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1960s | Powys, Wales, 2019-02-18
2244 Entries, 6 Stage(s)

SS1: [Wales] River Severn Valley (L) (Morning, Overcast)
SS2: [Wales] Fferm Wynt Reverse (S) (Morning, Overcast)
SS3: [Wales] Dyffryn Afon Reverse (S) (Midday, Cloudy)
SS4: [Wales] Fferm Wynt (S) (Midday, Cloudy)
SS5: [Wales] Dyffryn Afon (S) (Afternoon, Overcast)
SS6: [Wales] Bronfelen (L) (Afternoon, Overcast)

#DriverVehicleSS1SS2SS3SS4SS5SS6Total TimeDiff. FirstPlatform
1 LukBakerRenault Alpine A1106:36.5673:13.1253:19.4753:11.5253:37.7256:51.43326:49.850+2:55.610Oculus
2 MADED_UARenault Alpine A1107:11.7833:20.2413:22.1583:19.9583:22.7506:36.43427:12.649+3:17.860Oculus
3 ag858Renault Alpine A1106:42.3303:56.8743:26.1083:19.4923:28.2917:08.16628:00.964+4:06.175Oculus
4 ritchierayRenault Alpine A1107:14.1493:38.5244:08.3573:43.8413:38.4077:23.54829:46.826+5:52.370Oculus
5 TommyRacer27MINI Cooper S7:48.5813:39.4073:46.9903:41.9743:42.3747:59.98130:39.307+6:44.518Oculus
6 Happy690Renault Alpine A1107:10.1493:26.3084:31.1733:25.5753:45.5919:27.93231:46.728+7:51.939Oculus
7 eldritchhorrorRenault Alpine A1108:43.4805:29.6404:17.4733:55.8744:22.1738:06.38134:55.021+11:00.232Oculus