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The Owners' Club, 2018-07-05
844 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Germany] Waldabstieg (S) (Morning, Rain)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 R. @wheel Citroën C4 Rally 201003:11.359+00:00.000Steam
2 vauhtiripaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:13.292+00:01.933PS4
3 xCroco52 [FR] Citroën C4 Rally 201003:13.492+00:02.133Steam
4 Je55eJame5 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:14.408+00:03.490Steam
5 CSN5567Citroën C4 Rally 201003:16.208+00:04.849Steam
6 rumcajsz99Citroën C4 Rally 201003:16.492+00:05.133Steam
7 Tyoung972Citroën C4 Rally 201003:16.742+00:05.383PS4
8 psych13aCitroën C4 Rally 201003:17.058+00:05.699PS4
9 CampsCitroën C4 Rally 201003:17.275+00:05.916Xbox
10 BraxenCitroën C4 Rally 201003:17.392+00:06.330Steam
11 rcwaltcyntCitroën C4 Rally 201003:17.458+00:06.990Xbox
12 fiston38Citroën C4 Rally 201003:17.958+00:06.599Steam
13 TwoTwoOneCitroën C4 Rally 201003:18.158+00:06.799Steam
14 hemirpu Citroën C4 Rally 201003:18.575+00:07.216Steam
15 szachan.gaborCitroën C4 Rally 201003:18.692+00:07.333Steam
16 c4svCitroën C4 Rally 201003:19.175+00:07.816Steam
17 OvalRacerCitroën C4 Rally 201003:19.408+00:08.490PS4
18 Lazzi Citroën C4 Rally 201003:19.525+00:08.166Steam
19 Gup DouglasCitroën C4 Rally 201003:19.608+00:08.249Steam
20 kildog Citroën C4 Rally 201003:19.708+00:08.349Steam
21 Oeil de Lynx Citroën C4 Rally 201003:19.742+00:08.383Steam
22 kristof_baestaensCitroën C4 Rally 201003:19.808+00:08.449Steam
23 SheenuCitroën C4 Rally 201003:20.241+00:08.882Steam
24 doublelou Citroën C4 Rally 201003:20.241+00:08.882Steam
25 tero kartmanCitroën C4 Rally 201003:20.491+00:09.132Steam
26 sg45330Citroën C4 Rally 201003:21.058+00:09.699Xbox
27 ari.salokivi Citroën C4 Rally 201003:21.141+00:09.782Steam
28 Lind27Citroën C4 Rally 201003:21.291+00:09.932Steam
29 unitakoraCitroën C4 Rally 201003:21.658+00:10.299PS4
30 Darkstar Citroën C4 Rally 201003:21.725+00:10.366Steam
31 Obe-WanCitroën C4 Rally 201003:21.825+00:10.466PS4
32 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:22.108+00:10.749Xbox
33 Black_Scorpion28Citroën C4 Rally 201003:22.275+00:10.916PS4
34 Isle of Barra Citroën C4 Rally 201003:22.325+00:10.966Steam
35 jmchev1Citroën C4 Rally 201003:22.425+00:11.660Steam
36 nrhhhkCitroën C4 Rally 201003:22.458+00:11.990Steam
37 kudasoffff Citroën C4 Rally 201003:22.591+00:11.232Steam
38 QaRevengeCitroën C4 Rally 201003:22.658+00:11.299PS4
39 micky148Citroën C4 Rally 201003:22.691+00:11.332PS4
40 AzemaSwill1Citroën C4 Rally 201003:22.925+00:11.566PS4
41 arne.schmiedebergCitroën C4 Rally 201003:22.941+00:11.582Steam
42 sylrct83Citroën C4 Rally 201003:22.975+00:11.616PS4
43 Audi_A6_weissCitroën C4 Rally 201003:23.091+00:11.732PS4
44 stix88stixCitroën C4 Rally 201003:23.125+00:11.766PS4
45 hameen1Citroën C4 Rally 201003:23.175+00:11.816PS4
46 mjkCitroën C4 Rally 201003:23.308+00:11.949Steam
47 GaXieRCitroën C4 Rally 201003:23.308+00:11.949Xbox
48 LUKEY1993Citroën C4 Rally 201003:23.608+00:12.249PS4
49 Mika-T420Citroën C4 Rally 201003:23.925+00:12.566PS4
50 RooBubba Citroën C4 Rally 201003:23.941+00:12.582Steam
51 SomebodySmokeMe Citroën C4 Rally 201003:23.975+00:12.616Steam
52 Dominguez Citroën C4 Rally 201003:24.141+00:12.782Steam
53 KoveCitroën C4 Rally 201003:24.391+00:13.320Steam
54 SpazAttack Citroën C4 Rally 201003:24.625+00:13.266Steam
55 Wolfsmind Citroën C4 Rally 201003:24.675+00:13.316Steam
56 LADAKL Citroën C4 Rally 201003:24.875+00:13.516Steam
57 82elfos (CZ) Citroën C4 Rally 201003:24.875+00:13.516Steam
58 TurtleX Citroën C4 Rally 201003:24.908+00:13.549Steam
59 Platoon Citroën C4 Rally 201003:25.241+00:13.882Steam
60 GTD-Ninja306Citroën C4 Rally 201003:25.291+00:13.932PS4
61 adydiCitroën C4 Rally 201003:25.458+00:14.990PS4
62 ilpo_nuokkoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:25.625+00:14.266PS4
63 magicwise Citroën C4 Rally 201003:25.791+00:14.432Steam
64 jonesy65582Citroën C4 Rally 201003:25.941+00:14.582PS4
65 hansokumakeCitroën C4 Rally 201003:26.158+00:14.799PS4
66 Vergil ? Citroën C4 Rally 201003:26.175+00:14.816Steam
67 blak_angelsCitroën C4 Rally 201003:26.325+00:14.966PS4
68 loy59Citroën C4 Rally 201003:26.325+00:14.966PS4
69 Chewbitch Citroën C4 Rally 201003:26.341+00:14.982Steam
70 InksaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:26.341+00:14.982Steam
71 FDP90Citroën C4 Rally 201003:26.858+00:15.499PS4
72 NewQxCitroën C4 Rally 201003:26.875+00:15.516Xbox
73 trex Citroën C4 Rally 201003:26.941+00:15.582Steam
74 GZeus56Citroën C4 Rally 201003:26.958+00:15.599PS4
75 MoistPuff13Citroën C4 Rally 201003:27.025+00:15.666Xbox
76 JweigCitroën C4 Rally 201003:27.175+00:15.816Steam
77 SpazAtacckCitroën C4 Rally 201003:27.225+00:15.866PS4
78 rob9112Citroën C4 Rally 201003:27.241+00:15.882Xbox
79 Bizounours42Citroën C4 Rally 201003:27.291+00:15.932PS4
80 w76995Citroën C4 Rally 201003:27.308+00:15.949PS4
81 Mr_Stereomd Citroën C4 Rally 201003:27.325+00:15.966Steam
82 dxb51111Citroën C4 Rally 201003:27.391+00:16.320PS4
83 Pepich ZoltanCitroën C4 Rally 201003:27.441+00:16.820Steam
84 vincdoc[be] Citroën C4 Rally 201003:27.558+00:16.199Steam
85 jb2a_13Citroën C4 Rally 201003:27.608+00:16.249PS4
86 secmoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:27.658+00:16.299Steam
87 iF11XracingCitroën C4 Rally 201003:27.725+00:16.366PS4
88 Stepan StepanowitchCitroën C4 Rally 201003:27.941+00:16.582Steam
89 h5t5r43ewwder456Citroën C4 Rally 201003:28.041+00:16.682PS4
90 Alf Citroën C4 Rally 201003:28.141+00:16.782Steam
91 schiefinspector2Citroën C4 Rally 201003:28.141+00:16.782PS4
92 Mimatsu_kCitroën C4 Rally 201003:28.158+00:16.799PS4
93 R.X.C Citroën C4 Rally 201003:28.308+00:16.949Steam
94 AndrisCitroën C4 Rally 201003:28.358+00:16.999Steam
95 PL---Maciek---PLCitroën C4 Rally 201003:28.424+00:17.650PS4
96 soboog Citroën C4 Rally 201003:28.441+00:17.820Steam
97 Bleifussler Citroën C4 Rally 201003:28.508+00:17.149Steam
98 pitthekid44 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:28.758+00:17.399Steam
99 -TAGS-Ba77Man- Citroën C4 Rally 201003:28.908+00:17.549Steam
100 ReM Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.041+00:17.682Steam
101 GTI-54Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.191+00:17.832PS4
102 Go Home YankeesCitroën C4 Rally 201003:29.208+00:17.849Steam
103 Quail-P Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.291+00:17.932Steam
104 Edu-SuarezCitroën C4 Rally 201003:29.341+00:17.982PS4
105 DimSum Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.491+00:18.132Steam
106 iwoeCitroën C4 Rally 201003:29.508+00:18.149Steam
107 Beefeater63Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.524+00:18.165PS4
108 TLRCYBORGCitroën C4 Rally 201003:29.558+00:18.199Xbox
109 svt4cam Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.624+00:18.265Steam
110 Ciccio e Tatino Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.674+00:18.315Steam
111 SGT_alex115Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.674+00:18.315PS4
112 SnoozmaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:29.691+00:18.332Steam
113 FLYeRNeTCitroën C4 Rally 201003:29.708+00:18.349Steam
114 jandar2Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.791+00:18.432Steam
115 BleuBleuBleu27Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.841+00:18.482PS4
116 polo971 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.858+00:18.499Steam
117 cardysCitroën C4 Rally 201003:29.891+00:18.532Steam
118 cyril.b16Citroën C4 Rally 201003:29.941+00:18.582Steam
119 SAABviggenCitroën C4 Rally 201003:29.991+00:18.632PS4
120 matti.immonenCitroën C4 Rally 201003:30.074+00:18.715Steam
121 rallyepauleCitroën C4 Rally 201003:30.124+00:18.765PS4
122 Marlec Citroën C4 Rally 201003:30.141+00:18.782Steam
123 francoisleflamand Citroën C4 Rally 201003:30.324+00:18.965Steam
124 BurnmotoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:30.324+00:18.965Xbox
125 LihisCitroën C4 Rally 201003:30.374+00:19.150Steam
126 MC WRT Citroën C4 Rally 201003:30.424+00:19.650Steam
127 ALAIN-VAL-06Citroën C4 Rally 201003:30.641+00:19.282PS4
128 Toikkari_37Citroën C4 Rally 201003:30.758+00:19.399PS4
129 archi840801Citroën C4 Rally 201003:30.824+00:19.465PS4
130 davidcorsoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:30.891+00:19.532Xbox
131 NuutMarkCitroën C4 Rally 201003:31.158+00:19.799Steam
132 ThomasoliverfoxCitroën C4 Rally 201003:31.174+00:19.815Xbox
133 denim Citroën C4 Rally 201003:31.224+00:19.865Steam
134 h.klappauf Citroën C4 Rally 201003:31.241+00:19.882Steam
135 H@rd Drivin' Citroën C4 Rally 201003:31.241+00:19.882Steam
136 pinaldo Citroën C4 Rally 201003:31.258+00:19.899Steam
137 EastmanCitroën C4 Rally 201003:31.308+00:19.949Steam
138 Roben cz Citroën C4 Rally 201003:31.391+00:20.320Steam
139 urissCitroën C4 Rally 201003:31.408+00:20.490Steam
140 MauTGCitroën C4 Rally 201003:31.408+00:20.490Xbox
141 victorcorveraCitroën C4 Rally 201003:31.508+00:20.149Xbox
142 Urmas ArmasCitroën C4 Rally 201003:31.558+00:20.199Steam
143 Spanner Citroën C4 Rally 201003:31.591+00:20.232Steam
144 SoneranmiesCitroën C4 Rally 201003:31.641+00:20.282PS4
145 flaurel0206Citroën C4 Rally 201003:31.691+00:20.332PS4
146 MentoSCitroën C4 Rally 201003:31.891+00:20.532Steam
147 Kinkomaan QassimiCitroën C4 Rally 201003:31.891+00:20.532Steam
148 jzdoctorCitroën C4 Rally 201003:31.891+00:20.532PS4
149 bella25398Citroën C4 Rally 201003:31.908+00:20.549PS4
150 ogiersebCitroën C4 Rally 201003:32.024+00:20.665Xbox
151 OxSnot Citroën C4 Rally 201003:32.208+00:20.849Steam
152 pierrotdu13 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:32.224+00:20.865Steam
153 pfred66o511Citroën C4 Rally 201003:32.258+00:20.899PS4
154 xFruit_ScopezCitroën C4 Rally 201003:32.341+00:20.982PS4
155 magnus.jalmbrant Citroën C4 Rally 201003:32.374+00:21.150Steam
156 Kansei DoritoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:32.408+00:21.490Steam
157 apo-001budapestCitroën C4 Rally 201003:32.408+00:21.490PS4
158 info Citroën C4 Rally 201003:32.424+00:21.650Steam
159 DobbyDoDahCitroën C4 Rally 201003:32.558+00:21.199PS4
160 SnaketyCitroën C4 Rally 201003:32.641+00:21.282Steam
161 apedrosmsCitroën C4 Rally 201003:32.741+00:21.382Steam
162 Flens07 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:32.758+00:21.399Steam
163 DMaGGaaaarCitroën C4 Rally 201003:32.758+00:21.399PS4
164 paulmari Citroën C4 Rally 201003:32.924+00:21.565Steam
165 MEISTER5470Citroën C4 Rally 201003:32.941+00:21.582PS4
166 Zamulele1995Citroën C4 Rally 201003:33.024+00:21.665PS4
167 Rally_AddeCitroën C4 Rally 201003:33.091+00:21.732PS4
168 Psycko84170Citroën C4 Rally 201003:33.158+00:21.799PS4
169 jetman78 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:33.208+00:21.849Steam
170 hrung Citroën C4 Rally 201003:33.241+00:21.882Steam
171 jdktooCitroën C4 Rally 201003:33.258+00:21.899Steam
172 Oleorm66Citroën C4 Rally 201003:33.258+00:21.899PS4
173 AllanBrallanCitroën C4 Rally 201003:33.358+00:21.999PS4
174 K1I9N7G7Citroën C4 Rally 201003:33.374+00:22.150PS4
175 Soulr3av3r Citroën C4 Rally 201003:33.674+00:22.315Steam
176 Destroyer40kCitroën C4 Rally 201003:33.691+00:22.332Steam
177 ChaikaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:33.791+00:22.432Steam
178 Smed Citroën C4 Rally 201003:33.808+00:22.449Steam
179 WWWowan1968Rus59 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:33.974+00:22.615Steam
180 PuavoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:34.024+00:22.665Steam
181 Matisok bng/DuJa Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.091+00:22.732Steam
182 fabianlebombeCitroën C4 Rally 201003:34.124+00:22.765PS4
183 ChalouGrr_05_Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.141+00:22.782PS4
184 lambie12345Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.241+00:22.882PS4
185 xsni Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.291+00:22.932Steam
186 Czajor95Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.291+00:22.932Steam
187 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:34.308+00:22.949Xbox
188 SAULOM117Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.324+00:22.965Xbox
189 A.BurnerCitroën C4 Rally 201003:34.341+00:22.982Steam
190 PPNSPORTCitroën C4 Rally 201003:34.341+00:22.982PS4
191 morris.rommelCitroën C4 Rally 201003:34.358+00:22.999Steam
192 pyCitroën C4 Rally 201003:34.408+00:23.490Steam
193 lacidodomieCitroën C4 Rally 201003:34.441+00:23.820Xbox
194 [NRT] Cubitus1957 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.458+00:23.990Steam
195 Bubi Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.508+00:23.149Steam
196 stig7747Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.608+00:23.249PS4
197 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:34.641+00:23.282Xbox
198 Rally_DriverCitroën C4 Rally 201003:34.658+00:23.299Steam
199 Bingo Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.674+00:23.315Steam
200 Navy?? Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.724+00:23.365Steam
201 tweek Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.824+00:23.465Steam
202 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:34.958+00:23.599Xbox
203 txetxone Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.974+00:23.615Steam
204 ladrien55Citroën C4 Rally 201003:34.991+00:23.632Xbox
205 A.Rummukainen Citroën C4 Rally 201003:35.008+00:23.649Steam
206 mongafifi Citroën C4 Rally 201003:35.041+00:23.682Steam
207 NONOlyoncharboCitroën C4 Rally 201003:35.224+00:23.865Xbox
208 WickedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:35.258+00:23.899Steam
209 Rodney-EffingtonCitroën C4 Rally 201003:35.291+00:23.932PS4
210 JOROpena81Citroën C4 Rally 201003:35.341+00:23.982Xbox
211 **BuFFaLo133**Citroën C4 Rally 201003:35.474+00:24.115Steam
212 JaseArgonautsCitroën C4 Rally 201003:35.508+00:24.149Xbox
213 dylanh25Citroën C4 Rally 201003:35.624+00:24.265Steam
214 Kolli Citroën C4 Rally 201003:35.658+00:24.299Steam
215 lumi63_GERCitroën C4 Rally 201003:35.658+00:24.299PS4
216 Filipe Citroën C4 Rally 201003:35.808+00:24.449Steam
217 Jonog53Citroën C4 Rally 201003:35.808+00:24.449PS4
218 RademenesCitroën C4 Rally 201003:35.874+00:24.515Steam
219 mireczek203Citroën C4 Rally 201003:36.008+00:24.649PS4
220 Staatl.geprüfter GewürzprüferCitroën C4 Rally 201003:36.041+00:24.682Steam
221 Da_vi_D-Citroën C4 Rally 201003:36.058+00:24.699PS4
222 DuDiKoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:36.108+00:24.749Steam
223 SaLaManDeR Citroën C4 Rally 201003:36.158+00:24.799Steam
224 DamiaynamoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:36.224+00:24.865Steam
225 pf41784Citroën C4 Rally 201003:36.291+00:24.932PS4
226 GULO GULO Citroën C4 Rally 201003:36.341+00:24.982Steam
227 tinke76 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:36.491+00:25.132Steam
228 Realista74Citroën C4 Rally 201003:36.491+00:25.132Steam
229 iggywicksCitroën C4 Rally 201003:36.541+00:25.182Xbox
230 keeper96Citroën C4 Rally 201003:36.591+00:25.232Steam
231 dudul07raCitroën C4 Rally 201003:36.741+00:25.382PS4
232 Blither Citroën C4 Rally 201003:36.757+00:25.398Steam
233 ElBartoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:36.757+00:25.398Steam
234 gabmanu--Citroën C4 Rally 201003:36.957+00:25.598PS4
235 PeshulCitroën C4 Rally 201003:37.091+00:25.732Steam
236 MuscleDevilCitroën C4 Rally 201003:37.124+00:25.765PS4
237 3a?Pa3??pCitroën C4 Rally 201003:37.141+00:25.782Steam
238 chodnik Citroën C4 Rally 201003:37.274+00:25.915Steam
239 rallyeman34Citroën C4 Rally 201003:37.324+00:25.965PS4
240 00medi00Citroën C4 Rally 201003:37.424+00:26.650Steam
241 kikoelregaeraCitroën C4 Rally 201003:37.524+00:26.165Steam
242 kokeand50Citroën C4 Rally 201003:37.641+00:26.282PS4
243 LYATTYECitroën C4 Rally 201003:37.657+00:26.298Steam
244 (´·?·`)Citroën C4 Rally 201003:37.657+00:26.298Steam
245 EnconahotsauceCitroën C4 Rally 201003:37.707+00:26.348PS4
246 Rallyefan71Citroën C4 Rally 201003:37.724+00:26.365Xbox
247 jaumealemany Citroën C4 Rally 201003:37.807+00:26.448Steam
248 Pao44445Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.024+00:26.665Steam
249 johndl Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.024+00:26.665Steam
250 meskalitoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:38.024+00:26.665Steam
251 ??????1?Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.057+00:26.698Steam
252 AcidCitroën C4 Rally 201003:38.074+00:26.715Steam
253 fiat127wrcCitroën C4 Rally 201003:38.091+00:26.732PS4
254 miguit Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.107+00:26.748Steam
255 VilleR82Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.157+00:26.798PS4
256 VinceBartokCitroën C4 Rally 201003:38.157+00:26.798Xbox
257 LinkinWarCitroën C4 Rally 201003:38.307+00:26.948Steam
258 ????? Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.374+00:27.150Steam
259 System3.142Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.407+00:27.480Steam
260 blixow12Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.424+00:27.650Steam
261 GetuntCitroën C4 Rally 201003:38.657+00:27.298Xbox
262 moquette5Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.674+00:27.315Xbox
263 Fleba86Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.841+00:27.482PS4
264 ????Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.857+00:27.498Steam
265 Budze80Citroën C4 Rally 201003:38.874+00:27.515Steam
266 tiouxeCitroën C4 Rally 201003:38.874+00:27.515Xbox
267 Private Parts Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.024+00:27.665Steam
268 SevenCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.041+00:27.682Steam
269 kero2003Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.057+00:27.698PS4
270 leepy43Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.057+00:27.698PS4
271 VermCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.074+00:27.715Steam
272 ^5Jungle ^2beats ^3Holla ^4Atme Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.091+00:27.732Steam
273 MAJO90Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.091+00:27.732Steam
274 Reini Graf von SpeedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.107+00:27.748Steam
275 Tin Man Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.174+00:27.815Steam
276 Steve - Heyyyyoooooooo !!! Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.191+00:27.832Steam
277 eivers Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.191+00:27.832Steam
278 pasi.lehmusharjuCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.224+00:27.865Steam
279 pekka.virkamaki Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.357+00:27.998Steam
280 veikkaappaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.407+00:28.480Steam
281 sillycapriciousCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.524+00:28.165PS4
282 Bilyalov_iCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.541+00:28.182Steam
283 MHillsCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.541+00:28.182Xbox
284 [T.F]Raptor974 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.657+00:28.298Steam
285 viveklegoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.691+00:28.332Steam
286 Samurai5kull83Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.691+00:28.332Xbox
287 raphou6900000000Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.724+00:28.365PS4
288 KANAKEBAB Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.741+00:28.382Steam
289 AC LetnáCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.757+00:28.398Steam
290 SanozZCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.791+00:28.432Steam
291 wahlenerplatteCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.791+00:28.432PS4
292 paulnbgCitroën C4 Rally 201003:39.924+00:28.565PS4
293 tailormade1965Citroën C4 Rally 201003:39.941+00:28.582PS4
294 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:40.007+00:28.648Xbox
295 WRC-ELCHCitroën C4 Rally 201003:40.041+00:28.682PS4
296 dragosbold Citroën C4 Rally 201003:40.057+00:28.698Steam
297 TedofonkCitroën C4 Rally 201003:40.107+00:28.748Steam
298 Trovis Postrona Citroën C4 Rally 201003:40.157+00:28.798Steam
299 sssunesssCitroën C4 Rally 201003:40.274+00:28.915PS4
300 xXchewy21398xXCitroën C4 Rally 201003:40.391+00:29.320PS4
301 PavelCitroën C4 Rally 201003:40.457+00:29.980Steam
302 TNZfr Citroën C4 Rally 201003:40.507+00:29.148Steam
303 GouzgounisCitroën C4 Rally 201003:40.541+00:29.182Steam
304 kevlarmanCitroën C4 Rally 201003:40.557+00:29.198Steam
305 anto_01 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:40.607+00:29.248Steam
306 Kruza923Citroën C4 Rally 201003:40.607+00:29.248Xbox
307 angyalgab87Citroën C4 Rally 201003:40.624+00:29.265PS4
308 toshi_beeCitroën C4 Rally 201003:40.724+00:29.365Steam
309 amodasCitroën C4 Rally 201003:40.857+00:29.498Steam
310 petekain Citroën C4 Rally 201003:40.907+00:29.548Steam
311 Kucc_96Citroën C4 Rally 201003:40.974+00:29.615PS4
312 Mamlon123Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.007+00:29.648Steam
313 bubba61Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.007+00:29.648Xbox
314 tori Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.091+00:29.732Steam
315 OekofighterCitroën C4 Rally 201003:41.107+00:29.748Steam
316 JohnMcLainCitroën C4 Rally 201003:41.107+00:29.748Steam
317 happo Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.124+00:29.765Steam
318 ^Carrot^Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.157+00:29.798Steam
319 murdch1O1Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.191+00:29.832PS4
320 Wolf-14Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.241+00:29.882PS4
321 tora_sanCitroën C4 Rally 201003:41.291+00:29.932Steam
322 Tommy Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.374+00:30.150Steam
323 Jan #NoControl Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.474+00:30.115Steam
324 Peaaaegu Kõige Kõvem Vend KiiustCitroën C4 Rally 201003:41.491+00:30.132Steam
325 INCRIDECitroën C4 Rally 201003:41.557+00:30.198Xbox
326 stephaneflaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:41.574+00:30.215PS4
327 nationalwheel Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.774+00:30.415Steam
328 TEADELANTECitroën C4 Rally 201003:41.774+00:30.415Xbox
329 limit1394Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.791+00:30.432Steam
330 RamCitroën C4 Rally 201003:41.874+00:30.515Steam
331 m-brown75Citroën C4 Rally 201003:41.907+00:30.548PS4
332 generaleeCitroën C4 Rally 201003:41.941+00:30.582Xbox
333 Andrewmc555Citroën C4 Rally 201003:42.224+00:30.865Xbox
334 evotronmix Citroën C4 Rally 201003:42.274+00:30.915Steam
335 feuer033stuhlCitroën C4 Rally 201003:42.341+00:30.982PS4
336 bifi9989Citroën C4 Rally 201003:42.407+00:31.480Steam
337 clod hoppin nobblin hobgoblin Citroën C4 Rally 201003:42.441+00:31.820Steam
338 keithy5730Citroën C4 Rally 201003:42.541+00:31.182PS4
339 jbl4344ssfCitroën C4 Rally 201003:42.557+00:31.198PS4
340 stoveluckCitroën C4 Rally 201003:42.607+00:31.248PS4
341 Mr.XCitroën C4 Rally 201003:42.657+00:31.298Steam
342 LASVEGASCitroën C4 Rally 201003:42.724+00:31.365Steam
343 Demonic Warboss Citroën C4 Rally 201003:42.807+00:31.448Steam
344 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:42.807+00:31.448Xbox
345 f.eggarterCitroën C4 Rally 201003:42.824+00:31.465Steam
346 Zal Citroën C4 Rally 201003:42.857+00:31.498Steam
347 sta8orCitroën C4 Rally 201003:42.891+00:31.532Steam
348 DoubleTime53Citroën C4 Rally 201003:42.891+00:31.532Steam
349 rafsonnCitroën C4 Rally 201003:42.924+00:31.565PS4
350 SVD Citroën C4 Rally 201003:42.957+00:31.598Steam
351 thertherleclodoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:43.041+00:31.682PS4
352 BananSlugCitroën C4 Rally 201003:43.124+00:31.765Steam
353 XCIOCitroën C4 Rally 201003:43.191+00:31.832Steam
354 jari220970Citroën C4 Rally 201003:43.241+00:31.882PS4
355 h?'111100011110011011110010Citroën C4 Rally 201003:43.307+00:31.948Steam
356 patatak Citroën C4 Rally 201003:43.341+00:31.982Steam
357 persikan108Citroën C4 Rally 201003:43.407+00:32.480Xbox
358 SquadakCitroën C4 Rally 201003:43.491+00:32.132Steam
359 RoadSideTV Citroën C4 Rally 201003:43.491+00:32.132Steam
360 t.nakazawa Citroën C4 Rally 201003:43.541+00:32.182Steam
361 bigdino74Citroën C4 Rally 201003:43.541+00:32.182Xbox
362 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:43.574+00:32.215Xbox
363 WoodyCitroën C4 Rally 201003:43.624+00:32.265Steam
364 I_am_the_stig555Citroën C4 Rally 201003:43.824+00:32.465PS4
365 Guignette_Pwr | Unikrn.com Citroën C4 Rally 201003:43.907+00:32.548Steam
366 Fat BastardCitroën C4 Rally 201003:43.991+00:32.632Steam
367 Discente Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.224+00:32.865Steam
368 GRIP Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.274+00:32.915Steam
369 EVO.XCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.291+00:32.932Steam
370 skynderCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.341+00:32.982Steam
371 KørelærerenCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.374+00:33.150Steam
372 holophyteCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.374+00:33.150Steam
373 Ziemniak ?Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.391+00:33.320Steam
374 lastfmfan Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.424+00:33.650Steam
375 JokerGermanyCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.474+00:33.115Steam
376 Krazs Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.507+00:33.148Steam
377 xx7777hhCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.557+00:33.198PS4
378 narzi27Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.574+00:33.215PS4
379 RISO997Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.607+00:33.248Steam
380 swampdogbluesCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.624+00:33.265Xbox
381 Mango Unchained Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.657+00:33.298Steam
382 Matty_10_02Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.674+00:33.315PS4
383 AnontatCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.691+00:33.332Steam
384 EVL26TCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.691+00:33.332PS4
385 FunkioCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.707+00:33.348Xbox
386 stormysteve56 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.791+00:33.432Steam
387 FlachwurzelCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.791+00:33.432Xbox
388 Roadrunner7007Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.824+00:33.465PS4
389 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.824+00:33.465Xbox
390 ?Jam™? Citroën C4 Rally 201003:44.841+00:33.482Steam
391 jribescCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.874+00:33.515Steam
392 canxoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.891+00:33.532PS4
393 Mangela ErkelCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.941+00:33.582Steam
394 Jarda_FukyCitroën C4 Rally 201003:44.974+00:33.615PS4
395 FlyskyCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.074+00:33.715Steam
396 donn_Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.090+00:33.731Steam
397 D69RedlineCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.090+00:33.731PS4
398 HeathctCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.090+00:33.731PS4
399 tuokarinen Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.107+00:33.748Steam
400 boomer129krCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.140+00:33.781PS4
401 BeggarSifonCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.208+00:33.849Steam
402 kurogasiraCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.224+00:33.865PS4
403 Jejey.Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.274+00:33.915Steam
404 hans.silbernagel Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.274+00:33.915Steam
405 Eat-My-Dirt Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.307+00:33.948Steam
406 crunner117 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.324+00:33.965Steam
407 Cookieman557Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.374+00:34.150PS4
408 WestmilchCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.424+00:34.650Steam
409 pepe pateatraseros Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.424+00:34.650Steam
410 jlouispnCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.440+00:34.810Steam
411 Luc Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.474+00:34.115Steam
412 LightningSportCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.624+00:34.265PS4
413 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.674+00:34.315Xbox
414 nunosilva92Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.690+00:34.331PS4
415 skip0neCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.690+00:34.331Xbox
416 peter.lutzCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.774+00:34.415Steam
417 davilet9Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.807+00:34.448PS4
418 electronivistCitroën C4 Rally 201003:45.940+00:34.581Steam
419 Xelabo Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.957+00:34.598Steam
420 Stanley.33-443Citroën C4 Rally 201003:45.990+00:34.631Steam
421 VuleCitroën C4 Rally 201003:46.007+00:34.648Steam
422 rakidaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:46.074+00:34.715Steam
423 mikkemihaalovCitroën C4 Rally 201003:46.157+00:34.798PS4
424 bob666Citroën C4 Rally 201003:46.224+00:34.865Steam
425 leobarthCitroën C4 Rally 201003:46.257+00:34.898Xbox
426 DeissCitroën C4 Rally 201003:46.440+00:35.810Steam
427 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:46.524+00:35.165Xbox
428 groundfungusCitroën C4 Rally 201003:46.540+00:35.181Steam
429 LuizKarekaoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:46.557+00:35.198PS4
430 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:46.574+00:35.215Xbox
431 fash †Citroën C4 Rally 201003:46.607+00:35.248Steam
432 Melea_27Citroën C4 Rally 201003:46.657+00:35.298PS4
433 deadbeefCitroën C4 Rally 201003:46.674+00:35.315Steam
434 thierry45200Citroën C4 Rally 201003:46.674+00:35.315PS4
435 Michele231969Citroën C4 Rally 201003:46.674+00:35.315PS4
436 fokuz86Citroën C4 Rally 201003:46.757+00:35.398PS4
437 komiki1Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.007+00:35.648Steam
438 SlowMo??Phlegmatix Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.040+00:35.681Steam
439 andreasael3333Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.040+00:35.681PS4
440 Turco Loco Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.057+00:35.698Steam
441 chichu_129Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.140+00:35.781PS4
442 Night_1_MareCitroën C4 Rally 201003:47.207+00:35.848PS4
443 fili62Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.224+00:35.865Steam
444 Jeremy944 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.457+00:36.980Steam
445 volll_deppCitroën C4 Rally 201003:47.507+00:36.148PS4
446 philipp.musholtCitroën C4 Rally 201003:47.557+00:36.198Steam
447 yoann56BZH Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.690+00:36.331Steam
448 bullitfnfCitroën C4 Rally 201003:47.690+00:36.331Steam
449 wojtas911_Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.740+00:36.381PS4
450 woqCitroën C4 Rally 201003:47.824+00:36.465Steam
451 Fanz_46Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.857+00:36.498Steam
452 kirinator??Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.890+00:36.531Steam
453 gigantebuonoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:47.907+00:36.548Xbox
454 ToastCitroën C4 Rally 201003:47.975+00:36.616Steam
455 SugarMan797Citroën C4 Rally 201003:47.990+00:36.631Xbox
456 S_V_A_I_K_A_72Citroën C4 Rally 201003:48.007+00:36.648PS4
457 ????? ?? ?????? ??????Citroën C4 Rally 201003:48.040+00:36.681Steam
458 decliq Citroën C4 Rally 201003:48.140+00:36.781Steam
459 Femax75Citroën C4 Rally 201003:48.140+00:36.781PS4
460 ?ALeXeY?Citroën C4 Rally 201003:48.174+00:36.815Steam
461 funpraCitroën C4 Rally 201003:48.457+00:37.980Steam
462 proGamer346 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:48.490+00:37.131Steam
463 Giggs-030-Citroën C4 Rally 201003:48.657+00:37.298PS4
464 GACHI MUCHI SQUADCitroën C4 Rally 201003:48.708+00:37.349Steam
465 ford2310Citroën C4 Rally 201003:48.740+00:37.381PS4
466 benoitr01 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:48.857+00:37.498Steam
467 saxowrcCitroën C4 Rally 201003:49.007+00:37.648Xbox
468 cuffkuvyCitroën C4 Rally 201003:49.074+00:37.715PS4
469 gusja2210Citroën C4 Rally 201003:49.107+00:37.748PS4
470 mr_robot2017Citroën C4 Rally 201003:49.124+00:37.765Steam
471 CozDeathCitroën C4 Rally 201003:49.140+00:37.781PS4
472 travellog07Citroën C4 Rally 201003:49.174+00:37.815Steam
473 VicrsVF1Citroën C4 Rally 201003:49.207+00:37.848PS4
474 SpeedWarrior98Citroën C4 Rally 201003:49.257+00:37.898PS4
475 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:49.424+00:38.650Xbox
476 NullPointerCitroën C4 Rally 201003:49.474+00:38.115Xbox
477 SmXpressCitroën C4 Rally 201003:49.474+00:38.115Xbox
478 Jean-Valjean-Citroën C4 Rally 201003:49.524+00:38.165PS4
479 H3LL FÄHRT in den HARZCitroën C4 Rally 201003:49.574+00:38.215Steam
480 turbo-jackCitroën C4 Rally 201003:49.607+00:38.248Steam
481 arm(rus)Citroën C4 Rally 201003:49.724+00:38.365Steam
482 Drinkn and RacingCitroën C4 Rally 201003:49.740+00:38.381Steam
483 D0nLamanetteCitroën C4 Rally 201003:49.757+00:38.398PS4
484 GuideToasterCitroën C4 Rally 201003:50.057+00:38.698Xbox
485 MrThaPausCitroën C4 Rally 201003:50.174+00:38.815PS4
486 TadiCitroën C4 Rally 201003:50.224+00:38.865Steam
487 uffschoepper69Citroën C4 Rally 201003:50.240+00:38.881PS4
488 sepik80873Citroën C4 Rally 201003:50.290+00:38.931PS4
489 Sonny_Crockett18Citroën C4 Rally 201003:50.324+00:38.965PS4
490 RXM307Citroën C4 Rally 201003:50.324+00:38.965Xbox
491 coutim Citroën C4 Rally 201003:50.357+00:38.998Steam
492 BattleGear Citroën C4 Rally 201003:50.391+00:39.320Steam
493 dr.nofeelgood Citroën C4 Rally 201003:50.424+00:39.650Steam
494 Hugo_LndCitroën C4 Rally 201003:50.591+00:39.232Steam
495 PePeCitroën C4 Rally 201003:50.824+00:39.465Steam
496 DaveleonCitroën C4 Rally 201003:50.824+00:39.465Xbox
497 fk Citroën C4 Rally 201003:50.858+00:39.499Steam
498 hellborgCitroën C4 Rally 201003:50.907+00:39.548Steam
499 DazRalphs Citroën C4 Rally 201003:50.957+00:39.598Steam
500 two_dot_centsCitroën C4 Rally 201003:51.040+00:39.681PS4
501 is-pierrotCitroën C4 Rally 201003:51.174+00:39.815PS4
502 VarelaPawellCitroën C4 Rally 201003:51.324+00:39.965PS4
503 rleszcz Citroën C4 Rally 201003:51.340+00:39.981Steam
504 davarally Citroën C4 Rally 201003:51.340+00:39.981Steam
505 seluisarCitroën C4 Rally 201003:51.424+00:40.650PS4
506 lib319Citroën C4 Rally 201003:51.457+00:40.980Xbox
507 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:51.507+00:40.148Xbox
508 cricri622211Citroën C4 Rally 201003:51.590+00:40.231PS4
509 mimimomoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:51.640+00:40.281Steam
510 BeemerbabyCitroën C4 Rally 201003:51.640+00:40.281PS4
511 David FernandezCitroën C4 Rally 201003:51.641+00:40.282Steam
512 shamblam1974Citroën C4 Rally 201003:51.691+00:40.332PS4
513 VelFog Citroën C4 Rally 201003:51.740+00:40.381Steam
514 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:51.840+00:40.481Xbox
515 SergipanaGTRCitroën C4 Rally 201003:51.907+00:40.548Xbox
516 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:51.957+00:40.598Xbox
517 derek89Citroën C4 Rally 201003:51.974+00:40.615Xbox
518 Spectre_StyleCitroën C4 Rally 201003:52.007+00:40.648PS4
519 diesel31Citroën C4 Rally 201003:52.140+00:40.781Xbox
520 Oli2008vCitroën C4 Rally 201003:52.190+00:40.831PS4
521 bluieCitroën C4 Rally 201003:52.274+00:40.915Steam
522 Gaffa1959Citroën C4 Rally 201003:52.307+00:40.948PS4
523 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:52.324+00:40.965Xbox
524 Samoflange Citroën C4 Rally 201003:52.440+00:41.810Steam
525 Jon the VGNerdCitroën C4 Rally 201003:52.440+00:41.810Steam
526 bogys-1_Citroën C4 Rally 201003:52.457+00:41.980PS4
527 alan4810Citroën C4 Rally 201003:52.507+00:41.148PS4
528 SEN 5241 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:52.657+00:41.298Steam
529 MT003Citroën C4 Rally 201003:52.707+00:41.348Steam
530 noscatCitroën C4 Rally 201003:52.707+00:41.348PS4
531 =zipr=Citroën C4 Rally 201003:52.790+00:41.431Steam
532 saminojd84Citroën C4 Rally 201003:52.840+00:41.481PS4
533 bruno.mourmandCitroën C4 Rally 201003:52.890+00:41.531Steam
534 KaMuffiCitroën C4 Rally 201003:52.990+00:41.631PS4
535 aitorsetasCitroën C4 Rally 201003:53.207+00:41.848Xbox
536 Nexus Citroën C4 Rally 201003:53.290+00:41.931Steam
537 Mr. F@n-T-@$$-$t!ck Citroën C4 Rally 201003:53.373+00:42.140Steam
538 El BakherCitroën C4 Rally 201003:53.391+00:42.320Steam
539 bullrazaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:53.391+00:42.320PS4
540 HelderbartenderCitroën C4 Rally 201003:53.423+00:42.640PS4
541 RavenCitroën C4 Rally 201003:53.457+00:42.980Steam
542 yotuylosdemasCitroën C4 Rally 201003:53.723+00:42.364PS4
543 romangardenCitroën C4 Rally 201003:53.757+00:42.398PS4
544 DemonicCactus22Citroën C4 Rally 201003:53.757+00:42.398Xbox
545 Beretta PRKLCitroën C4 Rally 201003:53.807+00:42.448Steam
546 mitchonetwo Citroën C4 Rally 201003:53.823+00:42.464Steam
547 okakug0Citroën C4 Rally 201003:53.890+00:42.531Steam
548 KrolkeCitroën C4 Rally 201003:54.007+00:42.648Steam
549 him-amino Citroën C4 Rally 201003:54.107+00:42.748Steam
550 miataCitroën C4 Rally 201003:54.107+00:42.748Steam
551 Nytefyre Citroën C4 Rally 201003:54.123+00:42.764Steam
552 BakkokkaB667Citroën C4 Rally 201003:54.207+00:42.848Xbox
553 HippyspawnCitroën C4 Rally 201003:54.223+00:42.864Oculus
554 Euro Cuck Simulator Citroën C4 Rally 201003:54.257+00:42.898Steam
555 cacaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:54.323+00:42.964Steam
556 BASTONER2785Citroën C4 Rally 201003:54.390+00:43.310Xbox
557 smk5526Citroën C4 Rally 201003:54.523+00:43.164Steam
558 Makkûra Citroën C4 Rally 201003:54.590+00:43.231Steam
559 Zzz_meczonyCitroën C4 Rally 201003:54.824+00:43.465PS4
560 winterlineCitroën C4 Rally 201003:54.857+00:43.498Steam
561 Jackie-430Citroën C4 Rally 201003:54.857+00:43.498PS4
562 Mottamann83Citroën C4 Rally 201003:54.857+00:43.498PS4
563 Sp0unyCitroën C4 Rally 201003:55.107+00:43.748Steam
564 ZanyonCitroën C4 Rally 201003:55.124+00:43.765Steam
565 Berti Little Citroën C4 Rally 201003:55.190+00:43.831Steam
566 dju55Citroën C4 Rally 201003:55.190+00:43.831PS4
567 ArekZetCitroën C4 Rally 201003:55.207+00:43.848Xbox
568 kaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:55.257+00:43.898Steam
569 Grenadier11165Citroën C4 Rally 201003:55.273+00:43.914PS4
570 Driver37 [ FR ]Citroën C4 Rally 201003:55.373+00:44.140Steam
571 jvax Citroën C4 Rally 201003:55.507+00:44.148Steam
572 Nosferatu Citroën C4 Rally 201003:55.540+00:44.181Steam
573 RileySkyKodaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:55.540+00:44.181PS4
574 vasko-vidinCitroën C4 Rally 201003:55.540+00:44.181PS4
575 saluki970Citroën C4 Rally 201003:55.573+00:44.214Xbox
576 PAU-T-CCitroën C4 Rally 201003:55.574+00:44.215PS4
577 Max_Traxion1Citroën C4 Rally 201003:55.591+00:44.232PS4
578 12??????Citroën C4 Rally 201003:55.707+00:44.348Steam
579 Štepiti BotCitroën C4 Rally 201003:55.757+00:44.398Steam
580 cruester77Citroën C4 Rally 201003:55.807+00:44.448Xbox
581 TheInsaneButcherCitroën C4 Rally 201003:55.973+00:44.614PS4
582 PJVCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.007+00:44.648Steam
583 wiketorCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.023+00:44.664Steam
584 rudy.deglasCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.157+00:44.798Steam
585 giesiekCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.173+00:44.814PS4
586 facarolCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.190+00:44.831PS4
587 lametrouxationCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.207+00:44.848PS4
588 DrSlowlap Citroën C4 Rally 201003:56.223+00:44.864Steam
589 Freelander1972Citroën C4 Rally 201003:56.240+00:44.881PS4
590 omargarciaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.290+00:44.931Steam
591 midi123Citroën C4 Rally 201003:56.291+00:44.932PS4
592 MalinArushCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.457+00:45.980Steam
593 yutapon-666Citroën C4 Rally 201003:56.457+00:45.980Steam
594 300 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:56.457+00:45.980Steam
595 Waxy-TigerCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.490+00:45.131PS4
596 Moca-32Citroën C4 Rally 201003:56.540+00:45.181PS4
597 ell_j_eff77Citroën C4 Rally 201003:56.540+00:45.181PS4
598 M4xP0w3R_91Citroën C4 Rally 201003:56.557+00:45.198Steam
599 artur197410 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:56.607+00:45.248Steam
600 Prana61 Citroën C4 Rally 201003:56.674+00:45.315Steam
601 SxalonCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.723+00:45.364Steam
602 2kDDCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.857+00:45.498Steam
603 titietste Citroën C4 Rally 201003:56.957+00:45.598Steam
604 Lizard KingCitroën C4 Rally 201003:56.990+00:45.631Steam
605 Lushie175Citroën C4 Rally 201003:57.023+00:45.664PS4
606 zoraver95Citroën C4 Rally 201003:57.073+00:45.714PS4
607 VictorFlash1972Citroën C4 Rally 201003:57.123+00:45.764PS4
608 DrakeJ14826Citroën C4 Rally 201003:57.157+00:45.798PS4
609 Gonza7894Citroën C4 Rally 201003:57.157+00:45.798PS4
610 GebedianCitroën C4 Rally 201003:57.223+00:45.864Steam
611 TwentyPencesCitroën C4 Rally 201003:57.240+00:45.881PS4
612 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:57.307+00:45.948Xbox
613 DIPLOMATCitroën C4 Rally 201003:57.341+00:45.982Steam
614 HuutomerkkiCitroën C4 Rally 201003:57.374+00:46.150PS4
615 bimbler1966Citroën C4 Rally 201003:57.390+00:46.310Xbox
616 ChillalocoCitroën C4 Rally 201003:57.674+00:46.315PS4
617 5STARS.ON.ITALSKYCitroën C4 Rally 201003:57.773+00:46.414Steam
618 opassacCitroën C4 Rally 201003:57.941+00:46.582PS4
619 rattenjunge Citroën C4 Rally 201003:57.957+00:46.598Steam
620 Blöd FröhseCitroën C4 Rally 201003:58.140+00:46.781Steam
621 cyberinsekt943Citroën C4 Rally 201003:58.157+00:46.798PS4
622 lecroc0110Citroën C4 Rally 201003:58.173+00:46.814PS4
623 antonin.stoklasekCitroën C4 Rally 201003:58.223+00:46.864Steam
624 de_SantaCruzCitroën C4 Rally 201003:58.373+00:47.140PS4
625 gubyCitroën C4 Rally 201003:58.374+00:47.150Steam
626 drss3241Citroën C4 Rally 201003:58.640+00:47.281Steam
627 sakisa341Citroën C4 Rally 201003:58.657+00:47.298Steam
628 bao0228Citroën C4 Rally 201003:58.657+00:47.298PS4
629 oskarinio Citroën C4 Rally 201003:58.741+00:47.382Steam
630 GoldDEtiCitroën C4 Rally 201003:58.773+00:47.414Steam
631 kris10an94Citroën C4 Rally 201003:58.807+00:47.448Xbox
632 boy1234Citroën C4 Rally 201003:58.840+00:47.481PS4
633 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:58.874+00:47.515Xbox
634 voloha-evd Citroën C4 Rally 201003:58.957+00:47.598Steam
635 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201003:58.990+00:47.631Xbox
636 Jonas MorschCitroën C4 Rally 201003:59.023+00:47.664Steam
637 MIKER XXL Citroën C4 Rally 201003:59.140+00:47.781Steam
638 Mad66MavCitroën C4 Rally 201003:59.157+00:47.798Xbox
639 valentinmassonCitroën C4 Rally 201003:59.240+00:47.881Xbox
640 Toru Citroën C4 Rally 201003:59.357+00:47.998Steam
641 guinounoursCitroën C4 Rally 201003:59.590+00:48.231PS4
642 SpeeDManiac Citroën C4 Rally 201003:59.640+00:48.281Steam
643 VuidaaCitroën C4 Rally 201003:59.707+00:48.348Steam
644 shinyong1026Citroën C4 Rally 201004:00.057+00:48.698Steam
645 John_Y_JCitroën C4 Rally 201004:00.273+00:48.914Steam
646 Yukon CorneliusCitroën C4 Rally 201004:00.357+00:48.998Steam
647 rybäCitroën C4 Rally 201004:00.407+00:49.480Steam
648 albesCitroën C4 Rally 201004:00.490+00:49.131Steam
649 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201004:00.590+00:49.231Xbox
650 chillaioCitroën C4 Rally 201004:00.657+00:49.298Xbox
651 3CharactersCitroën C4 Rally 201004:00.707+00:49.348Xbox
652 RitaStanleyCitroën C4 Rally 201004:00.807+00:49.448PS4
653 veebelCitroën C4 Rally 201004:01.123+00:49.764PS4
654 amstelgold0Citroën C4 Rally 201004:01.240+00:49.881Steam
655 FSETonyBeeCitroën C4 Rally 201004:01.257+00:49.898Oculus
656 noostinorsuCitroën C4 Rally 201004:01.307+00:49.948PS4
657 archenemyCitroën C4 Rally 201004:01.440+00:50.810Steam
658 Dead_Nutz_420Citroën C4 Rally 201004:01.507+00:50.148PS4
659 boes.wCitroën C4 Rally 201004:01.557+00:50.198Steam
660 aristolisCitroën C4 Rally 201004:01.773+00:50.414Steam
661 e447Citroën C4 Rally 201004:02.273+00:50.914Steam
662 calystoweCitroën C4 Rally 201004:02.307+00:50.948PS4
663 fatedbadgerCitroën C4 Rally 201004:02.806+00:51.447Xbox
664 marcoloebCitroën C4 Rally 201004:02.824+00:51.465Xbox
665 tomCitroën C4 Rally 201004:02.924+00:51.565Steam
666 ARO1801Citroën C4 Rally 201004:03.056+00:51.697PS4
667 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201004:03.473+00:52.114Xbox
668 T P A B A C T O K 4:2 0 ??Citroën C4 Rally 201004:03.490+00:52.131Steam
669 hoodwink75Citroën C4 Rally 201004:03.524+00:52.165Xbox
670 aasiheppuCitroën C4 Rally 201004:03.840+00:52.481PS4
671 krawitzeCitroën C4 Rally 201004:03.906+00:52.547PS4
672 Nihilist ElmoCitroën C4 Rally 201004:03.956+00:52.597Steam
673 ecstubblebineCitroën C4 Rally 201004:04.390+00:53.310Steam
674 IronboyCitroën C4 Rally 201004:04.490+00:53.131Steam
675 Veko777Citroën C4 Rally 201004:04.524+00:53.165PS4
676 jokas350Citroën C4 Rally 201004:04.573+00:53.214PS4
677 peek1000unCitroën C4 Rally 201004:04.706+00:53.347Steam
678 corpscop43Citroën C4 Rally 201004:04.773+00:53.414PS4
679 azumi754Citroën C4 Rally 201004:04.890+00:53.531PS4
680 antekAiRCitroën C4 Rally 201004:04.990+00:53.631PS4
681 Mau Max Citroën C4 Rally 201004:05.023+00:53.664Steam
682 benjamin0912Citroën C4 Rally 201004:05.057+00:53.698Xbox
683 SebastianoCitroën C4 Rally 201004:05.840+00:54.481Steam
684 spindrift Citroën C4 Rally 201004:05.873+00:54.514Steam
685 pm31 Citroën C4 Rally 201004:06.057+00:54.698Steam
686 Rallymania92Citroën C4 Rally 201004:06.157+00:54.798PS4
687 LenmanCitroën C4 Rally 201004:06.290+00:54.931Steam
688 dwaller1Citroën C4 Rally 201004:06.424+00:55.650PS4
689 Cyclone62Citroën C4 Rally 201004:06.973+00:55.614Xbox
690 Techn0Diktat0RCitroën C4 Rally 201004:07.256+00:55.897Xbox
691 SSCitroën C4 Rally 201004:07.273+00:55.914Steam
692 crruymanCitroën C4 Rally 201004:07.390+00:56.310PS4
693 MossimossCitroën C4 Rally 201004:07.523+00:56.164PS4
694 joaosousaenf Citroën C4 Rally 201004:07.640+00:56.281Steam
695 DiaaJamjoumCitroën C4 Rally 201004:07.656+00:56.297PS4
696 BrowntrouseCitroën C4 Rally 201004:07.673+00:56.314Xbox
697 rom26Citroën C4 Rally 201004:08.440+00:57.810Xbox
698 KhaldurCitroën C4 Rally 201004:08.506+00:57.147Steam
699 lucaland71Citroën C4 Rally 201004:08.590+00:57.231PS4
700 egray914Citroën C4 Rally 201004:08.673+00:57.314PS4
701 SkeletronCitroën C4 Rally 201004:09.023+00:57.664Steam
702 romeotudCitroën C4 Rally 201004:09.140+00:57.781Steam
703 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201004:09.523+00:58.164Xbox
704 Guiguax02Citroën C4 Rally 201004:09.856+00:58.497PS4
705 KishkumenP47Citroën C4 Rally 201004:10.073+00:58.714Steam
706 Ludwig_Der_GroBeCitroën C4 Rally 201004:10.123+00:58.764Steam
707 BsanCitroën C4 Rally 201004:10.524+00:59.165Steam
708 ad1957-ab4Citroën C4 Rally 201004:10.556+00:59.197PS4
709 YamahaJim525Citroën C4 Rally 201004:10.689+00:59.330Xbox
710 ar1_1kolaCitroën C4 Rally 201004:10.889+00:59.530PS4
711 vandervaalt10Citroën C4 Rally 201004:10.907+00:59.548Steam
712 skontrodudeCitroën C4 Rally 201004:10.940+00:59.581Steam
713 KabirKalsi24Citroën C4 Rally 201004:11.906+1:00.547PS4
714 michel3497Citroën C4 Rally 201004:12.023+1:00.664Xbox
715 Raccoon Citroën C4 Rally 201004:12.257+1:00.898Steam
716 tdflepech2Citroën C4 Rally 201004:12.556+1:01.197PS4
717 ahouse101Citroën C4 Rally 201004:12.707+1:01.348Steam
718 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201004:13.123+1:01.764Xbox
719 BE-JO-BECitroën C4 Rally 201004:13.406+1:02.470PS4
720 aivarinis_jCitroën C4 Rally 201004:13.573+1:02.214PS4
721 Nico77SalCitroën C4 Rally 201004:13.673+1:02.314PS4
722 CretanKnifeCitroën C4 Rally 201004:13.690+1:02.331Steam
723 tramway57Citroën C4 Rally 201004:13.890+1:02.531PS4
724 sharoglazov81Citroën C4 Rally 201004:14.023+1:02.664PS4
725 Baerchen2912Citroën C4 Rally 201004:14.923+1:03.564PS4
726 clandjordiCitroën C4 Rally 201004:15.239+1:03.880PS4
727 levis.ferrari62Citroën C4 Rally 201004:15.323+1:03.964Steam
728 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201004:15.939+1:04.580Xbox
729 55restetittchenCitroën C4 Rally 201004:15.956+1:04.597Xbox
730 scottb1Citroën C4 Rally 201004:16.407+1:05.480Xbox
731 nsg.gol.comCitroën C4 Rally 201004:16.423+1:05.640Steam
732 deufreCitroën C4 Rally 201004:16.923+1:05.564Xbox
733 The Best Games Citroën C4 Rally 201004:16.940+1:05.581Steam
734 www.cloudhopperCitroën C4 Rally 201004:17.056+1:05.697Steam
735 lonesomeorganistCitroën C4 Rally 201004:17.306+1:05.947PS4
736 skufcaCitroën C4 Rally 201004:17.689+1:06.330PS4
737 Calogero761Citroën C4 Rally 201004:18.107+1:06.748Steam
738 dav2Citroën C4 Rally 201004:18.273+1:06.914Steam
739 klauskiefer34Citroën C4 Rally 201004:18.890+1:07.531PS4
740 mariofranco74Citroën C4 Rally 201004:19.039+1:07.680PS4
741 St44_slimCitroën C4 Rally 201004:19.040+1:07.681PS4
742 tomikk_Citroën C4 Rally 201004:19.140+1:07.781PS4
743 pini0n Citroën C4 Rally 201004:19.306+1:07.947Steam
744 Mac-WJCitroën C4 Rally 201004:19.423+1:08.640PS4
745 Norbix2017Citroën C4 Rally 201004:19.806+1:08.447PS4
746 RoxCitroën C4 Rally 201004:20.306+1:08.947Steam
747 StupidFingers Citroën C4 Rally 201004:20.607+1:09.248Steam
748 joogieCitroën C4 Rally 201004:21.039+1:09.680Steam
749 Space_momongaCitroën C4 Rally 201004:21.473+1:10.114Steam
750 alvarof2000Citroën C4 Rally 201004:21.522+1:10.163PS4
751 roubisCitroën C4 Rally 201004:21.689+1:10.330Xbox
752 michel3497Citroën C4 Rally 201004:21.722+1:10.363Steam
753 prevotCitroën C4 Rally 201004:21.756+1:10.397Xbox
754 Sanek1751Citroën C4 Rally 201004:21.989+1:10.630PS4
755 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201004:23.589+1:12.230Xbox
756 turbohase_80Citroën C4 Rally 201004:24.006+1:12.647PS4
757 papadeuCitroën C4 Rally 201004:24.689+1:13.330Steam
758 Avantasia_forceCitroën C4 Rally 201004:24.772+1:13.413PS4
759 Michael.Nielsen Citroën C4 Rally 201004:25.522+1:14.163Steam
760 x_liar_xCitroën C4 Rally 201004:25.523+1:14.164PS4
761 ThunderCitroën C4 Rally 201004:26.039+1:14.680Steam
762 slreid_2000Citroën C4 Rally 201004:26.389+1:15.300Steam
763 fabiotayson2018Citroën C4 Rally 201004:26.439+1:15.800PS4
764 Super_6lack6irdCitroën C4 Rally 201004:27.490+1:16.131Steam
765 Billy RacerCitroën C4 Rally 201004:27.972+1:16.613Steam
766 YYogi69Citroën C4 Rally 201004:28.005+1:16.646PS4
767 Pilote2courseCitroën C4 Rally 201004:28.139+1:16.780PS4
768 saxerr Citroën C4 Rally 201004:28.939+1:17.580Steam
769 arjanCitroën C4 Rally 201004:29.973+1:18.614Steam
770 briofmdCitroën C4 Rally 201004:30.072+1:18.713Xbox
771 Alex5000Citroën C4 Rally 201004:30.472+1:19.113Steam
772 Crash_MaRTixx Citroën C4 Rally 201004:31.040+1:19.681Steam
773 thesignpainterCitroën C4 Rally 201004:31.456+1:20.970Steam
774 darrenmarkillCitroën C4 Rally 201004:31.773+1:20.414PS4
775 yrko54Citroën C4 Rally 201004:32.472+1:21.113PS4
776 hinawanCitroën C4 Rally 201004:32.740+1:21.381PS4
777 McBeemerCitroën C4 Rally 201004:34.372+1:23.130PS4
778 SpatialDragon Citroën C4 Rally 201004:34.822+1:23.463Steam
779 roccolouCitroën C4 Rally 201004:36.456+1:25.970PS4
780 sandhase961Citroën C4 Rally 201004:38.338+1:26.979PS4
781 [Axis]???????Citroën C4 Rally 201004:38.623+1:27.264Steam
782 chadvanrickeryCitroën C4 Rally 201004:39.839+1:28.480Xbox
783 Von_LoutsosCitroën C4 Rally 201004:43.506+1:32.147PS4
784 dulu666Citroën C4 Rally 201004:50.256+1:38.897Steam
785 qwertyuiop969Citroën C4 Rally 201004:51.338+1:39.979Steam
786 ktemiCitroën C4 Rally 201004:53.021+1:41.662Steam
787 thebiggameur48Citroën C4 Rally 201004:53.188+1:41.829PS4
788 sven_nilssonCitroën C4 Rally 201004:55.089+1:43.730PS4
789 donnie21121972Citroën C4 Rally 201004:56.638+1:45.279PS4
790 ZelatrixCitroën C4 Rally 201005:07.288+1:55.929Steam
791 yongonsetpdCitroën C4 Rally 201005:17.837+2:06.478Xbox
792 jasonsammyjackCitroën C4 Rally 201005:24.540+2:13.181PS4
793 nicolubeCitroën C4 Rally 201005:26.773+2:15.414PS4
794 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201005:30.005+2:18.646Xbox
795 Remidel59 Citroën C4 Rally 201005:30.657+2:19.298Steam
796 Raven_DM Citroën C4 Rally 201005:42.737+2:31.378Steam
797 LexLathorCitroën C4 Rally 201006:04.639+2:53.280PS4
798 DaruskaCitroën C4 Rally 201006:06.539+2:55.180Xbox
799 normunds.rudzinskisCitroën C4 Rally 201006:08.973+2:57.614Steam
800 prodimCitroën C4 Rally 201006:09.306+2:57.947Steam
801 henryaarnio91Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
802 pebucebrCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
803 Smokin Spider Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
804 [SWE]Zacik16Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
805 exctakk Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
806 Who is Rem?Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
807 WRCRally15 Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
808 Rene #NoControl Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
809 Southh07 Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
810 mtvhaukijarviCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
811 AnacondaRangerCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
812 ServietskyCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
813 joerg.wiesmann Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
814 Jorma KovanenCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
815 N. MäkeläCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
816 aniokiCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
817 XodlyCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
818 SzacsibácsiCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
819 Tom SpeedCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
820 WaluigithewalrusCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
821 Babbelbox77 Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
822 MaSTerHAeBay013Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
823 Godis517Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
824 Karppa Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Steam
825 NiKNiK_95Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
826 Pierre855Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
827 ZoretmloufCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
828 matG972Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
829 Raider552Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
830 perbjornsonCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
831 ostmossaCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
832 JuhiziTCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
833 Jgz0401Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
834 SKAMILLA9Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
835 AkaMirteCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
836 schlenkerECitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
837 petekivinen2Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
838 brunorc01Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641PS4
839 adambomb131385Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Xbox
840 laurent87Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Xbox
841 pet38Citroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Xbox
842 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Xbox
843 KTMKIDCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Xbox
844 bluesberryCitroën C4 Rally 201015:00.000+11:48.641Oculus