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The Owners' Club, 2019-07-06
397 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Wales] Bronfelen (L) (Night, Overcast)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 naglerCitroën C4 Rally 201005:40.719+00:00.000Steam
2 rumcajsz99Citroën C4 Rally 201005:48.352+00:07.633Steam
3 Je55eJame5 Citroën C4 Rally 201005:49.152+00:08.433Steam
4 =Dumont=Citroën C4 Rally 201005:54.319+00:13.600Steam
5 bootlock551Citroën C4 Rally 201006:03.418+00:22.699Steam
6 Audi_A6_weissCitroën C4 Rally 201006:08.385+00:27.666PS4
7 old Nobbi Citroën C4 Rally 201006:08.401+00:27.682Steam
8 Ladakl Citroën C4 Rally 201006:08.518+00:27.799Steam
9 PateSCitroën C4 Rally 201006:09.435+00:28.716Steam
10 artos55 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:09.985+00:29.266Steam
11 hameen1Citroën C4 Rally 201006:10.668+00:29.949PS4
12 meskalitoCitroën C4 Rally 201006:11.235+00:30.516Steam
13 danny4949Citroën C4 Rally 201006:11.901+00:31.182PS4
14 DobbyDoDahCitroën C4 Rally 201006:12.918+00:32.199PS4
15 OlexCitroën C4 Rally 201006:15.601+00:34.882Xbox
16 HenkkaCitroën C4 Rally 201006:16.318+00:35.599Steam
17 oldethumperCitroën C4 Rally 201006:19.951+00:39.232Steam
18 casipeya Citroën C4 Rally 201006:20.484+00:39.765Steam
19 BulletToothCitroën C4 Rally 201006:20.601+00:39.882Steam
20 RiCsEsZ|RSCitroën C4 Rally 201006:20.868+00:40.149Steam
21 KarekaoCitroën C4 Rally 201006:21.134+00:40.415Xbox
22 Fusion371Citroën C4 Rally 201006:22.168+00:41.449Steam
23 gToCitroën C4 Rally 201006:22.701+00:41.982Steam
24 kero2003Citroën C4 Rally 201006:23.151+00:42.432PS4
25 hirschgweiCitroën C4 Rally 201006:23.284+00:42.565Steam
26 DecebalCitroën C4 Rally 201006:23.401+00:42.682Steam
27 RetsiCitroën C4 Rally 201006:23.651+00:42.932Steam
28 scythemanCitroën C4 Rally 201006:24.051+00:43.332Steam
29 Dominguez Citroën C4 Rally 201006:25.817+00:45.980Steam
30 Soper11 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:26.334+00:45.615Steam
31 QuasarsCitroën C4 Rally 201006:26.484+00:45.765Steam
32 LCC Citroën C4 Rally 201006:27.751+00:47.320Steam
33 hebe555Citroën C4 Rally 201006:28.351+00:47.632PS4
34 MentoSCitroën C4 Rally 201006:28.417+00:47.698Steam
35 ReM Citroën C4 Rally 201006:29.001+00:48.282Steam
36 HrodgarCitroën C4 Rally 201006:29.967+00:49.248Steam
37 Elio Citroën C4 Rally 201006:30.067+00:49.348Steam
38 Pepich ZoltanCitroën C4 Rally 201006:30.217+00:49.498Steam
39 grantorino73gmaiCitroën C4 Rally 201006:30.651+00:49.932PS4
40 monsieurrollmopsCitroën C4 Rally 201006:30.884+00:50.165Steam
41 MuscleDevilCitroën C4 Rally 201006:31.251+00:50.532PS4
42 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201006:31.484+00:50.765Xbox
43 micky148Citroën C4 Rally 201006:32.184+00:51.465PS4
44 KosoCitroën C4 Rally 201006:32.534+00:51.815Steam
45 woqCitroën C4 Rally 201006:32.617+00:51.898Steam
46 Bot ChikenCitroën C4 Rally 201006:32.734+00:52.150Steam
47 Ukki63 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:33.034+00:52.315Steam
48 Risto00Citroën C4 Rally 201006:33.217+00:52.498Steam
49 masa.frCitroën C4 Rally 201006:33.217+00:52.498Steam
50 hecalonsoCitroën C4 Rally 201006:33.434+00:52.715PS4
51 GTX-TremeCitroën C4 Rally 201006:33.517+00:52.798PS4
52 dxb51111Citroën C4 Rally 201006:33.884+00:53.165PS4
53 Urmas ArmasCitroën C4 Rally 201006:34.201+00:53.482Steam
54 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201006:34.334+00:53.615Xbox
55 TommyRacer27Citroën C4 Rally 201006:34.417+00:53.698Oculus
56 Vitaliy_PogodinCitroën C4 Rally 201006:34.567+00:53.848PS4
57 Ebashmet BezkumarovCitroën C4 Rally 201006:35.050+00:54.331Steam
58 Budda Citroën C4 Rally 201006:35.234+00:54.515Steam
59 Philpa974Citroën C4 Rally 201006:36.334+00:55.615Xbox
60 RandellSCitroën C4 Rally 201006:36.568+00:55.849Xbox
61 etrimbleCitroën C4 Rally 201006:36.700+00:55.981Steam
62 kojeto Citroën C4 Rally 201006:37.150+00:56.431Steam
63 UndokedLoki718Citroën C4 Rally 201006:38.067+00:57.348Xbox
64 YamahaJim525Citroën C4 Rally 201006:38.134+00:57.415Xbox
65 WickedCitroën C4 Rally 201006:38.634+00:57.915Steam
66 MasaI2591Citroën C4 Rally 201006:38.851+00:58.132Steam
67 MikazuyaCitroën C4 Rally 201006:38.950+00:58.231Steam
68 Bot pungCitroën C4 Rally 201006:39.334+00:58.615Steam
69 Vorn08vikCitroën C4 Rally 201006:39.367+00:58.648PS4
70 M1ngo70Citroën C4 Rally 201006:39.384+00:58.665PS4
71 doomik-zoomikCitroën C4 Rally 201006:39.417+00:58.698PS4
72 FiškusCitroën C4 Rally 201006:39.834+00:59.115Steam
73 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201006:39.917+00:59.198Xbox
74 Takayasu_GTCitroën C4 Rally 201006:40.967+1:00.248PS4
75 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201006:41.451+1:00.732Xbox
76 MachineKill06510Citroën C4 Rally 201006:41.483+1:00.764PS4
77 amstelgold0Citroën C4 Rally 201006:41.533+1:00.814Steam
78 2019477438Citroën C4 Rally 201006:41.750+1:01.310Steam
79 JOROpena81Citroën C4 Rally 201006:42.000+1:01.281Xbox
80 goatranceCitroën C4 Rally 201006:42.733+1:02.140PS4
81 iwoeCitroën C4 Rally 201006:43.067+1:02.348Steam
82 BeggarRu.SifonEnCitroën C4 Rally 201006:43.083+1:02.364Steam
83 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201006:43.151+1:02.432Xbox
84 wisniawrcCitroën C4 Rally 201006:43.183+1:02.464PS4
85 SebastianoCitroën C4 Rally 201006:43.200+1:02.481Steam
86 chodnik Citroën C4 Rally 201006:44.017+1:03.298Steam
87 sephiroth 7774Citroën C4 Rally 201006:44.050+1:03.331Steam
88 PalamuCitroën C4 Rally 201006:44.067+1:03.348Steam
89 TriggerCitroën C4 Rally 201006:44.083+1:03.364Steam
90 AmAliai70Citroën C4 Rally 201006:44.217+1:03.498PS4
91 VictorPazetteCitroën C4 Rally 201006:44.267+1:03.548Xbox
92 batistuta85Citroën C4 Rally 201006:44.583+1:03.864PS4
93 Shrek 2Citroën C4 Rally 201006:44.867+1:04.148Steam
94 Mrg-508Citroën C4 Rally 201006:44.884+1:04.165PS4
95 racer1176Citroën C4 Rally 201006:45.267+1:04.548PS4
96 FlachwurzelCitroën C4 Rally 201006:45.950+1:05.231Xbox
97 Psycko84170Citroën C4 Rally 201006:46.084+1:05.365PS4
98 Patches O'houlihanCitroën C4 Rally 201006:46.550+1:05.831Steam
99 andi090172Citroën C4 Rally 201006:47.950+1:07.231PS4
100 WoodyD66Citroën C4 Rally 201006:48.283+1:07.564PS4
101 Crow Citroën C4 Rally 201006:48.734+1:08.150Steam
102 TedofonkCitroën C4 Rally 201006:48.884+1:08.165Steam
103 TEADELANTECitroën C4 Rally 201006:49.316+1:08.597Xbox
104 ownanismCitroën C4 Rally 201006:49.434+1:08.715Steam
105 Lacs1954seinoCitroën C4 Rally 201006:49.916+1:09.197Steam
106 sSaKeZzCitroën C4 Rally 201006:50.666+1:09.947PS4
107 mr_soccer_GBRCitroën C4 Rally 201006:50.800+1:10.810PS4
108 clod hoppin nobblin hobgoblin Citroën C4 Rally 201006:50.983+1:10.264Steam
109 4:20 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:51.217+1:10.498Steam
110 daabullsCitroën C4 Rally 201006:51.500+1:10.781PS4
111 NONOlyoncharboCitroën C4 Rally 201006:51.684+1:10.965Xbox
112 AgandaûrCitroën C4 Rally 201006:51.900+1:11.181Steam
113 RawnCitroën C4 Rally 201006:52.016+1:11.297Steam
114 CrazyMunKee Citroën C4 Rally 201006:52.167+1:11.448Steam
115 Oliver-Sadaba89Citroën C4 Rally 201006:52.466+1:11.747PS4
116 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201006:52.983+1:12.264Xbox
117 ustarbowski.k Citroën C4 Rally 201006:53.333+1:12.614Steam
118 Laky LUK 2Citroën C4 Rally 201006:53.600+1:12.881Steam
119 daizyli86Citroën C4 Rally 201006:53.683+1:12.964PS4
120 jordano13Citroën C4 Rally 201006:53.750+1:13.310Steam
121 soyer_25_rusCitroën C4 Rally 201006:54.300+1:13.581Steam
122 dazfcCitroën C4 Rally 201006:54.917+1:14.198Steam
123 MoviolakillerCitroën C4 Rally 201006:55.900+1:15.181PS4
124 joogieCitroën C4 Rally 201006:55.950+1:15.231Steam
125 TomibooCitroën C4 Rally 201006:57.116+1:16.397Steam
126 BuntaCitroën C4 Rally 201006:57.116+1:16.397Steam
127 ArionCitroën C4 Rally 201006:57.449+1:16.730Steam
128 WWWowan1968Rus59 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:57.466+1:16.747Steam
129 ironmikklCitroën C4 Rally 201006:57.483+1:16.764Steam
130 Chef SmashCitroën C4 Rally 201006:57.533+1:16.814Steam
131 proGamer346 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:57.917+1:17.198Steam
132 Heath_74 Citroën C4 Rally 201006:57.933+1:17.214Steam
133 mmm pancakesCitroën C4 Rally 201006:58.433+1:17.714Steam
134 Sasq229uatchCitroën C4 Rally 201006:58.667+1:17.948PS4
135 severstine77Citroën C4 Rally 201006:58.966+1:18.247Xbox
136 Lambo23G74Citroën C4 Rally 201006:59.117+1:18.398PS4
137 lukaszek.lukaszCitroën C4 Rally 201006:59.266+1:18.547Steam
138 mitchonetwo Citroën C4 Rally 201006:59.416+1:18.697Steam
139 gigantebuonoCitroën C4 Rally 201006:59.483+1:18.764Xbox
140 RABBITCitroën C4 Rally 201006:59.683+1:18.964Steam
141 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201006:59.766+1:19.470Xbox
142 cruester77Citroën C4 Rally 201007:00.066+1:19.347Xbox
143 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:00.099+1:19.380Xbox
144 pitthekid44 Citroën C4 Rally 201007:00.383+1:19.664Steam
145 mirmpCitroën C4 Rally 201007:00.433+1:19.714Steam
146 moroketCitroën C4 Rally 201007:00.883+1:20.164Xbox
147 JokkeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:01.550+1:20.831Steam
148 xela1846Citroën C4 Rally 201007:01.849+1:21.130PS4
149 floflo824Citroën C4 Rally 201007:02.066+1:21.347PS4
150 teadrinkerCitroën C4 Rally 201007:02.067+1:21.348Steam
151 jdktooCitroën C4 Rally 201007:02.733+1:22.140Steam
152 thesahinonurCitroën C4 Rally 201007:02.833+1:22.114PS4
153 apemaxCitroën C4 Rally 201007:03.200+1:22.481Steam
154 Klai NairCitroën C4 Rally 201007:03.300+1:22.581Steam
155 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:03.349+1:22.630Xbox
156 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:03.516+1:22.797Xbox
157 danger_mathcCitroën C4 Rally 201007:03.816+1:23.970PS4
158 lantosiCitroën C4 Rally 201007:04.433+1:23.714PS4
159 FreekShowCitroën C4 Rally 201007:04.750+1:24.310Steam
160 rbwernbergCitroën C4 Rally 201007:05.399+1:24.680Steam
161 albesCitroën C4 Rally 201007:05.449+1:24.730Steam
162 LasseLampiCitroën C4 Rally 201007:05.500+1:24.781Steam
163 Vavounet38Citroën C4 Rally 201007:05.932+1:25.213PS4
164 tihon235Citroën C4 Rally 201007:05.933+1:25.214PS4
165 ying-KARINACitroën C4 Rally 201007:06.099+1:25.380PS4
166 ventucriCitroën C4 Rally 201007:06.117+1:25.398Steam
167 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:06.232+1:25.513Xbox
168 boomer129krCitroën C4 Rally 201007:06.382+1:25.663PS4
169 bigdino74Citroën C4 Rally 201007:06.399+1:25.680Xbox
170 JanneOla68Citroën C4 Rally 201007:07.782+1:27.630PS4
171 Pedro CamposCitroën C4 Rally 201007:08.133+1:27.414Steam
172 ineffable22Citroën C4 Rally 201007:08.166+1:27.447PS4
173 maetha_initial_dCitroën C4 Rally 201007:08.482+1:27.763PS4
174 IronboyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:08.549+1:27.830Steam
175 lukstorpedaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:08.766+1:28.470PS4
176 kevlarmanCitroën C4 Rally 201007:09.050+1:28.331Steam
177 T.OneCitroën C4 Rally 201007:09.149+1:28.430Steam
178 DON_DANIELLOCitroën C4 Rally 201007:09.849+1:29.130PS4
179 PeliKaaniCitroën C4 Rally 201007:09.883+1:29.164Steam
180 #amfrallysport (BE)Citroën C4 Rally 201007:10.183+1:29.464Steam
181 michaelb59Citroën C4 Rally 201007:10.566+1:29.847PS4
182 jglbeadeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:10.682+1:29.963Steam
183 cloudhopperCitroën C4 Rally 201007:11.066+1:30.347Steam
184 Cosmo Pope Citroën C4 Rally 201007:11.283+1:30.564Steam
185 mixxCitroën C4 Rally 201007:11.832+1:31.113Steam
186 Ramone Citroën C4 Rally 201007:11.900+1:31.181Steam
187 patrik.egeiCitroën C4 Rally 201007:12.032+1:31.313Steam
188 tveeten Citroën C4 Rally 201007:12.399+1:31.680Steam
189 pijotropicCitroën C4 Rally 201007:13.166+1:32.447PS4
190 TheInsaneButcherCitroën C4 Rally 201007:13.199+1:32.480PS4
191 JakeRayCitroën C4 Rally 201007:13.367+1:32.648Steam
192 15LUVCitroën C4 Rally 201007:13.399+1:32.680Steam
193 Chabra1141Citroën C4 Rally 201007:13.615+1:32.896Xbox
194 Pulv3rizA Citroën C4 Rally 201007:13.632+1:32.913Steam
195 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:13.815+1:33.960Xbox
196 TT. Citroën C4 Rally 201007:13.949+1:33.230Steam
197 Mad66MavCitroën C4 Rally 201007:14.165+1:33.446Xbox
198 3a?Pa3??pCitroën C4 Rally 201007:14.216+1:33.497Steam
199 DiegoDiego_DTS_Citroën C4 Rally 201007:14.249+1:33.530PS4
200 VuleCitroën C4 Rally 201007:14.715+1:33.996Steam
201 MechanicalFlogCitroën C4 Rally 201007:14.865+1:34.146PS4
202 JORGEMAN78Citroën C4 Rally 201007:14.965+1:34.246PS4
203 O1OOOO11O1OOOOOOCitroën C4 Rally 201007:15.215+1:34.496PS4
204 ?????Citroën C4 Rally 201007:15.265+1:34.546Steam
205 e447Citroën C4 Rally 201007:15.715+1:34.996Steam
206 tori Citroën C4 Rally 201007:15.749+1:35.300Steam
207 QBwon Citroën C4 Rally 201007:15.899+1:35.180Steam
208 RedBully' Citroën C4 Rally 201007:16.333+1:35.614Steam
209 EmildeedeeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:16.350+1:35.631PS4
210 francescoivreaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:17.765+1:37.460PS4
211 bubba61Citroën C4 Rally 201007:18.133+1:37.414Xbox
212 rambal4x4Citroën C4 Rally 201007:18.665+1:37.946PS4
213 LuizKarekaoCitroën C4 Rally 201007:18.667+1:37.948PS4
214 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201007:18.899+1:38.180Xbox
215 BG-Jivko87Citroën C4 Rally 201007:18.949+1:38.230Steam
216 jlouispnCitroën C4 Rally 201007:19.049+1:38.330Steam
217 saar.b737Citroën C4 Rally 201007:19.433+1:38.714Steam
218 mike-nismoCitroën C4 Rally 201007:19.732+1:39.130Steam
219 fk Citroën C4 Rally 201007:20.366+1:39.647Steam
220 PumbaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:20.599+1:39.880Steam
221 FullshiftybastCitroën C4 Rally 201007:20.799+1:40.800PS4
222 versepx3Citroën C4 Rally 201007:21.032+1:40.313Steam
223 RamCitroën C4 Rally 201007:21.716+1:40.997Steam
224 luzonluismCitroën C4 Rally 201007:22.082+1:41.363Steam
225 JomaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:22.548+1:41.829Steam
226 Mo2LaTorCitroën C4 Rally 201007:22.549+1:41.830PS4
227 bobjawakaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:22.798+1:42.790Steam
228 m_31775Citroën C4 Rally 201007:22.915+1:42.196PS4
229 Hard DayCitroën C4 Rally 201007:23.333+1:42.614Steam
230 The Best Games Citroën C4 Rally 201007:23.682+1:42.963Steam
231 thejoeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:23.748+1:43.290Steam
232 rallie1974Citroën C4 Rally 201007:23.998+1:43.279PS4
233 jeanoVCitroën C4 Rally 201007:24.782+1:44.630Xbox
234 Said78WSWCitroën C4 Rally 201007:25.015+1:44.296PS4
235 SwooftyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:25.033+1:44.314Xbox
236 Mikael Citroën C4 Rally 201007:25.415+1:44.696Steam
237 zeztorgCitroën C4 Rally 201007:25.850+1:45.131PS4
238 TepCitroën C4 Rally 201007:26.448+1:45.729Steam
239 josemmb1971Citroën C4 Rally 201007:26.450+1:45.731PS4
240 MasterChiefCitroën C4 Rally 201007:26.482+1:45.763Steam
241 awds1442Citroën C4 Rally 201007:27.065+1:46.346PS4
242 manus91Citroën C4 Rally 201007:28.466+1:47.747Steam
243 D69RedlineCitroën C4 Rally 201007:28.999+1:48.280PS4
244 The RocKCitroën C4 Rally 201007:29.282+1:48.563Steam
245 brolleCitroën C4 Rally 201007:29.565+1:48.846Xbox
246 ludopopCitroën C4 Rally 201007:29.665+1:48.946PS4
247 darin Citroën C4 Rally 201007:29.782+1:49.630Steam
248 hometownhero85Citroën C4 Rally 201007:29.982+1:49.263PS4
249 jimcorusCitroën C4 Rally 201007:30.432+1:49.713PS4
250 twitch70Citroën C4 Rally 201007:30.666+1:49.947Xbox
251 BliezejsLVCitroën C4 Rally 201007:30.831+1:50.112PS4
252 JavirouchCitroën C4 Rally 201007:30.898+1:50.179Steam
253 nismo Citroën C4 Rally 201007:31.131+1:50.412Steam
254 VimpsterCitroën C4 Rally 201007:31.232+1:50.513Steam
255 McMajorCitroën C4 Rally 201007:31.365+1:50.646Steam
256 alpapochCitroën C4 Rally 201007:32.082+1:51.363PS4
257 enhasa Citroën C4 Rally 201007:32.749+1:52.300Steam
258 PuCitroën C4 Rally 201007:32.915+1:52.196Steam
259 Bastler238Citroën C4 Rally 201007:33.399+1:52.680PS4
260 cheeksCitroën C4 Rally 201007:33.832+1:53.113Steam
261 green_hunter_22Citroën C4 Rally 201007:34.565+1:53.846PS4
262 tilmotorsportCitroën C4 Rally 201007:36.315+1:55.596Xbox
263 Yozhin_SkyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:36.615+1:55.896PS4
264 o-yaji3Citroën C4 Rally 201007:36.982+1:56.263PS4
265 maikaalCitroën C4 Rally 201007:37.181+1:56.462Steam
266 taylazrecCitroën C4 Rally 201007:38.082+1:57.363Steam
267 Freelander1972Citroën C4 Rally 201007:38.215+1:57.496PS4
268 DocteurRomCitroën C4 Rally 201007:39.265+1:58.546PS4
269 TOG_ShootHereCitroën C4 Rally 201007:39.766+1:59.470Steam
270 tigerlimaCitroën C4 Rally 201007:39.781+1:59.620Steam
271 samogon4ikovCitroën C4 Rally 201007:39.881+1:59.162Steam
272 SmoozyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:42.281+2:01.562Steam
273 mars720mightyCitroën C4 Rally 201007:42.481+2:01.762PS4
274 Olive GardenCitroën C4 Rally 201007:42.631+2:01.912Steam
275 UnderbirdCitroën C4 Rally 201007:43.115+2:02.396Steam
276 plow_squirrelCitroën C4 Rally 201007:43.231+2:02.512PS4
277 beasty_DamionCitroën C4 Rally 201007:43.764+2:03.450PS4
278 nensy-renesmeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:43.848+2:03.129PS4
279 Ryan CookCitroën C4 Rally 201007:44.348+2:03.629Steam
280 ras.poutineCitroën C4 Rally 201007:44.782+2:04.630Steam
281 yidupnorthCitroën C4 Rally 201007:46.914+2:06.195PS4
282 Sanek1751Citroën C4 Rally 201007:48.399+2:07.680PS4
283 rambo2015877Citroën C4 Rally 201007:48.431+2:07.712PS4
284 pcjunkeeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:48.498+2:07.779PS4
285 bopjr Citroën C4 Rally 201007:49.298+2:08.579Steam
286 Ludwig_Der_GroBeCitroën C4 Rally 201007:49.414+2:08.695Steam
287 XXmac59XXCitroën C4 Rally 201007:51.265+2:10.546Xbox
288 pechorinCitroën C4 Rally 201007:52.347+2:11.628Steam
289 adeywCitroën C4 Rally 201007:52.964+2:12.245PS4
290 S{v}E{n} {No Job}Citroën C4 Rally 201007:53.214+2:12.495Steam
291 JVSportCitroën C4 Rally 201007:55.114+2:14.395Steam
292 Fr€nÇh TO@$t Citroën C4 Rally 201007:55.315+2:14.596Steam
293 FutrimCitroën C4 Rally 201007:55.680+2:14.961PS4
294 Sonny_Crockett18Citroën C4 Rally 201007:55.864+2:15.145PS4
295 voics Citroën C4 Rally 201007:57.465+2:16.746Steam
296 pelles5Citroën C4 Rally 201007:57.798+2:17.790Steam
297 kostik870Citroën C4 Rally 201007:58.647+2:17.928Steam
298 raphou6900000000Citroën C4 Rally 201008:00.581+2:19.862PS4
299 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:03.414+2:22.695Xbox
300 123837082Citroën C4 Rally 201008:05.047+2:24.328Steam
301 ELuiz73Citroën C4 Rally 201008:05.848+2:25.129PS4
302 volll_deppCitroën C4 Rally 201008:07.214+2:26.495PS4
303 PetermokranCitroën C4 Rally 201008:07.447+2:26.728Xbox
304 Snoopmo2Citroën C4 Rally 201008:07.613+2:26.894PS4
305 Francisco BarrosCitroën C4 Rally 201008:07.664+2:26.945Steam
306 ?Daacals? - ???Citroën C4 Rally 201008:11.847+2:31.128Steam
307 trezkerCitroën C4 Rally 201008:15.180+2:34.461Steam
308 star-ship77Citroën C4 Rally 201008:18.697+2:37.978PS4
309 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:19.031+2:38.312Xbox
310 Marcelomarcos11Citroën C4 Rally 201008:24.580+2:43.861Xbox
311 TuxPTCitroën C4 Rally 201008:27.047+2:46.328Xbox
312 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:28.232+2:47.513Xbox
313 james41050Citroën C4 Rally 201008:28.680+2:47.961PS4
314 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:29.497+2:48.778Xbox
315 MANUTHxCCitroën C4 Rally 201008:30.067+2:49.348PS4
316 flashyCitroën C4 Rally 201008:30.549+2:49.830Steam
317 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:31.112+2:50.393Xbox
318 organic_tofuCitroën C4 Rally 201008:31.733+2:51.140PS4
319 Max Ricky Citroën C4 Rally 201008:33.479+2:52.760Steam
320 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:33.714+2:52.995Xbox
321 fgilCitroën C4 Rally 201008:36.415+2:55.696Steam
322 fabianlebombeCitroën C4 Rally 201008:37.164+2:56.445PS4
323 James-Bonde-1968Citroën C4 Rally 201008:38.781+2:58.620PS4
324 FRiESELmitKCitroën C4 Rally 201008:40.716+2:59.997Steam
325 PencuS802Citroën C4 Rally 201008:40.964+3:00.245PS4
326 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201008:41.997+3:01.278Xbox
327 MaddogDino Citroën C4 Rally 201008:46.866+3:06.147Steam
328 josmorjmtCitroën C4 Rally 201008:52.246+3:11.527Steam
329 fraz1971Citroën C4 Rally 201008:55.229+3:14.510Xbox
330 fronkdegronkCitroën C4 Rally 201008:55.629+3:14.910Xbox
331 djmacCitroën C4 Rally 201009:04.349+3:23.630Steam
332 hcamilo82Citroën C4 Rally 201009:05.029+3:24.310PS4
333 benoitr01 Citroën C4 Rally 201009:10.262+3:29.543Steam
334 laugeo2Citroën C4 Rally 201009:12.113+3:31.394Steam
335 karlakas112Citroën C4 Rally 201009:24.611+3:43.892Steam
336 SpeeDManiac Citroën C4 Rally 201009:27.129+3:46.410Steam
337 GouzgounisCitroën C4 Rally 201009:27.715+3:46.996Steam
338 mr_i_dont_care_Citroën C4 Rally 201009:28.396+3:47.677PS4
339 wbddt1952Citroën C4 Rally 201009:35.160+3:54.441PS4
340 Chopper_64_soloCitroën C4 Rally 201009:35.579+3:54.860PS4
341 zspapa13Citroën C4 Rally 201009:37.031+3:56.312PS4
342 Maccer Citroën C4 Rally 201009:39.048+3:58.329Steam
343 SvenkaCitroën C4 Rally 201009:39.865+3:59.146Steam
344 KillerkipCitroën C4 Rally 201009:45.064+4:04.345Steam
345 marwan.ibrahimCitroën C4 Rally 201009:46.180+4:05.461Steam
346 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201009:46.228+4:05.509Xbox
347 Alexgti03Citroën C4 Rally 201009:49.481+4:08.762Xbox
348 ProphetSoulCitroën C4 Rally 201009:53.213+4:12.494Steam
349 darrenmarkillCitroën C4 Rally 201009:56.697+4:15.978PS4
350 SURTCitroën C4 Rally 201010:05.314+4:24.595Steam
351 M4xP0w3R_91Citroën C4 Rally 201010:08.111+4:27.392Steam
352 dporter2 Citroën C4 Rally 201010:59.613+5:18.894Steam
353 IGORCitroën C4 Rally 201012:20.173+6:39.454Steam
354 pebucebrCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
355 JohnnyUnderTheBurningSkyCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
356 pinaldo Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
357 ||IOekofighterI||Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
358 Filipe Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
359 GazadonfCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
360 unknown_playerCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
361 ptr Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
362 joerg.wiesmann Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
363 SERG 07 RUSCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
364 Nosferatu Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
365 -[DIKK-LA]- Crazy?Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
366 alesfini Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
367 xXx_Rycerzyk_xXxCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
368 sm57lcCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
369 varjolenkkari Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
370 talentfrei Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
371 TRISH00WCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
372 skyBEyesCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
373 Piao Qi LaiCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
374 A.Szczepaniak Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
375 1TankerCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
376 LELLO510Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
377 master_of_ketchupCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Steam
378 sheriff000610Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
379 madrallyCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
380 mdmilevCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
381 CrousCouzin64Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
382 JTN83Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
383 PenrysCatCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
384 de_SantaCruzCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
385 kupak5Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
386 shalutoCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
387 Sean_P-ykk8643Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
388 isanmartiCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
389 SepticDeath1981Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
390 seblegamerCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
391 w76995Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
392 jayson83386Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
393 RostockersCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281PS4
394 Knoxville450Citroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Xbox
395 RallyrsernCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Xbox
396 Not linkedCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Xbox
397 sheeriskCitroën C4 Rally 201030:00.000+24:19.281Xbox