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The Owners' Club, 2018-09-03
867 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Finland] Iso Oksjärvi (S) (Midday, Sunny)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 naglerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.875+00:00.000Steam
2 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:09.875+00:00.000Xbox
3 Tyoung972Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:11.592+00:01.717PS4
4 NobleAssaSSinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:11.892+00:02.170Steam
5 rumcajsz99Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:12.592+00:02.717Steam
6 hakonensamiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:12.658+00:02.783Steam
7 Isle of Barra Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:13.642+00:03.767Steam
8 Rally_DriverFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.192+00:04.317Steam
9 w76995Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.475+00:04.600PS4
10 mhk2308Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:14.842+00:04.967PS4
11 LambiainenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:14.975+00:05.100PS4
12 Qwertster Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:15.242+00:05.367Steam
13 ysikariFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.575+00:05.700PS4
14 tero kartmanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:15.775+00:05.900Steam
15 kumikapulaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.342+00:06.467PS4
16 CortFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.725+00:06.850Steam
17 [JfP] batatas_fritasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:16.792+00:06.917Steam
18 rutkula84 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.108+00:07.233Steam
19 andrewschmidt812Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.242+00:07.367PS4
20 Darkstar Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.325+00:07.450Steam
21 JCarelianFord Fiesta RS Rally03:17.442+00:07.567PS4
22 tinke76 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.475+00:07.600Steam
23 kudasoffff Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:17.842+00:07.967Steam
24 Je55eJame5 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:18.092+00:08.217Steam
25 oskisadeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.142+00:08.267PS4
26 psych13aFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.242+00:08.367PS4
27 EpilepticToastFord Fiesta RS Rally03:18.942+00:09.670Xbox
28 Staatl.geprüfter GewürzprüferFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.342+00:09.467Steam
29 TemesuninenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.592+00:09.717PS4
30 Soulr3av3r Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.608+00:09.733Steam
31 Viktorwestman15Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.642+00:09.767PS4
32 Lind27Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:19.658+00:09.783Steam
33 zzabtigerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.675+00:09.800Steam
34 mtvhaukijarviFord Fiesta RS Rally03:19.842+00:09.967Steam
35 panzpohadkyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.058+00:10.183PS4
36 Fernando MeirelesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.091+00:10.216Steam
37 artos55 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.241+00:10.366Steam
38 PestakMan974Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:20.408+00:10.533PS4
39 PPNSPORTFord Fiesta RS Rally03:20.958+00:11.830PS4
40 tominick-06Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.041+00:11.166PS4
41 travellog07Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.208+00:11.333Steam
42 Da_vi_D-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.408+00:11.533PS4
43 OlexFord Fiesta RS Rally03:21.575+00:11.700Xbox
44 Filous548Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.758+00:11.883PS4
45 Marek1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.775+00:11.900Steam
46 KassBot Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.775+00:11.900Steam
47 wjvds Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.808+00:11.933Steam
48 jvFord Fiesta RS Rally03:21.808+00:11.933Steam
49 roman.maranelo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:21.958+00:12.830Steam
50 LilTibb?Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.191+00:12.316Steam
51 KoAStR Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.225+00:12.350Steam
52 jad02f1990Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.225+00:12.350PS4
53 BsanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.441+00:12.566Steam
54 turboglenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.441+00:12.566PS4
55 Ferranis Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.591+00:12.716Steam
56 AkaMirteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.591+00:12.716PS4
57 Mika-T420Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.725+00:12.850PS4
58 unitakoraFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.825+00:12.950PS4
59 perbjornsonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:22.891+00:13.160PS4
60 hameen1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:22.941+00:13.660PS4
61 urissFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.041+00:13.166Steam
62 ManDePatFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.141+00:13.266Steam
63 BeggarSifonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.241+00:13.366Steam
64 ??????1?Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:23.641+00:13.766Steam
65 JIMBOBWELKFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.691+00:13.816Xbox
66 KentKetchumFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.875+00:14.000PS4
67 Kinkomaan QassimiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:23.975+00:14.100Steam
68 xCroco52 [FR] Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.058+00:14.183Steam
69 Sar-RaikK Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.341+00:14.466Steam
70 martinbeolFord Fiesta RS Rally03:24.508+00:14.633Steam
71 zh3000Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.858+00:14.983Steam
72 Spokster Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.941+00:15.660Steam
73 KenFromTheBlock Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:24.975+00:15.100Steam
74 Jean-Valjean-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.308+00:15.433PS4
75 hilapffFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.408+00:15.533PS4
76 CharComuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.675+00:15.800Steam
77 jonnis13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.891+00:16.160Xbox
78 Daniel JohanssonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:25.958+00:16.830Steam
79 jmchev1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:25.958+00:16.830Steam
80 pete Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.675+00:16.800Steam
81 OvalRacerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:26.675+00:16.800PS4
82 Oleorm66Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.841+00:16.966PS4
83 Beefeater63Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:26.958+00:17.830PS4
84 Mulder Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.008+00:17.133Steam
85 GupsterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.425+00:17.550Steam
86 bella25398Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.458+00:17.583PS4
87 X-boy970Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.475+00:17.600PS4
88 laurent87Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.558+00:17.683Xbox
89 konnavekeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:27.641+00:17.766Steam
90 cjlloyd Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:27.641+00:17.766Steam
91 pudgurskyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.025+00:18.150Steam
92 DarkSandmaNFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.058+00:18.183Steam
93 AnacondaRangerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.075+00:18.200Steam
94 mikkemihaalovFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.125+00:18.250PS4
95 opassacFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.141+00:18.266PS4
96 KlicKen #Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.225+00:18.350Steam
97 mjkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.408+00:18.533Steam
98 MasaI2591Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.524+00:18.649Steam
99 AgentSmith19Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.758+00:18.883PS4
100 MentoSFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.791+00:18.916Steam
101 san hamigoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.858+00:18.983Steam
102 kristof_baestaensFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.874+00:18.999Steam
103 Dosaaf VbgFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.891+00:19.160Steam
104 JMV_79Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:28.891+00:19.160Steam
105 tugadorevrFord Fiesta RS Rally03:28.941+00:19.660Steam
106 J-AnubisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.041+00:19.166PS4
107 Rene #NoControl Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.208+00:19.333Steam
108 m_n_090Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.241+00:19.366PS4
109 ari.salokivi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.308+00:19.433Steam
110 Jonog53Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.374+00:19.499PS4
111 MuscleDevilFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.408+00:19.533PS4
112 Urmas ArmasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.458+00:19.583Steam
113 pierrotdu13 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.574+00:19.699Steam
114 trekbiker70Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:29.724+00:19.849PS4
115 Psych0kwakFord Fiesta RS Rally03:29.841+00:19.966Steam
116 BuntaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.108+00:20.233Steam
117 Al_QasmyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.158+00:20.283PS4
118 anjuna65Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.158+00:20.283PS4
119 oldmandriverFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.174+00:20.299Steam
120 ChaikaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.191+00:20.316Steam
121 jindra247 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.591+00:20.716Steam
122 oldethumperFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.641+00:20.766Steam
123 doublelou Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:30.674+00:20.799Steam
124 cristiancelcretFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.741+00:20.866Xbox
125 TazkaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.841+00:20.966Steam
126 Ricky BobbyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:30.924+00:21.490Steam
127 e2d06 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.024+00:21.149Steam
128 VuidaaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.074+00:21.199Steam
129 Lord_of_LemraFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.141+00:21.266Steam
130 kero2003Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.141+00:21.266PS4
131 Tommy Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.174+00:21.299Steam
132 shamblam1974Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.524+00:21.649PS4
133 L'étrille22 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.658+00:21.783Steam
134 dontcut119 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:31.741+00:21.866Steam
135 wahlenerplatteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.741+00:21.866PS4
136 cratercamperFord Fiesta RS Rally03:31.858+00:21.983Steam
137 Frantte Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.025+00:22.150Steam
138 CrinollaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.041+00:22.166PS4
139 PortablePortal Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.058+00:22.183Steam
140 WaluigithewalrusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.141+00:22.266Steam
141 jacek_d67Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.141+00:22.266Steam
142 Ladakl Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.158+00:22.283Steam
143 quiette Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.191+00:22.316Steam
144 hebe555Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.191+00:22.316PS4
145 Niskymen Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.241+00:22.366Steam
146 tdarrie-TeamTamFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.241+00:22.366PS4
147 KosoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.274+00:22.399Steam
148 FoxrampeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.291+00:22.416PS4
149 gabmanu--Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.374+00:22.499PS4
150 thertherleclodoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.408+00:22.533PS4
151 tailormade1965Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.524+00:22.649PS4
152 svinballFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.541+00:22.666Xbox
153 Athlex Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.574+00:22.699Steam
154 TAUPIN Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.608+00:22.733Steam
155 thorsten.pietryga Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.624+00:22.749Steam
156 piccouFord Fiesta RS Rally03:32.641+00:22.766PS4
157 Morbusj2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.758+00:22.883Steam
158 Solenius Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.791+00:22.916Steam
159 noughtname-YUKI_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.808+00:22.933PS4
160 daizyli86Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:32.858+00:22.983PS4
161 hyvariiin99Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.024+00:23.149PS4
162 LUKEY1993Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.041+00:23.166PS4
163 MoistPuff13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.041+00:23.166Xbox
164 Audi_A6_weissFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.124+00:23.249PS4
165 JohannessenNORFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.174+00:23.299PS4
166 KzoolFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.208+00:23.333Steam
167 Raffi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.324+00:23.449Steam
168 Cold_CarbonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.391+00:23.516PS4
169 ramu122Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.391+00:23.516PS4
170 jak2755 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.724+00:23.849Steam
171 raipe478Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.791+00:23.916PS4
172 markrenton85Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.791+00:23.916PS4
173 IedeIFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.808+00:23.933Steam
174 Go Home YankeesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:33.858+00:23.983Steam
175 brainchovy Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.908+00:24.330Steam
176 Ralf_mol Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.974+00:24.990Steam
177 kalleeen Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:33.991+00:24.116Steam
178 HrodgarFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.191+00:24.316Steam
179 coccotynkkyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.224+00:24.349PS4
180 Marlec Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.258+00:24.383Steam
181 kevlarmanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.308+00:24.433Steam
182 Nexus Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.424+00:24.549Steam
183 iF11XracingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.424+00:24.549PS4
184 enaj75Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.458+00:24.583PS4
185 KørelærerenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.491+00:24.616Steam
186 ( ?° ?? ?°) Barnacle BoyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.558+00:24.683Steam
187 evilCanadian Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.574+00:24.699Steam
188 Femax75Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.641+00:24.766PS4
189 TheMotorz Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:34.658+00:24.783Steam
190 A.BurnerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.658+00:24.783Steam
191 El BakherFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.874+00:24.999Steam
192 CretanKnifeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:34.891+00:25.160Steam
193 musicman74 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.008+00:25.133Steam
194 Joe-RagnottiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.008+00:25.133PS4
195 stix88stixFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.058+00:25.183PS4
196 Farkdark Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.091+00:25.216Steam
197 Psycko84170Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.158+00:25.283PS4
198 ChalouGrr_05_Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.358+00:25.483PS4
199 jribescFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.491+00:25.616Steam
200 hansokumakeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.708+00:25.833PS4
201 Ciccio e Tatino Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.724+00:25.849Steam
202 leobarthFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.758+00:25.883Xbox
203 daniMCcrash89Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:35.774+00:25.899PS4
204 SzacsibácsiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.891+00:26.160Steam
205 schabrackesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:35.924+00:26.490Steam
206 slim one Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.141+00:26.266Steam
207 trex Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.208+00:26.333Steam
208 josemmb1971Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.258+00:26.383PS4
209 kojeto Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.324+00:26.449Steam
210 info Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.358+00:26.483Steam
211 asffc Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.391+00:26.516Steam
212 dr.frexx Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.474+00:26.599Steam
213 DaniFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.491+00:26.616Steam
214 RC-FloOmFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.608+00:26.733PS4
215 chodnik Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.624+00:26.749Steam
216 filgesfilgesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.791+00:26.916PS4
217 Catch Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.857+00:26.982Steam
218 Pepich ZoltanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:36.891+00:27.160Steam
219 mage-oh Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:36.957+00:27.820Steam
220 RileySkyKodaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.074+00:27.199PS4
221 KANAKEBAB Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.407+00:27.532Steam
222 GTD-Ninja306Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.424+00:27.549PS4
223 pitthekid44 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.674+00:27.799Steam
224 WeMe Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.757+00:27.882Steam
225 TLRCYBORGFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.874+00:27.999Xbox
226 S_V_A_I_K_A_72Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.891+00:28.160PS4
227 pekka.virkamaki Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:37.924+00:28.490Steam
228 xwartFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.941+00:28.660Steam
229 TirwynFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.941+00:28.660Xbox
230 HillomaisteriFord Fiesta RS Rally03:37.957+00:28.820Xbox
231 PAU-T-CFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.107+00:28.232PS4
232 mrksprvnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.141+00:28.266Steam
233 milka35Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.241+00:28.366Steam
234 öäFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.257+00:28.382Steam
235 JONAITIS Jonis Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.274+00:28.399Steam
236 szabop Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.307+00:28.432Steam
237 dik12345Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.341+00:28.466PS4
238 tora_sanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.474+00:28.599Steam
239 Freuden Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.474+00:28.599Steam
240 schumi00 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.491+00:28.616Steam
241 Like-a-bird555Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.524+00:28.649PS4
242 Stepan StepanowitchFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.641+00:28.766Steam
243 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:38.741+00:28.866Xbox
244 hide0040Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.757+00:28.882Steam
245 yax51Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.807+00:28.932Xbox
246 UndokedLoki718Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.857+00:28.982Xbox
247 KACPER983PL Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:38.991+00:29.116Steam
248 SemistrunFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.007+00:29.132Steam
249 schoumi57490 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.024+00:29.149Steam
250 Eh_CodesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.041+00:29.166Steam
251 titietste Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.041+00:29.166Steam
252 Haggis22Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.091+00:29.216Steam
253 P3TR|Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.374+00:29.499Steam
254 denim Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.391+00:29.516Steam
255 Drinkn and RacingFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.407+00:29.532Steam
256 kablouserFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.474+00:29.599Steam
257 iggywicksFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.507+00:29.632Xbox
258 RZA Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.524+00:29.649Steam
259 Nathaniel Tragic Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.541+00:29.666Steam
260 Krazs Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.541+00:29.666Steam
261 WWWowan1968Rus59 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.557+00:29.682Steam
262 jetman78 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.607+00:29.732Steam
263 dxb51111Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.607+00:29.732PS4
264 QBwon Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.624+00:29.749Steam
265 rudypessottoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.641+00:29.766Steam
266 VilleR82Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.691+00:29.816PS4
267 samueldinizcFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.691+00:29.816PS4
268 fili62Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.741+00:29.866Steam
269 Roundy Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.791+00:29.916Steam
270 risukimppuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:39.791+00:29.916PS4
271 vajbTV @ Twitch Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.807+00:29.932Steam
272 Sphynxaria Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:39.941+00:30.660Steam
273 Thrill_Of_SpeedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.024+00:30.149PS4
274 ColinMacRaeFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.024+00:30.149Xbox
275 Jumppe97Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.041+00:30.166PS4
276 BahurinIAFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.091+00:30.216PS4
277 Kallio97Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.241+00:30.366Xbox
278 KoffeinkistaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.357+00:30.482Steam
279 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.607+00:30.732Xbox
280 h5t5r43ewwder456Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.641+00:30.766PS4
281 RamFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.657+00:30.782Steam
282 NIcksterFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.674+00:30.799Steam
283 Bubi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.774+00:30.899Steam
284 garimonkichi575Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.774+00:30.899PS4
285 Paulo Mota Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.807+00:30.932Steam
286 ontheroadFord Fiesta RS Rally03:40.857+00:30.982PS4
287 Platoon Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.874+00:30.999Steam
288 YamahaJim525Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.891+00:31.160Xbox
289 Soper11 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:40.924+00:31.490Steam
290 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.091+00:31.216Xbox
291 GZeus56Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.107+00:31.232PS4
292 FlyskyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.141+00:31.266Steam
293 meskalitoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.157+00:31.282Steam
294 SnailhauserFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.341+00:31.466Xbox
295 Bilyalov_iFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.407+00:31.532Steam
296 locke996Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.441+00:31.566PS4
297 secmoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.491+00:31.616Steam
298 _stickykitty_ Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.507+00:31.632Steam
299 SmilikFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.657+00:31.782Steam
300 Katsuobusi24Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.741+00:31.866Steam
301 Raidman70Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.757+00:31.882PS4
302 StupidFingers Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.807+00:31.932Steam
303 Alex Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.857+00:31.982Steam
304 ?Jam™? Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:41.907+00:32.320Steam
305 HybourneFord Fiesta RS Rally03:41.924+00:32.490Steam
306 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.024+00:32.149Xbox
307 KnucklesNorwoodFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.041+00:32.166Xbox
308 GT3Mark2 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.074+00:32.199Steam
309 Beretta PRKLFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.157+00:32.282Steam
310 leepy43Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.274+00:32.399PS4
311 K1I9N7G7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.391+00:32.516PS4
312 Masterbrain1 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.524+00:32.649Steam
313 AcidFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.541+00:32.666Steam
314 Stanley.33-443Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.591+00:32.716Steam
315 HazardousMike13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.624+00:32.749Xbox
316 WRC-ELCHFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.674+00:32.799PS4
317 paulmari Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.707+00:32.832Steam
318 StMorrayFord Fiesta RS Rally03:42.741+00:32.866Xbox
319 KiteFuchs Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.791+00:32.916Steam
320 maks mclarens Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.857+00:32.982Steam
321 jere_548Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.857+00:32.982PS4
322 LohaTronsRS Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:42.957+00:33.820Steam
323 AdamosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.057+00:33.182Steam
324 [T.F]Raptor974 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.074+00:33.199Steam
325 twitch70Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.424+00:33.549Xbox
326 dannyrascal7Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.474+00:33.599PS4
327 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.507+00:33.632Xbox
328 Brian OceanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:43.541+00:33.666Steam
329 Gavman90Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.624+00:33.749Xbox
330 BajanDreadhead Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.657+00:33.782Steam
331 mitchonetwo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.824+00:33.949Steam
332 JOROpena81Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.841+00:33.966Xbox
333 MC WRT Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:43.974+00:34.990Steam
334 versys73Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.024+00:34.149PS4
335 miguit Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.057+00:34.182Steam
336 gunslinger3 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.057+00:34.182Steam
337 BradColeman22Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.141+00:34.266Xbox
338 keeper96Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.157+00:34.282Steam
339 Vader_719N7 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.257+00:34.382Steam
340 jari220970Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.274+00:34.399PS4
341 Gandalfita1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.307+00:34.432PS4
342 Giggs-030-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.324+00:34.449PS4
343 M4xP0w3R_91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.441+00:34.566Steam
344 saxerr Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.491+00:34.616Steam
345 HarleyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.491+00:34.616Steam
346 leRCTtoulonnaisFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.507+00:34.632PS4
347 LightningSportFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.524+00:34.649PS4
348 ????Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.624+00:34.749Steam
349 EVL26TFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.641+00:34.766PS4
350 Jo-Mtb Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:44.674+00:34.799Steam
351 amodasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.707+00:34.832Steam
352 gyrtenudreFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.791+00:34.916PS4
353 KillianTFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.808+00:34.933Xbox
354 joogieFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.841+00:34.966Steam
355 WesternBOWLFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.891+00:35.160Steam
356 MauTGFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.941+00:35.660Xbox
357 DaddamoriFord Fiesta RS Rally03:44.974+00:35.990Steam
358 RontvedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.024+00:35.149PS4
359 Mimatsu_kFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.040+00:35.165PS4
360 s.boykinyaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.107+00:35.232Steam
361 MOTORistFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.290+00:35.415Steam
362 sylrct83Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.307+00:35.432PS4
363 Mohican4844Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.307+00:35.432PS4
364 vinzdu91Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.324+00:35.449Xbox
365 freshmastaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.524+00:35.649PS4
366 rafsonnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.540+00:35.665PS4
367 siggelkow_jensFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.557+00:35.682Steam
368 crowepc Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:45.574+00:35.699Steam
369 AMSAYFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.674+00:35.799Steam
370 ElDartadorFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.774+00:35.899Xbox
371 kaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:45.990+00:36.115Steam
372 Flens07 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.007+00:36.132Steam
373 h.klappauf Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.007+00:36.132Steam
374 Snowma01.13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.057+00:36.182Steam
375 JVsnellmanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.158+00:36.283PS4
376 vasko-vidinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.174+00:36.299PS4
377 anissadelusanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.257+00:36.382PS4
378 holophyteFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.440+00:36.565Steam
379 AlphanoodleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.457+00:36.582Steam
380 sloal3nFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.490+00:36.615PS4
381 Motörhead 2112Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.507+00:36.632Steam
382 B4SS992Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.524+00:36.649PS4
383 Uncle Darius Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.574+00:36.699Steam
384 Eres2419Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.590+00:36.715PS4
385 Thrillhouse Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.607+00:36.732Steam
386 jlouispnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.624+00:36.749Steam
387 drYnduSFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.624+00:36.749Steam
388 GetuntFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.674+00:36.799Xbox
389 pinaldo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.774+00:36.899Steam
390 Alex_0992Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:46.790+00:36.915Steam
391 dachaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:46.940+00:37.650Steam
392 hrts84 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.007+00:37.132Steam
393 DZNZ #RIPBrawlhallaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.024+00:37.149Steam
394 Michael.Nielsen Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.107+00:37.232Steam
395 Camisard Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.240+00:37.365Steam
396 Viper2997 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.290+00:37.415Steam
397 PereCat Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.407+00:37.532Steam
398 JohnMcLainFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.407+00:37.532Steam
399 A.Ascari Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.590+00:37.715Steam
400 rybäFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.658+00:37.783Steam
401 aivarinis_jFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.674+00:37.799PS4
402 Jgz0401Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.690+00:37.815PS4
403 komiki1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.724+00:37.849Steam
404 flASHassFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.724+00:37.849PS4
405 HubertussFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.740+00:37.865Steam
406 tweek Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.757+00:37.882Steam
407 albesFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.774+00:37.899Steam
408 Prana61 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.840+00:37.965Steam
409 tomzoffFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.890+00:38.150Steam
410 Mr. Steve McQueenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.890+00:38.150Steam
411 tori Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.907+00:38.320Steam
412 malloyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.924+00:38.490Steam
413 Destroyer40kFord Fiesta RS Rally03:47.974+00:38.990Steam
414 ECJ228Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:47.990+00:38.115Steam
415 flexo Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.024+00:38.149Steam
416 EduardolirioFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.024+00:38.149PS4
417 Pol_toX Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.057+00:38.182Steam
418 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.107+00:38.232Xbox
419 JweigFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.124+00:38.249Steam
420 AnontatFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.157+00:38.282Steam
421 FariFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.240+00:38.365Steam
422 xxcelica82xxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.540+00:38.665Xbox
423 Crash_MaRTixx Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.590+00:38.715Steam
424 Sergey_ShtrixFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.590+00:38.715Steam
425 Cromey Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.707+00:38.832Steam
426 dyampolskijFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.807+00:38.932Steam
427 GoldDEtiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.924+00:39.490Steam
428 romangardenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:48.940+00:39.650PS4
429 KoreX Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.957+00:39.820Steam
430 spitom19Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:48.974+00:39.990Steam
431 Kruza923Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.024+00:39.149Xbox
432 Vemppu_lutkuFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.374+00:39.499PS4
433 Demonic Warboss Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.424+00:39.549Steam
434 -Urj4-Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.474+00:39.599Steam
435 brolleFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.490+00:39.615Xbox
436 Gti333???? Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.524+00:39.649Steam
437 Ziemniak ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.557+00:39.682Steam
438 Xylo-keinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.574+00:39.699PS4
439 flav6363Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.591+00:39.716PS4
440 sada_k2Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.607+00:39.732PS4
441 moquette5Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.640+00:39.765Xbox
442 IceMayn Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.657+00:39.782Steam
443 The Best Games Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.690+00:39.815Steam
444 zdresslaer Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.691+00:39.816Steam
445 Blue TritonFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.757+00:39.882Steam
446 feuer033stuhlFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.940+00:40.650PS4
447 Roadrunner7007Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:49.940+00:40.650PS4
448 Xx_d-jay07_xXFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.974+00:40.990PS4
449 krmobilFord Fiesta RS Rally03:49.990+00:40.115Xbox
450 kikebolivarFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.007+00:40.132PS4
451 **BuFFaLo133**Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.024+00:40.149Steam
452 BN9NE Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.040+00:40.165Steam
453 rallyeman34Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.190+00:40.315PS4
454 misanthor Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.240+00:40.365Steam
455 huifeidedongxi Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.390+00:40.515Steam
456 stoveluckFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.440+00:40.565PS4
457 SINISTER_PLFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.640+00:40.765PS4
458 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.690+00:40.815Xbox
459 SGT_alex115Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.757+00:40.882PS4
460 TR4GIC82Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:50.757+00:40.882Xbox
461 scottbeamandFord Fiesta RS Rally03:50.857+00:40.982Xbox
462 daveglynnFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.074+00:41.199Steam
463 voloha-evd Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.190+00:41.315Steam
464 lillglutasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.190+00:41.315PS4
465 corzendonkFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.257+00:41.382Steam
466 xX-Espi-XxFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.274+00:41.399PS4
467 rbwernbergFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.357+00:41.482Steam
468 labatmobileFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.424+00:41.549PS4
469 Makkarapoika00Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.440+00:41.565Steam
470 JuanmarutyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.457+00:41.582PS4
471 reggahFord Fiesta RS Rally03:51.907+00:42.320Xbox
472 ALAIN-VAL-06Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:51.924+00:42.490PS4
473 Colin Awesome Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.007+00:42.132Steam
474 R0cc0Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.007+00:42.132Steam
475 enrique11del11Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.024+00:42.149PS4
476 Ben Daniel CuvieFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.057+00:42.182Steam
477 papatosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.174+00:42.299PS4
478 psipsinosFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.274+00:42.399PS4
479 philipp-petri Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.391+00:42.516Steam
480 perry123Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.490+00:42.615Steam
481 MarcelieFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.657+00:42.782Steam
482 dom61zavaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:52.674+00:42.799PS4
483 elexe0n Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.691+00:42.816Steam
484 arkan031 ?Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:52.824+00:42.949Steam
485 jeremy_aude79Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.074+00:43.199PS4
486 ÐeadlockFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.090+00:43.215Steam
487 Joker Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.090+00:43.215Steam
488 SpeeDManiac Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.307+00:43.432Steam
489 GACHI MUCHI SQUADFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.307+00:43.432Steam
490 Toikkari_37Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.391+00:43.516PS4
491 gigantebuonoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.440+00:43.565Xbox
492 Tomjac06Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.473+00:43.598Xbox
493 Kolt4D5 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.507+00:43.632Steam
494 Toru Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.557+00:43.682Steam
495 marathon_80Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.607+00:43.732Steam
496 BeemerbabyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.773+00:43.898PS4
497 3a?Pa3??pFord Fiesta RS Rally03:53.857+00:43.982Steam
498 persikan108Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:53.957+00:44.820Xbox
499 Thibaut.74Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.090+00:44.215Steam
500 tselistas1Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.107+00:44.232Steam
501 EnDoh420 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.223+00:44.348Steam
502 Mr. TolasFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.257+00:44.382Steam
503 ell_j_eff77Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.257+00:44.382PS4
504 hrung Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.557+00:44.682Steam
505 Gaffa1959Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.573+00:44.698PS4
506 Ain Ojazza Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.607+00:44.732Steam
507 Alf Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.657+00:44.782Steam
508 ZoretmloufFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.657+00:44.782PS4
509 racer1176Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:54.757+00:44.882PS4
510 AngelJIOFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.773+00:44.898PS4
511 PavelFord Fiesta RS Rally03:54.873+00:44.998Steam
512 GhostFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.023+00:45.148Steam
513 LieutenantNug42Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.090+00:45.215PS4
514 thierry45200Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.290+00:45.415PS4
515 archi840801Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.307+00:45.432PS4
516 ShuppatsuShinkoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.373+00:45.498Xbox
517 Sonny_Crockett18Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.640+00:45.765PS4
518 ooKaufmanooFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.690+00:45.815PS4
519 kalotainorbertFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.690+00:45.815PS4
520 LeftehFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.757+00:45.882Steam
521 siima24Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:55.823+00:45.948PS4
522 veebelFord Fiesta RS Rally03:55.890+00:46.150PS4
523 Lehtiz_FINFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.023+00:46.148Steam
524 ???Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.057+00:46.182Steam
525 DidjumFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.157+00:46.282Steam
526 arnaudrobertFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.157+00:46.282PS4
527 JOSE_WRCFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.223+00:46.348PS4
528 tihon235Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.240+00:46.365PS4
529 apedrosmsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.323+00:46.448Steam
530 Ravvan Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.374+00:46.499Steam
531 300 Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.390+00:46.515Steam
532 gillouasse42Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.507+00:46.632PS4
533 zspapa13Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.623+00:46.748PS4
534 TheInsaneButcherFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.640+00:46.765PS4
535 choubon27Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.657+00:46.782Steam
536 MiyinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.790+00:46.915Steam
537 kieken999Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.790+00:46.915Xbox
538 isabelijosepFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.823+00:46.948PS4
539 deadbeefFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.873+00:46.998Steam
540 pfred66o511Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.874+00:46.999PS4
541 NorseMate Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:56.890+00:47.150Steam
542 de_SantaCruzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.907+00:47.320PS4
543 SngsoFord Fiesta RS Rally03:56.973+00:47.980Steam
544 guinounoursFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.023+00:47.148PS4
545 DirtbrownFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.057+00:47.182Xbox
546 MkbeweFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.073+00:47.198Steam
547 Billy RacerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.107+00:47.232Steam
548 Argon_35Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.423+00:47.548PS4
549 EAGameR [COL]Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.473+00:47.598Steam
550 PJVFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.473+00:47.598Steam
551 SRT27Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.490+00:47.615Steam
552 Freelander1972Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.573+00:47.698PS4
553 omargarciaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.623+00:47.748Steam
554 TchoponT Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.640+00:47.765Steam
555 Igas999Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:57.740+00:47.865PS4
556 Bang_GousFord Fiesta RS Rally03:57.807+00:47.932PS4
557 ErzenniaFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.023+00:48.148Xbox
558 ilvesfanFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.090+00:48.215PS4
559 Pupkin Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:58.141+00:48.266Steam
560 mizunumagaijinFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.173+00:48.298Steam
561 HartFlamovFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.190+00:48.315PS4
562 tramway57Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:58.240+00:48.365PS4
563 kapmatrixFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.623+00:48.748Steam
564 osmebyFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.641+00:48.766PS4
565 forgrimiusFord Fiesta RS Rally03:58.923+00:49.480PS4
566 arm(rus)Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:59.007+00:49.132Steam
567 salander35Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:59.007+00:49.132PS4
568 1TankerFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.523+00:49.648Steam
569 bubba61Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:59.757+00:49.882Xbox
570 timokaltsuu Ford Fiesta RS Rally03:59.790+00:49.915Steam
571 veli.tossavainenFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.807+00:49.932Steam
572 two_dot_centsFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.857+00:49.982PS4
573 jayjorzFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.873+00:49.998Steam
574 guiguiFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.874+00:49.999Steam
575 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally03:59.940+00:50.650Xbox
576 NullPointerFord Fiesta RS Rally04:00.040+00:50.165Xbox
577 riton17350Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.240+00:50.365PS4
578 hardlinewozzaFord Fiesta RS Rally04:00.440+00:50.565Xbox
579 invision2212Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.690+00:50.815Steam
580 hellborgFord Fiesta RS Rally04:00.723+00:50.848Steam
581 ford2310Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.807+00:50.932PS4
582 baf304Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.840+00:50.965PS4
583 boy1234Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.857+00:50.982PS4
584 hihu779Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.873+00:50.998PS4
585 Darist X1Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:00.940+00:51.650Steam
586 ludopopFord Fiesta RS Rally04:00.973+00:51.980PS4
587 MihaKot13Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.040+00:51.165PS4
588 scottb1Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.073+00:51.198Xbox
589 MT003Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.340+00:51.465Steam
590 michidichtl Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.623+00:51.748Steam
591 jdktooFord Fiesta RS Rally04:01.673+00:51.798Steam
592 jptf1Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.740+00:51.865PS4
593 gusja2210Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.740+00:51.865PS4
594 SexyDino Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.773+00:51.898Steam
595 tyback87Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:01.890+00:52.150PS4
596 turbo-jackFord Fiesta RS Rally04:01.973+00:52.980Steam
597 Jatt5ipFord Fiesta RS Rally04:01.973+00:52.980PS4
598 jandar2Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.257+00:52.382Steam
599 crunner117 Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.373+00:52.498Steam
600 DaveleonFord Fiesta RS Rally04:02.573+00:52.698Xbox
601 Nosferatu Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.623+00:52.748Steam
602 carlimutiFord Fiesta RS Rally04:02.756+00:52.881PS4
603 Rhodz123Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:02.956+00:53.810Xbox
604 Reini Graf von SpeedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.090+00:53.215Steam
605 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.140+00:53.265Xbox
606 Rot TeufelFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.173+00:53.298Steam
607 OpTic DickQueef Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:03.173+00:53.298Steam
608 JuanparmahamFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.190+00:53.315Steam
609 ????Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:03.190+00:53.315Steam
610 LenmanFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.206+00:53.331Steam
611 7th Panzer Division Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:03.690+00:53.815Steam
612 LuizKarekaoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:03.824+00:53.949PS4
613 amstelgold0Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:03.873+00:53.998Steam
614 Smokie_UK1Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.040+00:54.165Steam
615 Yukon CorneliusFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.056+00:54.181Steam
616 CozDeathFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.090+00:54.215PS4
617 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.623+00:54.748Xbox
618 impaler_19Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.624+00:54.749PS4
619 Ludwig_Der_GroBeFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.656+00:54.781Steam
620 DjGARCIFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.706+00:54.831PS4
621 Doctor Snuggles Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.707+00:54.832Steam
622 Grom Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.807+00:54.932Steam
623 nunosilva92Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.840+00:54.965PS4
624 boomer129krFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.940+00:55.650PS4
625 ar1_1kolaFord Fiesta RS Rally04:04.957+00:55.820PS4
626 vatula39530Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:04.973+00:55.980PS4
627 VuleFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.356+00:55.481Steam
628 adeywFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.373+00:55.498PS4
629 Luis2482Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:05.423+00:55.548PS4
630 Pat Butcher Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:05.456+00:55.581Steam
631 alexanderchuevFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.540+00:55.665Steam
632 Fleky_freesoulFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.540+00:55.665PS4
633 briofmdFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.606+00:55.731Xbox
634 eldritchhorrorFord Fiesta RS Rally04:05.807+00:55.932Oculus
635 Slipko_PetrFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.273+00:56.398Steam
636 Gung fuFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.406+00:56.531Steam
637 OmegaSanctionFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.473+00:56.598Xbox
638 SevenFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.640+00:56.765Steam
639 LiNFord Fiesta RS Rally04:06.823+00:56.948Steam
640 SpatialDragon Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.306+00:57.431Steam
641 rob9112Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.407+00:57.532Xbox
642 butzste623Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.557+00:57.682PS4
643 JAMESON62Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:07.840+00:57.965Steam
644 N0rdFord Fiesta RS Rally04:08.056+00:58.181Steam
645 SAABviggenFord Fiesta RS Rally04:08.140+00:58.265PS4
646 arjanFord Fiesta RS Rally04:08.606+00:58.731Steam
647 TargetB0y Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:08.606+00:58.731Steam
648 voics Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:08.640+00:58.765Steam
649 gebbana_uggoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.023+00:59.148PS4
650 wiketorFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.040+00:59.165Steam
651 Nytefyre Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.206+00:59.331Steam
652 Mau Max Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.390+00:59.515Steam
653 lecroc0110Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.556+00:59.681PS4
654 TurboDieselFord Fiesta RS Rally04:09.657+00:59.782Steam
655 DazRalphs Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:09.873+00:59.998Steam
656 funpraFord Fiesta RS Rally04:10.073+1:00.198Steam
657 akhvFord Fiesta RS Rally04:10.123+1:00.248Steam
658 papadeuFord Fiesta RS Rally04:10.139+1:00.264Steam
659 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:10.223+1:00.348Xbox
660 TORTUGACA957Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:10.273+1:00.398PS4
661 ecstubblebineFord Fiesta RS Rally04:10.373+1:00.498Steam
662 TedofonkFord Fiesta RS Rally04:10.507+1:00.632Steam
663 BulletToothFord Fiesta RS Rally04:10.673+1:00.798Steam
664 PeterMaxGER81Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:10.773+1:00.898Xbox
665 MrGrrnjeans Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:10.956+1:01.810Steam
666 sneezmaster112Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:11.106+1:01.231Xbox
667 KdAbRa_RDFord Fiesta RS Rally04:11.357+1:01.482PS4
668 hackfleisch289Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:11.456+1:01.581PS4
669 Becks_Hunter Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:11.539+1:01.664Steam
670 RobRomeoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:11.923+1:02.480Steam
671 RandaleRickFord Fiesta RS Rally04:12.089+1:02.214Xbox
672 blackjasu8Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:12.106+1:02.231PS4
673 climbingcricketFord Fiesta RS Rally04:12.440+1:02.565Xbox
674 fabianlebombeFord Fiesta RS Rally04:12.757+1:02.882PS4
675 ERock Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:13.123+1:03.248Steam
676 BluntRSFord Fiesta RS Rally04:13.373+1:03.498Xbox
677 Commander SquigglesFord Fiesta RS Rally04:13.707+1:03.832Steam
678 Von_LoutsosFord Fiesta RS Rally04:14.356+1:04.481PS4
679 josh.girtainFord Fiesta RS Rally04:14.373+1:04.498Steam
680 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:14.557+1:04.682Xbox
681 Pukermans Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:14.690+1:04.815Steam
682 tntpaulsosis1Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:14.773+1:04.898PS4
683 ichittlFord Fiesta RS Rally04:14.923+1:05.480PS4
684 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:14.990+1:05.115Xbox
685 leshonkFord Fiesta RS Rally04:15.073+1:05.198PS4
686 Jean_G_RagnottiFord Fiesta RS Rally04:15.239+1:05.364PS4
687 benoitr01 Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:15.406+1:05.531Steam
688 KarekaoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:15.723+1:05.848Xbox
689 Moates123Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:15.740+1:05.865Xbox
690 smk5526Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:16.073+1:06.198Steam
691 krawitzeFord Fiesta RS Rally04:16.073+1:06.198PS4
692 PorscheRST [NL]Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:16.173+1:06.298Steam
693 ?ALeXeY?Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:16.207+1:06.332Steam
694 Waxy-TigerFord Fiesta RS Rally04:16.256+1:06.381PS4
695 yutapon-666Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:16.289+1:06.414Steam
696 bigdino74Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:16.356+1:06.481Xbox
697 Robert77141Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:16.406+1:06.531PS4
698 PuavoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:16.440+1:06.565Steam
699 soggycracker123Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:16.657+1:06.782PS4
700 discgolfdanFord Fiesta RS Rally04:16.840+1:06.965Xbox
701 evotronmix Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:17.073+1:07.198Steam
702 kris10an94Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:17.173+1:07.298Xbox
703 MomoCubeFord Fiesta RS Rally04:17.206+1:07.331Steam
704 Luke303Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:17.523+1:07.648Xbox
705 saluki970Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:18.206+1:08.331Xbox
706 romeotudFord Fiesta RS Rally04:18.806+1:08.931Steam
707 PinkiFord Fiesta RS Rally04:18.906+1:09.310Steam
708 Otso_Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:18.989+1:09.114Steam
709 wagnergomespereira10 Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:19.272+1:09.397Steam
710 MoyashiFord Fiesta RS Rally04:19.472+1:09.597Steam
711 PowlFord Fiesta RS Rally04:19.606+1:09.731Steam
712 Onegear75Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:19.756+1:09.881Steam
713 briskCZ Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:19.772+1:09.897Steam
714 CAbbottTankFord Fiesta RS Rally04:20.922+1:11.470Xbox
715 SlowJusticeFord Fiesta RS Rally04:20.940+1:11.650Steam
716 TRAVISGENEAUFord Fiesta RS Rally04:21.056+1:11.181Xbox
717 Fixel Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:21.590+1:11.715Steam
718 NanarustFord Fiesta RS Rally04:21.822+1:11.947Xbox
719 CrAshBaNgWhLoopFord Fiesta RS Rally04:22.106+1:12.231PS4
720 arne.schmiedebergFord Fiesta RS Rally04:22.407+1:12.532Steam
721 colkat2017Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:22.472+1:12.597PS4
722 spong_loafFord Fiesta RS Rally04:22.556+1:12.681PS4
723 3CharactersFord Fiesta RS Rally04:22.639+1:12.764Xbox
724 ibovankenobiFord Fiesta RS Rally04:23.540+1:13.665Steam
725 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:23.573+1:13.698Xbox
726 bleifuss-46Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:23.839+1:13.964PS4
727 Quattro-SyndikatFord Fiesta RS Rally04:24.206+1:14.331PS4
728 TyTyTreeFord Fiesta RS Rally04:24.789+1:14.914Steam
729 gigaliFord Fiesta RS Rally04:25.239+1:15.364PS4
730 a_sidarenkaFord Fiesta RS Rally04:25.656+1:15.781PS4
731 Lolothedude59Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:25.689+1:15.814PS4
732 sharky_999Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:26.289+1:16.414PS4
733 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:26.439+1:16.564Xbox
734 bossbirdFord Fiesta RS Rally04:26.922+1:17.470Xbox
735 SebastianoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:27.040+1:17.165Steam
736 anchoa1989Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:27.689+1:17.814PS4
737 elmosson Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:27.722+1:17.847Steam
738 Ebashmet BezkumarovFord Fiesta RS Rally04:27.805+1:17.930Steam
739 miksu794Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:27.872+1:17.997PS4
740 INSANITYdFord Fiesta RS Rally04:28.905+1:19.300Steam
741 StroopmangoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:29.489+1:19.614Steam
742 spetteravoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:29.706+1:19.831Steam
743 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:30.839+1:20.964Xbox
744 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:32.089+1:22.214Xbox
745 fatedbadgerFord Fiesta RS Rally04:32.505+1:22.630Xbox
746 foreigner178Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:32.656+1:22.781Steam
747 te7531Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:36.039+1:26.164Xbox
748 shlajmakFord Fiesta RS Rally04:38.289+1:28.414Steam
749 Nicky_B_mcFord Fiesta RS Rally04:38.472+1:28.597PS4
750 jfcm092Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:40.356+1:30.481PS4
751 thesignpainterFord Fiesta RS Rally04:40.523+1:30.648Steam
752 tony62500Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:40.705+1:30.830PS4
753 DecebalFord Fiesta RS Rally04:40.755+1:30.880Steam
754 www.cloudhopperFord Fiesta RS Rally04:41.272+1:31.397Steam
755 david65omFord Fiesta RS Rally04:41.673+1:31.798PS4
756 INCRIDEFord Fiesta RS Rally04:41.822+1:31.947Xbox
757 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally04:42.339+1:32.464Xbox
758 GO-375Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:42.355+1:32.480PS4
759 masterFord Fiesta RS Rally04:44.838+1:34.963Steam
760 Astin52Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:45.989+1:36.114Steam
761 Laky LUK 2Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:46.538+1:36.663Steam
762 Gerli86gFord Fiesta RS Rally04:47.522+1:37.647PS4
763 WITT0014Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:48.439+1:38.564Xbox
764 SuperEquinoxoFord Fiesta RS Rally04:49.121+1:39.246Steam
765 333dam333Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:49.772+1:39.897Steam
766 ARO1801Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:55.173+1:45.298PS4
767 [Axis]???????Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:55.555+1:45.680Steam
768 ELCAPHONE2008Ford Fiesta RS Rally04:56.338+1:46.463Steam
769 robertoantolinFord Fiesta RS Rally04:58.205+1:48.330Steam
770 DudebroFord Fiesta RS Rally04:59.155+1:49.280Steam
771 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:08.172+1:58.297Xbox
772 Cavernous Ennui Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:08.720+1:58.845Steam
773 marksub22Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:10.255+2:00.380PS4
774 SonnentanzFord Fiesta RS Rally05:10.940+2:01.650PS4
775 Rest_TremorFord Fiesta RS Rally05:11.872+2:01.997Steam
776 cah2008Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:17.737+2:07.862PS4
777 richie.nessFord Fiesta RS Rally05:24.640+2:14.765Steam
778 vrpressFord Fiesta RS Rally05:25.957+2:16.820PS4
779 cruester77Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:32.536+2:22.661Xbox
780 Sk1nt Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:35.306+2:25.431Steam
781 Morgane_Da_SilvaFord Fiesta RS Rally05:37.890+2:28.150Steam
782 PeltoFord Fiesta RS Rally05:38.956+2:29.810Steam
783 corpscop43Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:41.007+2:31.132PS4
784 awysomeFord Fiesta RS Rally05:44.556+2:34.681Xbox
785 sl0rvpeisFord Fiesta RS Rally05:52.907+2:43.320PS4
786 Thunderclap786Ford Fiesta RS Rally05:58.539+2:48.664PS4
787 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally05:58.939+2:49.640Xbox
788 Dougi78Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:10.302+3:00.427Xbox
789 safeburry-memberFord Fiesta RS Rally06:14.955+3:05.800Steam
790 alvaroportuga Ford Fiesta RS Rally06:17.521+3:07.646Steam
791 tmapFord Fiesta RS Rally06:44.656+3:34.781Steam
792 D69RedlineFord Fiesta RS Rally06:50.439+3:40.564PS4
793 Del'trotiousFord Fiesta RS Rally07:11.536+4:01.661Steam
794 mkonkeyFord Fiesta RS Rally07:12.821+4:02.946Steam
795 Momonga Sama Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:32.004+4:22.129Steam
796 Raven_DM Ford Fiesta RS Rally07:34.019+4:24.144Steam
797 ElabasyFord Fiesta RS Rally08:37.147+5:27.272PS4
798 TadiFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
799 milord37Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
800 Thegasgas1300 Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
801 tsztuka4 Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
802 PigOnTheWing Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
803 SwagYolafFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
804 ReallyDrunkFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
805 Crow Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
806 jaakmartihhinFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
807 [SWE]Zacik16Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
808 davidjoshuamusicFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
809 Jorma KovanenFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
810 Perejil69 Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
811 ?Y? Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
812 TitotrucFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
813 max Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
814 Mark™Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
815 FandangoFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
816 sakisa341Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
817 aatsimanFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
818 Nick PapadopoulosFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
819 abso^bG Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
820 TooLs Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
821 tiyan1971.jh Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
822 magicwise Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
823 Topur JzKFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
824 MongoJon [VR] Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
825 dragosbold Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
826 SargineFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
827 Vincent VegaFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
828 mr_robot2017Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
829 HumtidumtiFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
830 FranorgeFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Steam
831 SixtenWestman3Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
832 y654rtyhgfdFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
833 jonesy65582Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
834 ta-caFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
835 KillerElite284Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
836 RobBAMFrigoFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
837 PUTTE1Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
838 sebloebgt6Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
839 Oztrazine800Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
840 HelderbartenderFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
841 Ruslans2404Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
842 DobbyDoDahFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
843 bullrazaFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
844 Sean_P-ykk8643Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
845 gabryeveroFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
846 ljbromFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
847 SP_TOTE89Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
848 LORENZO_BARTOLOFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
849 Piki46RFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
850 schlenkerEFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
851 petekivinen2Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
852 murdch1O1Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125PS4
853 lib319Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
854 Not linkedFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
855 luckybeltFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
856 geefunkuk1Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
857 PeWu1988Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
858 danka48Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
859 theLOCOMOTIVEFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
860 lukassamasFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
861 moroketFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
862 oscarostlund42Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
863 BraydonWoodbeckFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
864 RecalledBinkie3Ford Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
865 superdugFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Xbox
866 HippyspawnFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Oculus
867 bluesberryFord Fiesta RS Rally15:00.000+11:50.125Oculus