2165 Pycckuü Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.673+1:36.731Steam
2166 johnnyreb1212Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.688+1:36.746PS4
2167 GeyserOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.806+1:36.864Steam
2168 MrLightRebelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:36.005+1:37.630PS4
2169 langeardnicolasOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:36.156+1:37.214Steam
2170 Mäkkäri Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:36.255+1:37.313Steam
2171 Pas-62630Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:36.372+1:37.430PS4
2172 Gypsy23Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:36.538+1:37.596Steam
2173 IndyTheCookieOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:36.623+1:37.681PS4
2174 enghavOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:36.738+1:37.796PS4
2175 hectortitoaguilaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:36.872+1:37.930PS4
2176 XpinGurUxaoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:36.973+1:38.310PS4
2177 ThomasGiertzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:37.038+1:38.960PS4
2178 mikkonurmi2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:37.305+1:38.363PS4
2179 johnwick79Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:37.306+1:38.364PS4
2180 manuelbugada80Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:37.338+1:38.396PS4
2181 [Fuck] Oncle SamOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:37.389+1:38.447Steam
2182 SixBoydOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:37.405+1:38.463Steam
2183 tyback87Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:37.406+1:38.464PS4
2184 b4ck2square1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:37.472+1:38.530Xbox
2185 Barbiturik Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:37.672+1:38.730Steam
2186 connormcleod452Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.039+1:39.970PS4
2187 xr400stuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.073+1:39.131PS4
2188 BUNNYBOILEROpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.089+1:39.147Steam
2189 DonnerstilzchenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.305+1:39.363PS4
2190 td-094Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.355+1:39.413PS4
2191 Sam0607 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.439+1:39.497Steam
2192 TajjeEEOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.522+1:39.580Steam
2193 InfenightOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.739+1:39.797PS4
2194 Toko-stcOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.755+1:39.813PS4
2195 IcyKing89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.756+1:39.814PS4
2196 JonesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.772+1:39.830Steam
2197 ?pedrocAs?'31<3Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.788+1:39.846Steam
2198 LuisOddixOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.822+1:39.880PS4
2199 ASIERTXUNOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.022+1:40.800PS4
2200 Topur JzKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.089+1:40.147Steam
2201 ???T_T Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.156+1:40.214Steam
2202 karolwujekOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.273+1:40.331Xbox
2203 michel3497Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.288+1:40.346Xbox
2204 Zansus0Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.472+1:40.530PS4
2205 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.588+1:40.646Xbox
2206 RiitteriOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.938+1:40.996Steam
2207 NippleZOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.939+1:40.997Steam
2208 Devo the DerroOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.022+1:41.800Steam
2209 sirjoe123Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.039+1:41.970PS4
2210 manos23 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.088+1:41.146Steam
2211 poohbear60807Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.088+1:41.146PS4
2212 PiktzudysOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.089+1:41.147PS4
2213 ivanf1973Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.107+1:41.165PS4
2214 SprhinoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.438+1:41.496Xbox
2215 tolski_xOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.538+1:41.596PS4
2216 df64Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.572+1:41.630Xbox
2217 xThierry132xOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.588+1:41.646PS4
2218 PsychosausageOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.589+1:41.647Steam
2219 JohnRap1999Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.739+1:41.797PS4
2220 gavin13whiteOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.822+1:41.880PS4
2221 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.872+1:41.930Xbox
2222 BettyBoo6626Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:41.005+1:42.630PS4
2223 iam_ziggymanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:41.006+1:42.640PS4
2224 AdzAdz Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:41.138+1:42.196Steam
2225 GUMITASOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:41.189+1:42.247PS4
2226 tooper78Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:41.538+1:42.596Xbox
2227 ksemOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:41.588+1:42.646Steam
2228 parsianoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:41.772+1:42.830PS4
2229 Koli_czOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:42.055+1:43.113PS4
2230 Trancentral Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:42.172+1:43.230Steam
2231 Cosworthnut___69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:42.273+1:43.331PS4
2232 wolf121257Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:42.289+1:43.347PS4
2233 SAINT-ETIENNE420Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:42.522+1:43.580PS4
2234 ninja_bagel_24Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:42.538+1:43.596PS4
2235 PIK600RROpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:42.672+1:43.730PS4
2236 balenablavaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:42.689+1:43.747PS4
2237 icetech Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:42.889+1:43.947Steam
2238 aule993Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.088+1:44.146PS4
2239 DEATHVIPER73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.189+1:44.247Xbox
2240 DoubleAOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.239+1:44.297Steam
2241 juupkerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.239+1:44.297PS4
2242 Babb--14Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.256+1:44.314PS4
2243 hugo8goncalvesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.455+1:44.513PS4
2244 danielschmelzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.521+1:44.579Steam
2245 jackiemo10__4Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.655+1:44.713PS4
2246 mag_zwickelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.671+1:44.729Steam
2247 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.738+1:44.796Xbox
2248 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.789+1:44.847Xbox
2249 LiNcE-PTOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.905+1:44.963Steam
2250 stinglikeaBEHOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.071+1:45.129Steam
2251 WIMBIOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.189+1:45.247PS4
2252 ivanhino7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.205+1:45.263Xbox
2253 aleponteargOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.422+1:45.480PS4
2254 madmax-ptOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.455+1:45.513PS4
2255 Chiche_sOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.471+1:45.529Steam
2256 Sir_EphedrinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.506+1:45.564PS4
2257 gauthier24097Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.522+1:45.580PS4
2258 HailHydraOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.623+1:45.681Steam
2259 Kruemmer88Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.688+1:45.746PS4
2260 komiki1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.772+1:45.830Steam
2261 OppaiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.889+1:45.947Steam
2262 BorskyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.889+1:45.947PS4
2263 tof-killer76Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.939+1:45.997PS4
2264 JJVV_coneOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:44.955+1:46.130PS4
2265 benjr34Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:45.055+1:46.113PS4
2266 kepassa66400Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:45.089+1:46.147PS4
2267 the_doors81Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:45.205+1:46.263PS4
2268 JonnyB242Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:45.239+1:46.297PS4
2269 D69RedlineOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:45.339+1:46.397PS4
2270 EaxisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:45.373+1:46.431Xbox
2271 arfenhouseOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:45.439+1:46.497Steam
2272 witte.torstenboOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:45.622+1:46.680Steam
2273 Der Bekloppte Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.039+1:47.970Steam
2274 Evan TomokiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.055+1:47.113Steam
2275 BunterHundOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.089+1:47.147Steam
2276 jamesbrown1997Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.089+1:47.147PS4
2277 hxr0001Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.156+1:47.214PS4
2278 micka68310Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.222+1:47.280PS4
2279 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.305+1:47.363Xbox
2280 xerxesrobertsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.306+1:47.364PS4
2281 YadrasilOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.356+1:47.414Steam
2282 DaveW306f2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.405+1:47.463PS4
2283 TumocsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.621+1:47.679Steam
2284 hende78Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.705+1:47.763PS4
2285 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.055+1:48.113Xbox
2286 Ruci11Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.172+1:48.230PS4
2287 Ursus Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.255+1:48.313Steam
2288 linuxfanatikerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.288+1:48.346Steam
2289 l69TOVI69lOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.473+1:48.531PS4
2290 ym83 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.506+1:48.564Steam
2291 DavidTauchoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.605+1:48.663PS4
2292 Dave WazOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.639+1:48.697Steam
2293 (CMD) Soulmate Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.672+1:48.730Steam
2294 Pat_RoyUsedRoidsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.689+1:48.747PS4
2295 boulitte34Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:48.023+1:49.810PS4
2296 kostandreyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:48.189+1:49.247PS4
2297 cedricsiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:48.322+1:49.380Steam
2298 TompullOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:48.355+1:49.413PS4
2299 [L-TR] ivan.29rusOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:48.622+1:49.680Steam
2300 erkihpsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:48.639+1:49.697Xbox
2301 dylanrothOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:48.722+1:49.780PS4
2302 mhla2204Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:48.771+1:49.829PS4
2303 gt3rsturboOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:48.822+1:49.880PS4
2304 wrxplore Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:49.371+1:50.429Steam
2305 hcgazooOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:49.405+1:50.463Steam
2306 TORNADOOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:49.438+1:50.496Steam
2307 sernekkoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:49.672+1:50.730PS4
2308 Kali_Kush15Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:49.772+1:50.830PS4
2309 NiedotykalskiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:49.856+1:50.914PS4
2310 james18griffOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:49.905+1:50.963Xbox
2311 Chris41061Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:50.523+1:51.581PS4
2312 niours25Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:50.572+1:51.630Xbox
2313 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:50.588+1:51.646Xbox
2314 fermi330cdOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:50.722+1:51.780PS4
2315 Prof. XOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:50.988+1:52.460Steam
2316 Braby Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:51.288+1:52.346Steam
2317 LuisKNIGHT82Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:51.322+1:52.380PS4
2318 JJ-booming Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:51.972+1:53.300Steam
2319 Renaultsport77Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:51.989+1:53.470PS4
2320 shagon89 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:52.138+1:53.196Steam
2321 mooster113Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:52.455+1:53.513PS4
2322 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:52.471+1:53.529Xbox
2323 gorilla112Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:52.605+1:53.663PS4
2324 DeepSilence4Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:52.738+1:53.796PS4
2325 etnokolumbOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:53.022+1:54.800PS4
2326 smokyrain Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:53.204+1:54.262Steam
2327 ReptileOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:53.439+1:54.497Steam
2328 Kalio_hazeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:53.872+1:54.930PS4
2329 edusn93Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:53.939+1:54.997PS4
2330 patrik_sidOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:54.104+1:55.162Steam
2331 greedeemeeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:54.122+1:55.180Xbox
2332 ronnyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:54.172+1:55.230Steam
2333 stix88stixOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:54.189+1:55.247PS4
2334 uffschoepper69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:54.238+1:55.296PS4
2335 manuelmarellaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:54.289+1:55.347PS4
2336 FloydprOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:54.523+1:55.581Steam
2337 TheLegendTurboOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:54.605+1:55.663Xbox
2338 Aikman666Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:54.639+1:55.697PS4
2339 bertogtamOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:55.271+1:56.329Steam
2340 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:55.505+1:56.563Xbox
2341 mistersav73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:55.522+1:56.580PS4
2342 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:55.522+1:56.580Xbox
2343 dfrukOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:55.538+1:56.596PS4
2344 JOSE_WRCOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:55.572+1:56.630PS4
2345 Mantas.svOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:55.604+1:56.662Steam
2346 FcTMyersOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:55.623+1:56.681Xbox
2347 bkozy83Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:56.055+1:57.113PS4
2348 loic43562Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:56.055+1:57.113PS4
2349 DefytheMachineOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:56.055+1:57.113Xbox
2350 WowasicOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:56.288+1:57.346Steam
2351 Kimi1912Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:56.388+1:57.446PS4
2352 wojtekOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:56.555+1:57.613Steam
2353 redg149Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:56.738+1:57.796PS4
2354 megatruckOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:57.088+1:58.146Xbox
2355 KRUSHETROOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:57.122+1:58.180Steam
2356 CroxilOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:57.271+1:58.329PS4
2357 dunny71Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:57.372+1:58.430PS4
2358 NaneyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:57.672+1:58.730Steam
2359 Blaze808808Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:57.971+1:59.290PS4
2360 reda1932Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:58.056+1:59.114Steam
2361 miha016Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:58.071+1:59.129PS4
2362 richarddelallier Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:58.188+1:59.246Steam
2363 Rotary11Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:58.388+1:59.446Steam
2364 lilianf42Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:58.688+1:59.746PS4
2365 RakiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:58.788+1:59.846Steam
2366 DanDanDannerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:58.989+2:00.470PS4
2367 mad-mullah-25Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:59.204+2:00.262PS4
2368 Rockford007Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:59.522+2:00.580PS4
2369 beeezoliOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:59.621+2:00.679Steam
2370 BabashusnaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:59.938+2:00.996PS4
2371 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:59.988+2:01.460Xbox
2372 senna073Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:00.021+2:01.790PS4
2373 AlvaritoGuti93Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:00.555+2:01.613PS4
2374 FerrousOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:00.638+2:01.696Xbox
2375 mijnkameelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:00.689+2:01.747PS4
2376 PTFC102WCOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:00.939+2:01.997PS4
2377 gregorycreillyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:01.487+2:02.545PS4
2378 Bolts09Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:01.855+2:02.913PS4
2379 pawelszymansk815Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:02.005+2:03.630PS4
2380 BMW77E36Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:02.188+2:03.246PS4
2381 Delayed BlowbackOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:02.571+2:03.629Steam
2382 sousan529Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:03.171+2:04.229Steam
2383 sleepyjoe2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:03.305+2:04.363PS4
2384 mariovilas Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:03.388+2:04.446Steam
2385 Ookami72Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:03.738+2:04.796PS4
2386 amataringOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:03.889+2:04.947PS4
2387 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:04.139+2:05.197Xbox
2388 victor23dOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:04.421+2:05.479PS4
2389 mn_dadOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:04.737+2:05.795PS4
2390 LATEOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:05.755+2:06.813Steam
2391 Xx-Mr_Jah-xXOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:05.972+2:07.300PS4
2392 raul99946Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:06.005+2:07.630PS4
2393 123gerryOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:07.771+2:08.829Xbox
2394 nap Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:08.437+2:09.495Steam
2395 shinyong1026Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:08.688+2:09.746Steam
2396 jontte84Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:08.855+2:09.913PS4
2397 banshee5507Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:08.988+2:10.460PS4
2398 reinders.bartOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:09.221+2:10.279Steam
2399 Pelle8109Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:09.305+2:10.363PS4
2400 axel2001Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:10.005+2:11.630Xbox
2401 Guitar Maniac Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:10.288+2:11.346Steam
2402 FloptysquidgeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:10.555+2:11.613PS4
2403 mahoni654Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:10.571+2:11.629PS4
2404 Yuka-BananaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:10.705+2:11.763PS4
2405 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:11.288+2:12.346Xbox
2406 SpeeDManiac Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:11.406+2:12.464Steam
2407 Scool46Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:11.488+2:12.546PS4
2408 p.fogg Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:11.671+2:12.729Steam
2409 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:11.937+2:12.995Xbox
2410 achango Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:12.304+2:13.362Steam
2411 pepe5803Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:12.371+2:13.429Xbox
2412 Snej-ROpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:12.554+2:13.612PS4
2413 unainoriegaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:12.654+2:13.712PS4
2414 Yankee 71100Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:12.771+2:13.829Steam
2415 mercedes_mmOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:13.038+2:14.960PS4
2416 michel3497Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:14.470+2:15.528Steam
2417 ThugosaurusOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:14.472+2:15.530Xbox
2418 voics Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:14.506+2:15.564Steam
2419 nerick66230Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:14.721+2:15.779PS4
2420 Grind2HardOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:15.821+2:16.879Xbox
2421 hans64bond007Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:16.187+2:17.245PS4
2422 wolfweiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:17.872+2:18.930PS4
2423 NemitisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:18.321+2:19.379Steam
2424 SpatialDragon Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:19.638+2:20.696Steam
2425 llooserOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:19.870+2:20.928Steam
2426 Pablin_RBNSportOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:19.888+2:20.946PS4
2427 bachu77Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:19.904+2:20.962PS4
2428 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:21.038+2:22.960Steam
2429 fatedbadgerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:21.238+2:22.296Xbox
2430 El RochaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:21.954+2:23.120Steam
2431 jayinspace1999Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:22.221+2:23.279Steam
2432 qtqbertOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:22.287+2:23.345PS4
2433 SaulBQOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:23.420+2:24.478PS4
2434 FellowKaijuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:23.571+2:24.629Xbox
2435 Mau Max Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:23.688+2:24.746Steam
2436 bobby_brown06Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:25.189+2:26.247PS4
2437 maggpyerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:25.605+2:26.663PS4
2438 kunk_33Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:25.737+2:26.795PS4
2439 WalluOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:27.172+2:28.230Steam
2440 DanielGJ44Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:28.304+2:29.362Steam
2441 TerichOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:28.686+2:29.744Steam
2442 Cowboy_FengOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:28.688+2:29.746Steam
2443 Smiley Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:28.739+2:29.797Steam
2444 300 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:29.871+2:30.929Steam
2445 mintballOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:30.821+2:31.879PS4
2446 FerzunOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:31.605+2:32.663PS4
2447 t0315861 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:33.838+2:34.896Steam
2448 alexeishekleinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:33.854+2:34.912PS4
2449 duludex3Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:34.071+2:35.129PS4
2450 antyzastygatorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:34.187+2:35.245PS4
2451 Nantais580Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:35.453+2:36.511PS4
2452 AIGLEDENISOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:36.937+2:37.995PS4
2453 jim01qOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:40.004+2:41.620Steam
2454 finn7315Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:41.169+2:42.227PS4
2455 la_modeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:41.852+2:42.910Steam
2456 Matze512 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:43.253+2:44.311Steam
2457 monster-nrj01Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:44.138+2:45.196PS4
2458 luigiskater21Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:45.819+2:46.877PS4
2459 jedras96Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:48.704+2:49.762PS4
2460 Raxxor1337Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:48.904+2:49.962PS4
2461 ay_eltelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:51.890+2:52.948PS4
2462 Come-OnnOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:54.021+2:55.790PS4
2463 woop woopOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:57.154+2:58.212Steam
2464 MicroX13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:58.053+2:59.111PS4
2465 iRibeiro__Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:58.354+2:59.412PS4
2466 MatSpanucciOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:59.537+3:00.595PS4
2467 Tamz3813Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:59.806+3:00.864PS4
2468 jdmbri88Opel Kadett GT/E 16v06:01.402+3:02.460Xbox
2469 Thunderclap786Opel Kadett GT/E 16v06:03.106+3:04.164PS4
2470 roccolouOpel Kadett GT/E 16v06:04.838+3:05.896PS4
2471 birdmanrussOpel Kadett GT/E 16v06:07.653+3:08.711PS4
2472 killer Opel Kadett GT/E 16v06:08.639+3:09.697Steam
2473 Murphy's LawOpel Kadett GT/E 16v06:11.503+3:12.561Steam
2474 valtraBoy116Opel Kadett GT/E 16v06:12.602+3:13.660PS4
2475 IndiceptorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v06:13.471+3:14.529PS4
2476 Aim HereOpel Kadett GT/E 16v06:14.471+3:15.529Steam
2477 CarlWinslow22Opel Kadett GT/E 16v06:15.170+3:16.228PS4
2478 Rolf265Opel Kadett GT/E 16v06:16.136+3:17.194PS4
2479 nightmare666091Opel Kadett GT/E 16v06:22.304+3:23.362PS4
2480 japomu38Opel Kadett GT/E 16v06:23.387+3:24.445PS4
2481 andryzhikOpel Kadett GT/E 16v06:25.918+3:26.976PS4
2482 BerlinsurferOpel Kadett GT/E 16v06:25.986+3:27.440PS4
2483 tobias.just.2008Opel Kadett GT/E 16v06:28.967+3:30.250Steam
2484 A la guerre comme a la guerreOpel Kadett GT/E 16v06:36.635+3:37.693Steam
2485 ryu-od_02_06Opel Kadett GT/E 16v06:37.422+3:38.480PS4
2486 danielzozyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v06:38.336+3:39.394Steam
2487 bastienyonnaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v06:41.402+3:42.460PS4
2488 Anna Nimfomanova(Luxury)Opel Kadett GT/E 16v06:42.951+3:44.900Steam
2489 ljh11344Opel Kadett GT/E 16v07:03.036+4:04.940PS4
2490 KENSHIROU Opel Kadett GT/E 16v07:05.953+4:07.110Steam
2491 bonelessbeef Opel Kadett GT/E 16v07:07.987+4:09.450Steam
2492 JTrade csgobounty.comOpel Kadett GT/E 16v07:12.571+4:13.629Steam
2493 ANDREYS1989Opel Kadett GT/E 16v07:18.168+4:19.226PS4
2494 LD_GODOpel Kadett GT/E 16v07:23.667+4:24.725Steam
2495 matzinger666845Opel Kadett GT/E 16v07:30.453+4:31.511PS4
2496 ?????Opel Kadett GT/E 16v07:31.583+4:32.641Steam
2497 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v12:31.498+9:32.556Xbox
2498 mike Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2499 Gaz Benneton Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2500 pekka.virkamaki Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2501 Thegasgas1300 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2502 MrBoss13bOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2503 pebucebrOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2504 kienkerrenateOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2505 jneuman1990Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2506 patrone68 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2507 Ernst The AceOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2508 naganannan Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2509 gaetandu07 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2510 alessiomaspero8Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2511 eccebomboooOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2512 valerivacOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2513 *****Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2514 Totte Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2515 philmax2 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2516 b.blidevikOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2517 Maxi23 [PL]Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2518 djteam Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2519 Takeshi Nakazato Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2520 peter_dahlstrom Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2521 PW?XOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2522 rmuortOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2523 Dydy flat out Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2524 joaosousaenf Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2525 fourwheeldriven Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2526 MilandaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2527 super_killer_3174Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2528 furyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2529 CommanderDetlefOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2530 HardMan Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2531 ChuckOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2532 SimonF Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2533 iBubbaKush420Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2534 Robanuka Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2535 g33RTOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2536 cjlloyd Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2537 baba2539Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2538 EastmanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2539 rosmo82 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2540 John Cage Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2541 DragonMission Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2542 FabzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2543 RAINFALLOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2544 Toto Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2545 madmod Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2546 guenther Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2547 DirtDriver Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2548 LeftismOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2549 astil Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2550 Nb | Beverly Hillbilly Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2551 blindOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2552 cincho Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2553 Peetch Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2554 KielOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2555 sulomies Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2556 fasthammer Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2557 Player 1 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2558 [Riko-Grost] [ITA]Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2559 Ferranis Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2560 baunau Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2561 avuysim10Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2562 llenart88Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2563 Cromey Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2564 OscarCasanovaGlezOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2565 IntrinsicOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2566 ata Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2567 BuddyHedgehog Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2568 JKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Steam
2569 CheapFuneralOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2570 Weka81Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2571 eppu330Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2572 XxAmNeSiA22xXOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2573 mindfreak902Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2574 pitrou2300Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2575 ronkkeliOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2576 kimifan601Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2577 nono28062006Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2578 bramsilOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2579 ramiressonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2580 jonnyu420Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2581 snoopalex42Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2582 mieloskaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2583 richard472Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2584 GalandivendOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2585 SlimedavisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2586 ke9kr8Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2587 scc83Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2588 ScangerMeBangrOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2589 lebotreunionOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2590 gufoxx73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2591 rialsobradeloOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2592 xenonspot93Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2593 komendarekOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2594 CeceCece79Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2595 janihuhOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2596 sluxribasOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2597 Rrreli26Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2598 spappy34Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2599 jeremuratuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2600 PodlipOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2601 Shadornet_HDOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2602 Pasta13600Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2603 hairikkoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2604 Hanzkannz86Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2605 barbashowOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2606 albion80Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2607 Colo2000xxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2608 Melea_27Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2609 CH3VR0L3T127Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2610 grand_DDHOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2611 POK44567Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2612 PeppinszkyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2613 akebaerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2614 matschul2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2615 sti-wrcOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2616 WALKN-1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2617 Max_FoobryOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2618 ll16092004Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2619 EzenazarioOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2620 TBaggingTomOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2621 bubba_electricOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2622 ArkhaanaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2623 bpfanzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2624 frankonkeyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2625 drevarskaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2626 Diablozx200016vOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2627 TOM_LO_SPANKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2628 tool_mechanic89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2629 templario_kaboomOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2630 bhg101112Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2631 alf11973Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2632 SuP_MaRuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2633 RAMBOPEACHOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2634 Sasa5666Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2635 jb2a_13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2636 SaiPa77Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2637 soveria2bOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2638 KaAre_kaNinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2639 TrianceeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2640 jackesparagowOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2641 PrO_GArDoisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2642 mctspainOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2643 richimilano92Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2644 schlenkerEOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2645 ale81udineOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2646 bjanss10Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2647 ZH-1911Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2648 tjetfiatOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2649 blackangel-1977Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580PS4
2650 LaserBlazerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2651 N6GKaipiBrOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2652 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2653 Glomb10Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2654 KDOGG1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2655 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2656 sondre89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2657 GTiPOWER7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2658 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2659 tiobed59Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2660 mulatronicOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2661 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2662 FGWolfzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2663 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2664 2pfspiffOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox
2665 fredvautierOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+12:01.580Xbox