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The Owners' Club, 2018-06-02
840 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Finland] Hämelahti (L) (Afternoon, Clear)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 MongoJon [VR] Citroën C4 Rally 201005:58.652+00:00.000Steam
2 how-45 Citroën C4 Rally 201005:58.668+00:00.160Steam
3 naglerCitroën C4 Rally 201006:12.151+00:13.499Steam
4 rumcajsz99Citroën C4 Rally 201006:13.068+00:14.416Steam
5 kumikapulaCitroën C4 Rally 201006:13.318+00:14.666PS4
6 Rene #NoControl Citroën C4 Rally 201006:14.768+00:16.116Steam
7 xAmiin69LyonCitroën C4 Rally 201006:15.034+00:16.382PS4
8 Tyoung972Citroën C4 Rally 201006:16.268+00:17.616PS4
9 KoveCitroën C4 Rally 201006:17.051+00:18.399Steam
10 CortCitroën C4 Rally 201006:17.551+00:18.899Steam
11 SemistrunCitroën C4 Rally 201006:18.101+00:19.449Steam
12 Gas Citroën C4 Rally 201006:19.001+00:20.349Steam
13 The StokeCitroën C4 Rally 201006:19.284+00:20.632Steam
14 Mareczek83Citroën C4 Rally 201006:20.068+00:21.416PS4
15 [Axis]???????Citroën C4 Rally 201006:21.001+00:22.349Steam
16 RolandAndersonCitroën C4 Rally 201006:23.034+00:24.382Xbox
17 Darkstar Citroën C4 Rally 201006:23.434+00:24.782Steam
18 ostmossaCitroën C4 Rally 201006:24.034+00:25.382PS4
19 laurent87Citroën C4 Rally 201006:24.051+00:25.399Xbox
20 DonSukram Citroën C4 Rally 201006:24.901+00:26.249Steam
21 max Citroën C4 Rally 201006:25.467+00:26.815Steam
22 matti.immonenCitroën C4 Rally 201006:25.551+00:26.899Steam
23 Jorma KovanenCitroën C4 Rally 201006:25.884+00:27.232Steam
24 hameen1Citroën C4 Rally 201006:26.101+00:27.449PS4
25 OvalRacerCitroën C4 Rally 201006:26.167+00:27.515PS4
26 dik12345Citroën C4 Rally 201006:26.617+00:27.965PS4
27 Hotel12Citroën C4 Rally 201006:26.701+00:28.490Xbox
28 RooBubba Citroën C4 Rally 201006:26.767+00:28.115Steam
29 Vergil ? Citroën C4 Rally 201006:26.967+00:28.315Steam
30 MEISTER5470Citroën C4 Rally 201006:27.234+00:28.582PS4
31 Takaty- Citroën C4 Rally 201006:27.351+00:28.699Steam
32 DrakeJ14826Citroën C4 Rally 201006:27.701+00:29.490PS4
33 heavybootsCitroën C4 Rally 201006:27.834+00:29.182Steam
34 SheenuCitroën C4 Rally 201006:28.034+00:29.382Steam
35 Volkein Citroën C4 Rally 201006:29.334+00:30.682Steam
36 Je55eJame5 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:29.517+00:30.865Steam
37 Dirt_Rally_JoeCitroën C4 Rally 201006:29.717+00:31.650PS4
38 nrhhhkCitroën C4 Rally 201006:29.784+00:31.132Steam
39 Crasher563Citroën C4 Rally 201006:30.151+00:31.499Steam
40 Hando711Citroën C4 Rally 201006:30.967+00:32.315PS4
41 peej108Citroën C4 Rally 201006:31.217+00:32.565PS4
42 AnacondaRangerCitroën C4 Rally 201006:31.301+00:32.649Steam
43 I_am_the_stig555Citroën C4 Rally 201006:31.501+00:32.849PS4
44 RennenMeisterCitroën C4 Rally 201006:31.534+00:32.882Steam
45 pierrotdu13 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:32.767+00:34.115Steam
46 Toni Citroën C4 Rally 201006:32.767+00:34.115Steam
47 unitakoraCitroën C4 Rally 201006:32.917+00:34.265PS4
48 Mendini (PT)Citroën C4 Rally 201006:33.000+00:34.348Steam
49 Raffi Citroën C4 Rally 201006:33.200+00:34.548Steam
50 Femax75Citroën C4 Rally 201006:33.284+00:34.632PS4
51 oldethumperCitroën C4 Rally 201006:33.367+00:34.715Steam
52 VermeireTCitroën C4 Rally 201006:34.184+00:35.532PS4
53 jacek_d67Citroën C4 Rally 201006:34.334+00:35.682Steam
54 schlenkerECitroën C4 Rally 201006:34.334+00:35.682PS4
55 travellog07Citroën C4 Rally 201006:34.900+00:36.248Steam
56 Isle of Barra Citroën C4 Rally 201006:35.117+00:36.465Steam
57 Tommy Citroën C4 Rally 201006:35.150+00:36.498Steam
58 Weddedboban 78 ;) Citroën C4 Rally 201006:35.450+00:36.798Steam
59 BsanCitroën C4 Rally 201006:36.034+00:37.382Steam
60 sg45330Citroën C4 Rally 201006:36.184+00:37.532Xbox
61 ysikariCitroën C4 Rally 201006:36.867+00:38.215PS4
62 m5n9ukyp Citroën C4 Rally 201006:37.334+00:38.682Steam
63 markrenton85Citroën C4 Rally 201006:37.417+00:38.765PS4
64 hide0040Citroën C4 Rally 201006:37.600+00:38.948Steam
65 jonnis13Citroën C4 Rally 201006:37.700+00:39.480Xbox
66 dxb51111Citroën C4 Rally 201006:38.034+00:39.382PS4
67 [RAC AP]SimpleSea[Monster™] Citroën C4 Rally 201006:38.384+00:39.732Steam
68 jnco89 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:38.400+00:39.748Steam
69 AkaMirteCitroën C4 Rally 201006:38.684+00:40.320PS4
70 DarkSandmaNCitroën C4 Rally 201006:39.084+00:40.432Steam
71 Jarbob Citroën C4 Rally 201006:39.117+00:40.465Steam
72 SWINCitroën C4 Rally 201006:40.050+00:41.398Steam
73 magicwise Citroën C4 Rally 201006:40.183+00:41.531Steam
74 zylytruuCitroën C4 Rally 201006:40.217+00:41.565Steam
75 lytorxxCitroën C4 Rally 201006:40.383+00:41.731Steam
76 tiouxeCitroën C4 Rally 201006:40.550+00:41.898Xbox
77 Go Home YankeesCitroën C4 Rally 201006:41.117+00:42.465Steam
78 Dragon-Ball83Citroën C4 Rally 201006:41.317+00:42.665Steam
79 jmchev1Citroën C4 Rally 201006:41.450+00:42.798Steam
80 ??????1?Citroën C4 Rally 201006:41.733+00:43.810Steam
81 Simpauttaja_16Citroën C4 Rally 201006:41.900+00:43.248PS4
82 LightningSportCitroën C4 Rally 201006:42.050+00:43.398PS4
83 FoxrampeCitroën C4 Rally 201006:42.267+00:43.615PS4
84 kildog Citroën C4 Rally 201006:42.550+00:43.898Steam
85 Raccoon Citroën C4 Rally 201006:42.617+00:43.965Steam
86 Erlendur Citroën C4 Rally 201006:42.783+00:44.131Steam
87 GZeus56Citroën C4 Rally 201006:43.200+00:44.548PS4
88 CrowbaitCitroën C4 Rally 201006:43.500+00:44.848Steam
89 jonesy65582Citroën C4 Rally 201006:43.950+00:45.298PS4
90 Paddy Citroën C4 Rally 201006:44.067+00:45.415Steam
91 Karppa Citroën C4 Rally 201006:44.267+00:45.615Steam
92 Djay FiftyFour Citroën C4 Rally 201006:44.500+00:45.848Steam
93 dylanh25Citroën C4 Rally 201006:45.000+00:46.348Steam
94 ari.salokivi Citroën C4 Rally 201006:45.100+00:46.448Steam
95 butzste623Citroën C4 Rally 201006:45.150+00:46.498PS4
96 penko75 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:45.367+00:46.715Steam
97 ale08081997peppeCitroën C4 Rally 201006:45.400+00:46.748PS4
98 ATIDIA Citroën C4 Rally 201006:45.467+00:46.815Steam
99 AzemaSwill1Citroën C4 Rally 201006:45.567+00:46.915PS4
100 jnurminen81Citroën C4 Rally 201006:45.600+00:46.948PS4
101 iggywicksCitroën C4 Rally 201006:45.717+00:47.650Xbox
102 medicatednationCitroën C4 Rally 201006:45.950+00:47.298Xbox
103 filgesfilgesCitroën C4 Rally 201006:45.983+00:47.331PS4
104 JPMR1176Citroën C4 Rally 201006:46.033+00:47.381PS4
105 stix88stixCitroën C4 Rally 201006:46.183+00:47.531PS4
106 Max_Traxion1Citroën C4 Rally 201006:46.467+00:47.815PS4
107 Urmas ArmasCitroën C4 Rally 201006:46.650+00:47.998Steam
108 josemmb1971Citroën C4 Rally 201006:46.933+00:48.281PS4
109 Luc Citroën C4 Rally 201006:47.117+00:48.465Steam
110 VuidaaCitroën C4 Rally 201006:47.167+00:48.515Steam
111 Sean_P-ykk8643Citroën C4 Rally 201006:47.233+00:48.581PS4
112 davidcorsoCitroën C4 Rally 201006:47.233+00:48.581Xbox
113 ( ?° ?? ?°) Barnacle BoyCitroën C4 Rally 201006:47.433+00:48.781Steam
114 MHillsCitroën C4 Rally 201006:47.717+00:49.650Xbox
115 arne.schmiedebergCitroën C4 Rally 201006:47.917+00:49.265Steam
116 Mimatsu_kCitroën C4 Rally 201006:48.267+00:49.615PS4
117 Roben cz Citroën C4 Rally 201006:48.350+00:49.698Steam
118 osmebyCitroën C4 Rally 201006:48.350+00:49.698PS4
119 Evgeniy StremovskiyCitroën C4 Rally 201006:48.400+00:49.748Steam
120 A.BurnerCitroën C4 Rally 201006:48.533+00:49.881Steam
121 VultureCitroën C4 Rally 201006:48.700+00:50.480Steam
122 Hubas Citroën C4 Rally 201006:48.950+00:50.298Steam
123 CharComuCitroën C4 Rally 201006:49.300+00:50.648Steam
124 SkullyCitroën C4 Rally 201006:49.416+00:50.764Steam
125 aderaxfiCitroën C4 Rally 201006:49.533+00:50.881PS4
126 Km132QRS8562APCitroën C4 Rally 201006:49.600+00:50.948PS4
127 w76995Citroën C4 Rally 201006:50.100+00:51.448PS4
128 SetsunaTenshi Citroën C4 Rally 201006:50.116+00:51.464Steam
129 Zrob17Citroën C4 Rally 201006:50.216+00:51.564Xbox
130 ladjiCitroën C4 Rally 201006:50.350+00:51.698Steam
131 Wolf-14Citroën C4 Rally 201006:50.433+00:51.781PS4
132 Alf Citroën C4 Rally 201006:50.450+00:51.798Steam
133 deceda Citroën C4 Rally 201006:50.550+00:51.898Steam
134 FroloffNikolayCitroën C4 Rally 201006:51.050+00:52.398Xbox
135 stig7747Citroën C4 Rally 201006:51.066+00:52.414PS4
136 TwoTwoOneCitroën C4 Rally 201006:51.350+00:52.698Steam
137 Raider552Citroën C4 Rally 201006:51.466+00:52.814PS4
138 iF11XracingCitroën C4 Rally 201006:51.716+00:53.640PS4
139 Obe-WanCitroën C4 Rally 201006:51.983+00:53.331PS4
140 baqueiromotorsport Citroën C4 Rally 201006:52.300+00:53.648Steam
141 rovnii_pocCitroën C4 Rally 201006:52.383+00:53.731PS4
142 ChaikaCitroën C4 Rally 201006:52.716+00:54.640Steam
143 GTI-54Citroën C4 Rally 201006:53.033+00:54.381PS4
144 MauTGCitroën C4 Rally 201006:53.200+00:54.548Xbox
145 Gom Jabbar Citroën C4 Rally 201006:53.350+00:54.698Steam
146 El BakherCitroën C4 Rally 201006:53.566+00:54.914Steam
147 tkultanenCitroën C4 Rally 201006:53.700+00:55.480Steam
148 Kolli Citroën C4 Rally 201006:53.750+00:55.980Steam
149 PinnarholCitroën C4 Rally 201006:53.900+00:55.248PS4
150 Rodney-EffingtonCitroën C4 Rally 201006:53.916+00:55.264PS4
151 Filipe Citroën C4 Rally 201006:54.016+00:55.364Steam
152 fk Citroën C4 Rally 201006:54.183+00:55.531Steam
153 VICENTE.RDI_GAMINGCitroën C4 Rally 201006:54.216+00:55.564Steam
154 TrahibidadidoCitroën C4 Rally 201006:54.316+00:55.664Steam
155 hansokumakeCitroën C4 Rally 201006:54.850+00:56.198PS4
156 EarL150294Citroën C4 Rally 201006:54.850+00:56.198PS4
157 lemonhart.0414 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:55.000+00:56.348Steam
158 LinkinWarCitroën C4 Rally 201006:55.116+00:56.464Steam
159 K1I9N7G7Citroën C4 Rally 201006:55.700+00:57.480PS4
160 krmobilCitroën C4 Rally 201006:55.816+00:57.164Xbox
161 Audi_A6_weissCitroën C4 Rally 201006:56.250+00:57.598PS4
162 Hugo Vieira Citroën C4 Rally 201006:56.466+00:57.814Steam
163 EastmanCitroën C4 Rally 201006:56.550+00:57.898Steam
164 HippyspawnCitroën C4 Rally 201006:56.799+00:58.147Oculus
165 opassacCitroën C4 Rally 201006:56.999+00:58.347PS4
166 RZA Citroën C4 Rally 201006:57.233+00:58.581Steam
167 Stepan StepanowitchCitroën C4 Rally 201006:57.316+00:58.664Steam
168 chuyan78Citroën C4 Rally 201006:57.333+00:58.681Steam
169 H@rd Drivin' Citroën C4 Rally 201006:57.399+00:58.747Steam
170 henryaarnio91Citroën C4 Rally 201006:57.416+00:58.764Steam
171 nick_svt Citroën C4 Rally 201006:57.566+00:58.914Steam
172 Jonog53Citroën C4 Rally 201006:57.699+00:59.470PS4
173 ChillalocoCitroën C4 Rally 201006:58.299+00:59.647PS4
174 ritchierayCitroën C4 Rally 201006:58.433+00:59.781Oculus
175 SnoozmaCitroën C4 Rally 201006:58.516+00:59.864Steam
176 AceCitroën C4 Rally 201006:58.649+00:59.997Steam
177 jak2755 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:59.066+1:00.414Steam
178 SomebodySmokeMe Citroën C4 Rally 201006:59.466+1:00.814Steam
179 sylrct83Citroën C4 Rally 201006:59.466+1:00.814PS4
180 keeper96Citroën C4 Rally 201006:59.766+1:01.114Steam
181 jzdoctorCitroën C4 Rally 201006:59.833+1:01.181PS4
182 GiSSelo Citroën C4 Rally 201006:59.866+1:01.214Steam
183 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201006:59.867+1:01.215Xbox
184 Destroyer40kCitroën C4 Rally 201006:59.999+1:01.347Steam
185 FahrerCitroën C4 Rally 201007:00.049+1:01.397Steam
186 generaleeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:00.166+1:01.514Xbox
187 enaj75Citroën C4 Rally 201007:00.183+1:01.531PS4
188 ValJager_597Citroën C4 Rally 201007:00.266+1:01.614Steam
189 robeffe88Citroën C4 Rally 201007:00.433+1:01.781PS4
190 slipstream8 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:00.499+1:01.847Steam
191 KassBot Citroën C4 Rally 201007:00.599+1:01.947Steam
192 h.klappauf Citroën C4 Rally 201007:00.649+1:01.997Steam
193 Fia_World_Rally_Championship Citroën C4 Rally 201007:00.683+1:02.310Steam
194 Marlec Citroën C4 Rally 201007:00.866+1:02.214Steam
195 kaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:00.866+1:02.214Steam
196 ????? Citroën C4 Rally 201007:00.933+1:02.281Steam
197 HorsingtonCitroën C4 Rally 201007:01.099+1:02.447Xbox
198 leobarthCitroën C4 Rally 201007:01.283+1:02.631Xbox
199 LowTech_3000Citroën C4 Rally 201007:01.399+1:02.747PS4
200 mikolalaszloCitroën C4 Rally 201007:01.416+1:02.764PS4
201 meskalitoCitroën C4 Rally 201007:01.849+1:03.197Steam
202 musicman74 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:02.033+1:03.381Steam
203 TLRCYBORGCitroën C4 Rally 201007:02.033+1:03.381Xbox
204 Ricson48185 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:02.099+1:03.447Steam
205 MuscleDevilCitroën C4 Rally 201007:02.133+1:03.481PS4
206 johndl Citroën C4 Rally 201007:02.216+1:03.564Steam
207 Mr. MagicmanCitroën C4 Rally 201007:02.616+1:03.964Steam
208 SnaketyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:02.683+1:04.310Steam
209 AlexnenonCitroën C4 Rally 201007:02.699+1:04.470PS4
210 leepy43Citroën C4 Rally 201007:02.716+1:04.640PS4
211 bella25398Citroën C4 Rally 201007:02.833+1:04.181PS4
212 blak_angelsCitroën C4 Rally 201007:02.866+1:04.214PS4
213 Stinger Citroën C4 Rally 201007:02.916+1:04.264Steam
214 anOnimo-tAmaggoCitroën C4 Rally 201007:03.049+1:04.397PS4
215 Crow Citroën C4 Rally 201007:03.149+1:04.497Steam
216 Barry ScottCitroën C4 Rally 201007:03.266+1:04.614Steam
217 mindstormer13Citroën C4 Rally 201007:03.366+1:04.714Steam
218 johanntetreault77Citroën C4 Rally 201007:03.383+1:04.731Steam
219 reimo001Citroën C4 Rally 201007:03.483+1:04.831PS4
220 g38i21o56Citroën C4 Rally 201007:03.516+1:04.864PS4
221 bidule29 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:03.549+1:04.897Steam
222 pasi.lehmusharjuCitroën C4 Rally 201007:03.633+1:04.981Steam
223 shamblam1974Citroën C4 Rally 201007:03.733+1:05.810PS4
224 Leffe Citroën C4 Rally 201007:03.783+1:05.131Steam
225 ThomasoliverfoxCitroën C4 Rally 201007:03.816+1:05.164Xbox
226 fili62Citroën C4 Rally 201007:04.066+1:05.414Steam
227 choubon27Citroën C4 Rally 201007:04.083+1:05.431Steam
228 apo-001budapestCitroën C4 Rally 201007:04.483+1:05.831PS4
229 Kiki von KikiCitroën C4 Rally 201007:04.583+1:05.931Steam
230 ServietskyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:05.016+1:06.364Steam
231 FDP90Citroën C4 Rally 201007:05.016+1:06.364PS4
232 Motörhead 2112Citroën C4 Rally 201007:05.149+1:06.497Steam
233 rallyfisherCitroën C4 Rally 201007:05.149+1:06.497PS4
234 GuillaumeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:05.432+1:06.780Steam
235 N3utr4lCitroën C4 Rally 201007:05.532+1:06.880Steam
236 metal spider Citroën C4 Rally 201007:05.582+1:06.930Steam
237 MC WRT Citroën C4 Rally 201007:05.649+1:06.997Steam
238 Metrium Citroën C4 Rally 201007:05.766+1:07.114Steam
239 Elio Citroën C4 Rally 201007:05.999+1:07.347Steam
240 plechovkaSVKCitroën C4 Rally 201007:06.049+1:07.397Steam
241 HazardousMike13Citroën C4 Rally 201007:06.232+1:07.580Xbox
242 benjamin0912Citroën C4 Rally 201007:06.316+1:07.664Xbox
243 DobbyDoDahCitroën C4 Rally 201007:06.382+1:07.730PS4
244 Vin Diesel?Citroën C4 Rally 201007:06.666+1:08.140Steam
245 StupidFingers Citroën C4 Rally 201007:06.782+1:08.130Steam
246 Serg1704Citroën C4 Rally 201007:07.016+1:08.364Steam
247 PeltoCitroën C4 Rally 201007:07.066+1:08.414Steam
248 niklas Citroën C4 Rally 201007:07.166+1:08.514Steam
249 Realista74Citroën C4 Rally 201007:07.216+1:08.564Steam
250 T_SHIVE_2CLUTCHCitroën C4 Rally 201007:07.432+1:08.780PS4
251 DylanPilgrimCitroën C4 Rally 201007:07.432+1:08.780Xbox
252 MentoSCitroën C4 Rally 201007:07.449+1:08.797Steam
253 mireczek203Citroën C4 Rally 201007:07.516+1:08.864PS4
254 ArkhEnCitroën C4 Rally 201007:07.632+1:08.980Steam
255 jono_misfitCitroën C4 Rally 201007:07.716+1:09.640Steam
256 ChrisShotzz Citroën C4 Rally 201007:07.749+1:09.970Steam
257 misanthor Citroën C4 Rally 201007:07.800+1:09.148Steam
258 jetman78 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:07.899+1:09.247Steam
259 Raizko98Citroën C4 Rally 201007:07.932+1:09.280PS4
260 cricri622211Citroën C4 Rally 201007:08.149+1:09.497PS4
261 fcuvillier972Citroën C4 Rally 201007:08.166+1:09.514Xbox
262 popchoaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:08.166+1:09.514Xbox
263 Ongo GablogianCitroën C4 Rally 201007:08.216+1:09.564Steam
264 Jejey.Citroën C4 Rally 201007:08.949+1:10.297Steam
265 JuhiziTCitroën C4 Rally 201007:08.999+1:10.347PS4
266 Straturos Citroën C4 Rally 201007:09.016+1:10.364Steam
267 Phileb77Citroën C4 Rally 201007:09.316+1:10.664Xbox
268 LUKEY1993Citroën C4 Rally 201007:09.466+1:10.814PS4
269 Mika-T420Citroën C4 Rally 201007:09.583+1:10.931PS4
270 CarlWinslow22Citroën C4 Rally 201007:09.816+1:11.164PS4
271 jari220970Citroën C4 Rally 201007:09.916+1:11.264PS4
272 JVsnellmanCitroën C4 Rally 201007:09.966+1:11.314PS4
273 johnniewalker05Citroën C4 Rally 201007:09.999+1:11.347PS4
274 Suntio Citroën C4 Rally 201007:10.050+1:11.398Steam
275 francoisleflamand Citroën C4 Rally 201007:10.116+1:11.464Steam
276 MrPutz Citroën C4 Rally 201007:10.482+1:11.830Steam
277 boro008Citroën C4 Rally 201007:10.532+1:11.880Xbox
278 n17r0uS.!?Citroën C4 Rally 201007:10.882+1:12.230Steam
279 Kanjo The Banjo ManCitroën C4 Rally 201007:11.132+1:12.480Steam
280 OVLAK2Citroën C4 Rally 201007:11.382+1:12.730Xbox
281 t.nakazawa Citroën C4 Rally 201007:11.432+1:12.780Steam
282 DISCONNECTED Citroën C4 Rally 201007:11.949+1:13.297Steam
283 Jem101Citroën C4 Rally 201007:11.966+1:13.314Steam
284 romangardenCitroën C4 Rally 201007:11.999+1:13.347PS4
285 LoonyTosolCitroën C4 Rally 201007:12.032+1:13.380Xbox
286 RCxTr3mCitroën C4 Rally 201007:12.032+1:13.380Xbox
287 speckle93Citroën C4 Rally 201007:12.066+1:13.414PS4
288 sillycapriciousCitroën C4 Rally 201007:12.166+1:13.514PS4
289 Aleksey NCitroën C4 Rally 201007:12.216+1:13.564Steam
290 collision_oneCitroën C4 Rally 201007:12.282+1:13.630Steam
291 jdktooCitroën C4 Rally 201007:12.599+1:13.947Steam
292 RamCitroën C4 Rally 201007:12.599+1:13.947Steam
293 tollssonCitroën C4 Rally 201007:12.616+1:13.964PS4
294 Slipko_PetrCitroën C4 Rally 201007:12.882+1:14.230Steam
295 YamahaJim525Citroën C4 Rally 201007:12.966+1:14.314Xbox
296 AllanBrallanCitroën C4 Rally 201007:13.016+1:14.364PS4
297 pekka.virkamaki Citroën C4 Rally 201007:13.166+1:14.514Steam
298 madDigitCitroën C4 Rally 201007:13.349+1:14.697PS4
299 pavelbCitroën C4 Rally 201007:13.482+1:14.830Steam
300 R@@P Citroën C4 Rally 201007:13.515+1:14.863Steam
301 CozDeathCitroën C4 Rally 201007:13.565+1:14.913PS4
302 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:13.599+1:14.947Xbox
303 chr2d2 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:13.765+1:15.113Steam
304 Bubi Citroën C4 Rally 201007:13.766+1:15.114Steam
305 hrung Citroën C4 Rally 201007:13.899+1:15.247Steam
306 WRC-ELCHCitroën C4 Rally 201007:14.032+1:15.380PS4
307 marty4944Citroën C4 Rally 201007:14.049+1:15.397PS4
308 loy59Citroën C4 Rally 201007:14.316+1:15.664PS4
309 fabianlebombeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:14.865+1:16.213PS4
310 tomCitroën C4 Rally 201007:15.015+1:16.363Steam
311 artur197410 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:15.115+1:16.463Steam
312 Jeff FloymonCitroën C4 Rally 201007:15.615+1:16.963Steam
313 Mr. F@n-T-@$$-$t!ck Citroën C4 Rally 201007:15.615+1:16.963Steam
314 andreyDV73 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:15.666+1:17.140Steam
315 PoomaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:15.865+1:17.213Steam
316 D r i f tCitroën C4 Rally 201007:15.882+1:17.230Steam
317 PumbaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:15.932+1:17.280Steam
318 coolwi Citroën C4 Rally 201007:16.082+1:17.430Steam
319 3CharactersCitroën C4 Rally 201007:16.332+1:17.680Xbox
320 VilleR82Citroën C4 Rally 201007:16.615+1:17.963PS4
321 c^1Citroën C4 Rally 201007:16.715+1:18.630Steam
322 PAU-T-CCitroën C4 Rally 201007:16.749+1:18.970PS4
323 smk5526Citroën C4 Rally 201007:16.782+1:18.130Steam
324 thertherleclodoCitroën C4 Rally 201007:16.949+1:18.297PS4
325 KørelærerenCitroën C4 Rally 201007:16.965+1:18.313Steam
326 svanizCitroën C4 Rally 201007:17.049+1:18.397Xbox
327 AnotherOtherPL Citroën C4 Rally 201007:17.232+1:18.580Steam
328 pinaldo Citroën C4 Rally 201007:17.265+1:18.613Steam
329 PeshulCitroën C4 Rally 201007:17.365+1:18.713Steam
330 pglnoobCitroën C4 Rally 201007:17.365+1:18.713PS4
331 tioNi[k]Citroën C4 Rally 201007:17.465+1:18.813Steam
332 SPARK!Citroën C4 Rally 201007:17.849+1:19.197Steam
333 Lehtiz_FINCitroën C4 Rally 201007:18.149+1:19.497Steam
334 SanozZCitroën C4 Rally 201007:18.299+1:19.647Steam
335 TEADELANTECitroën C4 Rally 201007:18.415+1:19.763Xbox
336 Progresso2 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:18.649+1:19.997Steam
337 corradinhoCitroën C4 Rally 201007:18.765+1:20.113Steam
338 secmoCitroën C4 Rally 201007:18.799+1:20.147Steam
339 stoveluckCitroën C4 Rally 201007:18.865+1:20.213PS4
340 Rest_TremorCitroën C4 Rally 201007:18.982+1:20.330Steam
341 behem-e30Citroën C4 Rally 201007:18.982+1:20.330PS4
342 FLYeRNeTCitroën C4 Rally 201007:19.115+1:20.463Steam
343 SLIPKNOT-SOURCitroën C4 Rally 201007:19.266+1:20.614Steam
344 Barjoland38Citroën C4 Rally 201007:19.415+1:20.763Steam
345 Alfredo TortelliniCitroën C4 Rally 201007:19.499+1:20.847Steam
346 tora_sanCitroën C4 Rally 201007:19.549+1:20.897Steam
347 Lucky Joseph the Turd Collector Citroën C4 Rally 201007:19.599+1:20.947Steam
348 ell_j_eff77Citroën C4 Rally 201007:19.615+1:20.963PS4
349 ERZ-ER666Citroën C4 Rally 201007:19.616+1:20.964Steam
350 farrokitCitroën C4 Rally 201007:19.799+1:21.147PS4
351 RandellSCitroën C4 Rally 201007:20.016+1:21.364Xbox
352 DoomguyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:20.199+1:21.547Steam
353 DMaGGaaaarCitroën C4 Rally 201007:20.249+1:21.597PS4
354 p-64cyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:20.732+1:22.800PS4
355 ????????Citroën C4 Rally 201007:20.766+1:22.114Steam
356 DuDiKoCitroën C4 Rally 201007:20.815+1:22.163Steam
357 3a?Pa3??pCitroën C4 Rally 201007:21.215+1:22.563Steam
358 VictorFlash1972Citroën C4 Rally 201007:21.265+1:22.613PS4
359 chaross44Citroën C4 Rally 201007:21.415+1:22.763PS4
360 peter.lutzCitroën C4 Rally 201007:21.698+1:23.460Steam
361 ZoretmloufCitroën C4 Rally 201007:21.698+1:23.460PS4
362 GRIP Citroën C4 Rally 201007:21.732+1:23.800Steam
363 jokah36Citroën C4 Rally 201007:22.365+1:23.713Xbox
364 lordpatou Citroën C4 Rally 201007:22.398+1:23.746Steam
365 AnontatCitroën C4 Rally 201007:22.565+1:23.913Steam
366 rob9112Citroën C4 Rally 201007:22.682+1:24.300Xbox
367 M4xP0w3R_91Citroën C4 Rally 201007:23.132+1:24.480Steam
368 SAULOM117Citroën C4 Rally 201007:23.182+1:24.530Xbox
369 lastfmfan Citroën C4 Rally 201007:23.365+1:24.713Steam
370 **BuFFaLo133**Citroën C4 Rally 201007:23.632+1:24.980Steam
371 michaelb59Citroën C4 Rally 201007:23.665+1:25.130PS4
372 holophyteCitroën C4 Rally 201007:23.782+1:25.130Steam
373 noscatCitroën C4 Rally 201007:23.932+1:25.280PS4
374 moquette5Citroën C4 Rally 201007:23.982+1:25.330Xbox
375 peteturtle Citroën C4 Rally 201007:24.198+1:25.546Steam
376 JokerGermanyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:24.465+1:25.813Steam
377 tazdevil Citroën C4 Rally 201007:24.465+1:25.813Steam
378 swampdogbluesCitroën C4 Rally 201007:24.665+1:26.130Xbox
379 DaruskaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:24.998+1:26.346Xbox
380 scratchpaddyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:25.032+1:26.380Steam
381 him-amino Citroën C4 Rally 201007:25.182+1:26.530Steam
382 Sonny_Crockett18Citroën C4 Rally 201007:25.315+1:26.663PS4
383 ArmenyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:25.332+1:26.680PS4
384 Moca-32Citroën C4 Rally 201007:25.582+1:26.930PS4
385 Smithers-1968_Citroën C4 Rally 201007:25.682+1:27.300PS4
386 bubba61Citroën C4 Rally 201007:25.682+1:27.300Xbox
387 MERASMUS! The MLG wizardCitroën C4 Rally 201007:25.848+1:27.196Steam
388 300 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:26.115+1:27.463Steam
389 toshi_beeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:26.315+1:27.663Steam
390 DEMO_DAN_MANTACitroën C4 Rally 201007:26.498+1:27.846PS4
391 lola22evaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:26.632+1:27.980PS4
392 JaseArgonautsCitroën C4 Rally 201007:26.665+1:28.130Xbox
393 GouzgounisCitroën C4 Rally 201007:26.815+1:28.163Steam
394 yutapon-666Citroën C4 Rally 201007:26.965+1:28.313Steam
395 ad1957-ab4Citroën C4 Rally 201007:26.998+1:28.346PS4
396 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:27.049+1:28.397Xbox
397 LAMARTHEKOONCitroën C4 Rally 201007:27.099+1:28.447PS4
398 kingspride Citroën C4 Rally 201007:27.215+1:28.563Steam
399 Sikor_Wawa_PLCitroën C4 Rally 201007:27.315+1:28.663PS4
400 oliv822Citroën C4 Rally 201007:27.682+1:29.300PS4
401 DjGARCICitroën C4 Rally 201007:27.865+1:29.213PS4
402 ?????Citroën C4 Rally 201007:27.982+1:29.330Steam
403 KabzonCitroën C4 Rally 201007:28.182+1:29.530Steam
404 Saif_armoutiCitroën C4 Rally 201007:28.448+1:29.796PS4
405 The Boulder (Randy)Citroën C4 Rally 201007:28.532+1:29.880Steam
406 RoyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:28.582+1:29.930Steam
407 Nosferatu Citroën C4 Rally 201007:28.748+1:30.960Steam
408 h?'111100011110011011110010Citroën C4 Rally 201007:28.848+1:30.196Steam
409 kaninja1000Citroën C4 Rally 201007:29.115+1:30.463PS4
410 [BEER4]PureEvil Citroën C4 Rally 201007:29.332+1:30.680Steam
411 CHRISSYDCitroën C4 Rally 201007:29.365+1:30.713Xbox
412 Klai NairCitroën C4 Rally 201007:29.398+1:30.746Steam
413 Samurai5kull83Citroën C4 Rally 201007:29.398+1:30.746Xbox
414 bob666Citroën C4 Rally 201007:29.565+1:30.913Steam
415 FallbackTester7Citroën C4 Rally 201007:29.665+1:31.130Xbox
416 vasko-vidinCitroën C4 Rally 201007:29.765+1:31.113PS4
417 feuer033stuhlCitroën C4 Rally 201007:29.848+1:31.196PS4
418 HorrorifiKCitroën C4 Rally 201007:30.048+1:31.396PS4
419 TurboDieselCitroën C4 Rally 201007:30.165+1:31.513Steam
420 YeahRight!Citroën C4 Rally 201007:30.531+1:31.879Steam
421 FiškusCitroën C4 Rally 201007:30.665+1:32.130Steam
422 Blondin-racingCitroën C4 Rally 201007:30.715+1:32.630PS4
423 hellborgCitroën C4 Rally 201007:30.748+1:32.960Steam
424 jguello1 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:30.749+1:32.970Steam
425 OLDF150Citroën C4 Rally 201007:30.781+1:32.129PS4
426 Patrik160Citroën C4 Rally 201007:30.831+1:32.179PS4
427 TheAvalanchaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:30.848+1:32.196Steam
428 DarknessKillerXCitroën C4 Rally 201007:30.881+1:32.229PS4
429 Jonas MorschCitroën C4 Rally 201007:30.965+1:32.313Steam
430 amodasCitroën C4 Rally 201007:31.048+1:32.396Steam
431 DiaaJamjoumCitroën C4 Rally 201007:31.098+1:32.446PS4
432 evotronmix Citroën C4 Rally 201007:31.315+1:32.663Steam
433 Lacce63Citroën C4 Rally 201007:31.481+1:32.829PS4
434 dwaller1Citroën C4 Rally 201007:31.598+1:32.946PS4
435 JOSE_WRCCitroën C4 Rally 201007:31.848+1:33.196PS4
436 DoubleTime53Citroën C4 Rally 201007:31.931+1:33.279Steam
437 arm(rus)Citroën C4 Rally 201007:32.248+1:33.596Steam
438 tero kartmanCitroën C4 Rally 201007:32.415+1:33.763Steam
439 krawitzeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:32.448+1:33.796PS4
440 Jgz0401Citroën C4 Rally 201007:32.465+1:33.813PS4
441 baluhp2Citroën C4 Rally 201007:32.481+1:33.829PS4
442 francescoivreaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:32.531+1:33.879PS4
443 Roadrunner7007Citroën C4 Rally 201007:32.599+1:33.947PS4
444 ?Jam™? Citroën C4 Rally 201007:32.698+1:34.460Steam
445 ford2310Citroën C4 Rally 201007:32.781+1:34.129PS4
446 crunner117 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:32.831+1:34.179Steam
447 Kruza923Citroën C4 Rally 201007:32.865+1:34.213Xbox
448 firstdoctorCitroën C4 Rally 201007:33.165+1:34.513PS4
449 WuZaiCitroën C4 Rally 201007:33.215+1:34.563Steam
450 Clippy Citroën C4 Rally 201007:33.331+1:34.679Steam
451 RXM307Citroën C4 Rally 201007:33.415+1:34.763Xbox
452 XXmac59XXCitroën C4 Rally 201007:33.631+1:34.979Xbox
453 scottielin Citroën C4 Rally 201007:33.648+1:34.996Steam
454 EVO.XCitroën C4 Rally 201007:33.665+1:35.130Steam
455 Ruslans2404Citroën C4 Rally 201007:33.781+1:35.129PS4
456 enragedes4pattesCitroën C4 Rally 201007:34.248+1:35.596PS4
457 DESCitroën C4 Rally 201007:34.448+1:35.796Steam
458 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:34.548+1:35.896Xbox
459 Festa2 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:34.815+1:36.163Steam
460 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:34.832+1:36.180Xbox
461 maidenrules298Citroën C4 Rally 201007:35.265+1:36.613PS4
462 hoarem1Citroën C4 Rally 201007:35.298+1:36.646PS4
463 jarrino Citroën C4 Rally 201007:35.398+1:36.746Steam
464 khitrovkaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:35.398+1:36.746Xbox
465 Guignette_Pwr | Unikrn.com Citroën C4 Rally 201007:35.515+1:36.863Steam
466 limit1394Citroën C4 Rally 201007:35.631+1:36.979Steam
467 PIEBATCitroën C4 Rally 201007:35.748+1:37.960Steam
468 Birjuk0vCitroën C4 Rally 201007:35.881+1:37.229Steam
469 TheInsaneButcherCitroën C4 Rally 201007:35.915+1:37.263PS4
470 Killerkurt Citroën C4 Rally 201007:35.998+1:37.346Steam
471 kurogasiraCitroën C4 Rally 201007:36.265+1:37.613PS4
472 enrique11del11Citroën C4 Rally 201007:36.348+1:37.696PS4
473 sakisa341Citroën C4 Rally 201007:36.398+1:37.746Steam
474 wiketorCitroën C4 Rally 201007:36.481+1:37.829Steam
475 Jon the VGNerdCitroën C4 Rally 201007:36.548+1:37.896Steam
476 Billy RacerCitroën C4 Rally 201007:36.565+1:37.913Steam
477 baalberith1986Citroën C4 Rally 201007:36.648+1:37.996PS4
478 lacidodomieCitroën C4 Rally 201007:36.665+1:38.130Xbox
479 Stanley.33-443Citroën C4 Rally 201007:36.681+1:38.290Steam
480 ARO1801Citroën C4 Rally 201007:36.715+1:38.630PS4
481 PombaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:36.748+1:38.960Steam
482 jbl4344ssfCitroën C4 Rally 201007:36.898+1:38.246PS4
483 Smokin Spider Citroën C4 Rally 201007:36.915+1:38.263Steam
484 cedspartCitroën C4 Rally 201007:36.981+1:38.329PS4
485 piotr.j.majewskiCitroën C4 Rally 201007:37.298+1:38.646Steam
486 turbo-jackCitroën C4 Rally 201007:37.315+1:38.663Steam
487 davilet9Citroën C4 Rally 201007:37.465+1:38.813PS4
488 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:37.598+1:38.946Xbox
489 Oliver-Sadaba89Citroën C4 Rally 201007:37.681+1:39.290PS4
490 albesCitroën C4 Rally 201007:38.248+1:39.596Steam
491 komiki1Citroën C4 Rally 201007:38.548+1:39.896Steam
492 KrolkeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:38.598+1:39.946Steam
493 MT003Citroën C4 Rally 201007:38.731+1:40.790Steam
494 chenoCitroën C4 Rally 201007:38.848+1:40.196Steam
495 LASVEGASCitroën C4 Rally 201007:39.248+1:40.596Steam
496 goonzak68Citroën C4 Rally 201007:39.331+1:40.679PS4
497 ruskingerCitroën C4 Rally 201007:39.348+1:40.696Steam
498 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:39.398+1:40.746Xbox
499 Smoky Citroën C4 Rally 201007:39.800+1:41.148Steam
500 MLRacing62Citroën C4 Rally 201007:39.981+1:41.329PS4
501 ChristianCitroën C4 Rally 201007:40.298+1:41.646Steam
502 Toru Citroën C4 Rally 201007:40.331+1:41.679Steam
503 SmXpressCitroën C4 Rally 201007:40.764+1:42.112Xbox
504 Blöd FröhseCitroën C4 Rally 201007:41.231+1:42.579Steam
505 PieroRagusaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:41.431+1:42.779Xbox
506 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:41.681+1:43.290Xbox
507 planzz4 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:41.698+1:43.460Steam
508 thierry45200Citroën C4 Rally 201007:42.231+1:43.579PS4
509 ANATOLE_PROJECT Citroën C4 Rally 201007:42.314+1:43.662Steam
510 OldSchoolCitroën C4 Rally 201007:42.398+1:43.746Steam
511 scottbeamandCitroën C4 Rally 201007:42.714+1:44.620Xbox
512 boy1234Citroën C4 Rally 201007:42.865+1:44.213PS4
513 ratty04Citroën C4 Rally 201007:42.931+1:44.279PS4
514 Jennifer2403Citroën C4 Rally 201007:42.931+1:44.279PS4
515 speedyselo Citroën C4 Rally 201007:42.965+1:44.313Steam
516 bramvicCitroën C4 Rally 201007:42.998+1:44.346PS4
517 jackd76Citroën C4 Rally 201007:43.114+1:44.462Xbox
518 JohnMcLainCitroën C4 Rally 201007:43.314+1:44.662Steam
519 SVD Citroën C4 Rally 201007:43.581+1:44.929Steam
520 Waxy-TigerCitroën C4 Rally 201007:43.615+1:44.963PS4
521 patatak Citroën C4 Rally 201007:43.632+1:44.980Steam
522 IAMBADGAMERCitroën C4 Rally 201007:43.848+1:45.196Xbox
523 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:44.348+1:45.696Xbox
524 E39Citroën C4 Rally 201007:44.498+1:45.846Steam
525 Freelander1972Citroën C4 Rally 201007:44.698+1:46.460PS4
526 SpeeDManiac Citroën C4 Rally 201007:44.831+1:46.179Steam
527 lonesomeorganistCitroën C4 Rally 201007:44.998+1:46.346PS4
528 ar1_1kolaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:45.064+1:46.412PS4
529 Clordstar Citroën C4 Rally 201007:45.581+1:46.929Steam
530 Zebrapimp12 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:45.614+1:46.962Steam
531 JonyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:45.999+1:47.347Steam
532 coutim Citroën C4 Rally 201007:46.048+1:47.396Steam
533 Robcik Citroën C4 Rally 201007:46.265+1:47.613Steam
534 WhatDaEggCitroën C4 Rally 201007:46.564+1:47.912Steam
535 Nismo Citroën C4 Rally 201007:46.831+1:48.179Steam
536 Makkûra Citroën C4 Rally 201007:46.964+1:48.312Steam
537 GuillaumeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:46.965+1:48.313Steam
538 BrowntrouseCitroën C4 Rally 201007:47.014+1:48.362Xbox
539 cyril.b16Citroën C4 Rally 201007:47.181+1:48.529Steam
540 TORTUGACA957Citroën C4 Rally 201007:47.181+1:48.529PS4
541 Lushie175Citroën C4 Rally 201007:47.264+1:48.612PS4
542 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:47.381+1:48.729Xbox
543 omargarciaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:47.431+1:48.779Steam
544 benoitr01 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:47.447+1:48.795Steam
545 MillsCitroën C4 Rally 201007:47.681+1:49.290Steam
546 bossbirdCitroën C4 Rally 201007:47.797+1:49.145Xbox
547 kimi20051Citroën C4 Rally 201007:47.847+1:49.195Steam
548 nice1^RIP DOTA 2Citroën C4 Rally 201007:48.097+1:49.445Steam
549 SaLaManDeR Citroën C4 Rally 201007:48.181+1:49.529Steam
550 1TankerCitroën C4 Rally 201007:49.497+1:50.845Steam
551 newcombrrCitroën C4 Rally 201007:49.947+1:51.295Xbox
552 SAABviggenCitroën C4 Rally 201007:49.998+1:51.346PS4
553 FalconX78Citroën C4 Rally 201007:50.164+1:51.512Xbox
554 diesel31Citroën C4 Rally 201007:50.347+1:51.695Xbox
555 GUIGOUXCitroën C4 Rally 201007:50.431+1:51.779Steam
556 okakug0Citroën C4 Rally 201007:50.731+1:52.790Steam
557 Michele231969Citroën C4 Rally 201007:50.947+1:52.295PS4
558 BeemerbabyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:52.097+1:53.445PS4
559 SniperCitroën C4 Rally 201007:52.697+1:54.450Steam
560 gigantebuonoCitroën C4 Rally 201007:53.081+1:54.429Xbox
561 zakhariazeidCitroën C4 Rally 201007:53.281+1:54.629PS4
562 Gaffa1959Citroën C4 Rally 201007:54.564+1:55.912PS4
563 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:55.147+1:56.495Xbox
564 shivan Citroën C4 Rally 201007:55.330+1:56.678Steam
565 goettneruweCitroën C4 Rally 201007:55.447+1:56.795Steam
566 T.RushCitroën C4 Rally 201007:55.464+1:56.812Steam
567 badjujutriCitroën C4 Rally 201007:55.697+1:57.450PS4
568 jpilar4Citroën C4 Rally 201007:55.730+1:57.780PS4
569 Gerli86gCitroën C4 Rally 201007:56.064+1:57.412PS4
570 cgilll83Citroën C4 Rally 201007:56.164+1:57.512Xbox
571 h5t5r43ewwder456Citroën C4 Rally 201007:56.314+1:57.662PS4
572 WWWowan1968Rus59 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:56.347+1:57.695Steam
573 roverTrevorCitroën C4 Rally 201007:56.997+1:58.345PS4
574 mansamusa56Citroën C4 Rally 201007:57.130+1:58.478PS4
575 jorge1978csCitroën C4 Rally 201007:57.264+1:58.612PS4
576 DaveleonCitroën C4 Rally 201007:57.930+1:59.278Xbox
577 Zadregnig73Citroën C4 Rally 201007:58.297+1:59.645PS4
578 SambaxlCitroën C4 Rally 201007:58.431+1:59.779PS4
579 saluki970Citroën C4 Rally 201007:58.614+1:59.962Xbox
580 JanforfaanCitroën C4 Rally 201007:58.748+2:00.960PS4
581 deufreCitroën C4 Rally 201007:58.814+2:00.162Xbox
582 Fanz_46Citroën C4 Rally 201007:58.964+2:00.312Steam
583 spindrift Citroën C4 Rally 201007:59.414+2:00.762Steam
584 Oni40 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:59.864+2:01.212Steam
585 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:00.181+2:01.529Xbox
586 GDboys2000Citroën C4 Rally 201008:00.247+2:01.595PS4
587 bimbler1966Citroën C4 Rally 201008:00.330+2:01.678Xbox
588 Vagnus78Citroën C4 Rally 201008:00.731+2:02.790Xbox
589 xx_Nono_xx7Citroën C4 Rally 201008:01.030+2:02.378PS4
590 Gustavo_lsfCitroën C4 Rally 201008:01.831+2:03.179Steam
591 the fastest of boysCitroën C4 Rally 201008:01.847+2:03.195Steam
592 MOSSONICitroën C4 Rally 201008:02.047+2:03.395Xbox
593 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:02.747+2:04.950Xbox
594 NullPointerCitroën C4 Rally 201008:03.297+2:04.645Xbox
595 dragosbold Citroën C4 Rally 201008:03.413+2:04.761Steam
596 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:03.447+2:04.795Xbox
597 kikebolivarCitroën C4 Rally 201008:03.547+2:04.895PS4
598 ecstubblebineCitroën C4 Rally 201008:05.447+2:06.795Steam
599 j0hn titorCitroën C4 Rally 201008:06.180+2:07.528Steam
600 sepik80873Citroën C4 Rally 201008:06.464+2:07.812PS4
601 HuutomerkkiCitroën C4 Rally 201008:06.997+2:08.345PS4
602 wojtekCitroën C4 Rally 201008:08.180+2:09.528Steam
603 wrxplore Citroën C4 Rally 201008:09.147+2:10.495Steam
604 raphou6900000000Citroën C4 Rally 201008:09.930+2:11.278PS4
605 SpatialDragon Citroën C4 Rally 201008:10.013+2:11.361Steam
606 Giggs-030-Citroën C4 Rally 201008:10.714+2:12.620PS4
607 zmkmamCitroën C4 Rally 201008:10.730+2:12.780PS4
608 Ludwig_Der_GroBeCitroën C4 Rally 201008:10.963+2:12.311Steam
609 RockyCitroën C4 Rally 201008:11.663+2:13.110Steam
610 LiamCitroën C4 Rally 201008:12.514+2:13.862Steam
611 Herrjee38Citroën C4 Rally 201008:12.563+2:13.911PS4
612 KnadrojCitroën C4 Rally 201008:13.247+2:14.595Steam
613 SpazAtacckCitroën C4 Rally 201008:13.517+2:14.865PS4
614 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:14.046+2:15.394Xbox
615 Sphynxaria Citroën C4 Rally 201008:15.063+2:16.411Steam
616 viler_80Citroën C4 Rally 201008:15.163+2:16.511Steam
617 BoscoHUN Citroën C4 Rally 201008:15.513+2:16.861Steam
618 papadeuCitroën C4 Rally 201008:15.580+2:16.928Steam
619 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:16.530+2:17.878Xbox
620 is-pierrotCitroën C4 Rally 201008:17.530+2:18.878PS4
621 MartinPerna09Citroën C4 Rally 201008:17.696+2:19.440PS4
622 arjanCitroën C4 Rally 201008:18.913+2:20.261Steam
623 AlguiCitroën C4 Rally 201008:19.230+2:20.578Steam
624 SmilerikaCitroën C4 Rally 201008:20.046+2:21.394PS4
625 erdoradCitroën C4 Rally 201008:20.313+2:21.661PS4
626 ChadsthebossCitroën C4 Rally 201008:20.647+2:21.995Xbox
627 maximo4_Citroën C4 Rally 201008:21.380+2:22.728PS4
628 ????? ?? ?????? ??????Citroën C4 Rally 201008:21.897+2:23.245Steam
629 Norbix2017Citroën C4 Rally 201008:22.129+2:23.477PS4
630 MuskCitroën C4 Rally 201008:23.146+2:24.494Steam
631 ontheroadCitroën C4 Rally 201008:23.913+2:25.261PS4
632 MihaKot13Citroën C4 Rally 201008:24.179+2:25.527PS4
633 KatoreCitroën C4 Rally 201008:25.313+2:26.661Steam
634 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:26.397+2:27.745Xbox
635 Joe-RagnottiCitroën C4 Rally 201008:26.948+2:28.296PS4
636 jlouispnCitroën C4 Rally 201008:27.480+2:28.828Steam
637 pechorinCitroën C4 Rally 201008:27.796+2:29.144Steam
638 CYBERDEAD666Citroën C4 Rally 201008:27.946+2:29.294Xbox
639 vesaaCitroën C4 Rally 201008:28.514+2:29.862Steam
640 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:29.363+2:30.711Xbox
641 SergipanaGTRCitroën C4 Rally 201008:31.363+2:32.711Xbox
642 fatedbadgerCitroën C4 Rally 201008:35.029+2:36.377Xbox
643 TobeznoCitroën C4 Rally 201008:35.463+2:36.811PS4
644 Nytefyre Citroën C4 Rally 201008:35.496+2:36.844Steam
645 pepe pateatraseros Citroën C4 Rally 201008:37.246+2:38.594Steam
646 Chunori911Citroën C4 Rally 201008:38.213+2:39.561Steam
647 Psycko84170Citroën C4 Rally 201008:38.679+2:40.270PS4
648 [NRT] Cubitus1957 Citroën C4 Rally 201008:40.249+2:41.597Steam
649 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:40.313+2:41.661Xbox
650 ArekZetCitroën C4 Rally 201008:41.095+2:42.443Xbox
651 mariogil12Citroën C4 Rally 201008:41.462+2:42.810PS4
652 hidoleCitroën C4 Rally 201008:41.963+2:43.311Steam
653 hemirpu Citroën C4 Rally 201008:42.397+2:43.745Steam
654 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:42.562+2:43.910Xbox
655 GO-375Citroën C4 Rally 201008:43.495+2:44.843PS4
656 salaminaCitroën C4 Rally 201008:44.845+2:46.193Xbox
657 akio.atrCitroën C4 Rally 201008:47.379+2:48.727Steam
658 Robertochivas84Citroën C4 Rally 201008:48.479+2:49.827PS4
659 michel3497Citroën C4 Rally 201008:48.629+2:49.977Steam
660 jeanpaulcauchyCitroën C4 Rally 201008:49.612+2:50.960Steam
661 thesignpainterCitroën C4 Rally 201008:51.579+2:52.927Steam
662 AcidCitroën C4 Rally 201008:54.632+2:55.980Steam
663 Flens07 Citroën C4 Rally 201008:58.332+2:59.680Steam
664 roma327Citroën C4 Rally 201008:59.012+3:00.360PS4
665 anttipekCitroën C4 Rally 201009:01.965+3:03.313PS4
666 Turco Loco Citroën C4 Rally 201009:04.098+3:05.446Steam
667 GoldDEtiCitroën C4 Rally 201009:05.365+3:06.713Steam
668 starhopper777Citroën C4 Rally 201009:07.248+3:08.596Steam
669 M.Holínek Citroën C4 Rally 201009:08.198+3:09.546Steam
670 michel3497Citroën C4 Rally 201009:08.361+3:09.709Xbox
671 FranorgeCitroën C4 Rally 201009:09.161+3:10.509Steam
672 Mamlon123Citroën C4 Rally 201009:09.514+3:10.862Steam
673 3n3lowCitroën C4 Rally 201009:12.048+3:13.396Steam
674 infjimyCitroën C4 Rally 201009:13.611+3:14.959Steam
675 ktemiCitroën C4 Rally 201009:14.177+3:15.525Steam
676 ichittlCitroën C4 Rally 201009:14.498+3:15.846PS4
677 almCitroën C4 Rally 201009:14.764+3:16.112Steam
678 dereine0815Citroën C4 Rally 201009:15.498+3:16.846Xbox
679 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201009:15.531+3:16.879Xbox
680 HD13Citroën C4 Rally 201009:17.444+3:18.792Steam
681 roccolouCitroën C4 Rally 201009:18.394+3:19.742PS4
682 MyStErIoUsCitroën C4 Rally 201009:18.765+3:20.113Steam
683 de_SantaCruzCitroën C4 Rally 201009:18.778+3:20.126PS4
684 Sigi82Citroën C4 Rally 201009:19.394+3:20.742Xbox
685 BruciboyBaselCitroën C4 Rally 201009:22.114+3:23.462PS4
686 2kDDCitroën C4 Rally 201009:22.547+3:23.895Steam
687 MrSurvivor Citroën C4 Rally 201009:23.131+3:24.479Steam
688 amstelgold0Citroën C4 Rally 201009:24.532+3:25.880Steam
689 r0m0rCitroën C4 Rally 201009:25.460+3:26.808Steam
690 minoCitroën C4 Rally 201009:26.082+3:27.430Steam
691 macho_kaiCitroën C4 Rally 201009:26.094+3:27.442PS4
692 RichUK Citroën C4 Rally 201009:26.514+3:27.862Steam
693 robx235Citroën C4 Rally 201009:28.345+3:29.693PS4
694 gigaliCitroën C4 Rally 201009:28.697+3:30.450PS4
695 TedofonkCitroën C4 Rally 201009:30.331+3:31.679Steam
696 corpscop43Citroën C4 Rally 201009:32.131+3:33.479PS4
697 PAPRUCitroën C4 Rally 201009:33.097+3:34.445Steam
698 CretanKnifeCitroën C4 Rally 201009:33.647+3:34.995Steam
699 BanjoHolicCitroën C4 Rally 201009:35.280+3:36.628Steam
700 pontmelCitroën C4 Rally 201009:37.997+3:39.345PS4
701 T. Rehfisch Citroën C4 Rally 201009:41.227+3:42.575Steam
702 Thunderclap786Citroën C4 Rally 201009:42.297+3:43.645PS4
703 Ashr0ckCitroën C4 Rally 201009:42.530+3:43.878Steam
704 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201009:44.294+3:45.642Xbox
705 taige_001 Citroën C4 Rally 201009:47.347+3:48.695Steam
706 normunds.rudzinskisCitroën C4 Rally 201009:51.947+3:53.295Steam
707 errol.maffeyCitroën C4 Rally 201009:52.009+3:53.357Steam
708 PierreCitroën C4 Rally 201009:52.113+3:53.461Steam
709 LiquidGamerX Citroën C4 Rally 201009:52.446+3:53.794Steam
710 ingrid.k Citroën C4 Rally 201009:55.361+3:56.709Steam
711 pedrocampos09Citroën C4 Rally 201009:57.163+3:58.511Steam
712 MomijiManjyu Citroën C4 Rally 201009:57.443+3:58.791Steam
713 husky1Citroën C4 Rally 201010:00.992+4:02.340Steam
714 deadbeefCitroën C4 Rally 201010:01.230+4:02.578Steam
715 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201010:02.596+4:03.944Xbox
716 ToToAeRo Citroën C4 Rally 201010:11.395+4:12.743Steam
717 outsidegalaxy72Citroën C4 Rally 201010:14.062+4:15.410Xbox
718 enz7h8uqCitroën C4 Rally 201010:14.379+4:15.727Steam
719 fabiulus1Citroën C4 Rally 201010:21.113+4:22.461Steam
720 EllienCynCitroën C4 Rally 201010:21.725+4:23.730PS4
721 vairo86Citroën C4 Rally 201010:23.728+4:25.760PS4
722 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201010:24.061+4:25.409Xbox
723 jujukiller54Citroën C4 Rally 201010:25.526+4:26.874Xbox
724 HelderbartenderCitroën C4 Rally 201010:38.328+4:39.676PS4
725 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201010:41.977+4:43.325Xbox
726 CAbbottTankCitroën C4 Rally 201010:47.745+4:49.930Xbox
727 natmer76Citroën C4 Rally 201010:58.193+4:59.541Steam
728 vira_thachCitroën C4 Rally 201011:15.361+5:16.709Steam
729 MeatleyCitroën C4 Rally 201011:21.277+5:22.625Steam
730 GeorgeZhukovCitroën C4 Rally 201011:40.992+5:42.340Steam
731 watan12Citroën C4 Rally 201011:44.143+5:45.491PS4
732 Mimie_CedCitroën C4 Rally 201011:47.761+5:49.109PS4
733 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201011:49.211+5:50.559Xbox
734 darrenmarkillCitroën C4 Rally 201012:30.243+6:31.591PS4
735 C4asT'e Citroën C4 Rally 201013:01.837+7:03.185Steam
736 SliderconCitroën C4 Rally 201013:03.018+7:04.366Oculus
737 darkmetalmike Citroën C4 Rally 201016:32.672+10:34.200Steam
738 crazy_flyerCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
739 NIcksterCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
740 urissCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
741 kevlarmanCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
742 Staatl.geprüfter GewürzprüferCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
743 Private Parts Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
744 Dosaaf VbgCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
745 michel.ribeyron0351Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
746 Luca izzzz daCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
747 gekochte suelzwurst Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
748 ArjoyeCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
749 Neo.C.RunCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
750 doublelou Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
751 |SK| DoubleH4ECitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
752 [SWE]Zacik16Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
753 exctakk Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
754 Night KidCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
755 bluieCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
756 info Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
757 II Lagavulin II Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
758 MetalGearShakeCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
759 3321Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
760 KyoCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
761 Laky LUK 2Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
762 John DoeCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
763 MilandaCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
764 BCT_48 Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
765 Xelabo Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
766 [NRT] Lionel51frCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
767 82elfos (CZ) Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
768 Aris_motorCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
769 cjlloyd Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
770 WahurCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
771 milm5 Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
772 VuleCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
773 chodnik Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
774 GACHI MUCHI SQUADCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
775 Yukon CorneliusCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
776 philipp.musholtCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
777 old Nobbi Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
778 Vash The Stampede Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
779 R.X.C Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
780 StaggyCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
781 Grodge Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
782 rybäCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
783 avvocato.orengiaCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
784 A.Szczepaniak Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
785 fasthammer Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
786 Moptop Mattuls Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
787 le-ray.marcCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
788 Super_6lack6irdCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
789 morellij86Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
790 oldmandriverCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
791 L'étrille22 Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
792 VepeCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
793 NuutMarkCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Steam
794 Hugo_DubssCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
795 raicar561Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
796 Burny666lmlCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
797 wrc83f183Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
798 SEAMY_MCCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
799 Oleorm66Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
800 kero2003Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
801 PPNSPORTCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
802 PableichCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
803 VicrsVF1Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
804 Draco-05500Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
805 thebiggameur48Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
806 teixeiralopes969Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
807 gabmanu--Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
808 ExMrAngryCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
809 Il_vv_OCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
810 rallyeman34Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
811 denisgrs001Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
812 tega_lucaCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
813 fiat127wrcCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
814 Beefeater63Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
815 Malipiero1Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
816 spagmanCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
817 M29041991Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
818 kris-5454Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
819 baumelGT3Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
820 vatula39530Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
821 Da_vi_D-Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
822 ryanhuang1785Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
823 josegamer_HDCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348PS4
824 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
825 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
826 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
827 MoistPuff13Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
828 NONOlyoncharboCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
829 CampsCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
830 KDOGG1Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
831 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
832 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
833 Neo17Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
834 rustyshakelferCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
835 Pollux95Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
836 GILMANS1986Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
837 VinceBartokCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
838 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
839 TommydeBCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox
840 TugboatTonyCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:01.348Xbox