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Color Guide:
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  Yellow: Second Fastest Stage Time
  Dark Grey: Third Fastest Stage Time

Wager Event, 2019-08-13
439 Entries, 1 Stage(s)

SS1: [Monaco] Route de Turini Montée (S) (Night, Mist)

#DriverVehicleTotal TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 sebbtab Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:18.023+00:00.000Steam
2 Je55eJame5 Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:18.522+00:00.499Steam
3 rumcajsz99Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:20.856+00:02.833Steam
4 ag858Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:21.439+00:03.416Oculus
5 SAULOM117Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:22.739+00:04.716Xbox
6 EmleD Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:22.972+00:04.949Steam
7 hameen1Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:23.006+00:04.983PS4
8 proGamer346 Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:23.689+00:05.666Steam
9 Jellyflooosh14Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:24.222+00:06.199Xbox
10 Galicia RallyFord Focus RS WRC 200704:24.806+00:06.783Steam
11 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200704:24.972+00:06.949Xbox
12 PH4NTOM_GRAY8Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:25.106+00:07.830PS4
13 wheel-speedy397Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:26.089+00:08.660PS4
14 bootlock551Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:26.272+00:08.249Steam
15 info Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:26.989+00:08.966Steam
16 Raffi Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:27.455+00:09.432Steam
17 Staatl.geprüfter GewürzprüferFord Focus RS WRC 200704:27.522+00:09.499Steam
18 oldethumperFord Focus RS WRC 200704:27.655+00:09.632Steam
19 MC WRT Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:28.105+00:10.820Steam
20 DobbyDoDahFord Focus RS WRC 200704:28.922+00:10.899PS4
21 LCC Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:28.939+00:10.916Steam
22 Henkmeister24Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:29.089+00:11.660PS4
23 subconsciouskilrFord Focus RS WRC 200704:29.339+00:11.316PS4
24 MuscleDevilFord Focus RS WRC 200704:29.489+00:11.466PS4
25 JKFord Focus RS WRC 200704:29.589+00:11.566Steam
26 Go Home YankeesFord Focus RS WRC 200704:29.689+00:11.666Steam
27 A.Szczepaniak Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:29.772+00:11.749Steam
28 JuhPuhFord Focus RS WRC 200704:29.789+00:11.766PS4
29 grantorino73gmaiFord Focus RS WRC 200704:30.155+00:12.132PS4
30 maikl330Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:30.189+00:12.166Steam
31 tjkossila Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:30.739+00:12.716Steam
32 Elio Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:30.789+00:12.766Steam
33 Dominguez Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:31.155+00:13.132Steam
34 infinity65kcFord Focus RS WRC 200704:31.505+00:13.482PS4
35 mmm pancakesFord Focus RS WRC 200704:31.689+00:13.666Steam
36 dyampolskijFord Focus RS WRC 200704:32.822+00:14.799Steam
37 ThomHazard3Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:32.822+00:14.799PS4
38 TedofonkFord Focus RS WRC 200704:32.889+00:14.866Steam
39 musicman74 Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:32.939+00:14.916Steam
40 Piao Qi LaiFord Focus RS WRC 200704:33.089+00:15.660Steam
41 SebastianoFord Focus RS WRC 200704:33.172+00:15.149Steam
42 Marlec Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:33.339+00:15.316Steam
43 superwr250x000Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:33.355+00:15.332PS4
44 xjr1300ekbFord Focus RS WRC 200704:33.455+00:15.432PS4
45 VictorPazetteFord Focus RS WRC 200704:33.789+00:15.766Xbox
46 Urmas ArmasFord Focus RS WRC 200704:33.955+00:15.932Steam
47 fk Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:33.989+00:15.966Steam
48 Crow Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:34.322+00:16.299Steam
49 Francesco L.Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:34.522+00:16.499Steam
50 Santueri19Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:34.655+00:16.632PS4
51 S_V_A_I_K_A_72Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:34.822+00:16.799PS4
52 nifa22Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:34.855+00:16.832PS4
53 hyvariiin99Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:34.922+00:16.899PS4
54 ^2p^7ie^2t^7senFord Focus RS WRC 200704:34.939+00:16.916Steam
55 h.klappauf Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:35.155+00:17.132Steam
56 kero2003Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:35.222+00:17.199PS4
57 newgiokFord Focus RS WRC 200704:35.388+00:17.365Xbox
58 Philpa974Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:35.572+00:17.549Xbox
59 Chewbitch Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:35.605+00:17.582Steam
60 Terminus124Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:35.705+00:17.682PS4
61 twitch70Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:35.705+00:17.682Xbox
62 mirmpFord Focus RS WRC 200704:35.788+00:17.765Steam
63 UndokedLoki718Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:36.088+00:18.650Xbox
64 SHWFord Focus RS WRC 200704:36.255+00:18.232Steam
65 meskalitoFord Focus RS WRC 200704:36.572+00:18.549Steam
66 FullshiftybastFord Focus RS WRC 200704:36.672+00:18.649PS4
67 patnor44Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:36.705+00:18.682PS4
68 Lacs1954seinoFord Focus RS WRC 200704:36.772+00:18.749Steam
69 MasaI2591Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:36.972+00:18.949Steam
70 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200704:37.088+00:19.650Xbox
71 Cneto76Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:37.288+00:19.265PS4
72 ds3r3maxFord Focus RS WRC 200704:37.638+00:19.615PS4
73 ?^2[dead]^0EAT my SHOT^3[rus]™?Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:37.672+00:19.649Steam
74 ebolaf666.exeFord Focus RS WRC 200704:37.688+00:19.665Steam
75 xena the xanor princess Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:37.805+00:19.782Steam
76 JOROpena81Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:37.872+00:19.849Xbox
77 Saulgoodman75Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:37.938+00:19.915Xbox
78 JarriusFord Focus RS WRC 200704:38.038+00:20.150Steam
79 WaldnaabFord Focus RS WRC 200704:38.155+00:20.132Steam
80 WCD_Sampalus35-Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:38.255+00:20.232PS4
81 ReM Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:38.288+00:20.265Steam
82 Agon_PLFord Focus RS WRC 200704:38.439+00:20.416Steam
83 aron Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:38.772+00:20.749Steam
84 motoralbiFord Focus RS WRC 200704:38.955+00:20.932Steam
85 jzdoctorFord Focus RS WRC 200704:39.155+00:21.132PS4
86 Groche2000Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:39.255+00:21.232Steam
87 AgandaûrFord Focus RS WRC 200704:39.522+00:21.499Steam
88 chodnik Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:39.688+00:21.665Steam
89 InchagasiusFord Focus RS WRC 200704:39.988+00:21.965PS4
90 Dosaaf VbgFord Focus RS WRC 200704:40.172+00:22.149Steam
91 NilrebuasFord Focus RS WRC 200704:40.638+00:22.615PS4
92 cheeksFord Focus RS WRC 200704:41.005+00:22.982Steam
93 MyCatRidesBMXFord Focus RS WRC 200704:41.172+00:23.149PS4
94 snipuxonFord Focus RS WRC 200704:41.238+00:23.215PS4
95 fOxRiDeR27100Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:41.255+00:23.232PS4
96 YogHurtFord Focus RS WRC 200704:41.372+00:23.349Steam
97 rhgf21Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:41.555+00:23.532Steam
98 thierry45200Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:42.188+00:24.165PS4
99 fanfouéFord Focus RS WRC 200704:42.188+00:24.165Xbox
100 CJFord Focus RS WRC 200704:42.322+00:24.299Steam
101 David543ntlFord Focus RS WRC 200704:42.355+00:24.332PS4
102 fabianlebombeFord Focus RS WRC 200704:42.372+00:24.349PS4
103 MaddogDino Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:42.555+00:24.532Steam
104 evotronmix Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:42.772+00:24.749Steam
105 brolleFord Focus RS WRC 200704:42.772+00:24.749Xbox
106 zanaorinervaFord Focus RS WRC 200704:42.938+00:24.915PS4
107 SerthorFord Focus RS WRC 200704:43.022+00:24.999Steam
108 VermFord Focus RS WRC 200704:43.038+00:25.150Steam
109 uwe-senseiFord Focus RS WRC 200704:43.088+00:25.650PS4
110 Pedro CamposFord Focus RS WRC 200704:43.222+00:25.199Steam
111 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200704:43.838+00:25.815Xbox
112 soyer_25_rusFord Focus RS WRC 200704:44.071+00:26.480Steam
113 ?????????Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:44.155+00:26.132Steam
114 Rest_TremorFord Focus RS WRC 200704:44.455+00:26.432Steam
115 ma.brFord Focus RS WRC 200704:44.555+00:26.532Steam
116 CrousCouzin64Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:44.655+00:26.632PS4
117 MonAltFord Focus RS WRC 200704:44.938+00:26.915Steam
118 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200704:44.971+00:26.948Xbox
119 FranjigoFord Focus RS WRC 200704:45.038+00:27.150PS4
120 stoveluckFord Focus RS WRC 200704:45.055+00:27.320PS4
121 Mau Max Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:45.205+00:27.182Steam
122 PlayerzãoFord Focus RS WRC 200704:45.338+00:27.315Steam
123 EL075Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:45.471+00:27.448Steam
124 Chopp3r777Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:45.488+00:27.465Steam
125 iwoeFord Focus RS WRC 200704:45.589+00:27.566Steam
126 cricri622211Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:45.671+00:27.648PS4
127 Soul-ravenFord Focus RS WRC 200704:45.705+00:27.682Steam
128 WAM205ArgFord Focus RS WRC 200704:45.721+00:27.698Steam
129 PommetudiantFord Focus RS WRC 200704:45.721+00:27.698Xbox
130 Sean_P-ykk8643Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:45.839+00:27.816PS4
131 tselistas1Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:45.988+00:27.965Steam
132 twister1195Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:46.021+00:27.998Xbox
133 PM_29_10_2010Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:46.522+00:28.499PS4
134 mickeyrutsFord Focus RS WRC 200704:46.571+00:28.548PS4
135 RED-EYE-RABBITFord Focus RS WRC 200704:46.821+00:28.798PS4
136 henochsFord Focus RS WRC 200704:46.955+00:28.932Steam
137 keeper96Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:47.105+00:29.820Steam
138 daveglynnFord Focus RS WRC 200704:47.155+00:29.132Steam
139 PeliKaaniFord Focus RS WRC 200704:47.338+00:29.315Steam
140 dateltomishFord Focus RS WRC 200704:47.538+00:29.515PS4
141 GroparuIFord Focus RS WRC 200704:47.605+00:29.582PS4
142 HarmlessFord Focus RS WRC 200704:47.688+00:29.665Steam
143 Stelus42 Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:47.888+00:29.865Steam
144 leboboss88Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:47.971+00:29.948Xbox
145 BeggarRu.SifonEnFord Focus RS WRC 200704:48.022+00:29.999Steam
146 artos55 Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:48.222+00:30.199Steam
147 Hypgnosis Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:48.338+00:30.315Steam
148 Mikemas28Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:48.371+00:30.348Steam
149 CrazyMunKee Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:48.821+00:30.798Steam
150 dolosprint38Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:48.938+00:30.915PS4
151 PuFord Focus RS WRC 200704:48.955+00:30.932Steam
152 DimSum Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:49.255+00:31.232Steam
153 SladiSepi22Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:49.371+00:31.348PS4
154 LuizKarekaoFord Focus RS WRC 200704:49.405+00:31.382PS4
155 Meister_EndymionFord Focus RS WRC 200704:49.571+00:31.548PS4
156 GDboys2000Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:49.688+00:31.665PS4
157 bluesilk3000Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:49.721+00:31.698Steam
158 Audi_A6_weissFord Focus RS WRC 200704:49.739+00:31.716PS4
159 pipejpiwisFord Focus RS WRC 200704:49.838+00:31.815PS4
160 MooltjieFord Focus RS WRC 200704:49.955+00:31.932PS4
161 IronboyFord Focus RS WRC 200704:50.055+00:32.320Steam
162 Shamov655Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:50.221+00:32.198Steam
163 the_uniatFord Focus RS WRC 200704:50.571+00:32.548PS4
164 My20PoundSackFord Focus RS WRC 200704:50.588+00:32.565PS4
165 SvenkaFord Focus RS WRC 200704:50.605+00:32.582Steam
166 (DE-NRW-LIP-DT-1967)Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:50.738+00:32.715Steam
167 borotojaFord Focus RS WRC 200704:50.855+00:32.832Xbox
168 severstine77Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:50.871+00:32.848Xbox
169 Ref_KankunenFord Focus RS WRC 200704:51.238+00:33.215PS4
170 raphou6900000000Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:51.305+00:33.282PS4
171 KarekaoFord Focus RS WRC 200704:51.305+00:33.282Xbox
172 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200704:51.321+00:33.298Xbox
173 MikazuyaFord Focus RS WRC 200704:51.488+00:33.465Steam
174 gt-angelo94Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:51.838+00:33.815PS4
175 medusa.Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:51.988+00:33.965Steam
176 Biancblu2Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:52.471+00:34.448Xbox
177 jbrederFord Focus RS WRC 200704:52.505+00:34.482PS4
178 vesa.paavonenFord Focus RS WRC 200704:53.721+00:35.698Steam
179 jaabaldtFord Focus RS WRC 200704:53.738+00:35.715Steam
180 BulletToothFord Focus RS WRC 200704:53.754+00:35.731Steam
181 EgostraFord Focus RS WRC 200704:53.871+00:35.848Steam
182 nachodipaFord Focus RS WRC 200704:54.354+00:36.331PS4
183 ineffable22Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:54.621+00:36.598PS4
184 Oliv-JFord Focus RS WRC 200704:54.704+00:36.681PS4
185 Waldstrasse114 Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:55.004+00:36.981Steam
186 CredoboyFord Focus RS WRC 200704:55.054+00:37.310PS4
187 And Revenge FantasiesFord Focus RS WRC 200704:55.055+00:37.320Steam
188 erkihpsFord Focus RS WRC 200704:55.071+00:37.480Xbox
189 guiguiFord Focus RS WRC 200704:55.171+00:37.148Steam
190 GOD IN CSGO GGDROP.COMFord Focus RS WRC 200704:55.204+00:37.181Steam
191 JasonW18Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:55.372+00:37.349Xbox
192 ConeLeader045Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:55.504+00:37.481PS4
193 thedudeguyFord Focus RS WRC 200704:55.738+00:37.715Steam
194 AndreasMaier79Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:55.804+00:37.781PS4
195 VadimFord Focus RS WRC 200704:55.838+00:37.815Steam
196 ElvarannuFord Focus RS WRC 200704:56.104+00:38.810Steam
197 MIKKIFord Focus RS WRC 200704:56.138+00:38.115Steam
198 3a?Pa3??pFord Focus RS WRC 200704:56.454+00:38.431Steam
199 C O O L - V I B R A T I O N SFord Focus RS WRC 200704:56.572+00:38.549Steam
200 ours280villeFord Focus RS WRC 200704:56.638+00:38.615PS4
201 WaluigithewalrusFord Focus RS WRC 200704:56.654+00:38.631Steam
202 Destroyer40kFord Focus RS WRC 200704:56.705+00:38.682Steam
203 Raphi_CarolFord Focus RS WRC 200704:56.738+00:38.715PS4
204 PapiwuFord Focus RS WRC 200704:56.788+00:38.765Xbox
205 MalcomFord Focus RS WRC 200704:56.804+00:38.781Steam
206 RamFord Focus RS WRC 200704:56.822+00:38.799Steam
207 WerderBlumenkohlFord Focus RS WRC 200704:57.354+00:39.331PS4
208 3minutes 2.01a Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:57.404+00:39.381Steam
209 NocTuRn_ClxwnsFord Focus RS WRC 200704:57.488+00:39.465PS4
210 CakeFord Focus RS WRC 200704:57.621+00:39.598Steam
211 zspapa13Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:57.654+00:39.631PS4
212 OLDF150Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:57.754+00:39.731PS4
213 rbwernbergFord Focus RS WRC 200704:57.804+00:39.781Steam
214 PingasFord Focus RS WRC 200704:57.938+00:39.915Steam
215 ThorndikeFord Focus RS WRC 200704:58.038+00:40.150Steam
216 Designated AnchorFord Focus RS WRC 200704:58.088+00:40.650Steam
217 SlawciopawFord Focus RS WRC 200704:58.121+00:40.980PS4
218 milpzFord Focus RS WRC 200704:58.254+00:40.231Steam
219 clod hoppin nobblin hobgoblin Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:58.255+00:40.232Steam
220 Hyundai i20Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:58.721+00:40.698Steam
221 Super_6lack6irdFord Focus RS WRC 200704:58.721+00:40.698Steam
222 EZLeviFord Focus RS WRC 200704:58.921+00:40.898PS4
223 buresradim Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:58.938+00:40.915Steam
224 flu OridFord Focus RS WRC 200704:58.971+00:40.948Steam
225 jmamiranda22Ford Focus RS WRC 200704:59.054+00:41.310PS4
226 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200704:59.205+00:41.182Xbox
227 VictoR_YoodzaFord Focus RS WRC 200704:59.754+00:41.731PS4
228 cloudhopperFord Focus RS WRC 200705:00.038+00:42.150Steam
229 ?????? ??? ?Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:00.287+00:42.264Steam
230 joeha1313Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:00.371+00:42.348PS4
231 SpOortFord Focus RS WRC 200705:00.471+00:42.448PS4
232 jafeol2010Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:00.571+00:42.548PS4
233 Rhaegar124Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:00.754+00:42.731PS4
234 amstelgold0Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:01.237+00:43.214Steam
235 kenya125Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:01.504+00:43.481PS4
236 Vitaliy_PogodinFord Focus RS WRC 200705:01.688+00:43.665PS4
237 FanfariusFord Focus RS WRC 200705:01.821+00:43.798Steam
238 nussunnyFord Focus RS WRC 200705:01.837+00:43.814Steam
239 RitheimFord Focus RS WRC 200705:01.987+00:43.964Steam
240 ALF7757Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:02.021+00:43.998PS4
241 RMZAFord Focus RS WRC 200705:02.421+00:44.398Xbox
242 ironmikklFord Focus RS WRC 200705:02.438+00:44.415Steam
243 Durenko1975Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:02.621+00:44.598PS4
244 mica.rafajFord Focus RS WRC 200705:02.954+00:44.931Steam
245 justawayFord Focus RS WRC 200705:03.387+00:45.364Steam
246 KosoFord Focus RS WRC 200705:03.604+00:45.581Steam
247 [IMA] VenomFord Focus RS WRC 200705:04.188+00:46.165Steam
248 juhepa91Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:04.921+00:46.898Steam
249 #amfrallysport (BE)Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:05.171+00:47.148Steam
250 vvfdzgfdzgfdFord Focus RS WRC 200705:05.438+00:47.415Steam
251 boomer129krFord Focus RS WRC 200705:05.588+00:47.565PS4
252 IndyKTMFord Focus RS WRC 200705:05.671+00:47.648PS4
253 TurboCacaoFord Focus RS WRC 200705:06.071+00:48.480PS4
254 BeemerbabyFord Focus RS WRC 200705:06.704+00:48.681PS4
255 hebe555Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:07.655+00:49.632PS4
256 AkeMakkeFord Focus RS WRC 200705:09.554+00:51.531PS4
257 Brian OceanFord Focus RS WRC 200705:09.604+00:51.581Steam
258 knuda1964Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:10.254+00:52.231PS4
259 vape_imperialFord Focus RS WRC 200705:10.904+00:52.881PS4
260 TsarinralFord Focus RS WRC 200705:11.138+00:53.115PS4
261 D69RedlineFord Focus RS WRC 200705:12.087+00:54.640PS4
262 plow_squirrelFord Focus RS WRC 200705:12.137+00:54.114PS4
263 julnovakova5Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:12.370+00:54.347Steam
264 PR.[KIA] rPoXoTauJIoFord Focus RS WRC 200705:13.354+00:55.331Steam
265 BluezdevilzFord Focus RS WRC 200705:13.537+00:55.514PS4
266 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200705:13.754+00:55.731Xbox
267 malloy-44Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:13.888+00:55.865PS4
268 BEGA304Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:13.904+00:55.881PS4
269 olivierleonardFord Focus RS WRC 200705:14.021+00:55.998PS4
270 MihaKot13Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:14.171+00:56.148PS4
271 Ohjastaja69Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:15.038+00:57.150PS4
272 IahveFord Focus RS WRC 200705:15.404+00:57.381Steam
273 hometownhero85Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:15.837+00:57.814PS4
274 Alpo1976Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:15.970+00:57.947PS4
275 Star_Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:15.971+00:57.948Steam
276 steveracer13 Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:16.421+00:58.398Steam
277 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200705:16.604+00:58.581Xbox
278 DomFord Focus RS WRC 200705:16.787+00:58.764Steam
279 ar1_1kolaFord Focus RS WRC 200705:19.237+1:01.214PS4
280 krishnanunesFord Focus RS WRC 200705:19.437+1:01.414Xbox
281 Neyt_YTFord Focus RS WRC 200705:20.121+1:02.980PS4
282 McMajorFord Focus RS WRC 200705:21.087+1:03.640Steam
283 mintballFord Focus RS WRC 200705:21.453+1:03.430PS4
284 scantec666Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:21.504+1:03.481PS4
285 peterkaumannsFord Focus RS WRC 200705:22.237+1:04.214Steam
286 mitchonetwo Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:24.387+1:06.364Steam
287 FebustlsFord Focus RS WRC 200705:25.086+1:07.630PS4
288 josmorjmtFord Focus RS WRC 200705:25.536+1:07.513Steam
289 blackkittyFord Focus RS WRC 200705:26.770+1:08.747Steam
290 BaernieFord Focus RS WRC 200705:27.020+1:08.997Steam
291 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200705:27.304+1:09.281Xbox
292 PichiranitaFord Focus RS WRC 200705:28.921+1:10.898PS4
293 vanheesbrentFord Focus RS WRC 200705:31.320+1:13.297Steam
294 DriverisLTUFord Focus RS WRC 200705:31.403+1:13.380PS4
295 mujo313Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:32.703+1:14.680Steam
296 racer1176Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:32.737+1:14.714PS4
297 knut4833Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:34.220+1:16.197Steam
298 henriquezedFord Focus RS WRC 200705:36.137+1:18.114PS4
299 emilio1950beFord Focus RS WRC 200705:37.469+1:19.446PS4
300 badel10Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:37.770+1:19.747PS4
301 smackdat24Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:38.070+1:20.470PS4
302 LyrikFeuer1Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:40.770+1:22.747Xbox
303 Joshman1204Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:44.537+1:26.514Steam
304 Chopper_64_soloFord Focus RS WRC 200705:44.920+1:26.897PS4
305 green_hunter_22Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:45.420+1:27.397PS4
306 cruester77Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:47.087+1:29.640Xbox
307 JORGEMAN78Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:47.153+1:29.130PS4
308 El_EnternadorFord Focus RS WRC 200705:49.603+1:31.580PS4
309 LarnellFord Focus RS WRC 200705:50.136+1:32.113Steam
310 4Q Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:51.269+1:33.246Steam
311 PabloteliiFord Focus RS WRC 200705:55.252+1:37.229PS4
312 HennesFord Focus RS WRC 200705:55.919+1:37.896Steam
313 yidupnorthFord Focus RS WRC 200705:58.120+1:40.970PS4
314 Voven271Ford Focus RS WRC 200705:59.202+1:41.179PS4
315 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200706:00.852+1:42.829Xbox
316 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200706:04.652+1:46.629Xbox
317 gameacademykratoFord Focus RS WRC 200706:08.569+1:50.546PS4
318 Jes08se217Ford Focus RS WRC 200706:13.319+1:55.296PS4
319 bennigrossFord Focus RS WRC 200706:14.435+1:56.412Steam
320 arab.zain89Ford Focus RS WRC 200706:17.268+1:59.245Steam
321 Jarmil500Ford Focus RS WRC 200706:48.651+2:30.628PS4
322 NideenFord Focus RS WRC 200707:07.050+2:49.270PS4
323 WWWowan1968Rus59 Ford Focus RS WRC 200707:12.253+2:54.230Steam
324 HippieRockerFord Focus RS WRC 200707:52.019+3:33.996Steam
325 Bart MatyjaFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
326 ShadyrajFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
327 Cletto ArrighiFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
328 Wuca$hFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
329 jlouispnFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
330 sylvain.moleyFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
331 OkashidesiFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
332 JohannFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
333 RainerMBSLKFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
334 johny7120Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
335 LeonaFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
336 kristof_baestaensFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
337 Dmitry63Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
338 64DANSLAPLACEFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
339 josedivina13Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
340 ReinmetsFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
341 76bobtomasFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
342 Simply AnnaFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
343 ||IOekofighterI||Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
344 Bot ChikenFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
345 VahtmestarFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
346 Ritardi RyssäFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
347 WiatrakFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
348 [SWE]Zacik16Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
349 taylazrecFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
350 unknown_playerFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
351 HrodgarFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
352 -=[S4R]=-EnemyMine Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
353 MalvasFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
354 joerg.wiesmann Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
355 Boris_Borison Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
356 junji2p00Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
357 apedrosmsFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
358 fgilFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
359 Jaqb01 Key-Drop.plFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
360 TitotrucFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
361 WolfAir_737Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
362 2^a3^ci1^dFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
363 TAEJIFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
364 GerwinFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
365 BackleanerFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
366 ustarbowski.k Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
367 karlakas112Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
368 rueda Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
369 VuleFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
370 Ebashmet BezkumarovFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
371 >_necromancer1975>_ Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
372 teadrinkerFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
373 "jsuis le nouvo kennys"Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
374 MubbFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
375 MasterChief47Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
376 JellyBeanFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
377 NielsvdHFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
378 Joona Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
379 General Lee ?Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
380 kmoneyFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
381 masa.frFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
382 W3rn3RFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
383 Ville Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
384 MJSFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
385 LELLO510Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
386 Ramone Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
387 maksim-malyshev-86 Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
388 FRiESELmitKFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
389 HuffmartFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
390 waduhekFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Steam
391 r1tter_rostFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
392 bucheron88290Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
393 pcjunkeeFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
394 helpless_debutanFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
395 jorgePino569Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
396 itsallablur69Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
397 Freaky-_-Duck67Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
398 HobbitDACFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
399 nensy-renesmeFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
400 hobi13Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
401 paultheAssassinFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
402 rmab1046Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
403 Kebbeking09Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
404 Ardasir71Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
405 sanderjarv1Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
406 organic_tofuFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
407 GoennikusFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
408 adidas1652Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
409 SpazAtacckFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
410 Phil_the_SlugFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
411 AndreaZndrFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
412 pandastouFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
413 agoradebFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
414 wisniawrcFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
415 hivonzoooPLFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
416 Taylor_SwiftiFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
417 SPLiiFF-39-Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
418 yumi-y-deisiFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
419 WoodyD66Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
420 tony62500Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
421 AkaMirteFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
422 artmaxx777Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
423 lovefamily-rexacFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
424 SoneranmiesFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
425 aivarinis_jFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
426 ronaldleeprestonFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
427 TLA-9555Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
428 Lords173Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977PS4
429 FroloffNikolayFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Xbox
430 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Xbox
431 rohrbarchFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Xbox
432 AndreasrallymanFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Xbox
433 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Xbox
434 bigdino74Ford Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Xbox
435 wellingtonbalboFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Xbox
436 FlachwurzelFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Xbox
437 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Xbox
438 Not linkedFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Xbox
439 andreavezzuFord Focus RS WRC 200715:00.000+10:41.977Xbox