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The Owners' Club, 2018-08-08
832 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Sweden] Älgsjön Sprint (S) (Night, Overcast)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 naglerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:05.075+00:00.000Steam
2 vauhtiripaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:08.792+00:03.717PS4
3 EpilepticToastOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:10.592+00:05.517Xbox
4 Vergil ? Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:11.958+00:06.883Steam
5 Je55eJame5 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:13.858+00:08.783Steam
6 Dirt_Rally_JoeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:14.375+00:09.300PS4
7 VinceBartokOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:14.908+00:09.833Xbox
8 DonSukram Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:14.958+00:09.883Steam
9 NoTarget Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:15.192+00:10.117Steam
10 sebbtab Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:15.308+00:10.233Steam
11 tero kartmanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:15.642+00:10.567Steam
12 cflotsios Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.142+00:11.670Steam
13 Jan #NoControl Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.492+00:11.417Steam
14 hameen1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:16.692+00:11.617PS4
15 san hamigoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:17.375+00:12.300Steam
16 kudasoffff Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:17.575+00:12.500Steam
17 OvalRacerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.408+00:13.333PS4
18 oscarostlund42Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.508+00:13.433Xbox
19 I_am_the_stig555Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.592+00:13.517PS4
20 mhk2308Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:18.908+00:13.833PS4
21 kildog Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:19.075+00:14.000Steam
22 sulomies Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.175+00:15.100Steam
23 TwoTwoOneOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.191+00:15.116Steam
24 ToastOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.191+00:15.116Steam
25 Pete Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.275+00:15.200Steam
26 unitakoraOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.375+00:15.300PS4
27 Fernando MeirelesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.408+00:15.333Steam
28 MuscleDevilOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.558+00:15.483PS4
29 Oscaro alexandru.botosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:20.708+00:15.633Steam
30 hakonensamiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.025+00:15.950Steam
31 Face PalmerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.125+00:16.500Steam
32 rumcajsz99Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.175+00:16.100Steam
33 travellog07Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.258+00:16.183Steam
34 KentKetchumOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.791+00:16.716PS4
35 SGT_alex115Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.808+00:16.733PS4
36 Soulr3av3r Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:21.925+00:16.850Steam
37 OttoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.208+00:17.133Steam
38 panzpohadkyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.258+00:17.183PS4
39 Southh07 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.541+00:17.466Steam
40 jaakmartihhinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.591+00:17.516Steam
41 Tommy Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.925+00:17.850Steam
42 franquisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:22.958+00:17.883Steam
43 ari.salokivi Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.075+00:18.000Steam
44 choubon27Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.191+00:18.116Steam
45 schlenkerEOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.458+00:18.383PS4
46 sanders85Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.625+00:18.550PS4
47 AkaMirteOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.825+00:18.750PS4
48 Rene #NoControl Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:23.991+00:18.916Steam
49 arseniy-128Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.125+00:19.500Steam
50 SpazAtacckOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.425+00:19.350PS4
51 Vagabrain Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:24.458+00:19.383Steam
52 psych13aOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.258+00:20.183PS4
53 roman.maranelo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.391+00:20.316Steam
54 jeffw Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.425+00:20.350Steam
55 dragosbold Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.491+00:20.416Steam
56 oldethumperOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.825+00:20.750Steam
57 AzoreaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.875+00:20.800Steam
58 Mika-T420Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.891+00:20.816PS4
59 w76995Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.975+00:20.900PS4
60 bella25398Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:25.991+00:20.916PS4
61 Mareczek83Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.141+00:21.660PS4
62 jindra247 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.175+00:21.100Steam
63 HighFrequency79Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.175+00:21.100PS4
64 mare87 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.241+00:21.166Steam
65 Lexrax_VR Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.258+00:21.183Steam
66 heavybootsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.291+00:21.216Steam
67 pierrotdu13 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.625+00:21.550Steam
68 apo-001budapestOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.875+00:21.800PS4
69 Jonog53Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:26.891+00:21.816PS4
70 mjkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.141+00:22.660Steam
71 phenix:oneOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.241+00:22.166Steam
72 dlz Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.508+00:22.433Steam
73 opassacOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.508+00:22.433PS4
74 danny4949Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.541+00:22.466PS4
75 gabmanu--Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.541+00:22.466PS4
76 Al_QasmyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.625+00:22.550PS4
77 Cloud9_Marcus Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.775+00:22.700Steam
78 Staska Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:27.958+00:22.883Steam
79 HarryMLMkII Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.308+00:23.233Steam
80 jonesy65582Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.374+00:23.299PS4
81 tdarrie-TeamTamOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.558+00:23.483PS4
82 El BakherOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.624+00:23.549Steam
83 Guybrush Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.674+00:23.599Steam
84 MEISTER5470Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.758+00:23.683PS4
85 arne.schmiedebergOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:28.824+00:23.749Steam
86 legacyX2turboOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.108+00:24.330PS4
87 hebe555Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.158+00:24.830PS4
88 hide0040Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.324+00:24.249Steam
89 FunkioOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.341+00:24.266Xbox
90 natalone82Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.541+00:24.466PS4
91 TLRCYBORGOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.674+00:24.599Xbox
92 TandalfOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.908+00:24.833Xbox
93 bassbisonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:29.974+00:24.899PS4
94 Raccoon Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.024+00:24.949Steam
95 danka48Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.024+00:24.949Xbox
96 Beretta PRKLOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.124+00:25.490Steam
97 GupsterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.208+00:25.133Steam
98 cjlloyd Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.408+00:25.333Steam
99 N. MäkeläOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.524+00:25.449Steam
100 H[ei]T° Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.524+00:25.449Steam
101 Go Home YankeesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.591+00:25.516Steam
102 BabyishGerm1 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.608+00:25.533Steam
103 jandar2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.891+00:25.816Steam
104 kojeto Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:30.958+00:25.883Steam
105 guzag2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.008+00:25.933Steam
106 Risto00Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.191+00:26.116Steam
107 Tero57Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.308+00:26.233PS4
108 SmaiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.524+00:26.449Steam
109 kaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.591+00:26.516Steam
110 bycometOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.791+00:26.716Steam
111 Isle of Barra Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.924+00:26.849Steam
112 Sean_P-ykk8643Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:31.958+00:26.883PS4
113 MOVING_UPPOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.191+00:27.116PS4
114 Gr0shOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.274+00:27.199Steam
115 HailHydraOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.441+00:27.366Steam
116 Zrob17Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.491+00:27.416Xbox
117 nrhhhkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.524+00:27.449Steam
118 EastyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.541+00:27.466Steam
119 ElBartoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.558+00:27.483Steam
120 maikl330Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.624+00:27.549Steam
121 pmac22Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.658+00:27.583Steam
122 meskalitoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.724+00:27.649Steam
123 JMV_79Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.808+00:27.733Steam
124 xsni Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:32.891+00:27.816Steam
125 3CharactersOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.058+00:27.983Xbox
126 szachan.gaborOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.091+00:28.160Steam
127 Rally_DriverOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.141+00:28.660Steam
128 Ralf_mol Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.458+00:28.383Steam
129 Marlec Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.841+00:28.766Steam
130 viveklegoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:33.958+00:28.883Steam
131 Beefeater63Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.024+00:28.949PS4
132 hansokumakeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.041+00:28.966PS4
133 kamrallyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.124+00:29.490PS4
134 xCroco52 [FR] Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.174+00:29.990Steam
135 leepy43Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.224+00:29.149PS4
136 EnconahotsauceOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.241+00:29.166PS4
137 ScreamingEagle28Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.291+00:29.216PS4
138 moquette5Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.308+00:29.233Xbox
139 maebara Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.408+00:29.333Steam
140 cratercamperOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.558+00:29.483Steam
141 Smokie_UK1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.608+00:29.533Steam
142 Weddedboban 78 ;) Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.674+00:29.599Steam
143 StevenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.708+00:29.633Steam
144 krmobilOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.741+00:29.666Xbox
145 Destroyer40kOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.958+00:29.883Steam
146 Staatl.geprüfter GewürzprüferOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:34.974+00:29.899Steam
147 GaXieROpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.058+00:29.983Xbox
148 Jager_Kronus_1stOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.174+00:30.990Steam
149 SnaketyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.241+00:30.166Steam
150 -TAGS-Ba77Man- Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.324+00:30.249Steam
151 XCIOOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.341+00:30.266Steam
152 RedflasherOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.341+00:30.266Xbox
153 ostmossaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.508+00:30.433PS4
154 SKLM59Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.541+00:30.466Xbox
155 matti.immonenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.574+00:30.499Steam
156 DMaGGaaaarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.658+00:30.583PS4
157 cheba Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.741+00:30.666Steam
158 kipitok91Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.924+00:30.849PS4
159 tora_sanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.958+00:30.883Steam
160 decliq Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:35.974+00:30.899Steam
161 RISO997Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.008+00:30.933Steam
162 ass blasterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.124+00:31.490Steam
163 Renato Parra Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.141+00:31.660Steam
164 Private Parts Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.191+00:31.116Steam
165 Near Light Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.258+00:31.183Steam
166 Sergey_ShtrixOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.274+00:31.199Steam
167 KørelærerenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.424+00:31.349Steam
168 IMW_7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.508+00:31.433PS4
169 AnaerobOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.641+00:31.566Steam
170 HelderbartenderOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:36.957+00:31.882PS4
171 Soper11 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.024+00:31.949Steam
172 THyPe_x7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.024+00:31.949PS4
173 tailormade1965Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.107+00:32.320PS4
174 jdktooOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.174+00:32.990Steam
175 ATIDIA Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.174+00:32.990Steam
176 SAABviggenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.391+00:32.316PS4
177 WoodyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.474+00:32.399Steam
178 Mimatsu_kOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.541+00:32.466PS4
179 Burda34Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.724+00:32.649Steam
180 alCaBohne96Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.807+00:32.732Steam
181 KoteriOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.824+00:32.749Steam
182 stix88stixOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.824+00:32.749PS4
183 Big-Shirley45Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.907+00:32.832PS4
184 H@rd Drivin' Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:37.991+00:32.916Steam
185 Dosaaf VbgOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.007+00:32.932Steam
186 cShowOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.057+00:32.982Steam
187 FRAN. JAVIEROpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.057+00:32.982Steam
188 JF_Ein_WindiROpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.141+00:33.660Steam
189 ACE8870Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.224+00:33.149Steam
190 Tibbstar?Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.224+00:33.149Steam
191 butzste623Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.241+00:33.166PS4
192 topykkaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.357+00:33.282PS4
193 Xelabo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.441+00:33.366Steam
194 Bubi Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.491+00:33.416Steam
195 PastinakensalatOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.641+00:33.566PS4
196 HazardousMike13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.774+00:33.699Xbox
197 DobbyDoDahOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.924+00:33.849PS4
198 Jellyflooosh14Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:38.974+00:33.899Xbox
199 zh3000Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.224+00:34.149Steam
200 gunslinger3 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.224+00:34.149Steam
201 shamblam1974Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.241+00:34.166PS4
202 boomer129krOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.391+00:34.316PS4
203 UndokedLoki718Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.457+00:34.382Xbox
204 AnontatOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.524+00:34.449Steam
205 opake36Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.541+00:34.466PS4
206 asinorossoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.557+00:34.482PS4
207 iggywicksOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.691+00:34.616Xbox
208 corradinhoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.707+00:34.632Steam
209 DuDiKoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.707+00:34.632Steam
210 DRF_1997Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.707+00:34.632PS4
211 DejfDE74Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.724+00:34.649Steam
212 SIMspertOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.741+00:34.666Steam
213 filgesfilgesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.857+00:34.782PS4
214 Mcquiz95Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.874+00:34.799PS4
215 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.907+00:34.832Xbox
216 ZirgusssOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.941+00:34.866Steam
217 leobarthOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:39.974+00:34.899Xbox
218 Ebashmet BezkumarovOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.057+00:34.982Steam
219 AndrisOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.057+00:34.982Steam
220 nickotsidasOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.357+00:35.282Steam
221 perbjornsonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.391+00:35.316PS4
222 pekka.virkamaki Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.407+00:35.332Steam
223 BurnmotoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.424+00:35.349Xbox
224 Prana61 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.524+00:35.449Steam
225 Gantz-WFOOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.641+00:35.566PS4
226 kero2003Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.791+00:35.716PS4
227 mipiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.807+00:35.732Steam
228 rix2001Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.874+00:35.799PS4
229 fili62Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.907+00:35.832Steam
230 Drinkn and RacingOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:40.974+00:35.899Steam
231 two_dot_centsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.074+00:35.999PS4
232 LorenzoCZE77Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.091+00:36.160PS4
233 Aleksey NOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.107+00:36.320Steam
234 gebbana_uggoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.257+00:36.182PS4
235 Thrillhouse Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.291+00:36.216Steam
236 joerg.wiesmann Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.324+00:36.249Steam
237 evotronmix Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.391+00:36.316Steam
238 Colin Awesome Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.391+00:36.316Steam
239 kablouserOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.441+00:36.366Steam
240 urissOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.607+00:36.532Steam
241 SkyTheDragonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.691+00:36.616Steam
242 albesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.757+00:36.682Steam
243 kinhu112Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.757+00:36.682PS4
244 WakeRanger66Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.841+00:36.766Xbox
245 Stepan StepanowitchOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.907+00:36.832Steam
246 takayasu59Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.907+00:36.832PS4
247 ?????·?? Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:41.924+00:36.849Steam
248 jaretas3Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.007+00:36.932Xbox
249 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.107+00:37.320Xbox
250 A.Ascari Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.241+00:37.166Steam
251 AceOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.257+00:37.182Steam
252 VultureOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.341+00:37.266Steam
253 Hammar96Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.491+00:37.416Xbox
254 jlouispnOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.557+00:37.482Steam
255 PayneOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.607+00:37.532Steam
256 DJ MasarinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.707+00:37.632Steam
257 OPCLUCAOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.791+00:37.716PS4
258 cowboy gamer bandosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.824+00:37.749Steam
259 fergbanjo1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.824+00:37.749PS4
260 welehoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:42.857+00:37.782Steam
261 JohannessenNOROpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.107+00:38.320PS4
262 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.224+00:38.149Xbox
263 ristokarjalainen Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.457+00:38.382Steam
264 VictorPazetteOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.474+00:38.399Xbox
265 BossThaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.491+00:38.416Steam
266 KaleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.507+00:38.432Steam
267 RædwulfOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.524+00:38.449Steam
268 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.691+00:38.616Xbox
269 flushfelix Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.724+00:38.649Steam
270 DecebalOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.774+00:38.699Steam
271 LUKEY1993Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.774+00:38.699PS4
272 zedman306Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.824+00:38.749PS4
273 AcidOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.857+00:38.782Steam
274 tomOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.874+00:38.799Steam
275 hibikii_soolOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.907+00:38.832PS4
276 DiamantTofOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:43.924+00:38.849Xbox
277 po.marxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.007+00:38.932Steam
278 RunLikeHellOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.107+00:39.320Xbox
279 Concerned MortyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.174+00:39.990Steam
280 MC WRT Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.207+00:39.132Steam
281 GTX-TremeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.224+00:39.149PS4
282 RavenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.241+00:39.166Steam
283 narzi27Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.307+00:39.232PS4
284 magicwise Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.374+00:39.299Steam
285 Demonic Warboss Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.391+00:39.316Steam
286 apedrosmsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.407+00:39.332Steam
287 rybäOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.457+00:39.382Steam
288 LADAKL Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.724+00:39.649Steam
289 [ PQ ] Yaou Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.741+00:39.666Steam
290 is-pierrotOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.941+00:39.866PS4
291 JAP15Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:44.974+00:39.899Xbox
292 cyberinsekt943Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.074+00:39.999PS4
293 Crow Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.124+00:40.490Steam
294 Tgordillo318Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.157+00:40.820PS4
295 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.274+00:40.199Xbox
296 tomjwatsonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.307+00:40.232PS4
297 Rising Sun Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.390+00:40.315Steam
298 Billy RacerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.590+00:40.515Steam
299 K1I9N7G7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.590+00:40.515PS4
300 FunWithBoostOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.607+00:40.532Xbox
301 DylanmotorsportOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.624+00:40.549Xbox
302 RileySkyKodaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.790+00:40.715PS4
303 HippieRockerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.874+00:40.799Steam
304 pepsuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.907+00:40.832Steam
305 CrazyOZ-73Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.907+00:40.832PS4
306 tihon235Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:45.940+00:40.865PS4
307 deceda Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.007+00:40.932Steam
308 polyneutronOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.090+00:41.150Steam
309 worscheschOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.107+00:41.320PS4
310 thierry45200Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.107+00:41.320PS4
311 Toru Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.124+00:41.490Steam
312 DjGARCIOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.174+00:41.990PS4
313 jari220970Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.190+00:41.115PS4
314 eeero990Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.257+00:41.182PS4
315 cmteeduardo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.324+00:41.249Steam
316 h?'111100011110011011110010Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.340+00:41.265Steam
317 feuer033stuhlOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.357+00:41.282PS4
318 PuavoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.390+00:41.315Steam
319 TomleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.490+00:41.415Xbox
320 EvilV8PowerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.624+00:41.549Steam
321 weezethejuiceOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.674+00:41.599Xbox
322 ZoretmloufOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.774+00:41.699PS4
323 Nosferatu Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.790+00:41.715Steam
324 tonycanijoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.824+00:41.749PS4
325 KoffeinkistaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.907+00:41.832Steam
326 KnucklesNorwoodOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:46.990+00:41.915Xbox
327 PeltoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.007+00:41.932Steam
328 ÐeadlockOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.040+00:41.965Steam
329 CHAUFFARDOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.057+00:41.982PS4
330 SquadakOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.074+00:41.999Steam
331 PhillapottOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.140+00:42.650Xbox
332 joogieOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.157+00:42.820Steam
333 GuhndahbOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.240+00:42.165Steam
334 NullPointerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.257+00:42.182Xbox
335 soboog Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.274+00:42.199Steam
336 MERASMUS! The MLG wizardOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.290+00:42.215Steam
337 de_SantaCruzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.324+00:42.249PS4
338 BlitzkriegOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.390+00:42.315Steam
339 DZNZOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.390+00:42.315Steam
340 kevkpl768Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.390+00:42.315PS4
341 NerdPerson14Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.507+00:42.432Steam
342 Guiguax02Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.590+00:42.515PS4
343 stig7747Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.640+00:42.565PS4
344 Darth UrfOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.707+00:42.632Steam
345 MesserjockeWPTOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.740+00:42.665PS4
346 Berti Little Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.774+00:42.699Steam
347 DoubleTime53Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.807+00:42.732Steam
348 smk5526Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.824+00:42.749Steam
349 Lazor2Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.824+00:42.749Steam
350 VuleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.874+00:42.799Steam
351 skurpy Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.957+00:42.882Steam
352 jbl4344ssfOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:47.957+00:42.882PS4
353 FRiESELmitKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.140+00:43.650Steam
354 JOROpena81Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.224+00:43.149Xbox
355 FabioRavendarkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.340+00:43.265Xbox
356 pyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.524+00:43.449Steam
357 Vin Diesel?Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.540+00:43.465Steam
358 jzdoctorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.640+00:43.565PS4
359 sepik80873Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.674+00:43.599PS4
360 Norbi7_HUNOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.674+00:43.599PS4
361 KatawungaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.740+00:43.665Steam
362 noscatOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.757+00:43.682PS4
363 Jackride08Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.840+00:43.765PS4
364 kevlarmanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.957+00:43.882Steam
365 Alf Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.957+00:43.882Steam
366 manwe24Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:48.974+00:43.899Xbox
367 jovelzad0 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.074+00:43.999Steam
368 paulnbgOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.107+00:44.320PS4
369 bmillan28Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.124+00:44.490PS4
370 ST182ROpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.190+00:44.115Xbox
371 WingOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.224+00:44.149Steam
372 FPS MexicoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.257+00:44.182Steam
373 oliv822Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.290+00:44.215PS4
374 pf41784Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.374+00:44.299PS4
375 floki30Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.457+00:44.382PS4
376 chrisloom Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.507+00:44.432Steam
377 SomebodySmokeMe Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.540+00:44.465Steam
378 goonzak68Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.540+00:44.465PS4
379 n67094Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.574+00:44.499PS4
380 ShruGgetSOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.574+00:44.499Xbox
381 marathon_80Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.590+00:44.515Steam
382 literallypoopOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.624+00:44.549Steam
383 Mr.jaccothecatOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.707+00:44.632Steam
384 borandmarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.740+00:44.665Steam
385 Alexander TarlyovskiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.740+00:44.665Steam
386 guinounoursOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.757+00:44.682PS4
387 daveglynnOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.874+00:44.799Steam
388 CarlWinslow22Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:49.907+00:44.832PS4
389 Hugo MarquesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.257+00:45.182Steam
390 Sonny_Crockett18Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.274+00:45.199PS4
391 LasivillaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.357+00:45.282PS4
392 WWWowan1968Rus59 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.407+00:45.332Steam
393 StupidFingers Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.474+00:45.399Steam
394 Matty_10_02Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.624+00:45.549PS4
395 BL4CKxM4MB4xOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.707+00:45.632Xbox
396 bob666Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.757+00:45.682Steam
397 SandocuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.774+00:45.699Steam
398 TheInsaneButcherOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.824+00:45.749PS4
399 Viper2997 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.940+00:45.865Steam
400 KimpuraOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:50.974+00:45.899Steam
401 komiki1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.040+00:45.965Steam
402 dpiel67.dpOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.057+00:45.982Steam
403 bigdino74Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.057+00:45.982Xbox
404 Dead WrongOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.074+00:45.999Steam
405 AlphanoodleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.140+00:46.650Steam
406 sylrct83Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.190+00:46.115PS4
407 Freelander1972Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.240+00:46.165PS4
408 Bl@ckSp@rkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.257+00:46.182Steam
409 >NeRVOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.274+00:46.199Steam
410 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.290+00:46.215Xbox
411 chenoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.357+00:46.282Steam
412 jetman78 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.474+00:46.399Steam
413 ford2310Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.724+00:46.649PS4
414 WyssenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.824+00:46.749Xbox
415 SpeeDManiac Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:51.974+00:46.899Steam
416 crunner117 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.007+00:46.932Steam
417 mangoto8Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.090+00:47.150Steam
418 RennenMeisterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.124+00:47.490Steam
419 Commander SquigglesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.324+00:47.249Steam
420 StaggyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.340+00:47.265Steam
421 DESOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.474+00:47.399Steam
422 3minutes 2.01a Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.490+00:47.415Steam
423 fehomeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.624+00:47.549PS4
424 bimbler1966Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.640+00:47.565Xbox
425 racer1176Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.807+00:47.732PS4
426 Thunderclap786Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.924+00:47.849PS4
427 iF11XracingOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.940+00:47.865PS4
428 SergipanaGTROpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.940+00:47.865Xbox
429 shadow_brokerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.941+00:47.866Steam
430 mlroirOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.974+00:47.899PS4
431 fundud013Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:52.974+00:47.899PS4
432 NotLessOff Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.007+00:47.932Steam
433 2kDDOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.057+00:47.982Steam
434 Gh0stF4c3Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.140+00:48.650Steam
435 MasterChiefOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.174+00:48.990Steam
436 awds1442Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.240+00:48.165PS4
437 Audi_A6_weissOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.257+00:48.182PS4
438 Kruza923Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.340+00:48.265Xbox
439 Gonlinton<><Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.457+00:48.382Steam
440 sillycapriciousOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.490+00:48.415PS4
441 Zim ZumOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.507+00:48.432Steam
442 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.540+00:48.465Xbox
443 Teophrastus333Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.807+00:48.732PS4
444 joh Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.923+00:48.848Steam
445 lonesomeorganistOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:53.973+00:48.898PS4
446 pepe pateatraseros Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.023+00:48.948Steam
447 Jean_G_RagnottiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.123+00:49.480PS4
448 elmosson Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.223+00:49.148Steam
449 IndyKTMOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.223+00:49.148PS4
450 Infidel Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.257+00:49.182Steam
451 GordomobileOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.273+00:49.198PS4
452 Dougi78Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.340+00:49.265Xbox
453 BG-Jivko87Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.373+00:49.298Steam
454 FrasseOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.423+00:49.348Steam
455 arnaudrobertOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.507+00:49.432PS4
456 z3r0911Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.540+00:49.465Xbox
457 PJVOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.757+00:49.682Steam
458 SilentOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.873+00:49.798Steam
459 TitotrucOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.873+00:49.798Steam
460 rythmswayOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.873+00:49.798Xbox
461 RobRomeoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.890+00:49.815Steam
462 kubu568484Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.923+00:49.848PS4
463 Tho-MOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.940+00:49.865PS4
464 Tobi_Tobsen_86Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:54.973+00:49.898PS4
465 Farss1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.040+00:49.965PS4
466 flexo Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.173+00:50.980Steam
467 giftedGeckoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.173+00:50.980Steam
468 Oni40 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.207+00:50.132Steam
469 tooxieOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.223+00:50.148Steam
470 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.340+00:50.265Xbox
471 Rayfloyd Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.657+00:50.582Steam
472 Lushie175Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.673+00:50.598PS4
473 md00150028Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.673+00:50.598PS4
474 YvecOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.773+00:50.698Steam
475 ?Jam™? Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.807+00:50.732Steam
476 FallbackTester7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.890+00:50.815Xbox
477 Ludwig_Der_GroBeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.940+00:50.865Steam
478 mwolfOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:55.957+00:50.882Steam
479 recon.mdlOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.073+00:50.998Steam
480 <[???]>ThrighterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.107+00:51.320Steam
481 jeffDalyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.107+00:51.320Xbox
482 FreshKiomOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.207+00:51.132PS4
483 DEMO_DAN_MANTAOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.273+00:51.198PS4
484 Adam POpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.423+00:51.348Steam
485 Psych0kwakOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.440+00:51.365Steam
486 Mr. Steve McQueenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.457+00:51.382Steam
487 scottb1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.457+00:51.382Xbox
488 babastvr6Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.507+00:51.432PS4
489 cringekid123Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.507+00:51.432Xbox
490 KuusPieOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.540+00:51.465Steam
491 WARNING *Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.607+00:51.532Steam
492 Blöd FröhseOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.673+00:51.598Steam
493 PanosChOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.773+00:51.698Steam
494 ErzenniaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.823+00:51.748Xbox
495 noprOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:56.923+00:51.848Steam
496 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.023+00:51.948Xbox
497 kalleeen Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.307+00:52.232Steam
498 baf304Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.340+00:52.265PS4
499 DoomguyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.407+00:52.332Steam
500 the_falconerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.407+00:52.332PS4
501 radim46iOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.490+00:52.415Steam
502 D69RedlineOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.657+00:52.582PS4
503 TedofonkOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.673+00:52.598Steam
504 turbo-jackOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.740+00:52.665Steam
505 spindrift Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.840+00:52.765Steam
506 OmniGamerM13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:57.840+00:52.765PS4
507 Darimasus Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.107+00:53.320Steam
508 stormysteve56 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.107+00:53.320Steam
509 NodrogOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.240+00:53.165Steam
510 MaxXxPower Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.257+00:53.182Steam
511 bibendum187Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.257+00:53.182PS4
512 KingScrewball Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.323+00:53.248Steam
513 Cammy520Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.340+00:53.265PS4
514 Evan TomokiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.357+00:53.282Steam
515 dhopOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.373+00:53.298Steam
516 BrowntrouseOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.423+00:53.348Xbox
517 Roadrunner7007Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.440+00:53.365PS4
518 Fanz_46Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.524+00:53.449Steam
519 KOMBAOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.540+00:53.465Steam
520 ShadowOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.557+00:53.482Steam
521 tomikk_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.573+00:53.498PS4
522 BaM5e Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.590+00:53.515Steam
523 martianxxnOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.607+00:53.532PS4
524 MECAILLONOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.673+00:53.598Steam
525 jim123wagnerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.690+00:53.615PS4
526 Blu3Angels_sOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.723+00:53.648PS4
527 maximerdOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.890+00:53.815PS4
528 TonyMontvnaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:58.940+00:53.865Steam
529 Day WalkerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.273+00:54.198Steam
530 KarekaoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.657+00:54.582Xbox
531 amstelgold0Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.740+00:54.665Steam
532 joguesserOpel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.757+00:54.682Steam
533 axel7389Opel Kadett GT/E 16v03:59.890+00:54.815Steam
534 blahblahblah907Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.007+00:54.932Xbox
535 volll_deppOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.023+00:54.948PS4
536 Manatee Cat Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.040+00:54.965Steam
537 VilleR82Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.073+00:54.998PS4
538 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.473+00:55.398Xbox
539 bosfranckOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.590+00:55.515PS4
540 wiketorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.640+00:55.565Steam
541 Bizounours42Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.723+00:55.648PS4
542 StroopberryOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.890+00:55.815Steam
543 HrodgarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.907+00:55.832Steam
544 dwaller1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.907+00:55.832PS4
545 TheJanx17Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.957+00:55.882Xbox
546 boguslaw82Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:00.990+00:55.915PS4
547 50kedaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.123+00:56.480Steam
548 MrWestcoast07Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.357+00:56.282PS4
549 DidjumOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.557+00:56.482Steam
550 eldritchhorrorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.740+00:56.665Oculus
551 Turbo-KratosOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.840+00:56.765PS4
552 ????Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:01.990+00:56.915Steam
553 artur197410 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.107+00:57.320Steam
554 fx0769Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.490+00:57.415PS4
555 Der_Graf_POpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.573+00:57.498PS4
556 3120Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.623+00:57.548Steam
557 KOhYa7Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.773+00:57.698PS4
558 ooKaufmanooOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.890+00:57.815PS4
559 ATL706420Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.890+00:57.815PS4
560 V9Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:02.973+00:57.898Steam
561 fabianlebombeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.206+00:58.131PS4
562 xblockx1Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.240+00:58.165Xbox
563 raphou6900000000Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.323+00:58.248PS4
564 asimepuse Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.390+00:58.315Steam
565 ShishKebabOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.556+00:58.481Steam
566 hellborgOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.573+00:58.498Steam
567 troopersingerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.623+00:58.548Steam
568 arjanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.756+00:58.681Steam
569 krawitzeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.756+00:58.681PS4
570 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.790+00:58.715Xbox
571 benoitr01 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:03.956+00:58.881Steam
572 m-brown75Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.006+00:58.931PS4
573 LieutenantNug42Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.073+00:58.998PS4
574 olive-62Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.106+00:59.310PS4
575 kirifukijackOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.140+00:59.650Steam
576 omar-cosasOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.156+00:59.810PS4
577 ecstubblebineOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.190+00:59.115Steam
578 julenpOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.306+00:59.231Steam
579 papadeuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.406+00:59.331Steam
580 88.Stefan Eriksson Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.656+00:59.581Steam
581 albertofreiremarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.673+00:59.598PS4
582 Valentino13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:04.840+00:59.765Xbox
583 AchtungsnowOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.206+1:00.131Steam
584 spong_loafOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.306+1:00.231PS4
585 Michele231969Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.306+1:00.231PS4
586 Moptop Mattuls Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.390+1:00.315Steam
587 pedrocampos09Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.423+1:00.348Steam
588 Unterwassermann Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:05.990+1:00.915Steam
589 HasugurOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.023+1:00.948Steam
590 nakazotoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.073+1:00.998Steam
591 thelikesofjaseOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.223+1:01.148Steam
592 AnderweilerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.306+1:01.231Xbox
593 GaZo\\Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.373+1:01.298Steam
594 HitmanOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.506+1:01.431Steam
595 frogg52Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:06.840+1:01.765Xbox
596 clandestin2a Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.156+1:02.810Steam
597 MihaKot13Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.206+1:02.131PS4
598 supersok89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.356+1:02.281PS4
599 X-AleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.390+1:02.315Steam
600 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.523+1:02.448Xbox
601 SimonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.573+1:02.498Steam
602 saluki970Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.656+1:02.581Xbox
603 Panas11921Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.756+1:02.681PS4
604 LeigrezOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:07.806+1:02.731PS4
605 PATRICKBELLICOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.023+1:02.948Xbox
606 hampel370Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.056+1:02.981PS4
607 veneresuPer75Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.290+1:03.215PS4
608 ECJ228Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.340+1:03.265Steam
609 GDboys2000Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.456+1:03.381PS4
610 supercharged789Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.473+1:03.398Xbox
611 That-Asian-Boi Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.523+1:03.448Steam
612 LeoMamBa38Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.540+1:03.465PS4
613 tazzyboiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:08.690+1:03.615Xbox
614 stewartcounts69Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.006+1:03.931PS4
615 peter.lutzOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.056+1:03.981Steam
616 BlizzriOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.257+1:04.182Steam
617 bsheepie Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.356+1:04.281Steam
618 tori Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.373+1:04.298Steam
619 Waidyckeness 974Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.423+1:04.348Steam
620 SpatialDragon Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.456+1:04.381Steam
621 Budze80Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.706+1:04.631Steam
622 DMcNicholasOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.773+1:04.698PS4
623 HudsonOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.956+1:04.881Steam
624 bruno.mourmandOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:09.973+1:04.898Steam
625 KicktronOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.006+1:04.931Steam
626 MakkkieOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.023+1:04.948Steam
627 jmiktuttOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.189+1:05.114Steam
628 stanchev36Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.373+1:05.298Steam
629 baltais00Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.439+1:05.364PS4
630 Lalassu XulOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.523+1:05.448Steam
631 doro.novotnyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:10.889+1:05.814Steam
632 JOSE_WRCOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.023+1:05.948PS4
633 colkat2017Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.056+1:05.981PS4
634 GTI-54Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.156+1:06.810PS4
635 Esoterix86DNBOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.256+1:06.181Xbox
636 mr_robot2017Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.323+1:06.248Steam
637 myidgoeshereOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.439+1:06.364PS4
638 PenetratorOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:11.890+1:06.815Steam
639 landstalkerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.056+1:06.981Steam
640 The RocKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.289+1:07.214Steam
641 Zobe Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.523+1:07.448Steam
642 driverrockyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.673+1:07.598PS4
643 savras1980Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.723+1:07.648PS4
644 Craentje1976Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:12.873+1:07.798PS4
645 rallyeman34Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.073+1:07.998PS4
646 chipolliniOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.073+1:07.998PS4
647 ArionOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.089+1:08.140Steam
648 EpicgoblinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.240+1:08.165Steam
649 A.BurnerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.256+1:08.181Steam
650 veebelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.257+1:08.182PS4
651 Bastler238Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.406+1:08.331PS4
652 theTruthHuRtSuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.489+1:08.414Xbox
653 siba018 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.723+1:08.648Steam
654 BluefoxOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.823+1:08.748Steam
655 RamOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:13.923+1:08.848Steam
656 jonnyu420Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.139+1:09.640PS4
657 jcikron20035Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.306+1:09.231PS4
658 podshit Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.489+1:09.414Steam
659 MAD ripuliOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.556+1:09.481Steam
660 roundnspinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:14.806+1:09.731PS4
661 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.223+1:10.148Xbox
662 Filipe Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.789+1:10.714Steam
663 Speedy25 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:15.839+1:10.764Steam
664 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.173+1:11.980Xbox
665 alowishus77Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.256+1:11.181PS4
666 omargarciaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.323+1:11.248Steam
667 kris10an94Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.373+1:11.298Xbox
668 RoadRunner XLOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.440+1:11.365Steam
669 gpo01Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:16.473+1:11.398PS4
670 vichoware Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.223+1:12.148Steam
671 NPQBOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.273+1:12.198PS4
672 cumdropinmyveinOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:17.989+1:12.914Steam
673 SaintOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.089+1:13.140Steam
674 ARO1801Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.106+1:13.310PS4
675 ivankarel304Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.156+1:13.810PS4
676 Drug DealerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.456+1:13.381Steam
677 Ferg56rus Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.472+1:13.397Steam
678 sheriff000610Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.489+1:13.414PS4
679 daddyr57Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.556+1:13.481Steam
680 EcudefreineOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.740+1:13.665Xbox
681 Shermos Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.756+1:13.681Steam
682 DesertAwayOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.806+1:13.731Steam
683 masterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.839+1:13.764Steam
684 www.cloudhopperOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.889+1:13.814Steam
685 soulsurferfrank Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.956+1:13.881Steam
686 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:18.956+1:13.881Xbox
687 Megapihar_86Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.006+1:13.931PS4
688 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.189+1:14.114Xbox
689 liontroyesOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.306+1:14.231Steam
690 Shi-Woon YIOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:19.872+1:14.797Steam
691 roma327Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.439+1:15.364PS4
692 Reini Graf von SpeedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:20.506+1:15.431Steam
693 SlaiyferDK Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.089+1:16.140Steam
694 JeremyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.272+1:16.197Steam
695 roccolouOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.456+1:16.381PS4
696 BallthazzarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:21.456+1:16.381PS4
697 bubba61Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.006+1:16.931Xbox
698 HruodlandusOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.023+1:16.948Xbox
699 tc0016 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:22.706+1:17.631Steam
700 PostmaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.306+1:18.231Steam
701 giotis39Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.572+1:18.497PS4
702 Billys1996Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.590+1:18.515PS4
703 SSOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.839+1:18.764Steam
704 adeywOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:23.889+1:18.814PS4
705 [IMA] VenomOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.023+1:18.948Steam
706 Onegear75Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.056+1:18.981Steam
707 WuZaiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.322+1:19.247Steam
708 tikarnedaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:24.506+1:19.431PS4
709 "Zeus x27 | Bape"Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.389+1:20.314Steam
710 calystoweOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:25.872+1:20.797PS4
711 Anti-Hero Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.056+1:20.981Steam
712 GolgrenOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.306+1:21.231Steam
713 redboll25Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:26.406+1:21.331PS4
714 LuckyDL66Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.439+1:22.364PS4
715 Jaqb01 Key-Drop.plOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.489+1:22.414Steam
716 A321neoACFOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:27.705+1:22.630PS4
717 ignasgrabauskas46Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.022+1:22.947Steam
718 ThrironOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.722+1:23.647Steam
719 havannaclbOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:28.855+1:23.780Steam
720 Fleky_freesoulOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.039+1:23.964PS4
721 ?????Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:29.506+1:24.431Steam
722 SpeedingRedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.089+1:25.140Xbox
723 ?ALeXeY?Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.439+1:25.364Steam
724 Steff255Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:30.556+1:25.481PS4
725 osukaru^-^Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.355+1:27.280Steam
726 paketete_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.522+1:27.447PS4
727 Bucko3699Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:32.572+1:27.497PS4
728 adambomb131385Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.255+1:28.180Xbox
729 tiouxeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.522+1:28.447Xbox
730 BaBLOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.739+1:28.664Steam
731 NorfarOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:33.955+1:28.880PS4
732 cvenderOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.472+1:29.397Steam
733 MrDoed Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.489+1:29.414Steam
734 hospyt1989Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.622+1:29.547PS4
735 Ivan.29rusOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.689+1:29.614Steam
736 Waltergroen93Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:34.956+1:29.881PS4
737 elzizleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.656+1:30.581PS4
738 jonnysonnyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.856+1:30.781Steam
739 GelatinousGlobOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:35.889+1:30.814Steam
740 MotherboardOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:36.505+1:31.430Steam
741 Crooked ManOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:37.656+1:32.581Steam
742 RallyemaikOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.055+1:32.980Steam
743 nicolai.sleegersOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.105+1:33.300Steam
744 Mizantrop_ae86Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:38.338+1:33.263PS4
745 TK_T1G3ROpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.105+1:34.300PS4
746 T.RushOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.723+1:34.648Steam
747 Steven5161_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:39.939+1:34.864PS4
748 dKay-StoneOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.155+1:35.800PS4
749 GreatFrienderOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:40.456+1:35.381PS4
750 Der SchreinerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:42.455+1:37.380Steam
751 carpebasterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:43.072+1:37.997Xbox
752 manolo_102Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:45.588+1:40.513PS4
753 sbREVOlution5Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.238+1:41.163Steam
754 KrakKillaKamOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.371+1:41.296PS4
755 _AlaskA_Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:46.955+1:41.880Steam
756 SalmiakOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.290+1:42.215Steam
757 WRC-ELCHOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:47.388+1:42.313PS4
758 numinos.xOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:48.855+1:43.780Steam
759 rene32768Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:50.355+1:45.280PS4
760 DudebroOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:50.655+1:45.580Steam
761 tommyboi75Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:52.355+1:47.280Xbox
762 hsynsynOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:52.521+1:47.446PS4
763 Nikon11Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:54.804+1:49.729Steam
764 LlamaKid21Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:55.238+1:50.163PS4
765 rLyOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:55.304+1:50.229Steam
766 kzyb Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:56.738+1:51.663Steam
767 chris21halOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:56.988+1:51.913Steam
768 primo-1982Opel Kadett GT/E 16v04:58.404+1:53.329Steam
769 C9 SANIC THE HEGEHOGOpel Kadett GT/E 16v04:59.689+1:54.614Steam
770 isabelijosepOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:02.139+1:57.640PS4
771 michi.reimannOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:05.571+2:00.496Steam
772 diegorivas232Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:06.838+2:01.763PS4
773 inacioMLJIOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:09.654+2:04.579PS4
774 laurachel123Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:11.454+2:06.379PS4
775 manuelflrOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:16.837+2:11.762Steam
776 shphhdOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:17.905+2:12.830Steam
777 ludditeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:19.770+2:14.695Steam
778 ktemiOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:25.437+2:20.362Steam
779 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:28.186+2:23.111Xbox
780 Gaz045Opel Kadett GT/E 16v05:36.186+2:31.111PS4
781 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:40.872+2:35.797Xbox
782 gulin.a.eOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:41.503+2:36.428Steam
783 PGallsOpel Kadett GT/E 16v05:58.286+2:53.211Steam
784 nair-janaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v06:29.417+3:24.342PS4
785 Raven_DM Opel Kadett GT/E 16v07:30.935+4:25.860Steam
786 nakkikaketsuOpel Kadett GT/E 16v10:27.043+7:21.968PS4
787 XXralleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
788 SebastianoOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
789 marian.fmOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
790 SOUND PROJECTOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
791 eviltaco12 Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
792 yannick.caliseOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
793 Simply AnnaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
794 GrungePower Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
795 KrolkeOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
796 [-XV-].AngeOliveur. Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
797 OekofighterOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
798 nikkeguruOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
799 Miika#FRITOSPORT Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
800 tioNiKING*Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
801 FujiwaraOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
802 apple crumbleOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
803 xg8459Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
804 Aggressive Pizza (gambit)Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
805 [A2S]AddictOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
806 Reigo Nela Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
807 s1mmelOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
808 1TankerOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
809 crazymotors Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
810 villainalertOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
811 Yakov_89Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
812 Cromey Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
813 Grim Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
814 MDKOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Steam
815 frutiswrcOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
816 malcom330Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
817 markrenton85Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
818 panzerkiller613Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
819 brontozabrOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
820 bullrazaOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
821 gumussoyserhatOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
822 darrenmarkillOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
823 Aleksi_1995Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
824 turbohase_80Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
825 Nooga_4Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
826 iPEz56Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
827 kobeleeb148Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925PS4
828 charly12Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Xbox
829 wilbur10154Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Xbox
830 Not linkedOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Xbox
831 kevingough36Opel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Xbox
832 superdugOpel Kadett GT/E 16v15:00.000+11:54.925Xbox